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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 19, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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fufu and deaking overnight.ig an american stuck in rio and ria accused of makingropp a rtingbef about a d3a m(len night out mhtees a deal to return to the uniteded states. stat 7 ct it will cen-t him more than uldst his reputation. meanwhile, gold med list ryan ra lone shte still sticking to his story. stor >> believe it ory. not, i regret it. >> a n's o side o on.dona and t3 mmp. the gop presidential nominee apologizing for some of thehe thinfrom a he said. said. the q on st we n nowect is it to little too late for voters. ♪ the endless weight is over. overnight frank
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his first new album in four fr years and sone s i'vl med i'v fe out.t. first, though, we're takingn this show on the r $d and a7en-- the rce er.ce er gofin day at 9a live from fox5 and rosslyn starts now. fufu it's friday. hierybody goo good day d.c. its 9:00 sorry one. o i'm mshop reen alongside allisn and wisdom martin. marti steve and holly have the morning off.f. >> we hen-se more on the lone st >> what did you say lyin' loch hhat comingropp the payout.ayo. >> first, though, fridays mean m faff yeas and ieng s gap trip te and this morning we are spending the day exploring theloring the neighborhofin of ren-he uyn,of y but that's where we find annie, erii and tucker hanging out this t moch ing.g
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(applause).. >> what great crowd out here. >> yes. >> very enthusiastic.c erin just arrived.. >> i'm so happy to be out here.r >> we've been marinating outg ot here tucker and i thank you foru joining us finally, eriy toriy o >> i'm so hkupy to be out here.r >> it's so nice.t's so nic >> it is really nice a lot ofloo nice peom.ce peom. rack's o ng hello on that are wt work or walking their dogs. >> yeah.h >> saying th if love fkup5 and we5 appreciate all of you. thank you veaff m3 nte. (cheers and acclause).clau). >> very enthusiastic crowd and a beautiful out here tfinay. tfin. if really is.y is. >> not b ple at all.. we'll did little weather.eather we'll be out hereropntil. w1 comw1 c come down andi ds andnrops. >> erin, where are we? w >> we are in roshe uopp, vuchgio >> you mean more s ificaleng. >> 14 see one wilson boulevard a at the corner of wilson and ohtt traffic wasn't b ple getting her >> lrly pleasantteather. do thwt overnight.t. winds are out of the northwestte early and allowed to us cool iti off ovech igh
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81 in washington.n 81 in annapolis. 79 in leonardtown.rdtown igorth and we have in the 70's.. 77 out at dulles.. another hot one. one. another relatce comy humid day. not the b3 mtal heat of earlier eli in the week.he wk. highs in the low to mid 9te asta n fou and be daff this afternooo maim e a pop up storm well out o the west and that daytime high g 93 a f's o de sprees aus?ve nor. coming we'll do weekend forecass and we have cool down to look lk forward to n♪forward to n next couple of hours we'll be exploring rossengy to we've been here all morning.e al i've been here since 6:00.:0 >> so much to see.. >> yeah.. >> atrp>> all right.p>> shall we toss it back inside tod the trim.the trim. there?th >> that's right. we're triple threat perart two.. yogapguys are trim. trim. one. >> exactly. >> that's right. >> trife1 plo lo c1 o on. the wn out there ono trip. go out and see them ieng sen wonder the wl morning.he w we do hen-se a lot to talk aboua this morning on good day.n go the (cg stoaffect of coursck two amer outan swimmers indicted ini brazil there has been someeen me concern as to whether they'veve actualeng been indicted someicts r
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been. en. we're going with ind outted. ryan lochte and jimmy feigen fee accused of of lying about b♪ngug he andropp at gun point by p>> o this has taken on lot of twistss and turns. >> ovech ight f♪gen the last ofl the four swim mrs. caught up in the d nea nicylong11,0l stillndl 7eng,0 uldst to leave the country and hours later gunner bentz andz ad jagapg conger chegapged in on an flight home from brazil. now they had been removed from m m. m. and forced to testify to policep about the claims that lochtee made that thha if were rtingbed atterbed a a night of partying. investigators doubted theiroubtt story and that was the is ind o then yesterday releasedrday rela surveillance video of the four o swimmers. th d proved that they lied.the now, that video appears to showw them admittedly d3 meo america you ameriou o bndalizing a gas station gettingetting confronted by armd seastrity gu rs and accarenavyand paying for the damage that theyy caused.used meanhsilckrop.s. oengmp outeng t co ittee released a statementtement apologizing for the
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úcandathúcandath intech at we nathch at we nath statement saying in part "the behabutbehabut not ameaeptable nor does itoes i represent the values of team usu or theasa outk of the vast maria the of i c1 members.embe. lochte one of the most mt recognis hable names and faces f usa swis lcog face charges inn this or fine for his role in ro this drama as wcoml.m. oneng thing he's return to the t united states before the storyhy really took obers. o he still cou and face punishme m team usa in a swimming area and >> ymlong1c comfirsttee cou andl face drama.ce dra. >> look at some of the covers oo these n's ospkuers here.e. reputation thteing a hit. could his endorsements also take a hit? chegapg out ad ain these covers. liar, lawyer, speedo on fire. and the lochte monster likeik logapgnes ind lo ay. ay. >> wow! >> so the question this morning hsere does the g>> d med list go from here or will the scandalndl overshadow his career in the the wee>> fo
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to our man in rio back now from rio sports agent doug end rich.. gofin morning to you.ou. >> p good morning.oo >> i got to sit up straightersta sil.e you're here.ree. maane pen-ture.e pen-re. >> momma didn't give me a choi choice. firslitaaff father and southernn mo a, stand up straight, shake hands and ma'am and sir.. >> youasano riohsat hur c1 thesa úcandagapgn seriously though you've got to think this guy will thtee at úch because eveaffone is sayingin you're a liar. then you left your friendsfrie behind to boot.oo >> there's thousand moving min pisces. this a mow say a zero recece ess brlo en tiles to peace tit'ethea prger picture.cerger that's what we've done unfoldol the last couple of days.ays. leeng s get it out of the way. t they were i'm not here to d lieend them.he i'm an i'm not an athlete poll gist. accountability is the first stm. they were wrong.e wr. the second step we have to be cautious of is not ove nicy y tinting these ghighs, a, as bg bad people.eople. because good people make bad de3 isions. evd dr gis we you donr fr by dt make i was bad decision.isn. this was a bad decis we y tois w b we canr fr say this is
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to the modern olympic athlete blatant diss record for intech at we nathtech at wee ce talking about team usa. 550 athletes representing antg a counle.y of 330 million flagonla us obut us obut this an inn discretion night ofo poor judgment perhaps otherer shop1 or that is went into it.t all of which wound up in thiss position. mobut mo r are there careers carrs over? absolutely not.ot not by a long shot. is there a chal.e that ryan could age out in the nextt olympic cycle. he's 32.he's 3 that wou and mhteeropmw 5,w 6, h is 5e wnot 6 within the olympicc spectrum much these other youngg iceysa liack conger who are riga here from the d.c. area. >> right.>> r >> good athletepor good studentr gofin plly m.gofin plly m. families that made a bad bad decision. >> be it right or wrong, the headline though is lochte.s lht you know what i'm saying the t other two were l liet. l thnes were like that's not howeh the story went and the headlines there from the n's o yorkork taright.beehteeect he is the fao this, and as you said not a kid. and to then mht
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thouinn, doug, and to leave hiss friends as maureen said not a evd person but poora lir.a lir. doesn't hien start to talk abot what he did here though. >> we were we werea lilo ing aut jo mom and posture mamma alsomaa said the cover sup worse thanora the evime hsen you mhtee a firssthtee own to up and my pars said if you do something wrong o us ont to hear it from you. ifr. don't let the school call.l if you miss step let me hear iti from you.m y yosholl still be punish but i'mi come down totally different ande i think by wng te ewe'vension we realeng seeing that m.seeing th. here. the proverbial coverup was worsr than any l hicom of crime whichs tan tam not to minimize it but t the destruction of pronot b tayo it's eveaffthing thaeng s hkuno3 subsequent to that and that'sth really where the mistake and thd error ofa lir.r ofa lir. certainly been on the stage andd been to these games literalengeg and figuratce comy there's nocoe excuse.ex. just there's no excuse for ampia of the other guys inv>> ved butd certainly is an age and experiment shall gap all they'll use this as dramat out leach inn point.po >> my question i
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their behng t we r eithest t eit we've alreey covered that parted of the story. but my question t ipor or my col.ern ipor r we mhteing thisa major, major ordeal and i was w wondering if you have ampic thouinnts on why they targeted not targeted them but you knowow what i mean? why this is se ihh huge deal when youe ce py qlingg people off planes, you'res, y're talking about proseastting antin indi1 ment over, youasanow, a bb decision and it was a bad bad decision.decision the dt ibya liust saying this ss like a whole lot to go througho for a bad decision.cisn. ow wet me tcoml you exa1 eng waw having spent the last 10 days there, seven clienwn, bro dihtrd his la bronze, we couldn't beld happier i saw this from theom t belly up.. >> okay. >> i youofar as the r we as environment. this was never about the court of the ind outtmenwn were simm. si. leverage point. pnt this wasn't about a court of lhm this is aus?ut the cou ta of tot public opinion. opion because eyes of the world coming into r we focused on three primariladarilad the glowing positives that are the oengchus, it was crimerime and it was potential terrorist tax.
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so youe ce aed to talking aus?ut economy.g econo when they were awarded the game brazil econojo croehedropp all l these natural with a market roww correction their economy has tco tu we rle in the last two years. >> we've got to wrap up, doug. absolutely.solute. >> verystuuigapgeng ra cn lno ee recoven to does his endorsements continue after this.his >> it requires ameaountcaility, contrition and a blatant and undeniablely unequivocally cleae desire to move forus o r in a a we we example and show others the wayy not just the path but to aect hd your odeni misstm. >> i think that's what peoplewht are looking to see at the end oo the day. > st odeniropp to it. i be a a m come on let's get this over wi with. doug comhisdoug comhis much. >> man.>> m whaeo s for all the -- the >> we're still talking about it. >> i totally agree. a. brazil is lourbuts lourbut becbec hierything went smoothly.othly. >> don't blame us.on't >> you are not going to blamerii vep>reenit was a pr issue much s what it came down.e dow we cou3 the d talk aus?ut this all daytl and we will be.d we >> look here's the
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9:10 is the time. te. ch's gking some of the other som storof storof today. >> there are other stories. vep>reenthere are other storiese besides this particular storyari for the s's gond time in two day this is far more ser we us a mam hit and killed by a car. c this time in northwest norst us o fington, d.c. along n's o's o hampshire and m street.treet. it happened early this morning > st b talorew am.ew am we we an i'm had eye out for a black a sedan as they search for irervkilllance footage fromge fo restaurants and stores aroundst the crime scene.e sne. >>reenwesideth>>reenwesideth investigation into thato t explosion horriright.e et.rilosa the flower r anch ay t tamentsm silver sprg. the ntsb and montgomery county offire lals will bri tal the pai on victim recovery and identification efforts aed to at fare hsat theyasano riocaout the ronmuse of that explosion andond resulting fire. >>reenand washington monng t eno dd ain closed today.ed tay. >> come on, wis.>> c >> it's close.>> th thnes sheyt it diman ad ain this after a broken elevator cable on wednesday. this is the s's gond time in les than week that elevator troubleb have closed the monument.. wesidethweside
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irere to let you know if anythih changes in regards to theth us o finrkon monng t ent and the com >> still ahead can you instagram filter tcoml other plly pl. haehy you are si can i youta's m filter tell people how happy yop wee ce showing the meaning bed n what p1 ure options much that'ss coming up. u >> the fce e places you hng te but but the key bridge into rosslyn,osyn virginhing, if youe ce coor cngn this side. th we'll check in with our zip trip team next. nex ♪epep >> 9:12. ♪
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>> ♪ >> s dre ccomebrating rup.slyn morning in our ment. talotrip f. the gang is there, we're talking annie yu, erin como te iker evch es getting their groove thing on in rosslyn.ruot cn. >> jn yz. >> doutferent shot.ou >> how you do jazz. >> this. this. these are goin yz han♪ han >> they lorsk loure pofoure pof >> you know who noes. noe annie yu ns ys entzz han♪ han >> okay.y >> annie yu, what's a jazz hand. show us. >> goin yz han♪ han >> goin yz han♪>> goin yz >> it is tt >> oh, okay. oh, okay. >> you got it. (lateghter).eghter >> gorsd morning, guys. g >> good morning.d mornin >> good morning. >> many talenwn.alenwn. >> i can barely hear right now.w so you'll hav t
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ly friend.d >> snie we've been out here alll morning long rosslyn, virginia i zip trip stop this week, ande. . >> loving the m's o ick. >> great time exploring.xplo great comfo tacale morning. mor. it was 1tage degrees at 8:07 in the morning last week much thish nice and comfo tacale.a earlof earlof this is an exploding area of our community in our >> it realeng is. >> we have libby on earlier she had a will the of histonow i and hidden g bls. soe. soe. >> is that what you check out.yo >> that's on the list here.he lecoos go tnie checve must stops you get to rosslyn. ♪ >>reenthere are a lot of hidde. >> t3 wreasures in rup. thi3 i. t umberding our must stop n five. five ft. it gbeeng.e. terrace.te you get there in an elevatorto ouwnide the corner oho 19th and 'lndh streets. terrace offers spectacular views of rup. thi3 i and a evup.s the we we
9:17 am
down the syou eet.u at must stop nng t ber four dark star park.ark. it has two sections.ecti one of which sits on a traffll h island. sculptures, tunnels and pools a play with the concept of shadoww and lan eht. lan eht but but honors the man who gave rosslynl its name. >>reenhoehing in the mn yda forr next destination. must stop number three.hree we're headed t're bec where elsbutere elsbut restaurant row. where you can dine outside,utsi while the weather is nll he or r heenw i youide if that's more yr style. you'll find everything here from ronmireal to fine hey after finishing thatnig good meal what's better than a a mobut mobut is the free rosslyn cinema and a every friday this sng t mer >> t3 gat's oay parthis s oay pa olsinks and food are available a and the best part you can even r ing your porsch. por dnd our nng t ber one stopm roll, please, it's the majestic
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iwo goiima m blorhingth blorhinh recognize it but there's nothint like seeing the monument upumenu in up.e and perso hanl.erso ha. out icoos been ahsile since you visited, do yourself a favor and put this desti hantion on your nie cg. nie cg. ♪ all right.l this beauty youbue lorsking atsa coust p be youg. mazda sponsor of our sip tripsit bite end of the sng t mer somlle is gbeeng to win n's o suv we'r' taking zip trips every fridayriy until lae day weekend. that'ster t5 you e's total. each week you have a chance tovc register to win a n's o 2016 mna cx9. hsors! s (cheers and applause).ers d ap >> to register go to our w risie and lorsk for thehe contests tab, click that.ha 14 finalists will be selectedel kin-weekly random drawing.. one of those 14 will win this beautiful 2016 mazda cx9. c > st go to you are w risite to enter and learn more.rn m good luck, everybody. evebody (cheeg. (cheeg. >>
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>> whoo! >> that deserves around oft de applause.. steus ont tnie win it. i >> youda>> youda in place like rosslyn you mayouy not even need the car gorsds dalaus iny the.iny >> everything is walkinging is i distance and theydastance and ta in eama in eama >> snie caking of that, our fri here. >> this is vll htor onie cratios ma hanger rup. thi3 i businessi busin improvements district and mr. p. he's an ambassador for rup. thi3 i. >> what ds ys it mean to beeatob ambassador for >> it's an awesome goiob. rohe bengn is a plly is a . city, and i look forward everywe day to coming to worthis w >> thacoos wonderff o. >> i want to make someone's dayd just lovely.ov (cheers and aehlauscou.auscou >> youbue mronmiing oug.mronmii. here. >> you made our day. >> i do mf oti we do events.nts we make sure it's clean and safe.. we hhe.p the pedesyou hing you. we give directions. we -- we make sure nobody slips and falroh.alroh
9:20 am
atisinesses are clean and clear, and every day we work with the homelehe b.. >> yeave r rain, snow or sun you're oute o here every day with purm.h pur t- ffawn on plly pll navigate through the city. the >> that's right. tha that's our goiila and i lorsk forward to more people look l forward to coming on monday iy i logood forus ogo r it to. >> that mronmies me hea ta feele warm.. victor how can you become anecoa amevhe benwor?wor >> we conyou laust out our ambassador so they can go to to block by lsts this com and aehen there. atit we definitely, you know, ik have to say p has been here forr seven yeag.ven yeag. and he is such a great guy and he definitely represents therepe rohe bengn brand whe.l.. >> goiust his smile and nice toe feel safe in the community with snie many plly many plly m you out if you get lost or needd assistance with anything. >> that's ran ewe'.hara so can aynone get involved orold how does this work?
9:21 am
>> what ronmn we do do hhe.7 he. >> sure. s soci mean, our ambassadors areda here to assist. we dnie andwe dnie and p tri ru r bloval to hospitalitd event but, youdabut, youda > aepavhingte, youda, youda volunteers that want to help ana keep rossl3 i clean.lean. or v>> unteer at some of our events.ev we have this year we actuallyll have 503 a>> unteers for our goin yzn s dnsta fal. if anyonste wants to be involved reach out to our events managerr >> thank you so much for bk?ng f here. big round of applause and to you but but >> we'll tup.s it blausk i youiu lots more to come out here. right aeleofteleof we got it covered here ine rohe bengn today.oday. >> sure. >> thanks, guys.nks, logood forus ologo r to it. althalth virginia.virg time right n ru 9:21. 91. co aenghosp n dat, a n's o donad trump or just words on a teleprompter as hillary c'lntonc in aims. m. m. severe allergies.vere a why those life-clbutife-clbut fots are going to get so morth r harder to come by. b we've got those storie a
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one day. >> 9:24 is or your time for a chean a what erohe ii making headlines this friday fri morning. a rare moment of pub'lc cont donald at a north carolina rally 3 tsterday, tipststerday, tips 3 ts, he regrets some of thee t recent controversial remarks rer he's menwe. clid quote sometimes in the heas of the debate and speaking on a ct ltitude of ihe bues you don'n chorsse the ran ewe' words or yu say the wrong thing. he also says he r rewn c50sing nie cg. nie cg. in california, crews battling a new brush ffae tha yl atiean ing aroundund00 arses inn barbara county. it's threatening structures incr the area. so far no rfornorwn of ayn structures lost.cturesost. evacuations have been ohave rered atit offctuarderoh say plly m. . ignoring them.ig the cause of the fire under und investan eat we n. >>reenand parenwn with childre0d with allergies food allergiesd e this next stonow i is for you. r cost of your chione's la fe sngg epipen is
9:26 am
t 100 bort>>r for two-plausk of epipens but today that same package costs more than $600. $ danie c tas say the mronmier ot epipen using monopoly on the market to surge the price of the debutdebut we give that big old thumbs dowb for >>reencan gter nearlg. nearlg. operat we n will shuu down next week. wk. the davis we n comes after days of -- ajanerne s- comes days afr union have you vision bidn 135 aell we n for the group's s other web sites. somewhere hulk hogan is sayingay in your face.ace >> i was this ining thaie yan .n heart warming story aboutryo dog and a duck. y ga fe me some tisipees.e this stonow i is just too much.m two years ago, george the dog lost his lit ine doghospe partner of 12 yeag. yeag. he was named blackie theckie the labrador. well, so he sung into deepintoee deepession yes, this can happene missing his friend. ipeddeneng, though, a dortk aeha on the porch
9:27 am
tennessee home and changed everudhing.erudhing wow. >> thehosniveg.>> thehosniveg. you go. here's a friend.rid. the two are n ru i youfornarcale they hng te snie cnt every momem together. look. tiee even gng tehosp his lit ine dche bed for him.d fo. >> for the little duck.or the >> very nice.ce vep>reenthis is us oit shows yot know where your blessing isr si co aeng froo kfr aeritt not be in the plauskabey expect in the form you expect e but lorsk at this lithi ine dche anddcnd the lesso you this frien♪ frien teaching all of.f. >> you better epeach that wor3 >> >> sometimes i hng te these i t moments. fleeting but nonetheless. vep>reenall ran ewe'.rtid. 9:27. still ahead on good day, a, ra.aehtodnting nan ewe' foray se >> he didn't beat his own pasth record or something. >> you hng te to stay tuned and see. >> i say usa in. i >> that's what his name is. >> we'll the.l you wg.e'll the.. wasn't thrilled with his latestt gold medal. >> we are heading blausk too rohe bengn for a look at the ara alive in arlington and salutendl the area's
9:28 am
>> and fresh at 10a he is an upu and coming singer with a heck ok a manureser in his cornes a co aeng up later we're sittingri down with avery wilson and sean he berrett. hsen you see this guy's face fae you'll know exact who'll we'rehl talking t.g yup, tha you ls him.p, tha riritt n. >> th it is 9:28. 9 we'll be right back. it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction.
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>> 9:30 is the time and i thinke we you valthwe you va rohe beng -3 afahospnia and see whatnd ahf the crew what theoporehosp p out there in rosslyn thisslyn t morning. >> a lot of fun iorgl bet. >> ♪ >> hn yo, gmonos. >> hey. we are jam ming out. out >> o0 3 tce a. f be. you you v. >> th them. >> only appropriate to danceapp when you have a man lg.a man lg. with you. jiie ati3 tg.ti3 tg. >> thank you.>> t >> you are amazinn i yot. yot. director of arlington a we celebrate the a tas here inse rohe bengness not only dnie nie cople come heh work here, live here but they be come here to parstin and hng tea good time. time celebrate the arts and you'res a the man that oto hanizes all ofo it, ran ewe'. r >> i'm part of the team that proud to be at thinour at thinor r,rs andr,rs a we bring lot of regional artista 'lke these fine musctuarde you. >> theopore great.gat >> that's wamu sick does.t' that's what the a tas do. do thn yo are tips tips great place to live. l >> it brings out the
9:32 am
in you. >> you've . heouritt so manyhe musicians and artists toand arti rossengnessrossgn >> iet.s something plly m. some. h is show up, you know, our our inrsedible.rsed and he really brings people frof all across the country allll lausrohe b iet.s wot thd ran ewo rohe bengnesshe b >> how can we take part and celebrate with you gmonos.oumono dcyn goiazz festivathz festith coming up. up. >> your t-shirt. >>3 ain♪been resof ain goibeen diz festioral festival. but we're bringing somee incredeacle musctuarde youbr, ao nie copledanie copleda prince the half time show at tht super >> thl. >> ban e names.. >> abs>> utely. they're incredible.credle latin fusion orchestra. an icredrecos-se grammy winner,d just great artists and our own o aldrich from rigwe' here in her us o you vinourus o your >> where can people get ticketse >> you don't need tickewn.tiwn it's free. in gatnie nay park.e nak. free in gateway >> free gateway park is goiustt riritt over there.pariri >> iet.s right over there.e >> an amazing spot a
9:33 am
'lke bring, whaie blas inets ans > st goiam out?ut? >> right.>> r blankets a little folcosng chafa and your set.and yo set it's a wonderful casual at months four very intimate your t been t ran ewe'hosp there with h artists lg.artists lg. right now. >> you want to be my date to the ritteht fest.t >> i would love to be your dateo >> what about me.>> what about >> youorgl be there. yougl b weorgl goitodn you.weorgl you're not left out. o i'm going to need sister tor telaush me some mare es morth ss got it. >> i'm just coping sarst it out tino tortker barnes he hs firehouse friday sponsored by dunkim t donuts. andan aer, lorsk at this. ♪ yes indeed we're doingreng 3 prehouse friday.da done din did he nuts sepinkles right over there. there i'm joined by brendon goiones. n >> yes, sfa.esa >> and you are the captain? yout vep>reenall ran ewe'.p>re the ar'lngton county ffae depth.tyet tell us about your out
9:34 am
you guys are rather larbeen inr ar'lngton county, arem tt you? y >> in some ways, yes, but we we offer a 10 s♪tions houg. houg. 365 with all pr,d perso. fhe.. we have some good discipliness with hazmat tavh rescues, swi ofof ctues andues a we do great things in arlingtonn vep>reenthat sounds lg.enthat s. pretty busy if you've got hazm haanizat, water res'lne and that kind of thing.f >> yes, sir, we have our days. s >> i'll bet do you.>> i all ran ewe'.l ran obbut obbut in rosslyn. war some of the snie cthe tealn co youiderat nu you, with han er do you have special training fog that? how dnie you handle thatt >> we hng te snie cthe teal trag sorry we do do special trainingi and we hng te the equeamment noa 3 pre dcome artmenwn would have. t best thing we do we get out. we t to lea'lk l'l about the nnie n syou ort andret we train. tra we do on duty training with thet titts iwnhe.f and do mt d coe oany training out in theut t field alt some of yourr vehiestes.veestes. you guys have hazmat and i
9:35 am
addition you got some preit'y be vep>reennot hooking ladders.okid we have ladder trucks are callee a straan ewe' t with on weekly basis? youasis? probably don't know the exactnoa number but you're pretty busy b aren't >> particularly this engine,in engine 110 they can run up to 30 calls, 45 calls in week. w we operate on three-day tour.ayu so up to 30 to 40 calls in thata tour. >> love it. all right.all r who wants to talk to tto m come on, come on, come on. on. >> your name, sir. >> james matthews. matths. >> james, tell me about what yoy guys do for fun in the firehouse when you're not getting cause. . >> in the firehouse, if we're not busy drilling and trainingdn we tend to do lot
9:36 am
hanging out.nging out. a lot of comradery. kind of tradition in thee firehouse. fireho keeping it clean but get somee jokes here and there.he >> who in the firehouse playsys pokemon go. g >> that one i don't think anyon in the the >> maybe the children.he all right. we c want to give you a guys aua great big thank you and i have h come with doughnuts.. please accept them on behalf off dukin' donuts and fox fief forio all the hard work you guys really appreciate it.e i thank you for letting us come uc out and visit you this morning.. >> you eat doughnuts, won't youy >> sure. one or or two. >> thanks guys.nk >> that's the latest arlingtongn county fire department. departmn thank you so much for taking time out to talk to us and thanks for all the hard work you guys do. everybody appreciates it here ir the community. guys, i don't know where i'm going. i'm toss to go somebody glimpses to us. we'll take it tucker.cke thank you.. congratulations to the men and n women of that firehouse.ireh. okay. let's show you this video yo that just came into the fox5 f news american swimmer jack conger and gunnar bentz back in the u.s.k e arriving in miami about twout to hours ago.hour they're trip home delayed by da
9:37 am
after being detained bydaine brazilian authorities forti for questioning. now it is still unclear rightear now whether conger is now on hih way back to our he lives in of course we'll keep you postedp as we continue to talk aboutk a this still developing story thio morning on good day d.c. what you hate this isn't any way over shadowing the sdowi accomplishments of team usa.of a i mean they have been takingg names, kicking butt and takingun names over there.names let's give you highlights.. 100 medals. >> yes. >> that's how many the unitedw a states has won in the olympics. 35 of those medals gold.ol great britain has won 56 medalsd 22 of them gold. and china has 58 medals, 20 god gold. >> all right. olympic games come close to in n just days but some are the mostt exciting events are still living and breathing right there on tvn this last night is one of them. usain bolt did it again.. captured third great gold medal. >> he make it look >> in the men's 200-meter dash.
9:38 am
doesn't slow down and doesn'tdsn smile. if he wins the next relay that happens today and completes thee so-called triple triple he'll h' earn nine gold medals, olympic gold medical today's ties twoiew other olympian for the mosthe ms olympic gold medals in track and feel but he admitted he washe ws disappointed with the wined wite because he really wanted to wan break his own record.break his his own world record by thowe w. >> always pushing yourself tof greater heights.ater heights. >> someone so great i wondero what his weakness is.s i what's his thing. thing >> probably something that's soo unexpected.. >> right. r >> afraid of mice.d >> lightning bolt. >> i love you you are awesome.. inspiration for sure. s okay. also last night american ashtonn eaton won the decathlon.. >> great testify of all time.fym >> the world's greatest athleteh for the second olympic. eaton held off francis kevin meyer in the final event andnd 1500-meters and finished with 8,893 points.nts meyer had 8,834 points andntand canada's damien warner was third
9:39 am
28-year-old eaton last year'sea world champion with a world wld record nine us thousand 45an 4 points.points. congratulations to him.ratu >> have you seen that commerciae with him and his mother tal tali about how he was raised. raise >> no.>>o. >> he happens to be by racialy r and the ad speaks to the mother's recalling a story whenw he was young they were driving along have you seen this. seen t >> i've not. >> and there were a group ofa gu people in car and they were being unkind to them. the they saw him in the himnh they saw that he had a white moi and he was a little boy of coloc in the car and he says to the mom, should i hide? i guess g trying to protect her and her everything.everhi and she said never hide. >> aww. aww >> to see where he's come fromes and to be there -- isn't you're getting emotional. >> because i love that.ause i you know what i mean.hai these are the stories behindeh these folks that come with realr stories and that is another a reason why i hate that we haveae to talk about all this other o but isn't that amazing? never >> never hide. nevere. >> it shows these games ares the really a metaphor for life. for you never know what people
9:40 am
from and they're background andd what propels them to succeed. sd it could be something as simplel as my mother's love or i went w through such devastating trageda i said never again will i liveiv so every athlete i don't care if you won or lose kudos for you fr making that far.t you are an inspiration.pition >> speaking of more inspiration usa women's four by 100 relayay team won -- bizarre race against themselves. that's what happens when you'rep good i guess ladies wereenss or liginally disqualified from e event after a baton drop at an early qualifying heat, but theyt were awarded a second shot at so the qualifier after allisonison felix claimed she had been heee will body during the racehe rac causing her to drop the baton. n so when the women lined up lastp night and ran the race alone, oo an empty track, they did end upp qualifying with their best timet to date. d leaving some to question ifuest having the track to themselveshl was an unfair advantage.. >> i've never heard of that.r da that's >> i either. >> i didn't know that you canknw say that you -- something someti happened to you and you get toyn do it by y
9:41 am
>> by yourself.urs >> wow. >> i didn't get to know, you kno know, dive across the finish line. >> oh n again. >> a lot of firsts. fir >> a lot of stories to keep k telling in this olympic.g in t >> all right. still ahead in the fox beat, this morning, zendaya have you e heard about this?ard th >> no much she's got a new rolel >> i really like that young lay lady. >> spiderman revealed.rm this will be good.ood plus the endless way for the new frank ocean material is finallyl over now. n we're going to they can check ii with kevin mccarthy.ccth he's got details. maureen ---- >> whose been waiting. bee >> the world has been waitingldh for frank ocean. >> honestly i had forgottenorgot about highmen hate to say him. >> metallica has a new albumlbum coming out today.od >> the time is 9:41. 9 we're back after this. >> metallica. ♪
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
♪ our man of the hour kevin te mccarthy is on the road and joining us i believe from la. l. you're in la-la land. good morning, kevin.. >> hey, good morning maureen. m. everybody good to see you guysog this morning. i'm in los angeles.. interview the cast of mechanic less surveillance ruch.veil jessica al ban jason stay sontas this morning i saw the moviehe v last night. n i'm very excited to be here. h i've been hearing you guys tease the frank ocean thing allfrocea morning it's fantastic.ta >> i know a lot of people aret o excited. ex personal i
9:45 am
i'll be honest i forgot he forgo wasn't on the scene until this i morning when i heard he had a new album coming out. >> yeah. >> yeah. what's fascinating about thisngo album boy the way he last night went op line and it was a huge e thing on apple music andic a apparently he was supposed toaso release a new album a coupleoupe weeks ago. he missed that release date.ate and now he released visual album called endless last night. and it is from what i've heard h so far it is incredible.ncre what an amazing voice this guy has. i just signed up for apple music about 20 minutes so i can start listening to some of it. the visual of the video they'ree in a warehouse it's very very vr cool. now, apparently this is not the new album he's rolling stone is saying there'se going to be another new albuman coming out this weekend that waw originally supposed to be called boys don't cry which apparentlyp is not going to be the title ana so this album is a visual albumb called endless that he releasede and supposedly
9:46 am
supposed to drop this weekend ad well from frank ocean but the b voice what a voice.oi 28 years old.ld. he's incredible.ree and i agree with you maureen i n didn't realize he was gone forof that long as well but it's beene awhile working on good music. mc >> i thought he was in medicalhn school. >> that's what i heard. i h >> is that why he wasn't around. >> you know what else is cool, big deal is one of my favoritess all time metallica they have a v new album coming out today asay well. >> yes.>> it's interesting wisdom. the sense of sarcasm in your i voice is so wonderful. >> what? wha >> i love it so much.o m >> what are you talking about? >> yeah. about you're making fun of kneee i love frank ocean. metallica they're album comesumc out november 18th therelease a new song called hard wired.. this song as a metallica fan thn first concert i ever went to in 19 feature.e. i've seen them five times.n thee this song is going back to theat old school metallica days. master puppets, rise ofrise lightning and justice for all,ll kill them
9:47 am
hard core metal albums back inum the day, and this sound is backb to that.tohat. check it out on spotify if youff want they released brand newrann video last night as well. over 8 million views on facebook and youtube combined. c the video is very cool.y coo very simple but it's very much m back to that classic metallica sense. if you want to check it out ittc will be on youtube page or spotify the song called hard cha wired f you're metallica fan f you'll be very happy. first album in eight years.t yes >> you know what i was going too listen to kill them all when i l get in my car and ride homeide h today. i don't know were you're talkin about. (laughter). >> seek and destroy. seek and destroy.oy >> let's end -->> l e >> seek and destroy. destroy >> let's end with fan favoritee den zaya on spiderman.derman is this rumor more or true yes.y >> i love this. zendaya apparently according tot the wrap she is now going to be playing mary jane in the new spiderman film homecoming.oming she had been talked about a obviously as a casting awhile al ba
9:48 am
different name and now the wrath is saying it's going to be maryy jane.ja mary jane kirsten dunce played e her in the spiderman movies with mr. toby mcguire. but now zendaya taking on theinn role of mary jane touring cot rap it's not confirm yet acrosss from tom hold land the newhe new spiderman which by the way if wy you saw captain america civil war, he is the best spiderman ever seen on screen.een on scr i'm very excited to see how thii plays out how his promo filmil plays out.plays out he was so great in that civilt l war environment with iron manh m and captain america and ant man. i'm excited to see how he doesod on his own. own so zendaya will be joining him apparently, joining him as marym jane they are couldn'tjane philadelphia internationalphia airporting that but not 100% confirmed from her or the studio yet. >> we are excited about that. >> it will be cool. be >> it is. >> third rematch ginning of gini spiderman.sp i'm looking forward to seeingids that. >> we're looking forward to.o >> by the way if someone wantsee to, f so
9:49 am
and hit the number of times if s said apparently i think i saidd it 35 times because so manyse s things that are alleged.aled >> right.>> >> i think i said it a lot ofd t times in that tha i apologize.gize >> apparently it's an easy wordw to use. to use. >> there you go.>> t y >> kevin >> apparently it's a great worew >> out in la you're doing theoit inter views later this morningtm with jessica alba? >> yeah.>> three hours from now, and wisdos has texted -- you need to text t me photo of yourself.elf >> okay. >> i'm walking into jessicaking alba's room in the hotel.ot >> all >> i will intro he duce her toct wisdom martin. i think we shall live face time with you guys.. it will be great. gre >> we'll work that out during o the break.thbre >> we can make that happen.ha h. >> thank you kevin.>> t we'll see you later on.u lateon. >> thanks, kevin. >> 9:49. so you know how to whistle, righhot?gh >> yes. >> put your lips together andlis below. >> what movie is that from?t fr? >> ♪ >> i know that. >> seven dwarfs. >> okay. any way -- i should done in anda act zen i guess. not everyone can do it like thit next guy. guy. coming up next we'll take you tk
9:50 am
trip continues. continu >> you know how to whistle.. just put your lips together. toe >> what movie?>> what m >> good back.>> g >> i like this one. ♪
9:51 am
the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy.
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9:53 am
>> ♪ >> appropriate song to bepr playing right now as we headia back to our zip trip location in rosslyn, maryland,no because tht are whistling while they workg h this morning.orni we're talking about annie yu, y, erin como and tuck can he barner with special treat for us this u morning.rn hey, guys, good morning again. >> hey, guys. h good morning. >> we have quite a crowd out here too. g great morning. morning i'm really excited about this ti segment. >> so am i. >> me too. >> totally unique.niqu >> this is so unique. >> special to rosslyn. >> you tow dues.s crissal man here and tell usell your title.. >> four time internationalnation whistling champion. >> four time whistling champion. (cheers and applause).
9:54 am
>> there's a possibility you ari the best whistler in thein universe, right?iverse, >> there are many goodoo whistler's out there i'm among'm the best. >> tell us about how you got got involved in whistling. >> i started whistling when iliw was 13 years old.13 years and i had a paper route everyoue day so i whistled for two hourss every day and then got good ovee time started whistling instli college at open mike nights ihts started competing in thepetingth international competition inn 1993 and then i competed ninenie times.times i won it four time. time and now i've whistle for the president in the oval office.vao >> wow. wow >> ice whistle happy birthday bh 400 times a year to my friends and family so it's really almoss become a ministry i love to t celebrate live. l >> i want to hear some of this.t >> me too.. >> okay. >> what can you do for us.n yo >> what do you want to do.t too. >> i'm do a little duke ellington. this is a train.thtr >> we like the sound of that.ha >> go ahead. ♪
9:55 am
>> quite the range. q >> that was awesome.hat (applause). >> thank you.>>nk >> whistling probably makes your lips a little chapped. ltle chap you must have some incredible chapstick.. >> i knew he would have it ine his pock.his oc >> never far away from my lip.. >> very struck guidelines that you got to beside by. >> no spicy foods but the mostos important thing is no kissing 24 hours before performance.rm >> are you serious. a you >> i cannot be involved in that. >> erin como says she can'tshe ' whistle. >> i don't know how. don >> you say you can teach >> i can teach her. she has great lips that'sip perfect start.rt. three things it's air, lips anda to know and get the three combom together. >> you said it's possibly that my -- possible my genetic makee up will never allow me to be wisconsin her, right.ig >> that was his tal cherry hillh he said he can teach you. you. >> this is all i got so far. f i'm not messing around.round. >> you need to frm
9:56 am
hole. >> my form is incorrect. >> scrunch your lips. >> good form is always importa important. >> good form is very important.i we'll work on this. this is a work in progress out in rosslyn.rkinosslyn thank you for graces us with w your presence. >> take us out with a whistle. >> ♪ (applause).us >> all right. >> whoo!hoo! >> i get tired just watching h him. >> back if you guys. >> that's great. wisdom you got it. >> best whistler. whistle >> you got it.>> >> this is hilarious. >> i was kissing last night so can't --can't >> what? wha >> i'm just saying. >> ya'll are make mowing laugh. >> ♪ >> what? >> wait a minute. >> give mauer ren a singleingl camera.came do that again. >> ♪ note.ote >> now i'm laughing. wait.. >> ♪
9:57 am
>> listen while he's whistling let me tell you what's coming um on good day. d we've got rising star avery wilson.on he was on the voice. >> we're doing teases here.e. celebrity friend paul whartonl a he's going to join us live on uo the good day and sit right hereh he's tripping over there.pping e our celebrity guest let's see lt what else? taste of rosslyn.yn we also have celebrity dish. dis so many more coming up. he's gushing us. >> if you've been eye bawling eg our cool good day mugs we have v new good day dc dunkin' donuts d mug to give away for that perfect great cup of dunkin'funi donuts coffee.ts c go to or facebook page to ends our mug contest. one lucky winner. huhurry you only from now till 11am to enter. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> tgif we are ready for the weekend here on good day at 10ad not before we bring you an awesome hour of television. >> from here lost to beaut iff t the rosslyn for today's zip tr trip. tucker, annie and erin have soav much going on. >> lockness, lochte gate, this s scandal gets nuttier by the moment. so who is really telling theelhe truth ask is it possible theblee swimmers really believe they bee were victims? we want to youany weigh in.h i >> oh, boy. trend dag, naked trump frank ocean finally delivers and willn kanye pop up in d.c.?? >> we've got it all covered.ere. good day at 10a starts now.. ♪ that's right. this is what you came for. cam because you know it is the
10:02 am
good day at 10a. we are not in the studio we'reoe also live out in rosslyn, virginia, celebrating our zip or trip today with our fantastic we'll check in with them and wit thank you so much for those ofsf you wh come out to join us f you home get out on there. it's beautiful day.ul >> good day d.c. maureen umehh alongside ali soar seymour,mo wisdom martin. hook whose here? paul wharton. >> paul wharton! >> sitting in for steve andve a holly who have the morning offor today. our wonderful friend.riend >> you know what that's right.s >> give it to them, paul. >> new friday friend. frien you'll dish all thing with us.. we're talking ryan lochte. we're talking about all that t stuff.uff. >> i want to talk to you cloveoo captioned television.ione they're watching us. >> you can't do nothing. nothin. you can't do a thing. >> that's what ryan lochte andea them found out. o. >> we're going to do this hour o later on but so far this mornini let's see.t's see. we've seen rosslyn's five mustes stops talking about our zip trit of course we've seen how theho arts are a life in arling
10:03 am
west link lesson. >> ♪ >> right,, >> that's right.>> t i was waiting to have paule p whistle for you.. >> whistle while you work. whilw >> but there's still plenty leff to see don and plenty of time tt head down and say hello to our crew down so first, at 10a, let's say goog morning to annie and erin.. hi?? >> hello. >> hey, guys. hey >> hey. >> welcome to rosslyn, everybody!ever >> whoo! >> we love it we love it. >> great crowd. great food. foo great mu a lot of history.ry we've learned so much throughout the morning.the mo we've had a lot of peoplet pl stopping by to say hello on helo their way to work. w i have noticed something, erin.. people watch here. here people here walk with purpose.s. >> yes. y they do. >> whether they're fightinghtg homelessness, cleaning up the, u area, beautifying the area,he ae making money or just being nicec to each other.. >> yes. this is a wonderful town.ow. we're rocking these shades forhs reason. we'll tell you about it coming o up. up >> hometown hero coming up and u we also have lot more to get tot it were our junior reporter.r re
10:04 am
come on out and say hello if you can.can >> all right.>> thank you. all right.all right. you guys are matching we'll talt about the shades.t >> can i have a pair?? >> you know who sells hanginglls out with them. >> tucker. >> the show tucker barnes a look at thelook first forecast.firsfore hello, tucker barnes. >> wisdom, having great morning out here in rosslyn.osslyn. getting sunny and bright. you can probably see it on myn sunglasses.nglasses. starting to warm up.arti high temperatures later todayert will be in the low 90s we aree a going to get hot and sweaty outy here later today.heater tod but really not a bad overnight, and lots of clear skies to stara your day. let's do the seven day forecasts quickly. just want to show you later thii afternoon we'll be in the lowhel 99s. they got free movie tonight at gateway park casino royal inroyi rosslyn if you get a chance getg and down and enjoy a few month eve. always fun to see the movies ins the park at night.ight weekend forecast 90 both saturday and sunday.turdnd s best chance for thunderstorm will be sunday afternoon that'st a strong cold front and lookoo wawa it does to our weatherer pattern for next week.neeek. temperatures in the mid 80sn thd drier air and cooler air on
10:05 am
way by early next week it willtl feel like early september arouna here.he. can't wait for that nice reliefr all right. coming up in just a minute i got meghan our junior reporter.te we're going get to explore to pe what's going on in her life and she'll ask me a few hard hitting questions, guys, back to you. y >> thank you tuck. >> let's get out to annie and ad err are inn because they gote ty something special for us asus as well.. hometown hero. >> that's right, we are out here with our geico hometown hero annie do you want to introduce her. >> this is -- we've done a lot t of fun segments but by far this is one of my favorite segmentsts because this is when we get to really promote someone doing d something amazing in the community been kathleen cyberybr executive director of joining uo now given us these coalsheds cos shades we're proud to rock themh kathy good morning to you. t >> good morning. g thank you so much.oo we're honored to be tk he hometn hero for rosslyn.. we've been in the rosslyn community for over 12 years yeas working with the rosslynsl business community and also e
10:06 am
rosslyn bid to really end homelessness here in rosslyn.. and we're just thrilled aboutut this. so thanks.s >> you are such a big homeless advocate.. what got you started in this?hi >> really what got me started ii i'm from arlington, and i sawaw the real need, and our past pas founder president started this organization and it is just ann awesome organization.anio they're all standing behind me. >> a lot of support.ot of s >> lot of support. lot but also a lot of support from arlington county itself, fromro the rosslyn community and frommd the rosslyn business community.. it's been amazing.zing >> you have a lot of passion fon what you do.wh i know a lot of people don'te think about homelessness when w they think about arlington oronr rosslyn. ross and you said it's problem pro everywhere and that's why it'snh so important to get involved. ie >> it is. it is.its it's very important to getmporng involved and we've been really pleased because in rosslyn the community supports us sopportsso strongly so they brought in --
10:07 am
they do drives for us at different times marine corpse cs marathon i'm sure you all coverv that they collected over 20,000 pounds of clothing for s >> wow!>> w >> from all the runners right rt because they leave all their the stuff. >> i've run the house marathon you throw the jacket off at mill three. >> exactly. we love that.ovat. go ahead throw your jacks off if the marathon. yeah, that's great, 'cause we repurpose it and the rosslyn bid collects it all, cleans it anda gives it to us much it'sh it' wonderful.wo >> we want to send you geico gei hometown hero award and a little card a little token of fox5 thanks for all do you. >> thank you.ou >> well very deserving.eserving. >> i'm so excited. so >> just the way you speak about the organization and we want tot honor you for your hard work.k. >> thank you. >> thank you for focusing ongn rosslyn and arlington county. ct >> thank you for all do you.o >> thank you.. >> from one remarkable person to another tucker barnes, what arer you up to now, sir?
10:08 am
annie, i got the junior reporter. i'm joined by -- meghan, right.. >> meghan. >> all right, meghan. tell me about yourself. how old are you where you go tog school. school. i'm 13 years old and i go tg williamsburg middle school.rg m >> is that nearby.. >> yes. >> before we get starte starteda to ask me who are hittingitting questions. don't ask me about my taxy tax returns. >> i won't. don't worry. >> anybody you want to give a wn shout out >> the camp that is i volunteer summer fest discovery.discovy love you guys.s. >> yeah.>> yh. >> uh-huh. >> what do you do there. dere >> um, i'm a volunteer.uner i'm not counselor yet but --ut - >> maybe next summer?me >> yes. >> either way you're loving thee experience. >> yeah. >> that's a great way to gett wa i'll hasn't the mike over toe mo you. i feel like you're like you'reou ready.ady. >> okay.>>y >> what's your favorite olympic sport to >> that is a great question. grt i've been really enjoying theing track and field lately.dat >> me, too.. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> which part of it? >> um, sprint. spr >> gosh me too watching usain bolt. bo
10:09 am
that's mazing. just think your whole career car boils down to nine seconds or 19 seconds.conds. >> yes. yes >> he just breezes pastor -- the guys he's running against are at incredibly fast and he's like -k >> makes it look easy.t look e >> far ahead of them. t >> that's good question.t's i also like the winter olympicsc i like the skiing in the wintern and i think a lot of people atet home my secret favorite is, youu know, when they do like the t scuffle board, what do you theye call that in the wintertime.rt >> it's cool.>> i also like skiing.g. >> you like skiing, too.ou l >> snow boring.>> s >> next question.ueion. if you can travel anywhere inny the world where would you go?? >> that is great question.ueion. okay. i've never been -- a lot of a lt places i've never been i alwaysy wanted to go to costa rica. because i want to see tropicalpl >> cool. >> and next on my list is ice land. land. have you ever been to iceland.c. >> no. >> no. >> where do you want to t >> i want to go to tokyo, japann >> do you.o you. >> yes. yes >> that's a long flight, doesn'e it. >> i like the city feeling too.o that's why i likero
10:10 am
>> i love that.t. tell me -- i'm asking youg questions now. now. tell me your favorite part abouo living in this area?is are >> i like the culture and the environment here.ere and everyone is like welcoming.g >> there are a lot of great restaurants.. >> you think you might go to yot college one day around here. >> yeah. i think i >> no pressure. you still got a little time.le m okay. okay. we have time for one moreme f om question.qution >> okay. what's your favorite summervotes activity?? >> let's think about that.t. i haven't done it in a few summers but every summer i likek to get outweigh far to the nortr and west and go inner tubing for the days.e days. have you ever been inner tubingn on the rivers. the rivers. >> i want to. >> further up you spend the dayd out in inner tube.ub totally totally fun activity to do d around here in the summertime.r. >> uh-huh. >> get out of the city and enjoi it. >> yes. >> all right.>> maybe we'll have to do it one day together. ttogeth. >> yeah. y >> bring your friends.ou thank you so much for joining m meghan.ghan congratulations on your summerou
10:11 am
>> thank you for having me.avme >> and thank you for being ourno junior reporter today. >> i don't think we have a prizi but i have bottle of water.ater. i'll give it to you.ll >> sounds good.>> sou >> you know what, you got onewh last thing you got to do. to do. i'll hand you the e m toss it inside to wisdom, maureen and allison.. okay. >> back to the studio with wisdom, maureen and allison.on don't forget paul. pl >> and paul. >> yay! >> way to go, meghan.o ghan >> good job. >> proving week aft week thateet our jobs are never safe. saf >> that's right. >> great job, meghan. >> okay. we promised you -- well, maybebe threatened you with that. t we're talking about the ryane n lochte rio scandal. also, we want to you -- frank- f ocean he has a new album out. >> awesome.>we isn't where have you been.e hav. >> four years in the e pretty good i hea. hea instagram filters and happinesse what's the correlation? we'll w find out on the other side ofers the break. >> interesting. >> um-hmm. ♪
10:12 am
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america runs on dunkin'. ♪ >> i love this jam. l we are zip tripping to rosslyn this morning. live look at the beautiful scene. we'll check in with ew in just one moment. at 10:15 we'll check what is trending.ovth >> all right.h tr topping num>>ber one, what else? the olympic mess known as ryan
10:15 am
>> speed round good i'm over iti come outside of your house where you live and talk about it so we can move along. >> he'll lose some endorsementsr and some fans.and by the time the olympics comee around again nobody will beody e talking about >> you're already starting toin see people -- see people lyingey trying to make excus excuses les over it. over i leak you said allison, a man, m man up to it.o i let's get this paul. >> i think this shows he's suchs a narcissist he cannot lettet michael phelps have his momenten of glory.ofr he'd be willing to really just j ruin his whole career over it oi just having a moment in the in e press. i think it's just ridiculous. >> wow, i like that.ikehat. >> the other thing that sticksha out he left his boys. i'm out of here.m ouof h >> oh yeah. o y >> he left his boys and got on o that plane. >> look at his green hair right here. >> it's not me. >> he's been moving on social sc >> what's he been talking aboutb >> he has this crazy post wheree he was like talking crazy to t this girl he knew. just totally ridiculous based oo what they have to de
10:16 am
there it's kind of crazy.. >> this hope this plays out well.well next up we're talking abouttalkt donald trump like you've never r seen him before.e. check this out or maybe not. yesterday these statues of theft gop nominee in the buff poppedud up around the country.nt >> we're talking all the way way >> in seattle, new york and sana francisco. just to name a few places they were -- went up i shall say.ay. statue created by an artist in i cleveland the brain child of ann activist group called in declini which has previously spoken outu against donald trump.donald tru. not really sure what the messaga is supposed to be. ssed >> there's a little plaque onue the bottom, and chris if youis u know what it says let me know but it's something -- referring to him as the emperor and --nd - >> the emperor has no clothes.ts >> there's reference to his genitalia. >> it's there.. he's and tom klee correct. corre >> but unfortunate.tuna >> how do you make political statement.stat >> now that they're calling the
10:17 am
emperor.. the emperor has no clothing some people think his campaign hasn been all smoking >> what's the point? putting? p out in public so people can wall around and see this.hi is this going to influence how people think about drum.rum. >> if they did that with hillarl clinton what would be then at wu reaction. >> what's going to happen in november, because i don't knowba about you guys, but i hold thee office of the presidency in higg regard. i just really do.just r i don't know and so i'm just'm j interested to see how hourhow ho country moves forward after th this. >> it seems he can do no wrong w so far. it won't stick but hopefully hol this will stick.ilstick. it's the shock that we need toee make it stick.tick moving on, you can now own a piece of yeas see but d.c. fans --fans >> what's that.>> >> we'll see. dc fans will have to w>> take a hike. ke kanye west opening up 21 pop upu shops around this world. w this weekend.. >> really.l. >> pretty exciting selling his live of pablo merchandise in tht us, australia, england,
10:18 am
south african singapore. this is a picture of his nyc pop up exact locations will be a nunsed 24 hours in advance onane web >> it's already sold out,.ut >> it's sold out.sold out. >> i'm sure it's going to be.'sg he's on tour promoting his album the life of pablo. would you go.wo >> no.>> n >> i can't afford his clothing,, shoes or probably the concert. >> you choose not to buy those t thing. you can avenue for it.t. you're allison seymour. (laughter). >> this is kanye west. >> he's taking a page out of the carrying playbook. cover on every front. fnt >> my thing is i wish we coulde show some of the easy do you like his line? have youy seen it.seent. >> yes like the -- is itist athletic?? >> no. some of it's weird. w like he's kind of all over theor place. he has a boot kim wears all the time. time >> it's kind of >> got the cuts i do like his tennis shoes.. potato sack type f
10:19 am
sells out and he's doing well. l >> you know, he doesn't need us. >> paul, this is the part i wanw to get tom this is fun. >> okay. this question, question for the panel. do you have a go to instagram filter? it turns out yourr instagram selfie might say a lot about your mental health, mightm say more than you think.n you k. according to a new experiment at harvard, darlings, photos postes by people with depression were w more likely to post bluer, blu grayer and darker photos and users suffering from depressiono tend to do gravitate towards the filter ink well.l. okay.ay the one that turns color imagess into trades of black and white.e people without mental health het issues tended to use the vlencia filter that light tense the tinn of the photo.of t i go for -- it was one i used to know, was it chrome. >> i liked chrome. c i like that.i like t i know my baby spencer if you're watch, hey, baby. >> she does -- she watches
10:20 am
so i think we know her mentaltal state is healthy.ealthy. >> she's happy.>> >> good job, month many. >> what did the say the mentally healthy people use vlencia goodg that's the one i use. use >> what about the people whoopl don't use any filter.e anlter. i have no idea. >> you post the original.rigi >> i keep it real.. >> it opens up whole other worlr for you. for >> i'm with wisdom n why not.n . >> you can make a photo look -- >> nobody likes like themselvess any more.. you meet somebody you're like - >> this is instagram.gram. >> people take instagrample ke i pictures of themselves unmeet u them well, oh, my. >> i don't mind the filters.. >> a lot of gum bumping. bum >> you ever have friend that isi a certain size and then you like on their pictures they shrunksh their waist down to 24. 2 >> why wouldn't you?ou >> well because people see you y in person. >> this is how i take mine. boop. make my waist snap.y t sn >> right here.
10:21 am
round of good day celebrityebriy dish. let's get it going.oing first up finally we get knew mym sick from frank ocean fans f waiting a long time for this fot next album. a. it's been since 2012 channel off orange or channel orangera overnight ocean unveiled aled visual album titled endless. ene he gave fans a preview on a life stream.stre anybody else here excited aboutd this frank ocean. >> i'm not a huge frank ocean fan. >> neither am i.>> neither >> i like the fact that he camee out and said guess what this iss who i am i'm frank ocean i likel who i like. like. i love who i love.ov i'm not real that big avenue f fan. >> he backed down from that.n >> he did.>> h d >> he had a lot to live up inn his first album he had to takeak some time took four years to geo it together and i think --hink >> what are you doing in four fr years. ye >> is the record company -- i c- need to get my head together.og. >> me too. i need forayers off.sff will somebody out support me. gofundme from the viewers. (laughter). >> seeking -- seeing more wisdog
10:22 am
what you got going on for usn u today, apparently something. >> i'm actually seeking -- paul wharton got something. somet >> it's just us.>> i it's just us talking, right? >> hold that thought.ho et let's hold it. l >> we're going to hold it. i'm going to need advice fromvie this thing i got a little relationship thing going on anda i need some advice.dvic i need some wisdom today. >> ask allison is back. ♪
10:23 am
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welcome back.we 10:24. two breaking news stories we'rer following this morning.s inthism ryan lochtore has apologized foo his behavior in rio.. long instagram post he said hed was sorry for quote not being more careful or candid and how he described events. event >> he's also apologizing forgizr being a distract to the other or so we were looking for ryan lochte to make amends for whator he did with an apology he has h now. this is a post on instagramnstam posted by ryan lochte win thee e last couple of minutes againes n apologizing for his behavior ini rio and for taking attentiontion away from his fellow athletes ae who deservingly didn't need this ditraction. >> he says it's traumatic the second part it's traumatic to b out late with your friends ineni foreign country. with language barrier haven'tent stranger point gun at you and demand money to let you leave. a >> still on that. t >> he's still, yeah talkingh tai about that.abouha i guess we don't know the entire story yet. st i'm looking forward to -- to >> we'll read the and tirend t statement and have a fullul dissec
10:26 am
this is breaking news in the the presidential campaign.. paul man fort resigned as drumsu and campaign chairman after big shame up at the top of the trumt campaign.campai a lot of people anticipate the e this happening gop candidatengan hired a new campaign ceo an now campaign manager. plus revelations by thens by e associated press that man fort lobbying firm had waged aag culvert campaign on behalf of o the ukraine government to get to good press coverage here in thee united states.united s so breaking news from donald trump's campaign.n paul man fort high-rankingh-rain officials win the campaign anthn architect really of a lot of hih speeches and sort of the way he crafted the campaign now resigned as the new managementem takes over. >> interesting. he just said a couple of days dy ago he would stay on as the ceo of the campaign.paig whatever that is.atev now he's gone. gone >> change as foot.oot >> paul wharton, what you been up to. to. >> you're so wonderful.derf whatever happened to you. >> what could happen to mow? hap any way this is what's going on. i don't know if you yaw havew hv been
10:27 am
at home, but it's like all of mf friends are getting married and having kids.viids. >> right. >> okay. >> i am just feeling like, waiti am i missing something?omething >> like i'm a little bit behindn in the game suasion i'm thinking about this these things i havehv friend and i started to roll t lies i have a crush on my friend and that's never happened to mow before. like the people i'm friends witf and the people i date are a completely different.. >> worlds apart. apart >> how do i tell this friend --n >> how long have you been lon friends with this t >> i've been friends with thisrs person for about year. and so, you know, i've hade couple of glasses withh maureen --een -- >> don't include me in thelude mayhem. >> she gets me hyped up andp a sends me text messages. saying, you don't like me.e m you know. kw but, you >> he might have a clue that yoy like him >> could have clue.>> c have cl. >> it's been year.t'en yea >> that's a long time, don't yoy think.. >> no.>> no. >> who's got another year toer o wait.wait >> here's the situation that you face right now.ce rig now when you open your mouth to thii
10:28 am
either attracted or you're readr to go to the next level, be prepared for the consequences - >> i can't take theake t consequences.cons >> losing the friendship.e fr >> let me tell you something.ou >> it might be worth it paul.bei >> it may be worth it.t may orth if they say yes you've taken a tremendous gamble and you'veou won. if they say no it could end thee friendship.ip. >> one thing about me the reason why i don't date as much asas people think that i do, is is because i never go up to anybodo first because i have fear of rejection. >> i think a lot of people do. >> do you do too.u dooo. >> who likes to be r >> that's not fun.not >> you take risk though. >> sometimes you have to take y risk pau >> but cal could you lated.ouldu >> risk we're deciding becausedi it's just talking and nobody n else can hear us i should takeak risk. >> the reason i said year iss because i had friends all of usu have room sure you have too for decades so in the scheme of life a year isn't that long.. if he says i just want to be b friends then --n -- >> i'd be horrified. i'd b were you friends with mark first?first? >> no. >> no. okay. right it to. >> i was frien
10:29 am
for long time a wnd you know whw i push up on her, too when wehe were younger in college, she waw like i don't want nothing to dot with it i know your background. >> he stuck with >> i stuck with w sort of stuck with it. it. (laughter). >> and 10 days later i wouldn't' >> shall i send a text or callll isn't no, you call.l. what is being being impersonal.. call. >> don't text.. >> no tech. no tech. >> have a face to face.e can were goa out. >> it's long ooh didn't physical you.didn >> you fly at the drop of a di dime. it's not look you're immobile. >> go meet the person and sayn s hey listen, this is what it is. >> will you come with me? >> again, paul, i think -- think >> wing woman.woman. >> it's okay to take this risk.s be prepared for what will happee if you get shut down. >> you always throwing salt onhl it wis do. >> i'm just keeping it real, r brother. i don't cover that >> i'm scared now. i >> let me say this.y is there are plenty of fish in thee sea. sea. if he's not meant for you theou person meant for you will come.. i firmly believe this. this. i'm not trying
10:30 am
pock show for a moment. >> elan even.>> elan eve >> f my life maureen. >> best of luck.>> >> thank you very much.hank i'll tell you what happens.u whs >> thank you very much.nk >> i appreciate it y. >> be ready.. >> have on the live preserver. >> as you know we're zip tripping today and we are goingg to raise a little glass to the o town of rosslyn saying cheers tt when we come back to our zip z trip back at this. at is. ♪
10:31 am
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♪ all right. welcome back.welc we are zip tripping in thein beautiful city of rosslyn, ros virginia.rginia. and right now i have larry lar fishman with me much he's the mh president of the art institute u of washington. their building is located riderr here in washington across thes e metro station.. great location. i'm sure the tune community isty so happy to have you. you >> good morning, thanks fors f having us. the art institute is a cre
10:34 am
college offering associate's inn bachelor's degree in design and fashion.ion. culinary arts.linarys. media arts in fact our culinaryr students just last week won the prized iron skillet they won the prince george's county culinary competition. if you're interested in if you y have a creative talent andent you're looking to hone it into a professional skill, you want tot come and see us. you can visit 1820 north 40 nor0 myers drive in beautifuleautiful downtown arlington or call us to make an appointment. (877)303-3771. in truth the very best way toer learn about our school is tor sc meet our students and see theirt work. >> because you have such a haveh i bran community and washington, d.c. and rosslyn and arlington,, virginia, great towns for locall artists, correct? >> absolutely.>> abs the amount of businesses hereere that need graphic design andn an illustrators is a tremendousremd it's a great opportunity.ty there's tons of restaurants.uran tons of people in the thriving r area and all the restaurantsestn need people in there preparing the meals.e meals
10:35 am
giving us an overview.iew owe want to learn more about the program.. let's meet your staff andf a wonderful students.l students. >> these are some of the peoplef actually taking advantage of tht institute or teaching at theat e institute. right now i've got nate lucase u right here animation artist. grinder. you love drawing.u love dra you've been drawinwig since youe were little it kid watch kind ot style are you into?yount >> my style is like retro mangoo i'm into all kinds of styles. >> metro manga. >> is that what this is.t this >> this is a drawing supposed t be interpretive. supposed to make you think andky look at it all kind of weird --d supposed to just confuse i wassi little bit. >> okay. that you did because i said am i holding it right way you canay n hold it any way you want. right?ght? >> right.>> right. >> it's whatever you want to dou okay you want to show some of your other work there. >> yes, ma'am. >> what do you love most aboutov the institute. >> i love the fact they'refacthe dedicated to tually helping heli you. they want to help you branch out and excel in the career of youru choice. career that you want. >> i'm i'm going to give this gi back to to you. i'm going to stick to my hello
10:36 am
kitty animation.maon one of the people that actuallyl helped move you forward iswa i professor henry edwards.. you teach fashion at the institute. >> yes. >> you're going to show us a s little look for casual friday,ri is that right tri >> exactly.>>xact >> okay. take it away.take iay. >> okay. >> i'll hold the mike for you.. (laughter).gh >> i have -- we have alumnus here charisse from the artfrom t institute. this is pretty much a casualasul friday look.ay if she's comin coming out the oc if she wanted to take say we have happy hour -- >> yes.>>es. >> and of course, these piecehee that is i have they all pre fa fall. >> i would just go out liket go this. go out on the town in that. >> yes. and actually you can just stacks it up with bangles. >> yeah.eah >> we're going to throw this t over. >> we'll throw this over. ove >> this wouldn't be for summer,b would it? >> for fall.>> >> you can actually wear it in the summer especially if you'reu in the office and it's kind of o cool this is great throw on.ow >> all right. that's i love that. >> them you're going to also t belt it if you want. >> okay
10:37 am
>> for more slender look. >> yes. >> and then one of the must hae haves for, um, as we move me forward is the shirt. s >> as professor, keep doing th that, as a professor what's the number one tip you give to youry fag students.nt. >> simplicity. sim when you're looking for trends look for time less tr. >> time less 10. tim >> yes. >> like that. i'm classy girl i like that.ik you can look back on 20 yearsk 2 from now and say i don't regretg wearing that. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. you >> like the jeans. wide legs.egs. classic. >> you look beautiful.oo thank you very much i'm going tc kick it over to my colleagueeagu tucker.tu tucker you're missing out ong on fashion but i'm hearing that i't missing out on some beer.e bee what you got over there? >> annie, yeah, you said it. i once again found my way to mya more food and more drink.nk this has been the whole tourle u this morning.this mning i'm at heavy ale house joined b mr. michael turner.urr thanks for joining me.ning me. >> my pleasure.ure welcome aboard. >> oy like that.>> o tell me about your establishme establishment.
10:38 am
>> local brewery out ofre out o baltimore. we have three restaurants in tha area. one here in arlington. in ar one in baltimore and, works ins baltimore actually.y local, very local. local >> all right.>> so this is the only one we havee down here in virginia, right. rg >> correct, yes, sir. sir >> when i come into your placer what can i expect? expec >> you know, it's a heavy seas a theme. you know we got great food, foo great cocktails. wood fired grill. gll great food.oo great happy hour. h three to 6:00 monday throughy th friday. we got some of the food here foe us, and i think steven will makk cocktail for us as well. w >> let me mention we got stevee over here and he's ourur mixologist extraordinary anddina steve what are you making foru r us?us? >> well, first i'll pour i wasrs pint of our signature ipa, the,e loose cannon. >> okay. think i've had that before.or thank you.. >> then you'll start making us drinks. tell me more about the businesss and some of the things that yout guys do locally. lally why did you pick rosslyn? >> rosslyn is a great community. it's huge business
10:39 am
monday through friday.y you know, just it's a greatreat town. great food town.n. >> yes. it is fantastic food town.asti obviously we got the wings herer looks like we,, what do we haveh here. >> crab dip here. c one of our signaturera items. is tears most popular.s most pop we got our smoked wings that wew actually smoke in then we have the calamari here r as well.asl. all of them are very very good.. >> steve, i like starting withg beer but i need to finish withht something >> i'm making you our spicy lost in pair dice martini. pair placed martini. >> i'll wrap with you guys but b you can continue to make me that drink. i'll show everybody at the endth of the show how good it is. is. thanks guys.thankss >> food looks fantastic.tastic >> we see you. >> little more vodka would beod fine there, steve. (laughter).aughter) >> all right.>> a he's having good time.g go >> he sure is.sures. >> okay. we'll rejoin them shortly. fun follows tucker and the zip p trip crew in rosslyn today. tod okay. still ahead at 10:00 he's and you up and
10:40 am
heck of a manager in this this guy is isug we're sitting down with avery ay wilson and sean garrett who w wrote songs for the likes ofik o beyonce' and usher. he's amazing.he's you'll see this interview coming up next.up nex 10:40 is your time right now. r. it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> we are doubling up on stardo power.ub
10:43 am
avery wilson stopped by the log loft. avery dished on everything fromt working on his debut album lifee after the voice and being signee by music mogul clive davis. ♪ >> yup. our first guest you mayt gu recognize season three of the ot voice and the other you may not recognize his face but we can guarantee you know some of his song lyric. he is written for the like oflie usher, beyonce', britney spears, sierra and so so many more. welcoming now to the good dayoo set singer avery wilson and his manager singer song writer seana two legends in the house. welcome. >> thank you for having us good i want to start with you avery.. congratulations on all yourr success.s >> thank you so much.nk y >> at least for me i was firstir introduced to you on facebook ik saw that viral video of you just singing who is this guy? >> crazy thg
10:44 am
nothing to do with that video an lot of people come to me, oh, my god there's this ready yo of you singing i was these clips on 59n what are you talking about? aut first time i heard it i went and watch it. i i thank whoever it is that madem that video they boosted me in in way i didn't even think >> to the point you've gottent e the attention of clive davisve v you're signed to his label whicw is amazing. >> absolutely. abs i mean that's live changinging experience being signed with clive and sean and sony and rca is just amazing.mazing i always work hard to get too this place of like being signed and i feel like that gave me that next level stamp. for me just to be working withkw them and if i, you know, wasn't' even signed just to have theseee people that care about that havt done so many great things ist is amazing. >> sean, you definitely haveefi work with whose who.. you're legend in and of yoursell to take this young man under m u your wings and say i'll be his e imagine and guide hem through this very difficult business of music and have him reach his potential that's been that likek for you why did you decide heec was the one? >> it's been defi
10:45 am
challenge just because wearingng the hat of being a singer song writer artist producer andnd wearing the hat as manager it'si a little bit more difficult jusj because it's a lot more mor and it's not me. it's someone else's life.s you know what i'm saying young y man's life so i chose to work w with avery because i just felt f that he was absolutely phenomenal. from wind up signing him when he was 16 years old and i felt like i have never -- i had never seen a 16-year-old possess a voice oo that caliber. with such range and we wereweer talking little bit before theite interview and you were saying sy his versatility, you know, it'si a good thing but in ways it's been difficult as well becauseec he can do so much. >> yes. and the policing of, you know, k the songs and the policing ofin the approach of the record and the type of record that youyo actually put out is, um, it'st' very interesting.ti i've always been really good atd
10:46 am
what to actually, um, what to go with as a single but with averyy it's a little bit more interesting. i weren't say difficult.t sadiff i'd say it's definitelynily interesting based on what gotsho going on in the mark.the mk. what's going on with the kids kd that's his he's only -- just turned 21ne years old.yes ol >> you're working on his albumib >> working on his album.n hilbum it's really dope. >> really?>> r >> yeah. >> what can you describe the sound as or is it prettyy eclectic.ic >> international for sure.. urban international. >> urban international.on i like that. because i can't lose of essencen of who i am and my people and who i sing to i feel like iike i don't want to stop there.nt i don't want t to give one secte of people, you know, myself iysf feel like i didn't get blessed e with this gift and theses ft ant opportunities and these peoplede to work with just to talk to onn time of person.on. i feel like, you know, it'st' global t. >> let's not bury the lead herer also. you're not just singer you'rer y also a dancer you began as >> absolutely. >> i read the bio about your
10:47 am
from now on you're a singer thaa dances not the other way aroundn >> and he plays >> i play the guitar.uir >> you're the renaissance >> i've tried a lot of things.hg and stuck with it. >> cute as a button. ladies. cute as a button.s tton while you're working on thisn t album the bar is set high. >> absolutely. >> you also say listen i wanty i the bar to be set high.h. i want to meet these challenge . talk about were keeps you you grounded what keeps -- what wha pushes you to excel?? >> well, what keeps me groundede for sure having people around me that keep me in a place of beini grounded.ed not to say my mind is going to t change or i'm going to place i'm getting self indulgent or any on of these things.. more so the fact having peoplego that know and have been acrossos the bridge and they know what's on the other side and i haven'tt been there before they're befey letting me know ahead of time tm and keeping god first andirst keeping my family around me. m >> we're excited. e please when you drop that albumt come back here.ere. >> slutly. s >> we are anxious to hear it. >> off row wilson, sean
10:48 am
you guys are amazing. azing welcome to the loft.of come back any time. >> thanks den to avery wilsonvey and sean garrett that kid is k s going places.g places. watch for him. >> all right.>> aig whoo! >> it's 10:48. 148 where did the time go. >> i don't want to end on frid friday. no zip trip is complete withouto the f coming up next we're getting aea taste of rosslyn. and i'm vegan. veg >> all right.> ♪ ♪ today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days.
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♪ all right. we'll get to our zip trip crewpe before that happy birthday to to sherri and anthony.ntho thank you all for being faithfuu fox5 good day dc viewers.. >> faithful to each other. their anniversary on the 24th.y >> all right then.llight >> happy birthday.irthda we want to toast to it with a taste of rosslyn i should say. our zip trip crew winding outino the show with us with tastyhas treats.trea hey, guys.s. >> maureen i'm so excited rightx now. i'm at bistro 360 is he theys h have been food and drink from a around the world.or head chef travis and owner art.t tell me about
10:52 am
entries.entries >> dishes from around the world. the first thing is north african expression for gourmet treats. parmesan crisp string beans,, rosemary walnuts, dips, hummus.u popular dish. >> deviled eggs watermelon sal salad. mediterranean chicken.en new zealand style meat pies. indonesian fried >> yum.>> y >> shrimp and grits which youd h know from charleston.charlest. so basically trying to food andd drink from representative cuisines around the world.or >> where you located. >> 1800 wilson boulevard and we are both a wine bar market 200t wines for sale an restaurant. >> i want dig in to this shrimp and grits right now.htow. we'll toss it over to annie to n she has fun hat. hat. i'll open one of those beers as well. hmm. hmm. i have lot of food to sample
10:53 am
>> welcome to poncho via this is the owner. oh, my gosh.osh. what is chef cooking up? >> he's cooking --in >> is this what it is.s thishat. >> this is the finish product. t >> >> number one seller.seller >> yes, ma'am. ma' >> you want to try it out. out >> i want to try it out oy wanta you to also feature this one thi right here because i love some rice. is this pork or what's this? >> this is pork. pk cook pork. >> that looks good.t look >> we got the plan takens sweete and got the rice also and then also we got -- >> fresh guacamole.. >> fresh >> we got the fresh salsa verde. and we have our specialty forpef appetizer
10:54 am
>> you can't forget about theore table side guac. >> we have chef doing the fresh guacamole table side.. >> very very delicious cuisineue here in rosslyn first locate loc been diagnose it for 20 years. s check it out.chit o i'll kick it over to tucker over there. ther what's up.wh >> annie i'm loving that hat ono you. you look great.u look gre i'm joined by mike and ryan, right. >> from bal imac. ima >> tell us about your place.. >> fantastic. we just opened up a couple months ago and our food isd i tremendously inviting to rossl rosslyn. we're american comfort food witi italian accent.cct. one much our famous dishes is called the pastry balls that we toss in a truffle honey fresh procuitto and mozzarella. >> does anybody else make them e like that? any of never seener that before. no. to go to new york city or italyy to troy something like that.t >> we have our famous grilledil octopus much this grilledrilled octopus
10:55 am
then what we do we put it on the grill with some roasted pepperss little bit of potato and we toss it in balsamic reduction sauce.u >> mike you guys are creative. >> yes. >> do you guys kind of just sitt back and work and dream up whata you're going to do her. >> i create the menu.. work with things and try tond ty fusion things along with thatg t we're famous for our bourbons. >> whoo! >> 100 bourbons on the menu. men >> this is where the real creativity comes in.. >> exactly. >> this is it.>> >> all right. barley mack here in rosslyn. >> you got just got started.. congratulations. >> thank you. >> cheers to you guys. youuys. >> cheers to rosslyn.ossl >> cheers to rosslyn. >> wonderful town. t great people. >> we want to thank mondayy properties for allowing us to bb here today. i had such great time with youeh guys today.guay >> loving rosslyn.oving rosslyn tucker you ready to put food fod away. >> i've been eating food sincein 6am this mor >> you r
10:56 am
>> keep it going, guys. >> yummy as always. thank you.ou. >> what fun morning in rosslyn. yay! >> rosslyn.yn >> good time in rosslyn we'ress' head to go college park nextarkx week for our zip trip there. be sure to join us that happenst every friday zip trip -- we're-e winding down. >> i know.>> >> only two left.. >> who will sweat that one out?? >> i'm not sure yet who isyet oi going. either way it will be fun. it >> i hope it's me. college park next week. w >> this is in studio hair i hai can't go outside.. (laughter). >> paul wharton always pleasures who is doing our final weather a did tucker do that. tha >> he probably did it's going to be nice and coolio this weekend like upper 80s like 88 degrees. degrees >> yes. >> but you have outdoor seventys three stuff you need to do it di has to be done today andaynd tomorrow sunday would get a a little dicey.icey. >> there's your forecast.reca. >> real quick you've beene bee getting feedback. fee what is overwhelming response.eo >> life is short, go for it, sho paul. pa yes, i'm going for it, guys. >> go forget. let us know.. >> don't come here cryinge cin
10:57 am
>> have great weekend. >> bye, guys, have great weekeso weekend. >> we love see you next weheek.n bye-bye.ntcing >> give mebrtiiss. aww that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: so nice. >> kwhwhooo, whooo! >> wendy: thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. the girls are in the building.


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