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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  June 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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be on. the news starts now. . >> and it is good to have you with us tonight i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> a woman was attacked and sexually assaulted at knifepoint inside her arlington home. >> police say the suspect crawled into the ground floor apartment and through an on window. "fox5" paul wagner joins us live from the scene with the story. paul. >> tony, shawp, this say community on edge tonight. i'm in the boston park neighborhood of arlington. this is the 3900 block of north fourth street off gleeb road. we've been talking with a number of women in this neighborhood this afternoon that said yesterday morning area was crawling with police they came here after the woman was attacked. what we're told it was around 2:00 in the morning when this man grabbed a knife and went in through on window and attacked a woman in her bedroom. >> during the attack she was very brave. she saw an opportunity for her to separate herself from the male. she did
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bathroom and locking door and took her ipad with her and yelled for help and screamed and contacted other people through the ipad to get her help. >> police say while the victim was in the locked bathroom she was able to lock out a window and noticed a man described as histanic wearing a gray hoodie athletic shorts run out building. there are no surveillance cameras in the complex mean composite sketchch the woman was not able to get a good enough look at the man's face. the victim was out earlier in the evening but has or was home for about four hours before the attack took place. investigators do not believe that she was followed home. >> well my husband and i found out yesterday when detectives came and it was horrifying. just the fact that i mean from the details i heard that he came in through the window, you don't really expect that of a sexual assault. i don't know,
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pretty scary that could happen here. >> i'm careful but obviously to know like i said to a friend it's pretty -- you're pretty diring, you eitherer have been watching the person or i mean know that they're by themselve themselves. >> now if you walk up and down this neighborhood you will see where the police were conducting their investigation. that's because there's fingerprint dust on several windows in that apartment complex. now, arlington police neshlly didn't say how the man got in but when we talked to neighbors we were told by police that the man got in in an on window. tonight police are advising people in this neighborhood and especially women living in the bottom floor of apartments to keep windows locked and shut. live in arlington. paul wagner, "fox5 local news". it has been a little more
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shooting in orlando night club and tonight we know much more about the gunman behind the massacre. federal investigators released transcripts of 911 calls to police the night of attack. they show the gunman omar mateen identified himself as islam he can soldier in 911 calls during the rampage. he also told a crisis negotiator that the u.s. must "stop bombing syria and iraq" fbi released complete transcript of 911 calls this afternoon saying earlier decision to withhold names and references to isis caused an unnecessary sgrax. mateen gunned down 49 people during the massacre. >> and human rights campaign turned its building into memorial to the or land owe victims today. front win owes of the 8th story building display the taisz of all 49 victims of the shooting and bears the message we are or land owe. >> the frantic calls to 9
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made after alligator dragged a 2-year-old into a body of disneyworld were released toda today. >> at the pool? >> no, lake. lake. >> we're on our way. >> the gator dragged lane graves into the water at grand floridian resort last week and autopsy showed the toddler died and drowned of other traumatic injuries. since the attack disney posted warning signs about alligators in that area and the child's parents are overwhelmed from the out pouring of support and are not ready to speak publicly about the tragedy. >> police identified the victim of the deadly tour bus crash last week northbound near stat ford when it crashed head on with another car and flipped over. 62-year-old victim was visiting u.s. have china, 18 tourists were also on board and two people tonight are hospitalized in critical condition and bus driver was not hurt. phase two of metro smart track program is underway
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this time around metro is warning ride others to find another way around town. that's because this part of maintenance blitz includes multiple station closures and virtually no blue line service and paerms are forced on to a maze of shuttle buses and "fox5" tom fitzgerald has been riding those shuttles all day and joins us live on board one of them, tom. >> hey, welcome to the fox we have been here since noon. passengers get ready for this this will be the norm through the rest of this month into july 3. that's how long. there will nobody metro service between eastern market, minnesota avenue and fannie road. look at this video fromelier today. this was around noon. this was lunch hour. you would have thought that would have been a lesser amount of passengers. in fact metro tells us tonight they're seeing about a 65% drop in the number of passengers
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minnesota avenue and bening road. all of these people you see in there right now got forced on to accordion buses and hires the problem. these buses, they're big, good, air conditioned and they only hold about 100 people and there's six car trails about 1,000 you don't need to understand this is a big drop-off on metro capacity. passengers we talked to today don't like the inconvenience and understand the repairs and they're trying to keep a good mood and their patience as they look into the next 13 days without metro rail. >> those shuttles it's an inconvenience not to have the train. it's a lot long to get where you have to do especially before noon. >> a lot will number panic mode right? but me personally deal with it and keep ongoing. >> i think we all need toe have patience and get ul up earlier and do what you need toe doe toe
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she makes a lot of sense. patience is the key on this. and metro says right now they need 7 out of every 10 passenger who's use metro rail between eastern market, bening and minnesota to do something different. to find some other way to get around. and whether it be a car pool, a bike even if you can do that, or just get a cab they need 7 out of ten people to not use melt row rail over the next 13 days otherwise they say what worked today may not hold up over the next two an a half weeks. live on the metro bus. >>ed to leaders in virginia and washington pushing for more funding to prepare the memorial brim. key lawmakers and mereial bowser toured the brim. transportation officials say that bridge should shut down 20
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overall. >> we took a sobering tour america's most iconic bridge. this is evaluated as most vulnerable bridge in the whole federal system. >> you're talking about rust on major beams that hold up the bridge and some of it is at the point a beam will join to build structural support. >> it was expected to have a life span of 75 years when built it's now 84 years old. >> there has been a shakeup on campaign trail. why donald trump gave his campaign manager the boot. sue. >> tone yes, i say good-bye to last 25 minutes of spring of 2016. because officially summer begins at 6:34 this evening it's summer solstice and full moon tonight too moon comes up 8:41 it's unusual for those two to coincide. will you need rain gear tomorrow i'll let you know the chances for seeing a
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full forecast in minutes. tony. >> sue, thank you much. we want to let you know if you have a story idea you can call the "fox5" tip line that number is 202-895-3000 or email your tips to "fox5"
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>> closing arguments wrapped up today in the ceasar goodson trial the baltimore police officer facing most serious charge related to the death of freddie gray. goodson was driving police van when gray suffered a fatal spinal injury and a judge will decide the fate and verdict is expected this week. >> all right a big change for trump campaign today donald trump fired converseial campaign manager and korey lieu do you ski got the news this morning if you recall he was charged with badry in march after confrontation with a female reporter. at the time donald trump said he believed in lieu endow sk
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innocence and today his firing was a long time coming and the campaign needed to gets everyone on the same page. >> all right. all you costco customers out there. changes are coming your way. we'll tell you how a new policy will affect the way you pay. >> i hope this does not aekt the free samples. >> remember that. >> and you can have three tickets waiting for you from tucker master why and how to find them . >> take a look at that mattel nailed it with a new game developer barbie. she's part of barbie career series and the doll comes with headset and has a real code on her computer and it wanted girls to have an icon that shows they can be part of the tech world too. ♪
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>> when you're done watching the show check ticket master account because you may have free tickets waiting for you. >> thousands
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getting offer from free tickets stemming from 13-year-old lawsuit. you may receive a voucher that you made from a purchase of ofet master site october of to 2013 you paid for a processing fee never refunded. click on account and check on active vouchers to see if you are getting a free ticket. as part of this deal the free tickets can be redeemed only at live nation operated venues and events picked or chosen by live nation. which of course caused a huge up roar because list of vouche vouchered show is not released and because many people speculate they'll be less than desirable shows. i'll guess beyonce show will not be one of the ones you can sglus beyonce,. >> adele none of that. >> wul get something to you know painted toenails. >> is that a band. that could be the name of a band. >> i made it up. >> all right. starting this week. thousands of maryland consumers
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who purchased ebooks will share about $million in checks and credit from apple and credits come as a result of price fixing case against the tech giant. maryland and 3 other states filed suit against apple and five major ebook customers accusing them of trying to raise prices and amount each customer gets is based on number of books they purchased between april 2010 and may of 2012. they can be used for up to a year. >> not bad. not bad. head up if you shop at costco. beginning today the wholesale club will only take visa cards and no longer take american express. costco says card holders should have received new costco visas in the mail an you can only use visa. you can use anything but no longer american express. this change marks end to 16-year-old deal that costco had with american express. >> and speaking of grocery shopping a market in new jersey want to kp
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shape. so it's offering zumba classe classesed in the store. and shoprite stores in moorestown, new jersey, combined grocery shopping and fitness three years ago and zumba sklas one of 27 different fitness classes offered during the year. >> first reaction when you caulked into a grocery store and thought they were offering fitness chases. >> i thought it was weird. then di a zumba class was my first when i started a little over two years ago. and i kept tom coming and started tang more and more classes. >> there you go. right now the studio is sgluingt new jersey. but there are plans top expand. >> i don't think it's weird i get it. it would be great if we had zumba classes at "fox5". >> fox 5. >> yes. why not a lot of companies do that thing. >> that could be great. bossy hope you're listening. >> let's find out what is happening with weather, warm one here today, hi, sue palka
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we're starting zumba at 7:00 and shane is waiting for us. official little you were out and about on the national mall and checking out the title station as women and coming up here in a few minutes everything looking good at rink on memorial day hot and as we bring in summer solstice we'll get lats of daylight and sun comes up 5:43 and going down:37 thank you for a summerlike picture we appreciate that. we begin the surprise of summe summer. spring mol nateers are being ing get, grass, trees, we'd, good news foralery sufferers that summer comes in usually what will bloom has already done that. high temperature today 90. we'll be right back there tomorrow. bwi got to 91 and tomorrow it will be notably more humid.
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90. 8 fredericksburg and 88 westminster and 89 for baltimore. it's definitely toasty with humidity on lower side now feels g watch for humidity to come into up to later tonight and quite noticeable tomorrow. average high now as we head to first day of summer is 86 degrees. tomorrow, hot one at 0. and maybe some thunderstorms to track. wednesday, a little cooler at 6. still hot this time of year al allly anks. friday, 4. we'll break up our thunderstorm days with a couple of quieter days wednesday and friday. mean while we have a patch of clouds coming through this comes through dry. little activity approaching garrett county. we may see an isolated shower or pot jury shower or thunderstorm late tonight. but, then, we watch back up here. this is the frontal boundary collecting a little moisture as it months downs behind illinoi
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it months downs behind illinois, indiana, it make send a lot of moisture in our direction. tomorrow afternoon different story plenty of humidity around tomorrow if any storm we see would have pretty heavy rain with it and maybe a stronger thunderstorm south of d.c. and certainly not a work yut tomorrow. many more dry ours han wet as a rontal boundary drops into the human air and and shine is back us with for a nice day. tomorrow, though, there will be some potential south of d.c. where you see the yellow area for stronger or severe storms. and you know this type of year they have hail with them. we're thinking it will be more flash flooding risk. marginal risk in green here which includes d.c. and northern and western suburbs means there's an isolated chance of seeing a stronger or severe form and it doesn't look like anything like last thursday did that's for sure. for tonight, spotty shower late and most of us dry. check out
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will be rising 8:41 tonight the strawberry moon and tomorrow 9 90. winds out of the west, 5 to 15 that's a hot direction from us sometimes it helps as well. we think there will be humidity around and little lift and cared thunderstorms in the forecast could be scattered until the morning and then few in the afternoon. we'll head back up to 90 with a better chance of thunderstorms and less track chemical for you at 6 ook analyzing the storm in the ban handle dissipated and closer with only spotty showers left. maybe a few in the morning. not everybody sees them noon hours stronger as the front sinks south and find energy. central and southeastern virginia. we'll wrap it up. tomorrow, 90. hottest day until we get back to the weekend we hit 90 sunday and 92 degrees next monday and but for most of this week it will be
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thursday 87 in the forecast and looks like we'll be dry to dip around with the morning show on friday morning. >> oh, excellent. >> good to know sgle happy summer everybody and we're wearing purple today tony has on purple socks you can't see them. >> we're wearing purple for a special reasons. >> "fox5" d.c. cares sean partnering with the lead-up to today's fundraising event called the longest day. it's a day when people all over the currenty do different activities like walking and dancing and playing guards all child fund raising and one local event today was called love you mo. mo was morris crackhower died from alzheimer's disease and wife anita started longest day event to honor his life. 11 women attended in rockville and played bridge, canasta and other card games. when she started this she filled twelve tables. today s
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her fundraising goal is 5,000. she raised nearly 3,000 before today. we are quite seen that she met or even surpassed her goal. >> and my sore orcy after a, cap a, this afternoon i would have temperatures and have my chapter in washington d.c.. they discussed the holt bill which the congress woman response order it's early on set of dementia for heart warm planning and prened her with strength and hope wrist hand. they spread awareness of the disease. i got the word a short time ago alpha, cap a, alpha is third in nation readying the alzheimer's associations web site and sign up to donate or be a part of one of the longest a teams. >> that's great. thank you
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that. >> indeed. >> we'll be right back.
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>> dad makes amazing catch holding his daughter he has a drink tre and program we have to slow this down for you. >> good for him. >> isn't that incredible? >> this is video of that super chill dad. it went viral over the weekend instead of ducking for cover brian caught that foul ball one handed while holding his daughter. look at the lady's face. >> holding his daughter major league game thursday. cool dad said he has 30 years experience plague outfield he was pretty confident she could catch it. >> does that mean he used to play professional baseball. >> ll
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it's okay baby girl. >> that's amazing. >> everybody else is like --. >> i'm ashamed to tell you one time i was at a game and lady next to me older than i was i saw a ball coming and wept like this. >> and the lady too. >> i'm so sorry i guess i wanted to save myself. >> maybe hopefully you bought her a beer. >> thanks for joining us. >> see you at
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: when cleveland wins after more than half a century, it deserves a nice party, doesn't it? >> they went to vegas on their way back to cleveland and like shut vegas down. harvey: how do you plan -- for example, what did golden state do? >> at some point in golden state's locker room there was probably champagne everywhere. >> and shirts. >> and they had to go and the shirts are now headed to africa. >> tough decision today. calvin harris and tom hiddleston. >> tom hiddleston just really did a whole photo shoot for "w" magazine. you're going against calvin harris, who did armani underwear ads. >> those are like prison underwear. >> it looks like a father's day ad! [laughter] >> nick young and iggy azalea are over. she had twee


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