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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 20, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead arc new yorkr knock out. out >> the people of new york whenen they give us this kind of a vo vote, and it's just incredible. donald trump dominates the gopes primary and make it impossibleoe for one of his rifles to clinchl the nomination. hillary clinton also picked up a home state win ending bernieing sanders hot we'll have a live report. plus, the frantic search foh a missing firefighter. it's been one week since has one has seen or heard from nicolearn now her family and fellow firsts responders are speaking out. a battle over bathrooms a federal court has weighed in ono which facilities a transgendernr teen from virginia can use and a they've also delivered a big set back to a controversial northsih carolina law in the i we'll tell how you the ruling
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and see you later.ater another big night for bryce fry harper down in miami.. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ all right.l r. 9:01 is the good day d.c. on this wednesdayd april 20th i wisdom martinti alongside holly morris, maureene umeh and steve chenevey. >> ahead this morning a royal al boost we'll show you the newou e picture of prince george. georg >> so cute. cut >> british monarch tee celebra celebrates queen elizabeth's 90th birthday.irda >> look at those cute cheeks. ck ak let's wake up to cooler w temperatures. perfect day still on tap.y l on changes are on the way foror details gary is in for tucker.k. tucker is headed tout get little r and r. >> hmm.>>. >> on our dime.our ime. (laughter). >> you'll understand later on.a. good morning, gary., >> what's going on, guys? , gu listen, start
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kind of depended on where you were here in the city we stayeds in the 50s out in the suburbs, upper 30ser3 was the general rule. as a matter of fact frederick f got down close to freezing this morning, wow.rning, 58 now here in town. manassas 46. culpeper not coming but you're'r in the fours too.. winchester 54. 54. martinsburg 55 and hagerstownerw 55.55 check out the temps later on on today. lots of sunshine it's gorgeousou out there right now.. annapolis 65.po here in town we'll shoot for 72. as a matter of fact, just aboutt everybody coming in the 70 today's. day's. lower 70s a couple of spotsf spo culpeper, manassas you'll bele getting close to the middle 70s. future cast says gorgeous today. high pressure builds in.ree buil sunny skies, blue sky. sky. tomorrow we increase the cloudso late late -- looks like all dayl tomorrow we're dry, okay. late into the evening hoursveni perhaps a shower or two. friday morning looks dry. dry now, that's important with atant concert series going on down at far gut square you see where alu the rain and s thunderstormor activity is friday morning wayoy back out to the west we wante
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some of this rain to comeisn to across. time to get little bit here. he. by four, five, 6:00 o'clock we're getting some showers. sho. this is friday afternoon intoo friday evening.veni so it does look like pretty gooo i mean we could pick up as muchc as a quarter to half an inch ofo rain in some spots.pots. hopefully it won't all come dowd at once. be a soaker for two or three ore hours that would be woud look at the trend. 72 today. 75 thursday.da friday we're going to go all the way up to 77 degrees.grees we'll cool off a little bit b going into the weekend. 70 degrees on saturday.aturda here's kind of a first look at k the forecast for the weekend. wd i'll tell you this. thi 70 on saturday.atday. a few clouds. sunday 73. 7 really looks nice.e. there is a chance and looking l more and more likely guys thatua we may actually increase theseee numbers on sunday. we can go from 73, 75, maybe even 78 degrees because these te trend now for sunday is lookingg warmer and warmer. i guess 78 could also be said almost 80.most 80. how is that? tha >> take it. it >> thanks, g
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>> appreciate that.ciat >> all right.>> in the news this morning at 9:03, the family of the missing virginia firefighter is desperately asking for your hell to find her.d >> today is another day nicoleie mittendorff has not been seen oo heard fox5's melanie alnwick is livele in fairfax station with more ono the continuing efforts to locate this firefighter, melanie, iel, know the store just continues ts get more bizarre as the days gog on. >> reporter: that's right,hat'st guys. so a couple of things we'vee' learned this morning.orning. first of all, we know that haveh a state police are back today bd for a fifth day in the shenandoah national park. it's develop credible terrain. we just learned in my interview with fire chief bowers that heat received federal approval to activate the fairfax county cn urban search and rescue team.ea five members of that team whoeaw will be going down at theow t request of virginia state policl to help in the search for nicole mittendorff. also, interesting request fromsf her family saying that theythe believe nicole downloaded
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files on to her mobile phone.hoe they want access to those filesl they believe that they can offen some clues as to where nicole went, however, the family said d that their wireless carrier cari can't help them and also thatha because at this point it is nots considered a criminal case theyy can't get any sort of a warranta search exception to get the to t files off that cell phone sol ps they put out public plea on o their facebook page asking foror an attorney with experience in telecommunications law to offerf any guidance, anything that tt might help them in that.t. another thing really that they y want folks to focus on fairfax county fire department really rl kind of spearheading the publicc effort here to get people tunedd in to this case. case. take look again at the picture of the car and nicole's picture really want people to take aoak look at this even if they thinkk they know the story, that 2009 2 cream colored mini cooper club b with black doors also nicole'si' picture there's other picturesie on the faceb
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find nicole that shows perhaps different hairstyles, differentl ways that she might present herself, and really lookingoo tikrit cal time wednesday at 10:30, 10:50 excuse me is the last time a family fal member got a text message from f nicole. since then, there's been nothi nothing. so there's that period of time t between wednesday, thursday, friday until she didn't show upu for work and then they found fou that car with a really trying to put together some pieces. sompie they think she may have been ine the warrington area as well. wel back to you guys.gus. >> melanie, we want to talk t tl about what it seems everyone is talking about per happen not ini the media out there has been speculation all wasn't right within thisht wit t marriage and there might be morr play here. what are you hearing and how much can you speak to that? >> reporter: well, we can tellel that you, yes, of course, anyone whose going on social media andd on that find nicole page you'llu come across some things thats t sug
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trouble in that marriage. we did ask the fairfax county pio about it this morning. morni they didn't want to comment on whether those allegations wereer true or not true except to say y that it really isn't relevant to trying to find where nicole isoi and that is reall really where e focus at this point much that'ss why they're asking members of the public to come here tonightt 7:30 tonight is when this this community vigil. vigil what they say a vigil of hope will be held for nicole.ol >> the other thing that doesn'tt seem to add it up, mel, it seems like now we're seeing the efforts to bring if like therine search and rescue team andtea ad others where at first it seemeem like there was some resistancees to have members of the community help in this search.earc so i'm a little confused as too why that search effort wasn't ws put out there from the beginni beginning. >> reporter: again, virginia state police are in charge of this investigation. virginia state police are inn es charge of thetate search. so it is up to virginia stat
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police to request thoseest tho resources, and that is what thee d they have their own essentialn teams and they really don't wann members of the public and evenun members of the fairfax county cu fire department as the chief thf says we don't self dispatch.ispa and so they are letting virginir state police handle theirdle r investigation.ation. but are certainly offering as emery sources as state police tell them they >> it's interesting becauseng they've been adamant no foul nul play was involve.olve not how we normally see things g handled.ndle thanks, mel.m >> turning to presidential racea right now. right big night for the front runnersr in the big apple.inhe b donald trump and hillary clinton pulling out big wins in the new york primary and with victorieso each now a big step closer to to clinching the nomination.n. for details we turn to fox5's political reporter ronica cleare who joins us in studio. hi.hi >> thanks, steve. steve last night donald trump and a hillary clinton they had decided victories in new york.orie the question is, are we now at t point where we can call thesehe primary let's just look at the numbers. we'll start with the democrats.s okay. when we look at these nu
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these totals we've got 1893 in delegates for clinton. 1180 for sanders these includene the super delegates. now, sanders campaign they sayhe they need to get those superuper delegates to start switchingwiti from hillary to sands to win toi this thing.hing. the interesting thing though ifi you take out about 460 super delegates from clinton's total t and about 30 from sanders toll, clinton is still beating him inn the delegates she's won fromro winning the races so far. so that definitely sort of hurtt the argument he makes this isaki all about super delegates and why he is not winning this.his. because if you take superer delegates out of the totals,s, she's still got this race.sac let's look at the republicans. we've got donald trump in the lead, of course, which you knowo ted cruz and john kasich k something interesting we don'ten have them in this total any more but marco rubio his delegate count falls right between teden cruz and john kasich much he'sh still beating kasich and kasichs he did not do well enough last s ni
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he was going to help cruz in crz this race and really try to stoo donald trump from getting totio that number of 1237 which he needs to clinch this up beforehh we get to that first ballot at the convention. because kasich did not do that t well, because he only took we're thinking about three delegateset last night, in the new york y primary, ted cruz zook took zere in that primary it helps donaldn trump get one step closer tolort that number of 1237 making itin seem very likely that he can can seal the deal before he gets too the convention.ion. so all this talk of contested ct convention may be it's not going to happen. happen. what do you think the other oth candidates should do? should sanders cruz and kasich leave the race at this point or do yoy think they should fight this ali the way to the convention?gh ii want to talk with about it onn social medial you can find me o facebook and twitter at ronicaoa cleary. back to you guys. >> ronica, thank you. you >> thank you.ou now we want to get fox5 exclusive
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this morning dc police areole a looking for woman they say broke into a home and violently attacked two children. two one of them just two years old.d she punched the toddler repeatedly in the face.e fac now this happened in a southeast neighborhood. another woman has already beens arrested in connection with thet as assault.sslt police believe it wasceelie stemming from the shooting of a seven-year-old earlier this-o er terrible story there.le sto in the meantime still aheadl we are looking for the sweep. sp some local fans are hoping theig caps can end the flyers seasoneo tonight.t. break out the brooms looking for a sweep in philly and these guyy are doing more than just rockini the red.ed folks we'll talk with coming up. >> first big legal win for w f transgender virginia teen in in bathroom battle but the case the could have national implicatio implications. we're going to tell you why.el that's coming up next. n time in the meantime 9:11. ♪
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aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk.
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oast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! >> 9:14 is the time.>> 9 victory for transgender teenagen from virginia. fed appeals court sided with avin grim who was born female but identifies as mail.s ml. >> federal appeals courtppeals overturn the schools policyic saying it was discriminatory.inr bob barnard live in vienna,in vn virginia now with the veryh latest. good morning, bob.good morning,b >> reporter: hey, maureen, maur, good morning to you. m the question here is,
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bathroom restrictions violatela federal law? are they a form oo sex discrimination? i'll tellel you, here in fairfax county, the rule is kids who identify as a a boy can use the boy' room. student transgender identifies as a girl can use the girl'ss case in question here youeou mentioned comes out of out gloucester county, virginia,y, i that's in southeast virginia, high school junior named gavinav grim sued the local school boaro which said he had to use the girl's room because he was bornn a federal judge agreed with thedh school district but now the fourth circuit court of appealsp the federal court in richmondic has sided with gavin grim.av the highest court in the natione to rule on such a matter. matr. the core says that the us u department of education's position prevails.on prevail that students should be allowede to use bathrooms, that match m their gender identity or thosese schools risk losing theirgir federal now gavin grim put out statemene yesterday saying in part, i feel so relieved
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the court's ruling the decisiono gives me hope that my fight will help other kids avoid discriminatory treatment at school.. his attorney joshua block of the aclu says, with this decision, s we hope that schools and legislators will finally get the message that excludingdi transgender kids from thehe restrooms is unlawful sex discrimination.scri now lawmakers here in virginia this session had bills beforelse them that would have instituted statewide bans on transgenderrae students using bathroom that ish they identify with but those bills died and last year theretr was the case out of staffordffd county virginia where a fourthou grade girl born a boy was not allowed to use the girl's room.m the girl's restroom. in that case, the school's soo principal said yes, she can butt the school board after public outcry said no, she cannot. can so this is something thathi t com
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government perhaps soon the supreme court will be dealing di with as transgender rights and a the use of restrooms introo i government facilities and atanda schools and locker rooms at a schools become as hot issue anda it has been and it is stills s going forward.. guys. guys. >> indeed it is. >> it's an issue taken on a lifa of its own. thanks, bob. than appreciate it. in fact a lot of celebritieseles have taken a stand over what w they consider laws inaws i discrimination against lgbtgbt people. op now target is joining theirng ranks. in state released yesterday thee retail giant says transgenderrar employees and customers can useu the restrooms or fitting rooms that quote correspondence with their gender identity. all right.ight. 9:17 is the time. time. coming up later, michael strahan blind sides his host now formerr co-host kell la ripa. r we'll tell you why he's ditchinh and what it could mean for thent future of life.f le. >> first though the polls areugl open. d.c.'s new eagles still need ad name and you can help decide did what we will call them.l
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arboretum for all the detailse s and update on the little onesene conditions coming up next. 9:17. 9:17.
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you;
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glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. >> 9:20. one month ago to the dayh ag actually eagle couple e mr. president and the first ladd welcome two baby eaglets andgl they're not exactly the superup cute adorable balls of feathersh they were when they were first s born. before we know it they'l
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majestic birds like their birdse parents have that symbolic withc the united states and here's the challenge thesehe little guys need names. nam for details update on the condition of the eagles we turnr to dr. richard roll zone theollt direct of the national arboret arboretum. how are you. >> i'm well, thank you for checking back in with us.inith >> they grow up so fast andsoas they're getting so big.ig is everything normal so far wito the little ones? >> everything is perfectlyctly normal. they're little over four weeks.s they're almost full size with si regards to their beak and theirr feet about half the two-thirdswd the size in terms of height andi width of their parents and parts they're right on track. >> they need some names.eam these two. >> they definitely need some names and so as you referred tot we've started the campaign cpa yesterday we announced the finaf polling for helping us to vote t on the names for this eaglet pair. pa >> how do you pick the names, n some of them were a littletle expected but som
9:22 am
okay out there.he how exactly did you pick them ot just the ones with the most t m votes, is that exactly it or, was there another hemmed.erem >> that's exactly it.act what we did, in the first part r of the polling with the americae eagle foundation and the social media campaign, was to come up with as many pairs of eagles ofe names as we can and then we simply did the old scientificeni method ranked them by popularitt and then we had to throw outhroo some other ones that were not necessarily on par with what wea were trying to do.into d but these are typically the topt names.mes. >> now, behave on what happenedo in the uk with the vote over there, did anybody suggest birdie mcbird face for one of f the eagles.eags. >> actually someone did, yes. (laughter). >> love it. >> i'm not surprised.ot >> what is the frontrunner righu now and what is your favorite? well, i don't know then't knhe frontrunner right now.. but i do -- i do have a favori favorite. i like honor and glory pretty much. i kind of like that one. >> all right.ll r >> when does
9:23 am
when are these eagles going toog start flying? those are the twe questions i want to know.nt to w >> right. well, they are a little overre four weeks right now, son so s what you'll see they referred tt they kind of have the complexiol only a mother can love right non sort of in that between the cutt stage, but they are getting their full feathers now and full feathered in six fully brown anhave all their a t feathers you may notice they'ret standing now.stan now. they may be a little awkward bub they're using those feet andt they're start to go actuallyly figure out how to feed t f themselves that will happen ande then at 10 to 11 weeks, they'lle start hopping out on to the the branches which is calleds ll branching and then by 13 weeks, they can taking their firsthe f flight. flight >> what are they eating regurgitated fish we saw themawe eating as newborn eyeing let's.l >> yeah, and so they are eating fresh fish and they do not not regurgitate.regu they actually eat it -- their-- parents rip it and feed them the raw meat.ea then they digest it and what yoy may be noticing in the nestin te right now is that they actually
9:24 am
regurgitate pellets of bone and fish scales much like owls regurgitate. gu so don't get scared if you see u one that looks like they'ree choking. that's actually natural they're' eating fish right out of anna oa cos city ya river. riv >> i'm sorry, holly. hol has anybody been able to get upt in the nest yet or is it too early for that as much as much research science that type ofen thing. >> it's too early. it' we would typically start banding around six to eightweeks. unfortunately, this nest is noti in a very stable situation.on. so we're still it look like wewe probably will not be going up and banding the nest -- bandingi the eagles. this nest is 6 feet tall and att the very top of this tree. t it's very awkward. so it's probably not a good idei to get up there. the >> now once these siblings doib fly the nest will they go theire separate ways?ay >> yeah, they'll leave in abouta 13 weeks.13 wks they'll hang around the nest fo another week or so. dad and mom will start takingg off at the same time and that'sa pretty much th c
9:25 am
juveniles that they better stara to learn to hunt on their own.wn and so, yeah it's pretty muchuc they'll hang around in the areae and they -- it takes four or for five years for them to fullyrs mature sexually mature andat they'll get the white tail feathers and whitehead, the balb head but yeah they'll take off e gone their way. w >> mom and dad go their way tooy or coming back and hanging around the empty nest. >> i was talking with one of our establish members sue greeleyrss really our eagle here biologisto to the ground she said mom takem off early she gets a littletle tired and deserves a littlede vacation. >> yeah. >> and then the dad takes off, and they will.ill they will sort of go on littleie vacation hang around the areaune and maybe go little further andr then hopefully return in late l fall to start rebuilding the t nest. nest >> we're learning as we enjoynj watching as well.l. dr. olsen always good to talk tt you. we appreciate you joining use yo once again this morning. >> my flesh.>> my it's beautiful morning. mor come out here to the national na arboretum.artu >> you can vote online at
9:26 am
facebook page for the nationalaa arboretum and there are the a t websites as well. w we'll put it outer loop websitee too.o. >> the parents will be emptyar nesters really soon.ennest i've been waiting on o . >> i know. >> queue the crickets, >> ♪ >> taylor swift calling herself poster child for slut shaming. i we'll tell you why. other revelations from her q and a with vogue magazines. magazin >> the caps trying to make teama history tonight in philly. we'll have a preview of tonight foss game.ssam game four that is with some of the team's biggest fans. f >> gary will be back with all b check of the weather much it's a beautiful day out there just ins time for the weekend. 9:26 right now.
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bryce, deep left field. fied werth has gone way out. >> marlins pool out there somewhere.e this one scrapes the wall butest counts as one. >> to right.ig and deep.dp. stanton is back. back and it is gone! grand slam and harper cracks it wide open. >> nats four homeruns lastoms ls night. three in the seventh inning. talk about seventh inning stretch.h jayson werth, ramos, grand slama by harper. brian zimmerman. zimmerm he started the season with zeror grand slams. now he has two
9:30 am
>> werth picked his 200th dinger. >> straws great on the hill. nats 10 and three on the seasona way to go. >> i would say they're doing t okay at this point. >> bryce harper is doing reallyy okay. >> i was commenting about thent empty stands for miamiin. >> they don't draw as swell as some other ballparks.ks >> lot of towns in sports thatpt don't do well no matter how well they're teams are especially early in the season.s >> april in general not kroutoto the crowd a tractor isn't peoplo work. people don't care at this pointt >> it's like that.>> it's like >> all right.>> time now 9:30. that mean it's time for check of what else making headlines thiss morning. morn right now a flash floodw a d watch is in effect in houston,o, texas.tes. thousands of people are peopl a evacuating their homes. hom the high waters to blame for several deaths. death nine counties in text ex are a state of emergency. more than 1,000 water rescuesesu have now been carried out in the houston suburbs alone. to flint michigan threeganhe people will face criminal char charges in water crisis the state's attorney generalal will announce the charges against two stitt regulators and a city
9:31 am
for 18 months residents drankrak improperly treated tap waterapat with high levels of lead. big after shock rattledtl ecuador this morning. morng that country is still reelingee from saturday's deadlydl earthquake. the tremor today was 6.1 thehe strongest yet since the 7.8 7 quake over the weekend killedile 525 people.eopl hundreds more are still missing. president obama landed inded saudi arabia a little over anr a hour ago. he's meeting with king solomon as tensions grow between the uss and saudis.. the president criticized countru last month saying they need toet share the middle east with iran. the saudis are also angry over a proposed bill to let families of 9/11 victims sue saudi arabia ai since most of the terroristsriss were saudis.. your credit cardtar transactions are about to speedo up much visa is improving itsng smart chip imbedded cards.ards now the company says they can c shave about 18 seconds off thedo time it takes to check out.
9:32 am
to dip youour card into thed ine reader. you won't have to leave it therv for what seems like an eternity. and finally, check out the newest royal family photo showing four generations the t royal family.amily. the adorable photo was takenas k last summer in buckingham palacc white drawing room the image was released this week to celebratee the queen's 90th birthday. which is tomorrow.omorrow. the photo features princenc charles, queen elizabeth, princi george and prince william it wit will be used on commemorativemoi stamp it is the first timest t prince george has appeared on a stamp. >> oh, my gosh. g >> what's taken so long.t' >> right.s it was one queen and three kinin in the making. >> in that picture.icture. so c >> we have great news to share a right now.righ big congrats in order for holly morris. holly has won an edward r muro award one of the biggest honorsh in muro is for best feature roaring in the d.c. region. it was her story holly told asol part of our pay it forwardt for series.sees she profile
9:33 am
rachel harris who was inn was in sparred by a book she read ind kindergarten to do good foror others i vividly remember thisei story.story one of my favorite bar n we want to let you know fox5 photographer chip base won forwn best use of video.. congratulations.laons bar 91 we have one of the mostt talented staff here at fox5 andd this goes to prove kudos to you. >> congratulations.ulat >> i wouldn't along with lancean ink my photographer at the timee he used to work at fox5. f it was a collaborative effort. and so i did always have a personal professional dream ofd winning an muro for a story thaa i wrote. and so i was really --eall >> check in one off the list.t >> i was delighted yesterday.rdy >> and humble.e. >> always special when your wor is row warred that >> thank you. >> all right.>> let's go on down to gary now whw is being rewarded all week longl for some amazing that we're having. hing >> i think what we're going towt get rewar rewarded with here soa little bit of rain.. >> we do need it. need >> we're not super dry orer d o anything like there but bask in the sunshine while we have it.
9:34 am
okay? mostly sunny and dry i just look outside it's sot's o great out there.t ou temperatures are coming 54 for gaithersburg.sbg 58 d.c. d.c. quantico is 59.s all the numbers are coming backc in here except for culpeper.. 55 degrees for west chester --- winchester there. we're sunny and dry today.ay temperatures will come up.p. super sunny it's super dry. low humidity so there are everyy therefore temperatures can stara off cold and get up into nice ne comfortable reading so we'll go 72 later today. i'll get out of the way. annapolis 64. baltimore 69 and right aroundro dulles western suburbs upper 60s and lower 70s as well. asl. here's the next few days.ay 72 today. 75 thursday.hursday. 77 on friday.. 70 degrees on saturday. in terms of what we're lookingwt like this morning, high pressurs is building down from the northn behind a frontal system so we'rw high and dry here. here. we continue to be that way on future cast.ast let's get right here to fridayo this is real where we have a he chance for a little bit of rainr coming in. not friday morning but friday fa afternoon.rn friday evening god
9:35 am
for some showers and some thunderstorms.s we can get as much as quarter of an inch in some spots maybe a me little bit more. more. or little bit less but i think i quarter of an inch is a good a o place to start. s forecast for today looks likeool this. 63 at 11:00.00 mostly sunny at 2:00 o'clock. mostly sunny at four orr 5:00 o'clock. and for the next several daysxtv we're lookinerg really real gooo we stay in the 70s around here.h every afternoon high temperaturu on this seven day forecast inecn the 70s much that's nice. sunday could get warmer, too. we're 73 now but it wouldn'tdn't surprise me if we start trending up with that maybe 75 to 78 the8 way it's looking right now onwn our sunday forecast so the weekend it rocks.. guys back out to you. >> it does.oes. we all should be rocking the rer tonight as the caps are lookingo to break out the brooms inomsn philly. washington leads the flyers fly three to zero in the first round of the stanley cup playoffs.layf in the caps win tonight it will be their first ever playoff sweep.sweep. meanwhile fans hoping for more caps action they are living lin every second of this series
9:36 am
always caps fans are rocking the red of course but some of thef t most dedicated are also rocking some beards for more on thate oa we'll turn to mike cane and a peter robinson.n mike is with the usa warriors standing team and peter is senior manager for community relations for the caps.aps. we're going to sweep it tonightt love it. so excited. can stand what's going on? >> beard one of the aspects ofea the playoffs we liked to every year. >> where did the playoff beardla start? i feel like it's everyts playoff now.playoff >> it's a tradition. it' it's kind of been a thing inhini hockey forever. that guys just stop shaving anda they don't really groom gro themselves whether it be with bh beard or even with the hairth tr until they go all the way and a their hoisting that cup. so this is a fun way for the fans to get involved into that a same tradition.. >> every guy dreams of and every like wife or significant other is like oh, my gosh.y gos this is driving me crazy butrazy this is for great cause. cse >> yes. >> can i just say,
9:37 am
start growing your beard at the beginning of the playoffs. >> actually i shaved it four ihe days ago and it just came in. >> hello. hel i amman. here me roar. that's nice beard. >> i trim it down. so but i have like completelyomt shaved it off. off. >> gotcha.>> >> let's talk about how peopleau can get involved in the period d thon. >> easiest way to go go thon or or beard it all a goes to the same website andbte they can grow a beard themselvee and have people donate or if o they don't want to grow a beard or they can't they can donate to any of the warriors that aret ae growing a beard any other capss fans or even some of our playe players. >> okay. so that's the best thing to do. you go to the website like you said you can t either try to grg your own beard and raise moneynd or make a donation to the beardd that you love best.t. >> that's right.t' >> i think we have photos from beard let's talk about the cause thatt this supports because not only is it helping cheer us and get t us through the playoffs forhelao amazing cause. >> yeah. helping support the hockey team
9:38 am
i play for usa warriors hockey team. . we're consisted of veterans that have been in iraq and a afghanistan been wounded inn and to find out that the capsap were, you know, using us as the recipientrecipients this year ii absolutely incredible. we couldn't be more humble and a we're just kind of hopingopin everyone kind of jumps in on it and helps support the caps and a support us and at the end of tht season hopefully the caps will i be hoisting up the cup. cup >> you mean when they'rehey' hoisting up the cap. >> yes, when they're hoisting ut the cap. the ca >> when we talk bout usan we t warriors team did you playm d yo hockey before?or >> actually i played rollerolle hockey growing up as a kid in an wisconsin. so kind of weird. weird but i loved ice hockey and iy ad followed the caps since i was sw like five or sick years old frof wisconsin. and when i came here, after i i got over to walter reed for my y injuries, somebody came in anddd was like, hey, do you like hockey? i'm were from wis witht e i do you want to play? i said sai yes. i ended up joining usa warriorsi when t
9:39 am
coming out and i've been lovingn it since.ince >> what is it about hockey, hy, because i know everyone on theee usa warriors team may not have v had experience with hockey. hoc. what is it about that sport thaa really is rehabilitating? you know, hockey very challenging sport. you're pushing yourself as fasts as you can across sheet of ice.. it's hard enough for some peoplp for me i can personally say toly walk across a sheet of ice to it let alone play with little blades. but it's i can push myself mysel torque upping, feel normal agaia i guess. gue. but just to show that i can dotn anything that i want to do d regardless of not having any >> it's amazing thank you for your service and a for your sacrifice.ri and for what you're continuingtu to do even here with this. what are we looking at tonight? what's your call?? >> i think it's flyers will comm out really strong again justongj like they did last game. g it will be emotional up liftingi game for them and for their fans. i think we're going weather the storm and hopefully come out ono
9:40 am
>> you mean when we come out on top. >> i have to work on both of you and your attitudes. when we come out on top. o top i'm sensing and feeling a sweepp i want to mention there are some people of note that are in thehe beard thon, right? if you -- y- there's a special thing i know can couple of the sports junkies if you actually vote for them te during their show on a game day -- >> yeah. great thing about this year we party nerd with 107.5eb and.5ebd cakes and junkies are growing a beard. danny and their producer tom and chad dukes. if you go to beard thon websiteb and you donate to one of their i beards during their show you'rer entered to win an autographedra item we've given out a couple ol autographed pucks the last fewew games. games. we have a few more pucks to give away today as well.l >> i think of man in the d.c..c. area should be growing a beard a right now. steve and wisdom pressure is ono much bring it. it. go caps. cap >> absolutely. >> back over to ya'll. >> you see those guys rocking ri those beards.those beards. it would be a disappointment..
9:41 am
sort of like in support. >> no? >> not going to happen. >> still ahead he's one of thef hardest working men in show sho business but apparently michaell strahan is dropping one of his h daily gigs and it came as quitee a shock to his co-star.o-st we'll have the behind the scenee drama when we check in with tmz live. ♪
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
all right. welcome back. topping today's fox beat kellyxl ripa blind sided by michael strahan. you get why that's funny.'sun he used to play football.ooal >> i tollly got that. t behind the scenes drama brewingw plus harry hairy hug.ryug you got that one too.t one too. >> one of my favorite photos inn long time. harry hug. hug isn't for details we turn to mr. dax holt live in los angel angeles. good morning to you, t first of all, bit of awkward hed will hmm this morning when hemon turned on life with kelly and a michael because kelly wasn'tt so let's talk about what happened yesterday and was thats because of what happened?appene >> it's absolutely because ofeco what happened.ned so yesterday abc made the mad te announcement that michael strahan would be leaving lifengf with kelly and michael, andel ad headed over to a full-time position over at gma which youcu know he's been doing littleng ll guest spots on for last littleat while but they want him fullul time over there.. because rate
9:45 am
slipping on gma also losing toos the today show they wanted tod bring him over full force.. however, problem they never toll kelly and she found out at the same time the world found out michael and the producers wereee sitting down with her and sayiny this is what's going on oh by by the way we're break the news to the world. so she is furious. very upset but apparently this decision to keep her in the dark was came down from the top from bob eiger over at disney they te head of disney, and he decideded to keep her in the dark with this decision. decis not really sure why because if you remember regis also left het in the dark when he announced au his retirement.em she found out on air. and you know i think shehi s probably feels very hurt byer h this. she's the host of that show.. and it seems like it would have been a nice thing for someone tt do is to tell her and she didid not show up to work today.. and we're being told it looktoo like this might continue quite u bit over the next couple of of weeks because she's so furious o ab
9:46 am
know what they're going to there is some talk even about a either changing the time fromime live and kelly my cool another h time slot to add a third hour to gma. yeah it's just -- it seems likes a whole mess. mes >> dax, so he has to apparently be there until september. now, anna is on the show todayht instead of kelly.d of k do you think she's just nothink going to show up for long time?m i mean, i can't imagine if she finds out yesterday morning in r meeting at 10:30 for the firsthr time when we all find out, i mean she obviously feels a little upset about thatbout situation.ion how is that even going toeven gt continue on to september? howth is that even possible to not have auction warness? >> i think there's going tohereg definitely be auction warnessaur and i think that means people p will definitely tune in evenit more to see thele awkwardness.. but, you know, she's probablyba just needs to cool down right dg now. give her some time to kind ofki process this whole thing, and,,a you know, i feel bad for her. fr i feel bad they would't
9:47 am
tell her and it's her show. >> maybe she's behind the scenes negotiating saying there's asa s price on my so i need some more money since ya'll blind sided me once againa i'm just saying. >> the most important thing awam to take awaypo from this dax --- >> and that work when you're under contract.un >> the most important thing tort take away we don't have dramae a here on good day dc. d tune into our show everywve morning. you don't need to have that. (laughter). >> they've heard about good day dc mayor making those >> i think that is the case. tha >> i think they want our familyl dynamic. >> too much awesome.some >> laugh thing on the strahanher before we move on real quicklyuy let me get this straight.t he had the ripa job, then he had the fox sports job and he got gma he gave one of those highh profile jobs.ile job we'll move on. i'm just making sure i got the math right.thight >> better story.story princes have visitor the -- >> we are told, sorry.or we're told michael strahan thisn move over to gma
9:48 am
changing move like crazy amountn of money of. we're told somewhere like eight figures. so the rumors are going aroundud somewhere like the $20 millionli range. sounds like wisdom's paycheck.. >> real quick.ui star wars this is the coolesttho thing ever my favorite photoho i've seen awhile. prince visited episode eight ses a photo of prince harry geekinge out and huggin hugging chewbaccc my favorite photo i've seen inen long talk about how this came out at pine wood studios.. >> yeah.>> y i love this.i so yeah like you said the two princes visit pine wood studiosu invited in. i mark hamil was there joy boyegay was there all the set pieces.ce light sabers. ser everything you could possibly want, and -- there it is.. >> they got to go meet everyone and it seemed likk the fun nest time. t a lot of people very jealouslo here.he. i mean if as they don't alreadye have the greatest live ever butt then they get to add this on t
9:49 am
>> yeah. another checkmark.mark. >> thanks a lot dax.ot d we got to let you go and talk to you next week and tmz airs livee at 6:30 p.m. right here on fox . weekdays at 3:00 and 6:30. 6 buy, dax.bu d >> thanks a lot. >> bye. >> so you aren't caught off guard live with kell and wisdom and steve.d i want to make sure everybodyryy aware. >> we were supposed to wait anda break that news.s. >> i didn't it to be awkward.wkd >> we'll pay you both $20. 9:49. 9:49. coming up we're showing you thee latest trend in stress reliefief that involves an hour alone in i pool of water. water we'll show you how it work and a tell you about the healthea benefits that's coming up next.. ♪ ♪
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it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. spring into fun and save $50 with an all-inclusive ticket. busch gardens williamsburg. a whole other world awaits. z1yorz
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♪ all right. that's a little samp>>le of thef band secret society and you can see more of them this friday asa we kick off another edition ofto the fox5 rocks concert series. secret society which formed inmd 2008 by washington area musician brian mills bring the live bandb sound back to today's heavily computerized mark.k.
9:53 am
washington area music awards fof best urban contemporary group. secret society sound influenced by stevie wonder, john colen drain and marvin gay. you can hear secret societyiety perform new original musicss along with old classic atic a farragut square frida this frid. wisdom martin and allison willis be your host. your wisdom martin is just readingtea what was in the prompter.roter >> life can be stressful sometimes you need a way to jusj kind of let it go and unwind. un >> now off new option unlike ana other you may have ever triedr i before called flotation therapyp and this morning we're learningl all about how it's done andone a health benefits. ben for that we accept our residents guinea pig erin and tucker tor t bells today. t oh, suffering for the craft.raft you guys look comfortable.omforb >> you guys are bathing bathing together. that's really cute.'sll >> i know, right. >> yeah. real quick wisdom and steve anya opportunity whatsoever to get tt
9:54 am
you. you. stay tuned for that. >> eww.>> e. >> more awkward than whataw happened on kelly -- (laughter).ghter) >> all right. come over and join us, please we're at hope floats and joinedj by the owner. >> this is kimmie boone.mie b >> hi. welcome.welc >> introduce us to what i'mhat i about to experience.xpernc >> okay, great. thank you all for coming out. this is flotation tucker, you'll step in here. her you're going to lay back and yod will effort lesley float theselo tanks are filled with about abo 12 feet of -- develop inches ofo water with thousand pounds of o epsom salts. s so your body will effort lesley float you'll lay back and close the door so it will be dark it k will be silent except you willil hear 10 minutes of meditativee music. it will go into silence how lonn do you spend >> our sessions are either anon hour or 90 minutes. mines typically people come in for the first time and try the hour float.oat >> what kind of ailments do people come in for or justus general sense of
9:55 am
there a particular reasons they come in. >> so many reasons.. actually it's mental andmeal a physical. people come in for anxiety,, stress, depression.ressio you definitely get a feeling off being able to shut down your y brain and your brain activityinv while you're in here.e which louse for you when you gey out to feeoul completely relaxed and, upping, just very calm, surrene. >> almost like the benefits of t massage it sounds snds >> absolute much absolutely.olel >> except you are in here byt y so you're able to get in tune in with yourself and your ownnd yoo feelings and so forth it's alsos with thousand pounds of epsom es salts your body benefits from the muscles and so forth.les anf we have athletes who comore in o do it for, you know, tension and muscle aches and pains and so forth. fibromyalgia is very common c ailment that people use the tann for. >> you mentioned to me that somo of the soldiers from nih come c over, too. >> yes, yes. it has been proven and we have a number of veterans that comean e over and use it for postor traumatic stress diss or
9:56 am
>> we're err wagon go totete tucker to take off his robe and hop on in.n he's going float during the necc hour. when we come back he'll let usht know what the experience is like maybe relieve a little anxietyty help you get rid of your sinusor infection. get a better feeling of wellne wellness. (laughter).r) >> he's going to go ahead and ae get we're going to leave him to the meditative music. kimmie and i are going to exitnt the room make it nice and dark.d i hope you're not cluster tow phobic i it looks nice and roomr in there. >> i'm like >> how does the water feel. fee >> it's like an experience i'vei never had before.ver habefore my body is suspend on the top of water.. >> we'll give him privacy to settled and we'll check back inb with you toys the back in the loft while tucker gets settled at hope at o floats. floats. >> i don't think he wants any ti privacy. >> he doesn't. >> no. >> erin you're next.. >> i feel like there's a sei
9:57 am
right now. still ahead at 10:00 o'clock o'o national look like who do people say you look likek or who do you think you lookthyk like celebrity wise? celebrity doppelgangers we'll share yoursy and share yours as well tweet uu with the #gooddaydc ♪ >> first though coffee. if you've been eyeing our cool o mugs new good day done dipoodayo doughnuts mug perfect forct dunkin' donuts coffee head on to fox5 or faceboob page to enter our mug contest ce one lucky winner selected byele random drawing you only have until 11-dollar enter and time t right now 9:57.:5 we're back with more good day.
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♪ the 10a all over the hottest topics this wednesday
10:01 am
drama in more morning t it's not with us of course between these two. two plus people named the most beaub follow woman in the world andhed taylor opens up.taylor >> at 10:30-a pregnancy, a proposal, and a huge pre p diagnose tam for one of the lyon >> tucker and erin have ther d r latest trend aimed at destressing.reg >> it involves gallons andines gallons of salt water, a dark capsule and no clothes. cth >> oh, my.. >> don't miss this one.hisne the 10a starts now. ♪ all right. rht hopefully you're having a littll double vision today.. because it is national look nioa alike day. good day d.c. we're glad you'rer with us. us. i have steve, wisdom, mo, all here and we'll have a little fuf right off the top with the wholo national look a like day.ike day >> all right. all right so steve, you go first.. >> so chris pick this.k t this is basically your celebrity doppelganger
10:02 am
you look like who you think you look like. like >> i get this. dylan walsh. wsh probably most famously known fon nip tuck. t also in the movie thehe stepfather. >> i get that quiet bit fromqub people. >> he was on a soap opera but i can remember which o >> that's good call. >> handsome.>> handsome. >> thank you very much.hank >> all right. i actually went online to thingg called hi find myy and i put my m picture with my new hair and they said i matched up withh patricia arquette.rqtt >> that will make you kevin likl you even more.u en m i actually think that's pretty t i think the hair but i don't ses the rest of the resemblance.. >> really. >> hair for sure. hr fo but, no. n >> i'll give it to you.give they match up points in yourpoiy face and everything. >> up next let's take look atakk erin como.omo. she often gets --et - >> that's pretty good call.. >> erin if you go on h
10:03 am
facebook page she actually did a whole little' at this time andtl it's like pictures of her and marisca and high to do a double take. which ones were hers.ers. >> law and order.rder >> same nose. >> what else do we do >> we also have -- i thinknk ronica.. >> ronica. >> i like to see this one. >> oh. >> who is this lady.s thisady. >> she's on home land also on ao gotham and she is the significant other of benjaminn mckenzie. yeah. >> also on gotham. >> yes.>> yes. >> ronica's picture looks like k movie head shot.head >> i think ronica is wear more e attractive than marina. >> okay.y >> all right.>> a kevin. kevin >> oh my goodness.>>h my >> we know this one. o >> but it's dead on.n. ed snowden.en that's pretty good one.oo o that's pretty good.y i like it. >> okay. so listen, tweet us -- wait a wi minute. minu wait a minute. minute
10:04 am
>> i don't know. don't kno maureen and wisdom? >> maureen and wisdom didn'tdomd want to play.wa >> that's not it >> no.>> >> i tried.>> i >> i confine anybody that lookeo like me. me. >> they claim they can't findeyf any celebrity you need to us tweet who maury w and wisdom look like.. >> one time someone said glennal close maybe that's the's wisdom reminds me of magic johnson. more because he wants to becomem magic johnson. his favorite >> he wants the money. m >> i want the empire. >> #gooddaydc if you think there's other people that wer look like. l specifically looking for maureer and wisdom or if you have a h celebrity doppelganger tweet usu your picture.icture >> we'd love to see that.s and who you think you look likel >> you know maybe someone outeoe there thinks they look like onen of us. i've gotten it in the past.n e p >> that would be great.d be >> very cool.>> very cool. having little fun on thisittl wednesday. right now four past the hour.t let's check what is trendingecki this morning.this mor >> all first up, northern virginiania neighborhood making a come backa it use
10:05 am
the disco era. e now crystal city is trendingrend place to call home again.e it's attracting residents andida younger workers with cheaper rent and proximity to the nation's capitol it's beingt's b called the brooklyn of d.c. >> really. >> you say yea or nay? >> first time i'm hearing ofeano this. i mean i know they've done a lon of work there. the. they lost lost the office space because when the governmentovnm moved a lot of positions aroundd there's lost empty space there.e now it would be great to see that empty space developed intoi something fun. >> brooklyn of d.c. what do you think? all right. g back here in d.c. mate it maybey 420 but fans of legal marijuanaa won't get to smoke up signed the club. cl lawmakers in the district votedt to enact permanent ban onnent bn smoking marran in private clubsc it is an issue lawmakers havekev gone back and forth on sinceh os they approved temporary ban on clubs two months ago. months ag. possession of marijuana forij f personal use has been legal inel the district since early last year but congress block the citc from making any more change
10:06 am
bowser foss her signature.igtu all right.all let's talk a little sports now. more drama for johnny footballtb former cleveland brownsnd bro quarterback johnny manziel saysy he's still focused on playing in the nfl next year.r. if you believe that.hat. >> um-hmm. >> he'll have to find a newav agent to do se o because drew d rosen house officially dropped o manziel yesterday just a weekusw after threatening to do so if hs didn't get help for his drug a use.use. nike also confirm it has cut ties with menzel. m his domestic violence case before go before a texas grandex jury tomorrow.jury the assault charge stems from an incident that happened with hisp girlfriend earlier this year.lis >> he real has gone from johnnyn football to johnny drama.rama >> how people didn't see this si coming because he had some dramd in college and then it just jus continued. escalated.escala >> when you lose the -- let's -t just say probably best or well well-known agent in the entire h football league and one of thefe best well-known sponsors in the entire sports world, where do we you go. .
10:07 am
>> you have to suck it up andit start building yourself back upp again if you really want it.ou i >> absolutely i hope he gets h g help. i hope he gets help for his life's sake. >> tv cruel of animal planet p show river monster may have mayv saved someone's live while w filming they found a man stranded on a largely dessertedd australian island.and crew members say the man was ouo fishing when he decided to leava his boat to go find betterette oysters. he tried to make it back to thee beach but he couldn't.t he c when the tv crew found him he he suffered from a sun stroke. fisherman has no familiar andila children. so no one really even knew heknh was missing. missing he had been stranded without any supplies for about 60 hours.. >> wow. right place at the right time. >> absolutely. >> let's go ahead and stuck wit reality tv. former cull who appeared on hgtt show love it or list it apparently didn't love it.t. their now suing the show producers and the contractorsaco and they are suing the show because it appears -- i shouldd say they appeared on love it or
10:08 am
list it last now according to the lawsuit the couple claims the show is as a total scam. they say they spent $140,000 in only 85,000 went towards theds t house and the rent was used ---- the rest was used to produce the show. according to them homeownerhomew funds specially paid for thed r cost of creating a staged seta g for the show.e sh. the couple says their floor was irreparable damage, theag carpeting was low grade ands w d windows were painted shut.hut. the producers now have callede e their claims false and say theyy are prepared to vigorouslyously defend themselves.hemsve >> i've always wouldn'ted abouta those shows. how much do they actual dollarey the work and is it the finish fs product we see? i've read in r the past no you're actually seeing some facsimile of ale of finish product and they have tov do finishing touches. tch >> the one that gets me they mey pick them up at the hardware store. come with us and surprise.urpr >> do you know how many days ikw wandered home depot wishinge deo someone would say to me -- me -- >> have you had done it. >> i bought the biggest lemonggn years ago. and just eight contractorson later --te
10:09 am
anybody. >> i finally got the rightan gog contractor.contractor. back then oman, had you stoppedp me, please take my house. hou >> my fear for these people ise the fine print of whatever theyt sign when they went on that on >> that's true.>> because it should be easy.e sho you look it's either or it isn'n when you're talking about houseu it's not like you have to lift f hood. if the windows are painted shut, and it would be interesting toto see what document they did signd to see iigf it's as is or smothe language you're good to go g regardless of how this turns o out. >> on the show sometimes we're s running out of money we'll havew not do this we thought we werete and maybe sometimes it's easier to do it on your own, not in, nt front of tv world. hot on the web today photo o of woman who appeared on maury m going viral posted started to create memes some of the the memes -- meme >> that's a good one.. >> my gosh on national look alok like day. day >> either ted cruz's daughter oo long lost sister some evene eve saying this would behis uld presidential candidate wouldte look like if he dressed like a a also posted on the maury's
10:10 am
website as the pick of the day.d they're not shying away from tht publicity there. the >> pretty good.. >> that's hysterical. >> behind the scenes of empire.s we've got a sneak peek to haveae night's all new episode that's a coming up.coming up. >> first though kelly ripa blinb sided by michael strahan.trahan taylor swift's revealing vogue e and a and chrissy tee againee a shows off her brand new baby ana a whole lot more. coming up in the good day good y celebrity dish. dh. 10:10 is the time. time. kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys.
10:11 am
. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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10:13 am
♪ it is time for the good day celebrity dish. dish. >> the drama of the day startss out our celebrity dish this t morning after spending four years sitting behind kelly ripap on live with kelly and michael,, michael strahan is leaving the show to join good morning america full minutes ago live on the showw this morning strahan said heai h looks forward to his continuedod work with the team at gma and he thanked rip at a saying she wasw an unbelievable partner and that his departure will delving he went on to say he loves her. but this morning kelly was a no tmz is reporting kelly's absence is because she was blind sidednd by news of michael's departure.e he will join
10:14 am
september but no official announce many yet on when he will exit live or on who will replace him.. >> that's going to be ant's ing interesting dynamic for the nexn couple of months.f ths. >> getting your tapes together?e >> getting it together?ogether? >> steve and i have already made the trip to new york. (laughter).ter). >> we book our train tickets out already. re >> we're good. steve, we'll talk about what abt side of town we'll live on latet on. >> that's cool.>> t >> we'll decide.ha we'll >> wisdom once d again, the brek down is, did not protect the blind >> good one. >> did ya'll get that. y >> we got it.>> w >> okay. >> very good, steve.y >> we didn't laugh but we got it. >> steve since and i will bece w partners -- - >> we twenty seven another other wisdom. wisdom. >> it's official. it' jennifer aniston was named w people magazine's 2016 world's r most beautiful woman. wom she may be one of the mostos gorgeous stars in hollywood shee was still humbled and flattered when she first heard the news.ed she told the magazine quote i thought oh, my god, and then t there was this sort of very
10:15 am
excited teenaged kind of momentt the actress said she's learnedrn to embrace her appearance overr the years and feels mostt beautiful after she finishes ain great workout.great wo i'm sure she does.oe. >> she's gorgeous. >> yes.>> y. >> nothing -- especially after e work out i'm sure. >> you know what i love they loe picked someone in theiyr 40s.0s >> yeah. to be the most beautifullyutifuy woman. >> there you go. the >> as part aft recent cover shoot with vogue song stressgues taylor swift whose nowhere neara 40 invited magazine into her her beverly hills home for a 733 question interview. >> why 73? 7 >> i have to idea. i h >> come in. >> during the nearly 10 minute t conversation tay tay shows off s her awards, writing room and her cats while revealing a slew of o interesting details aboutailsbo now, swift's favorite tv show s speaking of jennifer aniston friends. her most memorable career momenn filming the star-studded bad blood music video and the best present she ever received ann olive tree plant beside her her boyfriend calvin harris.s
10:16 am
asked what advice she would givv her 19-year-old self. the 26-year-old took a deep deep breath and replied, you're goin to date like a normal 20-year-old something you shouli be allowed to do but you'ree going to be a national lighte lightening rod for shaming. >> huh? >> that's what she did do or --o >> roll to back again. ain. roll that back.t back we'll read it again much thisuci what she said.. now go for. >> go forward.ward keep going until you see quotation here we goio. we g >> that was so interesting.eres. >> it's one hour show. >> stop. sp. her 26-year-old self is tellingl her 19-year-old self. if she can.he you see what i'm saying you'llol date like a normal 20-year-old something you should be a loudea to do, you're going to date likk a normal 20-year-old.-o you shall be a loud to that. a t but you're going to be a a national lightning rod for sha she's just giving herst g 19-year-old self a heads up.. >> right. >> she left out the rich andt famous part.mous part >> she's not
10:17 am
you can't be normal when you'rer not normal. norma i'm just saying. sayin >> and that's why she said she's going to be lightning rod forrof shamshaming.shing. see how that went.t. >> real talk about it with kel kelly. >> you're >> steve -- that's what i'm talking about steve got my back. rihanna former aid is blastin bg jay-z streaming next networketwo tidal.. jonathan hay worked with rhe rhe 2005 and says that the big partp of the of subscription only streaming site is destroying thd legacy of popular artists.ists. allegedly rihanna was upset whew her latest album sold 460 copies in the first week after it wasta given away for free by tidal. tidal is lame and embarrass ma many. kanye west did the tidal alll come and his first week hit the charts.. kanye's most recent album released solely on tidal when ie failed kanye moved it over to apple. >> wow.ow >> good for tidal. >> drama right there.
10:18 am
won't come between iggy azaleaya and herman. iggy says she's not broken upotu with her fiance' los angeles lakers player nick young. >> swaggy pete. >> she tweet this to her fanshi for the record i haven't brokeno up with nick.up w we are together and i would lovd to be given a little, arc lot of privacy on the matter. matte she also tweeted, i always alway answer questions honestly, buteb my job is to promote my music,us not my relationship.. nick young -- teammate -- swaggy pete.. >> teammate deanne gel russellsl recently made headlines forinesf secretly taping nick talkingin about with being with women other than iggy. iggy. >> swaggy pete.>> let's talk about this. abo christie tee again and john legend finally released a picture of think of baby b daughter lune inform here it is. all right. you have to look very closely.le can you see the baby here? her? because the baby is there. there first time i saw this i -- >> you had to look closer.ok c
10:19 am
is ever going to notice the baby and wisdom goes what baby. by. >> no. >> yes, did you. y. >> i see the baby in the whitehe blanket that's what's written in the luna making her social me edia m debut with mom on >> no one will notice the pet ii that photo it's a distant thirdi >> steve, i didn't even see the pet. what kind of pet was it? in nown he's being hahn never.n never. >> i'm being honest. b i was looking at the baby. >> uh-huh. uhuh. >> finally, you were looking at the babies you meant to say. finally, the force is withs w prince william and harry as thee experience a star wars t the duke of cambridge and princp harry visited the star wars set at pine wood studios in londonon the royals who are huge fans gog a behind the scenes look at thet production workshops and creative team and got close up p look at some of the character ct masks including r22, chewbacca and add whirling a bar. b they got to dual with the wit legendary light saber. sab >> i think one of the greatestes experience in life would be for us to follow kevin to that
10:20 am
studio where they film star wars to watch him geek out in personn over all of that.ov >> he would abandon us in aer heartbreak.. >> to watch him would bring usrg joy. jo >> his head would explode upon u walking in the door.g in t doo >> i think so. >> it would bring us all joy. j that's great picture hugging chewy. >> all right. r. 10:20. still ahead we'll get a taste oo national harbor here in the good day lost previewing the food an wine festival a little later on. >> first though rain on the wayy but just not yet. y gary will be back with a check k of the forecast next. >> in the meantime, as we go tot break right now -- >> all right. >> that is the biggest tease pup in our ear ever. >> oh, man. man >> this would never happen witht kelly. never, >> can we help you two pack?
10:21 am
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
10:22 am
i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews
10:23 am
this message. ♪ wee bark at 10:23. happening now, new developmentsn in the case of nicole mittendorfewf c. 31-year-old firefighter missings in virginia.. a shift commander at the fairfaf county fire department justar shared that nicole called inled sick last wednesday morning. mni we did know previously that thet last text people received fromvd nicole was just before 11 a.m. last wednesday. the fairfax county search andse rescues team has been activatede to help in the search for nicoln he was at the request ofe eq virginia state police.teolic so, again, the mystery deepensee here but the search continuingon for nicole mittendorff.ff. >> she still has not been foundf
10:24 am
or heard of at this point.s p. let's get to more stories engage wig on social media.ia first up fox5 exclusive. actually the top trending storyn in the dmv. d believed to be shocking and violent retaliation in a dc neighbor. police are looking for woman who apparently punched a two yearea old in the face and attacked an hedge year old.geear investigators think this was ala retaliation stemming from the t shooting of a seven-year-oldear- earlier this another woman is already been bn arrested in the case.. they think they were upset at a these children because theyus outed the person who may have m been involved in that shooting. big news concerning rights for the transgender community. target says transgender customers and store employees ee can use the bathroom of the t gender they identify with. wh. target the first major retailere to weigh in on the transgendergd debate. was he fire or did he retire? that's question tt's surrounding ufc weather champion connor mcgregor he tweet thewe yesterday i've decided to retire young.
10:25 am
mcgregor would not take part inr big fight in july in part part because he didn't want thet w t promote the fight.e the ght he recently lost a huge fight in las vegas.egas how great was queen lead singer front men freddie mercury.. scientific study done on histudn incredible voice and researchesa are found mercury was likely ala baritone and that he did some of the worlds, out of the worldeor stuff the most humans can never replicate sing or speaking. they cannot conclude however if he had in fact four octave ran range. he will go down as one of theof top front men of all time. tim >> that dad was a bad man. >> absolutely. >> all right.>> all rig he's a bad man, too. too. >> gary mcgrady. mra every other day.otday. gary mcgrady has a check of youu forecast. how you doing g >> i got minus two octave range, something like that.g here's what's going on.t's gog n temperatures are coming u really nice out this morning. mi i encourage you if you haven'tou been out get out this afternoonn will be stel
10:26 am
five to 10 miles per hour.r hou you see the blue sky there just on queue there.he mod monument, cathedral in thean background looking back up all p the television towers in the t distance gives us an idea of the visibility so so nice super bluu sky out there, too.t the, t it's 60 now in the coming up. u gaithersburg i told uh-uh tol started off in the 30s. 30s but you'll come right up and and look where you are now. 59 degrees.egre fredericksburg 61 hard to find n bad place out there this morning and today we'll top out.y we'lp we'll jump up but to about 72 at for a high. high. i think everybody is going to bb upper 60s and low 70s. 70s unless you're over in annapoliss temperatures will be aboutbebo 64 degrees. leonardtown right aroundgharo 68 degrees or now look this is a seven day.eny it's really really nice it's tht first seven day in a long time.m where we can say that everyhat y single high temperature is atres least 70 degrees or the weekend right now i knowow k it's only wednesday, but first f peek at the weekend looks greatt lots of sunshine temperatures i the low to mid 70s. 70s. guys, back up to you. y >> all right.ll r. thanks, gary.anks >> nice consistency there.ns
10:27 am
sits down with pretty littleit liars scharr shade mitt makingtk her big screen debut in the fill mother's today. does we're getting the back back stage scoop on tonight's episodi of empire. emp time now 10:27. kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare.
10:28 am
on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
10:29 am
♪ hey, okay empire fans we got you
10:30 am
we have exclusive look at tonight's new episode and boy ed does it look drama filled. f just how we like it, right um-hmm. jake hamilton has this preview. >> here we are again wondergainw wagon will happen next on empire and i can't wait.'t wai >> we all want to know willw w lucious make peace with his so sons. >> and what will happen now that cookie knows freta dad is inn nasty frank. frank more that i want to know butnowt guess what?t? >> what? >> we do know there's going too be edge of your seat non-stop-st drama.a. here's a little sneak peek what's coming up on empire.. either you done cross the line l or you really crossed the linehn this time, lucious. l >> how did i cross the line?? >> free to guess? excuse me. gathers, confronting luciousg with the secret about frieda itd was like talking to a brick wall because he's not fazed boo boo anything. i got it all under control. conl he's the man. man he doesn't see the danger ahead
10:31 am
intuition i have a bad feelingeg about. abou >> why are you so against me soe working with frieda? obviouslys what jamal doesn't show know hew son is work wig the woman whosew father was murdered by her son's father. fath stay with me. withe >> this is really deep.. >> ♪ >> without first time a do i f would like to introduce myir so, my baby boy, and your chief executive officer hakeem lyon.n. >> hakeem has big shareholderhao meeting coming up, where they're voting on whether or not to keee him as the head ceo. >> over here, mr. ceo.r.eo it's a simple one. o >> here comes big bad luciousuc and calls out hakeem aboutbout actual things that hakeem has hs been slacking on.lackg on. >> you got a room full of people here all waiting to hear yourour v
10:32 am
>> he pulls out his gangsterlloi move. he shows the boy no mercy. >> but instead, they're hearingg delays, mishaps and mismanagement.smanagem >> i mean he's either going to's learn and grow from it andgrow a become a man or he's just going to kick and scream locate a brar and never >> he help me build lyeo informm dynasty for something and for that he deserves your respectct and yours too. >> i think that they're going to be some surprises.pris >> i'm pregnant.>> i >> so? s >> it's hakeem's. >> yo, for real? boo boo kittyk going to come and tell us she us pregnant but who is she pregnann with? hakeem's baby. b >> you don't know how to use a condom stupid? spi >> what the hell is going on? o? >> boo boo, why kit too, why? >> reaction, shock.ho that's the last thing peoplengeo were expecting to hear. ♪
10:33 am
>> whoo! >> hot.>> h. you can catch all new episodeh e empire tonight at 9:00 right 9:i here on fox5 and of course dooud not forget to tell us yours you favorite moment for ome segments on good day at 10a it's going to be good. ♪ >> this is so exciting you guys. your first sleepover with dadovt and his new person.. what do you want to us call herl do you want to us call her mom h two. two. >> no, absolutely not. abs you just call her what comeshatm naturally.lly but i would say ma'am is good. >> hey. what's up boys? boy >> hey, henry. >> hi, scene.i, scene >> hi. >> hi boys. boy >> i thought you moved back to o
10:34 am
people said i should model. >> yeah.. >> but, boys, i made cookies for peter, guitars and more mikey baseballs. >> wow!>> wow >> thanks, tina. tnks, >> these are great >> come on inside.>> com ins >> okay.kay. bye guys. have fun. fun. >> see you youom >> buy sandy.>>uy sandy. >> my mom. >> tweet out me if you want to u check in or anything or instagram i'll post photos whenn i get cute one much it's excit exciting.. >> tweet at me. (laughter).aughter) >> or check they'll gall bladder ones for ba the new movie mother's day shays mitchell from pretty little ltle liars plays jennifer aniston's t new ex's new girl friend.en kevin had chance to sit down siw with her. he joins us now. us n >> give shout out when we playew the empire bump my buddy jake hamilton one of the hosts inn there. he's groomsman in my wedding.ed we've known him for six years. we've done the press junket.un i think we were brother
10:35 am
he's a amazing. azi >> shout out to him.utim he works in chicago. shaye mitchell interesting aboua that clip you just saw she's ons of the biggest social media stars in the world 11 million 1l followers on instagram. 3.5 million followers on twittet major show called pretty littlet liars i don't my fiance' lauren watches it.ati a big show. sho so i spoke to her about thishi film and as you saw jennifer aniston's husband divorced div husband is now dating this veryv much younger woman and she's talking about tweeting that was the whole bit i spoke to shanean mitchell about twitter and how d twitter has helped her career c also the negative sides of it and also just about the show pretty little liars. littl check this us. >> the twitter jokes in the jesn movie are >> tweet me, yeah. yeah >> i'm wondering seriously sio twitter is such a massive deal a instagram for you as well. how is it shaped your career inn the sense of like do you thinket your career would be differentbe if it wasn't for twitter and instagram? how has it helpedw l you. >> a hundred%.un
10:36 am
the character emily on pretty little liars for so long if io i didn't have social media people would know soap more about emily than they would myself. m being able to play differentre characters and being mailable tt playing those differentse characters you can't see me as n one thing. so you can just see me ase m playing emily with social mediaa it allows you to get to know mom on all different levels, and ged to come back with me and get tot experience different things i'ms getting to experience.ttg to exp so i think that's the reallye r great part about >> what negative sides aboutti d social media -- is there anything negative tiff about itt do you think people can peer in your life too much. >> you have the choice to sharet to share. >> i have a choice. choice. whatever i'm not wanting to talk about i don't.. then you can't ask what i'm not putting out there or you can ann i don't have to explain thatinha either. so it's kind of great.s kind o it is a fine line but i think if played correctly everybody wins. >> now, it's interesting to hear about what characters teach t architects about themselves. what aspects of you do you put into your characters in regardsa to like personality wise, do you
10:37 am
ever like do you let sections of yourself -- >> search manner is.nn is. >> yes. when i list season i real dollan listen as i do being shaye in my real life when i'm talking towhm somebody i truly am listening tg what you are 82 saying and i'ma all there with my characters ass well you have to be that likeik that hear so i think i try and d live in the moment as my characters and in real life as wellre. >> i want to see emily fieldsmid and tina in a have aa conversation. >> i would be very interested how that would be.w >> what would they talk about.ey >> just life in general. i think that they're both realla good girls, and so i think thatt they would, you know, maybe have a lot to talk about. >> yeah, she is 29 years old yrs talking about and that the shows pretty little liars she placeiap emily fields. fld the new movie mother's day her mares if any your film comes ouy april 29th. more from the cast includingst i jennifer aniston and jason is hh day cuss. >> a week from fda >> next i'm interested why they're nothe releasing it on mother's days d weekend.d. i have a theory -- >> amount america civil wart am opens that weekend g sometimeske do you counter programming butmg that back
10:38 am
stars wars and sisters? sisters >> that's right.>> star wars opened up and openedd sister same time day. same like what were you thinking? >> get a jump on that. >> nobody will go on mother's me day weekend. captain america civil war isamec coming out mother's day.r's day >> i'll be at the >> there you go.>> t >> we should all go on mother'st day and let the mothers hang out and we'll just go see civil -- - >> my kids are coming with >> what is your wife going to gt do. >> have time alone. hav >> maybe that's what she wantsh' for mother posies day.say >> that's actually a great day.. >> she probably wants break, that's excellent. >> still ahead at 10 hope floatf and so does tucker barnes. barne we'll check in with him.him look at him chill. after his 45 minutes inn flotation therapy. tra >> we didn't get this assignme assignment. >> i want this assignment. >> you would have had to be in n there with tucker, though. >> that's true.
10:39 am
10:40 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
10:41 am
♪ >> now you get what i wasow y referring to earlier.fe >> serious. >> oh, man. >> you got to love sign fell for having a reference to prettyrre much everything.ryin >> indeed. >> let's check in on the the shrinkage -- there's new way tos get rid of stress in our area or and all you have to do is basically float around naked fod an hour.anour. aka tucker's dream assignment
10:42 am
called flotation therapy and flt tucker and erin are trying itin out this morning they join us live from hope floats bethesda d with details. dails all right.all r what's the update, erin? >> why got to try it in twentytw five in between our last liveli shot and now i will say for 15 r minutes of floating i can feelan the tension in my neck just kins of dissipate.. kimmie boone the owner is here h with us, i'm going to say aft 1a minutes i feel relaxed. relaxed what do most people to say aftea their first >> i can't wait for to you comec back and try the full hourlour because it really does make at e big you feel very relaxed gyour bodb feels almost weight wei. people want to sit down for a sn few minutes and just kind ofki chill out because you're just in this kind of surrene state. it's very -- it's different than you usually feel after massage.e mass you still feel like you li have hands touching you and your muscles are being worked whereae this is everything is just in is that relaxed position. >> now, i did get asked a a question on twitter if this is
10:43 am
safe for pregnant women unsaid yes, they have enjoy the thave service. >> we have pregnant women in ale the time. it's nice they're able to takeek that weight off as well.. actually i like it because whenu i first started floating i fg actually had the sensation of sn being in a womb. kind of like closed in and youla can curl up in little ball and l hear your heartbeat andeabe whatever.what >> right. >> i think even for a -- someone -- pregnant at the timee you know they can get thathen ge feeling as asl >> i'll tell was tucker has beeb in there over 45 minute.e. i'll let him him and we're going to see what heew has to say and i know he was a a little bit scared in thecarein beginning to get closed in close there. er looks like he's sleeping right now. >> it's time to come out.. >> he has ear plugs in becausene it protects your ears from the r salt, correct.or >> keep the salt water out of wt your ears. we do provide ear plugs for you. >> all right. all r >> wow! >> it's what the verdict?at veri >> that was an experience unliku anything i've ever had. h i'm kind of nervous right now. w >> don't feel nervous.l n very relaxing i feel one withe w the universe.
10:44 am
infection any.infe >> i think it might have helpedl my sinuses a little bit, yes. ys i feel -- jar i feel amazing. >> your hair looks fabulous. >> my first observe all the haib on my chest seems to haveeems t disappeared since i got in. i. i'm kidding.di tell me more about -- i noticedc when the doors closed it's much different experience. exp >> it definitely is.>> i mean we tell people when theyn first come to try this if they y want to leave the door open, yoy know, perfectly fine.ct f you have complete control of th however, the idea is to get thee door closed. clo you're trying to get into that t space of where it's pitch black. >> completely weight less.pletet >> yes. did you get to experience thatto with the spa music and kind off becoming one with yourself?? >> i don't have a lot experience doing this kind of thing i willg say it was definitely a newitelw experience for me but very relaxing. i can see how people take lote l away from it. i >> i would like to just addt because i've long hair, the sale water does not affect hair die i that's something to know ifom t you're thinking about doing thit and you're a woman.d you're it doesn't apply to you tucker.t >> it feels good on your
10:45 am
ex foal yates your bed.yateyour >> yes, yes. the other thing i was going tog mention is like you were sayings you feel very serene it's a type practice that the more you do ii the second time you did it ando you were in there you would -- those benefits would just be even more because it does -- it's like meditation the moree e you do it the more you get outou of it.t. right.ght for moving how do they contact c you? >> we're on the web hope floats and our -- you can call us and make an appointment or book liv online.onne. >> perfect. thank you very much for havingvy us out today. tuck consider i give it two thumbs up. what do you think. huit tive it two thumbs up. yeah. i'm going honest i was little bit like hess tan.ike hess t >> he was nervous.>> he was definitely nervous.itely. >> it was really wonderfuls re w experience.exen >> great. >> thank you very much.hank you toss it back to you guys in the loft and enjoy the rest of our relaxing experience.xperie >> one quick question. quiuest can i keep, >> yes, the robe is yours. >> okay.>> o. (laughter).(laughter) >> hey guys we were wouldn'tingw how much does it cost?
10:46 am
>> for an hour it's $75 for 90 9 minutes it is $95. $ >> comparable to a massage. >> they have shawna here also. >> inn from a red sauna. sauna. >> they just have the oney just floating chamber? >> they have several floatingin chambers. how many total. >> we have three chambers andhra the infrared sauna. >> awesome. awe >> make an a >> it may sound good and may may feel good but being cooped up in a box floating on water couldn'c do i >> it would take some gettingomt used to for me.e. >> no.>> >> i'd try it. i'd tt. >> unfortunately, tucker ruintec his relaxation by having themint pipe in a cdc. >> that could kill the mood.l te >> maybe that's relaxing fort'sg him. hi >> 10:46. still to come this morning tastt of national harbor in the good g day kitchen we'll sample the ninth annual wine and foode foo festival.ival big event coming up on themip ot weekend. we'll talk about it next.t next. it's 10:46. 10:46.
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
>> time to get into the good da cafe. the ninth annual national hash s bore wine and food festival at t the national harbor waterfront. it is includes wine tastingasti celebrity chef, live music andnd more.. andrew and kayla are joining usu now to talk about the festival a and preview some of the dishes s and wine pairings you'll find a the big kick off dinner onner friday night.ight gentlemen, good to see both of you this morning thanks fornk coming in.sco chef, let's start with you whilw get this cooking underwaynderway because this is one of myis fav iorites residents looking delicious already.ou what do we have. >> so we have crabcakes. we'll pan sear the crabcakes. we'll pan zero crack cake.ack ce old bay seasoning, mayonnaise, we'll garnish on top. >> avocado.cado >> avocado we'll use a garnish g film what do you use for your fr res poe for the crabcakes.rabcak >> it's very simple. is we make homemade mayonnaise. egg yolks somebody oil and somem we have old b
10:51 am
>> okay.>> okay. >> salt, pepper and chives. c >> and the crab is the star ofr the show. >> um-hmm. jumbo lump crab.ra >> of course do you.urse du >> what do you like to serve yol with the crabcakes.bcakes >> here we did some paoli. lemon, little bit of sour creame and tarragon. all pure ray it together andtogd avocados and i have made some s corn puree. >> corn puree. >> yeah film what do you mick in there hide beside the corn. corn and vegetable >> we'll let you get back to tho cooking.cook andrew let's start with the stat dinner. dinner. we have whole weekend of activities.vities. tickets still available forl avi everything.everythi the dinner that's kind of the -- that's the big kick off off celebration of the whole weekene >> absolutely.ut we're fortunate at old hickory stem house four courses with hors d'oervre reception and at a the hotel we're offering packaga for people to come in and then e stay at the hotel. they get vip pass, two vip two v passes to the wi
10:52 am
and they also get $50 in resortt credit to use at the hotel. it's a great convenience,nice because you have everythingu ha right there. you can walk back to your hotelt room and you don't have to worrr about too much.abou >> enjoy it as much as you can.y the main even the star of theofe show for most people the the festival itself. itsel >> absolutely.ut >> saturday and sunday doing twi days this year.dayss year 12 to 6:00, right. rig >> 12 to 6:00.o 6:0 >> what do people find? is thes festival saturday and sundayy just beverages or is there foodo as well. >> we do have havfood we have celebrity chefs doing demos. demo we have food pairings we'll be g doing throughout national harboo all outdoors.or so you have the opportunity toor really see the harbor at its great view of everything from washington, d.c. but little bitb further away which is nice.. sometimes we have that, we have 150 differ wines and beers withw vip passes it's unlimited tastings so you definitely getie your fill.urill unique wines, local wines, one,n of our wines we're using is from napa valley. so it's not
10:53 am
it's little bit of >> little bit of everything.thin when you get all these greatse chefs and if you go online and o check out the list of chefs it'' a lot of great local chefs whohw are going to be do they all play nice togetherth when everybody is trying to shoh off they are best dishes.hes. >> when wine is involvedne i everything is a little happy.a it makes forli great day. day the chefs are all workingin together just really making sure that everybody that comes outes enjoys what they'ret the experiencing. >> all right.>> a i've been there in the past and it was fantastiche event. tickets are still available online.on chef, how we doing withit crabcakes. >> we pretty much done.etty muc >> does it really onlyh takellt couple of minutes.ines >> like three minutes becausenue the crabcakes are real small.. >> so it's like two and a half a ounce crabcakes.rabcakes. doesn't take much time to mh ti reheat.rehe. i started to flate plate up. i've have corn puree and tarragon paoli on the plate all right.t >> we'll let you finish platingi these.ese. >> we'll start plating this.tin. crabcake just in the mill. and then now what is the deall with avocado? >> avocado add more for color cr and then
10:54 am
avocado with the crab. >> okay. >> two reasons i add calf cad cl dough. the basically a fresh avocado.ho i don't do much because it's goodbye -- on its own. o you'll notice that the chefhe scored the avocado before untried to scoop anything out oo it, right. >> yeah. i keep it inside so it won'ton oxidize right away. >> all these secret tips fromipr the chef.e chef >> yup. yup >> all right. here i have some -- some springn greens i dress it up with a iupw little bit of >> can you eat that or is that t just to look pretty.o lo pre >> both ways. w we can eat it and it looks l pretty, too.prettytoo. >> a little oil on >> a little oil to give it sheen and then to keep it fresh for aa long time. tim >> while chef is doing what'snga your favorite part andrew of the event? do you have favoriteou recipes or foods you goat try, too? too? >> we're doing different stuff with venous steakhouse we'ree we featuring a center cut rib eye basically instead of prime rib that you normally get just the centerpiece. it's got all that flavor with
10:55 am
along with it. grills off nicely. it's wonderful. presentation pairs great with chimney rockmnk wines that we have -- we'ree - featuring like this one with the sauvignon blank. blank i think it's unique. we have different chefs in the hotel and we all get to do a a course.cour so it's a fun opportunity to do something a little biting a different.eren >> show off little >> absolutely. absely. >> among your ing learn long ago from all thet chefs we have on this show the cut of steak that most chefsst c tend to go to on the rib i'm with you on that. tha we good to go. goo >> that's it.>> >> i want to taste.anto t i hate to dig into your masterpiece here. h anybody else want to try alongng with me crabcakes? wis i know w you want to go? go? >> in a minute.. >> here's we'll break out -- gog ahead. >> for the chef's great workat w here.he here holly.reolly >> it's national look a liketion day. we asked towsend in your look a like. go ahead shown us the first onee >> do we have it. dwe h >> that's
10:56 am
he thinks he looks like rockmanc dunbar i think he does, too. act from the rock soul food.ul f >> look at this one. >> shenade o'connor. >> she shaved her head for sane bald tricks to help raise money. >> that was that's good one.. >> children's cancer research.h >> missy elliot. e that's good one,, >> does work, yup. >> hmm.. my hubby resembles matthew >> where is the husband picturee good right.good >> where is the husband picture. >> why you cash fishing us ladyd who's the next one?? >> okay.ka that doesn't look like woody woo harrell son. s >> we don't see woody.. >> keep it moving. >> did we get any for wisdom. >> you look like a thinner clinton poris but you remind men angry bird.angry he's just kidding.kding >> someone said i look like l foxie brown. i'll take it.i'll tak i definitely will take that. t >> we've come come to theto t conclusion you two really arey a originals. >> thank you.>> t >> broke the mold. >> chef i love the avocado witht the crabcake.ra i never tried that before it's a
10:57 am
out the wine it's time for us ts enjoy the rest of the day. we hope you do the same. >> bottoms up. >> have a great one, everyone. kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: hey! welcome to the show. thank you very much for watching today! [ applause ]


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