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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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matt? >> reporter: hi, tony, sean, since we last talk to you at 5:00, we have been able to get a lot closer. i'll step out of the way. you see this creek behind me? that is where lopez's body was found. we are told by police it all took place right around 11:00 apparently resident or somebody passing by spotted that body, right there, and then notified police, police then set upper iometer, and have been investigating for quite some time, they dropped that perimeter, i would say, about an hour ago, and opened up the scene. that's why we can get you closer. let's take you to video now, tell you what we know so far. lopez reported missing over week ago, police say they presumed the body found here is lopez, and they have notified her family. you might remember surveillance video was released from cvs recently hopes of locating her. prince william county police say no suspects yet, but they are looking for clues, and they are asking the public for help. take a listen to the public information of
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>> what we're doing right now, looking for evidence, search and rescue team out here, they are being with looking for any sort of potential evidence that might be in the woods here down in the drainage area. because we had some rain, and where she was located, evidence washed downstream. >> reporter: tony, sean, the reason that they are calling this a homicide, something very suspicious, it is because they found lopez's body down there, at the bottom of the creek, and they say because of the position of the body, they think it is a homicide. they really wouldn't elaborate on that. we asked was there trauma to the body. they didn't want to talk about that right now. the body being taken to the medical examiner, there will be an autopsy, of course after that we will learn exact cause of death. so tonight they are calling it a homicide. they are calling it suspicious. they are asking for help because at this point they have no suspect. live in prince william county, matt
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>> you're acting stupid. you know what to do here. >> we have an update now to story you saw first on fox5. a father in prince william county posted this video of him boxing his son. he claimed he was teaching him a lesson for cutting class. well tonight police say the teen has been removed from that home by child protective services, fox5's alexandria lamb own joins us now with more, alex? >> reporter: tony after the first visit from child pro tech testify services the father and son posted another video commenting on the visit from cps, little did they know that agent would return to remove that 17 year old from the home, and that father is now facing charges for domestic assault and battery. >> so, so, so, that video got so much publicity that cps actually knocked
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didn't they? >> a lot of people really upset about me and his video the other day. a lot of people want me to go to jail, like a lot of people saying oh, that's child abuse, he should be lock up. how does that make you kneel. >> that's the latest controversial video posted by a man in prince william county. after child protective services visited his home, because of this initial video, the virginia man posted on facebook. it shows him boxing his son, and it caused fire storm on social media. the video also shows the teen's face and shirt bloodied, during the clip, the teen's dad, taffies sellers, say they're boxing family, and he was trying to teach his son discipline and self-defense. after the 17 year old cut class. >> you got to move. got to move. tell your teacher your area sore. >> i i'm sorry for walking out of your class. >> it is inapropriate for an
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nature. he wasn't boxing him. he was fighting him. that son was running. it is in black and white. and it is not fair to a kid. >> i think it is okay. i don't believe he was going to hurt him. style you got to discipline them, especially watch the pederson incident, goes to jail for disciplining his kids. i think you got to draw the line somewhere. >> people done brought police to our house. what you want to tell them? ya, well, in the state of virginia -- >> the way she started asking me questions like she was stuttering, like she sound more nervous than i was. >> but the way the prince william county police department sees it, there is no debate. sellers actions are a crime, and seller's reasons weren't enough to keep child protective services away for long
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legs say agent came back and removed the 17 year old from the home. >> sellers was released on an unsecured bond after turning himself in. but the prince william county police department says the investigation is ongoing, and co-face additional charges. in the studio, alexandra lamb own, fox5 local news. tonight we're learning more about the man accused of causing bomb threat at baltimore tv station, 25 year old alex brizzi from elk ridge, maryland, investigators confirmed his actions were not related to terrorism, but, rather, he may have other mental health issues, police say he walked into wbff tv and demanded the station air the information, he had on the thumb drive. they say that thumb drive contained rants that he made about the end of the world. last night, fox5's marina morocco talked to brizzi's father. >> was there any sort of sign in the days leading to up today, that something may be wrong with your son?
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>> about two weeks ago my son came to up my i had a revelation from god, in jesus, that he gave me the message that the world is going to ends in june the third. and i need to get this message to people. and that's -- that's when we figured out that there was something wrong. >> they thought their son was doing bet nerve recent days. they searched the family home, they didn't find anything suspicious, officers shot and wounded him when he failed to follow their commands. necessary serious but stable condition, also facing numerous charges including arson and a fake bomb. >> heads up if you are planning to take metro today. be prepared for delays. massive repair blitz underway on the red lion after series of metro malfunction cents over the last few weeks, today crews are cleaning tunnels, and inspecting power cables and boots. the work is being done from the vaness to the medical center stations, officials say the goal is to stop the water leaks and the rusting and corrode g of
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on the tracks. coming up tonight, more on the investigation into the death of a fairfax county firefighter who is missing for days. we'll take a closer look at what role a message board may have played in the days leading up to nicole's disappearance. >> and more on the backlash directed toward comedian will ferrell. after it was reported he agreed play former president reagan in a movie comedy. sue? >> high there, tony and sean, tgif, we finally made it to the weekend. so can we change this weather pattern up a little bit? we have clouds out there right now, no mist, no drizzle being reported, so you're going to go to your early evening dinner. you know what? we won't be able to ditch the rain for the entire weekend. in fact i would have to say it is looking a little soggy, specially for one part of the weekend in particular. we will fill in you on all of the details on what to expect. fox5 local news at 6:00 will be right back.
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>> lash out at the creators of on line message board called fairfax underground. comment posted on the website about nicole before she committed suicide. he asked for all of the posts to be removed as the investigation into the firefighters death continues. fox5's paul wagner joins us now with the very latest on this story, paul? >> new information, this afternoon virginia state police told us the investigation into nicole's death is now technically over. and they've no reason to believe that the post cents that were put out on her sex life had nothing to do with her death. still, fire chief richie boar said today he want to get to the bottom of any cyber bullying that may be going on within his department. >> fairfax fire chief richie because today lashed out at people who post anonymous vial and vicious comments about people on the
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underground. >> the anomaly right here right now is this blog and social media is out of control. people have no common sense. and they have no sense of responsibility. when you have anonymous posts, and people can say anything, and it is not factual, it is not true, it is wrong, absolutely wrong, and it is terrible. >> chief said he doesn't know what was in the note left by nicole before she took her own life in sean endo a national park, he said he has no idea at this point if the people who wrote the vial notes about her sex life are firefighters or connect in the some way to the fire service. >> that's why i'm peeling to the person that hoses this site, take down the leud comment, and certainly consider shutting the site down. >> chief said he was unaware of the cyber bullying on the site before her death, and says that casino of beha
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will not be toll -- tolerate in the his department, and he promises to get to the bottom of it. >> now that we've been able to respect and honor nicole and her family, i have all my internal affairs department on the mission, if you will, of turning over every leave, looking un every rock and pebble, and peeling back every piece of onion to find out where we're at. as i indicated when i said aggressive, i will use any local, any state, any regional, and several resources. >> the chief says he is now implemented additional zero tolerance harrassment training, and will implement a comprehensive suicide education and prevention program throughout the department. >> the chief told us today, there is approximately 140 women on the job out here in fairfax county. i says he will establish a task force, with representatives from the firefighters union, female
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firefighters of fairfax county and other employee groups, to address any issues that may exist within the department related to discrimination, harrassment, and cyber bullying. live in fairfax, paul wagner, fox5 local news. maryland is stepping up its effort to prevent the spread of the zika virus, today, governor larry hogan approved $250,000 to fund the state's prevention effort. he also declared this week as zika awareness week. as of today, maryland has experienced 12 confirmed cases of the mosquito born illness, all of those cases involved travel to areas where the virus is being actively transmitted. so far there has been no local transmission from maryland mosquitos. >> we want our residents to be careful this summer, on rainy days like today, it is easy for water to pond, and what we need everyone to know is to try to clean out as much of the standing water as they see and protect
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>> montgomery county has formed zika task force made up of agencies and municipalities that will work collectively on zika awareness and mosquito prevention. >> well it may not be warm out there today, you know the warmer weather is on it way, so are the mosquitos. today 70 year old puerto rican man died from complications from the zika virus, marks the first time someone in the u.s. or us territory died from the infection. right now nationally the cdc reports there are more than 400zika cases in the u.s. they are all related to travel. the scientists are projecting the zika virus could reach epidemic status in, federal and lawmakers raising awareness so no one is caught by surprise. >> coming up: several new films set to hit theatres this weekends, you may be surprised by our own kevin mccarthy's review of one of the movies. you won't want to miss that. >> and, you probably know the story of noah's arc, right? well, now you have chance to see the real life version. going to tak
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stick around, we'll be right back.
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>> it is friday, that likely means another big weekend at the box office, as usual, our movie guy kevin mccarthy wade n1 of his reviews, well, may surprise you. >> so listen to what he had to say about the new movie mothers day. enjoy. >> mourned day opens up today. it sucks. this movie is horrible. yes, so. >> this movie is so bad. >> one more time? >> this movie sucks. it sucks. i gave it -- >> my favorite, kevin mccarthy review. >> i gave it a one and a half out of five. >> that was being kinds? >> no, no, because the performance, here is the thing, it is not a zero, but it is one of the worse films i've en
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one and a half is basically a f. i would say if you're ever going to watch it, watch it on cable, but get up and go to the bathroom kim of time, maybe have dinner inbetween. cute couple scenes are okay, but overall, not worth seeing. >> wow. so the film, julia rob sets in that film, jennifer aniston is in that film. >> one every these ensemble pieces you get the feeling they shot here and there, when people were available. >> wow. >> can he kin not like that film at all. >> speaking of movies, we talk about this yesterday. will ferrell has now back out after move that i would have seen him play former president ronald reagan. >> decision follows some massive backlash that he was going to portrait 40th president and struggle with dementia. son and daughter both took to social media yesterday to express their frustration overdoing this. today, though, they followed up once they learned that will ferrell has backed out of this, and decided not to do it. >> patty davis wrote open letter on her blog, part of it red: i would like to thank you for severing ties to film that
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comedic material. i'm sure yesterday was not a great day for you, given the public backlash against this project t wasn't a great day for a lot of people. >> michael reagan tweeted out: thank you for taking the right path. if you want to know more about the disease, contact myself or patty. >> laura evans spoke to member of the altzheimer's association to get their thoughts. >> more funds mentally, basic idea for the millions of americans who dealt with altzheimer's, dealing with it right now, yes, that's where we stop, that question of how did you think that this could be comedy material? it just nothing fun bye it, if you thought about brain cancer, for instance, disease that's almost as deadly as altzheimer's, you would never think to do a come i about this topic. >> good move, will ferrell there. >> all right, hi, sue palka. it is friday, yahoo, weekend and a lot of people are yahoo bring on the nice weather. >> can we change up the weather pattern? no. >> sorry, sorry,
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>> although not that bad now, it is not doing the drizzle mist thing, i think that will probably have to wait few more hours, by the time you run out for your car tonight? >> ya. headed out to dinner. >> it is dry. most places reporting cloudy conditions, little drizzle err year, but i have to say on balance this weekend is going to feel a little bit on the soggy side. and i think sunday will feel weather, obviously, than saturday, we'll show you why in a moment. but it is our weather headline tonight, as we aren't looking at drizzle right now, but we definitely do want you to know that specially saturday night, into sunday, looks like kind of wet period. this is orthodox easter, a lot of people celebrating, having services outside, as well, so that might be problematic, and might need to plan b. tonight, our departing showers have left us with a good bank of clouds, they're thinner out through west virginia, and we will watch the slow approach of another area of low pressure, that gets in here late tomorrow night. so, temperatures have been the big story, we are once
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and you can see why. those east winds, people have been asking me why are we in this pattern again? boundary, frontal boundary slip to the south. stalled out. and so we're sampling the ocean air it, loads us up on the moisture, the clouds, the drizzle, the mist, and with that stalled boundary down to the southwaves of low pressure ride along it, bring us some rounds of light rain. your planner tonight, i am going to keep it dry for 7:00. 55 degrees, by the time we get to 9:00 i think some patches of drizzle begin to develop again. and there could be some light showers, by 11:00 at 52. so if you are going out tonight, keep the umbrella handy, and that goes for tomorrow night, as well. saturday, a lot of clouds, patchy, drizzle, the showers that you see here i think hold off until pretty late tomorrow night. 10:00 or 11:00. 62 degrees for saturday, let's keep our fingers crossed that will be one of the warmest days this week. sunday we've got rain, maybe some rumbles every thunder in the forecast, looks like this may be our weather period sunday morning, moderate to heavy rain, we should hit 68 greets, we could be warmer than this.
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we think this front down to the south, which has been stalled, may try to move north. now, if it does that, we could have few more thunderstorms, as women. so evening rain saturday, high pressure will block it out, little bit longer, but then gets out of the way. here comes our frontal boundery for rain, maybe moderate rain, at times, going into sunday, and again if this warmfront is able to clear our area, we could get into the 70s, could also get bit more unstable with any sunshine that we might see. leading to the possibility of stronger more widespread storms. i want to show you tonight couple of spotty patches of drizzle or light rain. definitely not wash out. but just enough to make it annoying tomorrow morning could start out dry, patches of rain or dizzle, most of the day is dry. but again, drizzle doesn't show up on our future cast very well. so 11:00, here comes our new batch of rain, tan rains hard into the first part of the morning, by 8:00 a.m., it is starting to chase on out. should have few dry hours in the afternoon, m
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sunshine, too, and then we see our future cast developing, another line of some showers around, a . , and there could be even -- could last until midnight or so, and could even be rumble every under this nerve there if this our warmfront is able to get to the north. the marginal risk for some possible isolated severe weather is down to our south. but let me tell if you this front were to get to our north then we would all be in the marginal risk so we will watch the weekend forecast for you, but i think you have the idea, little rain the way. fox5 accuweather seven day forecast, maybe we pick up helpful inch of rain before we get to sunday afternoon, and that would be wonderful, because we don't want to see those brush fires popping up again next week. do we change it up a little bit? fewer chances for showers, temperatures recover little bit. but as you can see there, i've still got this active jet stream that is grabbing gulf moisture and bringing little bit by every day. so, you know, we had two month of dry weather, maybe have few weeks of weather than average conditions. >> chance of rain every day. >> april showers, getting ready for our
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>> off by the april showers month, so now we will have our may showers, june flowers. >> something like that. >> hey, before we go to the break, want to say congratulates toss shawn yancy. can you holdup the magazine? she is featured in bethesda magazine may-june issue just about to come out on the stands. >> should be out actually maybe right now, get the digital version on line. i was honored when the magazine called, they want to do special feature on my art for those of how don't know i am also an artist, i love to paint in my spare time, stay up late working on weekends doing this, in the article, though, we talk about the paydays, we talk about my life growing up in indianna, the midwest, my family and my work family, my career here at fox5. those are some of my favorite piece and some of the pieces in my client's home of the please stop by, pick up copy of the magazine, you will hit some secrets revealed about working with tony perkins. check it out. >> the scoop on page 250. >> it is really great piece. >> check it o thank you very much. thank up, guys. >> she is great
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putting the spotlight on you. >> hold it. paycheck. dear sue. >> we'll be right back.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: taylor swift has got to find a bigger city. last night she ran into one of her exes. >> john mayer goes in. famously dated. she's obviously moved on with calvin harris. but there was somebody after john, right? >> there was a lot after john, mary. >> hey, hey, guys, don't slut shame her. >> we're not slut shaming. we're just documenting her many boyfriends. >> johnny manziel at a bar in columbus. he bought 300 shots of whiskey. >> fireball? >> yeah. >> it's garbage. you don't call that whiskey. harvey: is that not just the saddest thing you have ever done seen? >> yeah, because he can afford good scotch.


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