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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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getting an earful from eful lawmakers during a transit safety hearing. hearing >> couple of ticks away fromof a 6:00 a.m.6:00 a.m. give you a live look outside. oi it's thursday, it's april 14th. weather and traffic on theic ote 5s at 6:05. 6:0 a lot of news coming up today. good morning to you, i'mo you, i allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.r.teve welcome to fox5 news morning.ori happening today early votingy vo begins in maryland ahead ofylane the state's april 26thpr 2 primary.y. the early voting period goes g through april 21st. apr 2 each county and the city of cy o baltimore have voting sitesing s opened every day from 10:00very a.m. to 8:00 p.m..m early voting sites are not the same as your normal polling place though so make sure tokeu check out the complete list of early voting z you can find f that on our web site right now >> also today the nationaldathe park service faces a critical ci deadline to apply for millionsln of dollars in federal fundingaln to fix the decaying memorial mor bridge. but local members of congresss who need to support thepo application say it's just not jt strong enough right now
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they don't think it would beuld done by tonight. the federal grant would go a w long way in funding the the quarter billion dollar project.projt. there have been warnings there e if the bridge does not undergond the much needed repairs, it could close to vehicles asehless soon as 2021. 2 >> our other big story this stot morning tense moments during a congressional hearing on capitol hill.tol hi >> metro officials tellingffic lawmakers that the only way to fix operational issues is withsw more money.on that didn't go over well.l. fox5's melanie alnwick is alncki live at the l'enfant metrot met station with more now. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.r: and so the point that metro met board chairman jack evans wasjaa trying to make is that metro m is an century source for the federal government. therefore, metro board b believes that the feds should fd kick in as much money as d.c..c maryland and virginia do foro f maintenance and repairs to thept system. but some members of the house oversight committee saytt congress has been giving metroni he plenty of money and it isnd i still a
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at the sub account hearing, heai metro leadership testified that all of the safety defectsyt identified in last month's one-day shutdown have been b repaired but decades ofecad deferred maintenance have leftat the system with much more work o to do. do. some of the repairs going backk many, many years and it's and i going to take they say more board chairman jack evans says congress should pay p $300 million a year into a dedicated fund or be left l having a substandard mediocreedr transit system for washington,n, d.c.d. but republican leadership onlica the house oversight committee ct did a little shutdown of their own.n. >> i ask what's wmata's unlick quit dated balance in open o grants coming from the federali government as of the 18th of march. it's $783 million.3 llio it's not like they don't have the money.on last year in 2015 they had $4
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they had the money available.le what they had is >> reporter: now, virginia representative jerry conleyy said that that and some reallyt somewhat of a myth saying thatyi that money from congress isess set aside to pay for those new 7,000 series rail cars. those are capitolcapito improvements. that is not money for operations or maintenance ornc those sorts of things.soof t also, metro management metemenme privately with the local congressional delegations froml d.c., maryland and they also wantednd to address ad some of their concerns aboutr ce safety on metro.tro. general manager paul wiedefeld e did tell a direct question qst from senator barbara mikulskisk did dell her that there are currently uniformed policey officersun and ununiformed ununi police officers currently riding the rails. t live at l'enfant mraz is thatrat correct i'm melanie alnwick.m back to you. >> coming up in the 7 o'clock 7o hour this morning we're goingmon to continue our discussion on metro's hearing. hring the congressman you just hearduh in melanie's report will join w
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we'll chat with him a little lil later this morning.late >> a check of the morning'sin other top stories now. n the hunter is on for a man whosa sexually assaulted a womaned a n after she left a shopping mall l in prince george's police say thee suspect walkedd right up to the woman at thethee beltway plaza mall on greenbelt -- in greenbelt i should say on monday andnda started talking to her. the two parted ways but thenpard police say that same m want sa approached her again when shenhe walked across breeze wood bree o drive to an apartment complex.p. then he allegedly pulled out a o knife threatened her took heren into the woods and thenhe woo ad sexually assaulted her. >> atlanta braves outfielderutfl hector olivera placed on placedn league by major league baseball following his arrest. the 31-year-old now facing aar-d misdemeanor charge for assaultgf and battery.and tter olivera back in his hometownomew of miami but had been in townint for a four game series witheriei the nationals. natio that wraps up this afternoon. a. >> caught on camera in theght district a robbery inside ansid hotel in northwest.or this happened on rhode island il half near 15th street justear before 11:00 on tuesday night.ig three
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followed a plan t man to his rom then robbed him at gunpoint. gu. >> to the campaign trail.the donald trump's public feudublic with fox news host megyn kelly k may be over. or. the two met to quote/unquotete clear the air. >> megan called and she wanted to come up. she came up to trump to youer.or we had a very good very go conversation.ersati >> we met for about an hour just the two of us hadn't awo o chance to clear the air.air. mr. trump and i discussed thesst possibility of an interview.ntvi and i hope we will have newse n to announce on that soon.oon. >> still looks like there willos be a contested conventiononveio though on the republican side.en senator ted cruz believesz he'll have more delegates than trump and ohio governor kasichrc banking on winning delegates deg in cleveland this summer. summe hillary clinton and bernieclinta sanders will debatnde tonight in brooklyn before the new yorkoree primary next tuesday. >> ♪ >> 6:05 on a thursday morning.yi what's up, tuck?uc >> great big good morning.or
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little cool. >> little cool.ittl >> going to be warm, you know, pleasant afternoon, sunshine, ss low 60's later today.od no rain for the next several days. yesterday we made it to vain. ta tomorrow will be still on track for a beautifulef weekend.en let's get to the numbers.t to yes, jacket weather off to the west where this frost advisory is, freeze advisory is, placesle like culpeper, manassas 30ansas0 this morning, dulles andllesnd frederick 32 so it is chilly isc out there. 40 in annapolis.apol look at leonardtown, 32 in leonardtown as well. so, we're nice and chill tohi start your your day jacket here for the nextr the nx couple hours and much like l yesterday give eight littleght e times it will warm should be a beautiful afternoon. look at your satellite and radar. b nice and quiet out there. a few showers in tennessee andse down into north carolina butolit that's really our closest cse system with any merit. merit high pressure keeps thingskeepsg nice and we're in for more
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another delightful afternoonft with winds out of theth w northeast at five to 10. 63 your daytime high.h. >> erin is doing randoman yelling because you mentioned mi tennessee. she has a spot in her heart h for nashville. nashville. >> i've only done a little de time in in tenn i'm eager to get back and bk a check it out.ut >> erin good morning.ri >> thank you. i'm so unaware of my surroundings that i clear fredlf across the studio. right now traffic unfortunately flog to cleary fl about. 6:07. 6: look at this mess on 66 m o eastbound. we have a crash approachingppac 29. traffic is really heavy back to 234. to i'm going to get out of the way. the crash is blocking thecking t right shoulder but all laneses are opened. opened. i'm worried one the tow truckowu gets there the lane will bee wi blocked again and delays willeli be worse. wse from manassas throughs t centreville give yourself yoursf extra time. te. aside from that 95 on thet on northbound side also backs upo k this morning from dale city tona typical slow moving traffic as you make your way look at all of those brake lights.ights. no crashes to report just as you get to t the t springfield interchange it is i slow as usual. as u let's take a look at ouma
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good news for metro no longeron single tracking on the redonhe r line. . delays still linger in bothoth directions between van ness and dupont circle so just be prepared for. for. that all other metro rails are s on time this a few crashes in ourhesn neighborhoods right now.hborhood river road as t the intersectiot of goldsboro road in bethesda be and then moving over to a lookk in silver spring colesville road at georgia avenue. ave aside from that as you headas yu out in frederick 270 southbound from 85 to the t truck scales typical slowal slo traffic. do you open up through ope gaithersburg but then you hitouh some more stop-and-go traffic-a towards the beltway traffic is picking up pg as well. it's that time of morningning where you want to leave ayou little early to make surear you're not late forly work. wor it is friday eve after all. back to you guys.uys. >> erin thanks. 6:08.>>. talking about the nationalnal cathedral.ed today experts begin a seconds ac phase of repairs thereafterte 2011 earthquake that damagedhatm part of the historic building.ud the second stage will cost about $2 million.t $2 repairs will be focused on the exterior of the building. bld experts say the restoration could take over a decade,keve though, and will eventuallyvell cost
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complete.le >> ♪ >> coming up next sarah palinsal is in town to debate climate change. more thon after the break.n >> what a historic nigafht in the nba. th two west coast teams getting a i lot of attention this morning.oi we're back with details in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> we are back now at 6:
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today marks two years since boko haram militants kidnappedia more than 270 girls from a boarding school in nigeria.iger the kidnapping triggered theer global social media campaignl me bring back our still many of them remain remai missing but this week hopeeek h they are still the islamic group released a video showing 15 girls who identified themselves as beingm abducted from that school.atcho. the parents of at least threeeae of the girls confirmed their identity.identi this is the first footage oft eo the girls since may of 2014. 201 hundreds of parents plan topla t hold a march in the nigerian nir capitol today to demand they dm government does more to findind and get their daughters.ters. here in the district lawmakers a on capitol hill will discuss hil the efforts to finds the girlser and to defeat boko haram.ko h. we he will also get an update ud on the students who escaped. esp >> in the fight against isis i president obama says his administration has madeasade progress against the terrorgaint group. he made those remarks to cia headquarters. he sis while isis still has
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the ability to inflict horrific violence we have the momentum. next week the president plansprn to talk more about isis with w gulf leaders in saudia arabia.a. >> so-called affluenza teenza t isn't getting out of jail any time soon. ethan couch was sentenced to set two years in prison.s in pri a judge ordered him to serve ser orns the four people that he killedal in a 2013 car crash.. now, initially couch was was sentenced to probation when he w was still considered a minorider but he violated his probationti last year and was laterer captured in mexico. mex couch turned 19 on monday. mon sarah palin in thesara nation's capitol today for a a panel discussion endorsing an anti-climate change film.fil the documentary is called is cal climate hustle.climathustle. in the past the former alaskan a governor dismissed climate models that predict continuedt c loss of sea ice as unreliableell and unproven. the film will appear on appear capitol hill today and then the will be shown nationwide onon may second. >> a flight to
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staples center. thousands of fans family former players celebrities all a clearing kobe bryant on as hents stepped onto the court for theou last what did he do? he took h too almost every shot for the lakers. he scored 60 points pullingul his team past the jazz for theth win. >> what's funny, the thing that had me cracking up a allupl night long was the fact there tc i go through 20 years off everybody screaming to passo pas the ball and the last nighttight they're like don't pass it . >> [laughter] >> took 50 shots from the50 f field. that's the most in a game ine 25 years. yrs kobe spent all 20 seasons withnh the lakers, the most any nbaba player spent with the same withs team. played on five championship teams and is the lakers all the time leading scorer. sre you know it's a big flightih for the nba when the presidentre tweets about that's the warriors stephorep curry who also made history last night becoming the firsthef player to make 400 3-pointersoir in a season by knocking down dow 10 from long range. r he ended the season with 402. 4
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the team has their 73rd win win the season one more thann michael jordan's chicago chi bulls. good night in the nba. unfortunately neither games started until 10:30 lastunti night. >> so you didn't watch all ofath them.them >> no, no. no,o. >> okay. oka it is 6:13 right now. rht n still ahead two historic hri presidential vehicles going onee display in d.c. d >> very cool.ery cool. also we'll take a live look outside right now speaking of vehicles.ehicles. there's a bunch of them getting on the wilson bridge. erin and tucker will have your traffic. it's 6:13.
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>> ♪ >> want to dance today. i don't want to do thet t weather. is that all right, steve. >> do it.wari >> beautiful look at theeaut capitol. sun is getting up. eventually in the mid to upper 60's. let's start with the bus stopwit forecast. everybody is back to schoolis b this morning and just like and yesterday morning very, very vev chilly out there particularlytil north and west where much ofre the area is right around the freezing so a jacket early. ear definitely some coldly some col
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the sunshine and a very v pleasant afternoon. aer just even a few degrees warmerae than yesterday with daytimeayti highs 60 or better for just for about i think we'll be 63, maybe m 64 degrees here in washington wi later today. all right, here are your coole c temperatures and again, heree at reagan national we're relatively mild at 43 but look o at all of your low 30's north0't and west. frederick 30 degrees. 30 degree. manassas 30. 32 dulles.32 dulles. 34 in fredericksburg.urg. 32 this morning inorning i leonardtown.leonardtown. close to the bay annapolis is 40 degrees so cool start to s the day.o clear s kies overnight and it's allowing a lot of that heat a from yesterday to escape.ay to c there's your satellite andyo sat radar.rada very quiet conditions, i mean m very quiet conditions.ondion wow, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and we'll do the sameme thing again today. look how quiet the weather -- this is a great time of year.ea weather pattern nice and quiet. have a little bit of rainf shower activity along the northern gulf and we've gotd high pressure to our north andto that's going the keep thingsoihe nice and quiet around here for the time being. bei let's talk about the weekend.boe high pressure will get to ourur south and we'll get a a southerly and southst
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mean around here? that means 70's and perhaps a few 80's, allison.liso yes. >> wow. >> take you back to the 80's, yes. summer, summer, summertime byrte monday and tuesday with anh a upper 70's and 80's expected. there's -- i'm already losinglrl it because i've got not muchot m to talk 63 today.63 don't forget about fox5 rocks5 tomorrow. 64 and there's your weekendr sunday 72. 78 monday. again, close to 80 for parts p of the area by monday afternoon.ternoon. my job is let's see if erin's job is funs this morning with wit >> my job is busy. busy. i want to help you get around ao those trouble spots.e trouble sp this is a look 66 eastbound in virginia. vi a crash blocking the shoulderde by 29. 29. delays are extending past 234 p right now. now. as side from that let's take a a look at skyfox. they're over a crash ine ov montgomery county.go pretty big scene here at the s h intersection of colesville ando georgia. traffic is getting by to the bye right but a big cleanup there. e one of the vehicles in thes in t intersection sideways. police are out therece inve
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get through that intersection as you make your way out again a colesville at georgia thiseorgit morning in montgomery county. mg a look back at our maps. m a person hit by a car in dale id city down in virginia. dale boulevard eastbound atastbt cloverdale road an accident rd n scene and investigation.tition and in addition to that look too at the red on our map as you you make your way between daleenal city and woodbridge. big slowdowns and as you get closer to the springfieldprinie interchange you slow down mor more. in stafford typical slow same story in maryland.aran out in frederick 270 south 85 sh to the truck scales slowcales sl traffic building there andding then you start to get some of s those stop-and-go trafficop-a through gaithersburg and rockville this morning. aside from that river road we havee a t crash at goldsboro rr in bethesda as well.ase no longer single tracking forra metro on the red line been van a ness and dupont but just give yourself extra time.ra you may hit some residualua metro delays so there's a look'k at that everything else on elsot metrobus looking goo keep in mind 50 on the inbound b
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way from columbia park in p towards kenilworth. back to you.ou >> thousands of verizonds ver workers walked offer the jobob after failing to -- off the job after failing to reach aai new labor agreement. ame strikes happening all across acs the united states including in maryland and virginia. senator bernie sanders cheeredre on striking verizon workers.or he told those workers at aorrs picket line in brooklyn that t they're displaying courage byspa standing up to verizon.iz >> happening this morning, two, historic vehicles will go on on display right here inre i washington. there's one of them. tm. president taft's 1909 white 190i steam car very first official of white house automobile andse that right there is president reagan's 1962 jeep.96 the cj6. cj6 it's awesome.some they'll arrive at the nationalve mall in a a couple hours.ou. taft's car will play on display until april 19th.h. our bob barnard is going tos g make it down there.t down there. he's not going to be able toe drive those cars but he'll beut' there for the
6:20 am
and i love those thos >> that's a great car. that's a great c consumer alert to tell you y about involves two populars twop toyota veh >> what do you think the worst i job in america is? the new the list is out. we'll fill in you after the break. it's 6:20. >> not good news, steve, no the good news.
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>> back now with a big oldk no toyota recall to tell youec alabout. first though a check of theghhe markets and that's a goodand thing today. joining us from the fox business network lauren simonetti. good friday eve. eve >> reporter: friday eve.rt we have a lot of good newslo this morning. we'll start with the markets. if you check out whatth the dowt did yesrday gaining almost alm 190 points. it's 92-points shy of 18,000. 1, that's a milestone. milestone people making money once one of the reasons for theor gains yesterday was thes ye performance of the big banks. b. jp morgan chase reportingepti earning, the bar was low. l. they beat those low expectations. we hear if two other banks this morning. wells fargo and bank of america any moment nowrg.anmomet
6:23 am
to see if we see a similar sim effect on stocks overall. ovell >> okay. we started with the good only to go to the troubling big recall by toyota.oy >> reporter: yeah, i know, kno 60,000 cars.00 c into your cars. 2016 camrys and some 201616 avalons being called back for safety issues. iue the issue here is with the front seat passenger air bags. b there can be a miss a m calibration or an improper calibration.calibr the air bags determine theer weight of the passenger to o know when to pop out. well, that calibration mightbrin not happen correctly and in cred that event the air bag would not deploy when necessary.n obviously that is a safetyy th if you own any of these of effected vehicles you'll beicyoe contacted in the mail from ml toyota. >> okay. now here's the worst news. look, when i was growing up, u being a news reporter was the coolest job anybody could ever think of. >> reporter: yeah. >> nowadays. >> reporter: not any more. not . >> not so much. >> reporter: okay, so career car ca
6:24 am
the top and the worst jobs in in america.amera. and the worst job for theob f t third year in a row is that off a newspaper reporter. it's median pay is $37,000.. it's high stress. hig and it's unstable.e company he newspapers folding,ei cutting jobs all the time. so, newspaper reporter not a good one. broadcast reporters not muchh better.bett same median pay, $37,000, this,t job came in as the thirdrd worst. second worst was a logger at at $35,000.5, >> are you serious. >> that's -- it's all relativesr right. one other big thing about it a i is again the diminishingisng prospects of a real job even for 30 something thousand dollars. in my first job in thishi business $13,000 so, you know, k it gets better but kind of dim for the future of oure re o business, >> reporter: i know.epor and i'm looking at that full screen because number number n four is a deejay.four you set your own hours, take t
6:25 am
i don't know why that one ishate on there. >> what is going on with thisthi business? thanks so much.? th we'll see yosou on the actual aa friday.friday. see you tomorrow. >> reporter: looking forward. have good goo >> you, too. too. >> you and your family choseily wisely. >> my husband's a radio deejayai and i'm a news reporter, repte number three and four, worstourr jobs on the on the li >> two of the top four jobs,ob >> i think we're in --re in >> 12,800 was my first my firs full-time job.full-time job. >> don't you think we're in wre like the second to maybe last group, real solid group ofp of reporters and -- the business bn is just declining i meanea that's what i'm saying, soayin o many options.many options. >> so many digital >> it's changing. chang >> oh well. hopefully for the better.lly r h >> we got in right just in time. time. >> i've cleaned toilets ine cl meriweather post pavilion. pil >> amen, brother, i hear you.eay >> this job is like right lanere tea. >> i'm sure that's what a lot of people are saying.'se sayi >> really not too bad.y not toob it was a fun summer job. j let's go to the forecast.e f >> you saw all the concerts. cce what was the coolest concert the you saw. >> i saw everybody thataw e summer. >> yeah, i bet you did.ea >>ha
6:26 am
yeah, it was great. gre >> fun >> glory days. >> in the meantime --eantime >> how many do you remember?an >>y steve, i remember many of,e them. 43 in washington.ashi just not at this moment.omt. calm. it's very -- i don't know why'to it's so dark out there.he >> system on the left of youronl 43 he.t >> that is showing you the beautiful nice starrye sta excitement what you should beha seeing behind sit one of ourur tower cams showing the sho sunrise. for some reason it's notn it working properly. prope the sun will rise. ris it's not that dark out there currently.en >> words of wisdom.ds of sdom >> cool, very cold thisold morning.rng. take a yang. you're going want it. we got upper 20's and low 30'so' for most of the area.the are we're 43 right now as mentioned in the look at that seven-day tt se could not be nicer.d no 63 today. tod beautiful afternoon.afterno 64 tomorrow.orw. near 70 saturday.urday. low 70 sunday. sda low humidity each day.achay. and then we push it near 80 by b monday so this is the kind ofd weather we look forward to all l winter long. beautiful.ful >> you said the
6:27 am
it's not that dark out there really. words of wisdom.m. he doesn't even know >> erin, we really need to nd to appreciate what we have herete w with us. it's a gift. it's >> i tell steve that everyha day. >> he's a philosopher, a poet, p a weatherman.n. >> he is. >> and a great dce right now taking a look at our r traffic from skyfox. we have a big crash.ra colesville at the intersection of georgia.of geo traffic is getting by buty b there's still a mess of aa messo scene out there.fscen they have a wrecker at that a location so please be prepared a for that. we'll give you updates let you u know when things get back to get moving over from skyfox tor om s look at our cameras 66 is also s at a crawl. a c crash blocking its shoulder. shl this is 66 eastboundasound approaching 29.pr29 delays extending all the way past 234. 234. really slow moving traffic. tff average speeds about 10 miles yr hour so as you try to getas towards the beltway, you're y going to need a lot of extra i'd say about 45 extray ab minutes. moving for a quick look at our o maps bw parkway southbound aou crash near 32. near if you're heading fromm baltimore towards the districtis i would say 95 southbound abod better bet this morning. mornin. more traffic in a few.fficn a
6:28 am
>> erin thanks. 6:twenty seven right now.ty lot more still coming up on up o fox5 news morning. mni >> early voting begins ing begin maryland today. what you need to know. nee >> big night for the nba. n we'll check in with the sports junkies coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. 6:30 on a thursday morning.thur a live look at the white house there. tucker and erin will be along bg shortly to let you know about your weather and traffic thatict happens on the 5s at 6:35. we a
6:31 am
hour with breaking newsakingew though.though. a police officer in houston is s recovering after being shot six times in an ambush-styleyl attack as he stood outside hisse patrol car in a convenience store parking lots.e parkg police are scouring there arears for the officials believe the officerffr was wearing a bulletprooftpof investment they expect him to ep make a full recovery.ecov happening today earlyhaen voting begins in maryland beg ahead of the state's primaryrima on april 26th.pril 2 the early voting period goes through april 21st. april 2 each county in the city of cy baltimore have voting sitesotin opened every day from 10:00 fro0 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. also today, excitement building as the capitals areap getting set to face the flyershf in the first playoff gameffe tonight. the mayor of d.c. declaredecla today rock the red today.. tonight's game starts at 7:00rts p.m. at the verizon center.izonn lay, i need more sports.e s steve, over to you.e, over to >> you got it.>> you >> ♪ >> we'll led to the hardll led d court. what a night it was in basketball. wizards led coach out fired
6:32 am
days after the team's finalinal game. two nba records set during the n warriors game. gam epic sendoff for kobe. let's check in with the sports junkies 107 f.m. the fan. here's a quick if you guys took 50 shots uncontested, how many would go in? in >> depends where we're dep shooting from.shootirom. >> okay. >> 29 of them nba 3-pointers-p just like kobe last night. nht 29 3-pointers, 25 other from fro the field.ield >> 10 out of. o >> he took 21 3's. >> okay.>> >> i would hit a couple 3's.e >> i would hit one three. >> a few layups. lup >> i might get 10.0. >> not to devalue what he d wt h we're debating t jason and i feel like what w kobe did last night was an epic performance.rmce. eb and cakes not feeling it soas much. >> eh. 0 in his last l game and 15 in the last threet minutes to win the game for them. it was super >> was it impressive or wa
6:33 am
more like nba all-star game impressive? >> it was not like nba it wa all-star people weren't getting out of the way. these were contested shots. sho and again, it was in a win. w they were down by 10 late in len the game and kobe was hitting ht big shots, contested bigontest shots. >> what people don't understand, if you've everyou' played basketball before,ed b especially in your late 30's, okay, it's hard to geto yourself in position to getoet open shots like that.ikeha or to drive the lanes againstst younger guys who are more athletic at this point in hiss t that's why it's so impressive. s if he's 22 years old and he's ah putting up 50 shots, okay,ts oka well, i kind of expect thatect t but he's on -- he's got bad knees. he hasn't played 42 minutesut all year long, steve.teve. i'm sorry, if you don't think di that was a great performance, you don't know basketball. >> defenders are not gettingders out of the way. he was going up againstgast legitimate defenders.teen they weren't just saying, herear you go, kobe, have a layup, l have a dunk. he had to earn his 60 points.oi >> let's give him a clap
6:34 am
forgetting that 17th win. >> now, don't cheap pen it now i cakes. he just built it up.ust t it now you just cheapened theheapen whole thing. thing. >> different sides, differentfee opinions. >> jason i'm convinced. i you convinced me now.e n wisdom is going to be ae a different story. he's going to be tougher tong convince but you've t convincedi me now. one way or another it's as great sendoff.endo 60 points is impressive nossive matter if you're 22 or 40e 22 years old whatever you are on ae the nba court.the nba cour now what else is impressive isrv what the warriors have dones all season long.alseas they ran it again last night. n keep running right to the championship? how far is this? team going to go?te >> they're clearly the favorite to win the championship. they'll probably play the san ts antonio spurs in the westernsp conferenurce finals. fin the spurs beat them once this year so maybe the spurs can provide, you know, a tough a opponent and then they'll probably face the cavs in theac finals again and i would say wod they're clearly the favorite. t back to the kobe thing. the one thing is steph hit 10 3-pointers.ters nobody is saying steph curryh did it against the grizzlies gzz who don't have their bestir
6:35 am
nobody's saying that. sayg th they're going wow steph curry had t.e.n.s. 3-pointers.-point kobe scored 60. s >> the difference with curryife is he did it all year so he yeas was hitting seven, eight, nine, 10 3's against goodd teams without 10 day contractayn players.ers. >> the other thing with kobe oth just to touch on that quicklyuct and then we'll go back to the t warriors listen what he did he last night was epic 60 pointsc p in your final game we should all be so lucky to have ave sendoff like. that the problem is he's just j an unlikeable kind of guy. he's kind of hard to wrap youroy arms around.d. so, that's why maybe some guys e like cakes and i are kind ofind like eh whatever, it's kobe.s >> i saw lots of guys wrappingpg their arms around him when heimw came to play at the verizon v center a few months ago.s >> here's the thing with theth warriors. they now have the record with w 73 wins, another epic performance by steph curry ste c last night but if they don'ty dn win it all, it's all for a naught. >> it's a disappointment.s sapp >> it's the patriots. it's the o they have to win it all.t a >> real quick let's talk about the wizards.the wiz randy wittman a disappointmentpn this season but when you look atan
6:36 am
in d.c. as a whole, this was a w team who had not been to theee post season for many years, success for randy wittman as a whole not just this year or yeao not. >> i think so. i think at the end of the day e he took a franchise that wast floundering got them to theingo playoffs a few times and a started them in the rightm in r direction. there's no question about it.uet but i also think it was timeim to move on and we need some n new blood. we need some some fresh eyes. it would be nice if we had a new gm, too., >> randy said when he camean here this dyplace was a sideid show. he helped to change theeld to culture but after four and a half seasons they definitely dey needed to go in a neweded direction.dire i agree with eb.agwith eb. if you're getting rid of thef coach you have to get rid of rid the gm start fresh overall.eral. >> sounds mutual. we'll leave it there becausee we got to talk some hockey, too. us good to talk to you. enjoy the caps game tonight.onig talk to you tomorrow >> you too, ma and. >> junks 106.7 f.m. the fan.he f >> i'm excited about thebout sports segment and you're notega talking about there caps.ou >> we're leaving it for you.t ei opening act and now you
6:37 am
>> you probably don't realizeea this but i almost made theehe team once. o >> all right. give the people -- can you--an slow them just a that's awesome. >> about thely.>> >> yes. y. okay. >> so, come look for me.o, i won't be at the game 'cause g i don't of a ticket but maybe i'll be at a local l establishment. >> you can stand outside the s verizon center as a welcome person.on >> those are my favoritey fav viewers. i see them down there all theowl can't wait for the gamewait tonight. should be totally exciting.g. >> 7 o'clock. >> yup, 7 o'clock.>> >> much more with the caps.h th >> you'll talk more about it >> yes. >> 43 in washington. 40 annapolis. chilly temps out there.lyemps 30 in frederick, 32 dulles souls freezing temperatures north and west. we are looking at another ano beautiful day.ti low to mid 60's.s. sunshine, dry afternoon.erno winds won't be terrible hereribl out of the north and east atth s about five to 10.abt five to 10. should be a gorgeous afternoonte for you. there you go, 62 degrees ats a 4:00 p.m. a little warmer thanr than yesterday. still on track for that 70'srack and 80's by the end of the week. we'll look at the seven day intd just a minute. m >> will you keep on rocking the red all day.
6:38 am
forth but i have the shirt. i'll be ready at a moment'sen notice. >> erin we got to get you someee red today. >> i need one.>> nee feeling a littlest out tucker. t i think if i put that on itif in wouldn't look as cool as itas c does on you. you what do you think. >> i think it would look liket a little dress. dre it would be really cute.rlly cut >> i like that. like tucker needs to bring theds tbrn sunshine for monday, allison. we made lunch plans.luh >> yes. >> if you have big morningyove r plans the outer loopplan completely jammed. let me get out of the way bytheb new hampshire. 95 through new hampshirehi towards georgia avenue typicalec morning congestion.mornin we'll take a look at our maps,up other crashes and delays allelay over the district area. aa. bw parkway southbound as youund head towards the district from anne arrundel big crash by 32. you're backed up from 100 on down. down. skyfox is on the i would say 95 southbound ayfsa5 better bet this morning.orni more crash activity route oneoue north right now at gunston a gun cove road in lorton taking out g the right lane.rit l keep it to 95.ep it o that's going to cause congestion on route one.on on e but on 95 keep in mind we have v congestion as you make your you way from dale city through thr 123.12 we also have
6:39 am
car dale boulevard eastboundastb at cloverdale road.atverdal in frederick typical slow moving traffic. you can see that big red zone from 85 to the truck scales.ckc. you jam again closer to theser o spur. metro no alerts. back to you. to you >> all right. thanks so much.ks coming up next another bignoer name star is pulling out of alio concert in the state of northno carolina. >> also, something else thatethe is trending from kobe's finalobl game. the national anthem. ant why some people compared it to nails on a chalkboard. we'll revisit that coming up. 6:39.
6:40 am
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>> these are the storieshese you're engaging with on socialsi media. former beatle ringo starr tak taking a stands alongside bruce springsteen and eversteenv growing list of musicians canceling concerts in north carolina. ringo starr apologized to hisgih fans but said they need toee t take a stand against hatredst ht and spread love and peace.ea from a balloon spacecraft to a special vacuum for subways. bw young kids wowed the presidentdt at the white house. the final white house sciencewht fair while he's in office. he's nothing can stop true lovelv or at least a if kiss not evenne armed robbers. rbe in montana these police are looking for three suspects whout robbed a bar at gun point. they didn't disturb this couple. couple. they were cold frontey throughout the entireugho
6:43 am
nobody was hurt in the incident. back to you. >> what do you think about that story steve. >> i think that they might have engagedat in a little celebration. >> imbibing.>> imbibing. >> that's weird.>> >> thanks so much. >> coming up, importantg upimpor information for people who regularly eat fast food.tood. and a reminder before we take t tout break if you have a newsaka tip please share it with us, call 202-895-3000.950. or e-mail your tips to fox5 f tips at 6:43 on a thursday morning. 43 degrees out. we'll be right back. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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>> ♪ >> yeah.>> yeah. >> sounds like a throwback tow tuck from your cassette collection back in the day. b >> itac probably is. >> who is the band that we're hearing.arin >> rock anthemly.ahe >> radio silence. they're rocking whoever it >> tweet us if you have anys if idea who we're listening >> mayor officially declaredy de today rock the red today.. get out your best red and weared it in honor of your washington g capitals. playoff hockey begins tonighton at verizon center.en puck drops at 7 o'clock.t 7 cloc hopefully they can get those t 16 wins and bring a win to d.c.d.c. >> d.c. star is the band. bd. >> you said 7 o'clock thislo t morning the puck drops in that would be an early start to theel >> yes, a very really early ear >> you know what he means. >> i get>> forecast couldn't be nicer if
6:47 am
a hockey forecast. forec >> let's hear. >> thwart. that's what we do now. >> yeah.>> y >> i'll show you at the end.e en quiet pattern continues.onti it is chilly weather.ea jacket weather early. we're looking at 30's for mucham of the area.uc low 30's. i mean, look at frederick,redeck freezing dulles 32, 32 winchester.este culpeper is now down toow t 29 degrees. we're in the middle of april a here with these very, verye ve r chilly temperatures.s. by the way we're running ang a little below averagerage temperature-wise for the month of probably not your imaginationag if you think it has been a thi little cool. litt it has. it has. satellite and radar quietitand a conditions sunshine beautifulun some winds out of the north out and east again this afternoonag but a little warmeair thanr t yesterday. yesterday we made it into the m upper 50's. today more like low to midoid 60's so maybe 5 degrees warmer e than yesterday. you can see how quiet theuiet weather pattern s not much to m talk few showers.w there will be thunderstorms b later along the northern gulf.n that's about here is a look at jet streamt js and we have been a little cool c for the last week or two. this jet stream will get all chance to retreat a little bit and a more typical springtimeint pattern starts to emerge
6:48 am
towards the end of the weekend and that means a nice warmup. we may flirt with the w 80-degree mark, yes -- may m flirt with the 80-degree mark by monday afternoon i thinkafte we'll have parts of the areaf te in the upper 70's. 7 all right, later today -- allayl right, didn't work.idn't i have an interactive map i m was going to show you.w y i was going to show you the caps forecast.caps forecast. although it's indoors.though it. i don't know why you need the yd caps going to be perfect thisto be afternoon. 63 degrees. i give up. erin's got traffic.ot traffic that is a nice jersey by they bt way. way. where did you get that.did >> thank you for letting meou li borrow it. it fits perfectlily.felily i appreciate that.ciatehat. right now let's take a look atsl your traffic.ur traffic. big delays on bw -- i feelw -- like i'm wearing my dad'sy d shirt when i was a little kid ld and i told my dad'sand sweatshirt. bw parkway southbound crash atca 32. because of that delays are t heavy back to 100. to 1 i would say keep it to 95o southbound if you're heading i towards the district this morning. northbound side looking prettyio
6:49 am
morning. outer loop once you get to the t beltway from anne arrundel isuns all jammed up as usual. a usual no crashes but all lanes extremely slow moving trafficg as you make your way from 95 fr through about georgia. georg inner loop not looking as terrible. let's take a look at our mapsk s right n i feel like this is really rll comfortable by the way tucker. e i don't know if you're getting g this back. to 70 south 85 to the truckck scales about 16 miles per hourlu average and it is going tos goit take you about 29 minutes tout t get under 8 miles. have some patience that.ha you'll hit more congestion asios you get to rockville thisockv morning. a person hit by a car dale dale boulevard eastbound atastbound t cloverdale road. 95 northbound jams from daleal city through woodbridge.ooridg then again from newington as you get towards the springfield interchange.erch south of that point as youha y head out in stafford slowffd moving traffic by 610 as a usual. we'll take a look in lorton a dealing with a crash on rou lter one northbound as well. asel a look there next.ex metro is on time. back to you guys. >> another update on the zika virus. u.s. health officials confirm cn what doctors in bra
6:50 am
suspected, that zika causes c babies to be born with severeher birth defects. that includes babies with smaller heads like you justadliy saw there and other severeerev brain issues. isss. the cdc is working to stop thett spread of the mosquitos thatitos carry the virus. they now say those mosquitosit are in 30 states. >> in flint, michigan after months of using bottled watertl city officials are now tellingrl residents it's okay to get oka water from the taps.ter from this after a virginia techginiah professor released his findings other lead crisis there. he says residents are not are using enough water to push allgh th we chemicals out of theut of pipes. >> new research shows yourh sh y favorite fast food may bey served up with a side of chemicals. researchers found those whose consumed the most fast food inin a 24-hour period had high h levels of harmful chemicals inci their system. s they are typically found inou i food pack packaging at leasteast 35 percent of their dailyirai calories contained thoseed those chemicals. >> the mayor will join the wil service employeesice employees
6:51 am
for a $15 minimum wage inum w washington. during her state of theer stateh district address last month, mon mayor bowser announced she would propose $15 in the in district by 2020.02 >> in prince george's county acg new initiative aimed ative aimet raising awareness about safebo s child care is kicking offisickif today. the campaign comesn com aftershocking allegations of sexual abuse linked to school volunteer deonte carraway. cra its main focus is to educate and inform parents and a guardians of what to look for wa when allowing someone to care for their children.hildren. and to provide resource rou information on licensed childd care providers.rovide >> actor matthew mcconaugheyccau has a doppelganger and it's somebody's great, great grandfather.ather. >> this picture posted on that's -- yeah.- >> that's pretty good.ha >> that's kind of eerie. eer do you see the similar eyes, bone structure. i mean the face. the photo has gone viral. that is -- >> the hair, too.oo
6:52 am
>> the hair is spot on. >> i love all this sort of creepy spooky stuff.ytuff >> you never know.>> you n >> but if he's going to do gng o research for a 19th century movie, might be a good place bed to start for the look, right?ig >> that's pretty funny. fun all right. >> red hot chili bassist flee ripped apart for his bass only rendition.nditio it's his instrument of choicensr but here it is. >> ♪ >> well, twitter went crazy.entc one user saying flea'sng national anthem was as bad ass the lakers have been the lastast three years. flea is a life long laker fan grew up in the los angeleshees area been a fan his wholean w life. for him it was an honor but b not everybody sees it the samee way. >> from what i heard it sounded good.atded ood. it just was like an artsyrtsy indifference.
6:53 am
jimmy hendrix did. >> too bad. all right. >> check this out. kobe got. got and his wife. w and this time he didn't haveidnh to buy his wife the ring. r the lakers did. thank you. five large diamonds for eachs fo of the championships that champs bryant won. two jersey numbers and hisnd nickname black mamba. blackba a total weight of nearly 5 carats. nice.. al, if you ever >> three more years and maybe i'll get one.i'llet one. >> we won't get that you. >> what did you say tucker.y >> i'll get a pen, okay. >> we'll have a pizza party orao something.someth >> that's cool. >> ♪ >> now this is d.c.'s own.'s own sound of the city banditba performing their brand newew song run and there's a reason ar why we're playing it.aying >> you can catch them live in i person for free tomorrow morning at farragut squaret park. they say their music is is soulful, it's timeless andeless they say it's classic and sureia does sounds like ito
6:54 am
local venues including theding 9:30 club the lincoln theaterhe and meriweather post >> now they'll pay for you for free as part of or fox5 free fre concert series. sie maureen and holly will host wilh this week's show and april 2nd secret society and the muddy m crows april 29th. apr 2 more on the bands on our webeb site come down farragut square parkfr tomorrow. ow starts early, 9:00 to 11:00 is10 the actual show in the morningni tomorrow and then we'll stream it online if you can't make it down there. >> going to be nice weather, w too. >> should be great. s >> steve, have you seen this, ha gentleman. this is an epic fan of the the day. >> i love that. >> i'll tell you i why. why. ronald taylor has beenr s be watching fox5 d.c. for 30 years. >> whew.>> >> he first started watching in 1985 when our good friend fri lark mccarthy what you mean ont the air and he says he especially likes watching allison now. now
6:55 am
>> and he says allison yousa better stick around ford f another 30 years. >> is that what he said.aid. nobody wants to see that, tt, steve. steve. >> that's what tucker and iker said. >> i'm sure ronald would agree r with us, right, tucker.r. >> that's awesome. >> about allison being here 30 more years? allison, we had louvre bit but -- >> right. >> you'd be pushing it aou little bit at that p'doint. >> that would a comical show. >> we would take care of you. c. >> that would be comical if wefe were here at that age. tha a >> save the tape.>> s we'll bring it back in 30ck years. >> what's up, tuck. up, >> i can pretty much guarantee a i won't be here in 30 years. >> you should never say. nev s >> not here on the i'll be somewhere else.where el. let's go to the forecast.the rec steve, my younger days -- >> okay,. >> i live life to its fullest. e reagan national 42. natio dulles 31. bwi marshall 34 degrees.4 deee it's chilly out there t particularly north and w we're looking at anotherth gorgeous -- what beautiful day l to look forward to.orrd we'll be in the mid 60's for for daytime highs.ime highs. a little warmer thanttle wmer yesterday. dry afternoon and w
6:56 am
dry. sunny temperature through theert weekend. get ready to enjoy a gorgeousoyg weekend. 72 on sunday.un by early next week, highee h temperatures will be in there it upper 70's and maybe some low 80's. that's hockey weather, right. rg rocking the red, erin, lookingni good. >> this is so that comfortable, too, bright color, good day.gooday i'm happy about everything.ry right now bw parkway not so n s happy about that.t tt. earlier crash out by 32. traffic is really slow from 100 down to 32 and then you hit more slow traffic as youfc s head towards the beltway.el so be prepared for that.ha skyfox kind of zooming out anddf you can see just how far downfa those delays go. we'll look at our maps. aside from that slowdown,lowdow crash and closure down inow i fairfax route one northbound at giles run road. 95 north not much at this point it's a better a b bet than route one northbound.on we'll talk a look in daleooin d city. an investigation just cleared. a person was hit by a car daleae boulevard eastbound atastbou cloverdale road. we'll take a look at that slowhs traffic on 270 nex
6:57 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> right now at 7 o'clock tensions flaring on capitol fla hill over metro.. metro leaders say they need thee more money to fix the transit but congress is not exactly opening up its wallet.ts w this hour we're going to go to'o the top. we are live with the congresswir plan who ho
7:00 am
strings. we'll see what he has to tell us. >> plus your crumblinglu commute. a look at who iss at risk ofk o missing a crucial deadline to fix the memorial bridge.iari >> good news and bad news out o of the verizon center.he we're live with what fans are saying this vh morning. morng >> 7 o'clock now.'clock now. let's give you that first look outside this hour april 14th,prt 2016. 43 degrees out there. degrees we'll have a weather andve a traffic for you on the 5s at 7:05. 7:05. good thursday morning, i'mmo allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i ste welcome do fox5 news morning.s . >> it is straight up it 7 o'clock.7 we begin with what's happeningai today. maryland voters can begin c b casting early ballots for the t state's april 26th primary. pri. you'll have from now until april 21st to cast that vote.ast we apologize for that each county and each -- the city of baltimore have voting vt sites opened every day throughou the 20's first from 10:00 a.m.0m to 8:00 p.m. you can find the completeete


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