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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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look to be impacted the most. >> a live look outside on this i friday april 29th. skies are gloomy but guessut g what d.c. hockey fans haves have reason to be bright after aafr a huge win in the playoffs. we'll have more on that plus p we'll talk more weather and ofea course traffic coming up onfficc the 5's atom 6:05.5. first though we say gooday goo morning, i'm holly morris inn for allison seymour. smo >> and i'm wisdom martin in wisn for steve chenevey.r welcome to fox5 nstews morning.i >> developing overnight moreverg violence at a donald trumpdona t rally. this time in southernther california. this was the scene in costa c mesa last night.ig thousands flooded the streetsee outside the orange countye cnt fairgrounds. heated words were exchanged. punches flew. one trump supporter ended upppoe with a bloody nose.y se eventually the fight was broken up.en >> back now at 6:00 u.s. citizen has been sentenced to 10 years in a north korean prison. kim dong chu an ethnic korean kr has beehas been detained in ponn
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he was sentenced after briefft trial. the north hasn't released any'tl more details about what kim isti exactly accused of doing. d kim's sentencing comes weekstego after a u.s. college student was convicted of engaging ing antistate activities during ati visit there. he was sentenced to 15 years15 y in prison. also developing overnight the search for a missing mis seven-year-old in marylandn man jaquan hall was last seen inn in the 3400 block of parkway pkw terrace in suitland wearingand n blue jeans an blue top.ea police say he was withns his his 26-year-old uncle michaelicha clark jr. and they may bejr. headed to montgomery county.gome now, if you see jaquan or michael please call police immediately.atel >> today we are expected toxpte learn more about the cybermo bullying probe related to treheo death of fairfax county cou firefighter nicole mittendorf. mittendorf killed herselfder earlier this month after allegedly suffering months of online and workplace bullying by by coworkers.. funeral services for mittendorf were held yesterdayte at 1 o'clock today, fairfaxai county fire chief richardic bowers is scheduled to releaseso new information about the cyber
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can chief bowers is alsolso expected to address steps to prevent suicides among rank and file firefighters.file it has been a rough montha m for metro riders especially ife you use the red >> there have been more than aar dozen incidents in april alongio the red line and all thosellh problems have led to today, a massive repair blitz from metro. >> melanie alnwick is live outside the tenleytown stationoo to let us know how this is how i going to affect you today andt o into the week, right, mel?ht, >> reporter: that's right, guys. remember when general managerag paul wiedefeld first came on c board metro he back inmetro ban november. he said that it was no longert going to bewa business as usual. we've seen him take decisive t action before and this is yetis another example of that. the announcement that this repair blitz was happening really at the same time that t he was addressing the metro board: it began yesterday atte 10:00 a.m. and continued toed 3:00 p.m. and that is what is w we're going to see throughout the weekend.nd.
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really having a lot of troublei and now it is finally getting gi some much needed intensive during this maintenance blitzai workers are going to cleannt tunnels expect power cables powb and remove debris and mud all aa of this because of water infiltration corroding thedi t electrical lines on the trackscs and causing other problems. the gm says when the underground stations wereun built the tunnels weren'te sealed and now the wattuer leakt have taken their toll and the t gm says it is going to getheto t worse if it is not addressed. so, with the net effect it t means that from van ness toheo medical center we are going to see single tracking.racking. happened yesterday.pp will also go on today from todao 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. andnd then picking back up again atp n 8:00 p.m. until closing. closing that is going to continue ctinue through the weekend. the station impacted the mostct on this are going to be bethesda friendship heights and here at tenleytown whereeyww that single tracking israckg expected to cause some crowding on the platforms,ng perhaps some confusion as well l so people need to pay attention to those signs andig know w
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getting on. back to you guys.uuys. >> thanks for the head up appreciate this morning a baltimoreal television station is back on ik air after a story came right cam to them in a way they nevery expected. >> you see yesterday a manee y walked into the station andd threatened to detonate a bomb. fox5's annie yu live ine i studio with details. this was bizarre and scary at st the same time. >> reporter: a very scary situation for the fox 45 news5 n crew. this morning we're learningng w more. the 25-year-old man who threatened to blow up theed station and shot by police issh recovering in the hospital. this incident began aron undun 1 o'clock thursday.ock police say this howard countywau man alex brizzi walked intoked n the fox 45 baltimore newsmore n station wearing an animal costume a surgical mask and was strapped with what policeit thought was an explosivean expve device. device police say he then made then demands before threatening toeae detonate a bomb.te a bb. the suspicious device turnedene out to be chocolate bars wiredae together and the security andhes guard working at the time says s he quickly alerted the newshe room and evacuated theated the building and for 40 minutes heth tried to keep that suspectpe calm.
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parking lot the suspect's carpec was up in flames and eventually brizzi did walk wa out. ou after a long standoff cityoff police officers fired at leastdl three shots and were able too take him into as investigators search too learn more about the suspect his family is speaking out.g >> my son said he had aad revelation from god and jesus as that he -- he gave me thehe message that the world isat thei going to end june the third thei and i need to get this message to people. my wife the other day went d w down to his room when he hade hd left for a little while and wle said he was working withng wit something with wires, you know. and we just weren't able toble connect the dots.he dot >> the suspect's father saysat the family has a history of of mental illness. ill he says it runs back to the father's own sister and thehe suspect's mother. he believes his son may suffer s from a mental situation butuatib right now the family is justisus fo
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recovery and then trying thetr decide what to do next. >> bizarre story but it's a super sad story, too., my heart breaks for those forho parents of that boy. thanks annie. ann all right, it's friday. >> yes. >> it's springtime. it' >> yes. >> so that means fox5 isthat rocking it >> that's right.>> that' let's lighten the mood heretoo and get down to tucker barnesare because he's dealing with thehhe weather and the muddy crows.dyro gary said it earlier. earlier this is a muddy crows perfect combination. >> gentlemen, holly, happy birthday. >> thank you. >> let me start by saying thear weather conditions could notns c be more ideal down here for aor great concert.t concert we're looking at a nice breezeeb ouster north. just a little bit of cloudtle bu cover and just a couplest a cou showers to kind of clean theinde park here as we get ready fordy a great morning.ning yeah, the muddy crows areuddy c going to be down here. h they're segment up as we're ent speak. lots of energy down here andown we're going to have a goodve a g time no matter what.o maer w it's friday morning and it's all systems go. a lot of people ou
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and it's going to be a lot ofe t fun between now and 11 o'clock l this morning. let's get right to the weatherte forecast give you the latestu tt and let you know that we're looking at some chilly cll 49 now in washington, 48 outn, o in annapolis.apolis. north and west you're lookingsty at mid 40's to start your day. d definitely jacket here earlyly as our winds are out of the out north and east and we're andre looking at a few showersew showe across the area.across the are satellite and radar just aite couple sprinkles out there. oute these won't last as we're looking at cloud cover.oud here's the bottom line on yourr friday forecast. forecast. cloud cover cool conditionscooli and drizzle continue todaye t with a chance of a few moreew m showers this afternoon as well so we're just not going to getn much improvement in thent i overall pattern but as far as aa coming down to the muddy crows concert down here i think mostwn of your morning should be jus hs kind of cloudy with just ah j little bit of drizzle. of drizz all right, quick look atook at today's' we're looking at daytime lies de in the upper 50's to about 60 a0 with clouds and a little bititte of drizzle. d all right. i'm going to be here alle morning long.g l erin is going to join me an me little later this morning.orning erin it's already getting set up. it's going to be to be to be to awesome. how is traffic looking.icooki >> i expect you to get thexp party started for us t
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i'll see you in the 9 o'clock 9 hour. we expect a great crowd. c we had love for to you stop bytb and say hi and enjoy some music. if you're heading out the doorhd this is a look 270 southboundthd in montgomery county. m as you make your way down fromor frederick you're going hit h that delay at 109 and then the once you pass by this area in i clarksburg things looking good g as you make your way towardsow the spur we had an earlier ear crash by democracy boulevard.oud that cleared out of the way.ared so, things looking good there.he northbound traffic light as well. let's switch it over rightitch now. this is the inner loop wherelooe traffic is heavy as usual as u picking up as you head towards r alexandria.alex as you make your way pastayp five, though, we're gettingh, wt reports of a tire in theire in t roadway. roadway. so you can see just a littlean j bit of an issue there. t this is out by branch avenue. au getting reports of a stalledll vehicle as well.vecle so we'll let you know if that starts to cause any majoro ca slowdowns this morning.wn a looks now at our maps.s alden road south of fairfax faif county parkway a crash withrash wires down. that could definitely show you o down out in fairfax. frfax
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issues southbound lanesthbod l blocked.ked. avoid south capitol street outpe by atlantic street.tic s metro is on time right now but again, red line trackck improvement this weekend couldee cause delays. back to you.yo >> all right. 6:09 is the time. te. a hat trick by t.j. oshie o sealed the deal. he scored his thirdcores th consecutive goal in overtime and the caps won four-three.oure 33 beat the penguins. pgu oshie entered the game withe w just one goal in 36 careerr post season games and even though braden holtby gave up gau three goals he turned back 42 shots.s. game two stays in washingtonasho tomorrow night at the verizon vz center.nt some harsh words withinit the gop party. >> former house speaker johnakej boehner has to say about onebout of the republican presidentialla candidates. that story coming up next.
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ly. >> the obama administration condemning the airstrikes. airre josh earnest says thearne continued violation of theon of ceasefire is having a negative e effect on political talks toalks end the civil. >> former cable news guest who claimed to be a cia officer is set to plead guilty to federalel criminal charges today.od wayne simmons was charged lasts year in federal court inn alexandria with fraud andaud d making false statements to theto government.go prosecutors say simmonsuts say claimed cia
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pursuing security clearances and in seeking work as a defense contractor.cont >> meantime lance armstrong isi asking a judge to end a to lawsuit against him by thet himt u.s. government. governmen the government wants toants recover millions of dollars insi sponsorship money the u.s. the s postal service paid toai armstrong's team from 1998 through 2004.ugh . armstrong confessed in 2013 ton3 doping to win the tour de france seven times. t he claims that the postal pos service made an agreement with w the team he rode on and was not a part of the agreement. agr a war of words within the gop. former house speaker john boehner lashed out at presidential hopeful ted cruzal during a speech this week at hec stanford university.nirsit he compared him to the devilhe and that's not all.. >> i have never worked with a more miserab
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(bleep). (applause).(applause). over my dead body would he be president.resident. >> cruz hit back while>> cz hi stumping in indiana he said he i boehner was "letting his inner n trump come out." >> john boehner and his remarks describe donald trumpsc as his texting and golfing buddy. if you like what john boehner, n nancy pelosi and harry reidry rd have donald trump trump is your guy. g >> crews also says that he haded never worked with boehner whooer stepped down as speaker laster fall. ll. meanwhile hillary clintonwhl is blasting donald trump onld tn his comments about her playingep the women's card to get whereet she is saying if she were ashe e man she wouldn't get 5 percenter of the vote.of the that's what trump s now in a series of tweets shef s asked what card is trumps t playing and is also using theo statement to raise some moneyomm for her campaign. cpaig she's encouraging people toging make a donation so they canan get their woman card.d. >> meanwhile bernie sanders'ernr capa
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than 200 employees accordingmplc to his campaign manager.anag the decision comes after sanders lost four out of five o east coast states during theng primaries tuesday. t >> this morning vice presidentmn joe biden is in rome to talk tk about cancer research. r he's at a vatican conferencefe that's going on today.n today he is highlighting the obama administration's moon shot initiative which aims to makes e therapies available to moreie patients and accelerate cancersc research and improve cancer prevention.ev >> coming up what officials in a maryland are doing today to tody ease concerns over the zika t virus. >> let's go ahead and take ao live look outside as we heade h to break on this fridays fri morning. little chilly out there,there, 48 degrees right now. it's damp as well.'s damas w we're going talk weather andea of course traffic on the 5sn s coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ it is friday, it is i rainy, it is cool but itt doesn't mean we don't know areto you threw have a good time ongom fox5. >> let's go to tucker barnes.tot he's down at farragut squareragu park and the muddy crows are cre going to be down thereg be shortly.ort hey, tucker >> hey, you know what, i heard about your singing last week.t i'm going to have a dance-off do later. you got to come down.toome i want you coming down heredown doing some dancing with me me later today.later to >> i got this whole knee thingnh tucker. i can't do any -- knee backee b and >> i realize you got some injuries. in after your big basketball season.seas >> yeah. >> let's get going here. we got the muddy crows -- cro - yeah, we're getting o we got the muddy crows showingro up here in the next couple hours. we're setting up for it. going to be a great concert.on we're going to be out hereut until 11 o'clock this morning.l please come down and say hi. a h i know erin is going to come toc down in a couple hours.e we'll get the friday partydaar started early and off. a o never mind the light rainmind showers or cool conditions. c once we get movinoog we're going to warm it rht
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get to the temperatures andemras see what's happening out here. you know, it's not ideal i'm iai not going to lie.oie 49 degrees in washington.hiton. 48 in annapolis.nnapis. and in leonardtown.nato but it's not terrible, got cloud cover and a little lit bit of light shower andof l sprinkle activity across theiv area and we're going to keepp that in the forecast for yourt friday. frid so no sunshine today, sorry about that as we're just stuckek in the same pattern we've beenvb stuck in for the last coupleast of days. all right, there's a quickhere'a look at forecast. forecas 59 your daytime high.ig those winds stay out of the t east and the north and east at about five to 10 with clouds wis and drizzle an few passingpassig showers. let's talk about the weekendbo forecast. not looking great.look in fact, as we get intot int saturday and sunday, here'sy, h the good news. we are going to be warmer withh daytime highs in the mid toheid upper 60's but we do have ao few showers around both saturday and sunday with the w possibility of maybe ait thunderstorm by sundayders afternoon. so, unfortunately thattuna unsettled pattern continuesd pti for a few more days. upper 50's to about 60 today. 6d all right. rig i'm down at farragut
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come down and join me.e. the muddy crows will be herero soonly we'll have a big he a concert series to end the week for our friday.for our f should be a great morning. mni that's the let's do traffic with erin. e things are flowing smoothly s out here but i'm impresseded with the volume of traffic outef here early. >> yeah, there's a lot ofhere traffic early usually on on fridays especially with the espc rain. you know how d.c. s there'ss trs always something going on. som right now you can see trafficee is picking up. u this is 95 northbound by newington.newing just a steady flow of trafficra towards the springfield interchange. we'll take a look at our maps.ap south of that points we alsols have delays through dale city.i. there's a transformer issue.ssue south capitol street closed southbound between atlantic street and chesapeake sosa please use caution as you headaa out in southeast this morning. i fairfax we have a crash withsh w some downed wires. wir alden road south of fairfax frfx county parkway.county parkway. as you head out in marylandd the biggest delay on theelay one inbound side is southboundbo 270, 80 to 109, sluggish commute, average speeded checking in a
6:19 am
35 miles per hour. h stop-and-go traffic.-go traff prince george's county innerge's loop branch avenue to wilsonav bridge looking good. loo we have reports on the inner loop of a disabled blocking the shoulder by branch avenue.e. little extra caution. cau five 301 heavy. no alerts from metro which ishi good news but this weekend weeke there's a lot of track work scheduled. check in with me on twitter att erin fox5 d.c. on how those adjustments could act your weekend commute on metro.d co holly. >> sounds good.>> s thanks.ks 6:19.> 6: and the fight against zika is i coming to maryland. today at 3 o'clock governor govr larry hogan will be holding allb press conference to talk about various state initiatives initiv against zika.agt in montgomery county, countyery executives will hold a meetingee to discuss the threat from the r mosquitos, what the county is tu doing to combat the virus andird what residents can do to do t protect themselves and theirnd r families as mosquitos begin to emerge for the summer. sme >> hundreds of mothers andnd their babies will make their way to capitol hill today tool participate in a nationwideatnw nurse-in event a campaign toamig bring aware
6:20 am
breastfeeding in public tonublic end public breastfeedingeeding discrimination. today's event in d.c. getsent c under way at one::this one afternoon on the capitol lawn between the u.s. capitol ande u. supreme court. similar events are being held at state capitols around theoune country.y. coming up, air b and b wants you to rent out more than just your home. j >> plus, uber has a a reminderee for its customers. ♪ we're going to tell you whatdunk it is next. powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> air b and b wants you to you rent out more than just your meh home and uber saying listenis you don't have to tip.u first a check on thedo markets.s joining us from the fox business network studio isdio lauren simonetti. simonetti happy friday lady.y fr >> reporter: holly you do hly yo not realize this but that t sounded so scandalous.cand you can represent out moreout mo than your home. >> i know. we like to do a little teasingts here. >> reporter: you liked theter: way that sounded. >> maybe i did.y >> may let's start talking about the mang. how are we looking on the and friday. >> reporter: this is a big day. it's t
6:23 am
week. it's also the finaall day of thehe month of april for so, this is was need to know. k april decent month looking at lg the dow, terrible monthri looking at the nasdaq. the week was -- well, the week e was interesting.esting. yesterday terrible day for the t dow. down 211 points because appleaup shares were down so much. were we're trying to recover today.. but futures are relatively relav flat. not sure how this day is going s to go. oil giants chevron and exxon report they open their books b on the first quarter. qrt oil prices have been low.ices that should affect thefe t company. >> the good news is this weekwsw is almost over and there'she always next week, right.k, rig >> reporter: yes.>> r >> okay, so let's talk aboutalka air b and and what do they mean when theyn t say they want you to rent outo more than just your home.justr >> reporter: well, they want to be more of like a conciergeee or like a real travel company. so you can rent someone else'ses home, rent out your own homer o but then also have theseve t features where you can see canee other things that you can doou d in the t you can look at reviews foror local restaurants and the
6:24 am
so they're testing two different features.tu and they're testing them out the in california.ifni one is called sonoma select. i'd love to get some advice onn which wineries i should go toesi and also something called c guide >> who is doing that? like ife you're the one renting outenng your home are you also the onest like saying, hey, this is, th what's around the area or do o they look at your home andour he then they add the feature? fea >> reporter: you know, r that's a very goodep question.u. and i don't know. k i don't know if it's at' collaboration or if it's as a special team of air b and bnd folks i'm not sure. i'm going to look into that. i i would be more curious to see what the homeowner had to say.oy >> right, that was my questionyt yeah because they would be the one that really knows theat r answer but then again it's t also more work for you so then t do you charge more? so many questions, lauren. >> reporter: you know, inow, will do my best to find youind answers. >> all right. hey, before we go, though, let's talk about uber just uber saying hey, listen up folks,.ols >> reporter: he don't haver:do to tip. you don't have to tip. t and t
6:25 am
okay.ok so, tipping used to be antiing s option in the app. app. it's not an operation in theatn app. they're not putting it as an asa option in the app.the a they wants the drivers and theha ride stories have certainty. this is the cost, this is whatsi you pay, you don't have to hav feel guilty when you'renou leaving that car. you can get a cash tip if youipo would like. it's no necessary nor is itit expected. uber also saying that, you thaou know, sometimes if they hadf thy tipping as an option, then t drivers might say we're not going to this less affluent aff part of the city, we're only wel going to work in part of the p city because folks there havethh bigger houses and they'reouseane probably going tip us more oripo whatever the rationale is. so, no tipping in uber. >> uber is all inclusive. inclue it is what it iat have a great weekend, lauren. >> reporter: you too. >> bye.>> b ha what's up, gary. w >> hey, hey.>> hey, h i wish the temperatures wererate up a little bit more. le bit >> i wish the temperaturesish were up,th too. too i didn't expect it -- i knewit e it was supposed to be damp but b i guess maybe i just didn't didt listen. i didn't expect it to be thisec chilly
6:26 am
cumulative that a day is not ah big deal, the second day butday then you start getting into the third day and the fourth -- at least for me.e. it's just miserable out.isable 45 to 50 degrees but it's not io too miserable to go to thehe muddy crows. >> bundle up and rock it out.oct >> we should not be so we should be more positive. post we should find the silver lining. we just did. a free concert at farragutt fara north this morning.noor 45 for gaithersburg.ur a lot of mid 40's out there. 4 yes, i know these are unaprilnal like temperatures but listen,te you know, it could be worse, right.ght. showers, 59 degrees for a highfh temperature today.teerat really looks like clouds andcl drizzle and then some passinge g showers this afternoon, juston j passing. >> remember that 26-inches ofths snow we got in like 24 hourse 24 so it could always be worse. woe >> it was snowing over inwas snw parts of europe just >> right. >> it could always be worse.wa >> this friday is amazing.idaysm it's all in how you look at it, right, erin. eri >> our glass is half fullalful today. >> that's right.>> >> and there's also driven so grab an
6:27 am
as you head out to blueline dealing with some delays to largo because of anlag earlier malfunction at can king we'll copy you posted on that.ha typical delays in the district right now.rit no 295 southeastern to pennsylvania dips town to 13 miles per hour.13 m a lot of heavy traffic there. te 50 inbound starts to back up bup through kenilworth so givee yourself extra time. t you know the drill coming fromfr annapolis, typical morningical i delays on 50 and then new yorkno avenue inbound by bladensburg.. transformer issue has southas s capitol street closed between atlantic and chesapeake. chesape fairfax crash with downedith wn wires. this is at the intersection of albin road south of fairfax f county parkway.county parkway we'll keep you updated on that blueline dane the busy morning r commute that's shaping up.e back to >> all right erin, coming upn,on the redskins trade with the with texans during the nfl draft.fl we'll tell you about thell you o newest member of the burgundy bu and gold.and gold. >> plus we'll have a live look' at our crew. well, the rest of our crew isws a statue but i can tell you tyou our crew is down there,here they're getting ready for ouror spring concert series.oncerterie come on out join
6:28 am
farragut square park is whererkw you need to muddy crows is who is goings wo take the stage and rock us onocs into the weekend. >> ♪ now at havertys furniture, it's our anniversary sale. which means it's the perfect time... to create the perfect home. now through may 2nd, everything's on sale. it's our gift to you. plus, we're offering twenty-four month, no interest financing. come in today for great prices throughout the store. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. the anniversary sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys.
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>> welcome back to fox5 newsco it's a little dreary out there. you can see it's gray. g it's damp. but that's okay. o we're heading into the weekendee anyway but bundle up if you head outside. outside more weather and traffic onth the 5's ater 6:35.s at let's take a look at our top o stoes
6:31 am
prince george's county. police officers were calledff out toic the 1700 block oflock kenilworth avenue in capitolcapl heights at around 10:30 last they found the victim.oundhe v ems crews got him to theo the hospital but he later died but e there. no word right now on any suspects. suspec and happening right now,t the search for a missingis seven-year-old in maryland.and. jaquan hall was last seen in the 3400 block of parkway terrace in suitland. he was wearing blue jeans andje a blue top. police say he was with his 26-year-old uncle michael mic clark jr. and they may be headed toey mayd montgomery county. now, if you have seen jaquan s or michael, please call police immediately. new details this morning surrounding prince's death.sea law enforcement officials sayic the singer may have died fromdro a drug overdose. investigators found prescription opioid medication t pills used to treat pain onain him and in his paisley parkar home in minneapolis.inneapol so far no indication that prince had a validid prescription for those
6:32 am
medications.medica autopsy results are noty relts expected for another three to te four weeks. >> ♪ >> 6:32 is the the tim and that means it's time for the morning line.the redskins made their pick inic the nfl draft and the caps came out on top in the opening round two playoff game.yo let's get a check now with theoh sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan. good morning to you guys andnin guess what i have in my hand? h >> what do you have in yourdo hand. >> sacred holly morris cow bell. i'm not going ring it becauseinc i don't want to jinx them in ji any way because they won lastons a lot of people didn't expect et them to win by beating pittsburgh because pittsburgh pg is a good team. they have had problems withem pittsburgh. >> i believe holly morrisel donaieted to our beardathon bead accounts yesterday so thankun you.ank >> i saw that holly. i saw thato >> and thank you holly for keeping the faith and rockingoci the red. r >> you are sweet. s >> whenever they hear capss le
6:33 am
in brings up a lot of bad memories, a lot of ghosts from the past. t.j. oshie came up huge last night. braden holtby was good. good. >> pressure is now onow o pittsburgh. i don't care how they hoe you can say pittsburgh outrg shot them whatever the caps c won the game.wo now the pressure is onn pittsburgh.urgh they have to win four, caps foup have to win three.n t you got to win at home. at hom >> i still think the pressure ps is on the caps because yous becs lose a game now all of ae now al sudden you've lost home ice. yov >> but they haven't lost gamehag two yet. >> but i'm saying it's noting 't like they can just relax and and get into the we got to steal go one mode. >> what happened to thehat ha positive -- >> i'm being positive. i'm >> you were going to be the positivee eb. e >> i'm being positive. pos >> you can't help yourself. can >> i'm being positive but it's s any other like -- all they have to do is win one and win oe they're happy.e we have to win both. win b >> but if they don't they don't might be done, steve.e, s >> well, okay.ell, okay. >> this is a great win tooat wit because you don't even get adong goal if ovie. o you get a win with oshie with oh the hat trick and regardlessegal of whether it was
6:34 am
they're up one-zip and what we t like to say on this show,w, wisdom, is they're one gamere om closer to getting that stanley. five down, 11 to go. got to get that stanley. >> you got to get it. one game at a time. that's what it's all about. all. the most property game is they a next game. let's talk about the future ofue the football team theeam washington redskins. r they had the 21st pick last night and it turned into the 22nd pick then picked a wideicad receiver from ttu. you like or you don't like? which one.h one >> we're at the point now inre o d.c. where literally scot sco mccloughan could draft ald d piano and we would be happyd bep with it.with in scott we trust.e i thought they were going toght go defense.goef i thought maybe if they wentt offense they might go center address the offensive line but b they picked a big stud receiver.receiv i think he'll help them in the red soap and i think he'll be hl somebody that will be here forlr the next four, five years whenre our current
6:35 am
expires. >> that's the point. that' both desean jackson andckso pierre garcon and jordan readn by the way all free agents a after next season so you havesov to have that plan in place. p scot mccloughan isn'tha i drafting just for 2016. 201 he's drafting for many yearsg into the future so i thinkfour k it's a good pick. a gd p they pick up an extra pick from the texans to move back just one slot. typical scot mccloughansc m getting extra picks and still ad getting guys they wanted.y >> we thought the skins were ske going to go defensive linefen l last he didn't. he went offensive we thought he was going to gooi defensive line this year heline didn't. didn't he goes receiver. this kid josh doctson is good.hs he's got great lands he's big.d' a lot of these big 12 receivers 33 play no defensey in the bigno 12, zero.2, you could probably catch 10 touchdowns in the big >> let's not get carried away. a >> numbers don't translate't trs from college to the pros.he p most of these big 12 receivers i that put up gaudy numbers in can college don't do it in thetn pros. >> but are they big like him. >> yes. y
6:36 am
member now of that redskins rsk wide receiver core at six-two s a little bit over 200 pounds. 2d garcon is 6 feet desean jackson lucky if he's he's not calvin johnson butoh b he's the biggest group now. that's another element theynt t have.y >> he's got hops like you.s go he got a 41-inch >> that's true.>> t the only thing we have ine common is we're both six-two six and we're both over 200 pounds.pounds i'll leave it at guys always good to talk to tal you. good to see you. >> thank you. and thank you holly. >> yes, thank you everybody. >> thank you annie yu as well.sw >> thank you everybody.ou everyo >> see you guys. >> >> go ahead. go a >> it brought them luckhem yesterday. i think it continues.think let's headit out to farragur square park where tucker barnsun is getting things started offtad early for our fox5 rocks5 ro concert. >> and there you are. >> yeah. >> racking throcking the red. r. >> looking good. >> yeah, awesomla
6:37 am
unfortunately i stayed up toota late and i have big bags under my eyes. definitely work down here at farragut park the muddy crows are going to beows o performing this morning.rformini never minds the weather.ver min we want encourage everybody too come down and join the fridayria part. it's going to be a lot of fun.oo already a lot of energy.a lot o. a lot of people setting up andeo that kind of thing. kind of should be a lot of fun.d be lotf let's do clouds, drizzle, coolool conditions continue for our con friday. ay our daytime highs only in the t upper 50's. right now 49 in washington.asng 50 in quantico.uaic 429 leonardtown.nardto you guys got mid 40's there inse the mountains.ountai winchester is 45 degrees this5 e morning. couple showers and sprinkles working through.hrough not the heavier rain we hadaiwe yesterday morning but we'llday have a few showers around fromum time to time today along withtie low clouds and fog and drizzle i and daytime highs, sorry about that, only in the upper 50'sonlp tope about 60. about weekend forecast.orec i wish i could say it looked a lot b it looks a little better. better. i'll explain why can coming upiw in a couple minutes. let's get back to erin and do some traffic. traff awesome game last did you stay u
6:38 am
>> last night i'm going to be tb honest i fell asleep at 7:30. i had a big concert to getrto ready for today. you were there, you were upp late. la tucker you're a party animal. a i on the other hand go to bed at 7:30. right now taking a look at ourko morning ride.morn traffic is backing up.fiis bac let me get out of the way. out w this is 95 in maryland.aryl the southbound side from 212 fro to the beltway we are seeing sin some problems. problem there's a crash reported after t 212. we'll let you know about that but as you make your way down d past the icc you're going to t hit a lot of slow traffic. tff the beltway itself jams up the outer loop out by newter hampshire avenue. let's go ahead and takhae a looa right now at our maps. in addition to that, a lot oft,t slow moving traffic in maryland.ry southbound 270, 80 to 109, the0, outer loop, 95 to georgia, 50 west, 450 to 295 typical slowyps traffic there. we'll take a look at your you virginia ride next.inia ride ne. back to you. >> coming up some new numbers ns concerning the teen pregnancy pn rate. >> what experts are saying therg reasons are for the drop. 6:38 is our time right now.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪ >> back now with what'sac trending on the web on thisk friday morning. these are the stories you're engaging with right now on social media.n thfrci also first up this morning, teen pregnancy rates in the united states have hit an historicis low. in fact since 1991, the ratee of teenage births in the u.s.hes has dropped a staggeringg 61 percent.61 pnt. resech
6:42 am
can can be attributed to moreter teens taking add van tap of effective next up, those pesky software updates always seem to pop up at the most m inconvenient times, right? nien well, sometimes it even happens on live television.ev a meteorologist in iowa has gone viral after her wednesdayed weather cast was interrupted by a reminder from windows to upgrade her computer software. r a woman in new sealed was n lucknew zealand waslucky to avof after returning a boo book to her library 67 years late. she was able to avoid the hefty fine because she checked out the book as a child andnd children at the library not charged late >> at that point you just keepup it. >> why even turn it in. they probably wrote itn off. >> just throw in it back ofthro the closet somewhere.closet can coming up, kevin sn con, mccarthy he's going to join us in a little bit to talkoalk about his weekend movie movie reviews and a reminder beforedeo we head to brek
6:43 am
have a tip a-news tip, you canyo share it with us by dialing biag this number you see on your screen 202-895-3000 or you can e-mail us your tips to fox5toox tips at we're back in a moment.
6:45 am
>> we are back now at 6:45 andbk we are giving i was live look outside of reagan national nio airport. that's where a special younghere man is about to go on a wonderful trip thanks to make tm a wish.
6:46 am
crew there waiting ready to reat greet him he's not there yet.'sy it's five-year-old he's from woodbridge.oodbridg he has leukemia but you know you what, that's not the focus today. instead, sammy and this familyat are about to arrhiive at reaganr to get on their way to t universal studios to celebrate b sammy's love of super heroes he and dinosaurs. dinosau hence the theme of some of these signs there. sammy super love it. it is worlds wish day. d that's a what today system it s marks the anniversary of thersro first wish granted back inack 1980 and of course we are celebrate world wish day, too,a, as fox5 partners with make a wie wish for their season of sea wishes campaign. c we are of course delighted to t highlight the amazing awesomenge work that they do all year long. and of course as you can seeoues we are there l we will be capturing the moment when the moment when mom the family arrives and what was the get in on and sharege o the celebration throughout the morning.morning. >> sam plea is going to have aas good time. all right. speaking of good times
6:47 am
farragut park, farragut squarea park for our fox5 spring5pr concert series. serie >> i thought you were goingug yu say tucker barnes is a goodneisg time. >> well, that, too. too >> sadly i'm having a goodavinga time by myself right now. you guys got to come downo d here. hanging out at the park i'm down here farragut park pk getting ready for the muddyhe md crows. going to be a great concert inot a couple hours and should be a b great morning for it.ea i know it's a little cloudyt' out here ways little bit ofit drizzle and not ideal weather conditions.cond however, you know, it's still ks friday and we're still goingtill to make it a great time as youia can see here we're getting set g up and getting all ready to t go. next couple hours hoping to hopn build a nice crowd and have a nice friday spring couldn't is the out here. down at farragut park come down and join let's do some weather.le we're lookint'g it's a cloudyt' skies, little bit of drizzle, dz light showers and coolligh conditions. currently line in washington,asi 50 in quantico. mid 40's50 there in frederick.. 45 degrees.45 45 in gaithersburg as it'ss going to be another chilly friday. daytime highs upper 50's much0's like yesterday to about 60 a 6 with a lot
6:48 am
a couple of showers today.howe t i don't think the rain is'tnk going to be terribly memorableer but we will have occasional showers and drizzle again withan those daytime lies in the upper 50's.uppe let's do the weekend forecastndr very quickly, if we can. and i just want to mention that it looks cloudy bothoudoth saturday and sunday withh daytime highs a little warmer w than what we were looking atooki today. so we might get a littlet a lite sunshine. that would help a lot. wou get those temperatures in there mid 60's, upper 60's near 70 by sunday with rain showersh ins around. the future is so bright i'm putting my shades on. i don't care if it's cloudyca out here or notre erin. e i'm ready to party even if i'm partying by myself.ys i'm partying. par >> give me a few hours. h i got to keep my eye on the commute. i'm coming down for rain, f dance part with my shades, too. north of the beltway 95 southbound to the rigofht of the screen where those taillights t are after 212, there's a carre a into the ditch there.he dch the. so from 198 to the beltway youay have some very heavy traffic.ra be prepared for that. tha bw parkway southboundth unfortunately not a greatfortun alternat
6:49 am
heavy traffic there as well.beaw we'll take a look at the in the and from our camera.our c we're dealing with delays approaching telegraph e getting reports of an incidentoc at that location blocking alotin lane so please allow for some extra time there as well. as w let's go ahead and take a lookk at our maples. some other slowdowns this slowdt morning as usual out ofs usual virginia. unfortunately all yellow andy aw 95 north dale before tossed tose 123.123. 66 inbound 234 to 50 and 395 edsall to seminary that is our i slowest roll from virginiall fra into the district right now.istc moving over to southeast, goodea news there. transformer repaired. repaired. south capitol street haspitostre cleared.clea all lanes opened atlantic street so no worries there.orest in the district delays toelay largo on the blueline. theluel train malfunction at king at street. give yourself extra time. te. >> the hottest ticket in town i because you know what it is. i >> what is it?>> w >> you could win admission fordi you and a guest to fox5's big "empire" season finale f party may 18 at the howard theater. donny
6:50 am
sil have will be there along a with fox5 host allison seymourny and holly morris which happenshp to be me. to b that is me.that i there's going to be many other fox5ers dropping by, too.g t one by the name of kevin o mccarthy i think. >> i'll be there as well.'ll >> just go to betweenco now and 11:59 p.m. and enter for a chance to win 200in winners will be selected bydy random drawing on may second. all entrants and guests must be 21 or older. complete rules are on the contest there you go. e >> it will be a good night. nigt fun will be had by all and whatever lapse a happens at theh theater stays at the howardhe h theater. >> i'm excite. >> kevin mccarthy in the house. >> wisdom martin good to see you. look at that handshake. next week,.t >> can't wait. >> captain america. capca >> we're having a bromancereing over the superheros. serhe >> you're looking particularlycu good in that suit today kev. tok >> and i also did white
6:51 am >> are they new. >> brand new. >> on a rainy day.>> oa ra >> we have jeff goldbloom gdblo coming in studio. s he's known for his suits so hisi much so chris smith orch so chr producer for good day 9a and 10:00 a he dressed up too. >> you all have man crushes onsh him. it's's oka >> it's true. t real quick my mom is turning t 60 today. tod >> stop it.>> sto >> today is her birth day. bth it's your birthday as well.s we. holly's birthday. this is my mom and i. >> aww. >> sixtieth birthday to myh biry mother. she is the most wonderful mostrm beautiful human being i'veng i ever met in my life. m >> wait a minute. you just said that to s no, i'm just kidding. kid >> collage of us. here's a selfie bradleyraey cooper took of us and my mom my is in the bottom left cornerner her face is covered by the banner.banner happy 60th birthday. birthday. >> you both have the sameou bott nose. >> yeah, we dom thank you fore letting me live out my dreams. e i did this job for eight yearsht before i got full time and shens helped support me throughouthrou
6:52 am
mom. i love you.veou happy birthday to you as well.sw >> i feel honored to share there great day with her. >> great day april twenty ninth. it really s speaking ofs speango mothers mother's day opens upnsp dan it sucks. suc this movie is horrible. yeah, so this -- ts >> that's great of the kevineatk line ever. er. >> ever. >> this movie is so bad and a here's why. why so, first of all i love gary marshall. gary marshall is brilliant. bll drinked pretty woman. he worked other odd couple, cpl happy days, mork and mindy. m chair predictable cheese chees. the performances are fine.nces the actors do a fine job ine j the performances but it's the editing and the script and the predictability and julie roberts has the worst wig. wig she's wearing the same wige that she wore -- here it is.
6:53 am
she wore that wig in noting ning hill.. >> okay.>> >> when she was doing its fake movie which is a great film. f loved knotting hill.g h in that movie she was an actress schenn made a spaces sc movie and she had the same wig. they rebrought the wig back w this movie for the whole film wo but it's terrible.e. >> this movie one more time. t >> it sucks. >> i gave 81 and a half out ofaf five. >> that was being kind. tha >> to, the performance, here'sf' the thing it's not a zero but at it's one of the worst films wors i've seen in a long time.eein a one and a half is basically ania f. i would say if you're ever going to watch it watch it on it cable but get up and go to the bathroom a couple times ande tim maybe have dinner between. bet this is a cute couple scenes s that are okay but overall. >> way to sell it. >> not worth selling it. i >> gary marshall just calledl cd and said he's never talking to t you again. >> i heard that. i hea tha moving to a great film called
6:54 am
the story line basically isne bs it's a little cat there getss two cousins become drug dealers, fake to be drug dealers to try and get their trt cat back who was stolen by a st gang and it's an action com deal. it's highly r rated.ed. it's one of the funniest filmsus i've seen in a long time.een in i love key and peel. and p >> funner? than "deadpool."ne >> no. that's still my number twotillnb movie of the year. yr. number one is captain this is funny.ths funn will forte is there with theh layer. it's action like you haven'tn seen in awhile. awh the lacks is great.lackss comedy is great. isreat everything about it real does work and the cat is so cute. th they had to use seven cats to t make this film because, you, know, they had to interchange -- i read somewhere that the cat actually got older as theyly were filming so they had to glike bring in otherng cats to keep the youth of the >> okay. >> kind of cool. so,. so,.
6:55 am
have given me no better gift.r >> i appreciate it.ciate a four and a half out of five. v worth seeing.g. amazing action film. great casting and method man me is amazing in it. i real quick i'm going down qg to meet tucker barnes. i'm rushing out of here.of i'll be down there at farragutta square park doing my hit at 8:47. i'm going down there now. come out and say hi.ay >> then you're coming back.omk. >> i'm coming back here for jeff golds bloom. >> jeff golds bloom. blo >> i want kevin to see bad movies more. >> i was going to yield my t time to say kevin tell us again what you thought ofat youg mother's day. d >> it really, really sucked. >> you know what, i rarely agree with holly but the besthes movie review ever.r. >> ever.>> >> i loved e that. lov >>
6:56 am
agree.ou >> don't take it personally.ake. >> now i'm offended.ended. [laughter] >> oh, boy. restores my faith in kevin. kev >> bus stop forecast 45 to 50 degrees.egre 54 to 60 later on this afternoon. it is rainy and raw andray an drizzly and nasty and dank and d all of that stuff. s here's erin como with a lookh a at your friday morningdarn traffic. >> it's an emotional emoti rollercoaster since kevin mccarthy came into thecart studio this morning. let's look at traffic righttrfi now. we'll move over at 6:56. i'd love to just say traffic sucks to move on.ove o in virginia 395 north really r big slow zone and again to thegt 14th street bridge.14th 95 north through dale city andid woodbridge as well, 66 east east from manassas into centrevilleoc those are our biggest delays and for maryland 270 south the h outer loop and 50 inbound usual spots are sluggish.l sp more traffic in just a fewew moments. we'll be back. keep it to fox5. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7:00oxig developing overnight violenthtio protests breaking outta'in donald trump fist fights vandalism and arrests this as a formeris as f speaker of the house goes on a tirade about his rifle withut ted cruz. >> closer to home plans for delays -- plan for delays on the metro today and throughout the ek
7:00 am
way. which stations are impacted. iae we'll have a live report a liv r coming up.ming >> plus rock the red. the capitals winning game one gn in dramatic fashion. fashi we have highlights of thetof stanley cup playoffs straightff ahead.ea >> and a live look outside onute this friday april 29th 2016. 20. and we are off to a gloomy aloom start maureen but we will bee ll the sunshine to everyone'srye' day. day. >> i like that.>> i l >> weather and traffic comingndt up on the 5's at seve 7:05. 7:0 good morning. >> we'll take a live right nowow at farragut square park. park. you can catch today's band it's the muddy crows live in lin person for free concert theyrthe are there all morning long. we'll here from the band in f our 8 o'clock hour.our. find more information about the band and our concert series on tucker barnes is down there, t kevin mccarthy headed down, d erin como pretty soon. soo the band get


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