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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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beltway earlier today andier toy taken to shock trauma inum baltimore city.e c i'll show you some video thateo was shot earlier today from todf skyfox and tell you how this te happened. according to maryland stateyl police it was around 2 o'clock o this afternoon that thisnoon tht 26-year-old trooper was on thenh right shoulder of the road rd just north of 450 annapolis road. he was investigating ann accident when another accidentid happened behind him. behin they described it as happening between 50 and 450 and they're t now investigating whether oneth of the vehicles that wass th involved in that accident thenhe fled the scene, crossed css several lanes of traffic,raic crashed into the back of the trooper's car and then wasn struck by a tow truck. now, let's pick up what happens next with corporal devaughn parker explaining howke the trooper was rescued.cued. >> a good samaritan wasitan driving another tow truck t behind that tow truck operatorh
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this tow truck operator gotra out of his vehicle, hooked theho chain up to the vehicle thatle struck the trooper initially iti and pulled that vehicle off vehc the trooper. fire board was able to to extricate the trooper due tooped the tow truck operator's ora actions and immediate response. >> reporter: association theter: maryland state police giving g high marks to that tow truckksoh driver for thinking very, very clearly, for jumping out,, grabbing that chain and pulling the car away from them driver side of where thewhere te trooper was.. the trooper in criticalriti condition then ems came in andn was able to get him out, get o, him onto a helicopter and fly hl him up to baltimore.tire so, again, this is still under investigation.stig they're trying to determineo den why that driver fled --led -- possibly i should say,ho s possibly fled the scene ande s then crashed into the trooperrop and at this point the outert the loop of the beltway has now reopened.opened however -- and i can now tell you that
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route 450 here in annapolis annp road have now been opened, o just now opened so if you'ref planning on taking 450 you canyo get onto the outer loop of the beltway here in prince in pr george's's c live in prince george'sve in county, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> paul wagner thank you.ner t more problems today on probo metro one day after metro leadership testified before t congress about the issues thebot transit agency is facing. general manage injury paulra wiedefeld said he's focused onl making sure the train systemin s is up and running and is safe for passengers. pse he spoke shortly before a bore train got stuck in a tunneln a l between the foggy bottom and bo rosslyn stations. fox5's marina marraco iss live at the roslyn stationn stan tonight where those evacuatedva passengers were taken.. marina, what's the latest.heate. >> reporter: it was quiteep the evacuation effort, nearly n 200 passengers that were riding on that blueline trainelt as it was approaching thehing te rosslyn station.ron st that train got stuck in the tunnel, power off, right under d the river. rer an entire ordeal that took about an ho,
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to get every single passengerasg offloaded.offloade thankfully, though, everyonee walked off safely and i want i w to show you this video becauseec we caught as those passengers pg were getting off the train.. initially metro had sent in a rescue train, if you will, to wl try and push out this disabledib train from the tunnel but t t unfortunately passengers saidses the train was caught in somee sort of bend and could notd an push that train out. instead, metro had to send yetet a second train to come in and cn try to rescue these passengers. that train had to back in to i the rosslyn station and virtually tow out thesey passengers. here is how passengers pse recanted the entire ordeal. ord >> we came to a haltt underneath the river and we and were on the upslope coming into rosslyn and the train t t came to a halt and then it the jerked forward and backwards and it -- several times overes the course of 12 or 15 minutes and the driver kept on telling l us
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moving shortly and thenn finally he said there was aas a train approaching from the rear and of course that was c shocking to me because i couldae just imagine it coming atin 60 miles an hour and i was on the last car. >> it was scary just sitting sig under a tunnel with nothing,ot no service. s you can't call nobody or nothing. nothing. metro need to get their stufftu together. er >> say no to metro. >> reporter: you're notorter: y going ride any? >> no. i haven't done it in awhile. awh and to be on a brand new car -- >> reporter: so you haven'tou h ridden awhile. >> yeah. >> reporter: and then this happens. >> yeah. >> reporter: so, will you ever ride again.teer r >> not the way it's going. i got better ways to go. g i've got 2 feet. ft. i trust those better than i dotn metro so... s >> reporter: and we should we ho mention that disabled train is parter of the new 7,000 serieser that metro just recentlyy unveiled. those passengers had to walkad w through the entire train thenaie onto that rescue train andrain a then eventually onto
6:05 pm metro tonight still dealing with residual delays on theays n blue orange and silver lines.r n live tonight from rosslyn,, virginia, marina marraco, fox5,f local >> the national park servicearki faces a critical deadline ddl today to apply for millions of o dollars in federal funds to fix the decaying memorialg memia bridge. but the application is missing the necessary congressional sponsorsships. there have been warnings that b if the bridge does notee undergr the much needed repairs it could close as soon as 2021. >> a d.c. family is upsets after workers from child andm c family services removed their t child from school after sch a receiving a report of a childf a abuse. turns out they actually hady the wrong child.rohild yesterday workers removed aov a 10-year-old from class at c.w. harris elementary iny i southeast.heas >> how did he get past the the principal not even beingve notified that a student waseden taken out of her school by child and family services?s? >> turns out child andurns familily services
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name right but the wrong the w child.chil agency officials say they the moved quickly to protect the child after receiving a serious report of child abuse but simply made a mistake. mis the agency is re-examinge- protocols to make sure a similar incident doesn'tr happen again. >> the family of a prince george's county man who died after he wentam missing during n trip with his nursing home isom suing the facility where hehe h lived. d. the body of 80-year-old lubin fitz was found back in back september inside watkinse watkis regional park in upperk pper he went missing from the park tr on september 18 after 1 aft attending a senior citizens cit picnic sponsored by woodmore woo house assisted living. l fitz had dementia.em he what happened away.he w his body was found 22 days later.te >> my father was a very loving, kind person. and every day i think aboutbo him suffering, being out there aloe
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just -- it just haunts me every day.ever >> the lawyer for fitz familyil says he's calling on the state's attorney's office to investigate this case as astig crime. >> the father of a news fathe reporter murdered on live tv will not face charges after aer dispute with a virginia senator. andy parker became an advocatee for gun control following hisnt daughter's death back iner august. a former coworker gunned down alison parker and her cameraman during a live reporter in roanoke. virginia senator williamator w stanley told police partlyrtly cloudy's family threatened him in a facebook post back in bac september.sept parker apologized. apologi a report says given theiv circumstances charges in thisane case would be inappropriate. bep >> donald trump's chainmp campaign manager will not facent charges for assaulting a recorder.coer corey lewandowski was chargedasd with assault and battery. battey he contends politics did noticsd play a role in how his office hf approached the case.apprched he said it would be "unethical to move
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good faith basis to proceed.roce a college fraternity undertt fire. they posted what some peopleat are calling a racist andacist hateful message on campus.n c we'll have the details ahead and we'll tell you what theha university is saying after a huge outcry at the school. >> ♪>> >> plus, a bus driver's quick reaction that saved a young boy's life.if we'll have that story andtory we'll tell you about how fansow are reacting to the cats being b in the playoffs tonight;, caps;, being in the playoffs tonight. e caitlin. >> rocking the red.>> r we all are tony and shawn. s great game hopefully tonightly to go along with this greathis r weather we've been having. h high temperatures back into the low 60's today.the we'll keep warming things up thg day by day but first a chillysti night ahead with a frostit fro advisory. we'll have that all ahead inahe your full fox5 forecast. shawn. >> if you have a tip idea weip want to hear from you.r fr if you got a story idea we idea want to hear from you. give us a call.
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you can also e-mail your tipsr to fox5 tips at we'll be right back. back. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00
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>> a college fraternity causesle an uproar on campus after erecting what some are callingha a trump wall.t take a look at these photos. p it shows a wall around a kappa p alpha order fraternity houseatnt at tulane the wall is actually an annual tradition but this year inear bold black writing are the a words make america great again and in red trump. obviously this year's versionr' of the wall was a play on republican presidential candidate donald trump'sat campaign slogan and iss controversial remarks onrkon immigration.mi well, take a look at this.k athi some students were so upset by s the wall that they took ity tk upon themselves to tear ito tea down. the university says thehe fraternity used trump's name n and slogan on this year's walls as satire.atir >> two years ago today the terrr
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abducted nearly 300 nigerianig school girls from their dorm.he. new footage obtained by a news agency shows some of the girls -- shows some of the somof girls there in black robes.lackr they were lined up against ae le wall identifying themselves.hesl also today lawmakers gathered outside capitol to update rescue efforts.rescue e they were also joined by one of the school girls whohe managed to escape after sheter saw the video she spoke outke ot about hope for their safe >> and i just wanted to tell the world today that let's not n give let's not forget about these girls. let's keep praying for them. t we all have to join hands and do it together, one person orson two people cannot do it. >> a brave little girl.veittl she is one of the 57 who7 managed to escape. e at least 219 are still missin missing. president obama welcomedt wounded warriors from around arn country to the white house today. >> they were outfitted withre o bikes and helmets before theylms
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annual wounded warriors bikes ke ride. it highlights the sacrifices sri service members have made and raises awareness of service members who suffer the physical and psychologicalol effects of combat.s om every time the bikers starts st the soldiers get a salute fromfr the commander-in-chief. >> about support and love fore each other and for our country that flows through everybody e who serves under our proudsero flag. i'm going to keep doingto kee di everything that i can to makengt sure that we serve you as well a as you've served us.s. >> the veterans will meetans wie tomorrow in annapolis for a a 17-mile ride.ile it is the first leg of their journey in our area.y ur a on friday and saturday theday soldier ride continues inontinun northern virginia. virgi >> very cool. >> all right. so grab your cell phone righte r now. look at all the apps you app downloaded then ask yourselfou what private details or information. i leaking? still ahead atg? 6:00 tonight how thieves can easily steal your personalteouro information from the apps onn fa your phones. p >> and motherhood really is a balancing act.
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a former cirque de soleil gymnast performs gravity defying tricks with herfying tr children. she started performing whening e she was just 17 years old.7 ars she stopped touring after theer birth of her second child.d c isn't that something?isn't thati >> look at her daughter. l >> that's amazing.>> t now the mom of two shares heresh gymnastic poses on instagram.tam her three and one-year-old even get in on the act as a well.well. that's amazing. >> oh, my goodness, she hasn'ta' gotten down yet.en dowt she's still been her armn her this entire time. >> fantastic.>> fantastic. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> heads up everybody.ea you know all the apps you all t download on your o >> uh-huh.>> >> they may be leaking your you personal information. >> yeah, researchers from columbia university claimrsitcl posting on social media appsedip that use location data such as instagram and twitter comes with harmful privacy they warn it's very easy to identify people even whenn w names
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stripped from supposedlym sup anonymous data and do yound store credit card informationma on your phone? that might notmo be a good the columbia team found it wasna easy to identify shoppers by match anonymous credit card purchases against logs of phones pinging a cell tower.ow >> all this technology is goodyo in some ways but makes itutes easier for those who want toant do ill, you know,. >> problematic but, you know -- >> what's going on here.s >> we got a busy workingbu wor studio here. he. caitlin is just so excited excit about all the weather, you know.ow >> there's a slow gointhere's ai >> still going on.>> oh, guys, it is a beautiful but day outsi we are enjoying some great weather. a live look outside shows all so the sunshine that we have. fantastic spring weather. w that is our headline to get to you through the rest of the week. through the weekend and evenen e into next week. w i can't remember the last timemr we've had such quiet weather. qi probably back in early
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and we've got those got tho temperatures to go along with it.h finally starting to feel morelor like 64 was the high temperature athu reagan earlier t just a couple degrees shy of s o normal. 63 out at dulles and 61 at bwi. outside right now stillnowti enjoying a very nice evening. ei still light jacket weather butwr 58 in annapolis, 60 in60 61 washington, 64 manassas ands 63 in winchester.inchte once the sun sets those temperatures fall off prettyeslt quickly and we're expectinge ex cold conditions again tonight.og so, it is a very nice afternoon that we saw bute s we'll have a very chillyy evening and that will leadthat a into a cold friday morning. mori frost advisory in effects in anywhere north and west ofre n washington in the blue wherethee temperatures will be in theures mid 30's. you can see that dusting ofti o frost on the lawn on your carour tops to start off fridayoff fray morning. so, jackets to begin but thento with all the sunshine it will bw warm up. satellite and radar right nowow just could not be quieter really. re high pressure in place allreuren across the northeast, the t midatlantic, over into the midwest. es that is a blocking high.ig so as we put
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motion you'll see nothing can penetrate this high pressure system. it's stuck there and we aree benefiting from the nicee n weather due to it being stucktu there. futurecast just keeps j k going and going through time t into the weekend and you see yos the rain off shore, then you tn see this area of some heavyome a rain into the central they'll get several inches of ie rain over the weekend but ford b us we'll benefit from onee sunny day after another.noth sunshine on tap again thanks to that blocking high as weockih head into friday.ri temperatures should be aer little bitat warmer. warme each day we go up a couple maybe mid 60's off towards ourfw west. that's friday afternoon.da a gorgeous start to theous stt o weekend.ween finally feeling more likeeling l april.ri that's our headline. hdl temperatures rising into theg ie 70's by sunday and then by tn monday could be even warmer, w possibly some 80's out therehe especially towards our west.ur . we'll be on that 80-degreede watch come monday.on but again for tonight clear skies, it is still chilly with w that frost advisory towardsdv our west. ou 42 in the city but mid 30's ins those counties that i showed iho you west of 95. for tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, 65 degrees by th
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looking weather and the bus bus stop itself 36 to 46 so cold in those suburbs. sur after school, though, 62 to 67 7 feeling really nice. you can ditch the jacket. fox5 rocks by the way tomorrowom morning, that is out at farragut square park where wequr have our own holly morris and hr maureen umeh downtown for that. that if you're joining please dojoin temperatures will be in theures 50's but we rise to 65 ando 65 a then we get 72 by sunday, 78 on monday andy staying pretty nice the rest r of the week. no rain in the forecast.n in >> i love it. >> i know. >> beautiful. >> can't get any better.r. >> doesn't.>> d speaking of fabulous we'ref' rocking our red.rocking ou >> yes, we are. yes >> yes. >> i forgot, i'm sorry.ry. >> that's all right, tony,. ton, it is april and that means renewed optimism for the capitals. >> tonight the quest beginsht t for stanley cup.y c brody logan joins us from the te verizon center. i'm sure there's a lot of a lot excitement down there, brody.reo >> reporter: tony, there is a lot of excitement but youf cie said elusive
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for 30 bucks on amazon. but for the capitals it will be a 42 years of waiting for a stanley cup. c but this of any year wouldld probably be the year.he i spoke to former capitals player allen may.llen m he said comparing this year'sg a team to other teams that were great capitals teams is beforeta you could always point tols something the team was lacking but this year'sd al team has no holes. it has been arguably the besthe regular season in the caps' 41a' year history a-team record for d wins and now it's time to see if that success will continuel e when it matters most now in nowi the post season.easo the great unknown and the question every coach faces is how will your team respond in r game one. >> i thought we were ready and we had a few things happen hap right before the game and wee w didn't come out really well in game one and then came outne ahe great in game two so, yeah,ea you're always curious to see tos how guys are going to react reat and settle n last year we learned some lessons you
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we went the distance on thence first two series and we wantan to go further if we can but, you know, you have to go out and earn >> reporter: now, shawn and tony i know there's a lot ofe' superstition about this cupon and actually i a talked to capsp owner ted leonsis. leois he didn't even want to say theay word stanley's cup so it so depends on how you feel, but if i can give it a k >> absolutely. >> it's a fake cup. it's a it's's o one hand, lifting with one w hand. [laughter] all right, go caps. >> yes.>> >> whoo-hoo! >> all right. >> ♪ >> that is sound of the citynd e performing their brand newnd song run. you can catch them live inive i person for absolutely freeutel this friday tomorrow at a farragut square park.rrag sound of the city band membersee say their music is soulfullful timeless and classic.ic they played most major localor l venues including the 930 club,l, the lincoln theat
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meriweather post pavilion. pavio >> this concert tomorrow is t all part of our fox5 rocksox5 rs spring concert series, very cool. tomorrow as shawn said soundd su of the city, holly morris,or maureen umeh will host thislost week's concert. concert then on april 22nd secretret society performs and ouretperfor finale is the muddy crows on o friday april 29th.pril 29t here's the great thing about this. it's going to be a lot of fun. f weather's going to be good.g good television. tel and you get to support yourpo y local support your local artists. aiss come down to 17th and knd k streets tomorrow. tor we kick things off early andar a then things really get goingng during good day d.c. from 9:00 until 11:00 a.m.til 11 a more info on the bands and the t concert series on our web site we'll be back. >> ♪
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>> you got a point. p >> an oklahoma bus driver d sprung into action and and performed the heimliche maneuver on a five-year-oldn a a boy who was choking on a penny.y. ginger maxwell is her she initially thought the boyhe was misbehaving and didn'tvi want to sit in his seat. dashcam video shows hero s h getting out of her seat comingta to boy's aid. she says after the penny pen dislodged the boy asked if heske could have it he promised too not swallow coins in thealco future. good luck for her for gettingorg up investigating not justot j saying i said sit down and and turning around and continuing on. on >> that could have ended so much differently. difntly >> absolutely. ew glad she knew thousandd she n perform the heimlich. >> absolutely. that's right. that iiparent seeing know parents freaked out seeing that. >> super scary. s >> he's okay. probably got t
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he.. >> and good for the girl whoirl says he's got a coin. >> final check on that f forecast. >> beautiful weather. still chilly this evening and it will be again tomorrow morning with a frost advisory north and west bututhi a f thost temperatures keep climbing.limb. great weather into thisweat weekend finally and those 70's e on the horizon by sunday.y. >> whoo-hoo! loving those 70's. thanks for joining us joing tonight everybody.ry >> tmz is next. join us tonight at 10:00.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: kobe bryant took a massive amount of champagne to the face. >> kobe played in his farewell game and scored 60 points. >> that was the fakest 60 points. >> the players weren't defending. i could have scored nine points probably. >> you guys sound like the biggest dumb-asses -- >> hold on. in defense, we are. [laughter] >> gwen stefani just caught a huge break in her divorce with gavin rossdale. he's walking away from a chunk he could have taken from her money. >> he can't do what he did and then take all of her money too. >> the rest of your lives you're going to have to deal with each other. so maybe if you bone the nanny, maybe you take the high road. when it comes to the money. >> good for you, gavin rossdale. maybe she has a lot of tour dates coming up. >> we have video of justin


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