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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 5:00 a young maryland state troop5 erer fighting for his life thisis he was lit in a chain reaction o crash. reaction from a witness who stayed on the scene to help. >> plus, another headache for metro. a train gets stuck in a tunnelck while all passengers wereers w evacuated still a lot of questions remain this morning. morning >> it is 5 o'clock, people. ppl good morning to you. t y it is friday and it's a goodd looking friday.gri >> yes, it is.>> yes, it i going to feel good, too. t >> that's right.harigh >> that's your cue, mikee, me thomas.
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you were dazzled by our beauty a i know it. >> it's ladies half hour. h i'm kind of staring at the o screen here. it's going to be absolutelyf o a gorgeous it's a wonderfulolgo friday andy it's a cool start to the day t d but temperatures later this afternoon back into the 60's.nt' lots of sunshine once again. ain very few clouds. clo not even a rain drop in sight.ig weekend looks fantastic astast well and 80's coming your way ya next week. more details on that. >> okay. >> thank you mike. m >> erin como, i'm sorry, we're e just like loopy this morning aop little bit. we're going get ity traffic hopefully not loopy. >> i'm happy about the commute a as well. metro he is on time. it's going to be a beautifulbe a day and all of our interstates s into the district as you head ha out from -- maybe you'ree coming from annapolis orisr frederick, you're in for a ye ia great ride. i don't want to jinx us but it i like it so >> fox5 on top of two breaking k stories in the district. disic first, a deadly stabbing inbbing southeast. >> a man was killed around 1:30 this morning in the 440040 block of livingston road.ngstoa police have not said anything
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yet about a suspect or a motive.ti >> also breaking overnight invei the district the search for a 14-year-old girl her name is kiehry rosa heezo. hee last seen in the 1200 block off park road northwest.or she also goes by the name stephanie. her picture is on your screen. e maryland state trooperland t fighting for his life roafter a terrible wreck on the happened yesterday afternoon yes on the outer loop near 450 in lanham. trooper ezra ganeshananda wasnad injured in that accident.t he's currently listed in lis critical condition.onditi investigators say the trooper to was parked on the shoulder in an unmarked patrol vehicleketrol investigating an accident andid that's when another car anoer smashed into the trooper's car sparking a chain reaction crash.cras >> he struck the policehe police officer. i didn't know he was in thereno so he when everybody wasen around the police officer,olicei there was another guy tryinger n to help me out, i run to theohe state trooper, go to the other o side of the door, theoor, t passenger side door and i toldr him, o
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is everything okay? he didn't d respond to it so i got on theott radio and i was like trooper trr down on 495. on 4 >> the trooper injured is 26s years old.ars o. he's only been on the job foror 15 months.. >> the man charged in a drunk driving accident that killed kil montgomery county policemeryount officer no, sir he what leottas has agreed to plead guilty.ui the attorney for luis reluzco says a plea will be entered may 18 and police say he washe driving drunk when he struckn officer leotta on rockville rocv pike last december. leotta died from his injuries ij a week later. reluzco could face the max the come sentence of 10 years in prison for vehiculareh manslaughter. a scary scene during theurie ringling brothers and barnum bar and bailey circus last night. warning, some might find thiss video disturbing.tuin a bmx performer is recovering rr after he fell while trying toryo
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he suffered a neck injury. he was taken to the hospital.ho he is expected tspo survive. svi the circus is in the last l weekend of a two-week run atun a the eagle bank arena. >> ♪ >> happening today, a status tou hearing being held for former f prince george's county schoolrgo aide who is accused of filmingii and engaging in sexual actsual with children.with childre 22-year-old deonte carrawayarraa has pled not guilty to theotlt crime. this federal case includes 13nce charges covering 11 ofin11 carraway's victims. vic if convicted, he faces up tos ut 30 years in prison for each charge. charge. this morning metro is mor trying to figure out what caused afi train to get stuck ii the tunnel.un >> it happened between foggy bottom and rosslyn yesterdayos s afternoon.tern fox5's melanie alnwick is at i rosslyn station with details.ato good morning,, m >> reporter: lay, goodr: l morning.rn and no one was injured soured that's the good news but a very serious incident nonetheless. i mean, can you imagine this, being trapped in a tunnel underground for more than anoren
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certainly rattling a lot ofing f riders and the timing couldincol not have been worse as metron wm is trying to show congressw cons that it is getting back on track.track. now, stranded passengers wills w to walk through two trains toin finally reach the platform after a long distressing wait wi underground thursday afternoon, their train withraint the new 7,000 series rail cars r suddenly stopped as it wasit w going under the potomac river. the first rescue train broughtht in couldn't hook up properlyok y to the disabled train so aisab second train had to be then brought in from then om the front. riders are starting to lose faith in metro he. >> scary sitting under atinder tunnel with nothing, noelith no service, you can't call nobodyob or nothing. not metro need to get their stufftu together. >> say no to metro. >> reporter: you're not going ride any?g ri any >> no. i haven't done it in awhile a and that was, to be on a brandnr new car...
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>> reporter: now, of course, cou all of this came one day after r metro leadership was calledal into a congressional hearingalea looking into metro's safetyaf and reliability and as we know metro board chairman jackirman a evans asking congress for moreor money but members of congressgrs saying you got to show us thatsa you're making improvementsvent first. at this point, we do not know wn what caused that train too become disabled. dab perhaps we'll learn something about that later latod holly and maureen. >> ♪ >> all right.>> a mel has got her jacket on nown t little chilly this morningorng but it's going to warm upo war nicely today.nily t >> yeah, much like yesterday mus and the day before.ef for the next several days hereas we'll be dealing with --it >> good week to be a weather person. >> great week to be a weatherk person we don't have much totovc do. >> hey, hey. or sunrise forecast here, itse f should be a good one thise a gos morning although a chilly one.ln temperature in the city rightitt around 44 degrees.4 gr now, off to the north andffthe west, our northwest suburbs sub
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start to the day. day sunrises at 6:31 a.m..m thank you to corey love for sending that photo in.n. 37 in gaithersburg, 34 inin frederick.fred 43 in annapolis over on thever n eastern shore, cambridgeambrid working up top 34-degree 3degree temperatures as well.uress w satellite and radar thisadhi morning crystal that's in motion and you don't even see a cloud on it.loud we'll just have a few passing clouds here and there later onen this afternoon but once again, b lots of sunshine andshe a temperatures will warm up warm later today.latetoda sunny and dry. 65 degrees here in washington.t. manassas 67. 67. culpeper may be pushing closer e to 70 degrees, 68. martinsburg 66.insbg 66 hagerstown 67. and absolutely gorgeous fridays coming our way.ay all right, that's a check oft'sc the forecast.thfore erin has got a check of the roads. >> on-time traffic brought tora you by toyota. visit buy ffa for special offers. >> that's right, coming up onn 5:08. we have a metro update. unscheduled track work affecting the red line betweenet van ns
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watch for red line delays.e del the rest of our lines are all a on time this taking a wide view plenty oflenf green as you get closer to ther district this morning and ourrnd airport commute is lookingmmutig really let's take a live look outsidekt f you're heading out in in frederick this morning 270or southbound a little bit oftle bf congestion by the truck scaleshe but as you get down to fathero f hurley you're cruising along'r as you proceede down to theowto spur. once you get on the beltway,n tw beltway still looking really gy over the american legionn bridge problem free through thr bethesda. we'll take a look at 95. i want to see how things are the shaping up. as you wake up in stafford affod little bit of volume increasing by 610.y same story by prince william parkway.rkwa heading into newington aing intt little bit of congestionnge getting to the springfield sprgf interchange once you crossss that .395 northbound to thehbou 14th street bridge is quiet.bri we'll keep you updated buted looks like things are starting g to pick up out there. maureen. >> ♪ >> still ahead, complete devastation. japan hit with a massiveive earthquake overnight with several aftershocks slowingafte rescue efforts.ffor >> plus sparks fly
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hillary clinton and berniely sanders at a heatedin debate in brooklyn. we're going take you there after the break. ♪ >> it was a contentiousen debater for the democrats laste night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off againng ofa less than a week before thebefoe new rk primary.rk priry >> and there were plenty of of fireworks during this debate.e. wisdom is now back in studiotudo with more. and again with this campaign
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>> that's right.>> they kicked it up anotherp a notch last night.ig hillary clinton -- it was -it pretty fiery between her and h bernie sanders.bernie sande there was even some calling itoi the showdown in brooklyn. bok take a look at some of this. the two locked horns at the loc brooklyn navy yard located ny yl across the river from manhattan. they sparred over the typical t issues like national security st gun violence and clinton's cnt wall street ties but this was their first face to face matchup since sanders saide sans that clinton was not qualified i to be president.presint and neither held back. >> secretary clinton has theonas experience and the intelligence to be aigce t president, of course she but i do question her judgment. i question a judgment whichgmenh voted for the war in iraq. ira >> well, the people of newple of york voted for me twice to bee their senator from new york.ork. and president obama trusted my judgment enough to ask me to m be secretary of state. state >> all right.>> at this point the sanders campdc says they have the money and
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seven of eight contests butsts the clinton camp says they have the math. a delegate lead that sandershatd simply cannot -- is not able a to erase.rase should make things even mores er interesting in the next coupleht of months and probably they'lldh be kicking it up another notchnh because the closer and tighternt it gets the more arched uparchep things seem to be.thin >> this whole political cycle cc lab kicked let's just saycked ls that. >> good news in the political cycle.n how about about th at least good news for john kasich. he picked up a key ahead of the new york primary. former new york governoroverno george pataki announced he's hes throwing his support behindrtd kasich. he ace the ohio governor is ohi the only candidate who canan easily beat hillary clintonli this november.ovem >> today boston will mark then k third anniversary of theiversafh deadly marathon bombings withith special remembrances.em last year boston's mayoror declared april 15th 1 boston day. it's a new tradition meant to m honor the city's civilians and d spread goodwill.oo survivors and victim's families will gather at the finish line for w
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laying the boston marathon is onis o monday. developing turnpike turnpike failing and trying to launch a c missile.e. the new missile is said to said have been capable of reachingean u.s. military bases in asia. >> ♪ >> and overnight in japa nht i n rescue operations under wayons there after a magnitude 6.5de 6 earthquake killed at least l nine people this rescue of an eight month old baby wasaby caught on camera. cer she was pulled from underneathat just one of dozens of collapsed several aftershocks have nowafs been reported.d. japanese officials say 1600ay 10 soldiers have been deployed toyo help with the rescue and cleanup efforts. ♪> ♪ >> all right, we're going get g to weather in just a few a few minutes but coming up delta dumps one of the most hatedost h airline fees there is.rlin we'll fill you in on that.ou i t >> and a live look outside assia we head to break on thisres friday speaking of weather, a little
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promises to be anotherther beautiful springlike day.eay mike thomas is going to fill til us in on the weather. erin como is going to talk traffic on the 5's. it's all coming up next. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪>> >> welcome back on this friday morning. b frost advisories off to thees oh north and west. these are because of coldecau temperatures out there this morning. already you know you need theu n jacket.ja i want to mention this justn s because we'll probably have hav another frost advisory aroundson the same area later on tonight. for the gardeners out there do t be aware probably another ano chilly night coming your way yor this evening and maybe don't do the gardening yet today but i think this weekend aske a temperatures warm up you're going to be all be here are those cold temperatures out there thisurest morning. 37 for gaithersburg, 34 for frederick, martinsburg goodrg g morning 35 degrees. 35 gr 44 for hagerstown.agerstow dulles at 39. 46 degrees here in the here district. again, satellite and radarn, s very, very not a cloud in the sky outhe o there. beautifully crystalry clear skies.kies. sun is going to come up. beautiful sunri
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talk about here across thecros northeast and even backd en bac through the midwest.throug clear skies all the way back through chicago.through no weather systems heading ourhr way. even this weekends things ares s going to be gorgeous.toou high pressure sitting just offst to our north on saturday. up are 60's tomorrow afternoonft right about where we should beed for this time of year but then t as we get into sunday, this t area of high pressure moves pres down to the that changes the wind direction. it comes out of the west which o is a warmer wind for us and wutw get back into the lower 70'sinhl probably even some mid 70's around down to the south andouta west on sunday there's your weekend forecast.a. 68 degrees, lots of sun onts of more sun for sunday, s 72 degrees in the afternoon.fteo a gorgeous weekend coming ourusd way. for the rest of today, 65 degrees, even more sunshine than yesterday if you can yes believe it. mild temperatures later onlateon today. toda winds stay light.s it stays beautiful out there. t there's your sky cast painting t a gorgeous picture.icture 44 degrees later tonight so tigt temperatures once again get chilly.chil no frost advisory here in theis city but i do suspect northpe n and west once again will be wil dealing with those frostst advisories. here's your fo
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7-day forecast.7-da 65 for friday. saturday 68. sunday 72.sunday 72. monday warmest day of the next t seven it looks like, look at l these temperatures around theat region, 80 here in washington,ag manassas 84, culpeper 84, fredericksburg 84. that's going to be a beautifulef day.y. we should keep it dry all thet l way through the next seven nexse days and we round out next week by getting back into thek t mid 70's next thursday.t thurs all right, that's a look at l the weather.weat traffic time with erin como. >> all right, 5:17 and let's and show you what's going on foror this friday morning ride f r you're taking metro, m unscheduled track work right wog now could cause some delays between van ness and dupontnessd in both directions.ons. aside from that all otherer metro lines on time or closelo to schedule this taking a wide view our airport t travel looking good.kingoo bw parkway problem free on theot northbound side to bwi. b same story on 95.n 9 things by reagan national andata dulles cruising along. along starting to see some usualome ua volume increase so let's take t a live look outside. south of prince williamnce parkway on 95 northbound we dooo have some slowdowns this
5:18 am
morning just because ofing justf congestion. we'll try to get those cameras up for you.ou aside from that, things aret, t looking good on the bottom b side of the beltway.e beltway you're cruising along as youg gs make your way across theos wilson bridge.wils in fact, all of our inbound bridges this morning areges or looking good.okingoo fourteenth street no problemsems there. th third street tunnel lookingreett good at the freeway and we're w problem free across the memorial and the key.mori that could change and we'llou ca keep you posted. coming from annapolis 50olis 5 inbound looks great from three e to the beltway at speed a s exactly what it should be andt b inside the beltway we don't have that usual morning slowhat down just yet as you pass kenilworth. back to you. y >> ♪ >> time now 5:18 let's take as k look at the stories you'rees y engaging with most thish m morning on social media with sle our realtime news tracker. first up, has the lochnessoc monster finally been found? n f sort of. sort o according to the bbc an under water robot exploring the loch discovered a prop from am flick. flic
5:19 am
first time in its history the citadel considering to make a m change to the uniformange te uni requirements after requestsemenr from a incoming muslim student u that she be allowed to wear a hijab.ja t-shirt imprinted withrinted symbols for basic necessities ns like food transportation and accommodations meant to make communication easier forunic people in countries where they do not speak the language.guage. the icon speak t-shirt is now available online just in time te for your next trip.ri icon speak. spe i like that. t >> yeah? i think maybe an app a would just be easier and thennd you could wear whatever youyo want. want don't have to wear that samear s shirt every day.shirt e >> i know. could get a little rank. >> thanks, mel. the national park service sr meets a critical deadline thate could impact your futurefure commute. commut now late last night itht submitted an application for afr major grant to help fund theelpe rehabilitation of the memorial bridge. there have been concerns theeen application was not going tooi be strong enough to gain to gain congressio
5:20 am
the bridge needs about $250 million in repairs tors keep it open to vehicles.icle and a different d.c.nt d landmark will beginil renovations today in just aons few hours a crane will begin wil removing stones damaged in the 2011 earthquake from the national cathedral.athedr the second stage of sta of renovations will cost approximately $2 million and focus on repairs to the building's exterior. exterior. experts say the restoration rto could take over a decade and and will cost, again, around aro $22 million to complete formi the entire project.the en now, here's something yousou don't hear often. o an airline is dumping a fee.umpa delta airlines is no longeron charging customers for booking i flights over the phone. previous fee cost travelers anen extra $25 to call aall representative for theiresen flightta and $35 to book in the airport. >> ♪>> >> 5:20 right now. next, playoff babies. b the capitals not the only onesns celebrating this morning.
5:21 am
these newborns are alreadywborne rocking the red. >> more on this story after the break. we are going to be right back.
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>> topping today's sportsping breakfast a woman's basketballma player at george washington university has madeor history. senior was selected sixthd s overall by the los angelesng sparks in the first round of rou the wnba she's gw's first ever firstvefis round pick.round pick. she's also only the sixthhe sixh player in the program's history to be selected in the draft. >> the capitals flying high this morning with ala two-zero shutout of philadelphia inlphi game one of the stanley cup playoffs. january carlson and jay beagles scored for washington and braden holtby stopped 17 shots. game two tomorrow night at thehe verizon center. >> all right.>> well on the way.he w >> where is my cow bell when i need it. >> you intoed that. some newborns benefiting fromfr awful this post season >> take a look at these babiest rocki
5:24 am
washington hospital and medstar georgetown universitytoi hospital. they were born yesterdayte during the capitals playoff capl run. all babies born at those two tse hospitals will receive a free caps onesie cap and bibs and bia fans can share photos of their t newborns using #caps playoffff baby. wouldn't it be so fun they go ty to the stanley cup and get all those babies together and take t a hugoge photo he. h my gosh that would be so fun. f. >> how cute. ce. >> then like 20 years from now m they could have a reunion of all the kids. >> aww.>>ww. >> how sweet is that. how >> this is the cutest shot. s >> love it, love it.ove >> good morning little cuties.iu >> love the weather just aswehe much, mike. >> yeah, weather is caps were >> yup. >> hopefully they can get thelyt win again tomorrow night.ig >> there's nothing going on. >> no, literally it
5:25 am
morning. morning. jacket weather as you head oute the door but later thisater t afternoon i think you can getthn rid of it. 37 degrees your currenten temperature in gaithersburg.the. baltimore 43 in annapolis.ol. here in the city 46 but that's really only near n the river. if you get away from thefrom arrive you're probably in the'r 30's as well. they reached30 the freezing marm in manassas and culpeper soper s again, just a cold start to srt the day much like yesterday.rday good news is we'll be a couple u degrees warmer than yesterday.ry 45 by 8:00 a.m. a.m by the noon hour, 57 degrees7 gr and by the time we get to the afternoon lots of sunshine,sush mid 60's.60's. it's going the feel like a fantastic spring friday. fri >> all right. rht heading into a fantasticg spring weekend, right. w >> absolutely. >> well, hopefully it's eq hually as fantastic on theth roads. i know the person with thehe answer.sw erin como. >> 5:25 right now and we we unfortunately have someel accidents and some congestion picking up.pickinup. starting you off with a lookitha 95 as you head up fromp fro stafford into newington you'reen going to hit a lot of a l stop-and-go traffic.op-and-go that is simply congestion fromif 619 to prince william parkway.k. mainly that is where things start to slow
5:26 am
no c just a lot of people trying tope get inside the beltway forhe bey work this morning. aside from that 66 on then eastbound side looking good good but volume also building as b you make your way from 123 tom o the beltway passing nutley nutle you can see just a steady flowyw of traffic starting toraffictart increase. we also have a new crash cra derwood out on 108 at the t intersection of field crestie c road so definitely want tofito give yourself some time around o that we'll take a look at our mapsur right now. we have some construction asruis well as a metro update for you. unscheduled track work slowingtc us down on the red line between van ness and duponont ap and in addition to that bw parkway southbound just beforetf 50, there is some unscheduledchd construction work taking outut the right lane.the right now you can still see au l lot of green on our map as yousu head southbound. i'll let you know if thatnow ift construction starts to causeon any major slowdowns this this morning and we'll keep a closewl eye on that accident as well. back to you.. >> ooh, boy a special treata spt for students graduating froming howard university this spring. s president obama there willent deliver the key float address at the
5:27 am
ceremony. the university made the announcement yesterday. the president will receive an honorary doctor sintllof law dee from howard. that commencement ceremony isem planned for saturday may seventh.seve >> that's exciting.>> t >> everyone will be there.e >> absolutely. >> people that weren'tpl planning to walk are now. n >> all of a sudden they are, a s yes. >> ahead at 5:30 police need your help finding a missing misi teen in the district.istr plus what we know about a deadly stabbing that happened overnight in the southeast.outh >> what bryce harper did at nats park for the first timefor in his career. 5:27 right now.
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>> ♪ >> ahead this morning an update on the maryland statee ma trooper hit during a chain c reaction crash on the beltway.rh plus, terrifying momentser on board a metro train.ra >> the train came to a haltal and then it jerked forward and backwards several times overtimo the course of 12 or 15 o minutes. >> reporter: passengers stuck for an hour in a darktek tunnel. tunnel what metro says caused the problem. proble this latest incident comestc on the heels of a heated of ate safety meeting on capitol hill. and faceoff in brooklyn. attack after attack, the the democratic debate turns fox5 news morning starts now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> and a good friday morningdayr to you. to 5:30 is our time. t it is set to be a wonderful wonf day and an even betteretr weekend. let's check in with mikeecin wit 'cause he is the bearer of allrf good news. >> hi, well, i can't take all the all credit
5:31 am
mother nature is doing hered nid part. she's hit the pause button on b the weather conditions we'vedios had yesterday so that means not just today but the nexthe few days we're going to bengo dealing with a lot of sunshine e and temperatures graduallyradual getting warmer each day.erh d later on this afternoon, evener more sun, temperatures back into the 60's after a cold col morning and, yes, full details i on that weekend forecasteekend r coming up in just a bit. b >> all right in the moon time erin como, what do you have.ou h >> 5:31 and already we have ad d metro delay on the red lineed l between van ness and dupont.up more congestion picking up picnu from stafford if you're wakingdu up in virginia as well ass frederick by the truck scales and 270 southbound.outh i know no one is surprised but b we'll keep a close eye on e o everything and let you know if w we get any atypical slowdowns.l. if you get to work early onarlyn friday you can get out that's my'sy pla >> thank you erin. tnk y we'll start with breakingari news overnight in washington,, c.c. d.c. police are searching forngr a 14-year-old girl her picture e is right there on the this is kehiry rosa-huezo.a-ez she's been missing since 4:30 40 yesterday afternoon last seeners in the 1200 block of park roa
5:32 am
she's described as 5-foot two.t she's a hispanic female withith black and blond hair and brownro eyes. last seen wearing a blue blu sweater burgundy shirt and tandn pants. they say she also goes by thelss name of stephanie. stephan >> also developing in districtv a man stabbed to death early e this morning.orning. police were called to the 4400 0 block of livingston roadgston around 1:30 this morning.or that's when they found the victim stabbed inside a iid residence there.ncther now, no word on a suspect or a a motive or the victim'sm' identity.identi a maryland state trooperrylp is fighting for his life thisiss morning after a terrible wrecke on the beltway.elay this happened yesterdayd yestery afternoon on the outer loop near 450 in lanham. trooper ezra ganeshananda wases injured in that accident.iden he's currently listed ind critical condition. investigators say the freezing rain was parked on theas shoulder in an unmarked patrol vehicle investigating anveigatig accident. that's when another carther smashed into the trooper's car c sparking a chain reaction crash. >> he struck the police officer
5:33 am
i didn't know law in there.w la when everybody was around the police officer there was another guy trying to help mease out, i run to the statetate trooper, go to the other side od of the door, the passenger side door and i told him, officer, are you joke is everythinokay? iseverything okd respond. i got on the radio and i was anw like trooper down on 495. 495 >> the injured trooper is just s 26 years old.26 yrs o he's only been on the job for 15 months.15 month >> this morning metro ismo trying to figure out whatut caused a train to get stuck in k the >> it happened between foggy bottom and rosslyn yesterday afternoon.ternoo fox5 melanie alnwick is at i rosslyn metro station withta more. i don't know about you mel but b we have been talking hereking about how panic would ensue ens perhaps if you were stuck in a tunnel under the water. the wat >> reporter: oh, absolutelybsoly and that was my reaction reactio yesterday when i first saw thees story thinking that perhaps isei one of my worst metro m nightmares. no one was injured, that's thet' real good news but still a b s very serious incident nonth
5:34 am
we know what can happen here her and it really comes at very v bad timing as well as metro isei trying to convince congresse cgs that it is doing everything itth can to get the system back on stranded passengers walked through two trains yesterdaytrai to finally reach the roz lynn rl platform after a long distressing wait undergroundou thursday afternoon, their,he train with the new 7,000 series rail cars suddenlyud stopped as it was going underngu the potomac river.. now, passengers told fox5 it lurched a few times and just a j went dark. dark. the first rescue train brought in couldn't hook up properly pro to the disabled train so ad tras second train had to beoe offloaded then broader in fromen the front. b now this comes one day afterft metro leadership called into aea congressional hearing on metrol he safety and reliability andbia board chairman jack evans toldvl congress that the system needstm more money. mey yesterday general manager paul wiedefeld says he's pushingus hard to get the system back in shape.shap >> my focus right now, again, aa is on the current system
5:35 am
and -- and managing what weg wt have as best as i can.s i c so, that's what i'm focusingin on now. chairman -- chairman of theof board as the policy level person, he is pushing veryhinger hard on the funding issue and a he has his case to make there.h. i'm focused on the day to dayay apparitions ratday to dayoperatw >> reporter: wiedefeld announced he's canceling ag contract to add smartphone paype systems to metro saying that really it just wasn't a wiset as way to spend money at this t point. we still do not know what caused that rain to lose powerra but weren't that power and track problems are systemice syi issues. back to you guys. >> thanks, mel. t seems like every day there'sverd something with metro.thin now to the campaign trail. c hillary clinton and berniendnie sanders squared off iner brooklyn last night just fivet f days before the new york y primary.imar it was one of the most contentious democratic debatesse yet and
5:36 am
sanders said clinton was not qualitied to be president.reside >> does secretary clinton havenh the experience and therience the intelligence to be alligence to president? of course she of cu does. but i do question her judgment. i question a judgment whichwhich voted for the war in iraq.war >> well, the people of newhe p york voted for me twice to beceo their senator from new york. and president obama trusted myst judgment enough to ask me to as be secretary of state.ta. >> in a new fox poll,oll, americans were asked who hasedho the integrity to be president. 70 percent said sanders does doe and only 48 percent said thesa same of clinton. >> ♪ >> all right as we head into as the weekend, mike, what kinde,h of weather can we look forward to. to. >> i was just reflecting onefle kobe bryant's career.t'car >> oh, yeah.h, y >> it was fantastic.t was fa >> he weathered the storm,torm, weathered the storm. sto >> i know how much you loved y v kobe bryant. >> oh, yeah. >> we got fantastic weatherotan coming today, t
5:37 am
>> you had to get that in,ad didn't you. >> oh, yes, i d you know me. satellite and radar clearad c skies all across the region. r they're going to remain clearaie not just today but all throughlr the weekend into next week anddn no rain coming our way reallyea at all. a. here's your setup for thisr seto friday afternoon.fterno high pressure still off to theu north. this air mass hasn't moved. movd it's sitting still and everyll e day it's getting blasted withedh sunshine so we're warming by a y couple degrees every day. d yesterday we were in the lowwe to mid 60's. wto m today mid to upper 60's fors most of the region. rio a great day.a great d a sunny day.a nny day a mild day.ay 65 degrees for your daytime high.. more sun beautiful afternoon.rn get out there and enjoy it. all right.all right. check of the weather.k of t erin's got a check of thehe >> 5:37 right now and and unfortunately starting to getrto a lot of activity on our roads. 270 southbound volume buildingod after 109.ter 109 that is starting to slow youar down. north of that point same story s by the truck scales. sca as we look in montgomery in county we do have a crashra field crest road just west ofrot 108 a on area of caution. cti the intersection however isowers still opened.ill op aside fromha
5:38 am
your way out on were.utn w parkway in that prince george's county emergency roadn work right now on the southbound side.igut it's just before 50.or 50. the right lane is blocked. blo i'll let you know how late h l that's going to be out thereut t this and if it's starting to causeg u any major slowdowns for you.. aside from that let's see if we can go ahead and take aak a look outside, show you how else things are shaping aroundah the area.e area 95 is starting to see somee volume building and same story on 66.on 66. as you make your way pastt nutley street towards theds the beltway you can see things areua getting a little sluggish outut there. there. inbound fox hall by the chainy t bridge wide opened.idge wid all of our area bridges stillris are in really good shape this friday back to you. >> all right. all right thanks erin.n. 5:38 is our time right now. no a warning for parents. paren fisher price is recalling a popular infant swing. infant sw >> plus, a fast food chainfd ch getting set to make major m changes and it could includede all you could eat frenchld eat f fries. more details after the >> ♪ >> ♪
5:39 am
5:40 am
make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
5:41 am
>> i'm maureen umeh back withen your health watched had lineswa now attc 5:41. 5 prescription drug spending inrun the u.s. expected to increase is 22 percent over the next five ni years. that's according to a new report. but the growth will be slowerth than last and that's because last year a new hepatitis c cure was ce introduced and fueled a spike a in spending.nd
5:42 am
innovative medicines to hitve m the mark leading to new cancer c treatments. they say spending will be high but still manageable. important news for parents this morning. fisher price recalling 34,000li, of its popular infant swings.t g take a look. loo this is the seat we're talking'i about it's called the cradle in swing.wi it's being recalled after two reports of the seats falling the to the ground because the seat a pegs were not fully engaged. fortunately no babies have been hurt.en hur the cradle swings cost aboutbout $170.$1 and here's a new idea that e might not be so great for your y waistline but certainly b delicious. bottomless french fries. fre mcdonald's consideringdonald adding an all you's can eatat friday option to its menu inenu an effort to get moreetor customers in the door.he door. the chain is going to launch t the option at their new ultramodern restaurant inn rest missouri.miou no word on whether d.c. will.c.l be a test market but, mm, i'mm, not so sure. bottomless fry. >> you're in. >> i'm in.>> i i >> i love my french fries.rench. >> one portion is enough.or >> that's not enough to get mtim in the restaurant. rtaur >> no. >> it's kind of like all you all can e
5:43 am
who really needs more than --eha >> it will get your kids in k there. that's the key toat's mcdonald's. the kids love the fries, theye r get the parents ints mcdonald's. >> i have the money so i'lls i shut that down.hat >> you know what, he is a huge pushover. push don't believe anything he says, right, mo., we know the truth.truth. >> listen, coming up in caseg nc you missed it, we are celebrating allison's 50th birthday again with a recap of her big bash on good day yesterday.sterda >> as we head to break this morning, live look outside.ive it is friday. weather and traffic on thetrfic 5s coming up next.ext. >> ♪
5:44 am
5:46 am
>> ♪ >> all right. mr. sunshine, smiling down upon us once again today andnshi all weekend long. in fact, your headline forine what to expect, a fantastic fta spring weekend coming our way. w in fact, let's get right to rigo it. take a look.ta saturday lots of sunshine, 68 degrees. that's right about just a a degree warmer than where we whee should be for this time of te o year.year sunday the real warmth startsta to spill into the region. i 72 in the district. d locates south and west maysouth reach the mid 70's sunday afternoon.afte again absolutely gorgeousy rg weekend.week any outdoor activities at allr c the right weekend to do it. i clear skies up and down the t eastern coastline here all wayew back out to chicago, just j quiet weather pattern here andea we're stuck in it for the next n several days. it is a little chilly outhillou there, that's a live look from ourur tower cam. cam 46 degrees. winds are nice and calm.e ni just feels like 46 as wells wl although off to the north andor
5:47 am
up to temperatures in the 30'sre this morning.or so, jackets to start but byrt bt the afternoon we think you cannu get rid of it.df i want to mention our fox5 ourox spring concert series startssta later on this morning. morning 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.. holly and maureen are headingre down at 7:00 a.m. a.m. head down to farragut square park, say hello. featuring sound of the city.g should be a great event.sogreat. light jacket necessary. lots of sun but 53 degrees sogrs a cool for the concert.once. 65 later this afternoonafte though. mild temperatures as we goperass through the day today, here'say what you can expect. y can expe. by 11 o'clock, 55 degrees. 2 o'clock, 62. 5 o'clock, 63.k, no shortage of sunshine,shin that's a little tongue twister t right there at all later on again high of 65.aghi later on tonight once we loseeel the sunshine we'll cool thingsts off, 44 degrees, a clear night with light winds and forecast fc only gets better from there.frhe check out your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecast.hey 68 on saturday, 72 on sunday. monday 80 degrees feeling -- that that's springtime warmthsp going to feel fantastic. fantasc all dry on that seven
5:48 am
by the way. all right. that's a check of the weather.fh erin como has got your roads yoa and metro he of course.ou >> that's right.ght. 5:47 right now.ow things picking up so get right r to it. starting you off with a lookh al at metro mike. m unscheduled track work outdule there on the red line.on single tracking and delaysnday between van ness and dupont dupn circle in both directions.ons. so have some patience there.iene the rest of your metro railetroi lines are on time thison morning.g. in montgomery county 270 county0 southbound volume buildingnd vom after 109.r 109. once you past that point thapo things open up towards thehe spur. we have crash activity as wellha in montgomery county fieldnty f crest road just west of 108. o 1 caution there. and also keep in mind a hit and run crash outer loop afterpa cabin john parkway. paray we're going get some more se information on that for yout fo and we'll let you know ifif that's causing any majorng anyar slowdowns on the outer loop t this morning.this morni let's go ahead and take a live l look outside.utde. 95 from virginia typicalypic delays starting to build if triangle to the weigh station.o it's just a heavy flothw of flow congestion. you start to get somet to get sm stop-and-go traffic as welltrc s through newington as you headtoa towards the springfield interchange.inrc 395, howev
5:49 am
along without any problems. prol more traffic in a few. back to you. y >> all right erin thanks verys e much. >> you got it. >> appreciate it.>> >> of course. >> a little extra time in there for erin. 5:49 is th ae time t let's talk a little baseball now. the nats got brooms out andomuta swept the braves t yesterday. yd bryce harper had 99 homers andha then he got one. 99 career home runs.e run bottom of the third, bases, loaded. guess what? >> what? [laughter] >> grand slam thank you ma'am.o. that's a song by prince.ri >> i've heard it before.ard it r >> yes. all right. actually glam slam but ilam b changed it.d >> i was tracking with you. y >> he sent that one to thesent n upper deck.e pe that's home run number 100 for him and if you can believe it,ie that's the first grand slam ofla his career.hi nats win six to two. two >> baseball and hockey not the
5:50 am
only sport getting a lot ofng a buzz. the redskins 2016 schedule is out. >> yup. a couple of key games to watchmt this year. week one september 12th homeep openteer against the steelers on monday following sunday thehe cowboys. they host the cowboys onowbo second rg iii and the browns,hen october 30 cincinnati bengals ba overseas at wembley stadium in london. can you say who day.ay >> who day. >> 9:30 in the morning is the time for that game.ame. november 20 sunday night at home against the packers, thanksgiving in dallas, december 19 their second homed o monday night game against the t panthers and season finale new e year's day against the giants. >> sounds good. now, what would you do ifu you accidentally got -- not quite sure how this happened,h if you accidentally got someone's name tattooed onta your body. >> accidentally.>> accidentally. >> accidentally.>> >> well, here's what happened. one woman is making the most m of it. take a look. this is holland christensen
5:51 am
and she says she was dupeds du into getting a tattoo of jeremy she says a friend told her theer chinese characters had a charae different meaning rather than m getting the tattooea removed she decided to embrace it and it and become a fan. when jeremy lin got wind thein t story through social media heou used a marker to replicate her tattoo.tatt lin later thanked her for f being a fan andeouraged to attend one of the team'sm's playoff games.f games. >> his was a >> i'd be pretty mad iftt somebody made that kind of permanentish mistake. mis >> seriously. a popular movie theater chainer considering letting moviegoersio text during films. the new ceo of amc entertainment says telling as 22-year-old to turn off theirurt phone is like asking them toaske cut off their arm.. the movie theater chain is cin s considering several optionsing that include a mobile phone friendly section of theaters tat or setting aside auditoriumitoru that are designed for mobile fol phone use he's also pus
5:52 am
amc's food options and loyalty program. ra i suggest focusing on those,ho the food options and the loyalty program as opposed toppt allowing young people to text.ex >> yeah. they don't need to be texting t in there. there. >> no. >> although i do have thatugdo issue. i'm just saying you.ayin >> text during a movie.ov >> i choose not to speak anye ak further on this. instead i'm going to read thisgs next story. this friday we have aave special prehistoric give awayehi special because it's jurassic js style fun for the whole familyfo and also because you can onlyr u enter on facebook. feboo >> you could win four ticketsic to see discover the dinosaurs unleashed at the and a washington convention centerntio on your choice of saturday april 23rd on sunday april 24th. to enter for a chance to win a c go to our facebook page at d.c. between.n now and 11:59 p.m. five p. fi winners will be selected byd b random drawing on april each prize has an approximatema retail value of $120 and is provided by
5:53 am
dinosaurs unleashed. >> ♪ >> a really exciting morningor here at fox5.ox5. it's the kickoff of our fox5 f rocks spring concert series.cers you were just listening tong t d.c.'s hometown band calledd sound of the city performing pem their brand new song run. r you can catch them lie in person for free in just a fren couple of hours at farragut a fa square park. >> music starts at 9:00. 9 i think it's even going togoin t start a little before 9:00. 9:0 i think if you're out thereou're earlier you'll hear some tweetet tunes but myself along with maureen umeh we're going to bere down there. maureen and i are going to beng down there by 7 o'clock this'clo morning, we're going help set h the we're going to hear from the hea band in the 8 o'clock hour,e 8 we're going to talk to some ofke the members.bers you can find more informatione i about the band and our concertct series which is going to beoingo three fridays in a row on >> ♪ >> time now to say good morning to our facebook fan ofno the day.
5:54 am
she gets up first thing in the morning to tune into the fox5o crew. >> she also lovers tucker'slo cool walk to deliver theeliv t forecast. and she wants to wish allisonlls a belated happy birth bth actually her actual birthday, ba gwen, is saturday so you'reo y still fine.l fe. >> it's early. >> you're still early.'r we just did it yesterday to pull off a great surprise. spr thank you so much for watching, so, as we were justso, as w talking about, did you happenyou to watch good day at 10:00 aat00 yesterday? if not, you missed e one heck of a of ty we surprised our very own vy allison seymour with a big bash for her 50th birthday. thankfully the surprise spr worked. as you can see from allison's reaction here . >> [laughter]>> [laug >> imagine, if you will. >> oh, my gosh. unbelievable.unbelievab >> yeah, that's not the actualca surprise.srpri when she walked into the loft lt but this is one of the surprises that came later. her three beautiful girls were the first surprise. surprise. and her husband was a
5:55 am
she had good friends come in. she got a proclamation fromfrom d.c. mayor muriel bowser.r. there's mark her husband, theba sweet teddy bear that he is. hei he works in new york so he wasoe on the phone.ho she thought he was in new yorkk but then all of a sudden hell ou walked in. in. d.c. mayor muriel bowserow proclaimed yesterday allisonay seymour day. it was -- it was just -- it was awesome.wa it really was awesome. aweso >> there wasn't a dry eye in was the loft. >> no, there wasn't. wn there wasn't. so there's shawn obviously ourwn main anchor at the evening.veni. she's a dear friend, one of of her sons is allison's godson's o and then erin made a veryer special appearance.ppra take a look. >> who is this. [laughter] i should have worn pants today. today. i'm prou proud say
5:56 am
years old. o i'm not one of those guys that likes to lie about her real age but i like. i'm sally o'malley and i'm 50. [laughter]ter] >> how many times have we joked about >> you nailed it erin.led in case you didn't hear it, that's allison's favoritee saturday night live skit and so it was fun. allison again her actualgain birthday is tomorrow so still si plenty of time to send her her birthday wishes, post them onis social media and use thehe hashtag hbd allison. ais >> can't say enough aboutut allison. do want -- can't say enough eno about the weather either.ther e beautiful out there.autiful out 60's, 70's, even some 80's 8 coming in for next week. wee and that's the weather. >> 5:56. i just want to let you know k that i would not wear thoser t pants for just anyone so happy h birthday allison. metro work unscheduled trackk uu
5:57 am
red line between van ness and n dupont causing some problemsro and then aside from that we have 295 south delays to east te capitol street as usual. usu we got you covered here oneron fox5 in the 6 o'clock hour of h friday is coming right back. >> ♪ ♪ ♪
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> straight ahead at 6:00, it isea every subway riders' worst nightmare.nigh stuck on a train in a da
6:00 am
tunnel. it was a frightening realityli for dozens of metro passengers g but this morning does theg do te transit agency know whatat happened? >> also the fireworks fly atlyt tie democratic presidentialra debate last night. night they squared off in new york. of we'll take a look at thek the heated exchanges ahead of the oe crucial primary.cruc >> first, though, how about a live look outsi, de? it is i is friday morning.friday morni it's april 15th, weather andth a traffic coming up on the 5s up e at 6:05.:0 good friday up to i'm fri allison seymour.daliso >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste welcome to fox5 news c morning.g it will be a great weekend. wee. we'll check in with tucker.uc first >> we begin with breaking newsas out of the district. t distr a man unfortunately startingtaig with this news stabbed to t death in the distribute earlyis this morning. police called to the 4400 block of livingston roadin around 1:30 this morning.orng that's where they found thefoun victim stabbed and side of abb no word on a suspect nor a n motive nor the victim'sictim' identity.identi >> other news a maryland statene trooper still fighting for hisis life this morning after an an accident on the beltway.e belty this happened on the outer the loop near 450 in lanham.


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