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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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take a look at his picture y, aa you mentioned we are talkinge ai about 17-year-old maurice bellamy. he has been in jail since he waw recently charged for the march 26th murder off 15-year-old duvonte washington.o he of course was the young man m killed at the deanwood metrodet station in front of his mother e and sisters while he went to geo a haircut just before easter.r. now chief lanier says as part of that on-going investigation,tion bellamy and 29-year-old charlesl sims have been charged withed wt first degree felony murder whilw armed in connection with a a murder last year.t y this was -- think happened in in december of -- december 15themb5 and it was the murder of 30-year-old arthur baldwin.dwin. baldwin was on leave from thevet secret service after being a arrested for allegedly trying tn break into his girlfriend'sd' amount.amount. as that case proceeded, he was, found shot several times on first street southwest in the t middle of the afternoon and hend later died at a hospital. hospia chief lanier says the motive in this case appears to be robberyr and she said getting resolutiont to cases like this is very important to the community
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>> people in the community don'd cooperate or won't talk with thh police or won't help us, it'sp ' not the case.the we do get a lot of help from our community, and i think we owe i to them to come back out and publicly let everybody know whee we make an arrest in these t cases. gets a lot of coverage when it happens we need to make sure iti gets the same coverage when aneh arrest is made. >> reporter: this morning he moh was moved from the d.c. jail toi the homicide branch so theyanch could be charged in connectionen with this second murder.ur he is now being charged for thit crime as an adult. alt back to you guys. >> jenny, thank you. breaking news out of theng montgomery county right now.rig. you are looking at a two alarm duplex fire in the glennlenn montgomery area of silver sve spring. spri firefighters responded to thisro just about andn hour ago. ago this is at a home on berryry we are told that there have beeb no reports of injuries and thatt all of the occupants of this t house have made it out safely. s we will bring all the updates at they become available. to fairfax county now wherew there are new developments
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mittendorff, the 31-year-oldar-o firefighter missing in northernn virginia.virgia fox5's marina march raqqa liveal from her fire station tonightht family and friends will father e for a vigil.ig what's happening with this case? >> reporter: a lot is comings cn out especial daal.aa new information laura and wend just learned that federal moneyn has been given to the searchea effort so now the urban searchra and rescue team is out at shenandoah national park they'vr added some of their people aseil well as five additional dogs ans that trail where nicole's cars c was found the white oaks countyu jail as well as adjacent trailsa there have been shut down andee will remain shut down until thah search finally ends. it will go through dusk and the it will start back up at dayp dy now arc lot of key informationon coming out today from this firee station. stat we want to put out nicole mittendorff's picture because b that is picture her familyeram members want out there especially if someone rememberse seeing her face late last week. now, today we learned that thehe family believes thatn
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downloaded some sort of file f from her cell phone. p they had asked the phone carrier to provide that the phone carrier, however, hevr initially had said no becauseece this was not a criminal case. however, legal teams gotms got involved and just hours ago we learned the phone carrier willil now be giving those downloaded files providing them to laww enforcement in hopes that itesha will share some clues twos hers whereabouts. now earlier today, the fire fire chief here at fairfax firee station 32 saying that wednesdad morning nicole called out sick c for her shift, and she did so about the same time at aboutbout 11:00 in the morning.orning the last time she had any sort s of communication with anyoneh an which was via text message withw her family members.s. >> wednesday of last week was ww the last type of contact thatcta anyone had with nicole. nol so wednesday of last week is really a critical period or a
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again we ask the media for youry help getting the word out.. if, again, anybody in the public any of the communities heardeard anything, saw anything wednesdae in particular, thursday or friday or any time between nowwn and last wednesday, we need your help.. fairfax fire sources tellingel fox5 just recently nicole was reassigned from station 30 to here station 32.on the fire department so far not confirming that information, ano if so, why she was reassign. but it will be right her at station 32 on berk centerrk c parkway at 7:30 where family ana friends as well as co-workers will gather again at anotherno prayer vigil in hopes that that nicole returns home safely. live tonight in fairfax county,t fox5 local news.. d.c. council member says s police have arrest add group ofp young people who have bee h
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robberies. one of the victims was a high wh school student.nt. >> last night win 10 minutes ofo each other, two people wereeople robbed by a group at knifet kni fox5's matt ackland joins us from the scene of one of thosese robberies with how this grouphio could be connected to another ao crime.crim matt? >> reporter: hi, laura. lau yeah one of the 95 robberieses happened right here. her if we walk over here, just aboua three blocks away across wisconsin avenue the tenley toww area. not long after the first one,, there was another 95 robbery.ob well, i want to show where youwh we are right now.we are r you see that building right there? that's wilson highilsonh school. school the largest high school in d.c. council mary cheh talked to me today and she told me that shehe believes that one of the victims was a wilson high schooll student, also, she decided too call the commander of this areaa because we cannot get in toucheu with d.c. police today, and shee was able to tell me that policel
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was a teenager, and that the --- there are two other peoplee possibly involved in this.s. that one person and then herer sister and that person's boyfriend apparently they didy y this one, they did one acrosss wisconsin avenue in mary chehyhe the commander also told her thit group could be connected tonectt another c. when police sent out that crime alert yesterday, they were loo looking for two females and one male. we asked council member cheh me about the suspect did she have v any information she said the s only thing the commander wouldha tell her is that the suspectsuse did not go to school here. h they were not wilson high school students. stud she says that she believes onee of the victims was a high schooh student here at wilson highh school.ho but once again, one person was arrested and cheh says accordinr to the commander, they know who the other two are. ty
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two as well. wel life in northwest, matt acklandd fox5 local news.. final farewell now to a t prince george's countyy firefighter. family, friends and fellow fel firefighters attended a tune a n ya'll roar john ulmshneider joh today. >> he was shot and killed lastna friday while responding to ato call for help at a home inom i temple hills. ulmshneider was prayed forrayed hisself lessness and rememberede with love. ♪ >> we lived our worst nightmaree this is a situation fire ens never expects to find themselved n we prepare for it. i we train for it but we never really expect we're going to beo there. >> this county is for the second time in five weeks grieving thee loss of a member of our publiclc safety family.amil >> doing what they do every dayd these men and women put theirnut lives on the
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♪ >> anybody knows skillet would w understand or would know thatnow he's only here to help. always was. willing to lend a helping hand.d >> skillet was the most, um,ostu down to earth, um, person i'venv he have met. met he's the guy always found a wayy to make you smile. his family was his priorityy without doubt. >> his family is doing as wellsw as can be expected i know ittedi will be a long, hard process, and the one good thing is we're' a family.. all of us.. >> skillet often said that whenw he laid down at night that if hf couldn't think of at least one person he had helped during theu course of the day he was unablel to sleep. sle i believe that is the motivatioo that he had. ♪
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect
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glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. >> we are learning new information tonight the arrest of anne arundel county sheriffff ronald bateman much police release the the 911 call to lead to ace her aft on second degreeg assault charge.ha >> he denied assaulting hising wife.. fox5's ronica cleary here withet new details on this thi investigation.veion. ronica, what is going on with i this? >> reporter: it is is unbelievable. the amount of informationnt of n released today was tremendous. u one thing i want to stress we'rs doing our best to share with yoy what we can in this short amouno of time.of te keep in mind there's still a lot more out there that was obtain t in the investigation.
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released this information infma obtained during a investigation into the alleged incident of inc domestic violence that occurredr between sheriff ronald bateman e and his wife elsie.. the 911 call was made on sunday, april 10th by elsie and here are some excerpts from the call. >> what's going on there? >> he's drunk and he punched med in the eye. >> are you injured, ma'am? do ' you need an ambulance?ce >> no. but, hooks hit you? hit >> did he, yes. >> who is he? >> is this your husband? who ii it? >> yes, he is.. >> has anybody been drinking oro doing any drinks. dri >> he went to some place toda today --ing. >> anybody have any weapons? wps >> he used his h he has guns everywhere, yeah.ery >> we also obtained a coach the police report which described ad argument between the two. t it included elsie's comments ini her own handwriting which werehh very difficult to fully deciphep parts included her admittng
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slapping him in the face afterat he grabbed her. him responding and some physical way then her hitting the floorlo and then her son intervening toi get her husband off of her. h. now, finally, we obtained accesc to a series of text messages between elsie and a detectiveec from the domestic violence unitu in the texts, the detective adda advises elsie not to talk to thk media texts quote you need not feed the beast.ea the detective later says quote s you are not going to change anyone's opinion and it will wil only take -- make things worse r believe me i have seen it. elsie replies, i love this man so much this is killing me.killg i want this all to get better b and go away. an he was supposed to go to counseling on wednesday.edneay now the long series of text messages ends with the following text from elsie. this elsie bateman, i am not amn pursuing charges against myy husband ron bateman. bat. he never struck me or hit me and i truly am not sure how i was injured because it all happenede so fas
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contact me any more. m thank you for your help.ou help. we are going to work this out through counseling. the an a run done dell county police completed their investigation this case and cas turned over the information to the prosecutor's office. offic >> county executive steve shoe s released a statement todayment calling for bateman to resign.. >> back to you ladies. lie very >> wow!! new tonight a judge ina judi baltimore has ruled one of theef two officers who arrestedes freddie gray last year can be forced to testify against theirs fellow officers.fficers. >> fox5's paul wagner is live ie baltimore with more paul? >> reporter: officer garrett gre miller had absolutely nobsy n reaction to the judge's rulingul today in a proceeding thatceg lasted just about five minutes.n here's the the state's highest court ruled last month that an officer canic be compelled with limited wh l immunity to testify againstñ ht fellow officers even though he himself is facing c
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so today gary william the judgee said he will have to testify iny a trial next month.on that's officer garrett miller ir the navy blue suit.ui the man in the middle. mide. he's one of two officers whoersw arrested freddie gray in westt baltimore last april, is chargeg the with second degree assault,, reckless endangerment and two at counts of misconduct.. city prosecutors now want him tt testify against edward the officer who made the arrestt with him as well as against lieutenant brian rice whorian ro scheduled to go on trial in july. in the only trial to take placep so far, a jury in december coulc not reach a verdict againstst officer william porter. p since then, the state's highestt court has ruled city prosecutoro can compel officer porter to por testify against the otheraithe officers in the case and now judge barry williams following that court's ruling says,, officer garrett miller can be compelled as well. well >> that
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the prosecution moved to grant immunity and the judge is saying that that motion will be grantea and then the prosecution will decide whether or not to call cl officer miller. milr but he's an important -- he's an important part of what happeneda to freddie gray from the momentt that the apprehension began.egan >> reporter: as you all know, k this city erupted in file violence, rioting and looting li after gray's death. death 15 police officers were hurt. 235 people were arrested, and 60 buildings were burned. officer nero's trial will beginb on may tenth. ten live in baltimore, paul wagner,, fox5 local news. the death toll continues toe rise from devastating flooding d down in texas. >> devastating to say the leave. officials say an eighth persontp has died in the floo flooding an the houston storm dumped more than a foot ot
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the flooding drove thousands ofo people from their homes andomes commit shut down major highwaysw and closed schools. more than 1,000 water rescuesesu have now been carried out in thn houston suburbs alone. another flash flood watch is non in effect through tonight. all right. r nothing but sunny skies here in the d.c. region as we take ae te look outside you can see sun isn just beating down there on the pavement as everybody is makingk their way home from rush hour. u >> it's just glorious out theres so sue, how long can this go? i mean it's a little bit chillierr but it seems maybe i'm wrong --- >> you're absolutely right. >> it's gorgeous.>> it's gorgeo >> you know honestly laura i waw thinking about as i came in toei work today and was running run errands around the neighborhoodh earlier today.earlier i think it's one of the mostt ot beautiful days we've had thisdas year. >> i agree.>> i a >> no humidity.>> just perfect.just pct >> just perfect.>>t pe close to 70 degrees, upper 60sp6 for some and right significantlt cooler than yesterday when we hit 84 degrees. 84 very comfortable and youou contrast our weather what's w going on in houston, and you realize just how fortunate wetue are although we a
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little bit of dry weather, too,t we're running a deficit aboutita 3-inches or so, but i think i'dk take that over the situationhe n they're having down there fromnr that stubborn and slow-moving so weather system. ste want to do also mention that our daily allergy report is loadeddd with high numbers from trees. te tree pollen very h we can hear the symphony snowsoo through the newsroom today. grasses, weeds and mold on theon low side.low side a little water would do a good g job to wash out some of that oft tree pollen.olle we have a little bit in the forecast in about 48 hours or ss but temperatures tonight, so pleasant.pleasant most places have been near 70 oo either degree or two above it oo blow it.blow very comfortable.omfoable not too hot, not too cool asoo lauer are mentioned very littlel humidity. and very little cloud cover.ud v you have to -- you really can't find anything along the east eas coast but we begin to see littlt bit of cloud cover out to the oe west. west there is that stubborn lownow pressure system and the approa approaching front.appr it's been blocked out of our area by high pressure and factst that it's moving very slowly. s it will continue to be blockedld although as high pressure movesv a
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night but we will notice a fewew clouds increasing tomorroworro afternoon and then a bit of rain will be on our doorstep as wes w get close story friday. fda for this evening, though, should be absolutely delightful.ful. 66 degrees at 7:00 o'clock.ock we're 69 now.ow. by 9:00 o'clock, 61 and by 11:00 o'clock, 58 degrees. so you can go ahead and crackahc those windows open just a littlt bit and enjoy the sounds of thef birds in the early morning youru weather headline, yes, a littlel bit of rain returns friday thatt should be a relief for pollen sufferers and for gardeners. gar we'll talk about the typing forp that rain with the seven dayhe n forecast coming up in just ain little lauer remark sarah, back to you. >> thanks, sue. >> oh my gosh -- gos-- >> her boyfriend or whoever witw her is filming it all. >> oh, gosh s she stupid? >> she's totally antagonizing it. it >> dangerous encounter thererous yellowstone national park. par a woman walked up to a giant g bison just started perking it on you know
5:20 pm >> hell hello.. >> the whole thing was recordasc beside outraged on lookers. park officials warned thed th animals can attack withouthout warning. luckily the woman walk awayway unhurt but she can get a finehet for doing that.doin t don't pet the bison! bis >> she just goes on about hern h >> right.. >> hello little bison. >> like a cow or something. >> no.>> no bison, be careful.l. coming up, move over andrewd jackson.son harriet tubman is coming to the $20 bill. >> push to change dc licensec ln plates. wee lawmakers want the slogan ta say something different. differ. >> smart mattress that will outo your lying, cheating spouse. sus >> and target taking a stand onn the transgender bathroomatoo controversy. how it could affect you ahead.he >> and how you can get freee tickets to be on sold out concert it's possible apparentln much we'll tell you how when wew come back.coac ♪
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♪ in entertainment newsment nw tonight beyonce' inn firing here fans to pay it forward.. >> she sewer s queen b using heg um coming formation tour to t raise awareness and money for f charity.ity the singer says she plans tohe s team up with three differentif charities as part of her be good initiative.itiative. if you donate to united way, chime for change or globale citizen you may have a chance te win tickets to her show. sho this move is just the latest les project on beyonce''s be good initiative.initiati it launched back in 2013 and beyonce' says she's started itti to help the homeless, sick and a the unemployed. prince george little cutiert stealing the show in this photo featuring four generations ofero the royal family.y. the two-year-old was joined bydb prince charles, keep elizabethke and prince william there. there the photo was taken lasten december at buckingham palace and for new royal stamp set to s be row leased tomorrow inomor celebration of the queen's q
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mark the first time prince george has appeared on stamp. i'm sure there aren't too manyty young kids that can say that. st look at him. he's so proper, too. >> he really is. he's just a doll.. >> cute.ut i can't wait to hear him speak.r >> i know much he's ♪ so people magazine has named this woman jennifer aniston the most beautiful woman for 2016. . it's the second time aniston hat been picked for the honor.. she's also won -- she won the award back in 2004. 200 the 74 -- >> oh jeez.eez. (laughter).(laughter). >> hello. moment of -- of >> she's beautiful for 74. >> 74-year-old actress will be next scene in the film mother'ss day.y >> she's beautiful.he >> she sure is. she >> all right. >> congrats are in order for twr of our own here at fox5.ox. fox5 anchor holly morris andnd photojournalist chip, each won a prestigious edward r muro awardd they're one of t
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honors in journalism.rnalm chip won in the best use ofe stu video category for this movingig about a century starting guardrn at the too many of the unknownno soldier. >> beautiful story.. >> holly won for best featuret e reporting it was a story that st earned her the award that wass part of our pay it forwardrwd series.ries. she profiled a young girl namedd rachel harris who was inspired e by a book she read in kindergarten to do good ford f others.her so amaz amazing. amazing. such a great story, again, ain congratulations to both chip and to holly.. >> congrats, coming up here, a deadlyy epidemic.epidemic tonight we're learning theni the impact heroin is having on locac virginia community.omni plus the alarming number off high school students that sayay they've tried the drug.he d and a teenager will now bee charged as an adult after this vicious attack at a charles c county hoy school. we'll have new information inman that case tonight.night and how i can's latest changes will make trips easier e
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passengers.ssen >> plus money getting a makeov makeover. harriet tubman is coming to the 20-dollar bill.s 20 we'll have more on thaolt storys ahead. ♪ ♪
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. 5:00 the number of people whonumw have overdosed on heroin inn culpeper county, virginia, has risen to 15 and that is justt ij this none of those overdoses werr deadly, but the sheriff's offico says it's just a matter of time. fox5's lindsay wa tough t takes a closer look into the impact ic heroin is having on thisgn t community. >> reporter: you won youon necessarily expect it here in he culpeper county, but this is a
5:31 pm
worse. in just the start of this monthn there have been as many heroin overdoses as there were all of f last the sheriff's office saysay there's particularly dangerous n batch of heroin on the streets r right now and it continues to t devastate families. >> it was a very private hellteh that you went through. >> reporter: year ago this week, this woman had to bury hey old defendant son bobby.t son >> he started experimenting witw drugs when he was in high hig school. >> reporter: he was 31 when he overdosed on heroin after a lonl battle to quit. >> he said, you know, mom, i dream -- it invades my dreams,, and i think about it every day.y and it's a daily struggle and i hate this and he would be inwodb tears. >> reporter: in this rural part of virginia, the heroinoi epidemic is in full swing.l s while all 15 of the recentecen overdoses involved adults, a new study out of neighboringeigh fauquier county shows
5:32 pm
students self reported usingd u heroin some in seventh grade. >> i would describe it right not as a playing. >> reporter: culpeper county sheriff' office believes theffbi heroin being sold now is cut with fet follow a powerful poweu addicted painkiller strongerr than morphine. >> i can't stress enough on't family members or loved s ones,e you have to step in at this -- t this is a drug that doesn't givn a second chance sometimes. >> reporter: she knows it toows well she quit her job as a nursn to sort non-profit dedicated tot prevention and helping the manym others in her shoes. s >> we really want to get into the schools. um, i think there's just a lackk of education and knowledge of what, hours bad this drug is.s >> reporter: the sheriff'heri office here added that there's e no particular demographic beingb impacted by this.y thi the people who have od pods this month, 18 to 61 years old, all races and income levels. l in culpeper county lindsay watt
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fox5 local news.s. >> just this afternoon there was bipartisan support within the congressional sub committee on o health for package of bills of i addressing the nationwide opioii abuse epidemic.. one bill would expand access to treatment.eatm another reviews and updates best practices for doctors and how they prescribe and a third introduced byduced maryland congressman john czar baines would offer cohn co ooh prescription of narcan andnd opioid antidote to anyone atnyoe risk of an overdose much thoseuo bills will now back to committei for full mark up before then going on to the house floor. to charles county now wherew a teenager charged with assaults will be tried as an add dull. the teen who has not beenot identified is accused of of assaulting another student had u was later found unconscious inss the bathroom at west lake highh school.hool. latisha wilson said her sonser n injuries were so severe he had h to be flown to the hospital. >> to spots stain ya county anio elderly man was scam out of thea
5:34 pm
fred burg police say a manurpoli approached the victim saying hey was preparing to travel backvelc home to south africa.ica he claimed he had $40,000 in $40 cash but could only take 7500 7 with him. him. and that's when he conned the elderly man into giving him $7,500 in cash.h. after promising to give the victim $40,000 in a bag. when the elderly man went to wet open the bag, it was filled witw newspaper.newsper. the suspect and his driver got t away in an suv.. a historic change is coming to our cash. harriet tubman will be the firse woman on f us paper currency ini 100 years. yea >> it will be a big change.hang. the treasury department announcn the new 20-dollar bill will feature the abolitio abolitionii under ground railroad leader.ea. cherie places former presidentsi andrew jackson. treasury department hopes toartn release the design concept fori the new bills by 2020.s by 2 the change also means alexanderd hamilton to will remain the facc of the $10 bill. >
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the phrase taxation without representation on license plates here in the district. >> after 60 years of the slogans the city council has admitted it's been inn effective. the phrase was intended to be aa pro testify calling attention t the fact that dc residents doidn not have a voting representativv in the house of representatives. the city council says they needy more of a call to action. act a bill has been introduced tod o change the slogan to endnd taxation without representationt see how that works. wor dc residents will soon have aav better idea of what's being madm right in their own backyards.s. d.c. lawmakers passed a bill a that allows local businesses too use an official made in d.c. logo on their products.du the logo has not yet been created.d. the move is push by the d.c.he d counsel sim to emphasize thehe importance of buying local.. the new legislation was inspiree by local start ups like unionnin kitchen, compass coffee and think first local d.c.
5:36 pm
transgender teen at the centerd of a bathroom discrimination case. federal appeals court has ruledr that high school junior gavin grim can sue his school board ho for banning himl from using thee boy's bathroom.m. gavin was born as a female.. us department of education says requiring transgender students to use a bathroom that t corresponds with theirir biological sex is a violation of title nine. n target meantime is taking aa stand on-going national debate.d the retail giant announced trant gender people can use the restroom that quote correspondence with their gendew identity.. the decision comes on the heelsn of a nationwide debate overver whether trance jent peopler should only be allowed to usetrs public bathrooms matching theirt sex at birth. bth north carolina is currentlyurre facing backlash for itsts controversial bathroomial b legislation.leslat critics say it allowss discrimination against the lgbt community. uber is teaming up withmingw leading non-profit group for thf deaf in attempt to try to tractr
5:37 pm
the ride sharing company haspa joined forces with thehe communications service for the deaf to expand employment ford m those with difficulty hearingng normal conversations even with h hearing aid.. uber says hundreds of drivesf d hard of hearing are alreadyhearr picking up fares across the dmv. ♪ in tonight's hell watch maybe mm favorite story of the day, darkk chocolate could help givep give athletes an extra edge.e >> new study finds eating darkid chocolate daily could help boost athletic performance. researchers say dark chocolatekc can increase the body's nitric i oxide production. that can allow athletes to pushh themselves further and experts believe the boost fromsf dark chocolate could be especially beneficial to endurance athletes. a give me an entire chocolate bar. >> one of those thing it's abouo moderation.. >> no. >> come. >> i trained so hard. i can't i just have an t entireant chocolate bar. >> i ate 3
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chocolate and i'll run a marathon. it doesn't work that way.ay >> i can't make that run, sorry. >> chocolate was good. g >> yes indeed.. >> yes. y big night tonight inght in philadelphia.adelph capitals going for the sweep anp this real is a team, are this ii of the lee for the team. we'll see how though thoughh tonight. the caps can make team history they never carried a three gamem to none lead going into gameo g four. that will change tonight as thes try to close the door on the doe flyers b that happens, it'spens, going to look lot like back toko the future.utur no mcflys talking about former caps gets the start in goal forg flyers that is the same michaelc who starting job eventually wenw to brayden and who shuffled offu the buffalo in 2014 beforee heading to the islanders andslan settling with the flyers thiss t year. of course, he's the key to the caps success this season.. in spite suffering minor injuryi in practice he's ready to go tgo before he squares off against ai familiar face he had nice thingg to say about norbert toda
5:39 pm
>> any goalie can play extremely well. he's been in the league for ahea long time much he's extremely talented and we know he's going' to be readys to go. to but our main focus, we don't worry about whose playing at thi other end.otend you scout their tendon cease orr whatever but you want to get b u goals that no goalie can stop. >> the wheeling and dealingelin ahead of next thursday's nflsdas draft continues and this movehi will have big effect on the nfcc east.east today the philadelphia eagleshig pick up the number two overall pick likely they'll pick up a pp quarterback.k. cleveland will get a lower firsf round pick a third an fourthpin this year. first next year and a second in 218 which means the browns arero confident with a certain formerr redskins quarterback. out of deference to the skinski ricky jean fran choi we won't w say his name.s name. perhaps frustrated by more attention being to the brownsn e than the whole team he tweeted shake mike head why are we head talking about browns quarterbact in d.c.? i'm mis
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here. he goes on to say, "but why? i've been gone for four they must ain't got blank elsens to talk about quote i still lovl the bay, i tweeted the poll lokay fox5. we all have one friend who meanm well but tends to embarrass us from time to time.f well that guy was at mondayonda night's giant die money backon game in san francisco muchisco bottom of the seventh that rulel into the bullpen that guy pick g up the ball up, free ball. problem it's a fair ball. watch the next girl next to himh they realized it's a fair ball. no mr. baseball for you so nowow she's, z very embarrassed andara the guy behind her they knower y what's coming.what here comes the security guards.a guess what? you got to get outo of here.of watch, here comes the hood. don't see me. (laughter).(l >> i'm not here.>> i'm invisible. (laughter).auter) >> look. you're a grown man.yo you wantu' a ball, go buy onene yourself.. >> oh, no.
5:41 pm
>> bye those are prime seatsme s >> didn't the last time thatt happened it was impacted theed cubs, right? >> do you remember that one.mbet >> that guy had to go intot guya hiding. >> he's still in hiding.iding. (laughter).ghte. >> that guy come back to game?ao >> he'll probably be able toy b come back to game but -- - >> they'll remember his face.emm >> i think a lot of people wille remember. nobody will know her face. wknow >> no. she was smart.she she was quick thinking. >> he was all over it.. >> that's kind of funny.. >> look, when you're a grown mam at a baseball game, unless ---- >> jim has -- don't reach down h and take the ball.he let the ball boys and ball girlr do their job. >> it was his dream. dre >> it's my dream, too. i hope it will happen some day.d >> coming up your name may be ab monday maker the list of names n experts say earned more moneyd m and the reason why.. and busted. smart mattress created to letedl you know when your spouse is cheating or jumping on the bed.b >> or jumping on the bed.. >> or y
5:42 pm
bed. i swear.sw picks up the motion.otio laundry basket.dry b all right. beautiful day outside yet againa satellite/radar not showing anything across the east coast.. waiting on slow moving stormg system will finally bring rain showers it's been over a weekee since we've seen rain by the waw will arrive by friday but firstf another nice thursday on tap.dat we'll have your first look at y the forecast as well as the as seven day coming up next whenn fox5 news at 5:00 returns.turn ♪
5:43 pm
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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(laughter).ter) ♪ that is band secret society right there. we've been talking about thembot and they're going to be rockingi out at our fox5 spring concerton series this friday. secret society has been aroundrn since 2008. 2 and in 2012, they were nominated
5:46 pm
for a whammy by the washington area music awards for best urban contemporary come check them out this fridayy at farragut swear park at 17th h and k streets. see it's free or tune in as fox5ox rocks friday morning. morning. hopefully the weather will stils hold out for friday. fri >> yeah, i know. we are going to start with thath forecast because we have rain on friday but it looks like itik doesn't arrive until midn't rivl morning. >> good. >> 11 a.m. >> good.>> maybe right as it's ending.t'end >> that is good.hat goo it will be mild out there. ther. i know it was really chilly lasi friday morning when we had ourar spring concert series. so i think it will be warm andar i'm thinking right now looks n pretty good like the rain mightg hold off.ho off so as we life look outside righr now hard to believe we're evenee talking about rain in the a rai forecast. it's been over week since we'vew had measurable pre him sip teague here in washington just w day after day of this stellarar and today was a little bit b cooler, but sue said thisaid t earlier i have to agree,o aee probably the best weather dayth we've seen all year.ea it's not that, at least top 10o1 maybe it will end up being a tog 10 for 2016.
5:47 pm
sunshine, low humidity, hid temperatures in the 60s to around 70 all day.ay and no wind.d no w that really helps, too. rea all right. fox5 spring concert series likel laura and sarah were just sayiny nine to 11am this friday morninr at farragut square parkare p temperatures in the 60s mostly0s cloudy and maybe a sprinkle orio two but most the showers shouldl hold off i think secret societys should get their whole set in and of course join fox5 on air5n for that as well. w what's ahead? comfortablelyrt cool again tonight open the on t windows it feels very refreshing. dry and mild for thursday. t we'll see temperatures climb c into the mid 70s. then some showers possibly psi thunder on friday afternoon.ften but that all moves out just in i time for the being end which ise looking great right now. satellite/radar like we showedws showed you going into the breaka high pressure in place, clearlar skies.s same storm system spinning itsin wheels across the central partar of the country loft rain andain unfortunately a lot of rain in n areas that don't need iton't ndi including southeast texas wheree houston saw more rain earlier today.toy. exacerbating the floodingnghe f problem luckily though this isih finally making some eastwardtwad
5:48 pm
should end by tomorrow for thetf houston area. a temperatures outside right now,w very comfortable 70 in 70 in gaithersburg.. 70 in frederick.. done 71 at dulles and 68 in martinsburg.. cooler along the 64 in annapolis.apolis future cast watch the cloudss increase through thursday aheady of that cold front.dnt along the mississippi riverpi r right now.ght n it is just clouds i think for thursday.thsday maybe a sprinkle north and wests otherwise we'll have somee partial sunshine and wait fornd that rain to arrive.oiv any of our western counties byoe early friday morning ourorni o immediate western suburbs sur probably by friday afternoon ann then i think for the washington metro the best chance will bewib mid afternoon into the eveninghe as that cold front passes by. could see rumbles thunder but bb saturday morning the rain hasngh passed and those clouds willlo slowly give way to some sunshi sunshine. 70s out ahead of the cold frontt tomorrow. dry and mild.d mild. rain arrives mid morning fridayi maybe some thunder and thener an behind that cold front we'll sel temperatures cool off a bit,a b too. too. overnight lows tonight just lik
5:49 pm
this morning, 50 in washington.o mid 40s for the suburbs. high temperatures tomorrow atur little bit warmer. warmer some of that moisture sneakingin on through could feel a touch t more humid.. 75 degrees here in washington wi upper 70s out by dulles.. bus stop forecast cool to beginb into the mid 70s for afternoon t school so maybe a light jacketae in the morning. morni all right. all ri seven day forecast, fox5 rocks 77 for that high on friday fri despite the showers ande the thunderstorms.thunto gorgeous weekend.eekend 70 saturday.aturday. 71 next chance of rain which willhw be tuesday so hopefully one of f those two chances will wash awaa those allergens some of that oft pollen looks a little bit coolec late next week. nex wee laura and sarah?ah >> looking good. let's head over to tony andy sean for look what's next on n fox5 local news at 6:00. hello. >> hey, guys how are you. >> g do you remember when therer airlines didn't charge us for everything? >> luggage to seats with moretsw leg room.leg >> not a thing. thing. >> so long ago. >> like i don't remember it's 3' yearst ago. ago >> it feels like that.keha well, if you used to paying nown you might as well stay that wayw many of the major a
5:50 pm
come up with another way to nickel and dime us and at 6:00d6 tonight we'll tell you the you t latest thing you'll have to paye for when you're flying.en youe l >> also coming up, some of youru favorite breakfast foods may contain traces of a poisonous chemical herb side linked to breast, thyroid, kidney andy bladder cancers.. scientists even detect it in tht chemical in some organic product tonight at 6:00 we'll have'll everything you need to know. and men, this story is foror you. we'll break down the link t l between working out, protein pre shakes and a receding hairline.l all those stories and much morem coming up tonight on fox5 locall news at 6:00. 6:00.
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♪ there's a lot in a name and did you know your name could be holding you back on your earninn potential? new study finds thaa workers with shorter names tends to mak
5:54 pm
with longer names. nes >> maybe there's easier toier to pronounce or something.etng >> maybe that's what it is.hat'i >> the study pinpointed the tope five highest paid names. for women they are lynn, ma list is a, kathy, dana and christine. tend to be higher earners. unfortunately we're not on they list, laura. no darn and here are the top five for men. tom, rob, doug, dale and wayne.. okay. ok >> anybody with those names out there, if you feel like you need to earn more, push for it. >> change your name.your ne >> exactly a machine could helpl you safe time by combining twooo chores into one.ntone doing laundry and working out.. call the bike washing machinengm you put your clothes into ao a compartment on the bike then you're pedaling makes the drumse of a washingtoning row tote rowt cleaning the clothes. c why hasn't anyone thought abouta this >> the concept though is not for sale just yet.le just yet. >> it does make sense, butut really have to spin quickly.. okay.okay if you'r
5:55 pm
suspect -- if you suspect thatht is that your significant other is cheating there's now a a mattress that could confirm your fears. the smart tress can tell ifanelf someone is getting busy on yourn bed when you aren't there. oh, god., god. this is fall. >> what it's the dog on the bedd >> could be mattress has sensorn in the springs and it will alera you via smart phone via an appn if the sensors detect that whatw it consists -- considersonders suspicious movement.en the mattress comes way $1,7001,0 price tag. you have to be pretty suspicioui i guess to get that. coming up next the story of a 90-year-old couple still in the game. never too late for love.e. thanks to a blind date at d.c.. bookstore. st >> cool. fan out who set them up afterthf the break.reak. ♪
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5:59 pm
>> neiffer too late for 93-year-old miriam t steiner and harold, the pair met for blindod date this week at a d.c. bookstore.okstor harold's granddaughter played pd matchmaker after meeting miriamm while waiting on her in herer in restaurant last week. wee congratulations.. looks great.s great. thanks for joining us tonight a 5:00. >> fox5 local news atox5 l ne 6:00 starts right now.righ now ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00.6:00 ♪ new details tonight in thent murder of an off duty secrett service officer. it's good to have you with usto this evening. hth i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn january see. d.c. police announced a secondoc person was involved in theonas i shooting death of officer arthut baldwin that second person wasse arrested last week for anotheroo high profile fox5's jennifer davis starts usa off tonight. jenn?nn >> reporter: hi there, chief came right out here in her front of the police station latn this afternoon to make for whatr many is a blockbuster block announcement that a teenaged tna suspect wanted in
6:00 pm
with one high profile murder haf now been charged in connection o with a second. a take a look at his picture we'rw talking about 17-year-old 17-yer maurice bellamy. bla had he been in jail after beingt recently charged with secondh s degree murder for the march 26th killing of 15 yearr duvonte washington.ashi he of course the young man whonn was with his mother and sisterss on his way to get a haircut just before easter when he was shotho at the deanwood metro station.on the chief said just for making k eye contact with the suspect. chief lanier says as part of onf going investigation bellamy and 29-year-old charles sims chargea with first degree murder whilerw arm for the december 15th,, 2015 murder of 30-year-old 30-ye arthur baldwin. baldwin was an off duty secretee service agent. a he was on leave after beingeing arrested for allegedly trying td break into his girlfriend's apartment.aptm as that case proceeded he wasede found shot several times on first street southwest in thethe middle of the afternoon.ftnoon he later died at a local hospital. chief lanier says the motive in th c


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