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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 26, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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when life hands you lemons you made lemonade.u de lemonade. but what if you're not beyonce' how do deal with a cheater a cat especially if you want to stay s in plus, the new clues that could o reveal who becky with the good d hair really is. and later, let me takee selfie. bryce harper and bruce springsteen surprising fansurin witness pictures of a lifetime.. good day at 9a starts now.. ♪ >> let me take selfie. >> wait, me, too. wait.. >> wait. >> we shall take a selfie.l >> ready? >> ♪ oh, yes, it's 9:00 o'clock0c and it's time to give moreor information and more a m entertainment than goldenolde warriors chances without stephhs curry an selfie, too.oo >> let me take selfie.el >> good day dc. it's tuesday, april 26th.pril 2t i'm wisdom martin alongside the selfie taking holly morris, steve chenevey maureen umeh. and myself.. >> he
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also ahead this morning chrisngc cool l join us here in the lofte and we'll talk about pressing pg his new radio gig to redskins r off season moves to deflate-ga deflate-gate, trademark fight those comments he made about, ts rgiii that didn't h set well wiw wisdom martin. martin. if we can get all this in in in couple of minutes we'll covers r it. >> is that the whole hour.ou >> that's a full hour. hou in the second block of the show. >> gary has nothing on us today. it will feel like summer.e sum a chance for some summer likeik >> yeah. >> you like the storm, tuck?sto? >> i mean weather wise they'reee interesting.interestin i don't like it when my powerenm goes out for six days.ix ds. >> none douse. dou >> wisdom just showed how good g he is by referencing the goldenl state and a selfie all in then same sentence.e >> that's why he gets the big bucks? >> is that right. is >> that's why he gets a buck. >> okay. that's more like it. g >> all right. let's do it. yes, storms will be thishis afternoon not so much thissouch morning, but certainly somely s summer heat building today. 69 in washington.ashington. look at the mountains martinsburg
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72 in winchester. culpeper 72 we're i wasn't and running forecast mid to upper 80s this afternoon with plenty t of heat and plenty of steamf st building up ahead of our frontal system as well.stem all right. we've got a front off to the oft north and west this is sort ofto round one.und o most of this should fall apartla before it moves on through but it will bring us cloud cover,ov and then we'll get round two two this afternoon and cooler and drier air particularly coolercuc air that will start to filter ir later tonight.onight. so daytime highs tonight mid 80s. look for the possibility of some scattered thunderstormshund developing mid to late afterno afternoon. a few storms could be strong ind fa bct we'll take a look here.e. and then as we get into the t nighttime hours we'll start toet see that cooler air work in. in all right. rig. officially slight risk i gotot expanded in somewhat in a past couple of hours off at the westt slight risk for severe weatherev that would include the biggest marker severe weather we got tot watch for winds gusting tong t perhaps 60 miles an hour. forecast today don't forget to
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get out in vote if you're inen maryland.ry not virginia, right guys.s. >> just maryland.usmary winds southwest 15 to 20. 2 delay late day stormse da sto developing. seven day has coolerhaole temperatures on the way.erures i'll have those for you.osfor back to you. to you. >> appreciate it, tucker barnesu see you let's start off with seriour news in prince george's countyig police left the scene avenuet t deadly shooting that happenedate this morning.orng >> four people were gunned downd one of those victims a she died from her injuries.njure now this all happened around 1:00 their this on hillmar drivi in forestville.tvill melanie alnwick is live inlive i forestville this morning withs i the latest.latest. hey, mel. m >> reporter: good morning, mni guys.ys. yeah, right here mind eon hillmar in that driveway areavey that's where the woman' body lal for about six hours this morni morning. while police continued the investigation. they had a police car parked ina front of it forkr privacy, but certainly the whole scene was disturbing to people who live in this area.this looked to be a big -- large lge spray of gunfire up and downhi downhillmar drive.
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we counseled at least 20 lst evidence markers and they'rend still debris on the street from vehicle's window that was shouto as wl. the result that one woman whoomw still yet identified to the media was deceased here on the scene.ene. police tell us after theyfter t arrived here at 1:30 in the morning also found those threeht other victims, one in criticalcl condition, two with non-lifeh nl threatening no updates on their conditionson yet except this last word we w were told they were all still in the hospital. hpi it is the kind of thing that neighbors in this area tell usal they are really tired of. o >> this is our neighborhood.boro i have a little six-year-old isaia and, um, you know, henow,h can't come out and play becausee we're scared of things like that would happen.would ppen it's sad. it really is sad. s >> reporter: this is not -- -- this is the latest crime butme b certainly not the only just in in the last several sev nt
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was a homicide up at the gas gas station on the street there.. and then just few months, a month ago just a few weeks ago,o actually, we had that horrible i case of a homicide a man who waw shot and set on fire. also, here further downhillmar drive people are saying this iss a hot spot. st it needs a lot more attentionon they need this type of violencee in this community to stop. sto we do not have any more information from prince george'c county police as far as suspectt or exactly what was going on, go but neighbors in the area seem s to believe that there's somere'm kind of activity that happens regularly on this corner and they're hoping that perhaps soms surveillance footage from some o of the nearby apartments mightst help bring closure to this cases live in forestville, melanieelae alnwick. back to you guys.back to you >> let's stay in maryland rightr now it's primary day today.od the polls opened at 7:00 o'cloc' this morning.this m voting well underway by now.y >> hillary clinton and donald an trump poised to take the state s no problem.norobl along with four other statesth s holding primaries today butod b several local races are als
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taking center stage in maryland. fox5's bob barnard life in forto washington this morning with thi details.s good morning, bob . >> reporter: hey, maureen, mree, good morning to you.good we are at oxon hill middlelid school here in fort washington.. one of the polling places here.s no school in prince george'sn ie county today.od no school in montgomery county t as a lot of the schools are being used as polling placesinge today. want to tell uh-uh mentioned the presidential primary here in maryland.mary 95 delegates up in the democratic primary.. 38 in the republican primary.. and if you believe the polls, ps hillary clinton and donald trump will best bernie, john and tednd today here in the free state. so that's in the presidentialsit primary.. and three key races here that t have significance for maryland. first, filling the u.s. senateen seat being veigh catted by b barbara mikulski donna edwards,s congresswoman from this area wha will be voting here at oxon hill middle school this hour.ou again hollen congressman from
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montgomery county a campaign which has dealt with racelt wrae issues, party loyalty. loyalty it's been a hot and toward the end growing nasty campaign. cama so we'll look for that. that. whoever wins this primary the te democratic primary chris van hollen or donna edwards likely k to be the next us senator fromaf maryland. the other two big races here ini maryland are to fill the vonon hold len and edwards seats in ss the us house of representatives. first in maryland's eighth ehth congressional distract up formec news anchor and marriottott executive kathleen murphy versuu david trone the businessman.inen you heard his commercials on thc radio. quite a bit here in the last fef months and state senator maryland state senator jamie jie raskin for maryland's eighthsig congressional district, and to t replace donna edwards here in maryland's fourth congressionall district glenn ivy the former states attorney from here in prince george's county and anthony brown the formeror lieutenant governor who lost the gubernatorial race last year to larry hogan.. the polls close at 8:00 o'clockc today.toy. and what we've
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been told by the polling placene judges this morning it's beent'e steady but still fairly lighty t here at least at this oxon hill middle school polling precinct p this morning. guys. >> bob barnard, thank you for thk that. meanwhile megyn kelly andmey donald trump getting ready to gt face to face again. ain it will be fox news host firstos sit down with the gophe g frontrunner since the debateeb last august when they famously sparred over trump's treatment of women.ofomen the interview will air during ad prime time special may 17th.h all right. r time now 9:08 that means it'seas time to check and see what elsee is making headlines thisineshi >> people in oklahoma and acrosc the plains bracing for theci for possibility of severe tornadoes, heavy winds, hail asa large as baseballs will likely k pound the southern region ofeg o oklahoma all the way to southern nebraska.. huge hail stones already pounding central kansas wheresae there were reports of severalors isolated tornadoes.ornado but no damage reported from the funnel clouds.. potential for severe f thunderstorms and possible p tornadoes continued through the week in the plains region. let m
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north carolina 50 protesterser arrested during protests outsido of the state's capital buildingd over the controversial house bill two. t opponents of the bill say it's discriminatory against the lgbtb community and keeps transgender people from choosing them chsing restroom they both associatessss with. supporters say it protectsay children against sexual predat predator. tomorrow brady suspension back on it appeals court restored the nfl four game suspension.n brady was suspended for his involve in many deflate-gate after allegations rose thatns r football what underinflatedundel before a playoff game last year. the second circuit court in newi york reversed federal judge's ruling from so that story goes on. you might have heard thehe e warnings before but apparentlyty they're not getting through.geto more and more children are mor getting sick because they'rehey' eating laundry pods.ods. the gel tablets that kind of thi look like candy for some kidse k have more kids than ever getting extremely ill from ingestingng them. new pediatric study says over so the last two years emergency ery rooms found 20% increase inre
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majority of them were kids under the age of six.the if you use the pods for yours laundry, please keep them safe e place away from a child's reach. finally, do you love givingv your dog a great big hug, of course do you. y unless you're the dog. researchers with psychology today found that dogs reallyuntt don't want to be hug. h hugs actually stress them out.ut >> how do they know?w? >> well -- >> the dogs told them >> the dogs clearly sneakak language understandable by all.. the pooch showing the whites of his eyes or lower the earshe e against the side of his head. the reason for this stress istrs the action immobilize the dog. study dogs much refer a pat onra the head an little rub on the oe belly.. >> but cute pictures.ictus that makes up for it.akes ufo i don't know either.ith to each dog his own. own >> there you go. >> there are dogs out there thau love it. it >> you can't just make a blankea statement like on all dogs.. >> a dog -- until a dog comes uu and tell me they don't like it
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>> if you're going to hug a pitbull or rotweiler or germanot shepherd you may have awen issue >> maybe not. n don't judge --ge- >> maybe not. maybe not >> don't judge the dog.'t j >> i'm just saying. saying. >> just because of the type ofu dog it is. i >> i understand that. >> little chihuahua can be um-hmm.-hmm >> they're gentle giants outre g there, too.theroo. >> okay. >> all right. >> still ahead -- on behalf off all dogs out there.. >> we've spoken.poke >> we're talking shrinkage. shra with the fox medical team.ical t i read. rea i don't write it but, oh, it'sh' not the kind of you're thinkingi of. where was your head? we're w talking about series side effece actually from taking some commom over the counter medications.ic. >> all right. first, though, a new job for former redskins tight end chrisr cooley. he's here to tell us all about a it.. we'll get into some of the other nfl headlines making -- drama making had he lines this morni
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>> we'll be back in a moment.
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♪ all right.l rig work time.wo tim our next guest needs to needs t introduction but we'll give lim any way. chris cooley was all pro tightrt end for the washington redskinsn since then he'd worked as and as lift for the team radio networkk hadn't a gig on espn980.n980. he's adding two jobs resume
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host of the cooley and kevin kev show on espn and coach at bishop o'connell in arlington.rlgton. first he's joining us live in jg the loft with more on his newis roles and talk football.tbl chris cooley and his coast host kevin sheehan g morning to you.y good to see you. seeou >> good morning, wisdom. >> did you like the energy i eni tried to bring to the 15 jobs 1j you guys have.s h >> he's got a new job, too., >> you have two new jobs.ew j you're a coach and radio host.ih >> i'm excited about -- i wore w my shirt. >> you're representing yourse employers. >> i think they have to pay tooy you count as an employer.mploye >> are you vol hun tearing? >> yeah. yh. no. i would never take money foron f something. all for the kids,, s >> i understand.d. i do coaching myself. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> yeah. i won one basketball game.alam one and seven. sev >> this is not about me.s not not about me. >> let's talk about you guys and your new show watch can we can w expect in the new show. n s >> go ahead, coach. >> new show will be sports, manm i thi
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and i think that's the basis ofb what we do. at espn980 sports and local loc sports a lot of redskins. redskn >> lots of redskins talk.s t >> but it's going to be others b things, too. we'll do a lot of redskins likee the station and all sports spo stations in this town. tow cool system a sports nerd whichw a lot of people don't reallyeall recognize.cogniz. he's into everything.veth we'll talk about basketball andd the nats and caps next week the caps --ps >> got to talk about the caps.he >> we'll do a lot of that. tt >> i was also will be talkinglsb about the draft because thedrafh draft is coming up. >> yes.>> >> any idea which direction thei redskins will go in when it'she' draft time.drt ti >> defense. >> i think they're going defensg as well. you can look at receiver because that's a need, but ultimate iltt think they go defense. den if you look down the line youwnn got a couple guys now that contractually could end at theut end of this year you might wantn to enhance that position i thini they go defensive line. my opinion should be three or four good defensive tackles atas that spot.that spot. look in that direction
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>> not a goodie team defensively last year.last if they had been betterr defensivdefensively they may hae another game or two when theynhe got to post season. >> really good annal sis. if he that out scored the othero >> they got josh norman and ther can add to the defensived to t f interior they'll be a bettere a football deem. deem. >> picking of josh nor than thah was a huge pick up. he flew and i figure he wasn'tet leaving once he got here.e he'll be a huge different forug this team, right. rig >> absolutely. will he earn what they're goingg to pay him they're paying him am lot of money.oney. sort of feels like the old dayse but i think it's much differente in this case.his c this guy you heard scott say say yesterday he comes with a work k ethic, and a hunger to be the best and only entering his fiftf year even though he's 28 yearssy old but this phils a huge need with a top flight player. plar. >> another one of the big topics deflate-gate.atte this is a saga that keeps goingi and keeps going.s going now we're yet another level ofro court. what do you guys think aboutys t this? much to do about nothingg should th
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>> both sides just say hey,justh let's just end this now and movd on with our lives.r es >> i think tom brady would haveh led let's end this the wayay around the stubbornness on theon part of goodell and the nfl sayl we have to be right.e rig we have to be able to enforceo r things the way they want tom i n think it's uglt y for the nfl. i think it should have been over. here's the thing after they they check all of the balls and deflate science tom brady went 10-zero to start season.rt s you could give him basketball oo a nerve ball and he'll be the best in the league. l i don't think this impacted thee created a new rule to actuallycl enforce it after a situationitua where they didn't know what the' were doing with it. just became ultimate al joke onl the part of the nfl. n >> it's still going on.. >> it shouldn't be.n't b >> it will continue becausee brady is not going to quit.qui >> right. >> this is goodell stubbornnessr and sort of won here in thein te short term judge berman is voicv cervix of goodell in the leaguea which what i think was lastas september. to me will be the forever standing record because heord be embarrassed them. the he embarrassed the science of if which was a c
9:19 am
for whatever reason, they keepyp pushing forward.pushinforw >> yeah. like you said it's probably egot t'shing with goodel georgia deld like to lose. to i did this.i di i'm not going to lose.o l >> to be fair it may be more tht owners who hate for the patriots.ts >> he got a couple nexts say yoy do not let this go.. >> make them pay. p >> make them pay.>> mak all right. last question here.uestio we're talking about guy noo longer on this team. chris -- >> i know you want to do >> you know i want to do >> this is going to make for mef good tv. >> you would ask about rgiii.uti why does the media do that all l the time? the >> you always bring it up. they always bring up rg3.g3. >> i'll keep his name out of mym mouth. >> here's what we're going toatw do. look, here's what happened. h if you're not familiar withith this, little while ago, chris cr was on the raid -- on your show. >> yeah. >> you had very unflatteringunfg comments about rgiii.. which shock me not the commentsm because, you know, rgiii, whatever, but when you dropped the b word a lot of people youpu went, i think you went too far.r a lot of people thought you went
9:20 am
overboard.erbo ricky john fran choice came to the broadcast and challenged you on a lot of things you weregs y saying. >> i loved that.ha >> you loved that. >> i don't regret any of it i wanting to use the b word. >> you don't say it as a personr he is this.he is t i said in a situation he showedo that he could have that in him.m i would have rescinded thatnded aspect of it just in seeing thee reaction and the twitter world w which is whatever amount of -- - 140 characters. first of all this period.s p it was stumped summed up with wt some other there was a lot that went ont to with robert that he created. cr. there was a lot that went onat w with what the team created and ultimately we're talking aboutko guy that's not here and a guy ii really really like at this poino you say other than when we whenw played cleveland in week wk three -- >> it's over .s er >> let's see what he can do.hatn week four. >> you're the scheduler.chul >> let's see what he can do andn hopefully he has some kind off resurgence in cleveland andlela moves forward in that directionc but not too much because thenaue this organization doesn't lookds good.. >> right, right.>> r
9:21 am
>> a lot of people thought ithoi was some kind of personal thingt with rgiiihi. >> everything -- here was the--e hard spot for me and i think itt will be hard spot for the nextpt couple of years, i plaid with a all of these guys and so i'm s i called their teammate. but in reality i'm not their teammate.te i'm not in the locker room atr t this point any more. point any m my job is to talk about what abo these guys are doing as playerss and what i was talking aboutalko when i used the b word was, a ws moment as a football player. pla it wasn't him outside of thefhe locker room or outside of thef e field.el it was robert as a football it's a strange world, man,orld because there are two roberts to meme there's robert and there'sb rgiii. my job is to talk about rgiii aa football player and that's not,n arc loto isn't like by people.e i struggle to not say how i feel inside with anything. a sometimes it will get me ine trouble. trou but i try to keep it real,eal, buddy. >> i understand that. u anything else you guys want to say about thnde show, what peope can tune in, are they going to g tune into the show and hear morm controversy, mor
9:22 am
actually monday first day we'rew trying to get rgiii on the showo >> are you really? >> really?>>eall >> rgiii monday may second we'rw not sure what time but sometimem between 7:00 and 11am. >> espn980.. >> really. >> we have an app. we have an app. the work wweorks great. (laughter). >> i'll be tuning in. i i'll tune in monday.ll tune in a i want to hear this. >> we're not sure what time get. it's not finalized but we'reizet working on it.t. >> look at you teasing. t >> he just dropped thatha bombshell right here on the sh show. >> i'm sure people even care. good we'll have bryce harper, scott all on monday. monday. >> michael jordan, kobe bryant,t magic johnson.nson >> we have got e-mails out. goti >> i was going to salsy in d.c.c megyn kelly interviewing donaldo trump chris interviewing rgiiier would be there. there. >> it would be there.t >> here's the other thing we'lwe have sue palka on all the time. >> your show will officially ta
9:23 am
she doesn't know it yet.know. >> we thought everyone wasoueryo watching kelly and michael muchl this is far better tv heightvei here. who needs them.wh you got good day d.c. >> thanks for coming in. >> 9:23. still ahead prince fans have ne place to celebrate the life of f one of the most iconic pop stars of all time. t we have your first look cominglg up and what you can see here inn washington, d.c. that belongedte to him. >> first today the day we learn the new eagles names. we'll share the front runnersone that's coming up next. nt. ♪
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are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ ♪ all right. welcome back. 9:26 is the time. little baby eaglets they're getting their names today and since hatching the baby eagletse havey been referred to in d.c.s d.c. two and d.c. three.hree >> social media campaign startea to help name the eaglets andagts here are the choices. choes freedom and liberty, stars and stripes, anacostia and potomac, honor and glory, cherry andherry blossom. >> i'm going to go with one of n the first two.thfirst two. i'll stick with patriotic themee >> i like. l >> i like honor and glory. glo >> i kind of cherry and blossom, too.too. >> that really narrowed it down. (laughter).. >> right. if i had to pick one i'll go stars and stripes just on hunchh >> we'll find out together.t >> we'll find out life duringd e good day at 10a. 1 >> i can't wait to hear that.ha. no word in mom had a chance tohc vote or not.vor probably not. n still ahead lil' kim fans shock by her sudden transformation.rmt we'll show you the before an
9:27 am
after pictures.s. >> the scary side everybodies os common medication we've allwe' taken and why monday to friday a should be a thing of the past for some we'll check in with the foxhe f medical team for details comingc up. >> first though a chance forughr rain out there today.ut there t. might not be such a bad thing.hi the timg, though, not much you can do about it.ut tucker has the full forecastoret coming up u ♪ ♪
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep
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my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message. ♪
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all right.ght. fox5 spring concert seriesers continues this friday morningor with the muddy crows. cws. tucker barnes and erin comoom going to be out at farragutragu square park at 17th and k streets the show muddy crows are from d.c. and they were votede best local band by washingtonn city paper readers last year. they are an exciting up and a coming rock group.. just returned from firstm f european tour where they playeda 25 shows in 21 muddy crows will play att farragut square park friday they'll be warping up during tht fox5 news morning show and then really get things going on goodo day dc. d come join us because it doesn'te cost i was dime. it's free. >> tuck, they sound like theye might be able to pull off littll rolling stones for you.ling >> yeah. >> get up on stage and do and d little something with them.ith t >> have you seen wisdom' video. >> oh y. >> when he was singing and did s the whole prince.the whole pr oh, my g >> i heard all about it. heard a >> he paid a lot of money to keep that from being post the on
9:31 am
>> somehow it's still out therel >> he's got talent. t >> you guys in a band when you b were in college?lege? >> talent, is that what wehat w called it. >> we did not call it talent.let we call it hoots have a.s ve >> not in band because have isei musical talents tucker which yok will see when you watch then yo video.o >> that shouldn't stop you.dn i was in a band -- i did more partying than performing. >> you have a chance to do it again. >> i can't wait for friday.chai foyes. i will not be performing.foin that will make it better.t bett. 69 in washington.ashiton 72 annapolis.apol 70 leonardtown.nardwn that is what you call mild start for april with numbers alreadyly look at culpeper, 75 degrees. 73 up in martinsburg and 68 in frederick.ick everybody off to nice mild sta start. almost close to a hot one at least by april standards it will be a hot one with daytime highse in the mid to upper 80s. 8 getting little bit of cloudf cld cover working from the north anh west this is sort of part one p much our frontal system that tha will be moving later today.lar t i don't think the rain will holw together maybe a sprinkle here r and north and west.andes later today after we reallyter a build the heat we'll get another round of showers andwers a thunderstorms developing andelop that stas
9:32 am
making it and pressing into our area. by mid to late here's your setup for today.. southwesterly flow.terly flo hot for this time of year mid tt upper 80s i think you'll noticec that humidity the dew point pnt temperatures will be climbing ab well today the front will move l on in late this afternoon andfto that's when we're looking forwer showers and thunderstorms toms t potentially develop around herer and this overnight tonight intot tomorrow.. so once we get that front southu of us, we'll start to get northwest flow and our set up s tomorrow will be pretty cool.y . we'll have a lot of cloud coverv around and there may be a fewe a showers in the forecast by afternoon as we keep temperatures which today will by in the 80s. 80s. only in the mid 60s tomorrow. to so much cooler air on the way.ay all right.. future cast, looking great righr now. now. there we are later thiserhi afternoon notice the hit and miss kind of component to that t thunderstorm activity.ctiv going to be kind of widelynd ofl scattered but we do have the potential particularly acrossy a the northern t i.e. r of the r viewing area of a fewareaf a thunderstorm later thisrstoater keep a close five on these fiv fox5 weather app we'll be
9:33 am
fox5 meteorologists and we'lld w give you latest at 5:00 o'clockl of course tonight the potentiali for any severe storms to develod later this afternoon that's your set up for tomorrow. tomorro lot of cloud cover. cover. cool temps an couple of spotty s showers around again daytime highs tomorrowhs o only in the mid 60 60s and we'l' keep the clouds in the forecastr for much of the of the here's your seven day.our seve 86 today. let's cool it down. i dow mid 60s tomorrow.. fox5 rocks friday morning maybe with a shower. but those should be widelyy scattered.scattered. weekend forecast looks cool.oo c with a few showers sunday. s saturday looks good.ksoo just few clouds out there.s oute daytime highs about 70 degrees.r guys, again, 86 today. tod 66 tomorrow.66 cooler weather on the way aftert a one-day warmup. >> all right. >> thank you. people pop pills for thels cold and for the flu, of course, heartburn, even to sleep were there those common medicines mec could having serious sideiousid effect. for details we term fox's medical team dr. mike live ine n philadelphia this morning.ia thn good morning to you, d
9:34 am
>> reporter: this explains quite things about my brain anda fact i have significantigfi deficiencies as many of you outu there watching have surveillancc miced. (laughter). >> any way, let's talk -- i wasw going to say we can kid about this but it's kerth. it's k we're talking about thein abo shrinkage of your brain? >> well, this study look at looa common over the counternter medications that were things like anti histamines.tanes cold medicines, flu medicines, even med sips for a socialial security dick stomachs, and the -- acidic stomachs.. they had anti cole allergic effects. were those drugs do, they block a ceta colleen in the brain thee found especially in older folksf this had tremendous effects on memory and i don't mean good m ones, negative ones, memory,, ability to think properly,ro cognition in general, and over e
9:35 am
in the volume of the brain whicw is concerning. it's not a definitive findingng but something to think about a when you're older and you take medications like this especialll long term.m >> i mean should we reall really worried about it? >> well, everything in life is a risk benefit so when it comes to medications, what are the side effects? so let's take allergies, forergies instance. what i tell people to do is use nasal steroids and to use tose something call the neo meded science rinse. i have nothing to do with that h company but it flushes out alllo the allergens in your nose. ne. no harm, no foul. now, if you have severeave se allergies, then you need to takt one of the anti-histamines which does good things but it may havv some side effects especially in the elderly. e that's why you need a pharmacist, a nurse practice prt they are a doctor, some healthet
9:36 am
through the shark infested infes waters of health care.lth c >> all let's switch gears a little bitl we want to talk about your dream job here and by that i mean thet four of us sitting on this cou couch. research shows some of us may s perform at our best if weom wora three-day work week? now, how h can you be eligible for this plan? >> reporter: well, first of all, none of you are because you have to be over the age of 40. . >> oh, right.. >> exactly. ectly. >> dr. mike, we love you, mik dr. >> a little something extra in t your paycheck, doctor. (laughter). >> no, the bottom line, bottom t line if you're over 40 they havh done studies looking at your y cognition and ability to perforp at the top of your game. g and what they found was that after about three work days, day most people as they get older start to have decline in cognition, in performance, in accuracy and the way i see it, i down the road, because more anda more people are getting olderti
9:37 am
you're going to see older folks bringing that wonderful experience and knowledge but working three days a week at tha top of their game and then mayby going fishing, watching thehe capitals beat the heck out ofou the pittsburgh penguins, there'e a lot of things that can occur.c >> you know what i mean.ou know >> do you still get paid forpad five days even though we're onlw working three? hree >> reporter: well, let me putete it to you this way. if i were an employer based oneb science, i would and i tell youu why. because you're going to be veryr productive during those threehre .ays. you're going to make more tke m product, you're going to makeak better decisions and ultimatelyt you're going make me more money. so if i own company, i'm going i to follow the guidelines, the data, and what this is evolving into and some day i think you'ru going see this people will bel e happy. happ employees will be happy.appy. everyone will be happy. happy >> as long as it's not three, 1e hour days. >> that's true.>>s tr >> we all want to work for you,, dr. mike.
9:38 am
>> we'll even settle for fourn u day work rk w >> wait, wait, wait. wait. >> you're not negotiating.e not. you're not negotiating. >> don't negotiate. >> no. we're doing three >> he said he >> three days.said t >> dr. mike, i'll settle for'llf four. four. >> i'm just saying. >> he wants to you hire him he >> he does.>> he >> exactly.>> >> that's right.>> you got it. (laughter).ghter). >> based -- >> i love you guys. i >> based on this study, we lthis particularly love you today. tay we always love you but we realla love you today.od. (laughter).augh. >> thanks, mike.ik >> when you hit 40 in about 20 2 years --ea- >> right. >> then you can -- then you cann worry about it.wo >> and that's exactly what ourtw bosses are telling us, too.. >> did we say we love you? lovey >> 20 years frowom n we'll talk. still ahead guitar once owned on and played by prince is rightncs here in the diss trek.ssre we'll tell where you you can gor see it, and when and where howre it ended up here. her there it is looking all prettyre and sparkly and yellow. >> wow!>>ow >> going down dot smithsoniandoo next. ♪
9:39 am
9:40 am
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glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. ♪
9:42 am
we had to go back ways toays fine the individual 84 for -- video for the song diamonds inms pearl. did you see that bright yellow l guitar. you can get up close andget up personal to that piece ofe o prince's collection. it is going ton display at the smithsonian museum of american e history and for more on ther mot guitar and how it ended up here let's go to monica smith. smith she's the head exhibitions atios the smithsonian mendelson center. cent good morning,, moni >> good morning.rnin >> as a guitar player myself and a lover of meme biehl ya and yad guitars i think this is awesomeo that you have this.ave t but apparently you've had it for while. where did this guitar come from? >> yes. so we actually received theeid guitar back in 1993. 1 it was made in '89 by two guyss in minnesota barry hogan and david row song and apparently an prince really wanted smithsoniao to have it, and so it was
9:43 am
to us and about 20 years ago ieo work on an he can his big thatit featured it, and we're veryy proud of this instrument in ouro collection.tion >> i know prince has lot of o amazing guitars that he commissioned. what makes this one particularlc unique? >> well, this one he did play but also it was one of his sort of key symbols that you see in some of his videos. there were several versionsve actually of the cloud in cloud n different colors.differen but this yellow one is one i particularly striking i think s because it's such a beautifuleaf color, and if you look closelyse you can see his symbol on the o finger board both on the top bue also on the side. and you can see it in a few of o his videos being played. plad. wonderful things about these solid body electric guitars you can make them any shape youhapey want, and he obviously hadad guitars of different styles that went with his particular, you y know, performance flare, andnd really fun to be able to have it in our collections even got to t hold it and of course the
9:44 am
time i was worried i was goingoi to drop (laughter). >> of course.>> >> such wonderful o instrument.n everyone wanted to see it. >> yeah. now everybody gets the chance to see it which we'll talk about it just a minute. here the cool thing about princ guitars, too, monica. monic a lot of artists will playlla guitars that are already thereee have them customized a little ll bit. prince's were one of guitars. he had them custom made. m you're not going to see anythinh like this mass produced outdud there. >> yeah, i think it reflects his personality and his musical i mean he's ylreally someone who crossed the borders andrs boundaries i think of music. rock, pom pop, funk, soul, r anr b and he had a very distinctive style and flare as a performer,, as a guitarist, as a singer, ass a song writer and i think ther t fact that he wanted all these te custom guitars and played pla different ones during differente periods of his career says a lol about his personality.erna it's interesting having guitars that made the sound he wanted aa well as looked great on >> is this the only piece off prince memorabilia that t
9:45 am
smithsonian has? >> actually at the, i believe ae the portrait gallery they haverv one of his portraits that was in the american cool i believe itel was called exhibition. but as far as i'm aware this ist the only piece that we have inaa our collection here at then t american history museum. meu >> so you've had this since thee '90's i believe you said '93 or somewhere in where has it been all this timem has it just been back in room or... >> yeah, smith zone yas you knok has millions of objects in its collections. and we rotate all of our objectc as much as possible. we had this big exhibition 20ib years ago. i had the opportunity to co c curate a show called from fryinn pan to flying b the rise ofe electric guitar, and it wasndt featured in that exhibition forf about a year.r. and then it has been onon occasionally temporarily but hay been off display of course unti we got the sad us in about his t death, and we know he's so popular, i wrote a blog post blo about him th
9:46 am
shared a lot. a l and in fact i heard from barryry hogan one of the two guitar gta makers e mailed me last night tt say how excited he was thisas ti guitar is on display again at an american history. history >> where do people fine this when we face smith sonya peoplel can spend their lifetime tryingn to through all the hallways toat fine this garr tar is it on display now as soon asn you open it up today and where w can folks fine it?e >> it is on display as soon assn we open today.od it is featured on the third t floor the west wink of the national museum of americanmeca history.. >> and how long it will be onben display? >> it's up through september. se >> all right.>> all right. >> through labor day i believe.d >> through labor day.hrgh l >> plenty of time to see . >> you got time.ot you can see it mull pell times.m >> take pictures. >> monica, thank you.onichank y. very exciting. >> thanks for your time this tit morning. >> thank you very much.nk we're really pleased. >> all right. >> we are, too. >> thank you. yre>> tha it's so amazing about the smithsonian's collections it'sco hard to realize there's so many things that are on displmaay bui think it's only -- we only onnly any
9:47 am
collection is on display. 90% -- 90% >> i had heard that.>> had >> can you wrap your mind arouno what they have.yav >> it's in definitely places. big warehouse in suitland butuit it's really cool.eall >> all right.. 9:47.7. coming up next, how to handle hl babysitter who loves to lecturec on politics. pit oh, no, you didn't.t. sarah fraser is up next with another edition of love andio lv order. ♪ ♪
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
>> we are following breakinge fo news at 9:50 this morning fromoo the district apparently aartly juvenile has been stabbed in the 4300 block of 13th streett northwest.t check of the map comes back b right in front of the sharp thea health school that is in d.c.. d.c. school for special needs students. at this time we do not knowmee o whether the person stabbed was s student there.stud we do know they have been taken to the hospital conscious andpit breathing.breaing. again, a youngster apparently ar stabbed in the district.beis we do have crew on the way to tt the scene and we'll let you knoo what they find as soon as theyna get >> oh wow. okay. let's shift gears dramatically talking aboutally tuesday that mean it's time fort little love an'sd order.and ordr that is when sarah fraser sharee some of the messages she getsmes
9:51 am
some advice. first up the politics ofs o babysitting a woman writes, myy babysitter insists on talking politics with me every time shee watches my kids. kid it drives me nuts.ut last week she found book thatk t hillary clinton had signed yeara ago which shows she was snoopi snooping. and then tried to explain to mex why i shouldn't vote for hereorr watch do i do? my kids love her but i can't deal with theh lectures.ur >> tell her to shut up. >> exactly. >> way in.ay i >> c go find yourself new babysitter. >> crossed the line androssed sometimes you got to lay downt w the law.e law. >> she's picking books up andngs >> she's snooping. sno >> i was unthe impression it was really hard to find good hd to n babysitter that your kids tur actually i was going to say justly ignore it. >> oh, no. no. >> who cares?ar >> they're out there.. such keep searching.earchi >> good help to hard to find t f when it comes to your kids it'ss stuff when your child doesn'tous like a person but that'sbuthat's crossing the line. >> she might be a if b
9:52 am
have to talk politics with you. >> and she's snooping through'ss your things.yohings. >> politics is when the snoopinn part got me. pa >> i think you need to say -- if she's already addressed, i'm i uncomfortable talking were youba about i prefer we don't talk about taa this topic and hopefully sheefly didn't bring it up again.t upgan if she keeps bringing it upgt that's like someone, you know -o >> brown degrees, sarah. >> wow! i guess i need to learn them. th i feel like i'd ignore that if t my kids like that, you can trusu her. he she snoops a little. lit i feel like, all right, i canhtc work through this.oughs. >> oh, no. >> nip it in the bud.he b >> baby sister we have move on to number two.. bigger question she'sstio talking poll 96 front of thent kids trying to sway them one way or the other. talking with uh-uh don't knowuht what she's saying. s say >> isn't that how we all one day someone is like this.s. someone like --ik >> only problem in d.c. >> let's dot second topic aboutt should i say a friendship --enhi safe friendship.hip. childhood friend stopped spea spea
9:53 am
after she had gone throughthroh divorce had to move out of her home, lost her job. her j you finish the story, >> this wop says a long timeon m friend friends since high schooh for about three years completell went ghost on her. gn h she did go through all this thi stuff but she would ignore phone calls, tech messages couple ofco weeks ago she reached out over a phone conversation didn't realll apologize just said i'd like to get together for you do you do it. i >> do you try and save that se friendship.ndship. >> total. >> yeah. >> give her some slack.. >> people through a divorceug and all this drama. sometimes you have to ghost outo friend sips to be predicated how much we talk.. true friendship with standsh sns turmoil in each other's lives and when you pick up it should h be okay -- let's keep going.poi >> if you're going to base theoe decision on the fact you didn'ta get what you expected which isdh the apology you're not being aea good friend. frien >> that was my other question tr you would you then want an apology o from her when you saw her you'dd be okay moving forward withoutit that. >> maybe she wants to set up the conversation
9:54 am
conversation in person rather i than over the phone. o >> i think it would be odd tod t never address it.vedress it. i think that would be odd.. hey, what happened? >> i really hope you got througt the last three years and let tht friend say or not say ever howyv much they want but again i don't think your friendship is based d on whether they apologize.. >> high similar situation aituat friend of pipe very close sheers tollly goafed on me through my y pregnancy and i really was hurtr by that.hat. >> yeah. yh >> we picked back up and itnd wasn't -- she didn't necessarili apologize i asked her well whath happened? she had gone through a slew of things and i physicalp you, i didn't -- i didn'tidn' condemn we're best friends fria people go through thing.o you have to let them live and, a you know, that's what friendt fn ships are about. >> it's okay to when they doo meet for the friend that felttel slighted i really hurt by thisyi and what happened? i was -- wew had good friendship going on iff you're good friends you'll workl it out. >> if you're good friend you fed don't make it all about clearly they're going throughy'g drama. you don't want to turn and tire conversation you're talkingon y about someone going through this
9:55 am
my feelings you didn't call me.n get over yourself.ouel >> i'm sorry you lost yourry you spouse, your house and your joba but it really hurtnd my feelinge >> but my feelings are hur. hur. >> come on. >> get over yourself.etver be a friend. a frid. >> okay.y. >> all right. i like that. good advice.ic >> last one the rich in laws. il what's going on with theseith t people. >> this one i want to know youry opinion.opinio blended family right they bothlr have kids from a previouss marriage.marriage now they're married.married so the mom is writing and she's saying her current husband'susnd child the grandparents absolutely spoil that kid including lavish vacations, the kids get all the toys, all the clothes.ot that child wants.that now her eight-year-old is always saying, why can't we do this, t why don't i have this.e t she's actually wondering could she say to the grandparents, tone the down. >> the eight grandparentspare biological -- >> yes.>> yes. >> they're choosing a favorite c which is their grandho kid. kid. >> but they all live under the same roof monday through friday. >> i see watch do you do? i w o mean this is a really tough. t she just says she keeps trying t to explain to her child hey,
9:56 am
>> that's a tough one.ough one. >> i don't think you can sayhink anything.anng >> grandparents are so wrong.soo >> are they together whenge they're doing this all thisislli shopping? are the kids togethee i'm saying? saying? >> that's a good question.s a oq i don't know from the e-mail. e. i don't know that.i do >> it would be interesting to know if the kids are togetherkis when this is going on or iff they're at the same house and s bringing the toys out to onene child. because that's inappropriate. ir >> that's inappropriate and thad can be addressed. >> grandparents need to be deal with if that's the case. do you care that. you can't put one kid over hneer and say here's all the stuff anf then leave the other one out. o >> it sounds like to me they're just doing whatever they wanthah for their grandchild and thenddn other one is not getting thatnga from her grandparents and she'ss like why am i not getting that right.rit. right. you just explain differentlain grandparents -- yeah, you have o to.. >> and tell grandparents.nt >> the kids won't understand.ern >> rock without socks. s >> i would you going say tack ok couple extra clothes and we'lls get them for you. for y >> there you go. tre you >> still ahead, we took our t selfies at the top of the show.o how about bryce and bruce? they took theirs recently some fanssf will never forget or
9:57 am
remember.. plus lil kim's new look is cheating an auto mat tick dealik break we keal weigh in on all the 10a.0a first, though, coffee time one o good day did dc. listen we have a new good day dc dunkin' donuts mug to give away perfect cup for that great tasting dunkin' donuts coffees e head to fox5 d.c./.contests or r facebook page to enter our mug m contest. one lucky winner selected byecd random drawing put hurry you y only have until 11am to enter.nt time right now 9:57.:5 we're back with more good dayday d.c. on the other side of the ♪ ♪ ♪
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z1yotz ♪ oh, the drama that tuesdaysd morning and the 10a is
10:01 am >> beyonce' beehive a buzz but b they just don't have rachel roy. kelly ripa returns.ip retur what she had to say about her absence. >> and speaking of beyonce', her lemonade has sparked a nationala dialogue about cheating.ut chean so would it sour yoursour y relationship? we discuss it at 10:30.10 join in #gooddaydc. >> kevin goes one-on-one withh bella thorn. trn her life after disney.y. >> plus do this. t the 10a starts right now. now. ♪ man. check out the good day cafe.e >> this is a spread today. we always complain no food.o fo. a lot of these ingredients atens mice house over the weekend butd it didn't come out like this. ti >> that's because we have antonio, the godfather of italian cuisine in the uk butkut he's in the loft today.t tod >> oh, my goodness.h, my goodne dishing up this smells >> we're glad to have you thankt you for sharing
10:02 am
with us. we can't wait to dine. d hear much more about you're fe feeding us one dish at a >> we'll let him get to work. w the news of the day.f the d we have this to look forward tot opening their second location the first one in alexandria the second one opened a month ago aa pike and rose.ndose. lots of good opportunities totus eat italian.alian >> i think they should open one in every neighborhood.oo i would be happy with that. 10:02. thanks for staying with us.or s much more on that coming upin whole hour full of entertainmenn for you want to get to breakingk news right rig now. serious news at the top of the e 10. 10. >> young person now at theng p hospital after being stabbedei s near a dc school. sch this happened within the lastthe hour. it is a sharp health school dc d school for special needsci students on 13th streeteet northwest.northw we do know the victim is a young male not sure of they're age tha right now.ght they were conscious, breathing,t when ems cruise took hem to thet hospital. no word right now on whether the victim attended that school buto again a stabbing near a speciale need s
10:03 am
the second time a student hastih been stabbed in as many days.ay we'll get to the bottom of thisf more details as they become becm available.ailae >> also three past the houro th before we get to today's'' trending topics we need to checc in the eagle cam.agle c for good reason today it's aeano very special day in the life off these little eaglets. eagle they're getting their games today. since hatching they've beenhey'e refer to simply as d.c. two and d.c. three. t the naming ceremony is beingy ib held right now at the u. u national arboretum. bob barnard is pardon me.on he's listening in and we'lln a w check in with him in a fewithim minutes to find out the winningn picks later o there was social media campaignm started to help name the the eaglets.eagl the choices are freedom and liberty, stars and stripes, strs anacostia and potomac, honor and glory, or cherry and blossom.. we'll find out in just a fewt aw minutes. mi >> i'm excited.xc >> i know.. >> can we listen in for second?n do we have to move on? >> okay.. >> they'll drag it >> i know, right.
10:04 am
building. we'll let you know when offician word comes down. 10:03. let's see what else in fact else 10ing on this tuesday. tuesd first up, the much anticipatedat return of kelly ripa to life with kelly and michael. michael she's been out since news brokee that her co-host michael strahar was going to gma full time. t now kelly and michael walked out hand in hand and she opened thee show with a monologue. molog she acknowledged that she needdn add few days to gather her thoughts and after 26 years wita the company she thought she tho earned that right.. during her opening remarks she e jokingly paraphrase presidentere gerald forward for saying, our long national nightmare is over. ripa said she was speaking from the heart during her time off,io she was able to actually gainuay some perspective, saying that it created a larger conversation about the importance of communication, consideration and most importantly to kelly respect in the work mace. work she confirmed she received an apology and had an
10:05 am
conversation with the station's executives. she promised fans and herself that live with kelly and for now michael is a priority. ripa toll michael how proud shes was of him and took a seatk a s behind the table as michaelel called her the queen of morningg television.tevi she corrected him and said no,o, oprah is.. no word yet on who will takee michael's place. >> i can loo that name.t n live with kelly and for nowor nw michael. >> good for her.oofor her i'm glad.i'gla i think it was difficult no difu matter what. i know i kind of side widthe wi michael for not telling hernot i because i thought he was giveneg an order not to. t i know you mentioned you thought friendships should run deeper.ud it was a difficult place.cultla her coming out and talking aboug at the end of the day it ise d i about respect and communicationn she hit the nail on the headea absolutely. ab >> her problem is with manage,sg though, not with michael.ha michael is an employee. emp he has to do what he's told ifd he wants to keep getting >> he has a family to consider i so, yeah, again, i just think ik was difficult but kudos for thef for happened you weren't watching any way. w
10:06 am
trending this morning lil' kimil girl is that you? that's as a question a lot of people areeope asking after she posted thiser e picture. ic take look. hardly resembles her old self. s i know like who is this blowns asian woman, right? blond hairi very pale now this is what she looked like before. can we show that? yeah, right?r this is without all of theof the plastic surgery a lot of peoplef on social media say her old self was beautiful and are and perfect she should have neveravn changed. lil kim told people take rocksks without socks.thout i mean ---- >> wow that is drastic.. >> it's >> anybody in the world can saya she may have look better bettere maybe she look better after. what she feels about it.t >> but the bigger conversationro is, you know, especially withinl the african-american communitynm people thinking that lighter isi better and so a lot of women go through these skin bleaching b which is did he say tri mental to your health.toour sends message you're notssagyou' beautiful as you are.tiful as i think the larger conversationn
10:07 am
is that lil kim, upping, mightp, have people are saying is a self hatred and mutilating yourself s to look like someone totally t different. she's happy. i guess that's what matters buts there's a concern. con >> you're happy no matter whatr the shade of your skin is itkin doesn't matter what somebodytt else does. why are you going to throw shada at her for changing the way shee looks she feels like that's th t the -- >> let me say coming from country where lot ofe woment ow equate lighter skin with being more beautiful it's hurtfululs r because i don't know that wet need to look at someone else'se' standard of beauty as being thee epitomy of what beauty s why non recognize yourself and all your shades. >> spent the effort telling youg daughter she's beautiful the wat she looks and she doesn't need to change. >> we can't live in a bubble an say social mode ya and our stars and entertainers don't somehow -- they're not who weotw look to as our standards forar beauty and lil' kim is anil' kia entertainer.. some might little girl in orderd to be popular and beautiful i bf got t
10:08 am
i think it's the wrong message.a let her do her but i think no. celebrate your beauty in ally i shapes. >> i think you need to be having this conversation with your ownu children in your own household u whatever that is. because there's no way that yout shall be looking at any of these people and trying to determineet if my skin is too dark, my skiny is too light. l we're talking about people whopw are in hollywood or whereverr we they are doing their own thingsg with lots of money.s mon the conversation doesn't need tn be had across the board aboutrdo here's a whole group of people o because it's, this person is p doing this. >> you're talkin talking enlighi panel. you and i both know as parents r the onus is on us to teach our o children. you know there are far too manye people who are panned b ay theit parents and they let tv and and society parent them, and dictatd to them what their self worth i is. and it's for those people the tl concern comes into play.s to i'm not trying to police them. do what you want to do.t to i'm just saying this is thethisi overall argument and i think iti needs to be had because this iss this perception with then withhe african-american community a loy of times that lighter is better. and this has now brought it toui the fo
10:09 am
>> there's a discussion within w the community tanner is better.t you know what i'm saying. say equally unhealthy.nhealt but people do it.t pele d i think we all make decisions os things we want to do todoo ourselves to make ourselves feel more beautiful in the way weay w want to do t and we don't get to decide thatd for someone else. >> nobody here or anybody watching knows wawa going going through hermine at the time and why she did it. therefore i'm not going toefe i change my life based on hered on decision. de >> i agree.>> igr nor do i recommend anybody else. >> she can do whatever she wants the conversation needs to be had it is a problem. is prob i have seen people damagepl dam themselves because of this.f th. i think we need to talk about ao it. i'm not saying -- you're an'r a adult do you want to do butdo b eighths discussion that has tohs be. i think too many people thinke i that one is better than thes be other. celebrate your beauty in all of the shades.s. >> this whole whole skinle bleaching thing that's big issui as far as because you got to --t that's a process.. >> absolutely. >> the concern with me would b
10:10 am
the dressing how you're'r dressing, how -- if you want too put blue contact lenses in yourn eyes if you want to have -- ifoi you got short hair and bring and your hair down to your knees to me those are things can be donee easily.easi skin bleaching that's a wholeho other conversation. i don't think a lot of peoplein across the boardk are dealing d with i'll lighten my skin. we're talking about a couple ofe isolated incidents here.ts h and it may be an image thing but so is putting in fake contacton lenses, bringing in long hair, h dressing scantily clad in everye video you see.deo you see to me those are much bigger issues that you can deal with.i. >> a 13-year-old can do on daily and regular basis. bas >> common denominator you'reomiu trying to look like somebodyikes else. >> there you go.>> >> be yourself. >> just do you. >> it's not as>> isolated as yos think but i'll leave it at thata >> we're hearing, m oh. hring, m >> what does a pro baseball bas player do in his day off f f you're in the nation's capital t you play tourist. bryce harper did just that.ust he headed down to the smithsonian and he found a few w fa
10:11 am
whole time.e tim the young fan behind him has nos idea his favorite players is ple mere steps away.merstep if anybody knows who that youngu man in the harper jersey let uss know we'd love to talk to himk o and see if he got any follow up from bryce. price is having a good time andm rocking the burgundy and gold. >> it's cool after he took thata selfie bryce turned around andro tapped him. >> what? >> totally freaking fakin it was the boss of all selfies l during springsteen performancean in baltimore. a fan snapped this cool pictureu as the boss walk out take a looa at the video. it is in slow motion. mot you can see every moment of the coolness, what's up? >> that is cool. >> that's awesome. >> okay.>> that is epic.s epic >> priceless.ri >> that is epic. that 13-year-old the video has sinces gone viral. she was just hoping to get as ju shot of him in the corner of the picture when he came right up tt her. >> that's awesome. >> that is so fun. >> for her and the b
10:12 am
>> and then she passes out. >> oh, no. no. >> oh, my gosh, this is real. >> all right. time now 10:12. 1 i was going to go backwards fors a second. hell has no furry like a woman scorned f that woman is beyoncen look out the new album lemonaden is packed with references to cheating this morning taking ank closer look at infidelity andy how couples move on either on et together or apart. or apt >> and speaking of beyonce' waii until you see rachel ray'slr response to the becky confusion. plus, demi and nick take a stans and drake will hit the road thii summer and guess what, he has aa special guest.l g celebrity dish serving it upt next. ♪
10:13 am
10:15 am
♪ >> all right.>> all right. with more information and more e shade and hate than a glass of beyonce' lemonade, good dayday celebrity dish time.ish tim look at you serving up -- what t kind of lemonade is this? doese it have sugar in it.n i >> i hope so. >> because it doesn't have sugar i'm not partaking.artaki i'm just saying. say >> i'll test it and see as we serve up celebrity dish withwi sized lemonade today we're serving up even more beyonce''s lemonade thison morning. all the talk. i'll giveal you your own strawwn much it's not a good time to beb a becky with good hair
10:16 am
that is apparently rita roy the latest celebrity victim of beehive dry buy.ehive buy. beyonce' zealous fan base is ono a mission to uncover who becky c is and apparently no one is safe. so this is what's left of rita orr instagram after a beehiveee swarm. one of the comments reads, whatt you look like when you get you dragged by the beehive. >> okay. oka >> all right.>> rig >> it's pretty good. pierce morgan getting stunk by b the hi. yesterday pierce wrote api wro controversial article for thel r daily male slamming lemonade. pierce wrote i think she's a i s wonderful singer and performer some of the music on lemonade ie fantastic i have to be honest i prefer the old beyonce'. the less inflammatory agitatingi one, and naturall naturally thee wasn't going to hear that. they fired back through twitterr we have a couple of examples. hot sauce tweeted beyonce' is is here to police pierce morgan and this album wasn't made for him.
10:17 am
hash tag lemonade. and someone named ashley tweeted pierce morgan has aercem massive ego mixed with he can cn treatment dilution.ti he absolutely thinks people wana to hear his opinions on beyonce' and race. >> it's fascinating that we havh artists that are doing what they do and people are all bent outeo of shape about it. that's crazy to me. me. >> i also think it's funny when people talk out of both sides os their mouth. mouth you should be able to say what a you're feeling. >> then when you do it --en y >> money says what they'rehe feeling or doing you should be e quite and stick to yourself.. >> you can't win or losing. wr o i'm losing because there's wholw in my straw. straw. >> pierce morgan is the one whoi is saying all of this, pierce morgan? is he serious rightig now? >> yea, right.>> yea, ri >> move on from pierce morgan much these straws are horribleoi much this is my second draw. d i'll drink it without the straws >> every sense the beehiveve rachel roy aka alleged beckylleb with the good hair -- aww. >> may have felt the burn they
10:18 am
now yesterday she was supposed s to make an appearance in new in york city but said she had personal emergency. as you probably know, rachel rac hinted on inn at a gram at beinb becky with the good hair fromm beyonce''s new song sorry on her visual album lemonade. the bee hi slammed roy on social media. her instagram account isccou temporarily private.ri >> meanwhile the beehive got their lemonade mixed up. u instead of going after rachel roy on social media, they actually went after rachel ray.. now, as you know, rachel ray is celebrity chef has her own showo and abc and once ray real life the bee hi swarmed the wrongng rachel, way posted the picture seemingly saying she's mindingig her own business with theth caption, shake up your sunday with chef phillips lemon shakeha up with lemonade lavender icede cubes. >> there you go.>>here >> good response.respon. >> another one her 30 minuteut meals. >> she got lemons and made ls an lemonade.lemode.
10:19 am
>> north carolina controversytry over hb2 continues.ti two more artists join the ranksn of those who refuse to perform m in north carolina.olina we're talking about demi lovato and nick jonas because they're canceling their shows in northrw carolina to pro testify the newe state law limiting lgbt lgbt protections.econs. they issued a joint statementjo saying they will not performll their shows in raleigh and charlotte.loe they say they know theno the cancellation are disappointingpi but they ask fans to stand witht them against what they callheyal hateful law. well, it is official.ffic drake and future will be touring this summer. >> okay. >> drake announced loot city event on his instagram page. the concert series titled summem scene set to sick off in austins on july 20th before things come to a close in vancouver onn september 17th.ember 17th. tickets by the way go on sale on friday.iday. >> i wonder if that's a good th show to see those two pairedred together. >> i think so much it i think ii will be a good show. don't you? >> sure, why not.>> s >> i guess you don't know. you k that's why you asked. >> they're a little young for l
10:20 am
stage. >> you are old.>> >> for the young people. i am c ylassic.lassic throw back, old,., >> zach efron training hard fora the up coming bay watch movie me but maybe not hard enough.. zach basically ate it in a hardd fall.fa he fell from -- falling to theoe classic bay watch run. he's trying to do that slow motion run they used to do andtd pretty much fell one minute the cupped heart throb is hittingitg strides and the next he'se' hitting sand as the rock and tht rest of his babe mates lookedlod on. >> that's pretty funny.. >> that's pretty funny picture. >> unfortunately he's --e's -- fortunately he's young enough to rebound.d >> look like how the ladiess didn't break stride.ide. >> are you okay? >> we're in stride right here.rh we're in our moment. momen >> that's fu funny. >> all right. right. and that's our celebrity dish. . >> that's our celebrity dish.ebs with a little >> try it you'll like it butikit don't use that straw.traw major fail. >> all right.>> time now now coming up a little later famous video game franchise make its
10:21 am
big screen debut and kevin sit ugh down with star bella thorneo to find out what celebrity she'e most like to meet.t. >> we'll head to the national let's get the update on the babb eaglets names.s don't go anywhere. 10:21.
10:22 am
♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
10:23 am
♪ 10:23 right now.:23 they're the little baby eaglestl right now the name game almostlm over now for those two. they will no longer have their numerical names they'll soonheys have real birn
10:24 am
they're sitting high perched pch above the national arboretum ripe in anticipation sit buyingt waiting to find out what they'l be called forever. down below, we're learning the a results of this public vote. >> fox5's bob barnard is live there now. n bob dork we have the resultsve l yet? >> reporter: not yet. >> hoping it happens in the next minute or two.minute i know, i folks from the nationalna arboretum are here with the the american eagle foundation, national fish and wildlifeil service. serv we believe it's behind thatvebe checkered cloth the two namesams the owe eaglets that hatched in march. right now you mentioned they're' known as dc2 and d.c. three. thr there was an eagle hatched hereh last year. ea so these are d.c. two and d.c. their parents who have beeneee taking turns on the nest areesta mr. president and the first la lady. and there are a couple ofle of possibilities here. h it's going to be either freedomd and liberty, stars and stripes,
10:25 am
honor and glory or cherry andhe months sop. they had a naming contest nation wood. thousands of people have peoplav signaled their preferences andrd we're about to find out guys.utg i wish i can tell you maybe i'le tweet it out as soon as it comes and you can let our viewers knos before you guys sign off at 11:00. this ceremony started at a 10:00 and they're expecting eec within the next hour they willoy have the names, guys for our world famous web cam eaglets.les guys, stand by. by >> this is going down to then to longer naming ceremony ever, b bob. bo >> seriously. >> what could they possibly be talking about for the last 25 minutes that's not the name,e, bob? >> reporter: well, they'rel, t talking about how it came to be that the president and first lady made their nest here.ere. how rare it is.s. how special it is and how world famous the eaglets have becomeem with the web cam.witheb two cameras they put up lastt summer. american eagle foundation and people around the world have watched these eaget
10:26 am
hatched in march.hatche so they've just been talking about the renaissance of the ofe bald eagle here in the d.c. ar area, and stringing us along usa here with the naming. n >> i think there's a contested convention personally. persona >> love laugh.>> le la >> that's what i think is going on. >> you might be right.ou mig >> right.>> right. >> last minute polling going onn >> the hawk section is wanting s to way in. to >> bob, let us know if itnowf i doesn't happen in the next half hour, bob might go up and sneaks a peek under the curtain so weie know by 11:00.. >> malia and >> never know.. >> thanks, bob. >> 10:26 is the time. is still ahead on good day when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.nade. >> in your beyonce' you turn t cheating allegations into a bes selling album f what if you'reou not beyonce' like everybody el else. how do you get over a partner's infidelity or don't you.on't y we'll take look at the modern mr day vision of cheating next.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> if you're on social media over the weekend you heard about one of the most talk about album debut reasons much after shying away from the spotlight for somh time beyonce' opened up to thepo world on saturday nigt now we're talking about lemonade the new visual album thathat prepared on hbo and released onn tidal right after.ft. the album is packed with emotioi and makes multiple references to infidelity. to cheating.heatin which fans think implies thatha her husband jay-z messed aroundo on as evidence, fans point topot t lyrics like he only want me whee i'm not there. t he better call becky with theh good hair. h which is pan al reference toan t either fashion designer rachelre roy as we just discussed or or singer rita aura with one ofne o whom jay reportedly cheated andt the internet is attacking bothnh right now.rit now. other evidence of the marital ml strive lyric like looking at myt watch he should have been home today. i regret the night i put that ring on. he always got excus excuses. that sounds rather direct and while some people anticipate adp
10:31 am
the new albums other lyrics lyr suggest she's giving him anothem chance. for example, this is your finala warning. warn
10:32 am
>> exactly. exaly habitual cheater or a one-time e lapse in judgment.. and then another thing to thinkt about if you're going to goi to consider do you want to movewant forward are there children? do? you have children at home? hom? because that's going to comeat't into play because they'rehere well-being comes before anyoneey and beyonce' has children. so i'm sure that was something that she s going to think aboutt if this is, f did he do the infidelities. >> we are saying this.e are ng i infidelity is not an instantns ground breaker for divorce.iv it's not an instant deal dea breaker.brea >> no. >> i feel a lot of times whent orople aren't married or theyof don't have children they're chi like, yeah, i would -- it's dond i would never stand for that.t. but life is always about shadese of gray. g you know what i'm saying. >> absolutely. >> i don't think that's blackhi and white. the question is, though, it is s deal breaker in terms of trust. >> absolutely. >> how do you -- i don't know iw you ever get it back tollly.ol because i think it changes thint but how do you really
10:33 am
don't know it?knowt? >> well, exactly.xactly you're never -- if there's ann infidelity or be trail in theiln marriage there's not going tohes be -- you're not going to end ud back from before that affair. >> right. r >> but can you move forward? oum can there be trust again? absolutely. but you're going to have to go through the trenches and do alll the work in order to come out on the other side in order to have a loving happy marriage. it is possible but there's a los of work that goes involved.ol >> i once had an older person po say that me about marriage muchm they were married very long ti time. there's far worse things in a tn marriage than infidelity.idity i was stun.s n. how could there possibly be farf worse things.s. there's things you go through in marriage that sometimes somim infidelity is not the final deaa breaker.breaker i have got to end this marriagei and move and were my life thereh are mitigating circumstances bui i have come to actually as i gei older and i've gone through thrh relationships i don't knowonsh necessarily believe that infidelity is necessary a deal a breaker for me and i take i
10:34 am
consideration a child, upping, the family construct, and other things that might come intoo answering that question forstio meets not necessarily dealneceie breaker.brker. >> no. you're first gut reaction likeea you said holly is oh, i'm done f my spouse cheats on me i'mch o leaving. leav it's overeat but then when you really start thinking about whaw are you giving up, the family, the children, the life togethere and beyonce' and jay-z's's situation, i mean they're an a empire together.. >> right. >> they are together they'ree to like the king and queen. >> they have huge financial f stakes, too. isn't exactly. >> a differ situation than lotsu of people. of i guess the issue that i have h unless this is a one-time, likek thing that happened, a lot of times people stray because they're not happy in thatppy relationship.laship so therefore now you're tryingry to repair -- you're trying toe get past the affair or whatevere it was, but there's also a deeper unhappiness that led totd that affair. ai so if that's the case, now it's almost like double jeopardy.. >> well, you know what the thint about that, steve, yes, a lot of
10:35 am
marriage where there'sherehe disconnect. but i have to tell you lot oftel times an affair will happen inan happy marriage.age. there's something like 54% off happily married men and about ao 36% of happily married womenom have strayed. so it's not, g why is that is t maureen because you said itsaid earlier. >> what? >> we're not really meant to be monogamous. i don't really know that's humah beings we're boring to monogamous society needs to tell me we need to be in thesen tse relationships. coming from a country wherey w there are polygamist marriage ii do think there's benefits toefs but again i'm just speaking forn me. please don't e-mail me. i don't want to hear it. it i'm just talking about from mybf experience.. >> real spec tiff on us i have a friend who played professionalrs sports i'll leave it at that.t he was creeping the whole time.t but the first time his wife w creeped, he was out. was out they had kids. had k he could not handle it.andle i he couldn't stand the fact he f because
10:36 am
was with another person.erer >> that's called a doubleed a dl standard. >> it was over.t >> i get that. >> hypocritical and that's fine. >> absolutely it. >> to each his own and shech h stayed with him through his infidelitinfidelities he couldn it. that's >> it's a man thing's.s a mahi >> that might be a man thing. but at the same time no tim matter -- no matter who cheatsht be the man or the woman,, whatever the reason bad marriagi or good marriage, the bottom boo line is, to get through it, to t propel forward to have eventualt al good marriage again, you're,u going to have a lot of work tol do. >> right. >> the woman if it happens to bb the guy that's cheating has to e have the ability to let it go. >> forgive but don't forget. fge i say.say >> this is what we would say too our clients. clients is that there's going to be a certain am of time in which youh don't let it go. g where it's still with you and ad you're kind of -- you're havingv them prove themselves over andse over again.over and they're going to continue tn have to prove themselves to youu but at a certain point
10:37 am
one that was cheated on, you y have to kind of cut that victim's cord and move on. >> >> if you're ultimate goal is a happy, loving marriage, withh this person, you can have that a resent many for while, and thene you have to let it go.let so that you can have a trustingg relationship with all the work w that you're going to have to puo in with them. tm >> so we need to you weigh in on this discussion.cuio because clearly it's a big b discussion. you can tweet us, here's the situation. your significant other cheatedht on you so now what? get out? o get even, get counseling, getg,t the goods -- >> right. r >> get the jewelry.ewelry. >> get as kobe bryant's wife knows poww that.that >> tweet us with the #gooddaydcd much more coming up later aboutt this. this >> it's a talker for sure.. >> he got caught cheating.t cat maybe what this let me made isee all about. >> pseudo single forever.. >> quasi single. >> same thing
10:38 am
>> hey ya'll get off of it.ll g we're getting breaking news.. eagles names just announce.nn are we seeing them now.m now. >> let's go to it.>> l bob barnard, what's up? >> reporter: freedom anded a liberty.bert. >> freedom and liberty. there they are.yre freedom and liberty. >> i feel liberated now that we know.. >> the suspension was killingasi us. dc your brand new eaglets have a name they are 43 dom and libertb and may they soar to heightso h unknown. >> aww.>> >> freedom and liberty those are big names to left up to.o le up >> yup much that's big beaks too fill. >> president, first lady anddeny freedom and liberty.freedom ande we are taking a turn for the ratchet.ratchet still ahead on good day at 10 kevin sitting down with former disney star bella and thorn.ho she's talking about her new movie ratchet and clank. >> more coming up after the aftr break..
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
♪ >> internal coordinate system indicates right turn up aheacod. >> my gut says this way, clank. glad you're getting in touchingu with your feelings newbie butwb we're turning right. >> because -- bec >> because i'm your seniorause y ranger and i souay so. that's why.. >> okay. okay.ok cranky.
10:42 am
>> huh? i said thank 83 fornk 3 those words of wisdom. >> good >> this feels too easy.. why was there no alarm? >> it is strange.s everyone, stay sharp. >> initiate phase one. let's scatter cockroaches. (laughter).. >> just push the button. >> okay.>>ka that's a clip from the newom t w animated adventure movie ratchet and clank it's based on the on t stories of video games of the same name and stars voice over actors like paul gee have the hh tee, sylvester stallone and bella thorn. kevin sit sat down to talk withw her to talk about why she's excited about the new film and
10:43 am
great celebrity.eb >> this idea the characters meer a hero he's not the person heern thought he would be.. ratchet meets his hero.s hiser >> yeah.. >> you don't have to name names working in this business do you meet people that you looked upop that didn't turnout the way you wanted them to i've been waiting to meet t lil wayne i hear he's the most m commercial such a homey. hom he's just like, yeah, you want n to talk. come don and sit with me.h m let's talk.s tal i'd like to say i do that a lott with my fans.s so that's like kind of who i -- not aspire to be but aspire to o be in the way with fan >> if you're in this businessin and you want to meet someone yoe admire, how do you go about g a doing that if you want to meett lil wayne can you just liket reach out to his people and saye i want to meet him yes can you y do that. tt. >> honestly i take my chancesha one day i'll just see him andim his beauty from a far, because e if i went up to him, you knowyok and asked him for a photo he'd be like, okay, okay, but reallyr i would just like to like look l
10:44 am
without taking a motto.ot just like have a conversationatn with h it would be so cool. >> you nerd out about that.erd that's cool. are you a hiphop fan. fan >> i did my essay on lil wayne. >> >> when you're doing voice worke in movie what are you seeing? do you see any of your >> do you see a provision. provi what do you see.o you >> it depends how far you're f y working in the animation process i came bon board when thisnhi character was already createdy e i'm literally just seeing coraeo with her mouth moving but nogutn voice coming out of it. and she just her mouth movingthg and then you got a strip of af line and they have the cues and they beep, beep, beep and endp d you say your line, and nobody nd else usually has a voice in thei so you're just -- you're just acting with -- w-- >> nothing. >> yeah, just characters withctt their mouths moving. >> all right.. that was rat chill and clanknd hits theaters on friday.
10:45 am
>> all right. very cool. >> holly, i'm eagerly anticipating what you have forha us. >> yes, we are.>>, we a >> steve is jealous because he'h the real cook of the four of usf or chef. che we are getting an awesome cooking lesson and italiantali cooking lesson from none other than the godfather of italian food in the uk celebrity chef antonio carluccio.. i'll say it again. again are a tony yo carluccio.ccio >> thanks for the backup. bku we'll have it coming up next. nx >> i'm not a chef. c >> you're not a chef. c >> i am cook. >> a cook. and he's lying much that's whata he's saying. looking forward to this. ♪ ♪
10:46 am
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
10:48 am
♪ all right. you saw it at the top of the ofe 10:00 o'clock hour.r. beautiful italian feast courtess of carluccios which has justus opened their second u.s. location. this morning we're going to whip up something delicious classic d southern itali
10:49 am
antonio himself the founder of carluccios and author of the new cookbook pasta. he was also appointed commendme thor ray. ra >> right. >> italian is better than ians thought by the i'll tal yannl tl government for all of hisntor a success that honors isccess at h equivalent to british knight kni hood but he is not here alone.. the executive chef of carluccioo in the us also joins us so alfie yo i understand you're doing the heavy lifting.ii >> shoutly. >> this is the hand and i'm thet mind. >> you're the perfect duo working together.. so first of all you keepu k cooking. tell us what you're making reala quickly.kl >> yes, garlic and some
10:50 am
and fried a little bit off vinegar. they're wonderful.wond i mean you should do this. because in summer especially and... >> i can imagine it better witht a little wine. >> that comes, t >> just checking. >> very sausage.ausage wonderful sausage here much thit is pure pork sausage. >> hmm. >> you know the story of thehe butcher that was doing 50 sausage every day. one day he call the wife, why 48.48. >> these are pure meats.ea >> very good. tell me a little bit about carluccio's how you came toam t decide d.c. was so great? we'r' so happy you're opening a seconn locate at pike and rose. >> fantastic.>> fanta
10:51 am
alexandria. >> right. >> wonderful building. and that was the first because you see carluccio is what you call one of those series.. it's series of shops and not a chain. chai we pay more attention because the chefs like him is not centralized so you have more genuine italian food there. tre >> it's the real deal is whatsha you're telling >> that's what you get there yoy might not find elsewhere.ewhere i also know is your cooking mo mostly like what you would find along the coast -- coa - >> no, no, no.>>o, n so many different regions andnto types of food. food. >> i wrote 24 books.4 books. >> is that all. >> 24 book. 24 book. >> yes.. >> last one is about vegetables in
10:52 am
we will come here probably pba towards the end of the year.he y but i take all of italy. i i like the region al food off italy and i like. starting in sicily upwards to -- my origin. you have sort of food there. >> it's sloppy kitchen meansenes you're really cooking that's tha best thing. thi i knock things over all the ti time. >> alfeo learned very good and d even vinegar. vegar he didn't spill the all. the all >> listen you said before 20e breck when i said you were a w chef, you said no, i'm a cook. >> a a cook. ck >> you've written 24 books off f new cookbook out you like toe t inspire others to cook the wayhe you do. >> you have the market also as o part of your restaurant, right? >> we choose about 80 differentt type of items direct from
10:53 am
and best quality and they billyb the background of the deli which sells produce -- to produce those dishes and here in the ihe book i will give you one book so that you start to cook. >> my hub thanks you.. >> yes.>>es. (laughter). >> this is pasta book. and there are many, many my wonderful pasta -- >> hand carved walking stick has he made. >> many, many wonderful dishess simple because -- because >> are they will really simpleil or simple for you?? >> look at this here. pasta with springtime vegetabl very nice. >> when people come to the restaurant, what's the one thing they should order for sure? ur every time they come.
10:54 am
created a recipe for to collec collect -- and putting spinach. three years 1.5 million pounds.s >> do you eat pasta every day? >> no.>> no. >> you don't. >> no. >> you call yourself italian. >> although we could eat twice every day without to eat the t same type of pasta. we have 600 kinds of pasta but i need you see everybody now isdy now smelling it. >> everyone is coming to theomit studio because the smell is jusj going throughout the building.. >> that's so funny. funny here's the thing about carlucc carluccio's you're missing outs if you don't go out and dinend e
10:55 am
go to their location in in alexandria which is super popular or brand new location at pike and rose up in north bethesda. so absolutely wonderful. >> don't forget the address.. >> it's rockville pike. pike and rosa huge checks.he you'll love it, love it, love i it. >> are you guys coming over. gui >> we'll get some tweets firstes and let you finish plating upp >> but we do want to get tweetse right now. go ahead and throw them up thert and we'll let you know -- >> three forks by the way.ks b i have one. o fight for it.. >> tucker making his moveove quickly.icy. (laughter).. >> okay. tucker they're asking for finaln weather while you're over theree >> i can't be interrupted atrued this point. point. i'll dot weather very quickly. hey, shun storms this afternoonr and very very warm. w mid to upper 80s.0s 86 your daytime high look forooo the possibility of a few strongn storms between about four andoud 8:00 o'clock tonight but again a possibility of very gusty windss that kind of thing.that stay tuned.ay fox5 weather app i'll be be tweeting tucker
10:56 am
afternoon the latest >> before we dig in let me ilet remind you if you didn't catcht all of good day dc you want to t see this awesome show one moreom time you can see the replay over on w d.c. a starting in justn js three minutes.ut that's on channel 20 mondayel 2n through friday from 11:00 to 11t 1:00 p.m. >> i'm walking over to the kitchen.n >> so maze. what's going on over o >> maureen, were you talking. >> i know, right. >> telling about the rebroadcast if we had smell vision you coulo watch it all over again.. >> cheffing olive oil or another type of oil. >> olive >> looks so simple but so so delicious.. >> smell vision.n. >> i'll take mine to go. g >> give me one of the pieces of pepper.peer >> so fabulous.>> sfabu >> what's your favorite thing to cook?co? >> everything. >> everything?>>very >> take this. >> chef we'll talk recipes. >> i'll try to make them. >> pike and rose you say. ro you >> i'm
10:57 am
>> either place.r p >> i'm there.>> happy eating everybody. we're back tomorrow. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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