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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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just a few moments ago we learned the charge against him has formally been put in place. he's wen charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and battery and he's being held on a $10,000 bond. that's number 28 warming up on the field. the box score from last night's nats win shows olivera did not play. according to arlington police, the 31-year-old was taken into custody early this morning. after a woman called 911 to say the player had assaulted her. >> she called from inside the building. >> reporter: what was her allegation? >> she alleged she had been assaulted inside the hotel room. she was suffering from visible bruises and at ta point we transported her to the hospital so she could be evaluated with those injuries. >> reporter: and hector ol
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stayed at the scene. >> he did. >> reporter: at this hour police say they don't know the relationship between the two. but do say olivera and the woman knew each other. by 2:00 this afternoon, police were still questioning the player who defected from cuba and signed a huge contract with the los angeles dodgers just last year before being traded to the braves where his salary is $4.6 million. >> she advised they had been drinking prior to the incident. what exactly led to the dispute, that's unclear at this moment. >> reporter: olivera retained an attorney who declined to comment as they left the magistrate's office this afternoon. the braves have placed olivera on what's called the restricted list, which means for now, he's off the team. olivera's attorneys have come and gone here from the magistrate's office in arlington several times now we've been told that he may not get out for several more hours. the braves did put out
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earlier today. we want to show you what they had to say now. we are extremely disappointed and troubled to learn of the allegations involving hector olivera. we will continue to gather information and will address this matter appropriately as we determine the facts. major league baseball has placed olivera on administrative leave effective immediately. the braves have also said that now he is off the team and on the restricted list, they had to call up a player from aaa. paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> the three brothers charged in connection with a deadly attack went before a judge today. we also learned the name of the officer who killed jacai colson in what's being called friendly fire. bob barnard with more. >> reporter: in court here in upper marlboro today, a judge determined there is probable cause to support murder and attempted murder charges
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the three ford brothers michael, malik and elijah in the ambush attack on the prince george's county police department's district 3 station in landover that led to the death of jacai jacai colson who was killed by friendly fire. prosecutors say the shooting was recorded by malik and elij use as oldest brother michael opened fire on the building. an effort to commit suicide by cop. >> reporter: it's clear that our argument is going to be he didn't have any intent, he didn't have any plan. he wasn't part of any conspiracy to be involved in any shooting any officers that day. >> reporter: relatives of the ford brothers came to the court hearing. >> it was emotional for the family and the friends. we here to support them and show love. >> reporter: erica thomas is the ford brothers' aunt. can you believe what they're charged with doing? >> no, i can't believe
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these are not the guys that i know. >> reporter: also in court today we learned the name of the officer who fired the shot who killed jacai colson. it was taylor kraus. he was the only responding officer armed with a rifle that afternoon. officer colson was killed by a rifle shot. >> i spoke directly to taylor and his wife today. they're doing well. they've had an opportunity to prepare themselves for this information coming into the public space. >> reporter: we're told he remains on leave, will come back in service when he's ready. the official mourning period ends today exactly one month after the deadly shooting. the case against the ford brothers goes to a grand jury. bob barnard, fox 5 local news. >> a congressional hearing today on cap tol hill got a little heated at times. many are frustrated over safety and crime issues with metro. many who say the only way to fix the issues is with more money. they are asking the federal government
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bill. >> metro's management met with members of congress. matt? >> reporter: hi jim, hi sarah. there's no question about it, metro is a mess and they need money to fix it. you have local leaders, especially the new metro management on one hand saying we need this money, we need to turn this system around. we're ready to do it. but then you have members of congress, especially those who have been here a while saying listen, over the years we have given you money after money and yet metro is still a big problem. also let's take you to some video, some news coming out of the hearing today on the house side. the ntsb testified giving some concerning information following its investigation into the fire last year. the general manager reacted saying he is trying to fix the problem and is making progress. back to the money
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new board chairman jack evans came hat in hand today asking congress to approve more money to fix the problems and at one point boy it really got heated. a heated exchange between evans and representative mark meadows of north carolina. >> all i'm asking for you is $300 million which is your fair share, given the fact that we transport 50% of your work force every day. you want them to be safe. you want this to be reliable or do you want to just leave here like we did in 2005 and do nothing? and if we do that, next time something happens, i'm blaming it on you guys. because we need your help. >> sir, you're the one that's been on the board. so how can you blame us? you're the one making the decisions. >> reporter: that was just a little bit of fireworks that were played out at the house side today. also earlier before that house hearing, senators from th
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delegation met with metro's new general manager, the senator from maryland talked about the safety issue. the crime issue on metro and she said frankly i know women that no longer ride metro anymore. and she asked the new general manager what he plans to do about it. he reacted with this comment, saying that just recently officers are on platforms and they're actually getting on and off trains. take a listen to him and then senator cardon afterwards. >> more importantly is i want them on the platforms and i want them getting on trains and off trains. around i came back on the silver line last night and i saw one officer do that exact thing. he got on, said hello and got on. i think that's reassuring enough for people. you don't want to use that resource sitting in one car for 10, 15 minutes. >> let me add to that, the alarming increase in the personal attacks occurring in metro areas, whether bus or t
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metro system. the numbers are at a level that is very disturbing. and not only the safety of the riid ridership, it's also the personnel. >> as you might imagine, the house members of representatives and the senators all seem to focus in on these possible shutdowns that have really been making news. you know there was a moment a couple of weeks ago where jack evans said they might have to shut down an entire line and then the general manager of metro says wait a minute, that's not the case. the general manager said today that he does not plan to shut down a line. he says there is a possibility, and he should be making up his mind in a couple of weeks, that they'll have to take sections, maybe station to station, shut them down for a while, and then use buses, but he reiterated at this point he does not believe that full lines have to be shut down. live on capitol
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ackland, fox 5 local news. >> meanwhile a new survey conducted by metro has revealed some alarming numbers. out of 100,000 people asked, 21% say they have been sexually harassed while riding public transportation compared to only 18% nationwide. women were three times more likely to be harassed than men. more than 60% of those harassed say the incident took place on a metro train while 77% say they have never reported sexual harassment. >> meanwhile millions of dollars needed to fix the arlington memorial bridge could now be in jeopardy. according to the post, the national park service has until tomorrow night to file an application to secure the federal funds. it's likely to miss the deadlines because it failed to seek the necessary state sponsorship from d
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>> capital bike shares becoming more available and affordable. vdot opened a new bike share today in ward 8. the program works to provide subsidized capital bike share memberships. eligible users can get an annual membership for $5, compared to the standard $85 fee. straight ahead, kissing couples. >> a couple at the bar failed to notice the place was being robbed because they were making out. >> ou, wow. i want what they're having. and chocoholism is a real thing. now doctors say an antismoking drug can help you kick your habit. >> get ready to chow down. >> hopefully those prices will drop too. we're outside live in front of the station again. just a beautiful late afternoon here in april.
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definitely you feel that chill if you're in the shade. luckily for us, plenty of sunshine. we'll let you know how things are looking if you're heading out to the nats game and what to expect late tonight and tomorrow morning. we'll be right back.
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experts say strawberries are the pest sides. >> the residue was found in about 98% of strawberry samples tested by federal officials. only about 7% of the strawberries had levels above epa limits. buying organic can help limit the pesticides but organic does not mean pesticide-free.
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of control there's a scientific reason why. sugary foods can just be as addictive as cigarettes. >> the antismoking drug chantix to rats led to a decrease in their sugar consumption. further research to determine if antismoking drugs could also help people curb their sugar addictions. here is one addiction many of you are probably trying not to kick and that is your love for crab. mike thomas is in annapolis with more. >> reporter: crab cakes and football. that's what maryland does. but the district, virginia and sbar all love their crabs as well. they come from the chesapeake bay
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cold winters the past several years lingering into spring time have led to a decreasing crab population and an increase in crabbing restrictions. these restrictions which seem to have worked and paid off, according to bran da davis the blue crab program manager who earlier today spoke with me on the findings of their 2016 bluekrub winter dredge survey. >> our numbers this year were good. they were up. our total population is up by about 35%. so more crabs should lead to more crabs getting caught. what we can do is keep harvest at that safe level and give mother nature the best tint to give us as many crabs as she possibly can. >> reporter: crab population has actually been on the rise over the past couple of
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thanks in part to some milder winters, especially this last winter, one of the warmest of all time around the region. noi that will have a positive effect on your wallets as you head out to buy some crab cakes and maybe a basket of crabs. >> a whole lot of crabs this year. >> crab dip. i love it. >> where's that kind of weather when you want it. start cracking crabs. >> it was kind of chilly when you walked out there but it was kind of gorgeous. >> who needs
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it's really pleasant to be out here. definitely a chill in the shade but it's nice to begin to get a little shade which means the trees are starting to leaf out. we are looking for potential for frost. want to remind you to protect those plants for later on tonight. here is a look at temperatures around the region. we're at 57 degrees and i believe that's going to be our high for the day although we'll check the climate data that comes in in about 20 minutes or so. one of the few places at 60 is fredricksburg. it is a little on the chilly side. not a cloud to be found out here. there looked to be maybe a passing edge of clouds coming through pennsylvania. maybe we'll see some high, thin clouds a little bit later. once again a big blocking area of high preur
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keep the rain out of here. it's a temperature-driven forecast. which means the nats for tonight have got game 3 with the forecast. 54 degrees at first pitch at 7:05. by the time we get to the 6th inning, 51 degrees and by the final we're down to 50. hopefully good news there. our forecast advisory, again the same areas west of 95 that we saw yesterday, that would be western loudoun, i think it could be cooler due to the lighter winds and the fact that today was a bit cooler. close enough to 32 that you have to be wary. i'm not sure too many places got to 32 but because we'll be close enough to cause knows plants to have some minor damage, you want to be ready for that. a couple of degrees warmer we're thinking here in the district at 42 degrees. here is your weather he
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to continue. we will have a very gradual warming trend. it's not going to get warm in a hurry but when it does it's going to be sticking around for a while which ought to feel fantastic. how things look going forward over the next several days coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> coming up here, caught on camera. seeing the terrifying moment when a giant sink hole opens up. >> and the fbi's andy war hole art. >> get a room, people. the kissing couple is oblivious to a robbery. >> the rewards program that people are calling a sham. >> a redskins player suspended. we'll explain why straight ahead. ahead.
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normally we just get to see the aftermath of a sink hole. incredible video out of california shows one actually forming. this video was posted to facebook by the local police department. the sinkhole formed right in the middle of the street causing the roadway to fall into the sewage line below. the exact cause is unclear right now. they frequently are triggered by heavy rains. the roads will be closed for an extended period of time. the fbi is offering a $25,000 reward in the theft of 7 paintings by iconic artist andy warhol. >> the artwork had been owned by the museum since 1985. law enforcement has not released any details on how that heist was pulled off. >> very
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like. >> yes. good reference. it was almost closing time at a bar. the couple there had a love connection that chuck wollery would be proud of. >> the man at the woman sitting at the bar are so busy they don't even seem to notice that robbery taking place right next to them. a masked man comes in and forces the bartender to remove money from the cash register. another gunman walks around the couple before the robbers take off. the pair doesn't notice anything until the robbers are on their way out the door. >> i think there was a little bit of liquid courage going on too. >> they found love in a hopeless place. >> good reference, too many. coming up jail but is it justice? the affluent teen who used his upbringing in his courtroom defense gets sentenced today. a
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high school. >> reporter: good evening. it was meant as a school assignment but when it got out in the community it received a resounding failing grade. coming up what caused this and what the school says they're going to do about it. >> plus a local family. we'll have that story straight ahead. ahead. joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! in annapolis, she battled republicans and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep
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my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message. for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood,
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now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. a school assignment that was
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supposed to teach students how to write satire is causing complaints of racial sensitivity. students at north county high school were asked to mimic an essay from the 1700s using an exaggerated argument to show complex issues don't have simple answers. >> people didn't take it as satire. they took it as offensive. tom fitzgerald. >> reporter: history off the top. back in 1700, the writer jonathan swift came up with a sati satire -- satirical antiinflammatory called a modern proposal. one of the things that was a wild suggestion that was to solve poverty you would sell off your children to the rich english people of the time. fast forward to 2016 here an ap english class assigned a
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to write their own modest proposals. one of those students decided to take on race relations and what he wrote was a way to ease minority strife would be a way to get rid of minority people. nobody is laughing. >> a huge impact towards everybody. i'm honestly hurt by it. >> crazy. everybody is taking it hard. the essay should have been taken a different way. >> reporter: a way to eliminate racial strife would be to eliminate african-americans. the suggestion was corralling them in the desert and using a nuclear missile to wipe them out. anne arundel county school
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officials brought extra staff to hold forums and conversations with students about the fallout from all of this. the school insists the assignment was supposed to teach satire. given all this outrage they are reevaluating if this assignment should continue in the future. >> clearly the subject that this student picked is insensitive, it's il-advised, has stoked concern and frustration and anger among students and staff alike. >> some of the parents here tell us they want to meet with the county school about all of this. we also spoke to one of the leaders of the african-american community here in anne arundel county. he says look, first amendment rights need to be protected but at the same time in his view, this system needs to do a better job in teaching students how to write about racially sensitive subjects without being
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themselves. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 local news. >> new tonight, so-called affluenza teen ethan couch has been ordered to spend time behind bars. until today his only punishment had been probation. his defense during the trial sparked outrage when a psychologist for the defense said that his lifestyle was a product of his affluent upbringing. he was captured and returned to the u.s. in january. >> investigators say a train dispatcher was playing video games on his phone just before a deadly crash in germany that happened back in february. 11 people died when two commuter trains collided head on. he he faces charges of negligent homicide. >>
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reed has been suspended indefinitely. he was previously suspended in november while on injured resolves for violating the same policy. he missed all of last season after suffering a knee injury in a pre-season opener. >> a lot could happen in ten years. just tell that to the kelly family. they lost their father and a loving husband who was killed in action in iraq. but on a special day one major league stepped in. >> reporter: paul kelly and his junker brother jj are on the field at nats park for the very first time. they're nats fans but they're here as guests for the braves. >> i can't believe we're out here. >> reporter: baseball has always been a part
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but nine years ago, those lives changed when their dad lost his life in a black hawk helicopter krach over iraq. the younger paul was 9, jj only 5. >> people really looked up to him. >> reporter: the taps program helped make this happen. their story caught the attention of grille. his nickname is grilled cheese, so on this day which happens to be grilled cheese day. >> baseball has a way of finding it into families and bringing special moments to kind of maybe bridge the gap a little bit. it pings on your heart strings. i don't know how it can't. to give them a good day at the ballpark in
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far. it's a good reason to have them out and share a special day with them. >> and this is where grilly, who followed his own dad's food steps into the major. >> they look at us awe struck but we're just the same. and to just try to share that a little bit with people and connect, baseball does that. i enjoy that part of it. >> of course on this day the kelly boys and mom were treated to a gourmet grilled cheese lunch. for the chef he was happy to help. >> the culinary restaurant industry is called on all the time. as are so many industries. i don't know if i know of other industry that gives back in it's entirety the way the culinary industry does. >> reporter: it was what happened after lunch that really made this day special. as her sons watched the braves take batting practice, five foul balls found their
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kelly. she says there's a reason why. >> the spirits are with me wherever i go. i think it's from heaven. beautiful. >> the taps program does some great things for families in sports and it does great things for people. both paul and jj grew up playing baseball until he passed away. >> a good way to remember their father for sure. >> up ahead, nba jerseys could look a whole lot different this season. >> there's a vote to add something new to players' uniforms. >> starbucks backlash brewing. customer controversy over
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loyalty card charges. donald trump is at it again. he is feuding with the chair of the rnc. all the details after the break. >> want to thank you and president obama we're awaiting him. he's speaking about national security and the islamic state from the cia headquarters.
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the rnc chair and the return p frontrunner are at odds. >> ronica cleary is here with details. >> in the interview trump claims the republican national committee has claimed an unfair system for him. he says the rn
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be ashamed of what's happening. take a listen. >> he should be ashamed of himself. because he knows what's going on. a very unjust way of doing things. it's not fair. >> it seemed to be a response to the accusation which trump also made the no, ma'am nas is the responsibility of the campaigns to know. complaints now? give us all a break. you might
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will do in the maryland race. a poll looked at voters likely to vote. 47% would vote for trump. 27% for kasich and 19% for cruz. >> let's talk about weather right now. mentioned the nats game last night and a little breezy last night. >> you've got to get there somehow we want you to be safe when you travel. >> it's just beautiful out. i like the fact that it's not too windy and i was very surprised as i checked the pollen count today, it was low. >> good. i couldn't handle another attack. >> maybe the rain why yesterday helped everybody out just a little bit. what we do have tonight is another one of those frost advisory, especially for those
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a lot of those same regions that had it yesterday. let's run through the weather headlines on this beautiful wednesday evening. the forecast advisory in effect. we're going to be looking at a stretch of lovely weather. the frost advisory in effect for western portion the of montgomery that's also going to include western howard, most of loudoun county, this is not a hard freeze, it's a light frost so temperatures could drop to 33 or 34. that could be enough to damage plants in some areas. so you want to be so careful about that. the weekend is looking fantastic. check out this preview of our weekend forecast. we're thinking saturday about 68 degrees so nice to see it begin to warm up a little bit and sunday 72 degrees. definitely on the warm side. it's going to feel great. those warm temperatures are going to be coming autopsy next week as well. as a matter of fact we'll be really close to 80 degrees on monday. and that will feel great as well. most of next week looking pretty quiet and
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let's go ahead and check out the weather pattern as we see this high pressure that is a little bit to our north today. it's going to sink just a little to our south and over the next several days, that high is really going to block everything out. it's showing you the amount of rain that may accumulate over the next several days. qpf stands for quantitative precipitation forecast. and you can see there's nothing right over our area. so it really is going to be a super quiet pattern. a beautiful evening ahead, our sunset forecast should feature temperatures in the mid 50s. sun goes down at 7:44. beautiful photo and if you get a great shot like this send it to me on twitter or facebook. we love to make them part of our weather maps. such a gradual warm-up. ohm one degree warmer on friday as we head to 64 degrees. we're on the cooler side tonight and definitely you feel that if you're in the shade but the sunshine definitely gives you a
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especially when we don't deal with the breeze. most places in the 50s, even fredricksburg has dropped to 59 and will be cool tonight because of that high pressure with the northeast flow still centered to our north. keeping the dry skies and the lighter winds. overnight we're going to drop into the mid 30s again, but you could be as low as 33 or 34 or frederick and martinsburg which is why that frost advisory is so important. tomorrow it's pleasant but it's in the low 60s and a little bit below average for this time of year. everyone is excited here at our fox 5 station studio news room because playoff hockey we are going to rock the red in round 1 tonight with the flyers at 7:00 as you're heading on in, about 59 degrees, sunny skies and light winds. saturday looking great. warmer on sunday because high pressure slides to the south. and we get back into the lower
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70s. here's your fox 5accuweather 7-day forecast. we're still looking at a rain-free pattern into next week, maybe even beyond. tuesday 72. wednesday's temperature 70 degrees. i'm ready for some 70s. i'll hold the 90s off a little while though. sarah and jim? >> that is sound of the city. you can cam them live friday at farragut park. the music they describe as soulful, timeless and classic. they have played at the 9:30 club, the lincoln theater. >> and this is all part of our fox 5 rock springs conference
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city. >> it is against the law in most states to text and drive and it used to be hard for police to prove until now. a new technology that can help police determine if you were texting at the time of the accident or even moments before. >> then find out why people are blasting the dating website
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence,
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glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. there's a lot of people wondering if starbucks is worth it. a lot of you like starbucks, some people out there are already fired up about the change. >> the coffee chain is changing the way the reward system is giving out free drinks. you get two stars for every dollar spent and to get to gold level knew you need 300 stars when you only used to need 30. starbucks lovers are not thrilled about the
5:53 pm
>> you figure you're paying $4, or $5 a clip. it's just like the airlines. they used to do flight by flight and now it's about what you spend. >> don't get me started on that. >> so if you like nba jerseys, small ads placed on them. according to sources the ads will be combined on the left shoulder of the
5:54 pm
>> so you're going to love this next story. parents are channelling their inner rihanna. let's take a listen.
5:57 pm
>> they're known for their music videos creating song parodys and they're back at it again. >> they asked their fans to submit topics. topics. ♪ >> we're doing home work, got a lot
5:58 pm
♪ try to have the patience ♪ she's got to ♪ so get it right when we demand it, but also we don't understand it ♪ >> wait until those kids are teenagers. >> i think they're already mad. i don't think it has anything to do with the homework. they're like get the camera out of my face. are we doing this again, mom and dad? >> they par -- parlayed this. they have these share of videos out there. >> let's hope the kids survive and make it out okay. >> thank you for joining us everyone tonight here at 5:00. >> fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts right now.
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player questioned after being accused of assaulting a woman at a arlington hotel. then a student's homework assignment is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. why some are even calling it racist. and putting the brakes on distracted driving. the new device that will help police really see what 'doing behind the wheel. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> we thank you for joining us. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. >> this was atlanta braves player hector olivera just 24 hours ago practicing for a game against the nats. tonight he's charged with assault and battery of a woman at the ritz-carlton in pentagon city. paul wagner starts us off live tonight in arlington. >> reporter: hi, tony and shawn. hector olivera will not be on the field for the braves tonight. in fact he's off the team until further notice. he's been charged with assault and battery of a woman
6:00 pm
ritz-carlton hotel earlier this morning in arlington. we just found out from his attorney that olivera has posted the bond. he's now free. at this point, we're being told that it was assault and battery that he is being charged with and again he won't be on the field tonight. that's hector olivera, number 28, warming up on the field at nats park yesterday afternoon. the box score from last night's nats win shows olivera did not play the first time in 7 games so far this year. according to police the 31-year-old was taken into custody at the ritz-carlton hotel early this morning after a woman called 911 to say the player had assaulted her. >> she called from within side the building. >> what was her allegation. >> she alleged that she had been assaulted inside a hotel room. we responded to the scene, located her, and she was suffering from visible bruises and at that point we transported


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