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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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details. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> right now at 5:00 a.m. fox5 f talks with the father of a man a who threatened to blow himselfhs up at a baltimore televisionev what he says about his son's mental state and find out whatha police say he really hady strapped to his body. b >> and we are rocking the red. the caps winning game oneinnie against the penguins inpengns dramatic fashion. that included one caps player going one-on-one with his ownwn stick . >> [laughter]ug >> doesn't matter and whatevert it takes. we're one game up.e u happy friday.ri good morning to you hollyyouol maureen erin. e >> hello
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>> gary. >> thanks guys.>> i feel so bad because we hadse h such great weather and noweathen it's yucky and it looks like l it sticks around through most of the weekend. teekend wish i had better news. news. >> we do, too.oo thanks gary.ksar rain means bad commute erin.rin. >> it does. it the we have a transformer fire e south capitol. even though metro he is onh time right now we'll fill inil you on all the weekend trackeekd work that could cause a cau headache. >> thanks erin.>> to the headlines and the hen developing overnight a manes shot and killed in prince ipr george's county. police officers were calledic out to the 1700er block ofck kenilworth avenue in capitoln heights. this was around 10:30 last night. night. that's where they found the victim. ems crews got him to theimo hospital where he died. h die no word on any suspects. spect >> we're following developingevl news from overseas where ase whe u.s. citizen has been has sentenced to 10 years in a i north korean prison. kim dong choi an ethnic korean a has been detained in pyongyangyg on suspicion of engaging inngagn spying and stealing statetealine
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secrets. he was sentenced today after aer brief trial.ief the north has not released anysd more details about what kim ish exactly accused of doing.oi kim's sentencing comes justt weeks after u.s. college student otto war warmbier sentenced to 15 years in >> fist fights breaking outghts hours ago between anti-trumpnttr demonstrators and trump supporters.supporters. about 20 people were arrested. meanwhile police say white say i powder sent to trump's new tru's york city campaign office is harmless.harm yesterday an envelopeelop containing the powder wasning mailed to the office. off today we expect to hear to a more about the cyber bullying by probe related to the death of nicole mittendorf.itteor she killed herself earlier this month after allegedly aeg suffering months ofline andmontl workplace bullying by by coworkers. funeral services for mittendorf were held yesterday e at 1 o'clock tody
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county fire chief richard ric bowers is scheduled to release new information about then cyber bullying investigation.nva chief bowers is also expected ie to address steps to prevento pre suicides among rank and file f firefighters. >> this morning a baltimorernin television station is back ons n air after a story came right cai to them in a way they neverhey e expected.pect >> yesterday a man walked into n the station threatened toeatene detonate a bomb.detote a fox5's annie yu live in thelive studio now with the details. annie. >> reporter: very scary.orte as investigators try to learnrya more about the suspect we know this morning that the mor 25-year-old man who was shotn ws by police after that long standoff is in the hospital inn serious condition.diti the fright ling and bizarreaniz situation began around aun 1 o'clock thursday afternoon and police say this man alex brizzi of elkridge marylande ry was dressed in an animalsed an costume what appears to be a panda confident tomb strapped with what police thought was a w explosive device walked intoke the fox 45 news station and made depends before threatening to detonate aening bo.
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device turned out to be chocolate bars attached withtt wires to a computer circuitboard. the security guard alerted the d news room initiate addtiate a evacuation and for 40 minutes0 n tried to keep the suspect susct calm. the suspect's car was up in w up flames and eventually theuay suspect walked out but failedfai to comply with commands andy wi that's when city policehen citye officers fired at least threeeae shots and were finally able toyt take him into brizzi's family is speakingy isg outer and providing some moree r insight into the mental stateen of the suspect.uspect >> about two weeks ago my son wo came up to me and said i've had a revelation from god and jesus that he gave me thehe message that the world is world going to end june the third t t and i need to get this messagees to ppl my wife the other day went day w down to his room when he h had h left for a little while and wlea said he was working withrkith something with wires, you know. kn and we just weren't able to to connect the dots.ot >> reporter: the suspect'she spt
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history of mental illness. i he says it runs back to the father's own sister and the sr n suspect's mother. he believes the son may actually suffer from a mentalufe situation.tu right now, though, the familyil is just focusing on their onhe son's recovery and then trying n to decide what to do next. holly, maureen. m >> thanks, annie.nn time now is five past the p hour. not a great start to the t morning. i know if you're just waking wan up you're thinking let me gog te back to bed. b don't do it. it gets better i hope. gary.ry >> the dysfunction of aprilysfun weather around here. h >> i know. ino what gives? 80's last week. >> every april and it can even happen into may as well and we d get stuck in it and it just --t- it doesn't want to go away. a >> i would almost prefer liket l a rainfall. we get this sort of like showery dewey >> we are thwee seattle of thelf east coast. >> i like it.ike great way to sum it up. >> right. here's what's going on.
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morning, clouds and drizzle.uda look, there could be a passingei shower or two but i think areane wide we're talking aboutking a clouds and drizzle. dzz temperatures are cold.ures ad. i mean, by april standards 45ar to 50 degrees out there thishers morning. after school, there's some early dismissal out there, iis knsaow that.knowha 54 to 60 degrees but for the buf most part 2, 3, 4 o'clock'c we're talking about 54 tout 5 60 degrees. a better chance of showers s coming up later on this afternoon and into the evening hours.ho until then i think passingth i t shower, mostly just drizzle. dzz look at the temperatures thistue morning.morn between 45 and 50 degrees. and there's only one 50-degree r reading on the map thisg morning and that's down in quantico.quantico friday morning everybody wantsng to know about their . could be a little compromisede i because of the drizzle and the t heshowers.shers. here's erin como. >> on-time traffic brought torot you by toyota.oya. visit buy a fora.cofr special offers. >> 5: 06. i would like to get outside togo
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66 eastbound in front royal frot we're seeing big delays. day that massive long line ofg li light is actually parked cars cr waiting to pass front we're dealing with a lot oft of backed up traffic past thatfic t location because of an of an overturned tractor-trailer. right now it's on the eastbound side exit six.xit it is blocking the shoulderhoul closer to exit 11 so we're seeing some big delay pick up. we have you covered on that o one. give yourself extra time toextre get around that one.t a look at our maps much let's me switch you things up and show ta you a look at the airport.rt. aside from that mess you cans see traffic on bwi 95 looking good, 395 quiet from the395 quir beltway to the 14th streetto the bridge and we're problem freeree on all right our way to dullesht this morning. o traffic on 95 picking up a u smidge in stafford but it ista not terrible right now. if you're heading out in the on district southeast south capitol street closed. we're dealing with adealinth transformer issue. police at that location locat between brandywine street andtr chesapeake street southeastee that's on the southbound sidee o and right now metro may be onn time but a quick warning for metro please be prepared for ad f a weekend full of track work
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along the red line. right now fox5's melanieme alnwick is in tenleytown withow the latest on what ou can expect. >> reporter: hi, erin, yes, tenleytown here is one of theof stations that is expected to t get kind of crowded there as the this repair blitz and the single tracking effort gets g under way. it started yesterday justay after the rush hour, the t announcement made right as thea metro board meeting wasting w getting under way as well.sel the red line now getting some se much needed intensive caresi c after more than a month of o major troubles along theng tracks. now, during this particulararcu maintenance blitz, workers are cleaning tunnels inspectingct power cakes and boots and bts removing debris and mud. and m this is all because of water infiltration that we've heardvea about that's corroding thedi the electrical lines on the tracksra and causing a mere idea ofusin other problems.othe now metro's f.m. says that when these under ground stations were built the tunnels weren't sealed and now those water leaks as we knower l they are taking their to
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metro's gm says it is goings ig get worse if it is not addressed but what they are whae having to do right now is basically just trying to patch p the leaks. there really isn't a plan in pn place at this point to try tooro figure out what they can do to t make these tunnels permanentlyly free he from those sorts of stso leaks.aks. that would be a very, very big,b job. in the meantime, here is howere it is going to affect riders. rd today right after the rushfter e hour, so from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., single tracking onran the red line between van ness ns and medical center and thenndhe again that single trackingrackin will pick up again from 8:00 fr: p.m. until closing. csing. metro says to expect theec t single tracking and thoseand sorts of repair issues to continue through the weekend. now, again bethesda friendship s teights tenleytown be verys careful single tracking on the platforms during those repairep hours you definitely want toefio make sure that you are lookingoo at the overhead signs to know to that your getting on the righttr train. by the way, metro has hired a h
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he comes to us from the newhe york city transit system.ity he's expected to start may 9th.may 9th. back to you. >> all right, mel, thank you. yu still ahead, a big night b on the ice for t.j. oshie. the caps winning in ot. highlights next.tsex >> plus the nfl's new class. c. see who the redskins took withit their first round pick.t we arero back in just 30 seconds.
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>> ♪ >> the capitals headed intoit game two with momentum onalh their side. they beat the penguins last night imonthng overtime thanks o goal by t.j. oshie. osh it was his third in a row a row making him just the third capshs player with a hat trick intrck n post season check this out. o jay beagle clearly giving iting his all trying to play after a stick got caught under the t visor of his helmet.elt. it happened when beagle crossed up a pens players and a then later the stick got got caught in beagle's skate.te >> how does that happen? >> tripping him.. >> how weird is that. w >> look at that. l leading to a power play. p >> hm. >> that's crazy.>> that' >> that is bizarre. bizarre. >> it was a busy night in then t windy city. round one o
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the books. >> so who did the burgundy andu gold pick? wisdom martin backak to fill us in.ill us >> all right, it was a bigas aig night as far as the redskins are concerned.on redskins traded about that one pick swapping with the houston texans for their 22nd roundd rod pick and they took pick latericr as well. they used that 22nd pick toic t shrek josh doctson a fifth fifth year seen sore from tcu.m t the wide receiver was a consensus first team allteam american last year, 6-foot twoo going to give kirk cousins another option for deep play.y. he's drawing some comparisonsso to odell beckham jr. who plays a for the new york giants. gia doctson said he had only met oy with the redskins one time andim it wase an informal interview at the combine. combi he also said he didn't reallyeay think that they werethey were interested in him at all. ihi he's the first wide receiver rve drafted in the first round by the redskins since 2001. 200 kirk cousins posted this video d welcoming doctson to the
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corner lack back d'angelo hall l took to twitter.witter as for defense the washington wg redskins will look for more on that side of the ball where w they have seven picks in theks h draft over the final sixer tinal rounds.roun no surprise quarterbackback jared goff, he was -- he's waking up in l.a. with the l.a. rams taken first overall.rl the eagles also chose quarterback carson wentz of north dakota state and a bigtate night for ohio state playerslaye as well.ell. five of them, five ohio state sa buckeyes were taken in theer first round, joeye bosa, the t first at number three.r three. eats headed to the san diego chargers.chargers before the draft though theraft big news, this guy on the red r carpet ezekial elliott stole s the show revealing his rockoc hard abs in that cutoff the former ohio state runningtan back is known for his sign
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football field. field elliott selected fourthcted f overall by the dallas cowboys. s we've got more draft action acto today. round two and three kicks officf 7:00 p.m. p >> you are not going toot g t convince me he that thathat th outfit that elliott wore is inos any way hot. >> wisdom has shirts like that and he wears --rs - >> got it on right now. [laughter]aughte >> all right.ll moving on. >> i dare to you have one ofto v those cutoff shirts on forirts good day. i think it would be good. listen the nfl draft isn'tft the only news coming out ofcomig the league.eagu mark davis want to move histo m team to las he was in sin city yesterday pledging $500 million to build0 a stadium there. soccer star david beckham was ws also in vegas and he says the t new stadium there would alsolso open the possibility of havingla a major league soccer team in the city. >> a war of words. wor ted cruz firing back at formeroe house speaker john boehner.oehnr >> and a live look outside asute we head to break on fridayrida weather and traffic on the 5s. that's next.
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>> listen. friday morning out there clouds, drizzle and it looks like we're going to stay this ti way even into the weekend, allnl right.ri i'll show you that ingh ath in second. look how cold it is.ok h what's going on with thesehe april mornings here? 48 degrees in town. d gaithersburgeg is 45. manassas 46.manass as we he broaden the view, 66 v6 to the south. we're stuck in the colder airir here.he this east to north evil flowfl bringing in the cold air. it's kind of butted up againstpt the mountains and we've gotnd wt warmer air going across thecr top so clouds and drizzle andria it looks like that's the way's y we're going to stay all dayy al long. want to show you futurecast.urec through the day today, it'ss nothing more than just a passing shower. i think that later on thisn th afternoon and this eveningsve we'll have a better chance forhf some showers but that doesn't mean everybody will get thebodyw showers. but it does mean most of the day we're going to have thishavs on and off drizzle, cloudy offrz conditions. later tonight we'll have a fewaf more showers.more showers. tomorrow it looks like most oflk the day still just clouds anduds drizzle and chilly. chi as we gt
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of the day more showers cominge on sunday things have changed ave d little bit.little we bring in a chance of warmerae temperatures on sunday butn suna with it, with the warm front a o chance of some thunderstorms,ers too. and the way it's looking right now, it looks like on and off ad most of the day for sundayun we're talking about someut s showers and possibly even someoe thunderstorms. the way it's going, though,ho we've warmed sunday back up atea least to the uppery 60's. 6 some of you will be in the the 70's as it looks like some ofike that warm air starts coming ong in from the south and the t southwest but as it does, it it will bring with it the chance tc of some thunderstorms, too. t this morning just a passing a pi shower. shower. nothing more than that.haat. otherwise, cloudy and drizzly. y we stay cloudy. cloud we stay drizzly all day long.g. we start off in the 40's. 40' we're only up into the 50's 50's today. some of you will only be iny b the mid-50''s. here in town we'll probablyrobay end up 58 or 59 degrees.9 degree a better chance of some actualeu showers coming through laterat on this afternoon and i
5:19 am
evening hours.ours. nothing too heavy, though.hough. drizzle and showers continueon tomorrow. optimistically could we get aly little bit of sunshine late toat my afternoon? we could in spots beltwa but most of us wila cloudy and drizzly.ri showers still possible onible o monday and tuesday. tueay and wednesday.edsd and it looks like even aite little bit on thursday.ay. so, every single day a chanceha of at least a shower.r. here's erin como.o >> too much rain, gary.y. >> well, we were dry so wee wers need the rain. r >> right. which is a great thing for the area just not necessarily foresy the commute. cmu >> the tale of two cities. ciie >> no. no. >> beautiful or yucky he. >> we have other problems on the roads.roads. give yourself extra time toime get around. transformer blew.mer blew. south capitol street closedlo between chesapeake southeastes on the southbound side.ap let's take a live look at thatk situation and show was you'reowu up against as you make yourake y way out -- actually this is aths look at one of our
5:20 am
we're seeing delay,, we'llay chip out to our maps becauseps the camera is blurry. 66 front royal dealing withoy delays on the eastbound sidethe as you make your way inbound. ib that is simply because of an earlier tractor-trailer crash-ta now blocking the shoulder. shode inner loop branch avenue toopra the wilson bridge looking good right now as you cruise pastise 414. 395 inbound is quiet.ui five inbound problem free and suitland parkway looking looki really good to the douglas the s bridge.brid got you covered if and when w that changes.nges. metro service is on time butimeb this weekend with the red line n a lot of construction couldruion cause problems for track check in with me on twitter at erin fox5 d.c. or melanie alnwick. >> if you're headed to reagand n national airport tomorrowomorrow there will be an emergency e drill. it will be a simulated a simat aircraft accident to help train first responders. this hands on training on tn drill will involve airlineveirli staff hospitals and otherhosp emergency personnel.y personnel you may hear sirens and see that drill is going nobody a nod remote area so it won't affect t flightor
5:21 am
passengers. let's take a look at thetakl stories you're engaging withgit the most this morning onth social media with our realtimeia news tracker.cker first up, everyone's favoritevo royal couple celebrating a bigea milestone today.y. today is prince william andwillm kate middleton's five year fiver wedding anniversary. over 3 billion people tuned inln to their april 2011 nuptials.up. next, a woman in neww zealand was lucky to avoid a $24,000 fine after returning aei book to her local library 67ibr6 years late.arsate. the woman checked out the bookho back in 1948 when she was just s a little girl and told the librarian she had been meaningen to return it for years.eturn it she was able to avoid her hefty fine because she checked the book out as a child and a ci children at the library arery not charged late fees.tes. finally those peskynath software updates always seemates to pop up at the mosthe m inconvenient times. yes, even on live tv. t a meteorologist in iowa has gone viral after her wednesday weather cast was interruptednteu by a reminder from windows to upgrade her commuter software.oe this goes to show you, youou you never know what can happen on
5:22 am
live tv. t >> in trouble with the lawuble this morning after he posted aed video of himself boxing his teenaged son.on. >> oh. >> come on.>> com stop acting stupid. you know what to do here. >> wow.>>ow. >> now the father says he was f teaching his son disciplineiscii and how to defend himself at the same time. he says they are a boxing bin family and it's "no one's place to judge how he takes tak care of business in his house." >> is it tough discipline or a abuse. depends on who you ask. a psychologist told fox5 -- a psychologist told fox5 thatox5 t they called the videotheid disturbing and that the onlyngh lesson the father is teaching th his son is humiliation.ilia but the father says he justt busted his son's lip and gave him a bloody nose but nothingoti that's long lasting. lasng he's being charged witheinghargd domestic assault
5:23 am
in the incident. >> that is so hard to watch to and i get it, the way otherth people discipline theirin their children is different but thatdi is just so hard tffo watch.o w >> difficult to watch.ifficuo 5:23 right now is our nows time. coming up a big surprise for aer soldier returning from an overseas deployment.loym you don't want to miss thisisshi story next. we'll be right back.
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>> this morning we're getting a peek at an emotional reunion. a dullesre based airline pilot p surprised his son coming nome a deployment in kuwait. kai the captain new the planeewhe carrying his son's unit.on'sni the son had no idea. n i everybody was in on it froms in the crew to the passenger andng of course the airline. ai isn't that awesome. >> that is. look at that hug. >> real quickly i just got alo tweet from nadine mason she was very sweet she washe was tweeting me happy birthday butty more importantly it's herer daughter's birthday jasminethda and it's an important one,
5:26 am
sweet 16. >> that is a gig one. >> happy birthday jasmine.t thyj hope you're doing somethingng sm fun and celebrating allebrati weekend. >> are you going to shout out ot everybody's birthday that tweets you this morning. mor >> anybody that tweets menybodyw before 5:30 in the morning -- >> we've got a long berthon here. we've got time. yes. you could have drummed up somed better weather for all theseha birthday cthelebrations.ebti >> we played our baseball game m yesterday afternoon anderday af yesterday evening. eveni it was cold. c >> i know.>>now. >> drizzly.>> drizzly >> it was awful. >> we had to get it in. we lost.haos 50 degrees for quantico. q boys played good, though.ugh. 45 degrees frederick, 45 westminster, 48 for culpeper.te, in terms of showers thishors t morning, few and far betweenar t but the drizzle is just -- hasas just kind of taken over its a a classic setup for that. t cold air at the surface, warm air aloft ends up gettingting drizzle around here. happens just about every e april.april. 48 at 8:00 a.m., drizzly.ri 52 at noontime, drizzly.zz. a few showers possible thish afternoon coming on across.oss. doesn't look to terribly wet, w
5:27 am
here's erin como. it's friday morning. mor love saying that. >> yeah, it is.h, it is. >> that's what got me out oft's bed this >> i know, just get throughust the day, right. rig >> just make it. >> unfortunately right now innar addition to the rain that'son t moving in we're dealing withn wr some breaking news in theg newst district. southeast section you can seese a live look here from our foxct5 crew.ew. police at this location southio capitol street closed dealingne with ade transformer is this is out by brandywine brande street and things arere t completely shut down there so te please be prepared to detour tot around the good news is because b traffic is so light it's not causing any major delays inan the district. from this we'll switch it overtt for a look at our maps andaps a show you what else you're up. inner loop looking good, outerd, loop problem free on theree on e beltway. 66 from virginia quiet. q keep it to we got you covered this friday morning.
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>> an american sentenced inamer north korea to 10 years harda labor. what he's accused of doing. plus a-man dressed as a panda threatens a baltimore tvra station with a bomb. bom the dramatic standoff and whatnt he was really wearing under that animal costume. cosme also, rocking the red. r the caps win game one in dramatic fox5 news morning starts now. >> ♪>> >> coming up it's us. >> uh-huh. >> where is the bell, the cow t >> too early for the cow bell.ow >> it will make an appearance,pa don'
5:31 am
happy about the caps.t the c >> all right. gary mcgrady what's going wt's on? we're not happy about the o weather right now at thist now t moment. >> i know. i get it. and i guess i'll just shoulder o the blame for this wholee itetter, iget better, doesn't get better for awhile. l forecast coming up whether you h like it or not. >> well, since i'm dressed as'm a traffic cone dark let's go to' ahead and talk about thet commute day. >> love that dress.ress. our commute into the districte d is quiet. is q metro he is on time. t track work this weekend and a aa transformer issue in the district. i gout covered. let's get you to work on time. you can start happy hour soon. >> developing overnight policein in prince george's county are investigating ag or homicide one kenilworth avenue in capitolpitl heights. the call for a shooting cameam up around 10:30 p.m. police. found the victim at the scene se and transported him to the hospital where he later died. d no word right now though on tug any suspect.uspe >> in prince george's countypr police are searching for ain missing seven-year-old boy. last seen april 25th.
5:32 am
his uncle 26-year-old michael clark jr. in the 3400 block of o parkway in >> new this morning a u.s. u.s. citizen sentenced to 10 years in a north korean prison. kim jong chu has been detainedee in pyongyang on suspicion in engaging in spying andng i stealing state he was sentenced today after a brief trial. the north has not released anyrd more details about what kim is i exactly accused of doing. >> more violent protests at aat donald trump rally this timehi in southern california.alifor this was the scene in costa mesa last night. nig thousands flooded the streetsher outside of the orange county heated words were exchanged exc and punches one trump supporter ended werenr you i was bloody nose. that fight was broken up. u police say white powder thatowdt was mailed to trump's new yorkpk city campaign office yesterday is harmless. >> this morning a baltimoremo television station is brnack on
5:33 am
air after a story came right cai to them in a way they nevernever expected. ex >> yesterday a man walked into n the station and threatened tod detonate a bomb.omb. fox5's annie yu is live in in studio with the details.e detai annie. >> reporter: hey, goodep morning, holly and wisdom -- holly excuse me.y the 25-year-old man shot by man police after a standoff is in i the hospital this morningspal t listed in serious condition.ond. the scary senator began around a 1 o'clock thursday.da police say this man alex brizzi of elkridge maryland elk walked into the fox5 45o th baltimore news station wearingtn an animal costume a surgical mask strapped with what police thought was anolic explosive device. policeex say he made demandsade before threatening to detonateo a bomb. the suspicious device turnedicet out to be chocolate bars heldarh together by wires.toge the security guard says he s h quickly alerted the news room initiating an evacuation and eva for 40 minutes tried to keeprieo the suspect calm.ct cm. outside the station's parkingong lot the suspect's car was upar w in flames and eventually thentll suspect did walk out but failed to comply with commandso and that's when city policeco officers firedt
5:34 am
shots and finally took him into custody.into cus moo and time brizzi's family bfa is speaking out with someith s disturbing details.diurbing take a listen.ten. >> about two weeks ago, my son,y came up to me and said, i've i'v had a revelation from god and jesus that -- he gave me theavee message that the world isat thed going to end june the thirdehe and i need to get this messageea to people. peoe. my wife the other day went day down to his room when he had h left for a little while andle a said there was -- he was working with something with wires, you know.w. and we just weren't able tobl connect the dots. >> reporter: now ther: now suspect's father says thes er sy family has a history of mentalta illness. he says it runs back to thetohe father's own sister and theisted suspect's mother.spect'mother. he believes the son may suffer r from a mental situation butttiob right now the family is juste li focusing on their son's s recovery and then trying tonryio decide what to do. holly. holl >> thanks, annie. today we are expecting --ti thank you for the update on
5:35 am >> ♪ today we are expected toy we learn more about the cyberer bullying probe related to theato death of fairfax countyax cou firefighter nicole mittendorf. mittendorf killed herself her earlier this month after allegedly suffering monthsgedl ofline and workplace bullyinguly by coworkers.owke at 1 o'clock today the fairfax i county fire chief is set to release new information aboutorn the cyber bullyingin investigation. he is also expected to addressxp steps to prevent suicides among rank and file and f firefightersth hundreds ofghtern mothers and their babies willab make their way to capitolie hilh today to participate in a nationwide nurse-in event its et a campaign to bring awarenessre to laws about breastfeeding inau public and to end public breastfeeding discrimination. today's event in d.c. getsn d.c under way at 1 o'clock this afternoon on the capitol lawnapn between the u.s. capitol and supreme court.ourt similar events are being held at state's capitals around the country.. >> it's kind of cold out there e this morning. temperat
5:36 am
40's and at the bus stop forto the kiddos out there, dressre them warm and dress them dry. there could be a passing pas shower this morning. t mainly we're talking aboutalkibo clouds and drizzle. drizz temperature 45 to 50 degrees and mostly in the 40's. 4 after school, not much 54 to 60 degrees. 60 de we're going to have some se showers, too, and if it's not i a passing shower in thee afternoon, it's basically justls going to be cloudy and drizzly d so not great and just chilly chi and raw and dank. you name the adjective that best describes this becauseescr personally i've out of them. i' 48 trees for washington. wshi 46 for dulles. 45 for winchester andter and baltimore this morning isni pretty chilly, too.lly, let's check briefly on radar o just to kind of show you --w yo- this is what we're going to gng contend with today. just some light passing showers that will last forast five minutes or so as theyso come across and then they'lln te get on through. you want to carry thee umbrella? go for it becausetecu it will be drizzleological its not showery.not showery here's erin como. friday morning splash you'renins telling me for fox5 rocks
5:37 am
>> you're going down to lang doo out at the concert right. thecet >> yeah. >> just take your jacket.take ya >> i'm wearing a jacket. jket. tucker will have a jacket. jke come out with your umbrella ure and light rain we're not going let any dampness ruin our >> no, no, there's no excuses. c >> great band muddy crows. maryland commute, we have a come slow down 270 south before and after 109 usual yellow zone for this time of morning. average speed about 30 miles per hour. in virginia 95 northbound prince william parkway to 123 t red zone. z really heavy delays there.s thee the rest of your inboundnbound routes looking really good asool you head into the district this morning.this aside from that transformer tram issue we have been telling youeg about on south capitol street,'s closed between,'clos brandywine and chesapeake.hesapk let's take a look at that lk at southbound issue we're dealing with.with police on that locationn thatoca sorting out that transformerform issue. issue. northbound traffic once again ta getting by. you can see cars moving.ov southbound side is where you needy storm let's take a look at our maps once again.cega wide view of the area.he things on the way to bwitowi looking good.oo 95 northbound problem free and e things at
5:38 am
cruising alo we'll let you know if andnd when,, i should really sayeallyy when that rain starts to slowt s us down. wisdom.wi >> 5:38 is the time.>> 5:3is t a hat trick by t.j. oshie o sealed the deal.l. he scored his third trd consecutive goal in overtime to give the caps the four to three etch over the penguins.enu oshie entered the game withe w just one goal if 36 career c post season games and even though braden holtby gave upy ge three goals he actually turned away 42 shots. sts game two stays in washington. wo it's tomorrow night at the verizon center. >> next, what officials in what maryland are doing today tood ease concerns over the zikas virus. >> plus, remember thats,emembe bacteria filled water in brazil? the scene of this ohi summer's olympics? well, newl, tests results are in. details coming up after the break. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> good morning again everyone. g it's 5:41 on this friday morning. i'm maureen umeh. back with your health i' watch. w the fda approved the firstdhe commercial test to treat zikaa virus made by quest diagnostic. it uses the same method thatthot government labs use to look l for zika in a patient's blood.'s right now only government labsre have approved tests.ests this changes next week wheneek quest tests becomes available. a results take three to five days and in maryland todayd t governor hogan is talking zika awareness.eness. he and montgomery countyomerynty executive ike leggett willlegge
5:42 am
doing and what residents can can do to protect themselvesms and their families.and their a new web site will also be a b part of their zika education campaign. overseas now and to the vatican where vice presidentic p joe biden is preparing toden speak about the president's psi new global cancer initiative.r t before the speech biden new toiw iraq for a brief visit with officials to deliver an in person plea top end theon p country's ongoing politicals on crisis. the u.s. is worried that theiede country's civil concerns arecern serving as a distraction fromtri the all important fighting fht against isis in the region. rego less than 100 days now0 day until this year's olympic oly games and health concerns arerne still lingering in rio. bacteria filled water andat viruses plague the venues p putting around 1600 athletes00 at risk especially thoselly competing in the water events.. world health organization announcing the water quality in the bay meets their standard. despite the clearance games officials plan on keeping as close eye on the bay and tplhosd are your health watchur hlth w headlines.helines. wisdom and
5:43 am
>> thanks mo. coming up a new documentary about whitneyouitne houston gets the green light. we'll have details next.ha >> a live look outside as weok e head to break on this fridays fi morning. weather and traffic on thean 5s is coming up next.
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ♪ >> ooh, it's kind of gloomy out this morning.'st gray skies. drizzly conditi and a couple of
5:46 am
of passing by from time tosing m time. that is the trend thisndhis morning.morn that's really the trend forrend the day to be perfectly honest s with you.with y reagan national this morning,thi look how cold it is. 48 degrees. dulles 46.dues 4 bwi marshall 46 degrees.6 degr we'll get into the 50's today but i don't see many placesn't that actually make it up into u the lower 60's. 6 how about that? cincinnati --n well, not that they'reathe listening to us but cincinnatinn is 57 degrees. 57 degree that's a little shout out fort t holly morris. >> thank you. >> did you know it's hollyolly morris' birthday today? tweet t her facebook her, let's gett's e her trending this morning. [laughter]aughte >> #holly celebrates herrahe birthday.rthd i'm sorry, we celebrate holly's birthday.irth cold temperatures -- i'm sorry s that's a bit of an inside joke we have going. check out our facebook thisour morning. holly's facebook for mentions. m showers today. drizzly. we're going to end up prettypr much like this all day long.ay l i think the best chance of o passing showers will be laterlll
5:47 am
really all it is, kind of k passing showers.. otherwise, we're stuck in the ws clouds and the drizzle and the really cold for aprilfor ail temperature.temperature. we'll warm up a little bitle b tomorrow 64 but we wereow 64 buw hopeful we would see someweom sunshine tomorrow.nshi tom just doesn't look like it'ssn't going to happen.into h clouds and drizzle will stay s in the forecast.orec sunday some warmer w temperatures trying to come inn and with that some tt so thunderstorms possible. posbl it does look like -- and we always thought sunday washt sda going to be the rainierai weekend days and that looks thao like it's going to a it could il be on and off pretty much all day long. then when the thunderstormse th come across there could bed some heavy rain in spots.po storm tracker radar this rad t morning you just see he some hem showers very, very light. light this is nothing more than anothn light sprinkle coming on across. down 95 about to come through,eh too, but again it's just kindjuk of drizzly out this morning sosn it is a little wet for theet f morning commute on the roadways.roadways. nothing much.nothing nothing much to lookmu at.o ok remember yesterday morning howrr we had this big line ofbig li o showers coming through? we don't see that this morning sotm everything will ju
5:48 am
and passing. otherwise cloudy drizzly dank.zz winds out of the east at fivet e to 10 miles per hour and we'rere only going touch upper 50's. 5 i don't think we'll even getl eg to 60 degrees for a high today.toy. big concert down. >> whoo-hoo!o! >> can you tellering is goingrig ttell erin is going? what do yoa band called muddy crows. muddy >> here's the thing gary i'vethn been to enough musikfest mus values in my 20's that i cann ' take off my rain boots and boots dance in the mud and i'll be anb fine. >> there you go.>> t >> i shouldn't have admit they had.had. >> visions of wood stock.ns >> i went to bon rue every e year. year. muddy crows we expect you to to bring come out to farragut park.agutar >> it's not going to deerng to e deteriorate to that down to dn farragutqu
5:49 am
>> it sounds even better. a little dance party to start your friday morning. fri as you make your way out on o 270 on the southbound side byoun democracy boulevard an earlierbr report of a crash cleared outcla of the way. right now traffic is moving i m along just fine towards theards spur. we'll certainly keep yourty updated if and when that doess change. let's move it over from a looktr at our camera and show yound sho some of our maps.ou m how else things are workingaror around town.ound t we do have some delays howeverow in maryland, 270 south north of that point by 109, 80 to 109 typical slow zone and then in virginia things are little lt bit better but sluggish on theit northbound side of 95 frome of5f prince william parkway to 123. . 66 inbound to 67 looking goodkig now and then in the southeast transformer issue we have beeneb tracking this morning. mor south capitol street closed onl the southbound side out by out b atlantic let's take a live look at that.that. we were seeing northboundnortou traffic flowing freely butin again police are blocking theint southbound side so we'll keepo k you updated on that one.hat more traffic in just a few. back to you guys. >> all right. 5:49 is the time. t if i cou
5:50 am
thank you very much.k today is world wish day and the make-a-wish foundation hasas partnered with toys r us andwitt several organizations grantingns wishes across the nationeio several happening right herehapp in our region and now we can'tde give away any details but b later this morning our bob barnard is going to be out at at reagan national airport for one of those surprises and itisi should be exciting. eit >> if summoning a car to pick pk you up at the tap of the button doesn't feel luxurious enough uber has unveiled anvei plan to book you on yacht in dubai. yodubaithis isn't the first time uber has strayed from its car sd service to try out other forms r of transportation.poat earlier this year they offered stylish helicopter rides in utah during the sundance filmthu festival.fest what's the problem with this whiz. >> doesn't seem like that's enough $82 ownly.
5:51 am
[laughter] >> okay, that's the kick back.k. >> there you go. 5:50 is the time. >> ♪>> >> new details this morningls about prince's death.'s dth law enforcement officials sayem the singer may have died from df a drug overdose. investigators found prescription opioid medicationpi pills used to treat pain ono trn him in his paisley park home hom in minneapolis.neol now, so far there's no n indication that prince had a valid prescription for thoseescn medications.medica officials are also lookinge alsg into whether a doctor was on prince's private plane when it made an emergency landing inng n illinois less than a weekn a before he died. autopsy results aren'ttops expected for another three to tt four weeks.ur w >> whitney houston fans willansw soon be able to learn more leare about the legendary singer. oscar winning film maker kevin n mcdonald's is making as mang a documentary about the singer.y g it's the first to besto authorized by the pop superstar's estate since hers ea death in 2012.tedein 2012. the film is expected to feature unprecedented accessedcc to those closest to houstonon including an interview with
5:52 am
arista record clive days.ord ive mcdonald says he wants told s tell the story of how h brilliant houston was and hownd she changed the way pop music m was sung. she he did do that.e he d this week's special friday give away is for the hottest hot ticket in town. t you could win admission foris you and a guest to fox5's f5' big "empire" season finale it's happening may 18th at the howard theater. magic weren't oh he two-pointt 3's ohdonny simpson plus littlee mo and quick silver will be there along with fox5 hosts h allison seymour and myself. many more fox5ers are going toog drop by as well.s w >> just go to betweenm/ now and 11:59 and enter for antr chance to win.chano 200 winners will be selected bec by random drawing on may second.send all entrant and guests must be 21 or over. o complete rules are on >> ♪ >> time to say hello he and good morning to ayour facebookao fans of the day. d deputy wade and deputy
5:53 am
from the prince george's p county sheriff's office. >> they were nominated byinat b their friend daniel owens whoenw says they both tune in to fox5 5 every single morning.e morning. >> awesome. >> thank you for all you do.or . thank you gentlemen for watching.watching >> for a chance to be chancto b tomorrow's facebook fan of theat day head to our fox5 facebook fo page and post a selfie or ar comment below the deputies' dut photo. nice photo, nice looking looki >> yeah. >> thanks for watching and ir like that one. >> yeah.>> y >> this morning by the way,in tw the fox5 rocks spring concerton series wraps up and we're and w' topping it with the muddy m crows. tucker barnes and erin comone are boths going to be out at farragut park to host the >> muddy crows are from and they just returned fromm their first european tourop where they played 25 shows inws 21 cities. citie the muddy crows are going toro be warming up during theri 7 o'clock hour.kou then they're really going to get things rolling during good day d.c.
5:54 am
>> ♪ >> that was a transition,t wa wasn't it? the beach boys will be the headliners forers f this year's memorial day concert on the lawn of the u.s. capitol.u.s. the concert honors america's a service members and veterans vet of course for the 11th consecutive year actors joe montegna and gary sinise willsii host the event.nt both are long time advocates adt for veterans issues. >> ♪ >> all right. time now to talk weather, gary >> i was just thinking aboutt memorial day because you know it's going to be warm. to be war >> i hope because that's when'se the pools open.pools ope >> you have to believe he.avelie >> oh, i do believe. bel i believe.elie you say it i believe it >> it's all about positive enforcement.enfo >> speaking it into existence. . >> there you go. >> you say it and it will bet it >> wisdom has been helping meelm with my motivationaliviona techniques, you he's available by the way fore r speaking engagements.ngagements. >> i was actually
5:55 am
i was at johnsville middleohnsvi school in poolesville talkingllg to kids right after work. w >> how was that. t >> awesome. kids were great. >> listen, drizzle thisiste morning and cold. passing showers this afternoon, cold for april. coldp 54 to 60 degrees.0 grees. just raw out there. big sigh. s i don't feel it gets anyn't better or much better for thech weekend. b 59 degrees today. only 64 tomorrow.on drizzle and showelyrs. swe thunderstorms possible comingrms in on sunday now. n upper 60's, low 70's and we just -- there's just rainust r every single day possible ofblef the seven-day forecast. fecas it does look a little drier late next week. w >> all right. right. >> let me be the first to say te happy birthday to holly morris i this morning. >> speak night existencely ixi will be [laughter]ghr] >> there you go. g >> wait, i mean i am 29. what.wh i talking about.i ta >> right,, right. >> happy birthday hollyap bir morris. >> thank you, thank you., thanky let's go ahead and talknd t tr
5:56 am
>> your birthday is way mores we exciting than traffic conditions so happy birthday holly. 29, 29 is the best year ever.r >> when is the party holly.olly >> oh, you didn't get your y inviteou? [laughter][lau >> things just got awkward. awkd we'll move along with traffic w right now. i'll see you tomorrow nightw for that party. transformer issues southmer capitol street closedtol st southbound between atlantic atln street and chesapeake northbound traffic getting by.y. southbound could be facing that delay.el metro no alerts right nowow across all rail lines which is great news for your fridayr yo commute. keep in mind a lot of track lota work on the red line this t weekend could cause ase disruption to your schedule.on t check in with me on twitter atwt erin fox5 d.c. for the latest details.ils. airport travel looking goodvel still on the way to dulleso dule reagan national and bwi. bwi things on icr to the beltway bel using along without anyalonthou issues. that is great i in montgomery county earlierer road work did clear that was taking some lanes outer on 270 o by the spur on the southboundun side. si north that of .270 southboundbo does jam up by 109t we got you u covered for your frida
5:57 am
back to you. >> ♪ thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it?
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punches thrown, cop carss vandalized and demonstratorsth arrested.. >> plus pack your patience andti expect to wait if you ride the e red lien. this as metro makes a new push to fix a recurring problems. p we'll look at which stations
6:00 am
look to be impacted the most. >> a live look outside on this i friday april 29th. skies are gloomy but guessut g what d.c. hockey fans haves have reason to be bright after aafr a huge win in the playoffs. we'll have more on that plus p we'll talk more weather and ofea course traffic coming up onfficc the 5's atom 6:05.5. first though we say gooday goo morning, i'm holly morris inn for allison seymour. smo >> and i'm wisdom martin in wisn for steve chenevey.r welcome to fox5 nstews morning.i >> developing overnight moreverg violence at a donald trumpdona t rally. this time in southernther california. this was the scene in costa c mesa last night.ig thousands flooded the streetsee outside the orange countye cnt fairgrounds. heated words were exchanged. punches flew. one trump supporter ended upppoe with a bloody nose.y se eventually the fight was broken up.en >> back now at 6:00 u.s. citizen has been sentenced to 10 years in a north korean prison. kim dong chu an ethnic korean kr has beehas been detained in ponn


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