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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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shut down this hour. >> ♪ >> you said it was okay if we of wanted to go crazy and we all adored him.ed h this morning we remember the guitar slaying musical genius beethoven of our times, times prince. >> as the nation mournsion mours prince's death a communityommuny mourns over the search for aseaa virginia firefighter. more on the gut wrenchingthe gu discovery that police made yesterday.yesterday. >> and a live look outside. oute it is friday april 2 what a mess out erin will be along shortly.hort really going to want to check ce her out before you head outead o the door today.oor today. weather and traffic coming up u on the 5s at 6:05. 6:0 good morning to you, i'm'm allison seymour.lin se >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mg of course you can see behindeh us this was the news that really shocked so many people pl
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>> totally unexpected, totally t out of the blue.t of of course we'll talk about prince's passing all thishi morning. just incredible.ncredi >> i think like most people we o were big fans growing up. and so many tributes coming inog from around the world, musicians and just people of all -- all types i guess.esue he really reached everybody.. >> and pushed the envelope in all ways. >> because everything was a little bit different.ryferent >> pushed the envelope in all ways and i'm telling you'm something really wanted to t wear all purple today in honor of the prince of purple, purple rain but, you know, just amazing. >> we'll talk more about it aboi throughout the morning but let's get to today's top stories.orie ♪> ♪ >> we begin this morning withisg breaking news from the roads. t. the outer loop of 495 completely shut down. dow this after a deadly accidentcc near temple hills >> annie yu this morning livenil at the scene with the latest les for us this morning.rn good morning, annie. mor >> reporter: hey, goodr:ey, morning, steve and allison.ison
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those of you headed out to theut outer loop just before saintoret barnabas road. around 1:50 this morning therene was a fatal accident involvingng a tractor-trailer and another passenger vehicle and sincee and then, it's just been piling up.up at one point they had allnt t lanes shut down but just a short time ago authorities didrd open up the right shoulder there and the right lane so you are crawling by. by. but the mile here -- the-- the backup here is just for aboutbo two to 3 miles more. me. we're live on temple hill road overlooking the outer loop ofth the beltway.beltway. again, this is just before youru approach saint barnabas road.ntb the crash is between saintween s barnabas and branch avenue. ae. and it's just gotten worse wse over the hours here. just a short time ago they heagh did open up the lanes but those -- the delays have just hj piled up here as you approachpph saint to avoid all of this, yourthis,u best bet, guys, is probably to t exit at 210 'cause this ish i going to take some time here.e r maryland state police say thatea the investigation is still ongoing.go there is one fatal.
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unclear whether that personhe was the driver of thee tractor-trailer or thedrr-trail passenger vehicle. vehic but as we were passing by onssin the inner loop it's going tot'st take some time i think so keep k this in mind as you are headedee out.ou i know seeing the two lanes lan open up is somewhat promising pi to many of you but the backup b is pretty significant sont s please keep that in mind as min you head out. that's the latest from temple tl hills maryland.hi back to you in the studio he.hes >> annie thank you very much. mc well, now to the latest onl the death of music icon prince.prin hundreds of fans gathering on first avenue in minneapolisapol overnight. that's where purple rain was w filmed. >> despite the heavy hearts heat mourners danced they sang theysy shared some of their favorite fr memos, this as ne... memories. tmz is reporting thatng t prescription was treated for a drug overdose six days beforesi his death. the singer's private jet maderim an emergency landing indingn illinois last friday hours after he performed in atlantaan so he could be rushed to the hospital to receive a quote/unquote save shot
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typically administered to counteract the effects of ats of opiate.. tmz reports authorities inuthori minnesota now trying to geto the hospital records fromds fm illinois to help themphe determine the cause of death. prince's reps previously's r said he had been battling the te flu. an autopsy he is set for today. >> ♪ >> take a live look at preparations for fox5 rocks. it's a sprung concert series at farragut square park whichsqe will feature a special tribute e to prince and i'm so happy i'mai going down there today. the tod the band secret society williety play several of his songs. sgs >> that's very cool. that's ver. the band itself none for its rendition of purple -- known for its rendition off purple rain. rai our coverage kicks offer atat 7 o'clock. it will be great to see everybody down there laterat this >> that shot from firstm firs avenue, i saw a shot from fro people in apollo breaking outing in a dance.ance >> the search for a missingng fairfax county firefighter has h suspended. >> this is after a woman's aft body was found at thendthe shenandoah national park.
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fox5's melanie alnwick joinslnwi us live from fairfax with the latest. mel. >> reporter: well, steve and allison here out in front of the station 32, there's candles and some flowers. this was the case and itt captured the hearts of so manyeo people but sadly it was not n the happy ending that they were praying for. nicole's family on facebook feb posted last night our hearts out are broken. broke we thank you for your supportrup and ask that you keep our family in your prayers in the pe challenging days ahead.ngg days it was 2:00 p.m. thursday when w we were notified from theed f national park service that tha search teams from the parkhe par service and virginia statea police searching the white oak canyon area discovered thosere female remains in a remoteote location more than a mile fromi the parking area and 330 yards3y off the trail in waffle callall treacherous rocky now, after the car was foundound saturday night in the parkingarg lot area, there have been fivefe days of searching in the shenandoah national park.
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120 searches on the ground, all right units froml ri virginia state police, s mountain rappelling teams to scale the rocky cliffs andliffs dive teams to search the bottom of the waterfalls aserfas well as k-9 teams from fairfax county's urban search and a rescue units.. those remains we've been toldeel have been transported to theohe virginia state medicaledic examiner's office in manassas. preliminarily they have beenily identified as those ofos o 31-year-old nicole mittendorfter and police continue to tell us that foul play, they he do ineon the believe is involved innvolve this case and we learned thatrnt there was a note found inside nicole's car in that parkingng lot. steve and allison. >> melanie, thanks. 6:06. let's check in with garyk mcgrady get a look at what's happening outside. mild start to the day.ay >> a little you can feel it can't you.n't i hope that we can keep theth showers away for the concert. cn there's some out to the west tws and we're going to do our bestur to kind of hold them off. we just sent mike thomas outmas somewhere to see what he couldld
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something that he claims toms t have. >> oh. well, that moon was beautiful.el >> full moon. they call it the pink moon.k >> do they?he >> yeah. here's where we are inree ar steve mentioned this. >> scary moon. >> all good references.oo >> id got you.ou. 65 degrees here in town now. tow 64 for culpeper.ulpe these are the mild md temperatures. a little bit cooler back outr t to the north and west butnd w still mild there.mildhere temperatures are in the upper 50's. fredericksburg this morning ishi coming in at 62 degrees. let me show you where the rain i has been. bee clouds on top of us now,ow showers back out to the west. t. yes, they're moving in oury'rein direction but initially a lotot of this seems to kind of get of gobbled up and dry up beforep br it gets here, evaporate, ifrate you will, but there could still be a few showers aroundro this morning with some brokenke clouds.clou. temperatures in the mid 60'ses i at 8:00 a.m. a we're lower 70's by lunchtimeune with some showers around and possibly a few scattereder thunderstorms late thisrms latet afternoon. we're pushing 80 late today. toy and i think you're going to be e
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temperatures on the seven-day o forecast. or at least i hope you will be.. >> oh, we will be.wi >> okay. >> are you giving them.ou >> yeah. g y >> we'll be impressed.ressed >> not impressed with trafficed though this morning. t erin what's going on. >> more prt'oblems right now.htn we'll start you off with a with metro update because we're we' dealing with delays. del orange line delays in both directions. a switch problem at blue and silver line delays inan both directions.on there's some unscheduled trackue repairs going on between largoeo town center and addison roadd eep that in mind.n also a cyclist struck by a car c in northwest.orwest this is a deadly crash investigation. florida avenue is shut down between 14th and 13th streets se so please detour around that location. moving over for a live look outside, we have some construction that is not scheduled, some sign removal,ovl 270 on the spur at democracy boulevard.boulevar because of that traffic traffic crawling from west montgomerywe down to demostcracy so pleaseo s give yourself plenty of time o m to get around. i'd suggest exiting hopping off 270 south and t
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throwing 55 moving our cameras to 66, 66 6 eastbound there's a this is out by 50. is out by 50. because of that, we are jammed e packed from fairfax countynty parkway all the way through 50 5 with very slow moving traffic.rc now onto the big news of theewst morning. we'll take a look at the outerte loop. annie yu is out here reporting.portg. huge delays a deadly crashash one lane getting by. b you're stacked from the woodrow wilson bridge. b tons of stop-and-go trafficop-a traffic 295 inbound as we'll keep you updated.up back to you. >> time right now nine minuteseu past the hour.he hou >> in sports news this morning involving two district teams,sta first from the wizards, 33 they reportedly have a new head coach. scott brooks will take over for randy wittman. oklahoma city. that means the rumors are out o there it's part of the floridari ton lure kevin durant back to the the redskins will welcome what w could be a great
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season.. all pro cornerback josh normanho one of the best in the leagueheu scheduled to pay the redskinsedk a visit today.t today. earlier this week the panthers decided to rescind the nonexclusive franchise tag on t norman making him a free he'll be expensive. a number of other teams arere interested but his first visitst will be to ash bun. in baseball. baseb how about jake arrieta pitching a no-hitter.o-hitter hat night he threw 119 pimps struck out six walked four allowed six balls oust oust infield.d. cubs crushed the reds 16 life16f nothing. on the no-no a final celebration with teammates. tea. look closely.lo the guy in the white t-shirtte t he's a fan.he's a f >> what?>> what? >> he's not a player. pla he's not even part of the team. yeah there's security like get g that guy out of here. her somehow he ran onto the field r and got a happened on arrieta's head. security guards finally f realized a what was going on wha and they got him off thehe field.field. fortunately he was just celebrati
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>> he'll have a story to tellstt everybody and a police recordice to share >> fan is short from fanatic. fc >> donald trump's commentsment about north carolina's lgbt lt law is making his own party ownr cringe. >> we'll tell you why someyo republicans are not agreeingot a with him. but that's not new.ew >> no. >> no. >> okay. >> not at all. >> you're watching fox5 news morning. kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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>> he said that transgenderid t people should be able to used bl clever bathroom they want tohroo use. trump also called the law bad l for the economy since many m businesses have publically boycotted the state in protest of the law. we have been telling you about a all the big time musicians whoia pulled out of playing in northar carolina.carolina. trump's rival ted cruz has cz defended the measure saying it protects children from potential predators who could potentially exploit the law. l >> even more fallout from that state's anti-lgbt law this thi time from the commissioner adam silver threatening to move next year's all-star game out ofmeut the state. state. he says the league has a senseee which arenas would be able toto take on that february weekend if necessary.essary. >> meantime republican partyrepn leaders meeting this week insee florida. they voted down an idea there ie would have changed the rulesules of the
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convention.conv opponents of the measure sayof t that would have made the party look even more fractured thanre it does now with republicanepuba neontrunner donald trumpun claiming the nominatingatin process is rigged.ig >> on the campaign trail ampai little closer to home ohio governor john kasich will beh in maryland monday.onda on the eve of the state'sve of e primary he'll hold a town hall h in rockville.ocil right now polls showcase sick in second place trailing 20d pl points behind donald trump ind maryland. nodo other candidates havee events scheduled in marylandn mr before the tuesday primary. pria >> president barack obama isde in england this morning as thent country celebrates the queen's n 90th birthday. bthda the president is set to be to joined by his wife first ladyt d michelle obama later today they'll have lunch with queen w elizabeth, ii at windsorndso castle. it will be the third time thatha they've met with the queen.t in the evening the firstning t r family will dine with princeh p william dust kat duchess kate ad prince harry. har
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for driver's education. >> a live look outside also a oa we head to break on thisak friday morning. yes, we're living that topin life. thank you, prince for all thatlt good music.good weather and traffic on the 5s next.ext. >> ♪ ♪
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powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> shut downs on the outert dowr loop of the beltway, delays onbe the outer loop of the beltwayop in the temple hills area so just a heads up. oe ju we're going to get moreto g mor information if erin coming upomn in a minute.ute. if you just tuned in a headsneda up that you will find lengthyden delays on the outer loop.n th not the way to get your day started gary mcgrady. mcgrady >> not at all.ot hopefully everything is goingngg to stay dry this morningsorni 'cause anything of courseou would compound the morning commuter and it's already beenle compounded with all theound accidents around the area.nd t a tomorrow here we are, we'rere, ' going to introduce tomorrow tom something we wer
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yesterday we'll introduce a ice chance for a shower early tomorrow, maybe for eight,ig, nine, 10, 11 o'clock we couldk e have a couple showers of afteroa that the front gets through fro drier air comes through and itmg will be gorgeous tomorrowe gorgm afternoon and certainly intont sunday because the high theig pressure will be in.prsu no rain around here on sunday. a nothing but sunshine andun temperatures up into the 70's. 7 specifics on our weekendsics forecast. tomorrow 72. again,lily shower possible.sibl sunday night the case, wow. wow sunday looks great. gre. 73 after sunday, it is reallyea going warm up. u we've warmed the numbers uprmrs for next week even more. m temperatures out there right tig now, it is a mild start. start it's dry now, okay. o there are showers back furtherkr not west. i'll show you those in a a second.second. hagerstown 57 but dry.wnbut frederick just down 57 now. gaithersburg 64.hersburg near town we're 65. this is its rain shower is activity back out to the west.o thinking here a lot of this will dissipate as it gets at gs little closer to us and most of this is moving more to the te noh
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to the east. to t so, it will take awhile if i it's going to be coming in our direction and right now we'red i dry. we're going to try and keep itpi dry. all the fox5 rocks concerton going on downtown so we'lln so wants to do that. do tt. here's where we are laterhee today. da futurecast is not real bullisheh on rain until later on thisis evening. maybe a couple ofybe thunderstorms, too. but i do brselieve we could have a couple of scattered s thunderstorms and showers later this afternoon.isfternoon. here's where we here's that 87 on monday.on we warmed it up. told you it would be close tod o 90. 83 on tuesday. tuesday weekend looks good.oo here's erin. >> 6:18 gary and there's a lothe of breaking traffic news toic get to. we'll start you off way lookoo from skyfox. this is a deadly crashsh investigation on the outer loop at the temple hills road overpass area. you can see the tractor-trailer involyoved. two right lanes are getting byla butne traffic is basically basic parked from the woodrow wilsonmh bridge all the way through this point.this huge delays of over an hour.of let's move it over for ourur i want to show you exactly what that delalo
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you can see traffic is parkedske as it tries to make its way to s through that area where thethe crash investigation is stilligat going on. this is also causing a hugeg hg overflow on other inbound inboud routes. 210 is extremely jammed as youay head towards the beltway. belay also suitland parkway fromay f branch avenue towards the beltway jams and then again a through south 295 a lot of folks augre exitini the outer loop at 295 to try t to get around that.d t that's completely jammed from jm the bottom of the beltway up.tha we have a lot of other traffic r issues and metro problems to get to. we'll have that in just a few ta moments. steve.e. >> some news for d.c.ome news drivers -- for new d.c. d. drivers.dr d.c.'s dmv called off new mandatory driver education scheduled to take effect maye ey first. new drivers can still take approved education classes tolas prepare to hit the road but the mandatory courses have been suspended indefinitely.inel >> prince's death has many of us remembering his whole bodyhod of work and what he meant to heo all of us.ofs. >> coming up how his music is impacting sales on itunes. >> ♪ ♪
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>> people are let's go crazy,ar going crazy over prince'se joining us from the fox business network studio laureneo simonetti. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi there. >> hello. lauren, this is totally in thehe pocket for me. you know what i mean? purple rain, 1984, that's the year i yi graduated high school so it's i personal to me but it's --t's it's personal to a lot ofo lo folks it looks like l business-wise. >> reporter: you can placer: it exactly where you were when you heard some of his greatest t songs. they bring back so manyring b memories and we arees and celebrating his life withife w dance parties around thearun nation right here in new yorkner spike lee threw an impromptu one. everybody wore purple out inwore his hometown minneapolis thousands of people really remembering his great hie hits. and if you look at the top of lt the itunes cha of the nof no surprise herchart nosurprise, pn
6:23 am
red corvette when doves cryry number 12, three and five.nd f he was a stickler when it came to streaming.treami he wasn't a fan of it. >> right. >> reporter: it's difficultr: i right now to find prince'sd pr music on pandora spotify on youtube. you find it here and there.eranh he actually last summer pulledue most of his music from every e service that streamed exceptme for title.le. he liked title because it wasecs subscription only you pay $10 p$ a month the artists got doubleou the royal tease than some of the other industry standards.rya so, it's a little tricky toriy get his music but when we get gt it we love it and we'rende' dancing and rocking outking o everywhere celebrating theng life that he lived. >> my husband is a deejay aee right there in new york whereyow you are. >> reporter: yes.>> r >> he was saying the same thing yesterday busat it speakss to the power of the artist.f ths you know, we see a lot of a l artists coming here to capitol hill to talk about the rightsheg of artists and you didn't really see prince on capitol oca hill but the business moveshe b were genius and i guess we're w' learning about that now n es
6:24 am
he was a very private you didn't know much about him. he was political believe it or r not and in the news of his ofis death, i find that i'mt'm learning so much more.h the influences that he had that we just didn't know about. >> most definitely. m i think we saw that when he came to baltimoreosaw after a freddie gray died a local mand m here that had people in theple streets and came and gave that concert so.o. right. >> lauren thank you so much.k yo >> reporter: yes. i forgot all about torhat. that. thank you. >> i know, it's like -- little t things, right. have a purple friday.eri >> reporter: you, too. rorter: u >> all >> 20 of the top 25 songs on i tune right now. right >> really. at first i didn't listen didn'tt because i couldn't because it was personal for me but thenal f afterwards i'm like -- and i a was blasting that music.blasng t >> oh, yeah.>>h. >> other people were blastingrea it so it was a little community. >> well, you know, we'rew, children of the 80's.ildr i'm not sure about steve. sve >> he's a baby. [laughter] >> but yeah it was shocking sho when my wife told me that. me t
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else. >> and my kids were there and we we talked to my kids, too, ando, they were like who is this -- ti they didn't know, you know. >> i know.>> >> but they liked it when theyli heard it. here's what's going on. what's let me get right to this bushis stop forecast out there thisaso morning.morng. speaking of the kidseaki temperatures are mild, too, inre the up are 50's, low to mid 60's in some areas and there ant could be a spotty shower butwe mostly it's dry this morning. mi after school watch out for a few errant showers maybe evenn a thunderstorm as temps go mid a 70's to upper 70's to maybe to y low 80's out wow. here's our forecast for the the spring concert this morning.s mg this is fox5 rocks of courses ou and we got to include at least t a chance of a shower but allison don't worry. i don't think it's a big deal. d >> i'm not worried about i >> good. temperatures will be basically l in the 60's so it's going tooi t be nice and mild. m >> i'm going to pretend i'm i atwood stock erin if it startsts i'm going to be like peace and love. >> do you have your floweredr head band. head ban >> no, i do need that.o, do ne >> we'll make it happen forap the day. right now unfortunately wetely w have luge problems for yourpr co
6:26 am
this is at the temple hills tem road area. two lanes getting by. traffinec is jammed from the wilson bridge. b you're parked from the wilsonke bridge through the temple templ hills road area. give yourself a lot of extrara time. skyfox over this location.r thit let's switch it over for at ovef camera look at the backupat t b right now. again traffic is crawling. this is going the take you over an hour of extra trafficra to get from the wilson bridgen g through temple hills.ple your best bet this morninghis mr exit at either 395 northboundou or 295 northbound. let's look at our maps.look i want to show you exactlyouxacy where this is. you can see the bottom of the beltway outer loop completelyr m jammed. 295 is stacked from the beltway through well north ofug that pointer andh then 3955 typical delays. route one also backing up so ipi would suggest leaving early. aside from that 66 out by 50 b on the eastbound side dealing with a big crash scenesh sce blocking the left shoulder.hode several cars involved there.d t. you are dealing with heavy wh traffic from the fairfaxrfax county parkway through 50 this0s morning. now 270 southbound you are are basically parked as you make your way closer
6:27 am
there's unscheduled signunhedu repair out by democracycy boulevard. 370 to the spur is dealing with super heavy traffic. tra exit and take 355 to getet around that. they have lifted the hov lane restrictions to try to help to p traffic moving.traf i got you covered thisover morning. it's a little bit of a rough r friday morning.ay mor back to you. >> erin thanks.>> enk we'll check in with erin in a few minutes.ut this morning we're rememberingee the life of the iconic singer sn prince. prin >> that beginning, yes.t bennin coming up, more though on theugn details of what may have lede l to his death. plus, a live look -- waitooi a minute. 'cause you got to do that. i'm sorry.i'm sorry. a live loo look as they set up p or spring concert series andersn we wanted you to come downe d anyway because secret societyre is a wonderful band but thisd bs morning they're going tooing perform hits from the purplem tp one himself, prince.nce. come down there be part of f what's going on right now. goini come on, we're waiting forting f you.yo we'll be down there myself,there kevin mccarthy, wisdom martin. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> what made prince so genius aside from hisnc entirente abilities to be such a great musician play every instrumentet sing every song write his own songs is the fact that becauset he did so much in so manyn so m differenwa
6:31 am
some way appealed to justus about anybody. >> right.ig >> you can't pigeonhole his music. >> i was listening to histeni early stuff and it's almost alms like punk. i loved that first stuff back bc in the controversy dirty mindtym days. he's got something for som everybody. amazing.amaz >> i think i will my first -- f- one of the songs off of controversy was on thenhe greatest hits like back in thekn day things.hings. like who is this guy.suy >> we're old. w old you're a baby.u're the world -- - >> not a baby but. but >> a teenager.eenage the world is though waking up wg this morning less a musical icon adored by generations of fans. news now is coming in this i morning shedding light on whatnt may have happened to thehe beloved singer as his legionsns of devotees gather. >> tmz reporting this morninghig that prince was treated for a drug overdose six days beforeos he died. now according to tmz sources s the singer was given a
6:32 am
illinois hospital which is typically administered to counteract the effect of an of opiate. >> well, you know, i -- i- reporting that news i knoww news comes in but i'm going wait on whatever that meanshat a because he went on to do soo so many things after thatte tha including have a party at his residence but that is what tmz is reporting and despite the overwhelming sadness that's felt by prince fans at thee fs t news of his passing a spontaneous celebration, celebrations everywhere justeret broke out. here's the one on first avenuete in minneapolis of course iniscor his home where hundreds ofed fans gathered. they sung, they danced, sharere memories of the icon. celebrations went on through the night as the entire city ciy party like what, steve? >> 1999 al. 19 >> yeah, just one last time together.toge >> the thing with that song and we remember -- okay. okay what would you like us to do matthew? get on to the next story.or let's switch gears then.
6:33 am
talk prince right now. n let's switch gears.h ge incredibly we'll talk about a tl deadly investigation on thetiga outer loop of the beltway of right now. temple hills roa tractor-trailer was involved.nvl right now two lanes arean a getting by. traffic basically parked fromker the woodrow wilson bridge alllsi the way through this point.soint delays over an hour right this is on the outer loop. make sure you plan yourlan your commute accordingly.mmute accord >> two people had to be pulled e from the window of a townhouseou after fire last night.t night this happened in maryland. maran prince george's county george'so officials responded to theun call around 10:00 p.m.sp10:0m. now, this was in the 7200he20 block of g street in seat officials say the fire started s on the first floor. the f so far onlyir minor injuriesnjur have been reported. repte >> in an update on theat heartbreaking story in fairfax county. an annandale man facing man fac charges after the death of ae df two-year-old girl who spent gir all day in the hot we talked about thisabou yesterday. investigators say the childs sa was in the care of the mother's boyfriend daiquanan fields. he told police he forgot aboutgu the toddler after dropping off two other kids on wednesdayed morning and it wasot
6:34 am
seven hours later when hehen picked up the mother that he realized the two-year-old was still in the car.. fields faces child neglect and i involuntary manslaughterghter charges. >> taking a look at our topur stories now.orie female remains ax woman's bodysb believed to be that of nicole mittendorf located near the t white oak canyon trail atan shenandoah national park.ationa that's where her car was w found. found. virginia state police found a note in that car that leads them to believe there was nohern foul play involved in her death.deat the remains have been taken to t a medical examiner for an autopsy and positiveiv identification. >> all right.>> now let's get back to more prince memories. memie maureen joining us appropriatera enough in purple this morning. >> i had to do it. i >> wear it for f us. >> i d as i said on facebook iai wasn't the biggest prince fan but he left such an indeliblende impact on me. i wasn't allowed to listen totet him.hi because of in i wanted to. he woke something in that that preteen in me. he talked about s-e-x and for
6:35 am
me i was like what is there. ise he was the bad boy you weren'ter supposed to night. night he made you want to party, get down.wn. i. sad this morning just just profoundly sad at the loss of his genius.ens. >> the point i was trying tont i make earlier is for aarlier generation when you heardrd party like it's 1999 and it andi was still 1984 you were like lik we have 15 years left which ishi an eternity to celebrate liferaf and now here we are we ar celebrating his life anotherifer 16, 18 years later. lat >> my kids was -- did princeri think the world was going come to an end in 2000. 200 i was like it's just a thing. tg you're saying you're younger you so you were on that -- i was-- w saying before 1984 was my graduation was my school yearch so we were in that full prince c mode through college. and here's how this is were i -- i went back to my parents ago home.goom >> i want to see this. wan >> this is what i had -- i need you to see me. >> shut up. >> this was a caricature thate h apparently i had gotten donen of prince. o instead of >> instead of myself. myself. you go to lk
6:36 am
whatever and they're like oh, no, i want the prince one i mean, he was -- we always alwy talked about me being a huge mj fan but to be honest whenonwn he went into his, you know, total pop, you know, the wholele thing and the jackets andkets a thriller and all that, it i became prince for me as far as a the music goes and so even before that soft and wet andnd d all that and trust me i had noha idea what i was singing in the back of my parents' car. car >> none of us did and that's th' why our parents were like okayik you can't do i remember my sister beingsisteg able to go to the purple rain concert. t. i cried because i wanted so badly to be part of that clickt and crew.w. my monal was you're too all i knew is prince was bad b and i wanted to be part ofed tbe that world, i wanted to have the butt out jeans.ou >> let me tell you something.ll. i was at that concert and youcoc missed a good one. one >> i was camped out in frontampe of my casey kasem count down listening to little redtl corvette. then a couple years later. later >> will you a little redl you ai >> no i never heard that.vehear but when you heard the guitarui work in
6:37 am
man this guy is on anothernoer >> he will be missed.will >> gary mcgrady over to u >> let's just say allison hast a lots of things to show andhow ad tell this morning, too.s mornino that's not just the firstir thing, it's just one of >> we're dry in the city. cit rain back out to the west of wet us. most of this stays across the mountains but to sum it will come across. mostly dry at 8 a.m.t a there will be a few showers around too. temperatures mild mid 60's.d 60' 78 to 80 with scatteredh scat showers and a couple of thunderstorms late thisla afternoon. now, listen, this is not -- not- this is it not lookoo unfortunately because we needbea the rain but it does not look l all that widespread in termsn tr of what is going on out there t late this afternoon.ernoon so, just so you know, notno everybody gets wet.. but we'll waiter on this to come on -- wait on this to can c come on the weekend looks pretty good. >> 6:37. 6 i wish i could say the sameld ss about the commute.amoue co right now a lot of breakingof b traffic to get through.ou skyfox over the outer loop.e te deadly crash investigation hasnn
6:38 am
this is the temple hills road area from saint barnabas roadt a through this point you arent y a parked and those delayshose day extends back to the woodrow wdrw wilson bridge.on bridg let's move it over for a lookora at our camera. camera. i want to show you exactly how h heavy things as you can see speeds unders 5 miles per hour. give yourself at least anat lea extra hour to get through thatoa area.ea. 295 inbound completely backedy a up as well.s we a look over at our maps rightht aside from that also keep in mind 270 southbound somebod s emergency road repair to work wr on a sign by democracyemocra boulevard as us backed up past p 370. hov lane restrictions lifted.if. metro orange line residual resid delays because of a track problem -- excuse me switche me problem outside cheverly ande ch the blue and silver line l unscheduled track repair between largo town center and addison road. road. dealing with a lot of delays aoo around the district.istrict. let's see if we can move move things over rider now.r ri a deadly crash involving avi a person hit by a car that was on a bike. aike.
6:39 am
between 14th and 13th street.t. that's where we find bobd bob barnard. rn he has the latest informationman on that accident. aen >> reporter: well, erin, what we're hearing is that theat bicyclist may not be dead.y we had heard it was a fatal accident.acci some of the officers here at o the sceneff are telling us itng may not be. you see, this is florida flori avenue 13th street. stree this whole area is closed offlod and you'll see why as thishi cruiser goes by.y. there is yellow bicycle heree in the middle of theiddl intersection.inte again, florida avenue and 13that street northwest and you can see some of the bicyclist'sthe s belongings there and if you af y look to their left there is a a small suv. suv it's a taxicab. taxicab we believe that's the striking vehicle. it stayed on the scene.he this happened a couple hoursd ah ago and so 13th street betweenet clifton and w and florida flo avenue between 13th and 14thh here remain closed and again,ga we don't know the fate of theof bicyclist.bicy we had heard the person clwassos killed. now we're hearing, no, thatno, t may not be the theas we'll find out for sure eventually and let you know.etou
6:40 am
after these commercials. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> live picture outside firstct avenue in minnesota right nowur and there you can see our colleagues at fox in minneapolis doing a lot of reporting this morning on princennesyo.thpr so are we.inso a we're back with what's trending on the web on this o friday morning.orning the stories you're engagingu're with most on social media
6:43 am
first up social mediap cial exploding following the death of the music icon. i in the first five hours afterrst news broke of his death d 25 million people had 61 million facebook interactions related to his h prince became the top trending t term on twitter worldwide wl shorterly after his death was reported with more than t 6 million tweets paying tribute to the musician.e to tua i contributed three or four next bluetooth>> neighborhood pregnancy test. p here's's seconds after a woman uses the physical pregnancy pro stick,, her phone's corresponding app provides ste step by step reashp insurance throughout thencroug testing process.g pro while the use are may be anxiously awaiting the answer the app offers purposefully distracting. can't make this stuff up.his st that you go al. a throws are two top trending twoe stories this morning. prince and >> where was this when i washeia pregnant? all right. thanks, steve. well, coming up we will w w check in with our own kevin kin mccarthy he's jamming out to to secret society already for ourer
6:44 am
the prince fans out there, please head down. dow they are playing all of our favorite prince songs this p morning. we'll see you down there.rire. wisdom will see you downee y dow there, kevin is already there.y i'll be there later on.betwn us be right back. place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> sunshine out this morning.e u it's 6:46. friday morning. mor we made it folks.we mad look at that.look t sun popping through. tou with i shall you could seeha allison rightll now.ow she does
6:47 am
here's what's going on.'st's go in terms of where we see we temperatures this weekend, the t weekend forecast, super nice.ic now, look, we've produced andced had to put back into play someom showers for tomorrow morning.owg it does not look like theike showers tomorrow will stayrow wl with us all day but we do d expect a.m. showers now. clearing in the afternoon.ftno so sunshine. sunsh temperature gets up to 72 degrees. sunday it will make up for it i because sunny skies, 73 degrees. it's going to be gorgeous. t little trough in play for theug weekend so we're not talkingsoal about a warmup but it's still s going to be nice. be nic upper 60's low 70's.0' as we get past the weekendeekend into next week, jet streamm goes to the north. nor we have high pressure to the south.south. that starts pumping in warmmp temperatures and actually iuall think for us the way to describe monday would be down right hot because we're goingcas to be pushing 90 now we're 65.' 6 mild out there this morning. mni 65 quantico. qntico. 63 annapolis.nnol same for gaithersburg.thur frederick is 59 watching a couplo
6:48 am
back out to the west of us. none of this has come acrossomer the mountains.ntns i do suspect this morning wemong do stay mostly dry which is whih great for the concert out at farragut square but as you getqu a little bit closer all along interstate 66 nothing hasnog h gotten to hagerstown yet but we'll watch this closely. closey most of that is moving more not northeast than it is tot th the east. high today not bad. 78 degrees for a high temperature.. now these showers and thunderstorms could come inrm scatter late this evening.s doesn't look like ev terybodye gets wet. move through the seven-day forecast. 87 on monday.n onday. now let's get to erin como.s ge very, very busy on this friday morning for you.morning for >> that's right, gary. gar unfortunately a lot ofa lot o problems starting you off with t skyfox.skyf deadly crash investigation. crash has been out there foren hours this morning.hourthis it's the outer loop afterp saint barnabas road.sat only two lanes are squeezingqu by and traffic is parked all pal the way back to the wilsonn bridge. you need at least an hour to hor get through that area. let's move things over rightve t now for a look at our cameras. r if you want to avoid gettingettg stuck in this i would sug
6:49 am
exiting at 395 northbound at a route one north. n keep in mind 295, 395 inbound extremely backed up because ofbu this crash at the outer loop.e . so we're going to keep youo kee posted on that onely we'll o move over to a look at 66. we have a crash at 50 blocking k the left shoulder. shoul traffic is stacked all the wayce back to the fairfax countyy parkway. we'll move over for a look at our maps. our aside from those problems asomhp you make your way out in i virginia another crash rightight now 66 west at fairfax countyaxt drive. you need extra time to get to through that area.thro in northwest we have a seriousar crash involving a person hita by a car there was on a bike. florida avenue is closed clo between 14th and 13th street.tre bob barnard is out at that t location gathering moreri m information. still a big scene at thatg scene location and then if you'reheif taking metro today, updates u for you there as well.ell. blue and silver line no longer single tracking.rackg. residual delays both directions.ctio track repair between addison ais and largo and then the orangen h line residual delays that'says s because of an earlier switchh problem outside cheverly. 270 south still basically basic parked because of somerk construction by democracy.ed if you're headed out inon
6:50 am
gaithersburg, big heads up forb you. back to you steve and allison.ev >> this friday we have a veryid special give away for you thatha you can only enter on facebook. fa >> you could win four tickets wn to see the new stage s production of the wizard of ozdf at the national the evening of may third.ay trd for a chance to enter go to our facebook page at d.c. betweenom now and 11:59 p.m. one winner w will be selected by randomandom drawing on april the prize is provided bydy the national theater. theer >> very cool.yool. speaking of entertainment timemm for today's fox beat.das fox be. we're going on location today. d no, not to los angeles or or hawaii. we're staying right in our ownuo backyards.rds. kevin is live at our fox5 f spring concert series wherere secret society will be payingl e a tribute to prince thisis morning.rn >> the bands is flown fors lownf their rendition of purple kevin are the songs bringinggs back memories for you? i guess you've only heard itt like, you know, when they weretr olds, right. rig good morning.ood orning. >> right, good morning,ight allison and yeah, we're out here ate farragut square obviously aious
6:51 am
today we're going to have an an amazing tribute to prince'snce' music and his life right here on this stage.tage secret society will be playingyn come on down here.n do her wisdom martin is going to bes gn here, allison you're going to be here as h it's going to be a beautifulutil day to tribute to one of theof greatest artists of all timell t and you know, listen, one oftenf the things i wanted to say wants specifically about prince isly p that we are all shocked and saddened by his passing but we can all take comfort in the in fact that his music and his his genius will live on forever.orev i mean, he will truly neverever die in our hearts and i thinkthk that his soul and his genius and his technique and his guitar playing and his soul hiss will remain on earth forever.h r he will always be with us.ith so, that's the one thing we tng can take comfort he was an amazing musician and i would say arguably one of the greatest guitar players in the history of music. of music now, as you mentioned there are so many tributes happeningut for prince. fo everybody around the world isouw talking about it but last
6:52 am
musical on broadway, jenniferfer hudson listen to this, they the did an amazing rendition ofdion purple rain and they had thead whole crowd sing along.inglo watch this. >> ♪ the color purple musicalr ps doing that. they had hamilton on broadway bd did an entire tribute as welltel to prince last flight. last night.ig everybody is celebrating hisrath genius and his music. m that's what i love about it.vebt i will to mention this. arguably one of the greater gat evident half time shows in thelt history of the super bowl bow halftime has to be prince.rinc and i would say it's the best tb one ever and here's why. it was raining there night, it t was in february of 2007 and this show, i remember -- i wasrw watching a video the other day and they came to prince andtori said it was going to bes goin raining and prince said canrinc you me
6:53 am
they went on stage. sge he did a cover of foooo fighters, he did purple rain. r it was pouring down rain.ain. and he had electric guitars, electric mics and he didn'td h even make -- he made it look i so easy. so e i think we have some video of vo the halftime performance which w is amazing.ismazi hopefully we have it.ll hav the stage was we don't have video but if you f check it out on my facebookeb page mccarthy fox it's in mys i opinion the greatest halftime hm show ever. show we're all shocked and saddenedne but let's take comfort in the fact there his music will liveil on forever. for association it'so it's an honorn here today at farragut squareraa with secret society as theys the play tribute to one of the great of the musicians of allf a >> kevin so well said. kin so i loved seeing what was going g on on broadway in tribute toribt prince. thank you. i hadn't seen that.dn't that's amazing.'s ang. >> yeah, i mean, oh, my goshy if you go to my facebook page you have to see thisu have tsee performance by jennifer hudson o and then the star of the showhes her name is cynthia arivo
6:54 am
beautiful voices ever and it'svc a six or seven minute video mut where the entire crowd was singing purple rain with the t show and it was amazing evenn hamilton did something as i a mentioned but seriously, theioue half time show check it out,show he's amazing but gosh, what an amazing guitar player and he h even covered a foo fighteroo fig song at that super bowl show. it was very w i'm going to toss it back totac you guys. i'll be down here all morning mi long. come out and say hi to us. and s wisdom martin is standings stani right lined me in his awesome fox5 red shirt.hi we're going to celebratein cel prince today. we'll celebrate the man, theatet genius and the legends so stay s tuned. come down secret society starting at 9:00 a.m. right here on fox5.t n >> so cool. soool. thanks kev. >> thanks kev.s k >> i tweeter out the link to thl that halftime perform mansion with commentary from the nflme guys that put on that show andnt for them to talk about that show and look back on thatonta show and say that the rain,ain, its purple rain in the rain brought tears to them.s you know, these big gtouys that are like, you know, putting onug shows and everything and it's i a pheom
6:55 am
which has has always been one e of my favorite super bowlr bowl halftime shows.half i tweeted a link o i'll tweet it again a link to ao some of the behind the scenes and part of the show. show. pretty cool.pretty cool. >> this is why you got to be wht friends with steve e >> i know. >> behind the scenes. b. >> good to know youngstersster every now and i love howy kevin said make itt rain harder.der. bring it. >> he's also known for that. k he had a bunch of those little t one liners and -- yeah. just amazing.mazing >> we don't need to hear youeeda say rain today gary.toda >> no, we want to keep the rain out for the concert thiss morning.morning. but we need some rain.n. so, a little bit of rain in spots today would not be a bad thing, trust me.g, t now, look, okay, we are goingng to at least put in the the forecast this morning a chance for a few showers downtown downt farragut square park, concertar runs nine:00 until 11:00. 100 it will be awesome as kevinmes e said. temperatures nice and mild in nc the 60's.the 60's. i don't think rain is an'in problem but again, we'll at at least say there's a chance forcf a light shower.a light shower. you see all thra
6:56 am
out to the west of us.est of it is kind of moving to the east-northeast more than it'sst moving to the so, in terms ofng that, i thinkt a lot of that falls apartls before it even gets over so mild this morning. temperatures around noontime nnm 73. we could have a shower or two.oo thunderstorm shower or twor two later on this afternoon ason t well. we're approaching 80 today. tod here's erin como on thisomo on t friday morning.idayorning >> 6:56 gary and i have someavs updated news for you. y skyfox over the outer loop.e ouo deadly crash investigationsh i just concluded. cclud all lanes right now are getting by after saintfter sai barnabas road. you can see traffic is gettingng by just fine right now butut we're still seeing some big se delays back to the wilson the bridge. so, make sure you still givell v yourself a lot of extra timextrt to get through. get that residual delays all over ao the area. 295 inbound extremely backed b up. big delays 395 inbound. we'll show you what else is wele going on around the area. 66 west crash taking out two lanes of fairfax drive. d that is causing delays.t is we're also seeing another crash 66 eastbound we've beenas' tracking out by 50.y
6:57 am
all the way back to fairfaxai county parkway. pkw and we're also dealing with ait big crash scene a serious ser crash a person on a bike hit bih by a car florida avenue is anu shut down.ow more traffic news and weather. h we have you covered on this on t friday morning. morning. we will be back in just a few.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.
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>> ahead at 7 o'clock thist 7 morning, remembering a music legend.. prince dead at the age of 57. 5 this morning the tributestes continue to pour in from fans fs and celebrities all around thesl world as new questions alsols surrounds his death with some wondering if drug use may have played a >> and here locally breakingrean news that's impacting your y morning commute. comte a crash shutting down part ofar the beltway. bay traffic backed up for we have a live report from theom scene straight ahead. ahead >> and a live look outside on this april 22nd 2016. 2 maybe that's a little moreeor calming for you this morning.. beautiful sunrise.ri very mild out there.t tre. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's at 7:05. >> ♪ >> you got to do it steve. sve you feel like you got to do it i on purple rain. pure rai good morning, i'm allisonllison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news another fox5 rocks concertce series we're going to t celebrate prince in many waysany this morning.this morni we're going to be doing itngto n by -- with our memories and ofs


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