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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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administrator is speaking out. >> and more april showers are heading our way. what you need to know before you make your weekend plans. >> and how the feds are stepping up the pressure on metro following a strong of safety problems. your news starts right now. >> and off the top tonight, fairfax county's fire chief is taking aim at a local website following a firefighter's death. now that website is responding. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. investigators say she committed suicide. although it's not clear why. today the fire chief called out fairfax underground, an online message board where lewd comments were posted. fox 5's jennifer davis talked to him. >> reporter: virginia state police first of all said today that the lewd blog post had nothing to do with her death but they have certainly put a
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fairfax underground and threds on it about the fairfax county fire department. tonight we've obtained these court documents that they show earlier this year as part of an official police investigation. administrators were asked to remove profane and indecent information about a different female firefighter. the administrator of the site says rather than attacking him this shows the fire department needs to look within at the culture it's creating. the fire chief lashed out friday at the people who post vial and vicious comments about others on the website fairfax underground. >> you need to clean up this blog and people need to act right. i am appealing to, and i'm using the media here, to the person that hosts this site to one, take the lewd comments down. and two, turn the site off if people aren't
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right. >> reporter: the creator and administrator of fairfax underground responded to the chief's comments in an interview with us over face time. >> this is clearly a deflection of blame. basically it's a chalkboard or a bathroom stall and you don't believe when somebody comes and writes graffiti on a chalkboard, you blame the author. it's pretty obvious in this case that the author of these malicious posts is a fellow firefighter. and it seems like he's trying to deflect blame away from the author and on to the website. >> the chief says he was unaware of the cyber bullying on the site, and since people post anonymously he has no proof the lewd comments came from within his department. but police
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in february asking him to remove those posts as part of an ongoing police investigation. >> a couple months ago i was served a court order for this very same discussion thread to reveal the identity of another poster who had a very similar post, this one about miss mittendorff, basically calling a female firefighter some lewd names and that post was removed. >> reporter: he also deletes personal attacks when abuse reports are made. he said that never happened in connection with the comments. if her family asks, he says he will delete them. but he also says doing it now for him, amid all this controversy, would feel like covering up a problem. >> my only interest some for the public to see the truth. sometimes even the nasty truth and this seems to be, if you look at the threat in question, and granted i haven't read through these, it's pretty awful. there's a lot of things that this one poor woman,
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lot of firefighters talked about very poorly and it looks like a culture of machoism. >> we blurred that video because the comments were too vulgar and crude to show on television. he was not aware of the comments made online about the second female firefighter. he has ordered an investigation into the post about mittendorff and he's implementing additional anti-harassment training for his department. he also plans to write a letter asking him to remove the comments. >> jennifer davis, thank you. developing in prince william county tonight a woman's body was discovered in a ditch. fox 5's tisha lewis is live in woodbridge with the story. >> reporter: we want to show everyone a very stark contrast. this is what this ditch looks like with our camera lights on right now. now, take a look. this is what it looks like when
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this is what it looks like during nightfall and this could present a very serious challenge for police in finding witnesses if the body was discarded here during nightfall. police are turning to the public for help in solving this case that has garnered the attention of the community and beyond. the call came in just before 11:00 friday morning reporting a body in this drainage ditch. a resident made the discovery and in mere moments the worst-case scenario became all too real. it's likely 36-year-old lissette lopez and she was murdered and dumped. >> it shocked me at the same time but it sucks just given that amount of time, the outlook doesn't look good for her to be found alive. >> reporter: we revisited her neighbor. >> i remember there was a lot of arguing. every time that guy came over. there was a lot of cussing and
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our walls are thin and you can hear even in regular conversation but you could hear them screaming if you were outside, down the hall, you could hear all of that. >> reporter: we're learning more about the young woman who was last seen at this woodbridge cvs pharmacy. she reportedly worked the overnight shift at an independent living home where she was one of two counselors supervising young adults between 17 and 21 years old. on the heels of lopez's death, her coworkers are apparently concerned about their safety. >> the way she was positioned down there leads us to believe it was a homicide. >> reporter: a marder that may be challenging to solve because of less than ideal weather conditions. >> we had some rain and where she was located, evidence could have been washed downstream. the body is going to be transported for a medical examiner's office for further examination and autopsies to see the exact cause of death. >> so looking ahead, a killer is
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are hoping that the public could help them solve this case. they say if you have any information to make sure you call police as we've been out here tonight. her friends and loved ones have been coming here and saying a small prayer in her memory. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> we are learning new details about the man involved in yesterday's bomb scare at a baltimore tv station. police say alex breezy walked into wbff-tv wearing a animal suit. police say the thumb drive contained rants made about the end of the world. investigators say it appears he had mental health issues but is not part of any organized group. >> the incident is not connected, not connected to any type of organized
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>> he refused to listen to their commands to show his hands. he's in serious but stable condition. he faces numerous charges including arson and possessing a fake bomb. >> turning now to the weather as we take a live look outside, the rain an the drizzle won't be going away any time soon. the question is will the weekend be a washout. gwen is in the weather center with your forecast. >> we've got not quite a washout we're going to salvage part of tomorrow. let's take a look at our maps now. we do have drizzle and fog and the clouds are hanging around. if you look to the west you can see a big swath of rain as well as storms that have been moving towards the south. but in the meantime for us, we might be seeing a little bit of drizzle out there. but overall not too bad. the odd shower popping up here and there. highs today well below seasonal.
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folks. but no way as we head into the 50s today. it was cool. current temperatures right now in the 50s everywhere. 53 dc, 54 at culpeper, 52 at dulles. 49 degrees for your overnight low. clouds, drizzle, some spody showers and definitely some fog. winds from the northeast fairly light at 5 to 10 miles per hour but it is a soggy spring kwentd. but you know what they say, april showers bring may flowers. i'll have more details later. back to you. >> no excuses. that's the message from the u.s. transportation department to metro. it has replaced three metro board members in the wake of the continuing safety problems that have plagued the transportation agency. he has been frustrated by the board's delay in creating a new safety oversight office. be prepared for delays on metro this weekend. a massive repair blitz is under way on the red line after
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a series of malfunctions over the next few weeks. crews are inspecting power cables and boots. the work is being done between the medical center and friendship heights stops. the goal is to stop the water leaks, rusting and corroding of the lines on the tracks. >> if you are heading to reagan national airport tomorrow and you see a storm of first responders, they are all part of emergency drill. the hands-on drill will involve airline staffers, hospitals and other personnel. you may also hear sirens and see helicopters. it will be in a row moet area. speaking of passengers, some on board a cruise ship docked in virginia are being quarantined for a virus. the cbc says 153 of the ship's 917 passengers reported getting sick during the trip. seven guests are still in isolation. the cbc plans to have the
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evaluate the ship this weekend. still to come tonight the first for the u.s. as the zika virus continues to spread. >> safety measures to curb gun violence. why variety iks are taking aim at the plan. >> also ahead tonight, there he is right there. that little bear cub right there is about to learn a very important lesson. stay with us. the news at 11:00 will be right back.
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welcome back. what happened to heather ciccone? tonight detectives are asking for the public's help to solve the 21-year-old's murder. she was found shot to death in her car. for information leading to an arrest and convex. the white house tonight is pushing forward with plans to wush gun violence. >>
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smart guns. more on the debate surrounding the controversial new technology. >> in unveiling his push for technology, president obama laid out his plan to use executive action to speed up use and development. smart guns use high tech features that allows only certain users to fire the weapon. if we can set it up so you can't unlock your phone unless you've got the right fingerprint, why can't we do the same thing for our guns. if a child can't open a bottle of aspirin. we should make sure they can't pull a trigger on a gun. >> reporter: it's the continuation of effort that kicked off in january. resulting in today's 17-page report which promised further research and collaboration with local law enforcement in the future. in
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development of smart gun technology, the white house says its plan ensures that background check providers would get the federal mental health record from those prohibited from buying guns. even as critics warn that smart guns could one day be required, white house officials rejected the notion. >> i think this is a consistent with the kind of wild-eyed conspiracy theories that we've heard on this issue for years now. >> reporter: still some experts believe so-called smart guns make potential users like law enforcement less safe because they run on batteries and the software skob prone to hacking. >> i think it's federal overreach and frankly it is dangerous. if anyone has an iphone with a fingerprint app, think how often that has failed and not worked and think about trying to apply that to guns. >> a rowdy crowd of
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hundred protesters turned out to heckle donald trump at the california gop convention. one group broke down police barricades and burst through a police line to reach the entrance of the host hotel. protesters surrounded several entrances in an attempt to prevent trump from entering. trump and his security team were he is koorted to a back entrance to avoid any confrontations. >> it is 1117 on a friday, gwen is here to tell us all about the forecast. >> okay. you want on the good news or the bad news? >> start with the good news. >> the good news is we're going to have wonderful green grass wle it's all over. >> positive spin. >> let's take a live look outside because well i'm going to get to the bad news. cloudy skies out there, drizzle tonight and some fog if you're stepping out in the midnight hour, make sure you grab your umbrella. we could see an odd shower or two pop up,
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drizzle and fog. but that soggy pattern is going to continue tonight all up and down the mid atlantic. we're not going to get a break at all. we've got a frontal system to deal with and that is helping over the course of this weekend to keep things socked in. we're going to see some changes as we move through. it looks like the sun took a vacation. so drizzle early saturday, we'll get a pretty good portion of saturday that's going to be dry, how's that? and we'll get some rain in the afternoon and in the evening hours. and periods of rain for sunday and i can't rule out thunderstorms for sunday either. some of those could be marginally severe. so plenty of clouds socking us in here. lots of strong storms and heavy rainfall to the south and this is all starting to move its way towards the east as well. they've had a lot of pretty intensive storms through there but we are looking at tonight seeing once again drizzle and the fog. temperatures right now into the 50s everywhere.
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the same at gaithersburg and frederick. 52 at dulles and 53 degrees this hour in the nation's capital. ridge of high pressure t to the north and then we've got a stalled frontal system to the south and we're going to see that wet weather continuing to hang there. easterly flow through the ocean giving us a cool breeze as well. with that and the clouds is why we couldn't budge our temperatures today. highs only in the 50s. we should really be in the low 70s. into the weekend once again for tomorrow, expect to see maybe a little bit of morning drizzle and fog and we'll get a break, it will be dry but it will still be cloudy and by the afternoon and evening we're going to see the rain move in again. sunday we've got this frontal system to keep an eye on. depending on how far north it comes and what time period is going to determine just what we get in terms of some active weather and i can't rule out some thunderstorms. some of those could be fairly strong and severe so watching that closely but sunday night
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into monday. a national weather service has a marge until risk by sunday afternoon. eyes to the skies. we're looking at an inch of rainfall total but we do need the rainfall. future cast showing you once again that dry spot for the first part of tomorrow and we start to get into plenty of rainfall overnight into your sunday it gets even heavier and pretty widespread. sunday more of a washout than saturday because we only get the rain late on saturday. 49 degrees for tonight, wrapping it up for you. for tomorrow, 62 degrees. once again, clouds, drizzle, early rain in the evening and the winds from the northeast. here's a look at the fox 5accuweather 7-day forecast. we start to warm up and get back to where we should be for temperature wise in the low 70s. you know what, it's just par for the course. back to you
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>> thank you, gwen. >> a government health expert announced that a 70-year-old man died from complications back in february. it is the first time someone in
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>> iist a 3,000 ton full-scale replica of noah's ark. after visiting brazil it's scheduled to make stops along the u.s. coast. >> it is pretty magnificent to see. >> people have tried to do it before and failed so that's pretty extraordinary. >> especially if it's going to sail. >> we've got a funny moment for you tonight. let's take a look. tony. >> oh, yes. it involves a failed break-in at
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>> oh! >> look at the little bear. >> here we go. tried to jump through a closed window. >> animals do that sometimes. they've got to be completely mystified when it happens. >> i'm going to guess what was there like a pie on there. >> i'm so sorry for the little bear. >> glass and mirrors. >> that happens at my house all the time. one particular window. >> it's probably one of the larger windows, right? >> yeah. >> birds try to fly right into it. >> your window must be clean, too. >> not now. >> have a good weekend everybody. thanks for joining us at 10:00 or 11:00.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: taylor swift has got to find a bigger city. last night she ran into one of her exes. >> john mayer goes in. famously dated. she's obviously moved on with calvin harris. but there was somebody after john, right? >> there was a lot after john, mary. >> hey, hey, guys, don't slut shame her. >> we're not slut shaming. we're just documenting her many boyfriends. >> johnny manziel at a bar in columbus. he bought 300 shots of whiskey. >> fireball? >> yeah. >> it's garbage. you don't call that whiskey. harvey: is that not just the saddest thing you have ever done seen? >> yeah, because he can afford good scotch.


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