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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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♪ this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. tropical storm hermine is bringing heavy rain and flooding to parts of florida. good to have you with us, i'm tony perkins. >> take a look right here, you can see what's going on, i'm shawn yancy, streets there flooded. some motorists stranded. of florida governor rick scott declare add state of emergency in 42 florida counties. >> the storm system may affect the holiday weekend. it could affect tonight's redskins game in tampa. sue palka standing by. >> i'm sure the redskins are like let's get out as fast as we can. the storm is nowhere near them right now but a lot of tropical moisture as you can see is being generated in pooled into the west coast. there has been flooding there. wind of 45 miles an hour.
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tropical impact on florida obviously, as it comes assure tomorrow. i want to show you track. the implications for our area had to do with the track shifting in much of our model guidance, a few started changing yesterday, indicating this is going to track farther to the west. that impacts where land fall will be in florida and it's closer to tallahassee, yesterday it was further south than that. wind at 60, but it's already going down till there. here is what changed today. rather than going and grazing the outer banks and heading out to sea. now that official national hurricane center track is much closer to the norfolk area, raleigh, heads on out toward cape may area sunday, that would bring heavy rain into our area saturday as well as sunday. it doesn't wreck the whole weekend. i still think friday would be great. sunday if it moves fast enough would probably clear up at some point but there's also the possibility that we could see changes. what wear seeing is that
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pressure area to our north is going to kind of block the path for that storm to retreat. that would mean a big impact on temperatures saturday and sunday, only in the mid 70's with heavy rain and gusty winds. worst effects from these tropical systems are usually south and east where the center tracks and we're on the weaker side. but it's definitely something we'll have to watch and that redskins game will give you a preview of the kind of conditions that you can see developing even from a tropical storm that is hundreds of miles away from them. to still getting closer. florida feels bigger impacts late tonight and during the day tomorrow. shawn much more on the seven-day in a bit. new tonight, police in montgomery county arrest an 18-year-old connected to the stabbing of a pregnant woman. lauren demarco is live in kensington with the latest. what happened? >> reporter: shawn a 19-year-old
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where i'm standing is considered kensington. there's a montessori school. but it backs up to this park and there is a walking path. where you see officers going to and from collecting evidence and that is where this 19-year-old was walking along with an 18-year-old man police say she knows, to they say the 18-year-old attacked her and stabbed her. they are not confirming how the two new each other, whether or not he may be the father of the child. again, this none-year-old is pregnant several months pregnant is what we're told, taken to a local trauma center, her injuries described as serious and escalated because of the fact that she is pregnant. to now, as i said, there's a montessori school and also in building right here, there's some subsidized housing for single mothers and also for families. police are saying that the victim, they do not believe is affiliated with this center. and as far as right now, we are not hearing that the
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the suspect is affiliated with the high school. although we are told that there were witnesses a lot of high school students use this path, i'm not sure whether there were any high school students here at the time. but we're told that there were definitely witnesses that's who originally called 911. and the 18-year-old was arrested about a 15-minute drive away from here in aspen hills. again, he is in custody, the 19-year-old pregnant woman in the hospital in serious condition. that's the latest in kensington. back to you. we have heartbreaking news out of louden county. loved ones are morning the death of an infant, police say a five month old boy and his mother were hit by a car in leesburg. it happened at the intersection of riverside parkway and kip heart drive. the mother was pushing her son in a is stroller when they were hit by a man driving a jeep. >> it should be less than six months, i'm not sure how old he is. i went there. i don't think he was breathing. somebody
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to the baby. and the mom, she was screaming she couldn't move, screaming and she was hurt. i'm still shivering. i couldn't take -- i couldn't see the baby lying dead just like a doll, real small. >> again that baby did die. his mother being treated for serious injuries. she is expected to recover. police still investigating the crash to determine any possible charges. well, two weeks into the school year and the dc public school principal has been placed on administrative leave. latasha james principal was placed on leave effective immediately. although the school district will not confirm why, the dc ps teacher's ounce contends over the years there have been a number of complaints about teachers management, staff moral and violations, it does not comment on personal matters but issued a statement, we are proud
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we will continue to support the is staff and community at lecky and look forward to more progress this year. we have an update now on a store that had fox 5 viewers demanding answers, so much so many of you reached out to us asking. a dc police officer was caught on video earlier this month. this happened at a busstop near the howard theater in north and west. the officer accused the woman of prostitution. she denies the claim. we called police today to get an update and we're told that they should have concluded their investigation by the end of this week. more trouble for metro tonight following an eye opening report. it found the transit agency has inexperienced inspectors, workers who are not trained properly and hard to read manuals and poor communication. fox 5 tom fitzgerald is it is at the wheat on metro station with the latest. >> po
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written by the american public transportation association. you can see right on the front cover, it was written in april. but it only just being released now after pressure from the board last week to finally make it public and tell people what's really going on with metro's inspection process. remember, this release is coming in the wake of that derailment of the evidence east falls church this summer. luckily nobody was hurt. ever since it pulled back these layers of what's been going on with metro's inspection system that much like the tracks themselves to clearly is badly in need of an overhaul. investigators found that metro's training program, they are just not good enough and to make matters worse, once those inspectors and the repair crews are on those track, they need a better system to be able to talk to each other about what is the most important thing to be taking care of a first. now, the report goes on to say
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off the streets with month minimum ability or testing to see if they were up for the job. metro's new management team pledged they're creating a safety culture right now among the workers. the passengers, they say hiring and training of qualified inspectors, that's something that the last management team should have taken care of and not left to the new one. the good news in all of this, the report find that the inspectors is enthusiastic about their jobs and want to do better. we reached out to metro today for an interview about this. they said since it was brought up at last week's meeting, they weren't interested in talking about it today. >> the metro station in wheaton, tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. a big talker today in the newsroom. of should schools open before or after labor day? >> there are a lot of new changes coming to
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core marathon, stick around, we'll have everything you need to know when the news at 6:00 continues. . if you got a story idea, call the fox 5 tip line, the number is 202-895-3000. or e-mail to
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♪ . the montgomery county department of health and human services has joined forces with the maryland department of agriculture. working to expand mosquito control services in the county. this comes following concern from residents over the zika and west nile viruses. mosquito spraying will take place tomorrow night at or shortly after 7:30 in the strawberry nole area of gaithersburg, residents are being asked to avoid all outdoor activities on spray night. heads up if you have a child in a public school in maryland starting next year, your kids will not go back
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labor day. governor hogan signed an executive order into law. it's a move that will help generate $74 million from the state of economy. it's drawing criticism. they're accusing the governor of putting tourism dollars ahead of education. >> i just laugh because it's totally ridiculous. of this doesn't change anything, they're still going to go the same number of days, 180 days. it still happens in most states. it was the way when i went to school. you went back after labor day and i turned out ok. >> the new law also requires schools to end the school year by june 15th. we have a better cwed of how organizers of on the marine corp marathon are going to accommodate thousands of runners for the annual race. metro says it is not opening early for the marathon due to safetrack work. in the past, metro opened at 5:30 in the morning, here are some changes, the start line will be open
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8:55 to give more people time to get there. they're also some adjustments to the course. 10k run will only be in virginia this career and it will start later at 9:55. plus, the course will be shorter through rock creek park because organizers want all runners back over the memorial bridge by 1:15. many are wondering, why can't metro open up two hours early >> simply, no, maintenance, safety is still number one on their list. and they regret it. that, you know, they're not able to make an exception for the to marine corp as much as they will like to have. >> when metro does open, it will run more eight-car trains and will run more of them. the race is taking place on october 30th. i don't know if you heard this, tony, history was made today. the first commercial flights to
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cuba in half century landed this afternoon. we're going to tell you how passengers felt about the big moment. we're getting new incredible images of three hurricanes churning in the pacific and atlantic oceans. we'll check in with sue after break about how they could affect our region. stay with us. hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business.
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more than 50 years. >> good morning, customers. service to tampa florida to cuba. >> the plane departing from the fort alloweder dale hollywood international airport in florida, with transportation anthony fox 29 on board. sending them off with a ribbon cutting ceremony. >> cuba was always this mysterious island so close to us, yet could have been mars because we couldn't go and we couldn't visit and see the beauty of that island. >> u.s. and cuba announcing back in december, 2014, they would begin restoring ties after decades of cold war tensions. this flight just the latest step in that process. and it traveled between the two countrieses a little over a year after the american flag raised over the u.s. embassy in havana. >> we hope in the near future, all remaining obstacles that limit change between the two coun
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>> americans traveling to cuba pure pure purely tourism reasons is against the law. miami, phil keating fox news >> how did the kardashians get in there? >> special >> not that i watch it >> that's right. >> educational. >> the weather, i mean, obviously, he tape that day awhile ago, probably looks, the west coast of florida getting pounded. we have great view from space. the various hurricanes that are out there now, hurricane gaston got winds of 105 miles an hour, had the most beautiful eye and structure but there are also two hurricanes in the pacific.
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if i have any good newsings those three powerful storms are not going to affect us, certainly going to affect hawaii and incredibly beautiful from space. are they not? but you know what? when what he really need to learn about these hurricanes, we have hurricane hunters investigating them and that's a what's going on with tropical storm hermine. they've been flying in and out of tampa. you can see the plane and watch as it continues to spend probably 12 hours inside this hurricane, and it's not a hurricane yet, tropical storm, but it recently noticed that there were winds at flight level of about 59 miles an hour. so it's definitely getting stronger and it is forecast to be a pretty strong tropical storm as it gets closer to the coast. but it is pulling in so much of that very heavy moisture, so that redskins game will be soggy tonight. tropical storm warnings are up for the west coast of florida and up towards panama city. it's likely going to come in somewhere here in the pan handle and then continue moving across th
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we get a new update at 11:00. i'll have that for you later. wind of 45 miles an hour, as just saw, the hurricane hunters are in there investigating it right now and finding stronger winds. . here is the most recent track. it looks like it will approach toward tallahassee tomorrow during the day and thing will go downhill before that happens. change for us, yesterday it kind of skimmed the outer banks and went out to sea, now, the model has been continuing to suggest this is going to track closer not coastline and inland before it exits and on that scenario, which is saturday into sunday, that would bring us heavy rain, some tropical rain and gusting winds, the strongest conditions are usually south and east. of we would get rain and wind out of that. what it will also do is cool us down in a big way. and i bet a lot of you
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for that. we've had a record august, 23 days at or above 90, that beats the old record from august of 1980 and we're going to take a big break from the 90's and it begins tomorrow. we're still pretty toasty out there tonight. warm and humid and we have a frontal boundary that will get closer, so a couple of showers and storms showing up, they will be isolated. we'll have afternoon thunderstorms, not a lot but with this front crossing, we'll stay in the 80's, and see one or two thunderstorms developing during the day. at this moment, we have a storm with a little bit of thunder and lightening showing up here, south of culpeper. that has been getting stronger, fairly isolated and then all the way down to tampa we go do show you the copious moisture that's pulling in. it may not written the whole game. these are bands of moisture, there's been one big surge, maybe a brief break and this skinny brand will be approaching. they've had about three inches of rain and more to come tonight with the winds beginning to gust.
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pattern for first part of the weekend has this high pressure locking the escape route for hermine and that's why the model started shifting it in a little bit. looked before like that high would allow the storm to escape and get out to sea. based on the consultant track, we got the possibility of tropical weather saturday and sunday, question mark because there are still one oh re two models that want to take it out to sea, but the concensus is shifting it more to the west. friday looks great and monday also looks great and i bet you we redeem part of sunday if this storm continues to move quickly. onward to the seven-day forecast. you know what you don't see only one, 90-degree day. of we say good-bye to august which is exactly what we expected and look at the weekend, shawn and tony, the rain at 75 on saturday. sunday, 74. of honestly, i would be excited about that except those things. people have plans. we feel
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looking like we probably might have to consider putting some rain in but big time change today. >> looks great though. monday still looks good, and i hope that if the storm continues to move fast enough, but unfortunately, we have to follow trends and that trend west today doesn't trend west again tomorrow, we have to watch and see. >> thank you, sue. >> now we want to introduce you to the newest member of the fox 5 family. of yesterday, our own tisha lewis and her husband welcomed their baby girl, weighing seven pounds, two announces. tisha says little jordan is perfect and the family is doing well. >> mom looks wonderful. >> congratulations. >> happy for the family. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. he was joined by florida state university wide receiver travis rudolf at mon fort middle school in tallahassee. rudolf was among five football players visiting the school to meet with students and when he saw the young boy by himself at lunch he asked if he could sit with him >> i saw him by himself and i was just like, yo kind of a seat? he was like sure, why not? we started off having a good conversation. a great kid overall. honestly, that's a co
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i'll hang out with him any day. >> rudolf hopes his new friend and family can attend an fsu football game some time this evening. >> i appreciate it and he didn't even know and it probably means so much to that little boy. >> he models what to do for the students. >> talk to their students and get, set them straight on that. some other friends there. the 5 at 6:30 is next. 
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♪ . here we go, it is an exclamation point. this is a surprise to a lot of people. donald trump meeting with mexico's president today. in mexico. >> he tweeted said he accepted the invitation, and from the rundown you can see this is the hottest story at 6:30. we know you guys have thoughts about this. we invite you to tweet us now, join the conversation, let us know what you think but use the #5at630 >> do you think it was a win? >> in general. meantime, immigration has been couldn't she beens issue. he says he's the reaso


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