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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> this is fox5 news morning.s >> straight ahead at 5:00 with just days to go to the raceis fe f ror the white house continuesn to heat up as the candidate spouses hit the campaign trailn for the presidential hopefuls. l
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focus of a new campaignpa kicking off in d.c. today.. toda their message they want everyone to know in a liven a l report. >> and a live look outside. out it is november 4th. we made to it friyay!ri this week has been very busy with halloween kicking it off i and now we're finally atly friday. enjoy everybody.y >> he we plan on it.>> good morning to to we're sure glad you're withe us.sureith i'm holly morris.y morri >> and i'm maureen gary and erin joining us tracking your weather on theea 5s but first let's tell yo what's happening.pening >> a former montgomery county cu youth pastor accused ofyout seh xually assaulting a 16-year-old girl will be backol in court. brian worth was arrestedd k back in september. september he was the youth ministries director at saint elizabethor a catholic church in rockville.le. the 32-year-old is also accused of texting sexuallyua exquisite image to the teen t for several years. several y >> unless court today a>> virginia man who admitted to unl providing material to supportalt isis.
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will be around in court today. back in march heolarou admittedo traveling to mosul will wherelhe he lived with dozens ofs o foreign fighters back in 2014. 2 after a month in iraq he attempted to flee afterte realizing he did not agreeizg hd with their ideology. iog >> ?? >> there are only four dayshe until voters head to there a pos to cast their ballot in thelo presidential race. la hillary clinton and donald trump arrye c heading to multipi states as they try to attract tt as many voters as possible. fox5's annie yu joins us inn studio now with the latest where do we stand today?ere do ? >> reporter: four days to go, ladies. i can't wait until it's all unt over. well, this morning we're alsoths learning about m new -- new fbiw investigation into all ofatioto this. according to a report byepor reuters officials say the fbiy e is looking into some fake documents aimed ats ai discrediting the hillaryscditint clinton campaign.n camig u.s. officials believe at thisia time that it's an attempt byttet russia to disrupt the to drupt election. election. meantime donald trump andanti hillary clinton areme bothot scrambling to app feel voters vt in this last push beforee tuesday. tuesda the two candidates were incandir
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election. >> technology has changed our universe.universe but like anything that is powerful, it can have a bad side. side >> reporter: melania trumpelanip makes a rare speech in supportsn of her husband's campaign campa calling for an end to online bullying.ll democrats seized on the momentso as they accused donald trump tru of bullying women using social media. me >> it was like hello melania have you seen these t. >> reporter: the gop nomineeorte has been rising in the polls thp with the election just fourion r clinton's numbers remain remai fairly strong. str >> what really has changed is is that republicans have pushed trump up. up. they've finally come to his to standard. >> reporter: clinton has been warning voters about what w could happen during a trump presidency.pres >> we are standing against thehe possibility of returning and and normalizing discrimination.imin take it seriously, my friends. i >> reporter: meantimeeant republicans in congress are cona
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e-mails whether she wins thein election or not.elecon o >> no matter if she's the t elected or defeated, theea t congress has a job to do ando that is to clean up the messess that hillary clinton made atade the state department. >> reporter: trump is caesar ica goodson on the latest reports rr about the fbi inquiry into theri clinton foundation. >> she is likely to be underend investigation for many years y and also it will probably endnd up in my opinion in a criminal i trial. >> reporter: trump will hit the keyep ohio pennsylvania and newnia hampshire while clinton willli w be in michigan pennsylvania and ohio.d ohio. >> and a busy day for both bot candidates but here locallyeroc early voting has come to an end in maryland with recordin m breaking turnout ahead ofareakig election day t.. 150,000 people cast theirhe votes thursday in the stateursd bringing the total number ofotan those who voted early to more than 877,000. 8,000 early voting ends in d.c. d.c. today and saturday in i virginia. >> four more days annie thanknnt
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on the state of theireaki policp force. the d.c. council hearing w entearing late into the night as nearly n 70 people testified about thepl police everything from policete brutality to complaints of notyo enough officers to combatt smaller crimes but the buthe question of who will lead the le force in the future, that's at ' a halt right now. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says she's first concentrating on filling thefirs school's soo chancellor's job before theefe chief of police. pol >> happening now in northernpe virginia the loudounni county sheriff's department is askingdg for help finding two missing teenaged gir maryam la bwi ny and taylor cole.. >> ?? >> all right. it's five past the hour. h gary mcgrady, okay, i took a, ,o peak, i think i saw showers inrs the forecast. >> well, i was surprised at wass how mild it was this morning m when i came out and my: in my y mind i was thinking it wasnkings going to be to >> well, because we were sol,ecu warm yesterday, temperatures
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while to cool down and the and next wave of cooler air is i farther to the north of us, u okay, he so that will kind ofl f trickle through during the dayto today. winds will kick up. dayick up really we set the stage for a a very, very gorgeous fall week, e okay. here's the bus stop forecastp fs th morningng. 45 to 55. to 55. we have cool conditions. cdi not completely sunny but we'll have some sunshine as wee progress through the day today r it looks like more and morend m sunshine breaks through. now we're going to be brensezhiz winds this afternoon will benooe northwest 10 to 20 ad maybe -- maybe reaching 30 forg0 a time in some spots.po after school temperaturesratu anywhere between aboutbo 58 degrees or the up are 50'sp e to the low to mid 60's, okay. honestly i'm just being honestot temperatures today to try and fall down exactly a very,er very -- are very, very trick ver he key as this next wave ofave o cooler air starts comingrts comi when does it get here, hows iteh long does it take? all thatoe of stuff goes ints o figuring out the temperature.out e te right now we're 59, gaithersburg 52 and baltimorebud is 55 degrees. 55 de
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including the weekend and a beyond. looks real, real nice, too. ne,t that's a tease as they call as it, erin. e >> on-time traffic brought tofft yo toy toyota. visit by a for special offers. off >> well, 5:07. we made to it friday morning thanks so much for waking up with us. right now this s io ups 66. you can see traffic on theffn eastbound side volume isd si vol building eastbound 234 to 28. t. so make sure you give yourself about 10 extra minutes comesra c from manassas or centreville.enl we'll switch it over to a lookwl at our maps right against. we have a crash right now now northbound baltimore-washington parkway on the ramp from the outer loop delays onto the beltway so give yourself a few extraorer minuteses to get tlfhroughew e t area. aside from that in beltsvilleels route one southbound just ae little bit of volume building,vd nothing terrible and then 95terr to georgia on the outer loop traffic is cruising at speed. se 270 southbound we're up tosout speed. no congestion past the truckp tt scales just yet.est yet. should start to get into placett soon. if you're just waking up and you get a start right now youhtw should be in pretty good g shape. well, we do fall back thiskhis
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but that also means things gets darker earlier and officials ofs they want to keep the roadsth safe. mel, what are they doing to keep pedestrians and bikers peds safism i can tell you one you thing they're doing is adding i some extra law enforcement inntn d.c. maryland and virginia andgi we're not just talking about enforcing the rules forg the ru drivers, we're talking aboutbout enforcing the rules for rules pedestrians and bicyclists asd s well as all part of the safe s streets campaign, the streettree smart campaign.smarcampaign. they want to tell people thatl e when they are turning back the t clocks they went them to turnm t up the caution. the you can take a look right now ch and see we're used to this, t those of us who commute inte these early morning hours soou we'll get a little bit of aa lit break because it will start to get lighter however, for those afternoonfteo and evening commuters, nowters it's going to start getting get dark at 5 o'clock and thesend te are pretty much the conditionsty that they will be m encountering.en they'll have to kind of get used to it again really havingia to look out for those tho pedestrians, really having toeag look out for those bicyclists bi as well. the other thing, too, is aaaaa
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clocks back, it messes witht mes our sleep patterns and there ant will be a lot more drowsyordrowy drivers on the road. as we've heard drowsy drivingwsi in some cases can be just as as bad as drunk d they say it can cause 64 lunnseu deaths a year and 50,000 serious injuries all attributed to drowsy driving and so this is really as theyhil say the most dangerous time ofim the year. let me give you a few tipsip we're going to put up a fewew tips that aaa us as far as the tips for pedestrians, make owe make sure when you're walk there wal you go always make eye contactly with drivers, wear brightri colors or he reflectivelect clothing or accessories like those flashers at night or carry a flashlight while fla you're walking in the dark. d as far as drivers, little, littl homework for you this weekend. e you want to check your carour make sure that your headlights and your windows inside andide n out are clean. cle check and also make sure thatha if you need replace any bulbsny you can do
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high beams when cars orms wheor pedestrians are around thatst can also make itrian moreake ite difficult for them to see you and definitely make sure youelme slow down during rain and one more thing, guys, they sayyy especially because that sunt glare is going to be happeningbe right during those commuting hours as well, make sure youl, have a good pair of sunglasses, keep them in thees,e car if you need an extra asan ea well. we back to you guysly. to youuy >> great report mel he knee. -- melanie.-- m all i heard was i need to buy a new pair of sunglasses. s >> how m.v.p. celebrate the team'ss win? by signing autographs ofr course.ur >> support pouring in for a church targeted bupyport vandals anline campaign far surpassesur its goal. g >> and a live look outside astsd we head to break on this friday morning. morni 10 minutes past the hour right r now. fox5 news morning back in justn 30 seconds.econds. don't go anywhere.ere.
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>> ?? >> 5:11 right now. the father of a three-year-old>d who brought a gun to school remains behind bars oughthist nh morning after being orderedg af held there by a judge yesterday.yeerda on tuesday a security guard at moten elementary in southeasty u found the gun on tuesday tue morning. morn now anthony childs facesfa multiple charges includingluding carrying a weapon without a license.cee. >> details in that deadlyy baltimore bus crash.
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driver was not authorized tohoro drive a commercial vehicle.icle investigators say glennayle chappell who was killed -- kle among those killed had had recently been barred fromro driving commercial vehicles because he failedg tcommo prove authorities with documentationsi that he was in good health. five others ince luwadis ng thet driver of the mta bus were wer also killed. kil the ntsb is still investigating an exact cause. investigators are also waiting w for autopsy results to see if if chapppell suffered a medical emergency before the crash. >> just days after its bigts night the country music awardsws criticism that it didn't dom thn enough to promote one of its headlining >> and the chicago cubs keepgouk the celebration going.n g. details of their victoryto parade, that's next. nt. live look though outside. oi >> oh wow.. >> look at that.ha that was wrigleyville for sure. fox5 morning news is back in less than two minutes.ines
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>> 5:14 and the celebrations contin4 anuing today in chicagoi the team and fans will enjoy anj victory parade in the windy city. city festivities kicking offer atitii 10:00 that is chicago time and the parade begins at 11:00.1: tens of thousands are expectedae to clear on the world champs wld after their defeat, after theyfy rather defeated the the cleveland indians wednesdayand night in game seven of the world what a scene. s >> that is crazy. >> yeah.>> yh. >> oh, my goodness. gdnes can you imagine being in that. t
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>> it looks like times squareare on new year's eve.ew >> i know,, >> all right. r>> a rig 5:14 -- 5:15 time just changedsa there. right now we're at a mild 60 degrees this gary, getting all warmed upll we there getting some exercisesomes bending over there. i see you getting ready.tieady going to be an extensiveen forecast >> i went early with coffeerly c this morning so i'm probablyng o already a littlbae --tle >> kicking in. >> you know what i mean is.ou k >> >> even though it's friday it'sy need 47 degrees for pittsburgh.bu one front passed through,assed h there's another to the north,s and west and itanot will tricklc through today. we're at 59 now.we're 59 n i think we're going to dropng tp off a little bit maybe we get to 57 or so. that's where we bottom out.m out then we'll start going backoi b up. we'll probably get lower to l t mid 60's again.0's a i've been saying all morning a m how it's a little tricky withrii the afternoon high temperatureea today but it definitely looks like we're saying so long tore the 80's.the 8 the weekend is going to be gorgeous. temperatures this weekendmperur
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now, it looks like lots off sunshine all weekend long. lg. slightly warmer on sunday. sun we're still going to continuengo with this general theme ofme sunny skies all weekend long.nd it doesn't mean it'st' completely blue sky sunny but bt it definitely looks like a lotls of sunshine and of course weours won't forget, will you, too turn the clocks back onloback saturday night so that you get g an extra hour of sleep? ir le doubt you will. hat.eed to talk about that. 63 degrees for a high today orar so, all right.l right give us a lily way on this.y hi wind northwest at 10 to 20 mileses per hour. definitely a little bit of a breezy chill ones the winds o start kicking up and gradually becoming sunnier and sunnier today. i think we start off with andnia few clouds around rt off witthis morning. rain is out ofis here. h high pressure builds in. another front starts coming through. all weekendher frg long high prp builds in so that keeps usds in nice and quiet going forwardor right on through not only thenlt weekend but as i look intoook next week, it just lookst loo great. i mean, high pressure is justurj going to take over and build a in and stay with us and it and
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right spot. so you get that high pressure p a little bit west of us or or right on top of us.s. it keeps us nice and dry, in dr this case pretty cool for ther next seven days or so.o. a great looking tuesday to 66 degrees there and then deges we'll just continue with with temperatures in the 60's, kindu0 of cool in the morning, we'llor have some 30's out there but that's's fall-like >> yes. >> that's a fall forecast right there if i don't say sof o myself erin como. >> i love fall weather beforeefe it gets too cold so this is athi nice weekend for me.or >> i think everybody does. d >> h that. >> i can't imagine anybody that doesn't. >> the can b eautiful color of the leaves puts you in the mood. >> tweet me if you don't likeetm it.e e i want to know. >> northbound baltimore-washington parkway there's a crash at 193.or e-we're dealing withther te'hert accident causing delays comingg north. south of the beltway to theay t beltway as you cross over just watch out for that. wa to ask you to leave little early if you're ife passing that area. a aside from that southeast-southwest freewayew
5:18 am
without any slowdowns much looking great past the third tht street tunnel. t secondaries by the white house moving along. not seeing any congestion right now. 295 northbound we d ot hseaveeie do delays building just a bitust ab from the beltway towards the tos 11th street bridge.t bridg volume increasing there. through oxon hill the inner hil loop is moving along justng fine. outer loop as you make youre y way towards largo past p suitland parkway problem free.r. 50 inbound towards 295 outsideut still smooth. i got you covered if any of at c changes. we'll take a live look outsideoi see how the rest of your commute in virginia is shaping a up next. back to you.o you. >> 5:18. >> 5:1 >> wisdom is back with theisdo stories you're engaging withngah already this morning on socialth media. >> all right. f 'll start off talking aboutisl some couinntry music how about o that right out of the gate.the country music associationociati defending itself againstfendin claims that git i tried to scrus mentions of bee he onand the dixie chicks from its socialmoc
5:19 am
the cma says it did not erase mentions of beyonc?'s performance own that itown it removed a five seconds promoondp clip from its facebook paperace and because it was not approved. ed it shared the full performance on all its social medial m channels. next up the backlashe backl continues against thes agaith halloween costumes worn by aco virginia principal an school principal dressed up as donalddo trump complete with a make america great again cap.ica gr the secretary dearessed up as hillary clinton wearing orange jump suit and a chain around her trending in sports thistr morning, a great stoenrydi herer the chicago cubs outfielderhigoc and world series m.v.p. ben ben zobrist had a little open o house thursday signing sig autographs for fans at his a doorstep.door how cool is that? and finally kevin durant taking on hisakon h former team the thunder for tndr the first time since makingfirs the move to golden state in stae the off season.
5:20 am
3-pointers finished the gamehe g with 39 points. 39 pos. the warriors crushed the t thunder 122 to 96. >> that's what golden statet's needs is someone that can hit th the three. [laughter] >> i know. >> all right. >> right. they got like 18 people. ppl >> somebody named steph curry there. th >> it's a lot of jump shooters on team. t >> this is so slick for f someone to have folks come to ce their front yard. yar >> think about how crazy thatnkt is. no lives. li >> but that's the thing,.hi >> in the midwest, it's justs j sane living. >> i tell stories of back iniesc the day when we used to go to t michael jordan's house scottieie pippen even r. kelly. k >> you can leave r. kelly out. of that.ha >> that was before we heardt wae about he what was really going on. >> thanks whiz. >> 5:20 is the time. former one direction startion s harry styles making a surprise phone call to one of hisis
5:21 am
a singer to do so.doo. >> a scene right out of aht outf horror movie. m a woman missing for months found alive locked inside aedida metal container. conta how she was found and the keyhe thing police are still tryingin to figure out this morning. mni and let's go ahead andanlet' take a live look again outside o as we head to break on this friday morning.orning. 5:21 is our time right now. 59 degrees. we are back in less than two yo >> ?? y right? but 80% of bacteria aren't even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. hts bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth' rfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. you brush your teeth diligently... o times a day right? t 80% of bacteria aren'even teeth.diligently... eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth' rfaces.
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>> the woman's boyfriend alsoan went missing at the same time but this morning he has not been found.'s bng at morni fox's patricia stark has the the very latest. >> we're trying to make sureur that, you know, that we don't wn have a serial killer on ourur hands. >> ahand missing woman foundomaf chained up in a metal box in spartanburg county southnburg cn carolina is alive and well w recovering at a local hospital.. 30-year-old kayla brownear-d ka disappeared in anderson county t along with her boyfriend back bc in august.ugus >> we got deputies down there that came to do the searchhe s this morning and heard this lady banging on this containeron and for all of our officers to open the back of the containerin up and to see her chained likehd a dog, i mean that is incredible. >> reporter: kayla says that she wasr: k being fed during heh time inside the locked container which was sitting outside. >> she's alive and well and wel
5:24 am
she told us that she had been bn locked in that container foror two months.ons. it's just only by god's grace'sa she's alive. >> reporter: a suspect ister: as nouswpe in custody. cto todd cole lap a registered sex offender. he's expofected to be chargedrgd with kidnapping.idnain kayla's boyfriend is still iti missing but authorities feart au he could be dead.ead. >> there might even be fourfour people on this piece of o property deceased and we don't know if that's -- we just jus >> reporter: investigatorsesti are now looking into the the possible connection between con the couple andct the suspect. st >> i think they were friendsre s and i think they had a relationship but what that is i don't know at this point.oint but i don't think this was a random act. >> reporter: the caserand case remains under investigationtiga while authorities search theorih property for other missingther g people. people. more charges including murder me could be filed. in new york, patricia stark,a sr fox news.fos. >> 5:24 right now.:24 ght now. go fund me page for aa predominantly black baptist btit
5:25 am
burned and vandalized has andda raised more than $200,000 too restore the its initial goal was only onl 10,000. in addition to being burned bur the church was spray painted pad with the words vote trump. tru so far no suspects have been identified. >> ?? >> 5:25. gary mcgrady, wisdom martin.n. hey, you're talking aboutng abo pretty, what, mild day todayod on tap? pretty normal. >> considering yesterday was a heat wave. he >> i would definitely say itiniy was an indian summer day lowerow to mid 80's. holly loves.y loves that she's rooting for theor t indian summer.mer. one thing everybody needs to n know a beautiful fall weekend.k. >> awesome. >> isn't that really what's tha imt reportant. >> that's what it's all aboutat really. you can stop talking right there.stop >> that's what i thought.s wh i don't want to buraty the lead. that's what it's called in i journalism, right, when you, whu
5:26 am
>> right. >> i don't want to do that. the lead would be just how great the weekend is going t'too be. today we have this wave of cold -- next little wave ofite e cooler air coming through.ou we'll get up into the 60's and d then we'll drop off a little lil bit certainly tonight and thenl did i mention the weekend is reallyion nice? 59 degrees fof d.c. now. gaithersburg has cooled downoodo to 52 degrees.grs. still a lot of mid-50's backs up to the north and west and outside of this as you get up gp into pennsylvania temperaturesvi have dropped down into the cooler. temperatures have dropped down v into the 40's. upper 50's 5sn the lower to mid 60.0. temperature honestly today isto a little bit of a moving movin target because we're going toset cool off a little bit again agan late this afternoon. this after. the winds will make it feel a mf little chilly, okay.y. the winds will be coming inomg out of the northwest 10 to 20o with occasionally higher gustsiu than that. weekends forecast is coming forc up. right now we got to get rightweg over to ottraffic. ter to t erin como srahe's here.'s he. >> coming up on 5:27 volume is s definitely picking up in virginia.
5:27 am
county parkway.aray you're going to hit someome heavier volume had somead s pockets of delay. right now you need to leave 15 1 minutes early.. westbound side moving along much quieter. on 95. on 95u a lookd side this is by fairfax county cou parkway on the northboundy on side. you can see volume is buildingud so it's decreasing our speeds sd to around 30 miles per u south of that point you jam upjp a bit in stafford as well. we'll take a look in marylandarn a crash on bw parkway next. maureen. >> all right, 5:27.:2 just four days away from fro choosin the stakes higher than ever.r tn the latest in the campaign campa trail coming up at 5:30.:3 >> and then later this little le baby we're about to show youw y needs your help. the life changing condition heco he isnd battling and how you can give him what he desperately needs. >> ?? >> a live look on this fridaylok morning, 5:27 right now, og, 59 degrees 5. d can't say it enough.egy enough. gary says it's going to be an b
5:28 am
side. don't go anywhere.
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message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. ?? who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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>> fbi looking into fake looki alleged documents targetinggeng her campaign.n. donald trump's wife message.e. a scene straight out of ae horrorstraig movie.. a woman and her boyfriendoyfr this morning the woman found fod alive locked inside of a metal container but her boyfriend is i nowhere to be found and streett art.t. a new campaign kicking off kickf today in the district dtric reminding everyone to keep kee their eyes on the road. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> good morning to you.ood thank you very much for joiningmo us.k you g u i'm wisdom martin.omtin. >> and i'm holly morris. mri today is friday november >> gary mcgrady has somey mc weather to talk about.her to erin como has tal got traffic tf
5:31 am
minutes.te >> right now though we'rehough e going to get straight to theet s news. happening today a formertoday ar montgomery county youth pastor accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl and willand l back in court. brian worth wasback arrested bak in september.. now he was the youthou ministries director at saint elizabeth catholic church inhurn the 32-year-old is accused of texting sexually explicit images to the teen for several >> also in court today, aouoday virginia man who admitted to providing material to supportat isis. will be arraigned in courtmoarra todaigy. back in march he admitted to traveling to the iraqi city ofhe mosul where he lived with lith dozens of foreign fightersf fei back in 2014.ba201 after a month in iraq he attempted to flee aftermp realizing he didn't agreeted wh their ideology. ideogy. >> happening now in northern nor is a have an the loudoun countyt sheriff's department is askings for help finding two missingsi teen girls. maryam labriny and taylor colele were last seen in ashburn.shbu. anyone with information isformi asked to call loudoun ldo sheriff's office.shof
5:32 am
bottom of your >> whether you live in d.c. livc work in d.c. our just visit onio the weekend the rising crime c is a problem that concernsces everyone. at a hearing last night 69ig people asked to testify on thett state of affairs in the t district when it comes to crime. >> we do not need more police. . stop putting the police in my im community because i'm tired ofir them killing people and i'mnd tired of jumping out of my car in front of them because ofe what they're doing to the kids d on my s >> for anybody to say that we ta don't need no more police is ludicrous to me. me. >> the hearing also includedlu discussions on who should beon l the next police chief.olicchief. right now the selectionelection process has come to a completect halt with no interviews takinget place for that position.osion. to the campaign trail now c and there are just four dayamspy to go before the presidential election. >> nominees and their surrogates are sprintingprinng towards the finish.
5:33 am
by with the latest. les four days and countering --- countering annie u goodood morning to all of you outll oo there. we've got new new developments on the campaignts h trail this morning.e according to acatrail report b reuters officials say the fbiayt is now examining fakeak documents aimed atmes ai discrediting the hillaryil clinton campaign.clintocampai u.s. officials believe it's angn attempt by russia to disruptisru the election. eleio more details to follow out oflst that.o ndantime donald trump a hillaryd ctrlinton are scrambln to app feel voters in this thi last push before tuesday.uesd the two candidates were ins weri which is ana critical swingtica state and both taking swingssw at each other. >> donald trump was endorsed by the official newspaper ofnepe the ku klux klan.x kla do any of us have a place in trump's america? >> no. >> it's not just about communities of color.s that is notof who america is.cai >> just a few minutes ago cbsbs
5:34 am
confirmed that the 650,000, 6500 you wonder why things don'tr wh get done, 650,000 e-mailsls discovered by the fbi includenc brand new e-mails not previously seen.n. >> well, regarding thoseng t e-mails the clinton campaignampg says hillary will not be talking about the fbi probero before election day sayingn dayg that the polls show he thatollse voters do not care about thehe issue. is the democratic campaigning in three states ss today. on the republican side trump tmp will hit ohio pennsylvania asnsa well as new hampshire.w hampre now here locally early voting ended in maryland last flight with record breaking turnout tur ahead of election day. we're talking about 150,000 1500 people casting their voteses thursday statewide bringing b the total number of those who w voted early to more thanha 877,000. early voting ends in thein t district today with pollsolls opened from 8:30 to 7:00 tonight and for those of ind
5:35 am
tomorrow and saturday. holly. >> thanks annie.nie funeral arrangements have been made for one of the two iowa police officers shot and killed in the line of duty inn what's being called an ambush-style attack. officer justin martin will beill laid to rest on tuesday. arrangements for sergeantts forn anthony beminio he have not not been released. relse both were gunned down while dow sitting in their patrol car. car the alleged gunman is now in i custody. cu >> 5:35 is the time. 5 the that means it's time to talk weather with gary mcgrady. w nice.ith >> he oh, yeah, when a good g weekend is on tap let's talkt'sl all we want.t. >> that's exactly right and,ighd you know, really seasonal, really fall-like so plans outke there this weekend won't beon be interrupted by the weather andnd everybody will have a nice nice cool evening, maybe sit out by b the >> okay. >> s'mores., see >> okay. [laughter] >> this is where we're going right now for the kiddos out whs there. hey, kids, it's fridayda for you, too, okay. okay.
5:36 am
i know you love it there. t there's something extrae's someh special about waking up on a un friday morning.ning. not quite as special as waking k up on a saturday morning but you know what i mean. what i mea 45 to 55.5. cool conditions this morning.s h winds will kick up.nds wi kic it will be breezy thisthis 58 to 65 degrees later on this afternoon.rn high temperatures will beempetu trreendings colder northwest ts afternoon, okay. o i think we get the secondary sea push of cool air workingir worki through the metro late todayatet into the evening hours. the engh right now you can see cool inl spots. we're not talking about gaithersburg is down to 50, frederick 52, westminstertminst getting closer to 50 they're at 52 degrees as well. generally outside the beltway bw temperatures will a littleittle cooler annapolis is sitting at t 60 degrees this morning. mng look, it's a pretty -- it's as a pretty good day.tyood day. it's what we call a day of transition because we werese wee 80's yesterday, so we're bringing in this cool air. air. you can't stay 80's for very ver long this time of year.ea the cooler air is coming in. it settles in for the weekend.te wait a few more minutes. minutes
5:37 am
the weekend forecast and bende on. right now i'm out of time so iio got to go to erin como. co. that's what they tell me.y tell. >> thank you gary. 5:36 tracking your commute. metro he is on time so that's t' good news except for safet fo satrack noma-gallaudet tok no fort totten buses willma he replace trains ongoing projectro through the 22nd of the monthon between fort totten andrt totn n gallery place you can take the e green or yellow line. don't forget booked and rhode island stations closed. close free shuttle buses will will stopped at those closedd stations as well as betweens fort totten andotten d noma-gallaudet.noma-galla northbound bw parkway crashrash should be cleared soon. soon. delays are clearing at 193.93 also remember we fall backlac this weekend and with darkerh dr hours really want to push to to keep motorists and pedestriansea safe. fox5's melanie alnwick has the latest on the street smart a campaign. >> reporter: good morning,te erin.r: yes, they're calling it thehe d.c. street smart campaign. it's one organization comprised of local law enforcement and citizen groups and alsoriseand aaa midatlantii also working to get there
5:38 am
weather changes, as the time changes, people are going to gng be experiencing driving in thent dark, many people for thefor first time, especially thosese afternoon commuters who might mg be used to driving home att 6 o'clock when it gets dark,s dr now it's going to starto start getting dark at 5 o'clock.'cck plus adding in the time change, people will be a b little bit -- their sleep patterns will be disrupted andls so they're concerned that concet there could be more drowsyuld be drivers out there as well solo definite that they need to be extra alert when they're out on then e roads, not just drivers but b pedestrians and cyclists as well. let's put up a couple of tipsofp that aaa midatlantic isntic putting out there for folks, fos just those extra reminders.inrs even though they seem likee they're pretty common sensett but certainly for pedestrianses make eye contact with driversitv when you're crossing the street.. always cross at a crosswalk. wear bright colors or reflectivear bri clothing or yoo could also buy somee accessories as well hehe
5:39 am
on and carry a flashlight whensh you're walking in the dark.ear if you're a driver definitelyfiy you want to keep youro keep y headlights and your windows clean. don't use your high beams or bea other cars or pedestrians or o persons that could get inet in their way as well and of course slow down during rain and fog. oneone other thing that you want to remember to do as well, thehe sun glare is going to be going e hitting you in the morning mor commute and in the afternoonfteo commute at different timesre tim than you may be used to so definitely make sure you'veeou got some good qualityity down on the sun glare.un gla maybe keep an extra pair intrai your car in case you forget them. them you never know how much youw hoy need them until you hit that t sun glare, right, guys? justus a few tips again this weekendhid is when we change it and they te just want to let people knownow extra law enforcement is goingci to be out there as well making sure everybody follows thedy f rules. >> good tips. good sounds good. thanks mel. than appreciate it. 5:39 right now. this week was a world5: serieser the cubs fans have beenans ha waiting for, well, for moreell,r than a essential he re, right? t but for one fan it was also waso
5:40 am
ahead. >> but first as the but f as investigation continues intoio that deadly bus crashn in i baltimore, we're learning more about the school bus driver's troubling driving history.ry. fox5 news morning back if -- in just two minutes.
5:41 am
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>> 5:42 is the time. 5 in the district father avenue three-year-old who brought a:4tr gun to schoolict -old who remaid bars after being ordered held b there byeing a on tuesday a security guardua found the gun. anthony childs faces multipleull charges.ges. >> developing details in thatdet deadly baltimore bus crash.moreh we now kno.w the school bus driver was not authorized tozeo drive a commercial vehicle. investigators say glen clapors n pell who was among those cla a o killed had recently been barred from driving commercial vehicles because he failed toecu seprovide authorities withties h documentation that he was inionh good health. five others including the t driver of the mta bus were wer
5:43 am
investigating an exact cause.g c investigators are also waiting i for autopsy results to see ifeef chapppell suffered a medical mel emergency before the crash. >> a heart wrenching viral photo a little girl battling ban cancer catching the eye of oneon of her favorite pop we're going to tell you what w he's now offering to do for f her. >> and a local boy reallyeally needs your help this morningr he as he he deals withlp a lifee altering health condition.on. how you can give him what heve e needs ahead.
5:44 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,
5:45 am
ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. n comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
5:46 am
>> ?? >> go ahead, whiz let your hair down. >> i'm trying. aheahow it's not working. 5:46 is th weki tngime right nos we take a live look outsideutsi over the >> you just got a haircut, hrcut didn't you? no.'t? >> no, he's letting it grow. itw now he seems deflated.ef >> seems as though it's reals ra tight this morning so i thought -- >> there's a little story behind that that wehe donre't'st time for. >> he did comb it.b it. that, haven't we.we. [laughter] >> we're making progress ming holly. >> i know. k >> that's all i got to say.l t s >> exactly. >> we're making progress on fall,, too because basically say goodbye to theoo 8 b0's, ok. those are gone.thos we had them yesterday. yrd they're gone, kind of a onene, o day -- maybe a two day wonder dn around here.ere. temperatures have dropped off into the 50's. e dl fothe deal for th weekend. high pressure great location for the high, okay. if the high shifts too far toto the east then we get this gethi return flow and that could turn clouds and it's not cou sot great but with the high justh js
5:47 am
of us keeps it really nice.ll n it's really nice really dry.ry. keeps reinforcing the cooleroo air, not talking about super sur cold or anything like that but it does look like for the better part of the week sunnyoeo and dry and artemperatut ofres u highs will be in the 60' 6 let me prove it to you. 64 degrees tomorrow. tomorro just gorgeous out there.e. 66 degrees on sunday. just really, really nice.ic we fall back, of course, onrs o saturday night, sunday, sunday morning. so here's the deal.e we're returning to standard time, all right and of course,ou you know, you don't have totav get up at 2:00 a.m. o morning and change your clockyo if you don't want to. y i give you permission to do it d before you go to bed. set clocks back one hour ofou course. sunset is 5:02 p.m. this p. th sunday so definitely it isely going to be getting darkerar faster. fast you know. and then we'll look forward tooa spring, why not, right? right spring forward will be on march 12th so there you go. it's a breezy chill today.lod winds will be north at 10 tot 10 20 occasionally gustier than that this afternoon. afterno expect good amounts ofpect goo
5:48 am
little bit of cloud ck over iwer places this morning.orng otherwise temperatures will betp getting into the uner 50's, --- upper 50's low he to mid 60's. depends on where you are.nds one we're waiting to seere how quickly this next surge off cooler air comes through.hrough definitely trending coolertely tonight and for the weekend,forw all right.eeke so, just so you know and then basically we have clear skiescli and high pressure is goinge stay in control and highl and h pressure is really going toly gg stay in control for the next several days and that meanseans lots of sunshine, dryshe, little dry and eventuallyventua we'll get some rain but if we ie can't get the rain in let'sn le just enjoy the good stuff.ff temperatures stay in the 60'sy s for the next seven days. d mornings will be cool and evenil cold in some spotsbe because the suburbs easily down into the 30's several mornings here and tuesday we're going to valote, t those of us that haven't hen already voted, it will bewi b 66 degrees and beautiful. beautf >> awesome. >> yeah. here's traffic with erin como. c >> right in you 5:48.ight in yo we do have a crash to tell youlu about up in gaithersburg onaierb
5:49 am
southbound so some cautionca there. as for the rest of your for t r secoesndaries if gaithersburgthr they're moving along justlo j fine. fine 270 southbound in frederick fde traffic flowing from 70 down to 121. ones you get out of urbanaut ofu things on 270 open up butp right now it's about a 10 to a 0 15 minute delay because ofute congestion. aside from that 66 eastboundou 234 to the beltway some volume building but we're stillng b wes seeing green on the map.n the mp no major slowdowns just yet from 234 to the fairfax county parkway. let's hop outside for a look loo on 95 in v starting to see a lot of o slowing traffic past daleastal boulevard. 95 northbound really starts too get that stop-and-go traffic t more stopped. south of that point intn stafford you slow byw by courthouse road.cothou north of that point you cant yo see by fairfax county parkwayarw those slowdowns continue. i would say it's about a 25 a 2 minute delay right now from fredericksburg to the beltway.e once you get to tbhe beltway btw traffic moving along just fine f from the springfieldom theprin interchange on through. tou i'll keep you posted if any ofpt that changes. right now metro is on timen t except safe track surge 10. saf back to you holly and wisdom.e .
5:50 am
on a new proposed budget fromt general manager paul wiedefeldie is set for january.anry yesterday wiedefeld laid outai his plan to make up for a $300 million deficit it i includes cutting hundreds of jobs raising fares at least l two dollars as well as asking ag d.c. maryland and virginia torg kick out more money.oney a prince george's countyeory family is asking for help inel i hopes of finding a donor for their nine month olds son in need of a liver transplant.plt. >> baby blake thomas was bornorn about halfway through his since then he suffered a seriese th of health issues including bleeding on theing one brain and harder problemsr probl butter now unfortunately he now has u also been diagnosed with t malignant tumor on his liver. while it is treatable, theab, te condition is very rare amongmo kids and finding a living lin donor is the best option. o >> we're hopeful that, you can c you know, someone will come c through and save our baby's life. >> now, neither blake's mom or m
5:51 am
found, though, he will have a a 98 percent chance of making aak full recovery. rov if you would like to help weou have postedld the contact information for blake'sla parents on our web site >> ?? >> 5:51 right now. 5:5 >> that means it's time toe check to see what's trending trn on social media this morning.l e maureen umeh back withdi a check of our realtime news tracker. t. >> a woman missing since thean m end of august was found alive ae yesterday.ster police say 30-year brown had been chained up in abn metal container on a property at in the northwest part of thet t state. they arrested a 45-year-oldar-o registered sex offender inr connection with her discovery de but so far we do not know of o the specific charges in therg ie case. brown and her boyfriendfr charles carver were last heardr from on august 31st.ust st police are still looking for carver.carv soccer team at harvardrvd university suspended for this fr season. season investigation found the teamat han s continued to producerodu so-called scouting reports that rate recruits for theate rs
5:52 am
their physical appearance andeaa sex appeal.sexpp next up, a huge outpouringpr of support from around the world after a dad in england posted his heart wrenching photo of his four-year-oldar daughter dealing with the pain of cancer treatment.ea one of those realiofchin cg outt direction harry styles whoioharr contacted the dad and wants tots set up a face time or videoim message with the little girltlel to fulfill her dying wish. and finally a cubs fan fan drove 600 miles to keep as toeea world series promise with his w late north carolina to indiana towi sillt atro hliis father's gravev and listen to game when the cubs finally wonly won williams stood up quietly and said we did it before placinge p a cubs flag next to his dad's grave. okay. >> i'm done. >> with all of those trending td stories, wow, amazing. thanks, mo. >> 5:52 is the time right now. e following her multi-million dollars jewelry heist kim heist kardashian and her husband kanye west have reportedly fired the bodyguard who was inon
5:53 am
crime.ime. the bodyguard had been working for west andar kd ardashian sinn 2012. 2012 the night of the robbery heght e was not withry h kardashian but was at a nearby club with her kim was reportedly held at gun points last month while while thieves stole millions oflis dollars worth of jewels including her engagement ring. >> major honor for meryleryl streep.reep she'll receive the goldenhe gole globes lifetime achievement lif award in january.arin january. the academy is recognizing her h 40 years in the industry.thdust the 67-year-old has beenar-oas b times throughout her career taking home three academy awards. awards. past honorees of the honoror include denzel washingtonas woody allen and jodi foster.odi. >> it's that time of yeart' again when oprs thah reveals hes favorite things.favohing the oprah magazine presented highlights of those gifts tse gf tuesday. they're exactly 101 many available on a.m. on. >> got to get that. so, what's on>> g the list oprar
5:54 am
poinsettia. it will set you back $165. better taste g also tinyo t tunes. those are little creaturee creae speakers that pack a powerfulowr sound via bluetooth. bluet sounds cute. those are only $25 and a supersonic dyson hair dryer, hai it's super fast and promises a quiet motor with threeitth magnetic attachments. it's $400. it better style my hair, too. for $400.r400. >> wow.. wow. that's amazing. th anywatay's i ama do like findin- always like what she finds. >> okay, all right. very cool. >> i missed the days of her isse talk show he when everybody indv the audience gerot all thell t stuff.stuff. >> all the free stuff. all tf. >> you get a car, you get a car. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> 5:54 is the time.>> 5 that means it's time for our foo facebook fan of the day and today it is monique nelson. nso she shared her fox5 collage foxl with us. u >> how fun is that.s th that's all of us there. the monique says she's been tuning' in for more than 30 years.ea
5:55 am
which she needs to completeet her collage so we need to makee that happen monique.n niqu tomorrow is also monique's birthday.rt lay, hey. we hope it's great.great. happy birthday to you.da a little bit ahead of time. and put those three on your yr radar next year on the zip the z trips. you'll get them. ee eyour chance to b tomorrow's fan leave a commentvm and a photo below monique'sonues picture on our facebook page. >> ??? >> hey, good morning.good m here's your bus stop forecastp for you. temperatur o morning little cool inre spots.s 45 to 55 generally.enerly. whole lot of 50's out theret t right now. now. after school we're 58 to 65 degrees. definitely today is cooler coo than yesterday. winds are kicking up a littleg e bit out of the northwest as well. check on temps now.k on tps n 55 in gaithersburg.ther woar -- we're down 58 degrees 5s here in the city.n thity. there's room for the temperatures to drop off a little bitat.ur annapolis 60, culpeper 55.ulpep i believe we stay luke thislukes for the next couple hours whenxt the sun comes up. c
5:56 am
down to the south of us andnd eventually see the clearing back here.e. there's pretty good clearing back here. it will couldn't to move on uldn to move on through. first part of the day we'll have some cloudpas and irt o beb as we progress into the latehe t morning early afternoon we'ree' back out into the sunshine.e already showed you the current temperatures. there they are yet. 58 degrees here inther town. t seven-day forecast looks likelo this weekend in view here. h weekend looks absolutelyend losb stunningly beautiful.stunning 64ly tomorrow.or 66 on sunday. cool morning lows, though and next week, we'rening l going too in the 60's and dry, too., to here's erin >> 5:56 right now.ightow keeping you updated on youronou morning commute this friday indy gaithersburg we do have ae do ha crash on the ramp from westbound 370 to southbound soun 270 traffic still get buying geg but watch for delays once youh get to 270 you'refor quiet through rockville down to the t spur but north of that pointt it coming down from frederickrederi traffic is slow he from 70 to 121 with about a 15 minute5 mut delay. give yourself some extra time. . it's just heavy volumeolume building. 70 still looking good in both directions.di safe track don't forget rightckd now all metro railon lines on
5:57 am
noma-gallaudet to fort buses replacing trains and keep it to fox5 news morning. we have your 6 o'clockreplto h h this friday coming right up.
5:58 am
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 6:00 melania trump and berniend sanders to the rescue with with just days until voters head to the polls, the presidentialsidea nominees getting even more gette support making one final push.u. >> plus, safety first as wey fi get ready to fall back this ekenend.
6:00 am
keep pedestrians and drivers safe on the roads. rds >> live look outside on this oni friday morning.fridayng it's friday everybodyy november 4 weather and traffic coming upd i on the 5s atc comi 6:05.:0 good friday to you.ou i'm allison seymour.allisoymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news first up at 6:00 due back in a rockville courtroom todayootoda a-former montgomery county mont youth pastor accused ofh pa sexually assaultingst a 16-year-old girl. g today we'll find out if charges will be filed inin circuit court against briangainn worth arrested back inack september. he was the youth ministriesis catholic church. churc the 32-year-old is accused aed also of texting sexually sexualy explicit image to the teen for several years.ea >> an al man accused ofccused terrorism related charges willel be arraigned in federal courtalu today. officials say mohammed jamaal khweis provided and conspiredonp to provide material support to isis. khweis was dee neighborhoods iraq back in march by kurdishydh forces after leaving an isis a s controlled neighborhood.lled he had been held without bailuti since being brought back toacto


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