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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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way. which stations are impacted. iae we'll have a live report a liv r coming up.ming >> plus rock the red. the capitals winning game one gn in dramatic fashion. fashi we have highlights of thetof stanley cup playoffs straightff ahead.ea >> and a live look outside onute this friday april 29th 2016. 20. and we are off to a gloomy aloom start maureen but we will bee ll the sunshine to everyone'srye' day. day. >> i like that.>> i l >> weather and traffic comingndt up on the 5's at seve 7:05. 7:0 good morning. >> we'll take a live right nowow at farragut square park. park. you can catch today's band it's the muddy crows live in lin person for free concert theyrthe are there all morning long. we'll here from the band in f our 8 o'clock hour.our. find more information about the band and our concert series on tucker barnes is down there, t kevin mccarthy headed down, d erin como pretty soon. soo the band get
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but surely. how are you. >> i'm good. how are you. >> good. good to see you.go >> you, too. >> let's get you caught up onupo what's making news this morning.moin >> violent protests overnight pt outside the donald trump flailfl demonstrators took to theo the streets even smashing theevenmah windows of police at least four people were arrested and one trump one supporter was hurt in an scuffle.scfle. police if riot gear werear called in to control the crowd c which was eventually dispersed.dispersed. >> more on the protests and the the race for president issi i holly with the details this morning. good morning to tu. >> never a dull moment in this campaign >> never. >> another day another story and this is the one to tell these violent protests atole trump's rally come as he's get closer to securing the republican party's nomination.ty meanwhile former house speakerpk john boehner has some choicehoic words for trump's closest competitor.comp protestors destroying a police s car outside of a trump rally in costa mace s1 trumpe1 t supporter wound up wounded.d
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insides the rally the the candidate drew thousands of thoo supporters urging them to voteoe in havin california's delegate r couldn't nest june and suggestt he had a broad bases of support. >> lat nalatinos from trump i li that. >> reporter: trump's closest'slo rival ted cruz got something sot let's say well short of an o an endorsement from formeror republican house speaker john boehner who was recorded at aeca towel he wasn't event athe w stanford university this week -l meeting. >> i have never worked with a wt more miserable son of a (bleep).ep over my dead body will he bell president. >> he allowed his inner trumpnnp to come out. >> reporter: it's no secreteo that cruz didn't make any friends in congress but inut this antiestablishment year the gop race has become oddslyod enough a race for the establishment.t.
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of the anti-trump crowd butp cut trump appears to be winning win over others. oer >> there are certainly ahere handful that have come out and d endorsed him. him there's a growing numberng though that are at least tha coming to terms with the wh th prospects of him being thes of g nominee and coming to termser with the idea that they would tw support him if he is that nominee.mi >> reporter: meanwhile inr: new york m city authorities aree investigating after a white w powder was delivered in aniv envelope toer trump's campaign a officers at trump tower.ow the substance was tested and is harm leams. harmless. the next primary is tuesday in i indiana. >> never a dull holly thank you.hollthank you. >> you're welcome.>> you're wel. >> this morning we are gettingie a clearer picture about the mental state of a 25-year-old-yr man who was shot by policey pol after threatening to blow up aop baltimore tv station. >> alex brizzi walked into fox 45 yesterday afternoon wearingoa an animal costume, a a surgical mask and strappedalk with what police there was thece was an explosive device. d he made demands before
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up. a security guard at thety g station was able to getwaable everyone evacuated before getting brizzi to go outside. oi when he didn't comply with w police commands offense fired three shots at him and took him into custody.into cus brizzi remains in the hospitalni in serious condition.erious c last night fox5 spoke with brizzi's father. take a listen.isten. >> about two weeks ago my sonksn came up to me and said i've had a revelation from god and jesus that he gave me the message that the world is torld going to end june the thirde thi and i need to get this message a to people.eoe. my wife the other day wentayen down to his room when he had h left for a little while and said there was -- he wasas -- working with something with wires, you know, and we juste js weren't able to connect the dots. dots >> the device brizzi was wearing turned out to be chocolate bars wrapped in foil and held together by wires. developing overnightht police in prince george'sn county investigating a deadly shooting that happened around
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10:30 on kenilworth avenue invee capitol heights.capil police found the victim and transported him to theted hospital where he died.heree di. no word on any suspects.ny spe >> also in prince george'sin county police are searching for pae missing seven-year-ol- boy last seen april 25t jaquan law was last seen withas his uncle 26-year-old michaelic clark jr. in the 3400 block of f parkway terrace in suitland suil wearing blue jeans and a blue top. the pair may be headed to heade montgomery county.ount >> all right.>> getting you to our fox5 rocks we are setting up at farraguttaa square park this morning where w tucker barnes has beenn braving -- man, tucker i'mtuck m sorry, a little bit of raine bir but it's not raining on ourur parade.ra what's he doing? his walk is w on. check that out, annie. >> oh.>> oh. >> okay. it's attracting a crowd,d, right, tuck? >> ♪ >> it's kind of sad actually. o i'm the only one here so far but the concert promises to be a if one.a if one. we've got the muddy crows thisws morning and, yeah, the weatherha is not perfect but honestly hesl it's not too bad out here.ut h it's mostly just cloudy wit
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little bit of drizzle and temp in the upper 50's. i'm at farragut park.gutk. the concert starts at 9 o'clock this morning untilntil 11 o'clock.11 o'c erin will join me. wil m if you're in the neighborhood please drop by and say hi. it is friday after all.aftell looking at numbers in thet numbi 40's. bring a jacket.brinjack very chilly out there early. we've got temperatures which wch haven't budged a whole lotd w overnight.over again we're looking at 49 in washington, 48 in annapolis, ans line in fredericksburg.ckur 47 up in hagerstown. hagst here's your satellite and yourr radar.rada have had a few light sprinklesir and showers early.and owers earl lots of clouds.ts of clouds. we're going to keep clouds andud drizzle in the forecast evenecae this afternoon with daytime day highs in the upper 50's too about 60 so that's again goinggi to be it for the day.r t d winds out of the east at five to 10. in just a minute i'll be back'lb with the seven-day forecast.eca. we'll be down here all morningni long. lo future is so bright i got my iot shades on.shades o i'm ready to party.m ady to par come on down.come on d >> rock star tucker barnesstar s this morning. all right, i can't wait to c join you down there for the party. part shave me a dance i'll be down'l there for the 9 o'clock hour. 7:06 right now
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if you're trying to get your gey commute started we havearted h problem areas and breakingand b news from metro.rom et red line delays to shady grove g just in so give yourself extraee time on the red line.e redine. blueline dealing with earlierar delays residual delays from f largo.largo. metro dealing with not a terrible friday morning.og typical slowdown the innern loop across the wilson bridge.ri i want to show you this as you y make your way out in princen pr george's 95 southor after 212 there's a a car off the road into a ditch.. delays back to the icc. heavy traffic on therafficn the southbound side.sout you may want to keep it to bwo w parkway to get around that but just note you're going to dealyo withu' typical congestion passing 197 to powder mill. pow getting out of the way fort your virginia heaviest traffic 395 inbound95 u edsall to you're also sluggish to theo sl 14th street bridge.bridge typical inbound slow traffic yellow zone 66 east and 95tnd north out in dale city. c in stafford on 95 you're alsoe s dealing with heavy traffic.raff in maryland 270 south is slow by 109. 109. same story outer loop top of loo the beltway to georgia and and then 50 inbound 450 to
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slow traffic. tff that may quickly turn into aurn red zone and then in the the district 295 remains slowns slow eastern to pennsylvania.yl we're also seeing delays outelay by bladensburg on new yorkw yo avenue inbound suitlandtlan inbound delays to south s capitol. nothing atypical there.atal the. keep a close eye on metro and ma those delays this morning. maureen. maureen. >> that's right erin thank you for. for. in yeah, metro there are delays this morning forning commuters throughout thes throuo weekend in fact it's going to f last. the transit agency has begun aaa multi day repair blitz anditz an it's happening on the redpeng o line. line. >> melanie alnwick checkingie things out for us this morning a outside the tenleytown stationna with more on what you shouldt y expect this weekend and froms wn metro in the near future.ea f good morning,, mel. >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning and so i know that we've been seems like coveringg metro every single day.ine day there have been at least 15 lst problems along the red line. ren we're talking about track issues, signal issues, power outages, arcing insulators, 15ur just in the month of april alone on the red line.ed l now certain portions of theons f
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needed intensive care and there could be more to come. c let's talk about what is going on with the maintenance blitz m this weekend. workers are going to cailear tunnels, inspect power cablesere remove debris and mud all ofud this because of persistenten water infiltration that'sioth corroding the electrical linesrl on the tracks. metro's gm says when these the underground stations wereund stt built these tunnels weren'tioelr seen. now as we've seen the water w leaks have taken their tollaken and metro's gm says it is gm is going to get worse if it's not addressed. there are still manyarstil outstanding safety issuesyss along all of the lines thats t the feds have told metro theyhey need to fix. general manager paul wiedefeld is signaling that anotherer major maintenance blitz is coming. >> sacrifice our customers intoi terms of the impact we will have on service availabilityilal but clearly with 168 hours in68
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the week and we're only out on the -- 135 of those are beingreb used for rider service it'svi i hard to catch up and the a current plans are just notot working. >> reporter: so let's talk so le about this weekend's from van ness to medical mic center single tracking todayg ty from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.0.m then that single tracking tck picking up again at 8:00 p.m..m until closing. clong then this weekend saturday andur sunday single tracking on the entire portion of those tracks t along the red line withe service back up to normal on monday.moay. well, we've also been talk,al annie and maureen, about this ti track maintenance plan thatinte wiedefeld is planning ond putting out in the next couplehc of weeks and we heard a little l bit more yesterday, some clues e as to what it could mean.n. sounds like, well, i'm not going to say shutdown butown b perhaps some portions on someonn lines could see that becausese they're saying they're going talk to the partners in thehe area, talking about addingdd more buses, talking about doin
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mitigation.mitigation. it certainly sounds like thereou will be some interrupted service along metro whileet w they're trying catch up on all these repairs. rai that maintenance plan isai expected to drop in a fewntdrop weeks. we back to you. >> all right, mel, somethingl, g needs to be done.needs to be if it means closures, in myre book i say do it becauseecause safety has got to be the paramount concern. cce >> headed in the right hea direction. >> thank you mealing. let's talk a littletalk football.otba. exciting round one of the nfl te draft. the burgundy and goldsndolds swaption with the houston witth texans for their 22nd round2nd r pick an later round pick.k. >> yeah.>> y so who did they get? meet m josh is doctson, senior fromenir the tcu he was an all american a last year.ear. at six-two he'll give kirk gki cousins another option for deep plays and he's drawing comparisons to odell beckham jr. very exciting. >> capitals beating theal penguins last night in overtime thanks to a goals by b t.j. oshie. oshie it was his third in a row row making him just the third caps d
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post season the final score four to three.. game two stays in d.c.. it's tomorrow night at the verizon center.zo and check this one outchis from last night's game. g jay beagle trying to playrying o after his stick got caughtau under the visor of his helmet. how did that happen? so, it happened when beagle got mixed up with the penguins playerlaye and then later a stick got caught in beagle's skate.s s tripping him leading to a power play. p >> that is -- that's why i sayay hockey games are so exciting ext to watch especially if you'reou there because you'll never know what's going happen. happe >> confession. never been to one.r been to >> we have to get mo to a capsoa game.g >> me and sports we don't mix.o i'm getting there slowly butlowl surely. coming up a little boy ua ly from our area about to go on a n special trip today thanks to tok the make-a-wish foundation. bob bernard joins us live withiw that story. >> as we head to breryak here'sr another live look at ourt spring concert series. s
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we'll be out there all morning long, tucker erin and kevin mccarthy will be out there. come down and join them.
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>> ♪ >> all right, mo and i jamming inside the studio right. rig it's all right because on aht be day like this i would rather be inside than we want all of you to comeou to down and join the rest of thees gang. tucker is down there right nowhg at our concert series. tucker, are you still rocking the shades?has? >> uh-oh. there he is. >> there you are. >> with steve williams ourams chief photographer in the mix.ot >> i'm with our hard workingog i crew right now. everybody is getting ready for g the concert.the concert. there's a lot of peopleere' running around. there are people all over the placlee down here at farragutt f park. >> you know what tuck i got toao say -- >> we're looking at a great concert with the muddy crows later today which starts atda 9 o'clock this morning
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mor where did everybody go? ere everybody is leaving me.erybod let's go to the weathers goo the forecast take a look at current conditions. it is cool -- thank you, sir. - next time i need a latte. lat let's go to temperatures.s to e 49 degrees right now washington. it's a very chilly start to stat the day. it's going to be a cool one coo this afternoon. highs are going to be in the upper 50's to about 60 with 6 w drizzle rain showers throughout the day and someut cloud cover c that's a quick look at yourat y forecast and more of the samehe can be expected for our friday. 59 degrees winds out of the win east here at five to 10 with just a few passing showers during the day. hey, let's talk weekendd forecast. you know everybody wants to get outside. i'm sorry the weather has been so cool. we'll be a little warmer thishis weekend. but we're going to keep ato keep shower in the forecast bothca saturday and maybe even aay and thunderstorm on sunday. on i think there may be a periody p of sunshine this weekend butee it won't be a perfect weekendrfe by any means certainly nottainly compared to what we've had in w' the past week or so.the past w all right. we'll continue to set up heree again. concert starts at 9 o'clock.ts l come join us here at farragutt park. should be a great friday let's do some traffic. som erin i got my shades on because i was up way too late tt
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>> you got your coffee, your shades. shad i'll be down there at 9:00wn tht we'll have a great time. t we would love for you to join us. stop by farragut square. sqr light drizzle never stops theert orange silver blue there's are's medical emergency that wasencyh resolved. all trains will arrive onrriv correct platform now so things w getting back to normal there. t disabled grosvenor bound red line train moving will off-load at barack land. back next trait train at fort to the tent red line issues we're d dealing aside from metro your friday commute overview heavy trafficra from prince george's into also a on the inner loop.a on congestion there. same story 295 inboundco past p south capitol.h 50 inbound also dealing withca i delays inside the beltwayng andy you're also backing up ap little bit through largo rightgt there on the outer loop.ere some heavier traffic as you you make your way past that direction.ct in addition 95 south after 212ft a car off the road into a ditch.h. delays back to the icc.he may want to keep it to bw b parkway but factor in
7:18 am
time because of typical slow moving traffic 197 down. 1 let's take a live look outside at 66. at 66. 66 this is out by fairfax f county heavy eastbound traffic.d t light fog.t watch for visibility problems.rl you can see it's a littlee heavier more dense the in someoh spots. that's a your traffic.'s back to you maureen. t >> thank you.>> thank if you need something toou n clear you up today and who doesn't, let's face it, today t is world wish day. fox5 partnering with the make make-a-wish foundation foroundao their season of wishesn of wishs campaign and we are happy tond w highlight the great work theyrer do all year long. >> we sure do and today make a wish midatlantic is grantingra one very special little boyciale his wish out at reagan areag national airport. bob barnard is there withhere w more. hey, bob, good morning to you.nt >> reporter: hey, annie,r: hey,a good morning to you.niou we're at terminal b here at reagan airport. this is the american airline gate area and this is our young guy ling to universalrs he's a big fan of super heroes.he his name is he's from woodbridge.db he's
7:19 am
this was his wish to go to universal studios.iversa studi let's show you a quick qui videotape of when he got oute of the limo curbside. he knew he was going to g orlando. he didn't know there was going to be a contingent of welltof wishers have make a wishke w midatlantic here to greet him h curbside and so he looked aeoo little stunned, maybe like he mk napped in the car or somethingot in the limo ride fromid f woodbridge but he's beens b waving ever since and you canevr see if you come back live now l he's flapping his wings.ppinhis sammy, how are you? you >> good. >> reporter: where are youte going today? >> to, uh,. >> reporter: to the sunny place? >> disney world. >> reporter: you are? oh, my goodness.dness. you've decided to take a plane ride? -- are you excited to take a plane ride. >> yes. >> reporter: have you everr: been on a plane before?a planb >> yes.>> you tell the pilot how it
7:20 am
>> okay. >> reporter: okay, buddy. o and tom manion is back here sammy's dads. llm tell me about this.te pretty cool day.da going to be a fun weekend iend i >> it's incredible.ncredible. i can't believe all thecan' support and all the help thatd we're getting. we're heading down talo universal to meet wolverine.wol. going to be a great day. unbelievable overwhelming andlmn we really appreciate all they ap help and support.prrt thank you. >> reporter: pretty neat p thing. how is sammy doing? he looks h great. >> he's great.e's grt. he's in remission right now.remi he finished treatment last august. had leukemia for about two and a half years we went underrs w treatment for it and as far as right now everything is movingog forward and going from there. t >> reporter: and he has ater: ha love of like most five-year-olds i guess superheros is that right.atight >> roger. he lovers dinosaurs and superheros. unfortunately make a wishunatel could not fine a real dinosaur for him to meet. >> reporter: come on people.r: >> they looked really hard.y okd now we're going down to
7:21 am
wolverine. >> reporter: fantastic.ep mom today, little sister, big brother.orit mom, tell me how thrilling is this for the whole family i t guess to share in sammy'she wi ssh. >> it's really a culmination cua of just a lot of hard work andnd we finally just goat hav just gs fun and it's >> reporter: thank youd . tnk sammy has got his dinosaur book and he's about to meet t me his superhero friends down in i orlando florida. flori have fun, sammy and guys we'llue send it back to you as samou asm plea is about to make his wayt k on an american airlines jets down to orlando for his make a m wish on this world wish day make a wish midatlantic. w high-five, baby. >> he is precious. >> yeah. >> bob, thank you so much. >> i love that. that. so s >> coming up a twitter post cost as to that nfl prospectrosp big time in the draft.ra the bizarre video posted minutes before he was supposedao to be picked up. >> controversial punishment asip local father gave his son for sn skipping school.skip well, he's now facing charges
7:22 am
for boxing with the boy.he b what that father has to sayr hao about his actions. ans that's coming up.
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z1yorz >> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 7:24.ti a u.s. citizen has been sentenced to 10 years hardizd labor in a north korean prison o for allegedly spying and stealing state secrets. his sentencing comes weeks wee after a u.s. college studentlege was sentenced to 15 years ineari prison for engaging ininin anti-state activities while vis sitt
7:25 am
>> heavy rains continues toai take a toll on the midwest and also the south. take a look atnsal these pictur. this is mississippi.s misssip the state has seen the worst flooding since hurricaneurrica katrina. some roads around gulf port g have been shut down andshutown schools closed because of that flooding. >>♪♪ >> dreary around here. dary clear up. clear uclear up it's friday. fra here's your weekends forecast. c we made a couple a adjustments. tomorrow lower to mid 60. we'll have drizzle and and showers.showers. thunderstorms possible ontorms sunday and some warmer airomrmer does make a run for it. some of us will be in the 70's ' but it looks like we'll stay wel just below 70 degrees in thegrsn city. city. temperature out there we'ree stuck in the 40's.ou gaithersburg is 45 state. westminster 45. baltimore 46n town we're still w below freezin
7:26 am
try in terms of showers. swe there's drizzle out there.zle o. if you go south charles countyes north sections of saint mary's county, some showers coming through here and you know, you k what i think we're going tohink have more of these from timese e to time today just kind ofda passing through the nothing too heavy.ea short lived and they'll movell on but carry your umbrella umbre with you just in case becauseeec when it's not raining we'lling w have a good chance of some s drizzle, too. there's your forecast. fec high temperatures 59 in the city. upper 60's possible down to the south. here's erin way look at your friday morning commute. morni cm >> 7:26 gary and we have light rain and fog causing delaysog c and heavy traffic 270 on the southbound this is out of clarksburgrksbur road.. really heavy flow, very slow.lo just beyond this point as youhi head towards father hurleyher there's a crash taking out thetu right lane. are you backed up from 109 past father hurley.ur girl yourself a lot of extra time there.time t we have big delays on theon t outer loop. we are dealing with a crash c out by annapolis road 450. 450 if we can drop that to better b show that delay. delay
7:27 am
location. hearing from police it'sg fr involving several cars.g se we'll work on getting you more information but again the outer loop by 450 backs up. let's take a look at our man'sto right now. a side from that gray foggyog look outside. oside use your low beam if you run y r into visibility problem. constitution avenue eastbound at 17th street northwest watchew out delays in northwest.orwe twitter for you an update from f things are improving but we'rere still dealing with residualhes delays. red line no longer single tracking.trac dealing with problems from a malfunction outside brookde b lands. orange blue and silver dealingre with a medical problem.edical p. we'll keep you posted. that's your look it's aook traffic. maureen. >> still ahead a local father a in trouble with the law for l the way he w pitunished his son. why he's now facing charges.ow >> and before we led to f breakk here is another live look ate l our spring concert series.e we'll check in with tucker tucke next. we're there all morning long.on that is farragut square park.gue can come joi
7:28 am
we'll be right back.
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>> all right. it's 7:30 on this fridayon morning. we are getting going at farragur square park. you see the muddy crows settingt up for free concert as part of our fox5 rock series. sie this is the last one. o come on out come on out. o o i know it looks dreary and wetnd but once we get going, oh, man,n you won't feel the rain at all.a it will be awesome blossom.. tucker barnes down there withn his shades on.hi erin como headed out.. kevin mccarthy, too.arth too it's a i mean it.ean it's a party.arty >> it's one great big party. p >> the thing is it looks a little empty that's how it's ho' been over the weeks.he by the time the concert getscers going, it's out of control. ctr it's bananas out there. farragut square park. p all right.> al back inside here, at 7:30. 7 at least four people arrestedted last night after violentle protests broke out at a donald n
7:31 am
california. demonstrators took to theook to streets even smashing theevmash windows of police one trump supporter was hurt in the scuffle. police in riot gear were calledl in to control the crowd which eventually did disperse.ispe a man who threatened to blo up the fox 45 news station intan baltimore remains in thens i hospital this morning in serious condition.ition. 25-year-old alex breezy was shoo by a police sniper when hehen h refused to put his hands up.and. it turns out he wasn't wearing a bomb but location device stuffef with chocolate candy wrapped inn aluminum foil. >> and what a dramatics win fors the capitals. tj osche completed his first fst career play off hat trick inn overtime to give washington a a four-three victory over theictoo penguins. the caps will also host game g two. that's going to happen tomorrowo night. ni let's go, caps! c >> rock the red. >> i am rock the go caps. >> prince william county fatherr facing criminal charges over asa video he posted of himselfse bocking his teenaged son.d s >> the father says he was jusths teaching his son dis
7:32 am
how to defend himself. but is it tough discipline,ispl though, or is it a abuse? a lot of controversy over this one.hie here's fox5's sarah simmons witt more. >> reporter: this is videor: tss posted to facebook by a father known as taye diggs on hisgs on facebook page. page. he says he's disciplining his hs 17-year-old son for misbehavingg in class.. >> discipline for not followingo my directions.tions. secondly, teaching him how to t defend himself. >> reporter: taye diggs turnsayd the camera to show him bocking c with his son. the father says they are boxingg family.fa this is what they do. in the video you can hear him ha scolding his son about hisis s o behavior while throwing punches. >> come on, stop acting stupid.i you know what to do here. h you want to play around inn school bleep come and get you. y they don't have to come and get you. >> reporter: a psychologist weis talked with called the video
7:33 am
disturbing.. >> he's beating his child. chi it's not really teaching him a a lesson except the lesson iss humiliation, you know, he'ss teaching a boy that, you know, a, solve your problems bybls b fighting it out with your fistsr and then no other place can youn do that in your job or at school, and the second of all, l it's just not making a boy feele good about himself.. it's humiliation. >> and that is the controversy.y is it humiliation? the dad says i was trying to teach him a lesson don't skip school.l. but gosh. --- >> theirs one thing to the discipline but then to post it s on social media fort world torld see. e. >> exactly. that's not good.that not good. okay. after the boxing ends taye d diggs turns phone cuz the camerm on his son's bloody face he, wee decided not to show you this y t morning because of the graphic nature.nature. >> taye diggs told fox 25 it'sso no one's place to judge how hegh takes care of his business inins his house.his house. >> all right.>> then don't post it. post he also said he's being chargedd with domestic assault and and battery that his son won
7:34 am
him to be punish.. >> you weigh n let us know whato you think. tweet us.twt us okay. time now to check back in with h our gang at the farragut squareu park where we are there all t morning long for the fox5 sprinr concert series.eries. tucker, i know things arew getting under way. way. how very excite even though thev weather isn't so.o. we hope many people will comeilm out and see you and erin and kevin. >> it looks like it's clearingse up, actually.uay. >> yeah, it's actually not thatn bad out here.d out he it is cloudy a little cool.e a little drizzle across the area but it's still going to bee perfect conditions for a great g friday concert.ay ccert. come out and join us. outnd joi we'll be here untilere unt 11:00 o'clock. should be a lot of fun. b speaking a lote of fun i'm joii bite leader singer of the ad muddy crows.rows >> dan wolf, right.olf, right >> i'm dan wolf.>> we are the muddy crows. cws >> my secret fantasy to be in ai rock and roll band my whole life. i've been living through >> you get your chance.chan >> tell me about the band. a tell me what you guys have beenn up to and what we can look l forward to today. >> a few us been
7:35 am
together longer but the band asd we are in our currentnt configuration has been togetherr since 2013.01 we've been doing a lot of stuffu in d.c. we played in new jersey,layed ie pennsylvania. the mid atlantic eye region,eio virginia and maryland, and thist february we actual spent a wholo month of germany the trio threeh of us went over there and played 22, 23 odd shows in about thatnt many days. we were very busy in germany ana just got back.ot b playing a bunch of shows in thii area. >> is that like a dream come lir true to get a chance to play overseas.erseas >> definitely unique experience we didn't think we'd have the ht opportunity. it seems like that's something t really next level stuff, and thd opportunity came and we took itd and we had a great time.t t >> you recently won big awardswa in d.c. for being up and coming band scene and heard aroundrd a here.. what are some of the yourome favorite places to play aroundd here? >> especially in d.c. we play a l i like playing at fado's and 10 social right if chinatown.ton we actually did sets there thehe past two weeks.. if they
7:36 am
we're playing there again zoo. z we like to play lost d.c.. festivals. >> cool. >> the best of d.c., taste of d.c., those kind of shows.f shos gets out the community and wemud get in front of a lot of people. that's nice for. >> i got to go to weather butgo tell me very t quickly about wha kind of music you guys like to play. >> we describe ourselves a fullf rock americana type band we also fill into old rock genre, andre, kind of what we'll be playing bi out here today.out tod a little bit of everything for e everybody.everybod >> everybody come on down. down. concert is absolutely free.e. love listening to you guysou gs coming up in a couple ofple minutes. let me mention before i go toonb weather you are the best dresses rock and roll star in america.n. what's going on here?? >> i got on t-shirt. you're wearing nice threads. >> if you see the rest of thee h band you'll see -- we do try to drips and maintain an image and i don't know, like i said folk o rock americana and this is oursr stick. >> i was expecting a vanhalenngn t-shirt or something.irt or som let's go to the weather. weath have you ever done the weather e before. >> i've never done the weather.o >> it's easy. read the numbers right there. 49 now in was
7:37 am
49 in quantico.. it's going to be cool day, day cloudy day, little drizzle way few showers this afternoon.ftero quick look at sad is showingho that shower activity and dan,an i'll let you give everybody they forecast at home.cast at hom how does it look later today. >> it looks like we'll beoks hitting about 59 degrees. 59 gr east winds at five to 10 mileses per hour. clouds and drizzle and passing d showers.s. i hope they're passing because e it should stay warm out here foe this concert. crt >> great for the concert.. dancing all morning much that's' the latest from down here, erin. can't down here and join us they can't wait to meet you. meet y >> i have the same jacket tucker has. has. that's not going to stop us fro having a good time. t i agree.igr best dressed rock and roll starl ever. we cannot wait to hang out withw come say hello farragut square r park. leave a little early somelitt traffic going on.leaffi take look at this map root now.w big problems for your friday commute.mmute outer loop a car spun out is i facing the wrong direction n dic addition to that's correct the inner loop pastel graph road with a crash the outer loop atpt 450 a crash involv
7:38 am a lot of low locate.oc baltimore washington parkway awh crash by 212 after that point ar involving a car into the ditch.t huge delays there.she let's take look at metroook at m important for you this morningus as well. red line no longer singleingle tracking residual delays in botb directions earlier trainerra malfunction outside brooklynly orange, blue and silver heads uu for that ride knowledge longeree single tracking.rack delays continue in both in b directions earlier medicaled emergency at federal center.ente watch out for that.out fohat. in addition to that, slowlo commute south of 50 on 295 on 2 inbound then from the bottom off the beltway past lavatory roado area we're dealing with slowit s traffic as well.affi back to you annie.bao yo >> thanks so much, erin. erin. still ahead what federal health officials are doing to moreto m easily test for the zika virus.. >> later new information aboutti the dorothy of prince.onthy what investigators are nowrsre n looking at as health rumorsh r swirl. ♪ ♪
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> fox5 spring concert seriesng kick off far good square par ck muddy crows warming up for theie concert starting at 9:00 o'clocc in earnest but they'll be be rehearsing head on down there.te it will be fun. and more news for you thisoi morning.. the first commercial test too diagnose the zika virus has bee approved by the fda. f it's made by request diagnostici and uses the same method thatat government labs look to use forr zika in a patient's blood. bod results take three to five days.
7:42 am
people who expect they aret th infected with zika don't fine ii easy to get tests.t tests only government labs haveent approved tests. city says teenaged pregnancg rates dropped to all-time low. the radical drops among hispanic and black teens birth rateses dropping 50% since 2006.006. series the reason for the drop o include everything from newerytg approaches to sex education to t better access to contraception. and new study says youtudy should drink coffee and wine for a healthy stomach. >> bottoms up. >> researchers found foods likeo fruits, vegetables, coffee, wine and yogurt increase thee diversity of bacteria in a person's intestines and that diversity can ward off illness s on the other hand foods that tht contain simple cashes such ass soda reduce the bacterialal diversity in the stomach.toma so i guess -- gss - >> cheers to you. >> in moderation.ation. >> that's right.>> >> coming up, new developmentses in the prince investigation.tign what investigators havesav discovered now.ow plus a top nfl pros specrosp falls in the draft after bizarrz
7:43 am
was his account hack.nt we'll have that and much more mr coming up. up. time now now 7:42.
7:45 am
♪ >> all right . let's check in with tuckerucke barnes who is live at farragut a park square this morning. morni tucker i'm excited about today d but i'm also looking forward to the is this a total washout for thee weekend? >> no, absolutely not a total
7:46 am
washout. we are going to have some cloudd and showers around both saturday and sunday but at least weea should warm the temperatures upu into the mid to upper 60s by 60b saturday and sunday. we'll take a look at that cominn up. i'm down here at farragut square.sqare. quick reminder concert starts at 9:00 o'clock this morning.lockh muddy crows should be lot ofoueo fun. a lot of energy building alreadg down here.down and the only thing we're missini in our spring concert the sprinn weather. it is very cold out here. h with temperatures right now inr the 40s. my lips are cold.are cold. let's go to the temperatures.tht currently 45 in excuse me 49 in washington.hi 45 in gaithersburg and ing ani frederick and 45 winchester iese guess we're doing sound testing here. we'll we're looking at clouds,oo sprinkles a few showers in youru friday forecast.t and honestly here what's going g on this weekend, more of the the same. same. the weather pattern not going t change up a whole lot.le so we'll keep the clouds and the showers and the sprinkles in the forecast both saturday and sat sunday.ay. there's your planner for todaynr and again highs in the uppergh 50's bring a i'm not sure you'll need anu'lle umbrella most of the day it will be real light stuff we'retuff gett
7:47 am
showers around.s nd here's a quick look at theck lot weekend forecast.end focast. annie asked about it.nias we're looking at 60s tomorrow. o and on sunday.un if we can get that warm frontwao north of us on sunday we may hit 70 degrees. d that's something to look forward to with occasional showers andwd drizzle both saturday and sundas but again there might be littlee sunshine this weekend that woulu at least be a bit of improvea of many over the last couple ofco days. all right.l going to be here until unt 11:00 o'clock. please come down and say hi. erin will be down here to joinej me shortly.rt kevin is here making a sceneng e running around the park doingk d all kinds of stuff.tu come down and say hi to us.o u we're having great greim let's toss to erin and do someom traffic.fic. erin come on down and have fun.f >> i can't wait.>> i i'm looking forward it to.rd rough friday morning commute.g e let's take look at our mapsk atr right now.t now. keep in mind caps taking on thee penguins game two verizon center 8:00 p.m. increased traffic near verizonio center so please be pro pairedai for that as you head out andut watch for increased people on on metro aside from that for yourr current commute, things are nott looking so hot.o h several crashes you need to bes aware of outer loop past the 270
7:48 am
wrong direction.direction. another crash on the outer loopt delays all the way back to theo chain bridge because of that tha that is inner loop crash southou at that point delays from theay chain bridge on through. on tou. because of that location. latio outer loop at 450 another crashc inner loop past telegraph roadph an accident as well. acct as wel so as you can see a lot ofot issues this morning. m. more problems on 270.n let's take live look outside. oi there's a crash just after after clarksburg and because of thatat you are literally park as youou head for miles past fatherher hurley boulevard. so as you head out from frederick this morning mni anticipate really sloweally slow conditions you need about 45 ab4 extra minutes.inutes northbound side is quiet.nde isq it's great.'s gre the roads are damp from drizzle. inner loop is dealing with hugee delays at braddock road and that is because of a crash justra jus around the corner there.rhe you can see you're stacked upe u for several miles so lots ofsf different accident locations, lc lots of different delaysnt delas building. you need to leave early todayav and havee patience, watch for slick conditions from thisonons drizzle and visibility problemsl from light fog.htog use your low beams, and i would say give yourself a lot of extro time for your friday morningy mi drive.
7:49 am
back to you.. >> thanks, erin. en we have new details thisailt morning about the death of of prince. investigators are now looking l into whether prince died from ao drug overdose.. >> police found prescriptionp opiate medication pills used tot treat pain in his paisley park p home in minneapolis.olis investigators are also looking i whether a doctor was with prince on a plane that made anad a emergency landing less than weew before he was found dead. so far there is no indication that prince had a validalid prescription for the painai medications.s autopsy results aren't expectedc for another three to four weeks. okay.>>okay. busy night in windy city round u one of nfl draft is now in the t book but two of the drafts mostt notable faces are in the newsreh now for all the wrong reasons.. >> yes. wisdom martin joining us nows nw with more on this. t >> all right.ll rig this became the big story bigto besides the people getting get picked. this became the big story whatsw was happening on social this is university ofversity o mississippi's larimer tonsil hei was expecting last night to beae one of the biggest nights in hig life has he got to be one of thf fi
7:50 am
draft moments before the draftoa started his twitter accounter posted a video that shed at sh different light on the football star. the 182nd video showed someonedo who appears to be tonsil smoking unknown substance out of a gas mask. sk. it was deleted shortly after aft that but not before severalev teams pick up on this scandal.n. now some are speculating thatngt this video even caused thesed baltimore ravens to remove hime from their board and pass him uu at the the number six pick. pic he was eventually drafted att number 13 by the miami dolphinsh and tweeted an apology and that he would quote work hard on anda off the field. meantime, former draft d darling johnny manziel had aanza more low key night.ig low key for johnny manziel. man the fallen super star probably o didn't find this year's draftsrt nearly as exciting as in 201414 when he was the toast of thestf town. but he still did some toastingig regardless.rdle alone in bar. bar. the moment was posted on twitter by another bar
7:51 am
he didn't sit around for long,ol though, he had a bigger he had to go to justin beiberr concert.. (laughter).ghr). >> johnny football has become quite the bribe we are recentlyl yesterday mark the second time e in three days that he attended a beiber concert. he's got lot of free time on his hands. rye not go see a beiber concert. back to the other story aboute the picture that got posted on o social media. media he claims that his social mediam was hack.s you would think that the teams t all the teams would have done their homework well before thatf night so if that did pop up that somebody dropped the ball as fa as the investigation into histit background you want to know whoo you're're hirin most of the time they do all the homework and they are aware of they are goes on in your gon in personal >> isn't the bigger picture big watch what you post online whici we're always telling people. tlg >> that's true although he stils maintains that someone else hacked his account and hackk his -- that was his twitter and hacked his instagram as well. w >> is he saying that he saved he this video of him doing it andta then someone --eone
7:52 am
admitting that was him in theasi video. video all he's saying right now -- - >> that's like r kelly. rel come on now.n >> i'm just telling you whatt he's saying,, i wasn't there.he i'm telling was he's saying.. someone hacked his account.ccnt >> yeah. yea >> that's all he's saying.aying. >> who you going to believe youy or my lying eyes, right? >> man. >> it still work out for him. fm he got drafted number 13.ber he'll still have a footballl career. >> still getting millions.lis he's good. g he just got to make sureeur clean -- if it was him he's gott to make sure he cleans up that and watch what you post.h >> thanks wis.. >> twitter or snap chat only lasts 24 hours.lasts 24 >> we didn't do anything.'t do t >> that you know of.. >> what? okay.>> thursday was college reporter rp day at the white house the goala is to provide the futureur professionals with thes th opportunity to meet andt interview high-ranking membersg of the administration. president obama interrupted theu event though.event though he even took questions from somm of the students giving many ofao them a once in a interviewview sessions.ssio 50 student reporters from dozene of colleges and universities attended that awe
7:53 am
>> pretty cool. pretty c >> man, yeah. all right. new movie about the first couplu is coming out in august. augus it's called south side with you a comedic drama about the firstf date between president obama ana his wife michelle. mhe the two had their first dateirst back in 1989 and on that date, they also shared their very ver first kiss. kiss. south side with you stars parker sawyer as barack obama and teakk today sumpner as michelle m robinson is the first lady'sadys maiden >> pretty cool.. famous game show is gettingg a reboot an famous face wille w headline it. it. >> game show match game the gamm show host alec baldwin, yes, match game pre married back in 1962 it pits two contestants against each in a game of matching celebrity answers. anse the reboot will reamer in junenn on abc.c >> why not? n >> that's pretty neat. neat. >> all right. this week's special friday givev away for the hottest ticket inn town. to you could win admission for youy an guest to fox5's big empiremp
7:54 am
at the howard theater.d t. it's going to be a fun night. fn come on out there.. magic 102.3 donny simpson plusop little mo and wick silva of 93.. will be there along with fox5 f host allison seymour holly morris and many more fox5s will be dropping by. drog >> for your chance to win go to between nowsb and 11:59 p.m. and enter for eer your chance to win. 200 winners selected by randoman on may second. sec all entrance and guests have to be 21 or older. if you want the complete rulesct head to ♪ all righty. it's time to say good morning tt our facebook fans of the day.hed look at these handsome men. >> deputy wade and harris fromn the prince george's countyce ge sheriffs office. oic they were recently nominated byb their friend daniel owens who says they both tune into fox5tof every morning. we thank you for that.ou fort >> thank you deputy wade andut deputy harris for your servicerr and for looking so handsome anda dapper this friday morning.ornig for a
7:55 am
facebook fan of the day head toa our fox5 face bock page post a selfie and comment below the t deputes photo. >> all right. right. >> looking >> looking good indeed.ooki >> all right. not so looking good is ourds o weather,, gar but we are in good spirits sri >> we're used to it now, though, right. ri >> we need this.need ts. allergy sufferers like myself, m we are -- this was we were praying for.pring >> yeah. >> a nice wash out >> has it helped you? >> immensely.mmense >> i haven't been on medication for allergies in four days now. >> see? s? >> wow. >> bright spot in it.rispot >> we needed her 4:35 this morning.rning. >> tell us why we should beus w happy about this.ha wepp were kind of grumpy.f i'm just saying. >> why we're grumpy on friday ii don't know but the weather 75 degrees gaithersburg but i'mt glad to know it's bringing bring relief to some of you. y allergy levels, allergens have v been record high levels aroundsn here. here few showers around hagerstown and slide down to saint mary'ss count tee drifting throughft valley lee
7:56 am
estates that.sha may clip northern sections of the leonardtown area. later today clouds, drizzle ari few passing showers we've been w saying this for the last severar days.ys we'll continue with this type of pattern into the weekend. it will zen it may be littleitte warmer down here today culpeperr 68. fredericksburg it might get stuck in the lowerw to mid 60s as well.l >> here's erin with traffic.raic >> you said weather stinks.nk we have so many problems.any >> i can have said something else but i went with stipulati stipulation. >> stinks is a much better word choice, gary. i don't even know what your other option s right now hugeche problems on the red line.e relin there's problem outside ofprobod silver spring. spr delays in both directions. diren that just in from metro and sell incidents on roads.on roa crash activity 15 south past patrick street in the baltimoree area.ea. also, crash bw parkway southbound after 195 that is causing some huge delays as youu make your way southbound 95ouun5 there was an earlier crash by 212.21 so delays as you try to get toot
7:57 am
beltway jam as well.. big delays 270 on the southbouno side a crash just after clarksburg road. delays and take look at this its want to you take it in.u ta any questions at err rip fox5 rf d.c. on twitter. ttt accidents, delays all over our map. we'll get into specifics witho p your neck look at traffic.traff back to you.. >> coming up 8:00 you might be counseling down the days to yout retirement.retiment a new study says it could send d to you an early grave.y gve we'll explain.xpin yeah. another look at the springokt th concert series.rie we are jamming out all morningng long. please come down and join us.oi. erin will be down there. kevin vin mccarthy and tuckerth are already there as well. w be right back. ♪
7:58 am
great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00-a livea ve look outside of farragut square park for the fox5 spring concert series.seri. today's band is d.c.'s own the muddy crows. crows we'll have live reports from there all morning long, ofmog lo course, and coming up 8:30 we'll actually talk witness band.itnes but right now we say good s morning to y today is friday, april 29th,, 2016. i'm holly morris.or >> i'm annie yu. a thanks for waking up with us. wh steve and allison have the day y off. >> let's get right to the news developing overnight several s people in police custody after a violent protests outside of asio donald trump rally in southern california.foia. now, there were fist fightsst f between anti trump protesterss and trump supporters.ports one demonstrator even got on top of p
8:01 am
windows. at least four people were arre arrested.arrest police in riot gear were calledl in to control the crowd which eventually dispersed.. and we're also following fwi developing news from overseas. a u.s. citizen who once lived inn fairfax, virginia sentence dadee to 10 years hard labor in ar in north korean prison. for allegedly spying and stealing safe secrets north saf hasn't released any more details about what kim is exact al cuede of doing. sentencing comes week after week university of virginia student e was sentenced to 15 years in yei prison for engaging in antinti activities while visiting theisg country. >> man threatened to blow up thp fox 45 news station in baltimore remains in the hospital inpil i serious condition. 25-year-old alex breezy was shos by a police sniper when hehen refused to put his hands up. turns out, he was not wearing ag but a flotation device stuffedef with chocolate candy bars cdy b wrapped in aluminum foil. metro riders, brace yourself
8:02 am
line because you need toou neeo mentally prepare for a day of slow-moving trains. train >> yes, that's right. yes, th today and all weekend longndon repair crews will be out thereue performing what metro has dubbeb a massive repair blitz. btz melanie alnwick outside theside tenley town metro station this n morning with more on what you wt need to know. t good morning, mel. m >> reporter: good you know, we know that this hass been problem metro red line i i feel like i've been reporting on metro red line every day, and it's not really a surprise.e. metro has had so many problems l on the red line in the lastt month tracking problems, signall problems, tower outages, we knoo it's been a mess.eea m and that is the reason for thehe repair blitz this weekend.eend and we also know that metro meto general manager paul wiedefeld e has not been afraid to take take decisive action when it wasit ws necessary. i want to you listen verylistery carefully what he toll board members yesterday about whatutha could be coming in the plan he'' working on. >> it will require
8:03 am
from our customers in terms of the impact it will have on the service availability, and but clearly with a hundred and 68nd hours in the week and onlyndnl getting out on the tracks, oner, thrive of those every being usee for revenue service it's hardlyr hard to catch up the currenturre plan just is not working. >> reporter: so first let'srst talk about the impact today'st y and this weekend.. so today, that repair blitzli continues for a second day. single tracking from vanness to medical center, 10:00 a.m. to a. 3:00 p.m. and then 8:00 p.m. until closing bethesda tenleyen town friendship heights stationi expected to be the most crowdedd and delayed on those platforms.s and then also single trackingrak throughout the weekend from open to close on those -- at those t stations as well.ations as w then back upel to normal servici on monday.on mday. now during this particularlar maintenance blitz, they're going to be cleaning tunnels and spe speccing power cables andowerab
8:04 am
that water inn filtration f problem we've talked about.e tao these tunnels apparently not not sealed properly when they wereer first built so, again, that's, a what's happening this weekend we but it sounds like metro is tak talking about in this new plan a that that could be some significant service disruptionso we'll hear about it probably ina the next few weeks. back to you.back tyou. >> melanie, you have beenu bee promoted to chief red line r l correspondent in case youin ce u haven't noticed. >> reporter:.eporr:. (laughter). >> appreciate update.ppre >> reporter:.ter: (laughter) it was an exciting et round one of the nfl draft. dra redskins traded their 21st 2 pick swapping with the houston u texans for the 22nd round pick. later round pick.roun so who did they get? meet josh docks son.doc s the wide receive was a consensus first team all american last year at 6-foot two he'll give g curt cousins another options fof deep plays and drawing comparenc sons to o'dell beckham, jr., jr. >> the capitals beat thehe
8:05 am
thanks to goal by tv. tv. his third in row making hip the third caps player with a hat wih trick in post season play. final score four-three.thre game two stays in washington tomorrow night at the verizonht center. a lot of tired people from last night's game. gam >> oh yeah.h. but we'll take it.t we'll ta take it for the win. >> 8:05 is our time right now. n of course, we're rocking it outo on this friday. >> tucker, hi, looking good outo there. how are things looking out the there? >> looking great.>> the weather could be a littlecoa bit more spring like, but we b can't wait for the concert downe here at farragut park. p should be a great morning fororf it. band is getting set up behind mh getting ready to go. g and we're building a lot of energy out here. her. so again, drop by and join us us for the concert from 9:00 to0 to 11:00 as we're looking forwardrd to our last in our series of o spring morning concerts here one friday mornings at fox5.nings ax let's get right to the weather h forecast.. they really sound good. g trait in it's cool out here. h 50 in leonardt
8:06 am
49 in fredericksburg.ricksburg. temperatures right now you canon see cool. you'll want a jacket.llant a upper 50s later today withoday w plenty of cloud cover. more shower activity an littlenl drizzle out this afternoon butfo it won't be a lot of measurablea rain. more of what we had around here yesterday.yesterda cloudy skies and drizzle andes i light showers for your friday.ra here's a quick look at theuick daytime highs in the upper 50's' bring a jacket. maybe an umbrella later today ad these temperatures remain cool for our friday. fday. coming up the weekend forecast.s kev is here running around aun somewhere. i'll track him down and maybe hb can give us music reviews as well. well i'm sure he's going to love it.e let's do traffic. tra the latest from erin. >> thank you tucker.uc can't wait to head down.t wait traffic is nightmare.affic so many incidents.ncen as you make your way out in i maryland crash having have therh in frederick 15 south past pas patrick street. s 270 south a crash after 121 didd clear but from you are been in a on down towards montgomery county dealing with basicallybic parked traffic from frederick as you try to get towards the spure to the beltway this morning givv yourself about 45 extra minutest
8:07 am
crash activity bw parkway parkwy southbound after 195 it has somm really slow-moving traffic as as you try to get down towards thes top side of the beltway. btw in addition to that a wide viewv several crashes for your friday morning commute on the beltway.w outer loop past 270 south a car spun out facing the wrong t direct. di inner loop past the toll roade o big delays in mclane thisla t morning because of inner loop lp past telegraph road one laneean block.ock. the outer loop i'll get out of the way at 450 a crash involvini self cars has several miles ofaf backed up traffic on the outer t loop there.loop there 295 from the bottom of the the beltway past laboratory roadorao tons of stop and go traffic. 295 inbound from 50 on down verr slow roll as well.ell. crash activity on route 1 southh at 20th delays back to 395 in crystalry city and 395 basically parkedlyp from the beltway to the 14th t4t street bridge. metro updates in just a few. holly?ho >> thanks, erin w we come back b today is world wish day.ay one little boy's dream is cominm true thanks to make a wish.e ais bob barnard is going to join uss live coming cing
8:08 am
take another live at farragut gu square park for today's concertt series.series >> there you have it.he it is under iunder way. it's going to be a very excitint time.tim erin, tucker and kevin will be e down there.down t please go by and say hello.ello we're back in just 30 seconds. . ♪ we are sharing something veryy special with you this morning.
8:09 am
>> a five-year-old boy from b fo northern virginia taking ang awesome trip today thanks to the make a wish organization.iz it's a group fox5 is proud too partner with if you were here wh with us last hour you saw this amazing kid his great entrance a at reagan national airport fox5f bob barnard is there now at the gate to pick up the story.tory. bob, we totally enjoyed that. ta it was amazing and i know he knh wants to see those dinosaurs you saw that tweet i sent you, right? >> reporter: yes, i did. d there are dinosaurs as a jurassic park ride or thing o t going on down there at universas so we've told them and they'rent pysched about that.pyscd ab yes. this is the family.e faly here's seam right here. seight five-year-old sammy.. niece remission suffering fromso leukemia since he's 2.5 yearsrs old. old. he's on his way to universal studios. he's going to be on a flight in a moment.t. sammy, where you head to go? >> the wish.h. >> yes, your wish. wis take look there.
8:10 am
he is a huge fan of actionn heroes. hero so he's going to see the hulk h and all these guys when he getss down there.he joining us is his mom allison. tell me, first of all, sammyll, looks good.oks good. how is he doing? >> he's doing the best that best we've ever seen him. h he is -- he's playing soccer and score his first goal in his very -- his second game ever.r. >> way to go, sammy. >> and he's running around muchn he's on the playground. he is reading and he's writing sentences in school.l as a kindergartner. he's doing fantastic. >> it's been long hall. h since he's 2.5 years old. >> yeah. he spent 2.5 years in the in hospital in a hospital body witt just an i-pad.-p not a whole lot of interactiontn with other kids, um, very sick. two weak to get -- too week toet get up and walka
8:11 am
so... >> long hall. we have video we'll show you.. you guys arrived by limousinene greeted by the make a wish folkl from make a wish mid atlantic. n it is world wish day.h d telome about this.hi he's going -- you are all goingg to universal studios orlando, oo correct.rr >> we are. we're so excited.e this is fantastic day. d >> and we know he's a fan of f o super heroes much his dad tomadm was saying that he also wants tn see dinosaurs.s one of our viewers told us tol there's a jurassic park ride or exhibit there.. so elsie dinosaurs as well.l >> that is right. universal has a water ride with dinosaurs and i think there'she the land before time at disney or something.omething. something like that.hat. so we will get to see dinosaurs. >> have a great time. big brother is here.g brothe little sister, dad, mom and takd a look. this kid an ambassador.assa he is not shy, is i is he.e. >> no. he's out there talking tore talg everyone and h
8:12 am
captain america doll.erica dol it's world wish day here.y h the first make a wish wasish was granted on this day in 1980,1 guys a lot of good being doneeig over the many years. >> absolutely.bsolutely. fantastic. thanks bob. really appreciate that.ha all right.ig. coming up a special weekend on d tap for fox news sunday we'll be chatting with chris wallace.wale >> as we head to break let's let take live look once again at out spring concert series.ies. the muddy crows getting warmedte up doing a few sound checks. chk we'll have a whole lot more. m come on down and join us. us. don't let the weather deter you. 8:12 is our time.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ all right.>>all welcome back fox5 spring concern down at farragut park. p look who has come to join me. m >> tucker barnes. tucar >> yeah, kev. is it normal to see my breath ah this point in april? because i am -- i can see my breath. my be >> i'm not sure officially it'sy spring concert it feels like a e winter concert.winterrt it's awesome out here.someut her having a good time.d t >> we're having great time. a lot of people gathered.hed. a lot of energy down here.e once you came here, boom --oo >> fans have stopped by to say y hi. hi. tucker and i were takingcker i r pictures. the band is getting warmed i love their style by the way. w great style.le great look.. >> these guys within bests in b dressed. >> totally. >> best local band.>> hey, let's g bet -- are you goiy to dance for us later.s later. >> of course. i mean come on. i do the bernie dance.. >> kev, kev --
8:16 am
>> come on.ome on. >> god, no.>> gno >> let's go to the forecast. fas looking chilly out here.ut i'll tell was if you want me too review a movie you can do the cd weather right now.r >> let's do this.>> let it's 49 degrees in annapolis.. 48 degrees in >> kev i only have five minutes for the forecast.r the >> 48 degrees in culpeper.ulpe good all right. let's do the satellite/radar.ter hey we're looking at few at few sprinkles and showers out theree this afternoon.fterno it is chilly. bring a jack. a j very chilly. >> i'm very fascinate beside how do you your weather every day iy don't know how you look at thisi with the grown screen behind you it's amazing. >> 59 degrees your daytime hereh for friday clouds and drizzle. let's do the weekend forecasthee very very quickly then we'll gog to erin. to eri just want to give you heads upih this weekend clouds around withd couple of showers both saturday and sunday.d su i'm hoping we get little lit sunshine with some warmere wme temperatures by sunday with wit highs in the upper 60s. upp quick look at the forecast. fors down here at farragut park.gutar come down and join us.andoin kev will be here.ll b h erin is coming down to join usou weevil be dancing doing the bernie. >> very excited.>> >> what's your dance. >> do you have a dance.o yo >> i'm working on my mov
8:17 am
i'm going to show it at 10:59.0: >> what's the tucker. >> let's go to erin right now. let's get this over with. >> i will happily judge a dance contest between the two of you o when i get down there. the >> okay. o >> it's on. >> let's do it.. >> 8:17 much this is what you'rr up against this morning.gainin huge delays all over the dmv. inner loop right now by braddock, completely jammed fore miles leading to an accidentlei scene taking out lane. so you need a lot of extra time. pretty much the entire stretche of the beltway let's take widee view of our area from the map sm you can get an idea of exactlyay where the worse trouble spotsros are. are outer loop past 270 spur there'e a crash involving a car thatng a spun out. big delays there.delays inner loop past the toll road a crash.cras huge delays inbound gw parkwaykw past 123 jams. collar barton cabin john that jn area really congested.ongest outer loop at 450 a crash50 a c involving several cars.veral c you can see miles of backed up b traffic leading towards that tot point just north of 50.just n of and then we're also dealing witg a crash as i mentioned out by braddock road. roa incidents as well past 15 south at after patrick street. 270 south
8:18 am
lot. bw southbound after 195 jams. j check in with me on twitter at t erin fox5 for all the latest. lt back to you. a big mile to fox news new sunday. . they are celebrating 20 years oa the air and there will of coursc be a lot to talk about with thet latest twists and turns of therf presidential election.lectio fox's chris wallace joining us g live now with more g to see you, sir.r >> good to see you holly. hol >> all right. so 20 years going strong. s before we talk about these abo e twists and turns in the 20 yeary of fox news, sunday have youy seen a campaign like this? >> no. i really haven't, and i go backb a lot further than that. that. my first national campaign wasmw ronald reagan in 1980.0 never seen one like lik now i got to be fair. i didn't actually do the whole 20 years.20 yea tony snow started here and ann interesting little tidbit.eid fox news sunday went on the airn before the fox news channel didd because our boss decided heed h needed to get on the board it b wasn't easier to start a sundays show than to start who
8:19 am
division so we started onn april 28th, 1996 and the entire news channel started in october. i've been doing it 13 years. yes and frankly, it's been the joy of my career, holly. >> well for that show in show particular and for what you've u done in the 13 years it's been two decades of strong storytory telling and interviewing forviif sure.sure let's talk about what you'll talk about this week. i know gout a lot.t a lot. with this campaign it's alwaysci like where do you begin? but i guess we'll talk about the campaign chaos and the wholele protests outside of the trump tp rally. >> yeah, got a little violent it orange county in california.. trump's first rally there. tre you know, i think some of thenk rallies there was -- there was w sense that it was hurting trumpt i'm not sure this one does, d because the people who -- weho - don't have political profile,roi but they seem to be people on po the left bernie sandersrs supporters, people who don't w d like trump's stand on immigration.grat they weren't going to be votingg in the republican primary anyry way, and to a certain degreee their opposit
8:20 am
of honor in republican primaryni in california. it becomes a bigger issue onceue you get to the general leck butc i got to tell you drum is thatmt on his way to the nomination ifo he beats ted cruz this tuesdayht in indiana, where it's basically one-on-one kasich is stayingtang out, i think it's all over, and plug for our show donald trump d will be our exclusive guest on sunday. if you want to see donald trumpd this weekend, the only place yoy can see him on fox news sunday.. >> well, let me ask you this. ls in terms of john boehnerhner obviously not mincing words in his feelings about ted cruz, does that hurt or help trump oro cruz. >> i think a bit of both. bot you know, john boehner former speaker of the house called crue an sob and lucifer in the fleshf on the one hand i think a lot of the tea partiers who didn't lik' john boehner to begin with it'si leak those protesters.teer his criticism will be a badge of honor but to a certain degreeind cruz has been trying to gathero up some
8:21 am
figures and never stopped trump movement and to have somebody sm like john boehner who was who w respected by the establishment,e not the tea party, it reminds them just how unpopular ted crud has been here in so i don't think that i d't thit necessarily helps him.nece >> real quickly before we go we because you did talk about thett trump exclusive on sunday which i know a lot of people will beil tuning into. what will be your first questio for donald trump? >> well, i haven't been on thist show 13 years to give awayway questions.question (laughter).(lte >> but lie tell you we're alsoi going to have ted cruz on thehe show, so it's going to be prettt exciting and we also have greatg clips over the last 20 yearst 2y including some from tony snow when he started so it's a trip't down memory lane.wn memy l i got to tell you i saw the the clips we're going to play lastyl night. they're pretty entertain andinga and some of them i hadf h completely >> well, we look forward to allt of it come sunday andnd congratulations to you and to to your show for two decades ofades >> thank you, holly.>> >> all right g to see.. fox news sunday airs right hereh on sunday mornings.
8:22 am
>> he look great.>> he ok g >> always looks good. loo g >> looks great.>> looks great. coming up you know what else looks great? a little fashione and football.foot we'll take look at some -- mayb not so great. g we'll take look at of theat of e bizarre outfits at last night's nfl draft. >> all right. later you might be counting doww the days to your retirement, but a new study says it coulds it cu actually send to you an earlyn grave. we'll explain this and much morh coming up. time now 8:22. 8:2 be right back. b ♪ thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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8:25 am
♪ all right.l right. check this out on the red carpet at the nfl draft it was easy e keal elliot who stole the show. revealing his hard rock abs in s this lovely crop top. top. former ohio state running backnc known for signature half shirtsr on the field. the so some of his fans weren't toon surprised but elliot was selected fourth overall by theov dallas cowboys. annie, gary will deny he h rocks those on the weekend. (laughter).. >> why are you so surprised?? >> maybe he won't deny it.en >> might be a little chill daala to wear that. >> i have no comment.nt i'll stay out of this.out of >> what. >> i have no comment.. >> he actually just hold as six pack in front of it.pan >> do you think that will catchc on? do you think that's goingi to be a ba fa >> no. >> no. >> no. >> temperatures out there right now pretty chilly.w we've been trying to in some s cases avoid getting to theettin weather forecast this morning am opposed to getting right toi
8:26 am
48 degrees here in the city andn holding.ld 45 for gaithersburg. 47 out in dulles. it is just drizzly, raw, cloudy. listen, up to the north and wess few showers gaining steam cominn off 81 there. there south of hagerstown north ofth o martinsburg just about to move m into western frederick county c higher he will vagues therellues coming down 70.own 7 then there's another littleer lt patch of rain pretty good rain,, too, crossing around emmitsburgg northern frederick county andoua eventually over into northern nr sections of howard county.ouy the largest picture shows mostll cloudy for us getting a little l patchy drizzle here or there ana i think trends for today will be drizzle, clouds and a few pass passing showers.inowers. okay not everybody getting wet all the time.ale t and temperatures only in theonle upper 50s.. so real quickly i'll just show w you the weekend forecast.oras not much better.etr 64 tomorrow clouds and drizzlere showers, too, thunderstorms a possibility on sunday. >> all right.ig i mean what can we do.anhat >> nothing we can do.. >> september it and move on.ove >> we embrace.e embrace. >> and hope for better dayope tomorrow.
8:27 am
>> here's good news.>> hergo erin walking in. >> unfortunately i come withly e tons of terrible traffic news.s >> walk back out.. >> leave the studio. studio right now, we're dealing with light rain causing slick s conditions, foggy conditions asn well.ll. use your low beams take it slowo if you encounter any of those.ho outer loop of the beltway by 270 spur earlier crash causingshausi problems.. inner loop just past the tollus road there's a crash near cra na jamming toward the american a legion bridge.legi outer loop at 450 because ofause this crash involving severalvi cars, you're jam packed all thee way through largo. lar i'd say back to four that isha where the biggest backup is. inner loop by braddock isoc is extremely heavy keep it to fox5f news we'll have more as we continue..
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ live look outside att farragut square park where theee muddy crows are warming up foror our third and final stringtring concert.. it is a fox5 rocking kind of friday.. >> it's different.if whole new different sun a locala band just back from european eua tour they went to like 21 citiec i think so it's going to be ae good way to round it out.roit ot kevin is down there. erin will be down there.l ben tucker has been down there sincs you know the wee hours. >> i think oy just saw kevin geg in the shot there. >> someone go-go down there anda join them. jo they need friends.. >> there is tucker living the te dream, right?? >> and there's kevin just beingg kevin. that's why we love him.
8:31 am
looked cold.looked cold. you know what i mean? so if yo are headed out i think you i t should bundle up because it's a' little chilly out there. but -- >> ut-oh. put the mike down.e d put the mike down. someone needs to stole that froa him. >> it won't stop the fun that tt will be had by all if you headoh on out.on o real sal good time.real s please come join us hash tag foxfox5 to get in on the fun. all right. right this morning we are getting aet peek at emotional reunion fromno loudoun county. cnt a dulles air base pilot pilot surprised his son who is w i returning home from a rei rei deployment employment kuwaitmp last week. united airlines captain flew the plane carrying his son's unit su the son had no idea. ide everybody was in on it from thet crew to the passengers and ofsnd course the airline. >> his eyes opened up likeik saucers and he was extremely ere surprised and we just embracedta and hug. h when i was hugging him i didng d say, welcome home.comeom i love you, and kissed him on hm the cheek, and we just hug for a few
8:32 am
>> the reunion was filmed andild posted to youtube and right nown it has more than 300,000 views0v and >> those stories will never getg old.old. >> never. i cry every time.i cr >> i know. if somebody in a car to picc up at the top -- tap avenue avee button doesn't feel lures luckss serious uber has revealed it'sei plan to land i was spot on deluxe party yacht in due by. >> woo whom for just $82 a $ person you can charter a privati yacht and enjoy free food and drinks while sailing along theno shore line with up to three of e your closest friends. frids that sounds dreamy.s dream this isn't the first time uber u strayed particular its carular c service to try out other formsth of transportation.portatio earlier this year they offed stylish helicopter rides in utaa during the sun dance film fm festival. that's a unique opportunity.ort. >> you have to get to due by. >> yeah. >> which will add on to that $8$ price tag. >> but it's worth it.. 82? >> you got to get -- have youo h priced due by tickets. tkets >> due by, we can do this if yof plan it out.plan i we can do this.
8:33 am
we'll be going in 2022.02 >> it's time to head back out tt our spring concert series thisit morning.rn we just saw tucker and kevin rocking out on the stage andgend that could you folks if you joii them out there. t good morning, tucker. >> good morning, annie.,ie we are down here live at farragut park. p getting ready for the muddyuddy crows.crows. earlier we talk to mr. dan wolf who is the lead singer of the t band. nd thank you for joining us.s. >> thanks for having.av >> i feel we're so official witw these mikes. >> very normal for us, though. >> for you, too.. >> eric, dan, steve. steve >> yeah x. x. >> i got it. >> we'll real quick let's brakes it down who is the troublemakera in the >> i would say this guy rightayi here.he. >> guilty.>> guilty. >> yes. >> guilty.>>lty >> real quick bruno stayed uptad late last night before thisefor concert this morning.orni why were you up so late.e. >> let's go, caps?! >> there you go.>> the at the capres game. the cs >> all right.>> rig so tell us what we can look whao forward to this morning. mornin. got the concert from 9:00 to:00o 11:00. >> we'll be playing a bunch ofch original songs if you can hear if you go to t
8:34 am
check them out in the privacyvay your own office and headphones.e come down and check us out livev we'll be playing original stuffa and playing covering stuff.g s >> where does the style comes tl i'm a big fan of the way ya'llay dress. where is the style from.m. >> we're wearing coats becauseea g 're waiting for the sun tori come out. >> yes. >> so that's part of it but thet vests and stuff part of the americana brand we're trying tog portray. portray. >> very very cool.ery ve coo >> didn't you physical me a fewm seconds ago it would be 75 andd sunny in about a minute here. >> sunny and 75.5. >> you guys are up to challenge. kevin mine self down today.f do. we are two of the worst dancersn in d.c.. can you give us music we can wec dance to?dae t >> we can give you music thatgiu you can dance to. to. just do it out there.. (laughter). >> give eight test before yout bring it up here for everybody.y >> you mean across the streetaco over there, that's where youth'y want us dancing.want us dancing. >> on the other side of keepth.. >> you guys -- we're killing thi cool >> i know.>> i'm very sorry about that.ha we'll get off stage immediately
8:35 am
>> let's get to weather quicklyk we got clouds.we clouds. yes, it's cool out here. h we're the cool band so the all good.go 48 in washington.48n w 50 in quantico. 49 in fredericksburg.ckur yes, cool conditions today.. drizzle, clouds, more of thee ot same. sa what we had yesterday kind ofayo repeat performance today with at few showers this afternoon. here's a quick look at youra you forecast for this afternoon.ften upper 50s for daytime highs 10 degrees -- don't blow on your hands, kevin. kevin. it's not that bad out here. >> blowing warm air on my handss >> it's not it's a spring concert.g nce here's a quick look at the seven day. again looking at sunshine aing n little sunshine thissh weekendee with few showers around upperppr 60s. all you guys are going live at 9:009 >> sounds right.ig >> tucker, i have an idea.nde >> we're excited.e're exc >> everybody watching our show t needs to come down here. h we'll form a warm circle andircn we'll all get warm together with hot breath.h. (laughter).. >> that sounds very awkward. so please come on down and joinj us.. erin why don't you come down ana join
8:36 am
>> you know, um, i'm on my way w down after this traffic hit i'mm joining you guys. guys. i'll judge the dance i'll hop on stage and tell thel band i can't wait to meet them.. i'll see in you few minutes.ut with this traffic maybe like 300 minutes. crash at 450 because of that o t huge delays back to pennsylvania avenue.aven. 210 north after palmer road roa another crash.ra big delays in the district and a crystal city dealing with crashh route 1 south at 20th streettr delays back to 395. 395 right now northbound there'n a crash at the 14th street bridge.idge that's not doing our morning commute any favors.ut twitter update for you metro rer line expect residual delays ifei both directions.econ earlier signal problem outsideet of silver delays continue on the innere loop across braddock road andk d we're also dealing with slow s traffic inner loop across thelor american legion bridge.. slow traffic through urbana on 270 southbound earlier crash.ra my best advice to you leaveoou l early, watch to wet slick wetli conditions. take your time.ta it will take you a lot more timr yo
8:37 am
morning to get into the district the secondaries it's backing upu gw parkway southbound jams four inbound slow.inund slow. basically tell you any routey ll into the district right now ishi dealing with an atypical amounta of congestion.ongestn that's your look at traffic.. back to you holly and annie. >> thanks, erin.>> still ahead you might beea looking forward to retiring butb a new study says working longerr could actually be good for yourr health. >> this is good news for us.. >> you work a bee you. you >> i was wonder wrack you wereon going with that.dego we'll explain.inwel explain. >> plus a new movie starring tww comedy central stars debuts inei theaters this weekend.eekend kevin joins us live with hisis review. time now now:3 be right back.ightac ♪
8:38 am
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8:40 am
>> ut-oh. what's kevin trying totter now.o you're looking a life picture at farragut square park of courseeo our third and final spring sprin concert is going to kick off momentarily. the muddy crows will be takinget to the stage. it looks -- shall we be worriedi that kevin has taken over the or guitar?guitar? >> slightly but he's pretty go good. so i think we'll be impressed i he gives eight go here.e. >> we're not hearing much rightr now. >> i told you.>> i he's very impressive.. you didn't take my word for it.i >> imagine if you will kevinll v rocking out on the guitar. they will indeed be doing just s that. no matter what the weather bring they'll have a whole lot of funn you shall go down and join them >> it's the last one. one everyone always ask how can we n meet so and so. so. this is your chance.yournce. so go on out >> erin and tucker will be there all morning long.on
8:41 am
it's a good time. moving on now, distractedte driving and distracted walkingdi guess what they are a problem. but researchers say distractedie parenting is troublesome as as well. parents who use their mobilethei device while playing with their babies could wind up raising rag children with attention issuesss much psychologists foundogis toddlers can't focus if their f parents are distracted this ishi the first study to show to s connection between distractedisr parents who are always on theirr phones and their children. c it turns outlooking olderinr for your age may actually be inn your genes.. researchers have found genetic t combination that makes peoplepl look older than their actualir a age. they say the gene can add asn ad much as two years to the facehe however critics point out the study does not account for smoking or body mass index which can affect wrinkles.ri very interesting.nter all right. most people countdown to the to days until their retirement but a new study says could itco actually send to you an earlyea grave.gre. >> the findings suggest workingg past age 65 actually leads to 11% lower risk of de
8:42 am
causes.causes. even for people who deem who dee themselves unhealthy.lthy. the best part, working just one year past 65 is enough to reply the row war. >> i square this changes all the time. ti >> it does.t do >> but you know -- >> retirement leads toemen happiness.ha this and that.this and >> now the next week we're saying -- yeah.ea really it's all about havingg purpose. isn't yeah. >> people feel good when they oove purpose. >> that's right. even after retirement a lot of people volunteer.oluner >> yup.>>up. >> they spend time with their tr kids. all that when we come bacl k legendaryena director gary marshall returns r with another holiday themed thee movie with a star-studded cast.. kevin joins us live with hish h >> we'll have another look atant our concert series, of course, u we'll check in with tucker. everyone is bundle up and coffed in h it's chilly but they'll rollll l rock out any way.ny w. 8:42 is our time right now.ight ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ all right.ight 8:45 is our time right nw and friday is are always funs f around here. >> that's right.>> that's right. i can't believe this is the lass one, though. tho it's kind of a sad thing i woulw think but in few weeks as you au mention we have the zip tripsthi coming up.ming u tucker, how is it looking outkig there right now? is there are crowd forming? >> annie, we got good crowd crod lots of people coming out evengn though the conditions out hereo are quite cool.ool. people off to work and droppingg by and stopping by and saying ii hi. so should be a lot of fun again the muddy crows start atrt 9:00 o'clock this morning
8:46 am
kevin will do some dancing.ancig erin is coming down. d we can't wait.we can't should be great concert here ana as you mentione mentioned it's d in our series come down and joii us if you get a chance we'll bel live here until 11:00 o'clockl 1 this morning.:th let's do some weather, and kev,k are you going to come drop in my shot? 48 right now inow i washington.on 50 quantico.o forty nine fredericksburg. f why don't uh-uh get that guitar and play black bird on the wayoy out here. out here 46 in hagerstown.stown hey, friday forecast featuring clouds, a little drizzle.rile i know they're bringing in lot g of sun any time s our daytime highs only in thenlt upper 50s to about 60. definitely a jacket maybe ant ma umbrella here later today.. and we'll keep it cool through the weekend there's your weekene forecast. the weekend looks a little moree optimistic i think we'll havee'l some showers around bothd saturday maybe a thunderstorm tt sunday but at least highig temperatures will top out in tht mid to upper 60s. 60s so it won't feel quiet as wintrs out here as it does thisshi morning. all right.all ght kev, we having a good time.oodim >> i was just playing the guit guitar. i was impressed, man. m i can't believe you actuallyualy know how to pla
8:47 am
>> i play for 20 years. years i haven't picked up a taylor -- amazing guitar. i can't never afford one.d one >> you're a man of many talents. >> my hands are cold. i commend dan the lead singer s because he's rocking out with w with froze september hands. han. >> any chance you'll join themne on stage and play. >> i would like to. i don't wouldn't to ruin their r gig. gig. >> concert starts aton 9:00 o'clock.9: kev is here. erin on her way down. down. should be a lot of fun and lotsl of dancing.ancing. >> erin como is sum coming downw i'm very excited about this. ts. >> we'll toss it back inside tod you guys.yo >> it looks like it's warming ua a little >> there you go.ou go. >> i was just going to say itt look like it was warming up for the first time tucker wasn't wa' hunched over. you know what i mean? kind ofie relaxed a little bit. >> okay. let's check in with wisdom andsd maureen to so what's coming up's today on good day d.c. hey guys.s. >> guess what? we've got an epe peck good day d.c. this morning. epic.ic. >> celebrity trifecta live in l the loft. loft. we're talking jeff goldblum,
8:48 am
fox they're all new movie callee independents day resurgence ande this weekend they're all headedd to the white house h correspondents din are in but da they're here with you we got plenty of surprises inpr store for them as well and it at all starts on good day at 10a. >> first on 9a this is causing g frenzy on our social media site. >> open casting mall dc for fox's hit show master chef, do , you have what it takes? the producers of the show join us tn live in our kitchen. kitch they'll tell us what they'reha t looking for.lookinr. >> also, live on good day, hisos videos have millions of views. his challenge i bet you can't dd it like me.e me. i bet you can't do it like me.e. he'll try to d low us that's whw it he's joining us live.ning uiv >> okay. i have to get get ready for thet big show our new tag line foror good day d.c. should be nobody does it better.. >> wait, wait, and happy aappy birthday holly. >> aww, thank you.than >> you can't do it like her. >> i bet you can't do it likeo k her. >> i can't wait to see what the 30s are like.30 it's going to be awesome. to ae >> i caught that
8:49 am
>> kidding. >> you look good. you >> 30s over rated.. >> 40 social security >> trust me.e. okay. ladies, we all know the feelingi you go to your closet to pick pc out an outfit and feel like youk have nothing to wear.hi to >> turns out there's a real a reason you feel that way.that the average american woman hasas 103 items of clothing which whi might seem like more than enou enough. but according to new study she e considers 21% to be up wearable. 33% to be too tight. 24% to be too loose.oose. 12% of the wardrobe is usually occupied by new unworn clothingh leaving just a mirror 10% available and that's only ify i that 10% actually makes up an u entire outfit. so we're not crazy annie. the science is there. the >> i feel good.>> i i feel good about my lifeabt my because i was just saying i nodo to clean out my closet.. it's true reflection of what you just said.aid. um-hmm. >> i'm okay.>> i'm i don't need to. >> no. you're just j >> all right.
8:50 am
farragut square park now.ow kevin is hanging out there. the kevin just coming off the stagea after ripping it there on the oe guitar, right? we saw you but b we never actually heard you,ou kevin. >> yeah, i was playing -- my -- favorite song of all time blackk bird by the beatles i was i w rocking it out my hands are so e cold but here's the cool thing.i as i said earlier, everyone needs to come down we'll all get warm together and watch thisr an amazing ban. they have amazing styl tucker and i are down here.n erin como is coming down veryown very shortly. sho it's it's beautiful out here. her and come down and join us, please. >> ♪ >> kevin, aren't you doing somed movie reviews for us right now?w it's friday, right? >> yes. i'll dot movie reviews right rig now. now. band playing behind me.yi i apologizeng if i sound messedm up. up but the first mother's day directed by gary marshall whohaw also did valentine's day, new year's eve. did he amazing movies over hess career. happy days and odd couple
8:51 am
this movie mother's day absolutely one of the worst scripts i've seen in movies in long time.ime. julia roberts has the worst wigg i've seen on camera in a long time. it's's c it's over the top.ver e top it's not worth seeing. sing. i will say the performances area decent.ce that's the only positive aboutit the film.the fim but overall, i gave it a 1.5 out of five. five. skip it altogether.ogr. it's not worth seeing. spent time with your actual actl mother.moth. do not go see this move move ze that's the best thing do young o care mother's day weekend. >> are you just doing that one,e kev? are you going to do youruo other movie as wel one movie you really liked, right? right? >> this movie called keanu a great film with key and peel you know them from the comedy ced central show.ral the movie is about a cat that gets stolen and then two cousins team up and pretend to be drug dealers and the
8:52 am
they can actually get the cathe back.back. that's the plot line. the it's amazing action com deem tht action a great. has matrix and boondock sameoc m style act it to. to. comedy works has a good heart ia to. they used about seven cats to ct make the one cat in the main film and the voice of the cat is done byby keanu reeves. ree which is but the action does work overa overall. it's worth seeing. i gave that movie 4.5 out of five. i have to say this real quickali particularly i go.paicularly my mother is turning 60 years old today.ay holly, i know it's your birthdaa as well. as my mom is the most beautifulul most precious person on earth th me and my mom and i when i wasas happy birthday to her. 60 years old and you look likekl you're in your 30, mom. m you really really do. d i hope i get your genes and hoph i can stay young look like dok k you. there's bradley cooper and i and her very very cool. cool. back to you guys in the studio. i'll be with you shortly..
8:53 am
agree. >> she looks great, kevin. she really does. >> that means you were a good go kid. >> that's right.>> t before i go, jeff goldblum, vivv have a amount fox, cela ward all live in studio.o. >> we heard. heard >> tepp 15:00 this morning on good day d.c.go very excited about that. tha >> it's how we do fridays around here.he. super star celebrities, live, le concerts, you name it.. whitney houston fans by they way will soon get to learn moree about the legendary singer. >> oscar winner film makingakg kevin mcdonnell is making ane ia documentary about the singer thr first to be authorized by the te pop super star's estate since her death back in 2012. it will feature access to thoset don't closest to her includinglg interview with clive davis. mcdonald wants to tell the storo how brilliant whitney was and ad how she changed the way pop music was sung. looking forward to that. tha >> a lot of people will bee interested in and for sure. s this week's speci
8:54 am
away for the hottest ticket in n town. to you can actually withiny within admission for you an guest to fox5's big empire season finale party. it will be may 18th at the howard theater.. magic 102.3 donny simpson littll mow and quick silva will be wile there along with the fox5 host t which happen to be allisonis seymour and myself. but many more fox fivers will be there as well you're coming'reon right, annie.right, >> i think tony perkins will be out there.out th. kevin mccarthy. >> shawn yancy. y >> it will be fun. go to andst a enter for a chance to win. w. 200 winners will be selected byb random drawing on may the seco second. all entrants and guests must beb 21 or over.r over. complete rules are at backlash contest. it's going to be fun night. n that will be good.atill be good. i can't believe the season isthn almost over.most only two more episodes left.t. >> listen it is time right now to say -- ♪ >> good morning to our facebookb fans of the day these aree daths
8:55 am
take look. this is deputy wade and harris s both from the prince george'sri county sheriffs office. offic they were actually nominated by their friends daniel owens who says they both tune into fox5 every morning. >> fantastic. for chance to be tomorrow's fanm of the day, just head to our fox5 facebook page and post at a wonderful selfie and comment below the depth peace photo. thank you for the work do you by the way. and we'll even say thank tot you gary for the work he does. s even when -- even when deliver delivery -- >> you're not thanking me for this not so stellar weather forecast.foca >> temperatures have been stucka this morning in the 40s.0s for just about everybody.dy leonardtown congratulations to you, because your temperaturepee has come up a whopping 1 degreeg you've gotten out of the 40s to 50. quantico has been holding atn hg 50 degrees all and we've kind of been bouncingg around 47, 48, 49 here in thee t city.ty chilly, raw, drizzly, you name m it there's showers comingwers cg through frederick right now.
8:56 am
frederick county, frederickrick city, eventually coming workingg down 70. 70. there's couple of showersuplef h drifting over north of westf wet minster now but maybe justbe j clipping liberty town as well. l as it moved along towards winarn west minster coming into int northern howard county here in the city we don't have any legit shower activity but we do littll bit of drugs system out there ii spots.spots. there's a lonesome shower tryiny to come through northern fauquier stream southernther sections of loudoun county thata back off a little bit inn intensity.intensit we'll call for the possibility i of some drizzle, some showershos winds will be east at five to t 10 miles per hour. temperatures only in the upperip 50s and low 60s around the area. culpeper perhaps 68. fredericksburg 67. this is my forecast and i thinkk that even i think these arere temperatures are optimistic as we get into the letter sectionse of the afternoon.ernoon here's your seven day forecast.s 59 today.od 64 tomorrow.64 yes, a little warmer for theorhe weekend.d but still drizzly with clouds
8:57 am
a possibility of some some thunderstorms coming in sunday.. each day on this seven dayev period has at least a chance ofo a shower.we and that goes all the way in tot next week. so there's your forecast. >> i guess we have to take it.e. >> i didn't know if i was goingi to go erin or back to you guys. >> it's okay.>> we'll take it over here.overe. we want to tell you what's coming up on good day. do you have what it takes to cook like a master chef.asterhe. the reality show is holding holg auditions right here in d.c. an. we'll tell was it takes to makee the cut.e cu >> and another live look at ouro spring concert that is actual wrl gary, erin is headed to.ed to. be sure to join her as well as a tucker and kevin. the music starts next on good og day d.c. c. see you soon. ♪
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♪ straight ahead, chaos on the campaign trail.rail. a donald trump protest ends with punches thrown and severaler people in police custody.. a dramatic end to a live tvv standoff.stan now this morning we're learningn more about the baltimore bomb bb threat suspect and the possiblel warning signs his family mayy have missed. metro making a plea for patience as it tries to fix it f problems on the red line with an all out blitz. we'll have a live report. and later, a draft day nightmare. a top p


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