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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ m this is fox5 news morning.oxs >> i'm asking from you is $300 million which is your wch y fair share given the fact that t we he transport 50 percent of your workforce.kfce >> ahead at 5:00 heatedea moments on capitol hill as metro's leaders ask congress cgr for help improving safety forr riders. >> plus after a tough season the wizards saying so long to s their head coach.headoa what the now former leader is saying about that decision. d >> good mo
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it's the lady's half hour with h the exception of mr. mikeof mr.k thomas.thom good to see you this morning. >> he's the ladies >> he's the ladies man.he lad >> i've got no problem withem that at a that's what i try to all right.all weather today looking fantastic. cold start this morning.rt grab the jacket.ab t this afternoon lots ofots sunshine and temperatures willtw reach the 60's once again. aga great weekend ahead.nd aad. more details in just a bit. bit back upstairs to youly. yly >> short and sweet. >> i like the sound of that.e >> i know. do you like the sound ofe thsou traffic this >> so far nofi complaints on this friday eve. metro he is on time but grab b g the definitely chillier than itely anticipated this morning i hope it warms up later sinceerce that sunshine should be movingeh in.ou i'll let you know about theou ku roads but i like wt hat i'mt i'm seeing. >> sounds good.>>ound thanks, erin., en. getting to the news andttin happening right now police arego looking for a plan who they w t say sexually assaulted a woman w after she left a shopping mall m in greenbelt. police say the suspect walkedhes up to the woman and startedn d d talking to her at beltwayer a bl plaza mall. mal the two parted ways.arted w but then police say the say suspect approached her again hea wn
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wood drive to an apartmentve tot complex. he pulled out a knife out k threatened her took her into the woods and then sexually assaulted her according to police. lice. >> our other big story thiss morning tense moments during an congressional hearing onional hn captor hill.captor >> metro officials tellingro o lawmakers the only way to fix f operational issues is with i more well, that didn't go over go well.. fox5's melanie alnwick liveck at the l'enfant metro stationta with the story.with the s good morning, mel.ornimel. >> reporter: good morning.te and you know, last month metro shutdown for some was evidence e that metros are new leadershipei is really serious about theut work there it has to do, so leadership went to congressones asking once again for dedicated funding to deal with w maintenance and repairs but house republicans performed aub little shutdown of their ownli sayingow metro was not going to get any more money from them. t at the subcommittee hearingcotee the ntsb testified some concerning informationnorma following its investigation ofsn the l'enfant plaza smokemo incident. the agency says the physical psi hazard
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accident is present systemse s wide. general manager said that thetht problem is being fix. b now back to the money issue. iss new board chairman jack evansjae came hat in hand askingan ask congress to approve more moneyor to fix the problem. at one point he did get into ao heated exchange with representative mark meadows from north carolina. >> more importantly is i want them on the platforms and ims want them getting on trainsra and off trains and i came back b on the silver line last nightlat and i saw an officer do that dot exact thing, got on, said s hello and got off. a. it's all -- i think that is just reassuring enough for people. peop you don't want to use that useha resource sitting in one car for 10, 15 >> reporter: now, that is general manager paul wiedefeldde who was addressing a group of regional congressional leaderses who also met with him after the metro he hearing, after the house republican hearing. so, he was basically bic
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congresswoman barbara mikulski i who said that she hears from a lot of women who say theyen way don't want to ride metro m because they're concernedy're c about safety problems. so, a lot of issues going on iu here, guys, but it looks like lk some of those househo h republicans said after the hearing maybe they wouldmaybe td consider metro's request foruest more money if they felt prettyer good about the direction thateca metro was going in. back to you. >> well, the wife of the anne tn arrundel county sheriff charged with assault is is speaking out.ut. she reached a statement thaout. >> happening today, marylandng a votersry can begin casting earle ballots for the state'ss for tht april 26th primary.rimary. you'll have from now until a
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vote. each county and the city of citf baltimore have voting sitesotins opened every day through the 21st from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00:00 p.m.p. now, you can find the completehm list of early voting sites ong our web site and don't be surprised if youpri see some candidates on yourdatey way to work this morning. thi several are planning early voting rallies at metro stops. >> ♪ >> all right. it's a cold start to the dayay today. we'll say a very springlikeprin start because this time ofbe year it's very typicalca we seee cool mornings and then we warmde things up in the afternoon.p int exactly what we're going toreoig see today. tay coldest temperatures this morning are off to the northe of and west. frederick up to 32 degrees martinsburg down to 32. dulles 33.lles3. manassas 32. culpeper 31 degrees this morning. here in the district thanks tost the river we're a littler warmer, 43 degrees but again,rea everybody heading for 60's 6 later on this afternoon. afterno there are frost advisories north and west as well as as ll freeze those will remain in effectff until about 9 o'clock thishi
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clear skies all across thes region this morning.or they will remain clear intole it the afternoon.ft sunshine coming your way later r 63 degrees for a high. mid 60's south and west of d.c. another sun filled day comingin our way. that's a check of the erin como has got traffic. tff >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. tota. visit buy a for special offers. >> that's right, we're goinggh to starter you off with a livef look at some of your bridges. bg chain bridge quiet. inbound not seeing a car right now inarr this shot just saw a few go by o so that's good news there.s t nice and quiet.nicend q we'll move over to a different e camera and show you how the key bridge is shaping up as is h you make your way from roslynly into georgetown much lighter volume than what we typically looking very nice there.g ve nir your secondary m street wisconsin none of the usual congestion yet and as you make y your way outet across thes douglas bridge problem free.blef don't have the usualhesu congestion and new york avenue u inbound also quiet by florida. i nothing slowing us down there. t we'll take wide view of our o o maps right now and show you andw all the green
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you're headed to their airport. things quiet on the way to bwieb reagan national and dulles. ande i got you covered if and when ae this thursday morning commutenie does start to slow down. back to you, holly and hly maureen. maureen. >> thanks erin. 5:07.> 5:07. our top stories this hour this u we're learning new information n about a shooting that took the life of prince george's county police officer jacai colson. c he was shot and killed by kil friendly fire outside of the prince george's county district three station.ti at the time, michael ford fired several rounds at theat t building and cars passing by.g all while his brother's were videotaping the ambush. aus a judge ruled that there ist the probable cause to supportuppo murder and attempted murderurde charges against michael malik and elijah ford.jah rd we've also learned the name of m the officer who shot andshot killed colson in friendly officer taylor krauss is still s on leave and will return tourn work when he is ready. rea >> in the district an armeddicta robbery caught on camera. cam happened inside a hotel on rhode island av
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near 15th street. three gunmen walked in followed plan to his room thent robbed him at gunpoint.t gunpoi. if you recognize any of thosehoe guys, call d.c. police. pol >> sports world makingd akin headlines for several reasonsevo this including the out of thing of wizards head coach randychan wittman. what he says about the team's t' decision to give him the pink p slip.slip. >> and warriors setting an a incredible new record.le rec highlights from their historic win last night. n stay with us.ith we are back in just 30 seconds.
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>> ♪ >> classy organization. i hope until the assllegationslt are either proven or not proven that he's not part of o our organization.rganizatio >> that's reaction from braves fans after outfielder hector olivera was arrested. aes he's accused of assaulting a woman at an arlington hotel.el he's facing a misdemeanorisde charge for assault and batterndb regent did he not play lastid h night as the nats beat the braves. the wizards win lastwizardw night's game but they lostyos their coach. >> wisdom martin here totin he explain exactly what happened. doesn't take rocket science toce anything out.anytng o >> it got pretty bad. b they were in the playoffs lastl year and it's been not a progression a-regression. a-reg. >> same team this year. >> same team except for thisteam year tenth place
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league on the eastercen conference. randy wittman has to saytt goodbye to a team he's coacheded for the last four years.the la he's been fired as the head coach. wittman found out when thehe wizards beat the hawks wednesday night.ig they're missing out of thee mio playoffs and for the first time in three seasons muchre after the season ended randy wittman was asked about his aut job status.ta he responded saying he lovesingl his job and he was proud ofasro what the team was able to do.o d he went on to say that they had a slipup this year, that's ' what he called it. he caed it next season was going to beoingt the final year of wittman's wtm three year contract with thear c wizards. he took over the team back in 2012 when they fired saundersnd from the job.from t now as for the wizards' next n head coach espn is reporting former oklahoma city thundernder scotty brooks is the boks replacement for the wizards. wir every couple years, it's sad, it and no reflection on randy wittman's character it just i j happens in pro sports.ens inro s after a certain period of p time. >> you got to win. >> you go the to win and youo eo go
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>> let's hope for a fresh start. star thanks wisdom. wis >> all right.>> a >> let's stick with basketballli hike a look at this. that's it? no sound.o sound all right, we'll keep going. g kobe bryant capping off his -- okay. >> lakers fans, please putfa your hands together for kober fo bryant. >> all right, we have to give h this story the respect it's due. kobe bryant capping off his 20ta year career with one last magical game scoring 60 points p in the lakers victory over thee jazz. it was the sixth time heixthe he scored 60 or more points in annn nba game. gam kobe leaves behind a legacy, an 18 time all-star, third all time in scoring with five nba titles, two olympic gold g medals. yeah, he did it. he did it.t. that's how you do it. do i congrats to kobe.ob the black mumba in the house. golden state warriors shattering one of basketball'sal most storied record
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the warriors beat the grizzlies to become the firsthe team to win 73 regular season games. that shatters the 1995-96 chicago bulls record 72 win season. steph curry hit 10, 10 3-pointers making him the first player to sync 403ness sy0 one season. look at that meme.t that meme. oh, my gosh. i love >> a crying michael jordan.or >> oh. >> instead oit was a big night e nba when president obama joinsii in on the he tweeted out this meme ofhis e steph curry and himself dancing.danc okay, now did the president psi really do that meme? >> i don't know. kno >> the president congratulatedgd both kobe bryant and theobbrya warriors. >> and we should say whilelday e we're talking sports maureen m and i both rock, the red today because it
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red. i thought it was a littlet it ws orangey. i'm going to go with red. >> there are different hughes of red. we're rocking all hughes of red for the caps game one ofth the playoffs tonight againste philadelphia.phia let's do it. i >> i remembered we're goinge' g with it. wi coming up they say love iss blind. this couple gives it a whole new mean. why their love fest is a good ia reminder to always be aware ofly your surroundings.unngs. >> some can kiss. >> unless he's that hot.s he's >> speaking of love, you are going to heart today'srtod forecast ind mike and erin are both backh bac next with your weather and weath traffic on the 5s. 5:13 is our time right now.
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♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. fiv
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>> ♪ >> happening at a, experts will begin a second phase of repairs on the nation thaln t cathedral. the second stage will that focus on repairs to the reprs t building's exterior. eer
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could take over a decade andade will cost around $22 million to complete. >> ♪ all right, it's a quiet start qt to the day. chilly start to the day, sda though. temps in the 40's here in the district.. many suburbs waking up toup temperatures in some placesome e the low 30's.s. frederick maryland, culpeperulpe looking at you.ou lower 30's for you.ou reason why, clear skies out, there and light winds just allowing those temperatures topa drop. this time of year not atypical i i guess you could say ofuld s waking up to these chilly chill mornings but by the afternoon be lots of sunshine coming your con way and we'll get temperaturesra back to where they should bey su which is in the low to mid 60's. 60's 43 trees your current443 degreen d.c. d. 56 in nashville. nationals baseball wrapping upab their home stand taking on the n atlanta braves. first pitch is at 4:oh 5:005: p.m.p. should be a pleasant
5:17 am again lots of sun coming yourou way. low 60's by first pitch by thecy time you head home around 7 o'clock, temperatures dipping back into the lowerck 50's but probably just a iba lighter jacket the you're you heading town to the ballpark today.toda skipping ahead to theirad to th weekend high pressure still in control over the northeastover this weekends, upper 60's for saturday, will feel absolutely s gorgeous, lots of sunshine as well.well. working into your sunday, high h pressure slides to the south sli and that's a warmer breeze forar us and we get back to the 70'sct by sunday afternoon.eron here is that weekend forecast.oc 68 trees68 degrees.68 degre 72 sunday.da we'll keep the if weatherf weath rolling. here's your fox5 accuweatherx5 c 7-day forecast t fox5 rocks.. don't for that get to make an appearance down at farragutt fat square park i believe tomorrow t morning 9:00 to 11:00 a.m..m the morning hours will be aill b little chilly so if you come ye down for the concert f con definitely wear the jacket. jke weekend looks gorgeous.or temperatures mondaymper approaching that 80-degree mark. wouldn't that be nice.ic >> uh-huh. >> erin como has
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>> and 5:17. things definitely starting to sn wake up. get something congestion.con right now the good news is bwi b reagan national or dullesulles traffic looking good on the g way to the airport.rt. in anne arrundel making your y way towards annapolis 50nnapis eastbound we have debris reported by davisville road. plenty of green on the inbound and outbound side of 50 rightid5 now. no major slowdowns.wd in montgomery county the outeryo loop looking very nice. speeds checking in in theinhe mid-50's from 95 through the spur. none of the usual congestion just yet. a live look outside taking a tak look at one of our cameras in virginia, this is 95s northbound by prince william b parkway. you can see some volume ise is definitely starting to buildtart so watch for some slowdowns asoa more folks hit the road thisoats morning.morn you can see your inboundour inbn commute is definitely startingen to pick up. aside from that as you makeouak your way out for your metror mro ride, metro lines are on time. t i'll let you know if and whenf w that does change. back to you. you >> ♪ >> thanks erin. time now is 5:18 le'
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take a look at the storiesat s you're engaging with the mostos this morning on social media with our realtime news tracker. tr first up new video released by b boko haram appears to showrs tos some of the girls kidnapped kna from the town two years ago.sgo the parents of some of the girls were able to identify t their daughters in the newn t video. this is the first footage ofoote the girls since may 2014.may 2 next an update on theate so-called affluenza team.uenza t a judge ordered ethan couch to remain behind bars for two beh years. year this after couch and his and mother fled to mexico after he violated his probation.robaon and from a balloonal spacecraft to app specialal vacuum for subways, young kidsos wowed president obama at theat e president's final white housefih science fair while he is in whis office. and finally nothing can stop cas true love or at least reallyea good kiss. not even armed robbers.rmed rbes police in montana's largestarge city are looking for threeor t suspect who robbed a bar at a gun point but they didn't seem e to disturb a couple who kissed through the entire commotion.coo luckily no one was
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love fest/crime/oh my bosh. bos he must have been some dude. d >> sometimes love hurts soeur good hurts so he good. man. ma >> definitely in in case. >> some kiss.>> some ki wow. >> thanks, lady. >> uh-huh. >> let's go ahead and talk about also what is happeningappe at a two historic vehicles areric ve going on display in washingto washington. president taft's white steam car the very first official off white house automobile and president reagan's 1962 wiehle e jeep cj6. jeep they'll arrive at the national a mall in a few hours.. the cars will remain on display until april 19th. apr 1 we'll be live for the big unveiling rider her right here g data's. good news for travelersews and bad news for airlines. a more flights are arriving onin time. airlines are canceling fewer flights but passengers' pasng complaints still rising.ints str according to the department of transportation 83.6 percent oftn
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arrived on time in february. hawaiian airlines and alaska airlines were most likely toely be on on southwest had the best on time t mark among the biggest fourgestu airlines followed by delta united and american. ari >> still ahead this morning,ning we have all ton it.t. you're hungry and in a hurry h so you head to your favoriteavoe fast food joint but by to go so you could be exposingxp yourself to harmful chemicals. details in today's health >> ♪ >> but first show you'reut f listening to d.c. own's sound'ss of the city they're performingem their brand new song run and a you can catch them live in i person for free tomorrow morning at farragut squaret park. they say their music is soulful timeless and classic. cc they've played at most major maj local venues including the maryland pavilion. pavilion. >> it is part of our fox5 rocks spring concert series. cor me and hol
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week's show. sw. on april 22nd secret societyoc performs and our finale is the mighty crows. you can find more information mr on the bands and concertds a series on our web site we certainly hope to see you h out there bright and early let's do this. thi 9:09:00 until 11:00. it's going to be awesome.
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>> ♪ >> happening today, excitement t building as the caps respectth getting set to face the flyersa in their first playoff game tonight. caps set a franchise record for 56 wins and clinched theclie president's trophy before any br other eastern conference teamrn csecured a playoff spot.po tonight's game starts at 7:00 p.m. at the verizon center.onen >> you know were i brought inug today, month. >> not the bell.he b oh, no.o. >> you've been warned. w rockville ice arena named one nd of the top 10 hockeyockey communities in the unitedies he states. >> oh. >> now though they need your help. they have been entere
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$150,000 in arena improvementsmt in the craft hockeyvilleockeyvle contest. es they need as many votes asany v possible to win the big the arena won't just win money n if they take the crown they'llw' also be able to host thehe capitals piece son game.on awesome. head to craft hockeyville.comyvm to cast your vote. c >> wow. >> i know. kw. that's fun. f >> that is -- good hockeyy >> playoff hockey returns toocye d.c. we're excited. >> where is your red.s yo red >> it's downstairs.ownstairs. >> where is your red. whe >> mine is red.>> m >> it's red, white and blue so b you're adding the blue. b >> there you go. >> i like that. >> always turn it. i spin it. that's another thing we're ano good at. >> exactly. lots of spinning.spnin but we don't need to spin the weather. it's getting better. g >> no, it's getting better andnd better. each day we'll add a can couple we'll add a lot of degrees by dy the time we get to sunday. suny. beautiful start to the day butty a chilly start.ill you'll need the jacket as you head outside this
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clear skies, light winds lig win overhead will mean lots of sunshine this afternoon once thn the sun gets up in the skyky there, we'll warm things up nicely.nice 33 at dulles this morning, thimn 10 degrees warmer here in there city. 43 degrees. 34 gaithersburg.34aith 30 at frederick this morning. mg there were freeze and frost advisories in effect offer to i the north and west until 9:000 a.m. this morning. satellite and radar as i justd a mentioned clear skies overheadih and we're going to keep themhem around just about all dayut long.lo. 44 degrees, a little chilly byy 8:00 in the morning.. by the time we get to the noon hour, 57 degrees and lots of loo sunshine throughout the thr afternoon and even into theve early evening.evenng 62 degrees your daytime high h today about 63, 64 degreesgr later on this afternoon.ft again, full details coming ong n the weekend which spoiler s alert looks a lot like todayeod just warmer. war >> spoil away. spo we like those spoilers. spo >> uh-huh. all right.right. do we need any spoilers forpoil the road conditions? no. >> starting to deal with some problems if you're taking tak metro. metro. delays on the red line between e van ness and dupont becauset cas of
5:27 am
be prepared as you head out hea this morning.d the rest of your rail linesin are on time. t you can see a lot of green asoto you head into the district.stri. 295 right now still problemro free whether you're waking uperu and heading out from them bottom of the beltway or topf of the beltwthay as you pass p east capitol street we don't't have normal morning congestionlo can.n. bw parkway quiet.ayet same on 95. on problem free on 270 as you0 y make your way throughgh gaithersburg and rockville this morning.this mor 66 inbound througnih manassas and centreville still movingilll and then in alexandria 395 asri9 you make your way inboundnb you're we're starting to see volumeo pick up at dale we'll take a live look therekhe back to you. >> ♪ >> erin thank you.>> eri ahead at 5:30 in the hot seat, under pressure toree improve safety on metro, its leaders asking congress for more money to do so.oneyo do why lawmakers say not so fast.o >> and after a rough season the wizards saying so long tos their head coach.thr head how he's responding to the tough news.
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99,
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g, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> a frightening attack near ati popular maryland >> coming here again byga b myself. >> the search this morning forhh the man police say sexuallyexlly assaulted a woman at knife at kn point. plus, it may be convenienten but is your fast food exposingex you to harmful chemicals? and later, two goodbyes onob the basketball court. the wizards say so long to coach randy wittman and the legendary kobe bryant shrines in his final h fox5 news morning starts right
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now. >> this is fox5 news morning. >> 5:30 is the time. t we're here ready to go.o >> you know who else is gracing us is mike thomas. >> i miss ladies hour.isladies h >> that's understand dabble. >> leave the umbrella at homehe today. u you're not going to need it. g you're not going to need ito n for the next several days.everad cold start to the morning.orni grab the jacket.he j sunshine and 60's return thisnds afternoon. i got a great forecast forgr you. i'll see you upstairs in airs couple minutes. >> we look forward to that. t weather can't be the excuse exc for traffic today. tod >> no, no excuses. noxc red line delays between van betv ness and dupont a few accidents, one in montgomerys, county. i'll get the whole reportepor together but i would say leave a early. already delays 95 northbound 95 in vir >> all right.>> all rig >> very good. thanks erin. >> of course. >> happening today, it looks like the national park servicenr is going to miss a critical cti deadline to receive millionsli of dollars in federal fundingedf to fix the decaying memorial m bridge. the park service only hasvicenl until tonight to complete an
5:32 am
but it looks like they just liky won't make it is. the federal grant could have made a major dent in the quarter billion dollar bridge be project that the park serviceari can't afford on its own. o if the bridge does not undergo d the much needed repairs it could slows.ow >> we need more money from thero federal government the message m officials are giving to are giv congress.congre lawmakers may not be willingmayi to givlle it. givet. >> heated headlines from a hearing on the hill in whichilih house members made it clearmemb they are not happy with >> there were plenty of there fireworks at this one but as the tug-of-war over metro m continues the daily commutelyom has got to go on. >> fox5's melanie alnwickln live this morning at the this mn l'enfant plaza.g so, what's the answer, mel? anm it's so easy, right? r >> reporter: right, exactly,r: , just give us more money. m but there are always stringsayss attached. look, the point that metro board chairman jack evans wasn trying to make is that metro is in an century source for the federal government.ent. therefore, in his opinion in
5:33 am
metro's opinion the fedso' should kick in an equas l amount of and in d.c. maryland and virginia do to keep the system safe and reliable. rel but house committee membersbe said wait a second, we believe l that congress gives metroes plenty of money and it isnd it i still a mess. ms. now, at the sub accountnt hearing the ntsb testifiedb that some of the situationshe si that led to that deadly smoke se incident at l'enfant plaza some of those do still exist.xi however, general manager jackagc wiedefeld did say that the t majority of the safety issues i have been repaired and theed t others are being worked on. o now, back to the money issue, chairman jack evans askedrmk congress to approve more money to fix those problemss dedicated funding we're f talking about, not just not capitol improvements but moneyts that would go into the repair rp and maintenance fund.d matena at one point he got into a heated exchange with wit representative mark meadowsark w from north >> all i'm asking from you is $300 million which is your milli fair share given the fact that
5:34 am
we transport 50 percent of your workforce every day.very d you want them to be safe.them t you want this to be reliable. rl we just want to leave hereeave h like we did in 2005 and do d nothing and if we do that,ha next time something happens,ng p i'm blaming it on you guys you g 'cause we need your help. >> sir, you're the one that'shas been on the board. b so, how can you blame us? la you're the ones making the decisions.deci >> reporter: now, laterat after the hearing mark meadowsae did say that he would consideror perhaps getting metro some more federal money. mon it seems that they are somewhat -- they're a little l bit harder on jack evans since s he's been with the metro board for awhile than they are with general manager paull wiedefeld.wiedeld. they're waiting to see what w kind of stamp he's going to put on the agency. back to you guys. >> all right, melanie, thankht,a you very much fonkr that report. 5:34 is the time righttime t now.
5:35 am
hang now police looking for aol man who they saicy sexually assaulted a woman after she she left a shopping mall ing mal greenbelt. police say the suspect walked t up to the woman and startedhe talking to her at the beltway t plaza mall. the two parted ways and then police say the suspectce s approached her again when shenhe walked across breeze wood breez drive to an apartment complex.el he pulled out a knife out a threatened her took her intooo the woods and then sexuallyods assaulted her according to police.lice. >> ♪ >> also happening today,♪ maryland votersso h can beginan casting early ballots for thelor state's april 26th primary.rima they'll have from now untilil april 21st to cast your early c vote. each county in the city ofnty ic baltimore have voting sitesotini opened every day to the 21st th2 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. p you can find the complete listot of early voting sites on oursitn web site don't be surprised if you seeisd he some candidates on your way to work this morning.orning. several are planning earlyar voting rallies at metro stops. >> ♪ >> all right. >> talk a little sports now.le t washington wizards looking fo
5:36 am
randy wittman has been told he e will not be back as head ofd the washington wizards. wards. wittman was told when theto whe wizards season ended with a 109-98 victory over the atlanta haunts wizards area haua missing out on the playoffsreou and finish tenth in thet nish ti eastern conference. conrence. >> he was weathering theweathe t storm.stor >> yeah. >> that's why that saidy that >> you got it. >> and now we're actuallyow w going talk about the weather wea with mike thomas who is ins i today. always good to see you.d see >> good to see you as well. youw >> and especially good to see you when great weather isgrt we headed our way.aded o >> and for the next week really. you're going love yourove y weatherman but you're notherm going to be seeing too much of g us. >> i always love ourove weatherman. >> there's not too much to n talk about. sunshine. su >> all right then you're >> pretty much. >> love the red today holly. rocking the red today. >> go caps. >> we love a good sunrise here g at fox5. at your sunrise forecast, sunriseas is at 6:33, temperature of 42 degrees. blake thank you for sending in i this photo.ho if you have a sunrise pic you want
5:37 am
d.c. on facebook and twitter. ti satellite and radar clear skies this morning, lots of, lof sun this afternoon but temperatures are chilly tour start the day.stt th 32 in martinsburg, 34 inn winchester.winche dulles 33. here in the district distr 43 degrees. thank the river for that later r on this afternoon againhis af temperatures heading for the 60's. lots of sunshine.lots of get used to seeing anotherin anh sunny day on that forecastt fort because we have several comingan our way.our full details in that seven-dayas forecast in just a bit.n just ab erin como has got your got y traffic. hey, erin. >> good morning. 5:37 right now.5:37 right we have a few accidentsly inidei montgomery county and somemery metro delays. ys let's go ahead and start you aaa off with a look in silver in spring.spring. georgia avenue there's a crash at colesville road so cautionti through that another one in bethesda on river road right now. n that crash at the intersection t of goldsboro road f you'reoad fr taking metro this morning red r line delays from some unscheduled track repairep between van ness and dupont.n on expect that as well.pect tt as let's take a live look le loo outside. 95 on the northbound sidethrthbu through dale city definiteity de volume is starting to pick uparo towards the beltway. bel dale city into woodbridge nodbde crashes, just a slow ride slow because of a lot of peopletf
5:38 am
we'll keep you updated. back to you.back to you. >> all right, thank you, rear y in. 5:37 is the time. >> ♪ >> >> coming up♪ a medical marvelae times two. time why this man paralyzed from parl the neck down is makingn is m medical headlines once again. a >> first though a warning forr anyone who eats fast food. f wipe the food's packaging mayac be putting you at risk. >> ♪
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5:40 am
5:41 am
>> ♪ >> in today's health watch thehe cdc confirms that the zika virus causes babies to be bornbs with abnormally smal tl heads ha and brain defects. dects health officials have been investigating this link everin since doctors ing brazil beganb fearing it last year.arg it zika is spread through mosquito bites and can bees andb transmitted also through sex. s >> all right. rig you know for many people fast food is a common part of life le but a new study finds all that a convenience may be exposing usee to harmful chemicals. >> scary thought considering ahg third of americans have eatenn fast food in there past 2424 hours. hours. maureen joins us with more.ore. >> okay.>> okay holly and wisdom the study was released by george washington school of public health.ic hea they used the cdc's definitioneo of fast food as a guideline guie which includes basicallyin anything you buycl that's nots t served on a plate. the research reveals those who o eat fast food may be exposedexp to higher levels of harmful chemicals called phthalates.htle those who consumed 35 percentns of tir
5:42 am
fast food had a 20 to 40 percent higher level of o phthalates.ates they'll late are found in the ah hocessing and handling ofeng ad food sump as packaging. chemical is linked to infertility and behavior problems.le. another possible source of phthalates is from vinyl v gloves used by food handlers.oo many u.s. restaurants use those instead of latex gloves to protect those with a latex allergy. so i guess the bottom line ine n all this is concerns about theah packaging. you know, overall fast food foo not exactly the way to go thatha often so perhaps limit that. >> will it deter people's behavior.behavior. >> i doubt it. >> too convenient, too easy. ey. >> the convenience factor is ac big pull. >> thanks, mo. >> a slithering escape. how this octopus broke freere from his enclosure and madend m his way back to the ocean.
5:43 am
>> mike and erin are back with your weather and traffic on the 5s. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> acres fans, please put your n hands together for kobee bryant. bryant >> kobe bryant capped off his c 20 year careerap with one lastt magical game.e. he scored 60 points in the poine lakers victory over the utah jazz. it's the sixth time he scored so 60 or more points in an nba he lea
5:46 am
legacy. lega 18 time all-star, third allll time in scoring, five nbacorifi titles and two olympic gold gol medals. kobe, kobe. k >> he had an okay career. c >> will he a decent career onenr his way to the hall of fame. yeah. >> jack nicholson seems tok ni like him. >> he's a fixture at lakers lak games. >> he lovers all the lakers.s. >> he loves this weather. weath great weather can coming yourwe way this afternoon.way high pressure in control up ctr and down the east coast meansasm lots of sunshine coming yourin way later on today.n tod. 60's will return as well. w really going to be a pleasant pe afternoon with light winds itoo will probably feel a couple coul degrees warmer than the low l 60's we'll have out thereave oue later today. later does not feel warm just yet.. 43 degrees your temperaturees here in d.c. yhere i 30's actually north and west a s there at the freezing mark in frederick, maryland, culpeper, e manassas, all down around theroe freezing mark this morning.k or pittsburgh is at 39. binghamton, new york, 31 degrees this morning. satellite and radar will showr w you why. clear skies up and down the east coast. light winds. again that allows then temperatures to drop i
5:47 am
once we get the sun up, itt will feel rather comfortable. ct caps game tonight rocking thee o red down at verizon center.zon c first home game of the stanleytl cup playoffs. hopefully they get the winin tonight. sunshine, 59 degrees for your9 trip in today at 6:00 p.m. of course puck drop is ate pu do 7 o'clock tonight.ight. 63 degrees your daytime highme g today. if you're planning yourg you afternoon out a bit, doesn't d look like the planner will pop out for me i-tried. me i-tried another sunny day today.her nny again just overall a gorgeous very springlike.ike. 44 degrees later this evening,n, mostly clear skies. ski will become chilly ones thelly sun goes down as we drop back da into the 40's.0' maybe another frost advisory tonight. toni sue will let you know laterat tonight. 64 degrees for your friday. #concer#fox5 rocks. roc we'll get our dancing shoesng ss on. 68 degrees for your saturday. fr sunday 72 degrees. 72 degree by monday, few more clouds butls temperatures higher, upp tow
5:48 am
afternoon. we'll round out the middle ofd next week with temperatureousres remaining in the 70's. really we got a dry next sevense days, sun filled next seven days. da absolutely gorgeous weathertely coming your way. your w all right erin como you ready for fox5 >> of course.f cors who doesn't love live music tovs start off the day. day. >> dancing shoes ready?ancies r? >> always ready.>> alway right now 270 some volumeeum building as you make your wayay from 70 to the truck scales.ckle this is a live l you can see traffic is slowing a little bit between bet clarksville and germantown andl then you do hit some of thosef normal congested areas. a same story 95 on the5 on the northbound side through dale thl city. you can see some very, verye soe slow roll right now inght now i virginia as you make your way towards woodbridge.oodbridge. things get backed up as you getb make your way towards theards t springfield interchange. in virginia problems on 66lems right now. you can see this crashsh blocking the right lane andane right shoulder. this is the eastbound side ofe a 66 approaching 29 and that is causing a nasty delay so bea na prepared for that as you headead towards the bel
5:49 am
morning. i want to show you a look at our maps. we have a few crashes on our on secondaries.ndies. this one in river road at the intersectionet of goldsboro road and then another one this crash colesville road at georgiaia avenue.ue give yourself extra time tors get around.el get that we'll look at metro next. back to you. >> ♪>> >> 5:49 right now.>> 5:4right sarah palin is in town today.owt the former alaskan governor is attending the premiere of the film climate hustle goes to washington. washington. palin will participate in all p panel discussing the movie.. the skeptical film questions quo the credibility of global climate change movement.e appears tonight on capitol hill and will open nationwideatw may second. >> russian war planes got asian little too close for comfortomfo for the u.s. navy. n this is footage of the jetsf t flying dangerously close tolose the u.s. naval naval ship inalas the baltic sea earlier thisarli week. officials say the planes came within 30 feet of the ship.
5:50 am
officials are calling it ae llin simulated attack profile andle deemed actions unsafe and and unprofessional. no word on whether the u.s.he government will formallyormall protest the fly by. b german families of victimsis killed last year on the germanwings plain plane arela suing the united states flighte school that trained the pilotuno they allege the a arizona schol failed to screen his background. last year he intentionallynttion crashed the plane into thenent french alps killing all 150 a50 people on board.oa >> now over to france wheree w one side of last year's paris terror attacks is set for renovations.tion scaffolding already up outsideat of the bataclan concert hall. h it was the target of the november terrorist attack inrosa paris while a band from from california eagles of deathofea metal played on stage. they have issued a statement sta saying it will not drastically c alter the face of the hall.the e 130 people were killed in the
5:51 am
attacks.tack more than 350 were injured. injr >> the controversial gun storeog nova firearms is closing itssi falls church the store's location has onlyios been opened for two months. monh employees of the store say it's closing for the best the interests of the community.e omu they will keep its mclean mcl location opened bu but people p have been protesting thatrotestn location. it's close to an elementary school. >> capitol bike membershipsol b for just five dollars a yeardoly through a new ddot program designed to connect clients who use certain socialus services with the growing bikeshare network. wbikesh some customers wilarl enjoy enjy expanded trip time and cycling focused education. eca the program is being fundedeingn through the national group g better bikeshare partnership.shp >> well, if you're crazy for maryland blue crabs we're in for a good crab season. crab aso maryland department of natural resources fisheries serviceservi says that there is a is 35 percent increase in crabsn from this time last year.t y the reason for that,
5:52 am
milder winter is being credit c icredited for this surge in srgn crabs. >> our numbers this year wererse good. our total population is up bypo about 35 percent. so, more crabs should lead to more crabs getting caught. caugh >> so, when you look to buy ayou bush she will you can expect e better supplies and lowerr costs so that's weresu. >> uh-huh.>> uh-hu love blue crabs. speaking of sea life youngs got the hear this wild tale of f inky the octopus.ct he escaped and returned to the t ocean. ocea check out this escape routeoute it shows exactly how he dide .t. first he busted through aou small hole in his enclosure.. now, i read that part of itar was like left opened and that aa he was able to get get he then crossed the into ofnt the aquarium whereo he wase being held, slithered throughhrh a small drain hole andnd returned to the ocean. seriously? inky's e
5:53 am
surprised few in the world of marine biology where octopuseses are known for strength dexterity and intelligence.ntli i think octupi is the plural.he i could be wrong.coul >> that's a fascinating storytis that first of all he was ablebl to get out and then find hisd s way to this random hole. hol >> right out of finding nemo.dim >> it is. >> right. >> either that or aqua man is an on the other side calling him. >> giving him intel. iel >> yeah, giving him end tell. t after becoming the firstingf patient ever to move a mov paralyzed hand by using hissing own thoughts an ohio man ists am making headlines again because b now he can pick up a cup swipe p a credit card done other every day activities.ctitie >> ian burkhardt is paralyzedpar from the neck down but now with a chip implanted in his his brain it enables him to movebleh one of his hands again. >> now it's just something that's so fluid it's just kindot of like it was before i had my m injury where i just think wherei about what i want to d
5:54 am
then i can do it. it. >> with improvements researchers lope the systemers will eventually help otherther people with spinal cordpil injuries perhaps others withth stroke or traumatic brainrain injury. that is fascinating. fascinati >> yeah. >> and definitely providing a lot of >> absolutely.>> absol modern technology, isn't it i't amazing the things that they tt dollar when it comes to when cm >> the advancements they makehey in the medical world. >> it's fast, too. fast,oo that's pretty cool.rett all right. let's talk about our facebookutf fan of the day it'acs ronald taylor because ronald sayson he's been watching fox5 foror over 30 years. that's longer than i've beenn'v alive. >> oh, my gosh. m ronald don't believe he that . >> [laughter] >> we should just count theould number of lies wisdom says ins any given morning. mor now, ronald he first startedrted watching in 1985 back when you u want to talk legends, the legendary mar lark mccarthy wass the air.e air thanks for watching for sog foro long. you've seen it all.u've for a chance to be tomorrow'so ' facebook fan of the day led to our fox5 facebook pag
5:55 am
selfie and comment below bow ronald's fodder tomorrow. lookinphoto.o. looking good, ronald. r >> also looking good, mike thomas. om >> talk about someone thatout st hasn't been alive for 355 years. look at this young sweet face.ea >> winning. win >> i used to like [laughter] >> hey, can't do anything about age.about a we'll keep the sunshine aroundeo while we have it.whe we high pressure in control.ressurn i'm going to do futurecast andet run through the next few days or two days continuously heres and you can see it keeps all kes the clouds away.the it keeps all the rain away.n it is in control and you will w learn to like it because lotsaut of sunshine coming your way over the next seven days.s. 63 today. tay 64 68 on saturday. oda then here come the 70's. 72 by sunday afternoon and by monday, locations will definitely southwest of d.c.thwe hit that 80-degree mark that t we love so much. >> i just want to take a jt want picture of that seven day.sen love >> it doesn't get that dry't get that often. >> i know i like it. i k thanks mike.e. >> pretty cool.>> let's
5:56 am
como and see what's happening on the roads. >> not great things. great big heads up for metro. metro single tracking for tracking for unscheduled repairs.un the red line both directionsec between van ness and dupontndup circle so watch for thosewatchor delays. a live look outside in virginia, 66 eastbound istbounds turning into a parking lot from 234 to 29 and that isnd tht because of a crash. cra you can see very big delays there.there. traffic is moving under aboutnda 10 miles per hour.ileser h the crash had been blockingckg the right shoulder it looks to o be cleared out of the way butedo these delays are not moving m any time z be prepared for bprer there as you head towards thear beltway this morning.ltway th more traffic in a 95 northbound through dale city also at a crawl.ty also at holly. >> thanks erin.>> ahead at 6:00 what do you:0d think the worst job in america is? don't comment wisdom.ommens >> okay.>>kay. >> this year's list is out yr's though. we'll fill in you.we'l >> all morning long we havel mi been talking about one of the greatest basketball players b all time, kobe bryant sayingya his final goodbye on thedbye one hardwood. something else is trendingsre from last night's game, thehe national anthe
5:57 am
we'll see why some people p compared the national anthem ant from last night's game toenailtonails on a chalkboard.
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 6:00 6 trouble ahead for the memorialil bridge. why the decaying bridge mightecy not get the desperate repairseps it needs which could lead to its closure in a couple ofef years. >> also things got heated onin the hill. metro's general manager
6:00 am
getting an earful from eful lawmakers during a transit safety hearing. hearing >> couple of ticks away fromof a 6:00 a.m.6:00 a.m. give you a live look outside. oi it's thursday, it's april 14th. weather and traffic on theic ote 5s at 6:05. 6:0 a lot of news coming up today. good morning to you, i'mo you, i allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.r.teve welcome to fox5 news morning.ori happening today early votingy vo begins in maryland ahead ofylane the state's april 26thpr 2 primary.y. the early voting period goes g through april 21st. apr 2 each county and the city of cy o baltimore have voting sitesing s opened every day from 10:00very a.m. to 8:00 p.m..m early voting sites are not the same as your normal polling place though so make sure tokeu check out the complete list of early voting z you can find f that on our web site right now >> also today the nationaldathe park service faces a critical ci deadline to apply for millionsln of dollars in federal fundingaln to fix the decaying memorial mor bridge. but local members of congresss who need to support thepo application say it's just not jt strong enough right now


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