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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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william county more than am week the vide o that police want you to take a good look at. a >> a live look outside on this thursday april way. w it is gloomy start to the day. weather and traffic coming uptrg on the 5s at 6:05. 6:0 good morning, i'm maureen umehru in for allison today.od >> and i'm steve chenevey. cne welcome to fox5 news morning. mg let's get right to breakingto bk news in alexandria virginia viri annie yu is there where policeoc are dealing with a standoff inin its eighth hour. annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning to you steve andto maureen.ur that's right, for eight hours now here we are dealing withe ar this barricade. it started athround 10 o'clock0c last n police still have east reede eat avenue closed off to traffic t and it's directly across fromos the potomac yards shoppinghopp center just to kind of giveto kg you a landmark there. there. and so route one is flowing ifl just fine for those of you heading out this morning. it is just east reed avenue e closed off to traffasic in this alexandria police stilldria dealing with this barricades rri situation and any time you tim have this type of situation itui calls for a very intensent
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know what they're dealing with w or what type of weapon this t person might have.ight h in addition to alexandria alexaa police we have members of thers swat team out t authorities still trying tost make contact with this persons n eight hours later in a varietyar of ways. one of which includes a loudspeaker but we're also told that they are using some sort of tactical response involving flash bangs so you ban might hear he loud noises ind ni the area but again they have but not made contact with thisithi person at this they gotrs the call aroundro 10 o'clock from a person whon wo had been shot at by a relative t who was inside the home.the the family member was notmembert injured and was able to getd wa away and call for help.or h he association this situation sa guys is between familyween members.mb everyone involved are adultrelt men. the area has been contained c for safety. saf we know that three homes have h been evacuated since thisin thi happened and no word a at this point when those residents resin will be able to get back bk inside their homes. the h police don't have a reason to to believe at this time thats timea there are hostages and thees and good news
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there are no injuries so far. f again here we are eight hoursigh later dealing with thiss barricade situation.ituation no other traffic involved inv except this entrance to the community.unity. residents being warned theyne might hear loud noises. lounois we did hear two go off. they sounded like very loude v booms in the area just once aret and again this is a tacticalticl move they're using to makey' contact with this person. pson. back to you in the studio he. >> annie thanks very much.ry mu. different situation inerentt maryland this morning.ryla we're following developingin news out of greenbelt where g police have investigating a homicide just off hunting parkun way. police got a call aboutl abo possible gunfire about 6:00unfi p.m. last night. lt n they arrived to find a mand a lying dead on the floor of aadnh condo. so far no arrests have beenav b made. >> this morning police arern still searching for a prince p william county woman who vanished more than a week ago. a yesterday they released relea surveillance video of lizeth oli yadira lopez.yara lopez. she was last seen shopping at a cvs pharmacy in woodbridge.ooi it's about five minutes away a froml
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her car was found parkedndar there. ther police also went to herwent t alexandria apartment.pame it's currently sealed with s evidence tape. police say at this point in the investigation no foul playfp is suspect in there her disappearance. >> family and friends willd fris gather to say goodbye to fairfax county firefighterer nicole mittendorf. mittendorf's body was found aas week after she went missing in shenandoah national park. par a medical examiner says the 31-year-old took her own life. l fire officials are now looking o into reports that she washa bullied and harassed on an internet forum.or >> happening this morning inning montgomery county a councilcil committee set to discuss the use of tasers by police since s 2009 there have been 11 taser related deaths in maryland mar four involved montgomerynv olcounty police officers. offic the county ordered review of re tasers used by its officers offr expected to be completed byet june.june. >> an update on a story thatdatt you saw first on fox5. 10 students now facing chargesac in juvenile court after aer se
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h.d. woodson high schooll tuesday.da police say all of the students arrest heed are female including one accused of of punching a police officer.ic. the recent spike in violencet sp in and around d.c. schools hascs left many of you asking what'sst being done to increase safety.y. that's just one of the issueshee we'll be talking about with d.c. mayor muriel bowser. b she'll join us at 9:they're 9 this morning. if you have a question for theqs mayor tweet us.eet us. use #good day d.c. d very important so that we seee it. it. you can post questions on ourur fox5 d.c. facebook page. >> secret service offered aer new plan to increase the size and strength of a fence that tha surrounds the white house.s it comes after twoth incidents d of fence jumpers this week t alone and several over theeral past year. the new designs includens i anti-climb features and intrusion detectiontrusion deten technology. >> heads up if you're headed down to the hockey gamee ho tonight. the game starting a little later than usual especially u for a week night.we nig 8 o'clock is the start time stae for the game. that means metro he is keeping th
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verizon center opened an extrant hour. ho that's gallery place judiciary center and metro center. >> all right tucker. not too nice a start to theo t day.da cool, little wet.littleet >> yeah its all those things. drizzle, got rain showersotn s moving if from the west. west. going to be cool and cloudy clo bring your umbrella. umb rain showers in the >> look at that live s yuck. >> sorry about that.>> s it will get better by thege weekend. 54t now in washington.ashing do have light rain showers moving from the fro winds out of thendout east-northeast at seven andnd it's going to be a cool one today, maybe 60 degrees forgree daytime highs.hs. upper 50 to about 60. about there's your rain shower activity quickly moving ifui from the west and south. south. you can see it in centralen virginia at this hour. ath we'll have periods of showers os this morning and then i thinki we'll be back ttho clouds andudd drizzle and a very cool
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daytime highs only in theon upper 50's to about 60.bout so, it's what we call cad. c >> cad. >> yeah. >> what's that. >> cold air damning.amni >> oh, okay. oka i'm glad i wasn't the only oneoe surprised, erin, cad up.n, c >> are 50's with some showerssoe and storms. >> getting fancy today.od brushing up your lingo for a y little science talk laterce tk r today. >> oh, yeah, i'm going out to ii the weather service.ervi >> cool. >> i knew there had to be a reason. reason >> we can call him scientist sen barns for the rest of the morning. right now unfortunately wertunal have rain moving in. seeing a lot of wet conditions n in our cameras. camer this is 50 by 410. 4 sluggish commute there. stop-and-go traffic from 202 key bridge shine from light rain. jamming from rosslyn into int georgetown this morning. mni also gw parkway southboundth starting to see a slow downw d from 123 he in. in. aside from some congestion con picking up and rain slowing usls down if you're taking metro wego have a delay for you.. blue and silver line single tracking between
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boulevard and stadium-armory. there's a track problemle outside addison road. road. be prepared for. that the rest of your metro m rail lines are on time rightimeg now. we'll let you know if that changes. taking a look at 270 south, 85 5 to the truck scales dips downs s 34 miles per hour.34 slow through gaithersburg andnd rockville. wisconsin avenue heavy traffic through friendship heights. outer loop looking nicely past georgia avenue.gia ave problem free on our secondsecon d.c. a little bit of typicalyp stop-and-go traffic bw parkway w north and southbound by 197y and powder mill. congestion building in stafford 95 between 630 and a 610 dipping down to abouting tt 16 miles per hour average.ra just because of a lot oflot traffic. no crashes to report there.he 66 inbound slows from manassas s through falls church.shurc that's your traffic. >> thanks erin. a indication ofndication of tuberculosis confirmed at bethesda chevy chase high school. sc officials sent a letter homete h to let parents know the
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treated.treate and also there's no threat to t students or staff. >> elevated lead levels at 12 la d.c. schools.chools >> the communities wasn'tommu immediately notified and theely results only recently came to light. fox5's melanie alnwick live with the details.with >> reporter: steve andter: sve a maureen d.c.'s department ofs de general services or dgs labgsab testing drinking water inern schools since 2007. recordkeeping as we're findingg out has been a bit of an issuess and today d.c. is now expanding that testing program r to cover all possible sourceseou of drinking water. we're talking about things like bathroom sinks or school classroom faucets, those sortsso of things and some members of the school community like those here at capitol hillill montessori he are beingng offered some blood lead testsd t just as a precaution.n although d.c. does admit that tt mistakes were made in thise t last round of testing and protocol was not followed. flo during the most
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of water testing elevated levels of lead discovered in a total of 12 d.c. schools. schoo capitol montessori tests were done about eight months agoonth and the school community wasn't notified and some someie cases efforts to fix theforts x problem were never made andvemae it's possible students may have that continued to drinkcont the water.e ater. >> what our goal is is to really just help d.c.p.s. and dgs work more smoothly to are our whole school system, make sure all schools are safe forafe our that's not a lot to ask. it's something, advise thatise it's wrong, tell the parents.ars the department says the the elevated levels were high buterg they were not dangerous so there's this actionnable levelct that says they have to do something andth what they'rehaty supposed do is either shut off that water source and retestet before that water source issoure put back into service. servi another thing steve andot maureen is that it's not as ifs the
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pervasive in the entire schoolic it's coming from like onee e particular water fountain orntan two particular water fountainsnt in the school so it's not a a schoolwide contamination issueti for those schools there haveherh the elevated levels.ev also they he did those blood b tests here last night at night capitol hill montessori forss those people who wanted toted t come and take advantage off that.. we're told a quick prick of pri the finger and those testses come back right away and nothing came back as elevated ea in the blood of those students. >> mel thanks for that coming up a lot of drama in the race for the whiteit house. bernie sanders downsizing asizig ted cruz makes a surprisinguris move in an at the tomorrow toom give his campaign a boost. boo >> cruise ship takes offruis leaving two parents behind butpe the kids are on board. that story is next. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> ♪ joe biden headed to rome where seal speak at aal sak a conference to push globalo push cooperation in the fightoper against cancer. the vice president trying to pri speed up efforts to find a a cure. the vice president also hasce plans to visit pop pe francis. a >> president obama traveling tra to flint, michigan next week to address that city's waters w crisis at the request of an eight-year-old girl that many-oy little little girl is one oftl 10,000 people affected by
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city's lead tainted water. w the president responded andnd said he'll make the trip to make sure people are receivingei the help they need and deserve. women in the army making history. captain kristen greis graduating.grad more women are expected to expdo follow in her footsteps. foote the army announced it has approved requests from 22 female cadets. cet >> former house speaker dennis d hastert some will spend the next 15 months behind bars convicted in a hush moneyey hastert will lose his pensione e from his time at that school. s more twists and turns now ti in the race for the white the w house. republican presidential tedan cruz picked carly fiorina as pcn his running m stealing donald trump'sru thunder for at least one day. fiorina says a president trumpdu would be no different than afftt president hillary >> i have b
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for the last seven wee. i've come to know him well and d what i've come to know is a man who is what and who he h says he is. hes. that is not true of donald trump and it is not true ofe hillary clinton.hill >> well, i think it's really aay waste of time two days ago it was kasich kas they were going to form an alliance and they were going to collude and get together. tog all of a sudden kasich didn't sd live up to his side of theto deal and they're fighting with each other and now he's doing the carly thing. t i don't see it.'t seet. >> the announcement come after bernie sanders cuttingerni hundreds of people from his o campaign staff. he's downsizinf g.'s dowin the staff will be cut to no to more than 350 from 1,000 in in january.y. the move comes after sandersan lost all but one primary on tuesday.
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>> imagine this. missing a cruise ship that has h your children aboard. abo they arrived at the port in por nassau to see that their ship s had already sailed.ea they rushed to catch the boathe but they were too late.o l it had begun its three day journey back home to its port hs in new york. luckily the children hadren relatives on board to look lk after them. >> that answers my questionst q how the kids got on board on without their parents. p >> still ahead why one local lal university is giving tuition tui rebates, yeah, rebates to some of its graduates.. >> a live look outside.ook outs. it's thursday morning, it's arnn little wet out there. tucker will be joining us after the broadcast with your fork. it's 6:14.
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>> at this point it's a family i situation so apparently noentl n reports of any injuries any injs outside of that but we'll gett e you more details coming up ininp a few minutes.inutes. tuck. >> all right. meanwhile we got rain showers moving in.otvi good morning. mning definitely umbrella weather u today as we got cool conditions and rain showersho out there kind of on and off a throughout the day the.ut t here's your pickup forecast. notice temperatures don't budge a whole lot.budg we're in the 50's at this hoursh even after school.chool. maybe we'll be lucky to get to about 60 degrees as we've gots e sort of this reinforcement ofcee cool air today. a today. 54 now in washington, 52ton, leonardtown. good morning 54 in annapolis.apl 56 cant kuo, 55 fredericksburg. low 50 to the north and west. aw 52 this morning in all right rain showers moving so in pretty quick and we've had h a couple light sprinkleskl across the area including ilu inside the beltway. beltway our main event for rain forai showers just out to our west ous will move in shortly and i think we'll have a pretty good d period of light rain, light toga moderate rain around here for
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the first half of the day and d then as we get into the afternoon hours, not much isuchi going to change flow still out of the north o and east and that will lock inl the cool and if it's not it' raining probably some drizzle di late this afternoon and this ant evening. all right. so, our setup is a frontalis a f system that's not going to gng budge a lot today. it's kind of stuck down hereof s and we're watching littletle areas of low pressure rideid along it.along that will bring us a couple different waves of rainw showers at least theers possibility of some rainit showers later today. futurecast showing that youho rain shower s there we are at 11:00.we might get a bit of a break. b keep the clouds and cool a conditions in place but you get the idea. i at 6 o'clock tonight, so lateo t this afternoon you got outdooror plans, nationals playing this p afternoon, aren't they, steve? e >> you know i'm not sure:havee:e you to look it up.k >> okay, i'm going to say theyoi are. and if you're going to that game, we've got some rain showers at least theers atst possibility of some light rainli in the for i'll we'll get the rain in. rain most of the rain should beould b pretty light but there you seven-day forecast.y fec 60 today. tay. 59 tomorrow. tomor cloudy skies for fox5. don't see that look erin, don't
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panic.c. cloudy skies for fox5 rocks.ox5o please come out and see us. looks like the weekend will be cool but dry on saturday which we all i think will need atl n that point. poi. okay, that is a weather update. >> have you invited all your a y friends to come visit us. v >> i invited everybody i know. k >> great live music.ive music. crash cleared in southeast --th- excuse me southwest. freeway westbnd approachingro the third street tunnelreetunne earlier crash some leftovertover delays.ys heavy traffic east andtr westbound through the freewayugf approaching the third street s tunnel. big heads up for your your metro commute.tro morgan boulevard toleva to stadium-armory single tracking blue and silver line. l getting reports of problems by give yourself extra timeextrme there. ther red line is on time today asda a are the rest of your rails. we'll let you know if thatnoi changes.ange 270 south, 85 to the truck t tru scales down 30 miles an hour. a. volume increasing throughreg thh gaithersburg and rockville. andc quick look outside as some ofut the rain and cong
6:20 am
395 once you pass the beltwaytwy you jam up towards the 14th the1 street bridge.street that's your traffic. back to you.o y >> liberty university in univei virginia approved a new policyol to allow students to keep handguns in their dorm rooms. do this begins next fall. f applies to students withnts w concealed handgun permits from the state. those must also get permissiongn from the school and keep thecha guns in safes inside the dorme t rooms. new incentive for howard university students tosi graduate on time. the school will be radefunding n more than 100 soon to bee graduates up to half of theof te tuition that they paid out of pocket this semester for graduating in four years. yea universities officials hopeieofi the gesture encourages youngerou students to graduate on time.tet >> good news if you're i y planning a summer vacation.atio next by booking that airlinene ticket got cheaper.ot cheaper >> uber testing a new fee. f the grace period you need tope u know about. it is 6:20.
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>> show up for pay up and uberup testing a new fe fe.g new f
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markets. joining us from the fox the business network studio laurenur simonetti. good thursday morning. t >> reporter: i don't want to check the markets. mkets >> no. >> reporter: good morning.te >> is it bad news.s it >> reporter: yeah reallyeporteea this is what happenedwhat hpene overnight. ov central bank in japan didn'tid do anything in terms of tms interest rates. rat they stood down. traders wanted stimulus.ti they didn't get it. japanese stock market goes down more than three and ae half percent.ce now, yesterday our federaler reserve, our central bank they k did nothing, too., we had an up market yesterdayt e but responding to japan today,od we're down 150 points right now looking at the dow.. yeah. facebook totally wowed us with w their earnings report butngs ror right now it's looking pretty investors want stimulus andors right now they're not gettingthr it. >> let's talk about at least something we can rejoice in, summer traveling.summer t might be a little cheaper.heap >> reporter: i hope.epr: i h okay the latest official figure from the department ofmeo transportation cover the endhe of the last year when a
6:24 am
was the cheapest in five years. $363 was the average.vera two big reasons for cheapheap airfare, i have to do cheap in p air quotes, right.otes r the price of jet fuel isl obviously a big one but also a you have these smaller lower cost carriers, think spirit, think allegiant pressuring pssur them to lower their prices. so, we're hoping your airfarer f for your summer vacation is on i the cheaper sid this can all change. c i mean, oil prices have beenha firming a bit and also demando d is high right now. now. >> okay, in my last less thans t one minute let's talk uberlet' l making you pay up if you don't abide by that grace period or they're changing it. what's that about. abo >> reporter: you're spared i'm not. testing a program right now inp places like new york cityyork c where if you order your uber you car and you don't show up within two minutes of when you're supposed to, they're going to charge you between c five and $10.
6:25 am
grace period. now no more. also, you have two minutes too t cancel the if you don't do so within twoit minutes you're also paying >> man, that's a little aittle excessive but okay.exce i've been dually warned.lly >> reporter: i know.>> >> in case it comes this way. w. lauren simonetti thank you sonku much. mu see you tomorrow. >> start the meter i'm coming. i'll be there. t >> i had no idea there was aere grace period before. come to think of it i've kept k an uber driver waiting for wting like 10 1 m >> while you're looking forki them.or exactly, right. ely, man, okay. duly warned. >> like you said you'reik waiting for them and then it's gettine g closer and then t they're gone and you lose youros trip. okay, what do i get for that? >> charge them, steve.m, >> you should, right. r >> you should charge them forulr making you you 54 reagan national, 53 dulles. keep an umbrella helped todaya p you'll want it particularly
6:26 am
showers moving in pretty quickre from the south and west. you can see those this morning on our storm track radar. yeah. yeah and they'll be moving through periodically from time to timely today. really f right through tomorrowr as the weather pattern doesn't t change up much until theanch weekend. so, today tomorrow rather gray g and gloomy. glo cool with on again off again rain showers. >> what did you do at the endyoa of yesterday.terd >> they have open house thisve weekend so we'll talk all talk about it.outt. >> cool. >> see some cool ep >> do some cool experiments,xpes we'll play in their windir w tunnel with speeds up to 150. >> oh, fun. >> an air of professionalism.ioi it's got to be >> and i'm wearing cleanng cle clothing.hing >> and you smell good, too. sme >> erin como talk aboutalk traffic on this not looking too bad from this shot erin but i bet you i bet y probably it is in otherth places.aces >> some areas dealing with ang w lot of backed up traffic. tra light rain on 395 as you head from the bottom of the beltwayoo past duke street i'llm get outt of the way you can see justus ahead that of shot some brake ligh
6:27 am
traffic jams stop and gofic conditions because of volumese o to the 14th street bridge.4t let's move over for a look at ao 50. heavier rain here on theavier ih inbound side slowing us down by four tenement give yourselfny extra time. new york avenue let's take a taa look at our maps a report of a a crash by bladensburg causing cau additional delays. morgan boulevard to stadium-armory single tracking on the blue and silver line. lin extra time for those metroet trains this morning.orni rest of the rails on time. of we'll keep you updated.pdat rain causing some additional adt slowdowns throughout the back to you.yo >> erin thanks very much.uc >> next an update on that t barricade situation in the sittn city of alexandria.lexari >> big day in the world of sports. hours away from the from the nfl draft. game one of round two
6:28 am
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>> back now 6:30 with breakingw: news out of the city ofit alexandria. that barricade situation let's get to annie yu. what can you tell us now? y >> reporter: hey, goodor morning, maureen. yeah, afterrn nearly nine hoursu we just got word thator authorities were able to getto t inside the home, make entryent and did a thorough search ofof the home and found no oneme andd inside. so, right now there's anhe's a active search for the person. po police know who they are looking for.oking for. they still have east reedast red avenue closed off.aven it's going to be awhile before it reopens because there arese e so many tactical units parked along there. again police know who they arewa looking for so they conti
6:31 am
to i they are not able to tell us tel at this time the person's namesm or give us a photo of theto of individual and without givingalw away too much, guys, we told t that you they were usingng various tactical ways to get inside, the flash banks theyanky draw attention, they were ableoy to make entry and again do that, search there.he of course this stemming from frm the incident last night around 10 o'clock between familyil members. one adult man shooting atoting a another family member outside the home there. the that person was able to get away and call for help. h so, that is the good news. n there are no injuries. injie no hostages.tage the barricade situation nowua over.. back to you in the thi >> annie thank you for thatha upday.upday. metro single tracking on the blue and silver lines betweenr s morgan boulevard and stadium-armory due a track a problem outside addison road. metro he single tracking onrain the blue and silver lines l between morgan boulevard and stadium-armory. expect delays.ay in the district the mayor d and city heaislth officials wilt launch a pilot program to helpp control the rat problem in one i southeast neighbo
6:32 am
we're talking about barracks row.row. last year three restaurants in the area were temporarilyemra closed because of those pest problems. >> ♪ >> talking nfl draft and thehe capitals.capi let's check in with the sports junkies.nkie we talked about the choices for your viewing pleasure tonight. what do you all think? >> well, i think the capitalsnkt will be front and center forentf me but i'll be clicking overckig to the nfl draft throughout. the good thing about the draftbt is there's all that time t tim between picks so you can watchso it for like a minute see who a team selected and then bounce tn over to the washington t was capitals. >> i don't have a big dedicated media room like eb,roe a can ka jay-z sitting to myngo right here so the big screenig s will be your washingtonin capitals in game one againstgame the pens and any time there's a break, you flip back to the nfl draft and of course i'll have my laptop up and running ri to track the pk
6:33 am
>> i understand everybodynder doesn't have multiplen' television st etups butups b everybody has got a laptop andd some sort of computer. cpu you have to have both going on g at the same tame all kidding aside the capitalsal have to be your mainstay.r main they have to be on your big screen.. >> the way flock key is you hocn flip over. >> like a two minute m commercial break you can sneak in a pick. >> the great thing about thereat draft is you can miss a littlest because they have that crawl thl steve so you constantly knowtlyo what's going on.wh you don't need your volume.olum. your volume, your big screen scr on the caps tonight, monitorapnh the draft from afar. from >> this is the first time they've matched up in thehed n h playoffs since 2009.ince 2 this is an epic seven gamevenam series and if you look at thatt series ovechkin and crosby and b they put up a show. combined they had 26 or 27 26 o points between the both ofot them. >> not only that -- tha >> there's going to be a loto of drama. >> in game two of that series in 2009
6:34 am
hat tricks. tri i'd love to see ovie have hat tricks. not sid. >> aside from the stanley cup sc finals whenever that is maybe i even better thes premiereremi matchup in the nhl for thehe playoffs this year. t >> i think so. thi >> absolutely. >> we talked to barry trotsory about it. it's going to be a a. we have to take advantage of of our size, our physicalness, it's probably going to be higher scoring because both teams know how to score goalsrea but we don't want it to be tooto high a score.high a score. it's going to be a delicateelict thing. i think the caps can manage it m but we have to get off to ae too good start. s >> gary bet man and the suitshes are very happy that it's pens-caps not flyers-rangerss- in the second round of theof eastern conference.n co this is the marquee matchup. mah this is the one the nhl wants.t. >> the caps-flyers was
6:35 am
>> i think it could be higher >> but with holtby and murrayhoa the way they've been playing in the first two rounds, thoses, guys have been really impressive in inet. murray is the guy that not ahat lot of people know about that stepped in for marc-andrearc-ane fleury who is dealing withho concussion issues. he suffered a concussion in february. >> you got to ride the hot goalie. the caps benefit that hot goalie.go. mannmaybe he cracks at some poio how many games does this go. >> six or seven.>> >> these teams are too good. its too 18th of a matchup. matcp i can't imagine this is going to be a five game series or less.less >> you get the sense steve there whoever wins this isoe perfectly poisedve and set up tp go on a run and maybe win the wt cup.p. >> i agree.>> i agr >> this would be huge for thed caps if they could get overeyld this monumental hurdle that iss the pittsburgh penguins.engu >> here's what would stink. if the caps beat the penguinsbe who are are the hottest teamatt in hockey right now and
6:36 am
you lose to the islanders ordero tampa for the right to go on.o o that would be devastating.evasti >> that would be distressing.ul >> not good. >> going to be fun.>> g rest up uguy it's an 8 o'clock start.ta that means no sleep tonight. tot >> we know the start time. tim we understand. [laughter]ghr] >> got them circled.m cir >> but we're not bitter.ot bitt. >> i'll deal with the samedeal thing. thanks, guys, the junks 106.7uns f.m. the fan. thean. >> the nhl lovers the late lat start times.t >> they do.o. >> i like it. i >> i used to play. >> oh, right. rig >> spent a lot of time in thet t penalty box offic box office wh feel. box obviously. >> rain showers today as the pattern is not going to flipo f up a whole lot here until thisti weekend. we got today and tomorrow to get through with more cool weather and o
6:37 am
showers. if you got to hit the roadways be prepared for rain out thereit over the next couple hours.e hrs here's a quick look at your thursday 60 degrees. good day to wear your hockey jersey. >> you might need a little extra comfort this morning. >> makes you feel like you're fe on the ice right. >> yeah, exactly. >> all right. erin como what's going on inoi o the world of traffic.ra. >> nasty stuff from the rainff f steve. it's not looking good. lking goo inner loop is slow, outer loopeo is slow, top of the beltway asly you make your way out by new hampshire you can see you'reee e all jammed up as you make your e way from 95 to connecticut,onnet this is what you're upp against. agains wet roads and slow movinging traffic. as you pass by colesville roadvo things are just really slowy sw making your way toward the 270he purchases. this is a look just west of connecticut avenue. you can see things do start togd open up but look at that shine and i was the rain. by best advice give yourselfe ur plenty of time to get through th the area.r other slowdowns other accidents you need to be awarewe of.. inbound traffic on bw parkway p southbound inside the beltwaythl as you pass through greenbelt gn dips down to abou
6:38 am
per hour. north of that point thepot northbound side does back up apa little bit as well so if so you're heading to bwi thiso t morning for a flight i'dli suggest getting an earlyt geg an start. 95 northbound starting to seeins typical delays and 95 and southbound slows from the icc so down to the inner loop. to 270 south remains slow five tow the truck scales. then a sluggish commute asmm well through gaithersburgough g heading into rockville this morning. 95 northbound dale city toboundc woodbridge in virginia heavyea volume has us bottlenecking in some locations.ocions don't forget as you make your y way around town d.c. police.c are letting us know a trafficra crash update new york avenue bladensburg northeast, things are back to normal and if to no you're taking metro because ofee a track problem outsideut addison road single tracking tck blue and silver line. l that is causing delay red line orange line andngline yellow green they're on time tim today. we'll let you know if that changes. back to you. >> thank you erin. help is on the way for people struggling to pay theirhe student loans.uden details next. >> beyoncé kicks off her worldih tour in miami and pays tributeru to prince. pe. it's
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪ >> let's check what's's cck w trending. hot on the web this morning.hisg these are the stories you'reiese engaging with on social media.ed a ushouse committee approvedtee an amendment that will requireir women to register for the military draft.ta the committee approvede appred congressman duncan hunter'sn hur measure by a 32 to 20 vote. in a twist hunter votedter against his own amendment amemet
6:42 am
saying he does not support he t drafting women to potentially fight in the front the department of of education launched a new web site to help possible with student loans find a repayment option that best suits theirhat need. the web site is part of an ofn the by the obamaby the obama administration to enroll an additional 2 million borrowersoe in repayment programs. and finally a dog inog ecuador being remembered as aemm hero after giving his life to rescue seven people trapped inen rubble follo pwing the. t quake last week.> quake las. the brave pup was just fourpup years old dozens off firefighters and their rescuees dogs attended his funeral touneo give him a proper goodbye. maureen. maureen. >> thank you steve. tnk y coming up will ferreller taking on the anewtaking on thea presidential we're going to fill you in. a reminder before we head wh to break if you have a news news tip to share with us calll 202-895-3000 or e-mail yourail y tip to us at fox5 tips at we're back in just adunkin' mo. , filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles.
6:43 am
.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> taking a quick look now ata u alexandria virginia just offir route one right now.on an eight-hour barricadearricade situation just ended there.nded. you can see police officerse oir leaving the scene.e scene. this is retack across potomac pt yards shopping center.en police entered a home. enter a h they did not find a suspectct inside so they're starting to clear the scene.clea just wanted to give you any an update because we've beenve covering this as breaking news n throughout the morning.orning >> tucker barnes. >> cloudy and cool. i would like you to be my running mate.inmate >> really. >> i think everybody needs ave running mate. >> i would love to jump and jumd
6:46 am
the terms and i'm a littlee scared.ed >> smart man.>> s >> but we'll talk. b >> okay. cool temperatures and showersres they continue today. tod we're not going get out of thego upper 50's tino about 60 thisths afternoon. >> the terms might be theerms running mate does everybody. >> exactly.>> e somehow there's a catch.w >> i think he's on toth something. i think everybody needs a thia running mate. here we go. yes, we're looking at cool temperatures. here we w 54 degrees in washington, 54to in annapolis. annapolis to the north and to the west temperatures are remaining in the low to mid-50's. mid-50' you going put me on tv or.v o i going to do radio. rad >> 53 out at dulles as we've w got a very cool northwest flow -- excuse me northeastexcu flow here.flow this set up yesterday and it'sds not going to budge a lot today. we'll keep things on the cool side. highs only abouton 60. 6 there's your rain showerin showr activity quickly moving in qui from the south and west. keep an umbrella we'll have periods of rain. r if it's not raining it will be overcast and drizzly this a afternoon as well so not muchh improveme i
6:47 am
i'm afraid any time soon and sa probably this we've got today, tonight andhtnd tomorrow we got to get through t before we can kind of changehang up the pattern a little bit. you can see all that rain that n shower activity out to thect west. we got a front hanging out just to our south and little ltl areas of low pressure thateha will roll along it today andod that will give us showers and drizzle around here for muchr of your thursday afternoon so s again we're going keep it cool o for the time being.r things get a little better by the time we get into thego t weekend. we'll get that front wiest ofsto us and there will help clearelp things out for saturday.ur all right, there's there's your rain showere's activity i think it will mostly be b drizzle this afternoon, justnoon light stuff.tu. nationals game at 4 o'clock, olo they'll probably play that ont o time but it will be rather cool and damp out there with aoa little bit of drizzle and then e we keep the drizzle in the forecast, the light showersth into tomorrow weekend looks a little moree m doesn't look great but alook little better with sun andtsu clouds on saturday and perhapsnr some showers return by sundayy n that's the weather update. again, showers, 60 today.60od keep a jacket and an umbrella ul
6:48 am
erin if you like you can wear w my capitals jersey. >> i would love to. i w it's a little chilly in herechii and that looks warm. w can i borrow it to watchi bo it movies in it's perfect.fe >> yeah. >> look behind me. there's traffic and rainc anrain everywhere. slow moving traffic. tra this is a look right now at loot new hampshire avenues you passyp by on the outer loop.n the r l super jammed up from 95 as you u cruise past coles havet coles h itville. once you hit connecticut you coy do open up. thank you tucker. we will wrap this around as aun like a little cape blanket forlr the rest of your trafficaf report. 66 also backing up as you make m your way past 234.t 2 coming from manassas throughs centreville and then againd thea once you get inside thee the beltway. let's take a look at our mapsoom right now. i feel like little red riding rd hood. 95 north between 630 and 610 a heavy congestion zone. 16 miles per hour average.vege once you get into prince princ william you back light volume there as well 95 wl north from dale city to t woodbridge.wo once you huh the springfield interchange 395 from the beltway to the 14th street
6:49 am
freewayge jammed by the third tt street tunnel. pennsylvania avenue inbound byvd dower house up in you werer marlboro not looking so hot.ot bw parkway southbound once you pass through greenbelt getting inside the beltway you're down d to under 30 miles per hour for0i most of that stretch. set 50 inbound is also dealingea with heavy traffic. rain out by 410 especially notll slowing things down.own. earlier crash new york and and bladensburg cleared but that but does not change the fact thataca heavy traffic is lingering. lin the rest of your morningr morni commute don't forget thatorget t outer loop volume and singleandl tracking blue and silver linerin on metro this morning between stadium-armory area because ofre track problems outside addison road. back to you. >> thanks erin.>> fire crews working thisre morning to put out a massive aas wildfire burning for more than a week now in the shenandoahhend national park.tional p the rocky mountain fire has soes far burned 10,000 acres theacres second largest in the park'ss history.history. right now it is 75 percentpercen contained but still part of skyline drive
6:50 am
other trails and roads remain closed. >> space-x setting it sightsng h on the red planet. they plan to send the red red dragon to the red plant mars plt as soon as s the trip will take six months.o. if successful the mission would be a major step towards space-x's ultimate goal of cool kneeing mars by theneei middle of next decade.ecade. nasa is working with space-x. sx they also have their own marsar program intending to send astronauts there in the 2030's. >> new look for the kings. thei. this is a new set of logos in in addition to their new arena in downtown sacramento. >> free tattoos of their logo tl for fans. it was for one day only on a a first come first served for those fans i hope they don't change their logo soono sn because they're representing. kevin mccart
6:51 am
with today's fox >> steve and maureen good tondae see you this morning.e is >> my goodness a pacman tie. tie >> i have a full pacman suit.mat isn't today national superhero p day. day. i have my captain america tiecae bar and i got my captain america >> all captain america.ckaptaini >> i'm all good toca g.o.ood good to see you this morning.ori speak of superheros chrisros chs hemsworth won the internet yesterday. chris plays the secretary in the new ghost buster movie. move he was an on ellen yesterday y and ellen surprised a woman a w who has the same job on the warner brothers lot. now, this woman if you watch wat the full video she's a big chris hemsworth fan she hasswors posters all over her wall andall this is for administrativetrat professionals day.essis take a look.. >> we knew that you like chris 'cause i snoop around at night.t. i do a lot of cleaning at clein night. >> all right.ll rht.
6:52 am
hilarious when he creeps into c the doorway she's on the phonetp doing her work and flips out.rk he gave her a massage afterwards, rubbed her head. everything. she was so shocked. sck >> look at that. looat t >> it's amazing. they gave her tickets to theke t ghost busters premiere in newmir york city. >> oh, fun. >> as the video progresses,rogr, people on the other side of sid the cubicle are like -- so they start throwing clothesglo over the cubicle to make iticlek look like something isok l happening. it's very funny. very the full video is on myn facebook page.facebook p >> got to take a look. >> moving on with chris c hemsworth, another video of o hemsworth is going viral this morning over 5 million viewsws in 24 hours the directors of captain america civil war asked the thor star what teamhoa is on team cap or teen iron tn man. he's not in the movie. he's a little -- can can he bee bitter about it? we don't know. check this this is funny.
6:53 am
>> i mean. >> the two strongest avengersstr out there.. >> he just kept going on.oing he was doing one handed -- hand now, if you watch the video closely i think he wasi thk he standing on something 'causehi a there's no way he was likease going up on one arm. a he is thor but -- >> impressive though.ressive t >> pretty impressive.reimpr >> the full video is on my facebook page.ce for years will ferrelller portrayed president george w.ore bush on snl. o he did it on stage as well.sel we're now learning he's set to star as president ronalddenton reagan in the upcoming filmm reagan. according to blacklist theg story takes place during the beginning of reagan's secondto term. i could actually see this.y t >> i was thinking that, yeah.nkh >> and in the movie he falls into dementia and an intern ate has to convince him he's anonvic actor playing the president ingd a movie. fascinating.
6:54 am
real facts, is it.realacts >> well, i mean, his character -- that's kind of the bit of what will ferrellilfr is doing.oi i'm interested to see how that turns out.out. days after breaking theg internet with lemonade beyoncé kicked love her formation forma world tour last night in miami. i was looking at all thehe videos on instagram. ita fans took twitter to post epic videos of the performance and the numbers she did. did. bae looked fierce with a mixfiet of brand new songs and classicic hit.hi the formation tour will make ai stop right here in baltimorein o on june 10th.un10 >> and you know purple looks loo pretty good at the baltimore t b stadium.m. >> i'm excited about that.xc are you guys going. >> tickets are mad expensive.eni >> yeah, i don't have tickets dn either. i'm not going to be there. >> unfortunately. unfor >> find a bunch somehow.nch . >> i'd love to go.>> l i love beyoncé.veonce thank you guys.ouuy >> yes, it should be good.eoo >> appreciate it. >> thanks kevin. k >> let's get to our fan of the day. today that honor goes to carolyn and torrance.nd
6:55 am
tunes in using the fox5 news app. if you're not away yes we haveev a news app and it's free. f they tell us they're moving' m soon but they still plan on watching using the app so thank you guys so very m great looking couple there.ouple >> good morning karen and ken a torrance. thanks guys. >> 6:55.>> 6 tucker barnes how are wee looking.g. >> steve spent all his money m on the bieber concert.r concert. >> he got front row. he >> he invited you? he didn'tt invite me. m >> he can't wait. >> we're looking at cool loo conditions to start your day. y low 50's out there and only onl mid to upper 50's this 50'th afternoon with rain showersinho across the so, umbrella and probably abl jacket it's going to be a chilly winds east-northeast at nine. 54. 54. rain showers moving in from mov the south and west and will be b with us on and off throughoutnd the day. if it's not raining then potentially some drizzle out se there as we're just locked inked a rather cloudy and gloomy glo pattern for a few more days. i think by saturday we'll dry wd it out. o
6:56 am
daytime highs. all right, plenty more whetheree a whoa. we got quite a combo going here erin. >> 6:55. i borrowed tucker's capss jersey loving it and it's superhero day so had to rock the wonder woman cape though.h >> work together.oget >> i wasn't invited.>> i w >> you want to come.ou >> no, i don't want to go.o. >> no i don't. don >> every superhero needs a cape so of course i leave thisea in the trunk. i love the fact that thisat t jersey is almost the size ofe ze my dress. we'll get to our traffic messicm right now.ow because it's raining localningoc lanes down to 13 miles per mil hour across the wilson bridgeili on the inner loop throughhrou lanes 27 miles an hour. hou slow roll through oxon hill ashu you try to get across the t wilson bridge into alexandriatoi this single tracking continues onck the blue and silver lineilver ne morgan boulevard to stadium-armory. we're dealing with trackwithra problems outside addison road.oa no alerts for your rest of
6:57 am
grab an umbrella for your walk w to the metro station.ta you'll need it.eed more traffic news and weather in just a few.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> snow. >> braking new.>> b a standoff situation in northern virginia lasted all saa night forcing people out of their homes. now, just in the last halfast hl hour developing
7:00 am
we're live with the very latest. latest. >> a woman last seen in prince p william county more than amore a week ago. video police want you to seece o coming up in a live reu port. >> my friend and the next vicet president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> another bizarre twist and turn in the race for in the racf president. ted cruz picking former rival r carly fiorina as his runningunng mate. mate. even though he has not securednc the nomination. more on this strange move inis the world of s politics, a rarer move plus what donald trump istu saying this morning. >> let's go ahead and take aak live look outside on thishi thursday april 28, 2016. 2 can chilly, damp, not going to g be the best of days.s. tucker will talk more about itet and maybe give us a sneak peeksp of the weekend as erin talks tks about our commutes, both ofoth o those coming up on the 5's at 7:05.7: first good morning to you, i'mng holly morris. allison is off today. off t >> i'm steve chenevey.'m ste che welcome to fox5 news morning.or breaking news from metro.


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