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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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man tried to pull a child out of up locked bedroom window. this morning that suspect is still on the run. >> live look outside on this wednesday morning. it's june 22. this month is almost over, folks, weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm jim lokey in for steve chenevey this wednesday morning glad to have you with us. we start with headlines breaking news out of district a cab driver was carjacked pennsylvania avenue 4:25 this morning taxi from silver cab company the actual vehicle color red police are warning you not to get into a silver cab with number j 8887. happening today a public meeting on drastic plan to ensure the drinking water at all d.c. public schools and facilities is safe. >> this is the story "fox5" has been following closely for weeks now. melanie alnwick live at
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wilson building northwest with the details. hey, mel. jim, allison. the consequences here of lead exposure are serious we're talking about reduced iq. attention deficit conduct disorders all these acontributed to low to moderate levels of lead exposure and that's why d.c. wants to adopt these tough new standards all this after a new study about the the american academy of pediatrics. that study shows there's no safe level of lead in a child's body and all sources of exposure shoulding eliminated that prompted proposal to limit lead in drinking watt to no more than 1 part per billion. u.s. epa standard is 15 parts per billion that requires action and that was the standard that d.c. schools used in previous around of lead tes testing. tests last school year revealed elevated lead levels, the at a
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they are to up stall filters and retest the water. those not able to fixed will be taken out. it included city remember centers that fund elevated levels in 6% of water sources including 35 drinking water fountains. now, of course if you lower that standard from 15 parts per billion to one part per billion that is going to mean more failed tests. the city says these lower standards will cost about 2 million tlarz to implement new protocols off the bat. and follow up of 1.5 million each year after that the hearing this morning is at 10:00. live at the wilson building i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> 6:02 now to prince george country a family thankful their child is okay after a man thrilled to kidnap the 7-year-old getting through a bedroom window. >> this happened fairmount hit
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hite. annie yu is lack with what more happened. >> bizarre but also very, very scary jim and allison as you mptioned the child is okay that's the good news. thoroughly shaken up. 7 years old sleeping in his own room when this happened. police paraback out yet iping to happened out flyers and talk to residents and gather additional information about the case. police at this time believe this was isolated incident and they're asking for pub welcom welcome's help. now this happened early tuesday morning 3:45 a manmadeies way in the child anesthesia bedroom through an up locked window and he tried to pull the slipping 7-year-old boy through the window and the child woke up and screamed and called for parent. that scared off the spus suspect who ran away
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>> they pull the went owe up and was pulling my son through the window. he said, mom, tell him to stop playing he. he thought it was his inkle playing at 3:30 in the morning. >> she jumped up and said, sto stop, get off him. she seen him run off the porch and to the side. >> there was an unlocked went owe that is how the suspect was able to make his way in. if you have any information you're umed to call prince george country meer. >> annie, thank you. hopefully we fet noovrtion information on that one. cleanup this morning after power full storms wronged d.c. leem don't
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>> the national warm service cop noypd. >> if it's a lot of power outages and downed trees. it's a lot cleanup. it could have been worse. >> my wife was. >> that tree had the the kitchen, it would have killed her? sform. >> that traveled 13 miles and was on the ground more than 20 minutes. >> flood flash -- excuse me flash flood warning a big concern. had flood around these part. traumatic video showing what it looked like cleveland park metro station during the evening rush. that station is at bottom of hill making it prone top flooding. i wish if you are somewhere look at pictures it's unbelievable. >> crazy right. delays not expected this morning somehow. >> if you go over there though normally there's a bunch of sandbags around the grates
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leaf land park. >> look at that. >> it looked okay today as i drove pasting. >> amazing right something. >> i believe it. because we got delugey was. >> part of the area, several rounds of. it yeah, quite down overnight. and of course tornado impressive twelve miles in length there. wrapped up across the north, slightly cooler air is moveded in overnight and more comfort only kbz conditions here on wednesday. leonardtown 68. >> rim rick 68 and 64al bull des. we'll burn the fog off and be in for priingt and ambiguity full day today with less mutety and eye tem ter we'll do a around of storms late
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and tomorrow. oh, month. >> then we'll number for a nice weekend. you. >> you had to cut short the pool visit. >> it's the down side to summe summer. so hot you expect those really gaivrping russ storms. >> you can feel it in the area yesterday. >> thanks, tuck. >> erin we're looking at day three of all the safe track changes out there. beer looking at the road now. >> changes for blue, orange and silver line in a moment. sky fox right now is over baltimore washington parkway southbound side packed up from areturnedel mills boulevard to 3 and you can see the flood traffic. heavy past 45 minute and few extra moments needed baltimore to the beltway. nobody side quiet if you had to bwi.
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pennsylvania look at that long line of traffic. three minute trip is taking you nine minutes now. leave early. 50 inbound inside the beltway also backed up to 295 chefly and if you take pennsylvania avenue today keep in mind detour around 8 0 0 block of westbound side and lanes closed with fire activity crew headed that way. we'll let you know when it reopens close to eastern market. aside from that freeway very quiet and let's get to metro changes jim mentioned station closures potomac avenue and stadium armory however buses are shopping there. no rail service however shuttle buses and as melanie said try to get off early. no service opt blue line and no service between
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look at congestion 66 eastbound through centerville next. back to you, allison and jim. >> see you then, erin. a well known pro golfer pulling out of golf of because of cheek a. >> her plan on how he would handle the economy.
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>> golf errory mcilory says he will skip rio because of concerns of zika virus. his family health comes before anything else and not willing to take the risk of contracting zika. in the race for the whitehouse donald trump will take direct aim at rival hill little during a speech today. and also plans to attack former
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president bill clinton. it comes a day after hillary clinton told supporters trump is reckless and would cause another recession. and a tweet last night trump said crooked hillary clinton would be a sdalingter for jobs and economy. meanwhile trump vows to overcome a $40 million fundraising gab by matching contributions of $2 million until tomorrow. >> a employee with top secret adherence came to us with a gu gun, knife, pepper spray, handcuffs, june 9 charmed next day carrying a pistol without a license. they're looking whether he was planning an attack into that agency. >> a bill introduced by house returns could wipe out existing gun laws. one measure prohibit d.c. from spending money to ep force laws where residents or investigators could carry and another prevent from lim
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concealed carry permit. >> capital hill today house republicans will introduce a new healthcare program to replace affordable care act and plan would rely on individual tax credits to allow people to buy coverage from private ensureerrors and plan is on an over hall they can take on until age 26 and people with preexisting medical conditions could not be denied coverage. former speaker of the house dennis hastarred has until 2 to report to a prison in minnesota. he'll spend the next 15 months behind bars by trying to pay millions in hush money lichked to sexual abuse of four boys decades ago and they labeled. >> both threatening residents and 10% contained that fire. in new mexico people evacuated by the dog head fire will be able to return today. >> joe biden
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land for six day visit. he was presented with a guest. >> he'll visit a place where ancestors are from. >> d.c. police stepping up patrols during metro safe drive plan. >> and we head to break. warm and traffic on the fives when we come back 6:13 wednesday morning.
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>> morning sunshine and finally quiet weather after a lot of atmospheric fireworks yesterda yesterday. local rain caused localized flood egg and tornado yesterday now confme
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lot of action yesterday. not so much today. we'll take a nice break with lots of sunshine and calmer conditions expected. warm today, up 80s. less humidity and nice looking wednesday to look forward to. >> 69 washington and 6 8 leonardtown and that's whipping number in fredericksburg as well. 6. 65 out of dulles and 68 up in hagerstown. jim reported this a few minutes ago corenado confirmed howard county the red line you see the pam of that tornado and it was on the ground there op for about twelve miles believe it or not and the path width is 5 500 yards ef 0 and a lot of destruction with downed trees even that kind of things in howard county yesterday and as it wrapped up across north columbia. >> today sunshine. high pressure builds in. quieter weather for the day today. but i wanted to give you heads up we need to be preparefo
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tomorrow as we codo another round of severe weather. potentially in morning. and then again in the afternoon and then again tomorrow. that's the look at our service maps. funnel system sagging to the south and area of low pressure out to the west and that will keep things quiet today. with daytime highs in upper 80 o. pool, working outdoors. good shape. not expecting rain this afternoon. here's setup for later tonight and tomorrow and already we're under a slight risk for severe weather tomorrow. so, we'll kind of fine tune this forecast and have more for you the potential is both tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon we could do a couple of thunderstorms locally. 89 today, 87 tomorrow. zip trip vienna weekend 80. humidity. good pool weather. >> tucker you can come over any day of the week kane use the pool. >> tell me more. >> allison
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it that way and jim i would never forgets you. we move to traffic. 6:17 good news with pennsylvania avenue early fire and police activity westbound side of pennsylvania 8th street southeast cleared. traffic moving and long line of red. 295 on southbound side from north of 50 past eastern avenue. and really heavy traffic. keep that in mind if you drive around town today. 350 inside the beltway also jammed to 295. in virginia a lot of flow zones an a lot of congestion. 95 north as you pass through stafford headed past 610 jammed to speeds under 10 miles an hour and again through dale city as you pass the aquaquan and another area of congestion. 66 east. 234 rest area jammed to cente centerville and inside the beltway from 7 through about the area of gleeb road dealing with heavy congestion headed to ar liping top as well. 28 north mastracchio drive take a loob at 66 eastbound right now you can see a --
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beltway you're slow. dale city to 123. 4 miles will give you -- jammed south capital. >> d.c. police chris christieing off a project night light safety zones light and added pralz to five designated life areas. wednesday to this comes at the same time metro conducts a safe track program shutting down every night at midnight. all right all the buzz in d.c. beekeepers and farmser urging epa to pass tougher laws on pesticides. they say the toxic chemicals are threatening bee population and insects are critical for the food chain. you know a lot of people i know are raising bees on their own and becoming amateur beerists.
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sort of tried to understand how bees are so impact full to all of us. >> really. >> two cents up on that. >> cleared forte-off. next new drone rules to take tell you about. >> never drink alone again now a whine for cats. >> finally. >> no, no, fine. >> i erin. >> my story. >> checking with fox business network for detailsen that next.
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>> back now new drone rules but first our check on the markets our smart girlfriend lauren simonetti. >> good morning thanks for complement back at you. >> happy hump day. >> exactly not bad on wall street looks like. >> no two up days in cairo. everything is completely on hold today. in four hours fed chief janet
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yell yen testifies before a house subcommittee on u.s. state economy and get peppered on what happens tomorrow. you can believe tomorrow major vote in great britain whether nat nation will stay at 28 nations that make up european union, trade block, similar taxes and regulations and for all those nations we as united states do business with. that vote is happening tomorrow. >> if great britain vote to leave european union this is if. we've been warned by treasury secretary in uk that knee jerk reaction could be so severe they would close the markets on friday ft. vote is to leave because of that vote. >> i'm not surprised. not surprised as all. we'll wait on that. in the meantime more drone new news. i'm tell you i have never really seen a drone in the sky but we talk about it much. >> good news i think this is bad news. you're not going to get package delivered from amazon
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drone any timep soop. good news if you're realtor or someone who has to deal with farms and pesticides out on your field you can fly drones. these are new rules the whitehouse approved. small drones flown under 400 feet weigh less than 55 pounds with pilot overage of 16 can fly during the day at least 5 miles from an airport. >> okay. i've seen too many james bond movies it scares me possibilities of drones. first let's talk about whine for cats. our erin como. >> what? >> what is that. >> our cats going to drink with us. safe to put in bowl. what are we talking about. >> well it's -- if you wanted to drink with your cat you could. the cat would drink moscato or meow literally this is wine sold to your kitten by a colorado company called
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peak. it started as a joke but it's a real thing. this reminds me of older cat lady sitting at home on saturday night. >> yes. >> oh, boy. >> i don't know why we need this but now i demand one for dogs. lawrp thank you so much. >> i'm sure someone is working on that already. >> that's good then. >> all right. see you tomorrow. >> is it real wine. >> it's made of cat nip and fresh beef and natural preservatives. >> cat drinks too much and tells the dog what he really thinks of it. >> i never rally liked you. >> you think you're not that fun. >> do you think cats ever have trouble saying how they really feel. >> now we can all they're and the dog can understand. >> makes them talk too we didn't point that out. >> yes and that's it, too. >> let's do the weather forecast. >> please. >> we're trying to cool it down
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look how beautiful sunrise out there and lots of sunshine today. lower humidity eventually. highs upper 80s and dry afternoon. around after applause. we have automated thing jim. >> sometimes. >> sometimes. >> yeah. >> i think we need to do it jim. . >> we have clouds this afternoon and remain dry. another around of storms tomorrow potentially some strong. we'll talk more about that. there's your weekend forecast, friday, saturday, sunday look brilliant. >> for a weekend, absolutely. >> thumbs up. >> i've got a big walk/run on saturday i need it nice. >> airport will get her cats drunk. >> nope, not happening. on second thought i'll order and report back. >> it's cute. >> and then we can share in happy hour together. things are getting weird. moving to chopper now over the beltway. you can see outer loop jammed 270 new hampshire as usual and w
6:27 am
inner loop type. 95 southbound jamming from icc to beltway and let's looking at maps and see where else you are slow in maryland this morning. 270 south from 85 to truck scales and again through gaithersburg and rockville headed to the parkway and yellow zone checking in 30 miles an hour to 20 miles an hour and 50. heads up if you head in from annapolis. 410 to 201 if a red zone i'll research wine for cats a little more i'll check in later back to you allison and jim. >> still ahead checking in with bob barnard. he is live outside cleveland park metro station the scene of last night's dramatic flooding. >> and rough night for helps national soccer team. we'll tell you more next.
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sxwlv 6:30 welcome back. thank you to our power cram at the station. welcome back to "fox 5 news morning" we will have weather and traffic on the fives including another around of rain. we'll tell about you it at 6:5. first at 6:30 a cab driver carjacked in the district and now a warping for the public. police tell thus happened 3900 block of pennsylvania avenue in southeast around 4:25 this morning and the taxi is from the silver cab company. the color of the vehicle is actually red though. police want to warn the public not to get in a silver cab that is red, the number of the tag or cab is j 887. >> new this morning the body of 85-year-old frederick county woman missing since saturday has been found in west virgini virginia. officials believe that peggy sinclaire was murdered and have charged the 55-year-old virginia woman with that crime and an autopsy is planned for today. in fairfax
6:32 am
still on the look yut for the man you see on your screen there investigators say he groped 11-year-old girl inside target store mcclain saturday. the incident was caught on camera. if you recognize this man call fairfax county police. d.c. minimum wage bill has gotten final stamp of approval and d.k. council voted unanimously to raise city minimum twij 15 an hour by year 2020 and now bill is headed to mayor bowser's desk and she's expected to sign it. >> commuters on metro red line should find it drier this morning as they head to catch a train. that's after this incredible scene. we're talking about flash flooding at the cleveland station during the storm. bob barnard is checking things out this morning. bob kind of incredible everything is normal now. take emfolks can get on the trains there. >> you're surprised the escalator has not
6:33 am
when you're metro when it rains it storms. there are storm drains here which look clear and up on the sidewalk you can see there's a lot of stuff here and water was not flowing and take a look. this is escalator. you can see the debris here. but it's running. all systems are going. let's show you the video again from last night. this was around 6:30 last nigh night. and there were flash flood warnings. perhaps we should have anticipated this. and trains were by passioning the cleveland park metro station for a couple hours as those here's had to weighed through ankle deep water and red line actually the trains were running. they were just not stopping here at cleveland park. this lasted two hours and metro officially saying they don't know how this happens once the drains were cleared everything was back to normle and crazy scene, unprecedent the and in all the years with metro never seen flooding in metro station at cleveland
6:34 am
that. this is one of the issues here across cop con avenue they have plthey of signed bags. all systems are back and running and escalator was not fried. >> incredible, bob thanks. >> time for morning line on this wednesday. last night looking good for nationals in los angeles until a costly home run in 8th upping. see you later. bryce harper with 15th home run of season giving nats a lead. score same the fifth courtsey of danny espinosa 13 on season and tanner looking good on mound. 7 scoreless until the 8th when dodgers slugged this three-run three-run homerer and that's final nats fourth straight loss they get another crack at la tonight and then off
6:35 am
viewers. >> cope aamerican average teen to proving once again tooling. in final taking on the winner of tonight's match between columbia and chill lie. >> tiger woods in town hosting quicken lopz national counselment he will talk to the media ahead of the first round of play tomorrow. shots for heroes break off for a chance to win $1,000. and it's expected to be a mad house in downtown cleveland today. lebron an company celebrating team's nba tight well fans during a parade and rally on capital hill today a friendly bet will be settled. senator from california wearing
6:36 am
always ohio. >> always gets the food when politicians make bets. >> but you can't move the land marks. we have the best landmarks. >> they could have lost to the golden gate bridge. >> 69 washington and 730 napolitano list and leonardtown and we're in for quieter weather today no tornado throughout or thunderstorm throughout or flooding throughout. there it is. >> we're -- do we have a boo button. >> we do as well. >> here's your planner for today. upper 80s. warm little li less humid than yesterday. remember dereco from a few
6:37 am
>> i just mentioned yesterday. >> there you go. >> boo. >> we have potential -- i was in a movie theater and this happened. it goes dark in the movie theater app you walk outside it's like show in the 0s the day after or morning after remember that movie. horrible. >> we could redevelop one later tonight. we'll talk about it. >> what? >> i tell you what we see. >> you buried the least that's the big news. >> okay. . >> sfem. >> good morning i can get through binge watching of new show, orange is the new black. any way, 270 southbound jammed pea to the pelt way you feed 45 extra, 100 to 32 and then again past powder milled in the beltway 295 jammed 50 to
6:38 am
to 201 big republican red zone there. a dig crash on involved. folks out of cars. left lanes blocked. keep it to the right and watch for delays there. we'll certainly let you know about that crash and when it wraps. we'll go ahead and switch back to maps. maryland delays not the only ones we're up against. prince george county 210 north for the washington and also. >> and pennsylvania avenue really flow into south capitol to plameensburg. biggest delays on 95 northbound through stafford as you pass 610 and big delay as you pass dale city getting aquaquan. you on towards ewington as you get to the beltway.
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slow 14 bridge and past mannasas drive. back to you jim and allison. >> coming up next a look at what is trending on the waeb including a move in congress to block harriet tub man on the 20 minute ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. why should over two hundred years of citi® history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about ogress. that whether times are good or bad,
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continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi® financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours.
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>> an efforts to block harriet tub ran in gratesing the bill failed. they wanted to prevent any money designed to redo currenc currency. earlier this year the treasury department announced harriet tub man would be on front and an dry jackson would be moves to the back. >> new world record in art with with picasso femme acissi believed to be the most expensive ever to be told. image 1909 was to depict picasso lover. >> zuckerberg proving you can never be too cautious covering up web cam and jack after celebrating 500 million monthly users many pointed out black tape over two areas. there you have it. allison. >> zuckerberg's way. >> next, today's fox beat takes us to the big apple
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and to the break. if you have a news tip share it with us, 202-895-3000 and "fox5" tips stay with us we're back in a moment. man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you.
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narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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>> i lot of people don't know i recorded that song♪ . >>
6:46 am
next time allison seymour records the hits. >> is that like a long distance dedication. >> yesterday when it was really raining there was some song that had it do with rain. it was surreal. it was missy elliot from back in the day. >> i was on the beltway. it was awful. >> flooding. i have never seen metro station look look that. >> insane to see that. >> yeah. and okay so let's start with good news. today we're in good shape. sunshine back until the forecast. little less humidity than yesterday and should remain dry. no issues today. maybe another round tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a second. 69 this morning in wash to be and 68 quanlt coand little better out there and dew points falling and that's measuring how much water is in the atmosphere. moving these numbers down a little will make the air more k078 for theable. they're headed in the right direction. ul upper 50. and less humidity. more sunshine today.
6:47 am
that is all good news. that map i'm showing you on your television screen at the moment is our tornado report. tornado confirmed yesterday in howard county. so in addition to all the other issues we had we had a cop firmed tornado it was twelve miles in length and path width about 500 yards ef 0 that's lowest level tornado but still winds at times to 80 miles an hour as that storm moved through central howard county and ended up fall apart there in north columbia. satellite and radar great i shape. sunshine today. high pressure noses in for the day and then turning our attention to norm and west and allison, as i mentioned irrelevantier the world delracio has been heard. >> overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning lookout. >> it's a very different animal thath
6:48 am
>> it was 105. >> this may not be --. >> this may not be as intention and still question marks about exactly where it may track. heads up overnight tonight early this is really early tomorrow morning we could do another round of thunderstorms and it could be reminiscent of what we got a few years ago. already under slight risk. depending how much action we have tomorrow morning could do another round tomorrow afternoon bottom line keep a close eye on the forecast tomorrow. flood watches west and potential rounds of thunderstorms tomorrow. friday, saturday surprised looks brilliant. >> right up at congregational. >> tomorrow can't promise. friday, saturday, sunday looks great. >> more good news twitter renee garcia let's us know there is alcohol for dogs as well. >> thank goodness. >> called bowser beer. >> really? >> not realed to the mayor bowser. >> beer for dogs. >> i don't know. >> maybe she's part of the fortune the bowser
6:49 am
fortune. >> thank you for letting me know. >> it's depressing this is an industry when you think about it. >> not if you make money on it. >> that's a good point. >> dog people are happy as well. >> dogs and cats all sdvsh a little fun. okay. transition into traffic now if you take metro offloaded yellow line train cleared pentagon and next green belt yellow line cleared approaching station and 6:43 we'll keep you updated with the latest from metro. sky fox there also over a crash. university boulevard and new hampshire. you can see the scene there. traffic in the right lane each though getting by stopped right now because of light. and we're also eeing backup. i would avoid university boulevard at new hampshire. i'm so sorry for laughing tuc tucker almost fell and it's not few any i should not have laughed. he caught himself on the desk. it's win, win, midday restrictions
6:50 am
restrictions for secret service activity 17 and 18 and constitution to 8th norm west. be prepared for that from 11 to 12 and then moving over for metro we have the safe track work station closures potomac avenue and stadium armory and shuttle buses stopping there every five to ten minutes mip mip to beping road and no service on orange, silver or blue as far as rails and as melanie has been telling us as she covered the story monday and tuesday the earlier or later you can get a start the better if you head out during typical morning rush you hit crowded shuttle buses. no rail or bus services ar ling to to ross lip on the blue line use the yellow line via la front plaza to get around that one. heavy congestion into the district on majors we'll look at maps next and tuck are i almost lost it and doesn't, dak ba you allison and jim. >> it's a win/win. >> true,. >> all right,. >> it's
6:51 am
to fox news morning. >> good morning to you guys and good to see you guys as well this morning. i'm out here for a movie called the shallows and i'm sitting down with blake lively today i'm excited about and i saw the film at a premiere. we know the movie jaw have back in the 70s. this film is not like jaws. essentially her character is stuck on a rock and she's very close to shore. but a shark continues to circle around here and she cannot get out. that's the biggest thing. it's very similar to what her husband did in a movie a couple years ago called buried. her husband is ryan reynolds and i'm talking about her today she's amazing actress and currently pregnant and i'm excited to talk to her about her family and being married to ryan reynolds and filming this movie it's a crueling film. i saw the premiere last night i'll have that review on frida friday
6:52 am
today. if you want to tweet me any questions for blake liverly if you're a fan tweet me at kevin mccarthy tv i'll vl more of that on "fox5". >> had you a huge day yesterday. >> yes. absolutely. . >> are you still floating on cloud nine. >> i definitely am. the reason we're doing this yesterday morning 10:40 or so i interviewed steven spielburg fourth time interviewing him and everyone is like you have interviewed him before it doesn't matter it's steven spielberg and there's something wonderful about that and i was excited and jim was in the studio i was crying in other words here it was incredible to talk to him app i appreciate the time do that yesterday and we'll show a part of it now. here's the come thing. the movie called bfg based on a famous book, here's how they are doing this so basically mark ryewloond won academy award for
6:53 am
big friendly giant but obviously he's not that tall in real life. what they do is put him in a suit with dots all over his body and create this gigantic character from his performance. so i spoke to spielberg this book was written in 1982 i wanted to know if spielberg had to make this film in the '80s could he have done it he told me how he would have made it and reversed the question and said you may jaws new 1974. if you made jaws today would you used cgi shark whether animated. listen to the next part too. watch this. >> if you made jaws today would you use cgi shark or still gone with ammitronic. >> i know there were a lot of issues would do you it cgi today. >> yeah. it would have saved a lot of us our sanity. and we
6:54 am
that with good memories. but, i think that the lack of shark because of technical breakdowns ever the shark in 1974 really forced me to find another way of telling the story in a more suspense full way to if i had more of the shark it would not have been as effective. >> sophie is walking on to hand of b. fg how are you keeping her moving in midair like that. >> sophie is walking on to a large, blue, soft kind of like mattressy shaped hand but it's all blue. when she stepped on it until what we call it fleshyness of on palm. and that
6:55 am
out that device and replace with with dimming tall man mated hand. >> if you listen to audio closely in the last question you can hear me almost crying i think. i sound like i'm weeping when he is telling me how they did that. because in the movie for people who don't know this little girl sophie becomes frenlly with giant bfg she walks into his hands and is carry around and the idea he had a blue cushion and she stepped in it to make it feel like a hand is so cool. so the full interview is available on facebook page. >> you got it kev. >> time to say hel toe to ace back fans of the day. >> keena. >> she was so great. >> so nice.
6:56 am
fest with tucker. >> she loves all of us. he was so ep thuz yastic. >> we meet a lot of people yesterday. >> that smile from the moment we saw her. >> she's so excited. >> would liking to have people like that in the world. >> thanks for essentialing it in. >> moving on. weather quick, sunshine and much quieter weather. there's morning sunrise. still humid out there. although things improving as we get a chance to dry out a little bit. 71 washington. and your humidity 84% and quick look at the forecast. sat line an radar is quiet e and we're featuring sunshine today. and heads up we'll talk more about tomorrow next hour. could be more thunderstorm activity couple rounds of it tomorrow. again 8 and and sunshine today. arm if back with words. >> if you can check out the full interview i would do so. his excitement was insane
6:57 am
hetro bus delays due to burs peernz delays and resuit you'll dliz would well a safe track and other places around the dmv.
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>> right now powerful storms bring one tornado to the area. more severe weather opts way. what you can expect ahead. >> and also a manhunt is underway that hour to find the person who tried to grab a sleeping child from unlocked winld oxt latest on this investigation coming up in live report. >> one day after hillary clinton blasted trump in economic speech gop said to make a speak of his own. how ugly will it get. we'll have a preview. >> first a live look outside the beauty after yesterday's storms. 69. straight up 7:00. and "fox 5 news" wednesday morning 22. weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm jim lokey in for steve chenevey and first up at 7, these pictures were amazing


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