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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> walking off the job on the east coast on to the picket lines on the d.c. region northern virginia and working without a contract for months. question is will the strike impact phone service. >> and new details this morning about the 18-year-old accused of killing a teenager at a metro station in the district. . >> wednesday morning, april 13, 2016, weather and traffic kolle
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up on the fives at 7:05. happy wednesday i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". right now this is the scene up and down the east coast and it has been the last couple hours and tens of thousands of verizon workers picketing outside various verizon offices. >> including several locations in the d.c. reeping joan and will all them pact the verizon customer. well, "fox5" bob bone is in the picket line for more. bob, good morning. >> hey, allison, steve, good morning to you. we're outside verizon work office here. this is south floyd street in alexandria and you can see there's a dozen people here this morning walking in the picket line in front of this company offices here in alexandria. we also have a live picture mary field gallows road and another picket line as well. they're estimating as many as 40,000 union workers for verizon on strike this morning and contract talks since august have been going nowhere there's a chance of
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contract for these folks. and joining us is dennis roberts he's one of the leaders union leaders out here. for our viewers what is it about. >> good jobs for our communicate. it we're dealing with a company very profitable. they want to have us give back for risk management. we've been out here working overworked for a long time. they want to cut our benefits. they want to out-source jobs. they want to have us move up to four months in any given year at a time away from families and have other people from other areas come to our location. and pretty much we're just here for good jobs and we want to protect what we have and i don't think we're asking too much. we've been out ten months trying to bargain in good paige no avail and so we're doing what we go the to do. klk struck midnight and we're here. >> one day strike is it? >> it's undetermined we hope it's one day and they want to
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if not we'll be out as long as we need to be. >> dennis roberts with the un don't here. verizon officials say they've been prepared for the strike and had a training center here in northern virginia. what they basically have done is train non union employees to do a lot of jobs these folks do. basically any service with co copper or few's they will have people working on utility polls and answering calls. this should not affect smart phone service the company says. and they basically say old style union contracts in modern communication era are not good for business and you see end result here guys verify stone work -- stores may be picketed but wireless service should not be affected. >> bob, thanks so much. impact the land line not cellphone. >> thanks, bone. >> happening today on the hill metro new manager will have a horing to
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and service after he shut down the system for a full day to make emergency repairs. she found 27 places that needed immediate attention. >> will the today a preliminary hearing michael ford and brothers face conspiracy and attempted murder charges michael was gunman in ambush that led to friendly fire death in officer you just saw jacai colson. >> the florida man that landed gyrocopter on the u.s. capitol lawn due in court sentencing set for 9 a.m. and faces up to three years in tliz prison the government asking him to spend 10 months behind garz. he landed aircraft last april to influence big money and politics. >> developing in fair fach country police planned to rele lease suspect of a ep -- this
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last tuesday at independent living apartment complex for seniors and policecy a man got into the home through unlocked front door engaged woman in conference and sexually assaulted her. the man also robbed the woman of cash and residents say they are shaken and concerned by assault. . >> and with the way our society deteriorated it makes me sick. >> i cannot believe they would do that to someone that age. this used to be nice neighborhood. i'm here i used to take care of my mother when she lived here and moved here to be closer to her and but i've never heard of that anything like that happening and that concerns me. >> and news cap of the suspect will be released this afternoon. >> time for warm and traffic on the fives. >> chilly this morning tuck. >> temperatures around freezing and beautiful
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and beautiful weather as you get to weekend early next week. >> love it. >> thank you. >> only problem pollen is elevated. and kicks it right up again. 43 washington. chilly temperatures locally in fact freezing north and west. jacket early. winds out of north, northeast at 8. making it feel like 38. feels cooler out. there bright iing sunshine. quiet. nice clear skies across mid atlantic. moup tanz, beaches, everybody in between want top go out on bay. looks leak a nice day for. it high ez upper 50s to low 60s and couldn't ask for nicer forecast for wednesday. it's wednesday, right something. >> it is wednesday. >> wait until you see the 7 day forecast you'll love it. >> i feel better when they have the 60 up stayed of 59.
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>> wait until you see the 7 day. 70s and 80s. high of 47. 7:15. crazy start this morning erin how are we looking now. >> jammed up still. i'm happy the sunshine is here but allergies are terrible it's just a bad day. so my freptdly remind to take allergy medicine if you need. it tuck ser dealing with problems too this morning. 66 east there's a crash on shoulder aft rest area and that should be cleared soon. traffic is really heavy through mannasas through centerville and as you get back from 234 to beltway that's where most of the skon congestion is septembererd. an a look at maps. crash cleared 25 north. good news prince william as you make your way bw parkway. earlier crash taking out left lane cleared before powder mill road and then second crash norm of that point at the 198 off ramp cleared. 198 off ramp to eastbound side reopened. look at red zone. northbound side and southbound side feeling big backups
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95 a better bet this morning and watch for cop squeington prince george county. crash cleared upper loop to 4. let's look live outside. because lanes were temporarily shut down we were dealing with slow doupz. it looks like things were improving but we're dealing with stop and go traffic. there's also upper loop at braddock there's a report of crash out by the springfield ipt change and from springfield to 236 you may encounter additional delays. more traffic in a few. back to you. >> erin, thanks. investigate meantime continues into the shooting death of seen aimer at the dean wood metro station. >> his morning his mother is speaking out for the first time. melanie alnwick has been covering the story ail morning long for us. she has details now, mel, good morning. . >> and hey good morning, steve, allison, interesting developments at the dean wood metro station. not sure what to make of it. a few minutes ago all of these official law enforcement vehicles pulled up
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there's two large transit police carriers and there's d.c. police car and one in middle contained four tsa agents. now they came out and walked across here and went and talked with the transit folks here and then they went back towards metro station. i asked why they were here. they said they could not fell me. we're working now to figure out what exactly the tsa is doing here. now, as we know, dean woo! certainly have handful with the robberies and certainly monday homicide really just rattling people in the area and let's talk a little about victim and his mother who did speak exclusively with "fox5" yesterday and johnny evans just turned 15 in january and his mother says family recently moved to richmond virginia because she really deposit like what was going on with her son here in the community and they
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they hi had a court appearances and needed to be out in the morning and his mother says her husband was supposed to go pick johnny up from court and the teen decided to take metro instead and found out later in the afternoon her oldest son was dead allegey killed by another teen that had run ins with johnny and his 13-year-old sister. >> and i forgive them. you know? and. >> you forgive them. >> i forgive them. he can't hold no hatred in my heart for him. i'm not going to be able to get through if i do. so i forgive him. i hope he realizes what he has done to us. >> now according to charging documents johnny and javante were on same metro train and different cars and earlier had threatened each other on social media and it appears johnny evans may have thrown th
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punch and asked his friend to record it. documents say the photo was deleted before documents asked to see it. he was don't eyed bail during first court appearance and attorneys were trying to argue self-defense. hall, however, does have a prior record. all of it accumulated that we know of since he turned 18 in january. one of those prior incidents involved assault on metro transit police officer that tried to take a knife away from him. >> new morning alexandria police areged a us is snekt connection with death of malaku abra who died of injuries that happened during a robbery that happened a month into the 00 block last month excuse me 00 block of south alfred
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and a man was charmed and is held on bond. >> a doctor accused of touching three females during visits dr. brian williams with sexual miss condition doukt claims made for females for pain manager 2012 to 2014 she his he works at the metro pain center. the state medical board will neat determine a possible punishment on may 25. >> still to come investigate into former nfl star will smith what surveillance reveez about that shooting. >> paul ryan said he will not run for president and how it impack the race for the white house yext.
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>> a live look at marysville verizon workers own strike now not just across the d.c. area but across the east coast. if you have a land line phone it could affect your service but will not affect your cellphone service. keep that in mind as the strike continues. 7:15 now. . >> tucker. >> wept on strike one time. >> i think i did too. >> i started to strike at my cam whp i was a kid because i felt like bedtimes were too early. >> you some. >> what happened? >> like 30 or 40 kids joined the strike. >> what happened. >> we all went to bed when they told us to. >> they broke us quick. >> but you tryd i tryd there you go tuck i love that. >> i remember when the organizer were coming up over the hilly was first one to run. >> that's what happened. >> i deposit hold out long. >> it was deteriorating. >> it is its own weakest link. >> and you had good intentions
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. >> how old were you. >> 8 or 10. sun was still out. >> counselors wanted to --. >> get their parties on i get it late 70s i understand what was going on there. sun filled days ahead. beautiful weather expected and lots of sunshine here. cool temperatures to start the day. nice warm-up on the 7 day. 43 washington and low 30s north and west and low 30s below freezing frederick and gaithersburg. 31 pittsburgh and 27 binghamton and cooler air and arrows you see showing whipped direction out of north an northeast locks in the cool temps today upper 50s to 60s. lots of sunshine. should be beautiful day and not quiet day and quick look at the 7 day forecast. we're dry next several days notable noticed -- i'm trying to find a fancy word. >> -- upswing in temperatures by the end of weekend
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highs near 80 early next week. >> it will get warmer. >> is that what you were trying say. >> i neat coffee. >> takeover while we get tucker coffee. >> i want coffee while i do my traffic report. 66 eastbound earlier crash cleared and from 234 really all the way to centerville you're seeing a lot of slow traffic and i in the sun glare grab jade and watch for visibility problems as you travel around the district. these dlainz bound of 66 i want to show you our map and other crashes and glaze i -- these two accidents on bw parkway cleared. one by powder mill and another by 198. still dealing with heavy traffic 410 to powder mill and northbound side is jammed. i would say taking beltway to 95 northbound would save you time this morning a side from that typical southbound delays as you head to the beltway as well. prince george county eli
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crash cleared at and i want to remind you why traffic is heavy there and delays are lingering back to 202 and some areas on up and hit a wall of cards and metro on top as you head to the stop. back to you. . >> harsh word from republican for reasons for donald trump -- from the front runner donald trump sorry reading the words in front of me. he's accused them of trying to defeat him. cnn town hall last night trump said decision of picking delegate is by crooked politicians and they responded to the claim sounding rules are rules. he sounded bone cue sack: good day d.c. at 9:15. he's interviewed trump self times d
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. >> we'll see how his top changed in the past couple months. >> in maryland today cam paining for wife hillary clinton hill. the form president will attend a get out the vote event. john kasich will speak at town hall in save am, maryland. mar ar primary is april 26. >> paul ryan says he's not going to be a lost minute president just get the thought out of your head he doesn't want it and add i cop vicked -- this summer. maureen umeh joins us with more. >> there's another political figure in history that says if elected i will not run. >> i know what you're saying i can't think who it is. >> indeed. republicans thought ryan was a white night that could rescue them from trump or cruz he's making it clear very year he'll not be the nominee. .
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about more emphatic. >> let me be clear. i do not want nor will i accept nomination for our party. >> ryan dismissing talks that percolated for weeks and if donald trump fails to win 1237 delegates needed to win on convention he could emerge as cop ses sis pick, i believe that you should only choose from a person who is actually participated in the primary. >> and that in theory would limit potential field toll what we saw on those crowded early debate staplings. >> i'll leave it at that thank you. >> ryan had weight to throw around on that point because he would share the cop veption and still all of that talk may feed into donald trump's argument that the party rules are rigge rigged. >> rnc the republican national committee they should be ashamed of themselves for allo
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happen. >> ap poll out showed almost 6 60% of voters says whoever walks to convention with most delegates should be nominee and whether they have outright majority or not. as ted cruz is happy to point out those are not the rules and trump suggests is whining. >> wine is something best served as cheese. >> ryan has plead surely proposals ahead in july giving a program to run on. should they want to distance themselves from gop nominee and looking forward steve and allison to the december tes cuss from trump with bob barnard today and it's getting heated and phone line like you said doesn't want to serve. >> i'm looking forward in my opinion as well. >> william suck onlys to sherman would said i will not accept if form nated w
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serve if elected it's sherman s state and modern day sherman. >> all right then thanks though. >> that's history lesson for the day. >> still ahead and warping about the state controversial lgbt law. >> details of death of former nll lineman steve smith and 7: 7:22.
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is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
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>> coming up on
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information in the murder investigation in former football player will smith they found a fully loaded gun in smith's vehicle and driving the night he was shot and killed and there's no evident that that gun had been fired and this is a day after authorities discovered surveillance that shows smith may have been involved in a hit and run with car del hayes. hayes faces second degree murder charges for killing smith. >> north carolina governor wants law makers to restore the right to sue over grim nation in state worst and won't challenge a controversial new law on gender specific path room access. governor pat mc corery ano oneed order hb known as bathroom bill and protect privacy and equality of all north carolineians. >> and good news for anyone waiting on sunsh
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>> what did you hear. >> allison you want to share. >> captain and tonil was not a real maerm she just had a memoir saying the record company put them together. and tuger and i loved it. it was not muskrat love it was no love. >> you don't know the real mean of muskrat love. >> we'll have more on this later. >> this is breaking news. >> to the forecast. 4 washington and 38 feels like winds northeast at 8. quick look at satellite and radar. featuring sunshine and quiet conditions and beautiful afternoon. cool today. winds out of north and east will lock in a bit of cool feel for you. jacket. highs upper 50s and low 6 0s. i tweeted this outlook at the 7 day forecast suitly perfect around here nice spring like conditions this weekend and nice warm-up to look forward to and 80 next week. let's see is airport's job done how are road. >> we have dig delay and sun glare use caution around the dmv 9
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slow down near the will sop brim and closer look dale city to beltway. average speed 13 miles an hour. montgomery county now, we have an outer loop delay from 95 to georgia town to 14 miles oop hour. let me get out of the way fast. i want to show you 9 are 5 southbound jammed from north of icc to upper loop and i'm sure a lot of folks getting around the bw north and southbound delays. an earlier crash cleared keing keingter road. more traffic in a fewment back to you steve. >> love did not keep them together. >> never put them together at all. >> captain and tonil. >> what a survival story this is woman lost in willederness for nine days shares storey of survival. >> and murder of young mother in washington state by a man she met on internet is raiingz questions about
7:28 am
and tips how to stay safe
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♪ 7:30. we are looking at verizoneriz workers up and down the east coast, they are picketing today. they want better benefits, they want more money, more pay. pay. this affects land line customers only, and the -- they also haveh brought in people to help with h your service so shouldn't bee affected that much but they sayy they will continue to walk thata picket line until demands are met.t this is merrifield vac have a va you're looking at there.king atr well, it's a story that has shocked the nation and maden m those who use online datingg sights sit up and take notice.i. a young mother in washingtonasn state actually she's 40 in i
7:31 am
killed after going on date withd a man she met online. the remains of that mother believed to be from the victim i her name was ingrid they were discovered in a recycling bin at a seattle home. prosecutors say john robertober charlton could face second facsd degree murder in this. charleston told police he atte attended mariners game with lynl on friday and returned to heruro home that night.hogh he says that he was so drunkso d that he doesn't remember what happened.ha and that they've been dating fog about a month but they met certainly an extraordinary case. but what are the best ways to t reduce your risks of being harassed even harmed whileha looking for love online? joining us this morning michael keiser executive director of the national cyber security allian alliance. good morning to you.or >> good morning. >> surely this is an atypical story and case here.. >> certainly, you know, thisnow, kind of case resulting in a murder does not happen all thata often.te this is not si
7:32 am
it's happen in the the s most people are more likelyel going to be risks of typicalyp kind of scam environment notonmn people trying to steal money anm things like that.thgs l >> they met online.y met ne at first, the news was that thet sort of met and then right aftet that a blind date this happenede but they've been dating for ag f month or so.nth oro. tell me what sticks out to you,o though, when you heard thisou story? >> well, certainly i mean, youl, know, dating for a month i'd mtd like to know a little bit more.r does that mean dating they werey talking to each other online oro actually meeting each other inan person and i think there's more to be known there.knhe i mean, i think what sticks outt about this story obviously isioy the end result and, you know, k there are some issues that ii think have burlington-bristoltoi identified. did he have a criminal past. >> an extensive criminal past.ns >> an extensive criminal pastl p that. play as roll. as roll. whether she knew about that orbt not we obviously don't know thee this point that's somethinghat' people are concerned about. abo >> let's talk about any warningi sipes back in the world of whata might really happen on moreor regular basis what should wehat look out for online when meeting someone?one?
7:33 am
flags people should be aware ofe one of them is, you think,, creating relationships andps declaring love very early on in the relationship.hi oh you're the one. y're you haven't even meet in person yet. you're communicating online, onl you're having e-mails maybe youu started to have phone calls c those declarations of love soe s quickly that you're the onethe trying to build trust. t these are scammers. they're con artists trying toin build your trust. so another red flag would be b something like asking for moneyn in some way, shape or form. fm usual until might come aroundrod urgent issue, right, all of aht sudden my mother is in the t hospital and i have to travel te so and s those kinds of things that are e asking you to kind of break doww other barriers and do things yog might not normally do.. >> okay. also, where do you live? your y personal information? red flag as well. how long before someone can says hey, where do you live? likeo specifiyocally where do you livv if you met them online?nl >> i think it's hard to put a i' time frame on that, and i thinkk people have to have their radarr and antenna up to people what'ss right and what's not. you should certainly limit the
7:34 am
profile as well as in your i discussions with people.e i think that, you know, thatt also means you know to know whaw else is online about you, right so it might not be in yourinou profile if your somebody thateba works in a company that has youy information online or if you'reu someone who participates incipan charity or the oh things wherehe there's information about you.rm you need to be aware of that.wat even though you don't give thatv information out, somebody mightu be able to findt, >> which brings me back to an earlier question, you know, it'' become catch phrase, google meom or did you google that person? ? i mean it might go a long way especially for someone who doess have a criminal past. >> absolutely. i mean, you can gook gel them im they're on linked in there's lot of things that you can find out about people online who, you, know, who you're being to creatt a relationship with, and so, yeah, you may be a able to findo that, but, you know, it's not,s um, the not certain everythingve about them will be online.ine. >> true, true.rue. let's always say as we started a lot of people find love online.o we're not bashing online datingg but michael let's do it safelyts what tips can you g
7:35 am
are in the world -- we're doingd dating online or trying to findt love?? >> first, i think some of thei h things we've actually talked about. limit what you put online abouto yourself in your profile. right. understand understand what othet information is about you online. be very very cautious. when we talk about meetingut meg people, right, don't meet themem in person on your own in, you i, know n a place that's not publ public. make sure you have a plan.e yo maybe a butter dee system withem someone who you text or call oro who checks in on you at aou at a certain time to make sure that e things are okay. o be extremely cautious aboutou responding to requests for any s kind of personal informationor around things like money or to r send money to people.eo and take your time.d taketi you know, love blooms over longg period of time.riod o tim >> most devil.t de michael keyser, executive director of the national cyberyr security alliance much thanks for spend some time with us today. >> thanks for having me in.for >> tuck connect over to you.conn >> thank you very much, allisonu cool temperatures to start yourt day, and hang in there.inhe by afternoon we should be in th upper 50s to about 60.ut the best part, lots of sunshineh today. should be a beautiful, beautiful wedn
7:36 am
let's get to it. 43 now in washington.asngto 40 up in baltimore.almore 30 in frederick. 32 in winchester and 32 in martinsburg.r there's your satellite/radar. lots of sunshine, quiet, qet conditions, high pressure p overhead, and winds out of theut north and east here will lock i the cool feeling for the day itt should be very very pleasant day with daytime highs just a few degrees below normal but again a dry afternoon for you.n for you i'll be back in just a minute at witness seven let's do traffic now with erin. >> we still have big delaysigel tucker. you would think things would bee quieter since we had the rainnce monday and tuesday and sunshinee today. today. not the case. let's move our maps into place. 95 northbound center portd cen parkway to 610 down to 17 miless an hour. north of that point in prince p william let's go ahead and a forward the maps we have anotheh delay right now from dale cityme to the beltway. btw no crashes to report.or just a whole lot of slow hivlo moving traffic in virginiav.ff same story as you make your way out 66 on the eastbound side eod earlier crash by the car restt area cleared. car really slow from 234 into centreville.revill outer loop 95 to
7:37 am
delay there is as same story 270 south fromth frederick on down to the truckrk scales. you have delays and more delays through gaithersburg as you getn to the spuburrg.pu this crash is cleare cleared mua mill road waiting for a wreckere to get one of the cars out ofs the road f you're headed foreadr morning flight, look at all thel red on the map.ap. whether you're making your wayro to dulles, reagan national orl o bwi leave early he is earle iea specially on the way to bwi.he b a lot of red just north of thetf beltway and south of the beltwaw by 410 from an earlier crash.ra southbound away from bwi towardw the beltway delays.els. same story 95 northbound reallya backed up towards the inner lool and you can see this portion of the beltway we had earl inner er loop crash things getting backse to normal there by four but the outer loop by ritchie marlboro m typical slow-moving traffic. tra slow across the wilson bridge. 395 inbound typical jammed fromr the beltway to the 14th street e bridge. and speaking of our bridges, ke, bridge jams from rosland into georgetown. let's go ahead outside for livel look and show you some othersome delays right you can see thgs
7:38 am
on 295 inbound out by east capitol. back to you. >> erin, thanks so much. 7:38.. coming up -- >> why some of the world's smarw test people are investing in a tiny spaceship.ip >> really tiny.eally first grandmother lost in the le wild more than a week foundanee how rescuers did find her andder what she was able to do to do survive. great time for a shiny floor wax, no? survive. not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. ♪
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wilderness for nine days nowin y sharing her story of survival. >> 72-year-old ann rogers wentst missing on her way to phoenix to late last month after her hybrii ran out of gas and electricctc power. that left her stranded in the forest.fost now authorities found that carua several days later, but rogers r was nowhere to be found.ou rescuers found her dog this past saturday. the grandmother said she made it out alive by eating plants andnd drinking lots of water. >> i was eating desert plants.l my dog was, too. diving into clover and finding n all the place that is were thehe easiest path for me to take. she was my path finder on thatrh journey. i also decided when i found an elk carcass bleached white longg gone 12-point rack pulled thatda out on the sandy beach, pointed it towards a big sign that saids help with an exclamation point
7:42 am
sticks. >> rogers was reportedly in farn condition when she was found.ou still to come this morningsg the young star of new jungleewun book movie sits down with kevinv and will he voles what it's likk balancing school, he's ins seventh grade.. >> so dog gone cute. >> new space exploration projecp involvinglinvolvinginvolving tie size of a stamp watch experts hope to discover next.
7:43 am
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♪ >> all right. .et's do this capitals we're make this thing rock for f like a month, right?ight? >> yes. >> get to the stanley cup fina finals. time to rock the red. >> 16 games to win it.ros to today the caps will host a fan -- 16 wins.-- 16 w will host a fan rally att carnegie library at mount vernoo square starts at 1:00 o'clock.oc mayor will be.e. ted leone this will be there ale cheering on the caps as they set to face the flyers in thes t playoffs. fans can enjoy special givee aways, music, games, plenty ofpy footer trucks that as as have your lunch with the caps, rally people.eo i don't know if the players wil be there. i don't want to over sell it. what beer told from the caps. tc but the big rally pep recallly l from one to 3:00 i think that'sa pretty cool.pret cool. first game tomorrow night.nigh. >> they came through celebratini they do some winning. >> we have a stanley cup paradee >> we'll be >> yes.>> >> i need that music on my ala >> i'm trying to that it last t time we had parade.. redskins >> super bowl parade.r >> i don't remem
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>> i was a younger man.nger m >> we were young y >> all right.>> >> it's been awhile. it'en a let's do the forecast.. it could not -- ♪ >> come on, tuck.uc go smooth.oth. do a smooth -- feel it. >> boom, boom.m. there's your you got it, tuck.. i mean, that's a smooth man smon right there, tucker barnes! bne >> i'm outta >> you're welcome dmv. dmv >> come back. i got ladies to talk to. (laughter).(laughter) >> after the weather. wea >> anybody? anybody? >> aww.>> aw >> absolutely beautiful aroundao here later today.ater it is chilly out early this morning. morn overnight numbers look at thatma below freezing otr at freezing z here north and west.orth wes frederick 30 degrees. 3 32 in winchester.. and in martinsburg. had frost advise 54 here to theh north and we have this morningor for chilly temperatures.ra 46 this morning in quantico.o. 45 in annapolis about sixty twox 60 today so it will romaine cooe but it should be a sunny andunny bright and beautiful afternoon.o look how quiet it is. mid atlantic looks fantastic.ant high pressure off to our north and n
7:47 am
today will lock in the cool for the afternoon. afternoon but it's a quiet weather pattern for the time being. bei here's the best part. pt i'll show you the seven day thev coming up it features lots andss lots of sunshine over the nextrn several days.. high pressure off to our north h today and that northeasterlyeasy breeze locks us in cool for thet time being but as we get into the weekend nice warmup. warmup. 70s by sunday. and i think we may have to pushp the numbers near 80 or better bb monday. so again look at your warmup.p. still cool mornings.l m beautiful time of year with midm 60s by end of the week and thene 70s and 80s by early next week. so a lot to look forward to.wa notice every day for the next n seven nice and dry. d nice and dry. all right.all rig that is a weather update. the only draw down to the nicee weather, the allergies, right,ht err blink absolutely. a little bit of sun glare outlao and about on the roads.on theoa so grab your shades you'll needl them right now you are are completely jammed on 395 inbouni this is a look at edsall road ra delays are back to the beltwayel and extent to the 14th street4tr bridge. we haven't had any crashes this morning. it's just a lot of congestion ct speeds down to under 15 miles 1s per hour on average
7:48 am
we'll take a different look atfl one of our cameras and show whaa else you're up against.inst 50 inbound park this morning asg you make your way from 410 to kenilworth, this is what you'ree up against this particular thi camera right at 202. give yourself plenty of extrafxt time heading from nap flips napi you'll hit that delay it's veryv heavy today outbound trafficd ac looking just key bridge heavy as well intoelo georgetown this morning. moring. as you cross the key bridge, bri you're just going hit a wall o f ofville slow-moving traffic.raff secondaries in georgetown ms in street and wisconsin also a dealing with usual congestion.g. we'll take look at our maps. oum what else you're up against fort your morning commute across thes bridges. gw parkway slows to the key t bridge.bridge inbound 50 slows to thelows t t roosevelt bridge and then t inbound 395 slows as we showed w that you camera to the 14thhe4t street bridge.rie your secondaries in the districh are also just dealing with lot t of that usual wednesday morningm 395 north you're down to about a 12 miles per hour average toourt king street as well. well. again that delay really extendst the entire stretch of 395. 3 twitter update for you as we a take a wide view tweet us whats you're up against this morning.
7:49 am
map inbound side across thes the wilson bridge from princerom in george's into alexandria slow.n 295 in both directions really jams inbound as you make your mr way from the beltway to malcolmm x avenue and then out by easty s capitol you'll hit a lot of delay. new york avenue by florida veryv slow and bw parkway north andora southbound north of the beltway has been really slow all morni morning. we had earlier crash by powder o mill. delays out by 410 they extend up and southbound side jams outer r loop through silver spring and a bethesda crawling as well. as w back to you guys. to you guys. >> happening today, a first oftf its kind as d.c. city officialsf are launching a 24/7 hotline fof victims of any crime. crime this coincides with nationalat crime victims rights hotline will be available through phone, text or onlinee chat. it comes in more than 200 languages and it's free. f so far this year, officials says there have been 1300 violent0 ve crimes in d.c. so far. the hotline number is one-844-
7:50 am
one-844-four for-help d.c. >> mayor muriel bowser will bowl launch the hotline this morningg at 10:30. 10:30 >> also today the white housethh will be packed with some off america's brightest children.lde president barack obama is holding his final science fairef for students who produce thehe best experiments. exp the president started this signg fair back in 2010. in an evident to recognize rog students the same way as sportso champions are honored when theyy come to the white house.o th the event is expected to drawo d more than 130 bright youngng minds.nd awesome. over in london, world famous physicist steven hawking askingk the age old question, are we alone in the universe? uve >> he's launching a $100 millioo effort along with a russianan billionaire to search for intelligent life in outerspace.p he calls the project break through initiatives. they plan to send hundreds of tiny little spacecraft into outerspace where they wouldre tw travel for 20 years sending back data. hawking plans to make theto makh research publ
7:51 am
to interact and get involved. >> probability is slow, probably but discovery of the mission suggests that there are billions of happen bit planets in our galaxy alone.lone there are at least a hundred billion galleries in the visible universe it seems likely thereet are others out there.. >> facebook mark zuckerberg isri on board he is literally on the project's board.oa those little spacecraft we heard about the size of a postagea poa stamp.p >> little. >> hundreds of them.uneds >> you already chat with friendc speaking of facebook on faceboob messenger and now facebook wantw to you chat with businesses anda get updates from them as >> no longer having to downloada a company's app or enter your credit card information.orti facebook handed the more than 50 million businesses on messenger the tools needed tod t build interactive experiences or chat bots they will reach the 900 million people who use the messaging app each month.onth facebook mes
7:52 am
facebook users have a half dozez more bots on messenger to tryr y with another dozen or more o m coming soon.ming soon >> facebook really wants to be o one stop shopping. do everything pretty much inuc life is their goal on facebook. >> prom proposals are verym pro elaborate these days and one mae you'd high school student keptet with recent tradition she askede a student to be her date. >> fox5's photojournalist don was there for the special mome moment. >> my poster will be the b the teacher's and my mom, um, his mom and just the teachers. my people. peo >> i actually excused 23 peoplee to help me to put up stuff. so i'm going to thank themm later, also, and just, you knowk like i told everyone what to doo i wrote everything down.n you guys this is your position.. you have to be there here, the there. >> raphael, come with me.. >> it took us like two days to blow about 350
7:53 am
i met matthew when i was aias sophomore and he was a freshman. and it was just a day he was -- back then he used to have the hh had to roll one time i was late to my class and he was late also and peopleo they were were trying to let hih go through. tou they were late, too, they wereer all like running to their classc and then i just like nowhere i e star the pushing him end triednt to turn around and be like who are you? why are you push p mowing or whatever? every day i just -- i just started doingtari that. he got like used to me actuallya going and like taking him to his he's going to be the guy i wantg to take to my prom my seniorr year. >> they are extremely wonderfull human beings and certainly they can see the beauty of being abll to share something very special, and well, matthew is --, you, yo know, he's wonderful young man.n he's very courageous much he'sco very veryur strong.trn very kind. very caring.
7:54 am
>> follow me. -- will you go to prom with me? are you shocke shocked? i toldd was going to have a big surpri surprise. >> is that a yes? i >> he saids yes! (applause).. >> it's nice to see, upping, th, good side of people and thatha there's good still being donengd out there. tre >> so you're the luckiest girlrs at the prom? the p >> of course.>> of course o. with him, yeah. >> photojournalist don capturinp that moment.omen hope they have great time.reat it is 7:54 right now let's say good morning to our fox5 facebook fan of the day. crystal misty clear even thougho she has moved out of the state --sat >> what? >> she still streams fox5 lifeif every day.y d we love that. le th >> we miss you crystal but we'r' still together.stil for your chance to be fan of tho day just leave a comment and a photo on our facebook page andag love the picture. >> hope you have a great dayre today.da >> heads uab
7:55 am
fox5 is going to be rocking outg in farragut square park as wek s kick off our spring concert series. we have three fantastic local lc bands set to perform. pfo this friday april 15th, south s of the city will kick thingsk off. the following friday, apri april 22nd, secret societyt sie will perform, and then the muddd crows lore our finale it will bl a big one on friday april 29t april 29th. >> i love that logo with the l capitol dome and the trumpet and guitar. >> join ugh farragut square park 17th and k fox5 rocks to the sound of the city.d the big show happens during goog day from 9:00 to 11 a.m. a if you can't make it down to seo it in person, we'll show it here and also streaming on fox5 d.c. tuck, i know if you can't makeyk it down there you'll be super jealous and watching as much as you can. >> absolutely. i'll be watching here.wa i'll go down to the last one i can't wait for.or >> cool. cl. >> music still playing watchlang beautiful start to the day.l stt it is chilly out there.uther jacket early but you can seean we're getting bathed in sunshi sunshine. 45 now in washington. winds north and east at n i
7:56 am
that will keep us a little coolc today, so notice the wind chillc are a little cooler and our higg temperatures will top out nearpn 60 but look how quiet the midthd atlantic is.s. beautiful day. day beautiful stretch of weather wea next seven days could not beulne nicer with just great springtimm weather we look forward to evert year with a nice warmup by the weekend. saturday and sunday look sday lo fantastic.nttic. upper 60s and low 70s and near n 80 by monday. bonda so lots of nice weather. weath all right. that is a weather update.upat let's find out if erin is manning roadways this morning. you out there?he >> a lot of really slow-movingli traffic this morning.c th you need to leave early e unfortunately.unatel 395 north delays from the beltway to king street and thent again pick up towards the 14thht street bridge.ri as we take a look at our airporr travel as you make your way outo to bwi marshall keep in mindd current conditions are normalrea there. they don't have any major delays with the flights to report butet on your way to the airport bw bw northbound and 95 northbound dealing with a lot of heavy loth traffic leave early to make your night. nigh traffic is typical congestiongeo around reagan national andationd you can see you'r i
7:57 am
traffic there is moving a littlt slower than what we like to see. aside from to lots of red on thn map get an early start.ta metro is on time. tim we'll have more in a few.n few. back to you steve. tyou ste >> coming 8:00 o'clock thisg 80' morning how local pizza chain in giving back to police p departments in the dmv.nts the plus the list of the snobbiest small towns in america is out. >> ut-oh. ut-. (laughter).gh some local communities, yupy made the list, but what do wt people living in those townsnho really think? we'll find outind next. ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. live look outside on this wednesday morning.y nice sunny day out there. tre it's april 13th, 2016. we'll have weather and traffic t for you coming up on the 5's at 8:05.05 good morning to you i'morngt allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.he welcome to fox5 news morning. mg tens of thousands of verizov workers all along the east coasa are on strike including some ine our area.oura. here's two different scenes incs north virginia outside theutsi verizon office in falls churchh also verizon workers picketing e in new york city workers say the contract expired eight monthsir ago and there's been littlee progress in negotiations. the strike will not affect youry cell phone or smart phonema phoe verizon says it will affect land line service however if you need to have service repairs made. m keep that in mind while workersr are on strike.on s you may have delays for your y land leap service.eap svice. >
8:01 am
capitol hill metro's new general manager will testify at ati a hearing to examine metro'setro safety in this comes aft paul we'd field'e decision to shut down the entirt rail system for a day to makeo k emergency repairs. that shut down last month found 27 places that needed meadery pairs. >> also today preliminaryo toda hearing for three suspects spe charged in connection with then shooting death of a princeh of r george's county officer. >> fox5's bob barnard joins usai live from upper marlboro withoit this story. sry bob?bo >> reporter: allison andison a steve, good morning.. prosecutors are expected to layt out their case against all thret of the forward for brotherss michael, malik and elijah, 22, 21 and 18 years of age all thret are charged with second degreee murder, first -- second degreeeg murder, attempted first degree g murder and other crimes in thatn deadly attack on the princen george's county police stationea in palmer park, march 13th. during the exchange of gunfire,i prince george's county policeol officer jacai colson was shot s and killed by a fellow princew n
8:02 am
colson was in plain clothes.thes the officer who shot him apparently thought he was one oa the bad guys. guy colson was 28 years old undercover narcotics officer. oc four years on the job. prosecutors say michael ford isi the one who opened fire on the t police station and his two brothers allegedly watched and recorded it. it. all three are being held without they do have their preliminary hearing this morning all three t of them expected to be in courtc later this hour. hour. we'll there be and have anythiny that may come of this for youor later on good day, guys. >> bob, thank you very much.k yy happening in about half hour, the florida man who flew a gyrocopter into restricted airic space in the district and landed on the capitol lawn will face a judge.dge. douglas hughes will be sentencen dad for his crime.. he's facing three years inree y prison that's not likely.ik he will most likely spend about 10 months locked up that's whatd mee government is asking.rn you may recall that hughes flewg his aircraft on to the capitol
8:03 am
grounds last april to protest po big money in politics.. fairfax county today policet are releasing a sketch of a man accused of of sexuallyuay assaulting and robbing a 77-year-old this happened last tuesday in i centreville at this independentn living apartment complex formenl seniors. seniors. police say the man got into thee home unlocked front door engaged the woman in conversation and c sexually assaulted her.ed h the man also robbed the woman of former president billde clinton will be in maryland myln today campaigning for his wifeiw hillary clinton former president will attend a get out the votetv event in silver spring. that's happening at lease sure s world at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon.afte also in maryland today, gop, g hopeful john kasich will speakis at a town hall in savage and s head to baltimore for fundraising event later.t later the maryland primary in a couplu of weeks, april 26th. meanwhile, one name that will not be on the republicanubn ballot come november speaker ofr the house paul ryan. r there had been speculation thetn party insiders wanted toanted nominate him if this summer's's gop convention winds upwind deadlocked. but ryan put those rumors to
8:04 am
rest saying does he not want noo will he accept the nomination. all righty. rigy tucker joining us for first looo at weather in our 8:00 o'clock hour. what's up?'s up? >> trying to warm it up a littlt bit. chilly this tmo overnight lows north and west as below freezing again. a >> i thought it was warmer. iwas >> april feels like it's beene b cooler than march, doesn't it? i >> i agree. i agree >> yeah. but it will boob full day and eventually daytime highs near 60 45 at reagan national. niona definitely jacket early but with lighter winds than yesterday any plenty of sunshine it will bet l very very comfortable afternoonn look how quiet our mid atlantici satellite/radar is.e/rada it's very very quiet.ui and we'll be for quiet pattern.n you know what honestly greatnest time of year.time o y we're only going to warm it up p from here. fr next seven days features various amounts of abundant >> okay. >> and nice warmup just in timet fort birthday weekend. weend. >> awesome.some >> okay? >> my birthday weekend.rthdeeke >> we're all going to celebrate. >> we are? >> we're celebrating with you. >> yes. >> erin i guess we're having are hg party.rty >> booking my train ti
8:05 am
new york. >> we're all going to new york. >> family party.>> family party >> it's supposed to be surprise but --t >> right.>> r >> we're afraid you wouldn't be happy with us.y with u >> imagine my face if everyoneon showed up.owed >> i know your face. i k >> get out of here! >> exactly. not at all. what's going out on there erin.i >> across the american legion lg bridge, the inner loop is jammej so give yourself extra time exta there. ere the outer loop not lookingot lkg terrible. you can see here by river road e it's the outer loop that is juss a little bit slow so watch forat that one. one now, north of that, outer loopoo does jam 95 to georgia in then usual spot and this is actuallyt a look at 270 on the southboundd side.. reallreally slow-moving trafficg you approach the spur.appr be prepared for that and againgn bright sun glare grab yourrab y shades you'll need them a look back at our maps trying to get to bwi very slow traffica north of the beltway and 95 southbound jams to the inner loop bwi letting everyone knoww travel wise normal conditionstis but just be prepared for delaysl on the roads getting there samee story on the way to dulles andla reagan national.
8:06 am
295 inbound jams in both b directions by east capitol and a malcolm x avenue.venue. 50 fibbed 410 to kenilworthwo slow-traffic inside the beltwayy and the outer loop jams past ritchie marlboro. 66 on the inbound side.the look at that delay. delay really heavy traffic right nowit from centreville as you gets you inside the beltway.. please give yours self extraxt time there as you travel inl stafford 95 northbound centeren port parkway to 610. 610 delays continue towards the springfield interchange throughr newington.nengton. metro is on time.meti grab a light jack even though it's sunny it doesn't feel likel april in my opinion just quiett yet. back to you steve and >> all right, erin thanks. than. still to come this morningo new details in the murderls in investigation of nfl player will smith. >> plus what bono was doing onn capitol hill yesterday. yesterdy those stories and more whene whe we're back in 30 seconds. secon.
8:07 am
♪ >> sunshine over friendshipenhi heights.. almost chevy chase marylandse md which we'll talk about in awe'l minute.. >> i thought we were going tohtw say. >> we'll talk about it coming u up. just a little tease. a >> parts of texas bracing forrag more storms after the huge hailh storm they baseball sized chunks of hails pounding several towns. sev look at that.t that >> wow!>> >> that's ice. i widespread damage to houses, hou cars, fortunately nobody diedobe burt some people were hurt.ome p the next storm expected to hit today. have new details now in thei murder investigation of nfl player will smith. smi new orleans police say found aoa fully loaded gun in the
8:08 am
smith was driving the night he was shot and killed an loadedill gun inside the vehicle of car c dell hayes he's been chargeds with the murder. no evidence that eitbeher gun hd been fired, though.. police believe hayes shot smith with another handgun. today the texas teenager who used affluenza as defense in a fatal drunk driving wreck willcw appear in adult court.rt ethan couch is his he could be given jail time aslm part of the terms of his adultlt probation. he was given 10 years probationa in juvenile court then last year he fled to mexico with his his mother after he violated his probation for being at a party where alcohol was served. >> just turned 19. turned now in adult court. cou young mother in washington state gruesomely killed afterle going on date with a man she met remains believed to be those of the victim ingrid lingers lin covered in recycle bin at a bina seattle home.tle home. prosecutors say john robert r charlton could face a secondacec degree murder charge.crg charlton told police he attend i add baseball game with lynn onhn friday in seattle and returnedee to her home that night.t nig he says he was so intoxicated ic that he does not remember what
8:09 am
happen.en. bill cosby's wife camillee will have to answer morer m questions under oath aestions ua massachusetts judge has ordereda her to sit for another round of questioning in the defamation case against her husband billusd cosby. the case was brought againstht a cosby by seven women accus accug him of sexual assault.. the second round of the rouf t deposition is set for apri april 19th for camille cosby. cy >> bono on capitol hill againoll yesterday.. >> there to you were lawmakersrs to take a stand to help peoplepo in the middle east. he wants the united states to se provide aid to refugees currently fleeing violence.nce it's the stand similar to the massive relief the united statee gave europe after world war ii.i >> the british royal coupleoupl continuing their trip to india.d they went on a 90 safari wherere the rhino population is undern s threat from poachers and habitat loss. later this week, william andnd kate will visit the taj mahal, h retracing the steps of a 1992 1
8:10 am
william's late mother princess c diana. still ahead maryland townsd making a name for themselvesor this some folks may be sticking thein notices up at that recognition.i we're not snobby at all.. we'll explain this later. lat >> do you remember the tease we made earlier?made e >> that was this.>> that was >> it's all going come togethere >> take live look outside one ld this wednesday morning rightnesd now. tucker will be back with yourbei full forecast next.ast nt. it's 8:10 now.0 n ♪ ♪
8:11 am
♪ ♪ as long as you love me, anyit's alright. ♪e. ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store.
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♪ i was just in the city andiy looked up at the dome from a fro distance and the sun shining ofo of the newly uncovered dome dome looks absolutely beautiful.. >> gorgeous.ou >> as they take for scaffoldingi away it will look super prettyre down to the capitol. >> the investigation continuesti the shooting death of gaa teenaa at deanwood station. staon there has been stopped upn security at that station.ty at h we want to check back withack w melanie alnwick.nie alnwick. she's getting a first hand looko live at that stop now.ow mel g morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison.stevd al yeah, security has gotten bigger throughout the morning when wehw first arrived there was just ono little decoy police car here and then another transit policeit pc vehicle showed up, and that wasa pretty much the presence for for several hours and then just a jt little after the 7:00 o'clockk hour, a large contingence of transit police vehicles arrivedv here and a tsa vehicle as well.l we were carry yous as to whatha was going on.wa take look at the video. video. we went inside.we we asked what is
8:14 am
it's sip which is i guess someus sort of an acronym for increased security patrols. security inspection program perhaps because when you seecaus what was going on it was random screening, random bag checks of customers coming into the metro system here at deanwood today. y one of the officers there so it was tsa that was doing some ofe the explosive screening and thee metro transit police as theyes have this anti-terrorism squad s that was here as well.el now, they tell me that this is i something that they have have hh been doing and that it ishat is completely random and they just been going around from stationoa to station and my photographertr pat tells me he actually shottus video of an event like this thas we were given notice of back several weeks ago at l'efant plaza, but other than that, thaa people we talked to here ande a even out here in front of thehe station there were some were s administrators from a nearbyy public charter school that saidi they in never seen it here atert deanwood before. bor so certainly folks were happy tt
8:15 am
at this level today.od but i got to tell you they've e' already wrapped up and they'reua gone and so all that's left herr is just the normal additionalit metro transit police vehicleeh that we're told will be here fof several days.l day back to you guys.s >> all right. thanks for the update, mel. m all right. 8:15.8:15 tuck we see the sunshine outsunt there. a little chilly right now. >> yup, let's do cuteness maybee a little bit of a warmup factorc >> that will help. help >> all right. rht >> yeah. >> we doing it?>> >> wow. what handsome young man.. time now for my first five -- fox5 first five photo of the d day. this is caring ton everybody. e. >> little man with a big >> huge smile. smi >> check it out. >> in addition that great smilei he's four years old and his davd writ school and spiderman. that's a perfect combination.bii >> a perfect combination.ombina >> really nice picture.y ni picu >> isn't a great picture?? >> yeah. >> he looks like a nice youngng man. >> sure does. >> he's just four.e' cute.cute >> brighten everybodi' days witt that smile.that smi
8:16 am
go to our facebook page at fox5. >> yeah. >> look for fox5 first five.iv say that three times fast, and , send us your picture and we'lln' put it up just like daring ton.t sometimes when i see pictures oo my kids that age i know they're' under five because they stillses have those little baby teeth. th do you know what i moan? >> perfect.fe >> yeah. yh >> he's so cute.sout hope off super day. day >> handsome young man.ane youn let's do theg weather.eath. darrington, let's see, if you'll be smiling after this forecast.s 45 in washington.ngto it is chilly north and west. gaithersburg, frederick,de winchester, cumberland, just tot name a few places that were atet or below freezing this morning.g so probably jacket early.. later today, it's going to be aa absolutely beautiful day.ifulay a little cool highs in the upper 50s to about 60.ut notice the arrows there cominghg out of the north and north and r east. that will kind of lock in theoct cool for the next day or two, t but gradually as we get into the weekend, with lots of sunshine e and a wind shifting out of thegu south and south and west we'lles warm it up.rm i
8:17 am
nice and no rain today. t in fact, how about no rain for r the next week with lots of o sunshine and again that warmup r we've been talking about upper 60s by saturday. satda low 70s by sunday.. by monday perhaps some 80s0s across the area. >> >> spring is her >> let's do this.. >> you'll have to mow the lawn.l throats that, too.t, t >> see a lot running outdoors oo erin in the next few days. >> me, too steve. s i need it.i need i >> winter felt extended through april because of the cold conditions good >> so i've been indulging morei than necessary. i don't know if anyone is withh me and i'll like propose a birthday allison's birthday btha lunch on monday >> you got it. >> who is paying? payg? >> me. >> you are. it's your birthday. >> then yes.ou >> thanks erin.ri >> you too, steve.ooeve. >> no, >> we'll move over to trafficra right now. nats are taking on the bravesona tonight and tomorrow around aro 7:00 so watch out for extra f people around the stadium. staum a lot of extra traffic. tffic navy yard stop will be extrae et crowded as wll
8:18 am
metro. then they head to philly for thr week toned take on the phillies. stafford 95 on the northbound side really jammed up no crashes but all the way from center porr parkway to 610 dip down under 20 miles an hour that is extende into prince william as you get y towards the springfield s interchange through newington a lot of very heavy traffic.raffic inner loop is slow from theop i springfield interchange threw t 236.6. 395 inbound let me get out of the way there.e ther it's still basically parked fror the beltway all the way to the 14th street bridge. eleventh street bridge is jammee third street tunnel on theet tun freeway is very slow.way ver as you head in from rosland thet key bridge jams into georgetownw typical congestion on ourur secondaries in the district.isic this crash is out of the way ono muncaster mill road. r outer loop typical delay 95 to georgia.georgia. 14 miles an hour and 270 sadly s from frederick down to the spure it is a very slow roll. r back to you guys. >> thank you very much. you we appreciate it.we well it is probably one of o the few number one rankings thas you don't want.u don't wa we're talking about new list out released by ar
8:19 am
one of the snobbiest cities inii the entire country is right in i our backyard.kyd >> oman. so pretty though. ptty one local maryland town takes the crown chief see chase.see ca we sent our own chevy chase resident holly --- (laughter).(l >> holly morris back into her native habitat out into the field this morning to explore ep the truth or lack thereof behinn this new list. new break it down dowhol may i see you look adorable, darling.darl >> reporter: come again, whatinw is your name? >> yes. don't worry about it it's nott t important.rtan (laughter). >> reporter: no, no, no.o. miss allison, i was just doing a little window shopping here in my hood i'm also familiar with.w so here's the deal, right? youu might not think of chevy chasehe maryland as a small town but but indeed it really is and in factc when it comes to this snobbybb survey, they looked at some 20,000 towns that only had had residents of 25,000 people or less.less only about
8:20 am
9,000 live in chevy chase. then what they did, cute shoes,s sorry, distracted, what they dit was they look at this snob ts terrific criteria.tea. median household income, median house price, percentage off people in the home that have college degrees, the number of private schools per capita. capa the number of art galleries per capita, and the number of theaters or maybe i should say y theaters per capita.. they then assigned them rankingg averaged the number together toe get an overall single score ande the town with the lowest score was name the snobbiest and, yes, in all of the united states off america it was chevy chase, maryland. number two by the way was somerset, maryland. oh, it's another part of chevyfv chase, maryland.and. number three was marts of martins edition, maryland.yl another part of chevy chasese
8:21 am
all with a zip code 20815. 208 now if you're thinking of who if on the rest of the list, most ot them were in the northeast or or texas. now, all kidding aside here, h even the people that did the survey said they were doing thit in fun, and maybe out of af little bit of jealousy becauseeu really when you look at it, whaw they're saying is, this is ansn area where people have good jobs, nice homes and they're ty' nicely educated which is what aa lot of people strive for in life, and what i can tell you as a chevy chase resident is the fact that the people in my m neighborhood are the most down to earth, non pro 10 shuts0 sh people you'll meet.. my church in chevy chase neighborhood. i chose it because of theit congre bgation not the locationt as i leave you with this, i will give you two pieces of advice.dv don't judge a town by its storefront and number two, when, you're here, perhaps grab
8:22 am
yourself a triple haven't teeent non fat one less pump extra hot caramel mackey yacht at ay at because it is so so pink key out.ey out back to you.back to (laughter). >> i love it.>> i lov >> thank you very much, missh,is morris.rr you wear it well. wel >> there you go, >> we'll be right back.e right .
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ what you looking at, jal., j >> little sponsorship on theship upper right.upper ht >> i didn't even see that. t >> we were talking about the nfn might start having sponsorshipnh jerseys.jerss. >> nba actually.>> nbactua >> nba, excuse me. >> sponsor logos on jerseys. jer there's look over the area right it is 8:25 and you see first and for most sunshine this morning.. >> >> yeah. lots of sunshine.nshi. it's cool.. jacket, low 30s north and westns but later today about 60 degre 60 degrees.60 and the seven day forecast iy fe mean it doesn't get better than -- >> springtime weather we looke k forward to during the winter months. dark winter months. >> let me see it.>> l >> 45 now in hang in there. it's coming.'som 34 in frederick we are bouncingg the numbers pretty quick. qui we were at or below freezing fez north and west earlier today. fredericksburg 45 there's your storm tracker radar and satellite, and it'st's featuring whole lot of nothing.. so high pressure overhead.d. very quiet c
8:26 am
here. a bit of a northeast breeze is e going to lock in that coolhat cl feeling for the day. so upper 50s to about 60 but0 nice warmth. look on the sunny side of theide street it will be pleasant outwa there. cool tonight and then here come the warmup.mup mid 60s by saturday. surda low 70s by sunday. could we do 80 on monday? y? probably so. notice the next seven daysay bright and sunny and dry. >> okay. >> i like monday. l look at that.iklookt th 78. >> i like saturday.ury. me, too. t >> all right. rig i like it because it's saturdays >> me, too.>> >> erin como has got a look at t the roads.. >> i would like it saturday even if it was just not my birthday.h >> me, too.oo. >> um-hmm.>> um- >> saturdays are great and tored get your 50th on a saturday. >> yay! and it's sunny andny beautiful. >> just for allison.ust foli right now for your morningor commute crash clearing we stilli have problems outer loop 95 too5 georgia.georgi let's take live look outside.loi we have an issue out byut by connecticut on the outer loop right now. you can see a fire truck andnd ambulance.ambulance. there's crash seen there.s cr you can see a schoolbus just jt moving through that tt . you can get
8:27 am
lane on the outer loop or the or left lane center lane is taken out right near connecticutonnect avenue again we'll keep updatedt adding to the slow-movinglow-mo traffic in that area somere breaking news for you thisou t morning.rng. really active scene hearing heai injuries are involved againolve we'll let you know how severe s they are and how many carsy c involved in this crash.ssh we'll switch it back over nowr n for another look at our mapst or aside from that breaking news,gw very slow ride around the dmvmv inbound gw slow as usual to the key bridge.dge. 50 slows to the roosevelt bridgg and inbound 395 jammed from thet beltway to 14th street bridge. 50 inbound from maryland you jam from 410 to kenilworth as usualu very slow moving traffic newffiw york avenue inbound by floridalo slow and keep in mind if you aru taking metro, they are on timen right now. we'll let you know if any delayl pop up. allison? >> thanks erin.>> coming up dea sounding a nationt wider alarm on the dangers of the drug tent follow.low >> it's behind a number ofr o deadly overdoses across thees ar country.coy. we'll get a closer look at thisi epidem
8:28 am
time right now 8:28.
8:29 am
fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed.
8:30 am
>> 8:30. we take a look across the rivera it is beautiful start to this day as far as the sucrn il ss still very chilly out there.y oe temps in the 40s, upper 30s in i some areas. aas tucker says we'll get close to e 60 today. check in with him at 8:35.t 8 right now at 30:00 at the 3a present time molly powerful dru behind a surge of recent deadly not just around the region buteb all across the country. coury loudoun county reported
8:31 am
items connected to fentanyl ine just the last month.sthe l opiate is suspected in 10 deadly overdoses in california innia i recent weeks.ks the problem so bad dea issued a nationwide alert. ale the agency invited our laurara evans into the federal lab to lb show her what they're dealingrea with and here's a brief look. ♪ >> it's terrifying definitelyitl makes you pause and makes sureas you're taking appropriatepriate precautions to protect yourself. >> emily is forensic economist at the dea special testing and research lab in sterling v have it's her job to identify newntyn drugs off the street. str one she sees most often lately, fentanyl. 50 times more powerful thanwerfl heroin and cheaper to make.. >> there are 2 milligrams of fentanyl hydro chloride in thatt vial and that is a lethal dosedo that's enough material to killtk people. >> fentanyl is one of the mostto powerful painkillers availableab tour medical treatment.ed typically add verdic
8:32 am
patients via patch or injection. but between 2012 and 2014, the e number of seizures of elicit fentanyl sky rocked. >> that's just brief excerptef e from the story laura did. story. joining us now with more on theo disturbing epidemic is carl,ar carl is the special agent in ofi the dea washington field officeo good morning. thanks for joining us first of.o >> good morning. mni >> it's very scary.s ve one of things you see the veryhr small amount of the drug that or can cause serious problems evene death. in fact one report i was readina dealing with california epidemic likened it to one-25th of af a sugar pact. is that >> that's accurate t.. and this is a good visual of what we're seeing and the consequence.. all the time i go out and we talk about the dangers dan associated with fentanyl andl ad heroin, but to actually see it,, small amount that it takes to overdose and
8:33 am
>> there are often stigmasen associated with certain drugs wt and if you are just talkingalki about a drug like heroin peopleo might think street useeet use recreational use you're talkingi about drug like fentanyl that it very often the case but also itt became known as a prescriptionro drug. so when you have to deal with at drug that can be used either rec, or prescription is itrin difficult more time because the lines can be blurred. >> that's where training ander information, laura did a greatra job of coming in to try too understand that there's twohere sides of the fentanyl issue, there's the prescription part oo it where, um, fentanyl is prescribed for pain and that'sha the legal aspect but then you have the clan destynly madead heroin that is what's,, what,, w america is facing now. those chemicals coming in from
8:34 am
china and through mexico and they're just a combination off fentanyl and heroin that's a a deadly dose. d >> we have seen these deathsea already a number of them in the loudoun county.n cnt we've seen them throughouthrou northern virginia into westnia n virginia. the deaths that we're seeing the overdoses, is it in this area at least is it more people who havv become addicted through thehrout prescription process or is itt more the rec cretian street drut usage. >> there's a combination of those on prescriptionptio medications who can no longer afford the prescription drugs d and heroin is a lot cheaper anda so we're seeing that. t then we have the recreational user now and heroin has no boundaries.unries we're seeing it across the boara throughout the country.. >> if people are concerned maybm about loved one, a child, ahilda spouse, a partner, whatever ithi may be, that they may be b dabbling int
8:35 am
you even look for? is it a? i pill? is it a powder? is it packaged like heroin pact willtl be? how do you even see this?s? >> well, we're seeing knit powder form. we have kids who are pulling their money together, traveling into ball baltimore, maryland,, to purchase heroin.. we're seeing it across theshe board. but we're also seeing heroin in pill form now, the fentanyl in pill form being converted fromrf the powder a pill. a p >> just to be clear you keepeep mentioning heroin. hoi a lot of times the heroin is cuc with the fentanyl.enta >> exact. >> a lot of times these peoples who are buying illegal drugeg don't know what they're getting? >> exactly.xact and that's why laura going into our lab just seeing what this is and how much it takes to cause overdoses and deaths
8:36 am
both of them together, theher,he fentanyl and the heroin, andnd it's death.. >> and that unfortunate system the bottom line.ine. and it is causing deaths acrossr the area and around the countryu and just one more example as to how dangerous it is you saw the chemist in that piece wearing wi your ages wear gloves because ii can be absorbed through the skii just by touching it.y to >> that's the other probleme oto because we now have to train first responders and our law our enforcement partners not to to touch a white powdered substance when they enter residences or, um, whatever enforcement operation they are involvedth ai with. >> it is right now certainly awareness issue. iss the drug fentanyl proving to beb deadly all right.dead we appreciate you joining us this morning. we invite to watch laura's entire story we posted that onha our website at i think it will open lot of eyes. >> thank you for joining us thij morning. thank you. >> we appreciate your work.precu tuck, how is the forecastishe f looking.
8:37 am
morning. we're in the mid 40 at reagan nice warm up today.upoday upper 50s low 60s for daytime highs. might struggle to hit 60.t 6 honestly little cool for this cr time much year with lots anditha lots of sunshine, and lighterig winds than what we had yesterday afternoon it should be very pleasant day.. look our quiet our storm trackea radar is. radar is. high pressure here to the north will give us a northeasterlythst breeze but a dry afternoon fornf you. there's a quick look at yourloo planner. plan upper 50s later today. today cool tonight.coolonig but we are still looking at a fantastic seven day forecast. i'll have it for you coming upom in just a minute. minute. let's do another look at lk traffic. slow going on those roads.. erin. >> that's right, tucker.t,r. you have sunshine even have morr problems.obms. the crash taking the center lane the outer loop lie connect canoc be of a moved to the right several cars involved andcars iv traffic backed um from 95frm 95 interchange through this point t at connecticut so please give yourself extra time there.e tre aside from that bottom side oftd the beltway is all back up on on the inner loop at five. ativ we had stalled vehicle and thata delay that you're seeing rightig there is leading towards another
8:38 am
little pixel lated right there e want to move it over to look ata our maps much we'll show youll y exactly what you're up against.t there's a crash by saint s barnabas and stall at five. at v so really long line of slo slow-moving traffic as you headr towards the wilson bridge on thn inner loop.inloop. now, 395 from the springfieldie interchange on the northbound nn side also jams still very heavya traffic average speeds 12 milesi per hour from the beltway allthl the way up to the 14th street bridge. bridge. gw southbound is slow as wellunl and if you're headed out to thet nats game tonight watch forghwat extra people around the stadiuma keep it to fox5. f we'll be back in just a fewew minutes.
8:39 am
he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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nba jerseys could have smaly ads placed on them as early as 2017-18 season.n. that's according to sources. to the ads will be confined to a t two and a half by two and a half inch patch which will be placed on the left shoulder of theldf t jerseys.jersey so small. so s nba owners are scheduled to vott on this measure this week.his it was first presented to them o back in february during a a meeting at the all star game in toronto.. golden state warriors have r shot at making history tonight.g >> they are just one away fromwo breaking the record for mostor victories in an nba regular ru season trying to beat bullseat b record. tonight they'll take on theke o grizzlies.zl if the warriors win and they ane beat them easily last time, it i will be their 73rd victory a a record that has not been broken since the '95-'96 bulls season.. they won 72 games. games you can watch and see if the s
8:42 am
warriors can all that you havelt this historic within the game starts at 10:30 tonight. here the deal.the at the same time it is the endte of an era in the nba as kobe k will play this final nba game gm tonight putting a cap on 20-yea2 career with la lakers. laker also at 10:30 tonight. ton what will you do? staple centec will honor the five-timee-ti champion by placing both numbern eight and 24 on the floor tip fr off for that game against thehe jazz again 10:30 tonight.ig if only we could stay up that sa late to watch.lao watch. oh, well, we'll read aboutea it. >> we'll watch the highlightscht tomorrow. coming up how local sports o stars and popular restaurant art teaming up to honor policeor poe officers in the dmv. >> let's header back outside.eae lots of sunshine this ands a morning. temperatures starring to creepes up there. it's still in the 40s at the white house. tucker has your forecast next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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♪ >> you like this, al.ou like th. >> i do like this. thi >> go back to the '60s. '66. a great year?at yea >> could it?ld i >> it's close.lose i'm going say '68 but it's reall close. clos >> i think it's close, al. it's. >> okay.>> o >> i'll look it up for youpor y during the forecast.t >> we should play -- friday wili be all your music.. >> friday should be all '60.. >> friday is the spring concerte >> thursday should be all youryu music. >> okay.ka celebrate your birthday.e yo year of '60. all things 1966.96 i'm celebrating big birthday on saturday. hence the 1966. the96 come on, steve, give me some. s >> ouch, that was too much.s o m >> let me dot weather.e dot wear we're looking cat to start youry
8:46 am
afternoon. >> five years ago you could havu taken that,.take >> now i'm getting all -- don'tt you worry about it. i'm strong. >> yeah. >> you can kick. >> ♪ >> love it. >> play this on guitar hero ps.. >> i haven't made that a long an time. sun filled days ahead.ll wait until you see the seven day you'll absolutely love it.uty lo lots and lots of warmof warm temperatures to look forward too today will be a cool one.e a ool but as we get into the weekend e 70s and maybe even 80s by earlye next week.k. 45 now in washington. 44 up in ball baltimore. 46 in annapolis.olis. north and west had a frost a f advisory earlier, and you can y see remains very cool in frederick 34 degrees.4 43 in winchester much lots ofcht sunshine.suns very quiet afternoon. q high pressure to our northui. northeasterly breeze locks inck relatively cool air for thisor time of year.timef y however, with lots of sunshine,, and lighter wind than yesterday, it should be feel pretty good ft for you this afternoon. with just sort of early springln feel. there's a bigger look.s a we have a quiet weather patternn for the next couple of days.nex not featuring any -- here's thee best part
8:47 am
forecast. we're not featuring any rain or any trouble here weather wise wa for the next week or so. o all right. all righ high pressure again i mentionedi that northeasterly breeze nicest and dry this afternooner.noon only about 60 for daytime high h trending towards 70's as we get into the weekend and by the timm we get to sunday and monday it should really be very spring sig like and very pleasant around here with high temperatures on n monday potentially topping tpi 80 degrees in many spots.ts. trying to do it really cool ---- there it is. i weather interaction and ind i finally got it to work. t w there's your monday forecast.. fredericksburg 83. 83. manassas 82.ssas 8 78 in washington.78n washingt so it should be very very nicevn day. >> all right. guys, that's a look at the seves day. day. i'll be back in a enjoy a niceck afternoon.ftnoon >> very cool.ery co >> that cream song we just played came out in '67. so close.lose. >> let's check out with wisdom s and maureen finds out what'sut ' coming up on good day d.c. d >> good morning.d mor the bob cusack goingoig one-on-one with the donald,on donald trump.rump. >> tru
8:48 am
allegations against his ownswn party. bob joins us live with more onhr what he had to say. say >> also new at 9a2 former rivals for the white house at one evene happening right now in d.c. we're live. >> plus we're live with tmz thet have news about star wars justs got to hear it.eait >> all new on good day at 10at your exclusive look at tonight'g drama filled empire. we have what taraji p henson hah to si about that. that >> live in the loft he sees thet best of the burgundy and gold, the redskins chef joins us witht what the guys eat. >> curious to know and we makeow your '80e s dream come true. t turn up up the boom box live inv the loft we're not going to take it. chris.s. christian sisters dee schneiderd is here. her >> good day d.c. just a few jt minutes away. >> oh, boy. >> got that energy up now. eneyn >> thank you very much.than >> two hours and 10 minutes aw away. aw >> wismo. >> honoring the men and women in
8:49 am
popular restaurant chain showino appreciation to all policeo officers and law enforcementnd officers do. joining us this morning from larlington is pie san know's founder and dc united steveve birnbaum. bi thanks for joining us.ks for it's the inaugural police pol appreciation day. congratulations.on tell us about it. >> thank you for having us. pay soon knows we decided wee dw were going to do something onhio our own and do police pol appreciation day. we're very excited.'re we want to just give back to tho men and women in blue thatbl really put their lives on theese line for us. f they do so much, and in my opinion and my company's pin they're under appreciated and ww decided we'll show them a littll appreciation today.iati so we extended for all police officers, virginia, maryland, m, d.c., to come and enjoy a free meal on p
8:50 am
men and women in blue.n >> are you allowed to eat pizza and if not will you beill you delivering today? what's yourur connection? >> i won't be delivering but i'm honored to be part of it such aa great to be partnered with up with pat san notice and the police forcee family friends on the policehe p force back so just honored to be part of if and think it's great cause. >> this is all your locations,i, right? what, 27 differentrent locations in northern virginiaov and also in maryland? >> this includes -- that's-- ths correct. it includes all of the paisano's locations in virginia and maryland. >> i know this is the inaugurali effort todays .od assuming this goes well, is thii something you might want to scah on at some point if you get good response? >> absolutely. this is our first annual and wee will definitely be doing it year
8:51 am
after year. yr this is, i'm not sure how close you guys follow it, police weekw is coming cing the police unity tour is coming up. so it's a big -- it's pretty biy in our area now for anybody whoo follows the police unity tour and other police activities. national police week all of thaa coming up in the next i thinkt i three or four >> it's such an important timetm of the year obviously as the as honors are there for those who w do protect us law enforcementfom community. those efforts are appreciatedppi today. a chance to get a meal at paisa inform o's our beloved weatherea guy tucker barnes played soccerr at cal berkeley we need to youey come in here sometime and you can go one-on-one in the studioo does that sound good. g >> and be easy on him. >> sounds good.>> s i'll be there. bther >> all right. he's got a few years on you butb you know, he can still make it i few feet down the feet. (laughter). >> i love it. >> thank you so much for joining this is all day, right, just tot make sure that we get the worder out to all o
8:52 am
blue? >> absolutely. it's all day today.. >> okay.>> >> all day. >> thank you for doing your parr and you're absolutely these brave men and women theyam put their lives on the lineves l every day.everyay the least that we can do is telt them about getting a good paisa inform o's. steve, good luck for dc unitedd and the nationals team thisiolst year. excited for you guys. guy >> thank you very much.ery >> thanks for having you.s >> there you go. that's what's happening in thent world of pizza. p >> makes me want -- >> law enforcement. >> go there actually.o >> and let's stay with the >>sports tht and talk about hockey andockey celebrating ms. as well becauseb it's time to rock the red thek d caps had host a big fan rally today. this will be at carnegie library at mount vernon square starts at 1:00 o'clock today. the mayor will be there.r and team owner ted, will beil b there everybody show up rock the red, wear your red and cheer onr the caps as they get ready foror tomorrow's big game against thet flyers. game playoffs and we hear f
8:53 am
attend get -- enjoy gives aways music games there will be foodie trucks there as well all in onen place. that starts at 1:00 o'clock 8000 block of k street northwest. >> fantastic.>> fantastic. >> wishing them well in the the playoffs. in the fox beat the originalnal star wars trilogy returning to the big screen this summer. sme alamo draft house theater chaina of which there's at least one ii northern virginia will bring wii viewers back to a galaxies fars far away. a it shows 1977's star wars new hope, 1980s empire strikes back and 1983s return of the jeddi. all three back to back.e bao b the triple feature will includec dates in over 20 cities, tickete go on sale may fourth whichouh w you're a star wars fan you know -- - >> may the fourth be with you. y >> thank you allison. ais >> you're welcome.e welcome. speakinspeaking of star wars solo jacket offered off for $191,000.,0 >> i hope kevin brings it ins i when he's back.ack. >> i won.>> w i would put it in a glass case. >> he probable scholl. >> this is the jacket worn b
8:54 am
arson ford the proceeds benefitt the epilepsy research.h. ford nounsed earlier this monthm his daughter has suffered seizures since she was child chi wasn't diagnosed with epilepsy a few years ago. a >> good to seat money going tont good cause there. ben affleck all set tofleclo direct and star in new batmanatn affleck made his first his f appearance as gotham dark knighn last month month in batman versus super man dawn of of justice. ic >> you like him in that role,hi >> oh yes. >> he's set to star in the heror in the upcoming justice league film.lm we'll have apparently many morem batman movies down the road.he . not a surprise.nosurp >> not a surprise at all.urprist >> through the power of thegh tp inter web, let's say good'say morning to our fox5 facebook fao of the day. crystal misty clear. unfortunately crystal moved outo of state.. but like most good fox5 viewerss do they find way to stay inta i touch.. >> um-hmm. she did. >> she's still streaming fox5ll5 live every day. every d she can watch us online.waus o we love that so much. >> hugs. hugs to you.hugs to yo >> if you will like to be fan ol the day leave a comment and a photo o
8:55 am
hope you have a great day, d crystal.ys >> proceeds went to epilepsy,ps, right? a viewer on twitter aska about the epilepsy walk and it's this weekend. w >> in d.c. >> it might be connection therec it starts at washington monume monument. >> all right.>> >> on saturday. on sa >> the 16th. the. >> love it. >> 8:55 right now. before we get to good day oneday more check on your forecast, tuck? >> steve, little cool out there overnight lows back in the low 30s normal and a here's a live shot.. and as steve mentioned mti scaffolding coming off lookingfo nice and shiny dome there and id will be nice and cheney dayey lots of sunshine.ts of nshine 47 now at reagan national. niona that's update from a few momentm ago. 45 dulles. bwi marshall 44 degrees. 44 de close to perfect out l lots ofos blue sky, lots of quietui conditions. winds a little bit cooling hereg out of the north and east todayt about five to 10 miles an hour. otherwise should be nice drye lb afternoon for you. beaches, bay, right here in to the mountains, things lookhil great later this afternoon andon we'll look great for the next te seven days with a noticeable
8:56 am
warmup here by the weekend. ee i think everybody will be dining outdoors erin by sunday,un saturday afternoon, sunday anddy monday should be fantasticbe f around here. all right. that's weather update.'s w you're back.u' >> that's exactly while we'll w' have allison's belated birthdaya lunch outside on monday. mon >> unfortunate allot of problema in fairfax.airf overturned car random hill roadr at way bells mill road. caution through thatut intersection. also in fairfax 123 north at gw parkway crash inbound gw parkway very slow to the key bridge aeyg lot of delays holding prettyngrt heavy as you head inbound intonu the district.. dc fire and police letting ustig know there's a car accident 1400 block of half forward streetrdtr northwest. crews on the way and naylor roa at southern avenue another crash and if you're heading out thishi evening, nats take on the bravee tonight at 7:00.t at tomorrow night at 4:00. 4:0 nice afternoon game.noong tucker promises some nice ne weather i would grab a lightrabg jacket.. use navy yard stop for metro anm watch for extra people walking i around the area. area. a quick look outside. outde some delays lingering in other areas. areas. let's take look inbound third
8:57 am
you can see still a heavy flowho of traffic.raffic. grab your shades.r sdes. sunny ride. y back to you guys.back t >> still to come on good day ana special interview with the stara of the new jungle book movie anv he's just 12 years old. old >> i love it. i plus a pair of political riflese and former presidentialresident candidates teaming up to promote a new show all about spies.pi good day is next. nex ♪
8:58 am
stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
8:59 am
♪ straight ahead
9:00 am
brothers linked to the death ofo a prince george's county policel officer head to court.ou we'll have live report. the rnc the republican national committee they shouldeu be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap tocrt happen.. >> plus, donald trump taking ong the rnc. rnc the hill's bob cusack just backs from a one-on-one interview witt the gop frontrunner.frontrunn what he told him about his beefb with the nomination process.. verizon workers on the on t picket lines. why tens of thousands off employees are on strike and whaa that may mean for the phone andd internet companies millions oflo customers. and later, the greatest of all time? it's a huge night fot the nba. kobe bryant gets ready to hangd it up and steph curry and thehe warriors trying to set new all-time win record. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> kobe is in the hall of fame.m curry well on his way to the ha o


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