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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 28, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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right now. ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11:00, newly released video of a virginia woman who has vanish without trace. what we've learned about her baffling disappearance. plus, water worries at several dv schools. hundreds of students are now getting tested for lead poisoning. >> major step announced in the mission to colonize mars. >> your news starts right now. thanks for joining to us night at 11:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins tonight the mysterious disappearance avenue northern have a have woman. >> investigators just released surveillance video of lopez walking into a cvs pharmacy in woodbridge last week and she hasn't been seen nor heard from since. fox5's marina marraco is live at the pharmacy tonight with the latest. marina. >> reporter: t
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woodbridge here just off old bridge road it's also about five minute drive from miss lopez's workplace which is where police found her car park. the 36-year-old walked into that cvs behind me here exactly 10 days ago and this is surveillance video that was captured by their cameras as she was walking in to the pharmacy here. you can see her grabbing a shopping basket as she is wearing what appears to be some sort of identification badge around her neck. now the last time anyone heard from her was roughly an hour after the cvs stop at about 10:00 o'clock last tuesday evening. now, since her disappearance, police have visited her alexandria apartment which remains sealed with evidence tape and have conducted searches by air and through wooded areas with the help of police dogs near lopez's workplace. today, we spoke with her next door neighboring her disappearance. >> did you see the police come? >> no. had no idea. i mean we only knew
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friend of ours was over the week and and happened to come back from dropping off trash and she was like -- i said hey, did you see the police evidence tape? she's like i saw it earlier. i meant to say something. she forgot. that's it. >> used to be a lot of arguing and crap like that. last time i heard anything like that was weeksing. >> you heard arguing. >> during the day um i'm the only one here during the day. of one else works. you'like you'd hearing screamind yelling banging. >> reporter: police would not say if there had been any calls recent toll that service to that apartment in alexandria. they would not confirm lopez's place of employment but at this point they say this point in the investigation they do believe there's any foul play in her disappearance. live tonight from woodbridge, marina marraco fox5 local news. police in montgomery county tonight are investigating a deadly stabbing it happened this afternoon at an apartment building in the 600 block of houston avenue in takoma park. the victim is only been identified as a
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woman. a man was also stabbed and rushed to the hospital. police believe the victims were targeted. one year ago today sex section of baltimore was up in flames. people fill the streets angry over the death of freddie gray. tonight the city is still struggling to recover and is dealing with the violence. police shot a 13-year-old boy after he reportedly ran from them while he was holding a fake gun. fox5's tisha lewis is live in baltimore tonight with the latest. >> tisha? >> reporter: tony and shawn, we're standing in what could be considered the epicenter of the freddie gray riots that happened after his death. now, again, behind me is the cvs and we all recall it burning to the ground you can see it's since been rebuilt but we remember this intersection here it was set a blaze and filled with chaos and commotion. now today's shooting involving the 13-year-old boy happened about 10 minutes from here and reignited a familiar message. on the one y
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the freddie gray riots police in baltimore are dealing with the aftermath of yet another police shooting this time a 13-year-old boy armed with a replica pistol was shot by police. it happened this afternoon. >> very sad situation. we heard that the young man will live, um, again we don't want anybody to die at the hands of anyone, not even our police officers. but i think we got to do better in terms of how we train our children. more importantly, we don't want police officers every time they come in our community to see us as doing something wrong. >> state senator catherine pew who could be the neck mayor of baltimore after winning tuesday night's primary strengthening police community relation is one much her top priorities. >> what you want to make sure that's put in place is a proper police procedures and we did that this session. we created -- we expanded on the police reform legislation. we want community members on our trial board. we put in place training that will teach pol
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to be so aggressive. >> reporter: on wednesday, the community came together to remind everyone more work lies ahead. president freddie gray was laid to rest one year ago. >> we're asking for accountability. that's why i'm out here report roar jones is one of dozen in the crowd. her brother tyrone was the victim of police brutality. she gathered steps from the burned down now rebuilt cvs pharmacy a symbol of baltimore's pain and healing since gray's death. >> people now taking police brutality real serious now. at first it was like little conversations here and there. but now the eyes are on baltimore. >> reporter: what a difference a year makes. specialsly here in baltimore. the city is not what it once was i can tell you you can see over my left shoulder there is a lone police cruiser that is sitting on stand by just in case. not so much because of what could transpire here, but we do know that there is some sense of hostility toward the media the police told us they they would be out
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out here. dozens of people gathered many of the people in attendance today they have loved ones people they know personally who have been victims of police violence. police brutality and that is problem baltimore is fixing to -- working hard to fix to mend the relationship between the community and police. tisha luce, fox5 local news. ♪ following breaking news right now in green belt, maryland, where police are investigating a homicide. this is a look at a map showing where you this occurred. it occurred at the hunting ridge condominiums which is on hanover parkway. police say they got call about possible gunfire in the area around 6:00 tonight. they arrived to find a man flying -- lying, rather, dead on the floor of a condo. so far there have been no arrests. we'll bring you more updates as they come in. well tonight d.c. public schools is admitting it made mistakes didn't not follow protocols after elevated levels
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schools. today several students were even tested for lead. nearly eight months after the issue was first discover. so not only was the school community never notified, but in some cases efforts to fix the lead problems were never even made and it's possible some students may have continued to drink the contaminated water. >> the fact that there's lead, yeah, that's disappointing. they shall have been testing, but, um, the fact that they didn't report it or be clear about it, you know, um, that concerns me. because you have to wonder what else is there? >> spokesperson for d.c. public schools says the department is put its putting new policies in place to make sure this does not happen again. tomorrow the agency will start testing water at every school in d.c. the results will then be posted online. active case of tuberculosis has been confirm at bells today chevy chase high school. school officials sent home a letter to parents to assure them there's no risk to students or staff.
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department will provide free testifying for anyone in a class or an after school activity with the affected person. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell took his case to the supreme court today. the justices heard arguments on his appeal of his 2014 corruption convict. mcdonnell and his wife were convicted back in september of 2014 of doing favors for a wealthy businessman in exchange for money and gifts. mcdonnell claims he was convict the due to an overly broad definition of the word bribery. >> as i said for the last 39 months never doing any time in my 38 years of public service have i ever done anything that abuse the powers of my office. thank you for come dag. >> we fought this case from the beginning at same basic principal this was a charge that was a bridge too far. our arguments came out before the court dan we look forward to their decision. >> the court is expected to make decision by the end of june. former house speaker dennis haster
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got 15 month sentence for breaking federal banking rules to in scheme to cover up sexual abuse. has start molested at least four students when a teacher had a high school in chicago. one of his abuse victims an sister of another were in court today for the sentencing. amaze your move on the campaign trail. gop presidential hopeful ted cruz named carly fiorina has his potential running mate he has to win the republican nomination. former hewlett packard ceo ended her presidential bid back in february. ted cruz is announce many comes less than 24 hours ae lost five primaries to frontrunner donald trump. trauma sap heavy favor it in next week's critical indiana primary. still to come tonight the unusual rescue at sea wait until you see how a man was trying to cross the atlantic ocean. plus an honor for local 911 operator who helped save two kids from a house fire. what she remembers about that
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and the mission to mars. what space x announced today that could be a big step towards colon knee on the red planet. hey, sue. >> is matt day mop is on that thing. i loved that move of movie by the way. how do you think the wet has affect your equal labor brie yum. big change in the last 24 hours. 25 to 30 degrees cooler from a frontal boundary that stall out to our south. it's going to pr promote the development of a few more showers, rounds of clouds, drizzle, mist and temperatures will feel like early to mid march. i'll have a look at your seven day forecast when fox5 news at 11:00 comes right back.
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♪ good news things are back to normal tonight after another security breach at the white house. complex was put on lock down this morning after man through personal belongings over the north fence line. secret service agents immediately took the man into custody. then did protective sweeps to make sure nothing dangerous made it over that fence. the white house was also put on lock down yesterday after a man jumped the fence near the old executive office building. liberty university will
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guns in their dorm rooms. starting next fall. the policy change has been approved by the school's border of trustees. it allows students with concealed hasn't gun permits from the state of virginia to keep their guns in saves in their dorms. the policy change was first proposed by the university's president back in december. we have update noon story we told you about a few weeks ago. firefighters rescued two children from a home that was on fire in clinton maryland. theen-year-old and his younger sister trapped inside when he called 911 for help. take a listen. >> okay. is there any other windows in that room? >> it's too hot. >> the window is too hot? >> no, it's like hot. >> then stay low to the floor. >> 911 operator his tin ritter calmly helped guide the aids and told them what to do until help arrived. today she and other first responders were recognized for their work. ritter received the highest honor arc gold medal of service.
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there and that glass broke, there was nothing that could compare to that sound of -- i can even remember the firefighter' voice and the little boys yelling to each other and i hear them getting out, and even when i got to meet them i just -- it's surreal. it doesn't feel real even now. >> ritter's exceptional service also helped emergency responde responders. firefighter kenneth ward was on the first unit that arrived on the scene. he also received a silver medal of valor for his service. ♪ new at 11:00 tonight space x is shooting for mars. take look at that picture. the company announced it plans to send an unmanned capsule called the red dragon to land on the red planet as soon as 2018 these of course are simulations of what it all look like the trip will take six months if successful the mission would be a step toward the company's ultimate goal
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mars. he's expecting to expand on his plans later this year. nasa's working with space x on the mission. space agency of course has its own mars program intending to send astronauts there in the 2030s. 2030s. >> when they talk about coloni colonizing mars is that appealing to anyone. >> i'm sure some people. >> don't you remember they had the lady who said she was ready to leave her husband and -- >> and kids and go. >> you're absolutely right. there's a group of people out there. >> we haven't met them all. >> it will be very lonely. hard to get there. you have to set everything. >> long time to get there. >> smart phones don't work. (laughter). >> radiation is a real bummer. >> wear protective gear i guess. (laughter). >> speaking of things being bummer weather is a bummer today, too. >> it really kind of took the wind out of everybody's sales. i mean some people like it like this because they don't like it to get too hot, but i would say more people kind of wished we had what we had on tuesday than
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>> it was gorgeous. >> this is going to be sticking around for little while. temperatures will stay in the 50s. very little change in temperature overnight. a lot of places will find it really tough to even crack the 60-degree mark and as we look out here toward the national cathedral it look like you could see a bit of mist light drizzle in the air that will continue overnight. could have more measurable showers for a portion of the day tomorrow. we'll keep the cool cool temperature in the forecast and light showers will continue off and on. didn't rule them out at any point during the day. it won't rain all day. 54 degrees right now. frederick is down to 48 degrees. and as we look at our 24 hour temperature change continues to be astonishing to see how much colder we are in 24 hours. that's 22-degree drop here in d.c. in the last 24 hours. 18 degrees colder in fredericksburg. as we look at overnight temperatures you can see that while we're 54 now, we really not going to drop much more with the patches of drizzle very stable air overhead very little change in temperatures. some of the suburban areas likely heading for the mid a
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upper 40s so don't have the windows open too wide. beautiful sunrise forecast i'm not sure you'll get that illumination on the clouds tomorrow morning. but we love this picture that lloyd ferguson sent us wanted to remind you your sunrise temperature around 52 degrees at 6:14 and grab an umbrella just in case. now the radar tomorrow morning, may look a lot like this. we just spotty showers around here and there but it could be a bit more measurable as we go through the mid morning we've had continual track of more measurable rain down through the south riding interstate 64 from harrison burg over to richmond and beyond. that looks like it will continue with weak impulses closer to the boundary which is down to our south the frontal boundary that crossed us last night. so they're going to be the focus for those showers. there's a bigger area of low pressure will begin to ride along these fromm boundaries and each time one of those weak waves comes on by it will promote another round of showers. showers in the forecast tomorrow. with a temperature of 60. drizzle light showers for frid
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friday. can't be ruled out, 59 degrees. and as we look at our surface pattern damp and drizzly tomorrow with patches of showers moving on by. we keep it cloudy and not whole lot improvement for friday as another area of low pressure continues to push on in. friday we know our spring concert series at nine to 11 on fox news morning and we're going to be down farragut square park expect drizzle maybe some showers. bring the rain gear. temperatures will be in the 50s. featuring the muddy crows. should be a fun day even though it might be a little bit wet. so the weekend, saturday 67 degrees. should be drier than sunday at 63 degrees. a few showers can't be ruled out on monday. maybe not even into tuesday. we do need the rain but this is kind of a long pool with little bits of rain. it looks like wednesday should be a dry day at 72 degrees. that's your seven day forecast. jim, over to you. >> concert featuring sue palka and her dusty springfield tribute. (laughter). >> brayden had a settle for a
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tie when it came to most wins by goalie. nhl announcing one of thee finalists for the trophy given to the best goal tent of the season. jonathan quick of the kings and bone bishop of the lightning the last cap to win it oley the goalie back in 2,000. update on the caps. he miff the last three games with ever popular upper body injury after nasty hit in game three against philadelphia listed as questionable against former penguin teammates the two top seeds in the eastern conference facing tomorrow 8:00 when they do they always find themselves trying to one up each other on the ice. >> it's been pretty even. one of those things they win a game, we win a game, they win a game, we win a game. pretty even series, and, um, both got dynamic players and people that can change a game in a heartbeat. that makes for good tv for sure. >> meantime the wizards with the
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the head coach scott brooks known as a players coach he did coach the dmv kev vip vin durant in kansas city. he didn't bite if kd would be coming here. he focused on one key intangible for his players. >> i like high character athletes. and from what i understand and from what i hear and from what i've heard from over the years, exactly what we have here. because that's what you win wi with. you within night in and night out guys that are committed to doing thing the right way. not only on the court. we have a great opportunity to impact off the court as well. >> in baseball tonight gonzales and it's nats facing the phillies. top five no score. here we go. foul ball heading down the right field line. bryce harper of course always in action. he races and he slides and he make it. he will get up okay much that's the good news there. and who was happy?
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than dusty baker. seventh inning nats down one to zero. hernandez fouls one off. shatters the bat. it gets lodged in the net. the new netting helped prevent that from getting much worse. later in the inning contact play is on. peter grounder who are then today's takes off. the nats shut out for the first time this season three-zero drop their first series final games of the zeros tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. get afternoon set before the big game at 8:00 o'clock. sports double header out there. >> gotcha. >> busy day. >> very busy day. >> we'll be busy. all right. coming up next bizarre rescue at
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>> take a look at this. can you tell what that is? this is actually a repeat rescue at zus coast guard released this video of a weekend rescue of the so called bubble man. >> is there a hamster in there. >> bell lucci was trying to make
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pod. he only made it 50 miles off the coast of florida before he needed help. he tried similar stunt in the bermuda triangle back in 2014. go figure it didn't work then, any way, that one ended with a rescue. coast guard says did he not follow safety guidelines couldn't now face charges. i think he should have to pay for the rescues. >> i think so, too. >> i agree. >> they told him this is what you have to do to make this work. he did it once and messed it up, he went and did it again. >> maybe he should consider jay gyrocopter. >> that work ought well. >> the first attempt was in the bermuda triangle. just tempting fate. >> right. >> how would you stay in that thing for five months? >> i don't know. >> he's in the ocean, too. >> but still. >> still. >> for certain things there's a lot of water. >> go through the port hole. >> that's gross. >> everybody was thinking. i'm just saying what people were
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