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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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we are going to begin tonight with breaking news. a portion of metro's red line remains suspended at this hour between the van ness and friendship heights stations. metro says it's the result of smoke in a tunnel from an arcing absolutelitor. no injuries have been reported and metro is currently providing shuttle service. we're going to continue to follow this story and bring you updates as soon as we get them. good evening, everyone. i'm matt ackland. now to another big story. some great news out of prince george's county tonight. volunteer firefighter kitchen swain was released from the hospital today. the 19-year-old was shot last week responding to a welfare check at a home in temple hills. fox 5's alexandra limon is outside the fire station with
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alex? >> reporter: well kevin swain's firefighters tell me he left the hospital in some pretty good spirits. swain was shot four times a little over a week ago but some good news for him tonight. he got to head home to continue recovering with his family. take a look at this, a video of him getting released from baltimore shock trauma. swain was wheeled out and he was greeted by firefighters who actually drove one of their engines from the morningside department to baltimore so they could escort swain home after his release p he has been hospitalized since the april 15th shooting when he was seriously injured while responding to a welfare check in temple hills along with prince george's county firefighters. after firefighters forced entry into the house, the homeowner
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snyder and injuring swain, who was released from the shop today. >> it's got to be the brightest point at the end of a trying week. i haven't seen him since the call that night, visited him here in the hospital. seeing him go home is a very good thing. he was worried, especially early on after the incident, became more up beat. there's a lot of trying times for him forward as he completes his recovery, both physically and emotionally. >> reporter: now his fellow firefighters tell me for now swain will concentrate on recovery. no word yet on if or when he will return to work here. meanwhile the homeowner sho shot those firefighters has not been charged. reporting live in suitland, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> sure is good to see him recovering there. thank you. now time for the weather. hope you h
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a little rain this morning then some pretty good sunshine. there is alive look outside right now. how are things looking for tomorrow? let's say hello to gwen who joins us with her first forecast. >> you know, the sun took a little while to come out but we did finally see it. the good news is it's going to be in pretty full force for your sunday. let's take a look at our maps and ridge of high pressure in control so nothing really to show you here on radar at all. we had all the rain that moved through last night and a little bit this morning, we did need the rain but it didn't put much of a dent into what we really needed. and our highs today a little on the cooler side than we anticipated but these numbers are pretty close to where we should be. only 1-3 degrees above the seasonal average as we hit into the low 70s at all three airports. we've got clear skies, winds were gusty today as well, we're finally seeing some improvement there, north
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easterly slow right now at 18 miles per hour. 61 degrees at mannasas, 52 at frederick, 58 at baltimore this hour. winchester at 59 degrees and 58 at culpeper. here is a look at your winds now, fairly light getting a little bit of a break. not too much to show you on this map here at all. only 23 mile per hour winds gusting over areas to the east. other than that things are finally calming down. we've got a much cooler night tonight. it's going to be 47 degrees. i can't rule out a touch of frost in the mountains and higher elevations but elsewhere it's going get chilly, so be prepared. lots of sunday sunshine and the 7-day forecast isn't looking too bad either. >> that is good news. thanks gwen. see you in just a bit. fans continue to mourn the loss of prie.
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flocking to paisley park outside of minneapolis to pay their respects. many placed purple balloons and flowers along the compound where prince lived and worked. tonight we're learning his remains have been cremated but there are still lots of unanswered questions surrounding his death. an autopsy was conducted yesterday but it could be weeks before the cause of death is released. will carr has the latest. >> reporter: the medical examiner says it could take days, potentially even weeks to get the results back from prince's autopsy. so with that in mind, here's what we know right now. prince's plane made an emergency landing early last friday when he was on his way from atlanta to p minneapolis. his public list cyst has maintained he was fighting the flu. thursday he was found dead inside an elevator in minnesota. authorities say there w
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signs the violence and no evidence that he took his own life. we're learning he had hip problems from performances and we also know he struggled with epilepsy as a child. while investigators say they're waiting on results from the autopsy report, they're looking into his pharmaceutical records to get a better understanding of his medical history. >> this is a tragedy for all of us. to you, prince rogers nelson was a celebrity. to us, he's a community member and a good neighbor. to his family, he is a loved one. >> we've been seeing just how much prince meant to his community. fans have been gathering for a couple of days outside of his home since his death. they've been leaving flowers, balloons and signs all in purple. everyone remembering the 7-time grammy winning artist including president obama who called his death a remarkable loss. prince
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will carr, fox news. zbl it appears hackers are taking advantage of the public interest in prince. the better business bureau is warning people about scams that have popped up. links are appearing with describes like "his last words" or "you won't believe this." if you click on the link to be attacked. still to come tonight at 10:00, the search continues tonight for the person or persons responsible for the deaths of eight people in ohio. we'll have the very latest. and one world leader got the chance to meet a future one. we'll tell you about the first meeting between president obama and prince george. stay with us. much to come. ♪ little red corvette
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marijuana lovers gathered in the district today for the first ever national cannabis festival. it was held at rfk stadium. it was a celebration to mark the progress of the legalization of marijuana in dc and across the nation. eleanor holmes nor ton was on hand to help kick things off. the event also featured some live music. >> people are saying how excited they are to be here. a wonderful opportunity to learn as well as to experience a variety of products that they may not have known about prior to being here. as well as enjoy a phenomenal day of sunshine and great music. >> organizers say the event is more than just a festival. it's a chance for te
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community and industry to connect with members from across the country. another festival happening in the district is all about the future. the smithsonian magazine is hosting its fourth annual future is here festival at shakespeare theater in downtown dc. the event highlights advanced thinking and science, technology, art and engineering and william shat inner is headlining. >> people saw william shatner tell approximate great stories about "star trek." he talked about what a crazy ride it's been. they never expected it to last three seasons, let alone 50 years. you heard a tesla coil band they're playing david bowie and prince songs and from a whole bunch of scientists talking about the future. >> the festival runs through tomorrow. tonight the search is on for the shooter or s
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killed eight family members execution style in ohio. investigators are still processing evidence from four separate crime scenes in pike county. police have not identified any suspects and say whoever killed them should be considered armed and dangerous. we get the latest now from fox's bryan llenas. >> reporter: at this hour, no arrests have been made. authorities now searching for at least one shooter. investigators working through the night have interviewed over 30 people and search warrants are out as the four devastatingly horrific crime scenes are being analyzed. grizzly execution-style killings. that is how investigators in pike county, a small rural county of just about 28,000 people in southeast ohio are describing the multiple shooting scenes in four separate homes. eight people from the same family all shot in the head. seven adults and a 16-year-old. some were killed as they slept including a mother in her bed th
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that baby and two other small children were not hurt. the victims are all members of a large and well-known family in the area. >> it's such a tragic, tragic situation. they've got air lot of questions, who committed the crime, things like that. and i can't imagine what they're going through right now. >> reporter: three of the family homes are within about a mile of one another. authorities don't know why this family was tarkted. they are urging surviving members of the family to take precaution. they say it is highly unlikely this was a murder suicide. there was no specific threat to the community, asked if residents should lock their doors and remain alert, the sheriff is saying "i would." 1-855-bci-ohio if you have
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information. >> voters prepare to head for the polls tuesday. the maryland primary is just one of the big stories in the week ahead. >> sunday president obama heads to germany where he'll tour the largest industrial technology fair. he'll hold a meeting with angela merkel. tuesday, it's primary day for five states. voters in connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island head to the polls. at lot at stake for the candidates. thursday is take our daughters and sons to workday. companies across the nation will hold activities designed to encourage children to educate one another. organizers hope the kids will take what they learn in the workplace and apply it to their
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friday is national arbor day. the day commemorates the value of forests to the community. tree planting events are held to raise awareness of its impact on the environment. saturday, journalists, politicians and celebrities make their way to the nation's capital for the white house correspondents dinner. comedian larry wilmore will host this year's dinner. i'm patricia stark, fox news.
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we are following more breaking news tonight. just into the fox 5 news room. police are on the scene of a stabbing and shooting of juveniles we're told on west virginia avenue in northeast. we're going t continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest as we get it into the news room. meanwhile, president obama and the first lady traveled to london where they had dinner with the royal family. prince william, kate
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harry you may call this the picture of the day right there, take a look at the president meeting prince george. that picture right there. the three-year-old was up past his bedtime we're told, but can be seen wearing his pajamas and a bathrobe and slippers. president obama also answered questions during a town hall-style forum. he talked about the fight against isis and the threat terrorists pose to security around the world. >> the threats from isil and transnational terrorism are absolutely critical to address. but how we address them is important. and recognizing that security is not just a matter of military actions, but is a matter of the messages we send and the institutions that we built and the diplomacy that we engage
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>> the united kingdom is considering a possible exit from the european union. an idea president obama has spoken out against. the president has said the relationship between the country wouldn't change regardless of britain's decision. >> fox's kristin fisher reports. >> reporter: the 2016 presidential candidates are campaigning hard throughout the southeast. >> and i intend to follow the path blazed by reagan and jfk to bring back jobs to america. >> reporter: voters from pennsylvania, connect, delaware, rhode island and maryland will all go to the polls tuesday. >> the economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. >> we are doing something very unusual in contemporary american politics. we are telling the truth. >> reporter: with only a handful of states left on the primary
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calendar, it's coming down to delegate mass. hillary clinton maintains a clear lead overall with 1,428 pledged delegates, sanders with 1,151. donald trump is less than 400 delegates shy of hitting the 1237 delegates needed. trump says his rivals need to drop out. >> she has no pathway to victory other than being a short seller. he has no pathway to victory. and kasich, he's one for 38. >> reporter: looking ahead to the primary contest in indiana and california, clinton with a 4-point lead on sanders in indiana, 42% to 46%. trump leads in california with 49% of the vote to ted cruz's 22% and john kasich's 22%. in indiana, things are closer but trump is still ahead to 41% and kruz's 33%. on tue
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will be up for grabs on the republican side. 384 for the democrats. in baltimore, kristin fisher, fox news. >> another big issue in this election, campaign finance. voters have made it clear they're growing frustrated over the role that super pacs and big donors are playing. garrett tenney takes a look at big money in politics. >> reporter: when you look at these numbers it is incredible to see just how much money is going into this election. in total the candidates and their super pacs have already raised $1.1 billion. bernie sanders continues to p dominate hillary clinton in fund raising. his campaign raised $46 million compared to clinton's reported $29 million. but sanders is also burning through that cash a lot faster than clinton and he also doesn't
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the clinton super pac reported bringing in more than $11.7 million in march and in total more than $67 million this election. >> secretary clinton is doing it the way the vast majority of politicians. she's established a number of super pacs and in the last filing period her major super pac reported 25 million from special interests including $15000000 from wall street. >> on the republican side, donald trump who is self-funding his campaign raised only $2.7 million in march, far behind ted cruz's 1.5 million and john kasich's 4.5 million. trump did write his campaign an $11.5 million check in march. >> reporter: companies and china itself and they all have powerful lobbyists in
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washington. i'm self-funding my campaign folks. >> reporter: my football coach used to say winning doesn't come cheap, but it turns out in politics, losing isn't too cheap either. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox 5 news. >> "the hill" and fox 5 together discussing the race for the white house. join ronica, bob and tom at 8:30 before fox news sunday. >> the trump campaign says we'll see a new candidate on the trail. you'll hear from the man behind the planned makeover of donald trump. it's a fox news sunday exclusive. then bernie sanders says he still has a shot at the democratic nomination as hillary clinton extends her leave. we'll ask the democratic party chair whether it's hurting the eventual nominee. all this week on fox news sunday.
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you're not going to have to worry about driver's education in the district any time soon if you're a first-time driver. the city was on the verge of enacting a new rule may 1st to require new drivers of all ages to complete extensive driver education classes before getting their license. but now, well, they are making a u-turn on that plan. fox 5's jennifer davis has the story. >> reporter: there's a lot to learn to become a licensed driver. and in 2014, the dc dmv decided that would best be done with combhertion driver's ed courses consisting of nearly 40 hours of classroom and car training to the tune of about $1,000. the city said theru
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at creating safer drivers and reducing accidents. but it's suspended the plan to take a look at what it means for residents. there had been several complaints about the cost of commercial classes. >> they could do all the classroom work in two hours instead they make them pay all this money for a 30-hourization. >> reporter: that's not to say people don't think dc drivers could use a little education. >> drivers in dc are sometimes, i think, a little crazy. >> i think they should absolutely have the driving test. driver's ed, especially the young people now. you hear accidents are under 18 or over 65, i think it's definitely important. >> there is still a test but for now future drivers will have to study on their own time. >> they better be safe because i got a kid out here. >> reporter: jennifer davis, fox 5 loss news. >> from learning to drive in the
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three teenagers were arrested including a 15-year-old who was behind the wheel. the chase began after police noticed the car backed into a guardrail. the 15-year-old was charged with driving without a license and possession of marijuana. he is being held at a detention center while the passengers were released. let's switch gears a little bit and talk about something a little nicer and that is the weather. it started out a little rainy this morning. enough to wash that pollen off. it's like night and day for me. i love what you were saying, more sun coming because we need it. >> we're going to have more sun and we're getting a rise in the temperatures also. we have a nice little combination of things going on. so let's take a look outside because we had some gray skies earlier. the sun finally made it out. it was a little late getting through those clouds but it made it and now we're going to get to enjoy it at least
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few days. nobody is going to complain about the weather this weekend. a beautiful shot of the monument, skies are clear. we have a ridge of high pressure that's large and in charge but it's keeping it chilly out there as well. clear skies tonight but much cooler and you really will feel the chill if you are stepping outside. i can't rule out a little bit of patchy frost but it won't be widespread because our winds are light. saturday is going to be full of sunshine, very nice. and by the time we get to monday, oh, my goodness. those temperatures are going to be heating up quite a bit. i didn't mean to press that button. bottom line is temperatures are going to be on the rides. here is a look at satellite radar and i have nothing to show you. nothing like yesterday. now it's dry, a ridge of high pressure is in charge and we are going to see some pretty clear skies tomorrow as a result of it. highs today were pretty much right on the money.
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these temperatures just 1 to 3 degrees or so off the seasonal average. this is exactly where we should be temperature-wise and right now it's starting to get a little cooler outside. you're going to see it get fairly chilly in the overnight hours. now we're in the 50s and 60s. 58 at baltimore, 52 at frederick this hour, 58 at dulles, 57 at culpeper and 62 at fredricksburg. winds are calm. we had some really gusty winds today. these winds are coming in from the north so they are going to be pretty cool and as i said our temperatures will drop tonight with that ridge of high pressure in place, those cool northerly winds, it is going to be clear skies but it is going to be chilly. overnight lows heading into the 40s in just about all of our neighborhoods. only 39 for frederick, 41 at martins burg and 45 at culpeper. as we look into the
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morning hours, 49 degrees under clear skies and want to thank mark richards for this really nice picture that he sent us here. sunday ridge of high pressure. what zos that mean? it means sunshine. clouds will be out of the way. this ridge is going to block anything that's going to try to get in our way in terms of cloud coverage. it will be a sunny day, temperatures will be into the 70s and then we're going to see a little bit of a reverse because we're going to see the jet stream move more to the north and really warm us up and by the time it does into monday, a higher rise in those temperatures. by the time we get to the 6th inning it will be about 68 degrees. you have nothing to worry about for this game. it's perfect weather for a ball game. go ahead and enjoy it. mostly clear skies, sunshine, clouds will be out of the way at 71 degrees. very seasonal. i want to tell you by the time we get to monday and that real nice push of southerly air comes in, we're going to be i
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80s and in some of our neighborhoods upper 80s and i wouldn't be surprised if some of you are flirting with the 90 degree mark. tuesday a frontal system is going to bring us a chance of some rain showers and maybe an isolated rumble of thunder but we're going to be in the 80s for another day. so we're getting on a summer preview roll. behind that we cool down because we've got a frontal system coming through. the rest of this weekend is a thumbs up. >> it's about time that summer is almost here. >> we deserve this. >> monday is going to be really nice. and i have the day off. so i'm going to enjoy it for sure. it looks good, see you in a bit. remember you can track the weather 24/7 on the go with your mobile device. download the fox 5 news and fox 5 weather apps. search dc news and dc weather in your app store. remember they're all free. several volunteers braved the rain this morning for a great cause in celebration of earth day. they came together to help clean up
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the event was just one of 30 held at different sites across the area. >> it's a great opportunity to get out here, teach the kids, teach the community about cleaning up the streams and how important it is to clean up the water. >> especially the anacostia. it looks like they're picking up a lot of stuff there. the celebration of all the hard work took place later at rfk stadium. to montgomery county now where a kayaker had to be rescued this morning. four rescue boats were deployed and searched. crews located that person who was then taken to the hospital. coming up, the nationals look to stay red hot this season as they welcome the twins to nats park. and it was a big day for starting pitcher tanner roark. stay with us.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm
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you're all right bud? er i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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time for sports. it's been an amazing start to the season for the washington nationals after struggling out of the gate last year, the club is off to their best start in franchise history and could move to 13 and 4 today with a win over the minnesota twins. bryce harper high-fiving some fans before the game today. first inning two men on for ryan zimmerman. he singles up the middle. anthony rendon and harmer would come in to score. that's all tanner roark would need. he struck out 15 twins over 7 innings as the nats win again 2-0. after the game all the talk was about roark's stellar performance. >> he was
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time. he get those two runs early and made him even more determined. >> it was a rough night last night for the washington capitals. they lost game 5 2-0. the series heads back to philadelphia for game 6 which is scheduled to get under way at noon tomorrow. they are three games to two but the team says it's not worried just yet. >> we believe we can winl four gam games. >> giving it all they got to put these guys away. they're a
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>> i think we're pretty happy with the process how we played. unhappy with the result. >> five years, $75 million. sounds pretty good, doesn't it? well, that's what josh norman has in his future. the all-pro corner back is now officially a member of the redskins. he popped up on the market just a few days ago in a salary dump by the carolina panthers. last night the team confirmed a signing. here he is right there signing the papers. he is a south carolina native and there was talk maybe that he would be interested in san francisco, but he is staying on the east coast. congratulations to him. $75 million. not too bad. coming up, every wonder what happens to the boxes that you recycle? wait until you hear about the footprint that all of your online shopping is leaving behind for the environment. we'll be back in a moment. stay with us.
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welcome back. happy to have gwen here with me. the next time you place your ballpark side order of peanuts and cracker jacks, get ready for a big change. the classic box has been traded in for a plastic bag. and instead of a prize well you're going to get a qr code. the new box-free packaging, logo and prize are part of an overhaul of the brand. the company says it's a move to provide baseball-inspired digital experiences. fans will now have to download an app and scan the code to unveil the prize. >> that's not good. tradition is you want to know what's in that box. >> are they just saving on the prize? >> i don't know. what about the little kids. are they going to want to do that? >> and if you scan it and
10:48 pm
see your prize, do they send you a little toy in the mail. >> this is going to cost them more than the trouble it's worth. >> i like shaking the box. >> you thought riding a hover board down the street was dangerous, you've got to take a look at this. that makes me sick just looking at it. the guy is a parkour expert. he doesn't seem afreed though, does he. >> we've got to tell people don't try this at home. >> don't even try it on a rig r regular
10:49 pm
>> no. and can you imagine if it had been gusty up there. >> he probably has practiced more and more. >> everybody is into social media these days. if your social media skills are world class, buckingham palace as a job for you. the british monarchy is looking for someone to lead its digital engagement efforts. that means you could end up tweeting for the queen. the job is about finding new ways to maintain the queen's presence in the public eye and on the world stage. it pays between $65,000 and $72,000 a year plus you get a free lunch every day at buckingham palace. i checked out online they have a garden cafe on the west side of the palace and they serve sandwiches and pastries that are made specifically and special just for buckingham palace. so you're not going to get your
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>> they said all they need to do is post pictures of the young family. the pictures of obama with the family, viral. >> it's a special night for some students in loudoun county. they're going to the prom tonight and it's all for a really good cause. students at freedom high school are skipping the typical lavish prom and renting a hotel balance room and having fanszy dinners. instead they're transforming their gym into a ballroom and eating food from whole foods. the prom is a fundraiser for kids with cancer. >> this entire year our school has focused on roo search for cancer. the idea came up and just went from there. >> we did have a goal of $30,000 and when we saw that that was
10:51 pm
relatively early on going to look pretty attainable, we challenged our kids to come up with can we make $40,000. and we were so proud that we even surpassed that. >> i'm just amazed, really, with what we've done. but more amazed as what we're doing leading up to it. i couldn't tell you the level of excitement that my classmates had. >> at last check they raised more than $43,000. most of the money will go to the st. jude's children's hospital. some of that will go to local organizations in virginia. >> that's great. to think their special night they're not being selfish at all and sharing and giving. >> prom you do twice in your lifetime, sometimes once and they're thinking about others. >> good for them. a thumbs up. >> their parents should be proud. >> i don't know about you, but i love to shop and online is one of my big things and online shopping is one of the best ways to get what you need and get it fast. but what happens to all those cardboard boxes that get delivered to you? >> i didn't think about
10:52 pm
as fox's correspondent tells us, recycling centers are flooded with cardboard boxes and now it's worse than ever. >> reporter: this entrepreneur buys groceries online every week from olive oil to detergent even though he lives five minutes from a store. >> your time is valuable. >> it is. >> reporter: he does recycle but worries about all the boxes that end up at san francisco's recycling plant. 100 tons of paper and cardboard every day, but still less than los angeles at 115 tons a day or new york at almost 900 tons a day. >> when you buy things online, they can show up in two or three boxes within a box. box within a box. kind of a russian doll of boxes. that's really bad packaging. and we just encourage people not to support that with their consumer dollars. >> packaging is
10:53 pm
here at amazon we're doing something different. >> reporter: in response to customers concerns, amazon has launched what it cause frustration-free packaging. whenever possible products ship in their original packaging. while an estimated 90% of corrugated packaging is recycled, critics say that has its own cost from pollution to shaping cardboard which in turn use a lot of energy and water. >> maybe there's a better way of shipping things. maybe we could recycle. maybe there's a cost associated with it. >> reporter: like a fee, if it comes in a box or a discount if it's returned intact. and environmentalists are urging folks to shop organized so they're not buying a lot of things at different times. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. >> that makes sense. i order from amazon all the time
10:54 pm
i'll say i need this because i have amazon prime and all of it comes for free and maybe if you do it all together it comes in one big box. i throw those boxes away all the time. >> i think they understood need to take cracker jack's lead and use the bag packaging. i mean, i do a lot of online ordering myself. >> for clothing too. >> exactly. and of course things are breakable they have to pack them. >> it's something to think about. >> thank you. coming up, every wonder why a movie doesn't do so well? we're going to take a closer look at what may cause a film to flop at the box office. all that and more. back in a moment.
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in hollywood, no one wants their film to fail at the box office. how stars hope for a hit but there's no assurances the final product will take off. >> reporter: hundreds of big screen movies are made each year but most face long odds of becoming a sleeper hit or block buster sensation. even top name actors admit nothing is a sure bet. >> every movie is a gamble, nothing is guaranteed. unless it's "star wars." it's called show business so there's
10:59 pm
responsibility and art of commerce. >> there's never a guarantee and no one ever sets out to make a bad movie but that's what happens and i think you have to get over that fear and just take risks and know if you fail, that's okay. >> every film is tough even when you have a perfect script. >> reporter: russell crowe remembers being skeptical about signing on to "gladiator" back in 2000. >> we had 21 pages of script when we started shooting that movie. we were shooting and writing as we went. and we often get together and laugh about that because that's the biggest bullet dodge you can get to actually complete the film for it to not only be financially successful but to win the best picture oscar. >> reporter: will smith had different feelings signing on to "suicide squad." a film like this is a lot less of
11:00 pm
it over 10 people. so the gamble is spread out over the dc universe and me and jared and morgo. >> i was the first to join. there was no one else attached, there was no script and i didn't know that much about the suicide squad comic books. >>. >> reporter: the two-time best actor winner believes there's a way to make movie making less of a gamble. >> it's not a crap shoot. a really good movie is more than just good luck. and it's fabulous writing, it's great directing, it's good cinematography, it's an insightful producer who knows what he's doing. >> reporter: in hollywood,


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