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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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was going to kill her an her entire family and shoot up her school. >> it was police in green belt maryland who first responded to the threat. and fox 5 matt ackland joins us from police headquarters there with more. matt? >> police captain here at green belt told me today that from the beginning, they took this threat seriously, not only called other law enforcement agencies. they also focused on the high school in question. let's take you to that right now. police say it was eleanor roosevelt high school where the 17-year-old threatened to shoot it up. last friday, and this monday were the last two days of school that, and police said the decision was made not to notify parents. instead, increase police presence at the school. meantime, a regional hunt was then underway for the boy. we're told even the police were notified to keep an eye out, because the boy often used publ
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>> threats are always something that you can never take for granted. even before the weapon was located. there was nothing, no resource we're going to use in order to find this individual. >> reporter: so this is the address. this is northeast dc where the assault rifle was recovered about a week ago but the boy was not at home at the time. he was not found and arrested until about 24 hours ago had he was caught in the district. it is important to points out this is not the only charge or charge that is the boy faces, there's another one having to do with child pornography that police say here in maryland, that that charge could take place before the boy apparently put video, a sexually explicit video of his girlfriend on internet and she was under age. what happens next? he was arrested in the district. we're told he's still in the
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he can face charge there is. then maryland authorities told me today that he'll be extra dieted back here. where they will surely charge him. had mat ackland, fox 5. . live in prison without parole. that was sentence the judge handed down to a man convicted of shooting and killing a victim at point-blank range. >> it was an emotional day in court. as both families were present. fox 5 alexanda limon is live with more on why the montgomery county state attorney's office says the public is safer with the suspect behind bars for the rest of his life. >> reporter: the montgomery county state attorney's office said michael clinton committed this over drug money. however, he says he did it because the victim had then his wife and his three-year-old daughter with a gun. whatever the motive, a judge today sentenced clinton to life in prison without parole. >> pull the trigger once worker twice, three times, four
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>> reporter: doctor a police interview michael clinton described killing jessica campos in may of 2012, now a montgomery county judge decided clinton will live the rest of his life in prison. >> reporter: the victim's mother says she feels clinton is a danger to society and she's comfort that day he will be locked up and unable to harm other families. in court the victim's family and the montgomery county state attorney office asked for the maximize penalty saying clinton was a in the event in his to society. pointing out clinton also plead guilty to murder and attempted murder in virginia. state's attorney office said the cases were disturbingly similar in that he shot all three victims at point-blank range. >> we need to protect the community and that's why we went full throttle on this prosecution because this defendant deserved it. >> reporter:i
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says she's satisfied with the sentence but it doesn't take her pain away. the hearing was very emotional. you could tell even the judge appeared emotional as she handed down the sentence. he said this case and the sentence will have a ripple effect that will effect both families and she said that the most innocent victims in all of this are the suspects, two very young daughters. the suspect's family, his mother tells me they plan to appeal. rockville, alexanda limon fox 5 local news. from a live sentence for murder to a year in jail for the same. a judge handed out that sentence today to adam tore res. he's the police officer who shot an unarmed man while he stood in a editor doorway. the victim's mother called the sentence insulting.
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>> i went out and shot somebody i would never see the light of day. one year in jail? this is -- it was murder. it was not involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: the mother of john gear is outraged at the sentence for the foret former fairfax police officer that the sentence is 12 months. gear was unarmed he was shot who said he saw gear's hands moving towards his waist. other officers at the scene disputed that. >> he was standing here with his hands up here. he had been that way 40 minutes. and this guy was mad at his wife, so he shot john. >> reporter: the commonwealth attorney says other gear family members did support this involuntary manslaughter guilty plea. started before tore res was said to say
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degree murder. >> i wanted him published. he's no longer a police officer. can never be a police officer and he's been in jail almost a year. that's some measure of justice, although not perfect. >> reporter: the county settled a civil case for nearly three million and created a special commission to look at policies regarding police use of force. that prompted changes and gear's mother says she finds more justice in that than this court case. >> the can chief of police already implemented many of these things. as in this respect, john will not have died in. >> reporter: the year's sentence comes with time served and torres has been behind bars since you august. justify davis fox 5 local news. >> torres did the no speak in court today. outside the courtroom, she said she loved her husband but declined to comment on the
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sentencing. the death toll continues to rise as blood waters from heavy rain heavy rain fall sweeps through pictures of west virginia. a body of a child, who was swept away in the fast moving flood waters was found today about a mild from where he was last seen. rescue crews including the nash guard are now working around the clock to help rescue stranded residents and clean up the damage there. >> our bifoil challenge continues to how high water. initial reports where local emergency management officials indicate at least six counties have seen extensive structural damage. early reports indicate more than 100 homes have been seriously damaged or destroyed. >> the governor declared a state of emergency for 44 counties in west virginia which allows the state access to resources needed to deal with the aftermath of the storm. power tools of howard county still recovering after a tornado
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rippeded through the area earlier in the week. we are now seeing dramatic video here on your screen of that twister. justice berk sent us this as the storm moved threw. you can see the funnel clouds as it is form thering. when the twister hit the ground, the storm knocked down trees power lines and damaged several homes but no one was hurt. >> incredible video. gives you a good glimpse of how much why that damage was so extensive. >> meanwhile we get a good glimpse outside. of nice and sunny but humid too. >> hits you in the face when you head outside. keeping an eye on radar. >> we have storms on the radar ladies and it's impacting some of the plans people might have if they're already at the beaches right now. because we had storms that are really rolled through there as well as parts of virginia. so let's take a look here at radar for you. we actually had a
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warning earlier for work chester in southeastern maryland over delmarva and it was exactly where beaches were. they had pretty strong storms that rolled through that, ocean city, rehoboth. please do not be out in that kind of weather. the good news is they will get clearing behind that. in the meantime radar active. we have storms to the north and northeast of us moving down from it's mason dixon line towards baltimore and a lot of activity to the west as well in parts of west virginia and that's where we currently have a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings in effect and that's for harvey, grant, rocking ham. those storms moving to the south at about 25 miles an hour. they have the potential to have winds in excess of 50 miles an hour. and even possibly some hail. so keep your eyes on the skies if your in these neighborhoods. you definitely will have to just
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to storms hit your neighborhood. a lot of heavy rain fall as well. here's a look at where we are with the storm prediction center. a marginal risk from the dc forward through just before mason dixon and into the south of us. we're going to see widely scattered storms for tonight. temperatures and due points, they're causing a lot of instability as did the sunshine we got today. temperatures right now into the 80's. those due points into the 60's and 70's, we will have improvement in the overnight hours. and the weekend is looking great. it will be the calm for sure after the storm. i'll have the details a little later. back to you. coming up, a childhood favorite could it have a negative impact on your child's behavior? why experts say lay goes may make your kids more aggressive. when doctors say is the best time to tell your children about egg donors. taking the high road. one
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end drug addiction. we're back after this.
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. in health had news tonight, they are building blocks the kids played with for generation, we're talking about legos. of do they cause violent behavior in children? interesting question. researchers in new see
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tried to find out if there's a connection. . they first debuted in 1970 and found there are more violent lego items today than there were decades ago. doesn't it the findings researchers do not believe there is a link between laying goes and violent behavior in kids. this is a tough call for most parents who have conceived a child using an egg donor. when to tell their child the dmus. researchers conducted a study and found that it is best to tell your son or daughter when they're young. the average age when children learned the news was about five and a half. children tended to get more resentful and angry when they found out at an older age. some had not told their children just had not found the right time to do it. it is a problem we're seeing across the country. hospitals dealing with nursing
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u v a medical center has about 100 openings while martha jefferson hospital has nearly two dozen openings. they're trying to cope, make sure their patients don't suffer. >> one of the theft difficult is that i thinks recruiting for the specialized area. people who have had the experience as well as, as they've had training in the particular technology that is required for each of these areas. >> hospital officials say even though there are shortages, they do not compromise patient care. they try to make sure nurses work the appropriate hours. overall, the vacancy rate for nurses is about 10% you around the country. monday is national h iv testing today and people are encouraged to get tested. it's easy and simple. we want to tell you about an online tool to tell you where new cases of hiv are appearing in the district. it's called aids view and
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collected from the cdc. the number to of hiv cases reached its peak in 2007. more than 1300 people were diagnosed with the disease. since then the number of in new cases has dropped in the city. a nonprofit is going sky high to end addiction. steps from the white house. the aim of the event is to raise money and bring new attention to the opioid epidemic which kills 30, i americans every year. it's a nationwide series. last year's challenge raised over two million. >> got to be brave to do that. >> they've done this before. and kudos to those people who can handle the heights. it was a violent arrest in texas caught on camera. what a grand jury has decided as a consequence for the officer and what the
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they're now doing because of it. what facebook is doing to teach employees how to manage their political biases online. how would you feel if you visited someone's house and saw this walking around? robot at pets? one company says these creepy creatures can enhance your life. ife.
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did he ha
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new tonight a grand jury has cleared the former texas police officer seen here forcing a teenage girl to the ground at a pool party last year. the seven minute video went re viral 56d being posted on i tube. i shows the officer to the ground and then pulling a gun on her. the grand ju
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was not enough evidence to warrant criminal charges. she says she plans to file two lawsuits against the police department on monday for personal injury and civil rights violations. 45 international fugitives busted. it happened during a three-day sting by us marshals and the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. they were on active interpool notices wanted for crimes in 22 different countries in europe, asia, latin america and the middle east. 16 wanted on various fraud charge, seven for homicide and four for illegal gun activity. other crimes included drug trafficking. rape, embezzle meant extortion and kidnapping. pope francis met with armenia's president. the process denounced the mass killing a century go. historians estimate that up to 1.5 million
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killed around world war 1. they say there were victims of civil war and unrest. >>. president obama talks with mark zuckerberg on facebook live. >> it was part of the 2016 entrepreneur ship in silicon valley. the president addressed about 12,000 entrepreneurs and vet tors saying it's vital they have the right tools to start new businesses they also addressed censor ship of the internet. saying international leaders need to welcome free speech rather than stiff ill it but also said the internet is becoming a potential tool for violent extremism. >> what makes it harder is the fact that the openness and the power of activity can empower bad people. and so us wrestling with how do we counter sort of violent extremism that can end up poisoning the mind and resulting in
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orlando. that's a constant balance we're trying to weigh. >> following the theme of globalism. the president announced next year's will be in indiana. re india. after the company was accused of promoting liberal stories on the trending topic section of the website. cheryl sandberg said facebook will now require employees to under go training aimed at making them aware of their personal biases and teach them to count act those. wouldn't it be nice to be help around the house? >> it would. it sure would. >> well, a new robot could soon help. you do the chores. >> that's interesting. boston dynamics released this video of the new robot. you can see this robot running around outside maneuvering objects and under tables. the coolest thing is how it can carefully pick up a wine glass and load it in t
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the 55-pound robot relies on electric motors and sensors and the battery lasts about 90 minutes. developers say in the future, he may be used to help the elderly too. >> interesting. take it out you don't have to take it out to go to the bathroom >> or yell at it. >> up ahead, we're breaking down the -- we'll continue to follow that story for you. >> much more ahead. stay tuned. as new york city celebrates gay pride, nypd hopes t overcome history. how this online
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. this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. i do think that yesterday's vote speaks to the ongoing changes and challenges that are raised by globalization, but while the u.k. relationship with you will change, one thing that will not is the special relationship that exists between our two nations to. that will endure. >> president obama there commenting today on the u.k. decision to leave the union. he spoke with prime minister david cameron and came away that britain is committed to an orderly transition. the british people left the world stunned narrowly voting to abandon. britain is the first country to leave since the eu was foreman after world war ii. the stock market and oil prices plummeted today with the british found sinking to a
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right wing politicians are calling for similar votes, what's known is happening if a fwa away from the u.s. the underlying tensions that caused the split are much at play lindsey watts is live today. >> reporter: there have been a lot of comparisons today in the wise of donald trump here in the u.s. that working chemicals voters have lost control of their country, rejection of the political establishment and anger other immigration. donald trump is pointing out the par let's. he spoke from scotland where he's reopening a golf course. >> people want to take their country back. they want to independence in a sense and you see it with europe. you're going to have more than just, in my opinion, more than just what happened last night. and you can see what the news
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like this morning. see eu later. the polls taken indicated volunteers would not go for it which is a big part of why it was such a surprise. the prime minister and other so-called experts warned of the disaster that would follow should britain leave the eu yet voters decided to do it anyway. this is where people are looking at similarities to the trump campaign and wondering will american follow suit wanting dramatic quo. they're primarily older white working class voters he believe who believe they aren't better off in the economy and many are antiimmigration. we spoke to an american university professor who teaches about british politics. she says there's certainly similarities to it and the rise of trump. however, there is a big difference when it comes to the voters there and
5:31 pm
>> but the pop lus is prevalent across europe. the question becomes in terms of your demographic makeup. we have a you much strongerer white population in britain than you do in the united states. it's a question of what your minorities will vote in the upcoming election as well. >> reporter: as she says, with all the similarities between the rise of this and the rise of donald trump dit could leave the diversity of the american population that makes all of the difference on our election day, we did reach out to the british embassy to see if anybody wanted to talk to us but they declined to comment. >> thank you, lindsey. what are the impacts of the british exit from the e u? the five ways it might affect you in ways you may not expect.
5:32 pm
connell thanks for a joining us. world stock ended the day down more than 600 points. how did this look long term? >> it's still an open question, to be honest, we don't know how it's going to look monday morning. in the stock change, i think the one thing about today that stand out if you had to pick is that traders on wall street are caught wrong-footed. they thought the opposite would happen. there were big-time bets going in that the u.k. would vote to stay in. they had to correct themselves today. did they go too far? there's certainly a case to be made there. there are people saying long-term, the ku is a certainly a knock increase they may be able to solve any potential
5:33 pm
certainly one a lot of people have been talking about but over the short term, what this did more than anything else is create a lot of uncertainty on wall street. would know going in a a weekend what might happen. what happens on monday morning again these traders are surprised. for whatever reason, looking at the symptom markets they thought the opposite would happen and had to go back on it today. >> let me talk to you about the travel impacts, the value of pound obviously has plunged exchange rates for americans traveling to the u.k. much better now, how will that lead over to the valuation of over currency through the europe. >> it was a weaker day for the british pound, a dramatically weaker pound. if you're traveling over there, i guess that's one bright spot if you're an american and planning a trip to the u.k. you can get 1.36 or thereabouts. it was like 1.50 when they oakfor the polls last niht
5:34 pm
30 plus years since mid 80's. in general, i will point this out, our dollar will get stronger and already is as a result of that, that's not always good news, because american companies can become less profitable as a result of the stronger dollar, that's something to look out for. >> what about morgans in the united states? >> well, yes, they could be affected. interest rates, that the another thing, it's a good point. interest rates are going to stay low. there's no way the federal reserve is going to raise interest rates any in time in the near future. there have been a lot of betting, this pretty much in most people's minds we spoke to at least takes that off the table for the foreseeable future. that will keep morgan rates low. good news for consumers, people buying a home. bad news for american banks. of we saw that out of the symptom mark today. that's how they make money in the spread of the interest rates. as rates stay low, especially lower than expected. the big american banks will be less
5:35 pm
but it should be ok for consumers, they will stay in place. >> this has implications for the british economy. what does it mean for us at home? more expensive goods coming from britain. >> it could. i'll really think it's too early to tell. because we don't know how it's going to play out. is this the first step, kind of a trigger in -- in, you know, a whole sequence of events that's going to play out. will other countries follow suit and start doing the same thing that great britain did. one thing, you know, people are talking about today, will scotland hold another referendum on becoming independent from the u.k. it's way too early to say this is bad for the u.s. >> could be the tip of the iceberg. thanks for joining us today. lot yet to be seen on
5:36 pm
your help.16 month old son was bitten with a copper head snake. a gofundme account has been set up. so far, they've raised about $6,000 but they need much more than that. the snake bite he has caused severe swelling up to his hit. he's on iv that will cost the family over $40,000. the nypd is beefing up security as more than a million people are expected to make their way to the big apple for the gay pride parade. it comes two weeks after i take it on a gay night club in oral, florida. new york city police are my taking chances. there will be thousands of uniformed and plainclothes officers dispatched along the parade route as well as counter terrorism teams. organizers say despite the increased security, the show must go on. >> don't hide. it's the worse thing
5:37 pm
as a community is to hide. many of us started -- the last thing any of us should do is to go back. that's what this weekend is about going out and showing our pride. >> the victim of the orlando night club shooting will be honored. the names of each victim will be listed on the heritage of pride float. a community in mourning comes together to show support for the pulse night club. employees who have been without a job nearly two weeks. hundreds gathered last night for those workers and to help a grieving community heal. >> look around and i see all these people. it's incredible. a beautiful thing and i wish it, the world could be like this all the time. hundred. >> reporter: hundreds of people came out for latin night to benefit pulse of orlando. >> it means the world to
5:38 pm
only me but everybody involved. it's just, to see everybody come together and be so loving and so supportive and giving. it absolutely meaning the world. >> support is exactly what she needs right now. she's been bartending since the day it opened 12 years ago. she watched the terror unfold. >> i feel lucky because i made it out of there. he came in and started kind of shooting all around us. i hid under the bar and kind of waited for it to be over. the police came in. and that was probably the best sound i ever heard in my life were their voices. >> night was not about reliving the tragedy. barbara the owner of pulse says it was about bringing her staff family and the community together. >> they need that as part of the grieving process, as part of the growing process and i really --. >> poma has an entire staff that, as of now, have no place to work, money from bracelets, t-shirts,
5:39 pm
to help them. >> some had other job, some didn't. the ones that didn't, it's an incredible thing how people can come together and help. >> another special night to keep people dancing. >> pulse meant a lot to me. it was --. >> reporter: and the pulse beating. >> i wish we could be here. but i'm happy that the ones that are here are with us. >> reporter: meet the fencer who will be the first u.s. olympian to compete. what she says her mom noticed one day while driving that sparked her interest in fencing as a sport for her daughter. >> her dad is known for his racey comments getting him in trouble. ivanka is in the hot seat. girls can have color to be
5:40 pm
princesses. you can see a the lo happening here. we got storms and a few warnings to talk about. i'll let you know how long all of this is going to is stay around and what to expect for the weekend. stay with us. we'll be back after the break.
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can be perfect. even when life isn't. the neighbor's back. oh, no. this is my husband, gibby! i wanted to show him your furniture! i like it! you wanna come in? oh no. that would be weird! the 4th of july sale is happening now. havertys.
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. pair of high heels is at the center of a lawsuit against donald trump's daughter i they're accusing them of copying the design. the sandals sell for roughly 800 while her version is sells for 145. they look awfully similar. >> they do. but i'll pay the 145. >> according to tmz, the they produce -- this is a base less lawsuit aimed
5:44 pm
publicity. it's representative of a trendy fashion style. it is not subject to intellectual property law and protection and there are similar styles made by several major brands. >> you see it all the time. a piece of music history is taken off the auction block. whitney houston's family were planning to auction off the late singers television reward. but they opposed the sale. they're saying it must be returned to them. a judge ruled in favor of the academy and the statue tte was taken off the auction block. >> let's take a look at weather. of we're saying we were thinking there may ab rumble of thunder. gwen, was that what we heard or maybe the door closing. >> or my stomach growling. i don't know. >> it might have been a door closing. exactly. but we do have rumbles of thunder. take a look at my radar. unbelievable here. a lot
5:45 pm
west. we have mornings currently in effect and as i step back a little bit. you can see we got some to the north at baltimore. not a lot happening here through dc. a little bit to the south of us. over areas to the south as well. central areas of virginia, southern maryland, the main areas for the biggest threat today for getting anything that could possibly be severe. we did have some tornado warnings earlier over delmarva right where the beaches were. we had a couple of warnings as well. the warnings were in effect have now ended and those were for hardy and rocking ham as well as schon in the event dough what. here's what we have the marginal risk versus slight. to the south of dc, right to the center of dc corridor. marginal. still not out of the clearly we have this hot and humid air mass in place, the sun came out added to the instability in the atmosphere. we got a sht
5:46 pm
as well as a stationery frontal system. all of those ingredients coming together for those storms that are fired up. temperature-wise, 84 degrees right now in the nation's capitol. 78 at baltimore. 85 at -- 86 at manassas, 81 in fredericks and 82 in mart insideberg and due points have been up there. if you stepped outside you felt the humidity. definitely there. that's another factor for that destabilization of the accident air all the instabile that kicked in. things will improve with humidity into the weekend. it's going to be out of the picture. the weekend is looking fabulous. so, we'll start to see the storms kind of tapering off as we move into tonight and we'll get at least a bit of a break, it will be milder in the overnight hours. ly here's a look at futurecast to give you a little bit of a timeline. storms will be sticking around at least until 9:00. the after that, we get a lot of improvement.
5:47 pm
of the picture. we're going to have mainly partly cloudy skies. large and in control for our weekend. stationery frontal system stays to the south and this sets us up for sunshine and nice saturday and sunday with the low humidity and very warm conditions, you'll get to enjoy it. . here's a look at your planner for tomorrow. by midday double 7s. it will be nice under the sunny skies, 84 by 4:00. beaches had storms today, no storms for you tomorrow that's where you're headed temperatures into the 70, water to your in the upper 60's. here's the seven-day forecast. we start off the weekend with pleasant of sunshine, temperatures in the 80's. eye for the sky. chance of thunderstorms, monday, tuesday. dealing with a little system there after that we're back to dry conditions again. but he said heating up into the 90'ss by next week, ladies. >> 90'
5:48 pm
>> that's a hot one out there. thanks, gwen. let's go to her sean now for a look at what's coming up at fox 5 local news at 6:00 >> always liked the heat; right? not at the humidity. i'll take the heat. get rid of the humidity. >> families coming in from california, they're not going to like it. they're definitely not going to like this. you guy us might like next to story. depending on what the for dinner we like to enjoy a white or red wine. how about a glass of blue wine? this is being served overseas, find out when and if we'll have blue wine in the u.s. blue wine maybe but what about this? speaking of california. we're going to tell you exactly where people are lining up to take a ride on the sky slide 70 stories up in the air: coming up at 6:00 bernie sanders hasn't suspended his campaign yet
5:49 pm
he did do something today that may make hillary supporters happy. we'll have those stories and much more tonight at 6:00.
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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. you may have heard this but it's picking up steam an inspirational story out of new jersey where a woman is gearing up to make olympic history. her name is mohammad set to begin the first u.s. athlete. >> she was 12 when she joined her first fencing team. her mom was driving past a local high school and saw the fencers if their uniforms which are long pants and long sleeve shirts. had he parents let her join in because she could participate. in 2010 she got a spot and now she'll be heading to the olympic games.
5:53 pm
she says she wants to diversity fi the sports and spread the is message that kids of all races can participate. . . to an uplifting story an powerful message. this is coming from a 7-year-old girl. morgan taylor is her name. she has written a book called daddy's little princess. morgan says her dad had you did all called her a princess but she told her father, quote, real princesses are vanilla and i can't really be a princess. so she and her dad began researching princesses and queens of color and found dozens of powerful stories and morgan hopes her book will teach people that princesses aren't just white but multi cultural. >> awesome. >> we often equate age with beauty. but jillian is rewriting those rules. she's 60 years
5:54 pm
featured in h and m swim wear ads. this shows here in a black swim suit and another jeans, she began her modelling career when she turned 53. she thought about modelling since she was a teenager but never had the courage to go through with it. she says she's comfortable in her skin and is enjoying her new career. >> i love h and m is doing that. they embrace that and what a great campaign. >> hoping there's a market for reaching the woman mature, not a skinny 14-year-old. be online personal styling service is making headlines tonight. >> not just for selecting the perfect outfit. mothers are speaking out about how stitch fix helped them during a time of grief. laura recently posted these pictures on facebook stating how they reached out to her shortly after the loss of her twin daughters,
5:55 pm
and died at a complication known as twin to twin transfusion syndrome. after her daughters dawned, she informed her stylist about why she no longer needed maternity clothes. a few weeks later, i already have chills, she received a deliver from. the package contain add handwritten card with a silver bracelet. she instantly burst into tears. >> my gosh. that is so touching. >> isn't that beautiful. rosemary also shared a touch to go story about her three-year-old son who has autism. she says stitch fix mailed her a touching note of encouragement along with a special toy package for her son. she says the company was founded on the idea of helping women look and feel great while focusing on the things most parent to them h. >> that is just great. and when these women is share these stories, it's great p r for the company, you know,
5:56 pm
have but it's on a different level what's showing what's important to them. that's -- that's everything. that's everything. >> beautiful story there. thank you for being with us at 5:00. local news at 6:00 starts after the break. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. ♪ . at 6:00, new information about a teenager arrested for allegedly making threats against his girlfriend. her school and her mother. plus sentencing day for a former fairfax county police officer convicted in the shooting death of an unarmed man in 2013. while the victim's family is outraged. plus, how does is glass of blue wine
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it could be coming to america. fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us, i'm sean yancy. >> new detail about a teenager threatening to kill his girlfriend. >> police found an assault rifle inside his home and today they arrested him. >> reporter: a police captain here at green belt police department told me that that he is threat was taken seriously and officers acted immediately focusing on the school in question. police say it was eleanor roosevelt high school where the 17-year-old threatened to shoot it up. last friday and monday were the last two days of school before summer break and the police captain said the decision was made not to notify parents. instead, increase police presence at the school. meantime, a regional manhunt was underway for the boy. we're told the police were


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