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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  October 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it had and effect on the stock market. when this news was released, stocks began to fall. reason is some believe that wall street favored hillary clinton. the big questions, do these e-mails, are they directly related to the clintons and do they prove there was illegal act. february james comey wrote this statement in part saying, next with an unrelated case, the fbi has learned of the exist e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. i'm writing you to inform you the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday and i agree we should take appropriate tests designed to allow investigators to review the e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information. meanwhile, as you might imagine, it didn't take long for clinton's opponent donald trump to make a statement at a campaign rally. listen.
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is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the overall office. i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage t right the horrible mistake that they made. >> reporter: secretary clinton held a rally in iowa not long after the statement was released, but didn't speak about it. all in front of the crowd. instead, her campaign chairman john podesta issued this statement saying, in part, the director owes it to the american be people to immediately provide the full details of what he is now examining. we are confident this will not produce any conclusions
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reached in july. meanwhile, the "new york times" was first to report that this new information came from a separate federal investigation into to former congressman's anthony wiener and a sextings investigation. this came from a seized advice connected to that investigation. fox news is also reporting that these e-mails about that are in question have nothing to do with clinton's private e-mail server. meaning they weren't sent from the e-mail server. one thing most people are agreeing to tonight, are this new information, it could take months to investigate. we're less than two weeks from the presidential election. so it's very, very uncommon for this to revolve quickly. we might not know anything about
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voting booth less than tweaks. will have at fbi headquarters matt ackland fox 5 we will talk with a former federal prosecutor to discuss the latest in the clinton e-mail case. meantime across our region, people are reacting to this bombshell news. it could shake you mean the presidential race. >> lauren demarco is live at the prince george's county sports and learning complex where early voting is currently this is certainly an election like no other. >> you know, they talk about october surprises, we're getting close to the end here, but we may have november surprises at the rate we're going, a lot of piece people hand heard about this today. i've been talking with people, ladies, you're talking about this, i was the one that first told you about it all but you think that it will not impact your vote? >> no. not impact my vote. i just voted.
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i'm happy with what i know that she's doing the type of work she's doing. >> reporter: no regrets even though this news coming out? >> no regrets. >> reporter: and i see some other people, you voted as well. you had not heard about this. does not bother you this news coming out >> no, not at all. it's not going to change anything. i've voted. that's it. i voted for somebody that i know who is going country and lead us forward. >> reporter: i want to call in jackie, i know that you did hear about this before -- i was telling these ladies about it but you heard about the news with the e-mails. is that impacting your vote? >> no, not at all. we need someone that's going to run this country and take at his forward continue to work that our current president obama has done. and the only person that can do that is hillary clinton. >> reporter: what do you think
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continues to come out so close to election time? >> regarding the e-mails? >> reporter: all of it >> the e-mail trying he will is part of what people wanted want to do to distract us from the real issue. it's that we have someone that is running for the president of the united states, that really doesn't have everyone's interest. the disrespect of women, the disrespect of minorities, and other people with disabilities. i'm a veteran. to have someone like that say that a veteran that was captured was not a hero because he was captured is not someone that i want to be my commander in chief. >> reporter: we have a lot of hillary clinton supporters here at the sports and learning complex in land over.
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nearly 200,000 people have already voted as part of early voting. as of this afternoon, so i'm willing to bet there are few people who may be seeing this news today possibly regretting a vote. it's interesting to come out now. we're following breaking news out of chicago where a plane caught fire at o' hare international airport. the federal administration says the american airline flight was taking off when it blew a tire and damaged an jen. pilot aborted the takeoff. everyone was evacuated, the faa is saying an unknown amount of people suffered injuries. the airline is saying it was a mechanical issue. >> so sad so tragic.
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especially so >> great family in every way. both of them. happy, you know, united, you know, really good family with difficulties like everybody else. really good neighbors and good people. >> everyone's friend >> amazing people. hopefully they've gone to a we should emulate the example of service they left behind. >> reporter: murder mystery that stunned a community and got national attention, the was drupe he will murder of a prominent dc couple. 10-year-old son and family housekeeper. >> all three were beaten and stabbed. police say his dna was discovered on a pizza crust
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scene >> prosecutors say they have additional dna evidence that connects darin went to the mansion where those horrific killings were carried out. went back in court for a status hearing where there was no mention of nothing further suspect. >> paul wagner joining us with more on the story. paul? . >> reporter: prosecutors told the court that investigators have tested 170 pieces of evidence for dna and discovered five of those items have been linked to dari indicted in the case. there was no mention of any other suspects. in the days after murder, you may recall investigators said they had found the dna of darin went on one of two pizzas. prosecutors say they've discovered additional dna linking went to the crime scene. but didn't reveal where it was found or on what.
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had help from quote, others. now, 17 months later, no one else has been charged. prosecutors have made no mention of having any unknown dna that investigators have been unable to link to accomplice whose may have been inside the mansion on woodland drive. the defense will get an opportunity to do it's own dna them and their housekeeper were hell captive while darin went waited for a delivery. they were beaten, slashed and stabbed to death before the house was set on fire. james martin, amy's father declined to comment. . >> reporter: what do you think of the time it's taken to get to trial >> not interested in commenting, thank you.
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for american ire work where asahave,a was present. he will be back in court february 3rd. concerned parents after a local high school vandalized. alex? >> reporter: that's right. a swastika was burned into the field here at prince george's county high school, now police are looking for a car in connection. i'll have the story coming up. sarah? >> and the man accused of defacing donald trump's walk of tonight. what he is now saying about his actions. >> many people getting running shoes ready for the marina marraco thon but there are transportation troubles posing some trouble. what you fleed to know before you go off to kickoff this big event. >> you know what? this event is going to have amazing weather for us. i'll have the details coming up. we are really going to have
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i'll let you know what to expect
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jo ishe was a union electrician. pickup - i grew up working on his jobsites where he taught me the value of hard work and teamwork. that's how i built two businesses from scratch right here in maryland and created thousands of jobs. in congress, i work across party lines - from rebuilding roads to creating jobs and to strengthening social security. roll up your sleeves and work with others. that's what my dad did, and it's what i'll keep doing in congress. i'm john delaney and i approve this message. case of vandalism.
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school with chemicals. fox's alexandra limon is live with it latest. alex? >> reporter: this incident is being investigated as hate based vandal i. the montgomery county police department doesn't know who's responsible. they're asking for the public's help after someone used chemicals to burn male jen tail anyway and a swastika into the football field. this happened about october 13th, administrators at copyedit's orchard high wasn't clear whether the symbol was a swastika or a cross or eggs but as the chemicals developed. the symbol became more clear. on monday, they sent a letter to parents. today, students and parents we talked to say they are not happy about what happened on campus. >> i think it's awful.
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this would happen. it's nutter today we still have that type of mentality going on. even if it's a prank >> i was shocked that people could do this. i mean, i knew there was rivalry but i didn't know it would go this far with the swastikas and the jen tail yea. you guys don't know what that means >> to understand what that means and it is not just a symbol. it hate and fear and, you know, during world war ii, it wiped out entire communities. it is was extremely detrimental to the jewish community. >> reporter: that was mer death wise el with the jewish community relations council. if it was a minor, perhaps a student responsible, they suggest a trip to the holocaust museum with the family of a survivor as part of the
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council says they don't want to breed more hate but rather educate people. especially if it's a young student who doesn't truly understand the meaning of a swastika. again, we do not know who's responsible but police did release this photo of a car that was caught by surveillance cameras in the quint orchard parking lot. it's a dark four-door sedan and appears that the driver's side headline was they're asking for the publicly help if anyone knows whose car that is. another thing this all happened right before home coming, so it is a possibility this could have been intended as a prank. but the montgomery county police department says the fact that a swastika was used elevates it to a much more serious level. reporting in gaithersburg, alexandra limon fox 5 local
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outside. it looks beautiful but boy is it getting cold. >> 62 degrees looks like what it says on our screen. let's check in with gwen tolbert and get the latest. heading into the weekend. it is friday >> things are changing again. >> that's why i call it the weather buffet. lots of variety. that's what happens. you know what? today we had the winds gusting. you probably felt that. we had plenty of sunshine, let's take a look at the temperatures. annapolis, cooler for gaithersburg, at 57. 59 at dulles. 53 at culpeper. that's the same as frederick and 58 at martinsberg. winds right now, sustained winds anywhere from six to 13 miles per hour. and they kind of made it a little cooler, feel a little bit cooler than it actually was in terms of the air temperature. and wind gusts, yes, we did have some hf those.
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winds last week. now they're 20 to 21 miles an hour north of the dc corridor and northwest. other than that, not bad. satellite radar, nothing much. clear skies. tonight we'll see a few clouds, planner, by the time we hit 9:00, it will be about 55 to under partly cloudy skies and 52 by 11:00. big weekend coming up. the marine corp marathon. here's what the runners can expect. it will be pleasant. plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the 60's and 70's. not bad at all. but before the weekend is over, have i got a big weekend warmup for you. i'll have the details coming up in just a bit in that seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thank you. a clumsy cook? police need your help finding a robbery who made crucial mistake in the middle of his heist but still managed to get away with
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100 employees are losing their job >> power of the internet. parents are put blaming this utube star for sending a dangerous message to teens. why her appearance sparked a petition to get her off line.
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robbery makes a critical mistakes trying to hold up a gas station in northwest. on tuesday morning, a man and gas station in rhode island avenue. he drops the magazine. a scuffle sunnies and the robbery demands the employee to open the cash register. the man got away with cash but as you can see, he looked into the camera.
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>> somebody is going to put a gun in somebody's face, sure. >> police are asking anyone with information about that robbery to give them a call. i want to say. metro set to lay off 100 employees in the coming days as the agency prepares for painful budget cuts as part of a 500 position reduction that gm paul weidefeld announced earlier. some people hold management. to the metro board of directors next week. the budget of 2018 will be shaped by a debate from the board and public feedback. board members from the district promised to block any fare hikes. a most unusual church service today, inside the largest catholic church in the united states, right here in northeast dc. the archdiocese of washington, offering his blessing high inside the trinity dome at the
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telling us one of the great wonders of the work is the scaffolding allowing artists to work 150 feet above the main floor >> it shows you the ability of architects and engineers. there are 180 ton of steel holding up all of this platforming. so that the artist can come up and start putting up all of those millions of pieces of mosaic coming up and looking at the scaffolding, i said, scaffolding itself is a work of art >> it's the last of the artistic work to be done to complete the 95-year-old shrine >> beautiful way to show appreciation and gratitude. for them to feel ownership. voter registration fraud. a scheme one virginia man used
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to won't how long he's facing behind bars because of it. the daughter of eric garner is blasting hillary clinton tonight. conversation revealed in some of those leaked e-mails that hillary was having about her father. shocking bombshell, next we're going to be talking with the former federal prosecutor to discuss the latest developments in the new fbi investigation against hillary clinton.
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now.
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tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. charged with assaulting and robbing a woman in maryland live casino. it happened before 3:00. david jones got away with a
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cash. the victim suffered minor injuries. police were able to find the suspect. the entire incident was captured by surveillance camera. a virginia man is facing up to 40 years in prison for allegedly using fake names for voter registration. last spring a 30-year-old was registering employers. the fake applications were filed in alexandria, but no illegal a major flake rattling the presidential campaign. the fbi is reopening its investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. newly found e-mails were discovered on electronic devices belonging to clinton's top aid uma abeden and her husband. it's unclear if they contain classified information. the clinton campaign say they are confident that nothing wrong
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>> joining us to talk more about what the fbi's new investigation could mean is former federal prosecutor fred tisey joining us. thanks for being here. >> this latest batch of e-mails, not found on the private server but we're talking about on those devices. we still don't know at this point what's in those -- whether or not she did anything wrong, but what does it indicate to you, the fact that the fbi came out and said something publicly today? >> that there is information in those -- in these e-mails, whatever these electronic documents they now have gotten in their possession that changes their assessment of the case. it would be what we sometimes call all material. if it was cumulative, something they've seen, you wouldn't get this. there would be absolutely no reason to reopen the investigation. you have to remember, about ten days ago or two weeks ago, there was unpublished or published
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department which i was for years, the sixth dryly level attorneys were you don't remember in their recommendation. what's going on is this has come to light and maybe changed their reaction such that they were able to convince the spears to reopen >> do you think given the timing 11 days before the election, is there an because fbi investigations tend to be kind of tight lipped. was there some obligation to the american people >> obviously with the original statement, comey is well aware what's going on on our national political scene. it's a difficult position, i'm not sure this is not a decision he made lightly. it you don't have is aware of the consequences of his action,
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and i've never met him personally, say the guy exudes integrity and dedication to the rule of law. for him to have come out and said this had now is very significant. i will say this. i do not see anything happening between now and the election in the way of a charge. as i understand it, there wasn't even a grand jury investigation. in order to actually charge mrs. clinton there would have to be a grand jury having. they we don't have to be presented with both new and earlier evidence because i don't think it was grand jury because the justice department can't discharge. there has to be an indictment from the grand jury >> let's say for purposes of this conversation here that hillary clinton is elected president. and indictable material is found. how does the process then go from there? what could we be facing? >> you know what? well, i can tell you, from a -- from a criminal prosecution standpoint, if she gets
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drilled into you when you're a fellow prosecutor you don't indict unless you can convict. if you indict somebody who's been recently elected. you darn well better make sure you can convict her beyond a reasonable doubt. she gets indicted, convicted, there would be a political question i would think she has to resign and the vice presidential candidate would become the president of the united states >> this is not the october any means >> this is an october surprise >> fred teasey. thank you so much for talking to his. the clinton campaign also coming under fire from eric garner over the latest badge of e-mails released by wikileaks. she's the daughter of eric garner who was killed by a police officer in new york city. they reveal how she talked about her father's death.
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released. she said i'm troubled by the revelation that you and this campaign discussed using eric garner. why would you want to use my dad? these people will coop at anything to push their agenda. police violence is not the same as gun violence, i'm interesting to see what he meant when he said i know we have an erika gardner problem in the #p you'll remember eric gardener was stopped outside a new york store for selling loose cigarettes. this video shows police forcing garner to the ground that a chokehold. he's heard gasping, i can't breathe before losing consciousness. man accused of defacing donald trump's walk of fame star is speaking out. james odis was released from a los angeles jail after posting
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charged with vandalism. he says he's proud of his actions >> i'm not ashamed of what i've done. what mr. trump has done. derailed the whole election, i got so frustrated and angry. i did this. >> odis said he wants to sell off pieces of the star and donate proceeds to the women who misconduct but he had to return them instead of. joe biden is reportedly at the top of the list to be hillary clinton's secretary of state if she wins the election. according to a person familiar with clinton's transition planning, no word on how many are under consideration or whether clinton has asked, bind has said in the past he's not interested in serving in the next is administration.
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up. z burger is giving away free hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggie bergers who anyone who uses the password i'm with hillary. they've been out here before. there's painting they've got up there. the officer is only good from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. tonight at the restaurantly tenleytown location. only applies to the first 200 people. the owner of z berger commissioned its own hilla support. >> it's still fall but district is gearing up for snow. we're going to show you how the preps went next. >> gwen are we ready for this. no, we're not. in fact, we're going in the opposite direction. temperatures in the 60's but i got huge temperature trend
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warm air from the south heading our way, we're going to have the the details coming up and your full seven-day forecast after the break. stay with us. john delaney: this was my dad's pickup - he was a union electrician. i grew up working on his jobsites where he taught me the value of hard work and teamwork. that's how i built two businesses from scratch right here in maryland and created thousands of jobs. in congress, i work across party lines - from rebuilding roads to creating jobs
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at's what my dad did, and it's what i'll keep doing in congress. i'm john delaney
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. district getting prepped for winter. dc officials were out testing winter weather procedures and equipment. bundled up. pieces of snow removal equipment. 30,000 tons of salt. more than 800 people ready to hit the roads to get rid of all of that snow that's coming. >> january's winter storm this past january was a record snowfall for the district of columbia. i know from that week alone, regardless of whether we get two
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>> she remembers all too well. so do we all. today's practice run not only involved snoop snowplow drivers, but logistics and different departments >> two inches, the whole city goes crazy. we're going into the opposite direction. >> let's not talk about snow yet. >> i know the weather being put out the winter outlook. today we're just in reverse and we're going to be talking about rising temperatures and lots of sunshine. and a fantastic weekend for everybody. beautiful fall weekend. beautiful shot outside. not a lot of change there in the trees, a little bit of fall foliage but not a lot it doesn't look like. we have plenty of sunshine and it was a little on the breezy side. winds picked up. wait till you see what's ahead. an unseasonably warm saturday.
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it will be very, very arm. also, we can't rule out a late shower by sunday evening. we've got a system we're going to keep an eye on. and spectacular halloween for all the little ghost and going to be lynns. that's going to be served up. satellite radar, partly cloudy but as far as clouds are concerned a ridge of high pressure is going to but the northeast we're talking rain and snow great for the skiers, once they start to get that in for parts of new england, for us, not at all the case. today's high -- our highs were into the 60's and they haven't updated yet. once i get those, i'll let you know what those are. usually takes a little while into the hour. 62 at dc, 55 at gaithersburg, 60 at baltimore, 61 at frederick, 58 this hour as far as
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57 at winchester and 63 for manassas. winds have been a little breezy today. actually just down right gusty is what i want to say in some neighborhoods but they're going to start to diminish once we get the sunsetting and things start to calm down. we're looking now at sustained winds anywhere from about six to 16 miles an hour. as far as those gusts are concerned, not a lot. 18 to 20 miles an hour wind gust improvement. as the evening wears on we'll see the winds become calmer. ridge of high pressure as i'm large and in charge. what does that mean? i can give you pretty clear skies. for tonight as well as for tomorrow. as we push into the weekend, not bad at all. tonight will be a little bit on the cool side. temperatures into the 40's. and we could see even some 30's to the far northwest, but fairly clear skies, just a few clouds. not bad at all. let's take a look at what's happening for the overnight lows
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said 47 at dc, look at the west, 39 for martinsburg. things are going to change into the weekend. richt of high pressure. temperatures into the 70's on saturday. drum roll, 80's by sunday. i told you opposite direction of snowfall. here's a look at your planner, 63 by midday, 73 by 4:00. pleasant day tomorrow. as far as halloween concerned, 50's and 60's and i've got clear skie all the little ones. it will be dry. 47 for us for tonight. little on the chilly side. for tomorrow, high of 74. that seven-day forecast serving up an 80-degree sunday. can you believe it? then a frontal system comes through. could bring us a chance of showers sunday but cools us down on monday. we're back to 63 degrees. into the 60's, then we warm back up by the time we hit tuesday. look at the -- once we get fellow hump day headed back to
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far as temperatures are concerned. >> going to be sweating for the marine corp marathon. 80? events kick off today at the national harbor. the open tonight and tomorrow, 8:00 sunday morning, metro will not be opening early for this weekend's race. fox 5 erin como has strategies how to get and runners will be able to cross the start line along near the pentagon for an hour lasting till 8:55. since metro doesn't gear up until 7:00, your best bet is using one of the shuttle bus options or parking your car. you can also take an uber or get a friend or family member to drop you off. best advice get there early. there's also shuttle options for spectators as well. if you're running the 10k, it
5:46 pm
give yourself plenty of time to get down there. tons of road closures in the area. there will be starting early sunday morning, lasting through the afternoon as the marathon wraps up. race corp runs through rosslyn and portions of georgetown. several road closure, george washington parkway, key bridge, ends at the marine corp memorial. if you have any questions on road closures or around, visit us at or ask me any questions on twitter at erin fox 5 dc. changes to the fox 5 schedule this sunday with the redskins kicking off locally at 9:30 a.m. against the bengals in london, 6:00 to 7:00 a.m., 7:to
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8:00 to 9:00 with chris wallace. 9:00 to the:30, fox pregame and 9:30 redskins versus bengals. it's a change in the lineup given the redskins game. it's going to be a nice early morning, grab your coffee join us on fox 5 >> in case you're wondering what's on and you'll eventually see what you want. a former teen suing when she said she was sexually abused a be burger king in new york decided to flame broil its rival. fox 5 on the fly is next.
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rare delay for apple. the key accessories you'll have to wait for a popular fast food chain. we have serious allegation against a former teen usa physician. >> a former teen usa gymnist suing over suing coaches bella and martha coroly for concealing it. the gymnist who wasn't named claimed he abused her several years. the doctor has not been criminally larged. the feds charged 36-year-old ryan collins with felony computer hacking saying he stole hundreds of nude photos of some
5:52 pm
stars, he admitted to illegally gaining access to dozens of accounts of can celebs. he'll spend 18 months. some of the photos are still floating around. ? ? a rare post comment, apple delays its wireless air pods. supposed to hit stirpes later this month, but apple said they're not ready, the new iphone 7 comes without phone jacks kind of important. no word on the delay. the guy in all those mullet means is now the guy suing over all the mullet needs. he's suing three media outlets claiming they defaced him by placing altered photos, but the judge may have a sense of humor.
5:53 pm
like the mullet. poking fun, a new york burger king place an epic halloween prank on mcdonald's, covered by a sheet with the word mcdonald's spray painted on it. the sign reads just kidding we still flame grilled our hamburgers. mcdonald's fries it's hamburgers.
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totally discovered that i'm a queen. >> this is eugene iacooney. she has an online following of nearly 1 million people.
5:57 pm
startled some people. cooney denies she has a problem but others is disagree and demanding youtube band her from the site >> they say her appearance is promoting anorexia. she posted it last week that addressed criticism about her weight and said she naturally look that is way and no hidden reason why she's so thin. in other health news, appears to be an effective birth control method foreman. a shot >> scientists say early studies show the injection reduces the likelihood a woman would get pregnant by 96% percent. similar to the pill. the injection works by lowering a sperm count during a year-long trial of 350 men, only four pregnancies occurred. but researchers caution more studies are needed to examine the shot's side effects which
5:58 pm
mood disorders. a new wine since it's friday. we can talk about it any day but friday. delivery service says it can figure out what you might like to drink by looking at your dna >> the company is called the gnome. it's trying to team up with ap developers who can find way for customers to use he genetic match-up to find them products. they promising to pick out wines based on an analysis of a person's dna >> you're not wasting your money trying a bunch of different bottles of wine >> it's targeted going from point a to point b. >> i wonder how accurate it is. >> i don't know. >> there's the question. >> thanks for joining us tonight. news at 6:00 starts right now. ? ? this is fox 5 local news local news at 6:00.
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tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. we begin with a big prospect surprise, 11 days before the election, the fbi announced it is reviewing new e-mails related to hillary clinton. >> we've learned those e-mails were related to the sexting investigation of former congressman anthony wiener. matt ackland joins us with latest. >> reporter: a lot of people want to know more about what the fbi knows but it's not saying anyone how these e-mails are connected to hillary clinton. also, do they show a connection to hillary clinton which involves any illegal activity? the fbi issuing a statement let's take you to that. fbi director james comey wrote this statement in part saying, unrelated case, the fbi has learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. i'm writing you to inform you the investigative team briefed
6:00 pm
appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review the e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information. meanwhile, as you might imagine, clinton's opponent, donald trump, he spoke not long after the statement was released at a rally. take a listen. >> hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her tack her criminal scheme into the oval office. i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made. >> secretary clinton held a


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