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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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from wood rich elementary school hyattsville, they attended a science fair they were back on c the school bus and about to leave for reasons still unclearc the driver plowed right into this pole here. more than 40 people including students, teachers and a chaperone were on the bus when it struck the light pole in lot eight just after 2:00 this afternoon. the first call went out for an r accident in the lot. but when firefighters arrived they thought a number of students complaining of neck ani back pain and declared a massas casualty incident. many of the injured were placed on stretchers and wheeled into waiting ambulances while otherse were put on backboards.s. their next and braces and heads immobilized. dc fire sent ambulance bus to the scene which also tookok patients to the hospitalizationh more than a dozen students weree evaluated but remained on the scene. some of the ems help
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were with emergency medicalh em response the new private ambulance service now working ir the city handling basic emergency transports. >> well looks like she pulled out and tried to swing around and for that reasons unknown she clipped the pole, it was enoughg to shake and rat tell the bus and that was enough to move some kids around in the bus and for us to come here and make sure everyone was okay. >> reporter: so they say all the students being evaluated were taken over to children's hospital she expect the students to be treated and released by dc police will determine whatl happened here and whether or noo the driver of this bus deservesd a ticket. live at rfk stadium paul wagner fox 5 local news. >> into meanwhile a maryland state trooper is fighting for his life after a crash on the beltway. it happened yesterday afternoon on the outer loop near 450 in
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lanham trooper ezra is still in critical condition. investigators say the trooper was parked on the shoulder in an unmarked patrol vehicle investigating an accident that'' when another car smashed into the trooper's car. the driver of that car is also hospitalled no charges have been filed. >> police i can cannily arrested zoo 26 year old man for fatallyl stabbing another man inside a dc apartment. he is charged with second degree murder while armed. investigators say hill yard stabbed paul ivy inside a home in the 44 hon block of4 livingston road southeast overnight. its not clear what prompted the altercation.alte >> new details into gray's 20100 campaign. the u.s. attorney closed the the investigation late last year and gray was never charged with any wrongdoing. >> new documents released with w evidence that had not been previously made public. matt acan
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them. >> reporter: its about about thousand pages maybe more ii didn't count them all. all released today. it was december when we heard u.s. attorney had basically dropped this case and said let's move on. mayor gray came on and now, we have all these documents being released. this comes at a time when mayor gray has gotten back into politics and is running for his old counsel seat.coun if you take a look for yourselfu there's so many documents.s. these are documents that were eliseed at 11:00 this morning in the stacks we found search warrants to seize computers even personal email accounts. all of this as the feds tried to crack this case. but it nerve resulted in charges against the former mayor. just after 11 am a huge documenc release connected to the 2010 gray campaign investigation.
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years and resulted in exposing p more than six hundred thousand dollar shadow campaign. 12 convictions all charged with campaign violations to get g vicinity gray elected mayor. we are seeing for the first time search warrants of homes, businesses, storage rooms, computers, phones and email records. the court releaseing them five e months after the case was closed by the u.s. attorney.y. and mayor gray first spoke to fox 5. >> what i say to people is thatt i've said from the very beginning, that i did nothing, i was not involved in any of this. >> reporter: it's clear to readd as the feds built their caseui against jeffery thompson who financed the shadow campaign and others working with him the feds were also looking at gray's actions, emails, meetings, campaign disturbance, even allegations that gray wanted his man alexandria a former mayor rail candidate to drop out ofdae the race.the race we spoke to
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phone who says gray through a campaign associate offered him money and employment to drop out. >> the more the reports are coming out matt i'm real l'm disturbed by hit: counsel: member yvette alexandria who was gray's alloy is now runnings n against him to keep her wardd seat. she never called for the mayorar to resign then. t but now says this about if hee had knowledge of the illegal activity. >> i'm really concerned and it's bad if you didn't know about it, its bad, maybe even worse if you did know about it.ut i >> reporter: i followed up withh her said were you thinking about asking thehi mayor to resign at the time she said that the mayor called her and asked her not tot ask him to resign publicly andui then i asked her, were you goino to do it, she said i wasn't going to do it at the time. is there some kind of smoking s begun in these documents. from whai
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there's nothing new, nothing n that links the mayor to the the illegal activity. in fact, guys, what i was seeins today as lot of stuff that we we already knew. there were some nuance aboute things that happened but whatutw you have you have jeffery thompson basically admitted todt guilt to the shadow campaign. he says the mayor knew but remember, if they were going toe bring a case, he might have beee their star witness but that hast never happened. there's no case, so there's no reason for jeffery thompson to testify. washington post yesterday had a story about the credibility of jeffery thompson if the the prosecutor were going to put him on the stand, that it might not hold. >> let me ask you this: do youi we think that this document released will affect the mayors current campaign for city council. >> reporter: that's what at wil' have people have been saying. we are talking about itve tonig. wewe got a long time to the election. it's hot, it's
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alexander told me she thinks she can win this.s. the mayor is very popular inward seven where he represented thosp people for quite some time. q >> thank youui matt. m >> reporter: no problem. there was annoy see protest inside the us capital democracyc spring zip-tied themselves to the rotunda. police arrested 15 they then moved to the west lawn of the capital where hundreds or people gathered. protesterss have been holding demonstrations all week each day focussing cussing on a differene issue. today the focus was on youth and students.ents >> 72 by being here and making history here you are making mak yourself known. and i just want to say thank you so much for bringing attentionno to this. we need to get the money out of politics. >> that was actress and activist row scary i don't dawson the protest have kept police busy all week. they arrested
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>> family of a muslim woman says she was fairly profiled on a flight. civil rights advocates are angry and asking that southwest take action. >> plus burglars are baffled after something scarce them as they rob a home. caitlyn.lyn. tony it is beautiful.utiful. i'm down here outside of nat's park, it's truckeroo. 27 food trucks gather outside. you can try whatever you want. come join there is a huge crowd. everything from looks like fried chicken do puding find out what i'm going to try. we'll give i was whole preview coming up after the break whenre fox 5 news at six returns after this.
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>> boston marked the thirdmarked anniversary of the deadly marathon
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victims and survivors joined massachusetts governor for a receive laying ceremony near the sites. three people died and more than 260 suffered injuries. i the city is honoring the victims with one boston day. its a knew tradition to honorary salients and encourage good will. boston marathons monday. goo yes male woman and familyom are outraged. she says southwest airlines a removed her from a flight fli because she's muslim. they are calling for investigation. the woman was wearing a who jab she was on a flight 23r dc to see atlanta after boarding flight in chicago she swapped seats with another passenger.. southwest has open seatting sea policy but the woman says a flighta attendant took issue wii it and told her she'd have toe o get off the plane. p counsel says the woman was humiliated.
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>> airport police arrived, escorted her from the plane back to the county at the gate. police asked southwest airline attendant whether there was any reason why she should not be allowed to board the flight and continue with her trip to see atlanta. the reply was no, that she does not feel comfortable. >> asked southwest for investigation and possiblesibl training there is no response tonight from southwest. pair of burglars run of out of a home they were robbing wheb something spooked them. it was the voice of the homeowner who was watching themt on the doggies cam from work. f this allro happened in upper pip grove, new jersey, police say the suspect broke into the home and though they initially appeared to be startled by the two dogs there, it was hearingas td homeowner that had them h running out. suspect still have not been caught. they were able to make it out with a lock box containing jewelry and personal documents. >> can you imagine. i can't. i'm actually spr
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>> absolutely beautiful way tobe kickoff the weekend. >> why not head out to hear live music get drinks and have good food at truckeroo right outside national's park. caitlyn roth is there. it looks great out there. >> reporter: looks great andnd taste graduate we are at at truckeroo.truc this is the first friday. the nat's were not playing atot home it's in the shadow of nat's park. 27 local food truck. they come here and park. they opened you at 11 am this morning. and as anyone who knows the dc food truck scene you can getce anything youn want any
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country we got anything from the main lobster rolls, a lot of december certifications cookie and mudding trucks, per argue, january, fried chicken. there are, it's a beautiful evening. entertainment and they keep thet whole area known as the bull pen many of you may be familiar with the bull pen if you come here for drinks before the nat's gams they keep it open. it's a social thing. t you come down here on a beautiful hearing, it's free to enter. you can try all the different foods all the different drinks.d so s i obviously want to try w everything in allan these different trucks more on that later. first let's talk to one of the trucks here. pittsburgh, i'm a philly girl, g i'm going to try something fromf pittsburgh. hi, how are you doing. >> doing well and yourself. >> reporter: i'm great, i'm a philly girl, i'm ouches stake oc fan bring me to the pittsburgh side. >> look at this right h
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we got fridays, ap per sigh dar, all stacked up in a nice hot sauce. >> reporter: fridays, where are you guys from and where do you usually leave your truck in dc area? >> we are based out of our restaurant in leesburg, we'ree trying to get into dc more, we are tie sons and other private events. >> reporter: off m let me try at bite of that. allte right. we'rewe're going to do this real quick as i talk to gwen. thank you so m take one look atn this i'm going to try to take a bite as we head pack into youa it's a beautiful evening it is getting chilly i'm going to put my microphone down and you areny going to watch me eat. >> go for it. we're waiting to hear the soundt of the taste. [ laughter ].
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>> perfect day to get down thern and check some of that food outo that. i'm sure she's going to try december certifications as well we all will sweet tooth. t. fantastic weekends. we're going to see plenty of sunshine. really nice weather ahead. cool nights and warm afternoons as our temperature chars are c going to be very much on the up side. take a look at this into the upper 60 and 70s once we get senate week ending you are definitely going to enjoy it. '80s insight for monday. going to get really warm weather. then shower chances at least aet week or so away. not too much to worry about here's the numbers as caitlyn is enjoying in dc, 62 degrees.rees 61 at gaithersburg this hour. 64 at fredericksburg, 63 in dulles, 64 at frederick. and 63 degrees at a very light wind. for tonight, i can't you rulee out a little bit of patchy fog scattered in nature not everywhere will see it. overnight ws
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30s and low 40s. 4 it will be a little bit cooler. we are going to many what up each and every day once we progress into the rest of the weekends in the beginning of thg weeks. large and in charge were headed to upper 60 as we move through into saturday warmer on sunday. this, pressure gradually start to slide to the south. as it does its goes going tooe open the door for south southwesterly breeze by the time we get to sunday we're going to enjoy that as highs reach into the low 70s. 7 that is also a blocking riching keeping all precipitation to tht east well out to sea same thing as far as the west is concerned we guilty a frontal system thats will move our way as we head w into tuesday. that cold front will be a little more by the time it gets tows. we're not looking at any rainnyr showers from it. it will be pretty much dried out by the time it heads across the mid atlanta. we can't rule out fog, little bit of patch thee fog. 63 degrees by midday
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no shortage of sunshine. s kick in with 68 degrees by the 5:00 hour very very nice warm uu for you. and then for tonight, 42 degrees. a little chilly for overnight low. whipped are going to remain vern light. light winds as well as we head into your saturday. but, temperatures will be near 70 degrees. to the south we will see low 70s it's going to be very very pleasant. here's a look at 7-day forecast. i think we deserve some applause in the weather department for the 80 degree day on monday. its been long awaited consideredded we've been dealing with freeze warning and frost advisories. but temperatures graduallydual rising a little bit of wet weather as we move month into the week. just a shower or two.wo not too much to be concerned c with. nice.ce. >> all right. all right you guys like uncle ben's rise soon you may start seeing food labels that suggestt how often you should be eating that rise. they announced it
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labels high in salt, sugar or fat, it labs way say consume everyday or occasionally. sold in the. k initiative thati is only in testing face here in us to see what works with. >> did you see it kfc's something hot and spicy twitter add campaign was pulled win an hour. the race see add was seen at nine a.m. with not safe for work tag you are seeing it there, it was image of a man an woman, you can see what it is immediately kfc was bottom barredded aboutbt the distasteful add. no response from the chicken chain but the add can no longer be found. >> online. >> online. >> some people grabbed it becae
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air there. into don't know what chicken w sales arhae like. lik >> they say there's no such thing as bad publicity we're talking about kfc. >> what does it have to do with chicken it's odd. >> speaking of controversy photographer behind image of a a mom breastfeeding her child in a firefighter uniform created a photo series, take a look at here's these are creating nor controversy military mom birth feeding two, a teacher breastfeeding in school library, also a nurse whose breastfeeding and a doctor who is breastfeeding.brea in each of the photos the women are in full uniform some say the photos are simply too provocative, some say she show h the beauty of breastfeeding. br >> i think they show the beauty you don't see people
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are too provocative when half naked women are on magazines. >> these women are more clothedm than women you see on magazines in the grocery store. natural. all right. let me tell you this i don't know who the photographer is the photos are great. g >> absolutely beautiful. >> that's our two cents. >> y okay they say never biteite the hand that feels you stealing a cell phone is frowned upon a girl handed food to a monkey at an exhibit after devouring, the mong key grabs her cell phonebsh and watch this, watch this, i i like that, and i'll take that i'm going to order some bananasn any way the monkey runs off thet girl tries to reach out for it of the luckily a zoo keeper was able to find the phone and return it. >> great price
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>> we're not just showing youot this for j one reason most of us sing when in the car drivingrivi most of us don't get caught on camera or audio reporting. a a police officers in texas forgot to turn off his body couple but he got caught beltting out adele's hello.ello he had no idea that his colleagues a a feed of himim singing to the top of his lungs his boss put it on their facebook page and everyone got a pretty good laugh. >> problem the just audio. aud that is very funny. that's's you think about it if we all hal little recording in
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interesting >> when you are by yourselfe sometimes i like to sing in the car i'm terrible. >> i jam too. >> i'm like whatever i don't w care in the moment. >> all right. a good night tonight, yep. >> thumbs up cool but sunny. >> thanks for joining us tonight at six. >> we'll see you tonight at 10 .
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harvey: martin luther king's dream is complete, according to travis scott. white guys can now use the n-word. >> [bleep]. [bleep]. >> the kid doesn't hesitate. rips right through it. with emphasis, like jumping up and down. >> well, if you're gonna say it, you got to like go for it. [laughter] >> you can do it like it's been building up for 15 years. >> zac brown caught up in a drug bust with strippers. the police department is trying to cover up that zac brown was there. harvey: no, did cover up, lie. >> the cops apparently were there because there was a guy in the parking lot in a mercedes. that guy had 30 grams of cocaine on him. >> he was the stripper bodyguard. that's what they do. they come with the girls and the drugs. everybody knows that. harvey: well, not everybody knows that. >> prince william and kate middleton, hiking in the himalayas. they took a 10,000-foot hi


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