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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and get a free gear vr virtual reality headset. intrthe only lemon lime soda with a twist of real juice. >> matt: if you want away when the yankees had a seemingly controlled 7-0 lead, a quite different story here at camden yards. a six run baltimore inning has made it a one-run game as we start the eighth. rob refsnyder lead thinks off against a left-handed reliever brian dancing who to finish ofe seventh. refsnyder, romine, and ellsbury here for the yankees.
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>> tom: the fascinating part to me is how joe girardi will manage these last nine outs. i think he tries to divide them between miller and chapman. miller wants this year has gotten more than three outs, no more than four. >> matt: in a swing and a miss by refsnyder. >> tom: he's hoping for a clean, easy ace for miller. several times. no more than four outs. >> matt: austin roma now. , still able to use billy to bullpen equation, this feels different now. 0-1 count to romine.
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it doesn't happen very often in yankee history with a given up a large lead like 7-0. the last time came in 2011. game 162 against the rays. a memorable evan dunham memorao raise charge would when look ly are counted out. >> tom: that was one of them as nights in the history of baseball, i'm not exaggerating. >> matt: yet was. carl crawford misplayed a fly ball here. a boston want away that postseason. two gone as romine grounds to the right side up. >> tom: that was terry francona's last game. manager of the red sox. i remember talking to buck showalter about that stupid rule where you can have up to 40 players dressed in september, you play on completely different rules. cost francona
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the orioles beat up of the red sox in that game, and that month. they were able to do so being an inferior team with an expanded roster. it made no sense. i'm not sure why all these years baseball has never addressed the inequity of playing the most important games of the year with completely different rules. >> matt: a two out, bases empty now for ellsbury. lookouts reported by brian duensing. we go to the bottom of the eighth inning, it will be davis, rather, trumbo, wieters, and alvarez. from that part of the order, two of the three home runs in the seventh came. good to breaking ball in for a strike. >> tom: i imagine we'll see a pinch-hitter for alvarez, the numbers you mentioned so
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against right-handed pitching. this game is now in the hands of a left-handed power throwers for the yankees. miller and chapman. >> matt: at the 0-2. >> tom: by the way, chapman has not been asked to get more than three outs this year. no script tonight, guys. you've got to freelaenc a little bit. >> matt: may not have that luxury tonight. a ball and two strikes now to ellsbury with bases empty and to ghana. 2-2. >> tom: it just misses with a breaking ball. duensing is doing very nice job. picked up to provide reinforcement to this baltimore bullpen this week.
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>> matt: just misses the corner. wieters thought they had them run up. >> tom: the pitch before was a ball, a good take. this. this is a call you get most of the time, a way to a left-handed hitter is a pitch the umpires when i miss those calls, those are usually the ones they miss. to the glove side to the catcher. and i say miss by turning a ball into a strike. the borderline pitch, if it was even borderline, didn't get the call. >> matt: miller full count pitch to ellsbury on his way. curveball whacked inducer into center field and adam jones streaks in to make the catch. a 1-2-3 eighths 1-2-3 eighth bn
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>> matt: tonight's telecast is sponsored by bud light. rays won two right now. and by t-mobile. bring your greater tonight's game. mark trumbo leads off in a one-run game, last of the eighth. change defensively for new york, just called up from triple-a. veteran left-handed hitting first baseman will take over. he played out his 2015 here in the baltimore, he's right back in the fray in a visiting costume tonight. fresh up from triple-a as we mentioned. trumbo, wieters, and then alvarez and in the dh spot. each hitter
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miller aeneid. it was trumbo's of solar shot t started the six run rally in the seventh. 1-2. >> tom: it's always interesting to watch these guys were leaked pitchers, closers especially, not used to sitting down and getting back out onto the mound. the steadily wants this year. doesn't sound like a big deal, to some pitchers it is. >> matt: on the ground for gregorius, one away. the home run in the seventh with the league leading 18th of the year for mark trumbo, take another look at it ps that cats powered by amazon web services. that's what it looked like to mark. here's what looked it looked l. that cast. >> tom: 450 feet from using the launch angle. 29 degrees comedy that's toward the higher side.
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one gone now for matt wieters. you see the exit velocity? 113? that gives him three of the top 15 hardest hit balls this year. that's like giancarlo stanton country. >> matt: i was thinking the same thing. they peel out to first, that's where brian mica says no swing. >> tom: i think he's one out away from coming into the skin. unless miller is superefficient right here. >> matt: buck showalter cyber to get this pedro alvarez is standing in the on-deck circle. two balls and no strikes the count to matt wieters, the switchhitting catcher. a single and a walk
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added to it a fly ball to left. all right, so two-out bases empty, who blinks first. >> tom: alvarez is going to hit. bear interesting here. i like the idea of wieters' 23-0 here. he got a fastball, dismissed it. chapman is just playing catch in the bullpen. he was in standby mode in case wieters could extend the at-bat, get on base. not to be, so it's miller trying to get five of these last nine outs for joe girardi. were six of them. >> matt: did we just have a flashing lights? i think we just took a power hit here in the ballpark. that was not lightning that we saw. a very brief flash and it certainly got
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home plate umpire tony randazzo and everybody else in the field as they all took time collectively. so here we go with alvarez. sweeping breaking balls one on the missed. you said at the time, pedro alvarez doesn't go the opposite field very often. he did it in the form of a two-run shot, in the form of three home run in the seventh. that was a pensive scraper by the standards of the ones that trumbo hits. >> tom: tucked it in there. mentioned difficulty against left-handed pitchers. showalter, two outs, bases empty. hoping he can run into one right here. alvare
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plate. trying to take away or at least defend that sweeper, breaking ball away. >> matt: stepped gas powered by amazon web services. swing and a miss by alvarez to put a mandate to strike count now, 2-2. >> tom: that's got to be the same page here was our earlier. he froze chris davis with a fastball in, everything away with the sweeper. no time to take a chance right here. same page. >> matt: put him away with that slider. miller holds a 1-2-3 last of the eighth. to the night, still a one run ball game.
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>> matt: zach britton has been perfect in save opportunities this year. 16 for 16. they would love to get him a chance, but instead it's brian duensing who continues here in the ninth. duensing na one of-run ballgame, 7-6 yankees, gardner, beltran, and rodriguez in the night. check that, gardner, hicks, and beltran in the night. ninth. it was all yankees into a six run both more corruption until a autumn one half corruption and seven. >> tom: most likely his last hitter. he'd want to turn around and beltran to the right side, rodriguez behind him, bring in the right-hander.
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>> matt: on a couple of hops to machado at short, one away. one gone, and here comes buck showalter. that will be the move. not a save situation for zach britton, but buck wants his back of the bullpen here. pitching change. and it won't be him either, it will be vance worley when he come back. taxes and fees included. and we've got more 4g lte coverage nationwide than t-mobile or sprint. that's a whote lotta network for not a lot a dough. it's what makes cricket the happiest place
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thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. >> matt: nobody sees or it's quite way colin coward and jason would like to. speak for yourself starts monday june 13th at 6 eastern, 3:00 pacific on fs1. it's the veteran right-hander vance worlewi
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the base simply here in the ninth, trying to hold at a one run deficit. aaron hicks making a first plate appearance and i take him on defensively in what looks like a late present hold situation with the score 7-0. and it's a ball and a strike to aaron hicks. >> tom: hicks is the guy you do want to turn around and have them hit in the left side. worley, not a lot of velocity, the deception. sinker, slider guy. 10 feet of layup, with velocity tells you, ball gets on top of hitters. >> matt: into the corner, past davis. a two-out extra-base hit for aaron hicks.
10:23 pm
>> tom: that mullahs scorched. the breaking ball hung the middle of the plate. no chance for davis. huge run up there at second base for new york. >> matt: so now, alex rodriguez who is a couple of singles, two strikeouts and a run scored on his line tonight. for vance worley, whatever the reason, he is retired only seven of the 131st abettors that he's faced this year. he loses his first better here to an extra-base hit. >> tom: showing me two seamer in, it should be sliders away.
10:24 pm
the book on alex with those two seamer's, ride it in on his hands. make sure you get all the way in, he's been a much better hitter of the fastball this year than the breaking ball. >> matt: the yankees had more success with runners on base, runners in scoring position more specifically than they have in a while. 4 for 10 our isp tonight. team hitting only .213 in the category leading into the game. starlin castro waiting on deck with one away. a ball into strikes to alex rodriguez. >> tom: worley flirting
10:25 pm
trouble, didn't get nearly as much as he wanted. alex has a very good strike approach throughout this game tonight. hicks runs very well, it would be tough to throw him out of the place on a base hit. >> matt: a 2-2 now. vance worley, for his part, has turned into somewhat a reliable reliever after beginning a career as a starter in philadelphia. served as a swingman for a couple of different teams. he loses alex rodriguez on an rbi base hit back up the middle. and do some late yankee life, alex rodriguez delivers a two-run lead.
10:26 pm
>> tom: second hit this year off an off-speed pitch, came at an opportune time. this slider doesn't get away nearly as much as he wanted, left up as well. how many times have we seen this tonight? balls just escaping the glove of a baltimore defender. that's a hit, even if schoop stops it, give a double play in order, as he's able to glove it. >> matt: second three-hit game of the year for alex rodriguez. now, starlin castro. they really have come in bunches for alex this year. he's got 21 hits all year, including the two three-hit games. >> tom: that means there's a lot of oafs as well.
10:27 pm
>> matt: he's come up big tonight. a ball and no strikes to castro. baltimore played at six in the seventh in my not so comfortable one run yankee lead has been turned into a two run advantage. that once dumped into left. first and second with one away and vance worley hasn't gotten anybody out yet. a reminder, follow light base both apps. live game video highlights, that cats, news, and more. download apps, the number one life app for
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>> tom: we talk about buck showalter and bullpen usage, couple of guys not available, is not good to push guys. mychal givens probably a guy you'd like to match up on right-handed hitters. low three quarters delivery, nightmare for right-handed hitters. worley, having a tough time with all kinds of hitters this inning. >> matt: didi gregorius was the last yankee to join the hit parade. 16 yankees hits tonight, for special and from about's first base. davis to second for one, back to the bag for worley covering the well-timed to double play. the yankees do add an insurance run. we go to the bottom of the ninth inning. last licks for baltimore. they'll have to deal with the flame throwing left-hander aromas chapman into the bottom of the night. a two run game.
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spoon is sponsored by falcon tires, the official tire of major league baseball. >> tom: joe girardi had to go off script tonight. andrew miller bailed him out getting six outs. six outs tonight, fairly easily as well. very efficient. the game went all kinds of sideways for the yankees. miller shut it all down. living a aroldis chapman for a cleanup ninth-inning. spoon no fun for any lineup to try to dial it up to hit 102 from the left side. just part of the aroldis chapman repertoire. he has converted on all eight save opportunities, making his 12th appearance as a yankee tonight. 15 strikeouts, only two bases on balls. >> tom: fastball at 100 on average, he's unlike anybody se
10:31 pm
it's not just the velocity, you're talking about someone was already hurt his catcher here just warming up. look like he caught the foam of andrew rowe romine. this is a warm-up pitch. >> matt: how in the world does that happen, right? and are romine thinking i'm at a glove on that hand, i'm wearing a global under the glove come i still got cut. >> tom: brian mccann does not start this game or yesterday's game because of a hyperextended left elbow. yankees told us he was available, circular they did not envision the scenario. spoon they've already used chris parmelee at first bait for refsnyder. >> tom: watched the glove thumb.
10:32 pm
that was very odd. it was breaking, he wasn't sure whether to back end that or not. >> matt: brian mccann is going to catch the ninth. there was some considerable urgency to the pace they brought him on the field with. >> tom: the blood club is coming off already. very strange. >> matt: he came off the field and a pretty big hurry with a trainer. they're stitching a mother. he's not going to be able to return. brian mccann is going to receive the ninth. >> tom: no problem, sit for three and a half hours may think you got an enough, go on and guy. we talk about velocity in the hundreds. chapman is one the longest strides in the game, almost
10:33 pm
he's cheating the distance. 60 feet, 6 inches. becomes about 53 feet in the effective velocity of that hundred mile an hour fastball is about one oh two. it's not just about speed, it's really about time. a time that the ball is in the air. heesses it more than any pitcher in baseball. spoon jonathan schoop will lead things off in the home ninth. chapman tasked with protecting a two-run lead late. >> tom: we know schoop is swinging, and he'd better be be sitting on heater. the first pitch he throws in the dirt, will welcome brian mccan. your night office officially over. >> matt: house the elbow feeling?
10:34 pm
>> matt: he singled and scored one of the six runs the seventh. 98's one through. >> tom: he's not lucius. [laughter] >> matt: it sounds like you're kidding, but i know you're not. we'll see 102 before the end of the night. the highest strikeout percentage in baseball since 2002. just free and easy and 98. >> tom: no chance of there. check out the long straight, cheating the distance between the mound in the header. he is so athletic. he's one of the most athletic deliveries and all of baseball. he's what probably one of the fastest guys in the team. athleticism is in the delivery.
10:35 pm
contact pops it for parmelee. one away. vote for all-stars at the year ballot., catch all the excited the mlb all-star game presented by mastercard at july 12th, live on fox. a pinch-hitter now, joy rickard will swing the bat. you could take your warm-up swings in the tunnel and hang around in the cage to try to get ready to pinch hit in the night, and that's against aroldis chapman. 98 for a strike. >> tom: he takes a lot of pitches, but i'm not giving away that pitch. it's tough enough facing
10:36 pm
guy no strike count, it gets harder and harder. on strike one and a strike two. >> matt: a breaking ball misses in. aroldis chapman as we know didn't begin his season until later than in the rest of the , because of some disciplinary action handed out. resulting in an off the field incident before he got to the yankees. the 8 for 8 in saves is unlikely to get him to san diego for the all-star game. a little more velocity on that swing is 99. >> tom: above the hand is unhittable. to hit 99 above your hand, you have to get barrel of the bat on top of the ball actually faster than you do at 99 at the
10:37 pm
problem is, you get a better look at it, it's too tempting. >> matt: a ball and two strikes to the pinch-hitter joy rickard. joey rickard. in the air for gregorius, at shortstop. the orioles are down to their last out tonight. it will be adam jones that has that last chance to keep things going tonight. >> tom: this should be fun. adam jones doesn't concede too many pitches in the zone. my guess is he gets his three swings.
10:38 pm
>> matt: the first chance that adam jones has had to face aroldis chapman. potential tying run in the on-deck circle in the form of the pinch-hitter nolan reimold. >> tom: great shot from that angle. compressing time and distance for that fastball. don't blink, that's all the time they the hitter has to decide to swing and to swing. the same as the blink of an eye. >> tom: a career american league or at the
10:39 pm
guy who was a career national league or before this year. their pass have not crossed until this evening. now adam jones is down to his final strike. >> tom: slider. it's so hard to cover the fastball at 100. the slider right behind it. >> matt: the first fastball he's thrown and in thursday on. adam jones has never faced before, he goes up there looking for that. change it, slider, slider, then he gets the 102 with two strikes. >> tom: fastball away, probably a 102 again. >> matt: and he spiked it come i
10:40 pm
home plate umpire. >> tom: is already taken out to catcher, now he's taking out an umpire. >> matt: there's an element to aroldis chapman tonight. that got him around the neck. >> tom: the difficulty of trying to hit this guy, and trying to catch him into colin's pitches are difficult as well. spoon full count to jones. and he lost among ball four. my goodness. it's one thing to mr. marvel and your missing what a pie at 100, that's a whole mother animal.
10:41 pm
now the orioles to have the opportunity to bring the tying run it to the plate. >> tom: here's a great look from set gas, powered by amazon web services. because of that stride, that 103 is perceived to be 104. that's just not fair. >> matt: at john's take second of the first pitch, he will do so without anybody paying him any never mind appeared field is a difference it credited there, no stolen base for jones. and reimold takes strike two.
10:42 pm
>> tom: probably note of her position to in than to be 0-2 on aroldis chapman. you have to swing the bat. >> matt: jones came back and throw walk after being behind 1-2, 0-22 reimold. and he just stays alive. a career 7 for 36 pinch-hitting line, translates into a .194 batting average. >> tom: at yankees defending the tying run at the plate, playing no doubles events. you see gardner, lynnfield, all the way towards the gap in left-center. of course, not believing reimold was going to turn around anything from chapman. >> matt: the next
10:43 pm
lays off 1-1. 1101. seeing the cuban born a flame throwing left-hander for the first time tonight. and he finishes him with a breaking ball, that's it. the yankees hang on to win it. wow. a furious orioles rally, a six run the seventh, medical very close proposition. the yankees get the insurance run in the night, with that great back of the bullpen combination of miller and a chapman, they hang on for an 8-6 win. >> tom: a lot of things went right for the yankees tonight offensively, executed so well off and on the lineup. as you mentioned, joe girardi
10:44 pm
no formula tonight. miller for six outs, chapman for three. spoon the yankees 8-6 winners in baltimore tonight, we're right back after a quick time-out. ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. okawhoa!ady?
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>> what does it mean to be stigma free? it means knowing marred 15 ames affected by illness in a given year. 75% to change the conversation by mental health, see the person, not the condition. take the pledge today. ♪ >> matt: orioles came back to make it interesting after trailing 7-0. if the yankees of hang on for an 8-6 win in baltimore tonight. >> tom: miller in the chapman, a sigh of relief. three hitless, scoreless innings.
10:47 pm
>> matt: nikki's improved to 13-311 of their big three relievers take the mound. for tom verducci, this is not discourage them and thanks a lr baltimore, so long for watching. we are! fox sports! world mourns the loss hof muhammad ali. >> the tributes pouring in for
10:48 pm
a chance of wet weather for the rest of tonight a serious storm threat for sunday. >> hope to see you tonight after the game. [ fans cheering ] [ intense music throughout ] introducing the x1 sports app. get live stats,
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>> right now storms threatenings to interrupt yourto gwen has the details on the severe weather. mourning the death of the greatest of all time how the the world is remembering muhammad ali. >> getting used to the new n normal on metro as "safetrack" work starts. what you need to noa about the b changes to the rail service. fox 5 local news starts now. >> thank so you much for stayina up with us i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm matt ackland good to seeo sny into we're going to start gi tonight with the weather. some of you have seen some storms tonight. but we're really
10:52 pm
eye on a severe weather threat a for tomorrow. >> agains i think the weatherhe center with the latest. things have really fired upf on radar tonight. this is just round one. and tomorrow its a whole nothol ball game. let's begin with a look at ourt map and shouts going on. as far as the i95 corridor is i concerned you can see from dc not a whole lot going on. take a look from charlottesville to the south passing roanokeassi that has been the trigger for some storms today not only that but hot humid air mass.ass. tropical moisture in grace. we've got every ingredient p yoi can see how intense the right i thing is in these storms here.s this is a really really a line n of storms that actually is justu filled in the last little whileh here quite a bit. qui i come out a little bit more, you can see that even to our our west still a whole lot of activity and to the southwest.
10:53 pm
northeast and so this really does bear watching quite a bit. because we arehi anticipating seeing some of this action thi moving into the overnight hours. i'm just going to put a little future scan on this you can see the direction right there with w this as, this is in the neck 60 minutes or s so just you know keep your eyes to the skies. what was tropical storm bonnie go expected to be allo pressure system but the moisture from it is going a big impact today as s well as into tomorrow.orrow. here's a look at where we have watches and warnings earn effect. page county a flood warning in effect until 11:00. a third of the area here all shaded in green that's under a flood watch. w this is expires at midnightidni parts of both maryland, virginia and west virginia. once again all that tropical rain coming up there. and this just bears watching because a
10:54 pm
think they can drive into area e with high rising water turn around don't drown don't take any chances. dewpoints are very very much, it is still sticky and humid as warm air mass stays in place. dewpoints into the 60s and 70s. here's a look at temperatures and the low to mid 70s right across the board. so for tonight overnight low 71 degrees. warm, sticky and humid.. can't rule out some the storms in the overnight hours. for tomorrow that is the major a day storm prediction center has us in an enhanced risk of severe whether. this is one of the highest levels we can be a possible heavy downfalls, hail. i cannot rule out isolated tornadoes i'll have more details a little bit later back to you. >> tonight we're remembering an american i couldn't
10:55 pm
legend muhammad take a look at the scene of his hometown you can see a memorialm is outside the center. >> he decide at 74 year old. o he had been battling parkinson's disease for more than three decades. we're told he died of septic shop we hear more now. >> reporter: he was known simply as the greatest.atest. the boxing world mourning theing loss of a legend. leg mike tyson tweeting god came for his champion so long. >> he was the man. >> reporter: muhammad ali was a three time world heavy world champion winner of a gold medal dale at the olympics. >> ain't nobody going to stop me. no one fast enough to stop me.
10:56 pm
>> reporter: outspoken champs life outside the ring was as controversial p. he joined black muslims and changed his he fought for civil rights for reform. refused to be drafted in the the army during the vietnam war. >> social trans former. >> reporter: boxing icon passed away friday after a 32 year battle with parkinson. he has tremendous determinationa amazing courage and he was so much fun to be around. president obama saying in a statementob that although parkinson's disease may have ravaged his body it could not take the spark from his eye. >> never stopped being an american even became a citizen of the world, he inspired peopli all over the world. >> reporter: president bill presidentr: clinton will be youl jiving him. it will be friday. t mike tobin fox news. >> such a great loss. i'm sure there will be a loto
10:57 pm
people at the funeral serviceerl everybody is talking about it. >> muhammad ali also was of course known for his muslim faith. counsel spoke about his legacyec calling him a role model and champion for peace and justice.. >> he showed us that you could uphold unpopular politicallaol beliefs, religious values that were not necessarily mainstream or well accepted but still gain acceptance and respect as well as around the world. wor >> a collection will help felt story of muhammad alis p legacy at the smithsonian museum. the artifact will include assigned practice gulf on which he predicted his rise to becomec a champion. "safetrack" program is now under way. metro launched yearlong overhaul for repairs.
10:58 pm
headaches for riders. fox 5 lindsay watts went to one of the virginia stations most impacted during this first phase of work. >> reporter: with all the delay and problems, metro riders have experienced, "safetrack" construction went un noticed by many. >> what is going on here. >> reporter: isn't from hereere she's use to mass transited in hong kong she's in town for a conference. riding metro has left her puzzled. >> he looks on the app to see when is the next train and like one at 12 minutes and one at 15 minutes but he doesn't know whaa color train is coming. com it is so bazaar. >> reporter: that colleague shee mentioned does live here. >> a matter of learning to adapt and be >> reporter: john sweeney me bem used do waiting like others he's
10:59 pm
this first day of constructionot means around the clock single tracking from here at east falls church to boston. delays are expected for all riders on orange and silver lines through june 16th. >> snoop kind of waiterting to see what its going to be like. >> reporter: we've been here at the east falls church metro station the wait time fort orange and silver lines they do seem to be taking longer than usual. we're going to time it out to see how long it takes for the next train to arrive. it is the weekends of course c when trains typically run much more in frequentedly than during rush hour. concern of people i talked to is not the wait now butter whatr they are going to experience one monday as they are trying to gen ton from work. this platform full of inpatient people, trains being passed its now just been over 17 minutes a train is arriving this is almost right on the nose with what metro says to expected. t 18 minute wait times for orange line trains between vienna a
11:00 pm
silver line trains. >> even for people who are regular drivers they are goinger to be affecteds. >> reporter: all around delays mean some work places talking about ditching commute altogether at least for now. >> the metro is prompting more conversations about you know, whether or not employees have tt actually be in the office or if they can work from home and just a lot of ongoing conversationsng about that.oi >> reporter: not anguish for tha rider just visitting dc this weekends. some who won't mind leaving metro behind. >> this is a surprise. yeah, i thought trains should be on time. the train it should be on time. >> reporter: metro now stopsto running at midnight there are ne more of those late night trainst if you do have questions about the "safetrack" maintenance there are these brochures ates every metro station. we have details for you on our website f


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