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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 25, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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trump.p >> i'm going to come in with amh ton of delegates.el donald trump is going to come im with a ton of delegates and one of the two of us will be the the nominee. >> ted cruz and john kasichhnas agree to work together to blocko the gop frontrunner and wait and until you hear how the donald is responding. metro melt down.. more red line issues thiss thi morning. on the heels of another smokemo and fire incident undergroundnd over the weekend. have rider has enough?h? and later, beyonce' getting personal about some possibleossi trouble in paradise.arad the lyrics from lemonade that have fans fuming at jay-z.ay good day at 9a starts now. ♪ all right. right. good day d.c. 9:00 o'clock is the time on this monday, april 25th.pril 25th. i'm holly morris alongside ofsie maureen and wisdom.m steve has the morning off. all right. al this morning, we got a lot towel
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never before seen video of o prince performing life during saturday night's live 40th anniversary celebration we'llebl show it to you and have more one the tributes to the late purpler reign performer and thehe investigation into his sudden sd death. >> can't wait to see all of thal and hear more about it first, ft though, summer like start to thr work week.. temperatures could soar past 80 degrees. let me say it again, past 80 degrees. 80 d but big changes could be on thet way tomorrow.way torrow for details we're turning to to gary. tucker out today.cker o today gary holding down the fort t giving us the details we knowe about this glorious forecast. >> 80 today's. t 80s tomorrow.orrow. >> yeah. >> yea >> cooler after that.h.oo i'mle done. >> that was quick.. >> you guys could use some extre words today. rds today. >> no, go ahead.>> n go stretch it out about. a i'll use my two minutes. mutes. here's what's going on out here. listen bright sunshine today ane it looks like this a little bit of a summer preview.view if not today especiallyially tomorrow, because the next t n couple of days 84 today.od that's here in the city. theit little cooler north and west.. some ot
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tomorrow we do for the big timet tomorrow. tomo 88 here in town.n. it look like with sunshine.shin now we do have chance tomorrower for some showers. swe maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon and the evening, butn, with good sunshine, we could w u have a few places pop up to around 90 degrees tomorrowrow afternoon.tern if we don't touch 90 it will geg close to 90 around here for just about everybody. ery changes are coming, though, soho we're living on the southernouth side of the jet stream, that t means cool stuff north and westt up into canada really northern r planes. little system running along theu jet stream wilnnl provide severs weather out into the planeslas tomorrow. as well as into wednesday forney the deep south. but then this jet stream willm change a little bit it will t w start to come down frontal fro system will push through theil area and as itl does, that wilt change temperatures.tures so again a couple of days in the 80s. 80s. then we're going to end up in u the 60s for the rest of the week.. hopefully by the weekend we'llhw be dry, sunny and temperaturespe right around 70 or so but that'' a long ways away. a let's just remember the next
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couple of days and what we'ret w going to do with these 80-degrer temperatures. >> live in the moment, gary.omt. live in the i >> always works.. let's get to the news nowe w this mning we are following a couple fa stories. montgomery county police arey pe searching for killer after a maa was murdered last night atht center way park in gaithersburgb >> he's not the only victim.t oy two other people were alsor le w attacked. fox5's melanie an sick life this morning with the details in thit good morning, melio. >> reporter: good morning, mni guys. guys yeah, so the morning after rea really kind of very difficult di night here.nit her this is pretty popular park ina the area.the ara we can tell over the pavilion yesterday was dave celebration.i there were birthday parties, pts that's the kind of thing hadhi happens here on a very nice weekend afternoon and evening ii montgomery village the area of gaithersburg we're in. sometime last night definitely n after the park was closed about 10:00 o'clock maybe a fewk mae a minutes before or after that isi when some kind of an altercatioi happened in the parking lot area we believe ju
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where the baseball diamond isiad here and i'm going to bring in captain stall, with montgomeryh county police to tell us aolto t little bit more. victim died after the injuries j at the park here? >> right. he was transported to holy cross hospital. got there about 10 minutes after 10:00, and he succumbed to hisoh injuries there. tre. that's why investigators believl that he met his attacker or attackers here at the park justs before 10:00 p.m. as you said.oi >> reporter: and you said s you're looking into whetherhe there was some sort of a sf connection perhaps to gang activity which has been aas b concern for people in thefopeop neighborhood. >> well, i said that looking ata gang activity would be one thint that investigators would look at at this stage nest n investigation. they're looking at a lot of things. they don't want to rule anythiny out and miss any part of what w could bring them to a successfuu resolution.. but you do believe that tha there was some kind ofkind connection between the victim
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>> investigators think it'shit' certainly possible.rtnly possi that there was some associationt between the victim and those whe harmed him and ultimately causeu his death, yes.ath, y >> reporter: what would beha your message to people in the community, montgomery village,ie that hear about this in a park r they come to very often and are scared?? >> it's still very early. ely. let the police do their job. j right now, there is noo indication that there's any's a threat to the public or thec ort people that live in montgomeryom village and use this park. >> reporter: thank you veryter: much, captain.much, we appreciate your time thisatem morning. morning. guys, i know there will be lotbe more to come here. they're still waiting for thel release of the autopsy report. we'll get a little bit more information in terms of exactlyy what happened here as for thoseo other two alleged victims to that information also still kink of fluctuating at this hour. hou we had heard that they werehathy treated and released.del we'll stay with that right now,t but some of that information mam change as well.ange back to you. >> still a lot to sort out.t out mel, thank you for that update u so far. haen
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schools hoping to curb after cua school violence by changing theg release times for two highig schools.scols. starting today mckinley techodan high school will let studentsete out at 30:00 5:00 p.m. and dunbar high school will letl w their students out at 3:25 p.m.. the changes will also affectoff each school's start times by 100 minutes.minu both schools are about 10oo abo minutes from the gnome ma gallol crew debt u metro station wherew there was a huge brawl involvini a hundred students a few weeks ago. another strange twist on tha campaign donald trump's last two rivals are now teaming up to take him down. down. now this morning the donald hasl a message for both ted cruz andz john kasich.h. fox's peter doocy has details. >> reporter: the republicanlican primary is no longer every man for it is officially two on one asne the cruz and kasich campaigns announce they are teaming up too stop trump. >> look are err we're going to g an open convention.nvon >> we are likely head to do a a
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>> reporter: with couldn'touldn' tester convention in mind m senator cruz and governor kasics have a new strategy stop s campaigning in polls they'rey're polling the weakest to strengthen on the chanceson tes against trump.agt trum kasich campaign says "we will wl shift our campaign's resourceses west and give the cruz campaign a clear path in indiana".. >> delegates are going to thinkt who can win in the i've read you these numbers andm i can read you more.ou m i can read you more numbers. >> cruz campaign says "our campaign will focus its time and resources in indiana and in turt clear the path for governorovno kasich to compete in oregon anda new mexico.o. ". ". i'm going to come in within ton of delegates. dat donald trump will come in with a ton of delegates and one of thed two of us is going to be thee te nominee.nomie >> reporter: donald trump's response to the coordinated evident against him tame onim t twitter "just announce lying teg and kasich are going to coleo c lewd in order to keep me fromp m getting the republican
9:08 am desperation.. his strategists don't thinkon there's any amount of chaos that cruz and kasich can drum up to deny the donald of the nomination. >> we are running the campaignig to win the votes on the first tf ballot and we're going to ando we'll win on the first so all of this party disruptionn that cruz is causing the end ofo the day is only going to hurt th the party.the par it's not going to hurt trump. tp report roar the cruz and kasichh campaigns are asking outside osi groups that may plan to spend se money up in coming primarygry states to follow their lead anda only focus resources in states s where the candidates say they se will compete. so the question becomes, is thit effort too late to be effectivei >> in washington, peter doocy,y, fox news. 9:08 our time right now. n. let's get a check of what else a is making had he lines thisin morning. >> big announcement fromnn president obama during his visii to germany white house officiala say up 250 troops are being areb center to syria that would inn u clues the number of us forcesor war torn country to 300. 300 move c
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secretary ash carter announcedod the deployment of a similaroymet truck of troops to iraq.. investigation continues into thn mass murder of a southeasternthr ohio family of eight.f ht the ohio attorney general says the killings are drug relatedg t and that marijuana was found f atrophy the murder scenes. sne authorities believe more than one killer was involved their t still on the run. run surviving family members arers staying at a church because of u concerns for their safety.orheis meanwhile deputes are stillre guarding each scene. there is a $25,000 reward for f information leading to the killers.s also no suspects police arec telling us about in theutn suspicious death of a death o 21-year-old in fairfax county.. earlier this morning police mnig identified the victim he is hosung lee. lee was found dead inside a townhouse onagra shell lane inn centreville.ll. around 4:00 yesterday afternoonn police have not said how he h died. they do say, though, this was tw not a random act.. em balanced quarterbackerba johnny manziel has been indicted by dallas county grand jury on misdemeanor assault charge. formal announcement is
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to come today. c his case was heard by oma grandg jury on thursday. thursday. he's accused of hitting his ex x girlfriend colleen crowley soroy hard she temporarily lost los hearing in one ear. e if convicted manziel could face up to a year in and finally, running in space. it's took british astronaut timm peek just over 3.5 hours to runr the london marathon and did heie it on treadmill from themhe international space station. stn even cooler, he could see the real roads path under his feet in real time via an app on i paa much that is very neat. very n >> that is so cool. >> yeah.eah >> i wonder with the weight wgh lessness, does he feel the same effects? >> i'm going to take other sider on this one and saying bee in ae capsule running for three and ad half hours is not fun.. >> no.>> >> i'm just saying. i >> like runnin'mg on treadmill.l he is running on a treadmill.rel you're right.. there's nothing fun about it.unt >> not the same.he se. i'll just saying. s >> something to do.>> s it's not like they got lot of options of what to do up thereop outside their work. >> oh that's crr
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work they're doing.rk that, too. >> 9:10 is our time. t0 is o tim still ahead the step thete t nation's capitol is taking toein make sure bathrooms across the r city are safe spaces foror transgender customers mc first though familiar andt h friends say farewell to prince r in a small ceremony while the world still waits to find outl o what caused his sudden death.n we'll have the very latest fromr the investigation coming upg u ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ the world is still mourningg the death of pop super startar prince. prin but his family and friends said that goodbyes on saturday durinr a private ceremony fort purple p reign singer.resinger service was held at the latehe l super star's paisley park studys yo complex and this sister tika nelson, sheilae e and his friend and fellow mew zig larry graham were among w those in attendance much hishis remains have been cream mated. m and their final resting place will not be revealed to thehe public.puic meanwhile, autopsy results s are still spending and there's s still no official word on what a caused the singer's sudden deata at the age of 57.7. now, tmz still reports the singer was using percocets andts nearly overdosed a week before his death. d there are o
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singer hardly slept in the weeke before his death. d and while we don't know if any a of these reports are linked to n his actual death, we wanted todt talk about the dangers of all oo that and for that we'reha w returning to our residentt doctor, dr. shilpi agalwar whoso with >> good to see you good morningo >> let's start with the percocets.s. >> yes.>> y. >> again we don't know if these are the actual cause of hisfis death but there's there are somt reports that he was usingng percocet for chronic hip pain.n >> yup. >> had the incident the weekhe i before his death. >> that's right. in terms of what we actuallybety know, we know that he had thesed hip problems on going for manyom years before when he was in his purple reign doing crazyrazy concerts.ncts because of that chronic hip paip he was said to have been usingen medications like percocet. now, there is some informationna out there saying that his planep was stopped about a week or soro before his death and that was stopped and we believe potentian until it was stopped for him to receive called a safe shot or ar emergency medication.. now, if that was the case, that safe shot that the'r
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about is actually medicationic called narcan urinal treks zonee and the way that medicationio works is that it completely kiny of dee floods the opiateate medication effects in your body. so if prince was suffering fromm opiate intoxication which we're' not sure whether it was that ort whether some people are also are saying it could have been thehan flu as well, but if that's thes case, he was probably feelingy g extremely lethargic, very out of it, muscles very weak and tired, not very responsive and most anm importantly that his breathing t was getting very very slow. if that was the case that absolutely would require requi somebody to stop, you know,now, travel and stop and get this thi emergency medication.ication we also know from the reportsm r out there is that he didn't sta' in the hospital very long. >> right. >> he left after just a fewft hours. a and it's unclear why exactly he left, but if it was flu, they usually wouldn't let a patient t just leave so quickly that way.w with flu you need to get iv fluids and he could
9:17 am
recovery but we know the t combination of flu and thesendhe opiate medications is absolutely deadly. flew alone kills people. >> i know that people sometimes forget p that. tha when does the flu become fatal? >> it can become fatal mostly m we're seeing it fatal in thet tn elderly and the very youngyou population but any healthy person you i could die from the flu. 30,000 people of year die fromei the flu.fl this year when he mild season. o but doesn't mean it can't it happen, and usually we'll see wl you are going to potentially be fatal from the flu when you're y dehydrated, when the fevers arer extremely high, 104, 105 numberm in some cases you don't seek thk medical attention that you needt you become so weak that thethe system can get overwhelmed. additionally infections likes pneumonia and things can takean over the body when you're you already down and weak. w >> you're already immunodymm suppressed.ppre >> exactly. >> easier for to you pick upr fo something. >> that could have been the case. ht up toorking 24/7, rigul the week leading before hisis death he was doing so manyng s
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much sleep.mule >> that's other report he wasn'w sleeping very well.slee very wel could that have just been obviously something that was tha result of his lifestyle and work schedule or could that have been an indicator of something else t that was going on?ng >> of the lack of sleep?ep? >> yeah.>> yh inability to get some goodity td sleep. you know what i'm saying. wha sometimes you just don't sleep s well.we >> another interesting point ins terms of the sleep you're saying is, i believe his publicistci reported that he had suffered s from some seizures back in theat day, and he hadn't had seizuresu recently but when you don't gett enough sleep and it keeps accumulating, you can actuallyc put yourself into a situation sa where you're going to get aet seizure.seizure so we also don't know if that t played a role either, but definitely it's hard to say. tay >> is it unheard for someone at 57 to just die of natural caus causes?caes? >> it's very uncommon.ommo it's extremely unlikely withoutt some other information. informa some other illness that hit their body and made them, youheu know, immuno compromised oris suppressed beforehand.efor he wasn't really a typical t 57-year-old that you
9:19 am
in he was doing all of these shows, treatmently physicallyhyl demanding, taxing going fromm plus to the other, but i thinkhi that this information aboutmatin using the open poe yachts,hts, chronically or had he used theme in this situation we really r don't know that but that definitely could havene played a role in his unfortunatu how the come. >> it was a shock to say the s e least. not someone i thought was goings to be leaving us this soon.n. why does the autopsy take sosy long?lo >> it takes a long time becauseb the autopsy really look at l pathology and so those stainsses and sections take some time toto get verified, to look at each e section is looked at very car carefully. each different organ system inrn the body is look at carefully. f to put all of that together in r piece and tell us a full storyl it takes lot of verification ana making sure that we have that he data, and the other thing tong note also in his case that isati interesting is that they keep oe saying he was suffering from tht flu, you know, and the symptomsm and signs of the flu ca
9:20 am
mimic what's going on with opene poe yachts. so it makes everything so confusing.g. >> the bottom line is, we want w to know why this legend was legn taken from us.. >> yes. >> so soon. thank you so >> it is very sad.t is >> it is. >> and untimely.ely. >> you want that final part ofil the story.e st back officer over to you all onl the couch. couch. >> time now 9:20. 9 coming up a familiar foe awaits the caps after they finally puty the flyers out to their -- out t of their misery out to pasture.s we'll check in witness sportssso junkies for a look at what to expect when washington facesnac pittsburgh in round two of the stanley cup playoffs.plaff >> a rough ride.. metro passengers dealing withli another round red line delays d and that comes after a smokey s scare and fire over the weekend. we'll show you what happened ann how the transit agency stands right now as it tries to make the system safer. we'll be back in a movement
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>> welcome on to that scary incident onento metro happen over the weekend.we federal transit agencies which w has oversight metro will be will investigating the incident.. no one was injured but there but were some frightening and chaotic moments for passengersar happened about 7:15 p.m. 7:15 p. saturday evening.veni. red line train leaving friendship heights encountered s heavy smoke in the tunnel. t >> one rider tells us that the t lights went off and...
9:24 am
>> one rider tells us that the lights went off and she heard an explosion.os drain reversed directionson passengers were off loaded on to the platform and the station wai evacuated. talk to riders this morning who don't get why the metro system s so many issues. >> you have to understand why -w i've yet to understand why d.c. metro isn't better. bette you know, because i've lived in new york, new jersey area, i'm from chicago, and i neverer experienced as many track rela related mechanical things, issues with our metro system. se >> i don't quite understand it. >> metro says it may have been caused bioelectrical arcing. ain the root cause is still unknowno at this point. poi >> this is so troubling to me.. i asked melanie earlier who isho on the story. sry arcing incident she says is notn unusual.
9:25 am
that's the case, why not just j then again shut it down and takt care of this because i cannot imagine fathom being on train ot and this happens. hpe you think you're going to die ae these people were screaming.cre. >> i don't think there's an east clear cut answer. a they're asking for the money tot >> right.. >> make things better but they're not getting it and thenn at the same time they can't jusj keep shutting it down for full days. da i just don't think it's blackhis and white.and >> there's a diss correct. corr. you know there's an arcing ain incident and can lead to smoke t in the tunnels and on the train. >> i think when they shut itnkhh down that day they fixed the t ones they thought were the onese they needed to fix then. >> but you know they also gave the warning the system needste n help. >> at this upon with all thepowl drama going on who knows whatno the best answer is. i do you continue to shut it downw i mean, because it seems like sl the problems are so chronic and this is -- you hear people peoe talking but we don't have othero issues at other metro in other h major cities.r cit why is this such a massive issui here and you hear about oh, it's been neglected for so long.ct fg well that doesn't do you any you good rig n
9:26 am
sitting on the train and it's t filled with smoke.heed w you got to do -- it's going to -- something drastic is going to have to happen for this tohit get fixed at some point.e point >> i know it's not an easy fix x but, you know, i will personallo say i would think twice if ice i were to get on metro. metro i can't even deny that would beo going through my mind. >> i choose not to ride it. i >> i know lot of people carrye r those sentiments as well so it'' a bad way all the way around bun not to beat up and metro but tht concern is >> unfortunately a lot of peopla depend on it to get a if they do --y >> it's necessary. nec >> have to shit down for a lot a long period of time the gridlocc around here will be chaotic. chc >> worse than it already is. >> exactly.ct >> don't break down car. c keep me going.e going. >> let us know what you thinkowa about the whole metro . is there an answer out there #gooddaydc. still ahead on good day thehe sleep revolution.. >> stop. >> huffington co-founder and offer ariana huffington willngtn join us live in the loft to tall about why we are in the middlend of a national sleep deprivation
9:27 am
crisis. n'd don't we know but here she's going to tell us how to fix it.t. that's the important thing. thi >> all ears. ear lot of talk about bathroomsb and transgender people in the p news ly. coming up next we'll show youlls how d.c. is making sure it's no' an issue in the nation's capit capitol. >> first gary will be back withb a look how hot it's going getgon dan the big changes that could o be on the way tomorrow. tom ♪ ♪ z1yosz
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>> the president and first lady were in london last week and itd was a visit with one specialci member of the royal family. o that has really kicked off a fashion trend.n tend we're talking of course aboute a britain's prince george. pictures of the little prince meeting with president barackac obama blew so did sales of the bathrobe hee is seen wearing.ri the adorable monogram blue and white gingham bathrobe he's h wearing sold out online shortlyo after the pictures were released. prince george was allowed torge stay up past his bedtime to meem with the president and first anr lady friday as the couple dinedn with the royal family for queen elizabeth's 90th birthday. now, there it is. is. the robe from the company mypany first years is now on back ord order. cost about $40.ut $ it can be personalized at no extra charge.harg super cute.e. >> okay.>> oka >> do they make it in adultdult sizes i might want one of thoseo >> that's all well and
9:31 am
if you're a parent i'm saying, what's the big deal? >> it's acute littleit personalized bathrobe, wisdom. o that's like a future king. >> yeah, bite royalty. roy you'll go buy a copy in hopes of being royal? >> no, because everybody thinksi they're child is royalty. r >> i said that earlier, holly. h i did.i d >> you're going to buy a 40-dollar robe for a young child.chil >> then i will put it in hisn hope chest he can forever haveev .t. >> oh, okay.>> okay. >> clearly us moms are on the oe same wave length here. >> $40 for robe he'll out grow in four days no, sir. sir >> you can buy it oversize the.t >> looks like the same robe iam can get the wal*mart for $5 anda i can get it monogram as i'm just saying. saying. he'll still be the same person r no matter what kind of robe he'h got at whatever age he is.s. >> martin children you are royalty to us and aunt holly and maureen will take care of.are >> can i get ya'll to pay foray college. >> not with that attitude.itude >> now wait a minute.ow >> let's check in with gary now because the weather is giving us all good attitude today. today >> does it have to come with w
9:32 am
>> that's what i want to know.. >> not unless you are. >> because we know it's notseknw going to say wis.going to say we know it will not say wisdomio on it. >> or martin.>> or marti >> which would actually work fok the bathroom for it to say wis.s >> you people much it's a famill show. let's move on.s ve on >> please start talking aboutt i the weather gary.e weher gary. >> i'll let that one . >> okay. okay. >> so everybody understands whaw was just said g thanks holly for clarifying. >> warm today. it will be dry today, too.oo warm up. up. temperatures have jumped intoavm the 50s and 60s across the areaa look where we settled on today.d this is good really warm andy wm sunny. sunny. winds will be out of the southwest at about five to 10.0 i think there could be anld b occasional gust here or but a warm wind.but rm w so no big deal. deal 80 for baltimore, gaithersburg 80 degrees. fredericksburg temperatures will be mid 50s -- mid 80s there as well. wait till later on in the week e it will be mid 60s for highs. hg here we are the next couple ofto days. 84 for us.or us 88 degrees tomorrow. t so we're even warmer in some places tomorrow could settle onn about 90 degrees. 90 with t
9:33 am
little bit more humidity.idity. a couple of strig guess in thetg atmosphere so we'll have few he showers maybe even an a thunderstorm late tomorrowate afternoon and tomorrow evening i so very summer like tomorrow.w. again as temperatures climb froo the middle 80 today's into thes upper 80s out there. the i mentioned before temperaturese have jumped into the upper 50s 5 and low 60s.0s washington is 58 degrees rightht now. now. annapolis the same.the sa leonardtown you made it to 61. 6 61 for fredericksburg, too.g, even these places that were soeo cold this morning upper 30s for martinsburg and frederick and they have made it up 54 degreesr i think next hour we're talkingi about lower 60s up there.he and maybe even a 70-degree reading or so by next hour.our few high clouds coming on across that's about all we'll have.ll . high pressure is firmly in control. nice and sunny this morning.orni 66 at 11 a.m. warming up today.t you see they're almost hot this afternoon temperatures up intote the middle i think as we get into tthomorrt it will be hot. hot future cast for you i want toant run this out tomorrow morningori
9:34 am
few showers, thunderstormser possible tomorrow afternoon. not today. tay just tomorrow afternoon.. next seven days look like this.. 84 today.od. 88 tomorrow, 60s will come in.e so much cooler wednesday, wedsd thursday, friday.sday,ri and right now looks like aks l couple of 70-degree reading forr saturday and for sunday. maureen, back over to you.ou >> gary, thank you the d.c. government -- okay that. need your they want you to join a speciall bathroom patrol.. no kidding.ding. seriously.ou it wants every day citizensls tt help check that businesses thate have single stall publicubli bathrooms have identified thoseo bathrooms as gender neutral thau is the law in d.c.n it was pass add decade ago. the regulation was put in place to ease the stress members of the transgender community facee while waiting to use a transgender specific bathroom.. it's called safe bathrooms d.c. monica, is here to talk moreo to about this. good morning to you.good m >> good morning.>> g >> we talk boise initially initi people think you've got to be tb kidding but this is no
9:35 am
matter and we've seen this morem and more as businesses like like target and others really take aa stand on this saying we have toe be inclusive. >> yes. yes well our office was one of thent first in the country to stake oo stand of behalf of thealf t transgender community who oftent face violence just when they'rey waiting to use the restroomoo someone doesn't understand orer gets confused about genderut g identity they're comfortable th' with. >> and d.c. is now saying you s should do this much it's beent'e the law. i dare to say i don't think lotk of businesses are aware of this. i've seen some have single stall bathrooms that are not genderata neutral.utral >> yes. >> yes. that's there's been such a boom and growth in restaurants andtaan businesses in the last 10 yearsa that some of them are stillre s catching up.. but we found that in the 280 of -- of the 280 complaints we received, the large majority ofr businesses are more than happy h to change the sign to make accommodation.mmodation >> okay. you know, there is the concern,e you know, because a person identifies a certain way shouldd they be a loud to use the bathroom of the sex theyy depa
9:36 am
are saying this is a little tisa tricky, because if i wake up one day and say i identify with thii and then there's safety concerne or issues that come in to play a with that. wi how do you begin to unravel alla of this when, you know, it'sw, still so new for lot of folks. >> we've been working on this os issue for more than 10 years. because of the regulations butut also in 2012 we launch add campaign around trance respectpt and gender identity awareness, e so we've been, really closelyylo with advocates and stake holders and individuals who told us td their stories and helped us u understand that it's a long life -- life long process.ross >> right. >> people don't wake up one day and say i'll use a differentifre bathroom because i want to harm they want to feel safe and use a bathroom they're comfortable.rte >> how do you we the people whow may use this as an excuse how dh you weaved them out much that'st concern. >> we never had someone complaii or report an incident ofort violence in bathroom ever.. we've never heard anything aboua it and the campaign is so successful because it's nonon threatening.threatening.
9:37 am
friends and say, look, i noticed the signage on this bathroomoo says men and women. w but it's a single stall.ta so you can tweet our office and say hash tag safe bathrooms d.c. and we zen the big a letter andt say look you may not know thisth the regulations in our cityurit require to you offer a bathroom to someone that is safe for thm them. >> right. okay. i'm asking because i know that people have brought this up. so it's not to be adversarialdvi but to accident question thatont has been on some people' minds.n how are you wanting people too get involved beyond contactingtn you and saying, hey, there wastw business that's not in not compliance? how else can peopln get involved? iol >> i think it's important fors n all of us to do some homework ho and read about the stories of transgender individuals to see e how difficult it is for them to feel safe and comfortable inomri their own communities.. and they're often victimsti violence at much higher rateer e than other so we want people to learn and get to know folks so that theirt own comfort level is there. >> rifle again we're talkinggaie about single'r stall publi
9:38 am
bathrooms here.e. that's right.> th those the only ones.e the one >> okay. just roughly how many in d.c. do yoestimate there are in terms os business. >> it's hard to know.t's because, again, there's been such a growth in our -- in our city, there are many, many new m businesses but the department ot consumer regulatory affairs, th, depth of health, and our officef send out these notices. these are requirements acrosseq the board.uie board so we think that, you know,now, there could be anywhere fromer o thousand to 2,000 businesses.. >> has there been any businessns that said new york, we're notot going to go after they've been b notified they're not inot compliance. >> there's been a couple. bn a more often than not businessusin ares are happy to comply. c >> the more we become aware be a people are seeing this is civilc rights issue here. h let's not -- it is. >> let's not confuse thingsotfut here. >> d.c. is on the forefront.nt unlike some other cities andsnd states. >> glad to see. see. monica, thank you so much forh your time and for informing us s all on what we need to be abouta gender neutral
9:39 am
>> you know what's interestingit to me real quickly i wasuickly s actually in denmark over the weekend, and ever place i went e to the bathroom it was union any sex bathrooms. i was like you know this is werw where we're going to move towa toward. >> a lot of european countriesfu are far, you know, ahead of us in term of things of thatt let's go. >> i noted to me while i wasle i there. thank you >> getting ready for ouretting r segment. that's what it'shat >> always thinking >> research. r >> yeah. >> all right. still ahead at 9:00 bring on the the caps will face the penguinsu in round two of the stanley cupp playoffs after finishing off tht flyers in game six yesterday. yy we'll go live to the sports srt junkies coming up next for a preview. ♪
9:40 am
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♪ >> that's right. >> took a little longer thanttle most fans would have liked andvl it was a little too close for comfort sometimes but thehe washington caps they're movingrv to round two of the stanley cupc playoffs.. moving on. o win and advance much that's wha' it's all about.'s abo they'll face a familiar faux.ra. >> ut-oh. >> plus, we're talking about ari walk off win for the washingtonn nats after the longest redge r regular season game in franchise history. for details and a look at what's coming up next we'll turn to the sports junkies as heard on weree you 06.7 the fans.the good morning. >> good morning, guy.ood morniny >> what's up? >> good morning. >> we got three on four. fou three on this side.sid four on that side. s >> all right. rig >> the powerla
9:43 am
>> power play is all yours. you. let's talk about our caps o because they are moving on as you talked about earlier, though, there is some cause forf concern when you are taking on t the penguins.e pens. >> they don't have greaty history. if we look at this season theyey lost three out of five to theuto penguins but eliminated seventee times in the playoffs by the penguins in just knocking offnog the penguins once. o history is not on their side bue we talked to craig laugh lynnghn from comcast sports net the nete analyst who helped break things down end basically said, it'st' pretty even series, but hee actually would lean towards ther caps having a deeper roster. i'm choosing --si >> i'm curious have they addaveh justed their game in any wayamey that would make a differenceakre this time around as opposed to previous years?ea >> that's a great question. i think biggest adjustment that is been some of the personnel change, right? when you addhenu guys like tj and justin willia williams, experienced guys thati have success in the playoffs plo before i think that's probably y been their biggest adjustment.t. >> one thing -- >> you brick in williams who w
9:44 am
three stanley cups.ey cup mike richards has won a stanleya cup as well.cup as wel you bring that that veterant van leadership to mix in with alex ovechkin, backs strum guys thata have been here you have to like them adding those guys to tyohe mix.mi >> the penguins are loaded justt like the caps they're a skillful as anybody. y but they don't have one playeree his name is brayden hole pee.e i think that might be themit b difference. we went around the room here and gave predictions.redi none of us really feel that confident. cakes give a six out of 10. a i'm aroun sd five.d five. game one is the key here key h whenever that's played thursday saturday, sunday. they have to win game one.e o >> big reason for that is theise past these two teams haven't men in the playoffs since 2009. 200. >> right. >> basically the entire cast ofa characters outside ovechkinn backs strum for the caps is cs different. so i think you just have to havj a different mindset, get rid ofr those ghosts of the past.sts oft i'm going to concentrate on thee present and the future. futur i am not going to worry about all of the --he >> living in the moment, my many live in the moment
9:45 am
>> how confident are you, guys? >> we want to hear from you.. >> look, i'm the eternalhe cheerleader, cull on.. i'm almost like a 9.5 out of 10. i always believe in my team. >> nice. >> the penguins are going down.d >> the caps always sort of chokh in the second round and, the penguins are tough team. so being the more novice on then couch i got to say i don't knowo i guess i'm rooting more for f guessing they might not do ass well.we. sorry. >> these eternally laugh glass g >> what about wisdom, though. >> i'm 5.5 to six. s i'm leaning towards the caps. >> that's reasonable.eanable. >> i think it's more avenue heah game. i think talent is there on botht teams it's a head game and ieadd agree with that you first gamets win at home is really key.. >> meanwhile can we talk about a bryce harper because he's nevere allowed to have a day off ever. >> right.>> right. >> no, he's not. >> his hair is phenomenal.l >> he's the best player inrn baseball. somebody just tweeted he's got nine homers which is i wave len
9:46 am
to the number of strike outs hes has that's how great he's how gh playing right now.ght no much more disciplined hitterplir than he was three years ago. a. he's unbelievable, guys. gs he's just off to incredibledibl start. nine homers leads the nationalae league in rbi's an nd he's justs not swinging and missing. msing couple years ago three years aga he had a lot more strike outs o because he was just not asot a discipline right now he's much m better header hitter.der he's the most dangerous hitteruh in baseball.eb >> when do they start pitching n around him, just walking him? ai if i'm the other team --ea >> you wonder?>> youon >> you wonder if they'll givey'g him the barry bonds treatment. >> right. >> just start walking him everyn time he's hitting g with such s power the great thing about thit nats team, granted they played a softer opponents they're getting contributions from everybody.omo i mean joe ross the pitcher camm in had a big pinch hit. chris, he had the game winningig homerun.hon so everybody is contributing.ibn they all seem to lift each other and kind of riding the wave ofae dusty baker's end thighs >> it seems like a really fun atmosphere under dusty baker. b we liked matt w
9:47 am
we him on the show every week w when here in d.c. d nice guy. g it was nor of a tense atmosphe atmosphere. winning breeds confidence and loose clubhouse that you seeonse with the nats.s. >> big time. >> matt williams had a lot moree expectations on him, too.n him,o >> i'm going with bryce harperbr kind of like samson and the t hairs the higher his hair gets g the more power he has much thish guy is unstoppable.nstoppable. just don't cut the hair. d't c >> he has really nights hair. >> he was destined for greatne greatness. he was on sports illustrated cover when he was 16.when >> i remember.emem >> all right. let's keep it going. >> for both teams. teams thank you >> good to talk to you guys. ta >> thank you. >> all right.>> all rig >> see you guys.>> s >> 9:47 is our time. our t coming up the music world mourning another loss thiser morning. we'll look back at the life of billy paul coming up next.ext. ♪ democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle. divorced and without a place to live. raising her son alone. going without health insurance to put food on the table.
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9:50 am
♪ go crazy.. >> great song. son >> one of us on this couch wentt crazy. guess who?ess who >> case you missed it, princee wisd
9:51 am
five fox5's spring concert conce series the anchor formerly knowo as wisdom. w >> it was our rock concertcert featuring secret society.ty. he happened last friday.rida check it ♪ (laughter).. >> oh, wait, it gets better. >> ♪ (laughter).augh >> watch this?ch t >> oh, we -- oh, man.. wisdom take it to the floor. >> please -- >> keep playing it. > >> i am telling you this dude dd was channeling his inn pressuren prince big time.princeig time
9:52 am
>> my goodness. >> oh, no it gets better he betr actually started laying on the t stage. st if you haven't seen it go onli online.onli wisdom completely comes out off hisself.el this is not the wisdom you'vee m known and loved.owand this is -- >> maybe it is.>> >> i know, right? we've juste'j never seen it.never seen >> we always knew it was there.a >> holy tomato. tat >> god rest his sweet soul iwee think he rolled over in hisn grave.ave. (laughter).. >> covered up his >> i got to tell you -- okay. o i'm just going to tell you thetu fun does continue.ti it won't be with wisdom but in spirit he'll there be this t friday. >> definitely.>> real quick dly how many lyrics o you know of prince songs.on >> i know a lot.>> >> i know. >> every single one you know.e o he doesn't know the first couplu lines. he knows the entire song. >> impressive. >> they may not be in key but hk knows them.m. >> i can sing.>> i can s it sounds good when i got theod radio on full blast.ull it's what i grew up with and i d bought all the records from them beginning all the way up until u like mid 90s
9:53 am
emancipation i stopped when thee got into that dispute but i hadh all the records and i -- did you buy the heels,,oo >> no i didn't --n't >> you can admit i >> my knees are too bad.y ees a. no. i do have those pants with thehe bottoms cut out.t o >> you bought those.ought >> yeah. yea >> nice. >> he'll be tweeting i was was picture later. >> just kidding, people.ust kidn just kidding.g, >> no he's not.>> n >> we're doing it all over agaia this friday but this timehi tim featuring muddy crows tuckeruc barnes, erin company will be at farragut square park at 17th and k street to host the show.hw they were voted best city bandd by washington city papers lastpa year. they returned from their firstir european tour. they played 25 shows in 21 cities. they are a different sound thant we've had the previous twovitw groups much you'll be in fornor something really special. there they are the muddy crows.s >> of course, we know tuckerurso will try to top wisdom.. >> so who knows what will what l happen. >> the bar is low.w. (laughter). >> it's all fun
9:54 am
>> it sounded worse than it didt when i was doing it it soundedtd bad when i was actually doing it. it. >> thank you everyone who game g out. let's do it one more time nextt >> the music world mourningou another loss.l the soul singer known for the ft hit me and mrs. jones has died. ♪ >> billy paul died sunday at hih home in new jersey. jse he was hospitalized last weekasw after being diagnosed with with pancreatic cancer.r paul survived by his wife branch, his career spanned more than 60 years. grant a grammy for me and mrs mrs. jones he was 81 years old.. >> that's cool guy. cl guy. >> what a classic song.hat a >> great song.>> and a lot of people know the song but i her the song a s million times and i never new billy paul sang it.t. >> i didn't either. did >> i never seen his footage. >> with that -- is that a cigarette. >> i think it's a cigar.nk >> it look like a cigar, yeah. y >> that hat. >> 1972 is when this son
9:55 am
out. t. > ♪ >> he's essence of youth. yth >> still sounding good.oundinoo >> he's got ray bans on. on. those sunglasses, everything evh about him is cool. >> billy paul, dead at 81.t rest in peace, mr. paul. mr. pa. still ahead at 10 proof no oneo knows how to drop an album like queen b plus who's becky with bw the good hair? uh-huh.h- i know, right. rig how she reported shaded beyonce' moments after lemonade dropped.d >> what?>> w >> a lot going on there.n ther later learning how to make k sleep a priority. >> do tell. tel >> please we need to know thiss lesson ourselves. ari yann nan huffington will join us live coming up first upi it's coffee time on good day dc. if you've been eye our good day mugs we have new good day d.c. d dunkin' donuts mug that we'rehaw giving away. peck infect cup for that greatfg dunkin' donuts coffee.e off you have to do is head or ours o our facebook page to enter our mugug
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one lucky winner select besidee random drawing but you need tony hurry you only from now until u 11am to enter. 9:56 is our time. t good day at 10a rolling your way
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♪ beyonce' tops the hotteste t trending stories at 10a this0a s monday morning.. >> queen b release lemonade andd creating a social media frenzy.y so what is she saying about thet state of her marriage to jay-z z and who is becky? plus friendfd to million don't miss our interview with jennifer aniston about her new n movie mother' day. >> live in the lot of media mia mogul ariana huffington is herer much she says we're in theay
10:00 am
her eye opening new book.k >> what we don't know. we know one thing.hing the 10a will never put you to sleep. roll it the 10a starts now. ♪ ♪ >> i'm hear checking out misschc huffington book the chapter i'mm on right now sleep and theepnd t workplace with my two co-workers as they sit right here mind me.. >> i'm dreaming o >> there's a chapter about thato too.o. >> yeah.>>eah. >> chapter about dreams. dre sleep disorders because ifecse i you're in here right now, you probably got sleep disorders.isr >> does this bed have to go aw away?ay? >> supremely comfortable.meom >> you have to do work. w it can't stay in here. here's the deal.l. it's a real deal.eal dl. there's a sleep it's affecting many different de ways probably more ways than you even realized, and she's really leading -- she's calling hersele a sleep evangelist and leading i
10:01 am
something we need to >> we are on the band wagon. she'll tell us how we can getn t our sleep on more effectively. you know, we joke about notboutn getting a lot of sleept leep especially on this shift but itb can have real detrimental fall f ought in your life even leadinga to death. >> i don't know about you guyswb when i don't get enough sleep ii eat more. i'm grum feyer.m feyer. >> oh yeah.h yeah >> wait, grumpier.rump >> always eat a lot and all all grumpy. >> it's a real thing.. ari nan will talk about it. i she actually recounts what madee her come to this realizationlion pretty scary moments for hertsor when she came to her moment of how important sleep is.t p i we'll hear about that later on n this in this hour. hour. how do we make it a priority and work into our life? i'mife? horrible at it.horrle at i i don't know how to do it.ow t i really do want the answers. ns >> other than just falling tha asleep just randomly. >> rather than falling asleep f when i'm driving home which iehi know is bad. >> all right. rht. listen we say good day dc we'ree glad eugene us for thishi
10:02 am
i'm holly morris alongside ofsi maureen and wisdom. steve is enjoying the day offayo today. >> he is. we want to get to breaking newsn right now from d.c. reports avenue robbery that mayy have ended in stabbing near thee tenley town metro station and wilson high school. pauling? they are is there liva with detailsre. paul what can you tell us abouto what's happening >> i just got off the phone witw the second district commander. he confirms this information there was wilson high schoolon c student on his way to school was walking along the road when heh was approached by a suspect who apparently announce add robbery and then the student wasas established in the >> my gosh.y gosh. >> what i was told. non-life threatening injuries.n. the student then made his way up here to the school. schoo dc fire and ems was called andd had student was transported by y ambulance away from the schooloo again i'm told injuries aresre non-life threatening stab woundu to the thigh.hehigh at this point d.c. police are
10:03 am
gather no suspect in custody at this point. according to the commander andna there are police here at wilson high school now conducting an investigation and we know thatna there's officers down on belt road, also, conducting aning a investigation. so that's the bear bone basics i have at this point.oint. again, wilson high schooloo student stabbed on his way toayt school during an apparent robbery.ery. non-life threatening injuries.i. >> back to you guys. >> i know it's is there any indication thisn t might have been targeted or juss a crime of opportunity.ortunity >> i've given you everythingn yo i've got at this point. point. that's all the information ihenr have. this is still a developing situation. it happened not too long ago. a so the commander was not on thee scene. i talk to him on the phone. pho there is an official here on tht scene i'll see if i can get morr information from him.rm >> all right. very paul, paul wagner, thankr,a you for that update weevil check in with you for more updates ono this still developing story. meanwhile 10:0 theme let'sel
10:04 am
go ahead and check what else is trending on this monday. monda first up, have you seen it? it is trending.s ding. beyonce' sixth studio album lemonade she premiered her houru with an hour long special on h hbo. there were spoken poetry,, personal video of her family and live out of the spotlight and a racy lyric.ic. her new songs implied severaledr times there may have been indeld will the in her marriage to jay-z.jay-z. the couple has never addressed those rumors. rors. bee john say says the album alb title is the tribute to her h grandmother lemonade is i available on her hub's music streaming sight tidal she's's actually coach owner andly coacn available oner i tunes and alsoa you can pre order it on amazon.n >> i actually thought it was tribute to jay-z's grant mothere >> because she made the commentm live has given me lemons butsut i've made lemonade. lemonade. >> i think you're right.nk maybe that was a misspoke, miss
10:05 am
written. >> one of the grandmother.ndmot. >> she's winning any time she ae does anything, lemonade and nown everybody talking about it it's' all on tv. beyonce' is winning whetherng w she's got the marital problemsbl or not.ot she's winning.e's winning >> one person said even if yound didn't watch the video the factf that we're all talking aboutng a you're curious to hear the song. for those who aren't fans now fn you're getting -- you're winni winning. winning.wi >> go b. >> we'll go more on it right now because there's one particular song beyonce' drops a hint att who may have been on her husba husband's side as inside chick.i in sorry beyonce' make the reference to she sings about how her husband jaycee should get a hold of becky witness good hairi people are speculating that tt becky is rachel rohrer. rohr. she's a fashion designer thatt was once speculated to be jay-z's lover.. her ex-husband damon dash usedse to be business partners with jay-z. rohrer took to instagram hoursam after the album released sayingn good hair don't care but we wile take good lighting for selfi
10:06 am
or self truths always. always. we may never know the truth is rohrer becky? >> now it's long been the rumore more as well as rumors that jay-z hooked up with rihanna and rita ora but it's believed thatt roar is the reason solangen soln attacked her brother-in-law jay-z in the elevator rememberrm that incident it happened back in 2014.01 reports say solange felt thatela roar and jay were just way too close.clos roar took to twitter yesterdayee after a social media fire stormo was set off.ff roar says she doesn't stand for bullying.bu she said i respect love, marriages, families and strengtn what shouldn't be tolerated byy anyone no matter what is bullying of any kind. >> wow!>> wow >> that's a lot going on there. >> yeah.>> yea >> a lot of airing your dirty dr laundry.undr >> if she had nothing to do witt it why post the whole good haird don't care whatever comments she posted.ed just be quiet. quiet why say anything and then you'rr going raise the ire of everyonen
10:07 am
have people read into it. rd ino just shut up and move on. >> it's also interesting why beyonce' would pitt out there.t >> i think it's cathartic for r.r. if something is happening maybeg it's cathartic. >> maybe they want attention. >> you're being looked at as a home wrecker. she is beautiful.utiful >> besides the fact shut up.p. >> drama. >> absolutely.>> abs >> absolutely. final farewell to music icon prince.prince. prince's remains were creame cre mated following an autopsy onn his body private ceremony of livelive ceremony was held on saturday. r that wasn't the only way that ht was remembered tributes to thete legendary prince poured in alldn weekend including a specialal saturday night life which showee his past performances on thehe show and skits about inn clueing this tribute from saturday night live prince wases the focus of the special episo episode. he was hosted by tonight show sw host jimmy fallon the show tilee good night sweet prince had reips -- featured clips of thetu artists pfo
10:08 am
night live over the past fouraso decades. that's early video right there.e from the vong party up. ♪ >> this is footage of prince'ss performance at an after partyty following the snl 40th anniversary special last year. tributes show schedule s informu l rerun. l pretty cool.prl. always good to see artistsrtis performing like that. >> ♪ >> bruce springsteen and the e e street band delivered a stirring performance of prince's purple e reign last night in brooklyn.. springsteen along with prince wp and michael jackson all dominator the air waves in thete '80s. while and he prince hade h dramatically different styles, f they both shared a reputation for stirring life concerts. springsteen ende
10:09 am
by pointing to the season andn a simply saying "prince, we love you". >> that's good stuff. sff >> good way to pay respects.. >> meanwhile sales of prince'ric music sky rocked since his deatd last week.. according to nielsen music inn i the three days after his death,a there were 2.3 million princerie song inn clueing nearly 1 million on thursday.ur the most downloaded song, purple reign followed by when doves cry, little red corvette anddtt let's go crazy. >> i'm telling you the more it sinks in the more difficult itft becomes. as i said, i wasn't a super fan. but just hearing about him and a knowing how his music moved me m as a young person, you know,ou o just hearing all of that itt it makes -- it -- i'm profoundlyfon sad at the loss of this legend n and just hearing about his humanitarian side that speakst e volumes he definitely is someone who will be missed tremendously. >> he clearly wasn't old by any stretch of the imagination.
10:10 am
>> he's one of those you thoughy would always be around and be be around for long time. tim >> he put out so much music i'm sure his catalog or his vault oo wherever he kept his music heus was in there all the time. t it was his home. h so i'm sure there's music that a we're probably going hear from o prince for long time >> let's hope so. let's >> yeah. >> we get comfort in that.omfo >> yes.>> y >> it was a rally in the realm last night. game of thrones premiered itsmid sixth season to the excitementit and anticipation of millions off fans. the show picked up it where itri left off last year with joe nonn however you can get no spoilersr here, people. peo >> oh, man.>> o man >> fans were treat to do otherdh major developments including adg shocking reveal at the end. if you're just jumping on thisn band wagon the show runners havh said this season is the best y yet. will you understand it? >> exactlynd. >> how many seasons are we inasn now did you say? s >> i don't know. >> i think it said season >> i can get all of that. all i can't go back that far.
10:11 am
>> yeah. game of thrones might be must see tv but so too is this snow n show right near good day d.c. now you can see it again if youu happen to miss us on fox5. >> that's because beginningca today the entire two hours of of good day d.c. will be on w d.c. a channel 20.el it will run again. again >> you act like you didn't knowk about this.t th >> i was on the big meeting when we made this decision.n >> i had day off.ff >> when we made the decision. ds >> you didn't make the decision. >> i herd you. y >> i just read it.usread that's how i know.w monday through friday from 11 f a.m. to 1:00 p.m..m >> that's awesome. aweso >> there you go.>> >> i love it.>> i love >> if you missed all themiss shenanigans on the first time ft around you can flip it over. >> double dose of good day d.c.. >> people are like no.e like no. >> you want to so somethingto sh again. >> there you go. >> like wisdom belting out prince. >> we want to go back and watch it. it we can go back and watch it.atch that's exciting. >> 10:11. don't doze off, because live in the lot of media mogul ariana huffington says we're in thee'
10:12 am
the startling stats and what you need to know. >> but first kelly's come back.. the kim k backlash and drake ane does it the good day celebrity dish served up hot next. time now 10:12. 10:12 ♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
♪ all right. rig more information that a bad bad tweet from kardashian on tuesdad it is time for good day day celebrity dish.y d >> all right. all rht >> first up, we got update onn the life with kelly and michaelm drama.ama. >> ut-oh. >> the co-stars will both behinh the desk tomorrow morning.. >> what? >> yeah. ne in for that after kelly's k near week long absence, absence according to people magazine,agn michael is excited to have her back.back he understands her frustrationra and pain but it was all out of o his hands. hands. kelly wrote an e-mail to the staff thanking them for givingig her time to process this quote new tomorrow will be the first timef kelly and michael were reunitede on camera since michael nounedou had he was leaving the show to s work full time on good morningdm america.. >> oh, my gosh.>> now everybody is going to be got tuning in to see what's going to happen.happen. >> will she say anything or jus
10:16 am
>> they'll say something if absolutely. >> they'll act like they're act totally in love.tall >> oh yeah. >> it will be like oh, hey, hey. >> i'm just so all right you'reo leaving. >> he'll be like okay kelly buty i have to go. >> that was pretty good.oo >> if they talked like that. tat >> right exactly. exact. >> wow. >> moving on. movin beyonce' all but stopped timeedm with her hbo special lemonade ln and created even bigger frenzyre when it was a nonned shortlyhort after she had released surprisee album on tidal but one person po didn't get the memo surprise -- surprise kim kardashian.arsh >> mother of two went on a kanye style twitter rampage with w bondage esk tweets/photos around the same time that lemonadeade news -- lemonade news broke. >> i get that. t >> now i get it. >> now i get it. now i >> of course, the beehive firesf back with the overall message ma of, don't be so thirsty kimmieii k. these are the only 2tv friendlyy photos that she posted.
10:17 am
>> okay. is she just mad she didn't knowk is that the thing? she wasn'ths given a heads up? >> oh! >> i see. s >> she got jealous that beyoncen was >> right. >> right.>>ht exactly. she wasn't.n't. >> beyonce' broke the internet.r >> i'm the only one that breaknt the internet if exact.xact. >> oh, children.ldn >> children, children. chi knock it off okay.>> we'll move on.. another celeb who should shl apparently stay off social media justin beiber. bbe your favorite.orite his management is now denying di claims that he made a snide s comment in the wake of prince's death.ath. guitarist andrew watt took to instagram to mourn prince's pa passing and called prince quoteo the last of the greatest livingg performer. page six is claiming someoneg so claiming to be berber the lastt greatest living perform mary.rmr beiber was blasted for theor the comment but his management saysm it's a fake. still no word from beiber
10:18 am
the incident. >> i hope he didn't do that. >> i hope he was smarter andhe that that. >> if he likes himself so much -- look at himself so much esche go and love himself. >> leave prince alone. i'm just saying. say. >> i hate to admit.dmit. that is a good song. >> drake gets revealed his covec for upcoming album titled viewsv from the sixth at an event e yesterday drake toll fans thee o album has 20 songs for them to additionally drake's tour was announced on live nation site s before it was pulled down. sight called the tours summer 16 tour and listed future as a tour mate. mate. tickets go on sale onen april 29th.l 29th the same day the album will be >> ladies, listen up.ies, lten . i have potential good news for you. u bad news, though, for zach efr efron. sounds like there's some trouble in paradise. the 28-year-old actor deletedel any sign of himself with
10:19 am
instagram account and unfolloweo her on twitter. >> what? >> yes. of course, the two were together at an award show just a couple c of week ago.go but perhaps things on the outs. >> huh. h that's >> i didn't know he was datingen anyone.. >> when you start deletingou people that's serious. >> when you start unfollowing them --em >> that's surreal. that'ea >> it's >> yeah. >> kanye west making headlines,s after he interrupted his friendn at a lavish wedding in miami. now take look how it all went down. >> ut-oh.. >> i'll let you finish. (laughter).. >> obviously this was all in good fun kanye was making fun of his trunk of taylor swift at the 2009mtv awards.. >> so -- >> i'm kind of tired of that.oft i'll b
10:20 am
it is kind of old. of >> run its course.. >> come up with something else.e new this morning, we're getting our first look of singee kelly clarkson and her husband's second child. c the singer posted -- >> aww. >> two adorable photos of the te line of the baby boy namedamed remington alexander black stock. >> wow!>> wow! >> the tweet says meet re movement i our newest additionit to the familiar.he f 33-year-old grammy winner andgrn her husband brandon have a daughter two-year-old river >> river and remi.>> that's cute. >> i love those names.the nam >> so cute. so love it, love it, love it.t. >> beyond cute. >> great last name. blackstock. >> it's strong.>> remington blac blackstock glikei a super hero or eight. >> cute babies kelly. kelly >> early mother' days gift fromo kevin mccarthy. he is sitting down with jason in he day kiss and -- is he day kiss and jennifer aniston
10:21 am
stars of the brand newcomb bee mother' day.'ay is the sky falling in prince george's bob barnard is on the case.e he'll join us live next. what is that? hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it
10:22 am
♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
10:23 am
♪ happening now several people seeking answers to this questi question. did a meteorite strike a woodede area in prince george's countycg and start a fire? speculation growing since the bowie volunteer fire departmente tweeted these pictures earl eari
10:24 am
morning. bob barnard found the charredhea crater.crer bob, the truth is out there. th. have you found it? >> reporter: well, it's intriguing to say the least t l maureen. we have found it. h we're at whitemarsh park it's aa wooded area in bowie here and ww had to do a bit of hikingf hikig through the woods and up a hilll here and you can see the s t remnants of a fire from thiss weekend sunday there was brushew fire and the cause is over hereh to the right.he right. we believe this is the pittve tt where the fire started. it is a crater. was it created last night, yesterday, was it some time ago, was it manmade or heavenly sent. we just don't know.'t k but this is it. it. you see the charred remains of some trees here branches rootsht what have you and this is the pitt. you mentioned the bowie volunteer fire department we'llp show one of the photographs. the rock that they apparentlyppy found here after putting out thr fire which they believe perhapsa is a meteor.. perhaps fell from the sky.he s we're not really sure buture
10:25 am
gentleman with the marylandan forest service.fore you're a firefighter, geologist, scientist, star >> firefighter and forest tree.e >> brian, when you see this see right away you cast some doubt u on this notion that it might itm have been a >> that's correct. based on what we've seen hereene today, we haven't seen any impact, evidence an impact thrown dirt, blown out trees,, we've seen plenty of leaves thae are burned around the perimeter which would indicate that theict pitt has been here for sometimem >> reporter: gotcha.r:cha. clearly that was fire here andid there is a hole in the groundrod that maybe it was a past meteorm or doug perhaps by people? can? you tell? yo >> that is possible. possi we do occasionally find pits out in the woods generally not this large.rge. it's right now we don't knowdo o what -- who or what actually createcreated this pitt but somo believe did burn it last night g and obviously it got away fromyf them. >> reporter: not necessarily a meteor or meter right. r
10:26 am
one of things brian pointed outd you got a rusted old chair hereh and there's some bottles andesnd things around so clearly people have hung out in this part of p the woods again we calling cal whitemarsh park the nearest t ne entry we're behind a neighborhood here.ho it wasod intrigue enough to thet firefighters with bowie who area here and put this out. o they saw this crater.ra they saw that rock.oc and they thought perhaps it was a meteor or meteorite heavenly sent the verdict is still out. o let's put that it way, guys. the professionals, the expertsts in our opinion have some doubtsu but it's intriguing to think ofk i would say, rye, guys? >> it is intriguing.. >> wow!>> wow >> thanks, bob.nks, >> um-hmm. >> reporter: guys, if i'm not in with you in the morning thatha means we couldn't find our waydn out of here.ou here. >> exactly. >> we may not find our way.. >> and the plot thickens.thick >> hopefully see you tomorrow.ow >> don't walk into the light,k l bob. don't walk into the light.thligh >> exactly. >> still ahead on good day,
10:27 am
ariana huffington's new book the sleep revolution says we're inri the middle of a sleep crisisepri affecting everything from hourrg health to our job performance. so here's big million dollar dla question, right? how can you yu change it? she is live op bedep in the loft to tell us all aboua it coming up next. >> how cool is that. >> ♪
10:28 am
i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
10:30 am
>> there's an old saying only three thing you have to do inyo the world. eat, sleep and pay tacks, rightg >> but for millions every peoplo sleep is a luxury.sleep is a l it's not a priorituxy.y some of us here at fox5 are5re about as guilty as they check it out.. >> it's about 2:24. 10 minutes earlier than ier t normally wake up.ake only because i was pretty much c nervous about doing this because i had a restless night. but those are the breaks. bak >> all right. allight. it's 2:00 in the it's time to get up, rise ande shine. oh, my g
10:31 am >> who is that?>> >> you got to do what you got to .o. >> time to make coffee and all d this other stuff and get ready for work. all right. rht >> okay. don't be alarmed. this is what i look like when ie get up at the ungodly hour of 2:30 so this is how i do it. i set three alarm. one for 2:20.20. just to kind of prepare myself s need to get up in 10 minutes. ms we know it's going to hurt. h i'm doing relatively okay.el o i go ahead and get up on the one at 2:30 if aisle i'm on then t struggle bus i have one set for 2:40 to make sure i don't miss (laughter). >> that was me making my coffee. >> holly had her lights >> i was down in my kitcheny kie making coffee and take that nectar of the gods with me toh the shower and take it in the in shower with m what's more amazing how did they convince to us put ourselves ono tv looking like that.
10:32 am
>> i said i have to work on this because -- i sounded like barrya white. >> you did. >> look. those were a snapshot from justs this morning.orning the average adults between sevev and nine hours of sleep a nightg i get that over throw days. but in average week betweenet work, family and our phones itst doesn't happen. hap and that can have majorajor consequences on our health, job performance, relationships and happiness. and thanks to the new book the e sleep revolution we are learninn all about the link between sleee and success. and the vital role that sleep se plays in every waking moment ofo our lives.our li. ariana huffington is the authort she's also the co-founder and editor-in-chief of theorn-chiefe huffington post and we are soane honored to have her in the loftf with us today to talk about jusj the importance of getting a gooo night's rest.t >> i'm so happy to be with you.u >> thank you for joining us. >> you guys really need me. nd >> we do.>> we do. we do
10:33 am
>> first thing to realize how h important sleep affects ourff health and activity.ity we're more productive.. we get less sleep we're not we'n because we're not as wise, we'r' not as smart our memories are not as present for us. so when you get to the secondec part of the book it's all aboutt the little things you can do to makm work.wo like sleeping with your phone be your bed.your bed >> i can't help it. i c i mean we're in thisn technological age you need youry phone. ph >> you don't need your >> i need to know what's going on. >> not when you're sleeping. sep >> what if my parents in chicagi call haven't an emergency. emeen >> i have a simple solution. sut i have two daughters via dumb vd phone that i give to them. it has nothing except that number. somebody needs to reach in youoe an emergency, give them thatm t phone number.umbe but there needs to be clear red line between the day and the sleep time. when you recharge.harge. >> before t
10:34 am
specific tips, though, how do we get to this point? you knowouno what i'm saying my thing i can never -- i don't feel enough fgh time in my day for sleep. >> i understand you have a veryr good point.. our culture does not value sle sleep. i mean men especially not youotu i'm sure because you are too end lightened.. other men brag about how muchhoc sleep they need and they wear ii like a badge honor.. you congratulated for working 24/7 scientists tell us is thelt equivalent of coming to work drunk.unk >> really? >> we're drunk every day. >> i think i read in your bookor is this true or someone made the analogy sleep deprivation liketk the new smoking.king >> absolute.bsol >> it's that bad for b >> new smoking and very soon iys think it's going to become cleac that we -- that sleep is notot negotiable. once you make it priority thee r foundation of health andlthnd performance and now sleep
10:35 am
kobe bryant and andre from the warriors prioritized sleep and d you see their stats this is not like an nary fairy i thing it's about performance are i don't know happiness.ap >> you came to this realizationn after a serious situation foronr you. talk about what made you say,ous you know what, i've been doing d this all wrong i need to dial il back and sleep is important.mpot >> exactly. when you say dial it back, you , know, i'm more productive now. n but what happened to me that i collapsed from exhaustion andin sleep deprivation hit my head oh the way down, broke my cheek myh bone and as i came to in my on n pool of blood high to recognizei that i had become a victim off this dilution that i had to burn out to succeed which is tollly untrue. and now just by changing a few habits, you know, it's not big overwhelming change in your like not charging your phones bb your bed. >> oh hx.
10:36 am
i don't know if any of you are parents but you transition youru child to sleep.ild to s you give it a bath, you put it in his jammies you sing eighteih lullaby. >> we do that. >> real quick i want to know --o before you go give the tips howw did you come up with these tips? how did you come up with thiss information?rmation? >> absolute science. abs everything i have here is have i databased.. as you can see you don't havee have read them but they're there 50 pages of scientific notes because we have this golden agen of sleep science now.. and we see the connection concto between sleep deprivation andden weight, for example. example a lot of people set the alarm oo to go to the gym because theyhem want to lose weight.t. done. sleeping, much because if you go to the gym gym sleep deprived your body all dad is going to crave sugars and carbs.carb the very things that put on weight. >> you're giving us tips.'re gi we want to head over to the bede i'll walk with you here.withou h give us more tips.. >> sleep revolution mask.ol mas.
10:37 am
>> that is beautiful and silk sl because you said -- sd >> i need it i'll take this with me. i have dibs on this.s >> i have locks on my doors tol keep the kids out.ids out. i don't need that mask.ha m i just lock the door. dr >> wait until your mom gets home g don't mind mhoing my knee.oldk i'm actually holdin holding eare here. >> you have 12 tips for betteret sleep you come up with.p w you talk about keeping the roomo dark which is i mean it seems s like a no brainer i was thinkinn about this my room is not dark. >> so easy if you don't have block out carotenes put an eyeye mask. >> that's true make it beautif beautiful. >> that's true.>>t's >> you are rook looking forwardr to putting the on. >> we talked bout no locateut ne electronic devices.electric devs don't charge your phone next tot your bed.ur b no caffeine after 2:00 p.m.? >> what? >> if you still want to drinkwad coffee make it >> that's true.>> >> important thing is not tohint have caffeine in your body whicc is going to make it harder toarr fall asleep.fa asl >> okay. i like this one. one remember your bed is for sleep p and sex only. no work. work.
10:38 am
>> i can deal with that. >> okay. incidentally when you get enough sleep, you have a better chancec of getting sex. s did you know that?hat >> say that again. >> what? w (laughter). >> right. >> you're not exhausted the lasd thing you want is sex. >> okay. no pets in bed. you say takeno a hot bath withwh epsom salts before bed it calms your body.yo >> or shower if you don't likeeo baths.ths. >> pajamas not dress in speciale t shirts sleep massages yoursour body. if you wore it to the gym don'td wear it to bed. >> you need -- your brain getset confusing messages are we goinge to the gym or powering down. >> i would have never made that correlation.elatio comfy sweats g to sleep.eats gop why not. >> not the same.>> not the we need to kindle our romance r with sleep.with sleep. if you have like a pretty nighte >> hell hoe. >> or something. even if you're sleeping alonerep and beautiful silkk, youask, y feel like you want to get -- g - >> it does make me want to --
10:39 am
>> yes, i do.. >> and you say do light stretching, deep breathing yogaa type med day tiff exercises.xe >> these are all chances.ll cnc you can pick anything from thish manual. ma the important thing to haveant transition you into he had toado slow down your brain. bin what wakes you up in the middlee of the night is your mind thattt is still going through the the incompletions of the date.he d what you have to do tomorrow. tr what you are worried about.. so if by having this littletle transition, you slow down yournu brain and you're able to sleepep deeply and wake up fully recharged you.. >> say when reading a book makek it a real book or e reader thata does not e mate blue light and a ease yourself into sleep by dreaming camomile or lavender tea. >> if you want something warm,ng you know, soothing, lavenderaver tea, camomile tea, licorice teat they're great when you read thea book it's a great thing if tng anybody is reading this book ini bed and they fall asleep, i will consider it the best book.oo
10:40 am
than an i pad you're reading it. reading makes you begin to dozez off and -- and - >> you can drop it. y >> all the way down.oull the d nothing >> nothing break.>> b last but not least you say write a list of what your gratefulr gu for. a great wake to make sure your o blessings get the closing sceneg of the night. >> i love that.that >> i write thee thing every tnge night i'm grateful for.tefu they can be little things likens my fabulous cappucino thishi they don't have to be earthh shattering things otherwise wetr go to bed of thinking all thegll things that went wrong that day. >> the sleep revolution --olio >> you're going to read -- i'ma- going to read it. it. i'm the newest one on the shifti a lost things you say are debt d trim of not sleeping enough.inno i feel the effects. eec so i'm going to take this toak i heart and see how i can change it. maybe you come back and we'll give you progress report.s ror >> e-mail me i'll give you my ym e-mail address. ariana at huffington
10:41 am
i'm so passionate about i'llut i answer your questions.uesio we have a sleep revolution.evol >> i believe so, too. i b you're sticking around with uss because we will ask you questions from your other life,, politics want not. we cannot have you here and talk about that. >> let's talk about how sleepowe deprived politicians are.icns a. >> i'm sure. i'm supposed to the tease i'mea not sure exactly what i'm sayi saying. >> you're staying with u >> if you had slept you would se know. >> i need sleep.>> thon note, we'll be back after this. this. wait a minute, i'll start zzz's.
10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
♪ >> we are back now at 10:44.: we've been talking with ariana huffington about her new bookoo sleep revolution. we can't knowing the c't presidential race and all thell drama that is unfolding on thenn campaign trail.campai so we wanted to give fox political reporter ronica cleare a chance to pick ariana's mine.m those two are chatting it up in the loft now. now. good morning once again good ood good morning holly.od morni >> one of the thing you choked about the candidates on the the trail not getting enough sleep.e i remember when i used to be onb the trail following kris tee, i was an exhausting schedule andnd regimen. what do you make of how politics has become this 24 hour cycle ce and there's no sleep.le does that affect decisions and d
10:45 am
they're there? >> absolutely. definitely affects decisions. you can see. s in fact if you look at the candidates a lot of them are displaying inn clueing donaldd trump, you know, what the american economy of sleep medicine describe symptoms ofsyo chronic sleep deprivation. inability to process simple information, mood swings, anger outbursts, false memories, and a saying something you have to retract and i feel it would beod in the interest of the nation if politicians actually got enough sleep. they would make better decisions and you see right now politicians will never be seensn in public smoking. smo there is a time when they would smoke.smok now, this is totallyotally unacceptable.. but there will be seen in public exhausted. they will even brag about but in fact, being exhausted as a leader and sleep deprived hasd huge consequence
10:46 am
decisions you make and therefore the fate of the country. >> i mean but we have such thisi inn say shall demand 40.em i feel like they must be inste this, you know, difficult spotlt they want to react to that andhd interact with the people all the time. ti >> but the truth is that sayingg the wrong thing making the wrong decision and having to retractac is definitely worse both for thr campaign and for the public. pui >> i want to ask you about someo news that came out late last night that now john kasich and ted cruz they have sort ofot o joined forces to work together t to stop donald trump by splitting how they manage theget upcoming primaries if they can y do well in them that maybe theyt can get to this contestedt convention.nv donald trump responded. respondd i think he call it conclusion.o. what is going on and do yound do think that's a smart strategy ty make public?c? >> well, i think what matters mt now for everybody who believesel that donald trump would be very
10:47 am
dangerous nominee for the f t republican party and dangerous president is to do everything eg they can legally and within thee rules to make sure he does notds arrive at convention with all al the delegates he would need toet be the nominee at the firsthe ft ballot.ll. because if he's not the nomineen at the first ballot, it's goingg much harder for him to be thehe nominee at the second ballot. bl it is ironic here, donald trump is losing when it comes to deal you know, he's supposed to bese this master of the deal.l he can't even make a deal with t his own how is he going to go and make k deal with the president ofside o mexico to pay for the wall whenw he can't -- he's being out bei maneuver again and again by others within the republican party?part >> one thing i know thisnow t happened few months ago, but it really struck me when the huffington post first made thete decision to cover donald trump in the entertainment section ani e
10:48 am
decided to move him to news toew because you felt that this --hi the people needed to understandn what was going on. take me through that briefly. bi we have about a minute and justs today they say that he is moreoe do you think you may -- you would have made a different dife decision that he come in with wt this race with the style he hass today. >> no i don't, we don't havee amnesia.amsia we believe very strongly that our decision was absolutelyel perfect decision.isin you know, donald trump is little bit like king eighty one 81.1. he's a bafoon and he's dangero dangerous. so he's a bafoon for as long asg we could until the day that he h called on the nation to ban 1.6 billion muslims end and tyrr live john this is so americanmea this has never ever happened ini american politics, and from thah moment we started covering himih as a clear and present danger dn and at the
10:49 am
that mentions him, we have an editor's note, reminding our readers that he's a burr czarar who still believes obama wasn't' born here which is like is believing certainly flat, thatrt he's regularlyai insightinging violence at his that's a he's a racist. r that he's a sexist. sexis that he's a zen neophobe. nph people need to remember that. t i don't really care how he acts he is who he is.. >> i appreciate those -- your yr tell me quickly, you mentioneden where you'll be tonight.u' be >> you want me to tell youol you quickly how i'm feeling? feeling >> i know.>> i k (laughter).ter) >> i appreciate some honesty iny this business. bus trust equippingly tell me where you'lu be tonight. >> tonight at 7:45 i'm going tog be speaking at the beautiful bef synagogue on sixth and i and i would love any of your viewersre who want to come and hear mee speak to come there.he >> thank you so much.ouc just reminder her now book t
10:50 am
sleep revolution is availableava now. >> it was a new york times best seller. >> we'd love to come see you but we'll be asleep.eep >> that's more important. >> there you go. >> it was so great having youg thank you.thk yo >> thank you very much.hank >> she was just voted one of people -- people's magazine'sag' most beautiful jennifer aniston is sitting dowd with kevin he talks the new movie mother'ss day with her and comedian jason sudeikis coming up next. hey mom, i could use some basil. sudeikis coming up next. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary.
10:51 am
life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together.
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10:53 am
>> okay. you got like five dozen different recorded versions of the play you complete the missed right there. walk over there and ask one of them to row play it for you you'll see you're wlirongpl, wel within the game and you canan stumble home with your seeingoue eye dogs.eye dogs >> that's it. yellow car! c >> yellow card.w are you -- y >> oh he blue another man'san's whistle. >> did you just blow my whistlei >> dam right. >> do you not blow another man's whistle. >> you do when he blows the gamg for you.r you >> wow. >> deep right there.eep rit th >> that's clip from the romantii comedy mother's day stars jason sudeikis and people's
10:54 am
jennifer aniston. the fifth film they work together and kevin got a chancet to sit down with both of them. e check it out.ut >> i love the sequence when you go for the job interview withob julia roberts.ju amazing sence. and it's just amazing how it h turns out but i'm wondering forf each of you, do you remember your first job interview? just job in general. gener it could be audition but innut i general your first job intervi interview. >> oh, god. >> yes. >> i don't own remember -- i just remember working at sadudo's.du >> which was. >> on ice cream store.e cr >> i feel like i knew that. >> it's not there any more.or >> i don't know where it is.'t r >> what did you do there. tre >> i served ace i was so chubby.hubby. (laughter).ghr) >> i literally was -- i'd make a shake, milkshake and little le left. >> absolute. makes all the sense in theth world. >> why waste that? >> yeah. >> i love this.>> i love th >> you're like're you're advertising when theyhen walk in. >> hmm, this is a good one.goode >> trust me. >> i daveed it. davee the really good.the really g >> great line in the movie whch
10:55 am
stuck with me a lot. l we're not who the world think ti we are we decide who we what does that line mean like yous to acts obviously we see you in the pub leu. we see you your careers.r cee >> it's not just us.not us like we've been, you know, people asked about social mediam even the way everybody is famoum within their own household orhod their own school or own community.ity. >> sure. what we presenting ourselves the avatar we're giving away to away people may not be that wonderf wonderful. facebook and social mode ya people are trying to keep up with the facad se they're onlyyl offering up the best self. >> best self. >> the place they've gone andvee interesting meals they've had.hh nobody is doing pictures of the ram men. or the pizza -- >> some of them are. >> that's a ram men.en. >> ram men is awesome. asome >> i'm love ram men. it doesn't photograph well.grap. >> yeah.
10:56 am
>> mother's day hits theaters tr this coming friday.riy >> all right. a looks like a good film. >> it look like it would be l entertaining. not going to change the world.nw probably going to laugh outloudo a couple of times.f times. >> that's about it.>> t >> is mother's day huge weekend for opening movies? i don't? d think so. this is not mother' day weekendd it's coming out this weekend ana the week before mother's day.r's >> i see.>> i >> just so you get mother's dayd right.ght. >> may eighth. >> we have a couple tweets.we let's read those before we go tt gary snoozing in our bed over bo there.. >> getting his sleep on. >> sleep deprivation shouldvatin never be taken lightly.ight i see for myself good day dc. >> thank you. >> omg,. o. >> loving ari nan huffington huo good day d.c. right now preaching the word from of the t real drum.real d >> she was so i like her. h >> repeats of good day d.c. hash tag win on w d.c. a fromm 11:00 to 1:00. >> yes.>> yes. >> all right.>> a >> okay. oy. >> making sure. mak let's get a shot gary. gary. he t
10:57 am
us it will be hot all day.e hotd >> all bye ya'll.. >> gary, always sleeping the job. >> see you tomorrow. >> look at him.
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> the kids have come to play today. >> i won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. no changes. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching our show. [ cheers and applause ] hello!


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