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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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. >> what we're now learning about the gunman. >> and search continues for a missing virginia firefighter how her family and friends are holding out hope that she will be found safe. >> good morning to you 5:01 is time now holly morris alongside maureen umeh and erin and gary is holding down the for the in weather center. is it going to be summer part two today gary. >> pretty much. not quite like yesterday. holly i don't know if you heard earlier. 85 degrees was high temperature yesterday for national. that is awesome. we won't be that warm today but in the 80s one more day and then changes i'll have that we'll talk about it. >> no complaint from us, airport erin hopefully know complaint on the roads yet. >> lot of overnight roadwork and tractor-trailer crash on the ramp 95 down towards virginia we have you covered there. >> all right. >> more details to come. right now though let's get to news at 5:01 we have new information on deadly armed
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standoff that unfolded independent green belt, maryland a man was shooting a begun from third floor apartment ball donny and he also shot at the police as they arrived on scene. this happened 10:30 last night spring hill court. officials say a green belt officer shot the suspect and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital and no police officers were injured during the standoff. >> helping today a viewing will be held for the prince jorming county firefighter during a shooting vrs johnales snyder will be held at st. john parish in hollywood. the man that fired shots at ol msnyder and swain has been released from police custody is and facing no charges at this time. le fach mowing be fairfax firefighter is desperately wan wanting her to come home stave limit nicole's family has not heard from her since friday. and she
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and she was nowhere to be found. and and good morning, mel. >> it is been two and a half dace since police search an area shenandoah park year where nicole's car was found. state police saying there is no evidence of foul play here we expect an update at fire station 32 and last nights with a time for prayer and tears as nicole mittendorf family and her husband and own family gathered at st. paul's in woodbridge. it's been nearly a week since the 31-year-old was heard from she was reported missing on friday when didn't show up to work fire station 30 in marrie marriesfield virginia and her family last nraerd her wednesday. her car was located saturday evening in a lot at the base of the white oak canyon trail shenandoah national park 90 minutes from woodbridge home she shar
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friends tell us nicole was athletesic and enjoyed trail running and hiking. >> streltions of that job are really, really difficult so sometimes she would like to get away and to run and challenge herself to get away from that stress. and we're hoping that she is there somewhere needing our help now and that's what we feel the only thing we can feel. there's no indication that we know that nicole was sad or needed to get away. just there's -- it's a stressful job and that's what we're hoping. >> and there's been such an outpouring of community suppor support. nicole's husband is virginia state police sergeant on facebook he thanked everyone and said certain le he was overwhelmed by all the messages and could not individually answer each and every one of them. nicole's sister starts aid web site and the update here this morning scheduled for 10:00 it is going to be from fairfax county fire and rescue and fairfax country police. no word
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state police will number attendance. back to you guys. >> to the campaign trail now it is once again primary day and this time new yorkers head to the polls. while campaigning in the states. bernie sanders finally released his tax returns which shows he is in the top five% and hillary clinton says she stand with senator chuck shumer on bail louing 911 families to sue saudi arabia and meanwhile donald trump stumbles while stumping yesterday he mistakenly referred toe 9/11 terror attacks as 7/11. ted cruz moved on and spend the day yesterday campaigning in maryland. >> go ahead and head over to weather few. >> let's do that gary mcgrady. yeah. no complaints. i know you're saying we won't reach the highs of yesterday, who cares. >> we shouldn't,. >> why not. >> we will vl more clouds today. >> oh, okay. i guess i'm trying t
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outfy should -- i'm not sad about this at all. >> this is nothing to be sad about. we're talking 80s. just about everybody. >> okay. >> just not quite as much blue sky. >> tee shirts and shorts. >> exactly. >> 57 now. 46 for mannasas. and 46 for culpeper and look you know this is interesting. because martinsburg is 53 and down the road in winchester that's not far away. it's 63 degrees. so, win chest ser a little higher and it's a little breezier there that's keeping temperatures up this morning and then up from martinsburg in hagerstown 60. and then 45 for frederick. so it's all over the place this morning. you kind of get the idea. some places cool. some fairly piled and we're sitting at 57 in city. and i wanted to show you bution stop forecast for the kid owe this morning. obviously no problems out ther there. big spread on temperatures for pickup times if you know where you are and later this afternoon after school 75 to 80. and we'll ha
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just not quite as warm as yesterday and still awesome. here's erin cuomo. >> on time traffic brought to you buy toyota. visit for special offers. >> i think you said to go to georgetown water front and have oysters outside for lunch toda today. >> that sound great what time. >> that's what i got from the for kaeingt noon. >> straight up. >> straight up at noon. if you just woke up tuesday morning and trying get out the door to work here's a liver look 270 volume picking up on southbound side as you pass father hurley trying to make your way to spur. increased volume not enough to cause morning slow down we hate and stop and go conditions. northbound nobody through frederick quiet. as we look at maps paving from overnight lingering past 236. watch for lane closures and tractor-trailer crash 95 southbound to outer loop. we'll keep you posted on that, back to you. take
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top story this morning. d.c. police are looking for this person who they say was involved in a robbery that happened in the 2300 block of new york avenue and police say the person of interest jumped over the counter and took money from the cash register and took off. police are asking for your help in finding this person. >> good news for d.c. residents your next pepco bill should be cheap erin your bill should be 54.59 less than usual due it a 6.8 billion merger between pepco and chicago based exelon and this is publicly head. because of earlier its customers should see millions in direct benefits in the future. >> coming up. two popular bands including pearl jam canceling upcoming tour date. the controversial law that prompted them to do so. >> and i'm wisdom martin. devastating flooding continues in texas this morning. i'll have the latest own
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cleanup efforts and when relief may be on the way coming up next next in houston four sdprid heavy waters. >> and rescuers are
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people who have damaged homes from those floodwaters. how residents are dealing with that. >> in mu stone texas rising waters and flooded roadways are making travel in texas treacherous at this point. hundreds are stranded and desperate scenes like this a couple trying to escape floodwaters when their boat overturned leaving them stranded and this comes as mu stone, texas area is dealing with major flooding. submerging vevring vehicles to major highways and entire neighborhoods. >> turn around don't drown stay out of the rising water. there will be period. over the next 24 hours and not longer that they'll still be roadways impassable. do not drive into those roadways. >> by monday evening well over a foot of rain had fall anyone communities in and around the nation's fourth city and some using plastic storage binns
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float children to safe, dry ground and others escaping in a refrigerator. >> i thought it was crazy like a refrigerator how do we fwlot float in that. it's crazy. thank god we made it. >> this comes as people put themselves in harms way to save animals including horses fighting for their lives. >> he thought he could get us out the best i thought i would. we were not on the same page. but eventually we both started fighting for the shore and we figured it out together. >> at this point more than 1,000 homes have been flooded in the houston area. >> and no relief from the wet weather in the houston area just yet. tonight forecasterscy a slow moving wet weather system is expected to liping area long the gulf coast until wednesday and that could mean more rain and flooding for metro houston. tough times in mid west in houston. prayers go out to them hopefully as they eventually deal with recovery effort. >> gary
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has not seen anything like it. >> thanks, wiz. dramatic rescue in he can do days after a deadly earthquake. three people were rescued from under the rubble late last night. 7.8 magnitude quake is blamed for 4 0 240us deaths and injuries and one american is among the dead. >> in japan a woman pulled from the rubble this morning. four days after a powerful earthquake struck there. the u.s. now sending foot, water and emergency supplies to japan. >> straight ahead hollywood. mourning loss of lost tv mom a look back at life and successful career of doris roberts. >> and d.c. rolling out the orange carpet. cast of orange is new black stopping by nation's capitol and chatting with erin cuomo. she will talk about it next first erin has a check of the
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roads before talking about the on isn't new black and gary too he'll have a look at tuesday pour cast. kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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>> a man was shoting a gun from a third street balcony and he shot at police as they arrived on scene. no police officers were injured during the standoff. >> listen it's a mild morning at least here in the city we're in the upper 50s. still 60s out there this morning and then in other places it's in the 40s. i want to show you this 57 in town. frederick 45. hagerstown 60. you run down the trod martin martinsburg 523 and back up to 63 for winchester and kind of all over the place. influences of clouds thickening in, in some places and wind blowing in other
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culpeper and mannasas chilly down into the mid 40s. look at 60 for new york city. 45 boston. biping hamilton 52. pittsburgh is 61. and under the nrups of clouds here and milder air coming up. things cool off a little bit after today. there's colder air up here. northern sections ever midwest that will come in tomorrow and really begin to cool things off a little bit. here's future cast for later on today. i want to show you the tim turz -- i mean the clouds are late this afternoon and we're going to have clouds moving out across. keep that in mind. they'll thickening up a little and keep us out of the middle 80s and lower 0s the best we can do today. lots of sun shich. blue skies, cooler. temperatures approaching 7 0. so not in the 80s tomorrow. maybe not in the 70s tomorrow for some of us and still upper 60s feels nice. plenty of sunshine again high pressure
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here's thursday. there's technically a chance of showers in the forecast on thursday. it looks late. late showers and probably late evening into thursday nights and friday morning and right now according to future cast we're looking good to at least get thursday in dry. doesn't mean we won't have cloud. i think we will. and then showers will start coming out across. and next couple days we're 81 today muted sunshine as the high cloud come across. tomorrow cooler 68. but lots of sunshine. and it will be prael, real nic nice. here are the clouds out there and look they're a little thickner ohio right now moving in our direction. high pressure at the loft gobbles some up and we're talking about muted sunshine certainly more clouds today than what we had yesterday. keep that in mind. that helps to keep the temperatures cooler today. we're still headed to lower 80s for highs and little breezy too. 7 day forecast looks like this. 81 today. 68 tomorrow. l
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75 and able to warm that up a bit. friday showers and maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening and temperatures of 76. beautiful on saturday. 68 and sunny and a few clouds sunday. 70. no weekend complaints right no now. here's erin cuomo. >> i can't wait for the weekend. >> it's a weekend? >> tuesday it's only tuesday. >> ramp closure. let's look at traffic. tractor-trailer crash 95 south headed to springfield trying to make your way to quantico is that the what you are up against this morning. 395 northbound cutioning from the beltway to 14 street bridge we don't have any typical morning congested areas yet. crash aactivity 175 west this just in close add approaching route 1 washington boulevard in howard country and you needed to findal nat round that one this morning even prince george county let's look at inbound traffic 4 westbound
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moving nicely into the disstrict and secondarys are quiet. metro service picked up and is on time. you know, that could change and i'll let you know if and when it does. >> so enough about traffic erin because we're a little jealous of i this morning because you have to see celebrities lit the orange carpet last night in d.c.. >> yes. >> cast members from hit netflix orange is new black head ising light on mental illness and prisons in james. it was big event and really important event and stars were gracious and stopped ta talk with us about the event and what we can expect season four and what they like about working on the show and character take a listen to this. >> i love you know his character and crazy eyes suzanne and sloyvr shriver's character she's a terrible human being the character but a lot of fun to watch, too. >> had you plays john bennett on the show one of the security guards who has inappropriate relationship with one of
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inmates. i have been watching every season. >> who else did you talk to. >> natasha and tash alaid nikki who went away and had drug addictions they were able to shed light on prison yoon systems. >> and why are they takingthon cause. i mean i know mental illness say huge issue rarely discussed especially in some communities. so was there one particular wherein they thought this would be the right time to do it and why they got involved. >> orange was the new block the series is being honored by american psychiatric award for bringing issue to the. >> glad you had a good time. >> time now 5:20 here are stories you're engaging with on social media doris roberts being remembered this morning everybody loves raymond star died at the age of 09. she won five emmys over her
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long career including four for ray romano's mom marie on the sitcom. >> and quite a royal engagement on the agenda. first couple will have luchbch with queen elizabeth and dinner with william and kate. >> two rock bands canceling their show in raleigh pearl jam over hb 2 law preventing local govrnlts for extending protections for lgbt sxhipty. the hb 2 law recently passed is despicable piece of legislation that encourages discrimination against entire group of american citizens. ment rock group boston announced they are canceling three concerts next month in north carolina also because of the law. >> 5:21 paper towels or hand driers why you might want to think twice about your choice when you use a public bathroom. >> and heart-warming end to this year's boston ra
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survivors come together to cross the finish line.
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> flyers fans through glow in the dark wrist band on the ice they were upset about penalties called in the game and their actions led to more penalties and more power blaze to the caps that beat the flyers 6-1. ouch. caps 3-1 in the steeryes and game four tomorrow night in philly. >> more than 27,000 runners taking part in 120 boston marathon yesterday. among the participants were two survivors that each lost a leg in marathon bombing two years ago. patrick downs and mark truckrail showing that the tragic day three years ago did not brake their spirit. it left three
5:25 am
hundreds more the attack. truly inspirational that moment for sure. >> 5:25 beautiful day on sglop absolutely i think at the graphic says it all. >> let's see. wow thats is a lot, yes. pretty much wraps it up. >> there you go. >> see. >> see. >> there you go. >> if do i all my graphics like that --. >> dramatic pause was good. >> and one more 0 degree plus day for us. not everyone is 80. some north and west will be in the upper 70s. down to the south frederick fredericksburg call pep erin mannasas i'm talking to you here. temperatures will probably be lower to mid 0s. let's let the graphic do all the talking for us. >> you sure you want to do that. >> annapolis 7 a5. leonardtown 79. then you have culpeper back up to 84. fredericksburg 85. today will be breezier. obviously still warm. not quite as sunny. i thin
5:26 am
clouds moving across. from time to time they'll thickening up a bit. we like to call that muted sunshine today when it happens. it still will be warm. no doubt about that. >> muted sunshine makes for good pictures. >> that's true. >> cloud cover good. >> exactly. >> and all right. anything good on the roads legitimate check in with erin. >> definitely starting to get busy 5:26 ramp klors closure now tracking this tractor trailer crash spring field 395 up bound queue tote 14 street bridge and more crash activity toured. 175 wiingt close add approaching route 1 lex ton boulevard you need to detour on that one and as you head to the airport this morning traffic on way to bwi looking good bwi parkway and no problems reagan national or dulles. we'll let you know if and when the normal morning kong juston kicks in and relatively pleasant ride to the airport in prince george county and inbound four and westbou
5:27 am
richie marboro and let's step outside for a live look. show you how things are shaping up you see increased volume picking up and reports of crash as well in the area. and this is out on 50. police give yourselves extra time to get around that. we'll keep you posted on that and have a closer look at that backup on 50 as we continue. >> ahead at 5:30 primary day me new york a closer look what the is at stake for the cap dates in a live report. >> and frantic search continues for missing virginia firefighter and how her family and friends are holding on to hope that she will return
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>> i was blind and now i see. a community holding on to hope that a virginia firefighter will be safe and new clues in her disappearance. >> and tuesday primary in new york. and including campaign thunder by one front runner and late wher it comes to the best high high schools in the america a top local school falls in its range. "fox5 news morning" starts right now >> all right. we i have a lot to get to this morning. good morning to you holly.
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>> good morning to you erin. >> good morning to you gary mcgrady. >> no problems weather wise it looks nice today. you know another day in the 80s not all of you but good and stays dry. changes are coming though we'll talk about toes in the full forecast coming up. >> and in april never a batd thing. thanks, gary as for the road. >> better news a crash in new hampshire and adele few and we have a lot of conditions well goat to that. >> okay. we'll talk about this morning as we check the headlines breaking news overnight a man was sholt by police and late died after an armed standoff in green belt maryland spring hill court 10:30. greenbelt police say the 2 28-year-old man was shooting a grup third floor apartment balcony and then shot at police as they arrived on the scene. no officers or other residents were injured uring during the standoff. >> primary day is once again upon us. this time new yorkers had to the polls and hillary clinton donald atrump both still enjoying front runner status
5:32 am
deed making headlines this morning and gop candidates mistakenly referred toe 911 as 711 yesterday and now analysts say presidential primary season has not gone this long in generation and we have the possibility of contested or brokered convention. >> the latest on the road to the white house is doug lose aired and let's talk about what happened with donald trump big deal or not a big deal we know it's a big deal. what say you? >> well, yeah you know it's a gap. there's a question. i think he'll probably be given leeway on this just because he is pretty established as a new new yorker. it's not like he is pev perceived at inner loafer coming in to play off as new new yorker. he has deep connections to city. this is not clear how this will have a big impact on supporter supporters. in general election it may be a differen
5:33 am
we'll see. trump is hoping for a big turnout from supporters obviously today and he's hoping to run the table in new york and could. these 30 point up according to real clear politics polls and guy running second place is john kasich not even ted cruz. so, trump could walk away with all of the new york delegates which makes it a little more likely that he could potentia potentially win the nomination outright ahead of convention. but it still will be uphill climb for him he either way. >> democratic side, doug, hillary clinton is still ahead in the polls. we're seeing huge numbers. record setting numbers of people coming out for bernie sanders and he's hoping for upset. what's the real likelihood that upset could happen? >> it's going to be tough. these are two people that have liming matt claims to new york freps. hillary clinton reasoned new york in senate and she and husband on a home in new york and bernie sanders grew newspaper block land. they have ties to the state. sanders gets these huge crowds
5:34 am
and lot of young people and that's demographic hillary clinton would love to have no question. one complicating factor in new york you have to have registered a few months ago and whether these young support rerz registered to vote as democrats that's going to be key issue for sanders. enthusiasm is great. translating that enthusiasm to people showing up at polls that's another matter. >> interesting all eyes on empire state indeed. thanks, doug sure machineiate it. >> thanks guys. >> other top stories locally a virginia fire fightser missing. mic ol mittendorf's family has not heard from her since wednesday. police are looking for her and want to know where she's been. melanie alnwick is live at fairfax station with more on the story. melanie. good morning. remote and treacherous terrain is how virginia state police described search area they have combing by ground and air both saturday night and sunday and most of monday as
5:35 am
at this point, we are told there's still no evidence of any suspicious nature to this and foul play and we expect update in the case here later this morning. last night however was time for prayers and tears as nickel mittendorf church family and husband and own family gathered at st. paul united meth dmiingt woodbridge an a text message to a family member last wednesday was the last anyone has heard from her. we are praying. that's what we're doing tonight and we'll do that until she's found. we just all love nicole deeply and remain hopeful she will be found. >> nicole a firefighter paramedic was reported missing on friday when she didn't show up for work at fire station 30 in mary field virginia and her car was located saturday evening in a lot at the base of the white oak canyon trail in
5:36 am
about 90 nripts woodbridge home she shares with her husband. friends tell us nicole was athletic and enjoyed trail running and hiking and they begin remain hopeful she is still out there. so this morning, we're here at fire station 32 is that the where fairfax county fire and rescue told us they will be holding a press conference along with fairfax country police and at this point wisdom and holly we do not know if virginia state police will participate in this press conference. and also i want to let people know pound 77 on cell phone how you can immediately reach vir sir state police if you have anything to say to tell them about this case. . >> back to you guys. >> and melanie alnwick reporting there. gary here to give us update on weather. gore us yesterday. pretty good today. >> yeah, really good today. not as much sunshine as we had yesterday. check out where temperatures are starting this morning kind of depends wron are you and 46 mannasas and 61 winchester and kind of a big gap there. herein
5:37 am
fredericksburg this morning is dropped off to 50. and leonardtown, you're 54 this morning okay. we are going to warm up today. how about the kids at the bus stop this morning big range in temperatures. i showed you if you are out in the suburbs you can be in the 40s. there again in mid up toer 50s too depening where you are. pickup time temperatures between the mid 40s and upper 50s and later on after school temperatures anywhere between 75 and 80 degrees. not quite as much sunshine today. here's erin cuomo with a look at tuesday morning traffic. >> it's a tuesday. 5:37 few and taking a look at traffic. we're seeing big delays on new hampshire avenue because of crash by adele few you can see the northbound side really packed up there. and bumper to bumper traffic and we'll keep you post ond that one if you head to the beltway you need to be aware this is what you hit on new hampshire by adele few because of crash. southbound side moving along long much bet they are morning. let's switch it over to a look at maps from the cameras
5:38 am
tuesday and a see your crash be a person hit by a car. remaining shut down washington boulevard for that crash scene investigation and in addition to that in frederick this morning typical volume building nothing atypical here. 70 to truck scales and down to 32 miles an hour and volume building 95 northbound out of stafford. metro is on time and looks like it will be a beautiful day. wisdom martin dom. >> all right. coming up as summer approaches new clues to which suncreen you should use to best protect your skin from harmful rays. >> and the next team you use a public bathroom think twice about using hand driers.
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>> health watch at 9:41 in the fight against skin cancer spf 30 plays a big role. applying it before surprise exposure significantly reduces risk of melanoma which is deadliest type of skin cancer. they tested multiple 30 sun screens and all prevented onset of melanoma and reduced influence of tumors. and next time you use a public bathroom remember this new study finds jet hand driers actually spread more germs than
5:42 am
study fibdz that jet driers spray 1300 times more viral plaque that paper towels. sigh russ were lunched ten feet away from dryer. dryer industry is pro teching themselves they are the happened were more germy than real world. >> weren't they outed as being safe and germ free. >> no this is old news. >> i thought on myth busters. >> yes. >> every time i go in there don't do that. >> i got go like this and use my elbow. >> yeah. >> i definitely use paper towe towel. >> yes. >> thanks, mom. >> 5:41 2 is the time. still ahead head a bold effort to show flint michigan drinking water is safe. >> and when it comes to best high school in the america you don't have to look for. which schools in our area mad madeit cut. >> first gary and erin got another check of weather and traffic on t
5:43 am
we're back in a moment
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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>> heavy rainfall in the houston area and four people died from the dangerous water and three died after drive into high waters and their vehicles submerged. one other person died in his car in high water and officials believe he may have had a medical emergency.
5:46 am
dozens of people as floodwaters fill their homes. >> video really is amazing cigary. >> you know having grown up there and i have seen a lot of flooding there nothing like i have ever seen. it's unbelievable. unfortunately for them there's more rain coming. >> we have rain in the forecast not until thursday evening into friday. okay? other than that dry. 57. reagan. dulles 49. bwi marshall 59. let me show you mild all across the mid atlantic east coast boston 45 buffalo 47 detroit 52 and st. louis 65 little rock 63 and all the way to texas temperature there 69. we've got one more 80-degree day coming our way. looks like 80 plus here. there will be i lot of 80 plus readings out there some north and west and you'll stay in the upper 70s today. warm underneath high pressure again. co
5:47 am
we get this warm air coming on up. this is last day because we have a little frontal system move through and as front comes through cooler slightly drier air comes in. i think this dry represents the fact it will be dry. there's no rain in forecast for tomorrow and i'm looking what i see for tomorrow because this high pressure settles in and ends up not in the 80s tomorrow by upper 60s to low 70s across the region and it looks like it will be nice 68 for a high tomorrow. so again from today it will be a whole lot cooler and i should mentioned it more high clouds coming across. so kind of muted sunshine. that will help keep temperatures down a little bit. we were 85 yesterday i don't see that in the future for today. clouds comeing across now. that's helping to keep the temperatures mild this morning for most locations you can see further north and west more clouds are now beginning to breakdown when we call ridge of high pressure sinking air threw threw upper levels of the atmosphere.
5:48 am
cloud cover until it breaks down and moves off. that's what's happening now. more clouds come across and winds breezy out of the northwest 10 to 15 and occasional gust higher than na nat. 7 day forecast pick your day. tomorrow cooler, 68. late showers thursday. showers will hold off during the daylight hours on thursday. more like evening showers. friday a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. certainly possible. looks dry friday morning big con serlt for us "fox5" rocks hash tag and mostly sunny saturday and few clouds sunday and weekend looks real, real nice. here's erin cuomo traffic. >> lot of traffic to talk about unfortunately 548 volume increasing 5 northbound dale city to 123. no crashes to report. but a lot of slow moving cars right there. and aside from that volume you're dealing with as you head to beltway another crash new hampshire northbound this is causing big delays. there's a crash out there by
5:49 am
adele few and as you head to the beltway hit that delay again and that's adelphi and take a look at that that is wide on. there's a tractor-trailer crash on ramp to 95 southbound from outer loop and you cannot access 95 southbound from the outer loop as you make your way to springfield ipt change. be prepared pour that you need to detour at that location. upper loop looking good across the wilson brij bridge as you make your way out crash activity south east sutland parkway sterling that could cause slow downs as well. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much erin michigan officials are trying to proffer that the water in flint is now safe to drink after lead water price is. embattled michigan governor says he will drink the city water for a whole month. residents are refusing to turn on taps. he brought 5 gallon
5:50 am
from a home that has high lead levels a po tition to recall the governor has nearly 0,000 signature and they need 700,000 more within 60 days to get it on the ballot. >> it's a law. it says he want to mack a devrps. he wants to be a people person. it says he wants to do the right thing. >> so drinking it for a month at his age doesn't impress me. >> back hot home other news death of transgender woman at montgomery county at montgomery county hotel is ruled a hospital vied. police first identified the vick testimony as kenith blake any and later determined the victim identified herself as transgender woman named kiona. body was found saturday red roof in shady grove road rockville. investigators say there was trauma to upper body. if you have any information about this you're asked to call police. >> april is sexual assault awareness and prevention month and loudoun county is offering a woman's
5:51 am
to help women protect themselves. class is free and on to all female residents of loudoun county age 14 and over and space laimented to 100 people and session will be held from 7 p.m. to 9:30 northern virginia criminal justice academy in ashburn. >> happening today, d.c. mayor muirial bowser will announce a new initiative to grow legal and small businesss in washington d.c. it's called the great streets program it's transformed emerging corridors in d.c. to inviting and thriving centers. there's more than 0 grant hes that will receive 5 million in funding. good news there. >> yes. >> hopefully it will workouts and turn neighborhoods around and get things going in d.c.. >> absolutely. >> new this morning u.s. news and world report released a list of top schools in country. >> top school is in texas and several schools in dmv did make the list out of top 100
5:52 am
jefferson high school science and technology in alexandria virginia and number 63 walt whitman of maryland and 88 school without walls high schoolness d.c. and number 94 winston churchhill high school in potomac maryland. state of maryland was also awarded for having one of the highest percentage of top performing high schools in the country. ♪ this friday, "fox5" rk concert series continues with this awesome band called secret society. secret society was formed inls by brian mills to bring you live band sound back to today's -ly computerized music market. looking forward to that. >> in 2015 were nominated by whammy for best urban contemporary group.
5:53 am
stevie wonder and marvin gay to name a view and this friday fa fargate square park. >> myself and allison seymour will host the show and it will be broadcast live here good good day d.c. come in or go out whatever you like best. >> a good time held by all. >> this is amazing story. a duck has a new pair of feet thanks to 3 d presenter and tech savvy middle school teacher. philip the duck lost his feet to proingt bilt and the woman that took him in saw a video online of teacher using a 3 d presentner classroom and contacted the teacher and he responded just hours before the duck was set to be unl niceed. he was able to print the feet in about 36 hours and deposit take long before philip was back up and walking a round and wadle around. we should say.
5:54 am
i love that story. >> amazing what technology can do. i'm always fascinated by whole 3 d presenting thing. >> oh, my god. >> take a look that. >> dangerously close call with a while was caught on camera. this happened in ocean side, calipari the whale comes out of the water feet away from a paddle border before it hands back in watt were huge splash. >> that's crazy. >> a woman who was on a nearby captured the video this close encounter. >> and the person didn't fall off the paddle board? that's nice core strength on that person. >> that's impressive. >> that's amazing. >> look at that. >> that's a heck of a wave that comes. >> it is. >> wow. >> okay. >> amazing. >> yeah. time now for facebook fap of the day. today it is
5:55 am
faithful "fox5" viewer. >> you have fierce airy love. it katina wants to wish everyone a wonderful week we hope your week is great too. for your chance to be a fan lvr a comment below the photo on the facebook fy were going whale watching how would i need to dress in this area. >> something waterproof. >> exactly. >> less is more in that occasions. >> okay. >> do wear something. >> i don't know where wow have to go you know to find -- probably not in the bay. >> he's burying the lead if there's a whale in our area. >> i was thinking a whale in the potomac something like that. >> today is good 81 still chilly in the bay or chilly in the river or chilly in the oxingts you go right ahead, wisdom. 81 for high temperature. 68. cooler tomorrow breeze and sunshine t
5:56 am
tomorrow looks good. late showers most of thursday looks good. i even think most shower activity hold off thursday until after surprise set or right around sunset and majority thursday we get in the dry okay and then all eyes turn top friday morning because big convert the. and far gat square park right at "fox5" rocks i think it will be dry and mild. >> looks like a great week really. >> not bad. nod bad. >> we've had worse. >> yes. >> exactly. >> through go buy me a coke. let's talk to erin about traffic. >> 5:56 a lot of traffic big plays on new hampshire avenue on the northbound side as you make your way toe beltway you hit this because of crash out by oak view. give yourself extra time to get through that area if you wake up in adelfi this morning. aside from that move the camera over 50 inbound delays by 202 and that's because of crash keep ill worth and right now
5:57 am
slow moving traffic this morning and we'll keep you updated we have metro delay for silver line as well. keep it
5:58 am
5:59 am
snrvr straight ahead at 6 a standoff in prince george county end in deadly police involved shooting and right now police on the scene of that green belt neighborhood. >> and
6:00 am
fairfax county firefighter and heatit on reaction from her neighbors. >> first show on this tuesday morning 6 a.m. how about a live look outside as april 19 warm and traffic top the fives for you at 6:05. good tuesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> major develops overnight me police involved shooting that happened during an armed standoff in green belt, maryland and police say a 28-year-old man is dead after he started shooting at police have a third floor apartment balcony on spring hill court and green belt police officer shot the man he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead that shooting happened 1 10:30 last night there's a live looking at the scene. police investigators are there and crime tape surround the building no officers were hurt during that gunfire. >> happening today a viewing will be healed for the prince george county firefighter that lost his life in a shooting il


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