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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> straight ahead at 6:00, the t search for a suspect after act t man in shot in arlington overnight. this happened near a burgerd nee king on columbia pike.ike. we're live on the scene. >> a disabled virginia man dead after a struggle withgle w police in fairfax county. cnt this morning a lot of questions about what happened. >> first, though, a live look l outside. it's thursday morning, april we'll have weather and traffictf for you on the 5s at 6:05. 6:0 >> little daylight alreadytl 6 o'clock this morning.e ocni >> very pretty. good morning to you, i'mng allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.ney. welcome to fox5 news morning. m. we'll start with breaking newst coming out of the district. disc this was the scene moments agoom as police investigated thegad shooting death of a planf pla outside of anacostia highiaig school in southeast d happened about 1:30 a.m. in the 1600 block. no word on a victim's identity t or suspect or motive. miv >
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an investigation under wayti after a man was shot gaat a burb are king late last night. nig >> this happened in the 3600 th3 block of columbia pike. p our annie yu is on the she joins us now with the latest.last. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodte morning, allison and city. cit arlington county police justoli wrapped up their investigation after working this scenene overnight. this happened around the 3600 t3 block of columbia pike around 11 o'clock last night and if you look ahead here, they were r really scouring the area ofrea o this auto body shop and the burger king parking lot as well and the sidewalk here.ewk h it was just riddled with ah bunch of evidence markers.arkers but they just towed a silver bmw from the burger king lot and two vehicles from the autort body shop. sho one of those cars from what we could see a mercedes benz hadbe its window shattered and at least two bullet locals on thebu side.ll police remaining tight lipped how tnghesehe sure vehicles come into play or how this shooting went down but weuw do know police
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call just before 11 o'clockcloc last night for multiple shotspls fired in the area. area. when they got here they foundoud a 20-year-old man with ad n wi gunshot wound to the leg.he l he was transported to a nearby b hospital which is inova fairfax hospital withh nonlife-threatening injuries. the good news is he's expected c to recover just fine. rec again, though, the thoh, circumstances surrounding thes u shooting remains unclear but i t countered a d. ocounted a dozenc markers.rkers. police still searching for theht suspect this morning.ect this mg this want to remind everybodyd v that if they have any any information you're urged to urgt call arlington county police.y c that's the latest fromhe lest arlington, virginia, annie yunn fox5 local news. news. >> annie thank you. ann two minutes after thenu hour. developing overnight we'veight learned of a heartbreakingrtbrea story from northern virginia. a two-year-old girl dead thiseas morning after being left allg lt day in a police tell us the man drove man the toddler, the child's mother and two older siblings s to the woman's workplace in arlington yesterday to dropy tod her off. now, w
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two older children, heo r returned home to annandale. annn later that day the man drove mao back to arlington to pick upic the mother.the that's when he noticed the wn he two-year-old was still in the car. 911 was killed but that little girl -- 911 was called but thehe little girl had already lostdy her life.r >> these images from laurelrom a maryland where firefighterser battled a blaze early thisar thi morning.moing. that destroyed a commercialed aa storage building.age building. firefighters were able to getrs the flames under control w justj after 2:00 a.m.r a they are now working to t extinguish the hot spots s throughout the complex. c still a lot of questionsa lo this morning surrounding theroun death of a virginia man whilehi in police custody. custody. it started when theed 45-year-old man who has autismis went missing from a fairfax fai county park.county park. >> melanie alnwick joins us alnj now live with the rest of this story.ory. mel. >> reporter: well, steve and allison, the family of 45-year-old paul gianelosiane tells us that he could not could talk but he could scream andcrm they also say he would not have
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police officer's commands. c it was 1:00om p.m. wednesday wne jannell lows wagianelos was vist roundtree park. they realized he had wantedad w away. fairfax county police say a 222 year veteran officer who washo trained in crisis interventionrv was the first officer on thet scene and the first to approach gianelos. the chief of police describesics what happened next. >> during this rapport andnd waiting for the caregiver toarer respond to the location, foratif reasons yet to be determined mr. gianelos became physically combative with the officer. oic the officer then called for backup and three additional addo officers arrived on the scene.ce the officers were then able to t get mr. gianelos under control and they restrained him by h using handcuffs behind his back. ba >> reporter: now, police say noc that medics were l
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because of that struggle and mr. gianelos had fallen andn scraped his head.ras and then medics apparently sayes that he was still alert and breathing at that time. then they witnessed him goingtne into cardiac arrest and started cpr, rushed him to the hospital where he wasre he was pronounced dead.ounc police also told us that no guns or tasers were used in u the incident.e incid we also found out that thehe officer approaching we're told put out his hand, steve and stea allison, to try to shake mr. gianelos' hand and that is' when he he had that adverse reaction to the officer.fficer the family is hoping they'llin get a little more answerse answs today when hopefully they gety g an autopsy report. back to you.cko yo >> melanie, thank you. you. happening today, a d.c. teenager accused in the murder r of a 15-year-old boy at thet deanwood metro station lasttions month is facing new murder charges.s. 17-year-old maurice bellamy is due in court he was arrested this week foreek his alleged i
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killing of an off duty secret service officer arthurhu baldwin.ldn. law shot to death in southwestoe december back in december. police believe the motive was >> a florida man will bele sentenced for driving hisng his gyrocopter on the front lawn law of the capitol. he fled guilty to flying aty t plane without a license hese faces up to three years in >> ♪ >> tucker, thinks he's justnkses going have a couple days off.oul >> going to take off and leavene us for awhile. awh >> he's going to have threeave days off but who's counting. >> we win in the end. >> thanks for the complimentsr s guys. >> we're happy to have you. >> i'll do mypy best. b >> we're surely counting ony you. >> this is a good week to de gliver good >> it's not a bad morning.t not a bad morning. mni 49 now in town.n t little cooler.oor. culpeper sorry you're not you'r coming in this morning.ning. hopeful that will pop in. 43 degrees for fredericksburg.s.
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40's. winchester at 54 andt 54 and hagerstown at 52.hagerstown a frederick coming in at 46 degrees this morning.ning some high thin clouds coming clc across. i think they'll thicken up from time to time today. we'll still get some mute themut sunshine through these highoughe clouds. ou we're talking about the chance c for rain but it's going to t stay way out to the west. so, it does look like we're w going to end up staying dryng again, just more clouds.lo temperatures will warm up intopn the mid to upper 70's. 7 that's nice, right? that's good.good and we'll continue with thathat theme tomorrow but it doesrrow t look like tomorrow we're lmorr talking about more showers and even a possible thunderstorm.ndr i'll just say this.ll j the weekend looks nice.ic the weekend still looks nice. >> erin you'll appreciate thisup too. i went running yesterday inte the dry 70-degree conditions.onn >> yes. >> absolutely perfect. absol >> i think yesterdutay was just one of the better days we've daw had in years.ea >> great. >> i would agree he. i w >> hey erin.>> hey >> a run sounds really nicerey right now on the georgetown waterfront. >> hm.>> [laughter]ter]
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>> we'll pick a day for thatfor allison.lison. actually i think i'll stick to our original bloody mary plan. >> i like that plan. p >> crash activity involving avoi motorcycle on the ramp from ramm the dulles connector east tos ct 66 east. t66 so caution as you led out in 66 east a little bit ofe congestion picking up throughhr centreville.ce inbound traffic right now d.c. d 295 slow from burroughs toghs east capitol. no crashes, just congestion,onst 24 miles per hour and we alsoeru have a crash rigs road at rd blare road in northeast so caution around that area.arou ta new york avenue inbound volumenl is definitely picking up as you pass florida but nothingothi out of the ordinary.of trdin 50 delays columbia park tok t kenilworth. as you head from annapoliseaom l you'll hit that wall ofit that l traffic as you head into cheverly this morning.. alexandria slow. s once you pass duke street you s open up a bit to the 14th the 1t street bridge.stet b traffic looking good fromro rosslyn into georgetown on theot key bridge memorial bridge bri third street tunnel picking upen a little bit on the free way.e outer loop still in go
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top side of the beltway. of ltwa back to you. ba >> erin thank you.>> e >> a vigil was held for theeld missing virginia firefightervirg and they hope their prayers will be answered for nicoler nie mittendorf to return home safely. safely. today police will begin resuming their search in shenandoah national park.atl p that's where her car was herar found. >> in virginia now arlington n police are looking for a manre g they say tried to lureed to lure children into his vehicle.en i this happened on tuesday nightit along 30th street right nearighr yorktown high school.rkto the suspect is described ast being in his 40'sis or 50's, wearing a blue tattered tankdan top. police are also looking for an f older model blue pickup truck with dents and scratches.crates. 6:09 now and still ahead,tie the count down to rio. r. the olympic torch relay iselay under way.under >> all right.ig hard to believe that'sve starting already.starting a plus word this morning wor that a former wwe star passed away. whachyna's manager is saying about her death. we're back in just 60 seconds.
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>> ♪ >> 6:10 right now. the president continues talkst o today in saudia arabia focusing on syria and lib y he y is also set to at tend a regional summit before heading home. home yesterday he had a tensese meeting with king solomon over the best way to fight isis. >> the president of ecuador is taking major steps to help his country recover from saturday's deadly earthquake.aru he is pro he posin proposing a x increase.increase.
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well over 500. many survivors are living onin the streets in tents desperatees to find food clothing and clothn shoes. in greece a three-year-oldel child is among the few who survived a shipwreck in the mediterranean sea. the boat went down last week w killing at least 500 onen boardb it took days for the survivors s to be rescued. around 150,000 migrantsnd reached italy by boa 1t last year. most of them from libya. lya >> well, out of the world ofor wrestling former wwe star sr known as chyna has died. her real name was joni lawrence.renc she was just 45 years old.ju she was found unresponsive innse her southern california homeorni yesterday. her manager said she had been sh on medication for both anxiety and sleep deprivation but it'srt unclear if either one played aoy role in her death. d 45 years old. espn fired curt schilling for inappropriate comments he made on facebook about transgender people. the former redrian sox pitcher r referring to the laws in l several states that restrictate bathroom access. aess.
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the post on hissc blog saying hs was expressing his opinion and d those criticizing him areng him frauds. >> the olympic torch lit inorcht athens just about an hour ago. o that kicks off a journey thatt will cross continents.nent a greek gymnast is the first of roughly 12,000 athletes carrying the torch this year. it will arrive in brazil april 27th where it will bewill taken through 83 cities and a 500 towns reaching about 90 percent of that country's population.. >> a landmark birthday for england's queen elizabeth.n elie she turns 90 years old today. the first monarch to reachmona that milestone.estone according to sources the queentt will mark the day with a walk about near her main residence in windsor before lighting a beacon relay in the evening.veni also to celebrate, thisrates picture was released of thesed f queen with her five greatth fiv grandchildren and the two youngest
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beautiful picture. that's princess charlotte onrloe her lap right there.he man she's getting big. big. prince george flex to her and little mia tindal hanging onto o the queen's purse. pur >> annie leibovitz taking the picture. >> it was. >> how cool is that. i think she's having lunch havi with the first family soon, too. maybe they can express thatresst some birthday wishes asly. wis >> i love that.e t >> happy birthday to theirthy to queen. >> uh-huh. >> okay. still ahead, a new way to nap t at one major airport in newajoro york. >> and our live look outsidelook as we head to break on thisn thursday weather and traffic coming up cu on the 5s next.he 5s off to a great start today.
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>> ♪ >> look at that.>> somebody take a picture, please.ea tweet us, facebook -- pictures u of a beautiful sunrise thisri t morning looking back off back obviously to the east. e isn't that gorgeous, allison? oa that's beautiful.eaul. that's pretty much how we'rett going to see sun today, kindod,i of muted, high clouds and then e they'll thicken
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to time today. temperatures a little chilly in spots this morning. t 49 here in town.49 just about everybody elsebo coming in the 40's but you can c see down here when they moveheyv my name it will be 43 in fredericksburg, winchester still in the 50's, come landslas 46. 46 out towards annapolis the bay,ty 49 degrees there. baltimore 45.ltim and stevensville 52 degrees.2 de here's where we thinke t temperatures are going to beng b later today. how about that, mid to upperth,i 70's. culpeper maybe, maybe yoube touch 80 degrees. same thing for fredericksburgsb here, manassas upper 70's as well. a lot of warmth today comingdayg in. a little bit breezy.ttle not too bad. t we're talking about probably pra 10, 15 miles per hour andnd occasional gusts higher thanust that possible late this possi afternoon. less sunshine today than whatn w we have been having. havin kind of showed you that shottho tomorrow.torr high clouds coming acrossuds coa initially. they'll thicken up just aupust little bit. rain back out to the thw there was a big concern would we get any of this shower activity this afternoon orhi into the early evening hoursninh o. it does not look like it'st lo going to to hap there's a little somethingle trying to kick up here but i think a lot of that -- i
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like at radar and see what's wt' going on with that.hha that's showing up all of a sudden which is a littleen w suspect to me. main rain is way back out tok ot the west here.e. again, late tonight we mayige m have a shower and then coming across and then we wait until te tomorrow and tomorrowrow afternoon to get into int basically where we're going to'g have a better chance of some rain, some thunderstorm activity as well.acti we need the rain, yeah, we'rein' getting a little dry out there so it would be flies to get nict some. so occasional gusts, not going tous be a big big this is nice.s n 76 degrees here.rees h just kind of this mixture ofixf clouds and sun and i think by late this afternoon going intoni the evening hours it looks like we're going to end upd up with, you know, less sunshine, h more clouds, okay. 76 today. tay 77 that fox5 rocks concertonce tomorrow. to i think it looksmo good.ks good. we should be fairly dry.rly ry. maybe a passing shower. no more than that. more th t a few clouds saturday a.m., 70 degrees. weekend still looks good.stil 73 on sunday. sda i came in this morning, mike, m, had it warmed up monday.onday. 85 degrees.
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let's go for traffic now withict erin >> i never usually say i'mlyay m looking forward to monday butont that sounds like a very pleasant thing.sant thing >> models are suggestingodel closer to 90. >> love those models.e those m >> don't you. >> right now taking a look atowt volume building in frederick fde 270 south from 70 to the truck scales, turned into a redned toa zone. speeds are averaging under 15 miles per hour because of congestion and then in fairfax we he do have a crash c motorcycle crash it's on the crn ramp from dulles connectorconnto east to 66 east and 66 isnd definitely picking up withith some heavy volume as you makeasm your way past that in northeast right now inbound b traffic definitely starting tofi see a slow down.w d a crash rigs road at blareoa at road northeast as well as 295 a south. no crashes just usual cushionl i burroughs through eastghthro checking in under 2pi5 miles pee hour. we'll move it over for a lookk on 50 inbound. i delays from columbia park roadkr to kenilworth. kenwo it's just a whole lot ofa wholef congestion making your way in mi towards the district.e di let's take a live look outsideet and we'll show you some of ouroo cameras. you can see the inner loop and outer loop by the american ame legion bridge definitelyonridg starting to slow down withh volume.
6:19 am
way out top side of theof the beltway on the outer loop past new hampshire.w hampshire. this is a look by braddock anddk you can see the inner loop ise picking up.cking p. we're a little bit heavyit across the wilson bridge rightir now. 395 congestion picking up asking well.. metro is on time.tris i would say grab a light a lig jacket. you may need it this morning on your way to metro. back to you. >> 6:19. happening today unitedenin airlines flight attendants will be picking at dullesul airport pressing for a new contract.ntract. this in the midst of recordf rec profits for that airline. airli the protests will take places wi as united ticket counters from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. p protests will be taking placela at six other airportsrt throughout the country he.ut cou >> capitol hill now, the louse u military veterans caucus iscus i holding an event to demonstrate the benefits ofit o assistance dogs for veterans vet suffering from ptsd. the presentation will be co-hosted by canine companions i for independence an organization that's trained t and placedha over 5,000000 assistance dogs with program graduates since 1975. 1 >> college softball s
6:20 am
interrupted by mother natured by in virginia. take a look at this.ook wait for it. there it is. i giant dust devil swirlingil around for about 30 seconds. son this was at a game in g bridgewater caught on cameracaha by the visiting lynchburg lch hornets sports network.etwo it looks like it doesn't it erin. dust did he of devils are devs r common on dry warm days butut they're usually not that big.t g looks like a super tiny dusty ds nato. na >> check for the tasmanianhe tma devil in there. >> he might be on to the nexttox project. >> tas, bad boy. >> still ahead, what major m automaker is offering its customers who got caught up in i an emissions cheating scandal. d we're headed to the foxadedo t business network in new yorkn k next. >> talking about volkswagen. voa first though running in a british astronaut planning p to take part in the london marathon this sunday on board the international spaceonal spae statements how he'll run on a treadmill. tread. a harness will be used to keepll him falling off the treadmill in his weightless atmosphere. 6:
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>> back with our business beatth right now 6:23. o let's talk aboriut volkswagen'ss plan to buy back some vehicles. first, lauren how are you this u morning? it's almostg? fridayism i'm okay.iday i know, it is almost how are you steve.are >> good. how we looking on wall street. >> reporter: well, that'ster: wt one of the reasons for my huh. y you know, we kind of aref trying to get things going to again. up three days in a row. ds in we were higher earlier. earer now we're hugging a flat not sure how we want to trade. a tons of earnings coming outer o alphabet which owns google starbucks microsoft verizon visa, i think i got most of them this morning.or and later today as well. so, we had all time highs for the year.ea 2016 highs for the dow and the s & p yesterday and we'reyester seeing if we can keep thatt momentum up. u >> just a few big names you're dropping tre expected to hear from today.ay some big news. i can understand.undst >> reporter: i'my i i'm a name dropper today.. >> you're a big corporat
6:24 am
dropper today. t >> reporter: circles that i go in. >> see, exactly. e big timing it.g let's talk about another name that wishes it probable wasn't in the circle that it's incle t' right now that's volkswagen.ol how many cars are they goingyoi to buy back and what do volkswagen owners need toers neo know. >> reporter: couple reports about this this morning. we'll have more details lateroue today when there's a court a cou hearing in california.ifa. what we think we're going tong hear is this. they're going to buy backgog to about half a million cars,ar diesel cars right here in the u.s., audi a 3's, jettas, et je, cetera. there's that big issue withith this software, sophisticatedstat software that this automaker aom used to evade emission testsions results to say that their carsir were cleaner than they really are. so they could buy back 500,000y0 vehicles. at the same time creating this massive fund, a 1 billion-dollar compensation fund which in some way they're going to divvy this up among a car owners so you can be c b getting some money back. b if you do the math if mat middle which it won't be but it it would be about $1,700 per per
6:25 am
so, you're getting something s back. we just don't know exactly how much yet.much yet >> let's go from the roads too r the skies. we know it's frustrating ifstrag you have your flight delayed, dl things happen at the airportap and you're just like kind ofpe like you lauren, sometimes youus just want to huh, just relax aex little bit let it out. it >> reporter: you can do so for three for 20 whole minutes n in a napping pod that jetblue has debuted at debut a j.f.k. airport.f.k. a that's what they look like. lik folks are saying this isaying s really weird that it's impossible to relax even if evei you're in a special pod likeal l that because you're in theecau middle of an airposert. aport then actually said the seatsheea were uncomfortable but i sayut this. i have not tried but the seat on the airplaneiran is not comfortable so i'll i take any seat over the airplane right. >> maybe if they had in it a if separate room so you're not roo just sitting in the middle off everybody else and just tryingrg to sleep on your luggage so nobody steals it while you'releu napping type thing. >> reporter: it's a littler: weird. >> it's a little weird u yeah. >> but i'm with you. you anything to alleviate theth stress of travel i'm willing i'w to give it a shot. a s >> reporter: me, oo
6:26 am
>> lauren tomorrow is friday.mor >> reporter: or fly first f fir class somewhere. >> look at you all corporate name dropping ande nao first class. >> reporter: not me i'm just suggesting, you know, that tha would be nice. >> i got you.>> i got you >> reporter: i think i've've only flown first class once, what about you,? it was aou,? a generous upgrade i got from aotm nice person at the airport. >> i did it once with an a upgrade as well so i shall not l throw stones.throw st thank you lauren.thank see you tomorrow. bye.e. >> i did it once on a job it interview.inte >> what? >> uh-huh. >> they paid for it.he >> first class.>> first >> were you like going to apple or something. sething >> i got the job, too. t >> this must have been yearsst h ago. >> it was. [laughter] >> i'm not saying anythingything my one experience in first exp class was like the shortest shos trip possible.trip psibl it was like a 25 minutee flight. >> what. >> i had a job interview thatntw was five hours away thenn literally said do you mind driving? >> yup. >> not going to say it. here's your bus stop forecasngt this morning. speaking of transportation, 48a, to 55 little cool r
6:27 am
this morning but we're goingning to warm up quick even with kind of limited sunshine laterer on this afternoon. after school drop-off 70 to t 77 degrees. that's good. holding off the showers tomorrow, tomorroworrow afternoon, tomorrow evening.w v. thunderstorms, too.thun so that's the bus that's your look at traffic.raf. >> going to be nice.>> g i like it. speaking of traffic, erinrac como it's your turn.rur >> i'm walking right in thenghti studio just double-checkingou everything to make sure wehing t don't have any major thursday morning catastrophes.astrophe inbound traffic typical delays l building from the beltway to frh 410 down to 31 miles per hourerh as you make your way outer iny n prince george's county soeorg watch out for that one.. aside from that 50 on the the inbound side slows as well 202 to kenilworth. kenwo in northeast we have a crash rigs road it's a blare road northeast and then again 295then is slow as w so we're starting to see a lotea of typical delays. keep it to fox5.ep i we're going to help you getou g around this thursday morning.dag we'll be back with more news,e n weather and traffic in just a few. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> all right.>>ll r >> i always have to hear adam. that makes me feel better and b that picturing to along withngit it just beautiful thisl morning. welcome back to fox5 newsews morning.morning. weather and traffic on thed 5s atrt 6:35. >> ♪ >> that's the beautiful news.bei now for the really disturbingisn news. first at 6:30 police inolic i northern virginiairnia investigating the tragic deathic of a two-year-old d girl. that little girl was found in the back seat of a car aftereat being left there all day.. police ar
6:31 am
the commonwealth's attorney toah see whether charges may be filed in this case or if this is just a tragic mistake. developing news in prince in george's county where fireere fe destroyed a commercial storage a building overnight. ornig the fire erupted on lafayette lt avenue in laurel. eventually causing the building to to firefighters got the blaze got b under control just after 2:00 a.m.a.m. in northern virginia a disabled man dead after a a struggle with police in a virginia park. par his family says he was was profoundly autistic could notoun speak and that he would not have understood police orders. questions emerging now abouter what happened and why hegi died. the campaign trail travels through our area this week.r ar ted cruz scheduled to be ino b i frederick maryland this maryl yesterday donald trump was inldp maryland campaigning on theigni eastern shore.eastn sh maryland's primary is tuesday april 26th. steve.. >> ♪ >> time now
6:32 am
w line. the caps are going to havere to try again to eliminate theimt that series shifts back to verizon center tomorrow night. n let's check in with the sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan. eric are you happy now thatow t your plan has come into fruition? >> it's all according to no big deal. it's all good. >> all right. >> listen, we're up three-zip,hz only four times in history hasrh a team come back to win the series. i don't care if it happens in game five, game six, gameive, ge seven the capitals are goingpi to win this who cares when. they're going to win. win relax. it's all going to be okay. g to >> last night steve the flyerss wanted their hearts backck because the caps took their the hearts in game three, correct.c. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> six-one final.>> you saw what happened at the ha end with the fighting but neuvi was good last night.od la he was a little bitn betteret than holtby and the caps havehe to find a way to match the urgency of some of these teamshe in the first period becauseec this is the second time in theie series where the flyers came flr out and were the better teamr t in the first, i don't know, 10 1 minutes or so and they were t able to hold on.
6:33 am
so but don't worry. worry caps going to take care of the t business tomorrow night ato ghtt home. home. >> and you're seeing t.j.g j. oshie scores late and theyor lat really dominated the thirdhe period so it was a slow start and even in a bad game, bradenee holtby gave up two goals.oa they've given up four goals in s four his save percentage is almostos 97 percent.erce so, in years past, you get nervous, you go up against hotgt goaltender it looks like thes li caps have the best goaltendergoe in hockey or at least he's right there amongst the best b goalies. we're all pretty confident pre they get the win on friday winnf night. >> even though they kind ofthoue will a dudy yesterday, theyte were such a furious rallyurio rl there at the end frankly steve i thought they were going togoi tie it up and win it in overtime. >> i thought so too.hoht s they played their best hockeyir in the last five, ten minutes of the game. g do you think and i kind of kindo noticed this when i was whei watching the game first threeirr games super clip pea, gamea, gam three had all the fights and everything at the end.hing at tn after scott laughton got hurt yesterday it seemed to kind ofdk slow down the aggressivenessiv on
6:34 am
do you agree? >> well, somebody pointed that p out. one of our callers early on. i didn't quite notice that. tha you would think intuitivelyui that makes it was such a horrifying thingfn to see the kid there laying on l the ice like that particularlycu after what happened in game g three with the orlov potentially. i think that's certainlya possible but the caps have tohe get that out of their mind.theim they have to get back to theirat physical style of play and i pla expect that to happen in game five. five. >> and also we know you'reo showing the power play goal right now. they weren't going to bepo perfect in a'tn entire series of stopping penalty kills and killa they've been fantastic on the power play. they've definitely had and an advantage with the specialwith t times. you're not going to be able tooo maintain that high emotion at ea all times. you're not going to play g perfectly. i would expect them to bouncem e back because there's going to t behe some urgency particularly early in the game to come out and get an early lead. lea >> well, i guess the niceues the thing is, and eb this goes back to your plan yesterdayn yey now at least you have a chance v to win this series at home, h move on to the next one innexonn front of the home fans on home ic
6:35 am
>> yeah, absolutely.bsolel they play so well here at verizon center. i expect it to be on fire.e. hopefully we don't dig a hole ah early f we're talking here anded we're halfway through game six x and we're still strugglingstilln then i might start to panicta to but i'm not panicking yet, not even close.lo >> i agree.>> steve you going to the gamegog g tomorrow night?rrow nig >> no, i'm not going to go i not tomorrow night.tomorr but hopefully next >> i guarantee you he's got asot [laughter] >> why you hating? what's wrong with that. >> yeah, thanks.eah, >> you can bring a date to the game. ga >> living vicariously throughvii him. >> that's right, you guyss ri should be excited for me,tefor right?ght? >> yeah, of course.f cou >> i'd like to meet her. like e >> uh-huh. [laughter] >> all right, guys. g we have four minutes left andutt we're going leave it there foror amazing how that happens. happes >> thank you buddy. b >> see you later. l >> good to talk to you as always the junks at 106.7 f.m.. the fan.the f >> what was funny the dateat part. >> they like to make fun oflike me. >> that's not right.not r >> i know. >> only we make fun of steve. se >> thwart our thing.
6:36 am
>> good morning. >> good morning.>> g >> yeah, this is -- so this is s what it feels like to gett feel sleep, right, so you don'tso yod have to come in at 3:30 in the morning? >> you think this is how weow get sleep. s poor gary.y. >> for two days.woay 49 degrees right now here in n the city.ity. quantico is 51. i i'm not complaining, though.ho 43 agrees for fredericksburg is 42.ericksburg so it's chilly in spots this sps morning but if you're int if yoi hagerstown or winchestertown you're starting off pretty mild. there's some clouds already c moving in and thickening uping back out to the west of us so s satellite imagery shows that. t there are a few little light showers west of the mountains,st too. o on tst checked on that but i don't really believe they're the making it to the ground. lower levels of the atmospherelo still real, real dry thisal mo, rning. so, i doubt we have anythingt to worry aboutwe it. it's 76 for a high today. notice most of thesef these temperatures mid to upper 70's.'s. it looks real, real nice at least in the temperaturet department kind of mutedin sunshine, clouds and sun, if you will, through the daynt and i think by later on thisink afternoon and this eveningan we're talking about mostlytl cloudy, very
6:37 am
we'll stay dry. dry. could there be a sprinkle or two? yeah there could be a t cu sprinkle or two but for theut f most part it will be dry alle a day and all night.ig rain doesn't come in untilome it tomorrow. to >> we're hoping that raimonintht comes after our morningor concert. >> i think it will. w i don't have any concerns forrn tomorrow morning's concert.once >> okay, i'll take it.ake >> sounds fun tomorrow. >> uh-huh. >> going to be a good time.o >> i i kno >> hope the weather cooperates. let's check in with erin see how the traffic is this ith morning. >> you'll be out therehere >> i'll be out there with wisdom. >> traffic is meh today. upper marlboro on pennsylvaniasv avenue inbound you slow downnd n the usual spots as you try tosp get into the inbound traffic is movings movin along slowly 295 south fromouthm eastern avenue to capitolcapil you can see that long line of red 50 inbound also backs upo ba by kenilworth.enwo an earlier crash involving a motorcycle cleared on the rampld from dulles connector east tonnt 66 east. things are getting back the normal. stil
6:38 am
red as you head out in fairfax on 66. before that point inpot i centreville you slow in then t usual spot by 234. 234. 395 north is slow from edsall e to seminary down to 16 miles tol per hour.per h let's hop outside for a liveiv look because sun glare isun adding to that congestion. tthat a little bit cloudy right herehr but you can see just how piledow up things are getting as yougegs head towards the 14th street 14t bridge.bridge. you'll need some extra timera tm there. i say grab your sunglassesgl watch for visibility problems. in addition to that slow downtol slow on the way to theayo t memorial bridge as well and we're also seeing backups fromkf rosslyn into georgetown on there key bridge so be prepared. prere third street tunnel backing up c on the freeway. back to to you. >> a whole lot of changes. chans thanks erin. e a whole lot of changeswholec coming to your money.ha still aheangd the new face of f the 20-dollar bill. bil >> very cool. fire crews in shenandoahhenandoh national park working to get a lathe on a wildfire.on a w an update on that story and more coming up. it's 6:38 now.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> hot on the web. we're back now with what's trending on the web this thursday morning.>>sd these are the stayories thatri a you're engaging with right nowow on social media. med let's start with a huge a wildfire.wi it continues to burn ino shenandoah national park p scorching more than 5600 acres.00 aes. a 14-mile stretch of skyline sli drive is closed as are morere than a dozen trails. next, restaurant to theesurn rescue. a bar in the u can k has t c posted a sign telling custome
6:42 am
tinder date is going badly. bad. the sign says come to the bar, r ask for a certain workers andrsd they'll get you out of the date. genius.niu. and change for 20. abolitionist harriet tubmanri will replace president andreww jackson on the new 20-dollar bill. bill. tubman will be the firstst african-american on u.s. paperpa money ever. jackson's image will still l be on the back of the 20 buthe b don't expect this to be ins b your wallet any time soon. soo final concepts for thencepor redesign aren't expected until the year 2020 and steve,. sve >> takes long for them to make that decision. disio >> can i just say i'm going tou just save every one of them.y ot i don't ever want to spend it.pd that's going the take some time. >> trying to get you to saveouov your money. mon >> now i'm going to do it.'m gnt over to you.o >> you know the first one youth get e you'll hold onto that.nto. >> i have to. >> thanks al. 3's company could be leaded to the big why not. they turn everything else intoei movies, right., rig
6:43 am
first though, a reminder before we led to break if youak have a news tip share it with us. (202) 895-3000 or e-mail us-mai your tip to fox5 tips at we're back in a minute.
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6:45 am
>> ♪ >> live right now, that's regal i >> >> good word for it.ood >> and i thought my birthdayy celebration was something. >> your birthday celebrationebri was awesome.wa
6:46 am
>> keep in mind, al, what weha w did for you and what you wereu able to do for your family wasy for 50.for 5 this is for 90. 9 >> this isn't about me. continue steve.teve. >> queen celebrating her 90th 9 birthday. you can see outside much m windsor castle what'sle happening right now.ow. big doings under way.r way how exciting for those onlookers who are able to geto g right up close.. >> that's -- steve you know i sy hold a special place in my i m heart for history and living lig history and all of this is monumental.ta she is the oldest monarch imonai believe to get to this pointthit while serving still as the t queen and it's quite a milestone, 90 years old and o ad she's actually going to spend se some time, very active still, sl she's going to, you know, get g out there and just walk aroundro a little bit today to today t celebrate her birthday andy a that in itself is a beautiful thing at 90 years old. >> i've never been, garyee mcgrady, but i had the the pleasure when i was flying tog o london a few
6:47 am
time i flew to london and flew e right over windsor >> cool. >> and i looked down.oodown beautiful. i was like oh my god what is god that. and somebody was like that's t windsor and i was probably should have known that. it was beautiful >> what do you get the queenhe e for her 90th birthday. bth what's the gift. gift. >> has to be something personal. >> i wonder what thaton celebration is, like 50de is i gold and 75 is diamond is diamoi think. >> i hope we live to find out.eo >> i do, too.oo >> here we go.we go. temperatures out there this morning, 49 degrees for reagan national.national dulles 49, bwi marshall 45.l 45. steve, when i'm flying i get excited when i fly over like l great stadiums. >> i'm the same way. the >> that's the fun thing. but i've never flown over -- ov maybe i'll get to fly over windsor castle one day. day more seasonal on saturday.aturda here's deal on saturday.aturday. front comes through, okay.kay. it does look like this fronthisr gets through fast enough to keep us dry saturday morning. m we think on saturday morning there's going to be a fewin clouds around butter ig t shoulh be good and ofco
6:48 am
front coming through we'regh wre talking about temperatures as little cooler on saturday buturt still real, real sunday looks gorgeous. g i mean, it's hard to top this.oi we're going to haveo h temperatures mid 70's on sunday.ay. beautiful sky conditions.dition low relative humidity as highy a pressure builds in. so, the specifics on theif weekend 70 on saturday.atda again, some morning clouds saturday but it shouldn't be aoe big deal at all.ll we'll stay dry. sunday 75. 75. not 45. not 75. so, really nice, great weekendae both days. d here's where we are this we morning. morn couple of showers way back outkt to the west. more showers farther back out to the west. this is what we're going tooi wait on, okay. o this is a round of frontalonta system that's going to be slowos to get here so we think that most of this will really -- ry not this, this will die out,e o, more will form but it will bewie tomorrow afternoon intoon int tomorrow evening for some for s showers and some thunderstorms. let's scoot in out west a little bit on storm trackeriner radar. you see a few showers.a feower these are way back out to the to west coming out of west virginia, western sections of
6:49 am
light showers there, most of it not touching the groundouingh simply because it's too dry atoa the surface.e surf we're kind of a mix of cloudsf d and sun. clouds will thicken this afternoon, warm and breezy bre temperature gets up to 76to today, how about that? winds out of the southwest a littlee breezy five to 15 miles per t hour. little stronger in the afternoon. 77 tomorrow. few early clouds on saturday. look at monday we're up to 85 degrees. how nice is that? we get theete chance of showers friday andday another chance of showers sho coming up on tuesday. t. there's your forecast.your fores now let's get to some traffic. . erin como is in with that.h tha hey, erin.he erin. >> hey. right now 6:49, gary and we andw have a relatively quietqu commute. i don't want to jinx it with some typical delays right now. w 95 southbound there's a crash after 32.2. however delays back to 175 soo o this is an area of concern incei howard county. cou back that could cause some bigcg slowdowns for you. also in prince george's delayscg from the beltway to
6:50 am
slow moving traffic inbound toou new carrolton. 50 inbound also slow. slo seeing usual delays inside the n beltway.y. congestion this morning fiveninf north slows in the usual spot s 301 to surratts road.ts road. 24 miles per hour average.ere. upper marlboro pennsylvaniannlva avenue slow as well. seeing backed up traffic 210 2 inbound towards the beltway bel also. 295 south side slow easternside avenue to east capitol street.ap let's take a live look outsideke at some of your other majors. m this is a look right now ass you make your way out 395 you y are backed up from the beltwayey towards the 14th streetet bridge. typical morning congestion con there. so give yourself some extra time. ti also top side of the beltway through silver spring slows onlo the outer loop two.r lo 70 southbound.outh leave earl from frederick.reric. look at that as you exits you et towards the memorial bridgemo are you just bumper to bumperope right now.ght now. things on the key brickkey bri stacking up as well.king we'll keep you updated this thi morning. that's your traffic. y back to you guys. t hey, metro is on time.n time. that's good >> always good news.lway you know what else is good news, kevin mccarthy and the fact that he's here with
6:51 am
>> makes us smile. >> good morning to you guys.g u bunch of big movie news.ew kelly ripa story is gettingng bigger and >> what's the latest o then.o te >> she's not expected toted to return to live until at leasttea tuesday now for people who didn't hear the story sry yesterday she was essentially quote/unquote blind sided by siy the fact that michael strayhanen was leaving the show to go tosho "good morning america."merica he will reportedly be therehere until september.l she did not show up for the show yesterday which was theay day after he told her w the anna from snl hosted the show s with him. him and michael strayhan announcedou he was leaving the show. the sw. the rumor is rip pennsylvaniann feels blind sided as is bl mentioned only learning of the e news right before it was madee public and the network isetwork calling her absence a "previously scheduled vacation. >> hm. >> not sure about that. tt. >> come out and say.ay. >> it's a little suspect. suspet >> don't keep trying to spin s it l
6:52 am
>> i will say terry cruise cru would be an excellent >> that's an interestingeresting story.y. >> wow. you know who they are talkingher about though he. >> another exfootball play.oo >> anderson cooper and neil andi patrick harris. harri >> kneel patrick is really p good whenat he fills in. cooper would be interesting.ti >> i think neil patrick harrisri i like better i think they're both great.h grt i think neil patrick harrisri would have more fun with the show element. it would be fun to watch. wat >> you ever see lar rolled andla kumar go to white castle. c great in movie.grea two new movie trailers gettings a lot of buzz this morning. the girl on the train which isai a best selling book expected eee to be one of the biggest lits lt the of the years. yea adaptation of the thrilling.. emily blunt stars as ablun recently divorced woman who becomes strangely fascinatedrang by a couple she spots on here sp way to work every day.. when one of them disappearsappes bankrupt'disappblunt's charactes herself caug i
6:53 am
investigation.ig itat seems like "gone girl."on it hits theaters in october. o another trailer by the way be w which by the way i'm so'm so excited about this, i loveov denzel in these types of roles, these action roles.ctiore >> yes. yes. >> new denzel movie. new >> love it. >> magnificent seven a remake a of the 1960 film also hasas chris pratt follows a group mercenaries. guess who is directing this t antoine fuqua. >> ethan hawk in therehere rejoining the cast. cas >> they also did the equalizerqr as well. well. you'll to wait until septemberer to catch the magnificent sevencn in theaters.heat speaking of remakes there's ahes a 3's company >> steve and i have againstave t that. that. >> i don't know about this.s. i'm a little concerned asconc well. this is a oldie but goody.ut go. >> is the casting out yet.. >> it's in development rightdevo now. the classic sitcom is beingei reimagin f
6:54 am
producers are tapping thear writing team of abbey cohenohen and mark silverstein who previously clan rated onusly cl valentine's day.vale it was an awful movie. movie. this might be -- >> i said chris hemsworth asorth jack. >> that's interesting.t's i like that choice. tha >> no, because thet beauty ofut jack tripper is he was, you was know, he was cute but hee but he wasn't like, you know, drop d dead gorgeous. >> it can be like a littletl slightly not so cute person.eer >> but i also want to talkk about denzel. i know we have to go but a lotul of people remember that uncle denzel meme and they were joking but that's what that t beard was. w do you remember the beard? iar? think it looked like that that. >> did you know that 3's kno company is based on a britishsh >> no but it looks like a a british show he.w >> called man about the >> we started ripping off the r british siphows back in the bac 70's. >> house of cards, the office. we've been doing this for aor a long time. go to my facebook page, mccarthyevin fox. released the new jason bourne trailer overnight last flight.t.
6:55 am
awesome. >> let's get to some mew sick.k. this is the band secret sec society they will be rocking out with oh allison seymour tomorrowow you can check out everybody. go say hi to allison, hear hea great music tomorrow morning. mr >> i'll be there. >> i'll be down there in theown morning 9:00 phil nine:30.e:30 >> fantastic. it's getting better. bette farragut square park at 17tht 1h and k it's a free show. sho you can tune in here.ere. we'll air it live on fox5 news5w morning and good day d.c. if you want th to head down and say hi to allison and kevin. >> she says she hopes to see wisdom tomorrow. tor he'll be there as well withlit allison and kevin.ev. suddenly i'm feeling left >> we'll see cecilia tomorrow. >> cecilia says she'll be backlc so you will.ou w >> we'll see you tomorrow.omorr. that's awesome. >> all right gary mcgrady. mcgra >> i'm not pro
6:56 am
will be a hundred percent dry.. >> you did that at 6:45. >> do not put words in my in mouth allison.llison >> you said it would rain later. >> rerack the tape. >> this changes everything . >> [laughter]s. >> that's in my contract.ontrac i can't be fired if it rains. rs here's the school bus forecastec kiddos 48 to 55. t 5 kind of high clouds thislothis morning thickening up afterp afr school. listen, next chance of rain, a few showers possible tomorrowblo morning but it doesn't look d like it's a big deal at allt a and then the better chance ofnco rain comes in late -- tomorrowoo afternoon and tomorrown an tom evening. here's erin with a look atook your forecast -- your traffic forecast. >> 6:56 and i'm forecastingng your roads.oads 95 crash after 32. delays back to 175. to 1 as you head inbound from f baltimore you'll hit thatthat delay.dela bw parkway typical slow moving traffic by powder mill road.r l. inbound traffic we have delays y right now once you get insideid the beltway delays buildinguild from the beltway to 410 on bww southbound so watch for that. 50 inb
6:57 am
side the beltway and that t usual congestion right now onio five out by 301. 3. keep it to fox5.ox we have back in just a few minutes. >> ♪
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> right now at 7:00 we arere following a developing storyg so in northern virginia.irgini >> police investigating the death of a two-year-old girlold left all day in a hot what we know now about thew no
7:00 am
tragedy straight ahead. >> plus, still a lot of questions this morningtions thir surrounding the death of ani virginia man while in police custody so what happened? we'll have a live report. >> and a historical change to the 20-dollar bill.r an american president is out.. and this woman is in. i plus how a broadway hit played e a role in the money makeover.r. >> giving you a live look outside on the thursday morning. it's april 21st 2016.1s 2016. sudden that sky looks likehasky rain to m i think it's just the angle.e ang i think it's going to be all be right gary will be along shortly alo along with erin.along we'll get you the latest onatt weather and traffic on the 5'se5 at 7:05. 75. good thursday morning, i'mr allison seymour.n ymo >> and i'm steve chenevey.he a lot of headlines to get to. we'll start in the district where police are investigating a deadly shooting happened h overnight about 1:30 this 1:30 h morning in the 1600 block of bck 16th street southeast.oueast. that is just outside off anacostia high school. sch no word yet on the victim's identity a susct


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