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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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u get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever! >> joe: cubs jumped on top in the first inning, added to it in the third. three more in the fifth. lead 5-0. it's 5-1. trying to even the series had a game apiece. rain picks up a little bit as we going to the bottom of the ninth inning. rajai davis first up.
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guyer against aroldis chapman, who struck a ramirez to end the eighth. ball one up. 102. >> john: what could have been. when this game started for the cubs, getting the run in the first inning. some four hours ago and hitting the wrong cutoff because becomes to get on the scoreboard with bryant rounding third. you and i both thought, no chance. maybe at the plate. have the right cutoff man been hit. had a lot of chances to score more. credit the cleveland pitchers. >> joe: there's a strike. meanwhile, it's been area to. 5 2/3. one run, two hits.
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the indians to get their first hit. montgomery was terrific. two innings, no runs, two hits. for strike us. and now chapman. rajai davis on 2-1. chase did. 2-2. >> john: i can only imagine. as a hitter, used it yourself -- tell yourself stay down, stay down. and then the pitch belt high or above and you think you've got a >> joe: davis 0 for 1. 0 for 2. one away in the ninth. and chapman will deal with coco crisp. 0 for 3. >> joe: both of these guys
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traditional style. chapman pretty much one inning at a time. now miller, they've been separated. compete here in the world series. miller can do a little bit more. the indians have used him unconventionally. still a closer but pitching in a different situation. >> joe: strike one. 102 into crisp. pitch advanced media. pitch cast gave you a look at the 100 to pitch to and they at-bat for davis. strike two for crisp. >> john: oh. 89-mile an hour slider.
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>> joe: crisp on 0-2. to the right side. baez down on any. two outs. theo and jed and aroldis trying to send this to wrigley. rain has all but stopped. good swing by guyer.
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games, it's going to come down to a one run. somebody has to close the game out. so far, it's been a little breathing room for both teams. >> joe: on friday night, a matchup of josh tomlin, the right-hander, against kyle hendricks. lights out in game 6 of the nlcs and a big challenge for josh tomlin. hendricks at including the postseason with a 1.37 e.r.a. terry word on the right, john cusack on the left. trying to get their own video of the cubs first world series win since 1945. cleveland trying to win a game started by somebody other than kluber.
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the advantage going and will be with the cubs and kyle hendricks. here comes the 2-1 pitch to guyer. 3-1. >> john: he may look timid and scared, but he's not. hendricks. he just has a quiet heartbeat and he is a student of the game unbelievable year. >> joe: two-out walk. game 2 continues. the number nine hitter, roberto perez. cleveland needs two more base runners to have a chance. roberto perez drew a walk back in the seventh inning.
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0 for 2 against arrieta. trying to extend this game for terry francona, who is in danger of suffering his first loss as a manager in a world series. perez, runner goes. no throw. >> john: last minute had to get out of the way. anticipating what was not going to happen. a throw down. you can't tell contreras that. he wants to show off his gun anytime he can. >> joe: fielder's choice. no stolen bases given to guyer.
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the 0-1. that took every inch of willson contreras to corral that. 102. the that pitch might have taken him back to the backstop. here's the 1-1. >> john: contreras wants to talk again. chapman doesn't want to. chapman saying okay, kid. get back there.
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he had to come in a long way. he's about 75 feet away. he's way out in shallow right. >> john: that's energy. >> joe: time called. i think we have set the all-time world series record. it's unofficial. >> joe: popped up, right side. rizzo will watch it go into the seats. cleveland down to their final strike. with a count of 3-2.
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eighty two feet from home plate. >> john: he is just having fun. >> joe: you know how chapman wants to end this. with a punch out. you know what roberto perez wants to do? extended and give these fans that have watched through a cold night here in cleveland some hope. chapman. ground ball to short. addison the cubs have event the series. 5-1 win in a four hour, four minute game. the arrieta beats bauer and ts beat the indians. >> john: it's going to be a good one, the next three days.
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>> joe: chapman goes an inning and a third. two strikeouts, one walk. indians strand eight, the cubs stranded 13 runners on tonight. behind jake arrieta, the reigning cy young award winner. they got the early lead. they added to it. and they have event the series by splitting here in cleveland. friday night, wrigley field and can't wait. jake arrieta wins his first game of this postseason. and the second of his postseason career, and with that, we will go to tom verducci. speak of thanks, joe. kyle schwarber, two days ago, you are playing in the arizona fall league. you have not seen major league pitching in 200 days. now you are in the world series.
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rbis tonight. can you please tell me how that's possible? >> you live for this moment. this is the moment you want to be in. this is the ultimate goal, the world series. to win at all. a lot of emotions going into it. a lot of adrenaline. you just try to put yourself in the best situation every at-bat and just go from there. >> tom: the offensive approach tonight after getting shut out. cubs get eight walks, 37 foul ball counts. how good was the approach tonight against cleveland pitching? >> it was great. like we said, we ran into a good pitcher yesterday and today we wanted to stay with our approach. we put in great at-bat yesterday, great at-bats today. the results were in our favor. >> tom: friday night, wrigley field will host its first world series game since 1945. you know national league rules, no dh.
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field? do you expect to be in the starting lineup friday night? >> i don't know. we are going to take it day by day and see where it takes us. >> tom: do you feel like physically you would be able to do it? >> i don't know. i haven't tried it. i might try it and see what happens and we'll go from there. >> tom: we will be watching. thank you. congratulations. >> joe: he's a great kid. it's a great story. he was right there front and center tonight for the chicago comes. he came up third and fifth. jake arrieta gets postseason win number three in his career. he had one in the wild card game last year, one against st. louis in the division series, was winless in the nlcs, winless this postseason. the reaction from murphy's bleachers in chicago where they are packed in, it got to be thrilled. series is tied at one game
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final of 6-0. chicago tonight 5-1. to wrigley we go. to kevin burkhardt and the guys we take you now. >> kevin: thanks very much. welcome to the postgame show. frank thomas, pete rose, alex rodriguez. we have a lot to do coming up. more reaction from the field of this cubs victory to get back in this world series and tie things up at 1. will come back with that, analyze this game. kyle schwarber, jake arrieta. what can you say? the cubs came here to do what they had to do. take one of two. they go home to wrigley on friday night and we've got ourselves a world series tied a. cubs win came 2 in cleveland. back in a moment to talk about
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>> kevin: welcome to the postgame show presented by "lethal weapon." cubs take game number 25-1 over the indians. we've got a world series all tied up at one game apiece. a reminder, for continuing coverage, turn to fs1 right now. we will be there in just a kyle schwarber has turned into willis reed. he is back and dominating. it's impressive. >> frank: amazing. two big hits, two rbis. runs scored. amazing. that's all i can say. amazing. >> joe: it's impressive, right, pete? >> pete: star in the
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>> alex: he is a difference maker. he brings swagger, body language. watching him tonight, he looks like their most dangerous and best hitter. >> kevin: he does. you have to look at what schwarber did. a double yesterday, drew a walk. a couple good at-bats against miller and tonight, two more hits. he drove in two. it's incredible what he's doing. you heard tom verducci ask at the end of the game. he played dh and pinch-hit, run. is he going to be in the field? is he going to be able to play in the field? joe maddon is going to want to try to play him. >> alex: i don't see how the cubs and joe joe maddon. let jason heyward finish. you are rolling the dice and what you're hoping for is that
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five home runs at home. let him go home -- >> pete: i can't believe he came from arizona i never took any fly balls. what did he do? stay in the batting cage >> kevin: he got cleared like 10 minutes ago. >> frank: i understand how important the bat is but i don't see him going to left field on friday. you come back from an injury can do is try to move left or right. i don't see him playing but he will be ready for a big offensive situation late in the ball game. >> alex: i would put him in left field. play on the track, don't dive, don't slide. those would be my marching orders. >> frank: i understand that but it's very dangerous. it's the world series.
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>> kevin: what a story. for continuing postgame coverage, turn over to fs1. right now. for the rest of you, stay tuned
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>> right now on this late edition of "fox 5 news". >> we need answer and help. >> frustrated residents are wondzerring where they'll live once the condo budding is shut down. tonight we asked county leaders how the situation came to this. >> a trendy d.c. neighborhood sprayed with gunfire over and over. residents say it's out of control.
11:27 pm
dance get sick after eating sweet treats. details on what was in them and who is facing charges. "fox 5 news" starts right now. >> thanks for staying up late with us tonight i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tone sglon officials in the district continued to out decreasing crime stats in the city and if you talk to residents in one northwest neighborhood they'll it will you a different story. >> "fox5" saying gunfire is wreaking havoc on their community and peace of mind. >> five shootings and the most recent on this residential street a bullet piercing this van inches away perfect a car seat. >> this is frightening. >> what if your child was in this car seats or are were sleeping on the other side of this window or if this car's tanks with filled with gas. what ifs are endless.
11:28 pm
picked up after bullets flew past 8:00 in the pet worth neighborhood. >> it rattles me. >> those nine bullets the latest incident since early sunday morning to leave the neighborhood shot up in a barrage of gunfire. >> a whole lot of begun shoxts i cannot tell you how man but it was a lot. >> shot sport picked up 17 shots. >> it sounded like they empt one came there cook's living room. >> a bullet flew through my baby's window. >> and another barely missed 3-year-old great grandson bed. >> i came upstairs and everybody dove on the floor. >> these five streets in pet worth have seen indiscriminate gunfire window after window, car after car, thankfully no one has been hit but what if. >> the citizens of the district of columbia are
11:29 pm
constant. >> i think people are used to it. it doesn't make it right or good. i'm about to be 27 on sunday and i'm looking to start a family and i mean i don't want to raise my kids where i'm afraid for them top go outside and end up getting shot plague in the front yard. >> to round out the violence in this neighborhood, four of the city's five most recent homicides have happened right here in pet worth. in northwest d.c., marina morocco, "fox5 county sheriff office is investigating a shooting that happened behind a movie theater on mall circle drive in waldorf, 8:00 tonight and the victim and friends were walking together when shots were fired. we're told the man was critical injuries, a possible suspect has been located and we'll let you know more as we learn it. well, tonight, county and state leaders are trying to do their best to help the
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management failed to may more than a million in utility bills and the building's power was shot off. some residents are living in the building because they tonight have anywhere else to go. lauren demarco has an update. >> does trying to deal with broken doors because folks are possibly trying doorknobs to get in and ludeing and concerns with gas leaks the problems here ongoing. >> at one point the firefighters headed in and we re because of a strong smell of gas. a possible side effect of utilities being shut off. eventually all clear was given. but, outside, families continued to gather looking for answers. this little girl marking her 3rd birthday here with panicked moms a friend watches her sibling they're moving into a shelter for now and don't know what's next. >> i don't have any place to government i have a house full of stuff.


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