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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the retail giant.gian fox5 news morning starts rightig now. now. >> ly. >> ♪ morning. mnix5 news >> alall right, good morning mog document rise and shine.d good morning, maureen. >> happy monday. m >> erin is excited becauseedecau it's monday. it we're excited because mikeecau m thomas is here.ere. hey, mike.ike. >> i'm excited for thised for weather. we're off to a relatively cool c start with 40's and 50.nd this afternoon we're talkinge' t 80's. 80 a little summer preview too start off this work week.rk wee >> sounds good.>> sous go erin how is the commute. commute >> i'm more excited about the te weather but at least youreast y commute is quiet. qui >> thank you erin.>> happening today, a montgomery mm county mother accused in the disappearance of her twoof h t children will be in courtnou katherine hoggle has a h competency hearing. she's charged with neglectitne abduction and obstructingtructig justice.justic a group called find sara find jacob will be holding a holng gathering outside of thesidef courthouse. the group says the gatheringys t will be peaceful and theirnd
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find the children.hild >> two d.c. high school changing dismissal times. mckinley heck tech high school will dismiss at 3:05. dunbar will miss at 3:25. changes will affect schoolaffe start times by 10 both schools are about 10 minutes from the noma-gallaudet metro stationro which was the scene of aene o student brawl earlier thisbrawre month. >> the campaign trail t continues to through marylanhedr today. john kasich will hold a town hall meeting in rockville thisoe afternoon ahead of tomorrow'sw's primary.imy. meanwhile john kasich and tedjon cruz have now made a pact toa ct stop donald trump from securing the gop nomination. gom the two announced theirnced t alliance last night. nig the cruz campaign said theyam would focus their resources in indiana iny and clear the path t for john kasich to compete inom oregon and new mexico. m political analysts says the move acknowledges neither cruznu nor kasich can overtake trumprt in the race. r trudge tweeted this message mesa
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>> also developing right now,rih today we may learn more about ao a suspicious death inea i centreville over the weekend.e e police say a 21-year-old man-o m was found dead inside aid townhouse on gresham lane. l the neighborhood was shut down n for several hours after policee got a call from a family member. neighbors say they heard as woman panickingsa before police arrive. police expect an update at some point today.od the search continues forarch whoever stabbed a plan to death in norabthwest.we it happened saturday o night on can kennedy street. kdy str police say when officersnfficers arrived they found the victimti stabbed numerous times. tim he was taken to a hospital hpi where he later died. l police are asking for anyone any with? information about thisora case to give them a call. cal
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the red line. >> parts of the red line inf th northwest d.c. were shut down dw after another smoke incident. fox5's melanie alnwick joinswici us now live in northwest this morning with the details. i mel. >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning, guys. the federal transitfe administration which currently t has oversight over metro willetl be investigating thisti incident. good news, nobody was injured ij in this incident on saturday but certainly there were somehe frightening and chaoticeng an moments for passengers. take a look at some cell phone video that was provided to usd o by one of the passengers.seer it's 7:15 saturday evening, eni red line train leaving friendship heights encounters hi heavy smoke. one rider tells us the lightsig went off and she heard an hrd an explosion. the train reversed directions. d.c. fire helped ventilateped ve smoke in the tunnel.sme in the . the fire department reported dep there was trouble in ae in a mechanical room and annd a insulator on fire at thelato platform. meo
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explosions and said the sd t problem was likely another arcing insulator an ongoing problem for metro especiallyecia in the tunnels.unnels that very morning thatng t happened saturday evening. saturday morning at theningt bethesda metro station a few stops north from friendship frii heights on the red line thereer was another smoke incidentke there. both of those incidentsncen currently under investigation. metro he general manager paull wiedefeld told congress in a hearing next month he'll havee'v a new safety plan ready forn ref the public in a few weeks. back to you guys.o you uy >> melanie thank you for thathar update.da. >> time now to get a check off the forecast.orast. mike thomas. good morningmi.od mng. >> wisdom happy monday.onda happy noun all of you at home. i got a pretty good monday in my store for you.e forou. you'll wish it was the weekend because it's going to be so goi nice outside this afternoonftern you'll want to get out maybe get your tan on.t your we're heading into the mid 80's later this afternoon.ftnoo. we're off to a cool start.rt you'll need the jacket as youas head outside this morning. m
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40's and 50's around thear region. dulles at 48.du in the district 52 degrees.2 dee 50 for leonardtown.nato by the time we get to bus stop s time definitely going to want tt the light jacket at least onjacn the kids this all right, satellite and radardd very clear skies across the region so far this morning. mor only a few clouds -- few high fw thin clouds out there and thatth will be the case through mostca of the day today asse well, tooo later on this afternoon maybeths a couple more clouds a come you see a few more out there t crossing the midwest but for the the most part it's a dry day's y it's a gorgeous day today andan check out your planner.t your pn 54 by 8 o'clock in theck ihe morning, by noontime we'ree' starting to get mild, mil 72 degrees and into the 80's we go 4 o'clock this t afternoon, 83 degrees, agrs, beautiful way to start theto srt week, even warmer believe itev or not tomorrow.or i'll have full details cominglsc up in just a little bit.ittl b that's a check of the weather. r erin como's got the roads. roa hey, erin. >> 4:trial. i cannot wait until the warmup w this afternoon but mike is mikes right grab a light jacket.htac you'll need it early this morning. road work on leesburg pike, pik it's ea
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gallows road. a little bit of caution thereon in fairfax county.rfaxou other than that the beltway is h looking really nice and we aree problem free on 66 inboundnbou from manassas throughs centreville. more road work in alexandria ala 395 north between duke andd seminary. i'll let you know if thatw if t lingers out there but rightt now it shouldn't cause anyause major slowdowns for you.ou we got that covered if andcove when that changes. cha inner loop quiet across theoss wilson bridge.wi outer loop also looking good.ok we'll have more trafficin infi just a few.justew back to you. >> all right, erin thank you very much. muc it wasn't a sweep but the caps are going on to the nextex round in the playoffs.layos. game six against thegast t philadelphia flyers yesterdayiaf it was scoreless until therele second period and that's when nicklas backstrom put the caps c on the board.he that's all they needed anddean strong defense.strong. the flyers couldn't score in s the final seconds. son the caps win one to zip ando zin move on. next up for the caps the pittsburgh penguins. the schedule has not been released 80 bet games one andam two right here in d.c. in d >> the nats setting a new teamet record this weekend in their matchup against
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twins. twins. bryce harper tied things up in e the ninth inning with a pinchitp hit homer sending the game the m into extra the game would last 16 inningsgs total or five hours and 56 that is the longest regularegul season game in nationalsn natio history and get this. this. harper was supposed to haveoav the day off but was called up cd for the ninth when the natshe ns were down by one. final score nats win six to t five. whew. >> looks like his share giketting bigger by the game. tg >> what is that jimmy newt n tron. >> more trouble for johnny f manziel the indictment andtment possible jail time he'sl he' facing.faci >> new details in a brutall murder of an ohio family. the possible new cluese new clue investigators found at theat the crime scene.cene. >> the other big story b sto trending already this morning including [inaudible]
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democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle. divorced and without a place to live. raising her son alone. going without health insurance to put food on the table. he p tha blan
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women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. z1yotz >> good morning everyone, i'min holly morris and here's what'sea hot on the web. the stories you're most engaging with right now. n an experimental plane thatim runs completely on solarn sol energy successfully completed ct a nearly three day journey j hack process its pass suck.s took off from hawaii and landed near san francisco latect saturday night without a fuelhof drop of fuel on board.oa
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tributes poured in all weekend including a special saturday sur night live which showed hishis pastor performances on thehe show and skits about him.. we also learned prince's bodye'b was cremated and his ashes burr need a private service.prie and beyoncé once again a proving to be a ground breakerua with the saturday night release of lemonade a stunningig and revealing visual albumisualu shown on hbo. h it hit itunes overnight. overni. >> did you see it? >> i saw little snip pets ofip it but i was just readingustea about it then said it was all about marital strife. >> right. i didn't see but apparently i heard the same thing so theremei might be trouble in parodies. >> well, it ends with reconciliation though. t it ends with okay i'm going to g stick with it. anything that is described as a marital strife i'm not surerife i'm going to run and go watchch that. that. >> i think beyoncé isnkonce anything she does people areoeoe just like zero lemonade let'son' turn the tv on.
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>> i googled single ladies anda thatch. >> that's always a keeper. >> thank you. >> ♪ >> yup, big hit in the 1970's. singer billy paul died onn sunday at his home in newnew jersey. he was hospitalized last week after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.ancer. paul is survived by his wife w he was 81 years old >> that dude was cool.hadu >> yeah, he was.>> yea look at that. t >> that was before mtv andnd friday night videos. >> do you remember fridayu night videos. >> oh, yeah. >> that was it. >> still super coo tl, though.ho >> that's the jam.m. >> uh-huh.>> all right. ual 4:42 is the coming up retail giant targett g facing major backlash thisasth morning. mo its new policy that hasat h thousands of peoplef ppl boycotting. >> first mike and erin backrin b way check of your traffic and weather on the 5's.'s. wake up it's monday morning.yni
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after this.
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. z1yorz
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>> ♪ >> oh, goodness. developing this morningor another scare on metro.scare ont you can hear the screams.scre happened saturday night on the e red line. l smoke was reported inside theide tunnel and on the train.ra metro says it may have been havb caused by an electrical arcin arcing. the root cause though stillse t unknown. our melanie alnwick will have the very late of the coming up atic 5 o'clock. >> ♪ >> all right, bik mike thomas yu said it's going to be reallyin e nice today. we're looking forward to that. t >> yeah, we are. are >> honestly it's going to feelgo a little like summertime.umme >> bring it.ring >> it will be hot and humid >> awesome way to start your war week. >> that's right. i haven't had to use that wordhd yet, hot. so, hot -- hot >> do it. it's
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>> we're calling it a little l summer preview. we got the smiling sun on there. th he'll be smiling today. tomorrow is a different story.di we'll get to tomorrow in justom a not so bad to start the work week.week. temperatures later on thisur afternoon making it into the mid 80's. here's why. clear skies across the region r for the most part.tar much like yesterday to startda the day later on this afternoon see that little area of cloud cover coming across the midwest there.. we'll have a few more cloudsored for the afternoon hours thantert we he did yesterday but not a a bad should be a dry day as well. w temperatures this morningatur still on the cool side.he coosie 52 here in washington, richmond 49, 50 pittsburgh, binghamton, new york 44. y suburbs around the d.c. areaa generally in the upper 40's as well so still going to needngo e the jacket as you head outetyou this morning but by thening afternoon we turn very, veryurn, nice here. here's what's going on.t's goin. high pressure off the p coastline spinning up a southerly flow. f sunshine and 80's later on today. by tomorrow, though, this coldh front starts to head a littleit farther south where it will bewb warmer tomorrow with a a stronger southerly b
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this front coming down from d the north will kick up some afternoon thunderstorms, someor of which could be on the b strong side. they're expecting severeexpe weather outbreak across thecrost plains here just a marginal risk ofargi severe weather, just a storm, js or two could go he severe butere we will be tracking thising thi tomorrow afternoon.ftno 84 degrees your daytime highes u today, very, very warm.arm. tonight mild as well, only midid 60's for overnight lows here los in the district.ic kind of upper 50's to lowerwer 60's around the suburbs so a mild night. 88 degrees tomorrow. tw. talk about summer time heat. h cold front comes through, throu cools us down, even to below tob normal levels by the time wes t get to wednesday, 66 degrees6 de a-spotty shower around.roun thursday's the worst day ofst the week more than likely,ikel 64 degrees, showers likely. lik we'll get back to the 70's by 7s the time we get to the weekend. check of the weather.k erin como's gooft traffic. traff >> that's right, 4:47. metro's gearing up for servicear and is on time starting aintt 5:00. love the warmer weather movingen in but definitely grab thately light jacket if you're headingea to the metro out out for a walk this
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leesburg road work causingork c slowdowns. 395 inbound between duke anduke sentry we have somesee construction that could slowon you down. i'll let you know when thatt the southbound side wide open from the 14th street bridge toht the beltway.the beltwa let's take a live look outsidekt at the beltway show youay show thousand portion of your haveve i had shaping up.had just a little bit of increasedrs volume on 414 saint barnabas road but for the most part allha lanes are opened on the outer to loop and inner loop and we hennr don't have any major slowdowns d to report this morning.this mori i'll let you know if and when ae in changes. changes top of the beltway into montgomery county alsogome cruising without any issue. back to you. >> all right, erin thank you t very much. ry happening today withhapp warmer weather that means ddot t is getting out to inspectnspect bridges and tunnels across the e city.. today you'll find crews on i395 westbound under the ninth n street there will be alternate laneerne closures from 10:00 untill 3:00. ddot expecting chain bridgehari road over the potomac river and the c and o canal. c the westbound right lane will be closed there as well.asell. >> more u.s. troops
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syria to help fight i white house officials say 250ay0 troops are being sent to the t war torn country. that would increase the numbern of u.s. forces in syria to t 300. 300. president obama is expected toap make the announcement todayent d during a speech in germany. he's there wrapping up a week we long trip meeting with world meanwhile in syria dozens were killed after a governmentom air strike yesterday. happened in the province of alep p.o. the syrian government has restricted resic travel to the area with thea wie exception of a small and dangerous passage to thesao northwest >> we may soon know moree information about the 9/11/1 officials say the obamas say e b administration is on the verge of releasing part of a 28 page8p document that could shed light t on a possible saudi connection to the attackers.ttacrs now the document is a joint congressional inquiry into inquo foreign support for then su highjackers while they were ins the united states.whunit
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the pages were withheld from fro the 838 page report on the orders of then presidentrede george w. bush. w. >> meanwhile a possible terror e threat thwarted in australia.usa police arrested a 16-year-old-o wanted in connection with aonit plot targeting a popular australian veterans days d service. this is the second year in aseco row authorities have stoppedtieo an attack linked to that t tha national holiday.oliday police believe the boy was boyas planning to attack a ceremony cn in sydney this morning.neis m the 16-year-old faces life in f prison if convicted.oncted. police in california are ino investigating the death of atheo marine who was originally fromnm maryland. 21-year-old douglas rivas was rs shot and killed outside of a san bernadino club earlylu ear sunday morning. mor he was stationed at 29 palm.29 l police say he was shotaye was numerous times in the parkimes pentagon lot and wasagon lot a pronounced dead on the scene. friends tell us he's ae's graduate of high point high school in beltsville. so far no word on a suspect orst a motive. >> ♪ >> a look now at some of the s h other top stories thistories ths morning. d.c. police are looking for alo mi
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85-year-old william henryliamen jones was last seen saturday saa morning in the 2600 block of stanton road in southeast.n sou now, if you've seen him you're r asked to give police a call. >> in pennsylvania sundaynsyl church service turning deadly d after two parishioners got into a fight. f officials say following worship the two men got intont an altercation whenhe 27-year-old robert braxton was slot in the chest. police say the second man isonds cooperating with theating with investigation but is not currently in custody or beeny dy charged with the case.gewith the the chump released a statement t saying they're deeply saddened by the >> autopsies expected to be complete today on the bodiesoday of eight family members shotilys and can killed in ohio. o officials say the victims wereee shot execution style.tion as authorities continue tohotieo search for the gunman we'reor te learning new details aboutls a what investigators found at foua the crime scenes.e e scenes fox's kelly wright has thehe latest. >> reporter: new detailsetai into the investigation of the ot mass murder of a family of 98il ohio. as the state's attorney attne general confirms it was drug related. >> we did
4:52 am
three locations.ocations. >> reporter: authoritiesepor believe more than one killer was involved and they're still s on the run.on t run this comes after eight membersem of the rhodes family were murdered execution style inon sy four different homes in pikerent county on friday but the sheriff says it's not a public c safety concern since the sce family was the target.arget. >> this was not something thatha just happened.pene this was something that washa ws planned. a family was targeted. most of that many targeted tar while they were sleeping.hey >> reporter: 911 calls 911al detail the tragic moments mom after other family membersyem found the bodies. >> dead. dea there's blood all over theoo house. >> stay out of the house.t of don't let anybody go in there, okayism surviving family famil members are staying at ayingt church due to concerns forces fr their safety. safety. meantime deputies are still sti guarding the crime scenerimece saying it's a sensitive ssiti investigation due to theation d nature of the crime. cri >> might have
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county and other counties that are keeping the scenesng the scs secured. >> reporter: seven of theeven eight autopsies are nowpsieare complete with the final one fino scheduled for monday. >> 18 pieces of evidence arere now at the state crime lab at bci. bci. those are being looked at by our dna people. >> reporter: there is now anow $25,000 reward for informationon leading to the killers. kle in new york, kelly wright, fox news.. >> and in wisconsin schoolinch counselors are expected to beteo on hand today following a folwia shooting at a high school prom over the weekend.ov it happened saerturday aboutbo 150 miles outside of milwaukee.milw officials say two prom goers pm were shot but are expected tote be okay. oka two police officers were oners r patrol at the time.olthe they returned fire killing thehe 18-year-old gunman.d gman. a school administrator toldtratt the associated press that he believes the teenage tended toen begin shooting randomly oncedoml he got inside. investigators are trying to tryn figu
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>> more trouble for johnnyoroh he's been indicted by a grand g jury in dallas. a formal announcement is i expected today.od manziel is accused of hitting hi his girlfriend so hard that tha she temporarily lost hearing in one ear. if convicted manziel could spend a year behind bars. beh thousands of people are boycotting target.. mourn 4,000 people have signed e a petition drawn up by theon dr american family association. the group argues says a man aue can simply say he feels like a k woman and go he into a restroom or fitting room withh young girls inside.e. in minnesota a republican state senator has proposed a bill that would limit access to dress rooms based on an individual's biological sex. >> ♪ >> all right, happy monday.htmo we're off to a cool startl s around the region.ion. temperatures so far this morning generally hanging outll in the upper 40's, lwe
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so another cool start, another springlike day start wherert you'll need a jacket as youket head out the door.oo however, later on this latn afternoon, feeling a littlen,eeg more like summer as opposed to spring. pack the shorts and the t-shirts.t-shir you'll need it later.ll nee temperatures heading into the mid 80's today.80's tod satellite and radar showingho clear skies to start the day thd here, just a few high thinew hhn clouds out there.clds o that will be the case throughou most of the morning and earlyane and afternoon hours later onater today we'll have a few more m clouds slide across but should be a dry days, maybe a shower m or two over the mountains outnts to the west but here in d.c.. we stay dry generally sunny sun and it's warm. w 84 degrees for a daytime highayh at a. tomorrow even hotter, eve 88 degrees but we'll have some w afternoon thunderstorms we'll is to keep an eye on later on tomorrow evening.vening 66 degrees for wednesday.edne 64 for thursday with showers likely. fox5 rocks concert series continues, 66 degrees oneen that's a check of the weather. erin knows fox5 rocks.ox5 cks. >> and i'll be out there thisuti friday. >> oh, will you. >> everyone
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hello and thank you for the nice forecast. grab a light wrath you'll needoe a layer this morning. right now traffic is cruisingafi along just fine on 95, 66 as well. eastbound 234 into centreville we are problem free. pro that's what we like to seeke toe inside the beltway same story. y 95 from dale city toto woodbridge a little bit oftleitf volume picking up but nothinghi atypical that's going to causeoc any major slowdowns. slowdow a look over to our maps aside from those majors on your wayaj inbound from virginia we have leesburg pike road work still lingering eastbound nearound nea gallows road n frederick in in maryland things using along onng the southbound side through germantown as you make yours way down to thend spur.s yoo th. road work also though howevero h still in place 395 north between duke and seminary. watch for that active zone. z a pump of the brakes there.rakee southbound side cruisingg through.thr gw parkway inbound past 123 quiet. all area bridges looking verykig news. eleventh street memorial s douglas bridge all of thosege a bridges have great conditions cs right now f you're thinkinghink about getting an early startly for this monday morningni commute.commute.
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west traffic moving well 301 we to the beltway. the i'll let you know when you'reene coming from annapolis whenol w you'll start to hit that usualhl slow down this morning. dis traffic on the way to the way t airports in the clear as well. back to you. >> ♪ >> straight ahead at 5:00at 5:0 metro on damage control afterona smoke is once again reported rep inside ap a tunnel.unnel. >> one day from maryland's primary.ary. two republican rivals bandingang together against their party's's details of their plans to plans symptom stop trump. >> but first it could be a little rough for the markets today. dow futures are down 70ture points. pots nasdaq futures are off by 19.y and s & p futures are down by eight points. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> straight ahead, panickedt ah, passengers.en riders fear for their lives as s smoke reportedly fills adllls tunnel once >> and the search for a killerfl this morning after a man iser found dead inside a northern nor virginia home. h the very latest on the >> first though we say goodveh o morning to you on this monday. i'm holly,


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