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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 14, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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straight ahead, metro management under fire on capitol hill. why lawmakers say the beleaguered transit agency won'n get a bailout. plus russian fighter jetsighters taunting the u.s. navy.avy. now, this morning the whiteng te house is calling out theut the dangerous flights. donald trump making niceg nc with my began kelly. plus his awkward joke during ain pennsylvania rally and bernie br sanders getting a big welcome ie the big apple.gpp we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. til and later, a historic night on the hardwood.. kobe goes out on top an golden e night for the warriors. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ hey g day d.c..c. it is 9:00 o'clock on the dot oo this thursday april 14th. 14th i'm maureen umeh alongsidede holly, steve and wisdom. >> spilled it on myself allelall right. not a good way to start the sh show. >> big night for the n
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kobe and steph curry who did you watch last night big day for dcr sports the wizards looking for r new coach. unexpected.unex washington capitals gettingsng ready for the nhl playoffs.laff. that's not up expected eitherd because we're expecting them tog go a long way.go a more on all these stories straight ahead.. >> first, though, our sunny streak, hooray, continues butrau it's still another chillyes a morning out there.nog the good news, though, we've got perfect spring weather on thetht way.way and for all the details we go to tucker barnes who is back with h first check of the forecast. fos good morning, tuck. tuc >> good morning, holly. holly perfect afternoon.aft it should be perfect afternoon.. everybody will be going down too the verizon center a little early. want to get outdoors, you know,. >> yeah.ea >> watch the game on the deck. >> exactly. >> because i won't be watching n it signed the stadium because iu don't have a ticket.have aicke (laughter).e >> 48 in washington.ashington. wind out of the east at three. r it is still cool out there in ti fact north and west a frost andt freeze advisory earlier with wh overnight lows back in the 20s. culpeper down to 29 degrees very very chilly for this time ofsime
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otherwise a beautiful lookingki day and it will be beautifulutif afternoon a little warmer thanr yesterday. low to mid 60s high pressure really controlling thing for thi time being.eing and a quiet weather pattern.atrn we don't have rain in then in t forecast fort next seven daysse and nice warmup to look forwardd to this weekend. this weeken i'll have more on the weekend ok forecast coming up.sting up. let's enjoy today first. fst thursday afternoon almost fridaa another sunny day.nnyay. light winds out there very veryy pleasant 63 degrees.grees. pretty close to where we shalles be this time of year a little l warmer than than guys, lots more on the fyeorecas you're going to love it coming up in a few minutes. >> awesome. looking forward to it we'llar start with breaking news ftoromo japan. just about 30 minutes ago theret was earthquake 6.4 magnitude quake that hit the southern parn theft country 9:30 japanese ti time. meteorological agency saysical there's no danger of tsunami. the extent of the damage is nott yet known. ♪ happening today, we are justre s about one hour from the openingo of the polls for early voters i the april 26th maryland m the early voting period goes
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each county and the city of o baltimore have voting sites open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. p now early voting sites are notrn the same as your normal pollinga places so be sure to check outho the complete list of early voting sites. it's on our website right now maryland errs begin to casts their ballots the presidentialt candidates are plowing along the trail with eyes set on new yorkr let's begin with the republicani frontrunner donald trump. tru he is causing quite the stir as usual. us this after he mentioned the former penn state coach joe paterno and asked where heree was -- where he was during his g rally in pittsburgh yesterday.ty meantime the candidates feudtese with fox news megyn kelly may bb over. the two met privately at trumpru tower yesterday to clear the aia and trump's right hand man campaign manager corey lewandowski will not beilnot prosecuted on the charge of of misdemeanor battery it came over allegations he grab the arm of m reporter michelle fields. field
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staged at cnn town hall by his adorable daughters. daughte girls even took a swing at the question and answer portion. telling moderator andersonr a cooper that they would want to n invite taylor swift to the whiti house if their father took office that is. >> fair answer on their part.r on the democratic side vermontrm the senators bernie sanders hoss add mega rally in new york cityy last night ahead of next week'ss primary leck. l rally took most of washingtonhio square park and drew hundreds of supporters.s. sanders spoke about the cominghc days and his plans to campaignig in new york. sanders and hillary clinton hil debate tonight in brooklyn. sandersanders op pone pent now y clinton held a rally this timele in the bronx. she spent her wednesday touringi the city making stops in manhattan at a protest byy workers of verizon who walk offf the job after failed contractntt negotiations.ations we need more money from thet federal government.t. that's the message top metroet officials are giving toe givi t congress.. >> however, during heated, du testimo y
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house members said they're not e willing to give back the heated exchange a have lot of peoplefel talking this morning. mng metro officials going head toeat head with congress.gress new chairman jack evans came hah in hand but not so politelypoliy asking congress for more money. here's part of his exchange with representative mark meadows from north carolina.nort >> all i'm asking from you is $300 million which is your fairi share given the fact that we transport 50% of your work force every day.y d. you want them to be safe. you want this to be reliable.e you just want to leave here likk we did in 2005 and do nothing nt and if we do that, next time t something happens, i'm blaming i it on you guys. guy because we need your help.r hel sir you're the one that's beentb on the board. board so how can you blame us? you'rr the ones making the decisions. >> that's kind of the way itay i went yesterday. one key lawmaker says i'm notm n going to bail you out and that a was congressman john mica heic
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join us earlier this morning and he had a lot to say about metro's demands for more federal funds. >> well, you have years of bad management. you have a system that is in disrepair. it's their fault. we are providing 66% of the capital funds and they have $783 million sitting there as of two weeks ago they haven't haven expended. ex so don't come and ask me for more money from the federal government which is already broke.brok >> looking for accountability.ab but he does say willing to workr with the new general manager. >> the money they have is thatit isn't for new trains and things of that nature.. >> it's big difference betweenfe operational budget and that'sbug what congress is trying to samee you got this money but let's -- it's how you're, you know --no-- >> managing of it. it >> partitioning it right now.ig. >> hope they coming to a meet of minds much this is crucial cal
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you can't keep passing the buckk peoples lives are at stake. sta peoples livelihood are att stakes. something has got to give.e. >> 9:07. 9 sticking with the transportatioo topic the national park servicei face as critical deadline todayd to apply for millions of dollard in federal funding to fix the ft decaying memorial bridge.emoria. local members of the congresss e who need t co sponsor the t application say it's just not jn strong enough right now and they don't think it will be done by tonight. federal grant would go a long an way funning the quarter billioni dollars project.. they've been warning that if tht bridge is it does not undergosou the much needed repairs it could close to vehicles as soon as 2021. 2021 >> time now 9:07.7. allison back with check on some of the other stories making hadd he lines this morning.his mog. hi, al., >> you guys look so good in your >> thank you i love it.nk >> let's go caps. y close call though for u.s.>o navy ship in the baltic sea. russian war plains got a littlel too close for comfort. there's actually footage, there it is, of the jets flying dangerously close to u.s. naval.
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plains came within 30 feet of the ship and passed blow itsw is navigation bridge not once but officials deem the actionsemhe a unsafe and unprofessional.ssiona no word though on whether the us government will formally protest the night byes. former beetle ringo startar taking a stand against what hehh says is discriminatory in north carolina. he joins bruce springsteen andta others in an ever growing listrs of musicians by canceling aning upcoming concert in northrt the cancellation comes in lightt of that state's controversialovl new bill it's call hb2 but it'si nope popularly as the bathroomm bill.. star apologized to his fans buts said she need to take a standta against hatred and quote spreada peace and love. another update on the zikaa virus.s. cdc confirms that the virusir causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and brain defects.fect health officials have beeneen investigating this link everk ee since during in brazil beganegan fearing it last year.r. zika is spread
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mosquito bites and can bean transmitted through sex. the experts say it's a timem bomb waiting to explode. about 85 million unrecalledunre takata air bags are still in i cars and trucks on u.s. highwayy and roads. roads officials say the air bags canan explode with too much force anda spew happen kneel drivers andkne passengers. almost 30 million takata aira a bags have already been recalled. it is the largest i was tow motive recall in united statests history. and finally, the movie theoe theater is one place you canceo expect to not see cell phones, e right? well, that might be changing.changing. amc announc announced it's openn allowing patrons to text whileei watching a movie. um-hmm.-hmm >> that's illegal? >> yes, wisdom.isdom in an interview, the ceo of thee theater chain said he's willing to consider texting sections, sn like smoking sections outside.o
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people who don't want to turno n their phones off he said it's unreasonable tobl t expect millennials. >> come on. come on. >> to be able to through a movie without looking at their phone. >> this great idea.s great put them in the first three rowr of the theater. theat >> that's true.>> t even the lights. wouldn't the lights --he ls >> nobody wants to sit down d there any way.the any wa >> they should get the worstould seats for fo >> one step closer to now sayinn let's let them talk on the pho phone. >> of course.>> keep the ban in place.n pl >> why can't we say no to the millennials? >> what is it about their attentiont span.n why could do we keep caving andd giving in to everything they need and want? isn't maybe two hours was good to notn text in movie. movie >> this is wisdom's pale p attempted trying to berying to e millennial.. >> i'm still, h did this becomee again the rules?agthe >> it always has been.een. >> okay. >> same with dinner. >> wait, what? >> and talking outloud wisdom wo that's also not allowed. >> really? >> where have i been?een? >> thanks allison. allis
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like commander in chief, bobef,b barnard will take us inside a a special exhibit showing off somm presidential rides.. >> first, though, ma'am ba out. kobe bryant calls a career inrn plus the golden state warriors.r we're talking about that and tht washington wizards as well as w because they got to look for nen big night in the nba.ght the n we'll talk about that all stufft coming up next.ngp ne ♪ ♪
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♪ basketball fans are celebrating historic night inski the nba. while we said goodbye to onee legend another team made histo history. legend in the making.the wouldn't you say. >> that's true. true hollywood fashion it was a night to remember at the staple center in los angeles. anges. thousands of fans, family members, former players and celebrities cheered on kobeheero bryant as he stepped on to thehs court for the last final scored a season high 60 points0t pulling the lakers past the utau jazz for the win.he w he made 22 of 50 shots. shots 50 shots also a record. >> the thing that had me cracking up all night long the l fact i go through 20 years of everybody screaming to pass thes ball and then the last night,ig don't pass it. (laughter)
9:15 am
>> kobe spent all 20 seasonsll 2 with the lakers that's the mostt any nba player spent with theith same team. sa he played on five teams lakers r all time leading scorer. score meanwhile the golden state sta warriors have officiallyffia cemented themselves into thes it record books last night theynige beat the grizzlies 124-105 to5 o become the first team to win 737 regular season that shatters knife-96 chicagoco bulls win of 72 wins. w chef curry achieved anotherved milestone.lest he hit 10, three-points make him the first play to sink 400, 400 three pointers in one >> obviously want to win theo wi game and want to keep the throwe of our offense and not, youot, o know, break that just to,o, upping, launch threes, but aboua eight minutes in the first quarter, you know, was able toae kind of tow the line a couple of times.. knock it down and thing start ta do flow. and i was searching for at thatt point because i had made a a couple.coup so kind of let it come to me, and then had some monday with it
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it. >> all right. curry finish the game with 46 points.poin look at this dude.look he's amazing.g. amazing. you know the big night inht the nba when president obamadent joins in on the fun he tweetedwt out this meme of steph curry and himself dancing with the quote e nba fans feeling like the the president later congratulatedond the warriors on their 73rdd win. the warriors now turn theirn attention to the playoffs whichh start on saturday. sur they'll face the houston rocke rockets. >> kobe and steph curry colleges combined have enrollment of onlo 2,000 people. >> that's true.>> because kobe didn't go tobe didg college.llege. >> kobe didn't go.>> ke di >> exactly. >> you're funny.>> >> yeah. funny, steve.funny, steve. >> straight to the nba.ghto t where he definitely despite wase think of him, wis -- w - >> he's ball player.s balaye >> he left his mark. >> you must have got all out all your system between 4:25 andnd 9:00.9: you're a kobe fan. a koban >> he's a good ball player.. >> he work harder than everybode else. he work hard and his attitude at and his killer instinct is
9:17 am
unheld in the nba.eba >> and he has great smile.atmi >> i don't know about all ofut f that good i'll let you guysll ly speak to that. >> he has great smile. smile >> yeah does he. >> here's what the wizards don't have right now is head coach.oah randy whitman fired after the game last night. last t. wizards beat the hawks last haws night i think the wizardsthe iz finished with four straight wi wins. but out of the playoffs for theo first time in three seasons.. whitman coached the team foream four seasons now as for the wizards next head coach, who dod you think it will be? espn thinks it could be formeror oklahoma city thunder coach scotty brooks as preferreds choice to replace whitman.hitm whitman getting a lot of flack this year for the team notr fo making the playoffs, but when hn came on board they were notrdy e making the playoffs.yo >> but they made it last year.ty we had such the great run last year basically the same team, right?right >> the team just never gelled. if it's the same team -- t >> you get to the point aftero you've been -- afterpo with thee same coach for so long if you'ru not winning championships itnshs gets to a point you keep gettint em limb 98ed it gets to thes t point they --int >> mental >> stop listening there's noing' growth.
9:18 am
it p and then you shuffle the next t group in and out.oup nd out. >> i always felt they put too pt much pressure on the coach.ssurn i always think the onus is on the players to push themselves.s >> it is but the problem is, ifi the players don't listen to the coach and the players all starta doing what they think is right.g now you've got five people doing their own thing.thr ow >> when you lose the lockerke room, mo. mo. >> exactly. >> i heard that.>> >> you have to realize the other thing. >> -- a lot of teams shuffle ii and out.anout. only 11 teams since 1980 have98h won nba championship. >> that's a amazing only handful -- around 10, 12 coaches since 1980 some have woo championships much it's had ad a toward win nba. nba. >> when you win you have the luxury of consistency. >> winning be bets winning.betsi >> see ya'll, i'm i'm learning.earn tour a sports afficionado byicib neck year maybe. yea may time now 9:18. 9:18. coming up later the man behindan michael jordan super agent david foulk i know who he is he'llow w join us live to talk about theot special event that brought himeo to d. >> photograph food is a way ofa life for some people.fe fore
9:19 am
red flags about the dangers. dg. we'll have all the detailsll t e coming up next.t. 9:18 is our time right n.
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americans have been drinkinghavb less and less of it in theee lae 15 years and restaurants are a actually start to go notice.ot according to new sr. veigh 23% % of restaurants goers are ordering fewer soft drinks.oft k now one third of consumers prefer iced tea.. >> hmm.>>mm. okay. >> i actually don't --on't- >> well no you can getet unsweetened iced tea and add the sugar. >> exactly. >> okay.y >> you control the quantity.nty >> new research shows your favo rate fasyot food may be served d with a side of chemicals. researchers studied nearly 9,000 patients of all ages.ll a they found those who consume tht most fast food in 24 hour period had higher levels of harmful chemicals known as phalates.s. now, they are typically found ii food packaging.g. at least 35% of their daily calories had up to 40% of thosee chemicals to reduce exposure.e. doctors suggest limiting yourg r intake of processed foods. foo makes sense.ense >> i hope it raises public i wasness about this problem thism greater problem
9:23 am
our society being exposed to industrial chemicals through ouu food supply. >> the doctor says anothersays possible source of thesele sourc chemicals is the gloves used by food preparers.repare >> that's interesting.s in >> um-hmm.. >> a little concerning.cernin still ahead on good day, dare we say it, ome!e! >> oh, my. oh, >> let's try again. ome! ome! >> i'm giving up. >> ome. another night of drama on empi empire. we are sharing our favoriteri moments coming ungp. >> first though d.c. rocking the red today. today the caps begin their request foe the stanley cup tonight takingak on the dreaded flyers.lys we'll show how the team isow thi getting ready when we check in n with play by play guy john guyoh walton will join us next. nex >> plus tucker is back with as t check on the sunny seven day. d you're going to love it forecass coming up next.p nex ♪ ♪
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>> yo, i hope i can be one ofe those lucky children that maked it out of tilton. tilto i'll dream from my classroom clm until then.unl then ps41 where we play around broken glass and crack pipes on theip play ground.roun i see gangsters with guns. gun that could really be me when i get soldier ready for the field
9:27 am
never will.l. let me tell you something yo i'i tired of gun fights.ig all yea praying for sunlight. i hear the three train whistli whistling i hear bullets. a kids dream to the fullest. >> that boy was amazing that was fun scene i liked it.ed that was one of -- one ofnef several powerful moments fromens last night's empire. as always brought the drama. dra now we usually do our omeme segment at 10a we're mixingixin things up.things we're pulling our own omeme surprise.surise. >> exactly. >> we'll do it right rig as always weht love for to you f tweet us your favorite moments s just use the #gooddaydc we'llll start with my favorite momenten which was actually not super ser dramatic but it made me smileemi and it made me happy. hpy it had everything to do with cookie's birthday party. take look. >> ♪ help birthday to you, happyou,ay birthday to you, happy
9:28 am
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthdayy ♪ >> how did you manage to pull this off. >> parent they will love youthey more than they hate me. >> thank you.ou. >> happy birthday cookiekie >> thank youns.nk y >> there's nothing like a n mother's love.ote. i loved it.d it i love jamal, stevie wonder whee she walk in i really did thinkii it was the two of them and itm d was just, i don't know, a happyy moment. she was so genuinely excited ext just to have her boys all theret and for, you know, a half a a second the drama was set aside.e >> they were a family so my favorite moment, okay, every week this guy is killingsl the scenes it was the part where lucious video finally premieress to the family i thought it wast odd they would actually premier it at the birthday pear.r. >> cookie no response? >> you already know he's dealini with bipolar issues with hisit mother and andre suffers fromrom it. this is the part that broke mypk
9:29 am
>> the truth i let you marry mry rhonda thinking maybe that would give you some sense of identity. but the real truth is my motherr was a nut job. job i was embarrassed by err theth same way i'm embarrassed by you. now does that help you were itei that truth? truth >> oh, my gosh.yosh. doesn't your heart just break. >> yeah, because words are sores hurtful. they can seriously hurt him.tim when he just needs a little lit affection they continuously sayy things in pass organize on purpose. andre, he is amazing amazingmazi just always bringing the tears.. so that was my ome moment too realize your grandmother wasas bipolar no one ever told you. yu you're suffering from the samenh flash backs.ks. brilliant.illiant. >> lucious has never dealt witht him. hi still doesn't understand.d. questions all their faces as yo saw them reactioning oh my goshh this was his life. gives me some glimpse why he'sy the evil person he is today.n ho i thought that was nicely done my eme moment was that and man m i'm telling you next week is
9:30 am
going to be -- be >> eyes mag. eyes >> can we just say cookie if yoy don't want drama at yourdrama at birthday party don't be debutinu that video.ideo >> why would you bring the drama if you don't want drama. drama >> i know you stayed up andyost watch it.wah it >> right after the game.he gam >> they watch the games.h games. >> oh, yeah.h, >> i saw that. >> he was of course watchingatch kobe over and over.and >> watching hockey, a little lie basketball.ll >> making dvd copies later on.n. >> you missed a good one.issed it wasgo good. next week fire! >> what's coming up next.ex >> tucker standing by -- >> he's like fire. fir >> is that like -- lik >> going to be hot.oi going to be a hot . >> i thought it was something from the show.he sho >> say fire like that.ha >> i thought it was from thewast show. >> no.o. >> but if you see it pop up i want royalties. royal >> i'm surprised you stayed upea late. >> we'll trademark it.rk i owe want 50%.0% quiet pattern continues.ontinues very very quiet weather forecaso the next couple of days but that means all good news for us. f u. lots and lots of sunshine, and a warmer temperature fro profile.e i'm changing things up a little bit as we
9:31 am
warmer it was cold this mni. off to the north and westth andt another morning with frost andta freeze advisories and temperatures which plumetted into the upper 20s and low 30s early.earl but you can see that bright bri sunshine rebounding quicklyndink here. 48 now in washington, annapolis, too. leonardtown was freezing thiss morning now 48 for you and 48 iu quantico, 49 fredericksburg sos nice warmup.p. bright sunshine, beautiful absolutely beautiful forecastors for next couple of days verys v quiet weather pattern. patrn few showers across the northernn gulf few thunderstorms downorms there developing the next couplo of days but that's really the te closest trouble spot as we are featuring just beautiful early spring weather lots of blue skyy what a beautiful day we had w h yesterday with blue b we'll do it again this afterno afternoon. low humidity.lo and a bit of a breeze out of the north and the north and eastrtha about five to 10.t fi but really that's the worst ofot the forecast here later today.ay it will be cool tonight.onight if you're going down to the capp game of course it's indoors but outdoors we are featuring lotsot of sunshine and temps in the low 60s by later this afternoon. high pressure which is aress southwest breeze this is ourbr ek
9:32 am
we'll feel more and more springr like with warmer temperaturesra arriving on southwest breeze byb sunday and monday and get readya by monday afternoon we'll bee flirting with the 80s.0s queue the music. m sing it, wisdom film what are we singing?ing? >> when doves cry.very >> why is that? >> it sounds like -- >> when doves cry. >> '80s.80s >> you have a decade to pick a song. >> it's a cruel, cruel summer.le >> like a virgin. >> well, he hasn't scene that in awhile.le >> he wouldn't know anythingdn't about that. >> seven day forecast. forast. 63 today. today. 64 tomorrow.w. that fox5 rocks concert tomorrow morning. bring a jacket.ket. maureen and holly will be outl o there. >> yeah, we are look at thee weekend sunday and monday lookeken fan fantastic. monday pick of the week upper t 70s low 80s shehould be absoluty gorgeous eight round here.ight r all right.ndall i'll toss it back to you guys.u. safety dance. dce >> safety dance.>> sy >> look at you. >> doubl tie look today. t rocking the red and officialial caps tie. caps request for the stanley cuy
9:33 am
about the fast tonight they takt on the flyers at the verizonerin center. it's game number one for the nnl playoffs.fs hopes high this year like everyy few things going in their favor for look how the team is getti g ready let's go to ketler capitals ice right now where tht caps are holding a early skate and that's where we find thed t voice of the capitals, johns, j walton.wa hi, john.hi, john. >> great to see you guys.o se when i hear that weathertth forecast i think play off hockee we love to warm weather thatthet means the playoffs are here. >> please. >> john when you hear my rockou the red h cow bell that meansea playoff hockey is here. (laughter) there's no doubt no o about that.ab the excitement around here todad everybody buzzing.uzzing. you know what, the caps had as tremendous season. but to be in many position nownn after 56 wins the regular seasoa was great, but everybody focusec on what's going to happentope tonight at verizon center. game one caps, flyers what wesht hope will be a long run throughu springtime around here. he. >>
9:34 am
long time and we love hearing hi excitement that you convey through your voice through these games.gas how much fun did you have this h season? >> it was as fun a season ieaso think in the regular year as yo can have one of the reasons why is the consistency of this team. they went through 82 games and they never lost back to back bac games in regulation which is amazing.amazin they were the first team since the 1977 montreal canadien to d that and going into the gamentom tonight against philadelphia they're the number one seed iner the stanley cup playoffs.. number one in the easternn conference and if they'rend iey' fortunate enough to play tooughl june, they're going to have home ice at every single series that's what they earn.y it was lot of fun.ot o fun now it's time to turn the pagehe and let's get this thing going. >> as exciting as it is everyonn is hyped up and ready to go. with that comes super high expectations. so how diss -- if we don't go g all the way, who cares what alla happened during the season, s right?? >> well, i mean, there's --'s -- that's a fair argument.r aren i think when yu'
9:35 am
anticipation and you see all the records that were either flirtei with or reached this year, the most rinse wins in team history, brayden holt coming up withp wit freight wins, that tied an nhl alex ovechkin back to 50 goals,, but you know what, you've got at very deep team here with a lotot of different people that cant c score. sc you've got to go out and be able to get the done on the ice. thee thatters no question about that. however, this team is probablyy as well constructed as any teama in capitals history and the 41 4 year history of the franchise.. and they seem to be poised foro some really great things we certainly hope so. >> john, question for you.stiony i know you're there night in ann night out.ut but we've been down this roadhid before with success in the regular season in the lasthe lat couple of years that hasn'tt translate flood you're there night in, night nig out. ou how in your opinion is thiss different from the past? >> well, you know what it's awhs great question and one of the ae reasons it's different is partsr of this team's construction, bu, partially because of some of thf peop t
9:36 am
justin williams last summer came from los angeles. angeles. he's got three stanley cups on c his resume. brooks, came in two years ago a he's won a stanley cup as well.l barry trots one of the most respected coaches in the i t national hockey leae to beleagub able to bring him two years agos and the roster and the culture change in this organization.atio this is an exciting day today ty but this day really came frome o two years of planning andg a preparation and honestly ay a little bit of they lost game g seven in the second round last year series they can have won h against the new york rangers. now, that they move forward andd they remember that, it's a motivating force and i'm suree tonight against philadelphia and hopefully for long time intoe it spring they will be able to maka it different. we'll all be able to watch it, w too. to >> john i just want to say thety fans, even that's what i marvele at the most. mos in my years i've watched the fat base grow.w. this has become a hockey town.n. how big avenue difference does it make to see the crowd being gallon van knifed behind thisfei team year out and year outt yeat supporting them and putting thah energy behind them?? >> yeah, you know
9:37 am
really special being down at carnegie library yesterday inrd mount vernon with mayor bowser was there and the rally with the fans. it is a hockey town, and you y know what, the energy over 300 0 straight sell outs of verizonf e center what they want to be able to do at this point is be ableel to reward that and i think for long-time fans who are here fror the beginning or have been herer for a long time, there were lote of painful memories along theloe way, but it would be great toatt exercise all of those we can geg to a party in june i think thiss town would go crazy and i wouldd love to see to i think everyone here would.. >> well, you know what, john, j, you and i didn't always routero for the same team. tea i have little throw backac thursday picture.ic i know you can't see the butan'e i'll tell what it is. it's my cheerleading squading d picture from high school. it's the mighty fairfieldie indians that i cheered for and our big rifle football team was those nasty bay den rams.s >> oh, my goodness!s! (laughter)
9:38 am
now that's amazing. amazing yeah, did you your homework on >> actually you know what, my husband ran knew at ketler one time and he had a la code todayd west shirt on and you said hi to him we talk all thing gmc, bay, den high school on to miami off ohio and of course thef cose t cincinnati reds.innati so if you and i ever want to doo skyline chili, i'm available ane we can talk about the queen ci city. >> oh, we need to have thathat conversation.sati i've got some pretty deep southwest ohio ties. that's amazing.that i didn't think he was going to t hear the bay den rams on the show today.ow t. that's terrific. >> i'll forgive you for being over there on the west side. sid >> and john, what we want to t hear from you despite all yourlu great calls all year long weonge want to hear you say thosear y y words, stanley cup champions.mps >> that's right. >> coming up in june.. >> i would love nothing more, guys. guys. it would be great thing.ld b not only for the capitals buts for the we would love to make it happen. >> you know it. you thanks,, one more. >> before i go. (bell rings). rin) >> thanks john.>> see you soon.seu so listening t
9:39 am
>> thanks, guys.>> thanks, guy >> time now 9:38. te no still ahead at 9:00 successful,, infamous, notorious one of the e sport ages in the world draftind people like michael jordan. jor doesn't get any better than that and a lot more.and he's got more mares than michael that was huge david foulk joining us live ini the loft. the we'll find out why coming up. ♪
9:40 am
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids.
9:41 am
ey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. ♪
9:42 am
michael jordan arguably i wouldd say the nba's greatest player oe all time.l t he didn't become globale gl sensation and super star brand b all on his o he needed help from david foulkk in addition to air jordan he helped rep players like barclay, iverson, ewing, morning, mutum mutumbo, otto porter, john thompson, i mean those are big b names.. just last names alone huge alsoo the author of the book the ballb truth. all about his success in thess n locker room and the board roomrd and this weekend he's beings beg honored at a special charity celebrity roast he joins us nows live in washington, d.c. in the loft. good morning to you, sir.ning welcome to the loft. t good to see you. y >> first of all let's that was about the charity event you're here for. jubilee.ju tell me what it's all about anda how you got involved. >> first of all it's may fifthah in rockville,
9:43 am
very excited about it. it. one of my financial advisers adr vick has been very very activele involved with the foundation fof many years. yrs. it's a local montgomery county u charity that helps people withew developmental dissables.s and about two or three weeks ags i was invited to visit a few of their houses in montgomerytger county where they have, you knnw know, people under theirir supervision who live and it'sn i incredibly moving experience for me. people varying degrees of degref disability. it really max you want to reacha out and do this once a week too try to raise awareness and money for the foundation.ndio they do great work. wor >> right.ig one of the ways they are raising money they're going to have ahae roast for you. a roast for david foulk.av how does that go, how do you d pick people who are going to gng roast you? >> for me it's the i have to narrow down the list.. hundreds of people wanted to wd apply for the roast.r i like to say i have a lot of o friends in the media. m i've been roved
9:44 am
40 years no one had to pay too come watch wat just buy the washington post or turn on the tv. tv. >> right.>> >> i invite -- ironically anilly number of people. i asked tony corn miser i'm a i big fan of to be the emcee and a thought he'd have fun doing that but he's very very busy. and so i asked a few peopleeo maybe said unkind words to overo the years give them free airtimm to get back. but so we'll have john lucas myy very first basketball client.lli we'll have steve buck hans usedd to work right here at wttg veryv deer friend of my bruce levinson who own the atlanta have outside shot to get kevin plank from under armor. armor. so it's going to be -- my brother, my daughter are goingrg to chime in and -- a >> anything off limits when theh have roast. >> no. no. >> you don't screen the jokes.oe >> no. >> anything goes? >> i want -- people have beene b waiting months for this event,, and if you haven't bought aen't ticket, you know, they're goingg fast, and, you know, it's goingg to be some uncharteredncrt te
9:45 am
people are going to see a different -- this is theshe unvarnish truth.h tru >> right. let's talk about this, the bookk are you giving away trade tde secrets? you probably got stufs you don't want to give awaye what's the book about, insight i into your life and how you're y dealing with all these superup star people without giving awayg all your business. bines >> the book is about a businessn about the philosophy i developed over a long period of time time working with the best the brightest. as much as i've been an add advisory and mentor to these t t people, you know, everyone inon the world who knows me well me knows that john thompson is my mentor.or he has been the number one manom in my live influenced me thed m most and so my way of sharing sa thing i've learned from allrnedm these people. when you work closely with wor someone like michael jordanichaj whose incredibly successful,, competitive, if some of the the stuff he's doing doesn't wearear off. it's my wear of sharing whatha i've known. k very few secrets, i don't talkk about
9:46 am
people but business side is busi something i enjoy sharing.ha >> you got heavy hitters clients and friends. fri how on earth when you're an you agent you starting out andstarta saying okay i got these guys i's going to pick from i'm sure thet collate. i'm taking on michael jordan. jr passing on wisdom martin.m mar i'm going to paying pat ewingg g passing on steve chenevey howhee does that t >> we developed a brand overdelo time. my company is called fame falk associate managementciate manage enterprises. we wanted to have our clientelen we represent them to the public, to companies like gatorade and d mcdonald's and they represent us and so we wanted to pick peoplep of high character this year rea really proud we signed a youngne man from the university of of virginia named malcolm progresso den who will get master' degreee in public policy in two weekstws much he's amazing kid. the mother is the provost atrovt moore house.m brother is in law school at howard he won't be michaeleic jordan but such a high quality i person he may be could be obama. i wish president obama probablyo wishes he had his jum
9:47 am
>> probably right. so do i. i wish i had a jumper liker either president obama orde oba malcolm or jordan for thatha matter. what's next for david falk. fk what else do you when you're noy business sigh with clients andln charity and other things.anothet >> my mom was teacher.mos tea and so my wave honoring my mom m who past almost 30 years ago today i david failing college i endowed a program call the fm te alk academy of management and entrepreneurship.reursh unlike some people who are richa and unknown i was very welly w known and had no money.ey i very actively involved.nvved i was up at syracuse monday andy tuesday teaching and i really ir enjoy that.t i'll go do that the a good w asa well i he will really enjoy thee chance to look for jubilee. high telethon for theen years for leukemia here in washingtonr and i think when you'reenou privilege like i've been, you be know to come from very modest background and
9:48 am
security, you really have an haa obligation to give back and givd of your time, and it's soo rewarding for me.rding for m it really ry is >> okay. let's put the information up onp the screen. see i see you doing -- video of it o right there.ght >> that was about 2 miles fromef here.. two young women friends thatenda live together and when you seerh these people and how much greatg work jubilee foundation has dond to give them a very, you know, quality lifestyle, um, they need help. this is not a nationalt nat foundation.founda it's a local montgomery county u charity.. and so i'm all my friends, allrs the people who wanted to say god, you too arrow began, you'ry too cocky come on out and turn around is fair play.r >> take a shot at david falk. >> it's like someone flowinge s sponges at you.sponges >> for charity. for thank you very >> my pleasure. >> you're always welcome here ae channel five. >> love to come back. >> we appreciate it.ap >> back to >> all right. thanks, >> may fifth for that event. f e thanks again.thanks again. the time now is 9:48. coming up
9:49 am
bob barnard shows ugh a speciale exhibit dedicated to t presidential r cars are on display and wait a until you see them. that's coming up next. up ♪
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♪ d.c. sound of the city bandd it's our brand new single called run if you want to see themee te perform it live you can do so do tomorrow morning for free withit farragut square park and nownd n they describe their music as soulful, time less and classic.a many fans would agree.woulree they play lost local venues. 9:30 club, lincoln theater, merrifield pavilion.iln it kicks off tomorrow. maureen and holly will be theret hosting this week, april 22 anda city society and april twining g the muddy crows. more information on all theti bands and concert series on our website come out to farragut square park tomorrow morning. show starts at 9:00 a.m.s >> it will be fun. >> president obama rides around town in a massive motorcade bullet proof cadillac thatc t weighs as much as a tank. aan the commander in chief's ride hasn't been alway
9:53 am
elaborate but it has a long hasn history.histor >> cars at the capital an exhibit of presidential cars anr opens today on the national mall and for a sneak peek and what to expect fox5's bob barnardarrd joining us now live from theivem national mall. fun assignment, bob. >> reporter: absolutely holly.b. i'll show you this first is a jeep that president reagan had at his ranch in california.ifori you might have seen it in our picture watch would bring georgg allen and ed police together.oge ed was one of president reagan's top add advisory they're herey'r getting a good look at this jeee which was a gift from nancy to president reagan in 1967 this ii a jeep the reagans had at the ranch only car really that edd says president reagan was able e to drive while he was governor v in the late 60s and early '70'ss and president in 19 '80's a ' chance for him to gain some this is one of the vehicles itht will be on the mall actually on display next week in the class a jewel box which y
9:54 am
california plate it is just asta it i this is permanently housed outsd at the reagan ranch inh in california. and they're about to have ao he ceremony at 10:00 o'clock tolo kick off this second edition of cars at the capital. inside the glass jewel box right now is the very firsty fst presidential limousine from 1909 it was from president william howard taft and joining is is mark gessler president of thedet historic vehicle association based here in mark good morning.rk good mo >> good morning.>> gd morn >> reporter: pretty cooltty cool thing. tell us about this particularara vehicle. it's fascinating i would say. >> well, you know it'sell,ou k fascinating for number ofnu reasons. first of all it's a steam car, and it was steam that was heatas beside gas or kerosene and it i would go 60 miles an hour.ou president taft was the first tht automobile president.le presi he loved the automobile and he loveing to fas >> reporter: pictures of him.. the first president to actually have car at the white house? h >> yes. this is the first white house car. it was the first car bought by b the white house back 1909.ack
9:55 am
at a museum in cape cod. cod. but it is here for a week herek on the mall. >> here for about week here on the national mall in glass cubeb wonderfully it will at night.iln it's wonderful place right herer next to air and space betweencee here and the national gallery.ry taft was great. g he was famous for three things.i he was famous for his love theoh automobile prone moatingne mting automobiles. he was famous for the first pitch. loved -- he loved baseball. so he throughout the first first pitch.pi he was also famous for golf. so three great american pastcans times something shaped ournghape culture he was the one who kick it off o and it was with really with taft that the automobile becamee popular.pula it was through his encouragement that this is something that will change america, change ourhae o culture and we're out here toero share this with the american wih people. >> reporter: fantastic andic and next week starting next week the reagan jeep ed won't be here bub the reagan jeep will be onjeep e display startin starting next w. it's on the mall directly across
9:56 am
space museum so right here her between fourth and seventh seven streets on the mall. mall. the reagan jeep and the taft thf limo, guys. >> love it.e i >> that is so cool f beautiful day to be down there, too.oo listen if you are with us rightt now. you are in for a treat.or a tat. because we have a huge surpriser >> i mean huge surprise comingin up on good day at 10a. at 10a not going to tell was it is but shh don't miss out on it.n it's coming up next.. >> coffee time on good day d.c.c if you've been eyeing our mug mg listen up we now have new good day dunkin' donuts mug to giveog away.ay head to orsto our facebook page to enter foror the mug. one lucky winner selected bytedy random drawing hurry you only yl have until 11 a.m. to enter andd our time right now is 9:56. 9:5 we are back with more good daydd and that huge surprise on thee t other side of the break.reak ♪
9:57 am
♪ ♪
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10:00 am
shh. i'm letting you in on big secr secret. this weekend allison seymour turns 50 years old! and we are throwing a huge surpriseurpr birthday party for her rightig here in the good day loft. l we can't have a party withoutar you. yes, you're invited.nvit so stay right here. this very special allison allis edition of good day at 10a 1 starts right now. ♪ aww. >> oh, man. >> all right. rig take look at that.hat this is so great. great. this is going to be such a special moment for all of us ofu here at fox5.
10:01 am
of course you're looking att wonderful picturesly allison ana her family. aww look at that it's not her hr family.mily. (laughter). >> this is super special we says good morning to you.ning to you. i'm holly morris alongside of o maureen, steve, wisdom and am cast of characters.cts. >> yes. >> that all -- these actually - these are a lot of the real t ra people that pull this show offso and they make us look good evere day. da and so we are all going to be celebrating right now, here's, s the deal.eal. allison thinks that she is i coming to the studio to do a a little breaking news.ews but really she's walking into aa party that is of course alloue a about her. h here's what we need from all off you at home because once thisehi whole surprise gets underway uer momentarily we want to you tweet a birthday message to allison.o. we created a special hash tag just for the occasion it is hass tag hbd allison.. she's coming up the hallway. hbd allison and also use thehe normal good day d.c. hash tag. >> we'll show them all hour
10:02 am
and co-workers.rks. we'll say surprise.urpris ready.ready. shh ! sh >> here we go.. >> breaking news.ew >> ing news. n any moment now that door -- >> come on. >> right there.>> open the door. r >> open the door. >> she's getting miked up. up. >> here we go.o. >> so it's another good day at 10a we're having a great show s and so glad you're with us. u >> -- surprise! (applause).. >> allison seymour! >> whoo! (applause).. >> bring it in here. >> ladies and gentlemen, allison seymour! >> yay! >> whoo! >> you're going to make us cry.c >> oh my goodness. you know holly and i are cryersr
10:03 am
together, al for you. >> i'm scared. >> aww. >> where is matt?? >> oh, man.. >> it's my fault. i i gave them the wrong date. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday allison all seymour.. >> you're going to --o >> i can't. i can't do it. >> you can and you will.ill you'll do it for the next hour.t stand right here.tere. because this is just theushe beginning. >> i can't do it for an hour. a. my mascara is stinging my eyes.e >> i know you got -- we got to t do this we got to dorn you likek the queen you are. 50 goal, you know.ou k >> thank you guys.. >> let's head on over to theead couch now. >> because, yes, yes, yes lovely walk this way. way >> walk this way, birthday girl. >> oh, my gosh. gos >> i'm losing my tiara. i meant to come to you, too, pat, thank you very much. >> come on over. >> come on over birthday girl. >> isn't it thursday.t rs
10:04 am
to do it on an offe day. d her actual birthday is saturday. >> right. >> but we're -- we're startingig early. >> please get me a tissue tito.t somebody.some >> also very important to pointt out allison we're to the going g to do this again (laughter).r). >> enjoy it today. >> oh my gosh.os. made cookies with you and yourr familiar. >> lock at this one. o >> oh, my gosh.yos >> i can't deal with this. thi thank you very much. much. >> it's a long show.. >> thank you, guys. >> allison, you know how much wm all love you and we just can't n get our day -- >> i didn't know now i know.w. >> hopefully did you.opef >> know. >> i did know. i my point it's not just the the people here who love you becausc as you have made impact in ourto lives you have made impact inaci lives all across this great city for all 84 years of service i se got a little something in theth male that i want to share with you and everyone because thisset just so happens to come from thm office of
10:05 am
district of columbia. >> chap >> yes.>> y >> yay i'm it i thought i'll read wait says inside. because it says, happy birthdaya from the district of columbia,a, allison seymour day proclamatiot by the mayor of the district of columbia whereas today and let't pre 10 it's saturday. allison seymour celebrates her 50 many birthday and whereasre after grafting from howard university --ty- (laughter). >> that was good, steve. >> aft graduating from hampton n university allison seymourison y started her television career working behind the scenes at abc news right here in the city, and whereas allison went on too graduate and then earnedn ed master's of mass communicationcn program at the university of south carolina she later landede her first on camera job in unite today, new york. and whereas --reas - >> longest day of my life.
10:06 am
>> allison -- they join us livey now. >> hey. >> and whereas allison's careere has taken her from productionn assistant to the first woman tot serve as main anchor at bng al ban new york she lurched the t 10:00 o'clock news, she went ono to become weekend anchor st.r louis missouri i think you met somebody >> i did before arriving at wttg where she can be seen weekdays on fox5 morning news and goodndg day d.c..c. >> >> now therefore i the mayor ofo district of columbia here by by proclaim this allison seymour sy day in washington, d.c.! (applause).us. >> whoo! >> you know what -- >> ring the bell.l. >> happy birthday.thday >> thank you mayor bowser. >> thank you mayor bowser. >> here the deal the surprise part of the surprise party and proclamation we just barelyarel started everyone wanted to betee here to celebrate with you. (laughter). >> eve
10:07 am
>> that's the doorbell. doo >> oh, my gosh. >> happy birthday.. >> happy birthday!! >> how did you get guys here? hr >> this is not good. g >> it's okay.. >> this is the ugly cry now. now >> they got here on their own.. >> they get excused. >> one thing about your mom.ourm >> this should be good.ld beood. >> start with you sid. sid >> shows she's relatable ashe rl teenager you wouldn't think youi can relate to your mom but you y can. >> aww. >> are those my earrings you m have on?have (laughter).te >> that's how you relate. >> we have the most fabulous mom like i have never met someone as fabulous as allison seymour. >> last but not least. lst >> we got really hip mom.
10:08 am
she's up to date. date you can dab on us. >> okay. listen there would be no girls obviously without mark and you y know mark desperately wanted toe be a part of today's love fest s but like our long-time viewers e know he's living and working in new york, right? you guys go g there often to see him. him. but i think we might have him oh the phone this morning.ning hey, big daddy, are you there? t >> happy birthday, babe! (laughter). >> this is too much. serious. i can'' hi, babe.hi, babe. how are you?ho >> it's amazing i'm watching on the air i wish i can be there.he i'll see you tomorrow or this weekend but, you know, i'm justs so happy and so proud of you. you know -- -- how amazing doese she look at 50? i'm just sayi saying. >> she's been a bad chick herer whole life. (laughter). >> that ain't love.ov >> thanks, babe. the girls are here.giar how did they get here? how didd thes
10:09 am
>> uncle tucker pick them up.emp >> mark the girls are here ine studio. >> sean picked them up. >> thank you sean. s thank you girls. (laughter). >> oh my gosh she has me cryingn over here. her i can't stand it. >> you all trying to make me insane. what's going on? >> come on over.ver >> sit down. dow allison seriously you have meoum crying. >> how did you all keep a secr secret. >> how did you do it. d >> i have no ideida.. >> you knew yesterday?rd >> we did.>> w we knew the whole week. w >> you did? >> amazing. i know.ow. >> amazing.>> amazing. >> i didn't think i can do itini but, you know. >> holly is always involved inn these life changing
10:10 am
wear his white pants. >> oh, my gosh. g did he it.he i it wouldn't be a party. p >> it wouldn't be the same.e >> oh my gosh.h. i thought about that babe whenbw we first started here. he >> because i thought about wordr that holly said. sd. holly said, mark really wanted e to be here for the shower, all these years ago we had babye hab shower on tv for this child who will be 16 in december.ecber. and you said that and i'm like,, wow so reminiscent i wasnt i was thinking that. and here you are.d he >> that's right.>> had to make this one.akth >> why aren't you at work?u or >> i got bad news. (laughter). >> happy birthday. >> listen -- stay with us.tay w. as we said before, the party isy just getting started here this s morning. as we head to break we'll look back on some of our favorite memories with allison and this i one happens to be wis'. take look. >> kim you've been taking takin selfies. >> all right to talk to him, kim. >> kim and i go way back.ay b how you doing? what's up withsp the baby? do you have a namenae
10:11 am
>> high, bestie.esti we're not really saying theg t >> no. >> so you'll have to weight like everybody else. >> can good set selfie togethere real quick. i want to get a selfie for theor selfie book. book. >> okay.>> don't touch her.n'touc >> sorry sorry sorry. sry >> thanks kevin. >> how is everybody? >> too much.oo i need makeup. somebody! >> thanks for coming.nk >> i love you guyss .you gu >> so many selfies. ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are,
10:12 am
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
10:13 am
for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
10:14 am
♪ look at that. tha that's me and my best tee for me and my brother. mbroth i'm sorry are we on tv? >> i don't know what we're doine right now.t >> we are. a you're not supposed to know.sed. >> mow and my sweet mom. my sw m i'm hope you're watching, mom. m >> all right.ight we say welcome back to this verr special allison edition of goodo day at 10a.0a this morning we're celebratingrg allison seymour her 50thh birthday just a couple dayse das early. we wanted to surprise to be real. re and here we got this, too. too. 50 and fabulous.s. >> yes. yes. >> put that on.ut >> fabulous.>>ab >> right?>> r? >> we got her end tear family f here to help us celebrate. we cannot have celebration without the seymour
10:15 am i just love saying that.ha >> you know, i love it.. >> mark we're always like this.t you always have family atamily parties, right? but you got tot have some old friends as well. l >> i can't do this. >> dingdong. d >> i can't do this.hi we need a new doorbell. >> happy birthday. >> aww.. >> how are you? >> girl. girl. >> what's going on.>> w >> we had to be here toha ced lebrate for those who youosu don't know this is allison's's long time friend her sororityory sister lori.or >> 18 years old. o how long have we known each knoe other. >> over 30. >> over 30. >> whatever. (laughter). >> this is allison's godson whoo wanted to be here. >> thanks so much jax. tha did you bring me something?in >> can i look at itg now? n >> look at it
10:16 am
okay.. sean, how about me and you. y how me and you? a long time from the veryfrom t beginning.ginn from day one when i started he here. >> when that, you came shawn came to my house to do pieceo pe when schuyler was born andorn sidney was a little girl. >> just little baby.e bab >> they're 15 months apart and a we sat there and talk i really a think that's the moment that --- we connect. >> i think so, too. >> absolutely. ab >> were you just as surprised when you saw the girls come out. >> i was like what? i thoughtho they were holograms. war we doing. >> lore row williams what arew i you doing song bird? good okayo i'm sorry. >> you can't birthday as theydat mentioned without old friends.ds another one of your super old so friends couldn't be here but shs has a special message for you. >> okay. >> hey allison. alson >> how are you? >> where is she
10:17 am
>> your sister your friend.. i am away lucks sewer ratingin right now.rit n but i'm thinking of you.f y i'm always thinking of you. and your birthday. number 50! whoo! happy birthdayy honey.honey my parents send their love. l my brother, my entire family, and we love you very much.uc your sisters love you, friends,n and family, your hampton crew, , i'll be back soon.k soo when i see you, i'm going to got give you a big hug and a kiss. k i'm telling you. y all right, love. happy 50th birthday! >> yay! >> let me give you a kiss.. >> birthday surprise. >> thank you. >> can i wear it now? thank yo very much.ryh >> look as one of her friends,en drop a dime on her or somethinge give us a little somethingeom something. >> a fun story.>> >> we have to not
10:18 am
but allison has been beautifulef like this for as long as i'ves g known her i've been crying backg stage watching everything i juss love her so much. much she's a true as she is on the in air. air. show love allison seymour. she's through and through.and t love her so h she's a great mom.a greaom. she's a great wife she's a great sister. and i love you girl. happy 50th birthday! birday! >> clearly she has great she friends, too. >> listen, you can be a part oft this birthday celebration. make sure you use the hash tag hbd allison. hbd allison. allison >> i got a hash tag. t >> i made it. it >> not only do you have a hashda tag i know it will be trending in no time.ino t >> i made it. i mad thank you holly.anu ho >> my pleasure. my plsure my pleasure. all right. we got whole lot more coming upu on this special allison editioni of good day at 10a it's neversev been so much fun in this loft. l don't miss we got a lot more coming upg after the break.aftethe bre ♪ ♪
10:19 am
10:20 am
10:21 am
life's morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >> fox5 morning news.ox5 >> okay. s here's some napkins. >> if you tearing up. if you >> we're serious.. >> my gosh allison we've beenveb crying together for years.for >> i mean decades, right
10:22 am
>> i know.>> i'm going to say we look bettert now than we did then.did then. >> i would agree.>> i think i do.i th >> at least we got to tello t ourselves that.ha >> right. that was the supreme surprisemes baby shower we had for allison.. for her first baby.y. >> sidney. s >> who will be 16.ill 1 this year. >> sidney. for people that have followed we had the cars driving. dving. we had an x on top of the car cr and sky fox flew over. >> oh yeah we tracked her thee r whole way it was whole thing then she got to the hotel andotd she thought she saw her dad'erdd cars and some was in her mind hn she was like -- >> i said it outloud.loud >> he's having an affair. affr what's he doing here.doing her >> i was trying to save thatryi part. down play that part of thelaar story. >> he never goes anywhere by him himself even saw the car go into the garage.the . oh, no. now mind you i was like nineike months pregnant at the time.t tm >> little bit crazy.bit cr. >> that's why we love you crazyc as you are. >> i love it. >> people still ask me aboute st that shower. >> me too. that was a memorable moment noww they'll ask us about this abouts birthday pear. p it's so memorable.emorab i think we might even have h another old friend on the line.
10:23 am
let's see. see who wants to join us now? >> allison this is tracy. (laughter). >> tracy! >> happy 29th anniversary of your 21st birthday. bth >> yes, i like that.e t tracy and i go back to freshmanf year at hampton.pton we were hall so we've known each other for -f off big birthday, too since wee were 18.8. >> yes.>> yes. yes.yes. yes. ye i just wanted to wish i wasisi w happy birthday i'm in portland p and i'm about to go home but i could not miss this opportunityi to tell you happy birthday want wonderful friend you are and i a think ooh thank god for youthan daily.ily >> don't do it tracy. (laughter).ter) >> i love you al.l. have great birthday. high, girls, high mark, high hh everyone else and high lori. >> hey >> i love you too. lov >> i got to go to work now. >> i know do you.. >> we also just heard you knowus who is working ovet rtime allisn
10:24 am
the assignment desk apparentlypn our phones in the newsroom arens blowing up with all the peoplehe that want to wish you a happy ap birthday.hday because you know what, you are u good at allison and what you do is everybody that watches youats make them feel like they are are your friends.. ♪ ♪ >> that's what makes you so maks special.sp hey listen, we --e -- >> don't to it holly don't go anywhere one we come back allison's 50th is goingoing hollywood. what?? >> continue to watch thistinue t special edition of good day at 10a.10a.
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
>> how you do up allison? iup s know you're the queen ofthe qu f mornings in d.c. but now you'rey joining my club.lub. the 50 plus club.s how does it feel? good.ood.
10:28 am
you big love allison. llis hematoma birthday and enjoy thet other side.other sid it's good over here. >> i know, right. rig >> she does make it look good. g thanks wendy and how you doin'? >> thank you. thank y another update we have to get tt right now.ow. not only do you have your ownhau hash tag we said that right, hbd allison. i can now officially report that it is the number five trending topic in d.c. right now. >> keep it trending.rendg >> if you love me, you'll get ii to number one. (laughter). >> there you go.>> >> let's see how much you love me. >> we're doing our part.. >> i'm joking.>> >> we're not joking though. >> these times we say i can't st believe you're 50 years old.ea o it's just, you know, you have yh the youthful persona that's t never gone away obviously you'ry beautiful.beauful. you look much younger than the age of 50. 5 >> steve. >> every time we talk about 500 we also joke about few thingshi that tend to come up. u we have another special guestpeg that we want to welcome into thi studio right now to help hel
10:29 am
(doorbell).rbel >> third segments we got it seg working. >> dingdong.. (laughter). >> should have worn pants today. >> hey name is elli o'malley any i'm proud to say i'm 50 years old. i'm not one of those gals whoseh likes to lie about her real agea but i like to kick. i'm sally o'malley and i'm 50. >> all right.ight. (laughter). >> how many times have we jokede about that. >> i said on monday i'm going ti do it.. >> every time we talk aboutut allison is like -- lik >> saturday night live 67. 6 >> stretch and kick.nd k >> famous sketch from saturdayst night life.nigh >> erin como.. >> erin como. (applause). >> yay! >> that's right, girl.
10:30 am
>> oh, my gosh.yos nice work. wor we shall show that clip becausep it is so funny now i'm here at 50 but i love there it is. >> erin you nail it. nai >> you did. d >> you nail it.l >> i don't know about that. >> and kick. k where did you get the fro from.f >> saturday night. night >> i, my gosh that's so funny. n >> i'm glad you didn't pull it up to show the old -- old >> i'll be honest with you i wai little bit nervous i was going s split my pants. pts >> you got to get the pollyly yesterday. get the stretch. >> erin that's hilarious. >> our crew is almost completeet one person noticeably missing mg he couldn't be here but hehere t definitely wanted to give you av shout out. you'll love this.ehis. >> okay. >> kev, what you got for her? >> hey allison, it's kevin hereh as you're watching this video tv i'm currently on airplane but i wanted to send you happiest of birthdays.birtay happy 50th birthday you are birh the coolest person i loveov working with you every single day at fox5
10:31 am
my suitcase here. i'm sorry i'm no ht there.. but i had couple of friends ofrs mine that wanted to wish i was happy birthday as well.el check this out. >> hey allison, happy 50th birthday.rthd >> happy birthday.. >> what water are you drinking?n (laughter).. >> that does not look 50. >> you look really good.eally go >> you got a man? >> look, at this right here.e. >> happy birthday allison.. turning 50, girl. you know, i'm 61 you're a littlt young for me. (laughter).aughr). >> allison, happy birthday., >> what's up allison, happyap 50th. 50th girl you don't look a day over o 50. (laughter). >> happy birthday allison.. >> happy birthday i'm i hope this is the best yeaa yet. >> happy 50th. happy0th. >> allison, happy birthday.. >> kevin so great. >> allison, 50 is the new five. (laughter).(lghter). >> a couple of my friends whoe wanted to say happofy birthday o
10:32 am
i cannot thank you enough fornoh how kind you've been to me overo the years you've been one of tht most incredible human beings tom me and i hope you have the bestt birthday you have a wonderful family. wonderful children and it's and honor to work with you every ery single day at fox5 and hope youp have the best weekend possible s and i miss you and i'll be backb in studio with you on mondayda happy birthday.h happy 50th birthday. bthday. you look amazing. (applause). (appla >> thanks, kev. >> you know what i love aboutebt that i remember those and he's h been at that for a long time. and with the help of i'm sure'mr matt and everybody here to dobor that. so i just appreciate it so much. >> that's because we love you. >> i appreciate it so much. >> oscar paid attention theentin entire time.enre t >> this was oscar. >> melissa mccarthy said 50 is i the new five.e. remember how excited you were e when you turnxc five. fiv multiply it by 10 that's how tha excited you should be to turn t 50. >> bring it on. b it bring the blessings on..
10:33 am
you know i don't play this lookl oh, no. >> we were commenting back innt the day you think 50, right,ig when our moms were not even 50 yet, oh, my goodness, 50 now all of a sudden --of aden >> when my grandmother was 50ers when i was born. >> see. i've been thinning about she was >> there you go. go >> she was wearing her heels well into the 80s. the 80s >> girls your mother does nottht want to be grandmother at 50. 5 >> no, no, no. >> right? >> no, no, no. >> i will tell you this.ouhi >> get that in.>> gha >> allison in 20 years when i'm 50 --50- (laughter). >> i like how laughed at that. >> you were here when i got herr no one has been nicer, no oneone has been nor genuine, this is, s not about you, it's about her. r phlegm finish no one has beenase more genuine no one has helped e me more new york city one has ce been advocate for wisdom martinr in this building more thanldinmt allison seymour and i just wantw to tell you how much iyomuc appreciate that because you havh meant so much to m
10:34 am
standpoint, from a professionals standpoint and now i'm about tot cry. i'll stop talking. i'll leave it at that. it att >> thank you allison.. >> wisdom martin.artin. >> thank you. >> he does have heart.rt. >> he does.e >> let me tell you something. s. today i do. >> today i do.. >> i will say one thing, al a, a lot of people shy away from thii you have em brave this the whole time you've looked forward to fd this next chapter of your lifeol and you've been doing things you never done before and taking that for and i love that whole just --ju -- >> we still don't know how old d wisdom is. i >> you'll never know. >> no way this is ever goings happen to me. >> if you don't do it you don'tu say it you won't get all of th this. >> think about it. >> we have plenty of surprisessu left. stay with us. make sure you keep those t birthday shout outs coming. hash tag hbd allison. ais we'll be right back.
10:35 am
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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10:38 am
>> hey allison it's us at hollywood today life.ayif >> hi. >> we want to wish i was very happy 50th birthday! >> whoo!o >> you look great. great big hi to everybody at fox5. >> all right. right ♪ ♪ >> so sweet. >> aww. >> the girls.>> all taller than me. tha baby i think i have you.ave you i don't think you're taller thaa me. >> not yet.>> net >> she's 11. 1 >> she's 11. exactly.y right.t. >> we welcome you back to this i special edition of good day atay da it's all about allison seymour as she celebrates a milestone and turns 50 years young.yo. >> i'm getting it together f wef have another surprise guest sur these people woke up at 4:30 int the morning because they're noth here. they're all the way, well, let l me just introduce them. t rick and christa ray because bau they are in hawaii
10:39 am
>> good morning. >> hello, honey. hon happy birthday. >> allison -- all >> we had to be here. her we wish we were there with you and celebrating with everybodyvo else.. but we are here. h we are here. >> it's 4:30 and we are here. (laughter). >> thank you so much.. christa and her husband rick ray they live in -- on oahu christii and i were roommates all fourr years at hampton and we are bess friends to this day. d they'll be -- we'll go like go l weeks without talking but thennt you pick up the phone and it's i right there.ght so i just love you guys so much. >> hugs, air hug. a h >> mark, what's up brother, hey, (laughter).augh >> really. it's just amazing.. i mean couple we're like almosts there? almost there.. >> honey. >> you guys are there.arere. >> r
10:40 am
>> i'm 26. i'm >> ricky is younger. ric is i believe ricky was a sophomoreo correct me if i'm wrong rick wrr when they started i mean back in the '80's they've been married all these years and so this is like -- this is down to the roots right here with you guys.. >> 23 in a couple of months. mth >> 23 years they've been mary.. that's a love story. sry. so thank you guys. guys. what are you guys going to dong now you're up at 4:30 may asay well stay up.y .> hey. >> we're going to have cake anda coffee for you. for y. >> okay. >> there you go.ou g >> i love you guys. g from the bottom of my heart.yea thank you so much. >> we're so proud of you. rick has a deflated blow out. >> that sounds like a personalnl problem, >> i love you any way. >> all right. r christa is the biggest cry baby. if she were -- that's why you have those glasses on.lsses >> you know that.
10:41 am
these glasses and i have the tags still on. >> but for you i did that. tha you know i'm tearing up.m t u >> i know. >> under these glasses but that's okay.'s oka >> gosh.>> >> for you anything. f you >> christa was the best woman -n best made -- made of honor, makm tron of honor at my wedding anda she stood up to make a toast i't telling you, friends, she gothe one word in and it was like -- - that's real friend.l >> that's right.>> >> all right. allht >> well apparently allison offnn lot of real friends in d.c. because i'm just receivingecei official confirmation that hbd allison is now the thirdhird trending hash tag. >> whoo! w >> in d.c.d.c. we are moving on up. >> yes.. >> see if we can get it to be b number one by 11:00 but it's very evident that family is is forefront obviously in yourn life. and so with that, mark we want w to ask what ya'll are doing onng the actual big day on
10:42 am
>> well we're going to allison l was born in brooklyn heights ana so we're going to actually the restaurant that her parents useu to go to is still open. >> aww. >> we're going to celebrate in r brooklyn heights allison's 50 5 birthday and our anniversary anr all of that stuff. stu >> anniversary is tomorrow. >> right. rig. >> we've been married 16 yearsri tomorrow. >> special good day at 10a tomorrow.morrow. celebrating their anniversary.. >> we're having a concert foronf you farragut square. >> 9:00 to 11:00. 11: >> we'll have a great time thisr weekend.eken >> yes. we'll have great time thisve g weekend. >> aww. >> very good. >> i was there just last weekene as a matter of a never like this.s never as 50-year-old person.. >> you lived in brooklyn. b >> i only lived there for sixthf months. >> you were born there. wer >> i was born there and then weh went overseas i'm a peace corpsc baby so we move overseas at sixt months. mo but, you know, i carry brooklynk in my heart and i'll be there oe saturday. >> there you go
10:43 am
>> i told you we were crash youu party. >> you can do it. >> all right. i'm just logging at th ye pict pictures. you guys snag these from where,h social media? >> from time to time you post a picture. >> yes. >> so we were able to get somea pictures. >> me and my mom. mom that's when we were overseas.. okay. okay preparing for kim kardashian.. >> who was that?ha >> yes.>> yes >> that's me. michael garr julio that's oldt'd memory, right? right >> yes.>> y. >> ♪ >> i'm loving it. >> loving it.>> loving it. >> i'm loving it.>> i >> we're loving it and we areg not done yet.t do believe it or not.not it is -- we've got 17 minutes to go. we can get a whole lot more m surprises in in 17 minutes, al.a special good day at special alle in honor of allison's 50th birthday right here from theerfm loft. don't go anywhere.go anyere ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
>> happy birthday allison. happy 50th birthday.
10:47 am
i'm proud of you. love you. >> aww.w. >> that's my mom in love. i that's my mother-in-law, that's mark's mom. m. >> ♪ >> amazing.g now that really got my watery w works going.rk >> let me tell you something. sg >> mark is tearing up people risa in our social mediaocia department asked me what do you do let me tell you something i i have strong people in my life. these strong women in my life. that is mark's mom jackiee johnson and she's here in the area now at assisted livingin center, and she had a stroke. s she was on the floor for days,ay and got up and got walking agaia she did it again and it's women like that, you know what i'm saying? if you happen tofou h know -- if you don't knowou d'tw somebody in your life who'sn yoe strong and can help you findin some mentors or somethinget because that keeps you going.psg i love you, you, too love you, too. y, t >> my gosh.
10:48 am
background. this is like -- is mark singing this? >> this is the sang you sang ton me on our wedding.ding. >> right.>> rig mark sing. is this you singing or -- o >> we also need to tell you stacey called she called because she wanted to make sure you kneu she said happy birthday and shey loves you.veyou. >> it's amazi.t'szi >> i love you stacey. s >> one thing we know when we whe first got to meet you talk aboua strong people in your life likee mark's mom we knew and we see ie through the girls and through tu mark and you passing it forwardd to them what strong influencesce have done for you in yournou lifetime.lime. now, we see mark all the time we sue the girls all the time we w gotten to know your family but we don't always see all of your family but when you talk aboutaa strong influences in your life,i we going to straight to the corc and they're with us right now ow the phone. i think they want to sayeyt to something to you as well, al. a >> okay. mom and dad, are we there?? >> hello.ello >> good morning.
10:49 am
>> happy birthday almost.ost. (laughter). >> i can't really speak. >> allison -- >> are you surprised?? >> oh, yeah.h, yeah. >> she's so surprised --d >> i can't really'tlly >> she's a little tearing upitta right now. this is allison mom and dad a barbara and lafayette seymour who we're not trying to being e disrespectful but we feel like l we know on first name basis at s this point because -- >> can you my mom and >> so much for so much they'veuh done taking allison on thisn t journey of life. l what do you guys have to sayaveo about allison now that you're y baby is turning 5 >> one word to describe her and our life with her i looked foror many words i'm minister a preacher, so words come to me. but the one word to describe heh and our relationship to her is joy.
10:50 am
joy, joy, joy. a perfect allison and we love le you, we bless you we truly appreciate you. for all that you have done and e all that you are. peace and love.. >> 50 more wonderful years for you, dear. >> aww.>> aw >> i love you guys.e you g thank you so much for callinguca in. >> love you,,ea have a great day.. >> i'll be over later with breab and milk. (laughter). >> all right. well, without further a do wetho want everybody to head on overdd to the kitchen. the >> all right.>> all right >> all right. because we got a round out thiss party in the perfect way and asd we head over as you can see thee lot of has totally beenn transformed it looks beautiful t we want to say thanks to entityy core don
10:51 am
they have done somethinge do fabulous here.bulouser everybody come over here.ybody e come on.come on. everybody grab a girls all check your id's. (laughter).. >> okay. >> hand it on out.. ♪ >> just hold it.usld don't drink it.don' we'll get in trouble. just be a part of the cheers. (laughter).. >> grab one.b we also want to say sugar chefac way want to thank him because hu made wonderful cookies, and you know --ow >> thank you sugar chef. thank s >> do you have a word ofo yo something you would like to say? >> i will say this, i will sayay this. because i am the only person i think standing in this roomhi ro right here that can say i was here when allison arrived.ed. >> yes.>> yes >> so, um, she came in and she made a mark from the veryy beginning. beginning. >> i can't look at you.. >> and we have shared not onlyy many professional moments and milestones together but the one
10:52 am
i hold the most in my heart are the life moments that we haveav there have been ups, there havev been downs.. >> y. >> not downs of us together butr downs in our life that we haveee weathered together and pulledge each other through.hrou >> most definitely. >> and you know what, sometimes --nd at one pointt o t someone said you were going toi be a presence on fox5 morningoxr news is what it was at that point. >> let me just say this. say t as i raise my glass. you are the presence, and you yu are fox morning news and don't t you ever forget that. >> cheers!>> cheers! >> cheers! >> it's a whole hour of good day for you, my sweetie. sweet >> thank you very much. thank yu >> thank you, thank you, thankkt you, thank you. >> awww. aww >> now you have to kill five hav minutes with your life story.ry. >> oh, my gosh. >> what? >> thank you mike. okay.ok mike i need to see your id. (laughter).. >> we thought it would be nicewe if you said nice about everybodo in the room. >> let me start with you
10:53 am
i will just say that in this t business you don't really get to have this. you know, this is a businessss where you come in, it's down an considerate tee, you go home. hm but this is a family and nond other day has it been more m evident than this day and i promise you from the bottom of my heart i love each and everyone of you guys.ou g from the bottom of my heart.. lori, i mean we go back probablo i guess up here the longest. loe i love you like a sister.r. >> i love you. y. >> shawn, you've become a sister to me. everybody here maureen and holll and my girls. girls and my girls. how do i go out in public andlic people call police girls byls b name. and don't say it i do everythine on social media but however, yo know, and the love because letau me tell you something love is aa powerful thing. and this is all i feel today isd pure love. i just want to thank everybody.y i know this doesn't happen alone, so for matt runningt runi around and jeff and all the t bosses in here today,
10:54 am
patrice is here and my jack and jill family is here.s all right.ig so you know what, how about weut head over that way and i thinknt we need a little song, right?? >> okay.>> okay. >> let's walk.k. >> happy birthday to you, wouldo you owe wow we sound horrible. l >> happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear allison, happy birthday to you! ♪ (applause). >> whoo whoo whoo! >> what i do -- everybody.dy my babies.s. hi. hi. >> i'm sorry, you guys. g hi susan. >> i'm sorry. what? >> is this 50?
10:55 am
>> okay. get the fire extinguisher. >> whoo! >> you can do it, girl. gir >> go, go, go. >> yay! >> okay. can i go and get a freshened frh makeup now? n >> you look beautiful.k >> thank you so much.>> t >> i want to dig into this.ignto what does it say? >> happy 50th birthday.irth anybody want some cake? ce? >> let's have some thank you guys from the bottom o of my heart. >> you serve.. >> don't mess my cake up. >> okay. >> >> hal son, can you think of akf more memorable birthday thanorle this one in your 50 years?? >> absolutely not. n. absolutely not. n the thing is holly i wasn't w going to have -- isn't i'm sor sorry. >> number two trending. >> whoo! >> hbd allison number 210ing.r 0 to minutes to get it to number m one, folks.
10:56 am
>> holly, i said i don't want a party this low key and look. >> thanks everybody. everybody. really thank you. thankou >> wait until you see what wet have planned for 51. >> what are you doing? you wann some cake? thank you guys gs everybody.everody. d.c., i love you so much.o you guys fox5 morning news and n the whole -- i saw laura here, too.. reggie. this is some of the extendedme family so i love all you guys so much. thank you so much.uc. >> happy birthday, allison! >> fox5 rocks today and even more tomorrow! make sure you join us for good day..
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy! hello. [ chrs


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