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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  November 6, 2016 8:00am-8:30am EST

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welcome to fox 5 this morning, i'm annie it is 8:00 a.m. eastern standard time. daylight savings time has come to an end, we got the extra hour, and boy what a great morning when you eventually you wake up were you greeted by >> i'm only on my second cup of coffee that's good. with now, i would have had my third. we'll just go back to being tired >> despite the extra hour of sleep i need my coffee.
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us early on sunday morning, beautiful bright blue sky, gorgeous forecast today. yesterday was fantastic, we should do the same later this afternoon. temperatures not as chilly this morning as yesterday, reagan national at 57, 51 at bwi marshal. manassas and culpeper, you guys were the cold spots yesterday and you are again this morning, typical fall weather, chilly, you need the jacket as yo outside, later this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 60's you probably won't, satellite and radar showing high pressure still in place, really tran quickly weekend across the east coast. our setup for this weekend, high pressure in place, nice and cool, this morning, but temperatures will yet again jump no the upper 60's. so really for whatever you have planned, anything from yard work to kids soccer games to annie we
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>> a barbecue at my house, i had my own block party. this is still grilling weather. >> it really is you might have to do it before 5:00 because that's when the sun goes down one of those draw back when is you set the clocks back as we lose daylight quickly. despite that we should hit 68 in washington, mid to upper 60's elsewhere. breezy, we'll have winds out of the northwest at 15 to 20 miles an hour, and we'll be a little bit cooler later this week i'll have that seven-day forecast for you still ahead. annie and tom? 8:02. two days until the election and things are getting closer than ever, according to real clear politics, hillary clinton and donald trump are neck and neck. clinton sat 46.6 while trump is at 44.9. two are also neck and neck in the battleground states, it's the outcome is anyone's guess at this point
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nevada for donald trump after getting rushed off stage by secret service agents it happened while he was making a speech sent somebody yelled out gun. they're grabbing him as he ducks for cover and is taken back stage. secret service says they never did find a weapon. secret service did detain the man, you can see police and secret service agents surrounding the man who is handcuffed. that man's identity has not been released, no information he's been charged with a crime at this point. trump returned a short time later and meanwhile, republican vice presidential candidates mike pence stopped off in north virginia, he made a stop at george mason university. hillary clinton slight lead in virginia. later today, trump will campaign at the louden county fair ground, we will bring you that on the fox 5 news at 10:00 and 11:00. on the democratic side, hillary clinton appeared at a big rally in philadelphia last night. pennsylvania is one of the key battleground states, and clinton
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take a look. ? ?. >> got the eye of the tiger. that is singer katie perry entertaining the crowd. she urged everything to get out and vote on tuesday, she's encouraged because millions of people have taken advantage of early voting. >> why are they out there voteing? because i believe they are standing up for a hopeful inclusive vision of america. and i'm asking you to stand up for that same vision when you come out and vote. on november 8th, it's your turn, philadelphia. >> clinton will be back until on monday, election eve, and she'll be joined on the campaign trail by president obama. meanwhile, clinton's running mate tim kaine, he lost out on
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petersburg with john bon joe village hit boy a florida deputy cruiser. everyone was ok and kaine was several cars ahead and not on the bus. based on joe video and tim kaine? i want to invite you to joint fox 5 little other than at 8:30 for the race for the white house. political reporter ronica cleary and i will have more. with chris 8:05. a live look at the white house. all quiet now, but troubles yesterday outside the white house. a man is behind bars after walking around the property with a gun. officials place the white house on a brief lockdown yesterday as secret service agents apprehended the guy. he is now facing several charges, including carrying a firearm without a license, president obama was not white house at the time this went down he was playing golf.
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scale emergency response drill at the southern avenue station in temple hills maryland >> crews and response teams are practicing what to do in case of one of those smoke incidents. fox 5 alexandra limon is with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, that drill is about to get underway in a few minutes. but if you normally ride the green line, half of the station is closed. however, on the normally inb metro shuttle that is operating between congress heights station and brass avenue and shuttling customers back and forth, that will cause, of course, delays on the green line, meanwhile here on other side, this side of the track normally would head towards branch avenue. this is what they will be using for the emergency drill, there are customers on board that will be taking part in the drill. you mentioned emergency
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police chief is with me. i know each time you do one of these drills you focus on a specific safety aspect. what is it that you're going to be practicing today >> we're get working on response, communication and evacuation, and how that's done successfully >> specifically evacuating passengers from what? what would be a smoke filled train; right? >> correct. this train was going to the portal here, and they will evacuate about 60, 70 >> reporter: what does it entail? you're working with other departments, what are some of the specific drills yunified command, how the fire department works with the police department, how we come together as one. >> reporter: thank you, chief. you can see that train now headed into the tunnel. if you're in the area or on the other side of the station if you use a metro shuttle, you may see some smoke. it's fake smoke, just for the drill. you'll also likely see a lot of fire personnel and others, things like that in the area.
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this is expected or estimated to last through about 2:00 p.m. today. reporting live, alexandra limon fox 5 local news. time is 8:08. a major update on a national story capturing attention. disturbing details on a south carolina man caught way woman chained on his property inside a storage container what he confessed to the authorities coming up. >> the capitol christmas tree is en route to dc. from. and the journey across the country again. and the journey across the country again. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
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is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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likely dealing with a serial killer, last week a woman was discovered chained and tonight and tied up. she saw her cap to her todd kohlhepp shoot and kill her boyfriend, the pair had been missing since august, kohlhepp is a registered sex offender served about 15 years raping a 14-year-old girl back in 1986. he confessed to the authorities
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in stafford county, the sheriff's office wants you to take a look at the sketch, of a man who sexual assault a woman earlier this week on king highway, investigator say the suspect left a distinctive shirt at the scene, this was a plaid american living shirt with white, orange and put blue colors, the sheriff's says the suspect was driving a dark colored suv that he rammed into the victim's vehicle after the accident. he dragged her out and sexual assaulted there's 2500 reward this morning for information that leads to an arrest in this case. louden county police still looking for whoever killed a man in an apartment complex in ashburn, stab bed another man, friday near the ashburn meadow's apartment, the sheriff's office is working with a northern virginia task force. investigators are asking anyone with information in that case to also give them a call.
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katelyn joining us. good morning. another beautiful day. . >> it is, and it's starting sunnier, lighter, of course, we turned the clocks pack lasts night. if you haven't already. here's another reminder. but it might screw up your sleep time a little bit >> i'm good with turning the clocks back. i'm not so good with turning the thermometer back. if we can just keep these two things going together. >> this hybernation. . no one knows what types of shoes i have on. here's your forecast for today. very pleasant sunday ahead. nothing winter-like about this forecast just quite yet. we're easing into november and fall, and with that comfortable temperatures, chilly right now, but we'll warm up nicely.
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the time to be outside and do your leaf keeping. i was out around northwest dc yesterday and should of the local park haves fantastic color and with the someone out, the looks really good, high color in washington along skyline drive, you guys are at your peak and past peak into past pennsylvania upstate new york and new england and that won't last long, next weekend will be past temperatures 57 in washington, 51 in baltimore, 55s annapolis, this is our cold spot northern virginia yesterday and it again, but you guys will jump just like the rest of us where we're close to 60 here in washington. northeast, looking at that wide view, 40 in bing, we got a weekend off from football, at least redskins spend the time outside the it's just gorgeous.
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clear skies and we'll be really nice not just this weekend, but through the rest of the week, including election day. here's why high pressure recent enforced through the early part of the week, we got dry weather, we got seasonal temperatures and it looks very nice, like i said for voting tuesday. even though we cool off overnight, we'll see those temperatures rebound well into the 60's. here's that election day forecast and the call from the weather team no excuse to not be outside. mostly sunny, it will be the mid 60's by afternoon. probably few more cloud those high clouds will come rolling in, otherwise it will be dry and looks nice, seven-day forecast, sunny and breezy today. there will be a decent breeze out of the northwest, over 20 miles an hour at times on sunday. so that might be the only kind of cool part of this afternoon. 62 sunny and cool tomorrow as the back door cool front comes through, election day forecast on tuesday, emergency room showers possible wednesday with a cool front but looking at dry
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into next week. now, the big sign into next week is it looks like it's going to turn chilly and we'll have our first blast all across the northeast of very cool almost winter-like almost winter-like temperatures, 55 and cool here and from there, we'll see if we have rain chances but first and foremost this week looks pretty dry. and nice, get out there and enjoy it. that's your seven-day forecast. annie? >> thanks. this year's capitol christmas tree is traveling a >> u.s. for rest service has been out identifying the finalists for this year's tree, fox has the detail >> little ski hill west of mccaul, officials sound a tree, 80 foot tall eagles man spruce will be on its way to the capitol building >> it's pretty excited for this
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something like that and they have the whole nation be able to enjoy it. >> officials say it was chosen from from among four finalists that met specifications set boy the architects of the capitol, hundreds came out to watch loggers cut down the tree using a cross cut saw. >> i was not expecting on wednesday morning. >> reporter: before making the 3,000 trip to dc the holiday trip will make 15 stops including twin falls and o officials say the tree will be decorate with own 18,000 hand made ornaments. the whole country will watch as an idaho resident will flip on the speech to bring on the holiday cheer. time now is 8:17.
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obviously. anyway, time is 8:17. we still have a lot coming up for you at 8:00. several states are beefing you security in advance of election day, we're going to tell you why virginia is included in a warning now from
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. time is 8:dement 20 20.
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repeat of yesterday. temperatures seem to be a little bit higher. this morning starting off at 57 and caitlin is going to be joining us with the full forecast, but first security experts on high alert for a possible election day cyber attack. >> they say it is highly unlikely that hackers could affect the outcome, there could be other concerns, we get the latest now from fox's brian yet. >> reporter: are officials are concerned about cyber attacks that could quote on election day. the real concern is not that hackers can somehow skew the presidential vote count, changing votes from one candidate to another. the real concern is hackers could attack state voter databases stealing personal information and attack state website that report official election results. they could manipulate these websites or launch denial,
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causing people to question the integrity of the results. given the huge mistrust between the two parties and accusations by republican candidate donald trump that the system is rigged. the probability of hackers or a foreign government like russia altering the presidential vote count is slim because the u.s. voting system is fragmented and detrail lized. voting is done state by state, district by district and polling place by polling place, electronic machines are not connected to further protecting the system from cyber attacks. cyber attacks are a concern following wikileaks breaches and known attempts by vladamir puten to disrupt our election process. also, this summer, at least two state election systems in arizona and illinois, were successfully infiltrated by hackers. in illinois, hackers took voter data, though the stolen information was deem not sensitive.
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scanning formal wear specifically helping states with the website. cyber security experts will monitor election day and cyber fly teams will be standing by to deploy if there are any major attacks, in new york, brian llenas, fox news. two people facing charges after things turned ugly during an anticorruption march in dc, two demonstrators were arrested after they you fbi headquarters as well as the trump hotel. they spray painted the buildings as well as the sidewalk and a police car was also damaged. men now facing charges for participating in the million mask march organized by the group anonymous. 8:23 eastern standard time, set those clocks back this morning, you're watching fox 5 news at 8:00.
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask for your vote. and respectfully ask
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still trying to decide what to have for breakfast this morning, consider this, it's call an inside outdoor retoe. a frozen version you heat it up in the microwave.
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eaten in college >> i would give it a try, fitz. >> mean the, a man in rush is devoted to his pet. he built his cat a toy house in the shape of the military tank. weighs 110 pounds and almost three feet tall. the man hopes the toy house will keep his cats from scratching the furniture. that is very impressive. >> cats need no take over things as it is >> army cats is probably not a good idea. that does it for us this morning, thanks so much for joining us, stay tune for the political show. fox news sunday coming up at 9:00, first fox 5 news on the hill at 8:30.
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? ? good morning, it is november 6. i'm ronica cleary alongside tom fitz and the two days away from election day. concerns over an election day terror threat. now, there are reports of this possible terror threat aid at three states. including virginia. sources tell the "washington post" the terror attack would happen on the night before the election. bob, we were talking a little bit about this before the show. this is unusual to have this kind of >> this is.


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