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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> prince george's county schooe now have a brand new outdoor classroom. they helped build it themselves this morning. >> lindsay watts tells us how -- >> reporter: with every scoop oo dirt and brush of paint students are bringing to life a new placw to learn. >> i can't wait to see the blooming flowers. they are going to bebl pretty. >> reporter: nonprofit called real school gardens make itl ga happen working with low income schools around the country to give a gift that keeps growing. >> after we build the garden wee spend two years on campusampu training teachers to use it.t. we don't build the garden and leave. we're here long term. >> the luke key school is here h in
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>> affectionately we call it mojo. >> what i really love about abot this, most my students live in apartments, this is going to begin the process of what its like to cultivate your own us u space to see what works and whad doesn't. >> reporter: this hands on kindi ofs environment has been showno help, the biggest gain's in science. when it's all nailed down, there will be vegetables, fruits and a much anticipated sculpture. >> it will be stand willing right here and look so beautiful. >> reporter: a center piece constructed with recycled bottles and painted by hand.and. >> i'm excited to see the cul pe churr i can't wait to see. >> reporter: there are more that ninehe hundred students the gap den will be getting plenty of use something like this could bb coming to a school near you, there are more
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maryland and virginia. fox 5 local news. >> nice and bright out that. wt are turning to the forecast now here's a life look outside. again today it was a hot one still warm out there. >> yeah, i think it was about 7:00 taking a walk it was high s '80s. >> your skin is glistening. >> gwen is here. there will be a lot off gloves think for sure.ov we've got another hot day on tap and you are absolutely right itt is still warm outside right now. i mean those temperatures tempes let's take a look. we are hitting 83 degrees right now.. 81 baltimore.. 81 at leonardtown. frederick at 82 degrees dullesrs at 81. that's a pretty good example you know what it was sticky today at least the humidity is going to
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tomorrow. that's goo d news. new current dewpoints though take a look we've got a couple of 50s on our map mainly into the 60 6 and even we've got a couple of 70s here so what was does that translate amounts of anything ig the 60 range is noticeable. 65 is uncomfortable we are in there. and 70 is just down right oppressive. so tomorro w we'll get a break from that humidity at least. overnight lows expected to be into the 70s every where, a few '80s but it is going to be pretty warm for the overnight how many times winds are going w tory pain a little bit on thee t lighter to breezy side. as we head into the next couple of days high day for sunday nunn degrees cools down monday that'n because we have a cold front moving through and that's going to bring us dryer cooler air. sunday is hot not as humid as that's at least a little bit off light at the end of the tunnel two day heat wave. i'll
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the week is going to shape up. back to you. >> race for the white house republican trump made campaign sons in two states today. >> hillary clinton released aa new add mocking trump university. >> reporter: donald tram starter off in florida a critical state store him to win. >> winning florida is i imperate you don't win florida they say it's over i think i'm going tonm win a lot of states nobody thought about. abo we're getting no republican would really think about. >> spite protest outside thousands gathered at the tampa convention center where oh,. >> so republican party has to be tough, has to be smart.
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i'm going to win but a lot of other people won't i'm tell you that's what is going to happen. >> the presumptive nominee stayed quiet except for releasing a trump universityvery commercial. back in 2011 then secretary president clinton a top donor to the president clinton foundation to the department security advisory board. he had no national securityiona credentials questions are beingn raced to get a seat on the board since his background was in financial training. sanders isna promising topp continue his campaign until nexl months convention in felt. hen did issue a statement support sp tipping -- voters will partake a on tuesday in burlington vermont fox news. ne >> bill president clinton was is the area for his wife s
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in eastern market capital hill. president clinton attended fundraiser support of his wife's campaign. >> more and more people are peo calling for the judge to deliver sentence in the stanford rape case. >> a little boy with a broken bike got more than he bargained for. for.
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>> a judge's decision to jud sentence former stanford swimmer to only six months for rapeape conviction continues to causeest back lash across the country. >> more and more people are calling for that judge to lose his job. fox's brian en this with then story. >> reporter: the push to recall the judge is gaining
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momentum after sparking national outrage for sentencing formente brock turner to six mountains s county jail for sexually always saulting an unconscious woman. people signing petitionso onlie demanding the judge be un seated for handing down a decision they view far too lenient. he should have been sentence to do to six years. after being convicted of three felonies campus dumpster. the judge said a prison sentence would have a severe impact opting to go with the recommendation from the county's probation department for a lesser sentence including threet years pro baying. at least 16 california state lawmakers have now written letters urgeing california cal commission on judicial performance to investigate him a stanford law professor iss leading an effort to garner 70 r thousand handwritten signature's from locavo
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his recall on the ballot. per sixty three ran un opposed in to you's primary set to begin a new six-year term in january. >> this decision is an outrage. it makes every woman at college in the state of california, particularly makes women less safe. and we need you judges who understand the consequences ofof sexual violence and want to give -- u. local public defenderefen coming out in support of the judge. the judge used proper discretion considering he's a first time offender. >> punishment is the answer to all crime and that prison, inn particular is is the answer. >> protest are expected at stanford university during dur commencement ceremonies, in new york city brian enness fox
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>> dc police officers went abovr and beyond the call of duty. it all started when a 12 year old boy needed help fixing his bike. the officers did more than that. >> its an experience this little boy will not forget. >> reporter: it's christmas insh june for 12 year old robert thompson. the dc boy was
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on wednesday and road into some trouble. >> i was rideing my bike. i lost control going down a hill. and my whole bike broke down d that's that's how i lost control i hit the gate that's when my my back wheel it flipped over ove that's when it started -- >> reporter: sergeant robert parker was outside of the district station when he saw thompson walking his bike and noticed it wasn't in good shape he and one of the on the detective decided to help him out. >> when he came in i was impressed with how friendly he was he was asking questions. >> we walked down to thewa firehouse put air and the tire on our way back the something went poof, the tire went flat we told him we got some bad news ne for you the tire is flat. but we're going to fix it fort you come back tomorrow.
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>> reporter: the detective said they wantedded to do more.te he looked at the back he said man, this kid don't have any breaks the pedal was broke why. don't we send an email out to to people in the office. >> reporter: it didn't take lonn everyone in the office stepped up the detective quickly had enough money to buy robert a new bike they surmised him they following day with a s new one. and a helmet he promised to weao with it. >> smile from here to here. >> reporter: the detectives wanted tote do something nice th gift represents much more. >> everrer every time somebodyve ask him or say something to him about the police or something s negative about the police he'll have a story that he can tell them which is positive story. >> they help people. and. >> reporter: ality of kindnessbi he'll never forget. sarah simmons, fox 5 local news. >> first responders do stuffo like that kids real dollar look up to them.
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up we new knew all the policehep officers it doesn't happen that easily. they don't have to but they do. >> good story. sto the story outside. it's hot. h hot again tomorrow. any way, not as much humidity that's good news. let's take a lookout side. so, lauren, and jim, how did you guys spend today dop find a way to cool off. coo >> i stayed inside in it air conditioning. my mom is 50 visiting. >> eye draining a lot of water. >> that's cheating.>> t staying inside is cheating.g. well, any way, it's really nice outside, still railroad warm. humidity is going to take ao little bit of a dive tomorrow we're happy.
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hashtag un wanted house guess h guess today. tod still sticky outside. not quite out of the clear. sunday is going to be another day once again heading into '90s and gusty winds are going to move in as well. here's some good news. with the winds coming through even though they are going to be fairly dusty i think it is going do help the comfort level, thefo winds are coming in from the. hopefully that will make you mae deal with things a littletle better. we're back to the '80s by next x week we're going to be back to reality exactly where we shoulde be temperature wise.e. highs today not without record breaking dulles broke a record at 95 degrees.egre old record was 93 setback in 2000. but we had some hot areas where it not only was hot temperaturee wise, but when you phak factor o in dewpoints, humidity you get heat in dc this is what it actually felt like when you y stepped outside manassas, temperature 95 felt like 99, fredericksburg
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98, college park 95 feeling like a very hot 97 degrees.. well, current temperatures righs now are still up there.ere. we're into the '80s. can you believe it this time of night. take a look. 83 degrees in the faces capital, 81 battle m72 culpeper that's t' cool relatively speaking.aking. remain fairly warm in the overnight hours. code average in effect for aircf quality.qu definitely not very healthy for anybody who has any kind ofind breatheing issues or respiratory row, heart issues or anything og that sort.that many of you may not be going out. current dewpoints in the 60 pretty much, where. it means that it's pretty unn comfort. wewe got a couple asker in the s its kinds of oppressive there. tomorrow we'll get a break. tomorrow we're going to have this cold front that's going to slide through. at head of the cold front we still have the warmer issue inmr place winds are going to kick up in the afternoon. from 25 to 30 miles an hou
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once the front moves through on monday on the backside of it, we've got cooler dryer air.coolr that's how we're going to get gt back to where we should be temperature wise into the '80s. we have another disturbance that's going to settle in monday night, stationery frontal system into tuesday that will stalll out. and that will end up just beingg trigger for a little activity once we get a little closer into the middle of the week.k. highs tomorrow hot, temperatures into the '90s. i want you to take care and take caution, stay hydrated plenty of water please. stay out of direct sunlight. make sure you are in shade. wear light colorado clotheing check colored clothe the car is like an oven k inside even if you crack the window it is not enough. 3:00 tomorrow about nightw degrees you got a pool, find a a friend with a pool, t
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its going to be hot. 75 degrees for to night. overnight for tomorrow talk about hot none, fox 5 hot nun 91. >> 12 mink tonight a battle brewing over the defense builten senate expected to passes it. >> reporter: expected to pass ther: annual defense bill on o monday to fund our nationsns military. a few of its provisions are divideing republicans. one of the provisions would change the selected service act to require women to register foo the draft. that prompted the heritage foundation to call on senators to reject the bill despite
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dollars it would authorize.. heritage put out a statementnt regardless of whatever merits the bill way have it deserves to be defeated lawmakers should not force young women into military service through selected servicer. of course that provision wasn't a part of the defense bill republicans pushed through the house last no. they may leaveh it out of the final version then send to the president's desk. the white house has promised to veto the ill bill. the il offer a provision. threat -- >> detain niece are not in guess mow because of parking ticket pr they want to kill americans andl hate everything we stand for. the white house has not ruled out unilateral action. closing guantanamo bay -- seminar the white house caressed copted frustration to get
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defense bill passed.asse >> we just need congress to get out of the way. they have included restrictions that prevented administration td do what is n aever to protect american people. >> reporter: between now andte ther:n lawmakers can still add n other amendments as well. in washington, i'm gary 10 knee, fox news. >> worse class, how aboutla mosquitoes. >> one local school is using it as a learning tool. >> unpluging can be tough for parents themselves how do youu get your teens to put down smart phones. we'll take a close look at some other options options .
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>> oprah loves to give. >> oprah i'm sorry, you get a car, you get a car. >> everybody getting a car. >> this time 73 surprised ame local charity with 7 a big helpg hand matt ackland with more. m >> i filled out the form. and i am pledging today one million dollars. >> reporter: one million dollars unexpected but so welcomed. it happened at a lunch chon forh the dc charity they only wanty n haded to here her inspirational words but boy they got so much more. >> i thank you in the street foreseeing and hearing and a knowing that every life matters, every woman matters.atte >> my mom dropped me off. she walked me in here. into.. >> reporter: linda rushh introduced
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addicted to crack involve in prostitution, before find dig in street village she wanted to reach out to oprah. >> i wanted to write her and ask her to help me get into ao a program the people i was getting why with they were like she s don't have time for you. >> reporter: two decades later linda told oprah that store and how in street village turned her life around. >> from i introduced her i saidd now she can see forherself howow things turned out. she said i see you. i can't describe that feeling. >> it has been a vital part. >> it has four locations across dc helping homeless women get their lives back on track. oprah's gift brought her to tears. >> i couldn't help myself but in on her for a while and cry. >> reporter: like so many otherh


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