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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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responding to a call. c a coworker opens up butut tragedy for the first timefothei plus why the shooter likelyik won't be charged.t harg >> also a big case of the th supreme court today.suprem in fact it might be theht b biggest case of the term and ter it has to do with how this could affect the fatet of millions of illegal immigrants as hundreds gather outside the court to protest. pe >> let's take a live lookoo outside on this monday april 18th. it is already 53 degrees.ready r but it's going to get a wholeeto lot warmer than in. in fact it's shaping up to be an absolutely gorgeous day. d gary is going to talk morealk m about that. erin will update us onatu traffic. both of those coming up on the 5s. first we say good morning tomo you. i'm holly morris in for i allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. s at 7:00 we're following flo breaking news from metro.etro. empty trains the result of thee fire on the tracks. >> fire though now out. now that's the good news.ew delays and concerns, however, hw definitely remain. fox5's bob barnard joiningng us live from the rosslyn ros station in arlington with thehe late
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what's the update, bob? >> reporter: well, holly,, the update is that they are no longer single training. the orange line train is packed. they've resumed service ine re both directions from the the rosslyn metro station to foggy bottom into the district and so for awhile there orange and blueline trains were singlengle tracking from northernm norn virginia into the district andid silver line trains were oldlyero going from wiehle reston east e to clarendon. so now orange, blue and silver line trains are operating normally. the problem was way down here. h this train is heading into the o city and as you go in and bank a down into the tunnel there,l the there was an arcing insulatorg o and so there was a fire arlington county was calledasald here. there was a fire in the equipment.pmen smoke was put into the tune
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so they had stopped thed sed inbound trains, orange and blueline trains where you seeinh this one right now, they were n stopped for about an hour or so. so. they have fixed the problem. pro they have resumed power and service.rv but the investigationes continues. metro again telling us what w they believe it was was an arcing insulator that ignitedgn and put smoke in the tunnel tun but now service has resumed has but expect delays, guys, they t are saying still this >> good advice to heed. thanks bob. b happening today in fairfaxii county a murder trial getsrial g under way for police officer adam torres accused ofus o shooting and killing john gere g back in 2013. i 201 gere was unarmed when he was unm torres claims that gere wasimha reaching for a beguny gun whenwh he shot him. he faces second degree murderon charges. ch torres has been heldar withoutit bond since he was indicted in august. a community in prince george's county morning theou loss of a first responder killed on the job. >> john ulmschneider diedr d after responding to a welfarefa check in temple hillsemplhi maryland.maryla. fox5's melanie alnwick liveck lv this morning at a growing
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good morning, mel., m >> reporter: hey, good rep morning, guys. yeah, it is really hard to miss the ambulance unit here aae and people who are coming by to memorialize their friendze te and colleague and also just ao a member of the community whof came out here, put his lifether out there on the line to save others.ot and we're also seeing a lot ofgt people bringing flowers inows in support, not just for the firehe department here but also the entire first responderer community. fire station 30 is now draped na in black while members of the landover hills volunteer vunteer station grieve their friendgr and colleague, 37-year-oield john ulmschneider who was shotao to death while responding to a o medical welfare check friday at a home in temple hills.ple h. ulmschneider was a 13 year veteran of the prince george'she county fire department and p a flso their faster a two-year-d girl and -- faste, father of a two-year-old girl. g this kind of death on the jb
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is almost unimaginable.imag >> the thing that's helping usss deal the most is each other.ther we talk about the good times tes and just remember how great a person he was. >> reporter: now kevin swainevis a 19-year-old volunteer from the morningside fire stationio was also shot.was so s he continues to recover atec baltimore shock trauma.shk tr sources tell fox5 that the gunman was suffering from angro medical episode related to diabetes.ab he told investigators thatrs when he came to was what hee saw was people breaking brein through thisy his front door and it thought they werehoht intruders which is why he went ahead and shot them.aheash the gunman's brother the man thn who called asking for theskfo welfare check also was shot during the chaos.eos the state's attorney'ss officers has not filed any fed y charges in this the visitation for johgen joh ulmschneider is tomorrower is rw he is from saint mary's countyys and that's going to be down in hollywood, maryland, and thenyl, the funeral is scheduled fored wednesday afternoon.ftno live in prince george's in prins county, i'm melanie alnwick,alnc
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>> thanks, mel. tragic any way you look at it. the violence continuesnu throughout the weekend in the w prince george's georg' early sunday morning two mens were shot on rigs road in chillum. one of the vic times died shortly after he arrived at a va hospital 6789 the secon. the second man is in criticalril condition. police are searching for theng t gunman. >> let's talk about the's t forecast today. man, it is a nice one,fo gary. g >> would you like to do it? it? >> sunny and 85. >> yeah. i close?i cl >> holly's dress is perfect. per you have the perfect dress for today.toda >> celebrating the sunshinerati today. >> listen, it's going to be t'some would say -- i don't knoo how you compare it to theompareo weekend because the weekendca was sous greater.o greater. today is just as sunny, just a really beautiful blue sky,ul blu perhaps a little bit more lays a in the sky and temperatures weru start off in the upper 30's.s. culpeper upper 30's now.s n manassas upper 30's now.. look frederick down back intoac the upper 30's too but we'ree' going to warm up. war u still at 53 here in town. t by 11 o'clock we're sunny,un nice, up to 73 gr
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once it decides to warm it'sdear just going to warm in a hurry. 2 o'clock we're almost 80,, just lots of sunshine dan byinen 4, 5 o'clock we'll be sitting around 81 or so.nd1 or some places out there south-southwest, culpeper i'mhwl talking to you, 85 to 86 degrees for a high >> sunblock reminder, >> yeah, i used it thiss weekend.ek i was g more today if you're y'r going to be out to >> all right. sounds good. goo thanks gary. g >> let's check in with erin como find out what's happening.g. >> some updates from metro.tes t things starting to get back tog normal after an earlier tracklit fire outside rosslyn.yn. right now orange and blueline no longer single tracking. tracn silver line service resumed resm between wiehle reston east and t largo town center.nente anticipate residual delays. del as we take a look at ourur district crashes new york avenue inbound at south dakotah earlier crash at that locationh cleared. new york avenue inbound stille i very heavy. h
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beltway through kenilworth andta 295 northbound there is aound ti crash after malcolm x avenue.lme look at all of that red on our map from the bottom side ofid the beltway on through you'llghy hit huge delays. 295 inbound other direction dir slows through east capitol asug well. inner loop jams across its wilson bridge. bw parkway southbound heavy traffic 197 to powder mill.197 inside the beltway you're belayy basically parked so reallyparkel heavy traffic there.avtraf 95 southbound jammed from the icc to the top of the beltway in maryland.inand. and then 95 and northboundorthbo you're jammed dale city to 123.3. huge line of slow moving min traffic. delays start south of thattrtaru point in stafford so be in strde prepared for that.prep for this earlier situation on thetin inner loop debris blocking the center lane near gallows didgall clear but you're still dealingea with some very heavyery congestion lingering at thatt t location. we'll have more traffic inor just a few as you make yourak way out on 270 southboundoubo you're jammed throughrough germantown.antown. holly. >> erin, developing thisn,evelop morning, the death toll from tlo saturday's earthquake in ecuador continues to rise.coinue officials say more than 260 people have been killed, another 2500
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the powerful 7.8 quake was onekw of the strongest earthquakestron to hit the country in decades. right now aid is being flownng in to the hardest hit the president of that countryout has declared a national stateatt of emergency. >> u.s. troops arrived inoops japan to help with reliefp th r efforts following last week's w' earthquakes there.hquakes there they'll work with japanese japas forces to air lift water foodoo and blankets to some areas cut e off by as you can see there t landslides damage to roads and twoid powerful earthquakes struck japan last week killingwk at least 42 people ande injuring more than 1,000.,0 many people now living in ling shelters with limited food and a water supplies. spl >> the presidential racehe p heating up as both democrats dec and republicans eye the empiremp state. state. tomorrow is the new york primary. pr senator bernie sanders held arsd record breaking brooklyn rallyoa this weekend. more than 28,000 people showedd up. up. but hillary clinton stillin s leads sanders 53 percent to 43 percent in new york according to the most recentoste polls. for the republicans stillpublic looks like there will be aan trw contested convention.
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senator ted cruz believes heeves will keep trump from securingsei the nomination but trump is confident that won't happen.'tap >> speaking of ted cruz he'll h' be in maryland todayd toy campaigning in the state aheadie of next week's primary.ry with? an event at tasty diner d in bethesda tod he'll move on to a seconds appearance in marylandd inylan i towson. >> 30,000 runners will competeim in boston's annual marathon. mar this is the 120th running ofunno the boston marathon and the third anniversary of the bombings. security of course will be of tight. more than 5,000 police00po officers will line the course cs route and they've made clearadec there are rules banning drones and back packs. an update on the zikaa virus and this time the newsheew is good.oo health officials say right now u.s. pregnant women don't needan to worry at bout the zika viruss they say there's been no local l transmission of zika in the zikn united states.tes. so, delaying pregnancy is not an issue for discussion atcussio this point but they do say women mo
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to get pregnant should steer clear of countries where the virus is prominent.romint the u.s. supreme courteme ct could hear what could be oned of the most important cases of the term. >> the course could change theae way the u.s. enforcesor immigration laws.miion la fox's doug luzader joins us jns live with good morning, w, dou >> reporter: steve and holly h good it's going to be a busy place p hanging in the balance couldhe be the fate of millions of illegal immigrants and critical constitutional questions. argue you'll they'll have to th carry the burden. >> this is not prosecutial this is taking law and changing it is. >> reporter: the republican controlled congress will arguegr that the president is in essence rewriting law violating a basic tenet of thee constitution. the white house says he's wellu within his authority. histy >> the executive authority ahori that president obama exercisednt
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the executive authority thattyha presidents reagan and presidents george h.w. bush exercised. >> reporter: while it hasas energized both sides of the immigration debate all of this o happens during an unusual time e at the supreme court. t sup the death of justice antonince n scalia means it's possible mea that the court could deadlock four-four reverting to lowereve court decisions there would scuttle the president's plans. now, just to explain what theo court is going to be decidexing today, there are real two real o issues here. the president expanded onet expo program that protectedrotected children who came here illegally and then created ahen new program to protect parentstp of children who are u.s. citizens but the parents areen illegal immigrants.lega there is what the court is having to consider today.nsidery we should have a decision,n, maybe some time before the endfe of june. of j back to you >> doug i know it's an earlyi oi morning for a lot of people. give us an idea howl peopleeo are camped outside the cou
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right now.right no >> reporter: well, we can probably pan around here and are show you. you see some protestorsst gathered there right in frontfr of the court and what yound what can't see is also the hugee line along the side of thee of t court, people trying to get in n to actually hear the argumentsrn today. the arguments have togetheryavet going to be longer than normalml given the kind of gravity andvia interest in this case. c >> busy days, lots of interestt no doubt. thanks seven:12. still ahead one local county helping to stop child abuse with a new program justt launched to keep kids safer.idse >> the search is on for a a missing fairfax county cnt firefighter after new clue in n the case. what investigators found over the weekend.
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route one in alexandria in front of the potomac yard t pot area. this is the new metro w it is a bus only cover do.y cov it icorridor.runs down the midde one. charles gcars go alongside.. they spent a lot of time o building that bus lane.bulan hopefully it will help folks out with their commute up route one. >> that looks like the best theb timed bus ever.mebus >> roll around. aro >> i love it. right on cue. on cue >> if you go along with your yr prius you'll stand out like a le sore >> everybody needs a convertible. >> i don't have one. d >> i don't have one gleeted who has one we canav borrow. >> s
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>> you don't even have the zipve off sides any more meteorologist, david murphy do d you. >> growing up, steve. >> say hello to my littlewilo te friend. the 80's with temperaturesith today and tomorrow so we'rerrows talking about two separateat days in the 80's. in th80's you knew it's building touild something and this is whatt we're building to.o. sunny and warm today.m today we were in the 60's and 70's thn this weekend so now we're in w the 80's.'s. look, if you're by the water w annapolis i'm talking to you,ou leonardtown talking to you, t you'll still be in the 70's 7 but it's going to be gorgeous.s. baltimore 81. gaithersburg 81.1. frederick perhaps right aroundgn 82 degrees and hey, culpeper, ce and this is just day one ofay oe two days in the 80's. 8 we cool off a little bit onn wednesday but the seven-day sevn forecast not looking bad. lookid i'll show it to you in aou i little while. while. the weekend at this pointin looks sunny and lower 70's. >> fabulous. >> this is our spring.s let's enjoy it and lope we geteg more of this over the next fewtf weeks. >> need to find a friend withent a convertible by the end of e the >> send out a tweet. tet you'll find a convertible inn
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>> that's >> uber convertibles for the summer times wouldn't that be nice. >> definitely a surcharge.urchae >> an idea.a. >> paying uber x.ayingbe >> there's the horn so how isorh traffic going this morningc goir speaking of?eaki >> it's slow and we're still s dealing with leftover metroet problems. taking a look right now because of an earlier track ln l fire aiet rosslyn which is undeu control still dealing with residual delays. delays. orange and blue lines residualea delays in both directions.tions. silver line service haservice h resumed between wiehle restonene east and largo but you'll seeous slow moving traffic across these metro rails. rai let's hop outside for a live l look.ok reports of a crash on the a crao inner loop by the wilsonloop bridge. right now it looks likew it lksl traffic is moving along okay. we'll let you know if thatfha starts to cause any bigig slowdowns.ow a big look at our maps.ap some other accidents and acc delays around the area. 295 northbound after malcolm x o avenue a crash.avenue a crash because of that you're jammed're from the bottom of the beltwayay up. up. inbound side also very slow as s you make your way from therom beltway past 50 get to go eastoe capitol. inbound inner loop right n
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across the wilson bridge iss very slow. slow. so watch for that. forha here are some other delays you u need to be aware of as youf as y head into the district.ic suitland parkway jammed from jmd silver hill road to south tou pennsylvania avenue inboundnb jams from ritchie marlboro too dower house and branch avenue bv inbound jammed from 301 tom 30 surratts road so caution there. outer loop top side of thee beltway jammed from 95 through h the spur. the spur southbound side of 95 from the icc to the inner loop isnner i really slow and bw parkway north and southbound top ofbouno the beltway north of theway h of beltway is crawling along song heads up there if you'ref you heading towards bwi for a a flight you'll hit a lot of a lf slow traffic. tff 270 southbound in fredericknd ie jammed from 85 to the truckhe scales and then again inn germantown from father hurleyur to crawford road.rawforoa lot of slow moving traffic in 66 eastbound crawls fromou manassas through centreville. 95 northbound jammed from dalego city to 123. to you can see that long line ofonn red as you head up towards the springfield interchange. 395 once you cross the beltwayhl is jammed basically from the fre bottom of the beltway to thethe 14th street bridge.dge. inbound bridges also very slowlo this mor
7:19 am
into georgetown.etn. gw parkway southbound dealingdeg with a lot of typical trafficra from spout run on in. spo run steve, back to y >> search continues for arch missing woodbridge woman this morning. >> she hasn't been seen sincet last wednesday but anbeedne important clue in herant in disappearance was found overrano the weekend. wisdom martin joining us liveinl now with more. mor >> virginia state police are are continuing their search today for 31-year-old nicole mittenol dorf but as of right nows of r n police say there is no evidence to suggest anythingsu suspicious. now mitten dorf is atten dorf ia firefighter and paramedic withew the fairfax county firenty department. her last contact was a textonta message on wednesday morning. mr she was then reported missingisg on friday when she didn't showts up for work on saturday hery h car was found abandoned in aon parking lot at shenandoah shenad national park. some of mitten dorf's friends have taken to facebook to isok that spread the word creating ce a page called find nicole now.en that search in shenandoah shenah national park will pick backac up this morning buthi authorities say they don'tieth need any volunteers to helpers h out with this search.s searc they want to prevent anyonent ae from disturbing
7:20 am
nicole likes to compete ino comp multi sport events such as triathlons and regular runs -- regularly runs half marathons much she participates incipatesn crosses fit and is a gym g regular and can often be found d riding and running on trails.n a anyone with information about i her is beingnf asked to calloal virginia state police.iatate po. once again as of right nows of police say there is no evidence to suggest thato anything suspicious is goingsu on so they're goicing to pickoic back up the search, don't need'n any volunteers.oluner they'll keep looking and hopefully this turns out for the best but it's always scary s when you have someone that hav doesn't slow up for work.. >> sure.>> sure. >> and it will be a a couplewill of days so it's scary nonetheless.neth >> hard on the family forheily o sure. thanks whiz. >> many uh-huh. >> an question under way intion washington state for two menon a wanted for murder.ur >> a spring snowstorm causingau lakes in the midwest. those stories and more comings o up next. re
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>> ♪ >> a missing couple in m washington state now believedta to have been murdered. detectives found thete couple'su car saturday in a remote areaota 15 miles from their home.heir hm police are now searching forhi two brothers in connectionne with their disappearance. investigator say they have surveillance video showingce both of them in the couple's car. officers believe the men are armed and apparently one is a formeraormer neighbor of the missing couple.cole. >> philadelphia police officerhi recovering this morning afterhi he was shot in the legs whileei trying to stop a car theft. the 24-year-old officer is in stable condition.ondi authorities say the officeries approached the vehicle, the vle two suspects started to run r
7:24 am
all throw they managealthough to escape other officers caughts them a short time later. ahort >> a florida zoo where a zookeeper was killed by a tiger reopens today.nsod a 13-year-old male tigerle tiger killed a female zookeeper inn an area where tigers sleepiger s reason officials are not commentingommt on the investigation butler not blaminbutlernot blaming the. >> more snowfall after a powerful spring storm dropped s over a foot of snow. s marks the second largest snowfall there this season.son. the snow shut down d highways knocked down treesknoc and forced denver's airport to cancel hundreds of flights. flih forecasters expect the stormer to drops another six toer s t 12-inches of snow later today.od >> and gary the crazy thingra about colorado is that can happen dan tomorrow can be 70 degrees. >> i know and it will be, notd tomorrow but that's
7:25 am
bounce right back and in partshb of texas right now ferociousocio rain coming up so we'reg up w protected by the highyhe pressure. we get these big areas of highai pressure here. there's got to be a dip in theih jet stream somewhere andm that's why they're gettinget that was bad stuff out of the su colorado and then all of that t incredible rain coming up intont texas here on the backside ofac the high pressure but we'ret wee protected so we have clearavcl and you know what, this trendhir continues today.continues to it's going to be gorgeous. gorg. sunny and warm.nd w we're going to have some middle 80's. 8 temperature will b will be lowe' for us. middle 80's in the suburbs, maybe an 85 on an 86 later lat today especially since thepeciae winds are coming from theg fr north and northwest.orwe if the winds shift a littleft at bit more towards the west late t today the temperatures willeratw really jump area wide into theie middle 80's. we think lower 80's here in town is going to do it.t. check outer the next couple of days. if today is not good enough for you, if you can't spendan't time outdoors, perhaps tomorrow is your day off, some of you have tuesdays off i'm sure, 81 degrees tomorrow. it's going to be gorgeous. t wednesday is n t
7:26 am
68 degrees.egre so, a little cooler.ler. okay, a lot cooler but stillut s for this time of year y 68 degrees would be pretty wou close to where we should be.resu thursday for the most part par looks really good. goo right now we think a late shower, i think most of thenk m day and then into the eveningheg looks really, really good andd a then the rains come in. more showers, thunderstormshunds possible friday afternoon,ridayr high temperature there backre b into the mid 70's so evenv though we'll have a couple ofave showers or thunderstorms iterst does look like it's going to goi be nice and warm. cooler for the weekend, lower 70's. loads of sunshine.e. so all things considered, i think this is very much ais i spring forecast that we can c tolerate.lete. here's erin como.rin c very busy out there on apolune n morning commute.te. >> busy conditions continue. ctu keeping b want to keep you informed sonfo you know what areas to avoid.s d new metro update f you're aoue red line rider watch for residual delays to glenmont. earlier train malfunction att judiciary square.
7:27 am
single tracking but residual rid delays because of a earlier problem by foggy bottom.otto silver line normal serviceer between wiehle reston east andas largo town center.wn we have a crash blocking the shoulder 295 northbound after n malcolm x avenue.x inner loop right now the crash w location is right near 210.r 210 so watch for slowdowns on thensn inner loop as you make youreou way across the wilson bridge. bi once you hit the springfieldld interchange slow throughe slow h annandale as well.anndale as we. dealing with a crash on 210n 210 inbound.inund. it's just after palmer roadalmea and you're jammed back to swan a creek road because of that soecu a heads up in fort washingtonasn this morning. taking a wide view of theof the district very slow movingoving traffic suitland parkway stillas jammed into south capitol. cap pennsylvania avenue inbound is d slow and branch avenue things are improving but your inboundro commute still a bit slow. slo steve. >> still to come this morningo o a former wnba star one of theonf best basketball players of allpy time joins us to talk aboutal a her battle with mental healthtal issues and what athletes can c do and others to get help. h >> one maryland county hasouy launched a ne
7:28 am
aimed at keeping kids safe. k we'll get details about theeetat new programs next. >> ♪
7:30 am
>> should be nice day on thed be water actually.wa i was is a lot of boats out over mpe weekend and temperatures ine the 80 today's.80 t update from goer coming up in just a couple of minutes atutest 7:35. right now at 7:30 prince:30 prin george's county volunteerolun firefighter out of intensiventei care after being shot duringtur welfare check now unfortunate until firefighter died. 19-year-old kevin swain was shot along with john, on friday nem tell hills he died after responding to thee fateful scene. several gathered to honor hisedo life this weekend his funeral fr scheduled for wednesday down atd saint mary's county in hollywood maryland.ry search continues for this womano fairfax county firefighter whoho has not been scene thinsnehi wednesda
7:31 am
dorf is from woodbridge.oo she didn't know up for work friday. police found her abandoned car r on saturday on shenandoahhenaoa national park.naonal anyone who may have informationf about her whereabouts should sul contact have a have state poli police. well you had a few extraou w days to do your taxes no morexeo today is the deadline to fileinf your tax returns. rns push back a few days a accommodate the district,t, emancipation day monthly the deadline to nile tonight at midnight. failing to do to file could coss 10 times more expensive to not n file your taxes. holdly?ldly steve, when you drop yourn r child off at daycare, how do yoo know they'll be safe? do youe?y know everything you need to neet about the person or the people watching them? one local countt has lurched a new initiativee named helping parents find safe filed child care this comesld after news surfaced earlier thii month that a child died at at daycare in objection zen hill.l nine month old savannah wrightri died from blunt force trauma. t the person supposed to be caring for herb
7:32 am
charged with first degree murd murder. joining us in the lot of thisthf morning is jennifer hoffman shen is deputy director of prince opr george's child resource centeren who teamed up with the tee andte the county to really try andy ta make a difference and be ande resource just like your name nam says for parents. pents good morning and thanks fors coming in. >> thank you. so much for having me.h fo >> i think as a parent one ofenn the single most stressful thingg especial physical you'resi obviously a working parent is finding child care that yout y think is good and safe for your child.d. it's hard. >> right. rht exactly.ex this campaign is supposed to the county executive rah sheer bakek and states attorney angela ross sorry brooks teaming up with upt public and private organizationo including my non-profit princefr george's child resource center,e and it's in response to these recent tragedies that you justts talked about.ed abo and the focus of the program iss to educate and end informndnf parents about what to look forok when allowing someone to caree
7:33 am
parents to licensed child carehd and they can do that in marylanl by going to maryland family which is always great resource for families that have childreni with special needs that arehat trying to find child caree because that can be extra difficult.fficult. >> sure. >> and for your listeners not in maryland, there are still many,, emery sources at maryland family about choosinghoos licensed child >> let's talk about what are th questions you should ask as a parent because i think that'shi' probably the single easiest wayy to get information about where e you're going to leave youraver child. so what do you need to walk in,, look for and ask? >> the first thing is the environment.nmt is there enough space for all ol the children that are there? ii there enough space to playce t p safely inside and outside?de >> how many children there are?h do you think your child is goins to get the attention he or she needs? what about access to the program? are think there goingk to be other people coming in and out? are he
7:34 am
appropriate materials for all oo the children that are there? especially paying attention toat the provider herself. hse what is her demeanor withrit children? what is her demeanorn with your child? does she speas in a calm voice? is she responsive? does your childouri respond to her? >> what are her disciplineisciie procedures? does she seem to respect and enjoy the childrenre and that is something to payoay attention to whether you'reer putting your child in licensed e child care or you have a nanny a coming to your home or you're y just leaving your child with aih roommate or a partner. >> in all fairness i'm sure this parent that left that precious i nine month old there the child caregiver did not hit anotherno child in front of her.f you know what i mean? did not n shake another baby in front of t her.he so how do you even begin to know that that could be a risk? >> well, two things.s. one is, that parent wants to wts make sure that that a
7:35 am
child care program and many families assume it is a licensen child care program.roam the first thing would be to aske to see that license, and if that provider can produce thatceha license, then that means that that person has undergoneerne extensive training including ili first aid and cpr that they havv passed criminal background bacro checks and everyone that lives s in their home as gone through ah criminal background check.n >> i want to make sure wee sure discuss this real quickly, too,t i know we're talking aboutking a possible daycares and stuff likk that. but a lot of times we seeee problems when people leave their child with a boyfriend or a mother-in-law or even just theit mother or father. f there are a couple flags there,e red flags that you said people o should look at like, do they compete for attention with you? what are some of the others that people should looout for?? >> being very vigilant.. notice any unexplained marks on the child or if there's anyre'sy indication that the child is not being cared for such
7:36 am
not being changed as often as it should, and if the child is oldo enough to talk, really talkingyi to your child and if there's any indication that your child is i not deal feel 100% safe and secure with that person, thenern that is relling look at.g lo >> and we want to make sure we know that prince george's childh resource center you are no non-profit.prit. correct. any support is always appreciative. thank you. >> thank you so much jennifer for coming in.o r all really good tips.d tip let's toss it on to gary and gay continue to talk about this t gorgeous weather because weer bu can't get enough it.n't >> i wish it would stay liketaye this for, you know, months onono end. it would be great, right? blueb sky out there this morning. mni. now it's cold.nool we're starting off especially ea out in the suburbs saying all al morning how few spots havee dropped down into the upper 30s. manassas you're 39. frederick 39. seeing the temperature overempea there for culpeper is 41 degre 41 degrees. we're holding in the city at 53e 57 for gaithersburg.. over the next couple of hours,ou the 8:00 o'clock temperature tht 9:00 o'clock temperature reallya going to jump we'll go right upu
7:37 am
lower 70s. want more check of the bus stops forecast for the cool obviously to start thista morning.rning. beautiful afr tehoolauti temperatures will be between 77 and 82 degrees.s just no problems out there.he nice and sunny right on through the day. notice at 11am we're already 73 degrees.rees wow! 80 at 2:00 o'clock. almost 80 at 2:00 o'clock andk d then lower 80s for four, five,iv even 6:00 o'clock still be stuce in the 70s. she 7 here's erin company mon on thist monday morning. very taxing day for dayy >> that's right.>> it's been a lot of slow moving traffic ouc and live look 270 on the southboundo side out by germantown road a a lot of stop and go trafficora starts all the way by maryland l eighty five heading down to the spur you'll hit a ton and stop s and go traffic. tff leaving now about 45 minutes5ut earlly from frederick is youredy best bet this t look at our maps.ok at m we have on-going metro issuesros that you need to be aware of. of red line heads up residual delays to glenn montgomery duegn to earlier train malfunction ann the orange and blue line even ee though they are no longer single tracking
7:38 am
were dealing with at rosslyn has totally wrapped up.ed u those residual delays on thealey orange and blue line are stilltl lingering in both directions near foggy bottom.near fgy b as you make your way out in oxox hill slow morning commute acrosr the inner loop.oo a crash in the local lanes l blocking the left lane by 210.y2 delays across the wilson bridgeg because of that.bee of also dealing with crash afterer palmer road on 210 northboundbo delays back to swan more traffic in a few.ew. holdly? >> thanks erin.>> coming in today's fox beat bigig baby news for one celebrity couple. >> johnny depp and his wife inpa court the latest on their legall troubles coming up next.bles time right now 7:38.
7:39 am
7:41 am
♪ >> kevin is working hard on thin monday all right.l right. definite, holly and steve good g morning to you >> good to see you. >> the wife of johnny depp has avoided jail time after she plead guilty to providing falsee immigration papers for thegrion couple's dogs. co now here's the couple arrivingev at the airport this morning atog different video but amber hearda was accused illegally of smuggling her yorkshire terriers into austral if you remember last april, depd was filming the fifth pirates oo caribbean film and amber heard arrived on a private jet toteet visit mr. depp didn't not declare her dogs on the incoming australia very strict warranty rules to prevent disease from df entering the country
7:42 am
gave heard a one month goodd behavior bond this could havehi been way more serious obviouslyy jail time and money as well butb if she breaks that, according tg cn inform, she will have to pay a $1,000 australian fine whichwc is about $767 in the us thishis video came out on the 17th 1 which was yesterday.esterd posted on the youtube channel oo australian government and deppep and amber heard apologized andd she says "i'm truly sorry aboutt pistol and boo were not declarec and protecting australia's very important that kissed videossed court seat australian governmena and agriculture and watery waty sources.. so it was actually reallyll serious story obviously you see them both there apologizing asng well. that's what came about. whame a they actually didn't get much ah all in regards to punishment.t could have been much more severe. there was a lot of moneyf mon penalties involved as well. w that's news apparently. >> might have been cut a breaku because of who they are.hohe just throwing that out
7:43 am
she was tired.was tired did she not fill the forms outmt correctly but apparently that was up to her assistant to dotao that as well. but it didn't happen. h she flew on private jet she hade the dogs and i mean, you know, i'm trying to go to australia ar for my hahn me moon in novemberv i'm got bring mike dog >> probably not good idea. >> unfortunately. i'd probably serve a massively penalty for that. f >> they'd give you the maximum. >> john legend and christie tee again are new parents.ew paren they had the birth of first ofis child on social media. med baby girl was born on thursdayhu her name is luna.a. the couple announce theup annou pregnancy in october after teeft again opened up about theirheir fertility struggle and how she s undergone ivf but congratulations to thens to couple and obviously cannot wai to see photos on instagram andtm twitter. she's amazing on twitter if yout don't follow her as well.ow herl back to you guys in the desk. dk >> look forward no. maybe it will come out >> exactly. thanks guys. appreciate >> thanks >> former 1nba star right heree in washington sharing her battlb with mental health issues, h
7:44 am
personal story and how she's sty inspiring others to get help.eth >> let's take live look outsidee on this monday morning. m looking good already.ok going to be a whole inlot warmee today. gary will give us our fulls ou f forecast coming up next.
7:45 am
7:46 am
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> what i don't see in thatdo picture, less scaffolding l obviously i don't see anyes clos >> um-um. u >> beautiful day.>> bea >> blue skies all around. sun is going to be shining. sni i think we'll like this monday,n gary. >> here's the forecast chall
7:47 am
today,, ste are we going to see contrails or actual cirrus? that's the big thing. thing. >> sometimes i lay awake at night worrying about that.rr >> wondering about that. >> couldn't trail is cirrus byis you know what i mean. m one produced naturally. -- >> pre dude by the plains.s. >> lunch outdoors i'll thinkdo about it. >> are you buying? a >> i tell you.>> you buy we'll go wherever yourey want to go. to g >> contrails or just, you know,t the other >> 82 for high today.ghay how is that? that? >> manassas 8 culpeper -- 86 degrees for culpeper. winchester i didn't want nickant tolls get jealous around aun culpeper that's why i whisperedd fredericksburg is 85 degrees and quantico is 81.s1. beautiful by the water if you'rf in annapolis great day, 76 degrees there.. 53 onlying.nlyi dulles up to 46 and bwi marshalh up to 45. 45. we're 82 today.. 81 tomorrow a couple days in the 80s warm both days. day i do believe tomorrow afternoono as this bridge, this high hig pressure begins to break down we'll see a few cirrus cloudsslo late in the day, milder byr b midweek as this high pressurerer settles in.
7:48 am
we get high pressure wearyeary placing high pressure on top ofp us now. us n it's shifting to the east and new high pressure comes in by ib the middle part of the week. the it's not super cold but definitely the flow will bewill coming from the north.. so instead of 80s we're talkingt about 60s and 70s. 7 wednesday it's going to be dry. thursday evening we'll have anil chance of some showers. swers hopefully they'll hold off until after sunset and wet good intooo friday chance for thunderstormsr as kind of the flow changes bacb more from the south and warms uu up a little bit.. weekend looks gorgeous. gor sunny and warm today.y anwarm we talk about this 82 winds barely out of the northt n and northwest at five too 10 miles per hour. so just a little bit of a breeze out there this afternoon whichew will be nice. be n you know, 82 in the sunshine off course is pretty warm you get ii the shade with a little breeze,z so so nice. ne low humidity the next couple of days, too.ys, cooler on wednesday because that front comes in. 68 degrees.68 degre late shower thursday.huda some showers and thunderstormser friday. loving the way the weekend lookd right now. saturday andun
7:49 am
lower 70s.. here's erin como. >> 7:48. 7:4 at least there's beautifulutif weather you can real down theca win ndows, kind of enjoy the slo commute, right, gary.y. >> exactly. >> not looking so good. >> sun roof hope.f >> as holly was saying sin convertible maybe. >> convertible if you have.rtibe that. >> 395, whoa, jams right now usg a make your way from the beltwab to the 14th street bridge. very slow-proving movinggov traffic. this camera by edsall road.dsalr let's take look at our maps.ur p that's not the only area of areo delay this morning. mni gw parkway southbound you ared very jammed from 123 to the keye key bridge remains very heavyer into georgetown.. freeway westbound jams from thee third street tunnel to 14thre tn street and new york avenue anu inbound vp parkway to south dakota slow moving track all thl red on our map.. bw north and southbound through green belt really rea 95 southbound jams the inners te loop outer loop remains heavy 99 through the spur.throh th 295 in both directions just jus extremely slow-moving traffic. t we have an inner loop crash inpa the local lanes blocking a lanen by 210
7:50 am
that slows us across the wilsono bridge n addition to that to t dealing with 95 northbound nortd crawling traffic as you makera your way from stafford towardsow six den you'll hit that slow s down and through woodbridgee jammed dale city to 123. 123 through annandale the inner loop slows a bit as well.bit w we'll get to your metro update u next. steve?eve? erin, thanks very.. she was once hailed as thed t female michael jordan.. form mr. washington mysticc center is a mick today led aayea strong career until her mentalen disorders threatened her life. here's a clip from brand new new documentary.cuntar it shows a struggle of courage,e struggle and redemption.ptn. >> for once it's not juste it'sj pushing through something. some. break through something. it's notoriety just about thatij it's realizing i need help. h you look at me i've been ae b control of my body, i'm a athlete f i want to get to fit o know what to my mind was always detached. dec being able to look myself in thn mirror and say it.mior and say . this is an illness that i have.h
7:51 am
i got to look and say this ishii me. i can't do this by myself any more.more >> let's welcome her three time nwa champion, is a mick today. welcome back to d.c. d >> thanks for having me.avg >> long time here the my miss m ticks many you're taking theyo stem in your retirement fromro basketball and really trying tot reach as many people as you can. >> right. rig >> when it comes to mentalom illness and the struggle withit it. one of the things you said whend you first came out about mental illness you were embarrassedar about that.out why?? >> just the stigma taj to it especially african-american-aca community. i'm used to praying things away, keeping your business inside bus your house old and beingng athlete, we're taught to bet b mentally tough, you know, younoy push through things, and here ir was star here in d.c. and i didn't want people to know thatw i was really struggling.trgl i didn't want to be seen as weak. we it's interesting you say about s being the athlete and push p through and being mentally menll strong were ther
7:52 am
playing you had to keep tellingg myself i shouldn't be feelingul this way, i should be stronger n about this.his. >> yes. that kept everything in silenceg i suffered and it was just i w really tough for here i am like living thiss double life.uble life. i'm great basketball playeretba doing amazing things but everyuy time i go home, upping, i havegi this low. i'm thinking about taking my life, and really struggling andg i felt like it had no one too talk to.. >> other people fans probablys y see you on top of the world.or. >> right. >> and just judge you based onee your talent and say there's no's way there could be any weaknessn in this person whatsoever.tsoevr >> not just fans.>>ot my family, and close friends. fs hey, you've overcome a lot.e aot i grew up in a tough environme environment. i was able to go to college, an graduate and become a great athlete, and just contributor to society. so they're like, why are you ary sad? what's going on? and so d when i told them they didn't did accept it it's like i just kepte it inside. ins ha that's tough.>> t >> you said that this actually l goes back to when you were ae a child really when you first your started feeling this.. >> correct. >> did you know what you wereno feeling at that time? >> no, i did not knowg what it was i was feeling. i just know i went th
7:53 am
point i want to do wear blackrlk all the time and my grandma whaw color do you paint my room? i'? like black. b. she realized luck tal young age i was going through somethingouh and i got me some help. h >> so now when you talk withal w other people now, what do you w say to them? how do you try to reach them sane, look you don'td go i was through all of thesef t steps i d be more open with it i find people that will encourage you along the way. what do you tell them.llm. >> be open. on , you know don't be afraid toaid tell people what you'ret y struggling with. i think a lot of times we wantew to keep it and side as soon as a opened my mouth and said, hey, , you know what i'm struggling stg with depression, i am by popul popular there's lost people like mestple going through the same thing ana they've come to support me andpa we formed oriole own littlewn community.counit >> it's still unfortunate alma in many places just the mentionn of the word mental illness. i mean, not separated in any way from anybody who has may be as fully functioning as anybodyion else but that stigma is stills i there. ther how do you get beyond that. get >> you're changing the y'r conversation. we have to talk about it
7:54 am
acknowledge it's power a lost my friends didn't understand what u was going through.s my family either.amily eit i damaged a lot of relationshipt because of my illness. but now i educated them and that's what this film is going g to do. it's going to show people, may y hey, we're just like anybodyeny else. we have our struggles with theri right support and for myselfel taking right medication i'lln'l live a healthy and productiveroe life. >> you tack about that witnesste conversations making thetion uncomfortable >> right. r >> that's not easy, is it.not es >> it's not. it takes lot of work and ind i stepped up to the challenge. chn at first people look at me likek oh, my god, unfortunately she'se crazy, you know, she's goingoi through these things.thes i'm real. i'm out here in my community cmu trying to help people especially young kids a lot of them arehema going through the same thing ian have to let them know it's okay. i don't want anyone to go to g through what i went through ando think about taking your life, l you know, that's really darky d place. place. >> so how is live outsideivouts basketball these days as well? ? putting a lot of work in thea lr documentary, i know.y, kno what sells going on. sells goino >> i'm just really just living v sore following it seems like iwi was living the lngive but i was really really unhappy and t
7:55 am
just be doing work that i feel l purposeful.purp every time i wake up i'm just'mj living in my truth and that'sha feels really good. g smiling, traveling little bite with my friends and family.. so i'm here in the u.s. i played so much overseas i'meai just here. her i'm back and i'm just enjoying y it. >> always good to see you backod in d.c. in documentary is airing on logoo now. no anywhere else. >> logo, may third at 9:00 p.m.. >> that's going to be the dayay debut. >> yes. good awesome.go we wish you the continued bestne offing. offing >> thank you so much.. thank >> a lot of folks enjoying joyej watching with the miss ticks fo many many years.ny hope they get to check out thect personal story as well. w >> it's 7:55. it's 7 gary, let's check the forecastkh today. beautiful day here inautifu washington. >> it's so so good out throughgt this morning starting off in the 50sings, 40s a couple of places just a couple of places in the t 30s but look where we're goingee to end up. this is where we want to get tot 86 culpeper. winchester you're going to be gt 83. 83. up and down the i81 corridor,r, everyone -- everybody will be il the lower 80s there.he back here at home we'ree' 82 d
7:56 am
listen, annapolis can't get mucc 76 degrees by the water it'sert' gorgeous.rgeous leonardtown sitting about 78 degrees for a highigh temperature and fredericksburg what the heck let's go for it 85 degrees there. tre a couple of spots. closer to 90 than they will be e 80. there's your seven day forecasts looking reallyor little cooler wednesday weekendw is in sight.n sig it's only monday but why not, wt right? lower 70s and lots of of sunshine.sunshi looks dry for the weekend here'' erin como. >> 7:56 gary. 7:56 and i think that might be a lott of horn honking around the areat a lot of backed up traffic. tra we'll start you off with metroim and metro bus alert this morni morning. grosvenor bound red line train a off loading at cleveland park pk because of a break problem. next train at woodly park.k. orange and blue line no longer e single tracking out by rosslyn l from earlier track fire but delays in both directions alsols track problem by foggy bottomot for your metro bus bus ride
7:57 am
39 at pennsylvania and branch of a southeast.a sout buses to foggy bottom dealingeag with 30 minute delay. day very heavy traffic in then t district.dirict to 70 southbound still slows 858 to the truck scales and agains i through germantown. father hurley to clapper lots of traffic to get throughou this morning.thisorni district commute gw parkway par southbound slows to the key to k bridge.brid we'll take look at those otherer delays causing slow downs. slo keep it to fox5. it ox we're back in just a few minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news it is 8:00 o'clock andcloc taking a live look outside on o this monday, april 18th, 2016, 1 it's going to be gorgeous day. it's good way to start off the e work week.k. 80 plus degrees temperaturestu gary mcgrady will fill us in ons the weather.eather. erin como tracking traffic.raff all coming outpatient the 5's 8:05.05. i'm maureen i was ma in nor in allison. >> i'm instead of chenevey. first up 8:00 o'clock metrocloc service back to normal now theow blue, orange and silver line.r l that was not the case earlierli this morning. there was a fire the tracks at k the rosslyn station just beforer 6:00 a.m.6:00 a.m. arlington county fire said and n insulator is to blame. blame a small fire quickly put out. ot smoke was cleared out of the o station about an hour later service resume. >> nicole mitten dorf fromm woodbridge her family hasn't fi' scene her in days. fox5's bob barnard joining usni
8:01 am
fire station where she worked with the details on this. bob, just very bizarre. >> reporter: yeah, the family f and her friends have greate g concern for nicole.e. she's 31 years old. married, worked out of the firee station 30 here in merrifield, and her car was found abandoned out at shenandoah national park in madison county saturday nig night. this is about, oh, 60 miles ormr so west of here just west of culpeper, virginia, and so there's great concern. concern. they've got a facebook pagebo looking for not asking for volunteersunteers necessarily to go out to shenandoah and search althoughal virginia state police have beene in charge of a search and conducting a search sinceh since saturday night all day yesterday and again today.oday they will be out there looking o for nicole. nol now, she was last in cell phonee communication via text messaging with family last wednesday.ed
8:02 am
here on friday. something that's very unusualsu for her. fo the family knew they had been b out of touch with her before shs failed to show up for work onk n friday but that's when they greg very concerned and then againhen her car was found saturday nighg out at shenandoah national parkr i spoke to nicole's sisters sise jennifer a short time ago.go. according to a lot the postingg we've seen it's not unusual forf her to train and so they're nott concerned that she went to shenandoah national park just the fact that now she's missingm and hasn't been in touch withh anybody since last wednesday.ned the authorities, the family fam don't suspect foul play. however, they are very concern concerned. they believe she went out to th park on her own but is now missing, guys, and the search sa resumes out in madison county c over shenandoah national parklar today for missing nicole mittene dorf a 31-year-old married firefighter from here in fairfai county she lives in woodbridgedg works here in fairfax.. guys. >> bob, thanks. b, 8:02.
8:03 am
right now let's take live lookk down at the supreme court wherew arguments will be heard on the president's immigrationti initiatives today. a lot of people camden out out overnight in an effort to rallyl in support of the move. there's some of the line of linf folks trying to get into the t court this morning thethis president's plan would giveld gv legal status to millions of o illegal immigrants. back in 2014 the president gavee executive orders to spare them from being deported.te 26 states filed suit to block that executive act. a let's go to prince george'sprin county. volunteer firefighter out ofight intensive care after being shoto on friday during a welfare chece in temple hills. >> the community joins to mournr the loss of the other other firefighter.figh people are honoring this life. . melanie alnwick live at this thi growing memorial in landoverando hills for the fallen firefight firefighter. mel? >> reporter: good morning.oo pretty hard to miss this memorial here at the corner ofnf 68th avenue and annapolis roadoa as people have been coming and dropping off flowers, wreaths we and candle h
8:04 am
so much support here from the community firefighters september the risks that come with the job but this is almost unimaginable. fire station 30 draped in blackp while members of the landover le hills volunteer station grieve i their friend and colleaguean 37-year-old john shot to death while responding to medical m welfare check friday at a hometa in temple hills. hil he was 13 year veteran of the prince george's county fire fir department.depa husband and father ofd an two-year-old girl. the tragic death is touching the entire first responder respo community. >> because we are a family, and everyone here can empathize witt the firefighters and what wha they're going through with theie loss. i've run that call a hundred times. >> reporter: kevin swain 19-year-old volunteer from theuf morning side fire station wastaw also shot four times. tim he continues to recover at baltimore shock t now sources tell fox5 the gunman was suffering some kind of o medical episode related toelated
8:05 am
investigators that when he camec to he saw the firefighterss breaking through his front doort and thought they were intruderss the gunman's brother the man who called for that welfare checkele was also shot during the chaos. the state's attorney officee we're told says really justy doesn't have enough information at this point to file any charges, but the investigation does continue.e. the visitation for mr. the firefighter is tomorrow eveningg he lives his family is fromro saint mary's county.nty down at hollywood maryland and then the funeral will be heldel wednesday afternoon. live in prince george's county,, melanie alnwick, fox5 local ne news. >> mel, thank you for that. 8:05. you can see the sunshine outthes there, gary mcgrady, and it is s already starting to turn into beautiful day. day. >> my goodness, yes. y this afternoon we're talkingin lower yets. yets. then tomorrow we're talking soks basically what i'm trying to sas is that -- >> gorgeous. gorgeous. >> real nice. i mean i don't know how many't k other ways to say it.
8:06 am
we're up to -- we're up several degrees.ees. up from 53 so 57 now. 48 degrees for manassas you guys are upper 30 that is you hadyou down in manassas and culpeper. frederick upper 30s as well. everybody coming on up. o u we'll continue to come on up.p. rapidly over the next couple ofo hours because the 80s are coming and once i've learned a around here once their coming they'llhe get here.get he >> there you go. the >> nice and sunny atic 11:00 o'clock. mostly sunny at 2:00 o'clock.2:o sunny and warm at 5:00 o'clock. temperatures four, five, maybeay even 6:00 o'clock in the lower 80s. >> wow!>> >> yeah. i think actually i think 6:00 o'clock we'll probably bee upper 70s. mid to upper 70s, but three, four, 5:00 o'clock, you know, k, touching 80s around the glare ie only today were friday.y. >> yeah. yeah. >> man. >> that would be a nice -- a ni- >> you act like you have to woro in the afternoon.u fteron. you'll be able to be out in then afternoon if you want. y >> you know what i meanou. >> don't go take a nap.. just go out. out >> go do you're're you're right. right >> a little lunch outside maybe. >> i'm thinking so..
8:07 am
>> pretty day fo for it.t. >> not a great day to be stucktu in traffic. traff 66 on the inbound side you're y jammed up before the beltway basically from 29 to the beltway slow-moving traffic because of volume i don't have any crashes to report right now that trek tt 66 coming from manassas throughh centreville.ce we'll take a wide view of ourvio map right now because aside froo that slow-moving traffic there't red all over the map. tap i'll get out of the way.f e way 50 inbound from the beltway on into 295 jams the beltway itsell is slow on the top side as yousu make your way from 95 towardsowr the spur.s now the outer loop by ritchiech maryland slow moving traffic.ffc 95 south to the beltway jams and two crashes right now on the t inner loop bottoms side of thehe beltway one by saint barnabas bs and another by 210.he 2 also tracking this crash afterer palmer road on 210 you're jammed from swan creekm e road because of that. of tt. also, keep in mind if you arenda taking metro today, a new red line delay.elay. expect residual delays to shadys grove earlier train malfunctioni
8:08 am
orange and blue line no longer e single tracking but they've hade reports of residual delays in both directions out by fo foggy bottom. at least it's beautiful day to t wait at the metro stop if you'rr outside.tse. maureen? >> thanks erin. republican presidentialicanl candidate ted cruz will visitd z maryland today.ryla cruz campaigning in the state ahead of next week's primary.riy he'll have an event at tasty diner in bethesda then move on to town zen. zen tomorrow is the new yorks e new primary. we'll have more on that comingg up 8:30 with fox's bret in case you didn't know is the deadline tnoo file your taxt returns. >> pushed back a couple of diceu accommodate the district's emancipation day holiday. >> deadline to file is tonight t add met night for those of you u who have not filed, are waitingg until the last minute, you'll y have to file an extensionsi failing to do either of theser o things could cost you. it's 10 times more expensive not to all right. it is time to rock the red agaia >> yes it is capitals and flyery serious shift to go philly togol washington has a
8:09 am
that need to up their game in g order to come back home with tht hoe moan tum. >> here's the schedule for thehu rest of the series witnessne flyers. game three tonight at 7:00 p.m.. in philadelphia. that is the location for game g four as well on wednesday.. and then if the flyers can avoid the sweep which we sure hopee h they don't it would be back inn d.c. for game five on friday night.. wishing the caps well.ap wel off to great start. sta still ahead search continues for survivors after a deadly del earthquake in ecuador.cuador the latest on the rescues res efforts there come up. u >> while tell you why oscar oscr pistorius is back in court thisi morning. those stories and more when wee back in just 30 seconds.
8:10 am
♪ the death toll fromeathl f saturday' earthquake in ecuadore continues to rise.ntins to officials say more than 260 2 people have been killed and and another 2500 injured. injur the powerful seven-point quakeoi one of the strongest to hit thet country in decades and right now aid is being flown into the harr different hit areas.diff the president of that countryry declared a national statena sta emergency. u.s. troops arrived in japa to help with relief efforts following that -- earthquake eau there last week. they'll work with japanese forces to airlift water, food and blankets to areas cut off lie landslides and damage toid roads and bridges. bdges two powerful earthquakes struckc japan last week killing at leasl 42 people and injuring more thar 1,000 others. >> politi
8:11 am
this morning thousands of thoans protesters cheered lawmakersawm voted to impeach the country'sry president. the measure now goes to theases senate where it will decide if the president will go on trial.l a lot of brazilians believe she was involved in massive briberyy and corruption scandal. she's also accused of using a counting tricks in managing the federal budget in order to winon re-election.lect oscar pistorius one step ons closer to fining out this fate i for the murder of his girlfriend former athlete appeared in couru this morning. a judge told him he'll bell sentenced in june.d in j he was convict evidence killinge his girlfriend reeva steen camec in that their home valentine'sns day 2002. 2 the minimum sentence for murderm south africa 15 years.. coming up how amazon is is expanding its prime membershiphp program.ram >> the jungle book earning a loi more than the bare necessities s shall we say at the box office.e kevin is back with the fox beatb coming up up
8:12 am
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♪ >> it is a gorgeous >> taking a look at the a washington monument. that'sg a a new perspective ite hadn't seen it from that angletg before.before that's crystal city we'rere hearing. >> there you go. the eighths gorgeous day. no ifs or butts about it. gary mcgrady, man. high five.iv >> like i get credit.. >> why not. >> i'm not taking it. not won't do it. >> you might want to.t to. >> no, i don't.'t you don't know that because i don't take blame.n't i don't want blame, i don't want credit, i don't want either sidh of this. >> except blame bu
8:15 am
get it. >> you're exactly right. >> see? >> either way we all win today.t >> he is special this littles l cutie. that's a winner right there. >> hey.>> h >> hey. >> who is this? >> malia.ia. >> >> she's two years old. she loves waking up to fox5 in the morning. mor she's super cute. cut >> look at that hat. hat. >> that's the smile when shee sm watch this morning and knew it t was going to be 82 >> yes. >> that's the smile that says i don't have a care in the world. >> crawled on over to window,ero look out.ut saw sunshine.. >> pretty in pink.. >> that weather will not be more gorgeous than her, >> oh, my gosh. gos >> zen us your child's picture.e put it on our facebook page at g the top there. and if it's anything like thisis we have to use it. have >> have a great day, malia. >> i wonder if she goes too daycare or stays at home? either way,
8:16 am
again.agn. >> animal crackers.nima >> oman. >> juice. >> mickey mouse clubhouse.bhous. >> lots of red juice.s red jui. 57 in the city. 54 for winchester out culpeper still in the 40s. 40s manassas you're still in the 40s. s. fredericksburg at 50 sunny today. today warm today.rm it will be nice blue sky.. not as blue as what it wast as saturday and sunday little bittb more haze but still very veryer nice.nice. sunshine sunshine continues today. sunshine continues tomorrow.omro winds barely out of the northheh northwest. see a couple of thoseco temperaturesup there are 85, 86 degrees. 86 degrees let's show the seven day. the >> let's do it.>> >> two days in the 80s then cooler wednesday 68 degreesde there.the back lower 70s on thursday. >> yay.. >> mid 70s on friday thisfr this weekend i know it's just mondaya but never too early, right? ight sunny skies, looks dry this d ts weekend.weend. temperatures lower 70s.ow0s i hope it stays that way. >> um-hmm. >> it will happen. >> it can change but i hope itui stays that way.stays that way. >> i believe we've made the we'e turn. >> oh we've made a turn.e ma >> that's it.t' >> we have made a turn.s me a
8:17 am
>> ton of snow in colorado thiss weekend. they were thinking they made a turn, too.rn,oo no snow for us.s. no more snow for us. >> problems on the roads, right. >> yeah, real slow movingg traffic for monday morning you y think it's great weather, maybee everybody wanted to get in to t work early to speak out forspou happy hour.y hour. >> yeah.>>h >> this is 95 northbound bydy newington. you can see traffic improvingvi here but you're still going toit hit stop and go conditionson towards the bottom side of theit beltway.y in stafford jam by 610 let's10et take look at our maps.urs. we have a new crash the outer tt loop blocking the left lane outt by the wilson bridge bottom sidd of the beltway aside from thatha look at all the red, 395 inbounu basically from the beltway tohey the 14th street bridge.tht it's a parking lot. 295 inbound from the beltway on down past 50. very slow-moving traffic towardr east same story inbound side of 295 9 from the bottom of the beltwayay past malcolm x avenue. a aside from that two otherther crashes on the inner loop bottoo side of the beltway.e beltway. one by saint barnabas and thenne there is another one as you make your way towards 210.10 also, we're dealing
8:18 am
metro delays right now.ow red line residual delays toel shady grove and earlier trainra malfunction at gallery place. p. orange and blue line still reports of residual delays fromm earlier single tracking by foggy bottom so definitely check thehe metro schedule before you headee out. buses in the district dealingis with delays as welltr because oo heavy traffic by foggy bottom. this crash should be cleared byy palmer road. road. keep you posted that's yourhat'u back to you steve and maureenaf. >> it's 18 minutes past the8 mi hour. let's check in with kevinin wkei mccarthy fine out what's what's happening in the fox beat todayy >> steve and maureen g to see g you this morning.this m >> good to see you.oo see >> obviously, huge weekend for, the jungle hubook at the box office. john favreau one of the best b directors he did elf, iron man,, cowboys and aliens late movie mv chef. chef. did you see chef.d you >> i did >> the food truck. truck. >> that was really well made movie jungle book this weekend $103 million at the box office. the second largest april opening of all time behind furious
8:19 am
$7,147,000,000 debut. movie goers took advantage of the enhanced residual effects ii the remake according to theccor early estimates 42% of boxf office came from the 3d andnd other premium format. here's the cool thing about thee 3d. it was shot in 3d and it's some of the best 3d i've seen on on camera in long time.g tim second place this weekend was ws ice cube's barbershop the next x cut with $20 million i loved ied that film. i think it's the best film int l the franchise and in third was the boss which was number oner o last week batman versus supermaa was number four and zootopia number 51 of the worst movies me the movie criminal i loved zootopia.ia criminal had a $5.9 million opening.op one of the coolest scenes in tet entire movie of jungle book was this moment where neal the young kid in the film keep this in thi mind he was the only live action actor onset for a leading rollol the major of the other actors everything small role roles. everybod
8:20 am
cg and voice acting this kid as first time feature was on his os own. i spoke to him about the amazing sequence where he filmed bareare necessities with a digital bearr who was voiced by bill murray.ra watch this. >> what are you really on as on that's happening? how did theye film that. that. >> that was actually very fun fn scene i'm in a water tank andk d it's real left scene i didscenid because it was real water. and so i'm on a -- a lump of styrofoam with a brown carpet on top.p. i'm just laying on that and thed john favreau gets into the poolo and he's the head, the director, he's the head of that big lumpp and it looks -- he like he lik splashing me and hosing me with water.water. and it's so much fun. >> here's the amazing thingzing about the situation.ti john favreau is direct the moviv in the film if you've seen ite i the bare voiced by bill murrayla and this kid is riding on top -- riding on top of the bear as the riff singing bare necessity..
8:21 am
whatever and was squirting the t kid with water that way in the movie the actual splashing ishis real. al so his reaction to the splashinh and that digitally make the paww which is very very cool in the e kid's ear he has bill murray singing voice of bear necessityy it's an incredible well-done weo thing. th i was very very impressed by hoh they pulled that off. pul >> impressed with the kid firstr time time out he nails it.s it. >> first time i was digged for the role andola got the role. $103 million film. >> he's a natural we can say. >> thanks a lot, guys. i poor it.i poor i >> thank you kevin. youevin >> 8:21.>>:21. still ahead the battle for newen york a day away now.. candidates make one final push before the big primary tomorrow. >> later the newest dee tockeeoc craze has to do with tea butea b does this really work and is itt safe? what you need to know.d o that's comely up.ely up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ parts of texas getting hitin with severe weather take look at this video of lightning near heavy rain expected to falltoal across the south today.ay parts of texas could seeee isolated tornado and severe flooding is expected there. yeah cade dee is a sub burrr much houston now. n i just check.i i saw it earlier. eer. they more than a foot of snowoow estimated -- rain pardon me, w wow, more than a foot of rain r estimate the down there from tho doppler radar and it's
8:25 am
raining. rain still going to continue to rain. there's a good portion of the greater houston area underwatera >> a foot of snow was int w wa colorado.lodo. >> right. >> mother nature -->> mother >> we sit over here basking inb the sunshine.the suns >> we'll take it.hi >> we've had our time. wve had r let's enjoy today. >> exactly. >> we deserve the sunshine.suns. >> the weather i tell the schooo kids when i talk to them weathem is looking for balance acrosscr the globe and we find theand fn weather searching for balance across the u.s. right now. n. big storms out west. w we've got this big ridge of high pressure here.e absolute opposite whether fromeo what they're having just westerw sections of the nation.ation. central planes actually and out to the west. we're warm.ear 80 today's with big area of high pressure and it will continue tt be that way for today and tomorrow.tomoow. going into wednesday things will change little high pressure starts coming inmi from the north and the west.est. we'll have dry conditions but temperatures will drop off.l opo so instead of being in the 80s 8 we're talking 60s and the 70s by the middle part of the week.of w here's the forecast for today.od nice and sunny all day long. maybe a few clouds later on. high clouds cirrus clouds
8:26 am
contrails late this afternoonlae that will be about it. it. high temperatures maxing out int the low to mid 80s. 8 this is day one of low to mid 80s.80s >> love it.e it >> we'll have day two tomorrow.. >> waiting for that, too.t, t to be continued.nued. >> absolutely. thanks gary. >> we have to enjoy sooner itjo will be day one of the 90's. >> or the 60s.. >> and we're all going complainl and say where were all those alo mild temperatures? >> i'm telling you.>> ii don't take complaints.plnt >> this is not the complaint cpi department over here. >> regardless we will enjoy they beautiful temperatures this monday morning.monday morning. unfortunately, can't say theatel same for your commute. comte outer loop eye a crash blockingn the left lane across the wilson bridge between that point and t eisenhower connector. connect inner loop earlier crash by 210i and one out by saint barnabas so inner loop and outer loop slowpw bottom side. 395 jams the entire stretch froh the beltway to the 14th streett bridge.brid cabin john and clara barton clar parkway dealing with slow movinn traffic inbound as well.fibound. aside from that we jam from 50 from the beltway all the way tot 295. 295 from the top of the beltway
8:27 am
dealing with slow-moving traffic towards east capital.apal. bw parkway north and southboundn jams. jams same story knife and southboundh towards baltimore f you'rebalt headed to bwi for a flight give yourself meantime to get througu that area.that a 270 slows to the more traffic and metro updatesro in a few. back to you.yo >> all right. we'll look for those, eri erin. >> we'll get the latest on theee election from bet wear bare. >> why one university is uvers apologizing to thousands of pree perspective students. stude ut-oh.ut we're back with that in two minutes. it's 8:27.
8:28 am
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> oh yeah, 8:30 on this monday morning. i know it's monday. i know, i know, back to the grind but you'll love the weather. at least make thing feel a lot better as you get your work wee' started.starte in the news this morning thethis search on for missing fairfaxrf county firefighter who has not been seen since last wednesday.d she's from woodbridge, virginiaa she was reported missing on msi friday when she didn't show up o for work. work. police found her abandoned car on saturday some in shenandoah national park. prince george's countye'cout volunteer firefighter is out ofo intensive care after being shoti during a welfare check. cck 1984 old kevin swain was shotho along with john, on friday in temple hills maryland.yl he died after responding to that fateful scene.ful several gathered to honor hisorh life this weekend.d his funeral is schedule foredule wednesday in hollywood, maryla maryland. in fairfax cou
8:31 am
trial gets underway today for fr police officer adam torres he's' accused of of shooting and a killing john gear back in 2013.1 gear was unarmed when he was shot.shot. torres claims gear was reachingn for gun when he shot him.tim. he faces second degree murdere charges.. as been hell without bond sincen indicted back in august. aug big day tomorrow in theroin campaign trail all importantmpot empire state primary has hillarl clinton and donald trump hopingp for victories.. could help them propel theirelhe party's respective nominations.o joining us now fox's bret baier. good morning brett.or >> steve, good morning.te >> we have new york and marylane next week. let's focus on newor york rightg now. pretty commanding leads for botb candidates although the lead that hillary clinton is notry cn quite as high as it was at one o point.po what do we take out of the newo york? are the ones going definf the race as we get closer andloa closer to november? >> well, for both of these front runners new york is a big deal,, because it helps them bouncehemn back from some serious lossesusl for donald trump a loss in wisconsin that seemed too
8:32 am
at least organize alley.ey he also, you know, has been hitting on colorado and wyoming that has county and statete conventions and not actual primaries or caucuses.cuse but, again, cruz doing well in those two states as well w sweeping all the delegates fes trump wins above 50% and wins in the congressional districts heth can get all knife delegates outs of new york and that's a big deal on his path to 1237. 1 on the democratic side you'ree r right it's a little tighter than it was. but hillary clinton's campaign seems confident that she's goins to win in new york. bernie sanders though steve has had huge crowds.. massive crowd in the bronx last night, and remember that michigan he was down some 15e points heading into election dat and he ended up pulling out a win. so little bit more suspense onp the democratic side.c side. >> when you look at -- i'm looking at real clear politicsic the average poles i guess youuey look at a john kasich right now not just new york but in b
8:33 am
of ted cruz in some cases, if ted cruz finishes third ins thir either new york or maryland, ma, what does that say? >> well it's not good for thed r cruz campaign.. and i think that, you know, hiss path to the nomination is through cleveland and preventing drum film getting to that g majority 1237.23 so it all comes down too california.califo if do you the math and you get,g you know, your generous to trumt in momentum, for all these a t states that are remaining, a lot of people come up with aboutbout 1100 delegates. 1150 maybe.aybe so he would would be short and then the other candidates wouldw make an effort on a second or third ballot to cole he wille i sense delegates and beat him.eah >> when it comes to november all important, because you don't want to win your party you wantn to win the white house a lot off these average poles right nowag are still showing head to head,h you know, john kasich beatingea
8:34 am
ted cruz beating hillary clintoc but not donald trump beating bet hillary clinton in thelint republican leadership has top know that.ha >> of course. of cou the leadership knows that butknt the rank and file and the base seems to not be concerned aboutt that.that they believe donald trump at dom least a portion of the partyar believes that donald trumprump argument that he hasn't evenn started on hillary clinton yet t and those numbers will changewig and they point back to reagan in 1980 being behind some 20 pointi by the time he was the nominee.. but with that said, there isre reality here and the party onceo it gets to cleveland if trump is short is going to go throughough some real juggling to see whoo s becomes the nominee. >> all right. brett, we'll leave it i i know you'll talk much more mor about this on special reportsiar and the president's trip toesid' saudi arabs ia.udi rabi a little i guess if you say distrust that's kind of at thekd very bottom of how you wouldould categorize that right now.hat ro lots of issues to work outeso wo there. th >> yes. >> see you on special reportsn p tonight, bre
8:35 am
>> sounds good. sou 8:35 right now. rig now >> ♪ check in with w what's going on >> thanks, bud. temperatures are warming up a a little bitre out there.he they're set to warm up a lot. right next hour we should see all these -- most of these jumpm into the 60s and then we're going to the 70s.g the 7 here's the deal.heea cool air is still way up to theo north of us. kind of locked up due to the jej stream. warm air is shifting in, thought we had nice conditions thishi weekend but now we're going tort get the warm stuff where we go e 70s and 80s and it looks like l this pattern will stay in place it will stay in place tomorrowom as we get to wednesday, the cooler air that's up to thep to north in canada start sliding in our direction. diron we'll be behind a frontal system by wednesday and that will takel temperatures back down into thei upper 60s and the low 70s. 70s. enjoy this. thi next couple of days we'll be ine the 80s.80s. hey, hey, today 82. 82. tomorrow perhaps a little bit cooler, 81 or so.r s we'll have few more clouds latet in the day and i think tomorrowo the winds will actually start to shift a little bit more to theot south and that
8:36 am
across the potomac which tendsht to keep national a little bitit cooler. keep in mind next couple of dayf we're going to be way up into u the 80s.the 80s. some of you will be in the be he middle 80s.le 8 big thunderstorms down intonto houston. again, as much as 15-inches of o rain being estimated down theree we are under clear skies here ir the nation's capital obviouslyly forecast for today looking reala real ne. sunny and warm middle 80s winds out of the northwest five to 10 miles per hour. h i'll leave you with that and nod let's get to erin como witho w traffic on this monday morning.y she has been a busy busy girl. >> busy and slow monday morning. 8:36. we have some new metro updatesat for you. grosvenor bound red line trainrn off loading at fort totten tte because of equipment that was as of 8:15 watch for wh delays there.lays t if you're take the orange line,n expect delays in both directionc because of a signal problemro outside of new carrollton.ron. as for your silver line commutem right now watch for residualua delays in both directions due t earlier signal problem.blem. outside boston. b
8:37 am
problems all morning watch for f those delays.os as we take look at your newt int the district outer loop there'se a crash between the wilson w bridge and the eisenhower connector that is causing delays inner loop remains very slowain across the wilson bridge. 395 inbound from the springfielf interchange to the 14th streethr bridge has been slow all morni morning. same story 66 inbound just loti of congestion from centrevillete towards the beltway that ists morning.. gw parkway southbound from 123do to the key bridge is very very v jammed up way lot of traffic.ic 270 southbound remains jammed je from gaithersburg to the spur. 95bw parkway in maryland also aa ton of stop and go traffic inn both directions.tion outer loop jams past ritchietith marlboro and also seeing delaysl 95 northbound fromming into anda towards the springfieldsprin interchange.inte earlier crash on the inner loopo out by saint barnabas and 210 a have cleared. car but as you can see traffic is is still very slow in the district your secondaries dealing with as lot of back up traffic as well.w i'd say factor in lot of extraft time as you make your way insids the district. dtr all of those inbound routes have
8:38 am
mentioned this beautiful mondayn morning. back to you. >> still to come this morningor how one university made a major mistake when it comes towhen perspective students.. >> and ma'am son making a changa in its prime membership muchrshc those stories and more next.ore.
8:39 am
is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
8:40 am
>> 8:40 your time. yr a check on the consumerchec headlines. amazon letting subscribers payuc for prime service which offers o free shipping and other
8:41 am
month to month instead of once a year and separating its prime is video service that means users can get tv anda movie service for 8.99 a month.m rival netflix is raising itsng prices to 9.99 starting nextg n month. >> if you were thinking ofu we upgrading your iphone wait untiu next apple is pulling out all theulnt stops for its new iphone eight.e according to the latest rumorstm apple trading in the all -- aluminum case for all glassla analysts say the change will bel better for wireless charging and reception.ptio analysts expect the iphone eighe to feature a new cutting edgee curved design. hmm new york city.y no. all glass?all a >> you want to wait that long. >> no. >> i want mine now.want m >> if you're 40 and up, new research shows a shorter workhot week may be better for yourr f y >> that's what i've been sayings since i was like 20.s like 20. experts actually suggest three t day work week is best. yes. researchers say those who workwr about 25 hours per week get the best balance between brainween
8:42 am
minds stimulated study foundound that under working could lead tt a decline in brain power.. >> okay. o >> there's that. >> okay. >> i say we try it out. it >> i was going say. s i will be the test dummy. d >> there you go.>> t you >> imagine getting septembereder to your top choice when it comem to college and then you find oun you actually were not accepted.e >> oh, man. it happened to 5,0 m00 perspectc students after an e-mail blunder. officials at the university of f buffalo they say e-mail e notifying the students of their september tans went out mistak mistakenly last wednesday. they then had to send a secondd e-mail out notifying theot students of their oops, mistakem >> best and the worse of time. t >> i'm telling you.'m tng y >> horrified. >> i guaranteed there's onera student who will take this thint a little further.e fur one or more.e or still ahead the latest dietd craze has to do with a cup of ap tea but is tea detoxing really r safe? we'll explain.lllain >> take live look outside rightl now. what a beautiful start it is tol the work week today. lots of sunshine today. warm temperatures, too. down right hot inf someme plac. gary is back with your full youl forecast next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ great perspective fromti frm northern virginia looking acros the river to the washingtonasng monument. monu this is crystal city.ysta c they just launched new bus lanel into the crystal city areaity a today. to another transportation option but right now let's focus on hoh nice it looks outside.. >> yeah.>> yeah >> real pretty.>> r speaking of how great it wasreai before we get to weather we weae weren't to thank everybody whoho came down to far gut square park friday.
8:46 am
>> this was mazing.was azin the crowd just kept building.uin amazing, amazing, amazing soundu of the city rocking us out thert at farragut square park ande p we're doing it all over again an this friday and it's going to be secret society's turn to bringog the heat. band members started the grouphe to bring the large band soundans back to today's heavilyea computerized market. so join us friday morning fox5o5 rocks we'll be back at farragut square park at 17th and k with secret society. sie >> hopefully it's a little bitat warmer than what you guys had oh friday.fray. >> yeah. >> i know the music helped toel heat things up. >> oh, man, i didn't feel thefel cold at all once we got things going.g. man, let's do, >> you won't feel any coldl c today.toda >> not even a little bit.n a >> no, no, no, no.o >> it has cool this morning butg not this afternoon.fter look at these temperatures.tu i told you they'd jump just like culpeper you were 39. 3 now you're 54. 5 manassas you were 39.ouere 3 now you're 8.
8:47 am
frederick has come up into thehe middle 40 today's.od's we're 57 now in town.n. fredericksburg is 56. is 56. next hour you'll see 60s across here and we may have a lingering upper 40s but for the most partr it will be 60s and then quicklyi it will go into the 70s andnd look, say hello to the 80s because we're 80 today's.od's 80s tomorrow. tomor cool off towards the middle part of the week. i'll show you the seven day ined just a second how hot are were going to be today? oday fredericksburg is eighty fiveghf degrees. culpeper you started off at 3939 this morning. mning you'll go 86 today. manassas 84.mana let me show you by the water, annapolis, 76. just beautiful for a* annapoliss today.toy. leonardtown you get up a littlet bit warmer than that.n t still enough water aroundun leonardtown to keep theo temperature up a little bit. b down just a little bit from them 80s but look, there's no real difference between 78 anden a 80 degrees if you think aboutf n it. high pressure is shifting off ss it's bringing up the warmer airr from the -- from the south for h couple of days.
8:48 am
us tomorrow. torro then we will get some changes cg for the middle part of the weeke high pressure comes in from them north little bit of canadian caa area it will be dry and cooleroo instead of 80s we're talkingng upper 60s low 70s as this frontt comes through.s th but it definitely looks likee this front comes through dry thh front will go back to the northn of us and when that happens, hpe that will start opening the dood on thursday and friday for ayor chance for some showers.hors maybe even some thunderstorms around here on thursday.hursda into friday.riday nice and sunny this morning atog 11 a.m. temperatures will jump to 73 2:00 o'clock 79.lock 7 later on this afternoon you can see we're going 81 here.1 everybody will be in the 80s0s again unless you're closer tor o the annapolis, leonardtown even on n the eastern shore places likece that will only be into the uppep 70s or so. s so it looks really really nice.c there's a look at your forecastt now we'll check a look at your a traffic this morning on this, t new york city traffic thisraff t morning.
8:49 am
erin --erin >> not right now.ot right now we have to find out what'st wha' coming up on good day d.c. so holly and wisdom what you got for. for. >> here's what we we're all over the bige' localig stories including the mysterious disappearance of a young woman m from northern virginia. vgi >> still developing story fromi the weekend prince george's prig county firefighter volunteer vun firefighter shot and killed and while responding to a >> did passenger jet hitly hit h drone much this morning policeol are investigating. >> parents, finding child carehr you know it can be really tough. so how do you know your child ii safe? there's a new initiativee aimed at helping you out. o >> think then on good day at 10a kevin mccarthy has a interviewvi with chris hemsworth. >> sweet honey perform in therme loft. good day d.c. just minutes away. >> all right.>> all right. thank you guys.k what are you drinking thisrig morning? coffee? tea, if it's tea, good news researchers hashs shown lots of health benefitsenf from drink it. a lot people believe tea can be reliable
8:50 am
is it tea detox a safe way to shed the pounds and keep them t off. the age old question. dr. shilpi agalwar joining us us now live to separate the factsac from fix.ix. she of course a physician boarda certified in familiar medicine.n good morning to you.good >> the tea detox is extremely ee very popular.opular >> but we've heard about teas ht for so long.on it's been around forever.ev we know now we're starting totat hear about it as diet aid. >> yes. >> tea has been around hundredsd of years.of we know that tea has been around and we know from research itearc helps us with things like redu reducing cholesterol it helps us with preventing strokes. str even does have implications ints weight loss and helping with making us feel full of course cs also celebrities do, they make m things very popular, and the tea detox or the tea tox becameox bm popular and so i kind of want tt do fine out is this safe? i se? look into it.o did research and i think it isni will surprise you.ll se yo >> okay. what did you find because the f bot testimony linein for peopl
8:51 am
does it work? should i do it?? >> start us off. basically, you're saying -- i know a lot of people tout tea as being better for your health hlt than say coffee.ay cofe. break it down fours. dow does it work and how do you do.. >> tea contains antioxidants.da it helps prevent what they're asking you to do io to purchase a tea so i went wen online and bought one of these.e some of the common ones are phytate tea, skinny tea this one is a bay tea it has you drinkoud the tea from seven days to 288 days anywhere one cup a day alld the way up to maureen nine cups of tea a day. >> whoa!hoa! >> this is combination withbitin healthy diet.aldie plan they give you and what'ss interesting that the plan is about 1300 to 1500 calories alli across the board.he board >> okay.>> so that in and itself will helpl you lose weight but what reallyr surprised me was some of thee ot ingredients in these tea detox detoxes. >> like what. >> there are three ingredients that kind of worried me and mak me feel that this detox aren'trt always safe. saf the first onewa
8:52 am
tea. >> what happened is.te w >> that is added to teas and it isha a t laxative product.duct. that helps you to kind of slimnl down because you're always in the bathroom.e ba >> right. >> it's helping you by causingng diarrhea and that's why people o lose definitely a dangerous option. avoid the tea detox that is havv zen in in them.hem. >> how do you spell that s-e-n-n inform a.rm a i'll post that.i'llt th the second ingredient was something called birch.ed now birch is in a lot of the inf popular teas and that is a diuretic so that helps to get rid of the weight in terms of vanishing bloat and getting ridt of fluid. the problem with that though tug maureen really it creates lot of danger because it messes up youp electrolytes. those are things like sodium, poe tas yup. you can have muscle cramping, cn people get dehydrated.ydrate the last thing is somethingomhi called a stimulant. stimulant >> we've heard about that. >> energy drinks. >> exactly. it's a stimulant so people stare feeling anxious when they're whe drinking
8:53 am
dangerous. >> these tea detox are not benign.. natural supplement, easy naturar way to lose weight you're much h better off using tea to your tou advantage but not the tea detoxes.dexes >> when you say teas to youryoue advantage, what do you mean by a that now i'm thinking, owing,nko stay away from all teas as dietary --y >> using regular green tea or gr any kind of herbal tea if it has caffeine it's okay just avoidtvo that close to bed. but these are some good exampl examples. regular granny tea you can use t and i love to use a little teaea pot perfect tea maker. you have this up to three timest a day.a day and what it does, it helps to kind of suppress your appetiterp it can also help to you stay kind of feeling full and not and need to reach for that sugaryy snack because you've got the t tea. have that with the diet planietp that's a much better and saferer alternative for you. y. >> okay. >> than the tea detox g you're not saying, if you want to do do tea detox much safer way to do o it. it >> absolutely you can use tea to your advantage to help you lose
8:54 am
but don't use it in the form of a tea detoxes those ingredientsn can be dangerous for yourrousory health. for you, you'll stick to that 14, 1500-calorie diet they offer you but add in your own teaswn that don't have the additives at the laxative, the stimulant and the >> here's the thing.s e thi bottom line again you got to doo moderation, right? >> yes. >> you're not going to drink agi kettle of tea and expect to be,o you know, thin. >> you might be but it on lastsn you a day and it could beould b dangerous and that's why i'mhy'm saying make sure that you're thr doing it with sensible diet.e de you also adding a lot of fruitst and vegetablesui and tea can be really good way to aid weight ai loss really good, you know, secret weapon. some of these one on the markete are very dangerous.. >> okay. okay. dr. shilpi always breaking it a down for us.lw fact from fiction. f now we know how toddy tox teas the safe way. >> gary mcgrady, beautiful dayuf on tap for us today. tay >> very very much so. vy ve clear skies, there may be a a cirrus cloud here or there or ao couldn't trail or somethinli
8:55 am
sky cam shows you how nice itict will be out otherwise, warm conditionsti today. we're talking middle 80s. we'll go low 80s here in town.ow but out in the suburbs subur especially south, southwest stht there could be some 84s, some 85s. some 86s.some how about that? >> then maybe tomorrow right int there basically the because we've got two days hereh coming up with temperatures int the 80s.0s 68 degrees on wednesday. wedne so a lot cooler on wednesday buy still not late shower possible on thursd thursday. 72. few showers maybe a thunderstoro possible friday afternoon intoot friday evening. eveng temperatures there 75 we're talking lower 70s. 7 dry and sunny for the that's the way it's lookingt's g right now.ri i hope i don't have to change'tc that. i'll go with it as long as ias s possibly c hopefully it will stay that way. erin como a look at yourtou traffic. >> you've done a wonderful job a this morning, gary.this m >> it was so hard.sod has nothing to do with beautiful sunshine you can get to tell usu all about. about >> his a really busy mondayda morning and frustrated driversui around the dmv more metro andeto
8:56 am
delays in both directions due tt signal problem outside newe carrollton and then silver linel expect residual delays in bothst directions due to an earlierarli signal problem outside ofsi o boston. if you are in fact taking metrot bus this morning due to trafficf congestion at columbia pike and lockwood drive buses areus experiencing about a 20 minuteut and still dealing with a lot ofl red on our map.ap bw parkway southbound out by 175 there's a crash in you'reoue heading towards the districtic from baltimore.timo outer loop still dealing with aa left lane blocked because of a e crash as you make way towardsow the eisenhower connector.onct across the wilson bridge traffic still very slow and 295 inbound jams 50 inbound really slow asla you make your way towards the beltway.wa once you get inside you slow aso well. 66 a disabled car out by 123. 1 so that part of your ride staysd jammed as well.el any questions erin fox5 d.c..c. >> back to you steve. >> alexander hamilton could
8:57 am
staying put on the $10 bill.l big sports weekend for the capsp and the nats. n we'll go live to the sports theo junkies.. we'll get details on both coming up. good day coming up next. it's 8:57.
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ >> straight ahead a desperatepee search for woodbridge woman whoo vanished without trace.. we'll have a live report. this is not prosecutorial discretion this is taking lawhi and changing its to
9:00 am
different situation.iton >> the supreme court set to heaa what could be one of the most ts important cases of the current t term. te at issue immigration enforcemene and the power of the president. we're back and he scores! s! alex ovechkin. >> enemy territory the caps heah to philadelphia for game threeli of the stanley cup playoffs but they go in up by two we'll have preview of tonight's us face off. better catch ever? thevethe gymnastics coach hailed as heror after saving a young girl from f face plant. plant good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> that is awesome video.. >> ouch. >> a spotter, right. spoer, >> good day dc it isc it 9:00 o'clock. that's scary stuff right there.t it's tax day, the 18th. few extra days this year a lot of folks busy tonight i'm sure. >> today if you still didn't gei it dondne --it de >> because you procrastinate. pi no


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