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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  April 24, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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vibrant democracy.. >> all eyes are on the free fre state.stat it's just one of several keyey primaries this week. the potentially historic face maryland senate seat heats fox5 news on the hill startsl st right now.ow. ♪ >> this is fox5 news on the hi hill. good to see you let's gete started right ofyof the top. t maryland.ry it's one of five states holdingg primary this tuesday and so what's at stake here in maryland?ryla >> well in maryland there are 38 republican delegates up for up grabs and for the democrats there are 95 that's nott's n including those super delegatess that you've heard us talk sos tk much about and when we look atoa the totals, the delegate countsu for the gop drum many he's stili leading the pack. pack. kasich is still at the bottomotm and i've said it before and i'll say it again, marco rubio is rio still ahead of kasich in those t
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>> that's almost hard to believe.believe. marco rubio has been out of thit race so long n. >> exact.. >> absolutely.bsol listen, with so much at stake ii maryland right now, we have thee primary coming up on tuesday, td five different states, thetes, t candidates have been campaignini of course donald trump has setas the campaign tonight in haguesag trauma many alongside rival tedl cruz and john kasich also also stumped in the free state last week. >> maryland is very big, a lot t of delegates, we got to vote. v and here's what's going to goi happen and here's what i promise, folks.ol my win will be a lot to do with right here.right here >> i believe the people ofieve maryland want to get behind a positive optimistic forwardrd looking conservative campaign.. >> this one is important one we have to accumulate we don't accumulate delegateses time to go only but we'llbut wll accumulate delegates. they all want to accumulateu delegates. that's the name of the game ne f right now. >> ye
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that there are a lot less delegates separating donalding a trump and this nomination thanha there are delegates separatingat ted cruz and john kasich from fm this nomination.n they've got long way to go. g >> yeah. yeah. >> you get the sense this week,e bob, that trump can taste it now, that -- he thinks it's i within reach and he wants tod s close this out before cleveland? >> he was in bit of trouble bito after he lost wisconsin and thet new york came up big 89 of the knife delegates ted cruz got zero. so trump does have the momentumn and if you look at the polls, ps maryland and these other four fr states, he's winning all of them right now. right now. >> he doesn't have th mow moan he has the numbers.umbers. you sort of crash your head andd wonder what the other candidates are doing in this race aft thiss point in the game new york pogyg showing the whole point of theon candidates staying in the raceyg was to take those delegates away from trump in new york.mpn ne they didn't do it.o right. ri now you just
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contested convention even -- wew talk about it so much, now it i seems like trump might win thisi thing fair and square. sar >> we'll talk about the winnersw and losers this week later on. t i think the biggest loser thisot week was never trump. this nameless face lessessace candidate out there who is i supposed to come in on a whitehi horse and rescue the republicann party. never trauma happen a very badyd week this week because big big victory in new york.or donald trump looks moree presumptive than he has probabll until about two months rightwoo now. >> yes. >> and we've also got this otheo back channel that's opened uppe from the trauma many campaign to the democratic nationalatna committee that, oh, this is juss been an act. owl these outrageous things that he's been saying.he's been sa watch, he'll be morewatc presidential.ential. but ronica, do you believe thist this donald trump has been veryr successful.successf why would he change that?t >> it is a good question.uestn. but, you know, the trump thatru was successful in the general is going to be a different trump tp who is successfu
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race. he has to app pole to ao a different voter a more moderate voter, and i wonder when i look at the, you know, as you said the failure of the never trump movement, is it an lector rate sort of resigning themselves to the inn evident ability of trump or is it the success of the the campaign that change in thehe campaign the change in the styls as he's appealing to what yout o would argue is more moderateerat voter in place like new york ink these five primary races this ts upcoming tuesday? we'll neverev really know for sure, but definitely lends itself to thats question. >> yeah, i think overall,vell though, republicans aren't --t - they're -- they don't like ted cruz he has a like ability problem.prob john kasich only his home state. he's too too moderate. they're not comfortable with the alternative.iv >> i was with ted cruz on the trail.trail. the theme he's uniting the partp talks about this epp course ma manies from jeb, lindsay grahama all of these people i
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you -- it's not true.e there's no way you can argue a that ted cruz is the one unitini the party. >> lindsay graham has made ite i completely clear to anybody whoo will listen to lindsay graham ga he's doing this with his fingers firmly placed on his nose. >> absolutely. absolel >> run say graham is looking ato cruz especially to disrupt throw trump off kilter and perhaps, upping, maybe become a candidata himself later on in the processe paul ryan has said if there's te another nominee it should behoue somebody who actually ran for president.iden. lindsay graham did run for run f president although he didn't dod very >> the democrats competed hardad these past few days.past few da. yesterday bernie sanders was ine balt simore while hillary clintn stopped by rhode island andslana connecticut.nnec the economy was a big talkingal point for both of them.. >> the people on top will not n continue to accumulate billions of
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while children in baltimore and inter cities throughout thisou country go hungry.un >> we have to figure out what t do about it. we can't just watch it and a complain about it and pray about it and worry about it.nd worry a we've got to figure out what to do about it, went need more good jobs with rising incomes.. i tell you, hillary clinton also had a big day last tuesday. new york would have been a gameg changer if bernie sanders had won.won. did he not and if you look at i the polls for so called primary, she is winning nearly all of o them a couple states are closerc but she is the big favorite.. >> it's important for them.po they were starting to worryng tr about new york.out york >> yes.>> >> in a big way. way having done this, having beatena bernie sanders, not just beatena hem, she beat him good. >> yes. >> in new york. right? that's a strong firmon f decisive victory.. does bernie sanders have anyoney in the democratic party which he has not been a par
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way to tap bernie sanders on tho shoulder and start talking abouu when and if bernie sandersrs leaves this race because rightar now bob he says he won't.e won't >> that will be the next did yot go after tuesday.goue for now the clinton campaign is saying, okay, we know he's notnn going to get out of the race,utc that's fine. we just want him to talk bout to issues because they were stunnee a little bit when he went aftert her on wallhen street and thehe transcripts that she has not n released publicly.ubcl so i think they're not there tre yet. but eventually and that democrat, that could be, n coulc be barack obama who makes a cala to bernie to say you got to get out. >> it's fascinating race if we w look specific toll maryland, mar clinton she not only leads in the polls, she leads in whites,i she leads in blacks, she leads a in people over 50, people underr 50. i mean, this is sort of we'ref ' looking at now the clinton thata we sort of expected to see whenw this race started and bernie bei sanders. sander she's recapturing that mow moann tum. the new york victory wasyork vry tremendous for her.
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wonder what is he,, what is hese doing? >> do you get a sense here thats the bernie sanders message hassa kind of run out of gas in the gt last couple of weeks? you know, and i circle the day of the daily news interview when he wasn't able to kind of enunciate and clearly explain how youlain break up the big banks.n have you seen that, bob. seen th >> i think so. i talk to couple people that -- that are sanders people and thet want him to talk about more mor foreign policy.icy what's the foreign policy issue that everyone in the sandersande campaign wants to talk about,bo her vote for the iraq war.raq w so overall, that is i think is h bernie sanders' next move. m you can see a lot is at stake at for the candidates in maryland l and someone who knows first hand what i mean is john fritz writer for the baltimore sun covers all things washington for the paper. we welcome him this morning viav skype for his take on tuesday'ss primary. john, thanks for being with us.w >> thanks for having me me >> first question i want to aska overall is, what do you think is
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and republican presidentialsidea primaries in maryland? who doho you think is the big favorite? who do you think could make maybe somewhat of a spot? >> well, i think that trump has clear, s clearly the frontrunnen according to polls, and i thinki clinton is clearly the t frontrunner on the democratic side. i think it's interesting like ag lot of states where trump has h been successful and he doesn'tee have sort of what we considere e the traditional you don't really see a lot ofot cam paper stuff on the ground. n they're not doing the kinds of f things that we typically see presidential or even a candidati for local office doing but he'sh been successful as we know kno despite not having that kind off organization. so i think, um, where guy like l john kasich or ted cruz may have some ability to be successfulucl here perhaps not winningng statewide, but perhaps beinghapb able to pull off a
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district -- western part of the state or eastern shore maybehory pick up some delegates in an evident to stop trump's marchar toward the 1237. 123 you know, on democratic side iid think we're seeing less --- yesterday interestingly aftertit early voting in the state was over, it's not clear thatar t hillary clinton will makemake another appearance.eanc they're both on the air in thehe state than that far less than in other states.otr st i think maryland is a state that always is going to do well for f hillary.llar >> john, let me stop you withetp the thought for moment here.t h. it's no secret maryland has a republican governor larry hogan who has, you know, firmly said i that he's not very pleased withw what easies in the republicanca race and his own with hogan saying these thinghet and not endorsing anyone ofny these candidates, even hisven h fellow governor, john kasichic which you would seem to think t that he lines up politically with, does that affect thi
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all or is this trump an animaln of his own being and rash less l of what republican governor sayy or doesn't say about him he'll h just do his own thing? thi >> i think it might be a littlei bit of both.bit of i think you're right to point to hogan it's totally fascinating.i hogan is the most popularopular governor we've had in reallyll long time in maryland.arylan the polls have him pretty muchv off the charts. crt the fact that he hasn't engageng here is probably smart for him. but it's definitely, you know, o when you have these guys coming in to your states in this real l campaign going on and you're non saying anything, i think peoplel certainly take notice of that. a you're right that kasich is the kind of guy hogan could probabll align with.align wi kasich hasn't done too well.oo w so i think it is really not just hogan but on the republicans ins the state in a little bit of pickle.le. the other sort of best knownno republican is an harris a congressman who represented thee eastern shore, the firstheir district of maryland, he endorsed ben carson early
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they were colleagues together au johns hopkins.pkins. but has since not said anything and he was not at events thisnti week and i think you're right tt note it's part of this thinghi g that trump had in other statess as well where established republicans, f john we'll havelv you stand by our discussion off maryland's price maries willie w continue next with a look atk at heated race underway retama toea fill the maryland senate seat. s stay with us. with we're back in just a fewt a f minutes. ♪
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♪ welcome balk on tuesdayome maryland voters won't be the only ones voting for the nexthex but they're also be figuring oun who is going to fill the state s soon to be vacant senate seat. incumbent robert mikulski is not running for re-elect on theelect democratic ballot in the prima primary. chris van holland and donnaand o edwards are ru running. run poles are shows van holland with seven-point lead over donad oved edwards.ed we want to bring john back in bk from the baltimore sun to talk l about what's at stake ine maryland's senate race.e we've see sawed in this race,s r john, back and forth betweenetwe chris van holland and donna edwards right now it looks likel van holland is back up on top. t how surprising is this thattha edwards has given him the run she has up to this point?
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>> well, that's certainly beenha the narrative outt' of washingtg that it's been a surprise. surpr i think people who followollo politics closely in marylandand never thought this was not going to be competitive.ti you know there's a racial aacia component here, and if you look at the 2006 race fume may andnd car den. fume wasn't on tv until the very end of the race he came within h few thousand votes of his opponent this race was doing toi be close. donna edwards has run a much m better campaign and it's a great race.ce the polls have been all over the place.ace most recent polls show littlehot bit of momentum for van hollanda but then a bunch of new of advertising came in the state im think it's reallye close. >> john, as far as the groundheo game as you know van holland has a big campaign cash edge.e do you think that van holland'sa machine is going to be better b than edwar
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>> that's great question. que whenever we get all these endorsements and holland has ala these endorsemenndts from elec e officials all across the statets all of us you guys, me, we me,e always ask what does it matter?e what does that mean? mea >> and i think we'll fine out.. if some of these endorsements these folks bring a great grouno game a great operation then itte could really help them.he i have seen some numbers fromrso both campaigns that would seem to suggest that van holland hass knock on more doors, done moreoe polls although those numbers ara really easy to manipulate.anipul i don't put a ton of stock in them.em >> john i was looking at numberm at a recent monmouth universityi poll came up with. wh it says van holland has 60% approval rating. edwards 50% approval rating. ra. when you look at the fact thataa congress itself has 15% approval rating, i feel like these are two fairly well-liked candidat candidates. do you think that mighthink potentially maybe drive more people to the polls,
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more connected to theseo the candidates and you might say miy they do to congress in general? >> it might. might everybody still likes theirkeshe local congress people, right,ig but not congress generally. campaigns do good job of playina on that idea. i think, you know, van holland a is popular in montgomery countyu which is his home donna edwards is very popular ir prince george's county which ish her home base. be. the battle all along has beeneen baltimore. and the baltimore region notoren just the city but the surrounding counties. you know i think what probably really drive voters in this racs at the top of the the ticket ann the bottom.ot so the presidential insofar asir it's still competitive ontive tuesday which it look like itt will at lost kind of have theint feeling of being competitive ono the democratic side bernie ber coming in spending money and soo forth and then bottom of thehe ticket we have this fantastictac mayor's race in i think a lot of people areloofp going to come out to vote forote that and that those two racesac will probably be the oness driving turn out in the
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>> i was reading one article ini the post voter said he actually lot of sleep over choosingver between edwards and van hollandl i have to say i fine little bit refreshing that somebody wouldy consider their vote that t vot seriously and actually really feel, you know, connected toneed this process so much. i think that presidential raceil is having that effect. >> yeah, look, they both have b been around for while. whi they're not hugely different ont right.right. they have taken most the samehes votes. what they bring is a differentit stylistic point of view to the job. jo van holland passed himself morem as someone who can advance ancen agenda, cut deal, he sort off questioned her effectiveness.tis she has brought more in some som arguments more of a purist pur sense. sens that she wouldn't support some of the things he supporteds heuo because they didn't carryry progressive ideals, and so i a s think there's a real choice here to be made on style and what type of senatop
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>> thanks for joining us john.n. >> thank you. so, you know, thank you, so who are representativesnv van holland and edwards? wear w said this little bit ago but vat holland currently representing maryland's eighth district. d now that includes parts of carol, frederick and montgomeryr countmontgomerycounties and popp than 747,000 people.eople now it's split between 49% male and 51% foe mail.ail. 70% of the population is whitenw and have a median householdoused income of $90,000.,000 now, one of the interestinger candidates in this race it's is david trone a businessman.inessm self funding his campaign. spent $9.1 million quiten qu possibly, historic amount ofmouo money spent in a congressional race.ra. but, you know, cash is not necessarily the key to victory.y i couldn't help but think of jeb bush's, you know, war chest he brought into
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monumental diss poi appoint thaa he had and another candidate wha people are talking about is jeannie less kin and tom indom thought about all the time you spent covering noah's law and i think that that is a thing thatt the maryland voters really feele passionately about. aut. how do you think that will you affect them? >> they might in the al all be not everybody has tron money. m none of thighs candidates arehi walking around withca their ther pockets inside out.pockets in there are massive amounts ofts o money spent in this it's one of the wealthiest ineat the country right outside ofsido washington, d.c.c. you know, you've got a well-known former televisionelio news anchor and business executive. a lot of own money.. her husband chris matthews wellw known across this country as progressive talk show host. but, you know, the washingtonto post this weekendersed kathleene matthews.he now that surprised a lot of lot people because matthews does not
8:52 am
have any political experience.. but to read the post's editoriai this week even somebody whoody o works for the wonderfulon publication such as the hill you must have kind of been surpriser a little bit by that. about how they lauded all this t praise on kathleen matthews at m the end of the endorsement say jamie raskin does a lot of work, too.o >> unusual move bite washingtoni post though we've seen in the'v past whether it's self furthersr or whether you get endorsed by major newspapers, sometimes tham doesn't help and actually it cat back fire on you.e on you. in this type of weird cycle where you have trump and outsiders dominating, maybe that would hurt her.d hurt h i don't know.i but it was a very unusual --nua- they go with experience. >> right, right.ig >> to continue our game ofame o musical chairs this morning, mng because donna edwards is running for that senate seat, that'st' going to mean that her old congressional seat is now open.e edwards currently representss maryland'
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district. that's made up of anne arundel n and prince george's counties cne with a population of more than 735,000.735,00 that's broken down into 48% male, 52% female with 32% of the population is white, while 54% is black.lack the median household income is about $71,000. $71,0 so ronica just ran down the makeup of montgomery county. dramatically different in princf george's county and you will a w slate of candidates therehere reflects that. tha >> yeah. >> what do we know about thebo t race right now to replace --epl- former lieutenant governoranver running, we have a former states we have a delegate running right now. i don't get a sense that one ofo them have broken free of the ote others at this point.s poi >> no. anthony brown of course lot of governor's race.vernor'sace. he's gotten some endorsementssee also eric holden the formerr attorney general backed glennkel ivy a hispanic candidate getting support from hispanic groups gro much this is a race in th
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of district to say, i'm the most progressive, and i'm more i'mor progressive than you and you.. and because whoever wins this is clear going to be in congress. s >> one of of the things i thi thought about when i was researching primary with anthona brown in a congressional prima primary, he has name recognitioi which is very important.mpta >> but not good name recognitioi in a lot of places.f pla >> the fact that he lost tolostt governor had he began whenegan w governor hogan approval ratingg is 70%, upping, there's no votev remorse right now in maryland ml over governor hogan.og i almost think that could be a,a n name recognition could be a disadvantage.anta so i agree no one has reallyea broken from the packet it's ae ' very interesting array off delegates. i think it may be a surprise. ss >> people forget, too. too anthony brown had a long histors in the house of delegates representing parts of this very congressional delegation.elegio. yes, he had surprising there is larry hogan but this was goodd district for him to run if he'li be successful anywhere it'st' probably going to be here. >> it will be interesting toti
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>> top of the hill, hillaryf clinton had a great she is the frontrunner clearly.. >> bottom of the hill neverill n trump the effort to dislodge dis donald trump from the nominatioo seems to be taking a big stepte back this week. >> that's our show thanks fornkf joining us.inin us. fox news sunday with chrisith c wallace is next.ex >> we'll see you back here neckn sunday.nd take care. ♪
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team trump says we will soon see a new candidate on the campaign trail. you'll hear from the man behind the planned makeover of the gop front runner. only on "fox news sunday." ♪ >> we caught a glimpse of a more presidential donald trump in his new york victory speech. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> for one night no more lying ted. but can it last? >> now, my wife is constantly saying, darling, be more presidential. i just don't know that i want to do it quite yet. >> paul manafort, trump's new top adviser, discusses the pivot to a more traditional campaign. it's a "fox news sunday"


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