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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ahead at 7 o'clock thist 7 morning, remembering a music legend.. prince dead at the age of 57. 5 this morning the tributestes continue to pour in from fans fs and celebrities all around thesl world as new questions alsols surrounds his death with some wondering if drug use may have played a >> and here locally breakingrean news that's impacting your y morning commute. comte a crash shutting down part ofar the beltway. bay traffic backed up for we have a live report from theom scene straight ahead. ahead >> and a live look outside on this april 22nd 2016. 2 maybe that's a little moreeor calming for you this morning.. beautiful sunrise.ri very mild out there.t tre. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's at 7:05. >> ♪ >> you got to do it steve. sve you feel like you got to do it i on purple rain. pure rai good morning, i'm allisonllison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news another fox5 rocks concertce series we're going to t celebrate prince in many waysany this morning.this morni we're going to be doing itngto n by -- with our memories and ofs
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growing up and then we're he an going to listen to some princene music by the band that we have set up for you this mornings m and the best part is, you canoun come join us. u there it is right now, that'sows where the band is set up at a farragut square park and youe rd can catch today's band secret se society live in person for free this morning. they are going the play --y -- they'll also play some ofy so their own stuff.thown st they'll play some other tribute songs but now with thene recent news of the last 24 thet hours you're going to hear a to lot of prince this morning.this. come down party with us thishis morning down at farragutarragut square.sq. >> it's free. you know what i mean.ow w did we mention that? come onn down.wn it's a big open park there andra we will -- i'm going down at dn the 8 o'clock hour and wisdom wo is down there, kevin is down dow there. it's going to be ato great morning.great morn you can find more information about the band and our concert series at let's get to the latestto now on prince rogers nelson nel official name. prince's's dea prince fans gathered all through the flight in his homesm city of minneapolis and i mean, minneapolis of courseolisu
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sure that it was a big stamp b on the map, right, despite the heaviness in their hearts there was music and dance, inan streets on first avenue where purple rain was filme. this as new information is emerging this morning, there'st' a whole time line about hisbo h final days. >> let's find out more aboutd that with maureen.ouma >> people around the worldound continue to mourn the loss ofmoh prince who died yesterday atstet the age of 57. of this is their new question surrounding their death with deh some now wondering if drug use, i don't believe it't beliei myself, but drug use may have m played a part.t. >> ♪ there are now questionsar over pe ossible drug use afterur the mysterious death of the music icon prince. the 57-year-old singer was was found dead thursday at his paisley park compound inpark chanhassen this comes nearly a week aftertr his plane made an emergencymergy landing in illinois foror medical reasons.ea >> all these things will bese t looked at.ed but the most likely thing from
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the history is unfortunatelytuny some kind of drug overdose.verd. >> reporter: representativesntav for the musician say he wassici sick with the flu. w investigators are trying to tg t contact the hospital to get his medical records.. >> it doesn't mean he didn'tmean have the maybe that's true. tru but i'm concerned about thishis issue of why is he getting better.better. >> reporter: prince rep performed a private show foriv fans at his home in the minneapolis suburb just a day d after the emergency landing. lng >> everybody who was therebody said he looked great.e helo sounded great.. and, you know, that's not not consistent with somebody whoebow has the flu.he flu. >> reporter: fans gatheredgaered outside paisley park and say they can't believe their't b favorite musician is gone.. >> loved prince. i mean, the guy could play p every instrument.ever he brought a lot of other lot artists with him. i mean, ands no one could do a slow song like prescription. >> reporter: prince's first p manager says he'ris shocked anda devastated by the loss. he also believes there is muche more to hear from the sevensev time grammy g >> i've heard that there areth things at paisley park that hekh records and records ands and reo records and there's thingsd the' that they will
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for years and decades to come. >> his legacy loving ony ving through his music. mus his autopsy is expected to betob done today. as you heard allison and stevete they're saying drug use mightg u have been a factor. b he was a devout jehovah's witness.ess. >> and a vegan. >> i'm going to wait for theth autopsy and then see what theytt say but i don't want to want believe that drug use played a a part >> let's celebrate his musicusic and his -- >> it's just difficult.s ju >> it is. >> no problem doing that throughout the morning today. we'll have live musniic at a farragut square park. squ par come join us.oin u wills dom is there, kevin is there.e. allison is going to head downd d at 8 o'clock. 8 olock i would love to come can. maureen and i have to stay s here and hold down what'sn happening but if we can we'll escape foror a few minu
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the rain will hold off hopeful h to get the rain off this off thi morning. >> invite me down there al on. >> will you keep the rain awayke if you comepe. ce. >> invite me down there.n there. >> we're not going to invite goi your friends the raindrops.ainds >> come on gary. >> what. >> come on down. c >> why aren't you invite meginve down? thank you. you. >> somebody has to do they s to weather down here. >> gaithersburg 64. frederick 59 and 62 for 62or fredericksburg right now sorg s it's pretty mild out this morning. morn notice where the rain ti notice where the rain is not.he let's see if we can keep itanee back out to the west of us. showers coming up through westet virginia, western pa.a. it's not so much that they're te moving eastward, it's more it'sr that they're moving to there mi north and to the northeast. the whole line is kind ofki o moving to the east as well and it looks like this is going to t struggle to come over the mountains.s. now, that doesn't mean something conform out ahead ofao this on this sides of the ses o higher elevations but we'll we' continue to watch this and it does look like it appears to be breaking up just
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bit. here's the forecast for mild this morning. t 65. sun is already out for us. for i hope it stays out.ut showers possible at noontime but there's just going to bejube few and far between and i wishd i could say it looked like it lk was going to be a nice line ofio showers coming through an few fw thunderstorms this afternoonrm and this evening but that willst not be the case. listen, we need the rain, guys y and so if we can get it acrosstr here it will be good. be another chance tonight and itnin looks liked it lingers throughru the first part of tomorrow.omoro more on the forecast for thee fo weekend and the seven-dayd forecast coming up in just a bit. back over to steve andth allison. allison. >> all right gary thank youht very much. gvery m let's get to breaking newst from the roads right a deadly accident there has tied up part of the beltwayoadsy for hours now.ow. major backups throughout thehro night and this morning forng f commuters on the outer loop in temple hills.. annie joins us live at theet scene with the very latest. annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning steve and allison.llis we are live on temple hills h road right now overlooking the beltway.wa you can see both the inner and outer loop moving just fineing now. a two vehi
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traffic for several hours outvea here. it happened just beforet b 2 o'clock this morning andth they just reopened all lanes. ln there were significantnint backups, about two to 3 milesil long on the outer loop near loop saint barnabas road making ther friday commute pretty muchommu unbearable but you know what,oua people were patient then gotntn through it. they opened up those two rightwt lanes. la they were inching across thea lanes there and now everybody ey is moving at speed.ed maryland state police tell us tu that the fatal crash happenedapd around 2 o'clock this morning involving the tractor-trailer-tr and another vehicle.otr ve one person has died and the t investigation continues butcont guys, the good news movingg forward is that all lanes on the inner and outer loop nearp r saint barnabas road branchrnab avenue back opened.ue back to you in the b studio. >> all right: erin. eri >> great news it reopened.s pe however even though all lanesan are opened you're stillll dealing with very heavy delays back to the wilson bridge onwils the outer loop.the you still need extra time and this has snarled a lot of ourrlo inbound routes.inund rout
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the beltway to the 14th streethe bridge is backed up and 295 2 inbound backs up to the navalo t research lab.resear i want tcho show you a look at k 270. 270. another issue we're dealinge de with this morning. earlier construction some sign s removal they were doing by b democracy boulevard after the t spur has things very heavy andey backed up past gaithersburgtherr into germantown.ermant from germantown down to then to spur heavy traffic but allut lanes reopened so just be jus b prepared for those residualse rd delays to linger. speaking of delays, 66 on theon eastbound side earlier crash by 50 has cleared. cared but you are still basicallyasaly parked from fairfax countyfairxo parkway through 50 with just jut very heavy congestion thisstions morning. a look at our maps. at we have another crash on 66. this one on the westbound side. crash activity at fairfax drive.dr delays back to spout runut r parkway. because of that crash as you head towards the beltway. beltwy in addition to that onet on northwest a person on a bicycle hit by a car. d.c. police traffic letting usli know that for that activee investigation florida avenue northwest will remain shutn s down for quite some time some between the 13 and 1400 blocklok so give yourself extra time to t get ro
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morning. and if you are taking metro, things getting back to normalma but the blue and silver line delays from earlier track repairs between addison and largo and orange delays residual delays to cheverlyhe because of an earlier switchh problem.problem. things getting back to normalacr there but again very heavy hea traffic into the district. back to you.o y. >> erin thank you. you >> it is nine minutes past theuh hour right now.ho two people had to be pulled to p from the windows of adows townhouse after a fire last fir night in maryland.aryland. prince george's countyce g officials responded to theironde call about 10:00 p.m. aut 1 7200 block of g street in stopless officials say the fire startede on the first floor. floor so far only minor injuries injue have been reported.eported. this morning the searchor for a missing fairfax county cot firefighter has beenghtehas suspended.en >> this after dea woman's bodyy was found in shenandoahnand national park.nation par remains of a woman. fox5's melanie alnwick joinswi us live from fairfax now withoww the latest. mel, good morning.l, >> reporter: good morningmo steve and allison and i think t a lot of people when we hearde the news andhe
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e-mail from virginia statea stat police, the national park service our hearts really jtllyj sank. this is certainly not theaiy no resolution that so many people in the fairfax station stati community and around the area ae have been praying for. f last night nicole's family,il they've been hosting that findin nicole web page on facebook.acoo they did put out a statementme saying "our hearts are broken. we thank you for your supportout and ask that you keep ourhat family in your prayers in the challenging days ahead. "no doubt there will be manye lb for them and also for nicole'sil husband, steve. now, it was 2:00 p.m. thursdayth we're told that search teamsrc t from the national park service e and virginia state policeic searching the white oak canyonan area discovered those female remains. they said it was in a remotete location, more than a milen a from that parking area andre them330 yards off the trail in treacherous rocky her car was found in that in th parking lot
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trail saturday night.ig what followed was five days of searching in the in the shenandoah national park hundreds of searchers in the i t grounds and air including a rappelling team to deal with de the cliffs and gorgeous and a a dive team in case they neededee to go to the base of thosese waterfalls and k-9's deployedloe from the urban search and a rescue team. t those remains that wereter recovered yesterday were transported to the state medical examiner's office inn manassas.. the preliminary i.d., though, tg we're told is that of 31-year-old nicole mittendorf. virginia state police continue n to say that no foul play they te believe is involved hereolve adding that there was a notes that was found in nicole's carsr and the entire fairfax county ct fire and rescue family certainly in deep mourningp this morning and we know that the chief has been very vocals v and outspoken about this.bout ti he put out a statement last last night basically tellingelli every
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and prayers are with nicole'sol steve and allison. >> at least there's someleas closure. i'm sure it doesn't stop the the sadness but melanie thank youany very we have an update on whate w is truly a heartbreaking story out of fairfax county.ouy. an annandale man is facinging charges this morning, this ishii following the death of ae deathf two-year-old little girl who giw spent all day in a hotter car. investigators say that the child was in the care of the mother's boyfriend daiquannd dai fields.ds now he told police that hee forgot about the toddler after being -- after dropping offroinf two other kids. it wasn't until seven hours later when he picked up thep t mother that he realized the child was still in that fields called 911 but it wasut s just too late by then. he does face child neglect and involuntary manslaughter manslar charges. >> still ahead a high schooligch student dies after beingfter beg attacked in a school bathroom. latest from police. >> the controversial transgender law taking centerg stage. how the candidates are reac
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>> ♪ >> it's called a sound check,he al. al. >> yeah, getting ready. rdy >> steve do you play a bassas guitar.itar >> no i have a guitar that looks just like that.e tha much better sound out of his.tfh >> you can play.>> y >> that's secret society getting all ready for the big fb fox5 spring concert series, the second in our there are three bands and thishi is the second week and we're over the moon about it. over the cherry moon about it at today. to so we'll be down there.ll be wne looks nice and gary i just i hope that that rain holds off. o like i said i don't reallyteall care 'cause i'm on that, you
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>> if prince liked performing lk in the rain we can enjoyed theny music in the rain. >> exactly. >> i got to under promise and hopefully over deliver on thisor thing because a couple showersa possible. what i dell you yesterday? este even if there's a shower orr two it won't be a big deal.ig d >> just do your best.r bes >> i see they got something toet put over the band so should besu all right either way.t eier w 64 degrees in town now. in wn n very mild start, just aboutt abo everyone in the 60's.0' few spots definitely you're still out in the 50's,t inhe 5 martinsburg you're cooler this morning, 56 degrees.6 grees. there's the shower activity.the we try to keep most of that to m the west of the mountains ande that will help things out forhis us this morning.ushi it does look like -- look at l this it's moving northeast more than it's moving east soas s that's a good thing. tng couple of showers could pop up u on this side of the mountain though. thou that is always possible. possibl mostly clouds at 11 o'clock. 72 degrees.72 degrees. a scattered shower aroundred 2 o'clock maybe even a thunderstorm as well as wewell a start getting into the latterhet part of the day, late dayf day, early evening that's whereha there's a chance for a shower.r. even a thunderstorm possibleosbl coming on across. we have to leave the sho
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in the forecast this evening evi overnight and for the firstd foe part of tomorrow.f morrow. there does not mean that theth weekend is going to be aenis goi washout. we'll talk more about that t obviously in the next -- well,-l over the next hour, hour and aoa half or so with many more m forecasts to come. the weekend looks pretty good. o the weekend looks a lot betteret than this morning's trafficra let's puts it that way. it w >> everything does,, e >> it's not been a fun morningui traffic-wise. my dad's friends charlesdsha calvin is in town visiting his daughter. >> hello. >> says he watches fox5 every time he's here and i want tcho o tell him to head out and catchnh the concert today.e concert t visit allison and wisdom. wdo >> yes, come d >> catch the prince tribute. t >> love it. >> but unfortunately you'retelyr going to get stuck in trafficra because that's d.c.use right now we have very heavy hea traffic on 66 on the eastbound u side out by 50. 50. earlier crash did clear butar bt you're stacked from fairfaxcked county parkway all the wayhe w past 50 as you head towardsead the beltway. beltway girl yourself a lot of timeelf there. camera at the beltway, this isys top side out by new hampshire. s just a little bit ofit congestion as you make your your way from 95 all the way pastast the spur
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the spur getting back to gettiac normal. earlier construction didid clear.ea this is the beltway. we were telling you about thatbt deadly crash that was takings ag out lanes just after saintfter barnabas. all lanes opened.l la annie showed us things gettingus back to normal.bao no heavy delays on the inner loopti to the wilson bridge and outer loop because of that from them wilson bridge as you make your way past saint barnabas you still need a lot of extra timeet to get through that congested ct zone. 295 inbound is jammed as well. 395 basically parked from thealy beltway through the 14thth street bridge. we're going to go ahead and take a look at ou maps.aps. we're dealing with a closurere on florida in the northwest nth section of the district out by 14th. 14 a cyclist hit by a car. car serious investigation more traffic in just a few.ew back to you guys. gs. >> erin thanks. it is 18 minutes past theins hour right now and we're a following breaking news comingnn in from northwest d.c. >> let's get right to bob barnard who is live at thisat t scene.en bob, good morning.
7:19 am
steve, good morning. yeah, we're in glover park this is 4,000 turn law road here in northwest not far from m au and you'll see lined me lin this building has been evacuated. it's a highrise apartmentpame building. the people were evacuated with w short notice 'cause an alarmn went off and so you see peoplee here, their kids in theirir pajamas people with theirth the robes on so the whole buildingld lahas been evacuated.cued we believe a woman lab rushedabe to the hospital from herm apartment where police have aice gentleman that they're talking to. at one point they thoughtnt t there was a suspicious device involved. it started off as a barricade bi but it is apparently been resolved. there is no suspicious devices d is. the woman has been taken to the hospital and investis gatora are speaking to a man.e king our fox5 news producer terrycer tolliver was here this morningas when the alarm went off around d 6:30. terry, tell us what you knowt yk in terms of what's going on. >> well, just preliminarily imi think we've
7:20 am
after the fire alarm wasrm w pulled, there was some type of incident inside the buildinghe d involving a man and a woman. wom we were out here for a littleort bit because, you know, we just s thought maybe it was just a is a smoke alarm, that they wereathew going to clear it and thent andt police came out and toldt nd t everybody get away from the building very urgently andentl told us to kind of back up, bk back up. association i think that wasso t discovered there was a report rt of a suspicious package. packa we were told we were not going i to be allowed to go back intoo n the building for quite awhilewh and we have seen someone, aomeo woman, being brought out of out the building and put into an i ambulance and she was taken away. i think that, you know, k sources are telling me thate t there's possibly some type off violent crime that has that has occurred inside the building bld and, you know, we're justre jus waiting to get word as to whatsw else is going on. >> reporter: terry thank you very much. and we believe the police haveol a man in handcuffs who hadfsho been barricaded in thedein apa
7:21 am
we do... to him now.ow we do not know the condition con of the woman rushed to thean ruo hospital.ho we hear it's not good but wed don't know what it is.t kn dozens of people are outside their buildings in the glover park section of northwest washington 4,000-ton law road,00 here not far from american ari university as d.c. police polic continue their investigation here >> all right, bob we'll waitbob' for more details.etls thank you and thank you terri tolliver.tolliver. coming up details on president barack obama's tripac to the united king done. don >> big lunch date today.unch dat plus the presidentialusde candidates weighing in on the controversial transgender lawl n in north carolina.orth c we're back in just twous minutes.
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>> ♪ >> 7:24 now. n president barack obama and theba first ladray michelle obama in england this morning as that country celebrate the queen'sue 90th birth day. later today the first couplethet scheduled to have lunch withe lh queen elizabeth.queen in the evening they'll dinein with prince william ducheessllia kate and prince larry ate larry kensington palace. >> turning to the presidentialsl race donald trump speakingd tr against the controversial transgender bathroom lawco in north carolina.noh ca trump said transgender people should be able to use whichever bathroom they want.he he called the law bad for theth economy. trump's rival ted cruz has defended the pleasure sayingsayg it protects children from from potential predators who could c exploit the law.t the. >> a 16-year-old student in delaware has died after beingng assaulted insides of a schooll bathroom.bath police say a fight broke out between two girls. gls then several he
7:25 am
the 16-year-old was badly b injured and taken to the to t hospital where she later died. d police are awaiting autopsy aut results to determine the exact e cause of her death. dea some students questioned butstnd no charges have been filed. no weapon was believed to haved been used during that saw a picture not sure if that is the younghe woman who lost her life but ie presume that it is.ume tht >> 7:25 right now. 75 righ let's check in with g he's got his work cut out for ot us today trying to delay the d rain so that our concertatur c series can get in thisn th morning. >> yeah, we're working on it. wr we're doing all we can do for wo that. i did promise earlier we talked about the weekend. w. here's that weekend forecast. it looks like some of theseik showers later today and thisr d evening, then overnight into i tomorrow morning.orng so, there's a chance for for saturday morning showers.ho saturday afternoon looks good. o sunday looks temperature there off 73 degrees and sunshine. s here's the the d a little cool.oo the trough is in place thisla t weekend. it really is moving through. thh it pushes the rain out of here
7:26 am
into next week especiallyeciay early next week jet stream str shifts to the north we're to th under high pressure at all levels even aloft. e that starts to build in.s ui we get hot by monday.on temperatures will bees wil approaching 90 degrees. 90 gree temps out this morning notout hot, mild, 65 annapolis, 64nnols here in the in e most everyone cong in lowernow to mid 60' m 60's. showers back out to the west of us. u we'll watch this real close. cs. again there's a chance thatance this morning one of thesening oo could break we could have a little showertts develop. this sides of the mountains oin but it won't be a big deal. mostly clouds this morning atthg 11:00 a.m. 72 spotty showeryho possible and we end up this afternoon with a scattered scatr shower or a thunderstorm.r nothing too heavy coming ona y g across.acss. there's your now it's tim;, a tr can you but enough >> we can say crowded headacheeh of a friday morning commute. cou i want to start you off withh the problems.ems. bw parkway southbound a crashrah by 202.02. the inner loop typical delaysald across its wilson bridge outer loop earlier deadly crashy c
7:27 am
saint barnabas.bas. all lanes opened but you're b yu still parked from the wilsonrked bridge through that pointt po around branch avenue.e. 395 inbound is parked as youarke head from the beltway to theltw 14th street bridge and 295 and 2 dealing with huge delays aselays you head towards the naval the v research lab. 295 on the inbound side out byeo pennsylvania avenue big delaysel we're dealing way crash scenerae there as well. w 66 inbound earlier crash by 50sb and because of that we'ret we' stacked. 95 northbound in staffordff crash taking out the left lane by 610. by heavy delays back to 630.dela as we head out in princee william inbound traffic veryff v slow dale city into 123.o23 and then a westbound crash onrah 66 at fairfax drive delaysays back to spout run.t run. that's blocking the shoulder. 270 southbound still parkedil coming from gaithersburg so i i got a lot of traffic to cover.ov any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.tter. steve.ev >> we'll get you get back to yog work. people around the world willl get back to let's say celebrating the life of prince p not necessarily mourning the m loss. more on his im
7:28 am
music world coming up. comg >> ♪ >> sign of the times, we'rees, doing that. >> i'm picking up what you'reou putting do you know a down.ow come down and join us. >> somewhere along alphabetng ap street. might it be k? i think it's ik on k.. >> ♪ ♪
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♪ 7:30. this is live look right nowight getting ready for big showdown w at farragut square p we hope you come down and joinod us later this morning.mornng you can go now if you want tooun get another morning of it. >> secret society start to play. >> wisdom is on the stage.. kevin mccarthy, too. >> see who will pic
7:31 am
instrument jamming with who.ment >> kev plays guitar himself. hsf >> wisdom plays a means banjos. >> they'll have little guitar banjos dual throw down on the ot stage for everybody later thisdt morning. talk more about that in at t few minutes.min we'll hear from them but firstit let's get the late at the timeat on the death of music iconcon >> here's what tmz is reportingg we don't know much.w muc this is what they are roaring. they they had that prince wasy h treated for an opiate overdose e that could mean a lot ofot different things just six daysix though before his death. dth we know he wept on to do a wholo lot of other things after that. so very curious but according to multiple sources his private jej did make an emergency landing in illinois after his final concert before huge crowd at the foxt tf theater in atlanta.anta this is last friday. now, just hours after that concert he was rushed to the hospital and he is said to haveo received what's called a safe shot.shot. now this is typically administered to
7:32 am
effects of an opiate. opiat tmz is reporting authorities in minnesota are now trying to gett the hospital records from rds illinois to help determine exactly what happened here as hr far as prince's reps go they had previously said that he had been battling the flu. t an autopsy is set for today.ay >> he went back to minnesota aso couple days after that he days t through a party to sho hwa rty w everybody he was okay.ybodhe wa. you know torque let them know, look, i'm feeling better. bette >> back to twitter. >> i'm doing good.>> apparently something happenedngh and of course he was discoverede he was unresponsive and theyend found out later he had died. >> yeah.eah. >> obviously feedback is comingc in from all over the country c including right here inht her washington, d.c. >> when it happened, first ofirf all, i was in shock. sho i didn't want to hear it yet ant then i found myself just going to my parent's house because yoe got the oldies but goodies allos these i have record player in my roomo i lifted up the cover, google ig you don't know what i'm talkingg about, lifted up the cover toovr the record playe
7:33 am
prince's eye looking at from me that album 1999. that was the last record n these are 45s.. steve you >> i'm aware.>> ire. >> yeah. but check it out.bu it's not -- so this was thehe purple rain.le r that's the big break out i guesg a lot of people new him fromew there and then this is whenn doves cry,. >> is this the edit -- radioio edit version.sion. >> purple vinyl.>> purple vinyl. >> which one is that? whi >> let's say.>> let this is -- actually -- actuall >> check it out though, >> let's go crazy.razy >> i have them in the wrong, i o was playing them. them >> this is when doves cry and ia guess i played eight lot becausc it's cracked and the whole thinw but, you know, he really -- whee you think purple you think y t royalty then you think princenki and he just owned it.wned it. you know what i mean? you everything came out, and i remember when he was in town ann we'll talk about that more but e the style section there wason te this -- i have it at home, huge, full page of him coming to town. he played like four nights here at the capitol center and all oo that. th >> oh yeah.
7:34 am
do you to run across town goneow to my parent haas house. h when i was there last summer itm found an old bock of cassetteas tapes that i -- got rid of r o hundreds of them over the yearsy but the ones that were left that i had kept after i paired down i the collection almost all mixed tapes i had made over the yearss and a copy of that right there.. purple rain sound track onra cassette.te >> how about him on this bike? k this is the big poster i had inn my college dorm. i had the big -- from the record stores. st prince was fan of the recordther stores, too. i had the huge one and it was iw over my bed and much to the t chagrin of my roommate, ofat course. >> we're going to share anothero story coming up later on aboutut some other local d.c. folks kins of famous now want they thoughtt about prince. in the meantime we want also geo back to our bob barnard becausec he's been covering breaking news from glover park. what did you find out, bob? y >>ou reporter: well, they havehh now pushed everybody back fromro this very large apartmentpa building. you can see some people just inu their robes and came right outsn of their homes here at 6:30 this morning.rn this is
7:35 am
the bomb squad has just been jus called in. ca i told you at last report they believe they had cleared the apartment where this incident happened this morning. we have a woman who has been taken to the hospital in very v bad condition we're told.e're they have the man who lives in i the apartment in custody talkinl to investigators and what we'ree hearing from sources is that he now claims there's a bomb on tho first floor of this building.ld i know that sound extreme butreu that's why they've clearedleared everybody away from thismhi building and have brought in the bomb squad. if you look up the street here h you'll see everybody is now upee the street some of them still it their pajamas because the alarma the fire alarm sounded tellinget everybody to get out of theut oh building and now they've movedhv everybody across the street. so we don't know if there is a suspicious device an explosivesi device or bomb as this guy is apparently telling police but he it appears has sent a woman to g gw hospital in grave condition i and is talking to investigatorsr who haven
7:36 am
property here, and have this block of road closed off as the bomb squad investigators a possible explosive device on th first floor of this buildinguild here as it remains evacuated an woman's live hangs in thehang balance over gw hospital. hospi guys, that's what we know.eno >> i think that's incredibly s d sad. so you're waiting though to gett the other picture with him h saying there's a devise thereth are right? do you expect wordxt this morning soon, bob? soo b >> reporter: we're hoping soo because we thought for while you see people here are still thetil older folks who are allowed toow stay in the lobby as they hady d moved everybody out of theev building now they're being taket away from the building.ui we're hoping to find out soon s whether his claims of a bomb in the building are true or not.. initially they were able toy th clear his apartment but he ise s the one who apparently istly telling investigators that he ih rigged this building in some wae and that's why they've evacuated people and either his wi
7:37 am
girlfriend or female companion m has gone to the hospital andl this may end up being a murder r investigation as well, guys? gu? >> bob, i'm not going to ask yos to do the quick math by countinu windows it looks like this is ai very large apartment building. >> reporter: about eight eig stories, yeah. y hundreds of people live in this one building here in this oneini street corner and, yeah, and y right after we did our live o report for you, about 20 minuten or so ago, a convoy of about sio police cars with flashing lightt showed up as we were told then that this was the bomb squad boq coming in to investigate thishi guy's allegation.llegat >> so everybody that's beenbodys cleared from this building thene they're just hanging out on the sidewalks? where is the areas e they've been pushed back to? i? there anyplace for them to atlat least sit down? >> reporter: yeah, you seeh, y there's a lady here in her rober and behind her a lady they did bring a chair out of the lobbye for her. we see a lot of kids withids w pajamas if you swing around a here. you'll see people have broughtea their pets out in crates and you got -- and here to the left left looking back up the street heree these ladies are in theires are
7:38 am
here. no, they're just for now hanginh on the street the older folk initially werein allowed to stay in the lobby t l because they thought maybe whatw was going on was contained tota the upper floor where thisre incident happened where this wrt woman has been badly hurt butt now they're moving people out,ge and i think if this turns into a longer situation a lot of timesf in case like this they'll bringg city bows give a sheltered shelt place. it's a nice morning so, you y know, it's not raining and thend temperatures are bearable. beabl but it's kind of crazy and i'm a just reluctant frank toll go upu to people season them what theyt think because they've been kickb out of the their homes earlyomey this morning even just -- youn u never know what people will sayl on life tv. honestly, i would loving to upon to some of these people, but ipl also don't want to put them on t the but yeah you see investigatorsns here and again if you're justoue tuning in, reports of a bomb inm this building where a man is ini custody talking to police and a woman companion his wife, girlfriend, someone who livesho with him has been rushed to gwdo hospital and we're told in gravr co
7:39 am
>> just an awful incidentent regardless because of her statee but also what a rude wakening wn for all of her neighbors as well. okay. we'll wait for the developingorl details, bob. >> reporter: absolutely.epter: a >> thank you. >> reporter: you bet, guys. g >> all right. we'll take a short a s we'll have much more coming up u on this friday morning includini more on our live concert seriese and of course this is not theths only breaking news scene acrossn the area. we'll get you caught up on alln your headlines, too next.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> we mentioned we had severalno breaking news stories to get to this morning allison onest of te involves very own helicopter vte skyfox forced to make anorced ae emergency landing everybody isis okay.ok. but if anybody saw some bizarrer activity they were covering theg fatal accident out on thet on beltway this mor the beltway shut down now for hours. it's open again but it had beenb shut down for hours.ours >> mechanical problem, nothinget serious.ri two people on board are safe. s were able to land at in a parking lot in lanham we'reha w happy to report that.t t but they're taking a littletheyg break. break. >> if you're doing groceryu're g shopping at wegmans in lanhamt l you might see a helicopter inel the parking l >> say hi to skyfox. >> they're okay thank goodness.. the other breaking newsakg s we're following is of coursellis what's happening in glover parkr right now and this we're stilles trying to get answers to.t nswe. bob barnard has been talk to gon folks out there this morningsng trying to get us the latest. bob? >> shot just froze on us. frozen we'll work to get that back whak we
7:43 am
the hospital said to be in grav condition, not sure exactly what that means as far as her aser injuries. but also that a bomb threat was reported too by the gentleman who -- with whom she lived. so the details still cupping ing on this story.on this story. >> that person in cut deem thisi is at n eight-story apartmentrte building. hundreds of people living theree and everybody forced out of that building right now. n while police go inside to try ty see if in fact there is somees type of device in that buildingg they're still checking on that.t bob is still checking on moreing information. we'll get back to him in just ak few minutes. tfeminu 7:43 right now. also had the forecast coming upg we'll check in with gary afterya the break. the >> stay with us. ♪
7:46 am
♪ all right.ight. >> we've got the band. b keeping the rain away.. but we have to -- way too much m green space right now.ight now. >> a lot of real estate.. >> way too much. w >> we want to see that with no h grass showing.howing. we want people everywhere.ere >> fill it up with fox5 fans5 fs this morning. now, i hate to plate trump cardc so early this morning.ning. >> okay.kay. >> but in about 10 minutesout 10 allison will head down there soe if you've been waiting for ang a reason to get down there and you're not yet sold -- s >> come on down? >> allison seymour will be there in a few minutes. mines >> selfies are free. >> there you go. thereou g >> yeah. >> no excuse in the to go, garyr you're doing your part. we appreciate that. tha >> what is exactly --xact >> i have to pay a dollar everye time we do a selfie and -- and
7:47 am
>> special today. special today >> i get it. they've run to their office real quick check a few e-mails, get some stuff done and run down dow allison will be there 8:30 or so allison.alli >> i hope so.>> >> there you go.>> the >> cool this weekend.l temperatures will be in theur upperes 60s.. low 70ing cooler tomorrow thanon what it will be on sunday.y sunday looks fabulous becauses c this jet stream will start to t move up to the north and as it moves to the north that willtil allow the warmer temperatures ts come on in. we're talking 70s this weekend.e next week let's get to monday ma and tuesday, 80s are comingom back.. with a vengeance it looks like l on monday. 64 degrees now.egrees quantico the same.ticohe s leonardtown 63.3. 65 for annapolis and stillnd s holding into the upper 50s there in frederick.reri rain is back out to the west.t. but notice it doesn't appear to be getting any closer to us as a it gets closer to the higherig elevations it does look likedoel it's breaking up evaporating ang having a hard time coming overoe the mountains.ntai. probably going to be the trend,e too, hopefully so we can stay s dry here through the city, of c, course, for t
7:48 am
then those showers will continui out in western maryland. myl okay. so the official forecast thiss morning, for the concert att farragut square park a few showers possible but not many nm just a few maybe. m i don't even think you'll have to have your umbrella out theree so it looks like it will beill pretty good.prd. in terms of where we'll be thist afternoon and this evening as ee chance for some showers, some thunderstorms, too.rstorm this is 3:00 o'clock.. notice where they're buildingy'b really to the south andthe h a southeast on down towardsownow eastern sections of virginia. tide water there and then a eventually back out to the west and northwest we'll get more forming.rm this is 7:00 o'clock.k. we may be having to wait tillwat later on this evening to bring i these showers and thunderstormss through. any little rain we get will be l good rain because we do need it. notice 6am tomorrow morning,ni still some showers. swe back out to the west niece willl have to come on across and its d looks like we have a dryingg trend. tren 10, 11:00 o'clock tomorrowomro certainly by tomorrow afternoonr we're in great shape.ha as i mentioned before sunday sun looks gorgeous.or here's your seven da
7:49 am
for we'll be close to 80 today. t even with limited sunshine andid showers later. lat an early shower possible tomorrow.tomoow. 72. look at monday.. 87. 87 that's just near 90 in my book.b here's erin como. >> 7:49, gary, and traffic justs continues to be really nastyas around the diss trek.iss crash activity in stafford didff move over to the shoulder. 95 north near 610 delays ares still very heavy back to 630. you need to leave early comingly in from stafford today.doday also, in fairfax, we'll take tae look 66 on the westbound side,os crash activity at fairfax drivee delays back to spout run parkw parkway. this crash also moved over to the shoulder.moth keep ie nsh mind 66 eastbound ed earlier crash out by 50 clearede but delays are really heavy baca to fairfax county parkway.ay you are jammed 66 inbound as yoy head towards the beltway thishis morning. morning. taking wide view of our friday a commute, earlier crash on therao southbound side of bw parkway. after 202 did clear but delays d are still heavy heading pastast that location.ocion. still dealing with an active a t crash scene 295 southbound after eastrn
7:50 am
really heavy inbound traffic ono 50 as you make your way towardsr kenilworth and then new york yor avenue inbound stays really rea jammed by florida so you need yd extra time there as well.l. now, in the northwest section oi the district, cyclist was hit bb a car serious crash investigation.n. florida avenue remains shut dowd between 14th and 13thh northwest.est metro right now no alerts if yot want to take metro, not a bad bd bet this morning. 270 southbound still superer backed up let's take live lookvk outside as you head down tod southbound side we had earlier emergency road work heading pasa the spur at democracy boulevarde that cleared but you're stilloui very backed up 355 yourou alternate backing up as well upw outer loop jams and then bottomo side of the beltway deadly crash investigation after saintior s barnabas but you are still ass you proceed from the wilson bridge towards branch avenue. be back to you guys.back t >> we want to get back to bob to breaking news coming outomg o northwest d.c. >> bob is joining us now. n we understand that that man wass taken out of that building? >> reporter: yeah, and we may w have video
7:51 am
just a minute here. yeah. sorry for our signal issue aue moment ago.go as you can see this is the ts is building where this is going on 4,000 tum law road which hasch been evacuated swarmed by poli police. we have heard an officer use tht word homicide.omicid so we believe the woman who was rushed to the hospital from an apartment in this building hasih died. nothing confirmed yet.confirmed. we were told it was -- she was in grave condition earlier, officially, but now we're we' hearing she may have died and ss that this may be a homicideicide investigation and you see a lotl of police here because the man n who they're talking to who is right now in this ambulance herr on the left they walk him outalo you might see that in moment bum he's now in the back of this o t ambulance.bula he has apparently told a investigators that he placed ad bomb on the first floor of this eight-story apartment buildingap here in northwesart washington.. glover park. he is currently in the back of this ambulance being treated. tt he walk out on his own. o so we're not sure what his w
7:52 am
but again he's apparently told investigators that there's at ts bomb on the first floor of thiss building.. people were evacuated around arn 6:30 this morning with a fireir alarm initially and then they th were cleared across the street.. as you can see, this lady rightr here is in her pajamas. i asked if it was all right if i spoke to her and is he said ites would be all ma'am washington do you make ofn this morning d? >> it's a rude awakening, number one. i have lived here from 25 yearsy and nothing like this hashi happened before.ened before. i'm hoping this is not a sign oo what's to come. c >> reporter: you basically hadiy a chance to get a robe and youry slippers on.. >> right. >> reporter: that's itorter: t basically. >> yeah. >> reporter: what have they told you. >> not w much. there was possibly a bomb thatob they were trying to diffuse or find, and there have beenn something criminal happening. >> did you recognize the manec that was walk out of here. h >> no. >> reporter: looked like an older gentleman. lder we have video tape of that which we may be able to show. s hang in there, good luck.d l
7:53 am
tolliver our producer who has sources here as well in the building.buding and terry, tell us what you've y heard in terms of what set this off. there may have been anere altercation between a man anione woman and a barricade situationi >> correct. corre. initially i think that thetha te person the man that was in the apartment building wasn't coming out. there were some type ofe were sy situation and he pulled a fire f alarm.m. and then after that, they triedt to get into the apartment apamet briefly and they were not -- -- they weren't able there's a female resident inside the apartment building at thatl time eau they were very concerned about her safety theyt made entry into the apartment. e and were able to get her out ano she was taken to gw hospitalw hl right now it doesn't seem like i she's going to make it. it. my sources here say that they ty are now investigate a homicide. it's strange. we saw the person that wasn th w brought out. he is a neighbor that it i recognize. recognize. >> do you. >> i do. he's a very nice person fromce f what i he has a garden plot over acrosr the street near us. so it's really a surprisinguris situation here this morning. mng >> reporter: do you know theu ke woman who
7:54 am
him? >> i've seen her before as wellw so i'm not sure what they'reheye relationship is but i've seen ie them both and they seem to beeeb very nice people.eopl so it's very surprising. surpr >> reporter: we just want toant show this young man down hereowh bear feet. some people out here who basi basically just ran out of theirt apartments, their homes when thh alarm was pulled.lled. terry, thank you. again, i don't know that we'll't be able to tur kn the video of f this guy being walk out here. h but he came out of the prompt op the building, surroun surroundew enforcement and firstndir responders.spders like you see these detectivesets and police here, and was put int this ambulance, and he's kind oo in custody being checked out and again has disrupted the morningi here because he's apparently apr told investigators there's ahe's bomb on the first floor of this eight-story apartment buildingyp and you see all the police thata are here, guys, a lot of policel and a lot of folks outside their homes here just, you know, justj all these folks here just kindej
7:55 am
what's going on and how long hol this is going to be, guys much y that's the latest we have fore now and we'll send it back to b you. >> all right. all r very active scene still.netill. thank you. thank you. we'll look to your futurer f reports on what's going onhagoin there. >> reporter: there's also's a breaking news about our own.ur o our own chopper.. skyfox, skyfox had to make anaka emergency landing in lanhaman that's prince george's county,nc of annie yu is head to do thatd toa scene and we'll have more fromvf her in our 8:00 o'clock hour.och before we get to thereet to 8:00 o'clock hour let's getlock another check of the forecastece with gary mcgrady has drawn thaa duty this morning.orng hi, gary. >> thanks, guys much listen, we, have a chance of showers, shors thunderstorms this afternoon anr this evening.ning overnight as well. w some of this could be lingeringl into tomorrow morning.w so we're officially going withow hey, listen there could bere cou shower or two even saturday sur morning. morning. that will get out of here bye b saturday afternoon.fter the front gets through it willhw drag all that rain with it andha we're in great shape tomorrow to afternoon and into sunday.. so it's not wash out tomorrow bw any means again just a fewin jua showers early and then we're thw good and sunda
7:56 am
beautiful. 73, 74 on sunday with nothinghot but sunshine.ine. forecast for today calls for some, a loft sun and clouds. clo as we start getting into the ino afternoon hours perhaps one,, 2:00 o'clock there could beck scattered showers even thunderstorms possible.. greater risk for thunderstormsor here along the i-95 corridor cri will be late this afternoon into the early evening hours. hrs probably extending into tonightg as well. w. but that's when when he expectwh the best chance of showers andha thunderstorms and at this pointo it looks like they'll be scattered around the area. a 78 today.od even with sun and clouds. very very warm atmosphere on to of us now.s now 72 degrees tomorrow with anomorh early shower.ho great on sunday, 73 with sunnyin skies. skies. we're talking hot stuff on monday, 87.nday, 87. staying in the 80s on tuesday. d back off little bit fore wednesday with a temperature of 74 degrees. here's erin como with a look atl your friday morning trafficningf which has been horrible.orbl >> horrible is a little bit ofet an understatement, right?? (laughter).augh what would be a better word be t then.then >> horrible is a great word for
7:57 am
crashes around town. tow stafford 95 northbound this onen moved over to the shoulder nearn 610 but delays remain very heavy back to 630. you can see long line red indicating speeds under 15 mile at hour format your are therm portion of your ride.. crash gw parkway at turkey run n park that's causing slow downs d and southbound side very slow aa you head passed 123.23 key bridge jammed from rosslynms into george up to.o 66 west crash activity aty fairfax drive. d delays to spout run parkway andy the bottom side of the beltwayhe still back up around the wilsonl bridge. we'll get to that next. keep it to fox5. lots more news, weather and traffic to come.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.. >> you're listening to our fox5x spring concert series. sie you hear them singing littleng l tribute to the purple one,ne mr. prince rogers nelson. >> 8:00 o'clock. we'll have much more about m prince this morning. we'll have m tuch more on our ll concert series.conc allison is on her way down ton o farragut square park right now n at this very moment to joint toj wisdom and kevin and we hope weh everybody comes down and says hh to them as well. w in the meantime, weather ana traffic coming up on the 5's.ons shame up to be beautiful day. some purpose pep rain fallingaig down on our heads later on buteb no raining on this parade todayo we're celebrating the life ofhe
8:01 am
at our concert series before wew do that steve chenevey lotsvey going on in the news today. tay >> get right to breaking news. if you've been with us the pasts half hour lot of breaking newsig going on. on. skyfox had to make an emergencyg landing in a store parking lotkg in prince george's county.nce we'll have more on that just aja moment. >> from northwest d.c. possiblel murder investigation and a bombb threat all of this at an a apartment complex in glover park which remains evacuated.vaat bob barnard joining us liveli again from the scene with anom e update now.te bob? >> reporter: maureen we're on done low road.d. we've got dozens of people kicke out of their homes this morningm around 6:30. fire alarm was pulled byle b apparently by the person who seo this whole thing off who's righg now in the back of ambulance 20 here. he is inside that ambulancemban being look at by first bfirs responders. we can show you video tape whenw they walk him out of the of the building about 20 minutes or sos ago. he appeared to be in handcuffs. surround by police and paramed
8:02 am
apparently pulled the fire alara at 6:30 this morning.. the woman he lives with has beeb rushed to gw hospital. hospi we're hearing report that is sh is dead.ea that this is now a homicidee investigation.station. and this man has apparently told investigators that there is a ti bomb on the first floor of this eight-story apartment building.. that's why there are so manyre police here much that's why theh people who live here have beeneb sent across the some of them as you can see here as we look at these folks someos of them still in their pajamas. some in bear feet.. some in slippers they've beener' evacuated across the street asts the bomb squad investigators this report that this man hashim left an explosive device on the first floor of this building,ldg and so you see all the police pl here, because this is now we're' being told a confirm homicide. d a woman who was rushed out off here in an ambulance thisan t morning around 7:00 o'clocko'clc taken to gw. ta she has died.e ha this is h
8:03 am
investigation. one man in custody who hadustodh barricaded himself for while,hie and then when he made thiss report of apparently a bomb on n the first floor of this building that's why all these folks thent were sent across the street herh and it's that kind of morning,fi folks. they don't know when they'll gen back and what the real situatioi is beyond this being a murder a man in custody, and awful awf morning for many people here inr the glover park area.ovark guys? >> indeed it is, bob.eed thank you for that update of thh we'll check in with you for morm updates on that story.t sry bob, just very quickly, if i can, i have a friend who lives w in that building. buildin he's telling me that thehe residents are being kept in thet dark what's going on.rk w do you know if police are tryinp to give them an update? are they learning from the mediarnim from those who might have cell l phones want not? >> reporter: mainly from us frankly, and our fox5 newss producer terry tolliver wer we interviewed this morning has a source here that is telling herl a lot of this informationortion sharing it with us, and the t police for these folks aren'tre
8:04 am
except get across the street. se initially they were out in theet yard in front of the building bn and now being told to comed to c across the street with no indication of exactly what'slyh' going on or how long this isongi going to take. t but that we are getting thisng t information from our sources,rc, and they're hearing us and we'rw sharing it with them. >> bob, we'll get back to youk o little bit with more other breaking news right nowig this involves our very own helicopter, skyfox the chopper c you can see it there in then upper left of the screen. scree. everybody is so there's the good news there.t they were out covering the fatal accident on the beltway that snarled traffic overnight whenit they had to make an emergency ey landing in this is right near the wegmans store there in lanham in princee george's annie is headed to the sceneto t right now. no but we wanted to show you what'a happening there.happ if you're going to do a little l shopping this morning, somern sm parking spaces may be blocked my off because there is a helicopter in the parking lotgot that's our very own skyfox g sfo news, nobody was >> yes indeed. >> all right.>> a get to the story that you?ty you was blowing social mediaia yesterday the unfortunate earlyr passinpassing of music icon prii now we're trying to get more
8:05 am
details this morning.this mning tmz is reporting that prince wae treated for drug overdose sixe days according to multiple sourcesouc the singer's private jet made an emergency landing in illinoislls last friday hours after hee performed at the fox theater inr atlanta.atlanta. so he can be rushed according to tmz to the hospital to get a a save shot. shot. that's something that'som typically administered to admint counteract the effects of opia opiate. tmz reports that authorities ini minnesota where prince died are now trying to get the hospital i records from illinois to help tp determine his cause of death much prince's reps previouslyvil said he had been battling theint flu. hope to learn more after an aera autopsy later today.psy later ta >> let's take to you minnesota e watch sight fans gathered to remember princp outside his compound inomund minneapolis suburb.b a rainbow appeared over his h home. home we'll have much more on prince'c death all morning long andnd coming 8:30 the pop music critic for the washington post willton join us live with a look atk prince's legacy on the music street. beautiful rainbow. very symbolic, too. but
8:06 am
>> yes.>>es >> beauty music it lives on andd always will.alwail >> great legacy.acy >> all right.>> >> let's do that. tha >> trying to keep the rain itp i way. >> we are at least for theat ler concert series.ies >> i don't care if it's wet inn d.c. as long as it's not wet not farragut square, right. >> hold off till 11:00 we're all good.od >> here's temperatures.petu temperatures are cooperating.ti g good. >> you just told allison beforef she left, it's warm. w >> you don't even need youron'te jack. >> yeah.>> yeah >> 66 degrees here in town.n. little bit on the humid side. s 64 for gaithersburg.g. 65 for fredericksburg just jus everybody else coming in low 50s -- high 50 toss low 60s. 6 so far nothing has popped up att least that we can see on this t side of interstate 81.stat hopefully that's going to going continue to be the case.ase little bit tighter there.erhe winchester perhaps a shower a coming in front royal light ligt shower for you, too, and them everything else that's substantial further back out tot the west. s mild this morning obviously oio showers later on we have have temperature today getting up to ab
8:07 am
>> wahoo! >> for a high temperature.ratu >> all right.. >> people need the rain. rn. >> we do. d we're getting to where we doe d need it. need >> getting any better out theret erin.. >> we're not. the rain hasn't hit the area yee and we're seeing all of thesef e traffic crash blocking the shoulder inr staff for 95 northbound nearr 610.0. heavy delays near 630. 6 anticipate those slow downs.ow through prince william typical p slow downs through dale city ind woodbridge this morning. mng gw parkway northbound turkey rur park a crash. csh southbound side backs up aside p usual by 123.l by 1 you're heavy on your inboundnbod bridges and memorial bridge anda key bridge from rosslyn intom ry georgetown.. georgetown secondaries are veryy slow and bob barnard has beenase tracking that breaking news inns glover park so give yourself yof extra time to get aroundtimeo ge northwest.. 10 law dealing with that issuets the closure bite building where they're investigating.. crash cleared 66 westbound out at fairfax drive. dve still dealing with delays backel to spout run parkway and 66 eastbound earlier crash by 50 b has th
8:08 am
fairfax county parkway onn you'll hit very slow-movingw-min traffic towards the district.etr still dealing with crash takingn out center lane 295 southboundbo after eastern avenue. delays back to 450. 50 inbound is very slow past kenilworth. a lot of extra time there. tim e more traffic in a few.aew back to you, steve.. let's get to quick sports qs update this morning because b couple big stories impacting dc teams.. redskins welcoming what could bd a great pick up this off seasono much he's one of the best in tht game. former carolina panther all pro cornerback josh norman will bewl visiting the redskins today. tod earlier this week the panthersar decided to rescind the nonon exclusive franchise tag on him m and that made him a free agent.t couple other teams interested it but his first visit will be to w the skins. let's see if they can lock itlok down.down a week after randy whitmandy whm coached his final game with thea wizards the team has new coachea now. scott brooks your new wizardsars coach. he reported five year, $35 million deal for a coach whh led oklahoma city to the nba nba finals in 2012. 22. oklahoma city you thin
8:09 am
durr rap. rap. you see kevin with scott brooks. could they be together withher w duran wearing wizards uniform? it's whatever is thinking rightg now. sports analysts say don't countu on it but if they had prettyre good relationship ungot thengott coach maybe you can get thecan player, too., too >> might follow. you never don't need to forget this. thi rocking the red today capitalsis return home in need of one more win to advance to second roundsr of the playoffs and here's a he' stat for you.or the caps went the entire regulag without losing back to back t b games in regulation.atn okay.ok let's hope they can get the job done tonight.ig if not, series goes back too philly for game six sunday nig night. puck drops tonight at seven.. >> good look to the capsheap tonight. hope they wrap wrap it up. sears planning to close dozensge of stores all across thes the country. we'll talk about if in our areaa are affected. >> ladies you might not be able to buy bathing suits at victoria secret any more. we're going tell you why next.
8:10 am
♪ bringing you back to breakk breaking news off the top skyfox having oh to make an emergency g landing in lanham in princein l george's >> annie tells us what's w happening. she's on the scene right now. what happened, annceie? >> reporter: hey, steve ande you know, it really frighteninge situation when you're aen y a thousands of feet in the air ane you have to make a quick decision to land here. h let me get out of the way. g out that's the chopper straight chor ahead.ahea that is our crew there that'sha how we provide aerials for you r
8:11 am
stories, and it's not often then have to make those emergencymeen landings, guys, especially iny shopping center as you can seeyc here in prince george's county where there are a few peopleewel around.arnd. it's wegmans is right next door. the pilot tells us he thought it was urgent enough to land rightr here in the middle of theid of shopping center early thiss our traffic helicopter wasc as heading from that crash. i was just on the outer loop of the beltway near branch avenue when he says that the engine t light did come on, and they hadd to make quick decision and landd right here next to the wegmans.a everybody is fine. fine that is the good news. no injuries to the crew or the e anyone nearby.y i'm sure there were a few aew spectators we're just pulling up they'll wait around fordor maintenance figure out the next step. step. tense situation for our the good news, they're all okay. nobody was injured during theedr emergency landing.erge back to you in the studio.intu >> that's the best news.t's thst >> annie, they didn't seem to bs at this point rattled in any w w way. they're just waiting for the w crews to get on the scene andn perhaps take look at theeook helicopter but otherwise they're okay?
8:12 am
>> reporter: that is correct. the pilot tells us he did it ou of caution there was nothing t going on in the air.g on the engine light just popped ono and he felt like it was urgentrg enough to land and now they're e get it situated and take it back to tipton airport back in ft.n meade laurel area.relre >> better safe than sorry.ter >> annie, thank you for that.thn coming up more on then t breaking news from northeastst d.c. plus a lot happening on thg campaign trail as we get readyey for tuesday's primary right herh in maryland. myland. fox's chris wallace joining us i live with the details.tai. >> take live look at today'satod concert series much it isuch its happening right now in far goodg square park.uare par plenty of room to get a front at row hearing from folks on twitter ot they're enjoying the music as mc they walk to work this morning.g we hope you enjoy it as well.el come down and join us.n hear a little prince and maybe y some original, too.. it's 8:12. 8:12. kevin is down there, too we'lltw check in with him and wis psalma and allison is on her that's all coming up. up. ♪ ♪
8:15 am
>> still trying get morell t information on what happened in glover park this morning.k that man right there in custody thter reports a homicide inside of arenmi apartment building the large apartment building.t budin the building then cleared after reports of a bomb threat so investigators are still goini through that building makingg sure there are no explosivelosie devices. in the meantime hundreds ofeds f residents of that building gotii an early wake up call and they y are outside right now beingng forced to stay away from thero e building until police can cleara the scene.cene all right.>> if there's one good news in thet being evacuated gary mcgrady
8:16 am
the weather is it's not a cool morning as we've had some in some days this weeks >> we've seen the pictures.ic a lot of people out there in in their robes, pajamas and no shoes.s. >> right. >> right. >> it's not big deal out there this morning. mor we're trying to keep it dry,ni too. let's look at the radar just too kind of show you most of thisofi continues to stay back out to o the west.the that around the city a little al bit of light green that's grounn we got lot of humidity. hity. stuff in the air, too, thishi morning. listen, temperatures out thereee remain mile. 66 64 gaithersburg.. annapolis is 66 degrees.6 degr down in fredericksburg it's 65.. next couple of days we do have v chance for scattered showers s even some thunderstorms especi especially later today and intoi the evening hours. h looks like it's even going to bt in the overnight and a couple ol showers tomorrow morning notng problem. we start off with some cloudss tomorrow morning. m a few showers. shors we break out into sunshine. temperature tomorrow 72 degreese check out this temperature trend. because as we start today we'llw be up around 80 believe it ort r not even with limited sunshine and sher
8:17 am
tomorrow we drop off to 72.. sunday is spectacular 73 degrees.eges. >> um-hmm. >> all of a sudden turn the head up onen monday.y it goes off the charts almostlmt there at 87 listen you get an 87 around here you'll get a 90 somewhere.ewhere >> oh, man. >> pop a 90.0. >> it goes from zero to ao a thousand overnight it seems. >> probably humidity to match. t >> if you lived here more than n 10 years. 10 yea >> check in with erin. i real busy start this >> it's bill busy.t'bill busy. i agree with maureen we wente from cold spring to hot spring g overnight.over >> yeah, man. >> well checking in with theecn roads. crash activity gw parkway at turkey run park slowing us down. southbound side of gw very heavy inbound past 123 to the key they bridge much this crash on 66 west cleared delays to spouto su run. 66 eastbound very heavy by 50. 5 those delays extend all the waye back to prince william parkway.. 295 in the district southboundtn side after eastern avenuete there's still a crash taking ouo the center lane heavy delays
8:18 am
tweeting out from princem pr george's county that our skyfoxo chopper crew is okay. o this is where annie is near thet wegmans where the chopper had aa emergency landing.. more traffic in just a few. a f back to you guys.s >> erin thanks very much. >> witness 18:00. 1 five more primaries happening this tuesday one of them inf th maryland. big question for the gop though will donald trump have enoughveh delegates to avoid the contested election.elec chris wallace joins us host ofot fox news sunday preview of thisi sunday' hi, chris. >> chris let's talk about youbot have donald trump's campaignampg manager on the show and donaldhd trump one of things i think endeared him to so many voters s the fact he speaks his m now, it may not endear him to ht his party sometimes when hee speaks his mind case in pointpot the north carolina bam room laww >> all right. we're having a little problemitl getting chris wallace.ce we'll try to reboot that andt td have a little problem witnessbls audio this morning.o is mor it happens. chris by the way just in t case you want to check out theht show on sunday if we can got not get him back shortly hll
8:19 am
talking with donald trump's campaign manager also debbie wasserman schultz about the democratic party and more on oun baby eagles here in d.c. d.c wee take a short break. back with more after this.
8:20 am
8:21 am
♪ back 8:21 more on breakingin news from northwest possible murder investigation and then a bomb threat all of a this at an apartment complex inn glover park which remains
8:22 am
evacuated. evac >> bob is there on the scene.uas what did you find out, bob? bob >> reporter: yeah, it is as a murder investigation, guys.on, . we're hearing from police thatea the woman victim in this casehis was stabbed to death. you see a lot of police andend people here.ere. the building has been evacuated. this is the 4,000 done law roada building here eight stories you can see here and police areol still on the scene as you looknk up the street here you'll seee s all the people evacuated at about 6:30 this morning.ning. some of them in bare feet. many of them in just their pajamas, robes and what havees a you, a short tveime ago, policel and paramedic led out the man wn believe is at the center of at h that. we can show that you video tape. he is a man who has allegedlylld stabbed to death a woman in his home, and has made a bomb threat supposedly what we're hearing hg through our sources here at the scene law enforcement sourcesrcm that this man has said that hee place add bomb on the first floor of this high rise apartment building and that's t why the bomb squad is here. her there are dozens of police
8:23 am
cruisers and investigators and officers here, and they're investigating whether this man's alleged claims are true.rerue. whether he did in fact place a bomb here but the authoritieshoi were called here because of a barricade situation and a callal for help, and they rushed ad a woman to gw hospital but she has died. we're told they are establishstb wounds we have mom sid investigation a bomb scare and b investigation to see whether the bomb scare part of this storyof this morning is true, and dozenn of people outside of their homes. they're hungry.theye hu they're not dressed.ressed. and they don't know when they'll be able to get back into theirtr homes here, guys, in glovern gl park. tunlaw in northwest d.c. >> bob, thank you for thatha update.te. >> 8:23 right now.>> 8:2 we want to get to gary early right now dealing with a big concert series downtown.ow got news today we're trying torg keep it dry.keept dr >> it's still dry.>> it' >> so that's's good. and then i want to show you -- i'm starting with the weekendked forecast here. >> that works.>> >> show you radar in just adar t
8:24 am
weekend looks pretty good.s goo there's a possibility that somet of these showers today willl extend into tonight, tomorrow morning as well.mog as so we'll put a little chance ofe a morning shower in saturday.ata by saturday afternoon, we'll be dry, we'll be sunny, s temperatures upper 60s, low 70s. sunday looks perfect.. 73 degrees on sunday.unda now as we get past sunday into monday, temperatures are reallyr going to jump up. it's 66 now in town.n just about all of us are in the 60s. do you see any 50s. 50s. no, no more 50's this annapolis is 66 degrees as well. showers for the most partos par staying back out to the west ofo us this morning. really that's where they've be been. . they're creeping in ourn our direction.ct if this is all we have to deal t with then we'll be dry. anything else that pops up aheae of these showers that could comm across the so, yes, there's a slight chance maybe that we have a spottye hashower around this morningng between nine and 11:00 but it it won't be a big deal. bigl. okay? 72 degrees at 11 a.m.
8:25 am
75 or so by later on thisn t afternoon with some scattered sa showers maybe even a thunderstorm, too.. we'll top out today at a high oo 78. >> all right. even with limited sunshine itd u still will be warm out there. >> it's sticky this morning. mog >> it is muggy. >> moving to our traffic a lotra of updates for you.. d.c. police traffic lettingti everyone know this is where bobb is live with breaking news.g ne. closure on tunlaw between 39etw9 many and 42nd street for thathat active investigation.tion to get around that this morning if you're headed in glover parka use new mexico avenue tonue garfield street to fox hole roao or you can always use calvertvet street to wisconsin.scnsin but watch for a lot of extra exa traffic this morning as you makm your way out in glover park.ark. those secondaries are definiteln crowded.ded also mark brady tweeting frometf prince george's county they were checking on the crew and confirm our skyfox chopper crew is okaya
8:26 am
wegmans.gmans annie yu is at that locate.ha lt watch out for little bit of ae f scene in that parking lot also. traffic is heavy all over town.n gw northbound a crash at turkey run southbound side remains heavyvy past 123 as you get to the keyok bridge. key bridge is stackedtaed secondaries in georgetown m anda wisconsin also very backed up. u a crash on the westbound side od the freeway as you make your way past third street and delays dey into centreville this morning.o. so more traffic in a few. steve, it is still just a just a nightmare friday morningday mor commute. >> oh, man. at least it's friday, right? igt 8:26 right now. sears not having good newsta to share retailers announcing moreg mo cutbacks.tbacks. sears says it will close nearlyy 80 stores most of the closeheloe showers will affect k mart k m stores but about 10 of the actual sears department storesa will also close the samehe sam ownership.hip. illinois based company has beene struggling for years in februarb they said they would acceleratea the closing of unprofitablefita stores.stores now at this point no stores inrn maryland, virginia or d.c. or affected. >> first it was the catalog nowl the
8:27 am
buzz feed reporting this will bl the last year victoria secret sales bathing suit it's ditchinh swim wear to focus on active wear.wear it's a $500 million business fof the company, six-point 5% of sales. >> the latest details surroundun the tragic and unexpected deatha of prince.of p >> it really was unexpected tot seem people.emeopl tmz reporting there were warnini how about celebrating the lifeif and music of prince with us.iths live look at farragut squaretar park for today's spring concertt series. we'll be there until 11:00. it's 8:27 now. now.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ >> all right. that is our fox5 spring concertt series at farragut north you can see the band revving upg the crowd out there.out the allison seymour, wisdom martinai and kevin mccarthy are out thert jamming out of the the group isp actually playing a couple a c tributes to fallen icon prince p who passed away unexpectedlyneee last night. this is a shock to everyone oute there. jamming continues out there.s tt folks coming out to listen to le the band and also the band'sd' name secret society ton paye t tribute to prince.ri as we said prince is one of aono kind performer, writer, produceo you name it his songs are memorable for jen races of fansf prince not only wrote classicsts for himself.for he also held make or boost there careers of many other we're talking alicia keys, stevie
8:31 am
all benefited from his incomparable music genius joining us to talk about the aut musical legend of prince chris richards pop music critic for the washington post. thanks for joining u i hate that's under theseer tse conditions.conditions. i have to ask you where were yoy when you her it. >> i was walking up 14th street and knock the wind rightd out of here.out of h i was expecting birds to start o falling out of the sky orhe o something.someth this is just such shocking newsn i'm enormous prince fan anybodyy who has ears probably is. i mean listeners have lives havl changed by this thi the news was sck >> his music was not profound in was profane, but it touched usod all in way i think that a lot of artists didn't. it really spoke to many aspectsp of who we are as human beings and that's what made him such a tremendous artist.t >> incredible humanity tots tots thing about prince he's seens se dynamo who could swirl togethere different styles, soul, rock and role, if you know that's not knt prince showing off influence hee is that's him inviting a widerid swath of
8:32 am
dance floor. f >> while he was living prince,e you know, he didn't seemed tot lot of interviews but he spoke o almost through his actions. acto when he had the dispute with the record label and changed his wrote slave on his cheek theyhee lost he lost it. he made a very very directery dr statement in doing that.ent innt talk a little before the abouttl and that the impact it'se had since he remedied that disputehs with warner >> prince very defiant artistefa from day one and he wanted toand control his music he saw it it i belonged to him part of hist o being if you will. so i think setting that sort ofo rebellious example in the music industry has row per concussions made artist -- remindly themdlyt they have the power i think whee you see taylor swift, you know, being in control of where herreh music will be streamed that'sl r echo of what prince was doing in the '90's.the . >> he didn't want his music onn the internet. i you can't find his music on somo of these music services but he did like tidal because it gavet the artist some control.on again that speaks to what worry seeing today with artists makinm more control of their music andd
8:33 am
>> absolutely right. i think prince was innovative i that sense he also work withit early on in terms of like justij breaking the model of how music could be disseminated one of his tours 10 years ago he had cd' c' given out for free with ae concert ticket his album sales went through the roof every ticket sold for concert was album sales. >> his influence on other inf artists i don't know an artist t not mention prince as someone ae who influenced their music we'rw talking men, women, he crossed all certainly wrote music for some of our other iconic artists of s today. just his catalog his music cal s will the incredibly deep. >> incredibly deep. dee i think you're saying aboutg influence is so true.influe i don't know incf there's an haa to prince that person will pickp up the torch and keep running ri with it his fingerprints are ale over pop music in its entirety.. the idea of december fluent inui different genres.erent gen being able to express yourpr humanity through this vast voca lower available to you that'slet prince's legacy.. >> absolutely. let's talk about the women thato he
8:34 am
you have sheila e, you have cena easton, alicia keys he wrote f for, so do you think that hist s influence or how do you think ho that his influence on the womene that he wrote for, how does that resonate today? t >> so much of prince's was abouo trance zenning entities, sexual identities, racial entities,al t sexual orientation.ention and this was a huge part of whaw made him so innovative.nnovive i think yeah he had a hugek ah h influence on women.inflom had a huge influence on thecehe women of today.n look at beyonce' her career is e not the same without trailitho t blazing prince had done beforepd her. >> in our last 30 seconds how dw you think he'll be remembered? m i know it's a tough question ton ask because he is so pro found.u what do you think his legacyhigc will be? be? >> we're already living in hesse legacy so to speak. speak >> i like that.>> i >> the music he has touch isas i massive. you can hear prince everywherere you we'll continue to hear princein everywhere we go.eryw >> i hear you left a lot of aot music we haven't heard.en for years to come we'll belle hearing knew prince material. ma >> possibly. we'll have to see how everythinr goes with the family an
8:35 am
rights and things like that. tse we can hope so.e s >> chris thank you very much. a legend certainly lost. i'm glad alt leave he leftd alle something for to us continue tou listen to and be influenced by.. thanks for coming in.than >> my pleasure.y p thank you. >> gary, let's talk about our lt weather today. good weather for the music ofhes the folks out there at farragut square park.square par >> we're trying.>> we're try we're trying.g. look right radar continue totie watch this. showers are beginning to getnino right up along i81 they still really haven't come over for thf most part we're dry through thet seat up and down i-95.n i-9 there's a couple of showers ways out west.. this comes out of the frontfhe t royal from 66 here and then we'll just watch this we may gey a little bit more develop onevep this side of the mountain range but we're mott going to havemoov anything too so what we're thinking thiss morning for the concert mostly dry, but listen there is ae i chance a slight chance of a fewa showers coming on across it acrs shouldn't be a big a bid we'll go from about nine to nine 11:00 with this in terms of thi later on today, expect sun and clouds. clou we also have the chance of some showers thunderstorms too. t. looks like these showershowers
8:36 am
hold off until late thishis afternoon into the evening hours. extending into the overnight as well. some possibly around hereround tomorrow morning. mni so we start off saturday with ai least a chance with a shower noe a thunderstorm just a shower.ho sunday is great. 73 degrees. monday is hot. .7. maybe not 90 in places. >> yay. >> no complaints, right, erin.rn >> nope. n >> 83 with a spotty shower backe again on we got to rain in here. i h we're dry plus we got to getot o something to clear the polleng c out of the air. air. people are dying from thisying pollen.ll >> my allergies have been terrible this week, gary, i hadk just say imagine if there wasf s rain this morning with how busyw the commute was.mmut it would have been even >> how could you make it worseou buldt somehow --but >> add a little rain that makes it worse. it wor right now as you head out dc he police letting us know you wantn to use alternates and avoid tunlaw road northwest betweenet 39th and 42nd. active investigation out there.t bob barnard is gathering moreat information with that breakingnr news. so what can you do to get arouno glover park this morning? take? new mexico avenue to garfieldel street over to fox hole
8:37 am
calvert street to wisconsin.isco watch out for a lot of heavy h traffic in northwest thisth morning. aside from that, mark brady from prince george's county lettingul us know checked in with the cret from skyfox, they had to make ak emergency landing near the wegmans annie yu was gatheringat information out so watch out for some delays ass folks check out that freeway westbound let me get ouo of the way after sickth streethr southeast a crash scene causingu big delays.s. inbound eastbound side of theou freeway is also slow through the third street tunnel.d stre 395 inbound remains slow to theo 14th treat bridge. bdg gw parkway northbound still aoro crash at turkey run. southbound side very jammed uped from 123 on down to the eye keye bridge that remains very slowy into georgetown and we haveownna heavy volume and delays 66 eastbound from prince williame i county into centreville.trevil you're down to about 29 miles 2i per hour as you get towards thes beltway. keep in mine the beltway itselfi inner loop slows through thelo r wilson bridge.on b outer loop getting back toting normal after a deadly crash investigation had problems byemb saint barnabas road.s r steve?st >> coming up next we'll heading back to our spring concerton series we're featuring the band
8:38 am
secret society today. tod we're getting a heavy dose of of prince. prince wisdom martin is there, too. he might be having a little litl challenge for number one princee fan in the crowd.n the we'll find out next.ext. ♪ ♪ kids: he came here from rocky mount, north carolina. married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family.
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8:41 am
♪ >> time to head back to farragua square park for today's spring r concert series.ter >> all right. wisdom martin, have you beenavee able to put in prince requestse this morning? >> hey, good morning to you. yo. we're here at farragut park. p k and 17th streets.. foxfox5foxfox5 rocks. roc let me hear ya. (cheers). >> what you hear in thet yohear background is a little prince.n. obviously it's a tribute to theo late great legendary prince whoi passed away at the age of 57. so much music touched so manyedo lives with his music. mus we'll get to that just a secondc right now we want to talk abouta the band right here secret sre society is right secret society, let me hear iter for secret society? (cheers and applause). appla >> they've and brining it stront this morning.this mor this is he's going to tell us all abouta the band. >> good morning to you brian.mon >> good morning, sir.. thank are for coming and hanginh out with secret society tonightt right here on farragut park. p
8:42 am
us. us >> brian, tell us about thean band., >> the band was formed in 2008 2 we really trying to stab to ourselves as group that's nothan relying on a lot of heavily -- - heavy computerized music.ic. >> right. >> try to bring back the live bande sound back to the area. earth, wind and fire, mint min condition your true bands.e bans >> rei music. rei m >> that's what we want to do.att you know what i'm saying.owt i' >> taking it back to old school where they used to sing for real, right. >> sang not sink on computerizee keyboard.oard >> exactly. >> shout out to the rest of the ban. name everybody in the bando . >> on fifty three calls we havee torine warren.. next to her the man the with the gift of gab mr. mike madison, ya'll.ya'l the one the only unsung hero on the base guitar that's gave day son. holding down in the back that'st dwayne thomas on drums, ya'll. y
8:43 am
cooper on the keys. and the original guitar heroo himself, robbie mcdonald.. secret society, brother.. >> look, we all know what prince has meant to a lot of usf us musically.mucally. talk a little before the about a the influence that prince has h had on your world, your life, yr your music. >> i don't know where to begin. i mean his music transcends sons much and it was such a loss forr everybody, um, especially to the musician world, i mean not justs the musicians everybody foror musician a aspect of prince was everything. we can't wait to honor him today little bit more with our musichs and a tribute to him and allnd he's done. i know prince fans, are you oute there, prince fans? (applause).use) >> we'll honor him as best we as can today.can tod and for me, just been a lot musically and just a genius. >> absolutely. great words, brian. b prince musical genius
8:44 am
strong. strong come on down here k and 17th.7t we'll be down here all morning.. the legendary allison seymour is here. people have been requesting herq she's here.s kevin mccarthy is here.e. we're having a party. p bring it strong down here to the park. we're jamming. j come jam with us. all right.all r back to you in the studio.. wish you were here. >> yeah.ea >> it's hard not to jam.. >> we'll enjoy it through yourog and put it on our website fox5 >> we have the concert series going on three fridays.ridays it's perfect they're doing it i this week and also this is alsts group that normally playsy pla tribute to prince any way.ute t >> works out well. >> when we come back. celebrating the life of prince.c kevin mccarthy joining us live u with a special tribute. we'll be right back. ♪
8:45 am
8:47 am
♪ all right. r our spring concert series serie continuing there at farragutt square park. p look at wisdom in the middlee giving autographs.ras >> selfies.>> selfi >> we knew that would happen.ha >> i'm telling you. i tel secret society on the mike there performing for us this morning.i they sound good.oo prince tributes.rite >> selfies are free today if fe you're heading down there. hng . wisdom is down there.sdom i allison will be therell b t momentarily. kevin is down there.n is down tr we'll check in with him in justs a minute as well.minu if you get down say hi to h everybody and have a good time. >> yeah.>>ea >> freeway to kick off yourour friday.ay >> i was looking at
8:48 am
we're going to gary.gog to g >> we're supposed to go to garyg >> i thought we were going --e g caught me on camera. >> waiting gary. >> we'll awkwardly go to gary. >> just start talking gary.alngr >> let me hide.>> l >> don't do>> >> don't do that.'t >> here's what's going on.s wha. all right.l we're going to hold the showersh off the best we can for the concert down there this morningg all right.all right. but it looks like tomorrow tom morning we're probably going to have few showers around here not everybody.ev i wish i could say everybody evy will get wet between now andow a tomorrow morning because we neen little bit of of rai we got wildfires back out to tho west of us. we may even have smoke comingin across into d.c. area today.ay morning showers tomorrow morning. that will help thing out littlee bit. bi hopefully with the allergy sufferers as well.ff clear out a little bit of that pollen.pollen. here goes the front. front gets off to the east of us tomorrow, high pressure comes pr back in.e the wind will kick up a little t bit we'll be bringing everythiny in from the north and the west.w dry out some of this humidity we have in place now in sunday s looks gorgeous.s. sunny skies 73 degrees.deee specifics on weekend look like
8:49 am
72 tomorrow. again arc few early showers. sws we get into sunday we'reda we' completely dry temperatures inr the lower 70s.we showers back to the west of us.. again, we need some of this o ti rain. ra so it will hopefully come on across late this afternoon earlr evening with couple off thunderstorms.rms. but this morning, let's perhapsr try and keep it dry downtown fof the concert mostly clouds at l11am72. scattered showers around att 2:00 o'clock.. that means some but note b n everybody gets wet, okay? oka temperature will be 76 degrees.e by 5:00 o'clock with more cloudd a shower thunderstorm stilltill possible.poss temperature will back off aure little bit into the middle 70s.7 we'll get up to today 78 degreee for a high temperature. tomorrow 72.2. sunday 73. 7 wow what jump on monday we go up to 87 degrees.7 deee we stay in the 80s for a couple of days. steve maureen back over to you.u >> gary, thanks lot.>> garhank >> it is 8:49 right now on thisi friday morning. mni ahead on good day d.c. we'll.e' continue to follow severalol breaking news stories that ares developing throughout the areag
8:50 am
this morning.this mor >> yes, we're live at d.c. thata apartment building where one who woman was murdered a man in a mn custody he says he put a bomb on the first floor.. >> skyfox had to land unexpect unexpectedly emergency landingly in lanham, maryl eand, thisd,t morning. that's where they ended up.rehe >> we do have team coverage onor the death of music legendd new on good day we are live witt tmz as they continue to breakre news on what happened to this is couldn't. we're all ears about this one.h. >> we'll be talking with some oh you who are big prince fans we s actual have super fan live ine studio who has been to not onene or two but 42 different princent shows over the years. yrs >> incredible. >> she's even been to paisley park. she's going to share herbeg to memories of the super star.erta can't wait to hear that.hear t good day d.c. few minutes away.a want to tell you aboutnto ta special give away specialype because it's fun for the whole e family and also because you aree only enter on facebook. you can win four tickets to see the new stage product of the pru wizard of oz at the national n theater evening of may third ana to enter for chance to win go tt our facebook page at facebook dc between now and 11:59 p.m.59
8:51 am
drawing on april 25th.. price provided by the nationalnl theater.r >> time for the fox beat rightxr now. let's head back down to farraguu yeah park. ye kevin is down there with all ofl our fox beat news this morning.i hi, kev.hi, k >> good morning, steve and ste d allison. alli it's awesome to be i'm at farragut square. sar we have -- maureen, hi.i. allison is on her way down, this is secret society. socie they are doing a prince tributee today.da come down to farragut square att 9am they'll be playing life. l they're already playing. we have the biggest crowd everyone here massive massive fox5 fan and such a pleasure too meet everybody. here's the beauty of what'sy of' happening today.od we're all shocked and saddened e obviously by the loss of prince. but we're all celebrating his h life and his music and that'snd' the beauty of what's happeningai here.he everyone has smiles becausemise we're all celebrating what he h did, and i want to say somethint really important. impor. i feel like he truly will nevern die. what i mean by t
8:52 am
and his life and his soul willol always remain here on earth anda will always be able to appreciate that and he's an mazing musician. music one of the greatest guitart gi players of all time. t here's some cool things thatha happened yesterday.ppenrd there was so many celebrityso me reactions that poured in, one in particular, last night, at the,e color purple musical jenniferfer hudson they did amazing six minute tribute with the crowd cd singing purple rain i think we t have a little bit of it here. ih i don't know if -- there it ishi right here. listen to a little bit of it. >> ♪ >> absolutely amazing.olutely aa not only did the color purple musical did some songs the s hamilton show also did music as well.we. pulitzer prize winner hamilton did a tribute as well last last night.night. amazing amazing tribute as welll now here's the
8:53 am
i think steve you'll agree witho me on this. on the greatest show ever and super bowl half time history has to bo the prince show. and it did it in the rain and -d i remember watching video andid they went to prince and said s prince, it's raining.g i think prince i'm para phrasing said, how do we make it rainai harder? amazing moment becausee it's pouring down rain.ain he's playing purple rain he's covering a foofighters song thet guy had an aura around him that everybody loved.y l that's why we're celebrating him here today at farragut squarequ with the band secret society.. come down here at 9:00 a.m. they'll be playing life.if allison seymour will be here.e i will be here.e h wisdom martin is going to bee here he's already there andeadye maureen and steve i know yousteo guys are back in studio, but this is amazing. amazi this is amazing to so there's allison.on allison, come here. h hold on, we're live. liv >> we're live on tv. >> hi. hi >> i just ran into allison.o aln how you doing?how d >> this crowd is ma
8:54 am
>> i was just saying this on thi air just n we're all shocked and saddenedad by prince's loss but why are wee all -- we're celebrating.rang >> right. >> we're happy about his lifeapo and his music. music >> we're listening, we're, w reminiscing getting our party or on. we got to celebrate him. h that's what he was about.hat ws >> i never seen like thiske t before. we lost one of the greateste of musicians of all times.s ofll ts >> yes, we did.>> yes, we d >> we're sitting here and sit h celebrate wagon did he for uswa and he's still with us today. >> kevin, you always say it it't true today. we can listen to his music forever. >> forever, yeah.ev, y forever.r >> you'll get me in trouble.t mi i got to go.o. >> buy allison. we'll be down here all morninglm long. secret society is playing. pying make sure you come down here tot celebrate the life of prince ane steve and maureen, toss it backk to you guys in the studio.he sdi but we're missing you guys downd here but enjoy.njoy. i love you guys.i loveou g >> we love you back. >> oh, man look at the love t l those people have out l it'souts amazing.azin i was there last week i'me la telling you bar none we have the greatest viewers ever. e coming out in rain, sunshine. >> man just so thankful fornkl f that. >> okay. >> great day so
8:55 am
gary is proper missing a mix ofm that how we looking.w looking >> don't say rain.>> don't say don't say rain.t sarain >> nope.ope. >> this weekend the trough dips in little cooler upper 700 today's.todas. this weekend upper 60 toss lowts 70s it really looks nice. nic. this jet stream goes to theg north and that allows warm air a to come on in. just how warm really kind ofkinf amazing where we go. so today we're 78. wre the trend will show you that wet dip back down into the lower tor mid 70s or so for sunday andy then whoop, right up to 87 degrees for a high for h temperature on monday.onda we get to 87 here on monday anda i can promise there's going too be 90-degree pop somewhere righe around the region.ound okay. get ready for that.rey fo summer is, we flip the switchwic and here comes -- spring buting summer like temperatures quickr toll follow. ol showers back out to the west ofs us hopefully that's whereha whee they'll'll there is a possibility that we t could get one or two showers swe drifting along i-95 over the or next few hours but they'll be bl very very light.ig. 78 today. even with sun and clouds.n and . showers and thunderstormsunderos possible late on this afternoon. here's the seven day forecas
8:56 am
looks a few showers tomorrow morning,g yes. we get dry in the afternoon. 72.72. sunday is great, 73 degrees.deee there we government close to 90 on monday.on mda erin como, busy, busy fridayy have things calmed down littlenl bit for you.bit for >> what day. i would love to say they havesav but not really. little bit of beltwayay improvements on the inner loop.o we were seeing outer loop delays because of a deadly crashra investigation by saint barnabasr thing getting back to normalor there. i'll start you off with tweets o from the district.t. tunlaw street remains shut downn in both directions betweenireco 39th and 42nd. bob barnard at this breakingrein news scene investigate a sne i building out there. t to get around that this morningr glover park use mexico avenue tu garr field street to fox holetox street or calvert street toto wisconsin those alternates are good for you watch for heavy traffic in the still dealing with a closure a u it's been out there for severalr hours in northwest.. person on bike hit by car. serious accident there.t there florida avenue shut down betweee 14th and 13th.nd3th be prepared to detour aroundun that. moving over to crash act
8:57 am
westbound side right after sixth street give yourself a few extre moments there and watch foranh f heavy traffic lingering 270ge southbound from gaithersburg tor the spur. metro is on time if you want tot head to farragut park to check e out the concert. steve?ev >> don't go any w coming up inwu the 10:00 o'clock air we'll soml of that concert life.rt life. you'll get your prince drib.e db at 9:00 very special show forho you coming up. we'll obviously update the t breaking news stories happeningo right now and continue tow cont celebrate the life of prince. pi >> as you do that here's lifee'f look at our concert series. come on down join us, allison,ls wisdom and kevin mccarthy outar down there.. good day is next with moree secret society and prince tributes.utes >> fox5 rocks. fox5 >> ♪
8:58 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, the death o an icon. >> ♪ >> prince the purple one died od yesterday at his minnesota home. just 57 years old. o but the party in his honor is h far from while the music world mourns the loss of a legend, we'ref leara ning new details about the purple rain star's final moments and a possible drug overdose ovs just days before his death. meanwhile, this morning,orng tributes continue to pour intieo from his home in minneapolis tos here in d.c. and all the way from outerspace.e. >> ♪ >> it's a special princ


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