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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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firefighter olm schneider's casket which has been lying inln row pose there for sometime, ths herself dropping off theom caskt earlier this morning. they're expecting a large county we're going to pan over to st. john's parish. buses have been dropping off the public here as well asacol can identification from differenttin departments who wished to pay their respects and it's been happening all afternoon and it will go through about 8:00 thiss evening.ev now, at this point we understand that the casket will remain in the church overnight with a constant vigil by members of the prince george's county fire department and then tomorrow the funeral would happen at 1:00 in0 the afternoon, again here in hollywood, maryland.d, govern larry hogan expected to give a eulogy at this funeralerl and then fire trucks from fire
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station 830 in prince george's0n county will drive the hers for burial and that will be a private ceremony with justt closest family and friends.rien now, at this point we're still waiting to hear from familyamil members. we're expecting to hear from them any second now and give their opinion as to what exactly took place over the weekend andn if they'd like to see any sortot of charges brought upon that mat that fired we understand that his case was brought upon the grand juryury earlier today. our paul wagner will have more on this coming up here in a a little bit.t. developing situation princepi george's county fire chief cou saying today that they're hoping protocol because of whathat happened over the weekend will change, but no written protocol was in place at the house. firefighters out in the fieldiel perform welfare checks andnd that's when that unexpected shooting took place on fridayria evening. paul wagner has the rest of the story coming up right now back to you guys in
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> there is new informations tonight in the shooting that left one prince george's county county firefighter dead andef anotherig wounded. fox5 has learned new detailsails about what happened last fridays night on sharon road. sources familiar with theh th investigation say the firefighters were shot afterot a they entered the home and therer are differing accounts in the i sequence of events. fox5's pail wagner joins us nown life with that story. tha >>reporter: ladies, it's been a little bit unclear since fridaye night exactly what happened at that front door on sharon road, but now two sources familiarrces with the investigation are confirming that when john olmlm schneider and kevin swain made their way through the doorkee do forcing it opened they actuallya had gotten into the house and were inside the house when the homeowner pulled the trigger at least six times hitting the two firefighters as well as the man brother.brot we've also learned tonight that that man who had gotten a grand jury subpoena did not go before the grand jury
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and it's unclear when or if he will. this is the front door home on sharon road where firefighters arrived last friday night for a routine check on the welfarelfar call. you can see it's damaged. apparently as the firefighters forced the door open. what happened next is what investigators are attempting too piece together. a sues familiar with the investigation says there are differing accounts in the sequence of events. we have every confidence that the police department will conduct the same investigation that it conducts in every single one of these incidents and thatt is a thorough investigation. we have likewise had prosecutoro who were literally on the scene immediately following this incident who stayed there throughout the night and into the morning to ensure our presence was there, thatç we we able to be alongside the department as they were investigating this the unnamed homeowner was release from custody without charges following the shooting. authorities now say a
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will likely decide where to tako the case. this morning on fox5 prince george's county fire chief mark what sure said check on thehe welfare calls are routine and there is no set protocol. those things aren't really ironed out in a policy or a procedure right now because weae give a lot of leeway to ourur officers to make decisions in crisis situations.uati that's exactly what they did here. so we'll probably give them a little more guidance to help those people make better informed decisions. back in 2008, the exact samee scenario played out in the district when firefighter akeem carol was shot in the arm whilee forcing open the door to an apartment on east capitalcapi street. the last thing i expected was being shot at a firefighter. in each case a brother dialed 911 to ask for help for aor sibling and when the firefighters opened the doorsrso they were met with gunfire. in the case of the d.c. firefighter he was back visitini with fellow firefighters the
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very next day. so what we know now is that th chief what p sure says that he's probably going to change thege protocol or the at least set in place something in writing to give these firefighters moremore guidance when they go on thesets check the welfare calls which are routine and happen everyev single day. just behind me here you see this blew rescue truck. it's from the wheaton volunteer rescue squad in wheaton. they have come over here to help the prince george's countyince firefighters and take the calls for them as they go to pay their respects down in hollywood tonight and the funeral tomorrow. > life in suitland, paul wagner, fox5 local news.s. > tonight, an emotional appeal from the husband of a missing northern virginia woman. for the first time nicole bitten door's husband steven is speaking out asking for your help. the 31 year old firefighter paramedic has been missing nowms for almost a week. tom fitzgerald is life with the latest. to
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>>reporter: good evening,veni sarah. this is the fire station that nicole mighten door worked outwo and this is where her husband seven came today to give an emotional gut wrenching plea ton the community to help find his wife. we want to prepare you. what you are about to hear isis raw. it is emotion l al.l. it's hard to much m it gives you an idea that theha frustration this family hasas faced as they go day-to-day witt no clue of their loved one and right now questions about whereo she is and what end that. as i close, i have a message to my wife, sweetheart, i love you. i am praying for you. i'm not sure where you are, but no we are all looking for you. and i look forward to your safee return. tomorrow will be one week nicole's family last heard fromm her. inside this fire
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will see nicole's gear. it sits there right where shewhr left it. on saturday her car was foundas about an hour and a halfway from here. that is where tonight virginia state police are still conduct their search. fairfax county fire chief called for a moment of silent prayer for her safe return. fairfax county is also assisting virginia in this search. stieve mighten door thanked the people and shared what these past few days have been like and thanked everyone who has been involved with the search. as you can imagine, the pain ofn not knowing where a loved one is can be unbearable. i and the rest of nicole'sicol extended family continue toto remain positive during thishis difficult time. your commitment to this searchs is commendable and very much appreciated
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to the media, thank you, thank,h you for helping us spread theead word about the disappearance of my wife. you see there it's been an emotionally raw day here as another day has gone by andnd there is no news on nicole might endowment steven mighten doris a first sergeant in the virginiaea state police and is that thent agency a leading this efforthis tonight. we are asking the public on behalf of the family to call 703803-0026 with any tips or information. officials say here that anyhat small information could lead to a big break-in this case. we are life in fairfax county tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5d, local news. > fox5 in the district tonightt where lawmakers have approved a permanent ban on the use of pott in private clubs. it's an issue lawmakers haveave gone back and forth on sincen they approved
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clubs two months ago. possession of marijuana for personal use has been legal in the district since early last year, but congress blocked the city from any further changes. it heads to the desk of mayor bowser for further signature. > the end of the school year has been pushed back one day from friday june 17 to monday the took you can claim the blizzard of 2016 for that. they asked for permission toion waive two of the days missed due to they only waived one of the days. they said the request was denied because they didn't take any effort to make up the school days. a lot of people not happy aboutt this. and a half day, too, on that tha monday.mond i have a feeling a lot of peoplo aren't going to show up. it's affecting camps and it's going to affect
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> next time you finish washing your hands in a public bathroom you may want to think twice when you choose between that jet hand dryer and paper towels. shocking new health information about the harms of jet healthet dryers and we're going to tell you the ones that worse among the groups. > why more americans are going under the knife for. fo the maximum number of hours people should be working to bee the most productive. > this weather is making me so feel productive, energizing and wonderful not too humid. we have had a a little bit ofit cloud cover as a frontal boundary is getting ready to move through tonight. i'll let you know what effects that will have on our wednesday forecast after we return from this break. break.
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in tonightest health watch,ht those aires dryers that dry your hands in the bathroom may bebe spreading germs.sp a new study finds jet dryers cas spray germs as far as 10 feet. researchers found paper towelsol spread far fewer contaminants. die son has complained by
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similar. they are sponsored by the paper towel. > lip implant surgery for men and women grew by double digits last year. doctors say selfies may be driving this increase because people are constantly and seeing images of their faces. plastic surgeons do say theiray patience are going to look veryk more natural look. some of the most requested celebrity lips are jennifer lawrence, scarlett johan sen and jennifer garner.nnif how can you request their lipsee if it doesn't look the same. >> it's not natural looking. > researchers found a three-day workweek gets the best performance.e. >> yes. > take that to your next negotiation. there is a catch. researchers only looked at workers who were over the age of 40. the study found cognitiveniti improved as the workweek went onto a point.oin when the workweek exceeded 25
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fatigue and stress took effect. > three days.> t i like that. >> that's all that stuck with mh was three days. > that's the take away. >> exactly. you want to work three days whey you got days like this. > absolutely. ever. >> or take the office outside and o that's what sue is doing.n i'm make the most of my workday. this is phenomenal being out here. it's a little different thanhan yesterday in that we don't havet quite as much sunshine. temperatures got into the low 80s although i can feel it beginning to we have a frontal boundary fro coming through dry. it increased the breezes ahe little bit as well. that front is going to lead us to a little bit cooler day tomorrow, not cold, just a col little bit so if you're not quite ready for low 830s yesterday i think you're going to like the feel of wednesday. the breezes that we're going tog have round are going to start to diminishes as the sun goes down. hagerstown and frederick it's l
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cooler, 78, but frederick down 2072. baltimore 74. closer to the water there, annapolis also at 72 degrees. but quantico toasty att 85 degrees. the air is super dry so you're not feeling any humidity out here. by the way, we are really too dry and with these gusty winds t we have to be very aware that there is an increased fire danger. a red flag warning is in effect because of these breezes and the very low dewpoints so be aware of any brush fire could spread very rapidly and also be very aware of cigarettes and things like that on a night when we're getting some gusts up and over 20 miles an hour. let me show you the satellite radar picture. you can see some of the cloudsld that have been around our arearn and they are oh going to clearo quick limit we have one patchne coming through d.c. and maryland a and after that we'll havee' clear skies overnight and that will help us get a little bit cooler. high pressure is going to be to building in for tomorrow. so another sunny day, but a little bit
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overnight you'll notice that as we probably only top out into the 730-degree range or maybean low 70s for the day tomorrow. let's go ahead and take a look at what we're expecting in termn of temperatures this evening as well as to our north they're beginning to drop. detroit has dropped significantly to muchgn cooler for boston as opposed to the marathonto t yesterday they're down to 48-degrees. cooler north breezes. we'll have to drop our d temperature as well.mper as we go through the rest of the evening we're thinking about 74-degrees. please be a little louder muffler guy. by 9:00, 68 by # 1:00, 63.1:00 very comfortable evening.ven breezes will lighten up. be aware of that increased firee danger than get out and enjoy this fantastic tuesday evening. we could use a little rain in the we don't have much on the seven day, but i'll tell you one dayoe that will have a better chancene of rain more than the others and that's am up with your fullull
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little while.whil > we thought you were taking off a scooter. >> sounded like it. > coming up, love it or list it lawsuit. while one couple says the home renovation show ruined their home. con jay headed to court. he lured fans to signing up for his streaming service and not delivering. > rare quality in the late star's voice. and slurp i slip up. donald trump confuses american's darks day with american'smer favorite convenience store. in true formation hillaryllar clinton reveals theç one thing she carries with her at all times. i'm not going to tell you you. but it says right there. who the sauce. let's hear why that statement is now landing her in some who the water. water.
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a north carolina couple is suing the producer of the popular home improvement tv love it or list it. the show hinges on the whetherhe the couple wants to stay in the home or move to a new home. the contractors revealed more problems after they finishedft their work. in the lawsuit the couple says y the floor in their home is is reparable i damaged and ductd tape was left in holes in the floor. the shows producers call the th couple's allegations false. >> that's a good p who he, too. i usually like it.t. > one man is so unhappy with wi his title subscription he's suing the music service and rapper convey west. it has gain struggled to
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users. six weeks after debuting on title, con jay's album was also made available on otherva streaming services. the lawsuit claims title and con jay west misled customers by making them believe that thehe album would only be available on title. the suit is seeking class action status. of course that is music legend queen. freed i mercury that is, queen's lead singer and he wowed audiences with his incredible voice for more than two decades. now a team of researchers isesea under covering the secret to the late singer's vocal talent. researchers studied their views with mercury and about 23 queen recordings. they found his speaking voice
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a recordings featured surprising high vie brat ohs. oh they also discovered sub harmonic vibrations that likely created his famous growl. the study was not able to prove whether or not mercury has a four okaytive syncing voice. > ive that is the band secret society and they will be the feature band rocking at our fox5 spring series concert thist th friday. they've been around since 2008. in 2012 they were mom. come check them out this friday at fair gut square park at 17th and k streets. guess what, it's free or you can tune in as
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morning. > i think it keeps my immunemmn system strong. i really do. do. i think who the sauce is good sa for you, in moderation. hillary clinton facing a spicy new round of allegations after telling a host of an r and b station the one thing she always has in her purse, who the sauce. > kids take on a political act. we'll explain why the plug wasas pulled on their dancing donald performance. ben & jerry's cofounders are ar arrested on the us capital steps. plus a fatal plane crash to to report. ronica. i'm here in stevensville, m. behind me a small recreational plane crash. there are two victims. we're going to athe story after the break. > and we are following p fo breaking news out of northwestoh d.c. right now, a fire at a building along massachusettsng a avenue. this is a buildin
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construction right now. n d.c. fire says all workers areç accounted for and there are no o injuries. it's a 10 story building and we are told the fire is in an elevator car on the top floor. as we learn more informationnfor we'll bring it to you here on fox5 after the break.
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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this is fox5 local news at 5. tonight an investigation is underway into a deadly small plain crash in queen answer county. two people were killed when the plain went down in a field near the bay bridge airport. ronica clear i is life with the story. > thanks, ladies. i'm here in stevensville,vens maryland. this is just off the stevensville exit off the bayhe bridge. we are just across the road from the bay bridge air form. a mana and a woman died in a plain crash today in the field behind me. i was a small
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that crashed here. at 126789. 44:00 p.m. authorities were notified of the crash. ems and fire were dispatched to the scene right away. earlier today we heard from a maryland state police spokesperson who took us through the details that they have about this crash. take a listen. witnesses say that this aircraft actually exploded into flames upon making contact with theith ground.grou so this was not on fire in the air. it exploded into flames once it made contact with the ground. now those witness statements, they're being used byby investigators and the faa to help put together what happened here today.toda we spoke with one witness whoho saw the plane as it came to the ground. he actually rushed to the scenen to try to safe the victims. listen to his story. h in the parking lot here at thehe gas station, eating my lunch anh i saw the plain really low overw here just above the tree lines. i thought maybe it was just trying to land in the
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some reason. it went blow the tree line and i didn't see it anymore. and then a couple seconds laterr black smoke -- i have a fire extinguisher in my truck so iran over as fast as i could anduld tried to put it out but theyut were both already dead when i got there.t t that must have been shocking.oci >> i've never seen that before.. i'm trying to figure out how to deal with that. > the bodies, they have notav been identified at this time. the ntsb arrived here about 45 minutes ago. they summarized their s investigation to us like this. they said they're looking at the man, the machine and the environment. now what they mean by that is that they're looking at the man that would be the person whos was driving at the plane, wasas that at fault.ault was it the machine, some sort of malfunction or was it the environment, the conditions today that caused this they said the investigation could take up to a year. reporting life in h stevensville, maryland for fox5r local news.
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i'm ronica clear i. we are learning new details about a police-involved shooting in green belt that ended withith the suspect being killed.ille the suspect is 28 year old ronica done ray johnson. when investigators arrived theyi say johnson was firing a gun from the third floor balcony ofo an apartment. officers returned fire sitit hitting the suspect. johnson was taken to theke hospital where he died. police are now investigating. > ice cream moguls been and jerry were arrested in d.c. yesterday as part of a police california demonstration. the ice cream company posted photos of been and jerry on its website why they just got arrested. they were part of a demonstration by the group demsy aweakenning. big donations on politics. ben and jerry were among 300 people who were arrested, citedd and release.ease the pair are long
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actaviss. you may have noticed 7/eleven trending today. it's because of donald trump. he referred to the terrorists attacks as a 7/eleven. i wrote this out and it's very close to my heart because i was down there and i watched our police and our firemen down at 7/eleven right at the world trade center right after it camt down i saw theç greatest people i've ever seen, including thehe construction workers, includingi every person down there much that's what new york value is about. > so the mixup likely won'tely hurt trump with new york voters. he's expected -- he's thee expected winner of new york's primary polling well above isboe gop rife ales.ales what's something that you always carry with you. >> rot sauce. > really. >> yes. you get in a formation right now? > who the
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swag. >> i've been eating a lot of who the sauce, raw peepers and whoee the sauce. >> that's why you cuffing.fing > i'm having a rebell onagainsa it. i think it keeps my immunemmu system strong.syst i really do.o. i think who the sauce is good for you, in moderation.. yeah, you don't want to drinknk the whole thing. beyonce and the presidentialresi candidate have more in common as you heard her with a media station. it was references the who the sauce in itself lyrics. donald trump has been quick to question the whole who the sauce calling clinton phony. clinton's campaign is fearsly defensing her who the sauce devotion telling time magazine that her preferred brand is ninja squirrel saran a. s she was quicquk
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clinton has doubted the benefit of eating who the peepers fore e years and during her husband'sub presidency she had a collection of more than 100 who the sauces at the white house which is ones of those things you never knew about her. her it's like jimmy carter and his peanuts. >> i didn't know that.idn' and the jelly beans. > okay.y. wasn't that ronald reagan. i don't remember. who the sauce that's not one yoy would expect, that's for sure. > political talent show performance has been shot down by a school in massachusetts. take a look at what the students were planning. the dancing donald trump. they drew rave reviews. the boys did the routine for the students, but were told they had to ditch
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evening performance. the mother of the one boys saidd they were not making a political it's not pop culture, not politics. > they see him on tv from the apprentice so they think of him differently perhaps than somehan other folks. >> no, they hear the parents talking about it.t. they hear their parents talking about it. > so funny.unny funny looking. it was funny. i remember you saw trump ever t where in the 80s on life styles for the rich and famous. >> i forgot about that. > now he is on the the nationai stage. give him a request for havingfor some sort of interest for what'' going on in the world. >> a lot of people don't. > we have some interest in thee caps, though. >> a lot of interest. that was my mike back. i have a tendency not to turn in on, so i was checking and i just dropped it. > that's what belt loops arere for. >> it
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> sorry i gotcha a little nervous if you watched the game last night, the caps, chip i, nastyat hits, fights, angry flyers fans throwing giveaway bracelets on the ice. today a about it of a scare onn the practice. braden hole pee leaving the ice. we'll see where he is tomorrow, but i don't anticipate breaking, not playing. waitrons announced that orbitrbt will miss game four.r. they're calling it an upper body injured sustained in the the second period. it almost looked like he was concussed. but i'm not a doctor. if you're looking to rock thehe red with fellow caps fans evens though the game is in philly. they are hosting a viewing parti at the verizon center. the doors open at 6. if there's nothing like the real thing to you wouldn't it be funn to take over flyers home icee since the caps' fans showed they're incapable of
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like adults. they could have been the cheapest play ofoff tickets i've ever seen, stub hub 50 bucks.ks. the nhl retail site has them for 65. the flyers have so much on their website. if there is a game five onive friday back here, the lowest you pay is about 110-dollars, throw in gas and parking and you'd almost be better off ruining the flyers' kirk cousins not stopping thempn from meeting with penn state christian horn back. he's a big guy. jay gruden's brother thinks hehi could be a first round pick.ick. > finally he started as a plumber, but today ultimate fighter connor mack growingor m said he's calling it a career at age 27.e 27 i have decided to retire young.g thanks for the cheese. catch you later. >> gregors has another fightrs h scheduled in whethe
5:39 pm
people online are certainly talking about it. just 27 years old.ju i got to tell you if you've ever seen conover gregor is probablyo the most well dressed athlete. he's very nationally attired and then he gets some kicks. >> 27. is that a normal age to retireer for a voter, do you know. >> not at all a. there was an ultimate fighterigt who actually died in the ring and some people say he was there. he may have been influenced. again, you don't know if this ii a joke or not.not. it certainly has people talking. it's about driving the buzz, he certainly knows how to do it. by the way, i got the mike packe back on. and leave my glasses alone, would you. he's a jokester here. > up ahead, you may never neede to walk inside a cvs store again. their new service allowing prescription pickup curb side. an app to help your kids from holding their phones
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to their head. baby eaglet, a campaign to name the nestings has five finalists. the national arbor right up needs your help. >> it could be. another beautiful afternoon, temperatures reached the mid 80s yet again. 80 for the high temperature in d.c. 83 at bwi. cooling down tonight, but still looks pretty nice for the resthe of the week. we'll have your forecast comings up next. back to that breaking news weews told you about earlier following out of northwest d.c., a fire along a building along b massachusetts avenue. it is a building that is under construction.cons it's a 10-story building and wed are told the fire is in an elevator carrot top floor. as we learn more information inf we'll bring it to you on fox5.5. d.c. fireç says all workers are accounted for and thankfully noo injuries. we'll have
5:41 pm
come back. .
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the national arboretum two babya egg lets are one step closer toe be named. the campaign to name the nestlings has settled on five options. the options, stars and stripes,s freedom and liberty, anacostiaas and potomac, honor and glory and cherry and blossom.loss you have until midnight on april 4 to that is this sunday.h a link to the online ballot can be found at d.c. eagle cam. org. the winning names will be announced next tuesday. >> freedom and liberty haveave always been my favorite. i think those are going to
5:45 pm
> and a costa and potomac. >> freedom and liberty are good, too.too. > it's taken sometime, but it grew on me. >> this weather is going on. >> could get used to it every day. >> because it's so nice andand warm. temperatures in the mid 830s but without the humidity is what makes the so comfortable. cooler again tonight and for tomorrow, but don't worry we won't lose the beautiful weather we've been having.havi there's a life look at the capital. we had a decent amount of cloudf as the front came through this afternoon, but skies will be clearing on later on tonight. it also got pretty breezy, ifez, you thought the weather was going to turn, it's not producing any rain.g an we don't have any rain in thehe forecast until later on this week. so a gorgeous evening yet again. spring fever all around the area with with these nice temperatures here. breezy and cooler for knit.t. a beautiful spring
5:46 pm
for tomorrow, high temperatures more seasonable the next couplee of days, but it still stays pretty mild.pret all the way through the sevenhru day forecast we're talking about temperatures in the 70s.0s. still quite warm. outside, quite warm 80-degrees in washington.wa we made it to 84 yet again at reagan. 82 in manassas, 85 in quantico, but cooler to the north wherehe the front starting to filter in some of the lower temperatures.a 72 gaithersburg and 72 up in frederick. this is all courtesy of a northh wind. we saw the winds shift after thr front came through and it picked up a about it. sustained wind speeds aboutut 15 miles an hour here, but they will quickly subside once we move past sunset. by the time we het tomorrow morning winds are fairly light. we have had some higher wind gusts around the area. 4-mile an hour wind gusts in quantico. can see some of the clouds that have come down with the front t from thehe north.ort otherwise it hasn't brought anyb spring also with
5:47 pm
we were watching the front. it brought a ton of showers.wers nope, pretty dry and because of all these dry weather we have te high fire danger through much ou area into tonight. until 8:00, just national weather service issues because we have such low humidity andty with the strong winds over thev next couple of areas the whole area under a red flag warning meaning the wild fires can start and spread quite easily. eas fox newscast, very quiet theuie next couple of days.ays. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. a few more clouds as we head towards thursday and the storm system that's been playing the southern planes bringing all the flooding rain to houston is going to eventually move to ouro area and with that the showerho chances will increase by fridayd stopping the clock on friday morning you can see a little bit of green making its way in fromm the west. while thursday looks to remainra dry we have shower chances that will increase throughout the day as the cold front moves on
5:48 pm
cold front towards our south soh temperatures are mainly in the 60s to 70-degrees. the cold front approaches on thursday. the showers look to stay off tot the west. it will be a little bit milder with temperatures into the mid 70s. much cooler today, if you openen up the windowsç you you'll note the difference. we'll starting off in the low and mid 40s.0s 50 in washington. 70 in d.c. and we'll be a little bit warmer to the west and a little bit cooler along the water, 66 in annapolis. bus stop forecast, 48 to 55 and5 slightly cooler for the kid oh, 67 to 72 after school. 75 with the clouds increasing on thursday, but we stay dry.ry. fox5 rocks as our spring concert continues farragut park might be compromised by the showers. we keep things really nice and looks like another fantastic weekend staying mild as we heade into next week. let's your seven day forecast.
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shawn for a look at what'shat' coming up at fox5 local news at 6. >> good to see you. > we'red going to mention someone here we all known him.. he's been known to make groan people cry.peop but we'll tell you about the softer side of chief gordon ramsey. we'll tell you what happened when 8 year old abigail reached out to the health's kitchen trip. why the crews line put on the first trip to cuba to the hold and why it's telling everyone it's okay to buy a ticket. > well, this video postedte online prompted baltimore policb to investigate one of its own arrests. why the teen in this video says he didn't do anything wrong.rong join us for those stories andnd more next at 6.
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole
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and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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cvs is introducing curb side pickup. this will be very convenient.. customers simply order in in advance through the company's app and then drive up about an o hour later to have the purchase delivered to your car.. cvs express is rolling out in parts of north carolina, georgil and california and then it it expand from there. cvs cvs with little access are unlikely to get this service. lieu lieu lemons have the lieute lieu lemon lab in new york city. shoppers can see how clothes are made by 15 designers who will be inside the store working while i you shop. s clothes on sale will all be created by those designers, too. lieu lieu lemon says the clothing
5:54 pm
more about every day way more dy than athletic wear. >> which is the way everything a is going. > that's a lot of black. we need some color. >> i many with you on that. it is comfortable.fort > samsung has created a new app to help your child use smart phones and tablets more safely. it keeps kids from holding the gadgets too close to their face. it's called safety screen and ad the app uses facial recognition to detect if any device is toooo close to the user's face. if it is, a reminder pops up to notify the users when kids or adults spend too much time closl to a screen they can strain their eyes or causing too much.c if you stair at something too long i definitely feel light. people talk about a blue light.. watch what happens when
5:55 pm
year old rides in a self-driving car for the first time. t pretty funny. f the hilarious reaction right after the break. great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need.
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if you were behind a wheel behind the wheel of a car you couldn't control. the camera was roling when a woman got behind a car with she could have grabbed control of the steering wheel but resisted the urge. > i don't became her. i d > i would try it.t. >> i would, too. but not on a regular road as r cars ares
5:59 pm
> thanks for joining us tonigho at >> fox5 local news at 6 startst6 right now.righ > this is fox5 local news at 6. > sweetheart, i love you.o i amu. praying for you. i'm not sure where you are, butt no we are all looking for.or. > a worried husband's very emotional plea for his missingii wife to come home safely. then baltimore police arepo investigating this violent arrest after video of thehe altercation showed up i don't think they know what'sh' going on. i think they think it's just a ' little bit of water and it willl recede and they'll get on with their lives. these dramatic i am maples so the devastation in text as theas flood waters continue to rice. > it is good to have you withyo us tonight.toni i'm shawn yancy and i
6:00 pm
perkins. >> there is new informationorma tonight in the ambush shootinght that left one prince george's county firefighter t dead andig anotherht wounded. sources familiar with the investigation tell fox5 there are differing accounts about what happened at the home on sharon road in temple hills.temp two sources say the homeownerome did not fire shots through the door friday night and that thet firefighters were already in the home when he pulled the triggerg at least six times.ime it's also still not clear whatca type of protocol the firefighters followed as they approached and entered the home for a welfare check. those things aren't really ironed out in a l policy or a procedure right now because wee give a lot of leeway to our officers to make decisions in crisis situations. that's exactly what they did here. we'll probably give them a little more guidance to help those people make better informed decisions. > the homeowner was releaseele from custody without charges. a 19 year old


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