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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this is fox 5 news morning. straight ahead at 6:00. head up now, metro changing the safetrack plan which means even more delays on the rails in the coming weeks. she's been on the dc police force 26 years, chief for ten. of time for a career change for kathy lanier, dc's top cop saying good-bye. more on the announcement >> a live look outside to start off wednesday morning, august 17, 2016. another hot humid day on tap. weather and traffic coming your way on the 5:00. i'm allison see more. i'm steve. three people recovering. >> reporter: you can see it look like dc police wrapped up the scene, a little bit of evidence ther
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overnight. when we arrived here this morning, the yellow tags those evidence markers where you see those white papers on the street, everyone of those was an evidence tag marker and they were taking pictures. al very closely around that gray suv's we saw dc police going in and out of the door to the left. that dwelling right there. so they haven't given us a whole lot of information as far as what exactly they believe happened. the motive for this, i talked to one woman walking out, didn't want to go on camera. but she said she heard at least 15 gunshots and we saw for ourselves more than three dozen evidence markers on the ground, quite a lot of shooting going on, three people injured, nonlife-threatening injury, two women, and one man, and we're told that one has a graze wound, the other two bullet wound
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dc took them to and from the hospital. they didn't hear any shouting. they didn't hear even the sirens or the ambulance activity, apart from the gunshots they kind of stayed in their homes and didn't really want to peak out and see what was going on. and as far as look-out information steve and allison, sketch, not a lotting to on. just looking for someone in a cream or tan colored vehicle. that was another thing that that neighbor told us she did hear a car speeding away from the scene but looks like things are going to be cleared here in just a few minutes. then first street will be back open. melanie alnwick fox 5 local news. 911 working for sprint customers in the region, yesterday, they get a busy signal dialing emergency services after an underground transformer fire at 18th and l
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sprint tweeted service had been fully restored and thanked customers for patience. workers recover a seventh body from the explosion fire in silver springs almost a week since the blast. crews will continue the search. in the meantime. washington gas tested lines at the apartment site. crews did in the find gas leaks, investigators have still not confirmed the cause of last week explosion. check out the donald trump presidential campaign. the overhauling his team. hiring steven ban nan. promoting kelly anne conway to be the new campaign manager. another massive wildfire breaking out in california. east of los angeles. a state of emergency has been declared. the flames stranded drivers along a major highway between las vegas
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tuesday. >> felt like in 26 years one day of work for me. >> dc's top cop retiring. of chief kathy lanier surprised plenty people when she announced she was stepping down, been on the force 26 years ten as police chief, she's headed to the big apple new york, serve as the senior vice president of security operations, dc muriel borts made official announcement that the retirement is effective next month. latest high profile member of the mayor's administration to leave in less than two years. today the 9:00 a.m. hour, mayor muriel bowser will talk to the crews. coming up in a few hours, we look forward to talking with tucker barnes. >> we did hit 100 yesterday. streak broken, 95, seven in a
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>> today, only forecasting 94. >> i'm telling you, i saw leaves falling from trees >> perhaps you've noticed, sun is getting down earlier and earlier. it might be 8:02 now. beautiful moon if you're out early this morning, gorgeous huge moon. >> missed it. 79 now reagan national 79. warm, humid, what else is new? dulles 74, 76 at bwi. another hot one, although we're trending in the right direction, and we're hoping to keep it below 95 today. we think 94 for the daytime high. front just off to the north and sag down into the region later this afternoon. and increase our chances for scattered thunderstorms later this afternoon, the best chance might be during the early evening hours. more on that. if you're running out the door, be ready for a hot one. ready for a hot one you'll encounter a hot one as so a
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at least warm and humid. >> about 100? >> about 100. a look at the roads and >> i'm walking in right now, we're dealing with big delays on the freeway eastbound side there's a crash by the 3rd street tunnel. delays extend back to 14th street bridge. look at that slow moving traffic. sorry i'm late to the party, this morning wanted to get this set for you. you can see traffic westbound side looking good, eastbound side not a good place to be. of crash blocking at least two lanes, we'll keep you updated on that eastbound slow down. look at our maps, aside from that. as you come up on 95 from virginia, 95 north slow 630 to 610, 123 with volume over the aqua quan. of if you're taking metro we have a yellow line delay. that came in as well as a red line delay because of safetrack surge
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twin brook. as you come in from maryland 19 minute commute from 70 to 109. the truck scales slow with con jefbs. germantown traffic moving a little bit better. moving the maps to a look in southwest, first street southwest closed between o and. street, give yours extra time. aside from that traffic by the ballpark looking good. parkway inbound to south capitol starting to see volume. same story on fort washington jamming toward the beltway and 295 slows from 50 on down with slow moving traffic. on the way to bwi looking good, sail story 395. a side note, i saw two days ago halloween candy out in the grocery store. >> most definitely. >> back to you guys. thanks. metro is revising it's safetrack surge 7
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>> it was supposed to end tomorrow. not anymore. we'll have a live report. what you need to know and how the commute will be affected. that's next at 6:08.
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. the transit agency
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it's latest safetrack plan. >> for upcoming surges have changed as well. annie yu live from shady grove. i'm sure whatever it is commuters are like i don't want to hear it. >> reporter: i think people by now hopefully coapt used to sort of expecting hick cups along the way. safetrack we had a little hick cups and bums, this will cause a ripple effect and delays. here at shady grove this is what you need to know, this one of four stations shady grove twin brooks rockville and white flint. those tour stations will be closed. but they're going to be providing free shuttle busses all weekend long for you between grovener and shady grove. metro safetrack plan kicks off weeks ago and with the new schedule it will cause delays but it's
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and reliability and paul weidefeld emphasized that tuesday, saying the changes are certainly necessary so they can fix a number of safety issues and main being interlocking. the points where trains change track and those need additional work. the extra focused on the crossover tracks is crucial. you may recall the train derailment in july last month at east falls. that was the cause of the derailment. those interlock goes. and that raised a lot more questions about the safety. so metro has to basically complete the work. how will this impact you? moving forward, take a look at your scrip, surge 7 currently underway between shady grove and twin brook supposed to end thursday. it will extend through sunday. until friday, red line trains will be single tracking at all times between shady grove and twin brook and throughout the weekend. those four stations shady grove
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white flint twin brook rockville all closed. free shuttle busses will replace the red line train. i know this is a lot to remember. basically, this will cause delays and a ripple effect in surge 8 and 9 and we have that listed for you on our website fox 5 we have a full list on what you need to know. that's the latest at shady grove and rockville, annie yu fox 5 local news. a sting ky situation on the national mall >> what led to a fish kill. in constitution gardens pond. >> a live look outside. talk about uptown funk. there was national mall funk. as we head to the break on wednesday morning. weather and traffic on the 5 >> next.
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right, great big good morning. the bottom line is we got another hot one to look forward to today. it won't be quite as bad. we may not hit 95 as we've done for past week, we'll be back into the mid 90's, probably 93, 94 for daytime high and hots of humidity. 79 degrees now in washington. 79 in quantico. to the west and north, temperatures in the mid 70's, hagerstown 77, 75 at mart insideberg
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plane more humidity today plane of heat around yet again. of however, i'm smiling because trend will work in our direction, a frontal system off to the north and west but it will sag down into the region and start to provide -- bring in some of this relief we're looking forward to over the next several days. it will be a several day process. we're not going to just immediately cool down and dry out. there's your frontal system. possibility of a few scattered thunderstorms. and we'll have to watch out some may linger into the nighttime. high pressure off to our east. it will break down the big bermuda high and the frontal system will sag down in our region. not a lot of relief but a little bit better and a little bit better tomorrow. as we get into next week, not only cool temperatures down, we're actually going to bring dry air around here, due points are going to fall back into the
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till you see the middle of next week, big relief around hereafter days and days of high heat and humidity. 94 today, that already looks better, 94. look out for the scattered thunderstorms this afternoon, we'll do it again tomorrow. friday and saturday look generally quiet. low 90's and again big relief next week, bid 80's bay next tuesday. zip tripping with annie. >> and me. >> you're coming too at 8:30? where are we going? >> rosslyn. >> we got you covered, tuck >> all right. >> he's been on all of that he will >> we can't give them hard time. it's like one big party for you. >> i love it >> i was at the pool yesterday and almost too hot to be by the pool. >> right now, i'm sorry for taking the eastbound side of the freeway. eastbound side of the freeway, the 14th street bridge backed up from route
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the 3 street tunnel. the a major route for your morning travel. you're going to hit a lot of big delays. 45 extra minutes. overflow traffic stacking up toward the 14 street bridge and you can see the west bound side looking better. other issues this morning, aside from that big delay, we're also dealing with first street southwest closed between o and. . let's go ahead and take a look at our zip trip graphic. tucker we made this in your honor. the zip trip friday 6:00 to 11:00. 1401 wilson boulevard. tucker will be out there bright and early at 6:00. annie joins him and i join after traffic. we're going to have a dance party. we're going to get tucker to do his walk. i think it's a good idea. steve and allison in your beautiful flowered dress popping this morning.
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not mine. heat wave, is likely to blame for a major fish kill in the constitution gardens. you may have seen or smelled it. awful those dead fish floating in the river, apologize for that. people started noticing the awful smell coming from constitution gardens pond, they say several hundred fish likely were killed. happened back in 2013 as well. park service said it's working on plans to fix the pond and make it deeper so the fish are not as vulnerable in the heat. al new at 6:00. don't call it a happy meal. call it a fifth happy meal. >> happy meal. mcdonald's introduced a new toy aimed at encourage kids to be active. details after the break at 6:19.
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. if you plan to fly over labor day. expect a whole lot of company. quick check of the markets joining us from the fox business studio. we made it to wednesday. >> we did. hump day. how is it going >> all right. how are we looking to the markets >> i'm not sure. we had a down day yesterday. we've had a lot of back and forth action, nonetheless, sitting at or near record levels. there's a report that traders are more vested in stocks than they have been since january of last year. the reason for the way the and see approach is
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feds july meeting about when they're raising interest rates. can they do it going into an election? some of the officials at the feds say absolutely. the feds doesn't care about politics. we'll investors are waiting on the release >> i'm not sure i buy that 100 percent, let's talk about labor day travel. a lot of us are pocketbooks are healthy enough to travel. >> 15.6 million of us are going somewhere labor day week, the busiest travel day september 1st and 2nd if you want to make sure the airports and planes aren't that packed don't display those days, this comes from a trade group for the airlines. one of the reasons so many people are traveling up 4% from last year is airfare is down 6% so far this career. why is it down? jet fuel. got so much cheaper. the airlines are flush with cash and the question is what are they doing with it? if you're playing nicer, is there wifi? is it free?
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the fancy seats do they go all the way down to a lie flatbed? any perks from the savings being passed on? i'm not so sure. >> i'd like to be the judge of that but i'm not going anywhere. . let's talk about mcdonald's. trying to make our kids healthier with something they're putting in the happy meal. >> so the happy meal toy it's been controversial in the past. and kids love it. you go to mcdonald's get your happy meal. the toy is going to be a fitness tracker. of a wrist band that you wear. coming in a whole bunch of colors. the kids get to pick it. s part of mcdonald's push to make and help kids be more active. i think that the super cool. >> i agree. i do. ? i like that. >> forget about the toy in like five minutes at least maybe they can wear the fitness tracker >> when my kids were little. they would say do you have a boy or girl to the toys and i'm like, what difference does it make?
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one clr and we don't have to ask about gender as we get the toy >> it comes in six colors >> lauren thanks, we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye. >> every little bit helps. ly >> take control over their own little health. it's exciting. i got to get one >> it's much more awareness. so much more. >> very much. anyway. hot out there >> you can exercise do it now. we'll be mid 90's later. you don't want to be doing too much strenuous stuff outside. >> that's been my excuse. >> exactly. lack of a fit bit >> i feel like i'm exercising watching the track and field in the olympics. it's exhausting sometimes cheering it on. >> it can be, steve. 79 in washington, winds out of the south and west here at six miles an hour. we're looking at low to mid 90's, a little better than yesterday.
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the old wet blanket in effect. we got a frontal system off to the north and west. that will sag down into our region later. and we'll have scattered showers and thunderstorms return this afternoon and evening, but we'll keep it warm for another day. better tomorrow and the trend is more favorable for us, particularly next week. next week, i want you to talk about it absolutely beautiful. 80's, lower humidity by the middle of next week, comfortable at night. we might be able to sleep without air conditioning. something to look forward to. >> love it. let's check on the commute. i'm walking in the studio taking a look at everything, yellow line residual delays mt. vernon square, earlier train mall if you know they were dealing with, this is a look at skyfox. volume picking out on the outer loop. inner loop looking better. big problems on the freeway,
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let's take a live look outside. eastbound side of the freeway jambs as you make your way. back to the maps. let's look at the inner loop delay we're dealing with inner loop crash as you make your way from 14 street bridge backed up to the 3 street tunnel. super jam. you need 40 extra minutes. a crash me fairfax. seven east near carolyn spring road. look at that long line of read overflow delay on 395 northbound at the 3rd street tunnel. first street southwest closed. parkway heavy as you make your way toward capitol. safetrack surgeon 7 between shady grove and twin brook in addition to the yellow line delay. a little later in the show, a cop with real rhythm who knows how to bust a move to not you don't have the bust a move to the queen, beyonce. this lieutenant can probably be a maybe a little backup dancer, we're going to have the story
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>> here's a live look outside and we will be back in a minute.
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♪ ♪. if i could give everyone a day at rehoboth beach, i would do that. a good looking boardwalk. the sand 6:30, welcome back to fox 5, back to our worki
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in the news, we will have weather and traffic on the 5. three people recovering after a triple shooting around 3:00 this morning, police are asking for folks to look out for a tan or cream colorado vehicle. that's all they know right now. they also don't know what led to the shooting. if you ride metro get ready for more delays. the latest surge of repair work on the red line 'tween shady grove and twin brook stop was supposed to end tomorrow now the transit agency says the work will continue through sunday. an update on the potentially deadly bacteria found prince george hospital. the pseudo monas. they're cleaning and treating the hospital's plumbing infrastructure, that bacteria is often found in water systems, last week ser
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transferred out of the nicu, which is the intense as if care for babies after three tested positive. all services except the nicu are open to patients. 6:32. trouble in paradise for rg3. let's check with the sports junkies the fan. . i was starting to get twitter comments yesterday. where are the junks haven't talked to you guys in forever. hope you guy are doing well. >> that's not on us. >> where have you been? >> been here every day. >> i'm just saying i miss you guys, that's all. >> we miss you too, steve. >> getting emotional at the beginning. >> we're softening things up we have tender topics to do. >> what we should do come in and hang out and do the hits the whole show >> i would love to, i've been saying that forever >> come -- here's a formal invite. do the whole show fro
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>> i accept that contingent of fox signing off on it. >> which will never happen >> that's a story for another day. >> we can do this. >> i'm on board. of when i first heard the news about robert griffin yesterday my first thought was mixed. first of all i don't really care about somebody's personal life if they're not playing for the team in the town i work. of then i thought this guy not had one season without some type of drama. >> it was surprising to me. i agree with you, i don't care about people's personal lives as well. it was surprising to me. i thought they were happy. i can't confirm it but i don't think they even sold their house yet they were living in in louden county. >> you're a land barren you own two properties. why don't you own a third >> you only need 2.8 million >> it's any time you see a couple go through a divorce it's awful particularly when there's kids involved. they
6:34 am
year ago. so it's awful. you wish them the best. i hope whatever works out the best for both of them. really, at the end of the day what i'm interested in is how he performance on the football field. it didn't look much different in the first preseason game than it did the last time he was here in dc. >> i was watching the same thing, eric. that's exactly what it is, you want to have that no drama going on so you can see focus on football. and lurch, i know you're a be betting man, maybe he can sell, it for 3. men's basketball 5:45 in the olympics, last two olympics combined average margin of victory over30 points be hasn't been happening lately >> only two of these players played in
6:35 am
this probably not our a team, labron not playing, curry not playing, westbrook, you throw those guys together they won't have a lot of practice time. the game of basketball globally is better it gets better year in year out. and you know, they're just not intimidated by the u.s. a lot of these team have multiple players in the nba including argentina they're going to play tonight. and united states hasn't played that well defensively. other teams are getting easy shots. they will what was that the gold but you should be prepared. >> jason touch continuity on the other teams, they played together many years, the united states because of the bigger stars turning their back basically on going to rio after nba regular season playoffs, labron and stef curry. they don't want to a part of that. the fact these players aren't playing that much together before they make that trip. >> got run. >> showing in these games
6:36 am
. >> they should but it will be close >> argentina you don't have the got crushed by spain >> hopefully they do and get in the middle round and get pumped up for blowouts as they go for the gold. we'll talk to you soon and i'll work on getting down there. that will be pretty awesome. >> make that happy >> see you guys. >> i think you should totally do it. >> let's make that happen. >> ok. forecast. yes. maybe i can do something else too, since i do the same forecast every day. >> do i get to i want to go core? 79 in washington. zip trip on friday, 79 in quantico. rosslyn this week, 74 out of dulles, low to mid 90's today, more like mid 90's with plenty of steamy heat out there. looks like a shower or thunderstorm possibility this afternoon, and that threat will linger into the nighttime hours
6:37 am
it will start to feel a little better each day. by next week, we're going to be rejoicing in unbelievable weather, hang in there. getting better. won't be 100, we'll take that. >> good news there. >> won't be 100. the >> like the most pleasant thing you said. right now, metro delays, single tracking with a track problem outside of friendship heights with surge 7 with ongoing single track between shady grove and twin brook watch out for these additional red line delays, yellow line mt. vernon square, huntingdon, should be on time or close to schedule. let's take a live look outside and see how things are shaping up as you make your way out. across the inner loop 210 to the wilson bridge, slow down with congestion. skyfox is not the only part of the beltway backing up, 95 to george you're
6:38 am
congestion. freeway eastbound a crash with the left lane getting the third street tunnel. a look there next. steve and allison. >> i'm getting ahead of myself 6:37 >> a shocking and horrific story >> a teenager accused of killing a couple and then this is really nasty, apparently ate part of the victims. was the teenager high on something? disturbing details still ahead this morning. of every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
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back now with what is trending on the web on wednesday morning, i want to warn you here, disturbing details. a downright horrific crime. police trying to figure out what prompted a college student in florida to attack and kill a couple he didn't even know then bite off pieces of one of the victim's faces. investigators don't know why this happened but they're looking in drugs. initial blood tests did show no sign of methamphetamine, heroin or cocaine. ellen degeneres defending herself. of degeneres said racist is the furtherist thing from who i am. showed riding on
6:42 am
with the caption this is how i'm running my errands from now on. comedians are saying it was a well timed olympics joke. the stabbing of a north miami beach mayor. updates, sold for way under the asking price, the famous playbook mansion has a new owner, we'll tell you who bought it and what it's governor. what hugh heffner gets out of the deal and who his landlord is. 6:42 right now.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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hello tucker barnes. >> pretending you were saying something? >> guess what? more heat and humidity, not quite the extreme heat or humidity. >> turning it down a little bit. >> turn it down a little bit. right. >> instead of going to 11 this is a 10 then will be turned down to seven. another hot one, still back in the mid 90's. of course, yesterday we were 97 and the day before that, 100 and day before that, 100. dimension the day before that, 100. 79 now in washington, 79 in quantico. very warm, sticky start to your day, due point temperatures right now in the low to mid 70's. it is not comfortable across the region. 77. in winchester. it
6:46 am
back in the low to mid 90's. however, we do have is a little bit of relief in the way -- on the way, in the form of the frontal system off to the north and west. it will bring you cloud cover today. eventually a chance for us showers and thunderstorms. keep in mind i'm not sure we'll get a whole lot in the daytime hours in the way of showers and storms but perhaps will move in little later tonight. there's a look at your surface map. we got the popped of showers and thunderstorms, highs back in the 90's, plenty of humidity out there but the trend each day will be to knock the numbers down a little bit. futurecast. there we are at 5:00. really does in the love the idea of storms in the afternoon, want to bring them in in the evening hours, 9:00. i want to mention, marginal risk for severe thunderstorms, the bottom line is much like the past couple days, severe weather is a possibility this afternoon. futurecast wake up with cloud
6:47 am
tomorrow 5:30. the sturgeon full moon. enjoy that. and there you go, 90 today 94 today. 94 tomorrow. >> are you talking to you yourself >> i'm talking to tammy, the lovely producer. >> there's your weekend forecast. >> i'm sorry i stole the last few seconds of your beautiful weather report. westbound side of the freeway, we had a big crash, eastbound side. you're taking a look at this delay, eastbound side of the freeway, 14 street to 3rd street tunnel, big crash at 3rd street tunnel be one lane getting by. delays overflow from the 14th street bridge back to gleeb road as you make your way 395 inbound, we had an earlier disabled vehicle on west bound side. that cleared out of the way but we're getting a bit
6:48 am
neck delay as you make your way out past the accident scene at the 3rd street tunnel. switch it over to metro right now. we're dealing with residual delays. earlier, unscheduled track work, track problem outside of friendship heights had a single tracking friendship heights. that cleared, watch the residual delays, we also had safetrack surge 7 as you make your way shadygrove to tib. a malfunction at huntingdon and zip tripping, joining tucker and annie this friday from 6:00 to 11:00. tucker goes out at 6:00. annie before that. rosslyn. >> cool. let's head for virginia out to hollywood. the famous playbook mansion. darren bought the famous mansion for oh, he got half off the asking price,
6:49 am
the sale can't do anything until he moves or dies. 25 rooms, re five acres and a whole bunch of partying history, as we're well aware. >> very famous. >> ok. hef is going to stay until >> ok, i get it. >> he's where he is. that's his crib. >> it is. >> that's cool he gets to stay. >> hey guys? what's going on. >> i was putting on my tie. >> you look like clark kent up here. >> rough morning, my apologies. of yesterday was absolutely insane, in this hour you gusties saw me at six flags america and my goal was national roller coaster, six coasters about an hour and a half. on a you felt pretty woozy, some of the footage, we ran this in the 9:00 a.m. hour, this is the super man ride. they put a go pro on the front of the roller coaster and you can hear me screaming very, very loudly.
6:50 am
>> we heard you >> look at the super man shirt opening perfect on the ride. now, one of the coolest ride is the joker's jinks where it launches you. this was a cool shot you guys had. >> the one next to you is more enthusiastic and loving life >> yes. that part was amazing. you go 0 to 60 in six seconds. that was the craziest we had >> who are these other people riding with you >> the guy behind me, to the right, the gentleman, he actually >> with a smile. >> he actually got married on the wooden roller coaster called the wild one three years ago. >> the historic one >> that ride was the 99. turns 100 next year. he got marry on that coaster three years ago. they went to the top of the
6:51 am
went down first drop. very cool experience. thank you six flags for having us out there. thank you to max and jason for incredible work shooting those live shots. you guys were amazing. we had john in studio who's jim from the office, he's married to a very fame actress emily blunt. a film called the girl on the train. based on a very popular book, it's a mystery similar to a gone girl type movie. apparently he's seen it. nobody else has, he had his little review and cool comments on how proud he is of his wife. watch this. >> you're married to an actress emily blunt. can't wait to see the girl on the train. >> it's great >> you seen it >> yes >> i can't wait >> it's one of the perks >> he's married big actresses and you get to see movies early >> do you go to like a cast screening >> they had a screening to re her that they usually show the people who are in the movie before it comes out to make sure they're happy with it. and we w
6:52 am
i was extremely happy. it's one of the best performances she's done if not the best >> he's obviously proud of his wife. he said he told my fiance lauren when she interviewed him it was the first time he's ever watched a movie she was in where he did not recognize his wife. >> beautiful. >> i heard it's phenomenonal. she's not in his new in my he's directing >> i wanted to ask him that. when you have an actress as a wife do you get to show her you your film and have her critique it, i'm wondering why isn't she in your movie? she was so good in edge of tomorrow. moving on this is my favorites video. simone biles obviously got more than a gold metal, this is a kiss from her celebrity crush, zach efron. she's been vocal for her love and appreciation for the actor, so much so ellen degeneres gave her lee tarred
6:53 am
it earlier this year. and would actually kissed it every day for good luck. >> it worked. that's right. he tweeting, just call me mrs. efron. we need more positive stories like that in the media. >> we saw earlier the tweets go to go back and forth between them. >> she genuinely flipped out because of that kiss. >> it was not an intended punch steve appreciates a good pun. it's good to see you guys. it is restaurant week here in dc. one local favorite is getting national attention. bone ap teat named bad saint second on the list of the best new restaurants in the nation. opened last fall in columbia
6:54 am
also named dc the restaurant city of the year. of. that's amazing >> check out the local cuisine. >> great honor. a local police officer probably land a job as a backup dancer for beyonce. he showed off his skills during a back to school event in fredericksberg virginia. we're going to let you take a look at what we're talking abou about. the crowd loved it and he's a pretty close match to beyonce. check him out and. the police pants cannot be that flexible. he's doing amazing stunts. >> he's going to come join us. we'll get him dancing in the 10:00 hour, might teach folks in the studio a few moves. >> when you say folks, you know who that doesn't include. >> i'm going to object talking and
6:55 am
that's what's going to happen. >> this is so unfair. it's not going to kill you to bust a move. that's all i'm saying. it's not going to kill you. i mean it's steve's turn. >> always my turn. >> no it's not. you never do it. >> i do. >> what? >> also, re let me mention quickly if i tried to split that would be the last moment of my life. . >> you don't have to -- does beyonce do the split? i think ripped in half if tie tried that. let's get to weather. dancing today? it's going to be hot and suite as we got a lot of humidity and already at 80 start to your day, humidity 76%. winds out south southwest today. the trend will be working in our favor, still hot, lot to mid 90's, clouds this afternoon and a scattered shower late this afternoon and the possibility of scattered thunderstorms this evening, keep that in mind
6:56 am
you got outdoor plans, concerts, sports, there could be storms around. 94 today. little better tomorrow, 90. honestly, that's a better looking seven-day we've seen. next week looks fantastic. 84 by next tuesday, low humidity should feel great. let's see if the road are great. . 6:56. we're taking a look around the area. skyfox over 270. southbound slow looking good there, normal of that point as you head to 109 you are want in a. let's go ahead and switch over for a live look. things are jam packed in our camera, this is the 14 and street bridge you crawling, an eastbound crash with one lest lane getting by on the eastbound side of the freeway, delays are overflowing all the way down towards gleeb road. a quick look at the maps. we also have residual delays on the
6:57 am
outside friendship heights, residual delays to green belt on the yellow line, keep it to fox 5 morning, we got you covered. we'll be back in a few with your 7:00 hour.
6:58 am
6:59 am
. a shake-up in the donald trump cam making changes
7:00 am
contaminated with bacteria than we first thought. what prince george's hospital is revealing this morning >> felt like in 26 years one day of work >> the announcement coming from dc police chief kathy lanier headed to the big league, the reaction from the rank and file all the way to the mayor on her leaving the force >> surprised many of us. here's a live look on wednesday, it's august 17, 2016, we'll have weather and traffic on 5. >> i'm steve chenevey, welcome to fox 5 news. in the district. three people recovering after a triple shooting in southwest. you could see all the evidence marker, two women and man hit. had injuries not believed to be serious, police are asking people to keep an eye out for either a cream or tan colored vehicle. at this point, they still don't know what led to the shooting. >> this morning, 911 is fixed a problem that sprint's


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