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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and get his attention quick. >> mike: glover changed everything after the phil davis fight. training in his hometown of danbury, connecticut. >> joe: outstanding performance by davis and disappointing for glover. completely controlled by davis. but one of the best performances of his career. >> mike: glover said he was travelling around looking for different places. obviously spent a lot of time at the pit. now he's comfortable with his team n., looking for the victory over rashad. >> joe: the left hand, then the right. >> mike: this is our main event. glover teixeira in the dark trunks, rashad evans in the white trunks. xwoold to have you here -- good to have you here on fox. >> joe: the question is whether rashad chooses to take glover to the ground, trying to land a big shot on his feet.
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swung and missed, big right hand. like the one that knocked godell out. >> mike: the signature moment of evans' career, even considering that he defeated to become the champ. movement, athleticism. and rashard, he got that. >> joe: that's it! >> mike: it's all over just like that. glover teixeira, wow! >> joe: wow. >> mike: his 20th first round finish. >> joe: one of the things that we have said, rashad isn't sure what happened. he just said what happened, what did i get hit with. herb dean told him he got hit with a punch. perfectly placed shot.
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glover has that kind of power. the ability to u789 shu the lights out with one shot. take a look at it, move of the fight, sponsored by metropcs. the left. >> joe: a perfectly placed left hook. he was stunned before that. then he gets tagged again and goes out. herb dean rescued him. look at it again. here, boom, that left hand, boom, then the right, that's it. bam, right on the chin. >> joe: i mean glover has brutal knockout power. you talk to john hackleman he said he never had anybody hit pads harder than glover teixeira. he said it hurts you through the pads. >> mike: glover teixeira, first round knockout. we will be back after these messages.
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oh why am i a fan of applebee's fan favorites quesadilla burger? it's a burger... inside a quesadilla. genius. hot... melty... cheese. fresh... pico de gallo. woah. mind blown. everyone's a fan with applebee's 2 for $20 fan favorites. >> mike: knockout, teixeira, 25ed career win. to make it official, bruce buffer. >> ladies and gentlemen, herb dean called a stop to the contest at 1:48
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first round. to claim the winner by knockout, glover teixeira! [cheers and applause] >> joe: with the winner, glover teixeira, congratulations on a spectacular first round knockout. what did you expect coming in to the fight? was there anything unexpected about your performance? >> i expect rashad coming in, i want to thank him for the opportunity, i mean this fight was like, a special fight, he ak epted the five rounds of the fight. i'm glad, i'm here to fight. i fight three rounds, i fight five rounds, i fight to finish. no time limit, i'm a fighter, i don't care. >> joe: you caught him with a beautiful left hand, you caught him with a couple of shots before that but this was the big one right on the point of t
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you are known for your murderous power. it was evidenced right there. >> you know, man, i go to the guys, i go finish. this fight is five rounds. i didn't want to come over here and step into foot work. my way is fight to finish. take care of business, like mike tyson. just have to keep going. i know i hurt him with the left hand, i feel my hand is going to be sore. i didn't know it was a left hook. >> joe: this is three big wins in a row for you. and moves you to the very top of the heap. ovince st. preux fighting jon jones and cormier waiting in the wings. give us your thought about where you fipt in the big picture? >> i fit at the top. i mean, rambo johnson, he's waited around for jones and cormier. he don't want to white around. -- don't want to wai
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let's dance, let's make some money. >> joe: sounds like a fantastic fight. look forward to seeing you soon. >> listen, i have a lot of respect for rambo johnson. but we're here to do business, let's do business. >> joe: i like how you say it. glover teixeira. >> mike: congratulations to the brazilian, glover teixeira. chris, brian and dominic will take us home right here on fox. i think we should've taken a tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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why am i a fan fan favorites quesadilla burger? it's a burger... inside a quesadilla. genius. hot... melty... cheese. fresh... pico de gallo. woah. mind blown. everyone's a fan with applebee's 2 for $20 fan favorites. >> what a finish to fox ufc fight night. welcome back here inside the arena. you guys, take a look at the main event. i think a lot of people thought that teixeira could win this fight.
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but this quickly with that big knockout, did hah surprise you? >> i can't say it surprised me, he hah that kind of power. but i saw more of a war, going 3 or 4 rounds. glover teixeira, he has massive hands. when you shake them, feels like you're shaking the hands of a big brick. when you have power like that, this can happen at any given fight. like i said earlier, he just seems to get a little better each and every fight. specifically not just his offense, though, his defense. he's harder to hit and harder to take down. that's the key to his continued progression in the light heavy weight division. >> 25 victories, 23 come with finishes, only the second time evans has ever been finished. once by machida in 2009, first time he has been finished in the first round. great night for glover teixeira. what stood out for you on the entire card? >> for me it was khabib nurmagomedov.
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a lot of peep same he didn't face tony ferguson, but only one loss on his record, not on the ufc card, he isn't known, but he controlled the position. all after a two-year layoff, not an easy path. you have to take that into account how hard that is. he did it and he did it with flying colors. >> you were impressed with nurmagomedov, you were impressed with teixeira, light heavyweight. next week we'll see another premium light heavyweight contest for a title. >> jon jones. >> he's the best pound for pound fighter in the sport. >> a legend. >> the guys thought i was trying to get a pass. >> on a new level. ♪ i'm on a new level. ♪ i'm on a new level. ♪
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>> jon jones returns to the octagon next week. ufc fight night post show returns to fs1 right now. tune over there for a recap of this evening's action. coming up on fox, late local news everywhere except the west coast. for brian, dominic and the rest of the ufc fight night crowd, i'm kurt menafeee, so long.
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this is fox5 local news at 10. tonight at 10, a stunning new development in the investigation surrounding a double shooting that left one firefighter dead, another wounded. alexandra limon will have the latest in the life report. and it was a beautiful day across the area. seve
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including the annual cherry a blossom parade. we'll bring you all the highlights. and speaking the highlights, the capitols took the ice again tonight looking to go up to 2 games to none in their series against the flyers. all of that and more, fox5 newss at 10 starts now.ts good evening, everyone thnbs for joining us tonight, i'm matt ackland. let's begin in prince george's i county with new developments inp that heart breaking shooting of two firefighters last night.t. john home schneider was killed and kevin swain was wounded asso they responded to a home in em i many hills. but tonight we are learning the shooter has been freed. fox5's alexandra limon joins us now to tell us why. alex in. >>reporter: i talked with the states attorney office just a few minutes ago and they tell me at this point they don't havee enough information to hold and charge that shooter with a crime. several law
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department sources tell me the man may have been having aing medical emergency as he told police during his interview that when he woke up or came to he didn't know what was going on other than he found them breaking in through his front door so he grabbed a gun and opened fire. blackburns is draped across the landover fire station and 24 hours after a firefighter was shot and killed fellowow firefighters bowed their headser in prayer.ayer we're trying to grief more and trying to understand what happened. what happened friday night while responding to a medical welfare check on sharon road in temple heights, 37 john whole schneider was shot and killed. 19 year old kevin flame, a volunteer firefighter with the morningside volunteer department was also hit by bullets and the
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injured in the bizarre andzarr troubling shooting.ooti and i heard them. it sounded like they were tryine to get into the house, you know, forcefully and then all of a united states sen shots rang out, like six or seven shots and the fire crew just scattered.ate we felt time was of the essence. it's a very real possibility the person inside his house was experiencing a medical emergency.emer we announced ourselves. we pounded on the doorsors ourselves. we forced entry and start making entry into the house when the occupant opened fire. > a source tells fox5 thatat during his interviews the shooter told police he never heard the firefighters annoyance who they were. instead he woke up to find them breaking through his door. he believed they were intruders, grabbed a gun and opened fire.r. the firefighter who survived his injuries remains in serious condition. > the doctor
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bullets inside him, so he was hit four times. fortunately it appears he'ss going to be able to survive. following the shooting the gunman turned himself in. following the police commands,eo they asked him to turn aroundou and walk backwards. did he that a couple of steps and then they asked him to get down on the ground. did he that and. two other firefighters were also hurt trying to escape the gunfire. i'm told the one has a dislocated knee, the other suffered a broken jaw. while the state's attorney's says at this time they don't have enough information 20 charge the shooter with a crime they also add that the investigation is still ongoing and that could change in the future. reporting life in princeing george's county, alexandraxand limon, fox5 local news. > a sad tragedy. thank you.u. maryland governor larry hogan has ordered flags to be flown an half staff and he
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statement today saying the first lady and i send deep condolences to the friends and family of john whole schneider. his legacy as a husband, friendn and firefighter and his commitment to protect otherstect will not soon be forgotten by his loved one or m. now to montgomery county where police are investigating a suspicion death at a hotel. authorities were called to thee rev roof in. when they arrived they found a person dead in one of the rooms. investigators would not saywoul whether it was a man or a woman who died.wh they say it appears the victim suffered some injuries. no suspects at this time. still just a suspicion. investigators have noted theresa is a trauma to a portion of the body. the body will be taken to the medical examiner's office in baltimore where an autopsy willl be performed t
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the person died.d. let's turn now to weather, andd give you a life look outside. i sure do hope you have a chance to spend sometime outside today. i was simply beautiful across the area. sunny and cool temperatures, but hold on, someone says 80s could be on the way. who am i talking about, gwen tolbart. it's going to be a lot warmer.m. >> you've been paying attention to the news room. > at least the producer who write wrote that.ite >> i was really excited aboutt it. the 80ss will not hit us tomorrow. we have one more day to wait.t. let's take a look at our highs for today because we were somee two to five degrees above the seasonal average. not too bad at all.l. we continue to get p warmer.rmer and skies clear. i don't even have a cloud on here to show you. we have a ridge of high pressuru that's large and in charge ofare keeping our skies very clear. we have light winds out tonight
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south, southeast at five milestf an hour and fairly mild rightgh now at this hour, 60-degrees soo that's a pretty good indication of where we're head hed when we're that warm at this time of night.nigh it's currently 54-degrees. 54 a little cooler at frederick at 48. 51 at culpeper, 54 at winchester and 6 # degrees at your overnight low will be 45-degrees. we're talking clear skies, light winds, but on the cooler side. i want to say areas to the north and northwest could see evenen cooler conditions tonight so i can't rule out maybe a little bit of patchy fog over the ove higher elevations and closer to the makes on dixon line. but a warming pattern and a changing pattern is heading our high. we're going to see a nice temperature rise and for the for rest of the weekend and we are talking temperatures on the rist andur yes, i do have some 80s to talk about.out. i'll let you know when that wilh be and of course we'll give you that all important seven day f
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see you in just a few minutes. thank you. that sounds, perfect weather fortath the annl cherry blossom parade today. thousands of people lined up along constitution avenue.nue. there were a few celebrities on hand including tiffany, remember her. also the castellani from the hit musical jersey boys. not one, but two par razor inr one day here in the district. the second one was lead by pwas mayor bowser down pennsylvanialn avenue for the emancipation today parade. the parade and the holiday commemorate of the signing of the law by abraham lincoln to free 3,000 slaves in the,000 district. after the parade there was a concert in freedom plaza and tonight there wereç fireworks. stillness we are taking you to japan. supplies are moved in after two major earthquakes rock the country
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we'll have more when we come back. stay with us. .
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in prince george's county two shootings happened in different places within minutes of each other. the first shots rank out int capital heights.ghts when officers arrived they founy the man shot in the stomach. s tonight police are looking for o the shooter. they're also trying to figure out what led up to that attack. if you have any information about this crime, police wouldi, like to hear from you. meanwhile about the same time as that shooting there was another one on wood extreme drive in license a.m. police say a man was hit by gunfire. he was taken to the hospital for treatment and is expected to recover. police are now looking for the shooter. a maryland state trooper remains
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hospitalized after a car crash into him on the beltway. police say he was investigatingt an accident thursday afternoonnn when a car crashed into him.. the trooper was critically hurt. he's undergoing treatment atatme shock trauma in baltimore. the driver also ended up in the hospital. no word yet on whether any charges will be filed.led. a scare in the air today forda some workers with baltimore gasm and electric. they were in a helicopter out there to inspect power lines when the helicopter went downwn near bwi airport. they landed in a wooded area near aviation boulevard p not far from the mark train station. the three people on board werear not seriously hurt. they were taken to the hospital just as a precaution.caut federal and state authorities are investigating. i to japan now where crews are working around the clock hoping to safe more lives. this after two major earthquakes and now heavy rain is on the way. so far at least
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died. sky news correspondent katie solve hard >>reporter: this is the home of 93 year old joe hire marsher. hi last night after the after shocks still coming her family tried to persuade her to try toy go with them to the shelter. she didn't want to leave her home. we don't know if she survived. i feel terrible. even though she refused i should have taken her with me to thee shelter. all i hey is regrets, but what h else could i have done. the latest earthquake struck in the early hours of the morning. this one much more powerful,werf shaking more violent. its source shaking the airport floodlights. this area had already been by two strong quake on thursday. rescue
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working through the rubble. tens of thousands of people are shelter in open areas. the tremor set off sirens. entire house crashed into thee ravine blow.ravi this is one of the main roads towards the especially i center, the kind rescue tuck trucks neet touc take. 0,000 soldiers are being sent in to assist. i ordered a great number of troops are affected by the earthquake. the government's full capacityat on the rescue and life saving operations. i ask all officials to do their best to update us on thization. japan's military is also h helping with food distribution.d clos
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without power. more than 4,000 have no water. the weather conditions here are deteriorating rapidly. these strong winds and heavy rain is expected to get worse in the coming hours.urs. all of which makes theç rescue operation even more difficult more dangerous. the fear is that it could causee more landslide and already damaged buildings to collapse. still that rescue effort goes on. the country's prime minister said speed is this is a raise against time to safe life. sky > still to come tonight at 10,1 coming up the raise for the white house. it is heating up. candidates are on the campaign train across new york as voters prepare to head to the polls for tuesday's state primary we'rere going to take you there afterfte the break. stay with us. .
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a special treat for students graduating from howard university. president obama will deliver thd keynote address.ddre the president will also receivee an honorary doctorate from therm law department there at howard. the commencement ceremony is planned for saturday, may 7. now to the raise for the white house. ted cruz picked up a victory out west and bernie sanders took ads break from the campaign trailamp for a meeting at the vatican. fox's mike emmanuel has more. >>reporter: ted cruz doesn't like you and he doesn't like nei york. he's also in third place, strong words from donald trump today as estoppel pes hard in his homeis state of new york.k. trump is
10:33 pm
contested convention saying he's the only candidate who can walk away with the nomination. he no longer has a road to the nominationment he will no longer after this weekend. i'm sorry, folks you only got trump. governor john case i picked up a key endorsement.t. he's crisscrossing the state hoping to peck up as many delegates as i think we're going to have momentum coming out of new york. on the democratic side of the aisle, h hillary clinton is in california today, stopping at a college after a fundraiser and turning her sites on thehe republican candidates. everything i will do as your president is exactly thehe opposite of what they say and how they treat people and whatht they want to see happen in our country. meanwhile bernie sanders picked up 15 more delegates fromeleg colorado today. he's back in new york afterfte wrapping up a trip to theth vatican that included a brief, private meeting with popeit francis this morning.orni >> seeing him up close
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wonderful experience.nder it was just an honor to speakk with ted cruz was the only candidate to stop in wyoming today winning all 14 delegates. we're in likelihood to have a battle in cleveland to determini who the nominee is. if we come together and unite we will the nomination. today's victory comes on the heels of his within in colorado doing much better than donald trump who has struggled out in the west.e > we invite you to join us tomorrow morning for our special report on the raise to the white house. tom, bob and ronica will be together. it starts at 8:30 in the morning. that is right before fox newse sunday. and we'll be right back. bac this week on fox news sunday, two days before the next big primary, the candidates crisscross new york. we'll get a preview of tuesday'd big contest with donald trump's controversial campaign
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and growing concern the zika vie us is worse than we thought. infectious disease dr. anthony now chicago on what you can do to protect yourself. our power player of the week, this week on fox news sunday.
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this is fox5 local news at 10.1. new documents in thene investigation intow former d.c. mayor vincent gray's 2010ray' campaign were release yesterdayr the us attorney closed thehe investigation late last year and gray was charged with any wrongdoing. but we are now getting a closer look at how investigators were able to charge many othershar connected to the campaign.ampa a huge document release connected to the 2010 vincentvic gray campaign investigation. an investigation that lasted years and
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more than $600,000 shadow campaign. 12 convictions all charged with campaign violations to get vincent gray elected mayor. we are seeing for the first time search warrants of homes, businesses, storage rooms, computers, phones and e-mail records. the case was closed by the us attorney and mayor gray firstirs spoke to fox5. what i say to the people is what i've said from the very, that i did nothing. i was not involved in i in off this. it's clear to red as defense built their case against jeffrey thompson who shadowed the came pan and others working with him the feds were also looking atat gray's e-mail. his meetings, a campaign disturbance, even allegations e that gray wanted this man, leo alexander to dropout of thehe raise. we spoke to alexander on the phone today who
10:40 pm
offered him money and employment to drop out. the more thehe reports are coming out i'm really disturbed by it. council member yvette alexander who was gray's alley when thehe shadow am contact pain was uncovered now is running against him to keep her ward seat. she never called for the mayor to resign then but now says this if he had knowledge of the alleged activity.ctiv i'm really concerned. it's bad if you did know aboutau it and maybe even worse if you you did know about it. so is there some kind of smoking gun in these documents? from what i was able to read in those documents yesterday there isn't anything new that actually linka gray to the illegal activity, anything that we didn't alreadyy know. remember, since the case wasase dropped last year, gray has entered politics again runningun for the ward 7 council seat. > all right.righ taking state hood to the voters. that's what mayor bowser wantsts to do. bowser say
10:41 pm
the state hood reven dumb on the november ballot bowser says she wants to give residents a chance to let voters to decide whether d.c. should become a state. 670,000 residents pay taxes ande serve in the military, but do not have voting represent inepre congress even if the refer dumb gets on the ballot and passes it will not be binding becauseind congress has the final say.ay. gwen joins us now. us i have to apologize, the pollen is so bad that i'm having a time speaking. it happened to me two weeks ago so today i'm trying to geto through it. so lots of water. of today i was in cambridge, maryland. it was beautiful. i had lunch outside. so a lot of people smiling for sure. definitely. >> it was one of those days the i'm so happy that we're able to talk about sunshine and warmthhi all at the same time. > me, too. we've gone through such
10:42 pm
roller coaster spring so far. > winter has been holding on, holding. >> we're giving a reel big push out the door by the time we get to the end of this weekend.eken tonight, however, it is a little l on the cool side. we've got some clear skies and some pretty light winds outside and a beautiful shot there as you can see the skies and the skies are definitely clear. we have a ridge of high pressure in charge and that's keeping our skies clear for tonight andonig gives you the sunshine thatshin we're going to have for tomorrow. another day with plenty ofy wi sunshine. that's what we have coming up on your sunday. temperatures on the rise ase when. we were warmer today than we were yesterday.we we have a dry cold front that's going to arrive the early part of the week and all that meanstt is it's not going to bring any b rain with it whatsoever. we'll see some cooler air behinb it and unsettled as we get into the later part of the week. there was a cherry blossomlos parade and lots
10:43 pm
activities and temperatures were anywhere from two to five t degrees above the seasonal average as we headed into the upper 60s and the low 70s. so very, very please and the.e. right now we've got 60-degrees in d.c.d.c. 53 at baltimoreç this hour. 58-degrees at dulles, 52 at martinsburg and winchester. 46 at frederick. it's pretty cool to, you know, not chilly, but just a little cool outside right now. your overnight lowe's are goingg to hang around into the mid tomd lower 40s pretty much every where. we'll have the 30 here and 30 there. i want to say with the clear hel skies and the light winds we have what we call raidation al cooling and that means we coulde have a few spots where there might be a little bit of patchy frost, mostly in the higher elevations but i can't rule it out to the north and northwestern suburbs. satellite radar composite really nothing to show because the ridge of high pressure locked into place. the ridge of high pressure is a blocking ridge.
10:44 pm
everything away from us. it's blocking everything inever terms of precipitation to the west and everything that's to the east keeping it right away from us and really controllingal everything up and downly the mim atlantic here and that is going to continue.ont the ridge of high pressure isprs primarily to the north of usf right now.. but once we get into tomorrow night and into monday we're going to see this ridge starting to slide its way to the south. what that does it opens up the for the warmer air to start tott come in and that's how we're going to start to see our temperature climb.atur for tomorrow we're talking low 730s. but by the time we get to mondao we're talking about the 830-degree day because we'reee d going to have a stronger southerly flow ands that using h to boost our temperatures.empe we're coagulopathying to get tot well above seasonal by the time we get to the beginning of thef week and it comes with sunshine as here's a look the your day planner for tomorrow. byro midday 55-degrees. up to p 70-degrees with very pleasant
10:45 pm
and as i said, the winds willill remain white.te. 45 for your overnight low, clears skies, but a little bit on the chilly side.ide here's a look at your fox5 accuweather seven day forecastse forecast. 80-degrees and then a frost comes through on tuesday andsday it's going to bring us some cooler air. even so, relatively speakinglati going to 73-degrees isn't going to be bad.bad. and then we head back to the 50h again. end of the week we have a little bit of a disturbance coming ouri way so i can't rule out maybe ans lated thunderstorm by theby time we get to thursday. even then it's going to be 77-degrees.77 great during the day, goodood sleeping weather at night.ight hit the pause button. >> good outside for brunch tomorrow. > thanks so much and remember you can track the weather 24/7 w on the go. all you need is a mobile device. download the fox5 news and fox5 weather app search d.c. news and d.c. weather in the app storetor and remember those apps are free. thousands of people gathered on the national mall
10:46 pm
for a good cause. they joined together for thishis year's national walk for epilepsy. epilepsy is a neurological condition that effects 3 millioc people nationwide. today marked the tenth year for the walk since 2006. the epilepsy foundation has raised nearly $10,000 to help people living with epilepsy and provide research dollars to helo find a cure. after a 2-0 victory in game onee the caps look to squeak by with another victory over the flyers. brody logan just walking intoali the studio and he has more on the other side.
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we are following some breakslo news from equador tonight where a powerful earthquake struck str earlier today much the quake is to blame for at least 28 deaths there. the quake had a
10:50 pm
and is centered near the country's center. the region is popular for fishing and there are touristse there as well. officials say this is the strongest convert ache to hit equador in decades. moving on now, if you like jerseys without ads on them youu better start buying them as soos as possible. the league approved a pilot program that would allow teamslw to sell logo. teams can begin pitching companies on buying a 2 and and half by 2 and a half inch patch. the nba is now the first ofç te four major sports lesion to put ads on regular game day jerseys. what do you this i about that? making a buck they're going to make more than a buck. the teams can rake in up to $1
10:51 pm
2 and a half inch patch.half >> and that's for one player. > that's per team. >> that's across the league. so divide it up amongst the teams. so it is some serious money. one thing that they have said, it will only be on the game jerseys so the jerseys you buy in the store will not have the ad on it. i wonder how am they'll allowalo because it's going to get to a point where it's not going tooin look so great. >> i think it's part of the pilot program. they're going to see how peoplew like it. they had a small logo for kia oa the jerseys. no one really complained about that. soccer has had advertisements oa the jerseys for years. those are huge over the entire shirt. i hope it doesn't go to thato sense. i'm with you. the caps not doing so bad. >> the caps not doing so bad. it's one of those things.hing the team has had disappointments in the past. especially last
10:52 pm
maybe they can start thinkingrt this year is the year.ear such a great team. game one in the caps-flyersaps- sears saw the caps scoring goals the flyers. philly wanted to set the tonetoe with tough physical play that would take the caps off their game. the caps take home the victory. goal game one with a shutout looking for another clean sheet in game two.wo. the caps anal ex ovechkin, yes, the caps on the board on the powerful. the second period, this is oneh of the dumbest goals you'll ever see.e. jason, from center ice, i don't even know how this got through. he deflects it. i don't even think the mighty ducks ever did anything like this. take a look. look at him put his
10:53 pm
unbelievable. and then alex ovechkin. the caps 4-1 to take a 2-0 series lead. we were there, great job and unbelievable stuff. i think we could be a little bit more aggressive. get on their defense a littlette bit better. maybe tonight wasn't our best game. thanks to you guys, you cheer uu on and that's the big thing for us. > wing 4-1 is not your best game. there have been professional be games in d.c. dating back to the league's original league in the 1800s. in all the years no d.c. baseball team has started the season 9-1 until this year's nats. the philly fanatic doing w
10:54 pm
can do to. two runners on, bryce harper after a towering homerun lasta night hits a towering fly ball. this should be an easy out. he drops the ball.rops that allows michael to score. and the phillies pitcher is liks you got to be kidding me. the next batter, ryan zimmerman, he says one through the middle.l that brings anthony rendon. a triple into the corner that's going to score a run.un. and then max jeerser in the fourth, yes, the pitchen drivesv in two. the nats crews to an 8-# victory he was very good
10:55 pm
he threw the ball great. he even got a big base hit. that was huge.e. > the football coach dj turning brings with him as one of bestes minds in football. this isn't his first head coaching job. at 37 coaching in one of thethe toughest divisions in the country. this year i asked him how the terps were progressing as the as spring practice comes to a close. first to my family, they've enjoyed the transition.rans they love living in m. my daughter loves the school she's at.t. football has been crazy. it's been jamb packed, but crazy good. from recruiting, from winter, to spring it's been really good. i've got a great staff me working their tails off. the players have responded wellp to what i've asked this em to do. it's been good. we have a lot of work to do
10:56 pm
i'm enjoying it. there's energy at the practices. how important is the energy translating into wins. c very critical. control, you're in control everr day when you wake up. it can drastically change the outcome of your day.y. if you have enthusiasm for whato you're doing, you give greatgive effort you're probably going ton be pretty successful and have a good day did. we're learning that. you can see there's a tangibleag difference between practice one, two and now we're into 13, 14. it makes a difference. when you put that forth you're going to do better. the basketball team is starting a maple.
10:57 pm
bursting into dance. chris sequential locally from the d.c. area of villanova hevil got in on it. virginia tech is now doing it.t. it was well before most of them were born. remember we talked about three weeks ago about someone writing and saying this is the year. i don't want to jinx it. i don't think they are saying it because they have played a pretty light schedule this years so far. they are banking the wins against the braves and theves phillies so later on when they have to face the mets and the cubs. let's just say maybe we'll get there. it seems like every time we sayy we're going -- >> exact limit they're 10 nd 1 now, but it's 162 games. > it's been fun so far.o > thanks so
10:58 pm
>> coming up after the break, a movie theater has changed their mind after they considered allowing texting during movies.e we're going to tell you what they decided against comingç u.
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