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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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strings. we'll see what he has to tell us. >> plus your crumblinglu commute. a look at who iss at risk ofk o missing a crucial deadline to fix the memorial bridge.iari >> good news and bad news out o of the verizon center.he we're live with what fans are saying this vh morning. morng >> 7 o'clock now.'clock now. let's give you that first look outside this hour april 14th,prt 2016. 43 degrees out there. degrees we'll have a weather andve a traffic for you on the 5s at 7:05. 7:05. good thursday morning, i'mmo allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i ste welcome do fox5 news morning.s . >> it is straight up it 7 o'clock.7 we begin with what's happeningai today. maryland voters can begin c b casting early ballots for the t state's april 26th primary. pri. you'll have from now until april 21st to cast that vote.ast we apologize for that each county and each -- the city of baltimore have voting vt sites opened every day throughou the 20's first from 10:00 a.m.0m to 8:00 p.m. you can find the completeete
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on our web site and don't be surprised if youpri see some candidates on your way in to work this i several arnge planninglilyily voting rallies at metro >> also today the nationale naol park service facing a criticalgc deadline to apply for millionsri of dollars in federal funds to fix the decaying memorial mor but local members of congress who need to sponsors the t application say it's just nott' strong enough right now thent nt don't think it will be done byey tonight.tonigh the federal grant would go a long way in funding thendi quarter billion dollar project.project. there have been warnings that be if the bridge does not undergodt the needed repairs it couldould close to vehicles as soon asoon 2021. we need more money fromd mo the federal government.ral goven that's the message thamet topgeo metro he officials are givingg >> and during heated testimonytn on capitol hill, house membersom say they're not so willing too n give that. fox5's melanie alnwick isanie is live this morning at l'enfant ln plaza with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,r: guys. yeah, so, the federal sogovernment does give money to metro but they give money to metro for ca
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and metro's board and generalal manager say that's not enough,no that they do their fair share fe in terms of transportingnspoin 50 percent of the federal workforce: therefore, theye: r believe that the federalal government needs to do its need fair share as well by kicking in more money, a dedicated dic fund for operating costs, for c maintenance and repairs buts b house republicans reallyea weren't having any of it havingf saying that metro was not was nt going to get any more money from them. t at the subcommittee hearingcoite metro leadership testifiedtest that all of the safety defectsyt identified in last month's one-day shutdown have been b repaired but the decades of o ntferred maintenance have leftai the system with a lot of workt w to do still, a big repair backlog and that's going tong take more money. they and committee memberstt from the d.c. region firmlyir believe that the federaled government should ante up asp as much money as d.c., marylandaryn and virginia each do but b republican leadership on theon e house oversight committee did dd a little shutdown of their own.
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$300 million which is yourhichsu fair share given the fact that we transport 50 percent of your workforce every day. d you want them to be be you want this to be reliable. ra we just want to leave hereeae like we did in 2005 and doo nothing and if we he do that, t next time something happens,hins i'm blaming it on you guysuy 'cause we need your help. hel >> sir, you're the one that's t' been on the board.. so, how can you blame us? la u you're the ones making the decisions. >> reporter: now, beforer: now, that hearing there was also a as separate meeting with generalral manager paul wiedefeld and thent local congressional delegation t from d.c., maryland and wiedefeld said he'll bee presenting a new maintenance a plan in the next four to sixne weeks to the public. t he also said that it may notit y make sense any to keep metroetro opened until 3 o'clock in theckn morning on saturday and sundayuy mornings given the amount of aun maintenance and repairs thatnce metro needs to do
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perhaps that earlier closing times would give engineers ad little bit more time to work andgi get -- catch up on some oo the things that need to beings done. also told the local delegationeo in response to their questionsue about safety concerns that metro transit police officers or both uniformed and undercoverrmd are currently riding metroetro trains. back to you guys. >> all right, mel.ig lot going on on the hill.on othe we're going to continue that tha discussion coming up laterat this hour. congressman john mica is goingog to join us live and we'll talkek with him about what'simbout w happening with >> and happening now, the now, e search is on for a man whoho sexually assaulted a woman after she left a shopping mall m in greenbelt. police say the suspect walked right up to the woman, started t talking to her at the beltway bw plaza mall.a ml. this was on monday, mondayn mono night around 9:45. the two parted ways but thenrt police say the suspected approached her again when she se walked across breezewood drivedv to an apartment complex.nt compx that's when he pulled out a
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allegedly took her into the t woods and sexually assaultedxuas her. >> atlanta braves outfielderutfr hector olivera on leave by major league baseballgu following his arrest in northern virginia.nohe he's accused of assaulting altia woman at the ritz-carlton in arlingtonly she called 911ald 91 yesterday morning and whenrnin police showed up they found a a woman with bruises. she went to the hospital.e hospa he was taken into custody. the 31-year-old outfielder outfr facing a misdemeanor charge for assault and battery.ult an he is now back in miami. m good news bad news kind ofsd morning for d.c. sports fans.or good news caps are in thee bad e not.t. >> and now the wizards are w without a coach.out coa it's all going down at then athe verizon center and that's where we find fox5's bob bernard. hey. do you have any experience have coaching, >> reporter: hey, allison. i doolittle league flag football and it's the best.nd so i do i feel bad for randy we'll start with the wizards.thw they won their game last nightan but they lost their coach. c randy wittman was fired afterirt last night's win over the atlanta hawks.hks
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after the game coach wittmanittm was they missed the playoffs.sed this was a team with higheam wh hopes. in his four and a half seasons coaching the wizards wittman's winning percentage was just under .500 he told reporters iti love this job i'm coming here h until i can''t the wizards did they less than t an hour later. later so long coach. coach on the flip side at the verizon center spirits aren ce high tonight. they're going to rock the red. banners are rocking the red tonight 6789onig caps opening their run to the stanley can cup against thein t philadelphia flyers its the flyt first game of a seven game series.seri. alex ovechkin and crew are hoping to skate their way tosk anat nhl the puck drops tonight at 7 o'clock.7 i've been online taking a lookgl to see about ticketut ticket availability. you can get a pair of tickets
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there are seats available.vaila. you can come out here and help h join your other caps fans andfa rocking the red for the caps thc making their run to thehe stanley cup as the wizardsizards finish their season and aren looking for a new coach, >> bob thank you very much.uc >> seven past the hour. h tuck how we looking? gettinget better.better >> weather going to totallyo toy cooperate if you're going tooing be pregaming before the big start to the game.heam mid 60's later this afternoon.n. chilly this morning.chil 30's and even some 20'ss breaking out.. last hour culpeper was 29 degrees. d 31 dulles.ul so that frost and freezere advisory off to the north and ad west realized once been a chilly couple days, can c couple mornings across much ofna the area. 32 in cambridge.amid leonardtown at the freezingn ate mark last hour, now 34 degrees4e for you.for you beautiful day expected. expec lots of sunshine. sunine. winds out of the north and nth a north and east will continue cti to give us a bit of a coo
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feel later this afternoon but b we should be about 5 degreesbe warmer than yesterday withyestey daytime highs in the low he tosw mid 60's. 60' and light winds should make ithk feel pretty good for you. f y seven-day forecast, absolutely perfect. if you love springtimepringtim weather, 70's and 80's on the t horizon. we'll talk about that in justutt a minute.inute. nk thank you, tucker.ha >> uh-huh. >> all right. looking forward to it.rward how is the commute so farom so erin.erin >> 7:08 and traffic is bad. i b it's's heavy there's delays.ther there are accidents.e there's a lot to talk abaroutt b right now. i get an early start. sta 66 still very jammed up. vjammed we got sun glare. gla. grab your shades as you make your way from 234 toay23 centreville.ce you can see some very, veryery,r standstill traffic.standsti witness you get inside theget se beltway there's problems as prol well. earlier crash still blockingstlk the right shoulder by 29 so that is not doing anything to add to that delay right now moving over for a look top o of the beltway outer loop byutep new hampshire standstill traffic as you head towards tow the spur as well. as w let's take a look right now a l and show you how things areng shaping up on our maps. aside from those areas of slowfo moving traffic, well, hellol,el there. steve and ali
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>> that means your done, erin oh, no, you're back. b >> 270 southbound 85 to theo truck scales.truces. i missed you guys and wanteds ae to say hello.. jammed as you head downow towards the spur n fairfax frf this morning crash activity route one north at giles runt road much be prepared for that a one and then dale city earlier r investigation person hit by aonb car did clear. car dale boulevard eastbound atoundt cloverdale road back toer normal.da no alerts from metro and i a wasn't done with steve andve a allison so we'll toss it backe's to you. to you >> caught us doing ourght us o twittering and this is what we d do when we're not on air. on a >> do not speak to me, steve. >> right >> i thought you were hanging hg on my every word.or my heart is broken. bro >> thanks erin. >> 7:09.>> presidential candidatesenti preparing for couldn't cou testified conventions ahead ofhe the new york primary. prima donald trump and megyn kelly kel talk for the first time in fir months. >> holly is in studio with the latest.te is the beef over? bee >> could be. never a dull moment. maybe at least over for now,ow right.
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>> exactly. >> candidates on both sides ofo the party line are preparing ppi this week for next week's allll important new york primary. priy the donald is cleaning up his act. while sanders and clinton arelin facing off head to head in a competitive quest for votes. v donald trump put a few fewew controversies to bed.ed charges against his campaign cpa manager have been dropped in florida over an assault case with a reporter. rorte and his public feud with fox news channel host megyn kelly may now be over. >> megan called and she wantedln to come up and she came up top o trump tower and we talked t about things and i think weings had a very good >> reporter: but it still looks like there will be a ther contested republican and convention.enti senator ted cruz believes hee will have more delegates thanatt trump.ump. >> if it's contestedt'sontested convention i'll have a ton of delegates, allege have a tonll of delegates and in that situation, we're going to bee in a much stronger position.rit >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich is banking hisanki h campaign on winning delegates over in cleveland thisu
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>> you know, i would sayou kw, i really like to have your help because we're -- i'm going to gt tell you the last thing we're going to an open convention.op t >> reporter: meantimeim democratic presidentialsideial candidates joined picket lines i wednesday supporting verizontinz employees in brooklyn duringur their strike. >> i know from havingw om h represented them back in myy senate years, our skilledurkill workers and they deserve toserve have a fair contract. contract. >> reporter: senator bernie satr sanders believes his momentummou is growing and is on track to beat hillary clinton in theon i primary.primar >> when we began this campaign a 11 months ago, we were 60er points behind secretary clinton.into >> reporter: clinton andter: c sanders will debate tonight in brooklyn before the new yorkehen state primary which again is nexting tuesday. tuesday and right now it seems likeeemsk it's so far away.y. who knows what we'll have inl he between now and then. t >> never boring.ever >> never a dull moment as wel mo said from the start.ta
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>> still to come this morningme a russian fighter jet getting t a little too close to a u.s. a.s navy why it happened and what the u.s. is doing in ri a historic night in theisto nba. the warriors set a new record rc while kobe ends his careerko with the back in just twwio minutes. 7:12 now.
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>> ♪ >> i like to view right looks like a two tiered city. >> beautiful. it's a three tiered city. >> look at what's happening inni roslyn, tysons.yn, a lot of suburbs continue to grow just like the cityuske the itself.lf. >> gorgeous.>> >> and it's flies to see g i sunshine. couple days in a row now.ay >> let's see all thes trees --e all the leaves are coming out. >> i noticed that yesterday.iced >> did you notice that. y
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yellows.ous yell >> against the blue 'causest t it's such a beautiful blue yesterday. >> gorgeous. >> it will be a beautiful dayaua today. da little cool early. cold early but we are expecting highs in the low tos l mid 60's later today but again, jacket here.ere. there have been some low 30'sn w just to the north and west. wt. places like dulles 32 degrees. 38 in pittsburgh, 33 columbus.uu 40 in chicago. chica 40 in boston.osto temperatures have been aes h little below normal for theelowa month of april here. running about a degree below normal so if you have been running the heat a little late in the season, there's a reason i it's been chillyt's bec every night. there's your satellite and radar. high pressure quietgh conditions. bit of a breeze out of the phe north and east but the quiet qui weather pattern continues andons it only gets better and better if you like the warmerou le th temperatures. 63 today.oday near 70 by saturday. low 70's sunday and maybe 80 degrees monday afternoon. afo let me mention no rain in rainn sight. sight. in fact i think we may have toiy water the gardens here by the hy middle of next wee
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i know we have a lot oft farming interests. maybe we'll get rain nextl get n week. >> critical time for that.l time >> yeah. >> i have a little routinelittle tucker. in the afternoon the air aftnoot conditioning is on in my car is and then every morning iorning i forget that the air air conditioner is on and i get inne and it's 40 degrees out and i oa get blasted with the cold air. >> funny, me, too. >> it's the change of >> that sounds way worse than even a cold shower in thed morning. >> it was rough i'll say that. t >> you know what's waking upakiu right bad traffic. tff my best advice this morning mor grab some good music for the the car. think of a good song anddong you'll sit for awhile on theiloe outer loop top of the beltwayto at newp hampshire 95 to the5 to spur you're just crowded rightjd now. no accidents. inner loop looking much better but bottom side of the beltwayhl inner loop is does crowdoe across its wilson bridge.ri we'll show you what else you whs are up against this morning.orni traffic very slow 50 on the50 on westbound side.und se. 202 to kenilworth you can seeh o as you head from annapolis annap trying to get towards theowards beltway you'll hit thatt typical slow zone.on new york avenue slows out bye sy florida avenue.florid nothing atypical there. suitland p
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to the douglas bridge. brie. sun glare all over the inbound bridges are slow. gw parkway inbound to the key bridge, key bridge slows intoy r georgetown and youror secondaries in georgetgeown mow street, wisconsin, the usual t ones j 395 on the inbound side as well. well. jams off and on from edsall a road to the 14th streetnd bridge. you're a little bit slow ono th the freeway iitn ttle he usual spots by the third street tunnel andd then we also have this crash activity on route one north.or caution there through lorton. that's your traffic.our trc. allison and steve.. >> erin thank you very m >> basketball fans celebratingl an historic night in thefa nba.a >> we said goodbye to one legend. lege we crowned another legend.ed a wisdom joins us now with theh t story. >> i have been waiting foraiting this moment. m >> what do you mean? what are u you waiting for.yo >> to talk about your favorite player. >> steph curry? i like stephh curry.curr which one was more impressive ie last night the golden statedest game and steph curry or kobe's game with the lakers.aker >> kobe's game with the lakers.lakers >> golden state i want to know why in just aus
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golden state warriors officially cemented themselvesee in the record books.he last night they beat the grizzlies 124-105 to become the first team in history to win 73 regular season games. g and that shatters the 1995-96 chicago bulls record of 72 wins. remember who was the star on who that team. just somebody named michael jordan one of the greatest ofato all times. tim steph curry last night hit 10 3-pointers.po he had 46 points making him the first player to sync 400o s 3-pointers in one season.easo meanwhile allison's man, the legendary kobe bryant playedla his last game with the lakersher last night and in typical hollywood fashion it was afashnt show. all right. kobe dropped 60 points in his hs career finale against the utah jazz.jazz. he made 22 out of 50 shots. sho 50 shots was a record fromro back in the 80's or the most since, what did you say,ay steve, since jordan took 49.
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50 slots in one game. g the lakers win this one, 101 to 96.to6. one of their 17 wins.s. 17 wins out of 82 games on the season. season at the end of that kobe of t addressed the fans. f >> i can't believe it's come bel to an end. you guys will always be in myy heart and i sincerely, sincerely appreciate it.ciat no words can describe how ies feel about you guys and thankndt you, thank you from the bottomth of my heart.eart god, i love you guys. .nd. [cheers and applause] ala to my family and my wife vanessa, my daughters, thankghts you guys for all your sacrifices for all the hours i spend in the gym working and the training and vanessa you vansa y holding down the family the way that you have. youav i can't -- there's no way i no w can thank you enough for thatort so from the bottom of my heartya thank you. and what can i say? mamba out.
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[cheers and applause]ers >> he also told the fans t you're welcome for me allowing w you to watch me play. p that was a joke. a jok come on, people. on, ppl stay with me on this. thi >> you heard me say he's h me right. >> okay. he joked that for 20 years he dealt with people saying heeo never passed the ball but last night his teammates were liketee don't pass >> shoot it. shoot >> shoot it.>> s like he needed somebody tosomedy tell him to shoot.hoot. lakers finished the season 17so7 and 65. >> here's the >> what's the thing.hi >> golden depp state had then de more impressive night. n steph curry has been scoring 40 points on real teams all year long. they broke the record.or he's reigning m.v.p. m.v.p they'll probably win again.prlyw he's probably going to get thehe m.v.p. again. the lakers have won 17 games. hm we get to the end of the season. kobe landon squat all year.uaal. all of a sudden he takes 50udde shots and gets 60 andand everybody is like oh. that's my last kobe bryant bry hate. >> wisdom. >> i'm retiring. >> he lab in the league for 20in years started as like a young t guy, 37 years old and went up w and put the rock up that man
7:21 am
times. it's his last game. it's the fanfare, it's hollywood. you got to love a big -- youa bi got to love it.e it's show business. >> it's show business. bines >> and that's what i love. tha >> always slow time with thewite lakers. >> steph curry is the realurrysa deal its almost like passingsing the torch.e torch. kobe when he was like in his prime he was giving thating t excitement. >> before curry was born kobe bo was the man.the man. >> 20 years in the nba isba awesome for anybody to dony that. i want to apologize for looking like i wasn't payingas attention and i was trying to get a trivia question. ue who averaged more shots perots r season kobe or like cale jordan. jordan. >> average, you're talkingrage about average some shots takenok per season.r se >> i'm going with kobe he. am i >> you're incorrect.ncre like camichael jordan averaged e shots. >> was shaq there. >> he was there.he >> last game kobe played with d.c. i went with wisdom and my d ear is still hurting. hurting. >> i don't understanwh
7:22 am
during the game when he'shen h scoring all these points onall you and he had a great game grem end against the wizards i wards don't understand why you're cheering the guy.chee >> you're watching history,tchis wisdom. you get caught up.u >> but if you're a wizards fan don't clear for the opponenthe t when the game is going on. don'ter encourage him to beat tb your team.yo tea i love kobe.ob >> we'll agree to disagree disre 'cause i love you.ove y coming up federal healthaleh officials with a big update one a serious story, the zikaa virus. >> also why did a russianus fighter jet come so close to ato u.s. ship? look at that. it's a navy destroyer. what is the u.s. going to do about this? we'll talk about it coming up.
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>> ♪ >> a look at what happened overseas. take a look at this. 7:25 right now. that's a russian war plane r getting real close. close >> too close for comfort forrt the u.s. navy. this is footage of the jetsf ths flying dangerously close to aros u.s. naval ship in the baltichel sea. se officials say the war planes p came within 30 feet of the o t ship and passed below its navigation grid twice. officials deemed the actions unsafe unprofessional.fess no word whether the u.s.he u government will formally forma protest the fly byes. >> all right. right it's 7:-- scary stuff. 7:25. nothing scary about theabouthe forecast, looks nice. >> no, it's quite simple.e spl it's chilly out there. the it's been cold the last coupletl mornings including thisis morning. might want a jacket. beautiful afternoon.fternoon that it's a live shot behind bin your numbers there and look atoa how blue the sky s absolutelybst gor
7:26 am
high pressure really rea controlling things around heregh and we're going to do it good g end today. 42 feels like 42. f we'll be in the 60's lateree 60l few degrees warmer than tn yesterday. such a quiet morning. plenty of cooling overnight.vert we'll alter our daytimel alour heating with clear skies allcles able to escape that's whyha we're waking and with fros f and freeze advisories to theieso north and west early this ear t morning with overnight lowsrnig back in the 20's in somen se places.ples. culpeper 29 degrees last hour. seven-day forecast it's reallyet a nice pattern here for thee r next seven days with ait noticeable warmup. w look at your weekendsok a forecast. what a great weekend saturday and sunday akere going to be tob allison your birthday on saturday -- >> yes. >> 68 degrees. 68 >> it is nice but i did want 66. >> i'll change it tomorrow for you.r >> no, no, no. n >> i have that power. pow >> near 80 by monday so a niceoe looking forecast. erin is back with the roads. roa >> all right, 7:26 right nowight and roads are jammed and we have metro delays because of a a train malfunction at potomac pot
7:27 am
delays on the orange line to lit new carrolton.arro no alerts for the rest of your rail lines.rail lines i'll let you know if thatw changes. seeing heavy congestion. earlier cash on reutter onett oe did clear. cle seventy five in lorton looking t good. north of that point closer to c the springfield interchangeier you're slow by 610.y10 you jam again through tough woodbridge so be prepared for pe 395 inbound from the beltwayhe w up towards the 14th street bridge heaviest traffic rightvis now edsall to king street. 295 from the bottom of the t beltway on up you jam past malcolm x avenue. slow the inner loop across theel wilson bridge.wion b taking a closer look at our inbound bridges bw parkway pkw slow to the key bridge.key bri key bridge jammed from roslynro into georgetown.eorget 395 again over the 14th street4 bridge you can see a lot of a lt slow moving traffic. keep it to fox5 news morning. mr we are back in just a few with w more news, weather and trafficnf for your 7:30 half hour. >> ♪
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♪ welcome back everybody. 7:30 on ae thursday morning.ori nice looking start to thiss friday is what we like to refere to thursdays around here.e. 42 degrees. d tucker and erin will be along in five minutes for update on your weather and your traffic. traff. welcome back to fox5 news new morning.rning a five year investigationnvi recently ended.recent no charges being filed against a former d.c. mayor vincent gray.g he seemingly put the probe p behind him.hind him he's now focusing on regaining i this seat on the city councilouc but his name is propping in other investigations intotiti illegal campaign activities anda we expect to hear a lot more tomorrow. will summer loose lips columnisi for the washington city papersis joins us now what's to come.ow good morning.goodni >> good morning. yeah. >> big day tomorrow.omorrow. what are we expecting. expecti >> very exciting.ex >> for a journalistci.. not for vince gray. >> exactly.>> exactly so obviously year long washington post waab
7:31 am
they filed motions in court tont unseal a lot of records. record. they were saying, well, look,weo the investigation is officiallyl over. over. prosecutors say they aren'tors going to charge vince gray. gra. they and aren't going to chargea anyone else why don't we see ale these records.ecor 90 different files will be openl >> wow.>> >> like christmas. l we'll find out a lot of out a o questions.tions. hopefully that have been --been- haven't been answered.nsre >> what's the importance of itni then if there are no charges tot come for the former mayor and council member? what's the reaa payoff here. >> that's a good question.a go i think citizens of the city,of you know, people -- we were kepk in the dark by prosecutorscuto understandably it was anly iwasa investigation but now we canione find out what was up with thiss years long investigation thatont shadowed vince gray's entire mayoral seat and obviously he'sh run fog the ward seven councilou seat right now. now i think it's good to find out at as much as we can about whatutha happened.happened. >> what's interest nothings in charges but the former hair's hi name dog gone it keeps poppingpi up.. why is the connection still there.ther >> obviously a file release on friday all the people the
7:32 am
government secured cooperation s deals with are finally starting to be zen teed in the case of vernon hawkins friends of him, shadow cam pin op tiffs is being sentenced. the government and him arend hie jousting.jong. >> okay. lots of intrigue in this, there's a close relative supposedly that we'll fine out o about.a any word on whobo this might ben vince gray --ra >> not right now.ight now. we know it's a it's otherwise it's unclear's uncle supposedly vernon hawkins helped facilitate illegal $10,000 cashs payment to his close relative of vince gray.nce >> there's a person g.'s ason >> exactly. >> like the russian series on fx or >> exactly. we keep getting new characters.. even years in.even yea i there's new people.. so this person g helpedped facilitate eventually testify oo helped prosecutors againstrs vernon hawkins and jeff thompson the mastermind behind this whole scheme. scheme now person g is unusual character.acte vernon hawkins is saying heayg h facilitate add prostitutionn ring.. finally we have a sex angle in e this whole story. story >> i mean this is screamingthism front page.
7:33 am
this real l be a big deal fora the city. >> exactly. a lot of stuff dribbling out asa people get sentenced but again a we'll have to see what happens on friday it lab lot of seven on warrants opened up.up. >> okay. >> we'll find out what they seized when theyou did differene raids and over a period of three years. >> just to go back, you know, g here in washington we feel likee everybody is so familiar withmiw what this is.hiss. but this all stems from the 2011 election or campaign for mayor m vince gray.y >> exactly.>> exactly. remarkable how long this hasow been running course. crs still talking about abo i yes, half million dollars illicit effort to get himo g h elected.. he says he knew nothing wronghiw what's interesting about this ii that he's running in ward sevenv right, but this campaignig treasurer says look back when w this was really big news in 2012 he got more than 50% of the votv in ward seven. so, you know, perhaps it won't t affect his chances. >> do you think then we'llu th finally get really a clearre picture of what did and what did not happen in this election? elo >> i don't think we'll ever't t know. >> you don't think so. s >> i don't
7:34 am
whether vince gray new. new. obviously they're not going tont charge him so it will never belr settled in trial but hopefullyol it will shed more light on whatt happened and really what and happened in the investigation an well. well. why there was such a run up anda no charges were filed.iled. >> running for council seatil st trying to regain and rebuildebld perhaps. are you surprised that the former mayor would still be oute and looking for a public seat? >> you know, i'm never surpriser by anything that happens in that's the fun of it.unf vince gray certainly when he'she on the campaign trail these dayy i did nothing wrong and trying y to move past it the trouble thee investigation isn't done withio him yet. >> big news tomorrow.. >> hopefully.efully. >> look at you're like a kid ini candy store. will sommer loose lips columnist with the washington city paper.. we appreciate it.we a >> thank you. >> just now -- tuck, i'll give you 25 extra seconds. sonds because i adore you >> thank you allison.haou a >> good morning. mor. >> hey, erin.>>, >> hello.>> hlo >> look who i got back hereack h we're having a party in the in weather center.en >> the place to be. t i love everything about ai >> now let's do some 42 now in washington. wasng very chilly temperatures toratu
7:35 am
overnight lows back in the upper 20s.s. culpeper manassas you guys ares in the upper 20s an hour ago. a might want a jacket like theik last couple of minutes as we're' waking up with cold temperatures it should be a very very veryer pleasant afternoon. beautiful afternoon.fter lots of sunshine, bright blueri sky with high temperatures inem the low to mid 60s.id0s it will feel like spring. sing and certainly look like spring n with the flowers and the treesre blossoming out there, and no, ad rain expected today. t nice quiet forecast thisor afternoon.oo sunny and dry, 60 for your you daytime high. hig a few degrees warmer thann yesterday.da yesterday we hit 59. better than yesterday. yes seven day forecast looks great,t erin.erin wait until i show it to you you comincoming up a couple minutes. 70s and 80. >> i love everything about the 70s and 80s.d0s that sounds g allison has aonas great forecast for her birthdayb this saturday and my producer danielle also her daughter'saug' birthday we'll be celebratingllr outside on saturday. saturda khloe, good forecast for you asa well. 295 right now on the southboundo side by eastern of a jams as you can see very slow-movingw-vi traffic there. give yourself extra time,
7:36 am
in crash past benning need to b aware of. switch it over for a look the ao our maps.our aside from that this morning, inner loop branch avenue top brn saint barnabas down to about a 13 miles per hour for your houfy average speed long line of red the map is notn look beautiful at that locate let's see in alexandria rightndg now 395 northbound edsall todsl king that is most of the mos t congestion we're dealing with w' this m but then once you get past thatt point by the 14th streettreet bridge you also jam up this up morning down to about 14 miles e an hour. an hou once you pats the springfieldine interchange the inner loop all l jammed up as you head towardsd r tysons as well. w eastbound bridges gw parkway paw slow to the key bridge southdgeu capital jams as you make your me way out from suitland parkway tt the douglas bridge be preparedra metro right now normal servicel did resume on the orange no alerts for the rest of themte we were dealing with earlier elr malfunction by potomac avenuenu that did clear. car metro moving along just typical congestion signed theioe district.district. we'll take closer look at 66ooka eastbound coming in from centreville next. nex back to you guys on the desk.hes >> all right, thanks, erin.rin >> thanks, erin.nks, >> thank you.>> >> how capital
7:37 am
becoming more available and morn affordable.affo >> it's great first thoughgrt fi turning point in the zikahe za outbreak.tbre what health officials are sayins this morning about the virus. 7:37. ♪ joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! in annapolis, she battled republicans and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
7:38 am
7:39 am
♪ another update right now on the zika virus.da cdc confirms thatht the virus causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and braia defects. health officials have beenic investigating this link everthiv since doctors of brazil backzi c fearing it last year. yea zika spread through mosquitoesot bites it can be transmitted
7:40 am
through sexual contact.. the cdc -- >> unprecedented association.tin never before in history has h there been a situation where aua bite from mosquito could results in a devastating malformation.n. >> the cdc working to stop the spread of the mosquitoes thatoe carry the virus. they now say are in 30 states. e after becoming the firsthe patient ever to move a paralyzez hand by using his own thoughts t an ohio man is making headlinesi again now he can pick up a cup,c swipe a credit card and do otheh every day activities. aiv >> it's amazing. iain burke hard paralyzed from the neck down but now with ait chip implanted in his brain, it, enables him to move one of his s hands again. a with improvements researchersrc hope the system will help other people with spinal cord injuriei and others with stroke or o traumatic brain injuries. >> still to come this morningco much more on yesterday'sme heate he can changes on capitol hillih between congress and metro's leaders.aders. we're live witness congressman s who controls just how much mone the transit agenc
7:41 am
>> first a live look outside oni this thursday morning. morni that is such a pretty prettytt shot. whether and traffic on the 5'st5 next.
7:43 am
stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. >> that is d.c.'s own sound ofid the city performing their branda new song called run.alled you can catch them live in le person for free this friday at farragut square park the city te band members say they're music
7:44 am
they play at most major venuesus including the 930 club, lincolno theater and merry post pavilion. >> all part of our fox5 rocks spring concert series all kicksc off tomorrow morning. m we want you to be there. t it is sound of the city hollyy and maureen are going to host t this week's show tomorrow tom morning go see them, say hi, h then april 22nd itsy yet its society performing and the ifnge you until system the muddy crows friday april 29th tucker will be there for thatrer one. you can find more information oe the bands and concert series one our website at yes, allison.allison >> i just found out i'm going tt the second one on the 22nd.. >> cool. coo >> you're probably going, too. , >> i heard there was a apparently there's awaiting lis list. >> everything of serve bud deeds up. od iam i going with good i'm not making the decisions here. >> as you can probably tell.y t >> i mean -- mn >> once again the short end oftt the stick. >> this gal -- gal >> you know how it works. w everybody puts in their request to be with you and they can'toue take everybody
7:45 am
>> i heard a rumor more wisdom i may be with you.may be >> we'll fine out. we' >> okay. >> we'll have more informatione tomorrow. >> no matter what it will be it totally awesome.toes >> and friday morning will bemol perfect for going to the conce concert. >> really? >> light jacket tomorrow morni morning? >> definitely a light jacketel tomorrow morning.tomo it still will be cool.ilbe c quiet pattern continues and a warmer pattern as we get intoe t the weekend.e wke it is cold out this morning.orni i don't know if chill systemhi right word looking atoo a temperatures even with the sunus up for the past hour at or beloo freezing for much of the region manassas 30.ssas 31 out at dulles. 30 in frederick.deck 32 in culpeper. last hour len in order town wasw down to 32. 3 40 in annapolis everybody veryby cool to start the day. lots of sunshine. of suns yesterday was such a gorgeousore day with all the blue we'll do it again it should be a very quite beautifuf afternoon here but a breeze out of the north and east. we'll lock in that cool for the day daytime highs in the low 606 it will feel -- not only will iw feel it will actually be auall little warmer than yesterday when we made it up to 59. 59. nice quiet pattern a few
7:46 am
here across the northern gulferg few thunderstorms later today, t but really not much to talk about.out. high pressure off to our southfo this is weekend forecast. and i know a lot of people of pl looking for 70s and 80s they'ret on the horizon here. h in fact we got some 80s. >> ♪ >> come on, allison. >> yay! >> tint up. i can't hear it. i >> ♪ >> the best of the '80s. (laughter). >> it doesn't matter whose wrong or right, just beat it, ♪ >> i'm glad you like that. tt. >> tuck, can i get hand snapsans while you're doing it.while yo you know how did he it.u kn >> there it is. okay, that's enough. (laughter).gh >> 63 today.>>to 64 tomorrow.64or steve is right chilly tomorrow if you're headed out to ourour concert. co please wear a jacket and then there's the 70s, sunday 72. 72 78 on monday. mon 78 on monday. m maybe some low 80s around herern we're looking at low 80s mondayn afternoon for parts of the areaa that is a weather update. uat all right, you going to moonng o walk for us, erin. e >> i tried but i don't think i i can do it in heels.can do and i have
7:47 am
hello, hello.ello. nope. >> slow motion. >> we'll pretend that neverndhan happened on camera.happed o taking a look at our commute.te it is just as sad as my attemptt to moon rock in stilettos.ttos not looking so hot on 295. you're all jack up as you past east cop tal a crash by endingyd the it's not looking so good ang shout out to my uber driver drie robert, gave me a lovely ride tr dupont last night and he said hh always watches fox5 and i need to know what 295 is looking like? >> i was m he watches with his wife catanna in the morning. mng shout out to be guys.s. >> good morning. m let's move it over to 270 right now. same story there.tory sad looking traffic as you make your way down past falls a crasc blocking the shoulder. down towards the spur. sun glare, mess of slow trafficf congestion.conges take a look at our maps right now. now. jams on the inner loop branch b avenue to saint barnabas, bar 13 miles per hour.13 as you head past the wilsonhe wl bridge, you also are dealingre a with some congestion suitlanduil parkway inbound to the douglasdd bridge jams and then edsall todl king stee
7:48 am
area of 395 north but you jam ym across the 14th street bridgeeet as well and inbound gw parkwaykw slow by 123 spout run usualpoutn spots and to the key bridge.dg metro is on time. normal service has resumed onum the orange line earlier ear malfunction has cleared. car and just a side note i wille i w never attempt to dance on camera again. i'm going to stick with tucker's walk. i think that is much safer bet.e back to you. >> erin, thank you so much. okay. happening this morning, two t historic vehicles going oniclesg display in d.c. president taft's 1909 white 19 steam car what you saw there,he and the very first official white house automobile. what you're looking at now president ronald reagan's 19622 willie jeep c it will arrive at the nationalat mall in a few hours.. taft's car will remain on remai display until april 19th.unti if you can make it down thereowt yourself this morning, noorng worries. bob barnard will be there live for the big unveiling on good g day d.c.. also happening today, tod experts are holding a pressin p conference to discuss plans forr
7:49 am
on the national cathedral. after 2,011 earthquake damagedem many parts of the historic histi building the second stage will cost approximately $2 million $l and focus on repairs to theo the building's exterior.r. experts say the restorationra could take over a decade. and will also ultimat ultimatels $22 million the second phase will officially start tomorrow. capitol bike share becomingc more available and more affordable, too. too. ddot opened the ninth bike share station in ward eight yesterdaye introduced a new bike shareeha community program. progr the program works to provide subsidized capitol bike share memberships for people most in need of transportation. users can get annual membershipp for $5 compared to the $85 fee.. >> showdown yesterday op camown toll hill.ll hl. heated he can changes many areee talking about this morning.t thi metro officials going head t
7:50 am
head with members of congresson yesterday. new metro board chairman jack evans came hat in hand but not so politely asking fong more money. >> all i'm asking from you is $300 million which is your fairf share given the fact that we transport 50% of your work force every day.eray you want them to be safe. you want this to be reliable.ele you just want to leave here like we in 2005 don nothing. nothi if we do that next timet tim something happens i'm blaming ii on you guys because we need your help.he >> one key lawmaker says quote s i'm not going to bail you out. and that lawmaker is florida congressman john micah whoohn mc shared the hearing and joins us now live from capitol hill.. congressman g morning. morning good to to see you this morning. >> good morning. it was a heated exchange.d xc >> it sure was.>> and you're no stranger to thattt on capitol sometimes things do get heated,a but it's heat the with passionhn and it's heated with the desirer for results. now, metro boar
7:51 am
heard from came hat in hand asd we said asking for money and you had a quick response to say,ay probably shouldn't be coming to us asking for money right now. >> well, you have years of bad management. you have a system that is in in disrepair.. it's their fault.heir fault we are providing 66% of the capital funds, and they have $783 million sitting there as of two weeks ago they haven'tyav expended so don't come and ask a me for more money from the medicinal government which isnm already broke. b >> and you're saying not justots d.c., maryland needs to step upp virginia needs to step up.p. look, you've been here for aeenf long time. you've been -- >> the district has two and a td half billion dollars surplus. sl they can also contribute money,y but we're paying an
7:52 am
towards capital expenditures ane those are the improvement thatim is need to be made. be me. we gave them a billion and a and half over 10 years. 150 million a year for 10 yearss and they haven't spent some of e that money. the communication system whichye we ended up losing one person that didn't work last january.ja we had a fatality. they still don't have that that project done, and we've been onn that for over 10 years. 10 y >> i want to talk more about the accountability. first, for just a second, let'ss listen to what one of your one r colleagues from across the eyere had to say yesterday. yeste this is congressman jerryngressj connelly.nnel let's listen in for one second.n right.t >> in virginia, we pay the subsidy.bsidy. my local taxpayers.par so when you say, a bail out, my constituents hear something somt quite different. i hope you will keep that ifkeet mind as you care about your people mr.
7:53 am
and care about ours because weut foot the bills in have a have not the state. >> we're quite sensitive to the fact that we already pay high hh subsidies and have one of thehe highest fare bucks recovery recr rates in the country. >> congressman mica you hold lol of cards in this situation. sti how do you work this out betweeb the jurisdictions involved andc congress when it comes to future funding? >> well, congressman failed togm mention that we havee unprecedented transit subsidiesi too for federal workers. so we're contributing on the the operational side but we're contributing 66% of the money tm for capital which isch is unprecedented in any system in s the country. so i do think, n virginia, vgi maryland and the district couldu step up to the plate on thee operational the federal governmenten doesn't -- doesn't provide't p operational subsidies.sidi only in rare cases we did that when we had the fiscal melt d
7:54 am
for some communities.niti but you can't do that. we just cannot operate. ope and they have plenty of money in their covers so on the the operational side, they need tod continue to step up to the pla plate. >> congressman, one thing wegres haven't had in the past forhad n metro and i think you'll agreeor with this the new general manager paul wiedefeld is takink this approach, yes, there havehe been situation that is have nott work in the past, there has beee wasteful spending, whatever ithe is, some type of ineptitude. we're now trying to take controk of this and move forward andrd a show accountability. what in your opinion does metro have to do to prove to pro yourselves and other members ofo congress that they're doing the right thing, they're headed iny the right direction? >> well, they've got a newve g w manager, and i reached out to him yesterday and we will reachr out to him to work with him, bu, they've got to get the moneyon that we already have backed up $783 million and make the millin improvements, particularly thely safety improvements and operational improvement that isa node to be bead we'll
7:55 am
you know, yesterday an old storo but we've got to move for.ove we've got to have a safe and secure system that operates well for the people of the district.r you know, unfortunately, the ridership is down and the a operating costs are up.costs are so he's got his hands full. the delegation locally has alsoh said he needs to fire some fir s people and i agree with that.t. no one has been fired yet.. i guess we had the resignationia of safety officer but they needn to go in and clean house, get people who can get the job done. be responsible with taxpayers money that's sitting there idol without safety improvements ma made. >> no doubt about it. n a lot of work still to be done,n and safety and securityurity obviously one of the over wellhl myth things that has to be doneh as congressman, i know it was heated yesterday. we appreciate your calm demeanoo with us this morning with us.ngu it's great to talk to y
7:56 am
i'll have my coffee now.myoffe >> all right. all r enjoy. thanks for your time this f morning.or congressman john mica. mica. >> just like us we all need ourd coffee. >> sure do. tucker, over to you. y >> beautiful down at the capitol this morning. dthis beautiful area wide much it is i little cool out there.the. 45 degrees just jumped 3 degreed with our last -- latest update t few moments ago.go winds out of the south at threee beautiful afternoon lots andools lots of blue sky early springfield but look how quiet w it is. all the way out to chicago, omaha, minneapolis looking att sunshine, new york, boston if, o you're traveling today in greatn shape as well low to mid 60s fof us. we're in the upper 50ser 5 yesterday. so noticeably warmer thismer t afternoon and we still have thit great warming trend for the for weekend look at our weekend forecast low 70s by sunday. upper 70s perhaps low 80s by monday afternoon.on nice looking forecast. forecast all right. that's an easy one, too. o let's see if your roadways aresa moving along with erin. >> i would say you have the you better part of the job today, td tucker talking about sunshine,un warm temps, springtime and iend have problems.em
7:57 am
side. crash blocking the rightkinghe shoulder. cones are set up much we havese tow truck out there thist is bb 29. it's been out there for some time just getting ready to tow y it out of the way.itut of th slow from 234 on through thatugt point and again once you getd ai inside the beltway throughgh arlington some backed up traffia as well.asell. 295 all jammed up on the inbound side past eastern avenue. avenu thing are jammed by benning asy well because we have a crash.see so be prepared for that delays l actually all the way back to t riverdale road crash near eastrs capitol. keep it to fox5.keep it to fox we'll be back in just a few.ackw got you covered with your news,r weather and traffic for youror y 8:00 o'clock hour. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. ♪ 8:00 o'clock now.ckow giving i was gorgeous life looko outside on this thursdayhu morning. it's april 4th, 2016. 201 we'll have weather and traffic c coming up on the 5's at 8:05.:0. really pretty. good morning to you. morni i'm allison seymour.ey >> i'm steve chenevey welcome t fox5 news morning.orning it is 8:00 o'clock now onclc this thursday morning. mor happening today, early voting vn actually begins in marylandar today. now the primary is not until tht 26th of april, but the early voting period runs through the 21st. 21st each county and the city of cito baltimore have voting sites open every day from 10am until 8:00 p.m. early voting sights not tht same as your normal polling place so keep that if mine makei sure to check out the complete list of early voting sites thata list on our website at
8:01 am also happening today, thengt national park service facing a a crucial deadline to apply forppr millions of dollars in federaled funds to fix the decayingecayin memorial bridge.dge. >> but lawmakers don't believe e the application will get done ii fox5's bob barnard is live ats e the memorial bridge. so gorgeous.s. such a staple in our he's telling us why this mightst not get done, though.,ug bob, good morning. good morning allison andllis steve. if this bridge does not get a $250 million overhaul it may have to be closed in five yearss that's why today's deadline isde so important.tant. the national park service hasvih until tonight to apply for a federal grant, $150 million, to help repair eroding steal support beams and a crumblingmbi bridge deck just beneath theth pavement. the bridge is in such bad shapee everyone agrees on that but tha there is something some some disagreement over why the park service application for thator t fast lane grant isn't alreadylr submitted.itte
8:02 am
area are pushing the park the p service officials to get this t application to get it in by tonight.onight but it is just one of many expensive transportation projects that the park service needs to complete. of course memorial bridge was open in the 1930s. 193. it needs meadery pairs and, of f course, then the longer term rehab.b. lanes on the bridge have had too be closed in recent months mon because of safety issues.s. so, of course, we'll be keepingk an eye on what happens today.od the park service says it plansts to get it done, but from what we can tell, all the ts haven'ts hn been crossed and the i's notot dotted yet for tonight's's deadline for big chunk of moneyy needed to keep this bridge opene and save, guys. >> thank you very much. v muc >> happening right now police rg are looking foreman they say s sexually assault add woman aftet she left shopping mall in greene belt. police say the suspect walk up w to the woman and started talking to her at beltway plaza the two parted ways.d w but then police say the s
8:03 am
approached her again when she se walk across breeze wood drive tt an apartment complex and that'ss where police say he sexuallyexuy assaulted her. it's an area that some say isays not safe at night.. >> i have a cousin that he useds to live in the apartments behin the mall, and he would always aw tell me be careful when you'ren leaving your car, when you're y visiting me, it's a known areawa that is not that safe.t s >> the suspect is described as s male with a light complexion,plo 5 feet tall but muscular wearini a black t-shirt with pink embleb on the front, dark pants andts a gray sneakers with green trim. atlanta braves outfielderde hector old vera placed on leavea by major league baseball basebal following his arrest here inerei northern virginia.nia he is accused of of assaulting a woman at the ritz carlton at pentagon city. c she called 911 yesterdayterday morning. now when police showed up theypt found the woman with bruises,h s she went to the hospital.pil then old vera was taken into custody.y. the 31-year-old is facing a diss every miss den mean nor charge g
8:04 am
back in his hometown of miami. some bad news from thes froe verizon center the washingtonasi wizards don't have a head coach. >> whitman fired last nightiredl after the wizards beat the hawkw final game of the season.the sn whitman coached the team for four years he was hired afterirt the wizards fired saunder.aund >> excitement is building as thd caps getting ready to -- set i s shall say to face the flyers ine the first playoff game tonighton 7:00 o'clock.. less than 12 hours away now. d.c.'s mayor declared today rocc the red day tonight' game 7:00 at verizon center.en here's the the d their playing the flyers.s flyers from philadelphia. for this week and this seriessee we're not going to liketoik philadelphia. we're to the going to like thent flyers. we're not even going to like anything involved withnvol philadelphia including ournclu continue parts at the fox station in philadelphia.lpa so we'll have a little smacke sm talk showdown with them coming n up 8:30. >> yeah.>> yea >> we need your help.need yhelp >> ervin from philadelphia.lade >> she lives here now. we'll give her a pass.s.
8:05 am
>> but, here's what we need --w were need from viewers to helpop us give some good singers wee can -- >> zing, zing. >> shank, shank. sha >> no shanking.shankin >> no. all right. that's coming up?g ? >> 8:00 their.thei >> steve, we got to talk aboutbt your trash talk skills.kill >> they're not very good.reot v i'm deferring to tucker and weke really need wisdom. >> okay. okay. >> in the break we'll do abreak little one-on-one trash talking 101. >> i'm a lover.>> i'm not a fighter.not i wouldn't be a good hockeyoo >> any way what's going on inhao the weather? >> i get i >> let's go to the forecast. we're looking -- gloats to thett forecast.reca ♪ >> awkward moment.>>wa >> go to the forecast or that's how you got to do littlel mean trash talking.king >> right?>> >> um-hmm.>> u >> erin, what are you lookingkig at. >> 45 in washington. >> there you go.o >> let the philly girl do thel t trash talking.alking >> 44 in annapolis.ap >> don't make me go philly
8:06 am
>> 34 in frederick. fderi we had chilly temperatures to start your day.styo beautiful beautiful afternoon.en if you want to go, upping, pre p celebrate before the big game at 7:00 hanging out around the outd verizon center outdoors beautiful this afternoon.erno look how quiet.. beautiful blue skies expected ep and high temperatures in the loe to mid m 60s very nice afternoon. pleasant tonight, cool overnight and then we're setting up for ur fantastic weekend look at thatat and the fox5 rocks forecast anda i'll forty six my trash talking in the next 26tr minutes. m >> you and erin should gohoul g practice.. erin is from philly.hill you're from here.rom ere. practice trash talking eachking other.otr. honestly i've heard echoer erine much she's got the skills. ski >> when i get angry i wave mye m finger. >> we know. >> flare my nostrils even say oh, no. >> you also did a neck that's a high degree ofe o difficulty. >> we know you have the skills.v >> and allisone , that was stags because i'm not feeling theling anger right now.geright >> i know right.. >> don't make me stuff your facf with crabcakes. >> erin, can you work with him?h >> i don't even know where to gt
8:07 am
>> we start at the bottom.ot >> here's the thing. here's the tucker set the bar so low l anything he says to them ism is going up here and here's theeres deal. i am from philly.ll yes, i grew up watching thein t flyers but i'm going to say s washington, d.c. has welcomed me and i love all the caps fans.s f they have great heart.grt he >> there you go.he >> my heart is split in two. >> okay.kay enough cheese. let's move and to traffic.raic. traffic is backing up on 295 on9 the southbound side.did there's a crash past eastern. you are all jammed up not looking so hot delays alls l the way back to riverdale road d the crash is here east capitol street and that is what you're y up against.up against. outer loop the congestion is dissipating just little bit asea you make your way towardsds georgia avenue. you need give yourself a littlet bit of extra time there. 270 still slow throughthro gaithersburg this let's switch it over you can sen 66 eastbound a crash has been be out there for some time needs to clear approaching 29 centrevil centreville. some slow-moving traffic in that area as well a look back to our maps. maps. we'll show you how things are shaping up around town.und nats taking on the braves brave tonight expect increased --
8:08 am
there -- i got so heated talking increased pedestrian traffic game starts at 4:00.s 4 tucker and i will practice somee trash we got to win this one, i'll feeling the team love.ea l >> i feel like we got ringerot n with erin here.n here >> back to you guys. back toou >> defer to erin.. >> coming up new details aboutbo secret meeting between fox's megyn kelly and donald trump. >> not secret any longer pluson the end of and era.. kobe bryant played his final his game. those stories and more had we'rd back in just 30 seconds.
8:09 am
♪ republican frontrunner f donald trump causing a bit of ao stir after he mentioned the former penn state coach joe j paterno and asked where he was e during the trump rally inn pittsburgh yesterday. yesterd here's what he had to say abouta the coach.. >> and we love the place. place we love -- just so you understand, i went to school ino this state, right. we know that, right? (applause). >> so i know -- i know a lot about pennsylvania and it's great. how is joe paterno? we going tg bring that back? right. how about that whole -- how - about that whole deal? we do e love penn state.tate do we love penn state? in allll fairness. fair we love penn state.te but we love pittsburgh, right? >> okay. let me tell you what happenedyoe first and then i'll break itned down for youth
8:10 am
2012. 2012 months aft he was dismissed froe the university aft a child sex x abuse scandal involving hisng assistant coach jerry sandusky.k now the candidates feud with fed meghan kell might be over as o s well the two might privately ata the trump tower to clear the car air. she confirm the meet walk at het request saying mr. trump wasr. u gracious enough to agree withnor it. meantime trump's right hand mann campaign match of manager corey, lewandowski not going to be goib prosecuted on misdemeanor nor battery over allegations heegato grabbed the arm of a reporter.. trump supported his campaignpaig manager. mana is he he says fields as a threat was protecting him.g as a pittsburghsi.e. we don't love physical. physi he went to school inent tochoo b, it's pitt territory, pitt any penn state are huge rivals.e ri. neither one of those flies too i well with the pittsburgh crowd. >> hmm. >> >> got to know your audience.di. >> getting boos. >> okay. let's move on then.> onle the democratic side vermont se
8:11 am
margay rally in new york cityn o last night. nig ahead of this next week'see primary election.y the rally took up most of o washington square park and drewd hundreds of supporters. s sanders spoke before anore enthusiastic crowd about thehe coming days and his plans to campaign in the empire state ofa new york.k. ndnders and hillary clinton a debate tonight in another update on the zikahk virus. vi us health officials confirm wham doctors in brazil have suspected it causes babies to be born with derth defects that includesdefet babies with smallers heads and other severe brain issues. the cdc now working to stop thet spread of mosquitoes that carryy the they say those mosquitoes areque now in 30 states. former beetle band memberem ringo star taking a standar ta s alongside bruce springsteen andn every growing list of musicianss by canceling upcoming concert it north the cancellation comes in lightg of the state's controversial new bill hb2 also known as the bathroom bill.l. star did apologize to his fansif but said they need to take ae stand against hatred and quote a
8:12 am
>> end of era in basketball kobb bryant capping off his 20 year career in the nba with one lastt game. >> putting on quiet show.iet sh. >>ure e did. he scored 60 points in the lakers victory over the jazz. sixth time he scored 60 or morem points in an nba game. kobe' legacy, 18 time all star,s third all time in scoring, 5nba titles, two olympic gold medals. wisdom martin were here he woulw say and 17 wins for his team in their final season in theeain t league. historic night tour the golden o state warriors they well gotell more than 17 wins. they got 73. got 7 team beat the grizzlies 124-105- became the first team to win 73n regular season games.. they broke the record set by tht bulls in 1995, '96. steph curry hit 10, three-poin three-points. >> you know it's big night nba the president joins in on the fuinn tweeting out this meme ofi curry and himself dance wig thet quote
8:13 am
the president laternt l congratulated the warriors onthr win number 73. and somebody used the cryingg michael jordan meme to make thit one with steph curry.steph c love the i net.he >> oh, boy. oh, b >> creativity.ivy >> very creative.ativ >> coming up a warning forni anyone who eats fast food a lota why the food's packaging may be put ugh at risk.ugh risk. >> let's head back outside on ho thursday morning much when it'sc day like this you don't minee take a few looks outside. outsie the sun is shining. little chilly right now. we'll check in with tucker next.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> my little test is goingle tis through rock creek park i do i that a lot to get to my parent'' house and when you start seeing those baron trees like get all t full.ll >> oh yeah. >> and then one day -- but thent one day it's just done. >> it's amazing how different ii can look around >> it is amazing. >> winter to summer. summer. >> i love it. >> speaking of new life it's li' cuteness time tuck.k. >> steve, beautiful transition.n you shall get a daytime job -- >> i shall work on that.ll won >> that's smooth.s smo all right. time now for my first five -- fox5 first five photo of theotot day. da that's what we're calling it'ret everybody much this is trentonht everybody. >> hey, good looking., >> we got a birthday togobihday celebrate today. t today is trenton's fifth birthday.rthday. >> happy birthday!irthda >> he's a big boy now.ow >> look at his smile. sle >> happy happy birthday topyirth trenton.ton >> you think that's something he made. >> you know it. >> look at his hands.
8:17 am
>> he just made made it that's right.that don't you miss those days? getg your hands dirty. not worry about it.ut >> if you think about making aua live sized piece of artwork --- >> wait a minute, allison.llis >> that's impressive.iv >> whoever said those days area over. >> well, that's true. tha it is. you're absolutely right like ayi self portrait look how tall it is. is >> that's real impressivere imp trenton. great >> beautiful.>> bea trenton, happy happy birthday.i. >> great great day. great greatd >> we love your >> yes, we do.>> >> love your artwork.rk >> um-hmm.m-hm love your energy. >> cute as a button. >> yes.>> y do you need a microphone.. >> maybe you can do the weather with let's do it together.her. all 42 now in washington. 42 degrees. 45 up to 45. t 4 new york city, boston 43. off to the north and west it ist in the 30s in columbus, 36 degrees. bottom line for us, cooll temperatures right now. now beautiful afternoon.ernoon winds out of the north and easts a little warmer than yesterdayey but dry dry evening if you're going out. if you're going
8:18 am
tonight wear your caps jersey with pride you don't need to t wear a heff 53 coat. coa we're still in for a beautifulel stretch of weather.ea if you're going see fox5 rocks r tomorrow morning -- >> oww.>> oww >> cool but beautiful day.autify friday, saturday, sunday, mondan all look great with warming warg trend near 80. 8 that's right. >> near 80 by monday afternoon.o >> i love the fox5 rocks in redd but since we're rocking the redr maybe we could do our wholeo our thursday forecast in red.ed big red numbers on there.n the can we do that? tt? >> too late to do that.e to do it's thursday. >> steve, i'm mailing it in atmn this point. point so you'll have to wait tillitil tomorrow for that. tt >> erin aft all these years i thought he worked hard andard a really cared. cared. >> the sad they know i have plenty my map for you. y >> that's not the good kind. ki. >> not a good thing.ot a good tn >> not the kind of you want toiy see. pe rson hit by a car unfortunately northwest we'reor dealing with a crash at thesh at location of 34th street str northwest at reservoir road. roa caution around thatt intersection.on more crash activity in northwest this third street
8:19 am
you can see all of that red on d the map.e ma it's good for hockey many noty good for drivers. 395 north really jams up rightpr now north of the beltway edsalll to king street, 14 miles perlepe hour. hour. more delays towards 14thward14th street bridge.stre a live look outside.utde we are congested all over the beltway.ltwa canal right now as you make your way inbound on chain bridge verr jammed up.p nothing atypical there just youu normal flow of traffic in fact c all of our bridges are slow key bridge jams outer loop back to being stacked from 95 through the spur.e ur 95 southbound from the icc tod t the beltway jams. js. bw parkway north and southboundh as you travel past powder millil you'll hit stop gop trafficff further north at that point att 100 as well.el give yourself extra time.ra t metro on time right now. now it is sunny, but you still neede a warmer jacket than you wouldyd think. a little chillier than i wasn expecting this morning when is got out the doormo.theoo back to you. >> for so many people fast foodo becomes a common part of but there's new study that finds all that convenience may be m b exposing us to harmful hmf chemicals. >> scary thought reallyhougeal considering a third of us havesv eaten fast
8:20 am
hours. hours. maureen is in studio with more now. >> this is really concerning.onn the study was released by georgg washington school of publicc health.he they used the cdc definition ofo fast food as guideline whichic includes basically anything youu buy that's not served on a pla plate. the research reveals those who eat fast food may be exposed tod higher levels of harmfulul chemicals called the study found that those who o consumed at 35% of their dailyly calories from fast food had a 20 to 40% higher level of phalates. experts say phalates are foundpu in the processing and handling n foods such as the chemical is linked to infertility, pregnancyregnan complications and behavioral bea problems.problems. in fact, congress has banned ban them from children's toys because of health concerns. con. another possible source ofouof phalates is from vinyl gloves used by food handlers.andlers. many us restaurants use thoseho instead of latex gloves to g protect with latex allergy. so another concern from fast food phalates.s. >> good to know. g >> it is good to know. it's good to know. g maybe every now and
8:21 am
know.ow. >> yeah. thanks mo. >> absolutely.bsol >> cheaper options to super foods.s. find out what they are and howth they can benefit b >> the great esce how this octopus broke out of of his tank and made his way back c to the ocean. somebody wrote see you suckers.e i love t because he has get it. >> i get it.. (laughter).
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ talk about high seash se adventure. a male octopus in case you werew wondering it was a male at theat national aquarium of new zealand made a daring escape from his end closure and returned himselh to the open ocean. >> what? what? >> yes. see ya. >> inky the octopus because they spray ink when they're,, what wt cornered or troubled or whatev whatever. ink key the octopus slipped s through a small gap in enclosuru slid across a wet floor, steve,s and then squeezed through the nearly 6-inch >> he plotted this.otte >> he wanted to go back into the open sea. >> he must have seen somebody s else do it. >> he was given to the aquarium after being rescued from a crayfish pod. they were helping him out.. escape surprised few in theurprf world of marine biology octopi o are known for strength,trengt dexterity and intelligence.gee if you can well and back at homh i say inky, run inky, run.. yes.yes. that's my favorite story of thee day. da but he was
8:25 am
good part about it. >> if i recall, he crawledal through things no man shouldo ns ever.ev >> he went on the floor and -- a do you understand what i'm saying. >> do i not recall half of nemoo was about them getting out ofngo the fish bowl and getting back.c >> what we know right now they e do speak. >> they are more intelligentel than we thought. thht >> yes. >> and they want to go and and find --find -- >> the whole time he was therehe he was casing the joint. casing >> yeah he was.>> y >> if i ever get a chance --han >> little suckers on the walle u like ts >> like nemo that kind of oldkio fish that was helping nemo get out?ut? >> yes. >> thank you allison for playing ago. real quick weather forecast. w f >> i love that story. le th >> great story. >> i hope he's okay. >> me too. too. >> 45, cool, going to be in then low 60s later today.od but a beautiful afternoon. beautiful beautiful with bright blue sky no clouds out there to speak of.spea quiet weather pattern we're still looking at a nice warmupe the weekend forecast couldn't be better. if you're having a birthday orr getting married or anything ofon that outdoors this weekend it wd will be great.will be gr all right. all right. stev
8:26 am
it. your hockey >> bring it on.>> it >> inside at rona, wellon well conditions are as they usuallyty are. outside the a ren in a, it willw be beautiful.ul with temperatures in the upperer 50 if's you're enjoying a pre-game beverage.evage. >> all right. >> i was trying to make a reference to is a shankis sha redemption which is probablyhica lost with the octopus crawling l through the pipe. >> there was not an you mean with morgan freeman and --an (laughter).(l >> i don't remember their namesm >> steve, i got it it.t it i >> erin, over to you.ver >> no, yes. >> the shaw shank redemption ret movie. >> it's one of my favorites.ori. it's a powerful film.eril >> don't you look cute. >> i would like to do public puc shout out this is tucker's. tuc' i would like one that says comom >> you guys are official now. nw congratulations.ratu >> i was just saying i want a comb mow flyer -- i mean flyersy jersey. >> capitals jersey. >> back to us now. >> okay. traffic is jammed up on 295 just like my words. words how is that?w is >> we're backed up from past
8:27 am
eastern avenue earlier crash did clear and as you make your wayor inbound you're not doingeot d terrible heading out of townut w towards the top side of thep sit beltway let's switch it over from camera and show you a lookl at our maps. you're dealing with a crashh a 34th at reservoir we'll havell h more traffic in just a few and i will figure out the mental conflict that's going on. back to you at the tu at >> the only reason you get a oy pass because you look reallyy good in a caps jersey. >> adores. >> i like the color. hopefully people were justpele w watching and not listening. lisg >> excitement is building forem the capitals first playoff gamem tonight.night >> they play the flyers. theay t coming up we'll do trashwe'llo r tracking with our friends up inp philadelphia. that's coming up next. 8:27.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 right now. n beautiful look at the areahere around our nation's capital and win. real nice day today. nicday caps getting set to take on the flyers in the playoffs tonight.. we'll talk more about that justt a couple of minutes. m. first, though, hi. >> hello.>>lo >> how are you.>> h >> we'll ignore this one she a little slip of the tongue earlier. ea >> flyers.ers. >> we'll focus on the person who is at least raced in this area a tucker barnes good what am igoow doing here. >> the weather. >> we're stretching. wtret >> we're stretching so we canwe get to our philly counterparts.. >> my plan when we talk to them, steve, i'm going get thrown iner the penalty box two minutes for --r >> no. then you can't help us. >> tucker has been working onn his jokes, his trash talking. he's feeling good about it.dbout
8:31 am
know i was in it. i w i didn't prepare witty quips. qs >> you don't want to prepareon't allison because it's all upn here. >> i would like to have facts in case they tell me, you know, you we're a bunch of losers i'd likl to be actually -- >> statistically. >> the problem we haven't been w able to come up with that uwitht background. >> we don't want any facts inant this case we don't have lot of f history on our side with theitht >> emotional support we'retion >> allison this is all youhis iy revert back to, you guys are wrong. wrong. >> that's not my accent. accent >> you got -- you got to do thaa one. >> here we go. her ready or not.ready not. here we go. here >> all right. w bring it op, guys.. >> mike and alex are joining uss from our sister station inn philadelphia.phia >> i like that one sid i was bore the wayne train. t >> our leading scorer wayner simmonds on the ice tonight.. love saint monica school inl in south cheering on our flyers.n our rs. okay.ay. our sister station is ins i washington, d.c. fox5. hi guys.hi guys. >> good morning. g >> good morning. good morning. >> first of all i think wel i should end this just with
8:32 am
jacket, done right >> it's over. >> over. (laughter).ghr) >> i like it.>> i l it looks loo goo >> put on some sunglasses, fol folks. >> he guys are coordinated.rdat >> it looks like you're wearingg orange tie.ange >> did i tell you the sound thes would be screwed up.wod >> it's red. >> i predicted this. >> of course. c war the capitals colors have cor what are they wearing.ea >> here's what realized we'ree' starting off at a deficitefic because apparently only half ofo us got the red memo this ts morning.rnin >> hello. >> i'll cozy up next to erin. tr >> oops. >> i know. okay, guys.okay, how do you feel coming in -- >> it does look orange. >> how do you feel coming intoyo the game.u d? ing artet this thing starte what are your chances, how do h you feel?feel >> can't you tell? look at this. we are ready. flyered up baby.ab >> okay. you know we have erin como withi us and she has declared herd her allegiance to washington now.ow she's a philly girl.l. >> yeah. >> now she's rocking dc red.ed >> take a look at her jersey.erj
8:33 am
>> benedict arnold! a >> in all fairness i was born in virginia.virg >> okay.. >> and my friend joey iny i delaware county, i will talk to you later.yo i know i'm all right going to gg have text messages. >> did i just hear --ea >> what did i just hear.t hea >> maybe i should address this.t this sound is ridiculous. >> come on, people. get it together. tether. >> is it on our end.>> ir >> we apologize. we're hearing this awkward silences. >> no trash talking from youta guys. >> because it's audio. >> it's an audio issue. iss >> it's an audio issue now! >> oh, yeah. >> maybe i shall address this tl tucke ar. please tell me that our caitlyn roth who grew up in thein the philadelphia area is not aelia a capitals fan. you know why i'm addressing itsg to you i. >> ooh.oh >> you are getting down dirtyeti here aren't we? w >> we're going right to it.ighti >> oh, yeah. oh, y >> as a matter of fact she isthe
8:34 am
gear as we speak. >> wait a minute. (laughter).. >> here's one problem we have, mike. mike. what is going on?? >> first of all mike iik appreciate you going there. and trying to get tucker rialede up. the problem is, erin is actualla wearing tucker's jersey that t says barnes on the back of it.. so we might have another problel on our hands. hds >> things are getting weird oved here. >> are you dating both theseothe women. >> what can i tell you, man? >> no player >> i wish.>> i wish. >> all right. i got joke for you guys. g are youd for a joke? j >> this should be good. >> all right. capitals, ! joke., ! j >> this is a joke.>> ts is a jo. what is do the philadelphiala flyers and the titanic have in common?common? >> what did he glare what do tho philadelphia flyers and titanict have in common?? >> that's right. rig they both looked good -- i don't know, what tucker. tuc
8:35 am
>> they both look good untiloodu they hit the ice. >> i'm out of here. >> here's footage of the stanlea cup parade that we had.e had how many times have the capitala won the cup?the cu >> see, now --ow- >> whose got time for statisti statistics. and that's all the time that wee do have. t hav all we know -- look at the vid video. look at the video. >> is that a parade? is thats t shot in beta? is that the '60s? (laughter).. >> by the way, why is the capitals mascot philadelphia eagle? e? y because they want to be likee us. good because, mike, it had tomit escape philadelphia for better r place. >> oh! >> ooh. >> the original capital of the united states.. >> don't forget that.t t >> well it's going to
8:36 am
with a championship and a cupup this year. >> wow,s will zen to these guysy they got some come backs.. >> sorry about the caps. >> hey, mike. mik >> hockey stick. it's a stick.tick >> you guys we got to end ito ed there but want to say thank youk and may the best team win, so so let's go caps. c we'll see you >> bite way, allison, it's good' to see seeou i miss you. >> awww. >> that was sweet. t >> thank you. >> so nice.>> sic >> i love her.>> iove h >> can we stop the trash talkk now. i miss you too.i miss you t >> i miss you guys. gs >> after the game we'll stop.e's sounds good.soun goo >> all right. all rht. let's put this -- the worsthe w piece of television i've seen in years to an end.nnd >> me, too. t (laughter). >> we grow on something. on soig >> we look good. >> thanks guys. thanks guys. >> let's go flyers! (applause).laus >> let's go flyers.flys >> go caps? c >> bet part we're showing lakers stuff behind us while we'rehi w' talking about hock keep it'sep okay. we're sorry.we >> we thought we'd have a littlt better segment.tter segme >>
8:37 am
hear the talk tal sometimes it happens.pens. but, you know, thing got weird.w we can agree on that.. >> not the end.he end i liked that part. p i don't know who that was tha talking to me who missed me butd i like it. >> it was mike.>> i >> mike jerrick.. >> yeah? yh? >> okay. >> we love mike.e >> we do love mike. w love >> and alex. a >> tuck, you can take as muchans time as you like now.e n we stole half the women from wom philly now we'll steal the sal series in four.n four. >> are you okay, you got a o little rattle rattled. >> got caught off guard.rd >> he dove into your personalnt life. >> he dove right in.e >> do i have to do weather now.. >> i lost my game, steve. sve >> he's right about one thing. i that was some awkward televisi television. >> reagan national 45 now. >> weak sell at fox5. >> who did it he nobody beats us at auctiont c war tv. mid 60s this afternoon. afterno lots of sunshine.. and very quiet weather pattern here for the next seven i'll have the seven day comingv up in a minute.upn a 62 today.od.
8:38 am
shirt. >> if there was a stanley cupa t for awkwardness, we would takelk it. it >> we win. >> we win every day.. >> i have mascara running downnd my eye right now. >> you wanted to traffic or tako a break.a i can do traffic.ff it's jammed up. jam up. there's red on the map.e's there's red on my jersey.erse let's take look what's going ono i had my awkward slip where i i call tis a flyers jerseyererse earlier. things have gotten worse afterse we'll recap commercial break anl bring it back.t back. >> from the beginning though wen were out classed with the jers jersey. they look they look the part. l oo>> this is true. >> so person hit by a car 34th street at reservoir road andd also dealing with crash activitv third street northwest at d street light. take life look outside at someoo of those backups and show youndy what else you're up against this things are backed up on inboundb canal as you head towards theds chain bridge this is out by fox hole -- as you head to the chaic bridge typical morningorning congestion there.tionhere 395 jams up as you make your war tour the 14th street bridge.dg we'll recap. recap we'll do little yoga ona on commercial break went got this t cover. back to you to yo
8:39 am
are born during the playoffss they get these caps thing at certain hospitals.ce the information is >> super c super cute. >> still to come this morning the great great t grandfather ww looks just like a major m hollywood star and if yound i haven't seen it yet, it is dead on.. >> erie. >> it really is.>> plus why fans are upset about at this base only rendition of thee national anthem.ti anthe which i kind of doug. o d maybe it's just me.t we're back in two minutes. >> it's groovy, al. >> maybe i'm a groovy chick.
8:40 am
8:42 am
♪ >> play on, please.leas play on. that is red hot chili peppers own bass playing the national no anthem at kobe bryant's lastsas game. big old lakers fan with his f wh jersey on, but he's getting age lot of heat on social media forf that performance. twitter blew up going crazy.ra one user saying quote please p national anthem was as bad as aa the lakers have been in the past three years end quote. signed by wisdom martin. flee by the way is a life longil lakers fan and i need to hear h the whole thing because i think it is like -- i think it'shi i pretty mazing.. >> it's the arts. a some people love thing.hi some people don't love thing alg in the eye the be holder or eare in this case.ase. matthew mcconaughey as a dop d pell gang we are apparently not somebody whose around today. somebody whose been gone for g very long time.ime. somebody's great greatatre so let's get in the way backtheb machine, al.
8:43 am
piss picture post on read it dod you see the similarity here,ityr similar eyes, bone structure,tu even the look, the face, thatt picture on the left of matthewtw mcconaughey he normally doesy have more of the look on the to right sort of dead straightght looking at you there the photoho has gone viral as you cans u c imagine. it is -- to me it's erie. to me it proves we're all justls like hanging around and then a coming back and hanging around.o >> it is really cool when youy find a really olcod picture ande you look and you're just liketik that looks like people today.ody >> i want to hear what he says y about it.ab >> the clothes is thehe clothese difference. >> a lot of hairstyles come bacl around much everything else.verg >> maybe not that massive stasha >> give it time. tim >> trader joe' social security y dethrone as america's favoriteie grocery store we'll tell you noy who is number one.r o good also fox medical team joins us with the super foods to keepk your body healthy and here's tht key.y. without costing i was fortune. it's 8:43.
8:44 am
8:46 am
♪ that is d.c.' own sound of d the city performing their brand new song called run. called run you can catch this band live inn person for free this fridayy that's tomorrow at farragut square park. p sounds of the city band memberse say they're music is soulful,ouf time less.ties they played at most major localc venues including but not limited to the lincoln theater, the 9:30 club, also, tucker's own firstit summer job the merry weather wth st
8:47 am
cool.l. >> if i was posing for thatng fr picture they just had runningni uphill try to get it the first f time. >> part of our fox5 rock springg concert series kicks off kks o tomorrow morning.ow m we hope you're there to join usu holly and maureen will be theree at farragut square park tomorror morning 9:00 o'clock whenn everything gets owing. on april 22nd, secret societyoc performs and the finale is bandn called the muddy crows fridayday april 29th.29th. tucker will be for that one.t o find out more information on th bands and concert series on great start to tomorrow.omro >> i went to merry weather witht steve late last summer andummera things really changed in then t concert world. w >> is that right? is thig >> little more tame now. more ta when i was working there things were a little on the crazierhera side people in the '80s they >> our venue we loved to go toed when i was growing up was wolf trap.ap >> yes.>> y >> always on the lawn with the h little snacks. snack >> so nice. so >> we're just so fortunate inuna this area. >> so many places you can go.s >> great music venues here.sere. >> yup.>> y
8:48 am
music. today if you're getting out and about beautiful afternoon theft quiet pattern continues nicetins warm up after a chilly startrt here we should be in the 60sld s this afternoon.isfternoon low to mid 60s but notice youror chilly temperatures. i mean manassas still hanging hi out at 30 degrees 8:00 o'clock in the the m 39 dulles.. dulles, frederick, hagerstown ht all below freezing this morningg so another round of frost andfrt freeze advisories to the northio and west early.and we ear 45 now in washington.n. leonardtown 32 this morning. m now 45 for you. 44 in annapolis.nas. 40 up in baltimore.more. again, little warmer than yesterday. yester winds will be out of the northeu and east won't be terribly'tterr strong today.strong so a very very pleasant pa afternoon an nice quiet weatherh pattern just nothing to breako b this weather pattern any timee soon as we'll have high pressure and a nice warming trend as we w get into the weekend.eend here's your setup for the warmee temperatures. so again a little cool for thisf time of year this afternoon lowr to mid 60s cool again tonight.ot tomorrow friday looks great. gat saturday, sunday, monday allonda look great and with highith pressure getting to our southou and oh southwesterly wind we'llw get a chance to start to cook t those temperature
8:49 am
into the 70s and some 80s. 8 hit the '80s music! okay. o don't hit the '80s 63 today.ay. (laughter). >> skate saturday. ska 72 sunday. near 80 by monday afternoon mucc that's look at weather allisonln and steve back to you.e ba to >> trusts. >> thank you very much.nk 8:49 right n yow. let's check in with hollyinh and maureen finding what'shat' coming up on good day d.c. hi ladies.adie >> hey, guys good day d.c. all . over the big stories thishi thursday morning. morng someone can get the prompter for us. it doesn't seem to be working se over here that would be >> thank you following the fighg between metro and house memberss transit agency saying they neede more money, lawmakers saying,ay not so fast. also at 9a, hand it over austin. hand it over right here. >> why?? >> the cow bell is back in thehe loft. we are rocking the red because the caps request for the stanlea cup begins tonight. we have a >> i thought
8:50 am
better. oh well. plus the sports world says worly goodbye to a legend and one teat makes history another one does. plus a troubling report outep about what could be in some ofeo your favorite foods.e >> and we get an up close andnd personal look at presidentialsia cars, yes the cars that carriese the commander in chiefs.der inhf we're live with that.h tha >> a jam packed good day d.c..c just a few minutes away. >> oman. >> may we hear it all the way t the stanley cup. (laughter).. >> you ring that bell, holly. thank you so much.. experts say about 85 millioo unrecalled takata air bags arere still in cars and trucks on highways. 85 million.ilon almost 30 million air bags airag recalled largest automotiveomot recall in history. in tory at least 11 people have diedeie worldwide. more than 100 hurt by those air bags.bags airline performance isance i improving but don't tell that to flyers.flyers government says nearly 84% of4%f flights arrived on time in i february and fewer cancellationo but despite better numbers inr s the previous month
8:51 am
complaints are still headed higher.high and wegmans is america's nen favorite food the chain over took four yearea veteran victor trader joe's to t win the title. title. the findings were the result off over 10,000 surveys distributedb across the country.. cuff mers appreciate wegman's wa cashier courtesy, cleanlinesslee and prepared meal options. publics supermarkets took thetkt second spot for the fourth yearu in a row. and if you are trying to eat healthy you're probably familial with super foods or the term at least super foods can beds c expensive, hard to find, so we found some cheaper substitutesus that are just as healthy withouo the painful price tag. t the fox medical team's beth b galvin joins us from atlant at o talk about i love this good morning, beth. b >> reporter: good morning,ning allison. >> let's talk about how we canec get healthier for little bite b cheaper.chear >> reporter: okay. oka well, you know, you've heard aur lot about super foods and they're basically super foods s aren't really a thing they're kind of a term that's created by
8:52 am
food companies and they'rend the supposed to be sort of these alt in one foods. foods everything you need in one food. but the food companies andnd nutritionists kind of differ ono nutritionists say you can't geta everything you need in one foodf and they have a couple c suggestions about foods thatha aren't going to be as expensivei but can still provide a huge amount of nutrients. nutrien so we'll start with kale. kale. you heard about kale. everybody is talking about kalel >> >> reporter: healthy disputeis for kale would be broccoli. same amount of nutrients almostt lots of fiber in there, a lot l less expensive than kale easieri to find. another thing, quinoa agentnoa t grain that everybody has on eve their menus now right now. instead of quinoa our nutritions recommended trying brown riceinn which is the healthiest of the t rice, has some protein, has a lot of fiber in there, and a third suggestion she made m instead of chi ya seeds you probably heard about eat adding chi
8:53 am
cereal she recommends just jt grabbing some flax seeds whicheh again are easier to find, veryer high in protein, very good fordo you and a way to kind of jump start your day. allison?son? >> okay. also, you know we've heard itkn' before try to get all the colors on your plate and that is also o true when you're talking aboutna vegetables, right? can you teln us a little bit more about thatt >> reporter: absolutely. you know when they encourage ena kids to do the -- they encourage them to eat the rainbow that t just means that the deeper theee color of the produce that you're eating, the more deep red, the , mr. deep green, the more deepp purple, that means moree nutrients in the food and so ass long as you can kind of shopp fresh, look for lot of color, ll get a variety, you're going to' be getting the nutrients youts y need. allison? >> okay. depending on where you go, beth, veggies and fruit it can becan b pretty expensive.en any tips how to save a couple oe pennies that way but still getut your produce? pdu >> reporter: absolutely.ely i would shop in season when youu can. so whateve
8:54 am
sale and then i would -- if it'i not in season, go with frozen fe because lots of frozen producenu is just as healthy as the freshe stuff it's frozen sort of at its prime, and you can save moneye n there.the if you can shop locally, and and shop your local farmers mark m because you can find some good g deals there. deal he is special physical it's in season.seon. al hi son. >> okay. just in the couple of seconds we have there's a pretty ground-breaking study onn insomnia and brain changes. cha for those of us who work thehe morning shift, beth, can you,h, give us the headlines here? h >> report roar this is a small s study out of china. people who primary insomnia they can't explain why they can'tan sleep they have brains wired ahe little bit differently bit difrt researcher said by looking at scans of their brains they foun they have like fewer neuro neu connections between areas of the brain that control sleep and sep wake fullness and so it may be throwing off their biologicalgi clock, allison. >> hmm. okay. things we knew but
8:55 am
degree we did not. not. beth, thank you so much.nk have super ser thank you.. >> see you neck >> you too. y >> all righty.ight >> thanks.has. >> 8:00. let's check in with tucker one w more time before we get to goodo day. day. >> hey, tuck. hey >> we got sunshine i wases coule the area right behind you.d you see it? i >> little bit back there. t. what you don't see is me but you see the sunshine.unshe it will be gorgeous little cool continues to be cooe up to 48 now in with daytime highs expected to e be in the low to mid 60s. 6 so nice afternoon. expected across the area and a a sunny and bright and just and j beautiful day to look forward to and really nice stretch of weather.weat bet part it only gets betteretsb from here. h into the 70s by the end of the weekend with dry conditions c saturday and sunday.ay andda there's look at your at ur satellite/radar. love this time of year. high pressures still delivering cool dry air it's not terribly l warm to start your day.our d very chilly overnight with quieu weather pattern let's get right to the goodt rio stuff. seven day forecast. 63 today.od. concert tomorrow morning ifto you'll come join us,mo please de bring a it will be little cool outool o there. th daytime high 64 and then there's the warmup.
8:56 am
sunday. upper 70s low 80s expected byd monday afternoon.fteron. and we keep it dry right througu the middle of the next week. w love this time of year. erin?? >> tucker barnes. >> 8:56 right now.ow. and traffic still slow and we aw have metro delays malfunctionnci outside stadium armory.. delays in both directions direc orange, blue and silver line be prepared for that.ep keep in mind, nats play today at 4:00.4:00 taking on the braves.therave watch for increased pedestrianer traffic and a crowded metro stoo at the navy jar.avar we'll let you know about that.yo it will be during the evening rush as folks get out of that of game so watch for extra crowdedd metro conditions as well.conditl person hit by a car northwest nh 34th street at reservoir road and then crash activity third ti street northwest and d street. secondaries in the distract backing up 1395 delays areelays holding pretty strong ecesessing across the wilson bridge on thee inner we'll take live look outside ate one of our cameras show how s thing are shaping up.shapin u you can see across the wilsonn bridge still a touch heavy we'lw keep you poste
8:57 am
erin fox5 d.c. allison?alson >> coming up. ride aig round like a true commander in chief. we'll go inside a special ape exhibit showing off two presidential rides. >> so cool. plus the man behind michael micl jordan super agent david foulkaf will join us live talking abouta a special event that broad him h to d.c. he'll be with us much it's 8:57.
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straight ahead, metro management under fire on capitol hill. why lawmakers say the beleaguered transit agency won'n get a bailout. plus russian fighter jetsighters taunting the u.s. navy.avy. now, this morning the whiteng te house is calling out theut the dangerous flights. donald trump making niceg nc with my began kelly. plus his awkward joke during ain pennsylvania rally and bernie br sanders getting a big welcome ie the big apple.gpp we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. til and later, a historic night on the hardwood.. kobe goes out on top an golden e night for the warriors. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ hey g day d.c..c. it is 9:00 o'clock on the dot oo this thursday april 14th. 14th i'm maureen umeh alongsidede holly, steve and wisdom. >> spilled it on myself allelall right. not a good way to start the sh show. >> big night for the n


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