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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 11, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a smelly situation in some maryland neighborhoods. as you can see it's still here. >> changes to the trash pickup schedule have led to garbage not being collected for weeks and this may be only the beginning of the problem. imagine the feds shutting down metro. the transportation secretary warn as the gm sends a blunt message to his workers. > your news starts right now. and right off the top tonight, the trash is piling up in some prince george's county communities. people are demanding action. thanks for staying with us at 11 2, i'm shawn yancy. and i'm tony perkins. the problem, a new trash jick up schedule that has caused some confusion. fox5's marina maracco is life in
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hyattsville to explain what this all means. marina. >>reporter: yeah, tony there is certainly some questions as to how some of these companies extended and obtained their contracts. meanwhile here, residents in hyattsville you can see how their here continues to pile out. some of them have actually missed the day for pickup while others say the hauliers just haven't showed up. they changed the days and didn't let us know? prince george's county residents are still adjusting to a new trash pickup routine down from two days a week to just one. door signs corresponding to the new schedule went out to more than 160,000 homes. overall it's gone very smoothly. most areas have had no problems at all. although the county has received 2,000 complaints in the last week and say haulers have missed pickup in 2 percent of the homes. did your the first month
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transition it's a grace period. there are now 15 hauliers that will share the responsibility of picking up trash and recycle materials one day a week. two of the trash hauling companies, good companies and bates trucking will account for nearly 40 percent of the county's trash pickup. both companies and their respective owners as well as presidents have in total contributed nearly $20,000 to county executive rashan baker campaign since 2016. there was no bidding process. no. the county say it's legal as long as the 15 companies all agreed that bates trucking and goo would take a large chunk of the business servicing 30,000 each. they're not shell companies, p if you will, for the other hauliers? >> no, not to my knowledge. > now county executive rashan bearing, a
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fox5 a statement which reads, the baker administration has always prioritized making sure that county-based business and specifically majority businesses are competitive with contracts with the prince george's county. further the decision to expand these contracts as well as the approval of the contracts were all approved at public forum and at ultimate many hearings. in the meantime if you're in prince george's county and you're still having trash pickup issues, call 311. life tonight in hyattsville, marina maracco, fox5 local newses. > we're following some breaking news from massachusetts. it has been a violent night in the city of taunton. that's south of boston. the state police say a man stabbed two people at a home, then that man drove to a shopping mall and crashed his car through the front of a macy's store. then the man stabbed two people at the paul before an off-duty officer shot and killed that suspect. two of the
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we're told have died, but authorities have not at this time said whether the victims were at the home or at the mall. > and now to the raise for the wise hours, gop front runner donald trump crewed to victory in the west virginia tonight. it was a tight raise for the democrats, but bernie sanders built out hillary cline on. in nebraska. ap reports hillary clinton won the primary but they were delegated at a congress that bernie sanders won back in march. donald trump is also the winner for the gop primary. > metroç to shutdown. that's according to transportation secretary apartment any fox. he is fed up with metro's issues. meantime there was more trouble today for metro riders. this video was posted on the rail transit ops twitter feed. it shows what appeared to be sparks on the third rail station. also, metro's gm
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field summoned all 650 metro managers for a first of its kind safety meeting today in rockville. the message safety trumps service and every manager is accountable. all of metro's problems made us wonder if other big city transit have similar problems. >>reporter: i can tell you if you're talking about our system versus new york's transit system their folks tell me that they have not had a shutdown or derailment in the past year. compare that to what's going on here in the district. how does d.c.'s metro compare to new york's rail system? well, it all depends on who you ask. despite the most recent video showing yet another fire on d.c.'s metro rail, stephanie kay hasn't given up hope yet. there has been a lot of hick cups. it concerns
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i don't think that our problems are really that much worse than any other public transportation problem. > kay is a native new yorker who spent her life riding the city's subways before moving to d.c. and riding metro. there were problems in new york, you know, track problems, times when we were stalled between stations for long periods of time in who the subway cars. and people were crowded in. > even though former d.c. resident zachary another insists the two transit situation terms don't compare. we're relying on the redline really was a struggle. you know, one of those lines seemed like it was consistently breaking down and it was just really undependable. kish lived in the district for five years before moving to new york. here in new york i take the train to work every day. i live in brooklyn. i commute to the city. don't run into the same
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another is a are the oner at our sister station wnyw. i would say as a whole d.c. is unique in the sense that it seems that things are never running smoothly and it's odd considering how much smaller that system is. > smaller and newer. new york's first underground rail opened in 19046789 as for d.c. it opened in the 1970s. now, who is fairing better in as you just saw and heard it depends on how you ask. as far as the notorious insulators that we keep hearing about causing the smoke in the district. i did ask new york's team about that and they didn't even know what i was talking about. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. we are picking up some rain around the area. matter of fact, a pretty good down pour right around the gaithersburg area around 11:00. maybe even a little
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analyte thing with that. jane millionen wrote to me, falls grove a little bit of lightning. some good rain. this is going to continue pushing from west to east. so olney, aspen hill, this is probably headed in your direction. done a davis had some lightning just a little while ago in stevens ^berg, virginia. mclean and down towards alexandria and right along 395. one thing i will say about the rain showers that are developing around the region most of them will be gone before we start the morning commute. it's going to move through pretty quickly. there will be a little bit of fog with our morning commute you can still see that we have the showers around by 3 in the morning. by the time we get to five in the morning mostly south and east of the district. 8:00 a.m. perhaps a spotty area left, but the bulk of the area shoulde
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we could have a second around. 50 to 56-degrees in the morning. after school, 62 to 69. the seven day forecast coming your way in minutes. > tony. thank you sue, three brothers are facing attempted murder tack charges in an attack on a landover police station with an officer killed. they the grand jury returned an indictment. the attack on the district three station led to the death of officer jacai colson. colson responded to the attack on the station and was killed by friendly fire. if the brothers are convict of the most serious crimes they could face life in prison. still to come, sex torsion on am contact pus. also ahead tonight, an escaped prisoner was on the run for nearly 50 years. what led to his arrest today? and jim, another thriller for th
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playoff win. i know you've got details a. one day more. we're much whatting it right now. a tie game, over time in pittsburgh. we'll tell you how the caps fair. we may have an answer for you coming up in a about it. here's a look at some of the other stories on the run down. we'll be
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why are you doing this? that is a clip from a new justice department video. it's warning parents a
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tonight about the extreme dangers of something called sex torsion. it is a growing problem worldwide. case in point, campus police at george mason university are warning students after two separate incidents there. investigators say the unidentified suspects gained the trust of two students over the web in the past week and convinced them to undress in front of their web cams. the suspects recorded it all, then threatened to release the video if the students didn't pay $5,000 p. students on campus say that they've heard about these incidents. i think it's kind of -- definitely creepy. it's kind of a scary thing. i don't really think it's a situation you should get yourself into in the first place. the fact that someone did that to you is a bad thing, but for you to get yourself there in the first place is a problem. > so far there have been no arrests in the case. police are not saying if the victim and suspects connected through any particular
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or app. he's been on the run for 48 years. tonight an escaped prisoner is back behind bars. police arrested rock earth stack wits at his home today. the 71 year old is originally from georgia. he was serving a sentence for robbery in 1968 when he escaped from a georgia prison work camp. since then he's been living in a small town under the name of robert gordon and works as a boat repairman. >> i knew robert quite well. he used to fix boats locally. he was a nice guy. everyone liked hip. he was a big jolly old guy. he recently applied for social security and that is what lead authorities right to him. they also say he was pretty speechless when they arrested him. since it had been so long they thought he never would be found. he applied for social security, i'm just saying. you can kind of figure after 48
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developing tonight in kentucky. rough there, people are cleaning up. take a look. ripped through homes and businesses. this is amateur of the twistier that tore t through the small town of mayfield. take a look at that. several homes and trailers were destroyed. at least 10 people were injured, but everyone is expected to survive. several other people posted pictures of the tornado on social media. let's get right to sue palka. those images are just wild. we were talking about people taking pictures with tornadoes behind them, but that one was very close. that was risky to be continuing to film that when they were what appeared to be just yards away. a rough night in kentucky, guys, we're getting a little bit showers. we may not be looking at that for w
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this kind ever stable environment. i'm kind of surprised that we're even getting a little bit of lightening tonight. mostly this is going to be a dry start on our wednesday morning commute. these showers are going to push through pretty quick limb most the most part it will be over. the end of the week finally we think it's going to warm up a little bit. chilly today. we did get into the mid 60s. we'll get there by the end of the week. and yes we'll also get some dry days in by the end of the week. tomorrow, mostly dry, can't raw out a few showers in the afternoon with a temperature of 66-degrees. on thursday, we're looking at another mild day, warmer, anyway, 73-degrees with a about it more sunshine trying to get through. a mild day still can't rule out a shower on thursday, but will describe it was a the spotty of chance of a shower. thursday looks like one of the better days this week. i want to run through the radar.
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we've had some activity developing very quickly, crossing 270 right around the gaithersburg area. that's pushing east. a little bit more in the pipeline out to our west. this is how it's going to go. i did see that this is expanding so now we've got our area of rain all the way from 97 down through rockville and a little bit of lightning had been showing up as that continues to push from west to east. also watching a system, a little bit of a rain shower down pour south of temple hill and again some light rain across the district with a about it more out to the west. give this a few hours and i think it will be gone, but a about it of a dampening can lead to fog and lower visibility. futurecast run this through again by 3 in the morning, a the look of this is going to push away over the earn shore and across the bay. we think the afternoon may feature another quit hitting shower. 8 in the morning, possibility of a few foggy spots.
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visibility.ç it's showing a little improvement at 8:00 a.m. fog could be around for part of the day. at the surface tomorrow still on the cooler side. only a degree warmer than it was day. thanks to the winds still coming in off the ocean. a few showers around potentially tomorrow afternoon as well. temperature wise we're still stuck in the 60s. 52 for gaithersburg which is why it's quite unusual to see thunder analyte thing with a temperature as cool as that. highs tomorrow mid 60s, maybe fredericksburg can get up to 7 # degrees and we wrap it up with your fox5 seven day forecast. that 77 ought to feel nice on friday for those of us who are ready for a little warmup. there could be a rumble of thunder and a few showers. and dryer t for sunday. next week looking a little warmer and dryer as welch that's your seven day forecast. jim, anything going on in your department? it was a great season for the
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was the optative ward because just about a moment ago the penguins scored. the caps go home, the penguins go on. he was cut. that resulted in a four-minute power play. nasty, hit there. the pens scored not one, but two power play goals. 33 seconds later by carl hag line on a deflection, the pens were up three nothing. and the caps battled back. the third period, the deficit 3- 1. mat murphy, now 3-26789 later on the caps. john carlson receives the return and lets it rip. they go to over time to decide this one. 6:32 in over time. here we go. really exciting time in pittsburgh and here's
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that wins it. rick what mean oh. we saw that in studio while sue was in weather. that ov was heartbroken. they can't beat that second round. there you havevló%q1ñ the pens e on. the caps go home. stieve strasburg, a new seven year $170 million. 5 and 0 for number 37. a 276era. that includes last night's effort against the tigers where he struck out 11. it's been a move that's quietly been in the works for weeks. it's hard to block something like this out because it's your future. it's your kids kids future t, too. i think one thing that kept me centered and kept me focused, was, you know, why do i play this game? that bottom line is i play
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competitor. meantime tonight nats and tigers, ryan zimmerman struggling until tonight. a sweat swing results in a 2-1 home owner. bottom of the eighth, last night client robinson pinch hitting with a runner on much the shift is on, wilson ramos off from first base, he tries to go home, to throw to catcher james mack can, it is in time. the nats come up north 5-4. this has not been a good night for washington sports. no, it has not been. the caps battled back and some of the safes. ov should be an mvp nominee. heart breaking. the nats are looking good, aside from tonight. > football season is coming. what? football seaso
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>> that's true. i'm just saying. > pour some. water
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h is amazing, budweiser beer is getting a new look. the beers' bottles and cans will replace the look with the word america. the labels will also feature lines from the pledge of alliance annually kicks present the star spackled beener. budweiser is now owned by and hisser burb in whenever. they're also getting rid of the collides tails for the little tiny horses. do you have a theory as to why this change is happening? do you not want to say. >> i honestly don't remember what my theory was for that. i have hockey on the brain. pan derailmenting. that's it. > the dorm room fail that has
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take a look, a mom was visiting her 18 year old at utah university. she got in bed and sent it to her daughter. she texted, quote, hyattsville where i many, where you are. >> her daughter frantic include texted back, mom, i many in my room. you are in someone else's dorm. her mom's reply, i many in the wrong dorm. she got out quickly. had a big laugh and their exchange has been retweeted a whole bunch.
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