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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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on to finish the top of the right order. because speak of the thinker yoe going to see out here, that will peak in the mid-90s, has incredible movement on it, very difficult to square up, that's why we hear right now. >> broken out of his one for 26 with a 344. strike one for 97. peraza and bruce to follow here for the reds. reds lead this game 4-0 after two innings. three in the first and one in the second, but that lead is
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gone. cozart to the ground at third on in between bouts, true throws them out. sponsored by falcon tires, a couple of great defensive plays tonight. under watch in the outfield, contributing in a big way. talk to some of the struggles this year, he does have that triple, but the leadoff spot has not been everything exactly the washington nationals have wanted. but he gets done with the glove and that doesn't always show up in the box score but he's a huge part of this game. >> a bouncer to espinoza, couple of ground ball outs to begin this ninth inning. >> we talk about sinkers, a lot of times you hear hitters and pitchers refer to them, feeling like a bowling ball. that is exactly what he has, i have a simple earth. another one he is seen tonight that comes in
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velocity. unbelievable movement as well. speak up in that lineup card out to eric cooper. and pointing down out of the bullpen, looks like and other pitching change. >> that means a double switch it is good to the umpire first. somebody's going to be coming out of the lineup on the offense of side, clint robinson made that last out so it could be him, and we might see ryan zimmerman and to this game. so a double switch to dusty baker, it appears, trying to get to the fair fairgrounds ball o. and robinson leaves. my extra crispy, five dollar fill-up is freshly double-breaded by hand. it's tasty, real meal for just five dollars.
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clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. he >> ryan zimmerman comes in replacing clint robinson at first. he'll hit third in the bottom of the ninth inning, and sammy solis comes into
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>> you look at those numbers right there, a tremendous era. but what is more impressive, just 14 hits allowed in 28 innings. really solid, regardless of lefties or righties. >> a lefty and misses inside, ball one. a second-round pick up the nationals, 2010 out of san diego. of course, there most notable baseball lump, chris bryant, the 2-0 misses away, three balls and no strikes on jay bruce. >> that's been probably the only knock this year, seem cutting that fastball. at two of them have been intentional with 12 walks in those 28 innings. >> he walks them on four
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that brings up adam duvall who is number two in the national league in home runs this year. legends chris bryant, the only guy that has homered more than this guy. >> not what dusty baker had in mind, just the second walk allowed to this year. notice he has his hands full now. we've seen adam duvall taking some pretty strange names, we seen what he is hit today, very aggressive early in the count. that's five consecutive balls. to begin his outing. he speak that you'll must wonder, and it's easy to say now because it's in the balls, but off the pitching change right there, has the kind of stuff that play is both and we see him get two outs in a three pitches and the thinker just looking dominating. obviously for dusty baker, feeling pretty strong about wanting to
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>> through two innings last night, with a 14 inning game. and to ball follows the back, strike one. a two-run double in the first inning, doubled in the fifth, walked in the seventh. the reds have ten hits tonight, but they don't have 16 the sixth. the ground is short, espinoza the short way, over the bottom of the ninth inning. bottom third of the order duet. drew, espinoza, zimmerman in a tie♪ game. what? shampoo. what?
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bottom third of the order, but not your typical bottom third. after drew, who's walked twice and scored twice, it's espinoza who hit the 16th of mind of the season tonight. and then ryan zimmerman, ball one on stephen drew. josh smith the last time i was in the first game in this series, gave up five runs in 1 2/3. and he's behind 2-0. different night, same story for the reds with problems in the bullpen. fly ball to right center hamilton under for out number one. final game of this series is tomorrow on fox sports ohio.
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nationals hadn't announced if it would be stephen strasburg to return off of the disabled list tomorrow. they said it may be a game time decision. >> which is pretty difficult to put a young starter through. made his debut earlier this week, and he did it with an hour rain delay and only got to pitch for innings because of the rain that came. that will be the challenge for him if he doesn't find out until about 10:00 that he's a starter for the nationals. >> espinoza perfectly placed strike one from smith. john lamb will take the ball for the reds tomorrow. >> will they be playing for a serious but are to avoid the sweep? la t
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last inning and a crossed a two run homer, 16th of the serious which is already five short of his career career-high for a s. >> a great season for danny espinosa. mention that move, getting that opportunity to play every day in the same position. but the offense has been just incredible this year. >> trey turner, the prospect has started to play some center down in triple-a because at this point he really is blocked. so that's about the only spot they could tim this year. with the defense that ben revere has shown and that's not really a spot that is necessarily over the big league level. >> espinoza launches it in the air and out of play. that's 1-2. i was the second time he showed trying to catch the cincinnati reds offguard.
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not the way he has been swinging the bat. and it mind that he thought about it and hide to get a base runner. there were no ultimate band to it more. but the way this guy has one, i'd rather see him spinning away. because the game when the nationals trailed 4-0, a chance to win in it in the bottom of e ninth. smith's 1-2 to espinoza, over the inside corner for strike three. >> you think about not getting an opportunity to swing because of the bunt attempts, and that's the fastball i mentioned earlier, starts on the inside corner, and it's good execution. we seen it now a couple of times where some of these relievers have been able to execute that. >> daniel murphy that he got on that
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zimmerman came at the game in the top this inning with a double switch. with two gone in the ninth, zimmerman takes ball one. it's the worst year of his long nationals career, and to the year a .283 hitter. you see the numbers there, just .223 this season. 2-0. >> you know he entered the game on defense a year ago, this is essentially a pinch at that. coming here in the ninth inning, and all good pinch hitters are looking for a strike early to jump on. did a good job of taking both of those sliders, but more often than not these kind of situations, you do not let the fastball go by for a strike. >> snapped in there for strike one. >> a good looking spider right there. >> that one has some really good break on it from smith.
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>> so many good moments in his career to end games. two and two. >> ten is a big number. how many guys are walking off that many, and it's been all sliders, four of them so far. we sought over the place, going a little bit but for those his own. good rotation on that pitch, ryan zimmerman not seeing it very well. because he goes two on, 2-2, zimmerman puts it in play but too short for zack cozart. a 1-2-3 ninth for josh smith, after the second night in a row.
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no one treats my mom like this!
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>> 14 innings here last night, nationals 13-2, and play onto
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the tenth. a perfect night, you haney as far as leads off this inning for cincinnati, and files it off. reds got to such a good start tonight hitting three in the first but fun in the second. they've hammered out ten hits, outfitting the nationals 10-3. but without a hit since the sixth. spurs changes that with a bullet into sector to start the tenth. mls soccer sunday presented by audi returns tomorrow. unbeaten in june, first match in july, taking on the columbus crew at seven eastern only on fs fun and also watch it live on fox sports go. a fun summer of soccer on fs
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across the fox networks. >> absolutely. a lot of people tuning in and checking out all of that coverage, all the crews working hard, the studio journal shows were really entertaining and went over well. brandon phillips on a fastball. >> brandon phillips, zero interest in playing a 11 innings based on that swing right there. one thing i've failed to mention, part of the reason why the trade to not happen with because brandon phillips was trying to add a year onto his deal, and i think it's important to make sure that would bring up that point, had they extended him by maybe one more year, he very well could have been played second base here in washington. makes a lot of sense thinking about where he is at this point. they were going to make him pay again. phillips with a single, back-to-back hits to begin the temp for cincinnati.
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as good as he's been this year not looking particularly sharp, and now mike maddux looking back in for some reason, and they're not making a pitching change here but they'll be wanting to give with somebody warming up in the pen. looking back into the dugout, checking to see on the bench. clearly one right now with billy hamilton up talking about maybe what defense they want to use right here and what they handle it, because with that speed you had to be very careful. >> a unique player presents a unique challenge. >> absolutely. hamilton one
10:21 pm
to want, nobody out, and a tie game, reds trying to staff their five-game losing streak, trying to get their second win out of their last 11 games. after they can eat this series to route they had to retreat to take on the cups. >> they run what they call that we'll pick right there danny espinosa came behind, taking off for third base and the ideas to try to get the runner to take a couple of extra steps as the pitcher lists his leg and then turns. they try to get a pickup in that situation. >> strike one. on the play here as he see that bunt to the first base side, your touch the fundamentals are to bunt the ball to the third baseman, you want him to field that
10:22 pm
more difficult to try to get that out at third base if a first baseman is charging. you have an easy place to third. the bunt in the situation should be to third base. >> zimmerman runs past it. they are awarded nobody out. they have exactly what they wanted. the second inning of work tonight came in, couldn't make a play. >> this is the case of trying to rush yourself. tend to catch the ball and then now. there is no play anyway. danny espinosa did not see the base runner there. that is just the case of ryan zimmerman trying to do too much defensively in that situation. >> and that is the nationals first error in nine games. their last error cost them the game against the dodgers, it was a three base error for michael taylor that
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run. now barnhart, ball one. samaras and phillips, back-to-back singles to start the inning, hamilton or board. here's dan straily, over the first seven innings tonight gave up one run on one hit. then allowed the homer to danny espinosa. both allowed the tying run off a base hit for harper. one and two. two strikes at this point trying to do a couple of different things, they had the infield in so a hard ground ball is probably going to
10:24 pm
favor, preferably in the middle of the field. getting that sacrifice fly anywhere you can get this across her now just misses up, and it's two and two. full count with notable barnhart. >> you're in that situation again. obviously a full count is not where you want to be with the bases loaded. the approach has to be to try to finish the at-bat. you're not trying to get a guide of chase the ball out of the zone in a 2-2 count with the bases loaded. barnhart puts the
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front. fielded by harper, two runs. or, hamilton moves to third, at six heaven for cincinnati on a base hit for tucker barnhart. what a sloppy inning this has turned into. does a great job, doesn't hit it hard. the fastball off and then harper just places and groups it. that will be an error on him which allowed everybody else to move up another base in the second front across the board. because of the reds get their first round since the second inning. swirls and phillips, back-to-back hits to start the frame.
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all that "more" has to be why they're the second-largest auto insurer. everybody likes more. mhm, i think so. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at >> on tuesday, the all-star selection show, the lineups for both teams are announced on espn, with a home
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well on july 11th and in the next night the major league baseball all-star game, tuesday july 12, 7:30 eastern only on fox. comes in, and ramon cabrera pinch hits at the corners and the reds in front, 6-4. after the two-run single from tucker barnhart. when the few that did not pitch in that game last night, it was just him and rivera. to their limited action so far, to a good job with strikeouts and walks, a good job this year. facing his own team, cincinnati to debut in 2003 and was there
10:29 pm
through 2008. onto the rockies, did something that's hard to do and that i survived at coors field. he was an above average pitcher for a half decade there. in colorado. last season with the cardinals now in his first season with the gnats. hold him at third, barnhart at second, nobody out. nationals team that hadn't committed an error in 338 chances. commits them on back-to-back batters. zimmerman on hamilton's bunt, and harper on barnhart's single. and they were errors that were missed placed by the players and oppose to the top please that they couldn't handle, ryan zimmerman trying to do much, and then
10:30 pm
easy ground ball and probably thinking about coming up and throwing and playing a soft base hit into right field now, doesn't necessarily change the outcome of this game knowing that they were arty three-piece hits now, and the reds were going to score a run. >> when they love to have the chapman right now? >> i'm sure that bryan price does not allow himself to go down memory lane when he thinks about the absolute pressure it was to step out of the bullpen am a or out of the dugout and raise that left-hand and bring in chapman to close things out. >> setting up the force everywhere. and take their chances with jose peraza. >> like crying over an old girlfrie.
10:31 pm
it go and move on. >> sometimes the bryan price looks at his facebook. remembers the good times. >> maybe shoot some attacks. i miss you, do you miss me? the speaker output on, untrue peraza. i think we saw our first fireworks of the weekend off in the distance. >> it should be a great weekend here in washington, d.c. monday will be great day overall in major league baseball, a ton of day games, starting at 11:00 eastern and they go as late as 10:00 eastern. if you're a baseball fan, that is a full day. let the great action. >> process takes ball one. the reds would like to get some more here, i nice bounce back by them to retake
10:32 pm
had the top of the order due up in the tenth. traded twice over the last year. went from the braves to the dodgers and then from the dodgers here to the reds this off-season. same deal that sent todd frazier from cincinnati to chicago. on 2-0. he takes one and it goes all the way, back to get it, and then throws it back to the diamond with hamilton sliding in to make it 7-4. con ugly here for
10:33 pm
great job by stephen drew, that's one something to watch . ramos tried to stand up and backhand that ball but this is why middle infielders always back up as they try to backhand that ball. the throw goes a wild, does a good job of getting to the mound as the infielders were talked to do. you pinch where there is a runner on third. >> wrong guy to have a chance to cut down with hamilton coming in. first base open which is a strike. what that does is view race the double play, which is the reason that the washington nationals intentionally walked zack cozart to create at least a force at home but also potentially to have that double play. and now that's down as well. >> a pop-up to center, revere comes on, and it sinks in front of him. rbi single, jose
10:34 pm
struck for four here in the tenth. coming out. the reds feel a little bit better now with those two additional runs. on the verge of snapping a five-game skid. >> this has to be a frustrating inning. you think about the strikeout, the intentional walk, and then the base had when you try to execute a pitch in the header cannot get the barrel to it but he still able to get a base hit and easter to see this game get blown wide open in the tenth inning. barnhart with the big hits, a two-run single to score suarez and phillips.
10:35 pm
barnhart coming in to score the fourth run of the inning. and now jay bruce. one for four with a single and a walk. this is a rare blip on washington's bullpen radar. number three in the majors, earned run average. jonathan papelbon with his second rehab outing in a row tonight. scoreless inning last night. attempting to come back, he's in double-a right now.
10:36 pm
shouldn't be long before he gets back. shawn kelley with pop up on down and has done a nice job. >> shawn kelley has always had the big arm, the ability to get swings and misses. in the interim, he has done a good job. but this highlights the nationals is a need to get a little bit deeper in the bullpen and try to add that arm because a significant injury to anybody, any of the fake big arm down te closing things out makes this much more difficult for dusty baker. they will undoubtably be in the market, a reunion with chapman and dusty baker wou be one that would be welcomed here in washington, or andr
10:37 pm
any of those relievers that are with the oakland is that are going to be available over the next month. >> bounces on off the middle. about murphy at second to throw him out. so stay out of the double play and get the fifth front of the inning with cozart in. >> the starting pitching market is, renewed the trade deadline, the same cannot be said for the relief marker. some game changing arms out there. >> i think the yankees will move on from chapman, he's a free agent. andrew miller is an interesting option because he still has two more years under control after this year. so he would do really well as far as he can bring back in the trade. fernando was just traded to the marlins, he has been fantastic this year, just one earn r
10:38 pm
now he's going to set up, so the marlins are in trying to make something happen. i mention the four guys that are in oakland, sean doolittle just went on the dl. there are some arms there that a lot of teams will be inquiring about with the oakland a's. >> the clean-shaven policy in miami. heavy scene fernando yet with the beard? >> i did not check on that. he pitched yesterday and i forgot to check in on that. taking an old school, yankees >> and old yankee running the show down there. nice first season as manager in miami. >> i'm not against it. i know they've been fun, but i wouldn't be disappointed if some of them went away. you can't pick and choose which ones you like. >> but
10:39 pm
good one. >> are talking about the crazy, crazy ones. like danny espinosa's headshot. >> it was unbelievable it fascinates me that guys can play with that. that's a lot of here in a lot of places. but he takes tremendous care, it is nice and neat and i appreciate that. but i'm fascinated he can pitch with that thing. >> it would distract you? >> listen, i get distracted by brake lights. i don't know from the right guy. but yeah. i feel like it would distract me. >> it's been a game of runs. reds scored the first four, nationals scored the next four, reds have scored five in this inning. adam duvall with the man at second and two gone.
10:40 pm
mets beat the cubs tonight and so the nationals are in a huge comeback in the bottom of the tenth. getting the division lead down to five. although if you had told them that they'd had into sunday afternoon with a five-game lead at this time last week they probably would have been okay with that. but they have that seven-game skid for the mets and marlins before knocking on the door. >> absolutely. you'll go through those ups and downs in the winning streaks on the losing streaks, and that was an town without a doubt. but they have been back on the winning track. when you look at rosters, this is probably the best in the division. i know the marlins are trying to make some noise and trying to catch this club but the nationals, much like they have over the last couple of years,
10:41 pm
this is the first year i think were seeing them put it all together and make that run the way that they should. but it becomes bigger than that for this club because it's also about advancing in the postseason. not getting there is not good enough for the players they have here for the roster that mike rizzo has put together and you're blaming dusty baker with his experience, it's about winning and going deep into the postseason and they have that ability. they have the rotation and the lineup. ryan zimmerman is going to be better than they have been this year, they're in a pretty good spot, this team has a chance. >> to ball at shorts, espinosa throws him out, and that ends a 31 minute half inning that was aided by some defense from one of the best defenses in baseball.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> reds with a five spot in the top of the tenth inning, we go to the bottom half, jumbo diaz comes in to try to finish it out, he and the reds and their fans happy with cincinnati, didn't stop after the two-run single, they added a few and things are much more comfortable in a situation where rarely has a bed comfy at all this year. >> of how you who's not impressed that inning right now is the los angeles angels who scored 11 runs in the seventh inning against the boston red sox tonight. that is absolutely amazing. but digging into jumbo diaz, here's a guide that i play with in the very end of my career. he throws the ball hard but he's had some ups and downs. the home runs have been a little bit of an issue, but a guy who got the big leagues late in his career at 30 years old, he made
10:45 pm
his debut as a rookie. a super nice guy, big dude for sure, jumbo pesto accident. that's a name that he absolutely deserves to have. but a tremendous guy, i love seeing here making his way to the big leagues, breaking in at 30 years old. >> top of the nationals order, one ball and one strike. the other side of that game that we're talking about with the angels leading the red sox 21-2 is the red sox. you go back to may, pray clearly they were the best team in the american league. but since the start of june, boston is 11 and 16 on their way to 11 and 17. there have even been some rumors that his job is in jeopardy at this point. >> that's probably the case. he is an option for next year that has not been exercised yet, so that will always be a conversation that is had your team is struggling. the other thing, allowing him to pick the roster. they didn't force anything on him, but the roster together the best way
10:46 pm
they got off to that great start but things have slowed down significantly. >> thrown out by phillips, one away in the tent. >> for home run hit by the angels in that game including two by cj crone was a beautiful box score tonight. he's five for five with five runs scored and five rbis. >> that's a beautiful thing. it just changed since we last talked, now six for six on the night. this is an important year for cj crone as angels try to figure out whether or not he is an everyday player. a good night tonight, it's been a good season for him. they've had to figure out, can he be their first baseman of the future in anaheim? >> strike one. crone is six for, carlos perez, who entered the game around 200 is 546. >> that's a lot of hits. so how many guys in
10:47 pm
have more hits than the nationals tonight? >> the nationals have three? >> there are a couple of guys in there. got one, two, three, four guys that have two hits. for the angels in front of the red sox, 21-2 with 11 run seventh inning. >> kind of made everybody forget about the minnesota texas game that happen earlier, twins beat the rangers 17-5. a lot of runs getting thrown around in major league baseball today. >> to print and braves, the only two teams with first records than the reds at this point. tristan said, one and two. everybody knew it was a rebuilding the stage. the twins, though, a little bit surprising. they had the momentum last season, they had several young pieces they were excited about
10:48 pm
this year, and they have been miserable from the start. >> last year a little bit better than expected for a lot of people. they're ready to take that next step, and instead they end up taking a step back. one of those players who hasn't quite gotten to that level, he's still very young, byron buxton. highly heralded prospect, the starting pitching has been an issue. they lost bill hughes for the season. even before that the starting pitching has struggle. >> closer to jungles and worth is aboard. as default to get the tag on him as he went by. because you see the frustration here. i talked about what a great man he has been. he is a play that we know he's actually have. i've had enough time to make a pro as jayson werth did not get down the line that fast. so that was unaware of how much time he actually had. tried to sce
10:49 pm
first-base umpire adrian johnson on making that type, but he did not. so thanks to the reds adding on after barnhart's go-ahead two-run single, harper could hit it a mile and it would still be a comfortable lead. >> it seems like forever ago harper tied to this game with an eighth inning single. now, for espinosa, had hit a two-run home run to bring the nationals to within one. harper one for three with a walk tonight. dusty baker singh he seen signs of bryce harper, he's returning to form. hard to first and if all goes to second, back to first not in time. there are some players you just know are going to hit, and he would certainly be one of them. >> without a doubt.
10:50 pm
bryce harper frustrated because he score the ball up and hit it hard. this should not have been as close as it was. zack cozart ended up hesitating, but that is a piece of frustration to watch this play right here, bryce harper just barely beats that i probably could've been a double play, just a little bit of hesitation of zack cozart. when things are not going your way and you square ball up and you don't get ahead, that frustration gets multiplied and that's what we're seeing right now for bryce harper. >> daniel murphy with it over so far tonight. >> jumbo diaz has done a nice job in the game plan against the left-handed hitters that he has seen. to throw that fastball, houston and based nice job of executing into those lefties, i've
10:51 pm
that fastball get up to 97 miles an hour. 98 there. >> trying to coax a check swing. and eric cooper who is not going to appeal, who do not even think that was close. murphy follows that one off, one and two. the nationals fans hold our collective breaths for a moment. so this is not something you see everyday. watch him foul and catch him in a place that you do not see every single day. you worry about following one off, look at that may be on inner thigh. wow. >> the ankle, may be addition every once in a while. it's odd when you see someone
10:52 pm
followed off his knee, but never that high up apophysis like. >> there's no way the old daniel murphy does that. the opposite field slapped her. >> you're right. he was all about keeping his hands in, playing with the left fielder and a center fielder, getting his base hits, and he has learned late in his career, starting at 30 years old last your, how to pull the ball in play for power. murphy popped it up into left field, jose peraza is under it, the five run tenth inning steps their five-game losing streak and snaps the national
10:53 pm
six-game winning streak. from the rest of our crew, we wish you good evening from d.c., 9-4. after this break, kevin burkhardt from our los angeles studio. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner's to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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>> "baseball night in america" postgame show, frank thomas, he's a hall of famer. and kevin burkhardt. nationals had 160 but adam duvall doing great things. help only be their all-star. sometimes you lose.
10:56 pm
>> they play their basketball against them. >> i agree. they're one of the best defensive ball clubs in the national league. they didn't get it done. some really, really easy routine plays that you're used to the making, they didn't get it done in and the reds capitalize on that today. >> rents a little easier on their bullpen. they just threw it out for extra innings. the two ball has been a nice story. a breakout year for him. don't forget, incorporated ince is, padres reign over nfs one. we will see you next week for "baseball night in america." so long.
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when walked in the door therehee they would just light up. right now at 10, the fourth of u july weekend gets off to a violent start. the mother is morning the death of her son who was killed inill alexandria early this morning. police still looking for the gunmen. the recent terror


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