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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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road. one of the firefighters was rushed to shock trauma in baltimore. the other sent to a hospital in clinton, maryland. both firefighters were in critical condition when they were taken to the hospital. >> we have team coverage of this tragedy. jennifer davis is in clinton where one of the firefighters was taken. sarah simmons is live near the scene. we will we will start with her. sarah, what is the latest that you have learned? >> reporter: things are starting to quiet down a bit behind us here but definitely the investigation is in full force right now. as you mentioned two firefighters shot and seriously injured. one taken to southern maryland hospital center which we understand we're awaiting a press conference that could happen at any time now and if it does we will take you straight to that. another one taken to baltimore shock trauma in grave condition. one civilian shot in the shoulder, not seriously injured. let's back this up, take you to about 7:30 this evening. we have some video to show you as well to get you closer to the scene, closer than we are right now.
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road in temple hills. a concerned citizen from outside the house called 911 because they thought the person was having some sort of medical emergency or condition. we don't know exactly what that was at this time. prince george's county police talked about the encounter earlier during a press conference. let's have them pick it up from there. >> the resident in the home was not responsive, so a decision was made to gain entry to the home and check on that person's welfare. as that was unfolding, the individual inside the home fired a number of rounds striking two prince george's county firefighters and the concerned individual who had led public safety to that address. >> reporter: now we do understand the shooter is in custody right now. we don't know the relationship between the civilian that had made the initial 911 call and the person inside that
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residence. we're still trying to figure out that information. but the firefighters again fighting for their lives tonight. one that was shot in the chest, another that sustained several gun shot wounds and is in grave condition and of course we are waiting to hear updates on identifications, who exactly this shooter is, also who the firefighters are. we don't have those details right now but we hope to get those and when we do we'll bring them to you as soon as we get them. that's the latest here in temple hills. sarah simmons, fox 5 local news. >> keep us posted. meantime jennifer davis continues our team coverage tonight. >> she is at med star southern hospital center in clinton maryland where one of the victims was transported. what's the latest? >> it's a really sad and somber scene here. i can tell you a number of fire trucks and other vehicles are coming in and we're seeing firefighters pouring out of those vehicles and a whole vigil here. you can see crowds of people gathered in front of the entrance. we can tell
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white shirts. that signals fire officials of a higher rank so certainly a number of people in the department very concerned. we're told that one of the firefighters who was brought here was in extremely critical condition some used the word "grave" condition after being shot in the chest while responding to this call, this welfare call. the other firefighter flown to baltimore also in critical condition. we were told that families of both firefighters were able to get to the hospital to meet their loved ones and to be with them as they were getting treatment and certainly the firefighter family out here as well. a number of county officials here also we were told that within the next five minutes we can expect a press conference from officials updating us on the latest. i can tell you folks here are absolutely in
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the department was formed in 1970 and never in hits entire history has it had a firefighter shot on the job. so this is certainly a sad evening and just something they are not used to dealing with. i think that explains why we're seeing such enormous crowds here. we expect to have information in just a matter of minutes and we'll bring it to you as soon as someone comes to the microphone. >> we will go back as soon as we get more information. police in montgomery county tonight are investigating an armed car jacking. the victim, a 76-year-old woman said she had just gotten into her car when the suspect approached her and claimed he had a gun and asked her for money. he grabbed her arm, threw her to the ground before taking off. >> the car was on, running at that point. he backed up the car after he
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threw me out of the car and i thought he was going to run over me. but he didn't. thank god. he backed up and went that way police are skiing anyone with information to give them a call. >> frightening moments today in the parking lot at rfk stadium after their school bus hit a light pole. the students were in the district attending a science fair when the accident occurred. >> it looks like she pulled out and tried to swing around and for reasons unknown kind of clipped or more than clipped the pole but it was enough to shake and rattle the bus and enough to move some kids around in the bus and for us to come here and make sure everyone was okay. >> show students were from wood-ridge elementary
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they are expected to be treated and released by the end of the night. a maryland state trooper is fighting for his life after a crash on the beltway. investigators say the trooper was parked on the shoulder in an unmarked patrol vehicle investigating an accident when another car smashed into the trooper's car. the driver of that car sl also hospitalized. >> dc police are asking for the public's help tonight to find a missing girl. the 14-year-old has been missing since yesterday. she was last seen in the 1200 block of park road northwest. she was wearing a blue sweater, burgundy shirt and tan
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investigators say the man first met the woman when she was shopping. they parted ways as the woman walked towards a group of apartments, the man appeared again. police say he pulled out a knife, dragged her into a wooded area and sexually assaulted her. >> democracy spring demonstrators are planning more protests tomorrow. the protests moved to the west lawn of the capital. protesters have held demonstrations in the district all week, each day focusing on a new issue. today the focus was on youth and students. >> by being here and by making history here, you are making yourselves known and i want to say thank you so much for bringing attention to this. we need to get the money out of
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politics. officers have arrested 800 demonstrators for silver disobedience. fans of prince were holding their breath tonight. we're told his private plane made an emergency landing because he was feeling ill. a spokesperson says he is battling the flu. he was taken to a hospital as a precaution. doctors checked him out and released him. he is now at home resting. prince has been on tour since the beginning of the year. apparently last night he was in atlanta and by all accounts had a great show. >> we certainly hope he feels better. >> coming up, more acts are refusing to perform in north carolina. gwen? >> we've got plenty of sunshine for your weekend and rising temperatures. couldn't ask for some better days. i'll have the details on what you can expect in that full 7-day forecast. stay with us. we'll be back after the
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>> also ahead tonight we're going to stay on top of the breaking news right now. live images from the scene. two firefighters were shot while they were responding to a medical emergency, a call there on sharon road. a civilian was also shot. we do know the suspect is in custody right now. both of the firefighters were rushed to the hospital and are undergoing treatment. we are expecting a press conference from southern maryland hospital center coming up here in just a few minutes. we will take you to it live when it happens. we'll be right back.
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[ bag pipes ] today marks three years since the boston marathon bombing. victims and survivors join the mayor for a wreath laying. they're honoring the victims
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boston day. it's a call to action for people to perform community service, volunteer or just reach out to their neighbors. >> we have a warning to e-cigarette users. a 14-year-old boy was blinded in one eye when it exploded in his face. aside from permanently losing vision in one eye, the teen also suffered burns to his face and hands. by the way, the cdc says the use of e-cigarettes among middle and high school students jumped from 1.5% to 16% between 2011 and 2015. more entertainers are backing out of shows in north carolina in protest of state's legislation that limits rights for members of the lgbt
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community. >> all right we want to we've been awaiting a press conference that was going to be held at southern maryland hospital center. we believe that is about to begin. >> let's check in now. this all goes back to about 7:30 this evening when two prince george's county firefighters were responding to what they believed was a medical emergency on sharon road in temple hills. when they arrived, they went up and tried to gain entry or there was a good smar ton or someone else who had called originally concerned about a person inside the house. when they tried to gain entry into the home, police tell us that the person inside shot, shooting one of the firefighters multiple times. one of them was rushed to the hospital in baltimore much the other at southern maryland hospital center. let's listen in for the very latest. >> thank you for joining us for this update this evening. we've got a news conference
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assembled for you tonight and this county is for the second time in five weeks grieving the loss of a member of our public safety family. we're going to begin by bringing up deputy chief ben barksdale of the prince george's county fire department. >> this evening at around 7:30 our paramedic ambulance 823 and rescue engine 827 responded to the 5000 block of sharon road to assist a person who was not responsive. they knocked on the door. and received no answer. so they began to force entry so they could render care and it was as they were forcing entry that several rounds were fired from the house through the door, striking two fire department
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personnel. fire paramedic and a volunteer kevin swain. sadly the fire paramedic succumbed to his injuries. 13 year veteran of the prince george's county ems fire department. the volunteer is in stable condition. i'm sorry. correction. is in surgery at this time at shock trauma in baltimore. right now we're here as best as we can and to begin to prepare to send our brother
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>> good evening, thank you for being here. my name is grant walker. i'm the acting president of local 1619, the iff local. thank you to every single person that has reached out to our local, brothers and sisters from surrounding jurisdictions and the other firefighters from this department in this very difficult time. it's a tragedy. our firefighter was a close friend of many, a very strong community member. and we are thankful for your thoughts and prayers in this very difficult time as we prepare to honor the life of one of our firefighter paramedics. i would ask that if you guys have any help, to feel free to reach out. i'll be coordinating on the behalf of the family as well as the professional firefighters and paramedics of prince george's county. thank you very much. >> good evening.
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we begin by saying i am profoundly sorry to be coming before you talking about the loss of one of our firefighters, the injury of another firefighter. not quite 24 hours after a maryland state trooper was seriously injured on the beltway. this evening at about 7:30, a relative of the involved individual, a resident of 5007 sharon road called for assistance because he believed his relative was potentially experiencing a medical emergency. they tried to get his attention, knock on the door. the door was not answered. at that point they decided the best course of action was to try to enter the home to check on the individual. shortly after beginning that process, a series of several shots were fired at the firefighters and as assistant chief barksdale has detailed for you, two of th
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were struck, as well as the relative who initiated the concern on behalf of the resident. the resident was apprehended by responding prince george's county police officers. he is in the criminal investigations division right now and our detectives are interviewing him. we are currently working through a number of crime scenes and i unfortunately almost four hours into this don't have a lot more details for you. but i will invite the county executive to come up and make an address and if you have any questions i'll answer them. >> once again unfortunately i've got to go before the people of prince george's county and let them know that we've lost another one of our brave firefighters firefighters doing what they do every day, these men and women put their lives on the line. unfortunately tonight we lost one of them. we have one in
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our prayers go out to him and his family. i met with the officer firefighter who we've lost, met with his wife and mom. this is a sad day in prince george's county. as the chief said, this is an ongoing investigation, which is why i'm glad that our state's attorney here is here today. as the assistant chief said, he gave you the background of what happened. it's a sad day for us but this will be ongoing. as we get more information, we will let you know. but right now the main thing that we ask for the men and women of prince george's county is for your prayers, your thoughts. as i know that from my family go out to our lost brave soul and with that i will turn it back over to answer any questio.
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>> he was a volunteer? >> he was a volunteer, yes. at morning side fire department. >> can you tell us if he had a partner or children and was anyone able to make it here before he passed? >> yes. as i know his wife is here. his mom, his mother-in-law, several family members. as you can imagine, they're very grief-stricken as all of prince george's county is, and all of this region. we were just here not long ago. so yes, they are here right now. >> is he a father? >> yes, he is a father.
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[ inaudible question ] >> the reality that is in the wake of the loss of detective colson, and i just alluded to the fact that a state trooper was injured and we've lost a firefighter, and yet you'll find tonight there are firefighters responding to calls, there are police officers responding to calls for service to protect this community. will it ever end? god, i hope so. but at the end of the day, the men and women of public safety are going to be there when the community needs us. and that's the reality. [ inaudible question ] >> you talk to people, you
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to families back out there again. >> it's an array of emotions. anger. that this has happened. here we were, firefighters we're not armed to render care. but yet someone started shooting. at the same time while understanding in this day and age of not knowing who is coming in, maybe someone is breaking in and wanting to protect yourself. so mixed emotions at this time. >> like the chief said you guys are going back out. >> absolutely. we have relieved the crews that were at these two stations but for the reminder of the county, we have back filled them and brought firefighters in to replace them this evening. but we will not stop delivering service. >> from your
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you come as state attorney, what can be done to situations like this? is this man going to face charges? >> i am so sad it's hard to describe. the sorrow is unbelievable and the wife is here and their mother and there are small children involved. this is family. but when you ask us what we'll do about it, it's so early. the facts are still unfolding. i have two prosecutors on the scene right now. the chief of our homicide division as well as our prosecutor who will be assigned to this case are at the scene of the crime right now. we're going to make sure that we work alongside the department, we'll do a thorough investigation as we always do and as we said we will ablii the law to the facts and decide what will happen from here. tonight we're here to express our sorrow. to be here as a
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this is why we're here with the county executive. this is all of us here together tonight as humans, as family members. >> how many kids. >> one. >> thank you very much. >> any further updates will come out from both the fire department and the police department's twitter pages. thank you. >> you've been listening to the latest update on the two firefighters who were shot. we heard one of the short time ago, i did not get his name. >>. >> john olmschneider. a 13-year veteran. he was 39 years old. he does leave behind a wife and
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>> the other victim is in surgery right now in baltimore. certainly you could see the pain on their faces. not only from the assistant firechief but also from the chief of police and also from the state's attorney as they talked about how once again they are dealing with the loss of life from a member of the community of people who serve our community. our hearts certainly go out to the prince george's county fire department tonight. again, the shooter is in custody. you heard the state's attorney for prince george's county saying she's got prosecutors on the scene. they are investigating but tonight is about these firefighters. >> we'll have more on our website,, and of course all the latest in the morning that against at 7:00 a.m. right here on fox 5. >> have a great weekend everybody. tune in tomorrow morning for the very latest. good night.
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harvey: martin luther king's dream is complete, according to travis scott. white guys can now use the n-word. >> [bleep]. [bleep]. >> the kid doesn't hesitate. rips right through it. with emphasis, like jumping up and down. >> well, if you're gonna say it, you got to like go for it. [laughter] >> you can do it like it's been building up for 15 years. >> zac brown caught up in a drug bust with strippers. the police department is trying to cover up that zac brown was there. harvey: no, did cover up, lie. >> the cops apparently were there because there was a guy in the parking lot in a mercedes. that guy had 30 grams of cocaine on him. >> he was the stripper bodyguard. that's what they do. they come with the girls and the drugs. everybody knows that. harvey: well, not everybody knows that. >> prince william and kate middleton, hiking in the himalayas.


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