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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  April 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead this morning, a wetoxso start to the weekend beforeefore things clear up leaving twoeavit beautiful days to enjoy.ys to ej the full forecast ahead. plus, troubling levels ofelo lead found in drinking waterin w at several d.c. schools have parents on high alert. alarming details. detai people around the world are still mourning the deathmoni of music icon prince. pnc what we're finding out aboutut a his death this morning.s mor good morning and welcomernin to fox5 news morning on thison t saturday, i'm annie yuu alongside mike thomas today.. >> yes, good morning, annie.nnie >> caitlin taking a vacation day. >> well deserved.dese >> we miss you caitlin.aitl yes, she works so hard. i hope she's somewhere sunny because it's not nice here. h >> she's in california
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you're right, we have clouds, cd there's a live look outside atsa the wheel down nationall harbor. >> beautiful shot.utif s >> it's -- you can see the sunrise there behind the behind clouds and they're dry downry dw there at national harbor rightbr now but it's not dry everywhere.everywhere. we do showers especially ifecial you're watching north and west w this morning and we're goingnin' to get you straight to thetraito forecast. your headline for the day today is showers especiallyspeca during the morning hours but eventually beale get back toeale the sunshine. if you take a look out your window, it's rather gray and gy gloomy. by the time we get to the afternoon we'll have lots of glorious sunshine left. let's fly around on storm tracker radar. radar this is a close-in view of of washington.wash couple showers across anne arrundel county. cou one was over annapolis but has h pushed over the bay.the b taking a look at the biggerr picture, there's your mainr m line of shower activity. act we have showers off to the off e north and west.rth and there's some heavier steady ste rain up towards the frederick area. area. let's zoom in on montg
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county just entering northernthn portions of montgomery county a little patch of heavier rainvi just west of there across loudoun county and points p westward along i-66 towards towr front royal, heavier steadieradr rain and this is slowlylowly pushing off in our generalen direction so here in d.c. we hed may be dealing with some ofh me this rain shower activityain within the next couple hoursex here and again there's that heavier line up towardsne frederick. let's take a look at the bigger picture. ptu we'll throw clouds and get the satellite on and you can see just across the maryland-pennsylvania borderen you can see the clouds starting to thin out. that's your cold front. that's your drier aingrou startg to push in.toush in fact i'll put the cold front on there for you.ou that's the drier air off to off the north there starting totart head in our general direction.ii it will be here by thisherey ths afternoon and once it getsand ot here and we get the sun high sun enough in the sky it will burnel those clouds off and we'll getnl back to sunshine by this by is afternoon.oo temperatures right now not tooot bad. 63 degrees this morning. mni 60 at quantico, 59 degrees at at leonardtown and your forecastour for today, 73 degrees.3 degr not bad at
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we'll stay in the 60's all0' a morning long until we get toet the sunshine by the afternoon hours.hour once that happens, tt happ temperatures will start to start come up. it will be a nice mildil afternoon. that's good and we're hopingan to get the rain out of here in i time for the nats game.ats g nats kick off at 1:05 p.m. p.m this afternoon so i'll havernoo the full details on that and a glorious sunday forecastus sund coming up. >> sounds like we're head ind the right direction so that's t good. thank you mike.thyou another big story thisg s morning.g. troubling levels of lead wereead found in drinking water atater a several d.c. schools. s beyond schools older buildingsoo and homes across the dmv couldls be at risk for potentially dangerous levels of lead ins le the drinking water. d.c. public schools says as a dozen schools have elevatedd lead levels. lev tisha lewis has the stories.ries >> especially want to makellwant sure your kids are safe. safe. that's a health concern for everyone being that water isat very important.ta marcus mcintyre has four daught
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elementary school one of 12 schools with lead levels abovell the environmental protectionroto agency standards. standards. >> i'm sure whatever it is sur they're taking care of it. of i don't think they want to putto our kids at risk.ds a >> reporter: mcintyre is optimistic. even so michael and son plumbing guru tony saysuru to sy schools homes and buildingsaniln hackie across its dmv could be at risk for elevated leadvad levels in the drinking water.. >> since the incident in flint we've had an increase in calls with people concerned about their water filtration reporter: if schools are: if sos having issues ticketing the proe water at home.ome. >> a resin based water water softener.soft that actually can remove all rel the lead. if you're concerned about iter the best thing to do is take a water sample and send it to an independent lab make sure it'st certified to test for lead andla have it >> that was tisha lewis
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reporting.rein led poisoning can be prettyonin hard to according to the mayo clinicni children with it can show developmental delays irritability loss of appetiteosa and hearing loss. people with prolonged exposure e to lead may be at risk foris high pressure, heart disease, kidney disease and reduceded fertility. a sad end.. 31-year-old nicole mittendorf md took her own life.if her body was found thursday in a remote area of shenandoah shea national park. par police also found a suicide note in her car which was more than a mile from her body. mittendorf was first reported rr missing last week after shelast didn't show up to work and nownd that the search is completepl the trails have reopened at r the national park.k. taking a closer look atk at this t-a bold jewelry store sre robbery caught on camera. camer it happened sunday around 4:00 a.m. at velasquez jewelers jewel sterling virginia. virgi two men broke into the storm s you can see them smashinghing
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the jewelry. authorities say the suspectsies took off in a possibly gray or silver into your model hondao yo civic. civi if you have any informationnfor you're urged to call the police. >> ♪ developing out of ohio thent search is on for a cold c blooded killer who shot eighthoi people dead execution style.on s police in pike ton ohio say oo some of the victims were we related and they were found friday morning. mni the crime spans four differentsn locations. three children survivedilen s including a four day old baby and two other small children cld survived as well. w >> it's such a tragic, tragic situation what's happening. hpei they've got a lot of questions. who -- whose lives was taken, t who committed the crime thingsri like that and i can't imaginemai what they're going through tgh right now. >> investigators said it wasga i possible more than one shooter h attacked the family becauseamilc the homes were spread out roughly a mile and a half apart. three of the four homes wereoure on the samse str
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and people continue to peo react to the death of prince. pc we're learning more about theabt death investigation.sti investigators saying the lastngs time prince was seen alive was i wednesday night when ann acquaintance dropped him off h at his home in minnesota where he was found dead thursday morning.g. fox's mike tobin is following the very latest.ates >> it's remarkable loss.lo >> reporter: president obama p responding to the death ofo e de music icon prince with this tribute at a news conferencefenc in london friday. frida it show happens our ambassador has a turntable so thiso th morning we played purple rain and delirious just to get warmed up. >> reporter: back inep washington, d.c. prince's image was, added to the walls t of the national portrait gallery.galler >> what we're thrilled about'r is we have a piece toe to recognize his great his gre contribution to americanri history and culture.y and cul >> reporter: many fansy fa holding all night danceig d parties including this one atat the minneapolis club first f avenue where prince filmedri purple
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the cast paying tribute to his hit. a somber.omr. the 57-year-old was foundound unresponsive in an elevator evao there thursday. thurs >> staff members from paisleym s park had been able to -- had t-- been unable to contact prince yesterday and went to check on him.n h >> reporter: now as a deathea investigation continues, a four-hour autopsy was-hour autos performed friday on the latefrid artist with his body beinging released to the family later far in the >> there were no obvious signs g of trauma on the body at all. a we have no reason to believeoele at this point that this was ain suicide. this is a tragedy for all of us. us. to you, prince rogers nelson was a celebrity. a c to us he's a community membernim and a good neighbor. >> reporter: last week w prince canceled shows in saintwa louis citing health concerns c and before that he hadbefo recently canceled concerts inces atlanta citing the flu.he so far the medical examiner is not commenting saying only o that the toxicology scan couldsc take weeks.take wks in chanhas
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tobin, fox news. >> ♪ >> meanwhile another tributele to the late entertainer amc movie theaters are putting aenrs pu arple rain back on the bighe screen after 22 years.2 yrs the company says 87 of its ofts u.s. theaters will play the 1984 classic starting todaygod until next thursday.xt the movie made $68 million and the soundtrack sold more than $25 million -- excuse me, 25 million copies. you can catch the film in thisth area at amc22, and amc12. amc if you think d.c. drivers ds are erratic our lack of driver's ed courses may have something to do with that.t. will new drivers have to start t taking those classes? we'llla have details other proposedro driving laws ahead.g laws ahead. mike thomas back withhoma another look at today'sok atoday forecast.reca. stay with us. fox5 news morning will bemo right back. rnback.
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>> ♪ >> rough night last night for the washington the hockey team lost game fiveit of the playoffs last night tolat the philadelphia flyers two to t zero.ze they lead now three games toes t two. the series shifts tos shifts to philadelphia for game six tomorrow. and president obama ises wrapping up his visit to london today. tod on his last day in town mr. obama will learn more about playwright william willi shakespeare. prince william, his wife kate and prince harry.ince the palace later released a picture of president obama meeting three-year-old prince p george. there you see it there. thee ite prince was up past histis bedtime.e. he can be seen in his pajamas wearing a bathrobe andhrobe a slippers. how adorable is that?ha >> he knows thousand dress.
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dress like royalty. >> so cute. c i saw a few raindrops onnd o my way in today. tod >> a couple drops here and there around the d.c. but it's light here for now. n we have light showers off toht the north and west.e >> i was kind of happy that the raindrops were fnod alling i because of the allergy season. s is it going to wash away somewa of this pollen.of this pollen. >> it will do some of it. pollen is high, tree pollen especially driving us crazy.vinc i feel your pain there. the it will clear out a little bitte and tomorrow will be all rightil but we're going to get rightl tg back into the high pollenh ple count by the time we get to g next w heat on the way, too.the wa t we'll talk more about that ine i a bit here but i want to start s with the showers. swe raindrops hitting your head. he. a little heavier in a few locations especially north andel west of d.c. there's your cold front,e'on there's your line of showersur off to the north and west here h off towards winchester, the frederick area. a let's put the radar in motion here. i'm looping through the lastg th hour. you can see everything generally sinking down to theow south and to the east here.aste. here we are in washington.asng it's probably, oh, about 45 aut minutes away from starting tort rain
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the beltway there. and then the heavier stuffertu probably won't come through for another hour or two. so, we have some time here.e h sit down, stay in bed, and joynd your coffee here this morning mr and stay, you know, insidens until we get the afternoon aer hours when we get the sunshine h back. here's a closer look. closer lo. just to the west of gaithersburg just the west of i-270 dealing with showers inhoi southern portions of montgomery county towards thentd poolesville we head off to the north, nor there's some heavier steadier sd rain around the frederick areaa towards that you remember mont and sandy hook dealing with some of the heavier rain thishev morning even down to the southne northern portions of virginiaa loudoun county dulles airport front royal white post white pot middleburg all dealing with some steadier rain showers this morning it's not an all day think so do not panico not here. just give it a couple hourspl hu and then we'll start to getrt t into some drier a which is just off to the north t and west. there's your cold front andr cot there's the rain showers rightro along the edge of the cold the front.ont. again, few more hours we'll swing this cold front through,tu the drier air will start tol move in and we'll get a
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breezy but we'll get the the sunshine back which i know is what everybody wants for thebody weekend. weeken here's your futurecast. futecas. it will show you exactly that.oy 8:00 a.m. there's showersthers w north and west well work ourou way into the 11 o'clock hour.clk it starts to fade away a little bit. bit still shower activity throughivy the 11 o'clock hour. h from this point we start tos po see clearing.earing. nats kickoff at 1:05. 1:0 skies will be partly sunny forry the first half of the game. by the end of the game we're into full sunshine by the time t we get to the early evening hours here.e. here's statistics for you. y for the first real two thirdstw of april only a little over an inch of rain we typicallyicly avenue of average 3-inches of-ic rain for the whole of april.f ar we could use the rain but b really it doesn't look likeoesni we'll get that much herere today. toda so far on the year we're aare' little over 2-inches in theinhe deficit there.he so, any rain we get is get i actually very beneficial to usos here. temperatures right noweratight 63 degrees here in washington,ng 60 at quantico, 59 in gaithersburg.gaithers winds are kind of light toinof l calm b
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through the afternoon. afternoo. we are now dealing with a w 12 miles an hour wind here inhei washington and here's yourers y planner for the day once thence sun comes out we'll warm it up u to the 70' that's its forecast.ast. annie, over to you. you. >> thanks mike.ha m well, you're not going tou'g have to worry about driver'srive ed in the district any time soon if you're a first time a tm driver. the city was on the vergeerge enacting a new rule may first mr to require new drivers of allew ages to complete extensivesi driver education classes before getting their licensese but now they're making aakg u-turn on that plan andn fox5's jennifer davis has the story. > >> reporter: there's a lotorr: s to learn to become a licensedse driver. driver. and in 2014, the d.c. dmv decided that would best bed wou done with commercial driver's de ed courses consisting ofg of nearly 40 hours of classroom clo and car training to the tune t t of about a thousand dollars.
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it's now suspended the plan to a take closer look at what itt w means for residents. there had been complaints about the cost of commercialcost classes. >> they could do all theuld classroom work in two hoursrk i and instead they make them pay p all this money for the 30 hour u session. it was total make work wasteorka of time for everybody. >> reporter: that's not tosot say people don't think d.c. thic drivers could use a little education.ucion. >> drivers in d.c. are. sometimes i think a little crazy. crazy. >> i think they should i t absolutely have the drivingly h tests. i mean, you know, drivers' ed teaches especially the youngpe peopleci now, you hear accidentc either under 18 or over 65 so so yeah i think it's definitelyefil important. >> reporter: there is still a test but for now t future fur drivers will just have tot he t study on their own glime they ge better be safe 'cause i got a kid out here. h >> that was jennifer davis first time drivers can still dri take a commercial course ifoue they want or just pick up study guide and look it over on their own. new teen drivers will
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tried get a learner's permiter'r and pass a vision test roades test and written knowledge k test and complete at least 40 hours of supervised driving.up happening today, a bigertodg cleanup in rock creek park.k there are 33 miles that needt n cleaned up along rock creekup ar and starting at 9 o'clock this't morning volunteers will takers k part in the eighth annual rockil creek extreme cleanup. clean one of the goals of thehe goa of extreme cleanup is to clean the rock creek which flows whi o into the potomac. the potomac in the past seven years,, volunteers have collected 75 tons of junk, 900 tires, tir 38,000 plastic bags and more than 15,000 bags of litter. coming up a must watch.t wah have you seen the stomachto churning video of a man ridingig his hoverboard a little too close to the edge of a building.di more on this heart stoppingrt sg video ahead and a look at who's behind the stunt. we'll have that and much
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coming up.
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>> welcome back. well, everyone these days uses e ride sharing apps.ri can we get the prommer, please? but not everyone mayry be aware there are local ride re sharing apps that are drivingred up businesses in d.c.usesse joining to us talk more aboute this is the cofounder and ceo of the local ride sharing startup called split. this is interesting.s inrest >> yes.
7:22 am
in the way you use it but whatuw makes you all so different. dife >> the big difference is we i have an algorithm that under u pins the service that wevice tte provide that finds peopled p going in the same direction together so you actually end up shaving the ride with othertr people. people. so when you go on our app, we op have an iphone and an an android app.d when you use our app you tell yl us where you are and where where you're going and wend we immediately send you an offer af of a pickup time and a and drop-off time window an priceown and if you like that offer you u say yes, car can comes and ces d picks you up.p. there will already be someoneon else in the car and on the waynt to your destinations we'lls we' make other stops, pick up and ad drop off other people.eople. its much more affordable.dabl we try to benchmark metroark m public transportation pricily pi we look at ourselves as as commuter service and to get serd people around all the time the t when they need to move aroundro the city at an affordableffda price in a convenient >> how much are we talking? h el what's the average.vera >> so the average price is about five bucks. and it
7:23 am
route you take or the specificc pickup and drop-off. dp-off. so let's say if you're going from georgetown to dupontont circle in a cab or an uberbe that might cost eight or nine o bucks and in a split would ititd cost about four. fou >> so you are saving.yoare sa >> yes. >> and this is just localhiis j based, not nationwide which isii another difference.drence. >> yeah, we're just in d.c. we actually launched in d.c.d. about a year ago.about we're can coming up on our oneur year anniversary in may whichn h is very exciting. eitin we're just in the city. we're not yet in the suburbs. sr we're expanding regularly. reguy we are trying to as quickly asus possible get to cover the whole city and as many of the t suburbs as we can as well. >> can anyone just downloadust l the app and just start usingrt u it. it. >> yes, the app is free to we're on the app store and google play store.tore and anybody can download andd a start using us all you got do is sign withig wt your phone number or e-mailor e and your credit card.t c >> and so you're obviously theue founder of it.r of i what made you think of doing this? are you a
7:24 am
i thought i could do it >> i worked in transportationpot for many years and being in i the industry, watching the changes that were happening on uber and lyft launched inin the -- in 2010, 2011, watching n the dramatic shift that was that happening was really exciting. . you know, it's not that manyat y times that you get to be onet tn the side of an industry where there's massive disruption occurring so it was really a ite great opportunity to think, well, how do you -- how do youo compete back? how do you look u at this base and think what's wa the next step? you know, now n that uber and lyft are here and have changed the way people think about using taxis t or taxi replacement services what's the next step.t sharing the ride is where the wt future s-it's in efficiencyffice getting more people in carseopl together, it's in reducing reduc your carbon footprint by car sharing the ride with otherridet passengers. it's in getting
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the road because more peopleeo are in the car instead of onensn person sitting in the back ofngk a car by themselves you cans yo share with multiple people. ppl. that's where the idea kept ideak coming up and we startedwe srt working on it and here we are ae today.da >> congratulations.>> c and thank you for joining us. split app free to download onn android and app.pp >> and our web site at split poinu.s.s. >> mike thomas back with bac w another look at today'sod weather. stay with us. us. fox5 news morning on thisorng o saturday will be right back. wle time now 7:25.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 7:twenty eight. 7:t we're taking a live looke look outside.ts that is the national harboral this early morning. mni and it looks like we arewe a headed in the right direction, i though much of the sky rightight now is cloud covered mike.ik >> yeah, you're right. flag's waving a little bit around there, too.oo. >> yeah. >> little bit of a breeze outofa there but i promise you todayis is going get better. weekend's not ruined here justtu because the morning is aorng little cloudy.ud let's get straight to it.traigh hey, yesterday was a pretty are nice we had the clouds but it was warm. 76 degrees for daytime highs, hg second day in a row we did we that. dulles 71, bwi marshallall 74 degrees.74 d later on today temperaturesempes return to the 70's but probably not this warm and notmd as humid as we were yesterday.ed yesterday it was a little a sticky out there. the reason. t why look at these wds winds are now coming out ofg t the north and that's going t
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bring in some drier air later l on this afternoon. out there right now still ari little sticky anghd still a s little bit -- little bitit cloudy 'cause we have rain on the way. 63 degrees your current numberrr here in washington.rewa so, relatively mild start to stt the day. d 57 in richmond. richm new york at school. pittsburgh though on theurgh cooler side of things, 48 degrees. d 45 this morning in columbusolumu ohio.oh temperatures right now closer r to the region 63 heig again herr in washington.ngto but some 50's north and west.t. 59 for manassas as well ass dulles.dull. frederick also checking ink al e with 59 as is gaithersburg, hagerstown, martinsburg at 58 degrees. all right, take a look at youryr radar here because we are tracking rain shower activityn off to the north and to the n west here. that's whereor the heaviest andt steadiest rain now, there's not all that much t of it. it kind of just stretches fromue northern montgomery county up towards northern frederick andhe washington counties there.rn so, very thin hour of -- thin ot layer of shower activity and s it's moving at aho pretty steady clip here down to the south s and to the east. e g
7:30 am
frederick. it's going head right down 270 7 and it's going to break apart ba a little bit as it approachess d.c. but i still think we'llnk w make night a little bit ofit shower activity in the next t hour or two. orwo let's zoom in here.let'om this is northern loudoun lou county dealing with a steady ste light rain here over just toin the west out towards h winchweester, they're dealing with it as well along i-81.1. straight across i-66 as well, wl front royal dealing withro steadier rain this hour. won't last all that lyaong but l for the next hour or two,r t you're going to be on the wetont side of there's that group of showersfho up towards frederick. freri steady rain band now moving mov straight through that's right along the frontal boundary once you get through this,ough i you're going to be drying iting out the rest of the day. d. one more just small showerho here off to the east towards tor annapolis just about to crosso s the city there.he again, you may have anothereno round coming your way in a wayn couple of hours so you're note in the clear yet if you live liv east of 95. of here's why.. that's your cold front just f js off to the northwest there.sthe that's where all the rain is. once this batch is that ablebatt to move through, then i thinkn i
7:31 am
just for today but for the but t remainder of the weekend. all right. all take a look at your setup there's your cold front.yod f clouds and showers for the morning hours here on your your saturday. once we get in cold front through, high pressure buildsig in.s we'll get a northerly breeze be breezy fromreezfrom time to time. not a windy afternoon but from f time to time we'll have ato t decent breeze out there buteze the good news is, we'll gete'llg the sunshine back by thek by afternoon hours and then, yes,d, sunday is looking fantastic.antt highs today 73 here in i washington. same deal for quantico. manassas 72. dulles 71.dulles 7 but what a warmup we have in sunday 72. but then look at this.enook look at monday. am feeling a little like early eary summer time.ime. 87 degrees. that's not a mistake. mta we'll talk much more aboutorebo early next week coming up inn about 15 minutes or so.r all right, annie, i'll send it over to you.over to you. >> well, the issue ofelhe transgender bathroom hasm entered the race for the whitere house. ted cruz has warned women andwoe young girls will be in dangeran if men who consider themselvesre female are allowed to use the u women's bathroom.s
7:32 am
should be left to the states. comments come after north carolina passed bill. bill. after north carolina passed the bill, several other statesth have created similar legislation.slation. fox5 is in the districthe dr where lawmakers are making min sure d.c. business ownerss comply with its gender neutral bathroom law. law >> reporter: this regulation has been in place for 10 years y now but under this program,rogrm the district government ist asking for people to report if a business is not complying toyg this regulation. here is how it works. wks under the rules, a single use bathroom at any business ininesi d.c. must be gender single use means for one for person only. o here is an example we found at a d.c. restaurant today.od it has both female and male access. safe bathrooms d.c. is a wayhroc to report places that are not ae comp
7:33 am
takes a notification from thefi public and then sends theses business an official warninglar letter and we're told today inoi most cases, it is revolveds vo right away. awa >> we send them a letter in lte the mail and say, hey, within w 30 days, please change yourng yu signage and send us picture of o it and we'll close the case immediately.medi there's no fines, nothing like that it's just to make sureju they make the change. if for some restasoakn a busines either wants to refuse to make e that change or if they don't d respond to us, then we'll file e a formal charge of chae of discrimination against the ain business.bu >> reporter: the office ofr: t human rights says only a few times have they had to take it further than just issuing a letter. lett they say in most cases, c businesses don't realize thatt they're noncommunity but whenut they hnoncompliant but whentheya right away. matt ackland fox5 local news. n >> a lot of us like to shop sho online. it's easy but all of those
7:34 am
delivered in are causing are problems at the recycling centers. details ahead.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. hundreds of the country's toptop minority innovators wills w convene in d.c. for the inaugural summit next now brioxi is a online
7:37 am
and the members are young you black millennials looking to talking about it is b cole.s b how very exciting. excit hello. >> good morning.>> >> this is your first g eventnt here in the district. you worked very hard i knowd i o for many years getting this going. how does it make you feel andma what's this all about?bo >> we're really excited. exc this is a huge opportunity.pporu we are standing other cusp of an incredible demographicdi shift and in country in which young people of color are ocolo becoming the majority of our country's youngest members. mbe and so we see it as part of irresponsibility to helpty to h scaffold infrastructure andu support for them to pursuee their dreams because we knowms there when they are successful we will all be successful.ful. the summit will include ancde cross section of young peoplepl of color across all ethnicities coming togetherr building community andngmunity strategizing on how to helpoel millions of other young people of color across the country. cot >> so is this -- what's thehat't setup like? is
7:38 am
networking session here? are there going to be booths single digit? give us a sense of what the event is like. >> great question.>> great so, the summit will be kind of an we will do everything fromgro late night dinner conversations on food justiceus to a concert we're hosting, hti deep and intimate sessionssions with key thought leaders fromhte around the country as well as ws plenty of time for networkingetk and relationship building. bldi. we see it more as kind of the ultimate fun weekend camp for co really brilliant young innovators. >> i know you've been working wi on this very hard for a long lon time and so you have this he vision, right, the end what is that for you? >> the end vision in the workhe that we are trying to do is to o create opportunity intunity particular for those in our thoo country who don't necessarily na grow up in a family or perhaps a your parents have gone toone t college where they've workedwher in a career that offers you the professional or the community development that youde would we believe everyone should have access to those resourcesrc and it's our goal to make sureo that when you become
7:39 am
not only the network of other or young people but we're in yourny corner fighting for you helping you to make those can often you just don't know what it will take to get from youo go point a to point b and you can see it, it's our goal to helpo h fill in those gaps.hoseap >> wonderful resource andesourca guidance to have.o h let's talk about the event e it's going on next saturdayat and the summit itself is soldol out it's that popular op everybody but there is theody th innovators ball that's next tt's saturday and that's how locals s can get involved in this. t tell us about that.teab >> absolutely. so we'll be having the summit sm actual from friday to monday t n with monday being at the white house itself but on saturday sua night april 30th folks canol c join us for the innovatorsnnovor ball, tickets are $ it will be held at the blind winwino.wi we have mc light.ig >> empire y'all.>> e >> thank you cole. t you're an inspiration and i love your energy i wish yospu w the best of of
7:40 am
having me.having me. >> the event is next weekend. i make sure you mark your cal yr today. yocalendar. you are watching fox5 news saturday.
7:41 am
i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done.
7:42 am
and i approve this message. >> welcome back. check this out.chec it appears an alligator justligt wanted to cool off.want it was caught on camera taking k a dip at a pool at a house h near houston.aroust animal control rounded up the unwanted house guest. no word on how the gator got got into the pool. no one was hurt. was h oh, my, my, my. and you thought riding a
7:43 am
hoverboard down the street waso dangerous.dangerou take a look at this. stomach churning video showingho a daredevil performing stops along a ledge atop a skyscraper in cuba. he's an expert in scalingin sca buildings he appeared to accept this challenge fearlessly. rocking back and forth before a spinning in a circle.ningci he did a hand stand on the hoverboard. oh, no, no thank you.ou kids do not try this at oh, my. >> people just like that adrenaline rush i guess. that's cra-cra. >> that is cra-cra. t all right, so the weatherha is,, he though for us how is it i i looking here. here. >> a little dreary to starty t the day. we have clouds, showers northhoe and west.and west. we need the rain.we we had a dry past i think 10 th1 days. days. >> we've had a long stretch.strc >> yeah, since april 12th was 1 the last time we hadime h measurable rain. we definitely need we're not going to get allto get that much of it. it's not going to hel
7:44 am
much. mu anything is better thanngbe nothing at a >> look how green those trees te look. >> yeah. >> they look beautiful.ea you know why they're so green sn because they're putting lotstheu of pollen in the air. a >> that's why we're suffering. >> yes. pollen count still high. once we get this front throughnu later this afternoon it willisft help clear things out just a out little bit, not too mucht too relief coming our way. w tomorrow's not all that bad tha but once we get back to monday n pollen count is going to beng high again so sorry allergygy sufferers, pop the extra e claritin as you go through theot day today. 63 your current number here inhe washington.shingt mild start. colder air to the north and te o west. we we won't get this cold here her but we'll get into cooler airtoa tonight. 40 in buffalo, 38 detroit aset well as chicago, 51 in cincinnati.cinc bigger picture here kind ofe kio very seasonable across theosth country.couny. houston is at 62 where they're e still recovering from all thatmt flooding. that's probably how theow alligator got into the pool, probably the flood waters brought it in. again, cooler north, warm tonor, the south. very springlike weatherike pattern setting up across theost country here.he local view on those temperatur
7:45 am
gaithersburg as well aswe as 60 for quantico, 61 down down towards leonardtown and lap this one of the warmer spots wa- annapolis one of the warmermer spots. we're tracking showers off tongs the north and westho scattered t around montgomery county asounta well up towards the baltimoree l metro area and we're starting sa to see more and more showers pop up just west of the i-95 corridor here across northerns h montgomery county, howardy,oward county here dealing with somee showers and they're justde aboua to move into the western halften of the beltway here.e. put in it motion through themo last hour.tilast hou you can see everytr.hing'severyn generally heading down to the do south and to the east here. h we'll zoom in a little closer c and we'll show showers approaching gaithersburg here.g steadiest rain up towards the frederick area down towards t front royal along i-66 as well6w so if you're traveling out to o the west today do be aware you'll hit the shower activity as you head west.t. timing things out it's movings n at about 15 miles an hour thisln line is so here in d.c. we.e probably won't get into the int worst of it if it's able to survive because our models do md have i
7:46 am
it probably won't approach therh district until about 10:30 so still several hours here ofere clouds and showers and once weee get into the afternoon hoursou we'll see conditions improveve here. there's your cold front northuro and west, drier air behind the drier air will bring theng sunshine back again by the agaib time we get to those afternoonfr hours and here's futurecast tout show you just that.t. 9 o'clock this morning stillk th showers mostly focused northus and west. we move into the latter partattp of the morning hours and again a a couple spotty showers herehowh and there.and tre southern maryland you're still u dealing with it but then wet n get the clearing skies in herees through the afternoon andfternod we're back to the sunshine andeh the sun will stick around through the remainder of thee re weekend. nats baseball, nats taking on tn the twins later on this t afternoon. they beat them yesterday i yestd believe four to eight was thet e score.ore. hopefully they can do it againtn today. by first pitch at 1:05 i think0t we're starting to see clouds starting to break, 69 degreesder by 3 o'clock partly cloudy,lo 71. mostly sunny to wrap the gamera up 72 degrees.up 72 again hopefully they can getllyc the win here. morning showers today, cold front moves on through, highgh pressure builds in.pres 's
7:47 am
for our sunday.un it's going to be absolutelyngbe gorgeous here.gorgeo her 73 degrees your daytime high today.toy. 72 for tomorrow again fullin f sunshine out there changes for early next week. big push of southerly airther coming in. coming in. we're going to get very warm. v. it's going to feell summer-like.summ we're talking mid to upperopp 80's.80's. annie, perhaps even a 90-degree day >> wow. >> or two in there. 73 your daytime high today.h toy let's get right to thatto accuweather 7-day forecast.t. 72 tomorrow.omro 80's to bring in the next work week, maybe some scatteredcaer thunderstorms on tuesday. tuesd. >> i can get down with i'm very happy with that. hpy w >> little summer preview there. >> yes. thank you mike. >> the next time you placeanme p yourla ballpark side orderside e there's a peanuts andeats crackerjacks get ready for a big change. >> classic box has been tradeden in for a plastic bag.stic b oh, no. n and instead of a prize, you're r going get a qr code.rode. >> boo. >> boo. the new box free packaging pka logo and prize are all part of
7:48 am
the company says it's a movesa to provide baseball inspired ins mobile digital experience andied fans will now have to downloadve an app and then scan the code to unveil their prize.rize. why mess with something that's awesome. >> it's a fancy way to saya we're trying tofa save some money. money. >> and the beautiful thingiful about those cracker jack boxes is the instand like feel ofta lk your prize.ri >> right. >> digging into it and seeingnt what you got.wh >> and as a kid that was as a at always the best part was beingwb able to hold that prize in i your hand. not all kids have smartphones sh believe it or not notrot everybody has a smartphone.on >> before they phase this out i have to rush and get the boxes. online shopping is one of so the best ways to get what you gt need and get it prettyrey quickly, right? but what happens to all those cardboard b boxes that get delivered toiv t you. >> fox's claudia cowens tells t us recycling centers arete flooded with these cardboard boxes and now it's worse than ever. . >> reporter: silicon valleyte entrepreneurr: buys groceriesgrs online every week from a
7:49 am
oil to detergent. >> it's more convenient and saves my time. >> reporter: and your time is valuable. valua >> it is. >> reporter: he does recyclees e but worries about all theies boxes that end up at san francisco's recycling plant,la, 100 tons of paper and per cardboard every day but stillutl less than los angeles at 115 tons a day or new york at almost 900 tons a day.s a >> when you buy things online,nl they can show up in two or three boxes within a box. b box within a box. kind of a russian doll of that's really bad packaging and we just encourage people pel not to support that with their consumer dollars.. >> packaging is frustrating so here at amazon we're doing d something different.some >> reporter: in response tor: i customer concerns amazon hasamoh launched what it callst it c frustration free packaging.acka. whenever possible the companyom says product ship in theirroct s original packaging eliminatingla the need for an additionaldditil shipping box. while an estimated 9
7:50 am
of corrugated packaging is recycled critics say thatha process has its own costs like pollution from shipping allfrom that cardboard to recyclingecyc centers which in turn use an u lot of energy and richard gard says he'd welcomeel other options. oio >> maybe there's a better wayr y of shipping things.s. maybe we can recycle it every time.time maybe there's a coste's a st associated with it. >> reporter: like a fee ifter: k it comes in a box or a a discount if it's returned intact. and environmentalisting arenmen urging folks to shop organized so they're not buying a lot of n things aott different in san francisco, claudia cowens, fox news. n >> good advice.d adv >> yeah, good advice.h,d ad >> never really think about the boxes where they go. >> right.ig and if you can run to the can grocery store maybe you shouldou try running to the grocery store. >> right. still more to come thismore morning. we've got some talented kidsme t in the studio this morningdio th from the metropolitan schooln sh of the arts to preview the
7:51 am
stay with us.ay time now 7:50.
7:53 am
>> welcome back.elcome b this week marks national dance week. today on fox5 we're sittingwe'r down or standing rather withhe the metropolitan school of theot arts in alexandria, virginia. vi opening weekend of their of ther sleeping beauty ballet is next e week. and joining me to talk allta all about it is melissa dobbs thebst president of msa and two off their wonderful dancers, the prince and aurora.ur good morningo
7:54 am
melissa this is exciting. excin you must love national dancel nc week. you celebrate dance every day. >> exactly. what better way to celebrate.ele >> you guys are doing it in as big way taking a classicssic fairytale that i love, this was one of my favorites growing up. why did you guys go with this gt one. >> this is a classic balletssice and we wanted to demonstrateo dt the difference between what the tv's sleeping beauty bea ballet was versus thes classical one.calne. >> wonderful. i know your students work so, so h you are doing your thing overver there in alexandria.lexandri and this is really going to gngt benefit the school in a reallyy big way. w tell us how. >> it is. both of these students attenddet our academy which is our full o time academic and arts program r and they've spent countless cout hours rehearsing and performing. we have the great opportunity ou to perform this at the masonichm temple on may our first two shows sold outut so we had to add a third and we partnered with someerith community organizations inions alexandria to share some som complimentary tickets tontar
7:55 am
children in need so it's been b such a wonderful opportunity. >> wonderful. then location you can't goio wrong. there's not a bad seat in theba house no matter -- yeah, right t the way it's set up.p. and talk about your students sde and the amount of work thator t goes into putting somethingng like t how old are they and, i know they're not micked up. >> these amazing studentss jeremiah and sinka they are two of the most remarkable remae dance students that i've everens met. i'm so happy to share the t stage with them. sim can ka will be going san francisco ballet summer program which is a pretty are prestigious program and jeremiah just accepted a scholarship to ithaca.aca. >> congratulations.ongr that must be so exciting. eit what's practice like to learn ta all the moves? >> well, they rehearse every friday. frid many times saturday and sundayun for multiple hours at a time ate with different directors and
7:56 am
choreographers and they worky w on different variations.ariati they do obviously warmup before they dance.yance. >> so a lot of hours anda dedication. i want to see some of this sof s let's step out of the way,out ow melissa and let them take it away. here's the prince and aurora. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:57 am
7:58 am
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:00 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mr >> welcome back to fox5 news new morning on this saturday. sat time now is 8 o'clock as wese take this live look outside onn this april the 23rd. oh, my goodness, the month m just flew by. good morning, i'm annie yu., thi'ank you for joining us oncee mike thomas in forai caitlin today who is taking a day off o and you say the highs are,re what, 73 or so today. today >> 73 later on this afternoon. a >> so, that's good. so, >> a little above average. arage >> there might be some clouds out there. >> right, clouds to start theous day. don't panic.don'tanic. we'll get back to sunshine by te the afternoon.after it gives you all the more all te excuse to just sit inside thisih morning and watch us forg and w another hour here.otr hour >> very true. all right so the day is i shaping up very nicely for us then. >> so far so good.>> we're tracking rain on storm stm tracker radar let's get right gg to it mainly off to the west
8:01 am
this morning so far, this isr, h all generally sinking down to d the south and to the east.e eas we do have kind of some steadyad rain starting to move intomove i montgomery county justry coujust starting to touch the western edge of the beltway here right around the i-270 intersectionseo there so be aware of that.e oft. some pockets of heavier heavi showers embedded here justus south of winchester dealing with a little batch of heavier a rain up towards the frederick area northern loudoun county a little pocket of heavier rainai just about push into howardntho county a little pocket ofit heavy rain. this whole line is moving atat about 15 to 20 miles an hour. it will take about, oh, two to three hours before the actual aa front itself finally clears cler d.c. once that happens, we will, we l finally get into some drierom di air and then the sunshine willii return by the afternoon.on there's your bigger picture.tu. there's your drier pittsburgh is in it right now rt pushing into garrett county, cou allegany county maryland andd an eventually it will get down iwig into our neck of the woods as well. we'll get rid of the clouds, lots of sunshine to finish theih weekend.we temperatures right now are onhtn the mild side.ld
8:02 am
d.c.c. quantico such to 64.o 61 for gaithersburg as well as a manassas.nass dulles at 60 near the water annapolis 62 degrees this houreo as annie mentioned earlier ear back to the 70's we go once we w get back to the sunshine. a little breezy from time toreez time. 10 to 20 miles an hour winds out of the north. north even warmer days ahead on the on seven day. more details coming your wayomgo in just a bit. annie i'll send it to you.ll s >> thanks mike.en>> tha our top story this morning troubling levels of lead werels found in drinking water atnk several d.c. schools.ools beyond schools older buildings o and homes across its dmv couldlc be at risk for potentially dangerous levels of lead inve the drinking water.dr in this case d.c. publicin.c schools says a dozen schoolsys s have elevated lead levels. fox5's tisha lewis has the details. >> definitely want to makey sure your kids is safe saf especially mee my babies make sure they safe. that's health concern forreltco anyone being that water isater i very important. >> reporter: marcus mcintyre has four daughter daugh whose attend miner elementaryley school in northeast.ol i it's one of 12 schools across the district with lead lev
8:03 am
above the environmental protection agency standards. sts >> i'm sure whatever it iswhatei they're taking care of it.f it. i don't think they want to putkh our kids at risk. ris it's a pretty good school.d s >> reporter: mcintyre is optimistic.opti even so michael and som s plumbing guru tony says schools homes and buildingss an across the dmv could be at risk for elevated lead levels in the drinking water.ger. >> since the incident in flit ii wflintwe've had an increase in l about people concerned abouted o water filtration. >> reporter: if schools are if having issues protecting the t water is that hope for you att home. he says yes. >> actually have a resin based water softener installed iner ii your home. nut arousers osmosis system. sy. that can remove the lead. if you're concerned about itnce the best thing to do is take a a water sample send it the an the independent lab make sure thatb it's certified thema test for t lead and have it tested. t >> reporter:. rep >> that was tisha lewis reporting.reporting. lead poisoning can be prettyng c hard to detect according tog the
8:04 am
children with it can showho symptoms of learning difficulties developmental delays.ys >> a sad end to the week long search for a missing fairfax m county firefighter.ty a medical examiner f sayss 31-year-old nicole mittendorfter took her own life.n le. her body was found thursday in y a remote area of shenandoah shea national park.ark. police also found a suicideund i note in her car which was moream than a mile from her body. mittendorf was first reported rd missing last week after shest w didn't show up to work and nowkw that the search is complete, the trails have reopened ate reo the national park. pk. and take a look at this.hi a bold jewelry store robbery. ry this was all caught on it happened around 4 o'clock o in the morning at velasquezelas jewelers in sterling,n srlin virginia. you can see the surveillancee video there showing two meng twn breaking into the store. store you can also see them smashingma the display cases and a snatching up the jewelry.ewel authorities say the suspects sut
8:05 am
gray or silver into your modelyd honda civic. if you have any informationy on you need call police.edall and as people continue tople react to the death of prince, p, we are learning more about the artist's ongoing deathng d investigation.inveatio investigators saying the lasts a time prince was seen alive wasle wednesday evening when an acquaintance dropped him offppim at his home in minnesota wherehe he was later found deadnd dead thursday morning. fox's mike tobin is followinginl the very >> it's a remarkable loss. >> reporter: president obamare responding to the death of music icon prince with this tribute at a news couldn't confe in london friday. friday. >> our ambassador has a turntable. this morning we played purple rain and delirious just to get g warmed up. >> reporter: back in washington, d.c. prince's image wasd. added to walls of o the national portrait gallery. l >> what we're thrilled aboute th is that we have a piece to recognize his great gre contribution to americanti t history and culture.orand cultur >> reporter: overnight manyhty prince fans holding all nightg n dance parties including thisng i one at the minneapolis
8:06 am
first avenue where princeenue we filmed his iconic purple rain. i while on broadway the cast of the musical the color purple pur paying tribute with a wit rendition of prince's hit hit purple rain. rai meantime a somber scener s continues outside prince's paisley park recordingpa recordg studios. the 57-year-old was foundasn unresponsive in an elevatorr there >> staff members from paisleym a park had been unable to contact prince yesterdayesrd morning and went to check oncheo him. >> reporter: now as a deatha dea investigation continues, a four-hour autopsy wasou r rformed friday on the late artist with his body beingei released to the family laterilyt in the day. d >> there were no obvious signsis of trauma on the body at all. al we have no reason to believe bel at this point that this was ath suicide. this is a tragedy for all of us. to you, prince rogers nelsonso was a celebrity.ri to us, he's a community member e and a good neighbor. neighbor. >> reporter: last weekorte prince canceled shows in saintn louis citing health concernsoncs and before that, he had recently canceled concerts inrti atlanta citing the flu.
8:07 am
not commenting saying only o that the toxicology scan could u take weeks. wee in clan hassan, minnesota, minn, mike tobin -- chanhassen minneso mike tobin. >> amc movie theaters putting pi pir pell rain back on the bigckb screen after two years.wo years. the company says 87 of itsf its u.s. theaters will play the t 1984 classic starting todaygod until next thursday. the movie made $68 million and the soundtrack sold more than ta 25 million copies.25 you can catch the film in this m area at amc he offman 22 and amc mj capitol center 12.en >> ♪ >> happening today, a big cleanup in t rock creek park. pr there are 33 miles that needhatn cleaned up along rock creekng and starting a rt 9 o'clock thit morning, volunteers will take part in the eighth annual rockhc creek extreme now one of the goals of theoa ot extreme cleanup is to cleanlean the trash which flows into thene potomac. in the past seven years,ears volunteers have
8:08 am
75 tons of junk, 900 tires, tirs 38,000 plastic bags and more than 15,000 bags of litter. well, today presidentay obama's wrapping up his tripappi in great britain.atta he just finished a town halln hl there and we'll have more onoreo that and his plea to britain'sri prime minister about stayingta in the european time now 8:08. we'll be right back.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back time now eight:10. a live look at the nationalhe n harbor.rbor looks beautiful.eautif a lot of clouds out there butheb mike thomas says we're headed he in the right direction. it's going to be a mild danebe the sun will make an appearance. he'll be along in a few with the first forecast. developing in georgia aping man police say shot and killed l five people as part of a domestic dispute was foundis dead in his home early thisho morning. mo police say he died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. police were looking for wayne w anthony hawes last night.hawe developing this morninglopi out of ohio the search is onth for a cold blooded killer who shot eight people deade d execution style.n sle police in tyson ohio say some of the victims were related. ret they were found on friday morning and appears they were killed while sleeping.epin the crime scene spans four different three children survived sur including a four day old baby b and two other small childrenothl survived.rv >> it's such a tragic, tragicgi situation what's happening.appe they've got a lot of
8:12 am
questions, who, whose lives l was taken, who committed theedhe crime things like that and iha a can't imagine what they'rey' going through right now. >> investigators said it wasaids possible more than one shooterer attacked the family becauseambee the homes were spread out sprd roughly a mile and a halfalf apart. apar three of the four homes werehe u on the same street.eet. meanwhile a doctor hasoctor been fired from a miamiia hospital three months after a video surfaced on youtubeaced oe showing her hitting anding and screaming profanities is a uber driver. dri she has been on administrativeie leave since this video wenten public back in the video shows a woman hitting the uber driver in thevt face, then demanding a ride and using profanity.nity police have said officers wereir called for a disturbance butrbce no report was taken.ak she apologized andd and acknowledged that there were no excuses for her actions. >> ♪ >> all right, time now, mike's back. >> uh-huh.h- >> hello >> we have bad news we ha weather-wise in terms
8:13 am
clouds and rain this morningorni but before we get to the badhe news we're going to do aoo little good news first.irst >> sunshine. sunsh >> special time of the day. it's time for the cutenesshe cun fact our fox5 first five photoit of the day little alexander.lexd >> how cute. >> good morning, alexander.lexar he is adorable. arabl he will be turning one yearsne old soon and he lovers wakings k up each and every morning andni watching fox5 with his grandparents. get them started young.ou >> and i see some little teethte there. >> he's adorable. >> adorable. >> if you want your child tont be our next fox5 first five firf just head over to our facebookab page and post their picture right below alexander's.xa so cute. so cute. now that's the way to start s the day. now i feel guilty i feell gu inspired. sorry to say i have rain forn fr you alexander on your almost one-year-old birth happy almost birthday by the b way alexander.lexaer here's what we're dealing withei this morning. we're dealing with showersho north and west just pushing into the southwestern portionsti of d.c. seeing a little bit of f rain towards idle rain, cabin
8:14 am
john dealing with rain ahead a of a frontal system drapedm drap across the region this morningim right through northern nor montgomery county lowdenry couno county dealing with some rainfall this morning towardsow front royal, right along i-66 awesome steadier rain for youtef as well this morning.or so do be aware of that and tt a give it a few hours here.ourser once we get this line, this isei kind of all we have left to lef deal with, once we get throughth this we'll be good for the rest of the day here so just give it a few more hours.a more putting in motion through thetir last couple hours you can see c it steadily moving down in ourno general direction.irecti near d.c. we'll have to dealweve with it in about an hour here h in downtown washington.ashito and we'll get it through hereour relatively quickly and by thehe afternoon we'll get back intoaci some sun.some s here's your futurecast. 10:00 a.m. today there's thatode line of rebroken showers and itd will continue to fade away by the way as it moves off to theft south and to the east here. her scattered showers down to theowo south through the afternoonh thn but here in d.c. by about 1 o'clock just as the nats are a about ready to get under way gew we're starting to see some see clear skies around the regions d and then by 5 o'clock this
8:15 am
afternoon mostly sunny skiesn mo return and we'll keep thend sunshine through your sunday as well. so good weather just around wr o the corner.the corner. just give me a few hours hereour to clear things out. northerly breeze so no longer ln have that southerly wind thatha we had yesterday.we h it will bring a little bit oflib allergy relief and a littletl bit of cooler temperatures ass a well. 63 now. we'll do about 10 degrees oneeso that, lower 70's coming ourominu way today.way today 49 though up towardsards pittsburgh, 42 in binghamton,ino normal and then 45 degrees45 deg this hour in columbus, ohio.hi here's your planner for thehe day today.da 67 degrees, showers stillrees, around by 11 o'clock. 1 we'll start to clear things thig out.out. 2 o'clock mild, 70.2 o'clk mi by 5 o'clock mostly sunny mostly skies, dry and pleasant,ry and , 73 degrees and that's your a daytime high today. tay 73 here in washington. quantico 72. 7 gaithersburg 70.ithersburg 7 very pleasant spring dayday coming our way again once again we're able to get rid of the o t shower activity. all right, that's a look at lk the forecast. fecas i have a very big warmupig war coming up and we'll talk muchalm more about that in just a fewinw minutes.nutes. annie, send it over to you.r toy >> all right, in today's tay sports breakfast a rough nightgh last
8:16 am
capitals.capita the caps lost game five of the playoffs to the philadelphia php flyers two to zero despitete taking 33 more shots than the flyers. flyers. the caps lead now three gamesd o to two. th e series shifts toshifts to philadelphia for game six ator noon tomorrow. meanwhile five years and $75 million, $75 million, folks, if you know josh normannw he's paying for dinnerr tonight. the cornerback officially aba member of the redskinsck.dski he popped up on the market up or just a few days ago in a salary dump by the carolinaolin panthers. pa the team confirmed the signing last night and here he is putting pen to paper.pen ap the south carolina native niv played at coastal carolina anda there was talk the 49ers were9es interd but he's keeping it on in the east coast. coa. welcome to d.c. well, online shopping, one ofppn the best ways to get what youetw need and get it fast, right? rt but what happens to all of those cardboard boxes that get delivered to you? as fox correspondent claudia cowens cen tells us recycling centers are e getting flooded with those witho cardboard boxes and it's
8:17 am
getting worse.orse >> reporter: silicon valleyon ve airport richard guard buys b groceries online every weekee from olive oil to detergento dee even though he lives fivehe l minutes from a >> it's more convenient andniend saves my time. >> reporter: and your time a is valuable. >> it is. >> reporter: he does recycler: but worries about all theie boxes that end up in van san francisco's recycling 100 tons of paper and pnd cardboard every day but still s less than los angeles at 115 at dons tons a day or new york at almost 900 tons a day. >> when you buy things online,nl they can show up in two ortwo three boxes within a box. b box within a box. b kind of a russian doll of boxes. that's really bad packagingka and we just encourage people ppl not to support that with their consumer dollars. >> packages is frustrating sorao here at amazon we're doing d something different. >> reporter: in response tor: i customer concerns, amazon haszoh launched what it calls cal frustration-free packaging.acka.
8:18 am
says, product ship in theirt i original packaging eliminatingli the need for a additional additl shipping box. while an estimated 90 percent0 of corrugated packaging is recycled, critics say thatsay process has its own cost like c pollution from shipping all that cardboard to recycling reci centers which in turn use an u lot of energy and water. richard guard says he'd sayhe welcome other options.ome her >> maybe there's a better way of shipping things.hig th maybe we could recycle it every time. tim maybe there's a costost associated with it. >> reporter: like a fee ifr: it can comes in a box or a a discount if it's returned intact.ct environmentalists are urgingg folks to shop organized so s they're not buying a lot oft things at different times. t in san francisco, claudia cowens, fox news. >> all right. all well coming up lawmakers inawmas d.c. trying to make sure the city complies with its gender gn newspaper federal bathroomper law. those details and muc
8:19 am
law. those details coming up.
8:20 am
8:21 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 8:21. fox5 in the district whereicthe lawmakers are making sure d.c. businesses comply with its i gender neutral bathroom law.oom >> reporter: under this program the districte dis government is asking forsking people to report if a businessis is not complying to thisomplo ti regulation. here is how it works.rehow under
8:22 am
bathroom at any businesses ines d.c. must be gender neutral.usbg single use means for one means o person only. onl here is an example we found atot a d.c. restaurant today. today it has both female and male access. safe bathrooms d.c. is a wayath to report places that are not a compliant. the office of human rights takes a notification from thenoi public and then sends thends th business an official warningiaai letter and we're told today inn most cases, it is resolved i ree right away.t >> we send them a letter inet the mail and say, hey, within wt 30 days please change your chanr signage and send us a picturese of it and we'll close the case there's no fines, nothing like that. it's just to make sure theyake e make the change.ha if for some reason a businessus either wants to refuse to makeo that change or if they don't d respond to us, then we'll fileel a formal charge ofharg of discrimination against the business. >> reporter: the office of human rights says only a fews ow times have they had to take it further than just issuing a
8:23 am
33 say in most cases, cas businesses don't realize thatont they're noncompliant but when they do, they make the change tg right away. in northwest, matt ackland fox5 local news.ew >> well, the issue of transgender bathrooms hasende entered the race for the whitecf house. ted cruz has warned women andd n young girls will be in danger dr if men who consider themselvesre female are allowed to use women's restrooms. donald trump says the decision s should be left to the states. comments come after a northts c carolina passed a billsed a requiring transgender peoplein to use the batg hroom that t corresponds with the sex listd on their birth certificate.fica after north carolina passedrolie the bill several other states have created similar legislation. >> ♪ now to the presidentialto t race. voters in five states go to the polls tuesday. as it sits right now rig democratic and republicancraticd frontrunners are expected to are do very well. not not keeping theiree opponents from coming on thepi attack. mike emanuel has the latest lat
8:24 am
>> reporter: ted cruz one of four 2016 presidential candidates crisscrossingat pennsylvania today ahead ofiaody tuesday's five state primary. sa the texas senator is trailingsra billionaire businessman donald trump in the keystone state according to recent polls. poll. a state where 71 delegates are a up for grabs. gra >> we are winning key swing s states. we are winning o we were winning iowa against a hillary clinton.hillary clinton >> reporter: hillary clintonorte was also in pennsylvania talking about economic equality for women.eq clinuaton who is leading her opponent bernie sanders byy double digits has been d shifting her message away fromwf political attacks in recent days in favor of focusing moreug on issues targeting specific audiences.ces. >> as president what i wouldid like to try to do is to really take all these voices and all these real world stories with wh me into the white house. w >> reporter: for his part, pt, sanders is stepping up his up hs attacks on clinton calling herlg a washington insider and con
8:25 am
her ties to wall >> we have got to end a corrupt campaign finance system which allows the big money interests to buy our government. >> reporter: while trump andr: i clinton are believed to stilledl be leading in rhode island isl brown university has had toity a delay releasing its most m recent poll originally due out e thursday because of what they're calling voter fatigue. t pollsters conducting theing surveys have gotten an unusualn level of pushback from peoplefrp who are tired of talking about the election.ctio in washington, mike emanuel,mael fox news.xew >> meanwhile the obamama administration trying to address iran complaints that u.s. financial regulations are denying iran the sanctions relief it deserves under lastes year's landmark unclear deal;,l, nuclear deal rather. rathe u.s. secretary of state johnte kerry met with iran's foreignn'n minister saying the u.s. wouldah not stand in the way ofhe w foreign banks from doingign bafm business with iranian companies that are no longerth subject to u.s. sanctions. sanct
8:26 am
obama just wrapped up a townju hall in his final day inst london.n mr. obama took questions fromto young people from a wide range f of topics including what hecludh wants his legacy to reflect once his presidency is do.isrese later on today he will learnaywl more about play right william wl shakes period. president obama is receivingob strong criticism for callingoral on britain to stay in the european union.on and last night president obama paid a visit to the visith royal family. f the palace released thisthis picture of mr. obama meeting m prince george who stayed up 15d minutes past bedtime to meetdtim president obama.presid you can see prince george there wearing his pajamas and bathrobe. prince george thankedin president obama for theid rocking horse he gave him after he wasenho born. >> all right.ig coming up we'll tell that you -- what health officials off say businesses should do tosine protect their employees from the zika virus. plus a homeless shelter inlt our area is turning into ant spa. we'll explain all that andel much more. plus mike thomas back againk agn with today's weather and a tod work week preview. previ
8:27 am
fox5 news morning on thisning saturday will be right back. k.
8:28 am
8:29 am
z1yorz >> ♪ >> all right. welcome back. time nowwe 8:29 and it is i 63 degrees out there. there off to a mild start but as you a can see from this live shot of the national harbor, a lot of lt clouds out the sun has not made ann appearance just yet mike butet t you say it's coming.y it's com >> it's con
8:30 am
please believe yourve weatherman. we try. >> we always believe you. bel >> yeah, but a little gray to start the day. the clouds are actually what'sya helping keep us warm thisarthis morning so temperatures didn'tt' fall back as much as theyucas t usually do at night last night n but once we get into theeto afternoon we'll clear it out.u bright sunshine just for you, annie, for the rest of your y saturday.satu >> thank you. >> you're welcome.>> >> you love me. >> we got viewers sending invi pictures. it's not jusewt cloudy here. h this is lloyd ferguson senten this picture from parisis virginia which we were just wert discussing we have no ideasing where it is. >> i know. k i didn't know there was such an place paris virginia but it looks magnificent.nice >> yes, it does. doe lloyd hopefully get that t eiffel tower built. blt cloudy in paris, virginia. virgi some rain showers movingn ers through. let's get straight to thet ig radar here. her montgomery county now dealingnt with just about all ofabout all montgomery county in fact fac dealing with the scattered s rain pushing into northern portions of prince george's of county county, northern c portouions of an run dole r d county, howard
8:31 am
county, loudoun county dealing with the rain showers.. western half of the metro t dealing with rain as well so far this morning. mni it's all steadily pushing its way down south and east so allll of washington will be dealinge with this over the course ofoue the next hour here. h association hang in there, hang tight. we get through the morning hours here. we'll get the sunshine back byny the time we get to theo the afternoon. all ahead of this frontals frta boundary draped across the northern western suburbs onceubc it moves through, drier air a will spill in behind it, high pressure will start to buildilsr in to the region. it will be breezy from time toez time. not a windy day today but theut occasional breeze overe o 20 miles an hour is certainlyhot possible but by theai afternoona hours we will get back into bin the sunshine.e so good news goo if you're heading down to the dw nats game, you're looking l outside right now you're likew maybe i won't go.t g i say still go.sti g it will be nice by the timeime the baseball game kicks off at 1 o'clock.1 clock. 63 degrees your current numbero here in d.c.hered.c 64 at quantico. fredericksburg is at 60's.t 6 61 for manassas, 60 at dullest s this hour.our. again, comfortable start tort the day and temperatures later this afternoon verynoon vy comf
8:32 am
once we get back to the sunshine, 73 degrees. 73 your day on sunday iss absolutely picture perfect. 72 degrees, plenty of sunshine n for your sunday.un time we get to monday we'reday w talking a little bit of heat,fea yes, heat coming into thein the picture.ur more details on that in just a s little bit. that's a check of the annie, over to you. ♪ ♪ >> in today's health watch, wch federal health experts issued guidelines to help protect pro american workers from vehiclem e virus. the centers for diseasent control and prevention preventio advising businesses tovi implement safeguards forem employees such aens reducing red levels of standing water and providing workers with insect repellant advising workers to wear long pants sleeves andleev hats. suicides rose 24 percent between 1999 and 2004. 200 young girls and middle aged men account for the largestt fo researchers haven't found as single cause for theha increases but experts believe t
8:33 am
economic down tore that began in 2008 could be a big and researchers foundryrs fd fire department may lead toartm healthier lives. lives study shows when people retire they tend to increase physical activity, sit less and sleepleep more soundly. sou that makes sense.en researchers recommend enteringsm retirement with a positive attitude by pursuing hobbies volunteer work or spending snd time with loved ones as a wayney to keep a sense of purpose. well, the calvary womencalv services is turning into a i full day service spa tomorrow and the goal is to reallygoal uplift women who live thereiv te and here to talk more aboutore b this great event is sharnikaika howard one of the organizers. good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for coming in thanks for having me. >> this is a local -- we don't-d want to call it a shelter buthe it's a place where women whoen can come from different walksfet of life really find resources. >> absolutely.olut yes, it's a way to uplifto uif them, to encourage them sohe that they can go on to secure sc employment, to move into theirir own homes and to reaching reach their independence.r independe
8:34 am
>> absolutely. >> okay. coming up on sunday --?uny >> yes. >> this is the, what, fifth or o sixthth >> this is the fifth time --is t actually no it's the sixthix time. we've been doing it twice atce year for the last five years. >> uh-huh. >> and so, yes, on sunday we are turning calvary women's services into a full service day spa manicures, facials, makeup, massagesly. mas >> the fun stuff, right.tu, r >> right.>>ight. >> and so what does this mean d to the women there and how isheh it really impacting their tir lives? >> it means a lot because it it truly reminds them that they tth are queens and that they t deserve to feel this love and a they are appreciated no matterr where they live.wher and it truly does boost theiros confidence as well and itll helps them to just feel more confident when they do go out dt for interviews that week. wee i mean, the response is justus awesome. we all end up in tears by theary end of the day so it truly is ty a blessing. >> it's a great event.s a i know it takes a lot of people to make this event happen, right.en,. >> yes. >> talk
8:35 am
those involved and what people e can do to get involved. tt invo >> yes. yes. so, we have service providerser from all over the dmv thatt volunteer their time, their t supply. >> love it. >> for the entire day. no one is paid and these arend t people who i work with to get tg my hair done and what have youha that are giving up their timein for the afternoon.fteron and if people want to get to g involved or volunteer, theyteerh can visit our go fund me site and that is www.go fund spa spring 16. >> okay and you all areou a a located right there in -- >> southeast. south. >> southeast.outh >> calvary women's service w center city in southeast onity good hope road. r >> awesome. thank you so much.ank >> thank you. >> thank you for all that y you're doing.ou >> absolutely. >> coming up, a music festivalea in d.c. d do you know about the broccolibo festival?al? >> yes. >> it's blending together atogea socially conscious effort tosc live a sustainable lifestyle.le. we'll chat with one of thech membersat behind the broccolithc city festival. can't
8:36 am
>> ♪
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> ♪ >> all right. hundreds of people will bepe heading to gateway d.c. nextewa weekend for the fourth annual an broccoli city festival. cit >> that's right.>> the festival is to inspire millennials to live healthier hr lives and to promote eco friendly lifestyles in urban communities. tell us about this huge event is darryl perkins director of dr community engagement fort for broccoli darryl, welcome. c
8:39 am
>> welcome hello he. >> good to have you.ave you >> broccoli city festival. >> uh-huh. >> sorry, mike. mik we were chit-chatting.t-chattin. that's quite a name.'s >> yes. y >> what's it all about. >> what do you think about abo broccoli, you think green you gn think healthy. healt there's many things you think about your mind couldn' conjure. we want to engage urban millennials around beingng actively engaged and really rea change the trend towards ushe ts being healthier and moreor engaged and pushing towards healthy environment. >> okay big event coming up next weekend correct. >> yes. >> tell us a little bit about lt this music festival who iso is presenting.esti >> sure. this is our fourth year doing d broccoli city festival. f we'll expecting tens ofec thousands of people out there. >> wow, it's's grown. >> it's grown, getting biggern,g and bigger every year. y we'll have future the headline music artist we have anderson ar pat, sa
8:40 am
pinkie killer corn, lisa lis renee. even larger than the music is mc that we have there's really amazing food and vendors and a a marketplace so really creating n an environment and actually creating a broccoli city. we're highlighting d.c. culture and there's culture of e d.c. and really of the countryou but again getting millennialsias engaged around health wellness s and environmentalnt sustainability. >> it's growing.>> the mayor was there last yearth and also you had some big names last you had jade and willow smith s erykah badu.ah badu. a lot of big names gettinget involved in this. take a little bit about whate bu it takes to organize something like this. >> we have an amazing team ofino people that work together to put this on. o in the spirit of bringingngin culture and really getting the rich culture that's here in d.c. out and getting peopletingo not only about the music and the tull cherry but about but a bein
8:41 am
changing the trend and cullnd ad they are towards health and a wellness so as parts of it notar only at the festival beef beenee doing a number of events leading up to the festivalesti called the power of onelyne we'll have engaged a thousand ts volunteers leading up to the festival in different d community engagement activities, community cleanups p laughter things around food access. we've built a number of community gardens all they gard people that we're able tohat we touch, how can we get them engaged in the community andn th make an um packet. an we figure if everybody can do something, so how can we organize all these people thatll come to actually go out and t dd things and make an impact inmpt our communities and so we're wee really excited about the poweret of one campaign that's beenn leading up to the festival andtl that the festival kind of is af culmination of all this great tr work we have been doing.oing. >> it takes a village. vil you speak about peopleaboutl getting involved. how can they.w ca >> definitely check us out.y cho we're on social ed
8:42 am
city on instagram twitter, bc you can get all theu information you need about tcahe festival so we can't wait until next week.tixt w we're already sold out but youuy can check us out on our socialus media and we have different dfee contests that we're stilltshat running where people can still i get tickets to the festivalhe and that's about it the only o way you can get them at thishemi point. >> wow. okay. >> sold out already. >> yeah. >> sounds exciting. s >> youou guys will have to definitely come out. >> like and i sounds like wei have to wait until next year. >> but there's the info on io your screen for anybody thatybod wants to know where the eventve is. get on social media and try to t win yourself some tickets.ts. >> exactly.>> exa >> kids eat your broccoli.ocli. cool thing to thi thank you so much darrylo ma perkins. perk love your energy.y >> perfect.>> perfe thank you for having me. me. >> we'll tell you one who who oo is using his body as a usi his billboard but he's doing it all for a good cause.foa go we'll have that story comingom up next.t. so, mike fill us in what's going on in the weather weather department?ment >> yeah, i'll have your full i forecast coming up right after'l the break. g e break.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> there's nothing like seeingot a movie on the big screen butn t some moviegoers in northn no carolina will be treated to a really big this newly renovated drive in theater in kings mountain isn said to have the largest screen towering over the treesrs at 50 by 100 feet.eet. >> the drive in theater has a high quality digital
8:46 am
the parking lot can hold about o 450 cars but brown is hopingop to expand to fit 600. 600 >> how about that? 35 in drivn theaters something i don'tom think >> i've never been.>>r >> i've been to one when i wasow a kid. we don't have many around aroun here. >> no, you're right.o, y i never left d.c. >> very cool. >> good day for a movievie indoors or outdoors. outor >> morning, morning movie. mov get that morning movie in andn we'll get back to the sunshine n this afternoon and you canft head out ander about.bout there's a live look outsidee lot and it's gray and it's a is a little dreary and you look out t the window and you'll go, go, okay, saturday's a little bity' of a wash. w not so fast. i think it's just the morning hours where you'll have touserel kind of hunker down insidee maybe head to the gym and getto a workout in before the sun t s comes back out because it willae be beautiful this afternoon.fteo showers but afternoon sunshineuh back in the forecast here and here are the showers now shors starting to push across thesh as district early this morning mni and points west of i-95 i montgomery county dealing w
8:47 am
as is howard county.ount southern edge or ratheratr northern edge or back edge ofe the shower activity is pushingss through frederick countyug maryland here.h ry up towards burkittsville area they're probably out of it forly the rest of the day here. loudoun county showers this morning and as we spreadand things out you can see there's t the drier air pushing throughgh southern pennsylvania, panhandles in the clear this clt morning of maryland, same dealal for west virginia and thesed t showers are going to continues i to move themselves through and once they're through we'reough w good for the rest of the day. binghamton new yorkor 42 degrees, 71 in new york city this hour. h nats taking on the twins.hewi will the rain be out of here in time? i think so. 69 degrees by first pitch. increasing sunshine throughout the game. by the time things wrap up a up very pleasant 72 degrees. pattern this weekend jet weekenj stream is kind of right o r overhead.ov it's cool around the area ---- well, it's relatively coolivelco compared to what we hadedat yesterday. by the time we get towards tar early
8:48 am
talking monday and tuesdayay a very warm. w might even want to say hot on o monday with the temperatureith t expected to be 87 degrees as7 de you see on your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast.t. 87.87. wow. then 85 on tuesday, some s scattered thunderstorms willd cool us down bacthk to to 70 degrees by wednesday. wednesy all right, that's a check ofche the weather. annie. >> ♪ >> all right. time now to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. these three lovely people were w out with us yesterday. hello, hello.o, they're rocking out yesterdayt d to secret society during oururio spring concert series. it was a great time. t thank you all for coming out. o we all enjoyed it.ed i thank you so much.k you thank you.thank y if you would like to be ourld lr next facebook fan of the day just post your picture on our facebook page right below this one. >> ♪ >> in today's fox beat,ox b saturday night live is set tos t air a special dedicated showated t
8:49 am
the special titled snl goodoo night sweet prince will look back on the perform's moste memorable moments on the prince has performed on sn l3 l times back in 1981, 2006 and most recently in 2014. and kelly ripa will w finally return to "live witho "l kelly and michael" next week.che she has been gone all weekll w after finding out that michaelic strayhan will no longer be onr b the show and is moving on to "good morning america" full time.time. many suspect her absence wasbsce in protest of being blindei sided by the news but producers insist she's taking tk a scheduled vacation.tio she is expected to return to rur the set on tuesday. tsd and a man in washingtonashin state is about turn his bodyurn into a walking billboard adorned with tattoos fromattooso small businesses.small bu there's one catch, though. the businesses he is h i advertising must donate money dm to a cause near and dear tond his heart. fox's haley wagner has this
8:50 am
story. >> my chest is bear, my backt is is bear. i have one free rib cage.e r >> reporter: 26-year-old 26-yead mike jensen has plenty of open canvas.canv. >> fingers, forearms andinge anywhere in between i'mwe willing to do. >> reporter: but he doesn't buth want to fill thee space with w just anything. anyin >> hello.lo hi. is the own are available day.aby going door to door selling onene wild pitch. p >> as long as they're willingreg to donate something to our veterans i'm willing to donate w a piece of skin.ilpi i am becoming a permanent tattoo advertiser for a businesses so i'll tattoo youdvu logo on my front or my backac and be advertising for you wherever i went.wh >> reporter: it's for thehe wounded warrior project. proje >> great idea. never heard anybody doard anyboy anything like that l >> reporter: his firstorte his donor, ferguson's cafe.e. >> going put my logo somewhere on his back, right and other people's logo as many as you as can get.. better not wear a shirt very ver often.ofte takes his shirt of
8:51 am
>> reporter: but of course none of that would be possible u without the generosity of they e folks here at all about it tattoo.oo willing to do that work for >> and i just kind of said why not, let's do it. what he's doing is super cool. o >> going get good karma fromd it. you have a if day. a >> reporter: the transition to human t billboard begins tuesday. a life changing process that t jensen says still is not enough to show his sw appreciation for america's f ama heroes. >> i feel like i could do a d lot more. you have a great day. >> reportever: in spokane,kane haley gunster, khq local news.oc >> fine dining here in the loft. one of the chefs from the popfs restaurant hey adam is here to show us one of their sophisticated meals. stay with us. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ ♪
8:54 am
>> welcome back. overlooking the white houseokin hay adams offers sophisticated ambience served with elegant e meals. >> here to show us how to make one of those items is thems is chef. chef good morning to you.go thanks for coming in.anksor c mike touched on this but it is really an elegant and it's much more than food.oo talk a little bit about it abo before you jump into the dish. >> well, we are seasonally inspired. we're always changing.s now this time of year we have w rhubarb, nice
8:55 am
spring onions. o i bought a couple dishes. spring onion soup. i have a pistachio crusted scallop with rainbownbow cauliflower.if i'll be making a foie gras tori with rhubarb and a nice a n lobster salad with >> everything here is springprg inspired. you go by seasonal menus.sonal e an we change and when thingsch are in -- have a short season, s we may run it for a couple weeks. week >> okay. >> okay. >> then we change again.he >> so, let's get started. >> sure. so, i have hot pan, have ahave little olive oil, some scallops here.ere. ground pistachio. >> okay.>> these take just quick --ui >> they're quick, yeah. yeah. >> a couple minutes.inut we're just get them nice ande an brown. you can hear that.n he you don't want to go too hot. ht
8:56 am
dark before the scallops ares cook so kind of medium heat.t. >> go gentle on it.o >> yeah. then we have a sauce, which is a french inspired curry kindur of paste mixed with a little bit of blanc and we havee h rainbow cauliflower.liower >> do they come like >> yes. you can see them on the side thd there. >> interesting. that might make eating fun fore the kids, get them some t colored broccoli >> yeah, exactly.xa fun with >> tell us a little bit moreus e about your restaurant.taan where you located. >> 816 street across the white house across from saint john's ' church an i can could connickldc landmark hotel.rk hotel we have lafayette dining room and beautiful event space upstairs, top of the hay.ay >> sounds wonderful. >> i'm sure it's a busy timeure right now where you have a loto of important people stopping peg by. can you drop any names?ny n >> you know, we he h
8:57 am
don't kiss and tell.n't [laughter]au >> i can't. >> that's smart. that's sma >> there's plenty -- there's-- e plenty of affluent people, movers and shakers, they'rers t definitely there.defi >> okay. >> so, kind of halfway throughhr i just kind of warm up the cauliflower too at the same time and then we'll get ready to plate here. pla >> that was a pretty quick preyk cook. >> yeah, it's just a couple i cant' minutes, you know, when wn talk about spring and the hay adams and it's all here's the sauce. again it's a french inspired curry >> what's it taste like? does ? it taste like just curry.. >> a hint. a lot of people are put off,eo oh it's curry, i believe going >> you go ahead and plate that up. i know presenttation is a bigs de
8:58 am
thank you for joining we'll be back tomorrow morningmw at 7 >> thank you for joining us chef. can can't wait to try it. have a good saturday.
8:59 am
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