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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:26pm EDT

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right now at 10:00, prince george's county firefighters mourn the death of a colleague who was shot and killed while responding to a call. >> it's still unbelievable that it happened. it's hard. >> a coworker opens up about the tragedy for the first time. plus why the shooter hasn't been charged. >> then a fairfax county firefighter mysteriously vanishes.
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her. >> in the race for the white hoe, right now. i'm jim lokay. >> and i'm marina marraco. ea s and call. tonight the community mourning the loss of paramedic firefighter john ulmschneider. alex? >> reporter: as you can see the memorial here outside of the landover hills fire station continues to grow. people came not just to bring flowers and candles but also their prayers and support for the entire prince george's county community. i mean just a little over a month ago detective jacai colson was shot and now this weekend the prince george's county fire department has lost one of their
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own. >> the nicest person you would he t make you laugh and fix your car at the same time. >> reporter: firefighters of the landover hills station are still trying to wrap their minds around the fact that their friend and colleague, 37-year-old john ulmschneider was shot to death while responding to a medical welfare check on friday. now they're left grieving. >> skill et had the neck name before us. he's had that nickname for a while since he worked on a farm somehow they called him skillet and it sort of stuck. >> reporter: he was a 13-year veteran and the father of a two-year-old girl. now an account has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses. >> everyone here can empathize
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with the firefighters and what they'retimes. >> rep9-orarld swain continues to recover at baltimore shock trauma. the prince george's county fire department says he's been moved from the iuc to a private room. the gunman's brother was also shot during the chaos. sources tell fox 5 the gunman was suffering a medical episode related to diabetes and he told investigators when he came to he saw the firefighters breaking through his front door and thought they were intruders. >> the thing that's helping us deal the most is each other. we'll talk about the goodtimes and just remember how great a person he was. >> reporter: the man who reportedly shot at the firefighters was released from custody yesterday. a spokesperson with the state
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this point they don't have alex limon, fox 5 in critical condition. police are still looking for the shooter. in a separate incident a man was shot and killed in clinton. police tell us this happened around 11:30 last night. the victim was already dead when officers arrived. police are still looking for the shooter and trying to determine a motive. now to the district where police are also investigating a murder. it happened around 3:00 this morning on 11th street northwest. investigators have identified the victim as 35-year-old javon marshman of southeast. a second man was also
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he's expected to survive. that victim taknseen missing for days. gi homeless tonightrd from her after a fire swept through their house in bethesda. firefighters tell fox 5 when arrived they saw flames shooting from the second floor. no one was hurt there and it's still unclear what started the fire. >> elsewhere in the county a driver crashed into an apartment building this afternoon in montgomery village. police tell us the driver of the suv lost control and slammed
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two people were hurt but their inny sunday out there. a perfect day to get outside sd very warm conditions. well. temperatures above the seasonal average. we hit into the low 70s and even mid 70s as far as our airports are concerned. so it was a very pleasant day and i hope that you did get out to enjoy it. perfect day to get out and have a brunch and just enjoy yourself. here's a look outside where we've got clear skies and cloud here or there but really not too much to be too concerned with. 63 degrees right now at dc, winds are from the south at 3 miles per hour. and temperatures, well still very much on the
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it's 54 degrees at mansa that's going to happen in the w statha. but with it comes the sunshine. i'll have more details a little later. jim? >> the democracy spring protest disrupted some activities in dc is now over but here's a look at what happene capitol hill.
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protesters zip tying themselves to dobedience a fined. >> the capitol police have been wonderful. they were wonderful during my arrest and the processing during that time. it's just when we're trying to pay our fines so that we can all go home or back to wherever where we came from, that's the difficult part. and we would like to see that expedited a little bit. >> so those protesters showed up to pay their fine until around 78:30 this morning, but police didn't start to process them until noon.
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up on tuesday.he 2016 likealue that vote is so vital and we have to win by big numbers because we have a system that's absolutely rigged. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders is hoping for a big upset win in new york and in brooklyn he held his biggest rally ever. more than 28,000 people showed up to hear him. >> this campaign is going to win because we listen to ordinary
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people, not just ed
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he people
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shoveling out from a spring snowstorm tonight.
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the government's point man on a zika crisis warns we should do more here. it's likely we
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quditional cases of the virus ito, which you saw on that maps hit ecuador. >> reporter: a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck ecuador overnight. the powerful
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buildings, chaos. this comes after two earthquakes hit japan in rece
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at least 41 people were killedi and a lateoff. it's going to be fabulous.
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that snow because otherwiseltic. a few high clouds here and there but nothing to be concerned with. we've got fabulme going to head our way for tomorrow. right now we've got 54 degrees at mannasas, 63 in dc, 55 at gaithersburg this hour, 58 at martins burg. pretty mild and a little cooler near the water. your overnight lows expected to be into the upper 40s and the low 50s pretty much everywhere. we've got a light wind so not
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all the details in just a bit. back to you. >> a u balcony. he named them linda and steve. >> what would you
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flash mob comes to a local faer
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>> iran's neighbors should not feel
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the contract under prsu missiles and ts. du armed forces day, the iranian president pledged to defend them from terrorism and
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is a
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of flash mob how
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lation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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>> those answers could ramp up tensions thebe.
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hanging over that visit are key threats originatg t many believe that the saudi government provided aid and support to the terrorists. something president obama has twice promised he would do. >> it allow the saudis to continue f
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here in the u.s. if th a m st trooper
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remains in critical condition tonight after being struck by
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if you like the sunshine and you like the temperatu of ring and taste of summer. we have more sunny days for you, but noes. we'rre 70s and the 80s. temperatures well above seasonal for your monday. so we're off to a really good start. a dry cold front is going to move in earlier in the week but you know what? it will give us a cooler day but not too much of a difference. and late week we're a little unsettled. we're talking about a chancef maybe a thunderstorm. in the meantime not too much talking here on the satellite rada
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we have a ridge of high pressure t nowe board at gh it is still really mild outside for this time at annapolis, 58 . 55 at gaithersburg this hour but 65 for hagerstown. cumberland at 63 and 59 degrees at winchester. winds are very light tonight so not much happening in the wind department and temperatures will be into the upper 40s and 50s everywhere. we're going t see the temperatures prch the same. the warmer air will move in from the west and hit all of the mid atlantic tomorrow. we're going to get that nice flow kicking in there with highs
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and some mid 80s asryo the east. o see t headed lide to the south to the low 80s it will stick arnd into your tuesday but that cold front that's coming in will cause us to have a few gusty winds here and there but a little bit of a drop in those temperatures but not all bad because we're going to go only to the upper 70s. so you can see we don't have a big difference going on here. but the good news is with that cold front it's going to come in dry. we're not talking any rain whatsoever. we are talking the winds picking up. for tomorrow by midday 74 degrees. by the 5:00 hour we're talking 78 degrees with all those sunny skies i'm happy to say. tonight 54 for your overnight low very comfortable. tomorrow with the sunshine we'll start off in the moin
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way. dessert with the 70s seeing some rain on day. >> here is a little high five here. >> the week ahead. >> i didn't go high because i didn't want to hit marina in the process. >> what do you say? >> you go, girl. >> still ahead at 10:00, it is a girl. john legend and chrissy tiegen welcoming a new little girl in the world. >> find out what businesses are offering deals tomorrow on tax day. >> i'm going to
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only at a sleep number store. monitor. >> which days. are more hands-off. >> she says she's faced with different challenges as a mom of a 10-year-old she claims parenting can get complicated if you let the social media pressure and the competition
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between the you. >> i think things are more birt >> reporter: that's why this year she is could only invite a amount of kids and you have to book it so far in advance. >> reporter: the question is are today's parents getting the raw deal? is it about keeping up with the joneses and buying the most expensive. >> it's up to parents to not get the raw deal and to instill values in our children.
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>> reporter: the founder of >> my 12-year-old i'mto what it back in 1974, peras news. >> we had this story before we had to laugh but we have no concept of parenting. i killed a plant just the other day. i decided not to name plants after the fifth one that died. i'm really bad at watering things. >> but the plants that don't need watering are dc teams are doing just fine. >> they are doing just fine. outside of the wizards.
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the it is a great start toth therehet datingc bak to the day iteration of the nats. in all those years no team has started the season 9 and 1 until today.
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that is five make it six that he has hit a a that's your game winner for the phillies. nats lose 3-2 in 10 despite the historic homer. >> i just want to win. they know to do things we can to get runs on the board. >> bryce harper's hair.
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>> >> it is glorious. >> it's time for our toptory ofbunts.shgo show-off. it was more than just show she got on base. >> it could have easily back fired but she's done this before, i believe. >> number 4, england's
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championship level, 94th minute. look at pounds. >> itor redirecting a pass. i don't understand what is going on here. i love his reaction when he looks up. let's be honest it doesn't matter where you're from, any time you see philly incompetent, it's fun to watch. >> the name of m high
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about this and they said you never want toat. even when the ground. nnot touch the he has to be mid. good for a goal. >> i'm more amazed it's a pro sport. >> it is a pro sport. >> number one the reds billy hamilton known for his wheels. robbing a home run.
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just climbs up and goes over the wall. more importantl from haters tonight. >> oh, game. but great pfavorite? think the . >> it's got to be the softball. >> she was great. >> it's a bunt though. for a base hit. >> but that whole. >> if i would try that, southbou. >> i would probably put my shoulder out of place or something. >> don't have a guy do her job. >> exactly. tweet me and let me know if you think i was terrible at this and it should have been number one.
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>> s the musical youhild can eat reeat noodles andch eese br and at outback stake house you can get a coupon. >> i was going down the list and a lot of the deals are just the normal deals but other places are going a little above and beyond. >> anything time you get anything free. >> i try to get as much free stuff for my birthday as possible. >> i don't know about free. >> cheaper free. >> it's a push to get you in the door.
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>> still ahead tonight, a dangerous close call. >> a


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