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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. breaking news out of the district another hit-and-run the second time two days, we've live with the latest. two american swimmer on their way home after being held after claims being robbed at gunpoint. possible punishments they could face
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move stir around get ready to head to work or wherever on a friday. >> getting this day over with so they can high tail it out of town >> thank you for joining us, on a i'm wisdom martin >> i'm maureen umeh. let's get to news, the latest on that breaking news out of northwest dc where police are on the scene of a deadly hit-and-run >> this is the second accident in two days, melanie alnick is live on the scene with the latest. mel? >> reporter: it happened just barely before 3:00 in the morning, really, 2:44 is when we got the call about it. and you can see here that it appears to be really in the, almost smack in these intersection, that x intersection between m and new hampshire, we're around about 21 and m, 22
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people are familiar with the area know there's a lot of hotels, bars, restaurants, a lot of pedestrianct aity at many hours of the night here. we don't know, have any information at this point where this person was coming from or going to. dc police do say it is a hit-and-run, and it is a male victim. people who were here told me they did see an ambulance come and whisk the victim away. so we are led to believe there that he may have died at the hospital. don't know whether that condition -- what that condition was here on the scene. major crash here, crime scene investigators here as well. continuing to mark evidence, continuing to measure certain distance lines, the most important piece of information what we like is what we don't have. that's a good look-out for the vehicle that struck this man, all we know at this point from dc police is some sort
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black vehicle we'll continue to ask for more information, more details we can give people out there. so they can help with this case. live in northwest, melanie alnwick. in the meantime authorities in rio dejanero have indicted u.s. swimmers accused of lying about an alleged armed robbery, two olympic athletes are heading home after testifying about the incidents. >> rio dejanero police indict after they falsify reports they were robbed. only problem is lochte is already back in charlotte, north carolina. >> rio dejaneiro police indict u.s. olympic gold metalist lochte and feigen after falsifying reports they were robbed. the only problem, lochte is back in north carolina. >> there's strong evidence that at least one of the swimmers took actions that would be defined as falsification of crime. >> brazilian authorities release theed two other swimmers, guer
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and they've already boarded a flight back to the u.s. after authorities pulled them from an earlier flight >> i was sitting there and they came by and said sir you need to depart the plane >> police say the swimmers were not robbed a the gunpoint. steady, the swimmers vandalized a gas station. of feigen remains in brazil >> there's no need to have his departure prohibited. he will go through the same process as the other two. ly he goes to the judge to show police don't need him to stay. if the judge authorizes, he can board. >> olympic officials are urging police to drop the case. >> let's give the kids break. sometimes you take actions that you later regret. we -- they are like -- lochte is one of the best swimmers of all times, they made a mistake, legislative goes on >> but the swimmers risk losing endorsement deals >> by him
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bro, what it shows is lack of judgment >> they which as authorities work to sure the city remains safe throughout the olympics. >> we should clear up there are conflicting reports as to whether the swimmers have been indicted or not. in the meantime, the you say lick pick committee did issue a statement saying, quote, the behavior of these athletes is not acceptable nor does it represent the values of team usa on your the conduct of the vast majority of its member, well further review the matter and any potential consequences for the athletes when we return to the united states. this is a story you've been engaging with and your reactions went from shock to anger. wow, what a way to represent the united states, now they will have to pay for lying in a foreign country. . this is so embarrassing, olympians behaving like this >> cheryl commented someone did takehe
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they caused, there's no excuse of them acting like a bunch of classless morons >> we'll be sharing more of those throughout the morning. go on our fox 5 facebook page. the 5:06 is the time. >> i totally missed that >> nicer morning by the way, not bad at all. thank you. all right. let's get to the weather forecast, is it going to be a good friday for just about everybody around the dmv here. good news feeling better in the suburb, gaithersburg at 66, frederick at 66, humidity up there is special around dc metro region, 76 current number in washington, as well as annapolis baltimore. of satellite and radar pretty quiet. generally speaking, once sun comes up what's left will quickly break up. we'll have a
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our way, 93 degrees your daytime high, 90's re to manassas and quantity, 92 for frederick, north and west may be able to stay in the upper 80's,s 87 for frederick and 88 for dulles, we do have much better weather on the way, but the heat is sticking around a little bit for the weekend. i'll have full details on that forecast coming up in a bit. let's check with the roads this friday morning. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. 5:07. police letting us know, beach drive shutdown with a down tree and this new crash in prince george's county county. outer loop before 50, we're still seeing green on the map. i'll let you know if that starts to show down the outer loop this morning. earlier crash in fairfax inner loop ramp on 95 getting back to normal, a little bit of a residual delay. u
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there. once you get on to 95 southbound you're in good shape. tracking breaking news as well in northwest we have team coverage as melanie alnwick gathering information, deadly hit-and-run cash, new hampshire remained shutdown, for that accident investigation could be out there some time. causing a lot of delays and in l and pennsylvania folks detour around that as well. we'll go ahead and forward our map and take a look in the frederick, can 270 south looking nice, as you make your way down towards germantown and she's going to myrtle beach,s wanted to know if 95 south is looking good in virginia. nice and quiet and good shape on 50 and head to the bay bridge, got you covered this morning, we'll take a look at metro next, back to you, wisdom and maureen. 5:08 is the time. has there ever been a name nor preempt for a human being, bolt. >> lightening bolt. whatever you want to call it. he got the third straight g
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metal in the men's 200 meter dash and if he wins next he competes in the triple triple, nine gold metals which would tie for the most olympian gold metals >> i noticed he wasn't looking back at anybody. >> when he got real, he turned it on and didn't stop until he crossed line >> no more showboating, he just did it >> i remember i used to rush back in fifth place, from sixth fifth place >> i run nowhere. >> it's good to be in fifth when you were in sixth. words of wisdom. still ahead, investigating a string of overnight robberies. a tale of good news and bad news in california. firefighters battling a brand new wildfire. >> we're heading to break across the dc region, a much nicer start to the morning, cooler
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temperatures. you're going to like it the it's a good friday, it's a win win all around, back in 30 seconds. quick quicker. i'm annie yu. we're following a developing story overnight in the district. dc police are investigating a string of robberies in the first one they tell us happened on the 1200 block
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northeast. the second robbery happened on the 3600 block of 6 street in sweet. there was also another robbery on the 5900 block of 13th place in northwest and for one reason or another of course we will stay on top of this and bring you the latest. back up to you. of. >> thank you. 5:11 is the time. let's head out west, where another wildfire raging in california >> crews are battling a brush fire burning around 500 acres in santa barbara county. threatening structures in the area, so far there are no reports reports of structures lost. evacuations have been ordered for campgrounds and a boy's camp near the fire that's burning right now. the cause of this fire is under investigation. in in san bernardino crews are making some progress that fire is now 22% contained. burned a total of 56 square miles since it started tuesday morning. the area seen here is between little creek and
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claimed multiple structure, no word on exact number. let's head south in hard hit louisiana and emergency flooding situation now. a housing crisis with more than 40,000 homes confirmed damaged by flood waters. that number still growing. so is the number of people who died. at least 13 people lost their lives. in what is now the worst u.s. natural disaster since super storm is sandy. some criticized president obama for remaining on vacation during the crisis. >> the president can't be everywhere, i know he has a very busy schedule this fall and in the coming days. and he is closely monitoring the situation. >> nearly 1,000 federal emergency management agents are on the ground with hundreds more on the way. the agents working with floodville to assess their damage, sign them up for federal disaster assistance and help range temporary housing. model amber heard making a pretty heart
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donald trump like you never seen him before. we're i'm going to tell you the story behind this very revealing statue.
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♪. back at 5:15 with breaking news, a deadly hit-and-run on m and new hampshire avenues northwest, this is the second in many days, police are on the look-out for a black colored car or suv of some kind, i'm melanie alnwick on the scene updates as she gets information. time to talk to mike thomas about weather at 5:15. when i walked outside today, it wasn't as bad as it had been in previous days. >> let's hope the trend continues and we can have more comfortable temperatures >> it's almost like you seen a sneak preview of the forecast. >> you are in the building, so we
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>> that's a tv secret -- no one supposed -- hold on wisdom and maureen >> pay no attention to the two sitting on the desk >> what you don't know is we're actually right next to each other. >> let's take a look at consultant conditions outside. of it's dark outside. it's dry if you're heading to work, no umbrella needed unlike yesterday, 76 your current number we lost one degree from last hour, but the humidity has kick up a little bit. still going to be humid for this friday, it should be dry all day, not expecting rain or thunderstorms with the exception of maybe one or two over the mountains. if you're watching from he will convince west virginia or anywhere basically west of i 81 you do have the chance for showers at dc, not so much. remain mostly sunny all day long. of high pressure still in control off to our south and going to keep filtering in the heat and humidity from the south, we'll have another hot day in store but we should be dry again temperatures later on this afternoon making it into the 90's, 93 degrees. mostly sunny skies we're keeping it hot and humidor
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for now more days here including the weekend. now, one change for the weekend, we will have a frontal boundary start heading in our direction up ahead of it we'll have a nice southerly surge. temperatures staying in the 90's, feel like mid 90's saturday and sunday, as the front inches closer, we'll have a better and better chance of thunderstorms each day, saturday not so much. mostly sunday is the bigger risk for your thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours. there's your forecast. 91 degrees for saturday. again, a hit or miss storm can't be ruled out. it's mostly sunday that's the bigger concern for storms heading here during the late afternoon and into the early evening hours. best news i've been will have the give. high pressure sliding in from canada over the plains will eventually slide in our direction, humidity is out of here. it's going to be absolutely gorgeous, we monday, tuesday, wednesday, not shortage of sunshine. it will be warm but dry, we don't have all thepp
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humidity. take a look at your fox 5 seven-day forecast. 93 today, re we keep the 90's through the weekend with your best chance of getting wet on late sunday afternoon and into sunday evening, then we really clear it out. it gets gorgeous for the first half of next week, mid 80's, lows in the 60's, perfection, erin, going to be great. >> i like the sound of that. sounded like you were talking about a plate of pass ta. of he. breaking traffic news, road closed because of a tree down in the roadway. beach drive both directions between wise road northwest and cheryl drive northwest certainly keep you updated on that. you need to detour around that. take a look at the outer loop. crash cleared in prince george's county. look at that yellow line we have residual delays leading towards that location, we'll let you know if that causes slow downs this morning, deadly hit-and-run crash in northwest. melanie alnwick
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information there, she's at the scene new hampshire avenue still shutdown at m street, we're seeing a lot of congestion on m, new hampshire, l and portions of pennsylvania, please allow yourself extra time as you head out in that busy area, on maps cleared on the inner loop to 95 southbound and let's take a live look outside and show you how the rest of your commute is shaping up. right now, as you can see, traffic looking pretty good as you make your way on to 70. problem free heading oh towards the beltway, you can see around the curve, a little bit of increased volume, no speeds delays just yet. breaking news from metro. orange line may see delays west falls church, traffic in just a few. maureen and wisdom, before a, to you. 5:19, let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with most this morning on social media with the real time news track >> developing from capitol hill.
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$400 million cash payment to i ran, they negotiated the turn of iranian money separately from talks to release the prisoners. u.s. saying withheld the money as leverage to free the citizens detained. three football players agreed to meet with the amid controversy over steroid use. clay mathews and julius peppers, america report named he three players in a steroid use scandal or face suspension. finally amber heard seems ready to clear all ties, she's donating her full $7 million divorce settlement to charity. it will be divided against stopping violence against women and so the children's hospital
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volunteered past two years. she hopes that money can help those less able to defend themselves. >> good for her >> huge. a popular amazon perk now available in our region >> first donald trump bearing it all? not by choice exactly. story behind a very revealing statue that's now going viral. >> as we head to break, here's a look outside across the region. the time is 5:21, back after this.
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. it's donald trump like you never seen him before. seems like seattle has the intake truth on the presidential campaign as a statue of the republican appears on the streets of washington's biggest city. it shows trump in the buff. the statue was created by an artist in cleveland and is the brain child of an
5:24 am
called in decline which has previously spoken out against trump. cropped up in on her cities like san francisco and new york. a rare moment of public con trition. he admitted he regrets some of the recent controversialremarks he's made. he said sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words, he regrets causing personal pain. go to the democratic side right now. the clinton foundation says it will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations if hillary clinton is elected president. of only take donations from u.s. citizens and independent charities. they're coming under renewed scrutiny suggest donors sought access to the state department while hillary clinton was secretary of state. >> talk about what our friday's mean around here, zip trip, we're heading
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tucker, annie and erin will all be there starting at 6:00 a.m. meantime, mike thomas, what kind of weather are they going to be facing when they head over to rosslyn? >> fantastic, i've been doing reading. >> what kind of reading. >> he got his book here 20,000 clips and quotes, and they got weather man in here. the weather man is a profit right, except for his timing. >> every time you come up you're going to read a quote from there. >> maybe not every time. some of them aren't too nice. i'm going to go to have to if i wanted a good one. i'll find a better one. zip trip ride looking fake, going to rosslyn, tucker will be there in half hour, erin and annie will join him after that. satellite and radar
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looking pretty good, waldorf you're going to have a lot of sunshine today and motorist of us across the dmv will as well i want to say. temperatures 76, dulles 69, gaithersburg 66, frederick cool and comfortable 64, but up into the 80's we go by 11:00, 86 by 2:00. of 90 and by 5:00 p.m., 92 degrees, no rain in the forecast today. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast coming up in about ten minutes. let's check with the forecast. erin got the roads. zip trip later this morning, right now, tracking your commute, unfortunately we have problems on metro. in addition to safetrack surge 7 delays because of unscheduled track repairs on the red line between silver springs and forrest glen and between west falls church, so make sure you plan ahead for your morning commute. you may want to take the bus instead. safetrack surge 7 continues between shadygrove and
5:27 am
rockville only 30 minutes, you know the drill, factor extra time there and note that the safetrack surge 7 will affect the red line with shuttle service replacing rail. any questions we'll keep you updated on the roads as well, check in with beach drive we have a downed tree in northwest. back to you. straight ahead at 5:30, the latest on the hit-and-run in the district. melanie alnick on the latest. two american swimmers on their way home after being forced to testify over claims robbed at gunpoint. >> a live look outside across the region, the time is 5:27. back in just a moment.
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. straight ahead, american olympic swimmers held in rio on way home comes after testifying about claims they were held at gunpoint. will they face punishment? new details in a moments leading up to the moment of a local dnc staff, talked to one dc bar owner saw him just hours before he was killed. washington monument closed once again. and later, donald trump like you never seen him before. the story behind this revealing statue of the presidential hopeful. fox this morning starts right now. this is fox 5 news morning. good friday morning, thank
5:31 am
umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin, today is friday, august 19th, erin comb me here talking track, mike thomas talking weather, a lot to talk about >> don't forget annie yu >> she's got headlines as well >> good morning to all of you. . we want to talk more about the breaking news out of washington, dc. police on the scene of another deadly hit-and-run. >> the latest incident happening along new hampshire and m streets northwest, melanie alnwick is live with the latest. mel? >> guys about three hours into this now, and dc police still continuing this very active investigation, re we have a crime scene investigators here, we have the major crash unit on scene, and several blocks around the intersection of new hampshire and m, all blocked off, not only for vehicular traffic but pedestrian traffic as well. we're going to take you closer look
5:32 am
-- where they're setting up some of the crawls, there's some evidence in the streets they've been looking at including, what appears to be maybe a backpack, also perhaps some other pieces of clothing or personal effects here. dc police say this man was struck about 2:44 this morning. witnesses did not see it actually happen, but i did talk to some people who saw the police response, said there were almost a dozen police cars here, and they did see an ambulance with the victim away from this scene. but still trying to figure out exactly the details of where this man was walking to or from. there are many bars and restaurants and hotels in this area as well. there could, perhaps be some surveillance video too that police could try to look at. we've asked them if they have anymore information for us as far as some kind
5:33 am
so far we have not been able to get anything more than some kind of a black vehicle. this is the second pedestrian fatality in the city in just two days. this is a hit-and-run. yesterday, the vehicle stayed on scene and we can tell you in that case, that man was a local dc restaurant owner, who we hear was perhaps walking a customer out to her car when he was struck. dangerous streets out here these days guys, back to you >> melanie alnwick thank you. breaking developments in the scandal involving four u.s. swimmers accused of lying about an alleged robbery, james feigen will be making a $10,800 payment and leaving brazil. police in rio are recommending ryan lochte and feigen ge charged
5:34 am
reports that they were robbed >> they released two other swimmers, guerrero bentz and jack conger. they already boarded a flight back to us, the swimmers say they were not robbed at gunpoint instead they vandalized a gas station. of olympic officials are urging police to drop the case but the swimmers risk losing endorse meants. the behavior of these athletes is not acceptable nor does it represent the usa. we will further review the matter and any potential consequences for the athletes when we return to the united states. of. this morning, one person is recovering from injuries after an officer involved shooting in prince george's county. this happened in capitol heights when an officer attempted to stop a driver suspected in a series of violent crimes, the man jumped out his car, armed with a gun and shot in the arm by an officer after a short pursuit. he's
5:35 am
>> we're probably sounding like a broken record but the washington monument will once again be closed today. on wednesday, an elevator cable broke loose, into visitors were in the elevator at the time. more than 80 tourists had to walk down. it's the second time less than a week that the elevator troubles closed the monument. hopefully we'll have better news for you. but right now, closed again today. let's go over here and check in with mike thomas, not only does he have your weather forecast, but now he has some open mic moment >> i'm getting philosophical. >> open mic? >> mike that went over your head? open mike >> lots of things go over my head. >> what's the quote of the hour? >> how about the pes mists expects every change in the weather to be a change for the worse? . that's not what's going to happen this time around. >> very nice, i like that open mic >> i would work on delivery next time. >> you haven't studied
5:36 am
yet too much. we're working on it. >> everybody is a critic, mike. >> you want to try reading some >> no, leave it to the expert >> the most interesting read. i'm done with the quotes. let's get to the weather forecast, something i kind of know. sun will be coming up relatively shortly here, we got about another half hour of darkness, 76 degrees your current number in dc, lprah humidity up 71%, another humid steamy day with temperatures back in the 90's this afternoon, satellite and radar few high thin clouds out there for the time being, once we do get the sun up those should burn out with a few clouds from time to time. 93 your daytime high. it will be hot out there today. we'll feel like 95, 96 later on this afternoon. of we head into saturday, start with a good amount of sunshine, we could pop a storm in the afternoon be most around the dc region will stay dry, much better chance of storms heading into sunday then the fantastic
5:37 am
week, we'll have the full seven-day forecast coming your way in a couple minutes. let's check with the forecast, erin como has roads. 5:37. starting out with a wide view of this, we're seeing a lot of green and our map, look at that yellow as you head out of largo, dealing with a crash blocking the shoulder on the outer loop approaching 50, tap on the brakes when you head towards 50. quiet past 95 if you happen to have an early morning flight, traffic on baltimore washington parkway 95 northbound looking good on the way to bwi and no problems on your route to reagan national or as you make your way out to dulles, we'll keep you posted. 395 quiet coming in from alexandria, we do have breaking news, northwest free down in the roadway, beach drive blocked both directions, rise road to cheryl drive if you're taking metro delays silver springs and forrest glen on the red line, west falls church on the orange line, more traffic in a few moments back to
5:38 am
available in our region, you can enjoy one-hour dlvr coming up next. >> a chance of plans why mcdonald's will no longer add fitness trackers to kids menus.
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good morning, i'm annie yu in the
5:41 am
for drivers in virginia, last planned america 911 ride set to cause major traffic disruptions. the annual event commemorates the victims of the september 11th terror attacks along with the first responders who were killed that day. riders are expected to leave the flight 93 national memorial in pennsylvania and arrive in crystal city. as many as 1500 motorcyclists are expected to participate. drivers should avoid the area or seek alternate routes if possible. wisdom and maureen >> thank you very much. 5:41 is the time. this morning a maryland restaurant is reaching out to help residents displayed by the apartment fire in silver springs >> raised nearly $18,000 for the montgomery housing partnership. the funds will help provide stands to those to help them rebuild people in reston can get
5:42 am
hour delivery known as prime now, it also launch a service in other parts of northern virginia including herndon. grocery to household products. northern virginia prime is available from 8:00 a.m. to midnight seven days a week. that's good information for you. >> yes, it is. if you use amazon >> stay with us, back in a moment.
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deadly hit-and-run on m and new hampshire avenue northwest. it's the second fatal hit-and-run in as many days, what police are looking for morning, trying to gather information, not a lot coming out, but again a deadly hit-and-run, details coming up in a few minutes. we have details coming up right now in regards to our weather forecast, mike thomas is here with that as we take a live look outside, people starting to stir a little bit >> pretty good friday: not a bad saturday. sunday? but >> if you have outdoor activities, today and tomorrow >> today and tomorrow are fine, sunday generally fine too. it's just late afternoon, early evening you have to watch out. it's barbecues on sunday. let's get to it. here's your weather for the afternoon, temperatures outside right now, not looking too bad. 76 here in washington. manassas 70, 69 dulles, 73 around at
5:46 am
good morning to your client also several viewers watching around the region. good morning to you, thank you for your tweets. satellite and radar we're looking: sunny across the region once the sun is able to come up. once the sun comes up, that will burn off we'll have mostly sunny skies this afternoon, here's your futurecast. heading outside to lunch, it's going to be hot, lots of sun by the noon hour, we work our way into the evening hours, keeping it dry in dc. with a good amount of sunshine, saturday we start same way. good amount of sun, few clouds, maybe we pop a storm in the afternoon, chances are not too high here in dc. best chances are going to be west of i 81 over the mountains, what we call terrain driven thunderstorms tomorrow. we're working to sunday, much better chance, setup different. drier air, which we definitely need around here, starting to spill into the region, moisture stuck along the
5:47 am
they combine they will be portions of the ingredients to bring strong storms. we'll keep an eye on that. not all day on sunday but if you're having outdoor plans, something you're going to have to watch. bethany beach 87 saturday -- basically all the beach chance of a pop-up storm, much like here in dc, better chance of storms on sunday than on saturday. lot of temperature, mid 70's: i happened to be in bethany last weekend. water feels fantastic. what's going on after the weekend? human air in place all weekend. cold front comes how to heading to early next week and finally gets us rid of the moisture, humidity, feeling fantastic, we head into next week, there's your fox 5 accu weather
5:48 am
seven-day forecast, 93 degrees for friday, lower 90's saturday and sunday, best chance of rain over the next seven days is going to be sunday evening then we work into next week, fantastic. 84 degrees monday, 85 tuesday, 87 on wednesday. lots of sun, the kicker? no humidity. >> what? >> say what? >> you saved the best for last, am iic. >> i always do. try to anyway. >> start singing to you right now. beach drive closed down both directions detour around that one, also tracking this deadly pedestrian hit accident, new hampshire avenue remains shut down in both directions, melanie alnwick at the scene gathering more information, the crash scene is north of washington circle and south of dupont, busy area for traffic and pedestrians, please use caution as police wrap up their investigation, could be out there for some time during the morning commute. you can see all the red. this is causing a lot of backup on portions of pennsylvania already. as folks try and detour arou
5:49 am
delays possible because of unscheduled track repairs, red line silver springs for rest glen and red line, in addition to that safetrack surge 7 continues between shadygrove and twinbrook. to shuttle service replaces rail service as it continues through the weekend on metro. 395 looking good, 295 in the clear, a little bit of a slowdown through largo earlier crash by 50 cleared off to the shoulder, a little bit of a residual delay. and let's talk about our zip trip today to rosslyn, if you're going to be coming out, we'd love, you can take the metro to the rosslyn stop today from 6:00 to 11:00. i'll be out there by 9:00. we would love for you to come out to rosslyn, say hello. we have a great morning planned for you and we would love to see you out there. we want to be proud. of la
5:50 am
three u.s. postal service employees facing serious charges including bribe ri and conspiracy to distribute marijuana, an unsealed indictment claims alicia norman den re ken today brant and and devon row. they deposited more than $30,000 in his accounts in the later year. . to a story you saw first on fox 5, new details about what the prince george's county schools administration did and did not know about a federal investigation into child abuse in the county's head start program >> the board apparently had no idea about the scope of the federal investigation and they reportedly did not know that the county was at risk of losing millions of federal dollars to fund head start. prince george's county school board member edward borrow
5:51 am
to find out what was communicated. they're going to talk about how long they gave the board to correct deficiencies and problems and why they were not corrected. also says anyone who failed to act should be terminated or resign. time is 5:51. let's take a look at the stories, on social media, with our real-time news tracker >> let's talk about amber heard, she is donating her full $7 million divorce settlement to charity. with particular focus on stopping violence on women, the children's hospital of los angeles where heard had volunteered the past ten years. the actress says she hopes the money can help those less able to defend themselves. mcdonald's pulling happy meals fitness trackers. some customers complained about the items burning their kids' skin's mcdonald's issued a statement saying nothing is more important than the safety of our
5:52 am
customers. finally uber is going ahead with its plans to make self driving cars mainstream. the company will run an experiment in pittsburgh, uber isn't saying exactly how many will hit the streets to pick up riders. of i guess only time will tell. see how it works out >> i'm saying nope. of there better be a driver in that driver's seat >> we can confirm there's at least two customers they won't get >> not a dime from me. send a person. 5:52. another story makes us proud at fox 5 and involves kevin mccarthy >> it's no secret he loves everyone and everyone loves him. >> a recent interaction with a viewer stands out. angela says she ran into kevin last summer. of she had just been diagnosed with bells pals. is she didn't want to take pictures but kevin told her she was beautiful and helped to boost her confidence. angela says kevin
5:53 am
heart and something she will never forget. this is a great story. she actually sent another picture of her smiling. she's getting her condition is getting better. >> wow. >> very good. >> we love you. keep on keeping on angela and good job, kevin. put on your dancing shoes, one viewer could win four tickets to see jelly's last jam at signature theater >> if for any performance through september 11th 2016, the prizeses has a value of $376. >> win it for a chance to win, selected by ram drawing on august 22. of all must be 18 or older. olympic highlights time now. usain bolt done it again. captured third straight gold metal in the men's 200 meter
5:54 am
completes the swelled triple triple, he's going to earn nine olympic gold metals which would tie two other olympians. of that dude is fast. >> you said it so aptly named. >> if you're named usain bolt, it's safe to say you're going to be pretty fast >> names have meanings. ok, what better way to kick off the weekend than with some preseason football. bergny and gold hosting the jets at fedex field set for 7:30 tonight. . let's talk real baseball. not preseason baseball. nats in atlanta taking on the braves. game delayed nearly two hours because of rain. looks like the rain brought the nats good luck they won 8-2. the second game. game two in that series is tonight. time now for facebook
5:55 am
the day, and today, it is linette evans >> check it out. that is a banging hairstyle. she was disappointed she wasn't picked fan of the day for her birthday. >> we're so sorry we missed your special day we hope it was fabulous. as fabulous as you are. happy belated birthday to you and thank you for tuning in. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan, put your photo on our facebook page. . i hope it's not too late to say sorry. >> a little from wisdom martin. >> happy birthday to you. >> she looks like someone. who does she rhyme you of? >> brianna? >> i didn't know brianna had that hairstyle. >> golden brooks >> ok, she had a little golden brooks >> if you're watching utell us what you think >> who do you get mistaken for >> mike thomas says brianna
5:56 am
brooks >> you're working that hair, color, cut, fabulous, happy belated. let's talk zip trip. it is friday, once again we're not going too far but we're going across the potomac to rosslyn virginia, hope to see you out there. 76 degrees i hope to see you out there turkey hopes to see you, 7:00 a.m. 76, 81 degrees at 9:00 a.m. by 11:00 we're into the mid 80's lots of sunshine, turkey won't be alone, annie yu and erin como will be joining him. friday 93 for daytime high. weekend still hot and muggy 91 on saturday. just a slight chance of a pop-up storm, much better chance of storms later on sunday afternoon and into early sunday evening. next week looks absolutely fantastic. can't wait for monday, it's not often you hear that around here: that's a check on the forecast. erin como got the
5:57 am
roads on zip trip. >> i was talking fashion with maureen >> i know this dress is everything. >> i'll text it to you. of. >> that thing, wow. fabulous. >> i love your necklace and your dress. >> fashion queens. of. we'll move over to breaking news. prince george's county, baltimore washington parkway southbound between 410 and 450. look at that red line stack back to the beltway and anticipate big delays there. keep it to fox 5 news morning and take a look out and rosslyn as we head to break. we're setting up the zip trip, tucker barnes. just beautiful conditions out there. come say hello in rosslyn.
5:58 am
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this is fox 5 news this morning. straight ahead at 6:00, two nights in a row and two pedestrians killed by a car this morning. police are looking for a hit-and-run suspect. new details on that olympic embarrassment. brazil police say some u.s. swimmers including ryan lochte lied about an alleged armed robbery, why it's costing them more than just the reputation. live look outside. well, setting up in rosslyn this morning for our zip trip this week, we invite you to come out and visit us on this friday morning, august 19th, we'll have weather and traffic coming up on the 5 at


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