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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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her the weekend.lofor t also tracking metro. this type rhode island metro station pieces of the ceilinghei fell down last night. will this impact your commute? m we're live with >> good thursday morning, i'mori allison seymour. mo >> and i'm steve chenevey. chene let's get right to it first atfi 6:00. 6: we're tracking tropical stormtrs hermine.ine. it's already lashing parts of florida with heavy rain andeavyd some flooding. also tucker barnes right overigt there tracking the potentialotal impact to our weekend >> let's get to it steve. ste good hermine last night if youe la i watched the redskins game youeou probably saw some of that rainhn that's associated with hermine. i want to show you our localocal radar very quickly. quickly. we had rain showers overnight. we have continued rain showersoi off to the north and wnuest. we havne ath chang aing forecast here as well that we'll focus fs on of course all morning as cooler air moves in. if we could flip the prompter p that would be fantastic. fantasc here's hermine. maximum winds 60 miles per 6 hour. anized thanhaer org where we were at 12 to 18o 18 hours ago and it continues tonus track off to the north andth north and east and during theure day yesterday, our computeromte modeling was get
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aggressive about trying toin t bring hermine right up into up n the 95 corridor right across the immediate washington areatoa by saturday night and sunday. s. the thinking the track has shift add little further east. e i can't guarantee the track won't wobble to and fro for the next couple days f we could keep it on this thcue rren path that would be more m favorable for our forecast.orec one caveat. the beaches are still going to be unfortunately looks likee beo dealing with some of the implications, impacts of, impaco hermine over the next couplet ce days. here we go. 60 miles per hour. winds wds north-northeast at 12.2. there's your pressure down dow below a thousand million liveioe bars. your eventual track if you'reou watching last night with sue, w, it was right across thes t midatlantic right across thecrse d.c. area here. her this is pushed a littleit souher to the south and easto e duringth the overnight that would be great news for all of us.out alof u we would be dealing with lessh impact.impa. probably still some cloudsll even the s potential for some fs rain shower activity but if we can keep this storm a little further east of us that would be great news fortf u
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weekend forecast.t. quickly just want to show youou the heaviest of the rain looks k like it will be along the be a t coastal areas.lreas. some of the beaches could beme s looking at three, four,our, 5-inches of rain here through t the weekend. the w we'll talk a lotee more about hermine, we'll talk about our a forecast at a. of course we got to cooler coole drier air we have been b promising for a week that'shat's moving n i'll let you know i'lly whenou k that gets in here.e. back to you.o y. >> tracking metro this morning and right now we are checking up on the rhode island avenue i station. >> station did open this morning aft sertati a d sidtrahe incident last night. live frjoins us now omde the station with the latesth tht this morning.orng mel. >> reporter: hey, guys, h guy yeah, so everything oning o schedule this morning and that is good news for folkssc who w last night this station had too use shuttle buses to get whereee they needed to go.ey nee the station shut down a little t after 8:30 last night when metro says there was some s structural damage and thenam came back and told us that itsht was metal and concrete that tha had fallen from the ceiling onto the mezzanine levl this is one thing we observed w when we got here this morni
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the scaffolding here. ifer you look at the ceilingng there appears to be freshbe fre concrete. here's the interesting thing. eresting i've asked the s ttationhitati manager, i've asked ask engineering crews here, everybody, is this indeed ind where the -- they were working w last night and nobody willody w tell me affirmatively that it ta is. we did go up to the upperhe upp platform as well. well. we didn't see anything thating t looked like there was damage up there except there's the definitely some water leakingerg from the -- from the overheadve covers onto the platform area, they got some cones there. i think all of this, guys s-really just anthin example ofe the struggles that metro facesrc not just with tracks but also ao with older infrastructure as well. well. rhode island avenue was the first metro station torhis open back in 1976, the the red theed line, the very fires line that was opened for revenueue service. and so it's not -- while- wle everything is focused rightight now on the tracks, certainly that is the number one issue iss when it comes to safe track, too we know with elevators,w wie with escalators and then with
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building issues as well therel e are all kinds of problems here r on metro that need to be takenak care o good news is, if this iss indeed where they were able toet do the repairs, we were tolderto that they did repairs overnight so this does look doek fresh to us. it definitely looks like this is new work here but they were r able to shore this up and get it going but it's not going toot be much longer because i can tell you that this rhodehiod island avenue station, this thi section of the red line is next up when it comes to safeese track repairs. this station will be shut down during surge 10 and folks will have to resort on sur those shuttle buses then. live at rhode island avenue,lan, i'm melanie alnwick.melanie alni >> let's get to the campaign trail. new poll shows the race to the white house is tightening ouse is tightening between ton trump and hillary clinton as donald trump is back state sid n one afteral hdisafte his quick visit to mexico m yesterday to meet withyest mexico's president.y t donald trump told a rally lascot night in arizona that he ishe is still pledging to deport allto d illegal
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them go through a rigorousgh air process if they wander to come back to the united statess legally.lell trump also clarified whatrifi wt exactly he and the mexican president discussed. >> we agreed on the importancemp of ending the illegal flow of drugs, cash, guns and people across our border and to put the cartels out of business. mexico you know that will workl with us i really believe >> donald trump says immigration reform should meandm improvements to our laws andawsn policies to make life better bee for american citizens.itizens. in the meantime he said when san it comes to border -- to ther - border wall donald trump isaldod promising to build trump said the two discussed it but didn't discuss who would pay for it. president said hedentaid made it clear his country cntry would not foot the bill. >> ♪ >> happening today in frederick cou
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suspect accused of using asing pipe bomb to blow up a police p car is due in court.ourt police say that kyle muellermuel was behind the explosion that targeted a thurmont police tol car. investigators linked him to himt the crime using receipts from a debit card and surveillancenc footage from a lowes >> also today a warning to loudoun county residents toesids copy quiet. here's was need to know about thecopy county's new noises new ordinance. starting today music cannot beat heard more than 100 feet from fo its source between 11:00 and 7:00 in the morning. mning horns and other sounds fromou your car cannot be sounded fornd more than 20 seconds at a time or spinning tires and racing rac engines you can't do that at a all.l. in georgetown students and faculty will be engaging in aeni conversation about theersation a university's role in the the institution of slavery and racial injustice in the unitedie states. participants will gather at 4:00 p.m. to continue an open ao conversation that began lastas fall and to hear hear recommendations from a working g ut how to engage andend reflect on the issue inn present day.esent day it was a dramatic attack atc with a hammer at a local 7-eleven and now d.c. police. need your help to find the
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people involved. id. >> they were after cigarettesige before things took a violent turn.turn anjali hemphill is lie in northwest where it happened with more on how you can help police and anjali that video v hard to watch. wat >> reporter: it is.: it is. it's quite violent and also a little disturbing. you know, d.c. police say thishs armed robbery by hammer took tk place at this 7-eleven you see behind me here. her this is off cedar street in upper northwest right near the tacoma metro station.ti i want to get right to that t surveillance video that policele released because those imagessea you see are quite clear and they're hoping someone will will recognize the two suspects youwu see in the video. in the video yseoue sinee t thm enter the store a young mantore and woman. this is on sunday night right rig around 10 o'clock.clock. police say they tried to takeak cigarettes from behind the bind counter and that's when the t two clerks who were working at g the time tried to stop them. the you see a struggle ensue andsue then you see the woman suspect t in the video pick up what wha appears to be a hammer and try to hit one of the employees. you also see the other other employee holding
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other man suspect back duringk g all this. of course a very scary situation for those clerks who were involved.we involved. the suspects did get away with the cigarettes they stole andold of course police are hoping anyone coo who sees that video v might recognize those twose two suspects. if you know anything, you are urged to call d.c. police. polic you can also text them at advertisement 0411. if your information leads to an arrest you could receive a11. reward.. we're live in upper northwest anjali let me hill fox5 localal news. news. >> let's get a check on our traffic with erin's good morning. >> good morning. we start you off with someng.oue breaking news. metro thissking morning, they're dealing withy'g a switch problem betweenetween mcpherson square andand smithsonian. because of that right now noht n rail service on the orangerae silver or blue line between mcpherson square and smithsonian. shuttle bus service has been h n requested. that could cause a delay forat your mor cningould c mauetro cou we'll keep you updated on that. we have safe track surge eight with single tracking on the t blue line between franconia springfield and
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suitland parkway right now we have aitla cndraarshkw inbound s sterling avenue that is causing someng really big bums m on suitland parkway inbound. really jammed up by alabama to t south capitol. a tree down in the road singlege car crash 450 shut down d between racetrack road andk ad crane high way.crane h you need to detour around thatha in prince william -- excuse mese prince george's county. look 295ook 295ew m southbound jams up and that's because we have a crash by a c by east capitol.east cap let's take a live look outside e and show you how you're you're dealing with that.deing right now you can see coming con down from 50, 295 southboundun not terrible but again because u of that crash you do jam up by b east capitol. northbound side looking good. beltwaynortnd s starting to seea of congestion in oxon hill on hn the inner loop. loop. more traffic in a few. lots to get. there was i got off confused there. back to you guys. >> we'll get back now a minute too. 6:09.09. the president with a newe part-time job and hpreiden hasnt even left the white house. we'll tell you about thatev left next. >> we're tracking tropical storm tra hermine.ermi more on how it could impact impt our we
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>> ♪
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. >> taking a look now at tropical storm hermine. parts of florida alreadyok now t getting battered asrida a tlrheo moves closer to shore. shore. now here's a look in sarasota st last night where parts of thehe area already covered by waste be deep water. w >> also hearing the storm is gaining momentum as it makes its its way across the sunshine
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state. the track and potential impact i for us keeps changing. tucker will have more on that tt in a little bit. b president obama talkingamal climate change during his tripis to hawaii. the commander-in-chiefer-in-chif addressing a group of leaders in hadondrngol aulu saying no nt can tackle the issue alone andna it's time for countries acrossos the globe to come together foroe the environment. he also says leaders fromears fm canada and mexico vow to getw tg half their electricity from f clean sources by 200025. 20002 >> supreme court justice elena u kagan talkingrttice politics.olc she says the politicalit pressure surrounding presidentre obama's stalled high court crt nominee does not affect herer fellow justices when it comest m to handing down rulings.ulgs kagan says the pins of the president or members of congress areesiden irrelevant wh she along with the fellow justices are deciding cases. cas >> the nation's high courtigh ur does issue a ruling on north carolina's voter i.d. justices refused to reinstateeie the voter i.d. requirement.equie north carolina statertcaroli republicans had request add a delay to -- requested to delayel an injunction blocking thein t 2013 voting
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opponents said the law was intentionally biased against african-american voters.ican vor the decision means voters willsl not need to show a photo id i when casting their ballots. if the white house was for f sale and it's a big f how much c would it cost? we'll tell ifst you the latest figures nex? t.ux >> don't we always do this. thi >> yeah but it's fun.>> yeah bus >> you're right. a live look outside. fun. t're akinlg yoivu e took o break on this thursday morning weather and traffic on the 5s thursda n. >> can't afford it, al, don't ask.
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>> ♪ >> great big good morning. we got lots of weather to talk about. ot l andeather♪ movin>>great in of course we have hermine.. it's all about the track ofhe ta the yesterday during the afternoon o hours looked like a directholook impact. then overnight the modeling modg has kind of pushed the stormd ts further east and it's allt' going to be about the track of the storm here over the nextabox couple days.leay i can guarantee you thumbs iou u think it will wobble a little a bit too back and forth hereth over the next couple days.uple d really going to have to monitor the forecast. beaches this is the area i'm are going the most confident willwi be impacted. the beaches it's almost a surest thing that it's not going tos n be a great weekend down at the beach. be there will be gusty windssty w increased surf and some very soy heavy rain down at the beaches t as hermine passes off to theff o east and then the big question t will it linger off the coast t and there's some indicatione ini that it could kind of hang oha around just to the east ofas ocean city or thereabouts forres a couple of days time. t therefore, making the entirent weekend not a great
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at the beaches unfortunately.or. 76 in trying to get that cooler airhat in here. it's working in from the northoe and west.d west. local weather quickly, 69 in69n hagerstown cumberland goodberl morning shout out to ourshoututr friends in cumberland whoan w watch every morning 66 degrees, 70 winchester, 70 fredericksburg. we had some thunderstorm activity and now we're dealing g with rain showers. you can see the rain off to our north ayondcan see west ups frederick county moving intoin montgomery loudoun county getout something rain showers.mein g this will be moving throughths over the morning hours and willd then later this afternoon anoona few showers will redevelop aseva we get that cooler and driernd d air working in.r w i think everything will be out of here in time for the bruce t springsteen concert tonightng down at natseen c park.k. been getting a lot of tweets about that. i think the rain will be out i ink of here by this evenithngg here's hermine. maximum winds 60 miles per hour.m w ho it's a tropical storm it's not a terribly powerful storm butto unfortunately the track is tra just enough of a nuisance that it's like to bring us someike impact this weekend. this wee looks like the heaviest of thet rain will be up into parts ofaro florida here where they'ree whee looking at upwards of o 10-inches of rain.s ofai already some lo
6:18 am
down there. there it's now below a thousandhousan millibars.ll could strengthen into a a minimal hurricane before itore i makes landfall late tonightht early tomorrow that track is off and running. n if you watched sue last nightasn the track was much closer to cse us. it's pushed off a little tos phe the south and east with thehe latest inside weather -- the latest euro and gfs has pushedfd it east. eas the latest gfs is pushing itng back to the west. w the latest track is it's going to wobble over the next coupleee days and we can guarantee impacts to the beaches will we have generally clouds or a rainy saturday afternoon aer saturday night sunday that'sat yet to be determined. how much rain? i mentioned menn heavy rain in florida.n flori they're looking at upwards of of 10-inches of rain.of rai we'll have lesser amounts.unts notice our beaches have that possible impact of five tove 10 inches as wl. showers and storms scatteredered today, 84.da again i think it's out of hereko by the concert tonight. tig tomorrow for our zip trip in silver spring
6:19 am
question marks about the about saturday-sunday time frame honestly here in d.c. it couldou hery from heavy periods ofrom heavy rain to justav generallyey clouds or mostly cloudy cudy conditions and then we'll havehh to see how long hermineer lingers off the coast there.f te could impact monday as far as cloud cover as well. alld right.ig that's a lot of weather. a lot r let's see if traffic is. if tffc cooperating. >> now how early do you thinkuhi the vein going to move in this h morning as far as 8:00 a.m.?.? >> oh, it's -- parts of ourf o viewing area are getting itetng right now. n >> wonderful. slow down. d use caution as you make your way out around the area.a. as tucker mentioned it is hitting our viewing area. switch problems between between mcpherson square and smithsonian. no service on the orange silv er onor sblue line right now. w shuttle service has beenn this could cause major delaysajl this morning across the orange silver and mules. m safe track surge eight single tracking already as you make your way outtr between franconia-springfield and vaneln do. a live look at the roads where we're seeing a lot of slow a tf slo moving traf
6:20 am
look at that parking lot. l no crashes just congestion.gest 66 from 234 to centreville youel need to add 15 extra minutesaddt to your drive to get throughra h that area. are suitland parkway super jammed py up because of a crash on first i sterlings right off suitland.ghi that's jammed all the way overay to alabama and as you can see us a continue towards thee tards beltway 66 remains heavy. h 270 southbound jammed throughutb urou jambana. more traffic in a tic in steve and allison. ais >> all right. move out of the way barbie. bbi >> a new doll is coming to toys r us. coming up we'll tell you which one. i know you're really -- >> i can't wait.
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>> if the white house were for sale how much would it cost? and the american girl dolls have a new home.ew hjoininomg us from there fox t business network studio lauren simonetti. good morning.go morni >> reporter: your glowing today allison. good morning. a new primerew prime lauren. thanks for noticing. >> reporter: you look great. the color is helping also.lso. like the package. package. >> let's talk about there american girl doll. i have to be honest with my's tm threey daughters i kind ofind o shielded them from this whole phenomenon because these dollssl were just too darn expensive exn and it's not just a doll. dol you're getting a doll's back bac story which includes wardrobe we shoes and all this. now toys r us is getting the t american girl doll. >> reporter: i actually have the literal wardrobe that my m american girl doll had 30l 30 years ago like a trunk full.ull. >> did you have an american an a girl doll. >> reporter: did i have one? ori how many did i have is the haveo
6:24 am
question.ti. >> wow. [laughter] >> reporter: i got an a ererican doll for like every holiicday for a couple ofanl fo. >> wow uh i saved them all. all they're expensive.. they're high end brand.nd >> are they still hot though? h are they still hot. hot >> reporter: i'm so glad you y said that. said they're not hot.e no sales are down. dn. mattel is concerned.rned. so what they're doing is what er putting them in toys r usr u stores so they're going to goino increase the mass marketthe maae appeal by selling the american n girl dolls in the toys r us stores. st the issue is, i meaorn they're expensive. an you really wander to up rw your sales you probably have hav to lower your price.. >> okay. that's what i was going say.'s are they lowering whai wa it? u know what and to be quite qte honest when we went to the toy y store i kind of flu i wasn'tof u going run into the american amen girl doll and it helped thed t girls not saying oh i wantan that, i want that.hat. sara has it or whatever. >> reporter: there's avehe's a handful of stand alone american girl stores. we have one right by the right e office here and i have to tell
6:25 am
you especially around theune holidays you see these big redid shopping bags and the mothers me of all the little girls, it's pretty cultish at times. at >> we he teased the whitehite house.use. we're out of time. what's the asking price. >> reporter: $250 million, not for sale but that's what bhs it would be worth based on the land the artifacts and thend the like. >> thank goodness it's not for f sale if you know what i wasi mean. we'll see you later. later >> reporter: bye.. >> some may argue that down.. >> no, it's not.o, iot. you got to go through the t process. you can't just buy your way.ay >> tear down and you want to put up high end loft there. >> 250 million. >> turn a profit on that land>>d but we won't touch it. it. >> i thought it would be worthbr it should be priceless. >> i think that is priceless, yeah. >> sadly somebody could payebodu for that, you know,ld some billionaire would be likell okay.ioire >> not for sale >> i bet if you put it up for fr sale for 250 million somebodyomd would buy it. >> it's any other going toy hero happen.
6:26 am
>> 76 million -- 76 degrees this morning at reaganllioth mng aonal dulles is 72. is 7 bwi marshall 73.l we'll focus on hermine in an couple minutes. minutes let's talk local weather foroc h your day today.eryouray t we got rain showers out thereody early.y. had some thunderstorm activity y overnight.overnight. i woke up about 3:00 in theut 3t morning to a pretty goodyood thunderstorm. >> did you. >> this isth the cooler and a drier air working in. in. we'll be mostly cloudy today tod with occasional showers. i think things start to really taperink th s off htartere by lt afternoon so if you got plans tonight, ie going to the bruce b springsteen concert you should be in good shape for it. sh thapeor iere's your seven day.s. cooler weather arrivesth arr tonight.night. much, much improved tomorrow.omr question mark for that saturday-sunday. at this hour i can pretty much gus hr iarantee you some cloudsd i could guarantee you rightig here in washington how muchng rain we'll get but i can guarantee -- doing a lot ofot of guarantees today. bel btee the beaches will impacted greatly with rain and i wind. thisunds like this path has been changing thaomorrow morninm might be were we really knowy k the weekend impact.mpac >> it's been wobbling and this a is what they to so we'll just jt have to -- i'll show you the t
6:27 am
changed from last night whenht you went to bed.yowent >> i was looking at white house stats. 35 bathrooms, 132 rooms.132 >> you're going to -- to >> eight staircases, 28 fireplaces, 250 million is a250 fair asking price. price >> what are the taxes on that puppy? i don't think there are property taxes. >> i think we should have a ight tpy? n ar allthisinon.k houlllison. >> do you. >> little dinner party perhaps.e >> i d p like that. that. >> right now metro problems.em this is a big update for you.ou between mcpherson square and smithsonian no rail service svi right in you on the orangege silver or blue line. le. shuttle you service y servi established in place of railf service.ic this could cause major delays ds if that's your normal route. rou we also have safe track surge s eight on the blue line singlelie tracking franconia-springfield to van do. let's hop outside right now for a livegfie lanook. d ook. a little tour of the beltwayhe w because you are jam this is a look at the outers a loop rightat t nheow o by colesl from 95 to georgia.eorgia. you're dealing with about a 15 1 minute delay. you can see by new hampshire just a lot of brake lights o speeds under 15 miles pers per hour. same story as you make yours y k way out through
6:28 am
morning.rn by old dominion you can see the inner loop dealing with slow traffic. 66 to clara barton you'reon ye delayed.laye traffic moving okay from 2100 across the wilson bridge.rie keep it to fox5 this morning. we got you covered. 6:30 a.m. half hour. we'll be right back.
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let the child inside you out to play. remember who you are. life is for the taking, not for taking it easy. asheville. discovery inside and out. >> ♪ >> we're back at 6:30. we are tracking tropical storm hermine. it's our top story today.>> bacs parts of florida alreadyry today getting battered as she movesovs closer
6:31 am
this looks a little bit likeit l what it was the story was lastas night in sarasota and what and a about us? you just heard h tucker say the eastern shorernho beaches will likely be impacted this weekend. weend. the track does keep changing ai bit though. we're staying on top of it all morning. now to our other top stories. stor if you're wondering whether whe rhode island metro station will be opened today. stationta is y the opened on time at 5:00 this:0th morning. last night debris fell fromfellf the ceiling onto the mezzanineni area of the station and it wasas closed as crews worked to worke clean that area up. u d.c. police on the lookout l for two people who robbed a 7-eleven store in northwest. nth this happened at the cedarar street location. locatio surveillance video shows twohows suspects a man and a woman, wan, struggling with workers takingg cigarettes from behind the counter. one of the suspects used a hammer to try ande of strike onk of the workers.e heorke the suspects then fled.n f they did get away with the cigarettes. cigarettes if you know these two on theou e surveillance you're asked toe ao call police. pic >> time for the morning lineimeh right now.e m want to talk a little redskinsek
6:32 am
covering sports these days who y we pay and who joins us at us a 6:30 the one and only grant onla paulson joining us thiss this herning from the comforts ofg ft home. t grant we whagr talked so much with tuckero muct this morning already aboutuceadt hermine and the tropical stormcs coming this way it looked likele tropical storm tampa lastl storm night. it was ridiculous.s. >> crazy but the players after the game told reporters in tampa they had a lot of fun l o and you would have to imagine ie that was the case for many of the guys on the field w. con the they were playing for their professional lives. liv a lot of the what i would call l significant pieces to thes tohe puzzle this year the redskins r are going to play a major roleol they played back, as many as a 20 plus players getting to eggtt to watch the game at a sports a bar last night that would be aea fun place to be i would think.hi >> that's mack brown and hismaca 60-yard touchdown run. obviously with that was rain last night didn't look liket lol they were focusing on the passing game. i don't know what that says for any vers who mpaayss havei don'ho my been up in the air.been a couple of those u running backs were looking good last go
6:33 am
>> they absolutely were. w max brown ran for 149 yards, 14r 60-yard touchdown we just sawt was the key to his entire i think he may have ran hiseahen way onto the h rosister.r. before the start of the game ii had them only keeping three running backs mac jones chris jn thompson who didn't play lastn' night both in and robert kelly who was effective ran fortive nf 99 yards last night as theirs te third back.ack. what they could do is keepee four. particularly with the injuryhenj history of chris thompson the t fact that mac jones as oft mac right now is injured himself hse and is supposed to be back for r week one but that's still a little bit of an up in the airir unknown but i think brownnk could have made the roster.e ro. he's one of a couple guys lastst night i'd say that about. a safety great on special teams named deshazor he mayr he have helped his cause. cau last night was about theabo running game.rug g they knew already for the most s part which receivers wererser going to make this team.ea there will be six of them. of they have a lot more questions t about their
6:34 am
offensive department i think inn addition to the fact that with the weather it was so rainynt i t with t and so grosso wet that wt it was tough to grip and throwrn the they had a lot of early drops od as >> i'm not a huge fanas w oelf f preseason football games but i b will have to say i was littleasl worried last night waiting fordn somebody to get hurt almostig ii those conditions but as we a know, if it's a regular seasonua you got to play the became so b good to see them step up. we have to get to tucker. real quick grant before we letoe you go any veterans you see on o the bubble right now thatat maybe that names we're used to o seeing on the team that might not be on the team this year.ea >> one guy on the bubble ise i someone who has been important to this team over the last fewaw seasons and that's tight end tie logan paulson.on. if i'm making of the roster nor relation here he would make it. this ishe would m the fourth tid you keep he plays special blocker theyckheend missed him when he was hurtas hr last year. suddenly because they broughtrot in vernon davis and niles backnk safety. he's not a lock.'s not a l he's one of a few guys lastfe gy night as far
6:35 am
go who was on the fieldworking d hard in the fourth preseasonon game normally in but who mayut m not be on the roster.he r we'll see what they decide.yec >> everybody loves a paulson a u jersey. we'll see you again at 9 o'clock on good day grant.ayra thanks for joining us. u see you then. y the >> you bet.ou b >> we talked about that lkher st nst night. tucker saying that was theightts hurricane rolling through.hurr >> yeah, that was theane tropici storm. st >> tropical storm.rm. >> steve you got ask grant ifska he has a redskins room.kin r looks like he has a redskinsins room. ro we got rain showers moving back into the area here so your morning commute going to gg be compromised with local rain r particularly off to the north and west. ar llyou odouno th l montgomery county starting to get in on that ain. r we had thunderstorm activity h adovernight. tnder that's the cooler and dovriereri air work into our region rio today. there's hermine.s hermine. 60 miles per hour winds.60iles p doesn't look terriblyy impressive but bringing heavyg h rain to parts of florida.rida. already flooding issues thereiss and this will be a player inlayr our weekend forecast so we're se really going have to focus one o this and i want to advise youade i want to suggest that you kind of keep watching theepatch weather forecast carefullyrecast over the next couple c dayse d
6:36 am
stone. overnight it's kind of wobbledwb a little further to the southhe and east and that would be -- b mean less impact here in the t immediate washington area.diat i think if you're going to the beaches planning to go to thei i f nningbeaches it's pretty muchh guarantee at this point you'll e be dealing with a lot thi of ran increased surf that kind ofd o thing as the remnants of hermine move by during thisur t weekend. weeken this will no longer be ae a tropical storm it will be the remnants as it proves through. more on that in a moment. there's your freorecast forec today. we'll have showers and stormse a around.ou notice the temperatures don't get out of theti 80's. 8 whew. wh we'll take a break. s'll have the seven day a nfl just a moment.we'l d erin isjust a back with the roas >> 6:36 tucker. a lot of problems on the roadset and rails. we'll start you off way look loo from skyfox in prince george'scs county.county. 450 shut down if both directions.di a large tree down across theoss road they have to get cleared. d this is between crane highwayney as you make your way out att 450. 45 you'll deal with that it's again between crain cin highway and racetrack road.oad. please use caution. crew out there waiting to getrei that cleared out of the way. dealing with that this morning i in prince george's. let's move it over for a look at our let's.
6:37 am
the breaking news we have been tracking with metro.the we were dealing with a strwiacti problem between mcphersonrs square and shuttle service had been replacing rail service on the orange silver and blue l service just restored.e ju res still dealing with the residual delays. let's get out to fox5's bobs bob barnard. he's at the smithsonian station with the latest.att >> reporter: erin i can showan you the trains are running. rni they've just started back upac u but metro saying there will be e residual delays.ay you can see as this train goess by a couple track workers downod there on the other platform. ptf it was switch swi you'll see another train coming here.onyocomi her so service has been restored red on the orange blue and silver lines between smithsonian and mcpherson square. square. there is also federal trianglerl and metro center in between these two stations. station we heard from a viewer who washo sent out of the metro station oe here at smithsonian supposedlyse to catch a bus and there washe w no bus and she called and shend was upset because she said she was getting really nolly n direction but it looks like lik the bus prince george's are noi'
6:38 am
metro service is running.ning you've got some transit polices here just to help directp rect people who are confused but service restored. resto the switch malfunction has m h been cleared up, guys.s. >> well, that's really goodell,t news bob but again ass he mentioned residual delays as things get back to normal between mcpherson squthare andin smithsonian.smithsonia also for the blue line don't forget safe track surge eight we're still single trackingra between franconia-springfield and van do. let's forward our maps. s on theer pdorobl.em s on roads this morning.s is morning this crash cleared suitlanded sn parkway inbound at first at fi sterling. inbound suitland still very slow past alabama as you geterl. to south capitol. seeing a lot of volume on 295n 9 southbound from 50 past eastas e capitol where we had anwe h an earlier crash. traffic slowing very much souch on the outer loop 95 over to ovr georgia. about a 15 minute delay andut a 395 you can see that yellowellow line speeds under 30 miles per0 hour from the beltway as you towards pentagon city.n we got you covered thised this morning with the roads and theia rails. keep it to fox5 news morning. nm we're back in just a few.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> be careful about trusting was see online. two young canadian women looked like they were having the time of their lives on a luxury cruz ship but their next port of call could be prison. meals say the ladies and another passenger were on the ship to smuggle $30 million worth of cocaine in their luggage. president barack obama about to take the reigns of
6:42 am
wired magazine on his way out of the oval office. the president will work as guest editor for the november edition of the science and technology magazine which will hit stands in two weeks before election day. who knew. and finally it finally happened. the roof on the arthur ashe stadium closed for the first time during a u.s. open match. the $150 -- million dollars roof was shut last night after it started to rain. it tax about five minutes for it to close. the roof was built after a number of rain delays in the past. in fact, the u.s. open men's final was postponed five years in a row because of wet weather from 2008 to 2012. >> realize now we could get a white house for one an half roofs. >> you would it doesn't sound as impressive. speaking of the white house so have those who have sat in the oval office. coming up we'll tell was some of our former presidents favorite movies are. a reminder before you led to break share it. give us a call or e-mail us fox5 tips at
6:43 am
(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
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6:45 am
>> there we go. now you can hear me. 6:45. >> rain showers. >> you'll have to explain what we're dealing with here tucker. >> that's cooler and drier air working in so we'll take it. >> i see a lot going on there. >> yesterday we hit 90, be at least 91 degrees. 23 days in a row. >> we set a record. >> we made it. >> let me slow it down. 23 days in the month of august. >> so we beat the record. >> yes, we did.
6:46 am
>> but is that not a high-five? >> there it is. come on a little better effort than. that let's go to the forecast. i got lots to talk about. [laughter] >> hermine, that's the name of the game and will it impact our weekend weather? looking more and more likely it will impact our weekend weather but the effects across the area will vary from pretty extreme to not much at all. it's all about the track of the storm. yesterday afternoon it looked like a direct hit. today it looks like it wants to track a little further east which would be great news for us. heaviest of the rain will be south and east of the center of hermine and the beaches, this is where i -- there's growing confidence in the weather community that there will be great impacts in the form of heavy rain, high surf, windy conditions, riptides, rip currents that kind of thing down at the beaches this weekend and gray conditions. it's just not going to be a great weekend i'm afraid for a holiday at the beach. will hermine linger off the coast? that is a good question and it's looking more and more likely like it l it's going to be kind of stuck with
6:47 am
it's going to be unable to escape out into the ocean. local weather quickly here. 76 in washington, kind of warm and sticky out early 70 leonardtown. few 60's in martinsburg and hagerstown 69 degrees. the good news is we're working that cooler and drier air in and i think by later this afternoon the humidity levels will start to dr. off -- drop off as will the rain showers. current rain off to our north and west. some showers will move through in the next few hours enough to wet the roadways in some places. overnight we had some pretty good showers. thunderstorms that have pushed off to the east. down to the gulf of mexico this is hermine. maximum winds 60 miles per hour. not a terribly strong tropical storm but it is bringing flooding rains to parts of florida at this hour and as it tracks to the north and north and east, it will likely become a minimal hurricane or at least a very strong tropical storm before it makes landfall late tonight early tomorrow. strengthened 996 millibars. growing in size and intensity. winds there 60 miles per hour.
6:48 am
key to our weekend forecast and yesterday it was tracking it right across the beaches. today that official -- the official track bite national hurricane center is a little further east. that would be great news for us locally. we might be dealing with clouds and even some rain saturday into sunday but not a washout kind of situation as it looked like yesterday. but we expect this track perhaps to wobble a little further back to the west perhaps a little further east. we just don't know exactly where it's going the track until we get a little closer to the event. one thing we are sure about very heavy rain in florida and that heavy rain will track up right along coastal areas so the beaches likely to be heavily impacted with heavy rain this weekend and in the order of four, five, 6-inches of rain certainly a pocket in places like bethany ocean city, dewey this weekend. 84 today. showers and storms are out of here in time for the bruce concert tonight. >> yay! >> if you're going to the bruce concert at nats park i think you're in good shape. zip trip tomorrow we look great.
6:49 am
i'll be there 6:00 a.m. it's our last trip. question marks for the weekend. it's all about the track of the remnants of hermine. all right, how are roads erin. >> roads are all messed up tucker. we have rain, we have accidents, we have downed trees. right now we have closures on 450. we have a tree down. this is where skyfox is 450 between racetrack road and crane highway. it's completely blocked by a large tree. we need to get crews out of the way to get that cleared so we'll let you know when traffic starts moving. 450 between hunter wood drive and rutland road dealing with high standing water. here's a view of the round to tree from skyfox rider now. 450 shut down both directions between crane highway and racetrack road. so we'll keep you posted on. that big scene there. really large tree so could take awhile to get that cleared. wander to show you a look at our camera on 66. we have a crash. look at this giant scene out by 28. you can see some shine on the road from some light rain. right lane right shoulder blocked. we have an ambulance several cars involved in that crash. keep it to the l
6:50 am
this crash out by 28 is in the mix of delays. 234 to centreville. it's a huge line of red on the map. we're basically parked. i would say about 45 extra minutes to get through the delays then crash scene. on 95 the left shoulder blocked out by prince william parkway. slow traffic dale city to 123. and then delays linger towards the springfield interchange. also keep in mind beltway inner loop backing up tysons to clara barton. a lot of congestion on our secondaries into the district. metro getting back to normal after an earlier switch problem out by mcpherson square and smithsonian. residual delays on the orange silver and blue line. back to you guys. >> erin thanks. more than two lunn musicians supporting pharrell williams robin thicke and t. i. in their appeal in the i don't know going legal dispute over the hit song blurred lines. the artists field a brief expressing concern about the case. gay's children sued for copyright infringe. copied gay's hit "got give it
6:51 am
>> that case lingers on, hm. okay. bill nye the science guy is back. netflix announced everyone's favorite tv scientists has a new netflix series debuting in 2017. bill nye saves the world will be a talk show about different science topics. the tv educator famously host add pbs program in the 90's dubbing him the science guy. and it was really cute because it rhymed with nye. he can't waiter he says for the new series and a lot of people who have grown up with him can't wait either. that's awesome. we need more science. >> that's right. >> by the way the guy who was just walking with bill nye is one of my groomsmen at my wedding. misname is jake hamilton. he was walking with bill nye in video. >> that's cool. >> one of my best friends in the world. >> small media world. >> absolutely no idea he was even interviewing bill nye and or in that video. >> shout out to him this morning. >> that was very cool. we'll see him next week at my bachelor party.
6:52 am
yesterday morning chris brown posted bail and was rehe leased from jail after a woman claimed he pulled a gun on her and this led to a 911 and a police standoff for 11 hours with the police and brown posted to instagram and he was saying that he didn't do anything and refused to come out. now that he's out, of course he's released a brand new song. it's called what would you do and check it out this is what it sounds like i actually really like it. check it out. >> ♪ >> of course it's really good. >> that's the thing chris brown is. >> talented. >> talented. chris brown is a triple threat he can dance his face off he can sing. he's a good actor too. i wish he would do that. >> my question is. >> i'm rooting for him. >> the lyrics seem so time to what is happening. did he write this song after he got out of jail and then released it. >> maybe he was wri
6:53 am
while he was hold up in his house. >> can we listen to the chorus. >> ♪ >> chris brown has hit songs on the radio right now you know what i mean oh i hope he gets his thing together. right now it's all allegations but still you late to see him in the news in any negative way that's what i'm talking about. >> he tweeted this song out. just so you know it's still all alleged. the woman says he pulled a gun on her. she has a bit of a past. she has a grand larceny -- it's all allegation. >> it's all allegations. >> check it out on chris brown's twitter. black eyed piece back together kind of. the group reunited for a new song against gun violence though the song is actually where is the love? the song from 2003 that we all know and love if we can put that on mac. this is the song we know. they've redone this song and the money for thi
6:54 am
is going to go to a -- the li a.m. i am an gel foundation involved in education support. they released a new video and a new song version yesterday online. >> change up the lyrics. >> is it the same song. >> same song. >> they rereleased the same song. >> i'll tweet out the video so you guys can see the tv. >> new video. >> moving on now, so many presidents have such good taste in movies in my opinion and the hollywood reporter put together a brands new article about some of the best movies ever made that presidents love but specifically bill clinton and also barack obama but dwight eisenhower high noon his favorite movie john f. kennedy dr. no. george w. bush is field of dreams and president obama by the way godfather and godfather part two. that is a great list of movies there. i always find it fascinate wag their favorite movies of all time is. we know president obama
6:55 am
first date he went on with michelle obama was do the right thing spike lee. i thought that might be on the list too. i loved that film. but that's a cool list. >> what do you hank higher godfather or godfather two. >> people do say one more than two. i. >> i'm a two guy. >> belated happy birthday to richard gere. 67 thursday. >> officer and a gentleman. >> 6:55. all right tucker you're the man of the day today. >> steve should i be the man every day. >> when there's a bigger storm you become a bigger man. >> yes you are, tuck. >> thank you allison for playing along. appreciate that. we'll do local weather. we'll talk about hermine in a couple minutes. rain showers moving in with cooler and drier air moving n finally we'll take it. relief is not here yet. still pretty humid. humidity 85 percent winds out of the north and east at nine. all right, rain showers on our doorstep moving in in that
6:56 am
just out to the west and so we will be dealing with periodic rain early this morning. probably for a good part of our daytime hours there will be the risk of a shower and then by late this afternoon and this evening things should taper off and we should be quiet. again you're going down to the springsteen concert in nats park you're in good shape for that. all right. there's your seven-day forecast. the weekend highly questionable based on hermine. i'll have a lot more on the possible impacts and the possible path coming up in a few minutes but again lots of question marks for saturday, sunday time frame. all right ervin back. >> good weekend for labor day. >> i know i want to deliver sunshine. >> hanging on the edge of the seat tucker waiting. skyfox up right now. we have wet roads and problems aroundrea. prince george's county 450 shut down between racetrack road and crane highway. large tree down. earlier crash involving one car that struck that tree. you have to get it cleared. be prepared to detour. let's switch it over and show you what else you're up against with a look at our cameras. big crash 66 blocking the
6:57 am
by 28. 66 eastbound is a parking lot from 234 on in. we'll take a look at metro as we con
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 7 o'clock this morning we're tracking tropical storm hermine unleashing havoc on the florida coast but its path is changing by the minut
7:00 am
how will it impact our region and any holiday weekend travel plans? >> mexico you know that will work with us i really believe it. >> a storm of another kind on the campaign trail questions surrounding what exactly went down during donald trump's metering with mexico's president as the two have very different versions of the encounter. >> and caught on camera a convenience store clerk attacked with a hammer and police now need your help tracking down these suspects. >> good thursday morning, to i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. let's get right to the latest on tropical storm hermine and how it could impact your holiday travel plans many people in florida bracing for the storm headed toward that state right now. you saw a lot of it during the redskins game. it could be upgraded to a hurricane. governor rick scott says it's been awhile since the state has seen a hurricane and is warning people to be ready. >> two storms moving towards hawaii. the national weather service downgraded madeline from a hurricane to a tropical storm but that isn't stopping folks on the big island from being


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