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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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pennsylvania. but other than that things arere pretty here's a look at a the highs for today, which are exactly where we should be temperature seasonal conditions, a degree or two maybe above or blow, but other than that this is where we actually should be landing. but we are going to land waya&c& above that in the next 48 hours. your current temperatureempe 58-degrees at quantico. a that'st the same at d.c., 52 at baltimore. frederick 50 at winchester. 58 at hagerstown and a little warmer for cumberland at 61-degrees. winds are light and we're not going to see much happening in the wind department, but that bt ridge of high pressure in placen keeping the skies clear.kies that is going to be what's going to make the changes in the nextn day or so as it moves its wayts out to see and opens the door ur for a southerly flow. in the meantime, cool and clear skies for tonight. your overnight lowe's expected to be in the low 50s pretty much every where. we have a few upper 40s on thete map. but generally we are talking low 50s with light winds.
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here's a quick peak at what toht expect for the next couple of days. is it summer? is it april? il? you're going to be left asking. 84-degrees with mostly sunny skies on monday. we'll see the clouds roling inn later on monday as a result of a frontal system and that's going to set us up for some storms byy the time we get into tuesday, but not before we get that big temperature rise into the upper 80s.80s. i'll have those details and a full forecast coming up in justt a about it. we'll see you then. thank you. fairfax county police areolic investigating a suspicion death in centerville, a 21 year oldld man was found dead inside a townhouse ogres objection to the form lane.s lan fox5's alexandra limon joins uss with more. the fairfax county policeirfa department says they are rating several leads and for thath reason they can only release limbed information at this time. however, they want the public tl know that this was not a random act. the centerville neighborhood was shutdown for several hours after police got a call from a family
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21 year old man in the family's townhouse. police taped off the house asuse well ass two vehicle also in the parking lot.rkin we were told they were looking at the vehicle also for possible evidence. we also talked to maybors who said they heard a woman panicking before police arrived. i heard a whaling. a woman screaming and whalinghai for quite a while.hile it sounded really bad. and then i saw the police and the ambulance so i figured somebody found somebody in such a good situation. officers located a 21 year old man inside the residence with trauma to the upper body. it doesn't appear that a firearm was used in this incident. > and police are calling a suspicion death investigation. and they say they expect to have an update tomorrow. in the studio, alexandra limon,o fox5 local news. > new video tonight
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tense moments when passengers had to be evacuated from the tenly town metro station afterti smoke was reported inside the redline tunnel and on the train. this all happened last we spoke with one passenger who explains what she saw. >> the lights were out.were i don't remember if we were in the second car or the third car at this point, but we werere slowly moving because they were backed up. the lights were off and then ala of a sudden we heard an explosion and looked out the window and there's fire that i saw. that happened about p two or three times i want to say.ay. metro is still investigating the incident, but says the likelykey cause of the smoke was an arcing insulator that caught fire. metro says despite what passengers think they heard, there were no explosions. > now to five seconds, and the washington capitols will move on to the second round. > that's right, the washington capitols are moving onto the second round. the team defeated thehe philadelphia flyers thisadel afternoon to ke
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of winning the stanley cup alive. let's get right to the highlights. the caps lead the series 3 games to nothing at one point, but needed a win today to avoid hosting a game take all gameme seven. it was a scoreless game untilnt the second period when some nice passing to niklas backstrom turned things around. he buries it. his second of the series put the caps up one to zero and that's all they needed. in the final seeds of the the game the flyers can't score and the caps move on to the second round. we wanted to close it in four,o, five, six. si it comes to the sixth game,ame, they're not going to go down easy. we knew that. and that's a good team oveream there and a hard-working team.m. and so to close it out in six, it was huge. obviously now we look forward to round coming into the series i probably looked at it was goings to be a long series. it wasn't going to
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four and out. when we got to 3 and 0 we really surprised ourselves. i think it's finished up the way we expected it to be. > it sure did.sure there was a little l nervousness, not last night, but things did work out today. next up for the caps they will be in pittsburgh playing the penguins. the schedule has not p beenn release yet, but game one and two will be here in d.c. > donald trump makes a campaign stop iain maryland just two days before voters get set to head to the polls for the state's primary. imary.
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now to the raise for the white r house.hous voters in maryland will soonon have their say in the presidential raise. maryland is won of five statests holdingç primaries on tuesday. we get the latest now from fox's john roberts. >>reporter: the 2016 presidential candidates are campaigning hard throughout the east. i would hope that road island adds its name to the previous other 16 states and n saying wew are going to go forward with a political revolution.utio >> i wanted to get back to theo economic
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husband wasn't. > it was only a handful of states left in the primaryprim calendar candidates on bothth sides are scrambling to collecto enough delegates to back their party's presidential nominee. 1237 are needed. donald trump is less than 400 40 delegates shy of hitting that mark. 2,383 is the magic number too secure the democratic margin. hillary clinton maintains a clear lead over all with 1408 delegates. this could all change on tuesday when voters in maryland, rhode island and delaware go to the polls. donald trump remains confident that his gop rivals won't win. on tuesday, i'm expected to win all > but during a fox news town haul in philadelphia sunday,day,
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texas senator crews showed noowd signs of slowing down for their raise of the white house. i have a record of bringing people together, creating economic growth and making sureg that economic growth is not ann end onto i couldn't be more encouraged at the conservatives who are coming in pennsylvania, coming together in maryland and coming togetherg reeling i across the country. as important as the five contests in tuesday are, ted cruz' reel play is for indiana. the following tuesday may third. that's where he hopes he can once and for all top donald trump.trum in hagerstown, john roberts, fox news. > a connecticut man is free one bond tonight after he threatened to bomb a donald trump rally iny water bring. his name is sean mark. he posted a message on twitter. they contacted state police and they arrested the 20 year old at his man. he wasn't a real danger, but they are still charging him forr making the threat. he is due in court next
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president obama has arrived in germany. during his two-day visit he wils meet with with the german president to try and make progress on the transatlantic trade agreement between the two countries.coun fox's kevin cork has more. >>reporter: president obamaesid arriving in germany sunday, the, last stop on a six-day foreign gurney. the president is hoping to billion dollar momentum for a us trade deal.eal. it has made sure that ourr businesses are the most competitive in the world. during a newses conference with german chancellor in hanover, mr. obama said the benefits of a well-designed trade deal are inr disputable. if you look at the benefits to the united states or to germanyn of free trade around the worldrd it is in disputable that it has made our economy stronger. president obama also spacedam merkel fora her handling of european's migrant crisis. i want to commend her for her leadership. support of a controversial trad
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countries. since thousands of protestorsstr gathering over the weekend to express their opposition in hanover, critics argued the agreement inevitably favor the interest of large corporations and cause a shift of jobs to outsides. still the president is lookingts to finalize the deal before leaving office in january.of time ifis not on our side. if we don't complete negotiations this year, then upcoming political transitions in the united states and europe can mean this agreement won't be finished for quite sometime. before returning to washington monday, mr. obama will meet with france president and italian prime minister to talk about intelligent sharing to talkt sh about new and improved countertr terrorism measure measures. with the president in hanover, germany, kevin cork, fox news.
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surprising her fans with some new music. coming up.
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by onsay surprised her fans last night releasing her sixth studio album entitled lemonade. afterç it's after an hbo film. beyonce
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based on everyone's gurney of self knowledge and healing. he can we just talk about that last picture of her. >> doesn't she look you aok objection to the form. ym. > gorgeous. i'm telling you, this is when is i'm going to take as much credit as i can possible yet because it was talking about frost a couple weeks ago. we are turning the tables. we are heading to a little bit t of summer. today was very pleasant. clear skies outside, a littleitt chilly tonight, but not bad over all. we have a clear and cool eveninn ahead for you.ou. overnight i should say.. but a warm monday. we're going to see some clouds s in the later part of the day we have a frontal system coming in. that will arrive into tuesday and that'sin going to set us ups for a chance of some storm. tuesday now becomes the warmest day of the week.k. it's not
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weather buffet 6789 we're going to be all over the place. the good news is we're going to give you a little bit of a summer tease. we have the ridge of highf h pressure keeping the skies clear. that means plenty of sunshinef for tomorrow as well. opening the door as well for a nice southerly flow. temperatures today were pretty r much on the mark for seasonal average highs. we were actually just one or two degrees off. but this is where we should be temperature wise into the upperr 60s.60 58-degrees at d.c., a littleittl cooler at baltimore. 52-degrees. we've got 45 at frederick.eder 52 grows at manassas. 58 at quantico and leonardtown this hour is at 52-degrees as well. your overnight lowe's will beo into the 50s.0s. we'll have a few upper 40s on here. otherwise it's going to be a little bit on the cool side. si once again, clear skies and very light here's what's happening with tht forecast. this ridge of high pressure isrs going to slide its way out to see and once it
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this is going to really open the door up for us to get some warme air and the 80s are going to kick in tomorrow for daytime highs.high it will also hold itself a he ' sted for plenty of sunshine.unsh later in the day we're going to start to see increasing clouds. as it moves in, we're going to see the cold front really clashl with that warm air that's going to be in place.ace. that will be into tuesday. at that point we're going to too start to see some thunder stormh as a possibility. some of those could be we'll have to watch that for you.yo overall, before the front moveso in we're still going to get even warmer because we still have the opportunity for the warmer airrr to kick in. we're going to be warmer onarm tuesday than we are on mondayona not bad. 81 at d.c., 83 at dulles, 84-degrees for manassas and 85 for fredericksburg. here we are under a marginal risk of severe weather for tuesday. once again, that
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watching, but just be aware. disturbances the end of thef th week, yes. by the time we get to thursday friday we're going to be dealine with that.wi a chance of showers, a little sh bit of unsettled towards the enr of the week.eek. until that time enjoy tomorrow. 70-degrees by mid-day. for tonight, 5 # degrees, once again, a few clouds. for tomorrow, i am bragging about this, folks, 84 wonderful, sunny degrees. here's a look the your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast.e things will kick up a little bit in the afternoon hours onn tuesday when the front pulse through. the timing a little uncertain. for the most part we're still going to get plenty sunshine. the clouds will role inch a feww thunder storms to watch, but who ising going to fight with the 80s. > i'm off today.ff t >> it's going to be a day spentn outside for sure. > don't forget the sunglasses. >> coming up, a look back at one of music's biggest stars.
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days after his death, tributes d are still pouring in. we'll have much more on his life and legacy after the break.
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purple rain, purple rain. the boss paying try bought to prince. bruce springstein and the he street band delivered a performance of prince's purpleef rain. while springsteen gained fame ie the 70ss he along with prince, and michael jackson all dominated the air waves in thee theai '80s. while the performers both had different styles they both dominated the air waves. he ended
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pointing to the ceiling andnd saying prince, we love you. it's been days since his death,, but the tributes are stillre streaming in.n. so am people across the nationç and across the global with memories of their favorite songo and concerts and much more. laura evans saturday down with one local woman who, like was tuned to hear the news.s. there were simply no one like prince. eccentric, fearsly independent, a musical pioneer. he was pow livic.ivic his music touching millions andn spanning generations. sabrina core was a teenager when she went to her prince concert. it was the first memory that surfaced when she heard of his all the joy and happiness. i just
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to that moment. i've been to many concerts that, but that is one concert thath always will bring joy to my soul. psychological dug large corporations veer says it's not only prince's enormous talentlet that's parking the widespread reaction to his death.deat it's about how he evolved as an artist so fearlessly and genuinely. i think what it stirs witht people is the recognition that we all have untapped, whetherheh they're creative or aspect of the our personality that we keep in check for one reason or another and long to express and break treatment each of us have thoughts and feelings and desires maybe i could do this oi i could be more of that or ior could try this and you see somebody who represents doing that and really it touches you because it gives you a sense off hope, of aspiration. even president obama who
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prince as a guest at the white house last year said he and the first lady are joining millions of fans in mourn. the president release thisthis statement, few artists have influenced the sown and the trajectory of popular music more distinctly or touched quite so am people with their talent. a strong spirit transends rulesu prince once said and nobody wass bold error more creative. prince meant a lot of things to a lot of people. for sabrina core. >> sunshine, joy, love, togetherness. he just loved life and he loved people. he loved music. he will be missed tremendously. laura evans, fox5 local news. he surely will be missed and of course we'll be syncing and dancing to music for quite sometime. he was a great dancer. he danced just to
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and no type of trend that he ever followed. >> and artist all around. > after the break we'll get aet final check on your wakeup forecast. stay with us.
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talk about a one count down. cou here's a look at your plannerpln for tomorrow. by midday we're going to be rocking 70-degrees. daytime highs tomorrow are going to be into the low 80s. even warmer on tuesday.
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87 grows. but on tuesday we have to keepo our eyes to the skies later inle the day for a chance of a storm. you could see a few showers towards the end of the week.ek. we may see a little bit of ae bi shower here and there.he overall not bad.t i think everybody is going toto enjoy the 80s tomorrow. what do you guys think? >> they don't show any lower than the mid-50s. we actually should only be intoo the upper 60s so this is a reel treat for everybody. the weekend wasn't so bad. today's highs were pretty closet to where we should be. > it does think that winter has been lingering. >> you know what i say. > woolies or unwanted houseuse guest. >> unwanted house guest.gues > i've been working with you w too long, georgiaen with. all your hashtag. hashtag unwanted house guest.ues >> thankfully we now have a wanted house guest and it's the sun. we thank you for joining us tonight and we
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for you again at 4:30 tomorrowor morning and we leave you with a little bit of prince.rin have a great night, everyone, ev take care. are.
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[whimsical music] [cheers and applause] [hip-hop music] ♪ - that's how michael douglas got ear cancer. welcome to tosh.0. if we are less than an 85% match on okcupid, don't waste your time messaging me, unless all [bleep] are in play on a first date. tonight on the show, i redeem this gullible goober, i introduce you to america's heartiest new drinking game,


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